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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  February 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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doughnuts. add up all calories for items purchased during the super, 6,000 calories. >> i believe that. free toe pie. key lime pie. seven layer dip. fritos. doritos. connell: see you sunday. >> there you go. "risk & reward" starts right now. deirdre: the days of cheap goose could be numbered. president obama just announcing an oil tax in his 2017 budget this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. the president proposing a new $10 fee on every barrel of oil. the idea to boost the nation's investments in clean transportation projects. so oil dropping today, if you take a look at prices down around 31.70 per barrel, close to two mers. my political power panel is here. conservative commentator joe schilter. jessica tarloff.
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going to you first. joe, doesn't seem this part of the budget will be accepted by congress but does it change the conversation? >> i just would like to say and recognize our president for once again identifying america's greatest problem, which is people not paying enough for basic necessities. this, this kind of insight is going to do wonders for hillary clinton and bernie sanders who get to carry this anchor around with them. it is literally insane because everyone knows it is not going to pass republican house or republican senate or the laugh test. i don't understand why he is doing it unless he really, really hates hillary. if he really, really hates hillary, look for him to call the doj and kind of nod his ahead, go ahead. >> the curt, i will pick up right on that point. what do you make of the position as curt says, this leaves hillary clinton said specifically, no new taxes for any family making less than $250,000 a year?
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this is going to be a tax for everybody. >> it is. i think that curt is right, this just isn't going to happen. i think we know president obama to be someone who, throws things out there that he wants to see happen that he knows won't happen. and i think that he wants to talk again about how much he loves clean energy. and how much better we could be doing if we had less fossil fuels out there. and that's really it but for curt to say he doesn't like hillary clinton is so off base, that interview he gave with glen thrush where he endorsed her and didn't compromise national security. i really, really doubt the fbi would go out there say that if there was enindictment coming this way. eric holder endorse her. this is man who doesn't hate hillary clinton. he would be happy to take over for his third term. deirdre: we'll take over that conversation. hold those thoughts. more on oil as we mentioned dropping today.
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if you look during the past year down 35%. market analyst michael lee is with me now. michael, what do you make of oil and stocks trading in tandem? that is what we've seen basically the last three to four months. is that going to continue? >> at some point this is going to separate, the price of oil dropping as much as it has definitely positive for u.s. economy. americans consume $162 billion of gasoline a year. 350 billion directly back into the economy. it is not good for everyone. if you're like my cousin lost your job working for schlumberger for six weeks that's bad. for majority of americans this is direct stimulus to your pockets. they're trading in tandem because oil wealth nations need to create liquidity. where would you rather sell things? oil $30 a barrel or u.s. stocks 10% off the high. we're starting to see big orders come in and push the market
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around. that sell something just about exhausted. hopefully good economic data can push us back higher. at some point, typically when oil goes down stocks go up. deirdre: michael, i will check in with you in a little bit. shell saying profit fell 60%. its possible they soon will be cutting jobs. speaks of jobs, a huge focus of all investors tomorrow, monthly jobs numbers. fox business will be bringing you live coverage, reaction, analysis. it all starts at 8:30 a.m. eastern time. in the meantime the faceoff between donald trump and senator cruz heating up. >> i think it was a disgrace that he did it and i don't think it should even be allowed. i think those votes should be taken away and there were plenty of them. >> it is no surprise that donald is throwing yet another temper tantrum or if you like, yet another trumper tantrum. seems his reaction to everything
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is throw a fit, to engage in insults. i understand donald finds it very hard to lose. deirdre: reaction to what happened in iowa ahead of new hampshire. senator rubio vaulting into second place, passing senator cruz in that latest poll for new hampshire. curt and jessica back with me as promise. curt i'm coming to you. are donald trump's tactics working? he is criticizing ted cruz and that's helping marco rubio. >> well, you know, deirdre, donald trump is a whiney, hillary donating buffoon and i am savoring his pain. he is making a fool of himself which is hard because he really set the bar pretty high on that and this is just hilarious. ted cruz is reacting with class and dignity. i love seeing marco rubio come back into the mix. we have two serious characters
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and human troll doll running for -- deirdre: i have to ask you too, kurt, what do you make the fact even dr. ben carson who was on this show last evening revisited idea of ted cruz campaign dirty tricks? >> i make nothing of it, deirdre. this is a political campaign. if you can't make it happen, i don't want to hear your whining. my gosh, if dr. carson is so taken aback because some of ted cruz's people pointed out that he was going to take a few days off, how he is going to handle putin? how will he handle the mullahs? give me a break. deirdre: the concern maybe they were spreading rumors that weren't through but i take your point. >> right. deirdre: jessica, rubio is overtaking jeb bush as far as endorsements go which i think is a surprise to many. what does that say to you about the race? >> says about the race establishment is picking rubio as their guy as well they should. i think he would run strongest against hillary clinton for sure. far stronger than ted cruz or
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donald trump as well i think he has compelling vision for future of this country. not one that i agree with. i can't take it away from him with. he is sparky and cute and family so perfect looking and his wife is absurdly hot. he gets how to do this i think that is what they're saying. i would say in jeb bush's defense that he released an ad, anti-trump ad was unbelievably good. it was two minutes long. calling trump what he said if i stood in the middle of fifth avenue i shot someone i wouldn't lose voters. if he skipped a fox debate he would lose voters but not shootings someone. jeb bush putting ad out not getting traction. i don't know what he can do to beat that. establishment is saying rubio is our guy. deirdre: as far as rubio is the guy, we'll put focus on florida and faceoff for both of them bush and rubio in their home
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state, lis >> he came in second, the headline is winner of the night, marco rubio. [laughter]. trump, humiliated! they didn't really use that word. they used like didn't do that well. i'm saying how come the guy that comes in third and he is a professional politician, and i beat him by, you know, a lot. how come the guy that comes in third? think typical reporter, the media? the worst people ever! the worst. >> this new hampshire primary is down to choice between me and marco rubio and everybody knows it. this race is now going to be a contrast and choice for people of new hampshire. between someone who has been tested is mature, is ready and experienced and made decisions and held accountable for them and someone who is new at this business. new is nice. until you actually have a crisis. deirdre: so that wasn't about florida but it brings up another point in that chris christie is clearly trying, i mean he says
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it right there, it's now between myself and marco rubio. so he is attacking rubio. curt, is this way you like to see a campaign run? >> no, deirdre, i don't. i think, first of all jeb bush needs to get out. we in the republican party have rejected him. we're done with dynasties. we're done with the bushes. there is no space for them. he shouldn't spend his zillions of dollars destroying marco rubio. i like seeing competition with chris christie. i think it made marco rubio a better candidate. i think he is coming on strong. ted cruz is finding his footings. he needs to work on connection with human voters. he is not trial lawyer, he is appellate lawyer. there is different vibe there. i'm excited about real candidates we have in the republican party. i love seeing them fight it out. deirdre: all right the we'll be back with you both shortly. stay there. meantime if you don't mind we want to remind our viewers fox business is going to be bringing you live coverage of our nation's first primary. it happens tuesday february 9th. neil cavuto will bring you new hampshire results as soon as
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they come in starting 7:55 p.m. eastern time. notorious drug hike ceo martin schedule lynn testifying by capitol hill today. >> on advice of counsel i innokia my fifth payment privilege against self-incrimination. on advice of counsel i invoke my fifth amendment privilege against self-incrimination and respect fully decline to answer your question. i invoke my fifth amendment privilege against self-incrimemation. i indr intend to follow advice of my counts sell, not yours. i intend to use the advice of my counsel, not yours. >> you could look away if you look, look at faces of people who can not get drugs they need. deirdre: more from the heated d.c. hearing coming your way. also disturbing video from a plane explosion over somalia.
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terror group is suspected of being responsible. one man literally getting sucked out of the plane. we will give you more details when we come back. before we go, jeb bush mishap on the campaign trail. jimmy fallon poking a little fun. >> of course jeb had a tough couple months campaigning, despite a poor showing in iowa he was back at it in new hampshire. if nothing else he still knows how to work a crowd. >> i think the next president needs to be a lot quieter but send a signal we're prepared to act in the national security interests of this country, to get back in the business of creating a more peaceful world. please clap. [laughter] >> oh. >> for the love of god, can i get a cough, anything, a nod.
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call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> on the advice of counsel i invoke my fifth amendment privilege against self-incrimination. on the advice of counsel i invoke my fifth amendment privilege against self-incrimination and respectfully decline to answer your question. i invoke my fifth amendment privilege against self-incrimination. i intend to follow the advice of my counsel, not yours. i intend to use the advice of my counsel. not yours. deirdre: ex-pharmaceutical ceo martin shkreli refusings to comment at the house hearing on drug prices earlier today. instead he smirked at members of congress. >> you can look away if you like, but i wish you could see
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the faces of people, no matter what miss ratzlaff says, can not get drugs they need. deirdre: shkreli became infamous last year after his company raised the price of a drug, one used to treat cancer, one used to treat hiv from $13 a pill to $750 a pill. when questioned he defended his decisions as good business. kurt is back with me. got to get your take as a lawyer. what do you make of the way he based at the house hearing? >> well, deirdre, if he was my client and he wouldn't be because there is not enough money in the world to endure that whiney little weasel, the first thing i would do is say, wear a tie. second thing if you smirk again i will wipe it off your face. deirdre: i think representative cummings gave a more nuanced version of that. but i want to bring in that
5:17 pm
point, jessica. cummings did say, listen, you can change your ways, you can turn your life around, instead of being poster boy for irresponsibility. you can flip that around. here's his comment. >> your detailed knowledge about drug companies and the system we have today, and i truly believe, i truly believe, are you listening? >> yes. >> thank you. deirdre: so we cut out the comment but essentially saying you can be seen as being better. you can do better than this. and shkreli just to kurt's point, seemed to just think it was funny. >> yeah, i'm sure he doesn't think it is actually funny. this is one of the most deadly insecure people i've seen in my life. he lashes out constantly. made that weird video -- deirdre: there is a few to choose from. >> where he is around with his posse. i don't know if that is like the
5:18 pm
right pharmaceutical posse or whatever. the point here though is -- >> pharma crew. >> b, we also have red meat democrats are using about drug pricing and gouging that is going on. that is signature pocketbook issue for liberals. and using it. gop has been largely silent on it except for donald trump actually. marco rubio said this is aberration. i think republicans will really have to start talking about this issue moving forward because it isn't going away. deirdre: kurt, you said you wouldn't be his attorney, his attorney speaking about all the money in the world said shkreli didn't intend to show disrespeak. we have a quick clip. coming right back to you, kurt. >> mr. shkreli did not intend to show any disrespect for any members of the committee, listened intently. some of what you saw was nervous energy.
5:19 pm
deirdre: all right, so nervous energy but mr. shkreli tweeted right out, hard to accept these imbeciles represent people in our government. how can he be allowed to be on social media? i hear he took out soundtrack of youtube video instead of letting voice over but how does this happen? >> deirdre, i appreciate his lawyer zealously protecting his client like a trooper. good for you but let's, you know, capitalism is the greatest engine of human justice and human improvement and human happiness that mankind has ever invented. this little weasel is making us all look bad. i agree with jessica. republicans need to talk about, we need to talk about what capitalism is. it is about creating jobs. it is about creating products. it is about raising standard of living. it is about creating drugs that save peoples lives. this guy is a disgrace and he is not what capitalism is. deirdre: here, here.
5:20 pm
kurt, jessica. stay there. quick break. we're back with you in a little bit. we want to show people new disturbing video from inside of a plain explosion. -- plane explosion. a terror group is suspected of carrying this out. we'll give you the latest details on the plot. d.c. closer to home, reacting to flint's water crisis. >> why would they be paying for water that they can not even use that is poisoning them? that's not american! mr. chairman said, this is not a third world country! deirdre: congressman who attended the hearing is my guest next. what's better than this sunday's puppy bowl? how about actor antonio sabato, jr., and the puppy bowl? they're both here together.
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deirdre: islammist terror group al-shabaab have been named prime suspects in air bush explosion in somalia. the plane was forced into emergency landing when a blast ripped a hole in the side of the plane. it was flying at 10,000 feet. investigators say it may have been caused by a skew side bomber in a -- suicide bomber in a wheelchair. middle east terrorism analyst walid phares joins me. how do you see these different groups functioning? i think one may be trying to be more horrible than the next for recruiting purposes? >> these are nightmare scenarios. unfortunately it can only multiply and go into all directions. you're right, there is a race
5:25 pm
between every, every single jihadi group around the world but mostly between two large networks. on one hand, al-shabaab linked to al qaeda, operational in that part of africa and asia and of course isis. but my conclusion, deirdre, the fight is not only in syria and iraq. it is really a war confrontation, global confront talks with jihadists worldwide. washington needs to atadapt to that dimension. deirdre: i'm glad you said that to your point here at home, a 21-year-old kansas man pled guilty to a plot to detonate a car bomb in military base in kansas all in the name of isis. u.s. made a lot of arrests in domestic terror plots. are we doing enough? we thwarted seems like probably is the third one but are we doing enough? >> compare this arrest to statements made by leadership of fbi and other law enforcement organizations telling us that
5:26 pm
there are investigations in all 50 states. that's what is worrying for the american public. it is not the kind of operation that this individual wanted to operate. many others are available. it is fact that there is a whole network across it comes again, to confirm what we were discussing that there is a global attack against the united states, not just individuals. deirdre: let me ask you just quickly for the first time sips his presidency, president obama went and visited a mosque. is that sending the right message? >> absolutely, going to a mosque, to make sure that the community is protected by u.s. president is equivalent what president el-sisi has done when he went to christian church. however there were two points that were negative. president should been identify ideology, not just extremists this would be ideal -- deirdre: some say there were terrorist ties.
5:27 pm
>> terrorist ties he needs to clarify. he has a lot of information. he can clarify that point. second quick point he should have brought leaders with him, ngos, of muslim moderates. by doing that he would be hitting islamophobia. in this case i don't know if that was the result. deirdre: dr. walid phares, always great to have you with us, thanks so much. >> thank you. deirdre: walid phares joining me there. d.c. is taking on flint, michigan's, water crisis. >> why would they be playing for water that they can not even use that is poisoning them? that's not america! as mr. chairman said, this is not a third world country! deirdre: a congressman who attended the hearing will be joining me. better than this sunday's puppy bowl? maybe very famous actor and the puppy bowl. we'll deliver both to you here on "risk & reward." also senator sanders calling out hillary for not being progressive enough.
5:28 pm
hillary clinton's reaction next. >> this is what everyone is talking about of course, since the iowa caucus. on monday hillary clinton narrowly won in iowa but the final results showing that she beat bernie sanders by less than 1%. you thought bernie was mad at the 1% before? it's always the 1%. [applause] hillary is facing criticism before declaring victory prematurely. the results were announced 1:00 p.m. tuesday. but she declared vick back in april of last year.
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>> i do not know any progressive who has a super pac and takes $15 million from wall street. that's not a progressive. tie was amused senator sanders set himself up to be the gatekeeper on who is a progressive. i won't let that bother me. i know write stands and who stands with me and what i have done. deirdre: hillary clinton and bernie sanders trading jabs on which one deserves to be called progressive. who gets the progressive title?
5:33 pm
you will say who wants it? >> at some level there is no reason to choose between a couple of -- a couple of dottering socialists. they embraced disastrous failed policies and i hope the american people reject them both. deirdre: hillary clinton defending the money she made in speaking fees from goldman clips. >> i make speeches to lots of groups. i told whale i thought. i answered questions. >> did you have to be paid $675,000? >> i don't know. that's what they offered. you know, every secretary of state that i know has done that. deirdre: i honestly side with her on that. i feel like she shouldn't have to defend herself. what's your take? >> this proves she is not socialist.
5:34 pm
that's pretty capitalistic. i think it went badly. she should have point in was coming and had a better reply. but every secretary of state has don't and she is a really good one because she is a clinton. this is something they do. i think it's interesting. right before the iowa caucuses there was an abc "washington post" poll that went through the issues and who democrats trust more on them. the only issue she wasn't trusted on is regulating wall street. that's totally reasonable. but when sanders those that around, let's talk about his vote with the gun lobby. but the ends of the date most important part of progressive is the word progress. hillary clinton is a self-oriented democrat. call it progressive or liberal, but she is the on one in our
5:35 pm
field that can get things done in washington. that's why i'm with her, hashtag i'm with her. deirdre: fox business bringing you live coverage of our nation's first primarily february 9. donald trump is weighing in on president obama's latest mosque visit. finds out what liberal critics are complaining about. first jimmy fallon and his view. >> the dig story has to be donald trump who didn't win. he came in second to ted cruz. after trump's second place finish people started retweeting one of his treats from 2013 where he said "no one remembers who came in second." even kanye west said you have to
5:36 pm
be careful what you put on twitter. deirdre: what's better than the super bowl? how about the puppy bowl and actor an tone yes sabato jr.
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we not only alert you to identity threats, if you have a problem, we'll spend up to a million dollars on lawyers and experts to fix it. lifelock. join starting at $9.99 a month. deirdre: there is controversy over president obama's first visit teen american mosque. in his speech he condemned anti-muslim rhetoric and called for religious tolerance. presidential candidate donald trump gave his view. >> we can go to lots of places. i don't know maybe he feels comfortable there. we have a lot of problems this country. there are a lot of places he can go an chose a mosque. deirdre: my next guest is a
5:40 pm
former calvin klein model and host of a nationally indicated show, fix it the. >> i wish i could take one of them but we have three dogs. they will be adopted. deirdre: you have strong feelings about president obama's visit to the mosque yesterday. many people say the mosque has had in the past ties to terrorism. so it makes people wonder stlnt some research help for the white house? >> it's interesting as he's leaving in the last seven years he never visited a christian church or talked about christianity torchristianity --. there is nothing wrong with going to a mosque. this particular mosque i think
5:41 pm
there was a lot wrong with it. as a christian, i don't think this is the right time. he needs to talk about the christians being slaughtered all over the world. they are take everything out of schools and the bible is being taken out. you mention god or jesus and things will go bad. as a president he's making decisions, i wouldn't do that. deirdre: we played a clip from donald trump. do you support donald trump's views? >> the way i see it, you have choices. if you want to continue what obama has done for 7 years. if you want a socialist party and you have bernie. everything else is on the right. i like donald. i think he's a great guy. as a businessman he has done so well for himself. everything he worked on has done well as well. i think that this country needs. but the american people will have to vote and we'll see what
5:42 pm
happens. deirdre: you mention there is so much choice on the right. there is many fewer choices. hillary clinton during last night's town hall says there is a conspiracy against her. we are going to play the clip and i'll get your thoughts. >> do you still believe there is a vast right wing conspiracy? >> don't you? >> i'm asking you. >> yeah it gotten even better turned. they brought in some new multi-billion airs to pump the money in. these guys play for keeps. they want to control our country. >> she is a good actress. she should be working in hollywood. i don't know why she is not in prison. i love this country and the military and it's done so much for my family. what hillary has done. i was actually a fan.
5:43 pm
but not anymore. we have seen enough. i think she lied many times and i think benghazi and so many other issues, she shouldn't be running. deirdre: dr. ben carson said we are in the second inning of the election season. there is martin shkreli, annex n an en-pharma chief. >> you can look away if you like. but i wish you could see the faces of people no matter who cannot get the drugs they need. deirdre: shkreli is saying i did something legal.
5:44 pm
i bought the rights to the drugs. i jacked up the prices, that's a good business decision. many people find that reprehensible. but it's legal. some of the other stuff he has done has been shown to be illegal. >> you can look at his face and know what's going on. this is a guy who is not a very good person. is not nice in any way, shape or form. him and hillary should have a cell and share it together. deirdre: he was smug at all getout. his lawyer implied he is immature and has nervous energy. >> he's a rich child. he should be in jail. in the old days i would get my guys from hoboken and visit him and take him to the f.b.i. deirdre: did you see hip talking you are not the on the tough guy
5:45 pm
in new york. >> people need love and caring, and there are a lot of people in need of this drug and so much more. you have got to have a heart. this guy does not have it. deirdre: you are in a position to change your perspective to help a lot of people and redeep at least part of your reputation. >> a lot of people take advantage of this country and the laws and turn it away in any way they want to. deirdre: thank you for looking after the puppies. we were just talking about the notorious drug heist ceo martin celly. he testified before capitol hill today. >> you can look away if you like. but i wish you could see the fays of people who cannot get the drugs that they need.
5:46 pm
deirdre: a congressman who was there will be sharing his views. another speak being the crisis in flint, michigan. >> why would they be paying for water they cannot even use that is poisoning them? that's not american. this is not a third world country. deirdre: someone who was in the room will be with me with his view. somebody excited for super bowl weekend. we are ready for the puppy bowl. the organizer is joining me in a few minute to talk about some of the goals.
5:47 pm
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this type of dishonesty. >> for that much money we poisoned the kids in flint. >> this is the united states of america. this isn't supposed to happen here. we are not some third world country where you have 100,000 people who get poisoned for long periods of time. >> why would they be paying for water they cannot even use that is poisoning them? that's not american. as mr. chairman said, this is not a third world country. deirdre: a heated and emotional hearing over the water crisis in michigan. the state appointed emergency manager refused to appear in front of the committee. congressman, thanks for the time. did it come out as well. i assume it did, that the state of michigan and some local
5:51 pm
leaders actually had bottled water months before letting the general public know that water was unsafe in flint? >> it was awfully bad. today being the federal government we primarily focused on the environmental protection agency. but the real story was the head of district five, susan headman, a political appointee by barack obama out of illinois was callous beyond belief. she had somebody in her agency who tried to ring the alarm. she got mad at him and said we weren't allow the results to be given to the aclu. she tried to suppress this thing. everybody has to be on the ball when you have a chief executive making appointments. deirdre: in this case, something like 100,000 children have been
5:52 pm
affected. the chairman of the oversight committee, jason chaffetz livid. hear this clip. >> you have 100,000 people poisoned by their government because they made this switch which they shouldn't have done, and when they realized there was a problem, they covered it up. deirdre: do you think it sounds like you are going to say yes, but there was a coverup? >> no question there was a cover-up. and a cover-up of the worst kind. you were costing people their health and maybe their lives. and you went for the way not reveal to it people but you came down on people who tried to reveal it to people. susan helpedman of al helped d n headman, she is the worse.
5:53 pm
deirdre: i read about 100,000 kids who have lead poisoning. >> it wasn't a mistake. she knew what was going on. not on would she nod ring the -- not ring the alarm, she forbade those under her from ringing the alarm. deirdre: the congressman was in the hearing on the water crisis in flint, washington. maurice white. you know him as the founder of the music group earth wind and fire has passed away at at age of 74. he founded the group in the late 60s and went on to sell 90 million albums worldwide. some people are getting excited for the weekend. it's the super bowl and we are here for the puppy bowl. [bassist] two late nights in tucson.
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deirdre: the super bowl is this weekend. the broncos versus the panthers. but prior to that a faceoff another kind. the 12th year in a row animal planet hosting the puppy bowl. 80 pups will take to the field. joining me now is the referee for the puppy bowl. this guy is crazy. but this one seems jealous. >> this is simba. they are from the humane society of new york. this is some behind the scenes rivalry. deirdre: this will be like the real super bowl. your responsibilities as refs. what are they? >> think of it as controlled chaos.
5:58 pm
all of these guys republic for adoption from the humane society of new york. they are all up for adoption. they do that on the field. we call penalties and touchdowns. deirdre: is there betting going on? >> people say there is betting going on. you can go online and create a fantasy puppy team. deirdre: you use it to create awareness about adoptions. all rescues? >> same as our kittens. we have a kitten halftime show. and we are highlighting senior dogs. this is lola. 10 years old. but we are highlighting senior dogs as an option for people who may not have the energy for a puppy. deirdre: these guys are raring
5:59 pm
to go. >> animal has gone up 10 steps in terms getting the audience involved 367. we have a puppy's points of view of all the action. deirdre: you feel that was an important thing to ad to people who want -- to add for people who want to feel more involved. >> we have them emtbhetd water bowls as well. deirdre: they will have real jerseys. >> team rough and team fluff. deirdre: this one just ripped off the other one's jersey. >> wardrobe malfunction. deirdre: i know you are the ref, you are supposed to be impartial. >> last year rough decimated team fluff.
6:00 pm
this year they are better balanced. so i think they ever coming back. deirdre: thanks for bringing your four-legged buddies. neil cavuto has an end view with pro football quarterback see lie manning on fox business at noontime. thanks for joining us. making money with charles payne starts right now. charles: the dow closed up 79 points after crossing the line serve times. the pharmaceutical industry, they are coming under fire as martin shkreli and on the e exerk -- andother


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