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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  February 4, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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>> congress does not effect people. >> capitalism in the pharmaceutical industry. >> we have to see what happens. it does not favor mr. shkreli. neil cavuto, my time is up. neil: thank you very much. there are some problems. they are not donald trump created. calling for a complete audit of the results in iowa. you may recall that the race is very, very close. that may be easier said than done. there is no way to recount these ballots. a national democratic party running it. i know that it is a little weird.
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i would say, no, what if we could. we can't. i have a feeling that this is not going away. the issue with it being too close to call. critics of hillary clinton going on in some of these districts. enough to get the registers saying this coin toss thing built into the rules of this. you may not like it. it is across a variety of counties in the state. it is not going down well. very proud the moyne registers saying we better recount this. the democrats coming back and saying we can't. we are five days out now to new hampshire. this one on the republican side between donald trump and ted cruz. it is nasty. >> yes. this really picked up yesterday
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morning. a series of tweets. about a half a dozen or so. basically committing fraud in iowa. that is the allegation. the trump campaign for a couple different reasons why they were claiming that. donald trump was in arkansas last night at a major rally. he did not really touch on it in arkansas. expected to speak in moments here. he did a sickly claim that ted cruz is using his religion for political gain. that is kind of the way he went after crews last night. cruz has been on the ground here in new hampshire are. he went after trump for those series of tweets. at one point, he used what any parent may call the single biggest criticism that they
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could dole out against anybody else. >> my girls are five and seven. i have to tell you, carolina and catherine are better behaved than a presidential candidate that response by insulting everyone every day. >> it is okay and you can be political. these guys are bad. you will get up and talk about his relationship with god. his relationship with the bible. his relationship with all sorts of things. >> those massive crowds have followed donald trump all across the country. much smaller here. four or 500 capped by the fire marshal. many of these students. more the prestigious high schools in the country.
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>> there is another battle going on for who has the right to be the alternative candidates for these two. marco rubio has been on a very quick ascends. you referred to marco rubio as a boy in a bubble. man up, step up and stop letting them all right his speeches. maybe answer a few questions at a town hall meeting. we answer a lot of questions at a town hall meeting. you say what. >> they run on average 40-45 minutes. we have answered over 200 questions. senator rubio barely answers any. pre-selecting which reporters will get to ask him questions. this is a guy that has been protected and coddled his entire
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political career. the boy needs to come out of the bubble. needs to come to work here in new hampshire. he did not work hard. he wants to come out and earn people's pope. we need to know anyone is competing for this nomination. all of which we have heard over and over and over again for the last six years. getting a little stale and a little tired. senator rubio needs to come up with more material and start answering more questions. neil: ted cruz is nowhere on your radar. >> senator cruz answered questions. i may not agree with some of the answers sometimes. senator rubio simply does not. it is just an observation.
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senator rubio has had a strategy. do not work too hard in any one particular place. do not be exposed to much. it sounds like he is in the witness protection. it is time to come out and start fighting for votes. nobody will hand anybody this nomination. you have to come and fight for it. he won the iowa caucuses. there are some people acting like this was some great triumphs. >> it was a lot better than expect it. 22% keeps them in third. wherever one thought that he would be from the beginning. stuart: why is he the focus of a lot of your attacks? this seems to be a recent phenomenon.
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>> the media has already tried to anoint him with the person that would be the last three people in this primary race. this is a guy that is so tightly controlled by those. he does not call on the reporters when he wants to ask why shins. neil: and average of 20 questions. whatever. that means that the average answer, opening a closing statement. the average answer is the average answer that he does in a debate. it will not solve america's
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problems. america's problems will not be solved by senators and congressmen. i think that he is absolutely right. talking about the battle back and forth. you think they are better to deal with that. >> senator rubio talking about that conflict also. senators and congressmen are not having problems in washington, d.c. the institution has a 13% approval rating. 87% of the people in the country do not think they are doing their jobs from the presidency. pushing the candidacy that we are pushing here. >> do you have to win new hampshire? >> no. no. stuart: what is good enough? >> i think the important thing for us is to do very well. to meet or exceed expectations. when people see our results on
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tuesday night, they will be very happy. understand that this is now a race going forward. fighting with donald trump and marco rubio. >> there was an immediate and enormous rupture. backfiring on all. including marco rubio. it is hard to take that back. especially when it is a personal nature. looking and hearing chris christie. a lot of people immediately got back to me. the new jersey governor is desperate. general sherman. burning everything in your path. including yourself. >> it is not the role of any other candidate to decide. town hall meetings or debates or
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anywhere else. that is for voters themselves to decide. the caucus goers in iowa. some distance between the front runners. seeing that so-called establishment lane, senator rubio is not so much an establishment candidate. the one candidate that establishment voters can get behind. giving him a lot of attention. it means we are talking about it. neil: it has sort of the christie forces in the jeb bush forces. they are talking to each other. that cannot be verified. they want to take this guy rubio out. this is not new to politics. it is a tough game. could it backfire? >> it could did this is very
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typical. george bush was the leader. being in a debate. campaign managers coordinating. we are all going for the front runner. in this case, four christie, he has one guy he can take votes from and try to chip away. that is the rising rubio. i am not concerned about what this does for the party. there is plenty of time for that to be resolved. this is primary politics. it is bloody, it is ugly and it is every man for it self. >> there goes that possible ticket. rubio christie ticket. maybe christie rubio ticket. are bygones bygones? i could remember, not literally, them going at it. >> difficult to hold a grudge
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for a long time regardless of where you stand. there has been a lot of rivalry's along the various candidates. it may ultimately benefit marco rubio. >> donald trump is just getting ready to get supporters. do not look at this guy cruz. he is a suspicious character. maybe he likes this stuff underneath. he emerges on top. these other guys, there is donald trump running away with it. >> he has to go back to his core message. he is the reason why our country is in a disaster. rubio wants a three-man race for as long as he can have it. he will not compete as well in the south.
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he has a clintonesque campaign from 2008. hillary had to go to the big states. i think that rubio is in a similar situation. he wants cruz and trump for as many months as he can. he would be the last man standing. i think you should focus on cruz, cruz, cruz. then he will have to compete a little more aggressively. you can cut the tattoo with a knife. we will be there. a lot of you have been asking me. why 765. i ask, why not america. why not. i do not know what that means.
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there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> welcome back to cavuto coast to coast. i have the latest on margin shkreli. he appeared before the congressional committee. mr. shkreli evo is right to plead the fifth. >> on the advice of counsel, i
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evo my fifth amendment privilege against self-incrimination. i intend to follow the advice of my counsel. not yours. i intend to use the advice of my counsel, not yours. >> the one question he did answer was how to pronounce his name shkreli. some advertisers say he appeared to be smirking or disrespectful towards congress. i know you are smiling. they are changed. it is not funny. people are dying. we knew exactly what these companies will say as part of
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their public relations strategy. >> the republican congressman from south carolina even tried to probe and get him to answer questions. >> if i understood you correctly, you could not wait to come educate the members of congress on drug pricing. you did not have to be prodded to talk during that interview. did not have to be prodded to treat a whole lot. >> the fox business network. continuing to talk publicly. he tweeted after the hearing a couple controversial tweets. disrespectful towards members of the committee. i had prior counsel.
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it is hard for me to accept that these imbeciles represent the people in our government. another tweet went out saying i had prior counsel release a memo. it is interesting precedent. after all of this, finally making a statement about those smirks and smiles. >> he did not intend to show any disrespect for any members of the committee. some of what you saw was nervous energy. >> nervous energy. he has 50,000 plus followers on twitter. >> you may have noticed it in the background. can you believe this? i am no lawyer.
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they goodness we have one of the best ones on the planet with us. i called you on stewart's show. as tempting as it may be to use this and coax him into, you know, violating his fifth amendment right, it looked a little unseemly. >> it was highly inappropriate. to use their official power to force him to testify. knowing that he cannot testify. we all know anything you say can be used against you. that you can probably get away with. >> i would have advised against it. it does show a willingness to do this. he is not being treated fairly by the establishment. congressman gaudi who is a former prosecutor and lawyer
12:22 pm
knows well that there is nothing wrong. no indication of guilt in the fifth amendment. congressman gaudi would have given this. >> right. he is not running for office. he could not care less what they think. he does not gain anything legally. other than his personal opinion of congress. >> you are battling it out. he is a detestable character. >> he only cares about the opinion of the 12 people that have not yet been chosen. probably sometime towards the end of the year. >> wanting an audit. there have been many in that race arguing for a recount.
12:23 pm
we are told that it is possible to recount on the democratic side. >> this is not a government election. this is a private caucus. >> the same applies for the republican. >> no court will get involved. >> martin has nothing to do with iowa. >> did you really see that? >> all right. thank you, judge. we have a lot more coming up here including bob dole, jimmy carter. they agree on ted cruz. they hate him. why? was this a big victory for ted cruz today? ♪ it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking.
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republic. i know he's a conservative, so he has to -- he's a rhino, he's a republican name only. neil: that was bob chatting in iowa saying that given the temperament of ted cruz and his divisive nature, that is, again, mr. dole's opinion, he doesn't think you can be president if you're not even friends with the guys on your side of the aisle. and jimmy charter said there were much better than ted cruz. and the weekly standard the online editor there, i would imagine that's probably the next campaign ad for senator cruz; right? >> yeah. i'm not a lawyer, but i'm not sure whether senator cruz has to put these on fcc filings as donations because they're effectively very favorable, very helpful
12:28 pm
to his main narrative, which is that republican establishment figures and bob dole is a republican establishment figure and jimmy charter is jimmy charter, the antithesis to the republican party. this is very helpful to him. you can judge a lo a man a lot by the enemies he has and gosh ted cruz must be feeling good wherever he is today. neil: isn't it weird that we have cruz doing well who is low it seems by the lack of the better term establishment. and marco rubio doing well who is liked by the so-called establishment. >> yeah. it's a little bit more complicated as all things are. i mean rubio, he took on the republican establishment. he seems to be -- they seem to be fine with him. they're settling on him. he's a lot better than ted cruz and donald trump and gosh the other guys they like more don't have a chance. so
12:29 pm
people are settling on him. it's more complicated like all of these things. they emerge more people. but jimmy charter is -- i mean jimmy charter is, you know, i think any one of these guys would have loved to have been condemned by jimmy charter. if barack obama came out and said do not elect marco rubio, marco rubio would surge 15 points because a lot of republicans don't like barack obama and want his legacy overturned. exact same thing with jimmy charter. neil: and the point that senator cruz didn't waste a nanosecond pouncing on the charter statement. this is from senator cruz. >> because donald trump is malleable. that cruz guy actually believes this stuff. you know, in response, i may have to send jimmy charter a roses. >> it's going to go into campaign ads, we're going to
12:30 pm
hear more of it. but to be clear, it's not going to sustain cruz. cruz cannot win on this alone. he needs more. he needs to put the positive case for his candidacy and what would a cruz administration and cruz presidency look like? you're not going to beat marco rubio, donald trump, and perhaps others by just costing on people condemning you. so it helps -- good for him. this is a notch on his -- on his belt, but needs to be further. he needs to take it further, and to get people to rally around him. not just celebrate the enemy that he has created. neil: well, put, daniel, thank you very, very much. >> thanks neil. neil: rick santorum is out of the race, you've heard that. a big financial backer was the same guy he had four years ago. so when i raise the possibility rick santorum might not do well on caucus night, i was trying to get mr. freeze in the gate who he would move on to next?
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. neil: if he doesn't pull tonight, do you have a backup choice? >> i told you before my wife, i'm not going to back any of these other guys. neil: you do have a backup choice. >> well, -- neil: who is it? >> it he doesn't make it.
12:35 pm
neil: right. >> i'm going to call in bed in the fetal position for 30 day. neil: well, he's obviously out of his fetal position. we don't know what millionaire businessman investor foster friess is going to do now with rick santorum out of the race. it's great to see you, foster. you know, rick santorum is backing marco rubio and we hear through various channels that the rubio folks are very interested in your commitment as well. so where do you stand? >> well, i'm going to be giving to a number of candidates. when the first 17 launched out, i was a fan of every single one. and there's some real true americans there, and i want to make sure i support a number of them in hopes that they'll send a little contribution to help rick reduce his debt. but right now, neil, i feel i want to do two things. one, help -- try to get some coless than between the factions and two help on messages. the republicans get outrun on
12:36 pm
messaging, and i can give you a number of examples. neil: i do want to go over one thing that comes up, whether it's chris christie calling in marco rubio calling him the boy and bubble and all of this and then cruz and trump going at it. they have a long way to go to mend fences. i know it's still early, but does that worry you? >> it troubles me greatly because they're wasting time when they can go after hillary and sanders. can you imagine that two of them want to have a gun manufacturer liable for someone that gets shot by a gun? let's translate that if a drunk driver drying a gm car and hold them liable. and if you cut your finger in the kitchen getting ready for dinner, let's have the knife manufacturer pay the medical bills. there's so many ways we could attack them and they're not taking advantage because they're attacking each other. neil: that normally happies with the discrepancies democrats and they coless and agree on somebody. too early to tell.
12:37 pm
but you said you're looking at a few republicans -- democrats i should say spreading the welfare around. who are you spreading it to? >> well, i'm even going to -- i'm going to give basically everybody because even by giving to trump and cruz, hopefully they could be brought around the idea that it's a lot smarter to attack the democratic proposals rather than each other. neil: wait i minute. you would give to donald trump? he's almost as wealthy as you are. >> he needs the money. neil: okay. >> just as a gesture. neil: yeah. >> because we cannot win with donald trump's people. if you attack donald trump, you're attacking his constituency. and god has blessed me in life and ignored the weaknesses. now, donald trump is not the most diplomatic guy, that's a weakness. but let's harness his strength because he has excited a lot of people laying in the weeds, and we need to harness those
12:38 pm
people, so let's do it. neil: i've always been suspicious of that quality of looking at only the good in people. i'm just the opposite. but having that said. do you get a sense right now that with rick santorum endorsing marco rubio that he might have jumped the gun too soon? in other words, when he was asked about a accomplishment of marco rubio, i know it's too early, but that's not a great start for marco rubio when critics are pouncing on him. he's the new it candidate rising fast. so they're all interested in knocking him down. reports of the christie and jeb bush folks are sort of coordinating attacks on ruby. what do you make of that? >> well, i think rick judges rubio by his demeanor. as you know rubio has not been as aggressively tracking people nor did rick santorum. he and barbara you can see on youtube intense debates and
12:39 pm
then never demeaned barbara boxer. so when it came time to have the iranian sanction sponsor, barbara boxer was willing to do it. so i think what rick sees in marco rubio is that the demeanor that says, you know, he wants to try to get people on both sides to help each other. and look at example we have arming the kurds. there's -- joni, senator from iowa, told me that she thought she could get joe manson and barbara boxer onboard. these kurds, can you imagine living on the isis front lines 35 miles away? how would you like isis 35 miles from your front door? so we have to not only ignite the trump and the cruz people and the rubio and get all the republicans on the same page. but if our country is going to be the shining city on the hill, we have the unite with the democrats and there's many things we can do together to make our country great, and that's what i want to spend some time on. like bob calls the cruz rapport the republican shut down the government.
12:40 pm
tell me what executive in the republican -- in the republican party told the -- the -- the restaurant in philadelphia shut down? the republicans didn't have the ability to do that. the democrats closed it down and the republicans weren't able to get that message across. neil: you just on the way of articulating three big issues that they're largely avoiding and reframing them. why don't you run for god's sake. >> neil, a lot of people and me that. but i not only have skeletons, i have actual corpses. neil: all right. thank you very much. we're watching you very, very closely. we'll see what happens. foster friess. well, foster was touching on this biting among the candidates isn't productive but it is what it is in a crowded field. donald trump blasting, ted cruz iowa fraud, you heard an investor and legendary one at that. why don't we pick the brain of
12:41 pm
a legendary actor and singer. they keep this up, the gop will be singing the blues places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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connell: back with a news alert on cavuto coast to coast, i'm connell mcshane on the zika virus. yesterday there were health emergencies declared in four florida counties and now with more news coming out about this virus so dangerous for pregnant women. the question is what's next? and all right. be able to be a vaccine developed in time to help some people out? the news at best on that front is mixed. there's an indian company that has either already developed or close to developing a vaccine. but it, the company has already said it will not be able to move forward for a few years unless it gets a lot of help from the health organization or government entities. the big problem is as far as we can tell this company even has developed a vaccine, it has not be able to test that vaccine on either humans or even on animals.
12:45 pm
so a lot of work to be done there. and the final thing here, neil, we had a story earlier in the week with the zika virus as you say dangerous for pregnant woman transmitted through sexual contact. april new story has come out from brasil saying that it has been transmitted through a blood transfusion, that just came in from brazil. neil: holly cow, thank you very much. i believe donald trump exited new hampshire and really firing up the base still angry at ted cruz in particular. wants a do over in iowa. that might prove easier said than done saying that cruz essentially through his operatives and shenanigans on the ground telling folks and ben carson to quit the race -- you know the drill. that the wind doesn't count and that he cheated. senator cruz cheated. i don't know -- probably one of the world's most recognized screen villains certainly when
12:46 pm
it comes to james bond movies. agrees with that. i do know that actor and singer robert donee is a donald trump supporter, i don't know if he concurs with the way the trump campaign is going with this. i'll ask him. how are you doing, bud? >> great to see you. neil: trump started out with a great concession speech caucus night and said maybe i obliged it with my ground game, maybe i should have done the debate. >> where there's smoke, there's fire. you can see whether that's the technique of it. but last night i happened to catch a show, i won't catch un, which the very recognized radio talk show guy was on there. and the question was what did he think of steve king? would steve king do something like that. neil: backing -- >> backing one of the most honest guys that there is. and what he didn't say and made the public feel that steve king was running that campaign.
12:47 pm
but jeff roe out of kansas city -- he would be a shark. that came from the cruz campaign, it came from jeff roe -- neil: in other words, telling people on the ground that carson has left the race or -- >> that would have been hit -- significantly -- neil: nothing illegal. >> no. -- neil: this ain't a mob. >> no absolutely. neil: what what does it go to the race? >> it goes down to character. neil: maybe donald trump should get over the nastiness you're leaving in new hampshire, move on. >> yeah. i mentioned -- neil: not only mention but to make the point. >> yeah. neil: shouldn't he keep his eye on the prize? shouldn't he keep his eye on new hampshire, where he has a good shot. southern states where he's looking strong. but doesn't this for whatever justification your eyes, his eyes, this is making him look like a baby. >> well, i don't know -- again, i'm not going to blindly say yes or no on that what it makes him look like. some people are outrageous about it.
12:48 pm
even coming into the building because i wanted to gauge some kind of thing on it because i just got back in the states. neil: yeah, but they're outraged because you're asking -- [laughter] >> probably terrified. that's right. you understand? but also besides the cruz thing that other letter. neil: right. the letter that looked like something from the government. >> yeah. neil: intimidating. >> so in representative of that i heard carl rhodes talk about the precinct would change, that changed the election. now, imagine if this is trump and it of us done against cruz. neil, you have to be honest. let's all be honest. cruz would be hitting this, rubio would be hitting this. neil: we're all hitting it. what i want to know where does it go from here; right? >> well, i think it goes into the public consciousness to say is this guy who want for president -- neil: and that's really what's going on. >> that's what's going on. neil: because i think trump is a brilliant campaigner. >> that's what he's doing. neil: just like he did early is cruz a natural-born american citizen? i think he just wants to put doubt in people's minds. >> yeah. it's not going -- it's not that.
12:49 pm
it's being able to say as he can say being able to hit that sound byte to say do you judge -- do you want this character? because it's almost -- neil: with any one of these guys as the nominee; right? >> would i what? . neil: you could live with any one of these guys as the nominee. >> in varying degrees, yes. neil: but ted cruz got the nomination, could you live with that? >> i probably -- probably. not as much as i would live with some of the others. neil: when you answered that, you had your shark eyes. >> i had the -- neil: the motion -- >> yeah, -- neil: like you're a dead man. you cannot, you will not leave. >> well, because it's too early to say. right now, again, if i'm voting -- if i'm for a team, i'm into the team, you know, what i mean? sink or swim. so i would have to see, and i would have to really then talk to the campaign -- because one other thing that he did that i didn't like was be behind the doors taping when he said i'm going to hug them, i'm going to love them, and then i'm going to stick the --
12:50 pm
neil: i know what you're saying. you're alarmed at home. >> no, that was, like, in a social club in little italy a mob hit. keep your friends close, enemies closer. neil: i will think you would admire that. >> i'm absolutely purer than that. neil: really? >> i play characters that aren't, neil, but i'm purer than that. neil: a beautiful voice. i know that. but underneath that lies the heart of a serpent. >> a little -- neil: by the way, i want to use you on a tease, the shkreli guy on capitol hill. >> the shkreli guy? . neil: yeah. >> i missed part of that. give me -- neil: there he is function the camera. a lot of people say he did not put himself well. he's the snide, evil -- >> was this the drug -- neil: yeah. >> oh, come on. yeah, i don't like these drug guys that they're -- neil: if he worked for you, what would you do to them? you can't repeat it. >> i would take him to a place where they have a pigpen and
12:51 pm
they -- [laughter] the hold the pu rubbering p over the pigpen and see if he can a pitch lates and. neil: that would have made it far more interesting. taking. neil: look at the time. we have to go. more on that on the hearing of what came out or didn't come out and, you know, he had some good ideas. stick around.
12:52 pm
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>> you could look away if you like.
12:55 pm
but i wish you could see the faces of people no matter what ms. rex says. who cannot get the drugs that they need. neil: all right. that guy gives capitalism a bad name and that's what worries some republicans who espoused the capitalism who was gouging them or taking advantage of them. well, he's a poster child for everything the democrats want to showcase in the general election. jessica says this guy on price gouging has done just that. jessica, how far and why does this spread in the campaign? >> well, i think that we've seen it take center stage. with both hillary and bernie. they've been talking about, you know, it is kind of a cornerstone pocketbook issue for their constituencies saying that, you know, we need to bring in generic drugs that we need medicare to negotiate themselves and they're using this guy himself and also the other ceo who was there who seemed -- to feel a little bit
12:56 pm
worse about what had happened and more repentant i guess than smirking and looking way. but i think this is going to be red meat for the left and that the republicans actually need to say something about it. i know donald trump has criticized him. but we need to hear more from him about this issue. neil: well, even republicans at the panel, i think the last time i looked the chairman was republican -- >> no. the gop candidates. neil: no. no. i understand what you're saying. but they should -- i agree with you get out front of this. both parties and say this guy is an aberration. >> right. neil: espousing investors and screwing patients is not what we're all about but you're right they have been all over the map on it. >> absolutely. and now thinking back to an early new hampshire event marco rubio said that he was an aberration. neil: right. >> and he had gotten a pathologies. i think that's right. but there's also another side to this and i'm going to put my big farmer hat on for a second and say we also need to
12:57 pm
acknowledge how much it costs to bring drugs to the market. and bringing the pharmaceutical industry and enemy as bernie -- neil: and balance it out. >> yeah. i mean just, you know, the middle ground is where you've got to be on thi. neil: all right. >> but this guy is awful. neil: thank you. we'll have more right after this
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
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neil: all right. things are getting hot and heavy at this donald trump event as they only can sometimes at donald trump events. blake burman with the latest from new hampshire. hey, blake. >> hey, neil, donald trump just got off the stage here moments ago. spoke for about a half hour or so. a couple of interesting points here. first as this back and forth has been going on with ted cruz, he did not mention cruz tall by name today here at this event. the only candidate that he mentioned was jeb bush very briefly. didn't bring up marco rubio or any of the others. not only cruz as well. there was, though, one very subtle reference to cruz.
1:01 pm
a line that trump has been bringing up in the past, and this was as close as he has gotten. take a listen. >> you try having an anchor baby in canned, you try having an anchor -- well, there's one anchor baby in canada. you try -- no. no. you try having an anchor baby so-called, try having an anchor baby in mexico. you know what they'll do to you? they'll laugh at you. they'll say what? we are the stupidly-run country. >> so, again, no mention of cruz but that is most certainly a dig there. one of the lines that he has been bringing up. immigration was no doubt the issue here in new hampshire that got the biggest applause from the crowd of about 4500 when donald trump said he would build a wall. that is the loudest applause ear. at a certain point halfway through he turned over questions and answers session to the audience and the first question was about immigration. and at that point one person in the crowd, the person that wasn't asking the question but somebody in the crowd screamed
1:02 pm
out that immigrants are the backbone of the country. here was how trump responded to that. >> who told you to be here? bernie? no. no. this is a bernie plant. this is a bernie plant. all right. okay. i understand your question. and i understand -- what, darling? say it a little louder. we can't hear you. i don't think so, darling. i don't think so. i don't think so. no, i don't think so. they're not the backbone. >> crowd of about 4- 500 here, neil, lots going on with trump. it was very little to do with the other opponent in this race. . neil: so he was actually trying to say illegal immigrants aren't the backbone of this country; right? >> yeah, illegal. neil: but they made it sound as critics that he doesn't even like immigrants. blake, thank you very, very much.
1:03 pm
and ben carson pretty reticent fellow, we had a lot of fallout from these remarks because he wants more than just a sorry from ted cruz. take a look. neil: i guess the issue, dr. carson, it's very good to have you. is this cruz campaign apology and from the senator cruz himself on any confusion the night of the iowa caucuses. and that they might have been hastening this talk of you skipping the race when, in fact, the early tweets and message from your campaign was that you were heading back to get new clothes and get back out on the stump. be that as it may, he apologized not good enough. why is it not good enough? >> well, i always will accept the apology as a christian recognizing that we're all imperfect human beings. the question is what's being done about it. when you see that there's a
1:04 pm
problem, what do you do about it? i noticed in my campaign that things were not as i expected. i talked about it, nothing changed. so i made some substantial changes and things are much, much better now. if, in fact, senator cruz does not agree with the things that were done with the deceit that was carried out, then i would expect that he would do something about it. if he does nothing about it, then it means he agrees with it. . neil: all right. so that means someone has to lose their job. someone has to go is what you're saying? >> i can't see how you do it otherwise. or at least those people who are responsible should come out publically and admit what they did and ask for forgiveness. but to simply try to brush it under the rug and say it doesn't matter, it doesn't make any sense. you know, those caucuses, my wife went to some of them. and one of them one of the cruz people had spoken before she came in and, you know, tried to persuade people and say i wasn't really going to stay in the race.
1:05 pm
and she wasn't spoke to speak what the people saw her. they wanted her to speak, and she did. neil: they knew who she was -- >> but let me just say -- neil: release that tweet that night confusing people. because we saw too when we were having our round the clock business coverage. >> sure. neil: that confused a lot of people is he dropping out? what? >> it may have confused people but let me just finish the story now. she spoke and, you know, they were widely enthusiastic and we won that precinct. how many times would that have been duplicated? i had gotten a lot of intelligence that we were going to have tremendous showings that night. and we did not have a tremendous showing. and i believe that had something to do with it. but whether it did or not, the real issue is this, the reason i got in this race, one of the reasons is because i'm so tired -- like the rest of americans, of deceit, deception, and no
1:06 pm
consequences. no responsibility for anything. you know, look what happened with the irs and lois learner. no responsibility. neil: i understand, doctor, why you're upset. but i was actually looking at how you did during the caucuses. you received nine -- a little over 9%. a little over 9.5% of the vote. better than 17,300 votes, you were polling a lot worse than that going into the caucuses. so you did a lot better than expected. so i'm wondering -- >> i think it would have been a lot better -- neil: really? >> yeah. i do believe that because, you know, we were seeing very large crowds standing room only, doing double events. and, you know, so many people were telling me that they had changed their mind, and they couldn't wait. you know, and then to have, you know, your hopes i'm going to used someone come along and say, well, he's out of it. that's very disappointing. i just -- you know, that's water under the bridge. but the real question is what would be done about it?
1:07 pm
or what will people take from this? . neil: you know, there's nothing illegal. if everything you said is true, and this was a plot to fool voters into thinking you're out of the race, that's not illegal. >> it's not -- but the fact of the matter is that it's politics as usual. isn't that what we don't want? and i would hope that senator cruz if as he told me he didn't know about this and he doesn't agree with it will come out and do something about it. to indicate that he really doesn't agree with it. neil: but you don't want like donald trump do over. you don't want another iowa caucus or to put it to rest all of this stuff? >> i think that would be impractical. if it could be done easily, i think it would be a great idea, but i don't think that could be done very easily. . neil: well, attorney says he's right about that. it can be done very easily. in fact, this iowa thing is a done deal. time to move on.
1:08 pm
you're taking it from the position of a lawyer; right? that they -- that it's legally signed, sealed, and delivered; right? >> absolutely. this isn't fraud, it's an election. honestly racking my brain and doing research, there's absolutely no cause of action that trump has here. he would have to prove reliance and that the voters specifically relied on that tweet and that's the only reason they voted for cruz and isn't that democracy and that's the point you can vote for whom you want? there's no cause of action here. no judge will touch this. neil: but what if voters were fooled? if some carson supporters who otherwise would have voted for him didn't because they heard cruz operatives telling him otherwise that he was out of the race. or this ballot thing attached to the cruz campaign was scary and a little bit of an overreach and still hasn't been decided whether that was on the up-and-up. that there's enough noise there to say do over. you're saying no. >> even then, that's simply the voter's progressive.
1:09 pm
prerogative. and that's the only reason theres some small fraction of communication that led someone to switch their vote in a way that would be so monumental to trump if this is what he's alleging. but just simply not legally based. again, it's the voter's prerogative, you can vote for whoever you want. and at this point given those results even if they hadn't given. and this iowa has a 56% success rate in getting the party's nominee. so it's not that they're out anyway. there's far more to go for these candidates. neil: real quick on the democratic side the des moines register is calling for an audit of the democratic results. that was very tight. the same deal you think that the democrats say it's hard to recount something like that. but, again, the same issue applies? >> to an extent but certainly not as much. i think an audit is always
1:10 pm
reasonable and you can always call for an audit and that is the point even though it's hard to tell, you should be able to; right? that's the and you spoke what we built into our electoral system. neil: yeah, but democrats say they can't. i don't know why but they say they can't recount -- i don't know who to believe here. but you're saying at least that you should be able to do it; right? >> right. and that audit absolutely. audits are always possible. you should be able to recount and whatever -- the irony here, though, is the fraction of error in one of those audits likely mirrors or very close to the fraction of difference between bernie and hillary's results. so, to me, that's -- neil: something that could -- >> exactly. neil: the results differently where whatever happened with cruz, it would not have significantly in your argument tilted the results? >> correct. neil: okay. interesting. you're a pretty good lawyer. thank you very much. i very much appreciate it, emily. >> thanks, neil,. neil: so you could imagine the bad blood here in the granite state of new hampshire where
1:11 pm
we're going to be witnessing all of it this weekend live coverage and show coverage on monday and then tuesday the big event. 7:55 p.m. five minutes before the polls close. we are there a lot of people asking, well, i'm sure there are other business networks covering it. no, they're not. they're in reruns. but don't worry they say they have your back. they say you and your money matters. it's just so weird when it's a big event like this, i guess it doesn't matter. it's the ka-ching, ka-ching of running very redundant shows that are often in their first run. so if you are interested in a network that has your interest at heart and actually does what it says, you're looking at it. hello. that's not for adele. hello.
1:12 pm
thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪ and i quit smoking with i'm chantix. i had a lot of doubts going in.
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. >> you gave an interview to a television station in new york where if i understood you correctly, you couldn't wait to come educate the members of congress on drug pricing. you didn't have to be prodded to talk during that interview. you didn't have to be prodded to tweet. neil: that's right. the same interview that was done on fox business network with maria bartiromo and not on that other network that isn't going to be live on new hampshire primary night. [laughter] oh. we're not on a break. okay. i always get a kick out of that. all right, connell, take it from there. connell: likable young man. yeah, good fox business network reference from congressman tray gowdy and we thought it would be the last time we heard from this guy the former pharmaceutical company ceo but then we forgot twitter existed and fortunately or, unfortunately, depending on your point of view, he did not today. it was interesting because he told you in this celebrity
1:16 pm
benjamin to bring the security company in new york. he accompanies him this on hearing drug cost today. he takes the fifth. that's fine. but no sooner is the hearing wrapping up after taking the fifth a number of times that mr. shkreli starts typing on twitter. and these are legitimate tweets from him. number one hard to accept that these imbeciles represent the people in our government. i think he's talking about congress there. and then he's not done. he has a second tweet that says prior counsel produce a memo on facial expressions if anybody wants to see it. interesting precedence. and speaking of facial impressions, there was a smirk on his face, and it looks like alisha wanted to smack it off his face today, but that's where we are in this case. it continues. neil: , you know -- i'm not a lawyer. there's got to be an issue on him tweeting this stuff after the fact. his lawyer practically begging him shut up already. >> oh, he's got to be going crazy. neil: yeah.
1:17 pm
>> he confirmed to us that these were legitimate tweets. but you know he's sitting there -- he told them yesterday. hey, is zip it. nothing. stop talking. i guess you have to tell him stop tweeting. neil: oh, my gosh. you can't make this stuff up. thank you, buddy. well, republican of was at that very hearing. congressman, do you think it was a waste of time in the end? >> well, obviously he wasn't somebody that was interested in helping the committee understand what's happening in the drug market. and i think he needs a refund. if he paid to have a memo on facial express during a on a committee hearing, i think he came off very arrogant, and i don't think he earned himself or his industry any sympathy. but i think it was productive apart from mr. shkreli because if you look, when they raise the price of that drug, it has been available for 60 years. and the issue is the fda has a backlog of 3700 generic drug
1:18 pm
applications. so normally if somebody raises the price in a market, there will be competition that can come in offer at a lower price. the reason why ford doesn't charge 300,000 for an f-150 is they know people will buy chevy or dodges. well, here the lack of process these application are basically fueling price increases. neil: your colleagues just to showcase this guy for i guess the bad boy of drug merchants. but there's a separate issue that whatever legalities you commit have nothing to do with this but with the hedge fund. that could land them in the slammer for a long, long time. that's odd. and a lot of democrats have been seizing on this and saying the laws being what they are, jacking up the prices of drugs might be all perfectly legal and republicans with unfettered
1:19 pm
capitalism have a tough time explaining that one. you say what? >> well, i think if you had the government allowed to have an efficient market, i think you would see a lot of competition, and you would say a downward pressure on prices. that's just basic economics. and, look, bureaucrats -- neil: yeah, but you take -- i'm sorry. but if he takes over company as he did here, makes this drug and a host of overdrugs, you're the only one who is making it, the patent hasn't come off, it is nice and perfectly legal. and republicans are going to put themselves in the main position to say, well, there's a limit to that. >> well, we absolutely want to make sure that people have access to drugs. and there's a variety of ways to do it. obviously there's the going market price. a number of government programs that help people. neil: right. >> that don't have means. so i think we're committed to that. but i think there may be an agreement about do you want the government to go in there
1:20 pm
and set prices in any market? and i think that would probably end up causing more damage because what it would do is it would really would really kill innovation in the marketplace. so competition is really the way to deal with some of these issues. and this is an issue where it had been available for decades. so the exclusivity period, there could have been people -- neil: no all valid arguments. but real quickly, i know i'm driving my producers crazy. the -- having the capital knowing he's going to plead the fifth, knowing he was going to do all the snarky stuff he did, you meant to do that; right? that was just to i will elevate a point. >> well, -- neil: you knew what you were going to end up doing; right? >> i think the chairman did but tray gowdy made a great point. and you brought it up. the leaguities don't concern this subject matter. so you absolutely could have testified to the substance of the hearing and then still taken the fifth as it related to issues pending criminally against him. neil: did you feel like slapping him?
1:21 pm
>> well, you know, i actually -- it reminded me of lois learner because it was in the same committee room where that whole charade happening, and i think if you're going to take the fifth, do it. but don't play games with the committee. and for him to go on twitter, i just think it was dumb for doing that. neil: so you did feel like slapping him? >> i'm a very well behaved -- neil: very well behaved united states congressman. thank you, sir, great having you. i felt just watching it like slapping him and not think ending at a slap. but that's just me. there's another charlie gasparino who might think differently. but i seriously doubt it. after this in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives,
1:22 pm
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1:24 pm
. neil: you know, this doesn't -- you can't make this stuff up. we've got a new tweet from shkreli -- >> martin shkreli. neil: check out -- this is his. >> shkreli. neil: from the photographers in armored suv #smooth.
1:25 pm
>> you know what he looks like? he looks like anthony perkins. doesn't he? . neil: there is a little -- yeah. i thought you were going to add something snub. >> he looks like anthony perkins. neil: connell added -- >> by the way, he looks like -- kind of looks like connell a little bit. [laughter] . neil: he does look like connell. >> what is wrong with you? . neil: can we split screen? >> what are you talking about? . neil: you're right. turn your head a little bit. >> he looks like -- connell looks like anthony perkins; right? mother. neil: you're really disturbed. yes. yes. >> he doesn't look a thing like me. neil: we're just running with it. >> anthony and connell mcshane. >> did you forget what we were doing? something about christie. neil: wait a minute. are you ready for this? is everyone at home sitting
1:26 pm
down? can you cue our fox news alert? adele responded. >> what? wow. neil: yes. hello. >> what are you talking about? . neil: wait. wait. wait. alise -- i got this. >> who's alise? . neil: this is from our top booker here alise. they called alise, you can imagine alise picks up the phone. hello? i'm not done. i'm not done. drum up? everyone sitting down? this is from the adele camp. hi, alise. we have no further comment. [laughter] >> you know, that just shows you -- that shows you the raw power -- neil: adele just tuned in. they didn't even say hello, alise. by the way, aka -- >> adele. by the way, that shows you the raw power of cavuto coast to coast. if you can get a response like that out of -- you get a response like that -- by the
1:27 pm
way, they don't talk to cnbc like that. neil: we're going to put this quote up here. so anything else happening today, iowa, fighting everything. >> you know what benny is? a camera guy that used to work here. neil: i don't know. this is from her people. this is from her people. we have no further comment. thank you. >> benny used to work here. this is a joke. do you remember benny? . neil: no, this is -- >> benny used to be the stage manager. neil: are there other benny's in the world? >> by the way, cnbc couldn't have gotten that comment. neil: no. now it's coming from multiple sources. no further comment. thank you. [laughter] benny is adele's -- i guess no one in that camp has last names. >> i think benny is the guy - neil: ben; is that right? >> is he italian? . neil: well -- yeah. yeah. so it took a while, but adele i guess thank you. but -- what are we talking about?
1:28 pm
>> by the way, did cnbc get that quote? no. did they get the shkreli. neil: are they going to be live in new hampshire? >> no. neil: are they running reruns of pathetic shows that were even worse the first time they run? yes. >> by the way, just fine from cnbc. who was that guy? . neil: that was you. >> no. the bald headed guy. neil: some people might not know. you and i and the courts are wrapped up in this. connell has been pursuing this as well -- >> don't put me in your weird . neil: but the big issue with adele was that she was -- had had it with the candidates using her various songs. began with mike huckabee, continued with donald trump at campaign events, extended to chris christie, christie telling me she loved adele songs, she wouldn't let him use them but today adele making it very, very clear how she feels. we have no further comment. >> can i clarify one thing.
1:29 pm
neil: sure. >> i'm not in your weirdo camp with him with anthony perkins up there, shkreli, and you. i am not -- neil: wait a second. what weirdo camp? >> i'm not obsessed with adele. okay? neil: by the way, obviously powerful people -- i'm sorry have a way with you. by the way, chris christie -- >> ands at the. middle of a run had this to say. take a look. >> . neil: she was sending out a sees and desist to your camp don't use my songs in any way, shape, or form. >> she has the right to have whatever opinion she wants, and i told the staff no more using adele's music. that's fine, we'll use jon bon jovi's music. he's fine with it. >> i like bon jovi more than adele. neil: has adele gotten back to you? >> i never asked her. like i said if i have a list, it's not going to be adele.
1:30 pm
it's going to be jennifer anniston and pamela anderson. neil: i think you're jealous. >> no. i think you're jealous. neil: hi, alise, we have no further comment. >> i get blown off by pamela anderson. you get blown off a about del . neil: abel. by the way, she's back to being on my screen savior. >> what's the deal with christie and rubio? why is christie thinking that, you know, rubio didn't really earn. neil: what did she don't back and forth me with these details. adele, the world's greatest singer of all time -- >> did you ask christie a pertinent question? are we heading for a recession -- neil: no, it was are we heading want to a session if adele -- >> did marco rubio not have an amazing, amazing iowa? . neil: he never used an adele song. >> i'm just telling you those are the real questions -- neil: i think you're jealous. connell? you're mic'd. do you think he's jealous? >> i'm still looking at a report that may exclusively be able to go to songs from now on.
1:31 pm
neil: it could happen. all right, america, i think in the business that's what we call sorry, charlie. i know i'm just talking to my staff, and i appreciate that, but after my show. a little bit more after this
1:32 pm
.... ....
1:33 pm
♪ ♪ ♪
1:34 pm
♪ neil: all right, america, you
1:35 pm
are welcome. the dell has gotten back on this issue. the people had been talking to these various candidates like huckabee and kristi and trump. they never said that it was a generic statement not to use her music. furthermore, contacted by billboards. not given permission for music to be used for any political campaigning from a spokesperson. separately, just to remind you of the juice that this show had feared you will not get a financial channel that will not even be with. we have no further comment. thank you. top operatives within the campaign. we have once again put adele as
1:36 pm
our screensaver. all is forgiven. there you go. all right. we have confusion and talk of not only adele, but a recession. things slow down very, very fast. we have elizabeth macdonald. michael block. your issue has long been that we could be seeing a move to recession. >> right. neil: you get it. >> we very well could be. growth is slowing. in the fourth quarter it was seven tenths of 1%. what is interesting is if gdp growth is lower in the election year than the year before, the
1:37 pm
party out of power wins. it points to a win for the republican candidate. neil: your accent is perfect for this segment. i thank you for that. >> think you. neil: is you could use a bit of a british accent, i would appreciate it. >> they are not british. [laughter] neil: talking about the slowdown. the argument goes, it could start going south right around the election time. >> that is true. the recovery is 78 months now. it usually takes a year to call a recession after it happens. the subprime and housing collapse. all of these warnings about it coming. no one saw it coming.
1:38 pm
the incumbent party that is in the white house when the recession hit. you know, that is why you are seeing all sorts of ideas. the economy coming out of both sides of the bullet of goal i oh. though bernie sanders camp. neil: the markets do not know which to go. where is this all headed? >> there is a lot of confusion out there. i have been watching initial jobless claims. they are slowly getting worse here. i have them nonmanufacturing had been doing well. starting to sell off. it does not do well for the incumbent. who does it hold well for?
1:39 pm
not just for the opposition party. specifically, for the outsider parts. even their own party members. we will see how it plays out. we do have this mess that no one knows how to solve. >> that is true. yes. that is true. together with the slowdown. the problems that hillary clinton has. it does not look too good for the democrats. neil: at just one snapshot. it could change in a moment. >> it could. >> the jobs picture tomorrow. could wages get up? how much lower could back go?
1:40 pm
people need to be happier. are people really looking at themselves saying i am better off than i was. >> the other thing, analysts, they cannot blame a potentially bad jobs report. it was done before the blizzard hit. >> where does it go from here. looking to get past the finger-pointing and economics. what if bloomberg does enter the race. neil: very important. thank you guys. very much. all right. if you had a refund coming with the irs, the good news is, it is still coming. the bad news is it will be late
1:41 pm
in coming. ♪ every day you read headlines about businesses being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer.
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♪ >> it is fox business brief time. the number of retailers are really picking up today. ralph lauren down 20%. declines for a number of others as well. cole's imports from and nike.
1:43 pm
working into the deal. also down. not as much. go pro and other one. a stock with a nearly 8% decline out. now, we do have some winners in the market today. the dow is up. the transport is among the winners. many of today's winners have had multi- year lows the past couple of weeks. more broadly, we are seeing that for the broader market as well. we will be right back in just a moment. ♪
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1:45 pm
being back i do not know if you have done your taxes yet. you will have to sit there and chilled. it is causing some outrage. >> yet again, the irs failing us. they are not accepting electronic goal tax returns. that is virtually everyone. the problem with the hardware, not really clear what that means. it is forced to shut down the processing system. we are expecting some sort of comment. they will have an update.
1:46 pm
i will let you know when that happens. for now, the irs is currently in the process of making repairs. on and on it goes, my friend. neil: up notably one of the most romantic to build mints today. selling more albums in a span of a couple weeks then the beatles did throughout their career. okay. that is an exaggeration. she got back to us. she got back. we will have more after this. ♪
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♪ neil: by the way, adele has
1:50 pm
returned as my screensaver. for a while, we were not speaking to each other. she is beautiful. charlie gasparino. neil cavuto. talking shop. [laughter] >> she does not get packages. all this dust up with their songs being used in various campaign ads. we wanted to talk to adele to see what was going on. the first e-mail we got was never call me again. look, this is personal. we just had a general policy. >> you can use any song that you
1:51 pm
want. >> i am urging all of these campaigns. it is so stupid. they can use my songs. >> talking about politics. i walk in. charlie and i were down in tampa last week. charlie says, we should all sit around. a bunch of vitality and. neil: it is interesting. charlie: we want like pamela anderson or someone might have. neil: thank you. exactly. i am just saying.
1:52 pm
>> we talk about you in a good way. maybe my people called. neil: tweeted hide them. >> these guys are both daytime trump supporters. >> he is still using it. >> your guy is losing it. >> were you in new york in the 80s? that is the story that people should be talking about with donald trump as president. i have met her. many times. >> you are a big trump fan.
1:53 pm
still using the songs. >> that is pretty gutsy. >> they really love adele. i love adele. politically, i like ted cruz. on the phone, on the radio. again. that is in queens. >> it looks a little childish. a do over in iowa. he knows that it is not going to happen. i think donald should be better than this.
1:54 pm
>> it is that integrity. charlie: he should be spending some money. setting up organizations. he can win the nomination. by the way, really coming down to it. donald got seven. rumor has it -- work with meat. >> stunning with her music. capitol hill. is there bigger. >> we just want to answer one thing. >> no, no, no.
1:55 pm
neil: bring them. chill out here. neil: she found that a little offensive. charlie: looking more like connell mcshane. >> he does. he tweets nasty things afterwards. >> taxpayer money. charlie: jacking up they drug price. >> perfectly legal. >> do you think that this hurts republicans? >> this guy is an anomaly. going here.
1:56 pm
>> i'm thinking of going in. >> recognizable. leave the gun, take the cannoli. [laughter] >> you do an imitation of trump. >> i do in adele impression. >> he was doing trump all weekend in florida. >> he cheated. >> maybe another time. new hampshire are well when south carolina. neil: hello. [laughter]
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. .
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. .
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2:00 pm
neil: all right. trish, i don't know how you're going to top this but adele, my screensaver here she got back us, taken moments ago, a message to us. okay for her to tell candidates not to use her songs. trish: does she know you're getting slightly obsessed at this point? neil: she knows. this is the way we roll. trish: if you're going to have obsession, good one to have. neil: thank you. gasparino is jealous. trish: bet he is. thank you, sir. this hour, "the des moines register" newspaper calling for audit hillary clinton's victory over bernie sanders in iowa. five days away from the first-in-the-nation primary. i'm trish regan, welcome to "the intelligence report." this news coming out of iowa coming before the democratic debate. this theme likely echo one we heard in the town hall who battled who was more progressive candidate. >> i don't know any progressive who has a super-pac and takes


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