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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  February 4, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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this year they are better balanced. so i think they ever coming back. deirdre: thanks for bringing your four-legged buddies. neil cavuto has an end view with pro football quarterback see lie manning on fox business at noontime. thanks for joining us. making money with charles payne starts right now. charles: the dow closed up 79 points after crossing the line serve times. the pharmaceutical industry, they are coming under fire as martin shkreli and on the e exerk -- andother execs testifye
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congress. marco rubio surging in the latest new hampshire poll. candidates are attacking him, including chris christie. >> unlike some of these other campaigns, i'm not the boy in the bubble. we know who the boy in the bubble is who never answers your questions. he's scripted and controlled because he can't answer questions. when the boy in the bubble gets here, i hope you guys ask him some questions. because it's time for him to start answering questions. he wants to say this race is over. it seems to me he ought to stands across from you and answer your questions. >> that's silly. when people are having a tough time in their campaign, you see some desperation set in so they will start saying things. i'm not too worried. charles: marthamarco rubio is up 80% in
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two days. this is inceilinging to say the least. leah, you do the dials and get the feel and the pulse of people. what's happening here? i know that a lot of people were offended marco rubio comes in third and the media play ofs him up as though he won. >> he behaved as a winner and he looked at that as a victory. he acted like a winner coming into new hampshire. he's got momentum going. he's a it 7 the third square he comes in strong in a debate. his strategy was i need to come in third. let the top two, one of them will look like a loser and i'll start taking it in.
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charles: gina, a cnn poll, trump has the lead by the's only 29%. here rubio overtakes cruz 18% to 13%. could things change in new hampshire? could we have an upset? >> we could. but this is a long race and this is the first two steps, very small. but what's interesting is what i pointed to on your show before. the goal of the establishment all along was to divide the top two most independent least establishment candidates and usher in their establishment candidate. they see this as their moment and riewb yoaf is performing like a star. people better wake up and stop doing the circular fire among conservatives. charles: throughout the last couple weeks, who is the conservative who is not a conservative? i have seen people fall for a conservative cause for 3 or 4
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decades being called rinos. if you are establishment you sit around saying keep it going. >> it's true. the establishment supporters must be feeling like they have a moment of peace. what's exciting is it will be a total bloodbath. it's the last chance for so many of these guys, chris christie, john kasich and jeb bush to communicate they might be a viable credible candidate. that's why jeb bush's brother just cut an ad for his super back. new hampshire voters are notoriously flakey. some political scientists say they won't decide who they are going vote for until the week of the primary. for now the moderate can enjoy the chaos is con even trade along conservatives.
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charles: there is some sort of monolithic unit with one puppet master, he hasn't been able to get these guys under control. otherwise it will be a bloodbath. >> i think the voters will have to determine that. at this point it's break free or die. chris christie, it's funny to listen to him say what he's saying about marco rubio. this is where he's been trying to get endorsement. new hampshire we'll see who is the andment candidate. and right now that guy looks like marco rubio. agree or not on his conservative credentials, there is some debate about that. he is going to be the establishment candidate coming out of this and he could have a dramatic performance in new hampshire. >> he would need to win it. he would need to overtake trump to be the most viable candidate. because i think it's been a long
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time before someone hat hasn't won iowa or new hampshire has ended up being the nominee. charles: what do you think, lynn? >> i think we'll be surprised by what's going to happen. i think there is so much opposition to trump and cruz. as many people support him, there are that's people against him. once we can get ourselves around one candidate, then we'll start to see something different. rubio has the potential to do that. if you remember what happened when we were talking about mccain in 2008. he was sort of nowhere and came up from behind. >> if rubio does come in second, i think we'll have a protracted race. you will see the establishment forces start to line up behind rubio. charles: rubio picked up an endorsement from a tea party member of congress in arizona. the lines are blurred.
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rush limbaugh said forget about the gaining of 8 thing, everything else about rubio has been conservative. i'm not sure who the moderate or conservative is and that makes it all the more confusing. >> there are different purity tests you can use, a million different score cards. but one thing that's important to keep in mind is marco rubio's press team, his p.r. operation is incredibly effective. they have been good at persuading a lot of d.c. reporters that rubio is more competitive than he may actually be. after iowa rubio got as many favorable headlines as cruz did. we have to be careful not to buy into conventional wisdom that rubio is a formidable and inevitable force. things are still tough for him
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and i think people are overestimating how tough he is. >> the guy could work well with other people and that could be a rule by which's an establishment guy. charles: donald trump is upset about what happened with ben carson. it feels like he's at this point more upset than ben carson. do you think he should be changing his focus learning from the lessons of iowa, focus on the ground gape. he increased his appearances in new hampshire. should he go for broke, should he hit the ground running and forget about what he did in iowa and focus on new hampshire. it's pretty sound that he should look at going forward. this is evidence of the fact that he is not a prepared polished politician. he don't know how to do what politicians know how to do. this is where people like cruz and rubio have a huge advantage. and the stopment should see
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this, does see this as their last chance to make sure they have open borders. if they can defeat cruz or trump in new hampshire they will see this as a way to keep open borders and the cash cows coming into washington, d.c. that their jobs depend on. charles: trump wins on border control. i want to switch our gears to the democrats. bernie sanders holding on to a comfortable lead. but back in 2008 it was a similar situation, and then there was a senator named barack obama. he came out of iowa with all kind of winds in his sales and clinton won. can she do it again and will she have to cry to make it happen? >> clinton is the fast it for the nomination. but will she win new hampshire? probably not.
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there is an expectation that bernie sanders will win by 20 points. that's what most public polling shows. even if clinton doesn't win new hampshire if she comes within 15, 10, 5 point of him, then that undercut sanders' team's arguments that there is a momentum he will be able to take to south carolina and nevada. if she can cut her losses she'll do well going forward. charles: if she can chip away at the younger vote and the narrative sanders has excelled in. maybe if she doesn't win happen *, that could be a goal for her. >> maybe she is discounting the young people don't vote as on as she should. but sanders has 75% of anybody close to being considered young
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in happen * and that's a big advantage for him. it's the reason he wins by such a wide margin. coming out of iowa, just fact sanders got close to hillary clinton was a win for sanders. if hi are you get close to sanders, that's a win for hillary. the person who wins isn't necessarily the winner. charles: i watched sander after monday. if i'm a 23-year-old, this guy is on my side, i'm saddled in debt. it's a hopeless situation, if someone is going to give me a hand. when you check pulses and do the dials, isn't that what gets people's blood pulling? >> absolutely. what's tonight for me. he's energizing young people. he connecting to this pulse of optimism and we can get your
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live back on track. america can be the country that take care of you. and people love hip. no gnat matter the message. the younger generation is responding to him. he's so comfortable in his own skin. he has a trust and magnetism that people are drawn to. charles: we'll be back. in the meantime don't miss our special congress of the new hampshire primary. meal cavuto has it covered as soon as the polls close. we start at 7:55:00 p.m. here on fox business. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. weyoung company around but if we want to keep the soda pop flowing
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>> you made three speeches for goldman sachs. you were paid $675,000 for three speeches. >> every secretary of state i know has done that. >> but they weren't running for office. >> to be honnist wasn't committed to running. i'm out here every day saying i'm going to shut them down and jail them. they should be jailed and break them up. they are not giving me have much money now. -- they are not giving me very much money now. reporter: that list is $21
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million. crystal wright author of "con job." >> i'm surprised she didn't look at anderson cooper and say, what difference does it make all that money i made. here is the thing, sweetheart. you are so in it for the money. before you are going to break up wall street, you are in bed with wall street. charles: the democrats have a dilemma. the socialist swan song, bernie sanders is rest hear it inning. he pulled hillary clinton over to the left. how can she effectively -- you served some of that and by the same token be this deep into wall street.
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>> here we are on a business channel round in capitalism and the complaint is that hillary is taking what the market will bear? if it was the case she was taking positions in favor of dodd frank or the carried interest loophole, then you could say she is bought and paid for. the worst you can say she was paid for but not bought. the financial times is running headlines that wall street is scared to death about hillary's tax plan. i think this is much, much ado -- i understand why people are making an issue out of it, by the won't resonate in even election campaign. her going close to wall street won't be a liability in the fall. charles: you know what resonates
6:19 pm
with voters. with all the odd co-incidents. the speaking fees bill clinton received for speaking engagements. it doesn't pass the smell test. >> the most effective attack against hillary is her ties to wall street. there is such a hatred among people of wall street and the greed and the symbols associated with it, it makes her seem like a hypocrite. people don't think she is authentic and they don't trust her. if i were advising her would i have said my job as secretary of state and president of the united states two talk to people all day long that i disagree with and i can make relationships with. that's my job here. that's what i was doing. she went by the all wrong. charles: a lot of folks in hillary's camp say she has a fire wall. that's the crux of your book.
6:20 pm
could she be making a mistake this time? >> bernie sanders had locked down the white democrat vote. he has zero black support. there were two articles in the washington post about that today. benjamin jealous the former head of the naacp has endorsed bernie sanders. he's endorsed bernie sanders but he's the on one. right now she is leading among all minority democrat voters by 40% to bernie. we see the democrats take the black vote for granted. it's waiting delight for republicans to go after. but only one republican is going after that vote, it's donald trump. i think they are missing opportunities. charles: president obama continued his religious tolerance rhetoric when it comes to muslims at the national
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prayer breakfast.
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>> fear can feed our most selfish impulses and erode the bonds of community. if we let it consume us, the consequences of that fear can be worse than any outward threat. charles: that was president obama giving his final address at the annual national prayer breakfast. this after making his visit to the american mosque telling muslims, they, too, are american and they are welcome here. gina, the theme this week from president obama is that muslims in america are under some form of siege, there is widespread
6:25 pm
attack, hatred and anger towards them and christians in this country probably should check themselves. >> this is the creation of a cry us using terror incidents, this is turning the victims into the perpetrators, and this is all about creating assuming logical environment that prop gates this idea victim gaition and creates tribalism by further divides our country. i studied a lot about the psychology of terror. the number one thing that's pervasive in the minds of terrorists when they commit crimes is the sense of tail nation, victimization and tribalism and he's work on that. charles: when we talk about self-radicalization that's one of the key components in it. vince, the political rhetoric
6:26 pm
has been maybe we'll keep all muslims out even if it's temporary. many seized on that as being un-american targeting billions of people who are maybe indepth sent. >> i would say when you are in a prayer breakfast, it's a call for unity. strangely obama seems to make these calls for unity while addingring for division to the process. making it seem like the muslim community is being percent cute. he made a comparison between two separate events he said represented spiritual courage. the first events involved an american soldier taken captive fit nazis and stood there in front of snoozy guards and protected jews serving among them. in that moment he said we are all jews and was not killed. the other story was a muslim america in chicago catch the san bernardino shootings and was
6:27 pm
concerned that he could pray in public. that obama said was comparable? i don't see that. it doesn't make any sense whatsoever. >> i have trouble understanding how the president telling muslim americans that they counts as muslim americans is contributing to their alienation. i think this was doing quite the opposite. the united states has a history having trouble interests grating certain immigrant groups, including chicago. f.b.i. data from 2015 shows there was a significant uptick in attacks on muslim americans because of their faith. if you are trying to combat radicalization and trying to make this country safe for all people of faith, there are 5,000 muslims serving in the u.s. military.
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that's a good thing. alienating them could have very negative effects. charles: i have got to tell you have the lingering symbols we are seeing out of europe don't help. thanks a lot. we are following the money in the race to the white house as dr. ben carson's campaign is struggling and bernie's budget keeps growing. at the end of the day you have need cash to get in the white house. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me. with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do release its own insulin. trulicity responds when my blood sugar rises. i take it once a week, and it works 24/7. it comes in an easy-to-use pen and i may even lose a little weight.
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>> yes, this was something that we had planned on anyway. when i did a deep dive a couple months ago, there was some irregularities that were found, some inefficiencies that were found and those have to be addressed it's the same kind of thing i would do as president. there is a lot of money being wasted and a lot of inefficiency in the government. just because you have the funds to continue that inefficiency doesn't mean you should do it. charles: that was dr. ben carson on fox news earlier explaining why his campaign cut a whole lot of their staffers. bernie sanders is raking it in.
6:33 pm
he has a windfall of cash. $3 million in 24 hours after iowa. donald trump taking to twitter blaming iowa. betsy, i am really worried about ben carson's campaign here. i think this is something that's been rumored for a while. he raised a lot of money an spends a lot of money doing it. he got rid of a bunch of staff, and i think that played a role with those rumors that his campaign is over. he's in a tough position. >> i think the rumors the cruz cam prop gate, the reason it got so much legs is baits was believable. there is no argument his
6:34 pm
campaign has been poorly managed. spending significant amounts of money on fancy hotels and luxury items that most campaigns don't spend cash on. it's quite telling. so the point that ben carson made on fox is ironic. he compared his campaign to the federal government. he compared his campaign's waste to the government's waste. that's a weird message to make if you want to say you are a fixer upper. charles: he saw it was leaking and he filled it up. sanders has sworn off pacs. hillary clinton had $48 million raised out of super pacs. bernie sanders, zero. he and donald trump are completely ignoring all the pacs. and i think that helps both candidates. >> the jury certainly out on
6:35 pm
whether it helped trump who is complaining about the fact he didn't spend more money. this for a guy who has never missed cutting the best deal ever. somehow he missed something pretty fundamental. you need to invest in a positive outcome. in terms of bernie sanders he's playing that up, the fact that he does not have a super pac going for him. hillary clinton raised less but she raised money last square and this quarter for the democratic national committee. i think she is looking down the road and i don't think many of your viewers should go to bed thinking bernie sanders is likely to be the democratic nominee which is why she can raise money with a clean conscience. charles: i have got to tell you something, i don't know. i think bernie sanders is formidable. but here's the thing. job bush came into this thing
6:36 pm
with a vault full of cash. i don't know what he spent it on. a lot of ads that haven't worked. but he's still sitting on a lot of cash. does the cash undermine him in getting out of this race? >> bless his heart. this is so sad. charles: did you see that when he asked the audience to clap? >> he does have a bunch of cash. but if he doesn't place in the top three in new hampshire he needs to go home. charles: what does he do with the cash? >> i don't know, he burnt the bridge with rubio. charles: does the money follow the candidate that's going to win or does the money create the candidate that's going to win. >> the money follows the candidate that's going to win. sanders has momentum, money is going his direction. people are donating to rubio.
6:37 pm
money follows leaders. charles: we have some sad news. maurice white passed away at his home in lax yesterday. he suffered from parkinson's disease. disease. he was on 74 years old. [♪] to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america home. expert medicine works here. find out why at cancer cancer treatment centers of america. charles: when it comes to california taxes a super boys a no-win situation.
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charles: the dow jones trim average crossed the line many times today. maybe the narrative has been all wrong. the big story today and yesterday was the drop in the dollar. it fuels a lot of stocks that were left for dead. a lot of commodities doing much better. as buyers move back into the 100-year-old industrial names. they dumped the tech stocks. the magic elixir, cheap gasoline is not showing up in most of the economy. job layoffs are up 230% from a year ago. ralph lauren and kohls were
6:42 pm
slaughters. it's going to get worse tomorrow. linkedin, 192 to 137. it's been crushed unmercifully. i'm getting close to pounding the table on ibm. tomorrow it's all about jobs and wages. the street looking for 190,000 jobs. in december that was also the estimate. the last three months we have seen the average gain of 280. the tea leaves don't make it look like tomorrow will be a great number. wall street will be look for bad news to be good news. you don't want to miss a fox business special "jobs in america." we'll have all the numbers and crunch them for you and tell you
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what it means for your portfolio at eight:00 a.m. on fox business. we have sports alerts. thanks to california's outrageous tax rates. cam newton may pay more in taxes than gets for playing the game. the losers get $51,000. cam newton will owe $101,000 for the events of a win and still owe $101,000 in the case of a loss. in california the tax man always wins. sunday all pro linebacker thomas davis who broke his arm against the cardinals might wear a 3d printed brace. this is the guy having the best season of his life.
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>> do you think you have done anything wrong? >> on the advice of counsel, i invoke my fifth amendment privilege against self incrimination and respectfully decline to answer your question. >> you are welcome to answer questions and not all of your answers will subject you to incrimination, you understand that, don't you? >> i intends to follow the advice my counsel, not yours. charles: that was martin shkreli refusing to testify in front of a congressional committee. he hiked the price of an aids drug 800%. >> we have to stop doing our
6:49 pm
research, too. dose wants fortune 500 one companies to pay less money or have less drugs. he pleaed for me to do the right thing. what he's advocating for is the wrong thing. charles: matt, welcome to the show. we know how much it cost to start a drug from beginning to ends. tufts universities says it's $2.9 billion. this kid bought own orphan drug and hiked the price immediately and drew a lot of attention that i think will harm the overall industry. >> what he did like hackers do with computer defense and things like that. he exposed the flaws in the system by his own bad behavior. even generic drugs, this is a
6:50 pm
generic drug, even generic drugs understood the fda's currents system take three years to approve. someone can go out there and eat his lunch if they wanted to. but the fda process takes so long web's snapping up orphan drugs. charles: there is a company adding folic acid to it. i'm concerned that this kid becomes the poster kid for the drug industry. >> symbols matter. remember when the auto industry, they all took airplanes down to d.c.? this man is becoming the symbol for the pharmaceutical industry which brings life-saving drugs to people. healthcare is something that's so important. pharmaceuticals are so important to all our daily lives.
6:51 pm
but people are saying they shouldn't be able to charge this kind of money. because of the ri -- because ofe rigors it bosts billions to bring a drug to the market. charles: do you think we need more government involvement that some how government should put price caps on what these drug companies can charge? >> i agree with you and leah and matt. i don't know who hates shkreli more than members of congress that he was so contemptuous. when he used the word respectfully decline, he showed no respect. or the big pharma companies i'm sure wanted to smack in the
6:52 pm
middle of that hearing because he will be the poster child for what would otherwise be life-saving drugs. the fact of the matter is, we have got to bring in the bad guys. shkreli is the poster child for that. but the drug companies -- look at ebola. that would have cost trillions to the world economy if the drug companies and there is essentially no market for the ebola virus, developed something to stem the tide for something that everybody thought would be iewnous. politicians of every strike need to take that into account. charles: it's the exact opposite. we have politicians on both sides of the aisle who have talked about this in the past 24 hours and continue to. >> they think on in terms of punishing bad corporate guys. they don't look at what the government can do to save lives if they make the fda more nimble
6:53 pm
and they are not doing that. charles: coming up. more on the hoik email scandals. investigators discovered some of her emails contained details on undercover cia agents who were actually in the field. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. : breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help
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. charles: hillary clinton in more hot water as investigators discovered some of the e-mails on her personal server contain references to undercover cia agents including one killed in a suicide attack in afghanistan. this as clinton attempts to overcome bernie sanders who currently leads the race in new hampshire. joining me now gina loudon, chris harmer and christian whiton. chris harmer, start with you, common sense from the very beginning, people thought could have been the case, might have been the case and more and more we're learning it is the case. >> yeah, the investigation is ongoing so in terms of the specific details of the clinton case, i'll leave that until the investigation wraps up. military perspective is information is not classified
6:57 pm
because it's marked. it is marked because it's classified. all this matters to the end user or somebody transmitting it is what is the content of the communication? the phone call? the verbal communication, the written e-mail, the letter? what is the information that leaves your hand, your lips and goes out to the world. he info classified, it doesn't matter what the markings on. charles: and christian, one catherine herridge at fox news broke the special access part of it broke open a narrative that indeed individuals, operatives around the world were at risk and now more evidence, chris is right, it's not conclusive but feels like, we're hearing that lives are put at risk. >> yep, there is that factor. the closest guardest secrets, we rely on covert officers overseas, people who work in the embassies for the state
6:58 pm
department, the commerce department or somewhere else and are intelligence operatives. that's what hillary was discussing in this. a foreign intelligence service could look at discussion, the context, if you say so and so who worked for the, quote, unquote state department, you as intelligence operative for china or russia which privately hacked hillary's server could piece together who the person was and follow the person and go get their sources, kill their sources and dealing with intelligence agencies like china, russia, pakistan here with the covert agents in afghanistan, talking about lives that are put at risk. this is beyond the pale. any jury and prosecutor would think that hillary should know that that would be top secret. charles: you know, gina, bernie sanders has been reluctant to talk about this. in the last few days, i've heard him bring it up more than the past. this is going to be politically damaging, and i think he may hit home with this as well?
6:59 pm
>> i think he should. if he has any interest in real people, like he talks about all the time. we're talking about taking for granted and really just running roughshod over the very lives of people around the world that are trying to operate. i mean imagine thinking that at any moment you're working in russia, a cia asset and all of a sudden, you know, somebody looks at you funny and think my gosh, am i one of the people in hillary's e-mails. you can't know. she takes this stuff for granted just like benghazi and makes you wonder what her value of american lives is and how far she's willing to go preserve her own political hide over that of the americans in danger. charles: right, chris, a couple seconds here, why does she keep saying it wasn't classified? what is she getting at? is there a technical out for her here? >> people are looking at there may not have been markings on the e-mails. that is irrelevant.
7:00 pm
i'm familiar with some of them, if i go home tonight and write you an e-mail, the details of operational plans for or against iran. doesn't matter if it's marked classified, the information is classified. charles: thanks a lot. here's lou. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. five days until the new hampshire primary and there is plenty of good news tonight for donald trump. two new polls show trump firmly in the lead with a more than 20-point lead over his opponents in both of the polls. earlier today, the republican front-runner made an unscheduled stop at his campaign office in manchester and told reporters he feels good now about his chances. >> people like us, we seem to be doing very well. you know here it's a little less about a ground game, you got to go out and vote. here you go out, pull the trigger and come back. you don't sit around for an


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