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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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of thousands. deirdre: i'm sorry we have to wrap this up. we'll continue offline. thank you very much for the conversation. thank you for joining us on "risk and reward." "making money" with charles payne starts next. charles: the dow makes a 500-point move but it wasn't in a straight line. it had its ups and downs and then it fell back. maybe the worse is over. another candidate dropping out. the vp race may have already begun. i'll ask another superstar. ted cruz accuses donald trump of
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voter proud in iowa. >> will you file a formal complaint have you or will you? >> i probably will. what he did is you can thinkable. he said the man just left the race and he said it during the caucus it's total voter fraud and he picked up a lot of those votes. that's why the polls were so wrong because of that. >> we have to look for the best that can come out of this. i think one of the things that could come out of it is some accountability, rejection of this kind of activity by everyone including senator cruz. and let's try to be the people that we really need in this country. the people are so frustrated with traditional politics. charles: donald trump taking to twitter leading to a response from the cruz campaign. >> he lost iowa and now nobody is talking about him so he's popping off on twitter.
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there are support groups for twitter addiction, perhaps he should find his local chapter. that was from ted cruz's campaign manager. what do you make of it all? i think donald trump has been effective in t his reason for existence is he's the outsider. he's not part of washington. the tactics that we saw in iowa that donald trump has been highlighting and ben carson was so upset about is this notion ben carson is getting out of the race. that's exactly the kind of dirty tricks, dirty politics that people associate with washington. it's actually a very, very
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effective attack on ted cruz. if he doesn't take it seriouslye blowback from voters in new hampshire and beyond. charles: 7:45 cnn did go out with a report that carson has gone back to florida regardless of how he does in iowa. people might have said not going to south carolina or new hampshire but to d.c. for the national prayer breakfast. that got ball rolling and the cruz campaign jumped on it from there. >> you can't blame the cruz campaign. between the cnn reporting this there will creating this misinterpretation and the carson campaign basically -- we sponldsing but it took a while to get through these to where people would understand what's going on.
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he clearly sent a message, the carson campaign that something was happening in his campaign by not going to new hampshire and south carolina and going to florida to get clothes, and carson is complaining? ted cruz did apologize. should they have sent a followup statement from carson's campaign, absolutely. but carson should have been in iowa, not flying off to florida. charles: this is ted cruz responding to all of this. >> it's no surprise donald is throwing yet another teller. tantrum. or trumper tantrum. his reaction to everything is to throw a fit and engage in insults. donald finds it hard to lose. but at the end of the day the iowa people spoke. donald trump guaranteed a victory in iowa, then he lost.
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an doesn't like that. and his reaction is that he breaks down. collar * they do have two things here. donald trump did lose iowa and i don't think this will change the dynamics of that. some would argue on the slime factor of 1-10, we are going to get fresh clothes. then at 8 rsh the cruz camp says notify supporters carson may be dropping out. the big question of is which one will win out? >> i think it person who will written out from all of this -- who will win out from all of this is marco rubio. for donald trump who is a little weakened by this loss to be focusing all this fire power on ted cruz as opposed to marco rubio who got so close to him is
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great for him. while rubio gets the surge in new hampshire. i didn't see a lot of the people checking twitter. it's a popular things among d.c. journalists more than something that was moving people in iowa. he's going to push forward on that. if trump can faint cruz as a d.c. insider using smear tactics and can't be trusted like the whole trust ted slogan goes. but rubio will win from this in new hampshire. charles: i will tell you, rush limbaugh says the reason trump lost in iowa is because he came across as a liberal democrat. you wonder if this campaign is trying to spree tool the message to voters? >> he was was going to retool it, i was impressed with his
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concession speech. and less than 24 hours later he turned into an 8-year-old. we know in trump lost and he's now a sore loser. this man has been charging ted cruz is ineligible to be president base's canadian. now that's not true. that probably affected some voters. it can be argued that it's fraudulent. i find it silly this is in trump's biggest complaints. at this point if he's going to have learned a lesson from iowa it's the iowans rejected the nature of this exhausting temper tantrum type of campaign. we also saw he may be the wizard of oz. there was no real registrations coming in, he didn't generate any newbies. and there is no surge. new hampshire is very different. he may win there. but we are also looking to polls
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clearly iowa showed us the poll can be trusted. >> there was a record turnout amongst republicans and ted cruz got the most votes ever. donald trump got second most ever. does that beef lie your theory. you can argue the pundits said if there was a big surge in new voters it would give donald trump the edge. >> these weren't knew. these were registered individuals who may have been voting. >> you have would think people were motivated to vote against rather than for. >> you have were actually voting for the thing that mattered to you have the most which is campaigns in a nation based on dignity and respect. while you were voting against donald trump and ted cruz was the anti-trump candidate. most people were vote offing for the two people standing against the establishment but in the middle of that people were
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voting for campaigns based in some kinds of respect for the process and respect for the voters as welt. charles: will this be the overarching news story as we gone into new hampshire or will would be talking about a president giuliani.
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it would have been a huge victory. >> there was such a record turnout that whoever came in second would have had a record number of votes. it's the enthusiasm gap i believe will affect every state and every voting. the republican voters went up by 15,000. >> for trump being a political amateur, not doing this ever before, the mere fact that he was able to place second in iowa is very impressive. >> it's a reflection of where we have been. charles: it would have been impressive for anyone other than someone hop has advocated if you are fight tag war and you are captured you are a loser. some of his infamous tweets were tweeted around. this is a man who sales talks about winning. >> he wasn't a loser necessarily.
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marco rubio took a victory lap for being in third place. this is saying he's well into the race. for him it was more -- was thinking the polls were going to get him through. it was clear by ted cruz's strategy that's organization and ground game matters. he admitted he was outorganized. new hampshire will be critical. he needs to win that state. it looks like he's in a very good position. we'll have to see what happens. charles: tammy talked about the concession speech. do you wonder if trump is going to hold on to some of that humility aspect of it? i think it served him well. >> i don't think he is. i was there at concession speech. the last two days of his campaign in iowa were some of the lowest energy things i have seen. the date convention it was a listless crowd. grants it was one-third
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reporters in a cash bar. but we saw in the days right after that donald trump started hitting hard and that's when he seems to win. maybe some of the baby antics of i'm going take my toys and go home with the debate, that didn't work out and polls in new hampshire started to reflect as soon as he went home from the debate he started to sink a little bit. the guys who support trump want a winner, not someone who walks away from a fight. charles: we'll handicap new hampshire and talk about a possible vp. neil cavuto has that for you. it starts next tuesday, 7:55 p.m. on fox business. tweet me your thoughts. we'll be right back.
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charles: earlier today president obama visited an american months can for the first time in his presidency. he stressed that muslim americans are have much a part of american society and should not discouraged by bigotry. charles: donald trump was apparently given a nod for the nobel peace prize for his stance on isis. there is a 10-year-old afghan boy who is being hailed as a
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hero as he helped fight the taliban on his way to school. terrorists killed the young boy near his home in afghanistan. florida declared a health emergency for four counties in florida. investigators are exploring the possibility it can be transmitted sexually as well. flights will resume to tehran by british airways. the west has been lifting sanctions and the west has been all over iran for all the business it can get.
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liz claman has a special guest, presidential candidate and ohio governor john kasich. how about we fight crime by paying criminals. paying the local thugs $9,000 a year not to rip you off. that's what we are talking about in d.c. we'll be right back. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. charles: the washington, d.c. council unanimously voted to pay criminals if they don't commit crimes. they will identify up to 2,000 people a year to pay to keep
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them from becoming repeat offenders. we have got judge allen. and gerri willis. judge, you were a police officer, you were a judge. does it come down to this? >> it's absurd. we also have a crime disincentive program, it's called prison. paying people not to commit crime is like the situation where you pull into a bad neighborhood and someone says if you give me $20 i won't slash your tires. cities are giving sank ware kri to people who shouldn't be in the country. cities are ho -- honoring people who were killed by police while committing crime. in san francisco the guy shot by the police with a knife in his
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hand after he stabbed somebody. we had that happen in ferguson with michael brown who committed a strong arm robbery, assaulted the police officer and they honored him after his death. i think we are on the wrong side of this. the lesson should be don't commit crimes. don't attack police officers and everything will be okay. not we are going to pay you money to not break the law. gerri: we are going not position where you as a taxpayer maybe having to fund the $9,000 annual stipend, somebody who attacks you. a violent criminal. my guess is if you fund this program you are funding criminal activity. i could click on part of that and pick up an extra 9,000. and all i have to do is show up for a therapy session. charles: $5 million over a 4-year period. in a city like washington, d.c., it's crazy.
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i don't know who comes up with this. then it was unanimously approved. >> i can tell you why it was approved. i don't like the structure. you are right with that. we need to be implementing policies that focus on getting people jobs in a legitimate economy. however, richmond, california tried this. 17 people were responsible for 70% of gun crimes. so they are were giving them money. charles: why were they out of prison? why not put 17 people in prison, lock the cell and walk away? >> i think that's a totally fair point. but they linked it to g.e.d.s. but i can understand why d.c. might want to do it. >> we want to compete with china and india.
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we tell kids, go to college. they saddle themselves with $20,000 to $50,000 in debt. they are charged interest from day one. they are the law-biding citizens we want going to college so they can advance the united states of america. they are going to come out with $9,000, $10,000 a year on average. we are giving criminals $9,000 a year for please don't rob us. charles: 's one of these things, you want something to continue, you incentivize it. if you want it to stop you lock them you have and throw away the key. gerri: this idea came from a community near berkeley, california where they did the and it worked. it reduced crime. people are saying this is such a good idea.
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>> i would like to see this taken on by first of all getting rid of overcriminalization sow people have a chance to get a job and quitting the overregulations. charles: you can get a job in this economy. it may not be the job you want and it may not pay what you want. but these people are saying i'm going to take shortcut. they have to take a shortcut because they dropped out of high school. that's on them. it should not rest with the american public. >> even if you want to help them through that problem you have put the money into education, into getting them a college degree. >> you have made the point that's college students legitimately in school right now, work their butts off to get in, they paying out the wazoo
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for that. charles: we have breaking news. u.s. internal revenue service is experiencing computer failures. it cannot accept any returns. we'll monitor this and bring you more information as it comes through. par for the course? gerri: they are having major computer issues. they have been using an operating system that's very, very old. if you want to play pacman and file your taxes. the tax season has just started and we are already having problems. charles: donald trump accusing senator ted cruz of stealing the race in iowa. that's heating up. new hampshire just few of days away. we have senator scott brown. we'll be right back.
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>> there is an attack that insulted me. i can think of someone who does so on twitter on a daily basis. i have not responds. charles: that was ted cruz taking another swipe at donald trump. the presidential candidates battle their way into that primary. donald trump holds a comangds
6:32 pm
lead with a 24-points lead over ted cruz. voter support for jeb bush and john kasich rowrngds out the top 5. joining me now,ly a booth and former senator scott brown. you jumped on the trump train just in time as it pulls into new hampshire. is that going to get him over the top? >> it's good to see you and good to be on. regarding iowa, don't forget wasn't even supposed to compete there. he was in tenths place six months ago. to come in second in iowa i thought was huge and so does he. charles: your excuses are your own. >> this is no excuse. bottom line is he had a great showing and the energy was off the charts. i think anybody running.
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every single one of our candidates will make a better president than hillary clinton and bernie sanders. but new hampshire is a different animal. there are 5,000 new york nic hyped up people ready to support donald trump. we talked about it. we had barbeques. had a chance to meet with them. i'm supporting them base wants somebody who is going to be the ability to be a change maker and go down there and make change in washington because of tremendous gridlock. he can surround himself with incredibly gifted intellectual people. those are the two big areas. i'm with him on the border long before he was. charles: we have been talking about building walls here at fox news for a long time. you are the guy that ultimately outsider who jumped in a beatup
6:34 pm
pickup truck and you have one of the biggest upsets in political history. lisa booth. how is this different? we keep hearing new hampshire is different than iowa. what's the nuances people need to understand? >> it's a different kinds of voter you have in new hampshire than iowa. iowa has been evangelical christian caucus-goers. it's 60% of voters in iowa. i think that number was a little bit lower monday. but that is sort of the voter you have. evangelical christian, the social issues are the bigger deal. then when you have go to new hampshire you are talk about a moderate voter on the social issues. but they are fiscally conservative. there has long been sort of the -- i don't think iowa voters considered it a joke. but iowa picks corn and
6:35 pm
new hampshire picks presidents. if you look at new hampshire the candidate who has won new hampshire can go on to be the nominee. charles: can things dramatically change from here? >> the polls make us nervous after the iowa debacle. here is the deal. if you look at one of the more recent polls. 69% of the primary voters in new hampshire are supporting trump. those 69% are sticking to him. so he has this group of very loyal supporters in new hampshire. he's the one that comes across asking about the anti-establishment insurgent. this is like pat buchanan in 1992. they want that outsider. they want that person who can take to the economy. i was talking to governor john sununu. he said it's interesting, in the past it was for the
6:36 pm
new hampshire voter to gob supporting those with different positions. in this case it looks like the primary voters are more interested in style. if anyone can win on style, donald trump can do it. charles: judge alex, looking at these numbers, even though rubio is third. those who said they will vote for him has gone from 43% to 56% in the last three days. >> i think rubio is benefiting from this trump-cruz back and forth. cruz sells himself as an outsider and he's doing the same stuff. and trump seems like a bitter loser. i think the winner might be rubio. charles: you don't want to miss special coverage in the new hampshire primary. it all start next tuesday at 7:55 p.m.
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charles: a wild ride in the stock market. are we going to cut through the recession? >> we do all this research on a perfect car ee. your insurance company raises your rates. insurance.
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>> watching the market closely today, the dow jones industrial and was all over the place. up 101 point. ended up almost 200 points. so we travel 500 point from the opening to the closing bell. this wild ride in the stock market came courtesy of a few thing. reactions to self new developments and some news releases.
6:41 pm
we saw a huge rebound in crude oil. crude oil had less of an influence in the overall market than the harsh reality that the u.s. service economy. 70% of our economy is slowing considerably. the non-manufacturing index came in at it lowest level in 23 months. a major contraction in prices paid. all that stuff bad news for fed hawks. the so-called dual mandates is jobs and inflation. that might have played a role in the big move of the u.s. dollar. well it was weak today against certain currencies. when that went down, the stock market rallied. remember these blue chip stocks did more than half the revenue from outside the united states.
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du pont, caterpillar up. out of the hot tech names. facebook, netflix, amazon, all getting hammered. the 10-year yield gyrating. so crude oil surges into the close. i'm telling you, you will see a lot of oil stocks go up 20% to 40%. is the world coming to an end or cot worse be over. i think we are in a bottoming process. typically we know when the smoke is cleared 5%, 10% later. there are some great buying opportunities. you don't want to miss fox business. maria and crew starting at 8:00 a.m. on fox business.
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president obama wants $1.1 billion to combat heroin deaths. you know the number one issue in new hampshire? heroin. it's a serious crisis in america. i appreciate you coming by. absolutely. the market's been pretty volatile lately. there is a lot at stake here, you know? look jim, we've been planning for this for a long time. and we'll keep evolving things. so don't worry. knowing what's on your mind and acting accordingly. multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors. it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. america's heroes have a if you've fought... you know picking a commander in chief is no small thing. you're looking for smarts... and guts. we looked at each candidate... we studied their record...
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>> president obama said to ask congress for $1.1 billion to combat heroin deaths in the united states. new hampshire has one of the worst heroin issues in the country. back us judge allen, tammy bruce and gillian merks lcher.
6:47 pm
judge, you saw a lot of these case. charles: five or six years ago a kid died in the backyard of my home. he was a white kid and his dad was a doctor. >> it's an epidemic. it's grown 500% like to the oxycontin side it's doubled in heroin use. i would see it destroy families. i think they ought to cut the budget somewhere to make up the money. i don't like piling on. our budget just keeps going. our senators and representatives subscribe to that theory. but i think it's well spent to get into prevention. charles: america in general drifting away from american
6:48 pm
values, a lack of god in our culture, and the breakup of familiar his. you yell at your kids and you can get in trouble. >> we see the destruction of the family. obama is trying to save whatever part of his legacy which is the destruction of the united states. the open border weren't drugs moving through here controlled by hamas and hezbollah in south and central america and el chapo. the movement of heroin into this country virtually unrestricted. in 2008 when candidate obama said maybe you don't need that surgery, maybe you just need a pill. the reliance on doctors prescribing pain killers because it's less expensive moves people and begins the morphine addiction and at oapiast addictions -- the opiate addictions.
6:49 pm
it's the open borders and bigger government. >> and the big pharmaceuticals. >> i don't think this is something the government can fix. if you look at the war on drugs, a total failure. it's our culture being broken. the heroin and suicide statistics. predominantly middle aged white men. if you look at who's losing their religion. middle aged white men. i don't think this is something government can facial. charles: in new york city there has been a slasher on the subways and citizens are fighting back. you have got guardian angels. what do you make of that? the government is letting us down. should citizens start fighting back themselves? >> when you have finds yourself victimized like a lot of them are, there is no choice but to do this. >> in miami there are a lot of concealed weapons on the street.
6:50 pm
nobody creates a pattern before it gets shut down. here you have got a lot of people just ready to be victimized and the police from already cautious because they have been attacked and attacked. you don't have the patrolling and aggressive police work. they have have done away with the stop and frisk. >> i take it train all the time. and this is completely damning about the deblasio administration. thankful the injured what angels are on the train, happy to see them, but it's something when they haven't been needed for 20 years. 367. >> new york lessened penalties for things like relieving yourself in public. eliminating broken windows has empowered individuals and no money to deal with the mentally ill. charles: deblasio's war on
6:51 pm
police. it's inevitable. thanks a lot. sources are saying rick and tore you have is going to drop out of the race officially in a minute. it's all over twitter. i'm saying right now the race for the vp is on. i think i have got one of them on the show. we'll be right back. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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charles: g.o.p. field getting
6:55 pm
smaller, all over twitter rick santorum at any moment will make it official he is dropping out. will any of former candidates end up being someone's wink-wink. running mate? >> some people think you are auditioning for the number two spot. >> it could be that donald trump is we'll wait until the votes get counted. charles: all right. thank you. senator brown, you knew it was inevitable. you look good in the seat. >> well, it is a great barroom talk. we have a second state coming in, in 6 days, everyone talking 'who will be vice
6:56 pm
president. this funny, and flattering to be in that conversation, but highly unlikely. there are so many candidates that could fill that spot. many running right now. charles: you would not say no if asked. >> i am going to do my job to make sure my guy gets in the white house. and that shuck chuck schumer does not become majority leader. charles: tammy, there are a lot of people right now, who would be a nice pull for number 2, let's say trump came in. >> trump needs someone not like them. someone with experience, and from the midwest. scott walker comes to mind, rick perry, has worn the uniform, and springs texas with him, if mr. cruz, carly fiorina would be a fabulous
6:57 pm
choice as would scat walker. i think this is a fabulous thing to worry about. there is so much talent. we need to think about the combination to get the country back on its feet. charles: what do you think? >> ie to
6:58 pm
balance out the ticket in terms of skill sets. charles: lisa, remember for the debate, after the fox news debate, rick santorum and mike huckabee beat a path to the donald trump event, a lot of folks said that put them high for backing donald trump. would either of those guys be it or someone we're not talking about? >> i imagine they would say yes, if asked. sort of what has been discussed so far, you want someone that will round out the ticket, and has something you do not offer. if you are cruz or rubio you may' someone with governing
6:59 pm
experience, or a woman as well, they may look at nikki haley. or donald trump, you may want someone with federal experience that understands federal government a lit more in depth. geegraphical areas, that does matter. since world war ii a major party nominee has carried state of voice presidential choice 72% of the time, that does matter. but then you look advice presidented by friend -- biden from delaware not reall displ . >> nikki haley sounds compelling to me. >> she is great, a great fund, we have a dee deep bench, any of these people, would make a better vice president or or
7:00 pm
president than hillary clinton, bernie sanders or joe biden or elizabeth warren unite and day. charles: all right, thank you. right now the man himself, lou dobbs, keep it right here on fox business. >> good evening, i am lou dobbs it has been 48 hours since donald trump conceded iowa to ted cruz, but not so fast. now the republican frontrunner is calling for a new election to be held or cruz votes to be nullified. trump and carson and others accusing the cruz campaign of dirty trick, cruz allowing his campaign to tell voters that ben carson was exciting the race and to vote for cruz, cruz calls it a misunderstanding, trump said, no, we need a new caucus. >> what he did is unthinkable,


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