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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 5, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EST

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speaker ryan were to take a vow of silence until election day. good night from new york. kennedy: let's ignite the night. on the watch, hillary clinton marinating in her lone delusion at last night' town hall. she and the bern got down with randy andy cooper. one of the great divides between the two remaining condis is wall street and whether hillary clinton has been bought and paid for like a rug in a turkish bazaar. she has been accused of accepting donations from wall street. she must have an airtight answer by now.
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>> i don't know. that's what they offered. every secretary of state that i know has done that. >> they are not running for office. >> to be honest, i wasn't committed to running. i didn't know whether i would or not. >> you didn't know if you were going to run for president? >> i didn't. kennedy: let's sift through the hot stink of her malarkey. that flat-footed answer, she says she is going to put wall street in an arm bar. that many like somebody giving you massage and you punching them in the face. we know anderson is using his effort keeping her honest. but she has been lying through her teeth. she has been running for president since then.
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anderson asked her about the vast right-wing conspiracy. >> do you still believe there is a vast right-wing conspiracy? >> don't you? >> i'm asking you. >> they solve their consciences by giving big money to philanthropy and getting great pictures of them standing in front of whatever charity they donated to. kennedy: like a pail and throppic organization like the clinton foundation? pot meet kettle. there is none more black. but obviously the blood left her brain after that fall and pooled permanently around her ankles. she is still holding fundraisers with her wall street enemies where i'm sure they are serving light hors d'oeuvres and all the kool-aid they can drink.
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i'll talk with ron paul about his son dropping out of the race. chris stirewalt and celebrity chef mark murphy. he will show us some brilliant snack ideas for the super bowl. we are super glad you are here. i'm kennedy. will hillary clinton be able to defrost enough in time to pull off new hampshire? we'll discuss it with katherine timph *. and julie roginsky a democratic strategist and fox news contributor. welcome aboard.
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so julie, such a solid response from hillary clinton about goldman sachs. so stellar. >> was that a spinal tap reference there? kennedy: let's talk about tap instead this horrible hillary. >> i'm willing to talk about spinal tap any time. but it was a horrible answer. i never understood why she took the money in the first place. i have a slight ingling she -- inkling she was running for president. independents feel strongly by the and even republicans care about it. kennedy: there is the economic populism making its way. she can't undo it. she has actually taken more money from wall street than bill clinton has since 1974.
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>> the problem for the clintons continues to be. there is never a paycheck they haven't passed up it's a problem because it's not an admirable trait. they are well enough as it is. they are pretty below thed. they don't need the money. >> let's put this into perspective. >> it's more than his net worth. to be frank, the mascot from monopoly is less tied to wall street than hillary clinton. she accepted 15 per around of her campaign donations from financial firms. i agree with you, just be honest by the. admit you are tied to wall street it's a better argument than yes i'm a little tied to wall street but i'm better than the guy with a guillotine cutting off the heads of investors.
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>> she could make the case what he will do would be worse for the economy. but they just love her and they wanted to hear her story of. >> beferg her answer was so dumb. even if she didn't want to run for president as she said, what difference does it make, right? guess what. people who like you give you have money and people like people who give them money. they say they knew of it would be a big lovefest. nobody pays somebody that much money for people to come be mean to them. >> i wants coffee. that's what i'm paying for. when goldman sachs pays hoik $600,000. they want phase. they know she is running for president. she knows she is running for president. you know implicit in that transaction there is an agreement. >> i don't think she cares.
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we have democrats like julie who just want a democrat in the white house. >> she charged more to speak at universities than she did at goldman action. kennedy: a poll at the university of massachusetts showing marco rubio jumping in popularity. we are taking ted cruz for second place gaining on donald trump. another poll found similar results with trump, rubio and kasich. in the top three with cruz nipping at their meals booties. could the granite state be rubio's breakout moment? >> i think he's the man of the moment. he's most likely to win the nomination. he bridges the anti-establishment divide. if he gets second place in new hampshire with those establishment other candidates behind them, he will force them
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out of the race and consolidate that support. >> i think you are right. a big rubio win, if those three finish fourth or worse, they absolutely have to get out of the race. is marco rubio moderate of any for new hampshire? >> marco rubio is trying to be all things for all people. he was for the immigration bill, then he was against it. the problem is for the governors. you have got kasich who has to go forward. you have got bush who will probably eke it out until florida. bush has to come in the top four or five. he can't come in behind christie. you have got rubio coming in second. bush has got to come in fourth. he's got enough cash to make it. he has enough cash to make it to florida. kennedy: then he will lose to marco rubio.
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i mean emotionally. >> he might be happier not being president. he doesn't steam joyful about this whole experience. kennedy: i counter predict he will drop out before florida. >> he changed his mantra. it used to be i'm my own man. now he's going to south carolina. remember my brother? he has given up his hone strategy to campaign on who he is. kennedy: he's not even interesting enough to be immoral. what's he going to do with all that money? >> they are going to shift it over to marco. >> you said he's not that establishment. marco rubio is very establishment. >> he was the tea party candidate.
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>> as soon as -- he's -- kennedy: we have to take a quick break. my pant returns shortly to discuss. is adele reporting stalking in her song "hello"? ted cruz fighting off voter fraud in iowa. there is blood in the water in new hampshire. chris style wart says everything may shake up by next week. type 2 diabetes doesn't care who you are.
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kennedy: good evening to you. democrats and republicans are crying foul with donald trump accusing ted cruz of stealing the election through voter fraud. the des moines register calling for an eight of the sanders-clinton votes. is something rotten in the state of see you what? fox news digital politics editor chris stirewalt. >> i know the answer to that question. "b," baby. kennedy: ben carson is claiming cruz stole his corn dog. >> ben carson has had bad staff work. it's been rough. and if ben carson has anything to complain about it's with his own people. they put out a press release
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saying he was going home to get clean clothes. kennedy: i want that guy to be president. >> it has not been an unbroken string of glory for ben carson. politics is the worst thing we do to each other that lacks physical violence. people that want to get in it. probably the best person to be president of the united states is not even running. he or she is out of this process and looks at this process and says barf. having somebody say, take a cnn report and say carson is not going to be on the trail, he's leaving. i'll bet's dropping out of the race. that's not voter fraud. that's just gross politics. that's how that goes. kennedy: considering how the candidates have been punking each other through this election cycle. it also -- this is what i want
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to ask you, the fact that cruz has been tarred with this, is that having any effect on him in new hampshire? >> ted cruz is not exactly new hampshire's dream date. he does have -- there is a substantial libertarian vote in new hampshire. but he has embraced four policy issues that differ with those folks. he's an evangelical. he's an out and out evangelical christian. he doesn't stack up for a state that's more secular and moderate than most of the republican electorate. he doesn't expect to do well in new hampshire. >> right now he's polling in third and we'll see how he does there. he was very smart to coin the term trumper-tantrum. i'm not impressed with a lot of what ted cruz does, but i was impressed by that.
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>> the primary beneficiary of what's going on is marco rubio. instead of being killed and having the story be about donald trump saying he's a thisy, sweaty stacked heel wearing human who should dry up and blow away, instead of that, you are got the two frontrunners killing each other and marco rubio going around picking up support. the real danger for trump is if he fights with cruise rubio is gaining momentum. >> i think trump is smart when cruz and rubio were going after each other. let's go back to iowa. the des moines register calling for a complete audit in the other side of the race. i'm surprised it's taken that long with that thin of a margin. you are talking about a third of one percent. >> it's fake. it's not an election.
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they could turn it into an election. the republican caucuses function as an election. you put your votes in a box and they count them up and they directly apportion the delegates by how many slips of paper go into each candidates' pile. on the democratic side you have to be merlin and have the cap and say you didn't reach the 15% threshold. they are not counting real votes. they are counting vote shares. the des moines register wants them to count the actual votes. there is nothing wrong with a caucus, it us just not an election. kennedy: who do you think is getting out after new hampshire. >> jeb bush. he's terrible at running for president and his party will not
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tolerate him going forward and being heinous to marco rubio. i can say john kasich but i'll be bolder. kennedy: gracias to you, my amigo. the valentine's day surprise is coming. i'm waiting for that box of candy. good night. coming up. kent 8 won't fire a professor with possible links to isis. but find out why they fired another professor.
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keb kennedy: a kent state profer known for his anti-israel rhetoric is under investigation for braise -- for praising usama bin laden and encouraging students to join isis. professor pino is til teaching at kent state. though last year the university fired a professor over a road range incident. that professor got mad at
12:23 am
someone for almost hitting a student because he was texting on his phone. so you have been combing dr. julio pino trying to convert people to join isis. >> a ton of radicalism. but he's saying i consider social media to be entertainment. so the reporter said these are joke. he said i don't might's jokes. i just mean it's open to interpretation. but this is the difference between tenure and note having tenure. one below fessor who has been -- one professor who has been there for 10 years, he gets fired. professor pino has been there
12:24 am
since 1992 and he has training manuals that teach people how to kill people. kennedy: is he a terrorist? >> if you mean you commit violent act yourself, no. but he supports suicide bombings publicly. so in 2002 he support terrorism vocally, then you know what happens the next year? faculty he can lens award. in 2007 one of his colleagues connects him to this pro al qaeda, website. then he says i guess i can get away with anything. then a former israeli diplomat shows up on campus and yells "death to israel." which is a death threat. kennedy: the school said we do not condone his statement. we think they are super gross
12:25 am
and abhorrent. but still the guy has a jobbie job which is weird. it seems like in the era of trigger warnings and microaggression, the fact that he's been so hostile toward israel, you have got to think there are israeli student on campus and he uses the n-word a lot. >> there were plenty of complaints about his conduct. when you are saying death to israel and calling for genocide and being connected to pro-al qaeda websites, this is crazy. anywhere there is an isis supporter it means you approve of killing people, including the student you teach. kent state university said the f.b.i. said there is no threat so we aren't going to increase security.
12:26 am
kennedy: college is a strange place. tenure can be really side though i'm hoping to get it here some day. >> i don't think it's going to happen. kennedy: i'm going to ask the fantastic mr. fox. this has been strangely delightful. i hope julio pino gets fired. moments when the jeb campaign went from funny to sad to super funny. bernie sanders confesses what we ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points
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and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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kennedy: like a bat out of heck the news flies out of the tv straight into your face. this is the "topical storm." topic number 1. this was sent to us from@gentle
12:30 am
underscore. well done, ben. it's not been an easy road to hoe for jeb bush. he blamed marco rubio for sending seat fillers to one of his events demanding to be paid. jeb is not helping his own cause. and part of that is the lack of applause. watch what happened when he had to beg for claps in new hampshire tuesday. >> i think the next president has to be a lot quieter but send a signal that we are prepared to act in the national security interests of this country for a more peace new world. please clap. kennedy: maybe they were confused because you said the
12:31 am
next president should be a lot quieter and they think you like quite. at least he has one supporter in his corn. vice president joe biden still an awfully big fan. oh, jeb. hashtag jeb. topic number 2. it's amazing the length some people will go to to avoid explaining the birds and the bees to their spawn like allowing a horse to have a wedding. >> my mom taught me how you got to get married before you have babies. i got cake, a tutu for her, and i got a bow tie for hugh. kennedy: that's how you have a horse wedding. gabe, so sweet.
12:32 am
this family allowed him to throw a pony wedding. do you have any idea how long and complicated catholic horse weddings are? well, at least they are not in latin anymore. wild bore, wild bore. when a wild bore got stuck on the ice in sweden. that portly love hunk couldn't move himself so they scooted him with poles and got him safely to land. my favorite event in the olympics. he was roasted on a spit and turned into delicious lunch meat. the boar fell in love with his captors.
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thank you. maybe they can invite the musician from that pony wedding when they get married. [♪] do you know how heard it is to clean honey and horse spit off keys? pop i can number 4. william defoe is the creepy character actor. i have to say it's hard for me to pick my favorite roles. it might be rat in "fantastic mr. fox." his latest part called for daring cross-dressing. have you seen this yet? >> this is a disaster. who is the genius who puts a girl on heels on a subway grate?
12:34 am
don't make fun of caitlyn defoe. she is a beautiful, stunning woman. topic number 5. last night i proposed bernie sanders is actually just a character master any portrayed by larry david. last night anderson cooper con o do this. >> anderson i know you have been in journalism for a long time. >> are you doing a larry davis right now? >> similar are you davis and you didn't get it. kennedy: he just admitted he's larry davis. foul on this. what if other candidates are really only brilliant actors. but which actor could pull off pretending to be a first lady
12:35 am
and secretary of state over two decades? there she is. miss america. if you have weird stories you want to see in the "topical storm." tweet me @kennedynation. dr. ron paul will answer where libertarians should flock to in 2016 now that rand paul is gone. a university group says adele's "hello" promotes something terrible. is it inequality, sexual harassment or gluten.
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♪ aloe from the other side ♪ i must have called a thousand
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times ♪ kennedy: where you at? a student group at the university of oklahoma is reportedly protesting adele's hit song "he slow" because they say the lyrics are an example of female on smell sexual harassment. are they on to something or smoking something. the panel is back with me. have you ever called someone a thousand times? >> text, yes. but not call. kennedy: any lynnials don't call people. >> it was specifically sexual harassment. unless she is leaving nawfty voicemails which seems like a weird thing for a heartbroken person to do. it's not sexual harassment. kennedy: i like it because they
12:40 am
are not attacking men. it many such a novelty. i think they are doing it to get publicity and attention which we are giving them. >> it's harassment of my ears because i hate adele and the song sucks. kennedy: we'll agree to disagree. do you love fish?i was promotine 90s like some other people at the table. kennedy: you hate adele but love the message. >> what about the police? why don't they go after "every breath you take." with sting. kennedy: when you are
12:41 am
overbearing you do things you wouldn't normally do. >> for years i have had a group singing "who let the dogs out?" on college campuses today people try to find anything that offends them it's a sad and a problem with academia but it's seeping into culture. >> i thought this was problematic before you did. kennedy: bernie sanders says he wants donald trump to win the nomination because he thinks he would beat him by a mile in the general. do you agree that they agree on a lot of stuff more than we think? >> i think donald trump if he wanted to made the decision? 2010 could have run as a
12:42 am
democrat. i think anyone will beat bernie sanders. i think donald trump will beat bernie sanders. by the even of the campaign people will think it was josephh stalin he's running against. kennedy: joseph stallin was a socialist. i'm not going to vote for either of them but there is something about the matchup that's so unsettling and satisfying at the same time. >> you are so right. we don't know what donald trump will be like by the general election. this is why i like donald trump. kennedy: that's not harassment when you get the warning. you like the battle of the crazy uncles. the bad part would be one of
12:43 am
them would be president and that would be horrible. watching crazy uncles battle is interesting. kennedy: it's worth the price of admission. >> it would be awesome. ken require was a revelation and nostradamus. option. i hope to goodness and mercy this happens. the election cycle has been so strange. if we were left with two milk toast candidates like to marco rubio and hillary clinton all would be lost. >> after all this we would be back to the same stuff again. >> i would be waving to you, you would be depressed.
12:44 am
>> in the middle of the debate would be michael bloomberg screaming for attention. >> who does michael bloomberg appeal to? wall street. kennedy: thank you so much. and it's our friday. you know what we have coming up? dr. ron paul answering the question, who should libertarians support now that rand pails out of the race. and we'll show you treats that
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kennedy: republican candidate
12:48 am
rand paul suspended his campaign, leaving many libertarians to wonder who they should support. here to answer the question, dr. ron paul. welcome back dr. paul. i have been hearing your name a lot over the last few days. i want to know because you have objective perspective on what it takes to run for president. when you look at rand's campaign, why didn't it catch on? >> he didn't get enough votes. that was the problem. i don't know, there is a lot of different reasons, i think. i think to take a position where you don't want to go to war carelessly and you are not interventionist and think you should on go to war with a declaration, it doesn't sell in an he strand gel cal community who wants to endorse a george
12:49 am
bush policy of preemptive war. if you are trying to guide people away from war it wasn't the right setting. i don't think it's a revelation of what the country is like or the republican party. the whole country is against putting boots on the ground in the middle east and we are winning that argument. kennedy: i talk to a lot of libertarians that think rand should have embraced you and your message and taken you out on the campaign trail sooner. do you agree with that? >> not necessarily. it's not like he was completely different. but if you cap pair hip to me he was the closest. you compare hip to the others, he was way out. you can question strategy when you have to back out of the race. but i just think that he by far surpassed them in protection of
12:50 am
privacy and reaching out to minorities and making people think about not going to war carelessly. there was nobody that even comes close. these pretenders, i want the libertarian vote. that to me is a real joke. kennedy: let's talk about that. ted cruz is making a direct play for your supporters. so where should libertarians and liberty minded republicans go now? >> they should forget about the republican primary and forget about the republicans and democrats. they are all interventionists when it comes to war, monetary policy, civil liberties. they are very much interventionist. you have to change idea and reach people. that was the purpose for me to reach people and try to change their minds. you have to do it outside. if you can take that and get
12:51 am
involved in politic which i did, and, you know, reach people, i would say now there is nobody that the libertarians should consider either in the republican or democratic party, so they will have to go teen alternative party, and of course there is no democracy there. you have a candidate in the libertarian market. are they going to get in the debate controlled by the republicans and democrats? kennedy: people are so passionate about your message. you have again personally responsible for converting young people to libertarianism opening their eye to the freedom. why don't you run for president as a libertarian? >> i never thought of that. that's not in the cards. i'm have much involved -- because i think it's difficult, and it's a big job and you need a lot of money.
12:52 am
and i get tired trying to get enough money to do these things. it what you true that a lot of money came in spontaneously. i think i have had my chance. i did it as a libertarian and as a republican twice. some good has cop from it. so it would be and little bit late. the democratic process doesn't exist in this country. i have to come on your program all the time to get a little bit of coverage. you think they cover the anti-war civil libertarian's position? kennedy: thank you for your insight. we'll talk again soon. celebrity chef marc murphy shows me how to make super bowl party treats that will knock your socks off.
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>> we found the presentation of your dish was elegant with you the use and of the dried cherry was ovehelmg anthe sh was ercoed. kenny: tre inothg woe thanoughish. that w celrityhef rc murphy, he has a regular role as a judge on the food network. and he's an expert when it comes to super bowl food. he's here to show some of his favorites for the big sunday game. the party people like me need something different and yummy to wow the crowd while they are consuming. >> different is the key operative word. you can't always have the nachos and the wings.
12:57 am
you can have those as well, but mick it up. kennedy: throw in the cole slaw. >> or a ham. super bowl is a great type to eateat. uhumus. we'll put those in the bowl. the chickpeas. i can't wait to sample your work. they are gluten free. kennedy: god willing. we have chickpeas and roasted beef. a little bit of tahini. we are going to put a little roasted garlic. olive oil, cook it nice and slowly.
12:58 am
it get that sweet sort of flavor. this is cumin. and then we have got right here, this is a spice i brought back from turkey. what's it called in sumac. kennedy: isn't that the plant that makes you itchy? >> i don't know, i hope it's not poisonous. for the friend with the celiac like me this is great. >> i like to finish it off with horseradish. what gadabout this for people who want to have a little bit of pita. >> they can go to our facebook page. >> let's make a lobster. i put a little bit of mustard in.
12:59 am
i like to make my lobster roll with a french influence. tarragon. down south. you have got parsley here. more roasted garlic. >> then everyone can smooch at the end. >> this is the spice with salt. if you are from baltimore you know old bay. kennedy: marc murphy this is gorgeous. now he's got your ticket to super bowl paradise. this is great. i'll see hip at his restaurant or maybe not because he will have me ushered out. follow me on twitter and
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instagram @kennedynation. email a paid advertisement for time life's music collection. ♪ chances are 'cause i wear a silly grin ♪ there are artists we'll always remember... ♪ mona lisa, mona lisa ♪ men have named you there are beautiful songs, words and memories that will always touch our hearts... ♪ it's impossible ♪ to tell the sun to leave the sky ♪ ♪ it's just impossible this is the music of your life.


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