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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 4, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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i'm jamie colby for "strange inheritance." thanks so much for watching. and remember... >> it's just money. can't take it with you. classified, the information is classified. charles: thanks a lot. here's lou. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. five days until the new hampshire primary and there is plenty of good news tonight for donald trump. two new polls show trump firmly in the lead with a more than 20-point lead over his opponents in both of the polls. earlier today, the republican front-runner made an unscheduled stop at his campaign office in manchester and told reporters he feels good now about his chances. >> people like us, we seem to be doing very well. you know here it's a little less about a ground game, you got to go out and vote. here you go out, pull the trigger and come back. you don't sit around for an
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hour and a half. i have been here a lot. great relationships with the people of new hampshire. i love them, they're amazing people. lou: trump holding a rally in portsmouth, new hampshire, trump is no longer alone in calling for audit of the iowa caucus results. iowa's largest newspaper, the "des moines register" slamming the democratic party for how they handled this year's caucus on their side. paper's editorial board wrote this, quote -- saying much what we said here monday night. we'll have the best political analysis tonight with the national review's rich lowry. republican strategist mercedes
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schlapp, and former clinton adviser doug schoen. florida governor rick scott has expanded the state of emergency there over the alarming spread of the zika virus. five counties are now on high alert after 12 people were diagnosed with the mosquito-borne illness in florida. up from nine people yesterday. we'll have a full report for you later in the broadcast. our top story tonight, the fight for new hampshire, donald trump as i said is on top but senator marco rubio is gaining. a rolling poll from the university of massachusetts shows rubio nearly doubling his support over the past four days. as a result, rubio's rivals are pouncing. fox news political correspondent carl cameron with our report. >> reporter: donald trump took the day off the new hampshire campaign trail to go to arkansas which doesn't vote until march 1st but picked up right where he left off pounding all his rivals.
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at a town hall-style meeting in historic exeter, donald trump let it fly at all the career politicians. >> no politician is going to solve it. no politician. i'd like to use foul language, i won't do it, i was going to say they're full of [ bleep ] but won't say that. >> reporter: calling cruz an anchor baby did not stick in iowa, trump's resurrected it in new hampshire where there is significant population of french canadians. >> you try having an anchor baby in canada, there's one anchor baby in canada. >> reporter: cruz released a video mocking trump for former president jimmy carter's statement he would prefer trump over cruz. third in iowa, marco rubio getting hammered by several rivals. >> if momentum were measured by the media, marco rubio would be the republican nominee. i understand that in the mee media newsrooms and in the washington establishment circles marco is the chosen one. >> reporter: chris christie's
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doubled down on latest rubio attack, too. >> marco rubio is the most protected, coddled candidate of this entire race, and so what i've said before is let the boy come out of the bubble, see what he can take? >> reporter: rubio belittled the boy in the bubble attack. >> that's how i responded. look when people are having a tough time in the campaign, especially near the end, you see desperation set in. i'm not too worried about that. >> reporter: after endorsing rubio yesterday, former rival rick santorum tripped up when asked about rubio's accomplishments. >> there's a guy who's been able to, number one. >> reporter: team rubio in the same interview had no chance to brief him. dr. ben carson forethought of iowa and short on cash announced cutting 44 staffers and plans to increase the cuts to 50 after new hampshire. >> just because you have the funds to continue the inefficiency doesn't mean you should do it. >> reporter: struggling for traction, jeb bush is about to get an assist from the proright
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to rise super pac with his brother george w. bush. >> jeb bush is a leader who will keep our country safe. >> reporter: jeb bush spent the better part of last year defending family name. now as he tries to get back on track, he'll be campaigning with first lady barbara bush as his family comes to camp defending him. lou: carl cameron, thank you very much. hillary clinton battling it out with bernie sanders over who is the more progressive candidate? the two faced off last night at a town hall meeting, but we can expect the gloves to officially come off tonight when they face off for the first time in a one-on-one debate. a lot on the line for clinton, who trails sanders in new hampshire by 20 points. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry with our report. >> reporter: if the democratic forum was batting practice for tonight's one on one debate with bernie sanders, hillary
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clinton whiffed on a question about pricey speeches delivered to goldman sachs. >> did you have to be paid $675,000? >> well, i don't know. that's what they offered. so -- [laughter]. >> reporter: eyebrow raising answer reminiscent of former president bill clinton last may explaining why he would give paid speeches while she's running for president. >> yeah. i got to pay our bills. >> reporter: the candidate went further, adding to the questions dogging her campaign over honesty and trustworthiness, adding she didn't realize the speech income could hurt her potential bid. >> i wasn't committed to running, i didn't know -- >> you didn't think you were going to run for president again? >> it wasn't. >> reporter: open secret for years that clinton was planning to run and thought there were different rules for accepting money from goldman sachs if she did not run. and the questions about speaking fees should not be a surprise since sanders has been hammering her close ties to wall street. >> i do not know any
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progressive who has a super pac and takes $15 million from wall street. that's not progressive. >> reporter: with sanders' attacks ringing in their ears, the clinton camp postponed a fund-raiser in nearby boston supposed to be held by bain capital, the same firm democrats battled gop nominee mitt romney over. sanders is surging ahead of her. while he raised over $20 million in january, the clinton camp raked in 15 million for her and another 5 million for the dnc and state parties as new questions are raised about whether clinton won the iowa caucus. the "des moines register" which endorsed clinton published a blistering editorial saying something smells in the democratic party because of the coin tosses and other oddities that left clinton ahead by .02%. the paper calling for a full audit declaring --
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sanders is heading into this debate here on the campus of university of new hampshire ahead of steam. new nbc news poll that suggests he's leading in the granite state by 20 points over clinton. you dig deeper, leading among independents by 43 points. young people by 52 points and get this, lou, even a small edge for sanders among female voters. lou? lou: his numbers continue to impress, and i suspect concern the clinton camp. ed, great to have you with us, thank you. >> thank you. lou: ed henry reporting. shocking testimony on capitol hill. head of the union representing border patrol agents told congress that the obama administration has reinstated a so-called catch and release policy for illegal immigrants. which means border patrol agents must release all illegal immigrants who simply claim but who do not have any necessity
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of proving that they've been in this country since january of 2014. >> immigration laws today appear to be mere suggestions, there are little to no consequences for breaking the laws, and that fact is well known in other countries. if government agencies like dhs are allowed to bypass congress by legislating through police, we might as well abolish immigration laws altogether. lou: mr. judd says catch and release has been reinstated by the obama administration because, he says, homeland security has been embarrassed by the number of illegal immigrants who don't show up for their deportation hearings. they're required to do so voluntarily. but instead of fixing the problem, judd says the administration ordered border patrol agents not to arrest illegal immigrants in the first place. problem solved. the governor of florida, rick scott expanding the state
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of emergency to a fifth county today. three new cases of the zika virus diagnosed. this brings the total number of people with the zika virus to 12, there are no reports of mosquitoes transmitting the virus to people within the state. earlier today spain confirmed that a pregnant woman there has been diagnosed with the zika virus, the first such case in europe. she had traveled to south america. we're coming right back. stay with us. >> chris christie sharpens attacks against marco rubio slamming him with rick santorum's endorsement. >> and they asked him to name one accomplishment of senator rubio's career. he couldn't come up with one. lou: will attacking rubio give christie a boost in new hampshire? we take it up with "national review"'s rich lowry and republican strategist mercedes schlapp. dozens of tornadoes hit southern states. video of the storms and the
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. lou: donald trump today making it clear it was legal, legal immigrants who made this country great. trump sparring with a woman he said planted by bernie sanders at his new hampshire rally who
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claimed illegal immigrants are the, quote, back bone of america. here we are. >> let me just tell you something. let me just tell you something. you know what the back bone of our country? people that came here and came here legally. people that came to this country legally and worked their ass off and made the country great. that's the backbone. lou: joining us tonight, the former president george w. bush's spokesperson and republican strategist mercedes schlapp. great to have you with us, mercedes. editor of "national review," fox news contributor, rich lowry. a fine performance by donald trump, wouldn't you say? >> fine as far as it goes and speaks to trump's family background. he had immigrant stock. grandfather and father who worked very hard in this country. lou: why is the "national review" trying to kill his candidacy? why are you going after him? >> i don't think he goes far enough in some respects, lou, for 40 or 50 years after world war ii, had no net immigration
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in this country, and this country was still great. lou: without net immigration. >> and if we didn't have immigration tomorrow, the country would still be great. lou: it gets complicated, doesn't it? mercedes, trump sounds like a man a little frustrated. it seems using language that some might consider off-color. >> sounds very new york, lou. lou: [laughter] or texas or -- >> you two watch your language in new york, okay? lou: i guarantee you, i've got a monitor at all times. >> you got to watch lou and his new york values. lou: he's accusing the state of iowa, the political parties, the "des moines register" going after the democrats. donald trump and a few others going after the republican party in iowa. how's it going to come down? it's clear one thing, the iowa caucuses have been besmirched.
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>> absolutely. shows that the iowa caucus needs to be revamped for the next round because of so much of the failures that have occurred on the democrat side and on the republican side. i spoke to a woman who was in the iowa caucus and she said she literally saw people writing on a post-it note who they were voting for. that's how they were submitting it. we're in the 21st century. where is the technology? it's incredibly frustrating. for trump, it's a smart strategy to shift gears. he's doing the walk and talks, he normally does rallies and visiting the particular locations in new hampshire -- >> will it work? >> you know, he's in a strong -- lou: he's got a 20-point lead. >> it should, if he does well on the debate and the ground game is real. >> the ground game, i don't think there is a ground game. he didn't have one in iowa. hasn't had time to create one in new hampshire.
11:18 pm
>> he had one in iowa, not as strong as cruz's. lou: let me put it another way. he didn't have a ground game in iowa. rich, what do you think? >> big cushion in new hampshire and the tracking polls don't show him going down at all. the only significant movement is marco rubio into a significant clear second place. new hampshire looks a little different today than a week ago and assume it will look different monday than it does now. the other big event -- you. >> sound like a man about to prey. >> two points, remember the undeclared voters, there's going to be 40% of the undeclared voters. lou: independents. >> they can go either way, they can vote in the democratic or republican primary. that's an important point for donald trump as well. lou: do they go for trump or cruz or rubio? by the way, how about dr. ben carson who's the guy who really got -- he was taken advantage of in iowa.
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>> come on! [laughter]. >> that's why he's not campaigning in new hampshire. he's taking a rest in florida! >> but you look at new hampshire, i forget what the exact number is in iowa, 20 or 12%, i forget exactly are independents who vote in the caucuses. last time around in 2012 in new hampshire. 47% of the voters in the new hampshire republican primary were independents. lou: who do they vote for? >> 30% were moderates and liberals. that is much better terrain for donald trump. lou: and for a john kasich. >> and chris christie and jeb bush. lou: going to be fascinating because tonight in derry, jeb bush is campaigning. his mother we're told is in the audience there. he is in derry. let's just hear what he's got to say here real quickly. >> the people of this great country. we'll get back to the business of creating high, sustained economic growth, and i know how to do this because i've done it
11:20 pm
in the private sector and i did it as a governor where, we tore down the barriers, we led the nation in small business growth. lou: the governor and the former first lady, mother of the president, wife of the president, mother of the man speaking there who wants to be president, barbara bush, the great lady in attendance. up, i love the fact that here's a man in his 60s with his mother who is so vital and so vigorous that she can be there on the campaign trail. that's wonderful that the family has that kind of vitality. i want to turn, if we may, to you, rich. you talked about how despite the best efforts of the "national review" that donald trump remains a viable candidate. who do you expect to emerge from new hampshire? who do you expect to prevail in the next primary, which is south carolina? >> new hampshire is pretty much
11:21 pm
a must-win for trump, at this point, to go 0 for 2 after leading for so long would be quite devastating. if he does win, second place is significant. can marco rubio beat the other so-called establishment candidates and potentially get them out of the race? jeb makes it sound like he's going to stay in no matter what, at least through south carolina. lou: you get the quick last word, mercedes, who wins new hampshire and south carolina? >> well, with the polls being so volatile, i'm still going to bet on donald trump winning in new hampshire. i think for south carolina, you know, they're going to duke it out between rubio and cruz and trump. it's going to be sort of this three-way race that we saw in iowa. again i think they're going to play strong in south carolina. >> the absence of coronation feels good in both parties, doesn't it? >> makes it exciting. thanks, lou. >> thanks so much. lou: vote in our poll tonight. the question is --
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we'd like to hear from you. cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs news, and follow me on twitter -- links to everything, this breaking news now, the white house saying it has agreed to work with columbia on the zika virus research and vaccine development. columbia has the second highest rate of zika virus infections that after brazil. the head of the national institute for allergy and infectious diseases anthony fauci says a lot can be done to stop the virus' spread with mosquito control. >> we can dramatically diminish the impact of this outbreak in south america and in the caribbean by very aggressive mosquito control and by
11:23 pm
mosquito control, i mean not only eliminating mosquito by larvacide and insecticide by cleaning up breeding places of mosquitoes. lou: in colombia that partnership has other potential benefits, colombia, though it has the second largest number of infections, it also, well, so many more are recovering there, and we need to understand better how the colombians are managing to pull that off, and the nih working with them to do just that. the south cleaning up after being battered by a series of tornadoes. this video shows a twister touching down in ft. stewart, thankfully no injuries were reported. that is always an awesome troubling sight. alabama residents struggling to pick up the pieces after a series of tornadoes tore through the state. dozens of homes destroyed.
11:24 pm
a local prison damaged as well. emergency preparedness being praised. no fatalities reported despite the significant damage. up next, a few thoughts on the house oversight committee's plan to investigate hillary clinton and what appears to be an ever widening gulf between the leadership of the house and many of its members. we'll have the latest for you on that. and skiers going to the rescue of a wild pig. also known as a wild boar. we'll have the video for you coming up. remarkable. humane. a rescue of a wild boar. the wisdom of it, we don't know quite yet. stay with us.
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. lou: a few thoughts now, if i may, on what appears to be a widening conflict between the leadership and a lot of members of the house of representatives.
11:29 pm
we have just heard from speaker ryan's office that congressman jason chaffetz, the chairman of the house oversight committee, will not be proceeding with his investigation, his committee's investigation into government record keeping in which there was great concern that, well, the former secretary of state and presidential candidate now, hillary clinton, might become ensnarled. this is congressman chaffetz's statements saying -- that was apparently enough to spook speaker ryan. he's apparently scared to death of friction in his relationship with president obama. politico reporting that ryan and majority leader mccarthy met, chairman chaffetz's house
11:30 pm
oversight committee will not be proceeding with that investigation. we have not heard from chairman chaffetz who is on an airplane on his way to his district. if in any way hillary clinton had been the subject or even moderately collateral to the oversight probe, that would have created considerable problems for speaker ryan in his judgment. the speaker had earlier been emphatic about limiting any oversight investigation. here's his response today. >> bee we are going to respect the fbi's investigation. the fbi director james comey is in the middle of the investigation. they have the tools to do it. they will be respectinn. lou: already, in the ten months since the clinton scandal emerged more than 1600 classified e-mails have been found on her private e-mail server, including the 22 top secret e-mails withheld by the state department last week because of unique sensitivity and potential damage to national security if revealed.
11:31 pm
it is clear tonight that many in congress share chairman chaffetz's impatience with the investigation and mounting to house conservatives may be nearing a point of near rebellion. we'll find out. in washington it appears the establishment is becoming ever more irksome. our quotation of the evening. this one from robert hineland. he said -- and for everything we do not do, mr. speaker. we're coming right back.
11:32 pm
does the fired former pharma ceo martin shkreli work at being loathsome. he smirks his way through a house hearing invoking the fifth amendment. >> on the advice of counsel, i invoke my fifth amendment privilege. lou: fifth amendment or no, he could barely contain himself. what's next? we take it up with congressman mark meadows here next. and a convenience store robbery takes a turn when the thief's escape doesn't go quite as he escape doesn't go quite as he planned. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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. lou: joining us now, congressman mark meadows who serves on the house oversight and foreign affairs committees, and a member of the freedom caucus. congressman, great to have you with us. developments are overtaking us here this evening, and before we turn to the pharma bad boy who testified before the house oversight committee today. i'd like to turn to the speaker in his apparent -- well, edict that there will be no investigation of government record keeping that would have quote, unquote ensnarled hillary clinton, and therefore, the chaffetz investigation is at an end. your reaction? >> well, obviously, this is breaking news, lou, you're here covering it really as it breaks, even among many of us who are on oversight and government reform committee.
11:37 pm
but as we look at it, you know, the speaker said we want to let the fbi and director comey do his job. do i think that there's a wide breadth of hearings and additional investigation that could be going that is not targeted necessarily at a potential presidential nominee, and so i think chairman chaffetz and i will be getting together, under my subcommittee to find out how we can move forward. the american people want answers. they're tired of e-mails and rhetoric they're hearing on the campaign trail for sure. lou: there are a number of forces at work here, as you are obviously aware. one is that we have a public that's been extraordinarily disappointed by the house investigations, particularly the oversight committee, the benghazi committee and what they have produced as a result of extensive investigations.
11:38 pm
the oversight committee as a contempt of congress, the attorney general rushed away as the only sitting member of a cabinet to be so cited. now we're looking at an fbi investigation that is over six months in duration and nothing is being produced other than the fact that on its face hillary clinton, former new york mayor rudy giuliani, a prosecutor says in his judgment 13 laws she violated on the face of what we know of the investigation. sounds like a good place for there to have been competition if this is a fait accompli on the face that the house investigation is at an end? >> well, obviously, the american people are tired of promises that are not kept, and i think that's what you're getting at you. >> bet. >> i watched 13 hours on the benghazi thing and more incensed knowing that indeed i was part of hearings even before the benghazi select committee, and so i think it's really making sure that we get
11:39 pm
the answers. i would say that chairman chaffetz and i and the speaker as well are committed to getting the answers, part of it is not wanting to get in in the way of the fbi. there's a lot of groundwork we can do. >> i got to say, the fbi has been used as a political tool by this administration at least in this way, and i hope in no other. they hide behind the fact there is an fbi investigation, all of the information that should be forthcoming to the congress that seeks that information. instead they talk about an fbi investigation blocking at every instance, the people's right to know as expressed by the right of congress to know in my opinion. do you disagree? >> well, we have seen that in person cases. now i will say that director comey enjoys good support with both republicans and democrats, that he's a no-nonsense kind of guy. lou: this is a greater place for no-nonsense. >> it has to be, lou, you're exactly right, the other part
11:40 pm
of that as we start to look at that, when we saw the fbi, br they were dragging their feed as it related to lois lerner, we kept that investigation into oversight going. there is a short window to have accountability. lou: speaking of short windows, we're under one in terms of time at least today. your committee with the former pharmaceutical ceo martin shkreli, he called lawmakers imbeciles and sneered his claim protection under the fifth amendment. your reaction to this man, his antics, his demeanor? >> well, i was offended. we've had dozens and dozens of witnesses over the last four years, and his theatrics and that's what it was, took the cake. he may have plenty of money, but not a lot of sense. lou: yeah, and some pretty raw
11:41 pm
manners, too. i don't know how much money he's got, and i think it's -- well, we're going to leave it with what you said, congressman. great to have you with us as always. wish you all the best. >> thank you so much. lou: a massachusetts thief met his match as he tried to rob a convenience store. the thief tried to grab the register after demanding money, the store clerk brought a golf club with him into the mix. it didn't end there. the two struggled. the club, i can't tell you is it a 9 iron or 3 wood, he did well with it, they struggled. the thief gave up and went crawling out through the shattered door! i'm sorry. obviously, the man is in some pain and embarrassment, not to mention getting caught. police investigating the incident, arrests are imminent.
11:42 pm
he doesn't have a -- well, it's getting almost to the point now, we have so many of the robberies with video, we can almost grade style, and i have to say exit there was -- i think we can mark him down. up next, the obama administration under fire again because one important house foreign affairs committee chairman says it looks like ransom to many, paid to iran. we take that up. and violence breaking out in athens. protesters hurling molotov cocktails. police hurling tear gas and stun grenades. how to all worked ou feel a cold coming on? new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap,
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and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam.
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. lou: joining us foundation for defense of democracy, senior counselor, former cheney national security adviser, and morgan ortegas, good to have you both with us. let's start with congressman royce's call for a hearing into the payments of money that look to him like ransom. what do you make of it? >> interesting this payment was a $400 million payment that was frozen in 1979. this was before i was born. i don't know why -- lou: me too! >> it's interesting, you know, he's questioning whether this is tied to the release of the
11:47 pm
hostages, i think it's a legitimate question. we paid apparently 1.3 billion in interest. already given them billions whenever we are releasing the sanctions, what's a billion more, lou? lou: it becomes a point to further aggravation, john, i think is the answer to morgan's question. this whole deal is -- wreaks, it is foul, for whatever there is a hearing should be a point of the entire deal that is not memorialized on paper, it is not signed, not authorized by the congress and it is a treaty, is it not? >> yeah, no. this is a disaster, lou. in some ways the 1.7 billion and the hostages themselves as important as they are were small potatoes. big strategic move is the disaster of this deal, and the fact is that the iranians are now basically holding american foreign policy hostage. they know that this
11:48 pm
administration is so desperate to be able to present this deal with iran as a great historic success, that they are now prepared to overlook every single iranian provocation, no matter how outrageous, including spending the entire month of january, basically humiliating the most powerful navy on the face of the earth. lou: by the way, without exception, there was not a single incident of provocation to which the united states responded on or this administration. holding, and john if i may, holding the united states hostage but this president because this is his legacy. he is servile before this country's enemies. he is absolute low indifferent to the consequences, it seems, for this country. >> absolutely. i'm sorry, and the thing he n't never understood, that this kind of weakness is not going
11:49 pm
to get him less trouble, it will only invite greater and greater provocations and challenges from the mullahs in tehran. lou: morgan? >> the problem also with this deal, and with the ramifications of trying to bring sanctions back in, is once you release the sanctions like trying to put humpty-dumpty back together again. i was in the middle east when we were pushing this around. difficult to get the europeans, the russians and the chinese to agree on the sanctions. egg has been broken, you can't put humpty-dumpty back together again. lou: and vladimir putin moving in his latest, newest and most capable fighter jets into the middle east to support his aims, whatever they may be, and ours will definitely be in second position so long as he is there, it appears. john hannah, thank you so much.
11:50 pm
morgan, thank you. greece grinding to a halt a strike over pension reform proposals ended in violence. demonstrators, the countrywide strike shut down the country's schools, all of the transportation systems, greece tonight is a mess. it was earlier but now it is a violent mess. in sweden, a leisurely ice skating trip turning into a rescue mention. a group of friends on freshly frozen water spotted wild boars unable to navigate the slippery ice. friends had ski poles, they were able to gently, gently push the boar to the lake shore and stay out of his way once he gained traction, also a wise decision, humane of them and congratulations to them. well done. up next, hillary clinton
11:51 pm
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lou: joining me now eboni williams and former clinton pollster doug schoen.
11:55 pm
great to have you both here. let's start with the hillary clinton ... i'll start with eboni. can you believe a womb and of her experience and perspective would actually say the right wing conspiracy is still with us, it's just more vast and greater in size and effect. >> it's like i woke up and it's 1996 again. lou: it happens to me all the time. >> it's sad. i think there are so many people on the left that want to get pa this stuff. she does her receive a disservice when she goes back to that narrative. >> there was a legitimate investigation of hillary clinton's emails and there is a vast right-wing conspiracy to get her out. >> the investigation, i think this is a credible, legitimate
11:56 pm
thing, it's not republican. that's not the gop. that's the f.b.i. so that's what's confusing there for me. lou: sanders brings thousands and thousands of people together in these rallies. clinton has little tea parties of 50 people, 100 people. sanders people are drinking beer and getting roused. her folks are being very sedate. she brings out the same number of people and wins. is there some reason the des moines regioner says something smells in the democratic party in iowa. >> there is an olded a an k an d add and i don't care who counts
11:57 pm
the vote. lou: the des moines register saying that of the democratic party. donald trump is no longer alone in saying something irrespective of the outcome. that was a poor thing done to dr. ben carson. almost 10% of the vote even after all of this. >> it's one thing to say he went back to florida. but to put out a letter that says we suggest you caucus for us instead. lou: i think it pretty lousy what happened there. turning to what happened in new hampshire can he win, trump there this type without a ground
11:58 pm
game? it didn't work for nip iowa. >> he can win because he start with a bigger lead. but the evidence we have seen in a couple of polls that have been released is that he's slipping, he's at five event today. i think he recognizes this is make or break. >> i think he's getting this is not just dial it in politic. that's not going to work. if you are serious in this thing moving forward and making this make sense, i have got to be an active participant. lou: as we witnesses today dipping into these various rallies. there is a lot of energy for all of the candidate we have gone into with our cap as. his still seem to be the most energetic. we saw it in iowa and it amounted to a 4-point loss for hip. south carolina, moving forward.
11:59 pm
bernie sanders likely to win in new hampshire. i think you both agree, where does that take us going into south carolina. this look like a real knockdown dragout fight for both parties. this could be an historic year in terms of the rough and tumble of the presidential politic and perhaps great results. >> i think it's sad that we are so polarized and so divided. i think hi are you will ultimately he morning. the republican side, i think it's tough to say what will happen. but i don't think it's good for our democracy. because we have to come together to take out our enemies. >> it's not an open and shut case and we'll go far with it. lou: thank you for being here. in our online poll 80% of you said the republicans would have a better chance of victory in
12:00 am
speaker ryan were to take a vow of silence until election day. good night from new york. kennedy: let's ignite the night. on the watch, hillary clinton marinating in her lone delusion at last night' town hall. she and the bern got down with randy andy cooper. one of the great divides between the two remaining condis is wall street and whether hillary clinton has been bought and paid for like a rug in a turkish bazaar. she has been accused of accepting donations from wall street. she must have an airtight answer


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