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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FBC  February 4, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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neil: all right. trish, i don't know how you're going to top this but adele, my screensaver here she got back us, taken moments ago, a message to us. okay for her to tell candidates not to use her songs. trish: does she know you're getting slightly obsessed at this point? neil: she knows. this is the way we roll. trish: if you're going to have obsession, good one to have. neil: thank you. gasparino is jealous. trish: bet he is. thank you, sir. this hour, "the des moines register" newspaper calling for audit hillary clinton's victory over bernie sanders in iowa. five days away from the first-in-the-nation primary. i'm trish regan, welcome to "the intelligence report." this news coming out of iowa coming before the democratic debate. this theme likely echo one we heard in the town hall who battled who was more progressive candidate. >> i don't know any progressive who has a super-pac and takes
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$15 million from wall street. that is just not progress sieve. >> i said i'm a progressive who looks to get things done. i know where i stand. i know who stand with me. i know what i've done. i don't think it helps for the senator to be making those kind of comparisons because clearly we all share a lot of the same hopes and aspirations for our country that we want to see achieved. trish: i got a few thoughts on that whole progressive terminology. anyway, the fight went on. it focused on clinton's connections to wall street. she took millions of dollars of speaking fees from the likes of goldman sachs. an issue she seemed kind of flustered by. watch this. >> look, i made speeches to lots of groups. i told them what i thought. i answered questions. >> did you have to be paid $675,000? >> i don't know, that's what they offered. [laughter].
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every secretary of state that i know has done this. >> but that, once they're in office not running for office again. must have known. >> to be honest, i wasn't, i wasn't committed to running. i didn't know -- >> you didn't think you were going to run for president again? >> i didn't. when i was secretary of state several times i said, you know, i think i'm done. and you know, so many people came to me, started talking to me. trish: it might have actually been a moment of candor for her but a lot of people are asking, did she really didn't want to run? it does this call into question her credibility with those that don't like her? on republican side, new poll has senator rubio shooting into second place after gaining three points overnight and knocking senator ted cruz into third place. and, when it comes to hillary clinton and carly fiorina, you will be hard-pressed to find a whole lot of common ground. however, however, what about the issue of women in politics? clinton is struggling to capture young female vote so much so,
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students at her own all mamater, wellesley college, women's college, coming out in droves, supporting bernie sanders. a social it. yikes! fiorina fighting her own war for first time ever being held off the stage after not being garnered invite to another debate this weekend. analysis on all of these issues, including republican strategist ford o'connell and democratic strategist joe trippi. >> great to see you. trish: breaking news out of iowa, the paper there, "des moines register" calling for a recount ever the democratic vote. ford, in your view what does that mean for each of these candidates, hillary and bernie's campaigns? >> well "the des moines register" obviously is not either of the candidates. it obviously give as little bit of credence what bernie sanders is saying t may give him momentum in new hampshire. hillary clinton is the mitt romney of 2016. she is basically saying forget my flaw, voters, ever-changing
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positions hold my nose an vote for me. i'm only one that can win in november. by the way, minority voters i'm the heir to barack obama. trish: what do you think of it, joe. we don't know who won the coin tosses at this point. it has gone back and forth. it sounds pretty skeptical, is "the des moines register" right to call for a recount or investigation? >> there is no such thing and no way to do that. that is not how a caucus works. hive worked in like six or seven of the iowa presidential caucuses. it's a formula about how it, how it awards delegates. and everybody pays attention to that formula and no one in the room pays attention to what the popular vote is. it has nothing to do with anything. if you have 15% of the vote, you can get 33% of delegates. if you have 70% of the vote in that room you can get 33% of the delegates.
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trish: why was it so difficult the other night? >> it is not difficult at all if you understand how it works. even reporting, journalists reporting this do not understand the caucus. >> joe is absolutely right. let me say one thing. i think we should get rid of caucuses on either side of the aisle, essentially they undermine democracy. trish: i'm biased, i said this before. i'm from new hampshire. don't do caucus thing. you go in to cast a ballot. >> trish, what happens, 10,000 county delegates elected that night. trish: yeah. >> so when you have a tie in an odd, in a precinct that does odd numbers of delegates, they flip a coin. that happened six times like out of, out of some amazing number. what is reported on television is the state start delegate equivalent. so you think, wow, 700 for her, 695 and six of them were decided. it has nothing to do with reality. trish: i think a lot of people, not just the democrats by the
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way, many are calling for recount here. you have donald trump out there doing that too. we'll talk about that later but let me talk to you last night about the townhall. you heard the sound i played, look, that's what they offered. certain part, you, to certain extent, ford, she's right. if somebody offers to pay you certain amount of money why would you say no? >> because it looks terrible. this is politics, trish this is all about perception, not logic. if i'm hillary clinton i'm taking those speaks fees too. that is not what a lot of people want to hear on democratic side. they want to hear about income inequality. that she understands the divide between rich and poor, haves and have-nots. when she does that she looks absolutely terrible. anderson cooper is absolutely right. she said i wasn't really thinking about running for president. she has been thinking about running for president for the last 20 years. poking more holes in her credibility.
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the point is shy looks wore on this than anything else. trish: should chef been prepared for that question? she had to have known what that was coming? >> she has much better answers than ones she gave last night. she has been asked this question repeatedly in iowa and along the campaign trail. i actually think, tony's right, perception, reality. she knew what the perception was going to be. i think it does speak to the truth that she wasn't thinking about running for president at the time or she had thought she was not going to do it but that is besides the point. the thing that is clear though, where she should have gone think, i look, everybody in the room at goldman sachs knew if i became president of the united states i was going to raise their taxes and they also know my welfare, wall street reform is much stronger than bernie sanders and talk about wall street reform on the republican side? there ain't any. trish: look, sorry -- >> bernie will raise taxes more. that is the whole point. trish: we'll talk about that later because you know what?
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i always said it doesn't have to be political issue. jfk cut taxes and best thing to do for this economy right now is to cut taxes. we'll have more on that later. thank you, gentlemen. we'll talk about the republican field coming up. marco rubio surging in new hampshire. carly making a last-ditch effort to get on to the debate stage on saturday night. joe and ford will weigh in. five days before the new hampshire primary. our special coverage kicking off at 7:55 eastern. i will be there joining neil cavuto. we'll have a very special edition of the intelligence report, live from new hampshire, on the 100th anniversary of the new hampshire primary. that's on tuesday. so make sure you tune in. meanwhile hillary clinton is playing the woman card on the campaign trail, laying out a whole laundry list of promises for women if she gets elected but here's what's strange. young women voters are not buying it. take iowa, for example, women 29 years old and younger they flocked to socialist bernie
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sanders by a stunning six to one margin! in new hampshire a new poll of all, all likely female voters has bernie ahead by a whopping 17 points, 56-to 39%. so why is hillary not resonating more with women? and doesn't she need this key group? i'm asking ambassador nancy brinker founder of susan g. komen, race for the cure breast cancer charity. thanks so much for joining me here today, ambassador. >> thank you. trish: we're curious to get your thoughts. >> i'm here, these are my own thoughts and i'm not representing my organization but you know, hillary has been a part of the public scene for 30 years and we have a whole group of millenials and even people under them who have very new ideas. they are tired of the status quo. they like probably how bernie sanders speaks to them and other
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people on the political spectrum. and i think people are just looking to, young women, to shake things up. so it is going to be very interesting to see what happens here. i think a lot of people are surprised by that. trish: some people said to me, look, the republicans really realistically have a very hard time in this election no matter who they nominate and the reason is, they don't have women. the majority of female voters in this country side with the democratic party. do you foresee that continuing as we head into this campaign season? >> i think it's an issue we all have to be concerned about because 85% of women said they would be voting in 2016. so this is to be something any political party would look at carefully. i don't think across the spectrum we have enough women in our political world. we don't have enough congresswomen, we don't have enough senators. i think that the attraction of hillary to a lot of people, particularly older democratic
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voters is, time for a woman and in their minds it is time for a woman, rather than -- other people are looking at issues and other people on outside are maybe looking at different things but the fact is we need more women in the process. trish: sure. i hear what you're saying. i think about my own mother for example. >> yeah. trish: the challenges that she faced, she started out as journalist herself and she was the only woman in the newsroom. they expected her to go get coffee and cover fashion because she was a girl. >> right. trish: women have come so far since then. i think about myself, my own two daughters, being a woman per se is no longer seen as okay, well you can only do this or only do that we have so much opportunity. so i wonder if younger women don't feel passionately about having a woman president? >> even in polling suggest goor
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pop polling divide you as married or single? what is that? the ways they poll women are outdated. the fact is if you look at what women love or interested in, all issues. the economy, health care, support for families, jobs women's rights actually came in last. women are as invested in our economy and world as men are or any other gender frankly. trish: so you think women getting away from this idea or younger women getting away from this idea we have to have a woman? >> right. they're not voting because they have a woman and see them equally invested in our world as any other gender group is. i think they're absolutely right. they have opportunities, certainly when i was young we didn't have the opportunity to compete in competitive sports because people thought that would be dangerous. now with today, seriously, number of women leading in sports. we have come so far.
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we need more women to take this approach. particularly older women. i try to convince all my friends, don't stop working. stay involved. keep working. >> good advice. i'm all for that. nancy, thank you so much. ambassador brinker thanks for being here. gop field down to nine candidates. is the media focused on only three of them. we have howard kurtz on that. media is calling him a big loser in iowa after taking second place. thousands of assaults my migrants in germany on new year's eve, the country is base bracings for more attacks as carnival celebrations beginning. police even setting up safe zones for women. that is coming up later in the show. see you back here.
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trish: donald trump taking new aim at media asking why marco rubio is generating all kinds of positive headlines for coming in third in iowa while trump himself is getting bashed? >> he comes in third. i come in second. trump, no good. rubio, unbelievable night, unbelievable victory. unbelievable. trish: is he right? is the media too eager to trump on donald's second place showing? here to weigh in, howard kurtz, host of "mediabuzz" on fox news. good to see you. >> same here, trish. trish: you know he has got a point, right? the media is out there praising rubio but isn't that kind of natural, given that rubio sort of came from behind, expectations were low where donald trump himself kept saying how he was winning, winning?
2:18 pm
so in a way, i wonder if he is set himself up for this by creating expectations that were too high? >> trump has a legitimate beef and our spin shouldn't be more important than the voting results but it is like the stock market where companies have to beat the street. trish: i like that analogy. >> because the final polls showed trump winning, pundits expectations he would win. therefore a respectable second place finishing is like the biggest loser. because marco came up from distant third to almost catching trump for second he was declared to have all this momentum. it is perfectly valid complaint by trump but stepped on his own storyline saying senator cruz stole the elections. i spent a week in iowa. lovely place. not going back. trish: you're not up for that. you're moving on to new hampshire as am i. he is a little bit stuck on this iowa thing. i wonder how it plays with voters in new hampshire?
2:19 pm
they want to be the focus but new hampshire voters don't really likely iowa and that whole caucus thing. i wonder if this generates support amongst the electorate in the granite state? >> i kind of think since trump was going into new hampshire, a very different state, a very different electorate with a lot more independents voting and not crazy complicated caucus system he should have focused on new hampshire. instead i think he runs risk of sounding like sour grapes by still relitigating the iowa result. nevertheless, we continue spin it, trump is in trouble and all that rubio coming up in the polls, trump has very big lead in new hampshire, if he does win new hampshire iowa will seem like a distant afterthought. trish: do you think he will win new hampshire? all the polls indicate he will but all the polls indicated he would win iowa too? what does that tell you? >> i think new hampshire has always been a better state for donald trump. i am not going to predict he will win because crazy things happen. people break late for one
2:20 pm
candidate or another. you asked in the tease whether the media focusing too much on just these three men, rubio, trump, cruz, they are the most plausible nominees for republican party but it is starting to change, chris christie, john kasich, jeb bush, new hampshire is practically make-or-break for them, less than jeb bush with a little money in the bank, they could be gone after new hampshire. they're starting to ramp up rhetoric to trump levels. trish: howie, like chicken and egg. a lot of guys complain we're not getting enough media coverage. we want more. media says well, you're not doing so well in the polls why would we give you this platform but at same time as candidate you can't do well in the polls unless you've got some coverage being generated, unless people know about you. so what kind of predictment does this leave them in? >> it is kind of a vicious cycle if you're not doing well. on other hand, jeb bush we thought he was frontrunner in the beginning.
2:21 pm
a bush, former governor of flid digits, you can't blame that completely on the media. people who say, look you all in the media you made donald trump frontrunner because you give him endless airtime. yes we give him a lot of airtime. what people have been able to miss, what he does to do, kasich, christie, rand paul, not able to do, make news, do some interviews and say things that forces the press to cover him and that's a skill the others don't quite have. trish: i said that to producers yesterday when this news crosses. my gosh he just keeps feeding the beast, talking about recount in iowa because you knew we would lead with that. >> irresistible. trish: he is a master. howard, thank you so much. good to he see you. see you in new hampshire. >> definitely. trish: coming up after gangs of migrants sexually assaulted women in germany on new year's eve, the country is bracing for more attacks as carnival celebrations get underway there.
2:22 pm
the government is actually setting safe zones if you can imagine for women, staffed by psychologists and social workers. this is just unbelievable. colonel peters is here. he will weigh in next. ♪
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trish: carnival celebrations kicking off in germany. tensions are high in in the wake of paris attacks and sexual assaults committed on new year's eve. there are double the number of police. incredibly officials set up safe zones for women where social workers and psychologists are on standby. come on. police have also resorted to giving out leaflets at refugee centers to describe how people are expected to behave at the event. will this help? will this matter? retired lieutenant colonel ralph peters who lived in germany a number of years with his perspective on this. talk about carnival and what it
2:26 pm
is there in germany, general. >> carnival is the mardi gras. it is prelate inch celebrations. it goes back very deep in tradition. americans know oktoberfest. for germans this is bigger, takes place in more cities. before ash wednesday next wednesday, they celebrate. they wear costumes and hokey skits and a lot of drinking of course. trish: and a lot of crowds. >> a lot of crowds, a lot of crowds. cologne is epicenter. it is their new orleans. this year, figuratively and literally rain on the parade. today the first day, that is like the old said did i hawkins dances here in the states, long before your time, trish, when the women get to rule the roost. women are allowed to cut a man's tie off with scissors to show that women rule. it is their day. and you have the rose monday parade next monday. it's a really, really big deal.
2:27 pm
it's for all the fake -- it is really innocent and traditional. they are worried, there is rain. people aren't showing up. new year's eve just scared people. trish: understandably some. city of cologne is trying to deal with this setting up what they call safe zones for women. i look at this, colonel, frankly i'm disgusted by whole thing. i wonder how is it we're effectively tolerating intolerable here? setting up, or westerners setting up safe zones, what does that imply? you can't go anywhere else in the city of cologne because it is not safe? >> well, we're seeing the crack upof european political correctness. we're seeing the end of the fantasy that all cultures are equal and all, everybody's compatible with everybody else. severe islammist culture, fundamentalism, and by the way, all, fundamentalism in all
2:28 pm
religions turns -- trish: i agree. it's a problem. >> fundamentalism as currently practiced in the middle east and north africa is really not compatibly behaviorally with european culture and women, to throw back to cyndi lauper, just want to have fun once a year. trish: we're seeing this in germany. you and i talked about cases happening throughout the northern european region there in denmark and in sweden where they actually had to segregate pools, pools that men and women have been swimming in together for years. now they have to have a women's hot tub and a men's hot tub. there is this segregation where they are effectively accommodating the behavior the migrants, changing their way of life, their behavior so as to prevent women from getting hurt. i just wonder at what point does it bubble over and men in germany say, enough?
2:29 pm
women as well? >> it has bubbled over for the man and woman on the street. trish: colonel, not to interrupt you, quickly i want to show viewers, they are looking couple images there being handed out in germany, also in sweden where they're showing a big red x telling them not to grab a woman on her behind. show you another picture, maybe we show it again, an x going through another man's hand trying to grab a woman's behind as she stands there in bikini. go ahead, colonel. >> to that point, the biggest south german paper reported today that they had another incident with three young afghans trying to rip bikini bottoms off two 14-year-old french exchange student girls in munich. and, you know, when does it stoop? you just hit on something very, very important. the traditional model of immigration in any culture anywhere was migrants, immigrants, had to conform to
2:30 pm
the values and language but to the values of receiving society. and we've gotten to the point in our own country as well no, no, we have to respect to culture and conform to immigrants. it may be meant with best of intentions but it doesn't work. trish: no, it doesn't. reality seems to be setting in. anyway, colonel, always good to see you. we'll talk some more on this. >> thank you, trish. trish: coming up, everyone, new polls out of new hampshire they have marco rubio edging out ted cruz for second place. might the battle between frontrunner donald trump and second place, maybe third now, ted cruz be benefiting rubio? that's next
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marco rubio in second place knocking down ted cruz to third. this as ted cruz is coming up against trump and his campaign trail in new hampshire. >> donald is throwing another temper tantrum. it seems his reaction to everything is to throw a fit. engage in insults' the giantess dan donald finds it hard to lose and he finds it difficult for him but at the end of the day the iowa spiegel -- people spoke. trish: this is a reaction to donald trump saying he wants to
2:35 pm
recount in iowa. >> i know the one situation is being investigated by authorities in iowa. the voter violation forum and that is under serious investigation but i think they should throw him out of iowa because i don't think what he did is she disagrees. it is in disgrace to the alleged durrell process. trish: let's start with blake byrne in exeter, new hampshire. he sought from speak, our residents feeling this marco momentum? is this catching on, are you hearing anecdotally what we are seeing? >> right down the street i drove by earlier today. a lot of students are at this donald trump speech today at the old town hall. he is pulling up for the
2:36 pm
tracking poll here but trump was inert in exeter at the old town hall, a place that abraham lincoln once spoke. donald trump did not get into the back and forth between him and ted cruz, marco rubio, didn't talk about it at all, he brought jeb bush but donald trump had an assessment on politics in general and the building lincoln once spoke, here is how trump sees it today. >> no politician is going to solve it, no politician. these people i like to use foul language, i won't do it, i was going to say they are full of [bleep] but i won't say it. it is true. i won't say it. but they are. but i won't say that because it is too controversial. let me tell you, it is not politically correct. >> reporter: ted cruz is invoking the words of jimmy carter, if it were trump or ted cruz in the white house he would
2:37 pm
be able to stomach donald trump because he is more malleable. ted cruz took that and turned it into a video. >> has proven already, i don't think he has any fixed opinions that he would go to the white house and fight for. >> reporter: trump was asked about the video and he said carter has good taste. trish: the crowd got a kick out of him, his comments. thank you so much, see you very soon. and their an analysis of the republican field and who will come out in front. your thoughts. >> i think new hampshire is a tough place for ted cruz, the evangelical christian predominance in iowa just isn't there in new hampshire's. is only 15% to 20%, 60% of iowa
2:38 pm
caucus but tenders in the gop so high i think he is going to try to keep this fight with from going in hope that bush and christy and john kasich full marco rubio down otherwise it looks like it could literally become marco rubio in second and ted cruz has a tough time getting much above 20 in new hampshire. trish: you don't have the religious core that you would in iowa. >> ted cruz knows he cannot win this race in new hampshire. finos the best pecan do is third. we are having this debate, it is a must win for donald trump. the inevitability cannot do that, what donald trump decided to do by calling ted cruz a low down dirty sheet is played defense, sit on a 20 point lead by dominating media coverage and hope the five car pileup in
2:39 pm
second place will never sort itself out and ted cruz is happy to play this game because marco rubio is the only one who can attend donald trump in new hampshire. trish: ted cruz has given up? >> i didn't say he has given up. he wants to beat expectations that he can do better than 20% and it's beneficial for him that the trump train gets derailed. trish: real conservative quarter in the live free or die state, libertarian state to a certain extent should hold some appeal. >> i disagree with you. this is your home state, 80% of the people in this setting counties of new hampshire are more affluent and more moderate and likely to go for someone like marco rubio or john kasich or jeb bush but remember what ted cruz knows, the three governors were heading marco rubio and if he can get this fight going no one will pay attention to what they're trying
2:40 pm
to do. >> he is hoping -- ted cruz has to hope that marco rubio, john kasich comes up the little, even jeb bush comes up a little, that they pull marco rubio down ford's 20 and ted cruz can sneak by with 22%, 23% of the vote so he could exceed expectations and take second. i agree with tony on this. is not likely this will happen but that is what he is fighting for. trish: i want to go back real quick. >> the other thing going on, talk about the different systems in the state, all those independent voters that could vote are trying to decide whether they should vote for bernie sanders. literally that is the truth. there are people looking at bernie sanders and donald trump and if donald trump can get them to vote in the republican side, then he can roll up a pretty big win.
2:41 pm
trish: i think he will take new hampshire. obviously i play devil's advocate but i agree with you. i don't think ted cruz will do well in new hampshire because of the evangelical thing. i think marco rubio is one to watch and i have heard so much over the last year about john kasich and both sides of the aisle people like him in new hampshire. we will see how that plays out. we will continue talking as we get closer to tuesday. to not miss it, special edition of "the intelligence report" live from new hampshire beginning at 2:00 p.m. eastern and i will be there with neil cavuto tuesday night for the big night, hillary clinton is defensive after last night after bernie sanders questions her chops basically as a progressive. what does progressive even mean these days? up next my intel on why the extreme waft's hatred of success and guelph is destroying the democratic party of chances for
2:42 pm
2:43 pm
trish: you see markets have wet lines right now, the dow up 7 points, isn't the in negative territory and composite index up 1/2%, retailers, some of the
2:44 pm
biggest losses today, ralph lauren plunging after revenue, shares of kohl's sinking right now, shares of gold pro tumbling after the wearable maker reported disappointing results. and martin shkreli took the fifth. a price hike for a life-saving drug sold by a company he founded. "the intelligence report" will be right back with my intel on the fight over which democratic candidate is more progressive and what the word progressive even means these days.
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not bad, kid. you remind me of a younger me. >>aiden! the dog is eating your retainer again. let's take a short 5-minute recess. fedex ground is faster to more locations than ups ground. trish: hillary clinton defense last night with bernie sanders to question her credentials about being a real progress in. what is the progress in any way? technically is for progress and we are all for progress. everyone is for progress. everyone but socialistss. urban dictionary has the most clever definition of progressive and i have to share it with you. according to them a progressive is a term former liberals coopted when they discovered their delusional believed didn't fit recognized definition of the word liberal. progressive is identified by the following behavior is an
2:47 pm
believes, he or she knows what is best for everyone else, believes personal wealth is evil, but these corporations and profits are evil, and tweet about this 24/7 on fancy ipads. sounds about right. the problem with the extreme left of the democratic party, they are so resentful of success they cannot accept success is good at this is what our country is about. we create wealth and the only way our kids and their kids and everybody else's kids ever had a better future is if we keep creating wealth. this should not be political. it is economic. a progressive who cares about real progress should be an advocate for economic growth. jfk cut taxes and he believed in people helping themselves. >> ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do
2:48 pm
for your country. trish: that is what people need to remember right now. this whole socialist movement, this is kind of new to the democratic party. hillary clinton would be a whole lot better off if she stood up and said you are wrong, your policies are not about progress, not about moving this country forward. they are about going backward. lori: is bad, socialism doesn't work, look around the world and he will figure it out, you need to quit trying to buy votes with freebies. alas she won't wishy may be too scared and this may be her problem. being so anxious to get elected she doesn't seem to have the wherewithal to stand up for what she believes. we don't even know what she believes. my advice to hillary clinton, don't allow yourself to be put into a box and characterized by a guy who has no realistic vision for our country. today's intel. coming up the president demanding companies begin
2:49 pm
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2:53 pm
take? liz macdonald, steve more, good to see you. and how costly is this going to be -- liz: costly according to them. retail industry, hotel industry, restaurant business, chamber of commerce, they have to file wage data with the eeoc which has been selling a lot of businesses on discrimination. and shaming companies, and slapping them with fines. we are not going to publicly named these companies when we are moving against them but the names will come out. trish: we are all in agreement that we are all for = pay
2:54 pm
period. there's the question as you point out whether the government should be the one legislating that. when we look at some of the studies, the st. louis fed that did an analysis and found when you actually look orange is orange, apple is apple, women and men are paid pretty much the same. you got to account if you're working a three day week instead of a five day week. >> exactly right and by the way the big winners here, liz talked about the compliance costs, those are substantial, but the bigger cost is this will open up floodgates of mitigation trial lawyers will love this, any time one company, one wal-mart stores, for one reason, maybe men were paid 6% more than the women, you said it so well.
2:55 pm
everyone -- wants people doing = out to be paid the same regardless of their gender or race or ethnicity but there are all sorts of factors behind why one person might be paid more than another. trish: when companies submit the raw data those differences will not get out. >> based on -- liz: skills or regional differences. how do you value restricted stock you give an employee down a road? trish: this is sort of a nightmare. to steve's point a litigator's dream, how do you see this playing out? fast forward, what can you anticipate over the next few years? is it going to help women and minorities? >> there will be a lot of lawsuits. the three of us work at fox news
2:56 pm
and get a paycheck. if i am paid less than the two of you do i have the basis for a lawsuit? all sorts of new inventions could be made by one person is discriminated against and one factor than ever gets told. the last 30 years if you look happen to wages and salaries, black pay and women's pay been at a faster pace than white men's pay. white men made the least progress. liz: even if i do think of a gatt does exist for women even if it is a nickel is annoying but the question is should the government be shaming the company's 4 doing the right thing. pretty onerous. >> this will go to the boards of directors, there will be incredible pressure. trish: tune in tomorrow morning because the jobs report is coming up and we will have
2:57 pm
exclusively on fox business, "mornings with maria". they will be all over at 8:00 a.m. special jobs in america "mornings with maria". more after this, stay here. :
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. trish: all right, we are just five days away from the first in the nation new hampshire primary. our special coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern, i'm going to be there with neil. special "the intelligence report" from manchester, new hampshire tuesday, liz, over to you. liz: you get to go home! thank you so much. we're watching a dow jones at j down, and watching this too, the so-called pharmabro, the smirking ceo as he scoffs his way to capitol hill. martin shkreli the disgraced ceo of turing pharmaceuticals heading to court today. his smirk spoke more than anything he was willing to say. invoking fifth amendment right to incriminate himself turning the hearing into a mochrie, a smirk fest, unable


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