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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  February 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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sunday. melissa: there is catch. you have to pay 2.99 on taco bell's website to preorder it. you don't know what it is until you pick it up on saturday afternoon. will you do it? let's do it. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> i was reasonably happy today until i, you know, discovered dirty tricks that were going on. >> last night when cnn posted a news report that ben was not continuing on to new hampshire, not continuing on to south carolina but instead was going to florida. so i apologize to ben for that. that was a mistake on our part. >> here's the issue. a culture exists within the cruz camp that would allow people to take advantage of a situation like this in a very dishonest way. they were awfully anxious to get it out there, weren't they? >> one of the most disgusting
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things i have ever seen. they said he was quitting race to vote for him. >> will you file a formal complaint? everybody says you will. but have you or will you? >> i will -- what he did was unthinkable. he said e man lefthe race, and during the caucus. >> right. >> when the clarification and statement put out ben carson saying it is untrue, they got the statement, but didn't put it out. they apologized after the caucus was over, the vote was over, they apologized. well, how does that help? deirdre: senator cruz apologized for telling voters in iowa that dr. carson had dropped out of the race and encouraging them to vote for senator cruz instead. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. here is senator cruz weighing io surprise that donald is throwing yet another temper tantrum, or if you like yet another trumper tantrum. seems his reaction to everything
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is throw a fit, engage in insults. i understand that donald finds it very hard to lose. deirdre: republican presidential candidate dr. ben carson is with me. dr. carson, so pleased to have you with us. thank you for the time. >> my pleasure. deirdre: i heard whoever spread the rumor of your stepping out of the race in the cruz campaign should be fired. do you think it is just one person or is it as you have alluded to the spirit of the campaign? >> well, let me put it this way, when i found there were problems in my campaign and they were drop-rooted -- deep rooted, i investigated on my own. i found out what the real problems were and made changes that were necessary to have a smooth-running campaign that is very efficient. i think senator cruz should do the same thing. if in fact he agrees this was very inappropriate thing to do, and certainly does not represent his values then he needs to do
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something about it. if it does represent his values he doesn't. deirdre: dr. carson, i know he apologized publicly. you said as a christian you forgive him but has he reached out to you personally, again said i'm sorry, we are going to handle it? have you heard from him personally? >> i have personally talked to him, yes. he said that he was unaware that those things were going on. certainly didn't agree with them. but, i don't know what he is going to do about it. you know, one of the reasons i got into this race is because i was disgusted with what was going on in washington, d.c. no accountability, things like irs scandal, a slap on the hand, these are the kind of things that allow, you know, rot in our political system. we don't have to accept it. we the people don't have to accept it.
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we can do better than this. i hope senator cruz recognizes that, will come out and stand with me with this whole issue of corruption wherever it exists and get rid of it. deirdre: dr. carson, you are not alone. i will read from the former, of course governor of alaska, sarah palin, who is as you know supporting donald trump, saying senator ted cruz, this is on her facebook page, was spot on, millions of americans are asking for accountability and truth which is why it is so curious and saddens us this lack of accountability with the lies of cruz's own campaign. you're certainly not alone in your view. donald trump is saying, we should have a new iowa election. would you welcome that? >> i don't think that's going to be possible. yeah, it would be nice if you could but i just don't think that will be possible. so we have to look for the best that can come out of this. i think one of the things could come out is some accountability,
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rejection of this kind of activity by everyone including senator cruz. let's try to be the people that we really need this country. people are so frustrated with traditional politics. and i, this is exact reason that they are frustrated with it. one of the reasons that i will never become a politician. that is one of the reasons i don't accept money from special interests or billionaires who want to influence me. because the people are ones supposed to be at the pinnacle and nation is supposed to be around them. we're perverting the original intent. >> dr. carson, i want to bring in, i brought in sarah palin comments. trump said, ted cruz didn't win it he stole it. that is why the he got far more votes than the polls anticipated. bad. what does it mean for all of you
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as you move forward in new hampshire? >> fortunately you're not talking about a huge number of delegates. it is like a baseball game. it has nine innings. we have only gone through one or two. everybody wants to make their predictions based on one or two innings. there is reason a baseball game goes for nine innings. there are a lot things come out a lot of people. the populace will get opportunity to get opportunity to evaluate us under. different circumstances. it is absolutely critical this time we make the right decision. if we don't, get the wrong person in there and get two or three supreme court picks, we can kiss america as we know it good-bye. we have done our children and grandchildren a great disservice. deirdre: dr. carson, let me ask you, when you make the analogy to a baseball game, maybe we're in the second inning right now, so very far from the end, what else do you fear will come it
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when you talk about dirty tricks and donald trump, and donald trump sends this out from ted cruz. we did not get this from ted cruz campaign. it is ted cruz's letterhead from the cruz campaign. dr. carson is taking time off the campaign. caucus-goers, urge them to consider ted cruz this is tweeted out by donald trump, not obtained directly from the ted cruz campaign. what other tricks are going to come out in the final seven innings. >> i imagine that will be left up to the people's imagination but i know that you will not find any dirt on me because there is no dirt to find. that's why you know, few months ago they went through all the shenanigans he is dishonest, he actually didn't apply to this or didn't take this course at yale or whatever, all of which have been debunked of course. they never come back and say that of course. people can find where that is
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all been de-- debunked. if you can't take that you shouldn't be in the game. if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen. this is minor. deirdre: when you had to face your own credibility issues, recapping you feel they are clearly behind you? >> let's put it this way. anybody who wants to find out the truth can easily find it now. deirdre: all right. well that is reassuring to know. i want to get your take, don't mind, dr. carson, your take on the how you see doctor, or rather senator paul dropping out what this means for your campaign and your competitors? >> well, you know, i like senator paul very much. i think he is a very, very decent man. sorry to see him dropping out because i have always encouraged people in medicine, science and engineering to get into the political arena because they're trained to make decision based
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on evidence and not on ideology. we've got way too much ideology going on here in washington, d.c. on both sides. we have plenty of evidence. let's look at it. same thing with the situation we're talking about right now. you know, we always have evidence before we elect somebody of what kind of person they are. deirdre: do you think they will pick up some of rand's supporters? >> i certainly hope so and i certainly welcome them. but you know, we'll see. we'll keep doing what we're doing, and that's telling the truth and talking about the things that place the next generations in jeopardy and we'll see if people resonate with that. deirdre: what are your hopes, dr. carson for new hampshire when you think about your own campaign's strategy? what is a win for you there? >> better than expectations would be a win.
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but you know, i've been to new hampshire i guess 13 or 14 times. i know that is not as many times as other people. i spread it out. i been to lots of different places. there is a lot of tremendous people there and i think a lot of them are waiting to the end to make their decisions. and they are not going to say, how many times did he come here and make their decision based on that. they're going to make their decisions based on who has the best interests of america in mind, who has the best plans. they can go to my website, ben and look at all the policy statements. i think we have more than anybody else. they don't have to guess about me. >> feel like you spent enough time on the ground, retail politics, really connecting with locals? >> well i know a lot of people make a big deal, well, if you haven't met them three times -- that is bunch of garbage. people are smarter than that. deirdre: dr. carson, thank you so much for the time. we wish you well. we wish you like. >> thank you. deirdre: dr. ben carson joining us there, gop presidential
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candidate. fox business of course will bring you live coverage of our nation's first primary, tuesday, february 9th. neil cavuto brings you the results as they come in starting at 7:55 p.m. eastern time. chris christie calling marco rubio a bubbleboy. president obama, visiting an islamic society in baltimore today as a show of religious rather tolerance. dr. saudi jasser, says he overlooks the center's radical islamic ties. the country is handing out cartoon etiquette guides in swimming baths in germany to keep refugees from groping women.
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deirdre: go pro-down around 10% in this after-hours session. is. >> son rotman joining me. jason, this holiday quarter worse than expected? essentially the company saying it missed expectations and sales are even lower than the previous year, planning to lay off 7% of the workforce. is this a buy in any reason or in any way? >> i would have to say no, deirdre. here is the deal with go pro- when go pro-came out it was phenomenon. iphone cameras were aren't as advances as they are now. gopro had legitimate product on its hands.
5:16 pm
it had legitimate factor. essentially, gopro is plus some other things, gopro is really not so much what it was. furthermore, it only has one major revenue stream. if people are not really buying cameras anymore, what does gopro have? not that much. deirdre: jason, hold that thought. we will be checking in with you throughout the hour. i have to ask you about yahoo! as well. so that's coming up. in the meantime, donald trump admits his decision to skip the final debate dehosted bid by fox before monday's caucus may have cost him victory in the state. >> i love new hampshire for years. i think i will do great here. i think i had done better in iowa had i not went out to do the event for vets. i'm very happy with the second place finish. deirdre: republican strategist, ford oy connell, political analyst be bony williams are with me now. ebony, this hurt him in iowa?
5:17 pm
he is actually admitting a possibility? >> deirdre, i'm pleasantly surprised to hear self awareness from "the donald." of course i am, not that people turned away from donald trump when he skipped debate. he provided opportunity for people like marco rubio who maybe quaint getting momentum in iowa getting a second look. maybe that is why we saw results the way they ended up. deirdre: ford, what do you make of trump also alluded to the fact that he could have improved his ground game and spent more money in iowa? >> i think donald trump lost this pretty much mostly because of ground game. i agree with ebony he shouldn't have ceded floor to marco rubio and ted cruz in the fox debate but i have to say what blows my mind here, he got 45,000 votes and all he did was get free media and sell hats but he managessed to get 45,000 votes. it should tell you there he thought he could bypass traditional campaign mechanics. that is mistake by him.
5:18 pm
guess what, he has puncture in trump balloon in terms of inevitability. deirdre: certainly does. it does seem he has target on his back the way he didn't before. more accentuated in iowa. we see senator rubio has target for different reasons. here is chris christie calling senator rubio a bubbleboy. >> you know who the boy in the bubble is, don't you? never answers your questions. constantly scripted and controlled because he can't -- so when senator rubio gets here, boy in the bubble gets here i hope you guys ask him some questions. deirdre: so is chris christie, i'm coming to you knowingly helping ted cruz because it feels like it's cruz versus rubio in new hampshire? >> absolutely not. here's what's happened. chris christie is hemorrhaging money. basically if he doesn't finish better than marco rubio in that establishment lane his campaign's over. basically he is throwing everything but the kitchen sink up there to new hampshire voters. here is the real trick besides donald trump winning in new hampshire.
5:19 pm
the question who will finish second in that four-car pileup with kasich, christie and bush, if marco rubio can consolidate that, guess what, the governors will go home after new hampshire. deirdre: we want to play for balance chris christie's comments just casting the governor as disappointed. here is his comment. >> i think chris didn't perform very well last night in iowa. sometimes when people get disappointed they react poorly. as far as answering questions, megyn i've been with you at least once a week. uestions all the time. deirdre: what is your take, ebony? >> i actually agree with senator rubio on this. look, chris christie is just hating plain and simple. of course there have been tough questions. i actually think the last debate absent donald trump rubio was on the fences a little bit with some of this immigration stuff. again i didn't think he didn't play it poorly. he was okay.
5:20 pm
people appreciated that even though there was confusion around his immigration policy. governor christie has got some sour grapes going on, ford's right. a this new hampshire primary certainly this will become a three-man race. we will see who that will be. deirdre: ebb -- eboni, ford, stay with me. i will be about you later. the tuesday primary is february 9th. neil cavuto brings results as soon as they come in 7:55 p.m. eastern time. president obama visited islamic society of baltimore today showing religious tolerance. dr. zuhdi jasser says he overlooked the center's islamic ties. dr. jasser is with me next. rash of sexual assaults in germany on new year's eve. the country is handing out cartoon etiquette guides at
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>> certainly few in a few minutes we've seen alarming willingness on part of some republicans to try to marginalize law-abiding patriotic muslim-americans and it is offensive. we have seen a willingness on the part of leading republican presidential candidates to try to appeal to people's fears and anxieties and they capitalized on terrorist attacks to do exactly that. deirdre: president obama visited the islamic society of baltimore today in a show of religious tolerance. it was his first visit to an american mosque and some say he picked the wrong one. the center has past ties to the muslim brotherhood and northern virginia mosque where at least one radical preached.
5:25 pm
american-islamic forum for democracy president dr. zuhdi jasser is with me now. dr. jasser, great to see you. you say that the choice, that the obama administration let president obama go to this particular mosque sends the wrong message. how did this happen. >> well, either they didn't do their homework or they just did what we call the lowest hanging fruit syndrome. they wanted one in the metro area so they went to baltimore. the problem this basically treats muslims like somehow we have some other set of standards that everybody ignores and uses us as a prop for political unup with manship. the commander-in-chief wants to rise above this is non-partisan issue. this mosque had a imam preaching grotesque homophobia, saying homosexuals were mental deviants that needed to be eradicated. they had connections to awlaki,
5:26 pm
who walked on the same path as records show in 2001. they condoned suicide bombing. they are known to have connections with you with a radical imam in the middle east. this is not a typical mosque that cherish values, president lectures women and others on about women equality. it is gender apartheid mosque. doesn't apply to muslims. he will lecture to the prayer breakfast to christians on other things which is hypocritical. deirdre: dr. jasser, i want to get back on the women's issues and how the differences between the genders are being treated especially in europe but i wante with what is happening in france? that is to say were they fined a mosque either where an imam is preaching violence or actually has arms which in some cases has happened, they just close it? >> well, if there is arms and they're preaching violence and actively stimulating violent
5:27 pm
acts that needs to be shut down, that is illegal from american law. if they are preaching heat and radical ideology conveyor belt towards militancy, the only way to counter that with muslims with good ideas and through the muslim reform movement. if you shut them down, it causes them to spread as we've seen in tajikistan and egypt and every other country where they are autocrats and that doesn't work. deirdre: dr. jasser, let me ask you, getting back to what you just mentioned a month after hundreds of women were sexually assaulted new year's eve in a few german cities, cologne probably the most notable. there is now a safe zone for females at next week's carnival in germany. basically their equivalent of mardi gras. to try to keep citizens safe. german authorities also issuing these kind of cartoon leaflets at public swimming pools, basically just trying to do a crash course in gender equality
5:28 pm
and saying, you can not harass women in public. how is germany going to get out of this, dr. jasser? they wanted to welcome people. they have wanted to welcome the migrant. they wanted to house the refugees but it just seems like for certain people the language difference and culture difference is too great to overcome very quickly? >> yeah. i mean it's, listen, i've been very frank about the fact that we can't change the narrative about being the beacon of freedom, the city on the hill in the west to counter the isis ideology but it was happening too fast. tens, hundreds, millions were come to the west. when you have that too fast you have a clash much civilizations and cultures. these save zones actually though is not the answer. it is actually doing exactly what they do in the middle east where women can't mix because, oh, you can't trust men and their hormones. so they will be treated in very second, third class way which is absurd. either you apply rule of law and apply it to the immigrants and
5:29 pm
migrants in a way that treats them as adults, or, you ship them out and changing your entire society. they can't do that but surrender by enacting sharia law. deirdre: that is part of the problem in cologne. there weren't even enough german police officers is to deal with all the attacks. >> the answer is not create a middle eastern type society that segregates separate but unequal for men and women. if that is the only way to protect them but they're changing very fabric of equality of sexes in order to appease violent barbarians who came into their society which by the way most muslims would not want that either. we're not trying to have mosques separate men and women because of this type of appeasement it does to the way men treat women in muslim majority societies and in very subservient ways. but separating it you're basically putting a bandaid on it and causing it to fester more rather than treat the true disease which is 13th century mentality. deirdre: dr. jasser, always great to have you with us.
5:30 pm
thank you for the time. thank you for your insight. >> anytime. deirdre: dr. zuhdi jasser with me there. development in flint, michigan's water crisis. a new report showing that officials got bottled water months before warning others not to drink it. we'll have details on that report. listen to this sound, bernie sanders supporters calling out hillary. [shouting] >> very first job i had -- deirdre: next guest says that democrats distaste for hillary are pushing them to accept senator sanders socialist policies. as you know bernie sanders big on the free college push. a guest who says his free stuff pitch is helping him appeal to youth voters. [shouting] >> free, free, free.
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deirdre: a new report shows that michigan state officials started providing bottled water to employees in flint, before the state warned not to drink the city's tap water. so, mark, this is outrageous. state officials were drinking safe water, and not saying anything to people who were exposed, including children, to the lead water?
5:35 pm
>> this is a scandal that is rocking michigan and our federal epa. they knew that it was a problem last spring, all they were worried about were procedures, saving their own public images, they went back and forth, seeking legal opinions, waiting up to 6 months at a time, and they remained silent to the public about any potential threat from the lead. this is typical, in epa in colorado, they kept silent about the toxic waste that was dumped into the river there, affecting three states drinking water. deirdre: you mentioned epa, the top official for midwest region said her department knew, as early as april. what is the move forward? is there class-action lawsuit.
5:36 pm
>> this is you know, sort of the way that epa has been operating. operating. there will be lawsuit, the question is how far they go, and the government, the government circles the wagons and they protect themselves. they were not concerned about public potential health threat, they were worried about procedure in an e-mail. we have those e-mails now. just worried the way that barr creas -- bureaucracy was functioning. there was no effort made to alert the public. parents would take action. this is a failure, it is a monumental one in terms of the procedures and public, you know justin forming the pub -- informing the public.
5:37 pm
deirdre: and children's lives who were poisoned, this is just the beginning. mark morano from climate do depot. >> oil snapping a two day losing streak. it is at best level since january 29, we're back with jason rutman what do you make of oil and stocks trading in tandem, the theme this year? >> it was like money fell from the sky. from federal reserve in form of william dudley's essentially announcement that the fed does not like a stronger dollar, unlike years ago, john snow would talk about, we're behind the sphro strong dollar policy, things have changed. feds do not like a strong dollar, market took that maybe as a clue.
5:38 pm
>> jason stay with me, we'll chat about yahoo! back in a bit. senator sanders supporters calling out hillary clinton. >> over the years -- very first job i had. >> bernie sanders is gaining support because democrats just do not trust hillary. also, senator sanders is pushing free college for everyone, some say that is pandering on the youth vote. we'll tell you what his plan would mean for your taxes. >> i believe that public colleges and universities should be tuition-free. >> tuition-free. of like gra tuition-free. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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5:42 pm
universities tuition-free. >> tuition-free. >> tuition-free. free. free. free. tuition-free. deirdre: bernie sanders wants to offer to everyone, but free college may not be possible. we're with ford mcconnell, thank you for staying with me. what do youic ma make of this free -- what do you make of this free college plan, it does not seem feasible. >> what is our debt right now, he is giving the bacon away. this plan has so many holes in it. you want states to pick up a third of it? they can't even pick up feddi medicaid expense shin with obama care. thithis is fairy dust.
5:43 pm
deirdre: what about this part of bernie sanders' stump speech, he is appealing to youth. we'll play a quick clip from iowa. >> over the years. very first job i had. >> the sound is unclear, but they are saying that hillary clinton is a liar. democrats, once who are younger than 45 are almost for senator sanders. >> it is going to be that way, young voters are going for bernie, because he hits their emotional response cord. hillary clinton had the same problem in 2008, barack obama appealed to young voters, this nothing new for hillary clinton, she is likely to out last bernie sanders, but i
5:44 pm
think it could be a huge problem if the general election for her. deirdre: thank you ford, thank you very much for points well made, get latest on fox business tomorrow, 3:00 p.m. liz claman peeking with presidential candidate john kasich on her show, fox business bringing you live coverage of our first primary, this tuesday february 9, neil cavuto will bring you new hampshire's results they come in, 7:5 5:00 p.m. eastern time. >> and marissa meyer under fire. looking backward to a holiday party, a "great gatsby" themed party, where millions were spent. >> a study says that 13 million americans keep a bank
5:45 pm
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deirdre: yahoo! ceo has been in a turn around effort for three years, critics say, she has little to show for it. they had a "great gatsby" themed party for the holidays, it was in the millions, jason. we've been talking about yahoo! the company also basically put out a for sale sign, if
5:49 pm
someone owns yahoo! sock what does he or she do right now? >> at-this-point it depends on where you get in. i don't think it is a growth story like facebook. i don't think you get out now because of a $7 million "great gatsby" report, but i don't think have you your hopes too high. it reminds me of the gopro dialogue. deirdre: if yahoo! or parts of yahoo! get sold off there could potentially be upside to the stock, right in. >> yes, yes. you don't need to sell, it still, you know still made big waves over the years in social high-tech advertising field. i don't see a huge upside from here, but you hold on, see what happens. deirdre: we know that employees still get free food, they get iphones.
5:50 pm
maybe there is a little bit of cost expenditures to look at. >> thank you. deirdre: we're in a big sports season, close to the super bowl, close to nba all-star game, jpmorgan chase teaming up with hottest team in nba, golden state warriors, picking up their 42nd win, and bank with a big win for the naming rights for new billion dollar arena to be open in 2019, called chase center. frank is with me now, head of sports and entertainment at jpmorgan chase. this is great. this is for all seth curry fan, the best them in the world. >> so, warriors for sure, but for us we're excited about the opportunity, 200 other days that warriors are not playing in that venue, san francisco is only top 25 market that did
5:51 pm
not have a first class venue of this nature, we're excited to be part of first time, and development downtown. >> it is a big expenditure on the part of the bank. what do you say to critics ho oh, san francisco is a one horse town with tech, what is the fetech economy slows down. >> the customers, we have a wide. part of our blessing and curse is our scale, we have customers across auto, credit card retail, tech is important but the customers is who we serve. deirdre: what are you seeing there business wise you are not seeing in new york or chicago or atlanta? >> yes, certainly a hub. the tech business. but this is emerging for a lot of businesses, 15,000 small business partners, alone to date we're expecting that to retail, we have $3,000 employees as well, it is important to continue to grow from being, a quote, new york
5:52 pm
bank to being a part of the community. deirdre: there are any cautionary tales are poster deals saying that was a naming rights deals that went right. >> we have some experience in that area, the deal with madison square garden for example, similar, naming rights without naming rights but that deal we learned a lot how to utilize those assets it is 5 venues there. we learned a lot about customer passion, i have the best job in the world i work with people's passions. deirdre: did you get on the court with seth cur sne. >curry? it is a great time too watch, we're setting up east coast-west coast rivalry. deirdre: thank you, frank joining me from chase. a new study said 14 million americans have a hidden bank account or credit card from their spouse. details next. so what else is new? how's your mother?
5:53 pm
umm..she's doing good. she needs more care though. she wants to stay in her house. i don't know even where to start with that. first, let's take a look at your financial plan and see what we can do. ok, so we've got... we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. with toothpaste or plain their dentures and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend ve >>
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deirdre: money is emotional. if you try to make financial decisions as part of a couple, you probably already know that. $13 million americans are hiding bank or credit card accounts from their significant other. gerri willis is with me now. gerri: 1 in 20 as a secret account. 41% spent $100 and not told their spouse. 19 person * have spent $500 and not told their spouse. let's talk about the people who have these hidden accounts most of them are younger. the older you are the less
5:57 pm
likely you are going to have one of these accounts. as you get older, the people in that 55-plus group are on limited incomes. they don't want their spouse spending more than $25 without any notification. if you are retired and you are living on social security that's where people are. deirdre: , stay right with me. what do you think? what do you think here? >> i think partial independence is good here. marriage doesn't have the same privacy as it used to. if you move up that scale. 18-49 versus 18-29.
5:58 pm
you see a totally different thing. young people don't have the same bonds older people do. deirdre: women's shoes cost more than men' shoes. >> that's accurate, deirdre. maybe i'm old-fashioned or maybe it's because i'm from the south. if you want to open late from an independent -- operate from independence and financial exclusivity, maybe marriage isn't for you. if you want to do a joint venture situation where you are making decisions together. deirdre: your profit and loss. >> look at it that way. that's kind of the way i see it. gerri: in my household marriage has privacy unlike what
5:59 pm
mr. o'connell is saying. i want to know he penny you are spending. that's me. deirdre: we saw there was a big discrepancy between spending $500 and more. >> $25 is to say to gerri' point, i'm still working on it. up toward $500 i'm a big ticket. maybe you should throw in a word or two. gerri: i try to do when i'm partnered. if you spend $1,000 or more. make your own rules and follow them. that's the key. >> what's wrong with a joint checking account and alittle independence? but i agree with eboni. gerri: men are common violators of this. tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands.
6:00 pm
deirdre: i'm sorry we have to wrap this up. we'll continue offline. thank you very much for the conversation. thank you for joining us on "risk and reward." "making money" with charles payne starts next. charles: the dow makes a 500-point move but it wasn't in a straight line. it had its ups and downs and then it fell back. maybe the worse is over. another candidate dropping out. the vp race may have already begun. i'll ask another superstar. ted cruz accuses donald trump of


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