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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 3, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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president than hillary clinton, bernie sanders or joe biden or elizabeth warren unite and day. charles: all right, thank you. right now the man himself, lou dobbs, keep it right here on fox business. >> good evening, i am lou dobbs it has been 48 hours since donald trump conceded iowa to ted cruz, but not so fast. now the republican frontrunner is calling for a new election to be held or cruz votes to be nullified. trump and carson and others accusing the cruz campaign of dirty trick, cruz allowing his campaign to tell voters that ben carson was exciting the race and to vote for cruz, cruz calls it a misunderstanding, trump said, no, we need a new caucus. >> what he did is unthinkable,
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he said the many of just left -- the man has just left the race, and he said it during the caucus, when they got the statement, that it is not true, they got that statement and they did not put that out, they apologized after activity over-- after it was over, how does that help. lou: ted cruz is dismissing the criticism. >> i hardly think is -- donald trump is insulting me. he can have his criticism that is fine. lou: also tonight bernie sanders, he is a little upset with hillary clinton, over who is more progressive, listen to sanders answer a question about whether he sees clinton as a progressive. >> some days, yes. except when she announces shia -- then i guess she is not a
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progressive. i think it hard to be a real progressive, and to take on the establishment in the way that i think has to be taken. when you become as depend as she has threw her super pac and other ways on wall street. lou: clinton firing back on twitter, a 40-year-old record of progressive results boil down to quote, some days. election season getting heated we take it up with former reagan white house placal director ed rollins. matt slap and conservative commentator. cathy lynn taylor, and florida governor rick scott tonight declaring a health emergency in 4 florida counties, because of the zika virus. at least 9 cases of the mosquito-borne illness have been reported there. we exam inwhether the obama administration is doing enough
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to protect us or anything at al all. republican president alcan dates on the attack with just 6 days to go before new hampshire primary, they are escalate as republican field narrows, candidates leaving today we'll tell you about that here is carl cameron with the report. >> unhappy with a second place showing in iowa donald trump screaming foul. ted cruz unloaded on donald trump after the billionaire called for an iowa caucus redo, and accused cruz of fraud. >> no surprise that donald is throwing a temper tantrum, it seems his reaction to everything is to throw a fit. reporter: trump is not in new hampshire today. >> a lot of people don't think
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i should go to iowa, i came in probably first. if you think about it a total voter trodd, when you think of it, and he picked up a lot of those votes that is why the polls were so wrong. reporter: direct mail that cruz sent to iowa voters, berating them for not votes in past elections and tweeted based on fraud committed by tep ser cruz, either a new elect some take place or cruz results nullified. >> donald trump guaranteed a victory, in iowa. then he lost, he does not like, that his reaction is this he breaks down. reporter: in washington ben carson held a news conference, stopping short of accusing cruz of vote fraud. marco rubio dismissed the idea
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for a redo but did join the pile on cruz. >> it goes to what i said befor before. dubbed the most interesting man in politics, rand paul withdrew from the race today. rick santorum will end his campaign, according to sources, and make an endorsement this evening, but they are betting alla new hampshire, john kasich suggestions if he gets quote could smoked in the first primary he will step aside. jeb bush struggling to gain momentum will bring his mom barbara out on the campaign trail this beak. >> please clap. >> survival for bush, kasich, and christie, off. donald trump has a fair amount of support from independent voters in new hampshire. but all first in nation primary voters are accustomed to tough tweet tactics with
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politics. lou. lou: carl thank you. >> turning to democratic side, competition heating up, hillary clinton just barely win iowa, i mean just barely, she set her sites on new hampshire but dozens assumed front-runner now plagued by scandal, have a chance against bernie sanders? what a question to ask emptied henry in new hampshire with the answers. reporter: an awkward moment for hillary clinton. a voter asked her about importance of cyber security as fbi investigates her e-mail server. >> it is one of the most important challenges that the next president will face, because of the advances, and offensive advances by nation states that we know are very technically sophisticated.
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namery russia, china, next level, ran. next level north korea. reporter: as democratic socialist bernie sanders continues to elect fi the left raking in $3 million in 24 hours after his strong second place finish in iowa, through smal donors on internet, last night, without naming clinton sanders railed against wall street giants like goldman sachs. >> goldman sachs is one of the large financial institutions on wall street, was one of those institutions that helped destroy the american economy. reporter: that may explain why chairman of goldman sachs wants to admit he supports here, fueled by finger-pointing of bill clinton that hillary campaign did not stifle sanders rise quick enough, now the former president is pushing back at sanders. and the idea he is next barack obama. >> don't get me there there
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barack obama is not bernie sanders. >> as for some oddities in iowa. >> we'll talk to iowa state democratic officials but year now focusing on new hampshire, where we're working really hard to win that primary. >> in addition to a candidate forum here. clinton and sanders will meet tomorrow night in a debate, their first one-on-one clash since martin o'malley got out of the race. lou: thank you. >> president obama making his first visit to an american mosque as president. president obama telling the islamic society of baltimore that all americans must work together to stamp out antimuslim prejudice. >> if we're serious about freedom of religion, i am now
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speaking to my fellow christians, we have to understand that attack on one faith is an attacka all our faiths. lou: well, president has visited mosques before, but he has never done it in the united states at president. florida confirming that 6 new travel related cases of thevica zier us. -- zika virus that brings total number of cases in u.s. to 9. florida is a prime briding spot for mosquitoes. they have pesticide strays under way. and the centers for disease control not declared florida to be an area of local zika
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risk, but they are monitoring florida. we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. >> after months of campaigning and doubting a -- dowts a strong ground operation, he may have misstepped in iowa. >> maybe i had done better in iowa, had i not wanted to go out and do, that vent for the vets. >> strategists, kathy lynn taylor and american conservative union issue joining us here next. >> and what happens when a determined criminal does not allow a little car trouble to get in the way of a high-speed chase? we'll show you the video of what happens, right after these messages we're equipment -- coming right back. stay with us.
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lou: joining us tonight, chairman of conservative union, matt, good to have you here, g.o.p. strategist. kathy lynn taylor. here we are, in new hampshire, and still focused on iowa is donald trump, saying there is fraud, that ben carson was defrauded of votes they should
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give the championship to him, carson is not saying anything, what kind of deal is it when the most obvious victim of so-called fraud is not the one complaining loudest? >> it is an interesting dynamic. it is smart strategy by trump. he was gracious, he had more humility over last week, than probably the whole campaign. showing more of a presidential side, but this shows a lot of empathy he stands up for carson. and puts him in a good position to potentially assume dr. carson's vote. if dr. carson steps out. lou: this is about as close as donald trump has come to modesty, it is not his long suit but i have to say he has been complimented for his
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gracious concession. to the man now he saying is. has committed fraud, on people of iowa and candidates who went there for caucus votes. >> it was a great moment he came to the stage. with his attractive family, and graciously accepted defeat . now whether the affected turn out in iowa or not we'll never know, but your fears ago we did not know who the winner of iowa was, we had a really close finish with ted cruz and donald trump with marco rubio in third. and just go wit winner of new hampshire. lou: moving to new hampshire. the fact that the democrats carried out what was at best a
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third world exercise in determining their winner. that is an embarrassment. this is a joke, and everyone should acknowledge it size ha. >> listen, we have done this. >> i'm not going to listen unless you tell me, you don't -- >> you went win. >> we're friends, i don't listen to people who say look and listen, i look and listen when people address me. >> deal. you can't -- >> wait, now you tell me you don't invest $100,000 in cattle futures and win. >> right. that is what i was going to say. >> they would have been better off with rock, paper, scissors. lou: looking at new hampshire,
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24 points up in most recep locale poll. is he going to win this, does he have a ground game, he being donald trump. >> let's remember that iowa, was cruz's police, the base of the caucus-goers in iowa was matched well with cruz. in new hampshire, where trump spent more time, and should be better suited to win that poll should be more reflective have you seen anything. >> there is a lot of talk about donald trump. lou: i'm in search of that answer. ed? is there a ground game? can he win in new hampshire without it. >> everything we're getting
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from campaign, is they are not change their strategy, everything i heard from donald trump is that he is a bit chastened by the fact he did not spend every moment he could have in iowa. i don't think he will replicate that in new hampshire. lou: meaning you believe who will win in new hampshire. >> i think that donald trump will win in new hampshire. lou: second? >> that is a great question, i don't know. >> well. >> important part is whether 45 percent of new g.o.p. caucus-goers, not a huge portion. voted for trump, who will they vote for in new hampshire. if they get more turn out and more new primary voters in new hampshire who will they vote for, trump needs to convert more of those than he did in iowa. lou: all right. who will win? i think trump will win, and i think -- >> second? >> i close second, bush second right now i'm going with rubio.
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lou: all right there you have it, a big question mark with matt's name, we know number one, we have a question mark for two. do you want to fill it in in. >> i think it is a jump ball for two, in all cand or. lou: and insight, great to have you with us. vote in our poll, do you think that republican party would have a better chance of victory in november? if speaker paul ryan were to take a vow of violence from now untillic lur -- until election day. just consider it, i think you would get a lot of votes in the caulks, we'll see, cast your vote. on twitter issue lou dobbs news, and follow me on twitter, like my on facebook, follow me on incity gram inevitable sta gram, idaho tate police release video of what was very least a dramatic car chase. trying too pull over the
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driver that pic pickup truck. he pretended to stop then he i mean there he goes, what -- look at that. flying in the air. he took off the 33-year-old driver, lost control of the car. pick up, he was sent flying from the vehicle. adrenaline kicked in he took off on foot. i mean, this is incredible. he was caught quickly. he was subdue, look at this, with a arevolver it appears -- a revolver pointed at him, he does not have the sense, nope, that say mist -- that is a pistol. that is outrageous, up next a new thoughts on nationwide reputing a of president obama's policies, and why is it taking mo much effort on
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part of media to acknowledge what has been a disaster the last 7 years. >> a pilot experiencing trouble in an aircraft, pulls off textbook emergency landing, watch this, you can't yet. we'll have the video for you next, we're coming back right after these messages issue stay with us. every day you read headlines about businesses being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud
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brighter denture every day. . lou: a few thoughts now on the perception of political division in this great country of ours. the nation deeply divided is not in dispute but the national liberal media are working with perception and working hard to create the impression among all of us that liberals and the left are in the majority of this country, not only the majority but possess a vastly superior knowledge and ideals and even better people. the divide as i say is real, but it is the subsidized left that is clinging to the past, desperate to save their
7:27 pm
publicly funded cynicures and strongholds on the minds of the students they indoctrinate and educate in our nation's schools, colleges and universities. take a look what's going on out in private sector land, most of which is divided and shifting, because of one man, president obama, whose policy in all respects have failed this country. there are consequences, and for the first time since 2008, red states outnumber blue states in america. that's right. a new analysis from "gallup" shows 20 states that are solidly republican or leaning republican. only 14 states solidly are leaning democrat while 16 states are considered to be competitive. this marks a dramatic shift from when president obama was elected certainly back in 2008, a whopping 35 states were blue states.
7:28 pm
35 of them. only five states then were considered red. from a 30-state lead for the democrats to a 6-state deficit, it's been a simply astounding shift for the president's party and this country and the democrats running for office this year. republicans have made strong gains across the board. during mr. obama's tenure, at the state level, democrats have lost 11 governorships since the 2008 election. republicans are now in charge of 31 states, and at the federal level, democrats have lost 13 seats in the u.s. senate. they lost 69 house seats since the 2008 election that brought barack obama to the oval office, and lost control of both the house and the senate in the doing. this dramatic reversal in my opinion is attributable to the president's divisive leaderships file and his
7:29 pm
authoritarian compulsions, and this shift has much more energy and much more to reclaim. americans are in this election year already making clear the rejection of the establishment and the status quo created by this president insisting instead now upon the return of government at every level, to the people. we talk on occasion of so-called wave elections, but this one looks like something much bigger. a far larger wave, one driving forward, the american revolution, and that will reshape our politics for decades to come. our quotation of the evening. this one from thomas jefferson, who said long ago -- we can still prevent that. we're coming right back. stay with us.
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speaker ryan making an almost laughable request of his fellow republicans in the house. please don't revolt. just because the speaker is closer to obama than to the freedom caucus. >> the left would love nothing more than for a fragmented conservative movement to stand in a circular firing squad and fire. lou: we take it all up with reagan white house political director, republican strategist ed rollins here next. and a four-month-old baby riding in an out-of-control car on slick roads and facing an oncoming 18-wheeler. that video, and we promise it has a happy ending, when "lou dobbs tonight" continues. stay with us. we'll be right back. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people.
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it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. . lou: breaking news new, rick santorum has just announced he's suspending his presidential campaign, santorum telling greta van susteren he is endorsing marco rubio for president. earlier today senator rand paul dropping out of the republican race for the nomination. joining us former reagan white house political director, republican strategist, fox news contributor, ed rollins. you've seen more than a few of the rodeos. at this point, going into new hampshire, iowa behind us, do you think the polls are going to hold up?
7:35 pm
what do you expect to happen in six days? >> trump is going to win in new hampshire, i'm sure of that. poll numbers are win, and bernie sanders is going to win there, and what a lot of the other campaigns other than the governors trying to find a fourth or fifth place they can hang on, but rubio and cruz are going to move to south carolina quick. lou: cruz is down there. >> cruz is down there, carson for all complaint about being stolen, he's been in florida for three days. lou: hey hasn't complained half as loud as donald trump. donald trump is big brother here. >> no disrespect to dr. carson. that's where he was in the polls and cnn made the announcement and they tweeted it out, the cruz campaign tweeted it out at 7:00. wasn't like the wholesale -- lou: it was a dirty trick. nothing illegal about it. >> my concern is this campaign has gotten so ugly, we have spent $100 million --
7:36 pm
lou: i'm sorry can i interrupt? >> sure. lou: you said it's so ugly. we talked about ugly campaigns, ed and i. >> talked about ugly campaigns. lou: this one has a little twist to it. there's big old bad donald trump talks tough and offends a lot of folks in the establishment. it is ted cruz getting hammered for all the -- >> as a kid i used to watch world federated wrestling. lou: when wrestling was for real. [laughter] >> that's right. and so was donald trump. that's the same persona. you and i were boxers, when muhammad ali said he was the greatest, he proved he was the greatest. they are heroes and villains and it's all lip service. at the end of the day, here's where it is, cruz won 8 delegates, okay? trump got 7, rubio 7.
7:37 pm
they spent millions of dollars and we move on and 1237 to win. they got 1230 more to go. lou: every journey begins with one small step. >> one small step. the reality is we're seeing more money spent and more negativity and turning voters off. lou: turn them off, maybe, but after what we watched in iowa. you're talking about a huge record turnout for the republicans. >> absolutely. lou: and a third world i don't know what you would call that. >> i think people are concerned about the election. they're interested. one of the things about iowa and new hampshire there's a lot of frustration, the people who participate. the people pay attention and go out on a cold night and listen to rallies and watch a lot of tv commercials and vote, and i think at the end of the day it's an important part of the system, but you know, we now move onto -- lou: you really don't detect a sustained wave here of anti-establishment fervor?
7:38 pm
>> no, no, no. i don't think trump's the only one. i think -- lou: rubio proved that in iowa. >> i think they are all basically anti-establishment and what's going on in washington and geared to a lot of frustration and tapping into voters that are very, very concerned about the future for their kids and themselves. lou: how crazy do you think this is after what this country has been through with a first term senator about whom no one knew anything, that your two front-runners, two of the three front-runners are first term senators. are you kidding me, folks? what is missing here? >> and eliminated all the governors that had real experience. you and i had this conversation a year ago. guys that run many governments. lou: i'm thinking scott walker, chris christie. >> governor perry. 14 year governor. all good governors and they're wiped out before the first -- >> i predict that the fun is only beginning, what do you think? >> i think you are absolutely right.
7:39 pm
lou: ed rollins, as always, good to have you here. >> pleasure. thank you very much. lou: a miracle escape for a british family of four to tell you about quickly before we go onto new commercials. unbelievable dashcam video showing the moment a white car careened out of control, clipped a truck's bumper and sent skidding as you see, my gosh, on its roof. collision sent this blue car spinning head-on right into a post in the middle of a highway. remarkably, all survived and are in good shape, including a little baby boy found hanging upside down from his car seat. oh, my goodness. what an amazing, happy ending. and here's something you don't see on aircraft every day. take a look as a 68-year-old pilot. a young fella, at controls. he had to land a single-engine cessna plane in hawaii lagoon, circled the airport while
7:40 pm
burning off fuel for nearly two hours. here he comes. pilot made a textbook emergency landing and, well, set a standard for some younger pilots along the way. up next, ambassador john bolton joins me, we're going to talk politics as well as geopolitics and what the obama administration is doing to protect four million americans, that's the estimated number of people who will contract the disease in the next year. four million americans from the zika virus. investigators pinpointing the likely cause of an explosion that caused a passenger to make an emergency landing. we'll have that story and much more coming right up. look at that. ♪
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say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ . lou: japan's military is on high alert tonight concerned about north korea's planned rocket or missile launch. japan has deployed destroyers and patriot missile batteries after north korean officials announced they would launch a rocket carrying a satellite as early as next week. this latest threat from north korea follows a nuclear test just last month. the fourth nuclear test for the hermit kingdom as north korea is called.
7:45 pm
we have a lot to talk about with the former ambassador to the united nations, american enterprise senior fellow and fox news contributor, john, good to have you here. what japan is doing here presumably the united states and the pacific preparing for exigencies, do you think this is a threat on the part of north korea to specifically japan or any other of our allies in the region? >> well, i think they're worried for several reasons. first is who believes what north korea says on any given day? maybe it's a satellite launch? long-range missile test, maybe it's something else. unless you have a higher degree of confidence in north korean technology than i do, sitting in japan, you have to worry the missile may not make it into orbit and find itself on trajectory for urban area in their country. that's why missile defense concerns are up and why they're alert to it. but you know there is the larger question we have been told within the past year by
7:46 pm
the commander of u.s. forces korea that north korean efforts miniaturize devices could put the west coast of the u.s. and allies in japan aside for a minute, the united states in north korean range in fairly short order. this is something to be concerned about, no question about it. lou: i want to go to a couple of other threats that people perhaps are not considering tonight, and that is this worldwide health alert from the world health organization on the zika virus. rick scott has declared four counties under emergency because of the threat. nine cases there have been detected. why -- let me ask you this. why isn't there more of an obvious action on the part of this administration to screening those coming into this country and trying to
7:47 pm
protect the country from the virus? >> well, there absolutely should be, if you think back to the ebola virus scare of 2014, the administration was slow to worry about that too and, in fact, there was public outrage in some cases of people who were concerned about the virus entering this country. we had nurses put in quarantine who filed suit against chris christie. we had reporters in the danger zone who refused to stay in quarantine themselves. i think this threat may be more serious because it's here in this hemisphere, people coming from all over latin america, it's a real public health problem and the essence of sovereignty to protect your border against. this there is a greater problem here as well. that is that i'm sure rogue states, russia, china that look as biological weapons as viable ways of waging war are looking at this virus as they look at ebola and still do very carefully.
7:48 pm
they're going to see how the american public health system responds to it. we finished talking about north korea's nuclear weapons program. don't forget biological and chemical warfare as well. lou: all right, ambassador john bolton, good to have you with us. >> thank you, lou. lou: u.s. officials are closely following the investigation into an explosion that blew a hole in the fuselage of a commercial jetliner over somalia. the explosion forced an emergency landing. a passenger is believed to have been sucked out of the cabin. cell phone video shows the hole shortly after that explosion. u.s. officials believe that a bomb is the cause of the rupture in the fuselage. investigators have not yet found evidence of a criminal act, even though there is a suggestion, a strong suggestion that this was an explosion of some sort. we just don't know what kind. two people aboard were injured. one is missing tonight.
7:49 pm
police did find a body on the ground but have not confirmed the person's identity or whether or not he was aboard the aircraft involved. on wall street today, stocks closed higher, a volatile session again. the dow up 183 points. the s&p up 9. nasdaq up 13. volume on the big board picking up to more than 5 billion shares. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. a big night for fx. the channel set a ratings record with the premiere of the new series "the people v. o.j. simpson: american crime story." 5 million viewers tune in for the series. up next, "sports illustrated" figured out a way to give swimsuit models more exposure. amazing we said that. we take it up with red eye's
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try gaviscon®. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. lou: infidelity dating site ashley madison is looking to make comeback. customers have a new tool to disguise their identity.
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they are able to cover their facefaces with black or brown m. a black bar, for four degrees of blurring. these are married people looking for hookups and now they are getting sensitive about their identity. they claim to have 43 million users despite the hack attack. joining to us take that, co-host of "red eye," andy levy. 43 million folks and most of them are men. how does this work? >> for this to keep growing one of three things. either these people don't follow the news. they have no idea what happened
7:55 pm
to ashley madison before or they are desperate or lazy. i don't judge anyone for any three those. >> they are lying. they don't have 43 million. my big concern is if people see your profile pick with a mask they are more likely to recognize you from one of your parties. lou: 85% are male and 15% women. >> i feel bad for the 5% who naturally have blurry faces. lou: let's turn quickly -- the proposal that trump win the
7:56 pm
nobel peace prize. nobel peace prize. do you think it's premature? >> absolutely not. i don't know why we are talking about trump. lou: this will excite you. he's in little rock, arkansas leading -- this is a conjoining that andy has long sought. >> i don't like talking about trump because i like talking about winners. i don't like talking about losers. >> it was fixed. lou: a believer. it was rigged. most democrats and republicans think the system is rigged anyway. >> i prefer when things are fixed in my favor. >> jerry lewis was nominated for
7:57 pm
a nobel peace prize. lou: wasn't brawm *? he just got award. "sports illustrated" going i think a tawdry step too far. increasing the explores our of its swim suit models. is there no shame in sports journalism? >> i have no idea what the deis with sports i straighted. somehow it sells tons of copies in this take of on demand porn. lou: not necessarily exhibiting the beauty of sport itself. >> i do see it like that and i
7:58 pm
assume charlotte mckinney will be the cover model. >> i think they are trying to make a buck off these pretty girls and i say go for it. lou: telling his audience today -- why don't we show and let us show for yourself. now, not happening? >> prepared to act in the national security interests of this country to get back in the business of a more peace new world. please clap. >> poor jeb. how many type have we said that. you know he has practiced this in front of a mirror with all of
7:59 pm
that energy and excitement we don't get a lot of. he thought for sure i get applause, then it didn't happen. >> if it's possible to feel sorry for someone who had every advantage life can offer, i feel sorry for jeb. lou: i happen to agree with you. it's a stunning moment that can only be rivaled by the black book of the d.c. madame. she says it could influence perceptions of the presidential campaign. >> it many clearly bernie sanders. >> i think it's all of them. we don't even need to hear it, the long apology tour. lou: andy levy and in you are in
8:00 pm
online poll you don't think coined lips help -- coin flips help the per accepting of the democratic brand. kennedy: i'm watching hillary clinton's repullive difficult play of false -- respulsive display of victory. her gloating is downright embarrassing. anyone who lucked out on a few shady coin tosses can hardly be called a winner. if a republican had claimed a


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