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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  February 4, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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. trish: all right, we are just five days away from the first in the nation new hampshire primary. our special coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern, i'm going to be there with neil. special "the intelligence report" from manchester, new hampshire tuesday, liz, over to you. liz: you get to go home! thank you so much. we're watching a dow jones at j down, and watching this too, the so-called pharmabro, the smirking ceo as he scoffs his way to capitol hill. martin shkreli the disgraced ceo of turing pharmaceuticals heading to court today. his smirk spoke more than anything he was willing to say. invoking fifth amendment right to incriminate himself turning the hearing into a mochrie, a smirk fest, unable to keep a
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straight face. shkreli ordered by his celebrity attorney ben bratman to keep quiet. he took to twitter calling the congressmen imbeciles and provided this hashtag smooth, kind of not smooth. team coverage all over the story. the debate over drug prices immediately spilling over onto the campaign trail. the mudslinging going on at this hour, you can't ignore that, the drug price issue may end up being a momentary lapse into reality or the real thing as the new hampshire primary approaches in five days. we take it up with one of the republican presidential candidates. ohio governor john kasich on his tour bus traversing the entire state. he said it's new hampshire or bust for his campaign. governor kasich will stop the bust and join us live to share message in plans for new hampshire and beyond and, of course ask about drug prices
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and would he take the vp job if trump were the nominee? dow jones industrials right now up 34 points. having a real difficult time holding before tomorrow's jobs report. traders are on the floor, they'll tell you what to expect. former governors gray davis and judd gregg on the mass layoffs coming, charlie gasparino has the latest on redstone's resignation and whether viacom should really pay him that much money? we're less than an hour to the closing bell. let's start the "countdown." breaking news, 65, 65 times is the number that we have seen the dow jones industrials cross the unchanged line. you have to brace yourself for the final hour of trade. is this the calm before the storm? we have markets slightly to the upside, not for the s&p and the nasdaq. they are down.
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we have not snapped the 26th day of triple-digit swings from high to low. the dow today swung 220 points. the pharma-bro ceo may be dominating headlines but health care names are part of the worst performing sectors of the s&p, could he be to blame? right now only valeant is slightly higher. discounting decoupling. seems that crude oil and stocks are trading in tandem. right now, there is a 70% correlation between oil and stocks at this very moment. the mighty greenback continues to not be so mighty today. it is falling against major currencies, markets are waiting with bated breath for tomorrow's january jobs report. can you call it the shkreli smirk fest, as the former drug exec grinned before congress, looked away, rolled his eyes, turned his head, kind of laughed. martin shkreli who vigorously
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defended his decision to hike the price of a life-saving cancer and aids drug from about 13 bucks a pill to $750 suddenly went silent today. shkreli appearing before a congressional committee grinning before lecturing before members of congress. >> you can look away if you like, but i wish you could see the faces of people no matter what ms. retzlaf says, who cannot get the drugs they needed. it's not funny mr. shkreli. people are dying and getting sicker and sicker. >> i intend to use the advice of my counsel, not yours. liz: now he is facing an unrelated federal criminal indictment. shkreli refused to testify on the issue of drug pricing repeatedly citing fifth amendment right not to incriminate himself. but he may have done himself
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and the entire pharmaindustry a big disservice with all the heated drama between ted cruz and donald trump, will that take a back seat to real issues like the cost of prescription drugs and the gouging that shkreli tried to pull off? team coverage on the story. it matters to all of you. adam shapiro along with blake burman live on the campaign trail in new hampshire where suddenly candidates are asked their positions on this and on drug pricing, but adam, first, begin with you. quite a stunning bit of drama here on capitol hill. >> reporter: yes, and two things mr. shkreli did that are raising eyebrows. one of them is what he said after he left the hearing. he has been told by his attorney not to talk about anything. the last interview in fact was with maria bartiromo on the fox business network. what did mr. shkreli do 20 minutes after the hearing? he tweeted this about congress and members of the committee --
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so fox business obviously reached out to mr. shkreli's attorney to inquire about the tweet since he's been told by counsel to essentially shut up. here's what mr. bronfman told us -- liz, as i wrap this up, one other thing about this edict from his counsel to not talk publicly. mr. shkreli cannot remain out of the public spotlight. he has a huge following not only on twitter. 50,000 followers but youtube. in fact, yesterday, after the criminal proceedings, which have nothing to do with today's congressional proceedings. after the proceedings
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yesterday, he went to his youtube channel. you can see the video right here. talking to his followers, playing music, but it's been muted because there might be a copyright infringement so youtube has silenced that last posting on youtube channel. if you watch all seven hours, you will see him go through different hair cuts as well. liz? liz: the first part of it he's got long hair, then he cut it. i don't know what he's doing, is he undressing himself. sipping coffee. you know what blew me away, if you look closely, it caught my eye, we noticed something over his left shoulder, a bumper sticker, take a look, bernie 2016. you see that? >> reporter: you know shkreli on his twitter account, a verified twitter account commented about hillary clinton receiving over $6 house of
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representatives -- $600,000 for a speaking engagement. he has a comment on everything, except the charges against him. liz: he's allowed to plead the fifth, that's america, the supercilious and pompous behavior, wow, people are talking about it. what happened this morning on capitol hill had a pretty interesting effect. it forced the candidates on the campaign trail to focus on a real world issue rather than fake voter violations and mudslinging, blake burman live in exeter new hampshire where donald trump was faced with that question. blake, what happened? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, liz, donald trump was here in exeter a little while ago at the historic town hall, this was a town hall as they built it. gave a 15-minute stump speech and took questions for 15 minutes or so. one of the first issues that donald trump brought up was prescription drug prices. and he tried to make the case
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twofold. one, because he is self-funding his campaign, and because as he put it that these companies donate so much to the other candidates, that he won't be beholden to these pharmaceutical companies. the second point he tried to make is the prices themselves and lowering them and trump said he will put as president of the united states, potentially, his negotiating skills to work to lower drug prices. >> i don't take the donations, and so i'm self-funding essentially. self-funding my campaign, meaning, when it comes time to negotiate the cost of drugs, we're going to negotiate like crazy, folks. you're talking right there, one item, one item, government waste, one item, 300 and maybe more than that, $300 billion. i mean, you can imagine that? >> reporter: again, one of the first things he talked about today, there are many story lines here in new hampshire.
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among them, carly fiorina, on a completely separate issue there is the debate, the first and final debate here before the new hampshire primary on tuesday. at this moment, run by abc news and carly fiorina has been excluded by abc news on the main debate stage due to their qualifications and there is a push from high-profile voices to get fiorina on the main debate stage, as they have eliminated the undercard debate. among them, the republican senator here in new hampshire has put out a statement where she essentially backs fiorina being on the main stage, and mitt romney as well. the 2012 republican nominee sent out this tweet earlier today, and i'm quoting. hey, abc, put carly fiorina on the debate stage. she got more iowa votes than john and chris, speaking of kasich and christie. don't exclude only woman. that will be saturday night. see if she gets in. liz: if i remind people, she is a cancer survivor.
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what would she say about a cancer drug raised by 5,000%? who among us hasn't had prescription drugs or need them. she's speaking in des moines here back on january 28th. i don't think that's a closed book whether she will be in the debate. blake, thank you very much. they better all expect a question about drugs and drug pricing. we're going to ask republican presidential candidate and ohio governor john kasich live in 40 minutes. watch all the coverage on the primary trail. neil cavuto is going to have all the results and stay on the air until the winners are decided. coverage begins 7:55 p.m. tuesday. this matters to your pocketbook and so much more. we have 49 minutes before the closing bell rings. the dow is clinging to gains of 18 points. at one point higher by 149. the volatility continues. live to expert traders, explain
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the market moves. the floor show next on "countdown." stay tuned. america's heroes have a message. if you've fought... you know picking a commander in chief is no small thing. you're looking for smarts... and guts. we looked at each candidate... we studied their record... we know... looked them over... we checked them out... and we chose one. there's only one. jeb bush. he's got a plan. he'll keep us safe. he's a president - a commander in chief. jeb bush. best prepared to be commander in chief. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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that would mean we are less than 1,000 points in the red for 2016. you can take that off the screen. we have now experienced 21 days in a row, this is important, 200-point swings for the dow. we haven't seen that since the height of the financial crisis in 2008. the dow was only about 9,000 back then, a bit more volatile. we're looking at interesting behavior that might be frightening for you but always a way to capitalize. traders at the new york stock exchange, cme group, tim, that was up 149 today. up 56. we had a 200-point swing. am i reading too much into the value of the stat? >> not really. good chunk of the market is sorting out the incredible volatility we had yesterday, and with oil down close to 2%, a lot of stocks in the oil sector are up on the day, and probably a lot of short covering going on there, and in
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the electric utility sector, up about 6.5% year to date, there is profit taking there, maybe the stocks were a bit ahead of itself in some of the risk off trade yesterday. liz: i need to get to gary. waiting on the january jobs report for tomorrow. expectation is a build of 190,000 jobs. this comes on a great jobs report from december where we saw 292,000. doesn't look so great for january, though, right? >> no, and you know, a lot of the guys on the floor are talking anywhere from the 178 to 182,000 range. liz: really? >> and i think that may be a little high. don't forget, a lot of the retail stores are starting to lay off again. people need to find other jobs. again, it's going to be a lot lower than what people are anticipating tomorrow. liz: tim, looking at what's going on with the s&p over the past couple of days, anything that worries you about the "r" word, recession?
3:18 pm
>> we don't see that in the data yet. everything we see around the globe from japan to the eurozone makes us focus on that a little bit. going out the next few months. but in terms of right now, the data is not there yet. liz: that's good news, gary. except that we're looking at what could be bigger layoffs in all different regions. when people are rushing to utilities, profit taking today, they pay dividends. you're getting a little salary to wait for the volatility to calm down? >> that's true. and you know, a lot of people also are watching what's going on with these currencies lately. the dollar has been so overpriced. everybody saying the parity between the dollar and the euro that it's out of control. and starting to see it in the manufacturing and other sectors right now. they're not buying our goods. we're seeing the other
3:19 pm
currencies be the flight to safety along with the precious metals. bring the dollar back down a little bit. i've got one on that one. liz: you've got one? fed funds futures are trying to say zero. we'll see if we see any more rate hikes. the chances are getting skinnier by the minute. tim, gary, great to see you. 41 minutes before the closing bell rings. speaking of layoffs, sticky problem in the bubbling oil prices. talking low oil, gasoline all week on "countdown." could the price of oil start negatively impacting jobs outside the oil patch? could it lead to a recession? ceo of mcgraw-hill financial. yes, he of s&p financial what he thinks. that's next on "countdown." >> i could not disagree more. >> you're wrong. >> stop talking! >> you stop talking! who the hell are you?
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. liz: we were just talking about tomorrow's january jobs report. people are waiting for that. it is set to give us somewhat of an inside look into how serious the wall street growth scare really is. with oil down more than 33% over the last 52 weeks, what role is that playing in job growth in the u.s. with us is how wall street is dealing with job cuts, what you're seeing in the oil markets. doug pederson with mcgraw-hill, you beat on the top and bottom line, the stock is jumping. i'm listening to you at the moment. first to wall street and the layoffs we've heard about, they were blaming dodd-frank and the handcuffs, if you will that, that put on them to make bigger profits, but is the oil patch and all that's happening there
3:25 pm
going to soon start meaningfully affect jobs there and on wall street? >> we expect to see a jobs report of about 200,000 jobs for the prior month. when you come specifically to wall street and the oil patch, the oil patch will see job impact because you see less capital expenditures in the area of the economy. wall street is more related to the capital markets. you see much more issuance, lower trading volumes. liz: no ipo's. >> no ipo's, you had limited debt capital market activities. that's impacting wall street. some of that has to do with dodd-frank and the limits people are putting on capital and the ability of banks to use balance sheets. that's what it's related to, not so much oil. liz: wall street loves a boom and probably saw a fracking boom and a shale boom and what happens? people come to them and say lend me money, i'm going to build up that business. what do you have? a bust.
3:26 pm
isn't there some type of tentacle relationship where, oh, man, we have a lot of energy exposure. we lent to the companies, and now they can't price their stuff? >> you see that could be with specific companies. let me give you one statistic. the capex and oil industry is only 1% of the u.s. economy. liz: okay, that's important. >> only 1% of the u.s. economy. liz: when we say layoffs in the oil patch. by the way, every single job loss matters, it should. but it's less than 1%. >> less than 1% of the u.s. economy. consumer spending is 68% of the u.s. economy. liz: why do consumers see cheap gasoline right now as a flashing signal to save and not spend? >> i think there's a couple aspects. first of all just on the numbers, the typical family in the u.s. uses about a thousand gallons of gasoline a year, more or less, that's over a thousand dollars a year of savings in their pockets and they're saving it, not spending it.
3:27 pm
i think they're not spending it right now because they're also seeing uncertainty about the jobs, though there is job growth, wage growth started kicking in. i think they're starting to see if wages continue to kick in and also uncertainty about inflation, which has been very low, and people are not spending as well. liz: you are the parent company of s&p, obviously, the ratings agency. they operate independently. the boss doesn't tell them what to upgrade and downgrade. we had to interrupt the show because s&p downgraded hess, chevron. they put exxonmobil on credit watch. when you see that, what do you think? >> first thing i think is about math. you see levers companies have to pull when they look at managing balance sheet, managing financials. they have to decide are they going to invest? are they going to pay dividends? borrow more? these are the levers they have to pull, and we see one of the numbers in the math numbers as
3:28 pm
the top line, they're seeing very weak top line, and as a result of, that earnings are dropping, they're having to make decisions about capex and all of that leads to potentially risks about ability to pay their credit back. liz: doug pederson, great to have you, thank you so much. >> thank you. liz: mcgraw-hill financial. the stock is popping a significant percentage. we've got breaking news to tell you about. keep it right here for tomorrow's january jobs report. maria will have all the details when the report is released in her monthly fox business special, jobs in america, "mornings with maria," here's the breaking news, this could be a deal made in toyland heaven. we're getting reports that toy makers mattel and hasbro, long, big, big adversaries have held talks on a merger. hasbro better than 1%, could they really put down plastic
3:29 pm
swords and start joining hands? this is unbelievable. we'll update you as soon as we get more. closing bell 31 1/2 minutes away from us right now. hearing that, donald trump with a big lead in new hampshire but not taking anything lightly. he's pounding away on ted cruz. but is all the mudslinging at the top opening up a lane in the granite state for the other candidates? maybe even john kasich who's joining us in a second. the former governor of new hampshire is here to talk about it. judd gregg of new hampshire joins us with california counterpart, former democratic governor gray davis, next on "countdown." stand by. the dow is up 45 points. the microsoft cloud allows us to
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. liz: five days away from the new hampshire primary, and the
3:34 pm
donald trump-ted cruz slugfest continues. the road is long. but these two candidates, as they pick up momentum from day to day are very much in the spotlight at the moment. texas senator ted cruz's campaign manager tweeting out they raised 10 million bucks since january 1st, with 3 million alone being raised since his win in iowa. money train is speeding up for ted cruz. a new poll showing support for trump is shrinking, bringing in 25% of the vote while cruz and marco rubio tie for second with 21% and then dr. ben carson with 11%. trump isn't the only front-runner getting a run for his money. bernie sanders is leading front-runner hillary clinton nationally, but in new hampshire, he's the front-runner by nearly 30 points. so let's bring in two governors, former democratic governor from california gray davis, and former republican governor and senator from new hampshire judd gregg. to you, governor gregg, it's your state in the spotlight.
3:35 pm
a harsh spotlight with the slugfest between -- >> we enjoy it. liz: i know, it's politics. it's politics. you're from there, and one thing we know about new hampshire is the political genetics of a new hampshire voter are very different from certainly iowa, but around the rest of the nation. who do you get the sense they're leaning toward right at this hour? >> well i don't think they're there different than the rest of the nation, new hampshire being an election where independents can vote in either primary is close to a general election. we'll probably have in the republican primary 40%, 35% of the vote will be independents. it will be a very broad-based vote. my sense is the trump-cruz is a sideshow event, their disagreements over what happened in iowa. new hampshire people don't care about that. what's happening is 75, 65-75% of the vote in new hampshire isn't going to be for trump,
3:36 pm
and those folks are looking and deciders, it's down to what i would call one of the four rational conservatives. if they move en masse towards one of the conservatives, i wouldn't be surprised if trump lost in new hampshire. liz: really? okay. i have not heard that, yet. that's an interesting perspective. to the democratic side, governor davis, bernie sanders and hillary clinton faced off in a town hall on cnn last night. hillary gave less than satisfactory answers. you announced your support for her. less than satisfactory answers about taking money from goldman sachs for speeches. that was before she ran. when pressed, she said i did that because i didn't know i was going to run for president. wasn't that long ago. i don't think people liked that especially considering bernie is already well ahead in new hampshire. how fascinating do you find this race right now? >> it is fascinating in the fact t sanders are tapping into economic angst tells you there are problems in the country.
3:37 pm
as you say, i'm all-in for hillary, i've endorsed her. she is not only a strong progressive, she's a fighter. made a big comeback in 08 in new hampshire, i would not rule out her wing. if she doesn't win, these states are proportional. every state she gets is a step in the right direction. she gets things done. when you talk about the children's health insurance program, that got started three months before i became governor. 50,000 people enrolled, when i left office, we had a million children enrolled. that program changed their lives and changed the lives of the parents. she's a progressive, a fighter and gets change to happen to improve the lives of americans. liz: governor gregg, why isn't that working this time around? because governor jeb bush has gotten things done in florida. governor john kasich has gotten things done in ohio, and yet, suddenly experience is a bad thing.
3:38 pm
>> well, actually, i think you are going to see in new hampshire that one of the two people comes up fast on the upside, i'm supporting jeb bush. i think governor bush, governor kasich and senator rubio are going come up fast in the next few days, and i wouldn't be surprised if one of them beat donald trump. i agree with gray, i think one of them may win in new hampshire. the fact that new hampshire is not vermont, new hampshire is a fairly rational state, and sure is a hardcore, very far left vote in new hampshire, but i don't see hillary not tapping into the what i call the typical mainstream democratic vote here. liz: maybe we'll get to issues, and certainly what happened on capitol hill with the turing ceo mocking and smirking, you talked about it, prescription drugs matter to americans. maybe that's an issue that's talked about. >> and about $300 million paid
3:39 pm
through medicare and medicaid, so the federal governments had a big stake. liz: billion. >> billion. i'm a big fan of biotech. we have a huge industry in california, also in massachusetts, but these drugs ought to come on at a rational price. we pay far more in america than the rest of the world. we need a balance between the cost it takes to produce innovation with drugs that can keep people alive longer and live better a good thing, but not gouging them. we haven't reached that balance, and i think hillary is not only for that, but she gets things done. liz: yeah, we'll see if the smirk fest ceo is -- unbelievable. >> never good. liz: great to see both of you. >> i think his days are probably numbered. but let's remember that we produce the best drugs in the world, and yes the rest of the world takes advantage of that. if we didn't do it here in the united states, it wouldn't get done and they save a lot of lives.
3:40 pm
takes 12 years to bring a drug to the market that works. you can't arbitrarily force people not to get a return on that and expect the people to invest and produce those drugs. that's basic human nature. >> i totally agree, but we need some better balance. liz: see if that comes up on the campaign trail as well. it should. gray davis, judd gregg, lovely to have both of you. by the way, we have one more governor coming up in ten minutes, he's running for president, live from new hampshire in just moments. he's going to get off the bus, get before our cameras. we'll ask him about everything we've been talking about. tell me what you think about the presidential race. you heard judd gregg say he wouldn't be surprised if trump loses in new hampshire. tweet me@liz claman, leave a comment on facebook. closing bell 20 minutes away. up next, intrigue in the sea
3:41 pm
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. liz: this was widely expected, but it still titillates nonetheless, major changes at viacom and cbs, sumner redstone stepped down from both companies. now cbs and viacom chief executives les moonves and philippe doman are named chair of the respective companies. look how the two media empires which used to be viacom were
3:46 pm
and split have been performing for shareholders. over the last five years, cbs saw a total return of 21%. viacom, on the other hand, saw a return of roughly 3%. here's the interesting part, moonves only saw a .2% increase in compensation, dauman saw increase of 13%. what's going on here? charlie gasparino is here along with mario gabelli, big investors in viacom. charlie, first to you. >> i would say that kind of underplays the gross anomaly between share price and how much these guys are making. we have a short chart, we should put it up. philippe dauman made 80 million dollars last year. we should show their salaries. i can't imagine he produced $80 million worth. liz: right, the blue line is viacom. >> look at the salary. that's the salaries, and the
3:47 pm
one on the right, and this is -- that's not -- is that the salaries? >> it says 44 million for the five year compensation but doesn't take into account the stocks. >> i'm saying we are talking huge, huge amounts of money here. liz: does this outrage you mario gabelli? >> the stock is a loaded laggard, there's 400 million shares, the stock is selling rough numbers $50. 20 billion, 4.2 billion of cash flow and the current year ending september 30th, it's a statistically cheap stock and capex in the business -- liz: are you okay with philippe dauman getting paid that much money? >> the money is a background noise to the following, he has to demonstrate to the world he can grow again in terms of dealing with the dynamics of the digital world from linear to over the top. he has to demonstrate he can get into the growth platforms
3:48 pm
domestically and internationally, tv series like cbs has, amc has "the walking dead" and so on and what is he going to do at paramount. i do not want it -- i want a player like alibaba to kick in, they go out and they buy something, that makes sense. >> listen, i have immense respect for mario gabelli, one of the great investors of all-time. doesn't get enough respect for that. i will say this, i think mario is downplaying what's going on here. i'm not one of the socialist bernie sanders hold the feet to the fire ceos, if you're saying forwardly, mario, he's got to learn to play the over-the-top game, a difficult game, and when people start cord cutting. if he could demonstrate on that, the background noise. that's when it getting really tough, and going to be tough for moonves as well. i look at what he's had in the past, which is pretty easy
3:49 pm
pickings and this guy he's been horrible. he is not worth $80 million based on the garbage he served up. and i will tell you this, and les has done better than him going forward. watch that one. bless this guy to learn how to play when people start cutting the cord. liz: mario, last word? >> i got close to over half a billion dollars of client money invested and we are not dispassionate about what's going on, and we think les did the right thing, i think they are going to create a new dynamic. thanks, good to talk to you both, loaded lag joord i have to ask you, i saw you on cavuto saying the smirking ceo shkreli was -- >> why do you call him smirking. he looked like anthony perkins. liz: i listened to that and said charlie, what are you on? no, no, no, i have found the
3:50 pm
guy he looks like. buzz cork from the movie harold and maude. come on! and i am so right on that. >> you know who else he looks like? >> you know who else he looks like? he looks like connell mcshane. liz: no, he does not. >> you got to put connell's picture up there. he looks like -- today he was cleaned up, had a suit on. he looked just like connell. liz: guess who's standing by, we got him out of the bus. john kasich. >> tell him i said hi. liz: you want me to go to commercial or straight to john kasich. he's with us in just a minute, stay tuned.
3:51 pm
. . . .
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liz: gains of 67 points. ohio governor john kasich putting bets on one state,
3:54 pm
new hampshire. "real clear politics" has him fourth in the polls with tiny margin between him and competitors senator cruz and marco rubio. he has taken a different approach than his competitors, not engaging in vicious muddling. he is closing in on 100 town halls in the state. this as he nabbed backing of former rand paul advisors. coming down to the wire what is endgame? i'm joined by 2016 republican presidential candidate ohio governor john kasich. 100 town halls governor. you said if you don't do well and get smoked you're going home. what do you consider smoked? >> sixth or seventh. i believe we'll do extremely well here. what i tell awe million polls but we've been consistently in second place. liz, the reason i know it because everybody and their
3:55 pm
brother has been attacking me. spent millions and millions of dollars in negative ads. you know he that is verification where we are. have a great groue a good positive message of the town halls have been fantastic. if i know anything about politics and i think i do, i think we'll do extremely well. liz: attacking, primary politics but the race got ugly. fake violation flyers that the cruz campaign put out looked official. cruz refused to fire anybody on staff. first rule of good leader making sure you hold people accountable. sure you fire someone on your staff if they did something like this, right. >> i have no idea what he did, so i couldn't comment, liz. what i know this campaign gone to the point where people are relying more on negatives than they are positives, which is the opposite what i'm doing. and you know, the interesting things is, if you're all negative and you're not positive i don't know how you're going to
3:56 pm
put a coalition together to govern the country. winning election, not being able to unite people is really false victory. for us we'll continue to be positive. i mean if i get attacked i will have to defend mile self but basically we're living on the sunny side of the street up here in new hampshire. liz: you just used unite. marco rubio emerged as strong alternative. if i'm undecided voter you have to convince people to pick you over rubio, get them to unite. you are named rational conservative. judd gregg called you last half hour. stunning some people you're the guy chairman of the budget committee, negotiated the last balanced budget, governor of critical swing state. 60% showing you can cross the aisle like ronald reagan did. republican voters have shown rehave shun of president obama being first-term senator with little experience.
3:57 pm
how do you make the inexperience like rubio cruz, trump, seems held in high regard over your experience. >> i don't think it is, liz. we've done very well. that's why they're spending all their time trashing me, including rubio. so if our message wasn't working if experience didn't matter, if being reformer actually, not being in the establishment or not being anti-establishment but bringing about significant change didn't matter, they wouldn't be spending millions of dollars on television and literature in the mailboxes. we think we'll be able to resist that. our ground game is really strong. and so i, i'm not worried about it. i'm really, really relaxed about where we are. we're going to finish this thing and i believe we'll be headed to south carolina. liz: you believe that. you look very relaxed. this may not relax you. >> i am. i am having time of my life. david: that optimism and positivetive people are hopefully looking for.
3:58 pm
something happened in d.c. today. i don't know if you heard about it, congressional committee, former pharma ceo martin shkreli, appeared before congressional committee. refused to speak about drug pricing. raise ad price of a single pill by 5,000%. people get emotional about prices pay for prescription drugs. to that end, let the free market reign, or letting people die because they can't pay 2,000 for a pill or getting involved? what ask the fix that you have? >> well, look, nobody has any one fix and there is no silver bullet but i believe the whole industry has to undergo a review. i happen to believe, we probably are paying for things in research and development that the taxpayers already funded, perhaps companies are marking up. i like to have competition. i also don't understand why people in europe can pay much lower prices for the same drugs
3:59 pm
we pay higher for because we paid for the r&d. to me that is total ripoff. so i think the whole industry, we need to take a good look at it. the formularies, the way in which people move these drugs into the marketplace, i don't want to destroy the pharmaceutical companies because we absolutely need development of these breakthrough drugs but i think we have to stay on top of it to see what the real story is. liz: governor john kasich. see you next time. thanks for joining us. >> liz, thank you, always great to talk with you and be with you. liz: listen, i covered governor kasich when he was representative when i worked in columbus and then cleveland and milking cows at ohio state fair but this is certainly a tough game right now. that will do it for "countdown to the closing bell." we have a 79 point gain, connell and melissa. melissa: we'll take it. >> tell us more about milking cows. melissa: i need video of that. donald trump still on top in new hampshire but a new poll shows changes for second and third place.
4:00 pm
we'll tell you who is moving up. >> silence and smirking. the embattled former drug ceo, not making any friend on capitol hill today as liz was talking about, calling congress imbeciles on twitter. >> well. >> we'll have a congressman, earl carter coming on. [closing bell rings] melissa: while markets five days to go to the first primary race in the country. fox business's blake burman is in exeter, new hampshire with the latest. blake? reporter: hi, there, melissa. after the iowa caucuses donald trump admitted his ground game there could have been better.


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