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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  February 5, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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it was, effectively, i j. so i guess i was destined to become a reporter. i'm really looking forward to tuesday. i hope you will join me there. i'll see you monday. have a wonderful weekend. ashley, you're in for liz claman today. ashley: i am. that was priceless video. it looked like it was shot last week. trish: you are such a sweetheart, this is why i love you. ashley: i hope you bust out the sash, i'd to love to see you wearing that, maybe in new hampshire. thanks, trish. a mixed january jobs report, that is for sure, adding to the uncertainty on wall street. the dow jones industrial average up 260 points, near session lows, as the markets digest that jobs report, and they say, ha, see you later. the economy adding 151,000 jobs in january, but that was less than expected. that's the bad news. but it was enough to lower the unemployment rate to 4.9 president. that is an eight-year low. i guess that is better news. president obama seeing the
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best of this report, taking a victory lap, calling the u.s. the strongest, most durable economy in the world, pointing to slight gains in wage and income growth, low oil prices and an increasing number of americans with health insurance. our experts will put it all in perspective for you. the president's surprise appearance at the white house very political in nature, no big surprise, taking aim at gop presidential candidates in new hampshire for what he says peddling doom and gloom on the campaign trail. the republican contenders are preparing for tomorrow's debate. meantime, hillary clinton and bernie sanders already got their licks in last night. sanders again trying to tie clinton to wall street. we'll go live to new hampshire while our political panel will analyze both parties from every angle. miss, is the american tax -- plus, is the american taxpayer supporting the assad regime? also the latest on the new york city crane collapse and, oh, yeah, we're live from san francisco at the site of super bowl 50.
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we're also, by the way, less than one hour to the closing bell. i'm ashley webster in for liz claman this afternoon, let's start the "countdown." ♪ ♪ ashley: well, my, oh, my, volatility is the name of the game for the first week of in february, in fact, for the whole year. seeing the 27th session of triple-digit moves for the dow. the nasdaq getting hit hard, down as you can see over 3%, down 3.3%. the so-called fang stocks, shall we? be we're going to talk about those. facebook, amazon, netflix, alpha pet -- google's parent company -- all falling especially hard in today's tech selloff. these momentum darlings were huge winners last year, but today they're getting beaten up. oil, meantime, settling at $30.89, down 2.6% on the day, off about 83 cents. not great, but as you can see,
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u.s. oil companies also going right along with the price of oil, all moving lower. look at conocophillips, down 7%, devon energy also off 8%. so what's the play in all of this? grab your money and run for the hills? let's get right to the floor show. we've got traders at the new york stock exchange, the cme and the nymex, also joining us is tom gimble at lasalle, we'll talk about the jobs report with teddy. god bless you. why do you keep doing this? you should retire to your mansion in the hamptons and let someone else try and figure out this market. what the heck's going on? >> if i have to retire to the hamptons, i'll be cutting your grass. [laughter] you know, it is, it is breathtakingly disturbing, what's going on in the tech sector. it's like they decided to take certain sectors out to the woodshed and just beat 'em to death. i mean, the techs are so bad today that it's making the
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energy stocks look good. [laughter] i mean, you know? and perhaps, perhaps, ashley, if you are a real contrarian, that's where you want to go because i don't know where you can go to hide. we're in an environment like today where if you're long one share a stock, you're long one share too many. i don't know what the explanation is. you talk to people, you get a different opinion, but the bottom line is the buyers are nowhere to be found, and people are raising money for whatever reasons, margin calls -- a little late in the day for margin calls, but people are nervous, people are scared. so many unknowns. bottom line is, obviously, it looks like we're going lower. ashley: we are. i mean, it's not for the faint of heart. mark sebastian, let's bring in you. oil and the markets in lockstep, i don't know whether oil is down 284 points on the dow kind of day. what's going on?
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>> yeah. i think we saw that personal income growth was a little hot, and that got people scared about the federal reserve. we saw bond prices settle off a little bit because the march rate hike is back on the table, and you see a little bit of rope-a-dope from last friday when that 50 handle move. i think we're set for a really, really ugly close and potentially more follow through through next week. i think the reason you're seeing a lot of these good stocks, stocks like facebook blew the cover off earnings, they're financing a lot of these losses in oil and potential redemption. a lot of people have cash because they potentially need it. there's just a lot that's wrong in the market right now, and really i think until we get some clarity out of the fed on what they're actually going to do in march and they stop saying, well, we're data-dependent, you're going to see this volatility. arkansas. ashley: you mentioned the magic
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word with, fed. 151,000 jobs added, unemployment rate coming down, 4.9%, participation rates still absolutely awful. does the fed look at this report and the recent data? what does it do in march? is the rate hike in march completely off the table now? >> that's as good a guess as any you could have. i would think so. to get back to the oil, which is what i really, i'm here for -- ashley: yeah. >> -- i'll tell you, this is a market that cannot catch a break. the inventory reports that came out this week were disastrous. this market, which really rallied to all its technical chart points but failed at every resistance level, is under pressure again. just like the stocks, these are markets that have to be sold on all rallies. you have to be, let's put it this way, bearish in your overall look. these are markets that are on the defensive all the way.
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now, again, a fed move will, you know, come into play here, but i really can't speculate even what they're going to do. i only know they may come in, smarveghts just to probably stop the bleeding here as far as these markets because i don't know what else is going to help them. ashley: right. >> i'm not bullish on the stock market, but i'm a little friendly right now to the oil at these levels. ashley: yeah. >> i say we break that $30 level, there's a good support level around 29.5 or so. if they come in lower on monday, it's worth a buy. i think the weather's come in, and we'll have maybe a little blip-up here. ashley: let's bring in tom if we can. jeff, thank you very much. tom, let's bring you in. markets perhaps reacting to this jobs report, and if that's the case, it doesn't think much of it. what's your take? >> i think the jobs numbers aren't as bad as people want to say. i think they're looking for some unicorn that we're going to be back at 204, 5, 6, 7 levels before the recession and we're
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going to be adding 300, 350,000 jobs a month, and we're not. i think we're adding 150,000 jobs, we're seeing unemployment at 4.9 president -- and we can argue forever whether that's a real number, it's still the same thing we've been studying for decades, and we've got to realize the economy's adding jobs and companies are making money. again, i'm not the expert. you have these guys on the panel. but the problem's oil. and main street may love that, but wall street doesn't. it's got to reset, and that's going to affect jobs down the line. until gasoline -- when you can buy gas for .t -- .99 a gallon in michigan, it's not going to help overall corporate hiring. ashley: no. i just don't think we can call this economy in this country going gangbusters, not even close to it. tom, thank you very much, teddy, mark, jeff, thank you all for taking the time to talk to us. also a special programming note, liz will be talking to not one, not two, but three kings of the
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market. bill gross, wilbur ross and mohamedal bar january all next week, it's the star panel to let us know what they think about what's going on with this economy and where we're headed in the months and years to come. all right, to politics, very interesting time of the year as we get the heated-up presidential race, the primary race. we're now just four days away from the new hampshire primaries. could be a very important race for several candidates on the republican side. donald trump has made yet another sharp change in tactics after accusing rival ted cruz of stealing the iowa caucuses through fraud, the republican presidential hopeful is interrupting his busy campaign schedule in new hampshire to campaign in south carolina. meanwhile, the fight for the democratic nomination for president just got a whole lot tougher. bernie sanders and hillary clinton exchange some heated blows in the first one on one debate of this campaign.
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clinton haas night napping that sanders -- demanding that sanders stop attacking her over her wall street ties. >> and i just absolutely reject that, senator. and i really don't think these kinds of attacks by insinuation are worthy of you. i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out -- >> oh. >> -- in recent weeks. ashley: a few boos at hillary. blake burman live on the ground in new hampshire with the latest on this always-interesting campaign trail. blake, take it away. >> reporter: hi there, ashley. good afternoon to you. we'll start with the republican side where many people have been waiting for it to happen for months, and it finally did. jeb bush bringing out part of his famous family out onto the campaign trail, and it came in the form of his mother, barbara bush campaigning for day two here in new hampshire. earlier today they stopped off at a diner here in new hampshire, and jeb bush used part of that exchange to make a moment on social media to go after don trump.
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there was a really big snowstorm that rolled through for several hours, and because of it trump had to cancel his only event of the day here. well, bush posted a picture to twitter, and here is what he said. he tweeted @donald jump trump, and i'm quoting here, my 90-year-old mother met it out to campaign. she met destiny, age 5. barbara bush in her own right, she gave an interview earlier this morning, and she went after trump. >> i'm not getting into a spitting match with him. he can spit further than i can. putin endorsed him, for heaven sakes. putin, the killer. >> reporter: all right. you mentioned the democratic debate on the other side of the race, bernie sanders and hillary clinton, they had their first one-on-one debate last night where clinton accused sanders of, quote, artful smears as it relates to trying to label her as the wall street establishment candidate.
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clinton, though, was back out on the campaign trail today and tried to court some of sanders' e voters. take a listen here real quick. >> i know you may not be for me now, but i am for you, and i will work hard for you, and i will be a president who puts your futures at the top of our national priorities. [applause] >> reporter: both races could be tightening, ashley. a boston globe, suffolk university poll just reelited today has trump up ten and sanders only up nine. ashley: barbara bush looking great. blake burman, thank you very much. coming up next, a deadly crane collapse in manhattan killing one person, we have the latest details on that. the obama administration giving nearly $1 billion for humanitarian aid in syria, but is that money going directly to the assad regime? we'll take up that with stephen yates. we'll also go out to san
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francisco, the site of super bowl 50, where cheryl casone is standing by to have a chat with the president and ceo of the denver broncos, joe ellis. don't go away, "countdown" is coming right back. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity.
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ashley: all right. let's keep an eye on these markets, the dow off 271
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pointings. at the very low i think it was 287 points, so we're close to the session lows. the nasdaq also off 3.3 %, the s&p down 2%. it has been that kind of day. a deadly accident in manhattan today as a crane collapsed killing at least one and injuring several others. that crane fell near the new york financial district leaving drivers in the area stranded. mayor bill de blasio holding a press conference after the incident explaining that the crane was hit by a strong gust of wind from the winter storm that hit the city earlier today. the mayor also noting that when the crane toppled, it was in the process of actually being moved to what was considered a more stable location. plans for peace talks in syria have collapsed as russia continues airstrikes over the country in support of the as saturday regime -- assad regime. meanwhile, the international community is raising billions of dollars in humanitarian aid for syria, including over $900
3:18 pm
million from the united states alone. this has raised questions from critics about where those funds are actually going, some even suggesting the assad regime is going to get it to support its own military campaign against the syrian people. stephen yates, former deputy assistant for national security to vice president dick cheney, joins us to weigh in. it is a dangerous game when you provide a lot of money to such a war-torn area. how the heck do ears later a situation where it looks like assad is likely to toy stay with iran and russia making that so. so it's very clear risk that this aid could end up in the hands of the assad regime.
3:19 pm
ashley: ashley: they say they're going after isis, but, of course, they're also targeting those forces opposed to assad. what is the long game here? how is this thing going to get resolved? >> i see kind of a 2016 scenario and a longer term. 2016, there seems to be no chance the obama administration's going to take a significantly different approach to this. and with that drift in place, we still have a lot of pressure on refugee flows out of syria. we still have some fairly aggressive moves by both moscow and tehran to shift this to a decisive point. with isis as their named target but really it's about winning the civil war for assad. it really could get pushed to a conclusion in 2016 by the forces
3:20 pm
backing assad, and it leaves a bad set of options for the next president of the united states. ashley: well, very quickly, almost out of time, russia's involvement in all of this. how much does that complicate it? >> it's greatly complicated so it's very cheer they're operating you are -- clear they're operating under their own agenda. ashley: stephen yates, appreciate it. coming up next, are you ready for some football? super bowl weekend almost here. it could be peyton manning's last game. can he go out on top the way john elway did at the end of his career as a bronco? we'll go live to san francisco, cheryl casone standing by at the nfl experience, there it is, with the president and ceo of the broncos, joe ellis. "countdown" is coming right back. ♪ ♪
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ashley: all right.
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let's just keep up-to-date on the markets now. coming back a little bit, that's a pretty sad statement when you consider we're still down 222 points, the low point we were off 280 some points. the nasdaq has been taking a hammering today, all those darling tech stocks have been taken out to the woodshed, as teddy weisberg said, 43.71, the nasdaq. the russell and smaller companies not feeling any love, the dow transimportants, one of the -- transports, down 1.5%. let's take a look at oil. oil, too, down -- not significantly so by today's standards, down nearly 3% at 30.85, but at least not down into the 29 handle as they like to say. as you can see, oil and the markets, the dow have been moving pretty much lockstep, you could argue, since the beginning of the year. as for the dow, as we said, the
3:26 pm
low today, 287 on the back of a jobs report that saw us at just 151,000 jobs. that missed the target, and, you know, does it raise the question of the fed? what does the fed think of all of this? is the march rate hike off the table? some say yes, more people are saying yes, but we'll see. let's go down to adam shapiro on the floor of the new york stock exchange. get a sense of what he's hearing from the traders down there, adam. >> reporter: they're trying to figure out why we're seeing the selloff. you heard teddy as the beginning of the program saying it just doesn't make sense, and they can't put their finger on it, there is this somewhat flight to safety. you also mentioned some of the fang stocks, facebook, amazon, netflix, when you talk about some of the stocks that are leading the indexes down, i mean, linkedin is down almost 46%. their guidance for 2016 really disappointing investors, but a stock we don't talk a whole lot
3:27 pm
about, tableau software, data. if there's time to pull that up for the hot board here, they're down almost 40% today. 50%, actually. and they're a big tech company, and they're pulling some of the investor confidence in what's happening with technology. one stock has nothing to do with tech, that's up today, and go figure why, tyson foods. disappointing on their earnings report, but their guidance for 2016 much better than what wall street was expecting, and they're one of the big winners today on the s&p 500. ashley? ashley: adam, we always talk about the volume. what's the volume like today? is there a lot of conviction behind this selloff? >> reporter: they're not talking about conviction in this selloff. they're talking about trying to find direction. i've asked two -- i asked sarge earlier why the selloff, i asked teddy, what do you think, and it's kind of like throwing a dart. sarge actually said this isn't human beings, he thinks it's the computers which are making mistakes and reacting to the
3:28 pm
wrong kind of information. another trader actually said there's a bet that the federal reserve is going to raise interest rates because of that jobs report this morning. i mean, that's such a long shot, go figure. ashley: yeah. >> reporter: but, hey -- ashley: who knows as teddy weisberg quite rightly said. adam shapiro, thank you very much. coming up next, donald trump arguably using social media more effectively than any other presidential candidate in history. they didn't have a lot of this back in the day, did they? but do the trends say he's headed for the white house? we break into the big data on the 2016 race. and bernie sanders and hillary clinton still battling it out. our political panel tells us if it's a winning strategy for the sanders' campaign. "countdown" is going to come right back. anything worth pursuing hard work and a plan. at baird, we approach your wealth management strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last
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is the raise on deck for bernie's campaign. that's what he wants to talk about all the time, and not number one on the voters' minds. number one is jobs. number one is fighting terrorism. so bernie, i think, is talking past a lot of voters, when he wants to make it all about campaign contributions, and he wants to do that by the way all the time except for when he's bragging, how much money he raised yesterday. ashley: quickly, steve, follow up to that, jobs, the economy and terrorism, two things i don't think the democrats are strong at right now. >> no, i think that first of all on the economy, you're looking at even with barack obama, the troubles he's had with voter approval the last
3:38 pm
couple of years, it's very even on the economy in terms of national polling. in terms of terrorism. i think you'll find that hillary clinton is going to be viewed stronger than barack obama on that issue. ashley: all right, let's bring in kevin. kevin listen, donald trump, okay, he came in second in iowa, ted cruz says he is a loser, he's not always a winner. if trump doesn't win new hampshire, is he effectively done? >> well, i think it's going to seriously hurt him. if he doesn't win new hampshire, how do you continue this narrative of making america great again when your campaign is not going great? here's the truth, marco rubio needs a strong trump and strong cruz, their infighting benefits him the most. >> you mentioned rubeio, kevin, look, all of a sudden he's seen as having the momentum, the momentum, i don't know whether you could call him the compromise candidate, one that's in the middle, not the
3:39 pm
anti-establishment trump or the conservative favorite ted cruz. he seems to take a lot of boxes for more than others. is that true? >> make no mistake, if marco rubio win the nomination, he's the most conservative candidate the republicans put forth. the question is will he be able to coalesce and get people around him? what i'm interested to see is when chris christie and john kasich are out of the race, do they start attacking trump and cruz more or keep up attacks on rubio? he has got to get all of this group together to stand up to ted cruz and win the nomination. ashley: quickly, who drops out after the new hampshire primary? i'll go one step further than rick. i think we're going to see the end of trump. he will not win new hampshire and will get out of race next week. so will everybody else. it's a three man race, it will be a two-man race, cruz and rubio. ashley: kevin, do you agree? >> i don't think trump drops out.
3:40 pm
and watch jeb bush, if he has a strong showing, he may have momentum in south carolina, don't sleep on him yet. ashley: for the governors, this is the do or die with not only kasich but with jeb bush and chris christie. if they don't get any traction, are they done? >> if rubio performs well, i think they're done. if rubio flounders, they may be looking for another option. ashley: kevin, does the democratic party still worry that hillary could face real problems with the e-mails. is bernie electable? does someone come out of woodwork? >> bernie is unelectable socialist. if hillary clinton cannot consolidate the voters, she has another election she's performing very poorly with young voter, democrats should be worried, especially if she has to go up against marco rubio. ashley: steve, to you, is hillary in trouble with the indictment on e-mails or not? >> a false republican
3:41 pm
narrative. she never initiated any e-mails that had classified material on them. ashley: i don't know if everyone agrees on that. steve murphy, kevin paul scott, appreciate you joining us. much more on the 2016 campaign later on fox business. republican presidential candidate and former governor of virginia jim gilmore joins "after the bell" at 4:00 p.m., immediately following "countdown." be sure to watch all the fox business' coverage of the new hampshire primary, neil cavuto will have all the results and we'll stay on the air until the winners are decided. coverage begins 7:55 p.m. eastern on tuesday. coming up next, you know you are all money, the money that you're saving at the gas pump, that could change if president obama has his way. he wants to slap a new tax on each barrel of oil that analysts say will raise the price of gas by 25 cents a gallon. jeff flock will have all the details. right back with the market off 260 points. everybody else up
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. ashley: we are just under 15 minutes to the close. take a look at the dow 30 for you. this is the heat map. lot of heat, lot of red. seven stocks moving higher. we have merck and verizon, but the consumer stocks are the biggest losers. home depot, mcdonald's and trailing at the bottom of the dow, nike down at $57.27. what dragged the markets down from the beginning? poor jobs number we saw this morning. boy, the dow didn't like it, lot of people didn't like it. fox business' gerri willis is here to break it all down. how ugly was it, gerri? >> very ugly, good to see you ashley webster. this is the thing the fed makes decisions based on. the unemployment rate, the big
3:47 pm
kahuna number ticks down to 4.9%, the lowest level in eight years, below that all-important 5% level. president in his press conference this afternoon touting that number staying was 10% when i came into office. isn't this great? you and i know this is a number's game ashley, this number looks good in part because people aren't looking for work, right? that's what's going on in part, and when you dig down and see real numbers like the number of jobs created in january, what you see is, it was a disappointment. 151 thousand jobs created. expectations of 200,000 jobs created. december revised down, as you know the fourth quarter, 0.7% gdp growth. that was a big disappointment. one thing people aren't paying attention to today which is critical is the jobs being created here, waitressing jobs, retail trade jobs, not the kinds of things that you want your kids to get into. not the things that drive
3:48 pm
wealth and really provide the kinds of lives, the kinds of wealth that people need to get along. ash, if i was running the federal reserve. i would not be bumping up rates here, my friend. ashley: speaks to where we are with this economy, there are lies, damn lies and then there are numbers. you can do whatever you want to do, bottom line these numbers are not great. gerri willis, thank you very much, appreciate it. >> thank you. ashley: so let's take a look how you play out. how do you play this market for crying out loud? no idea. cash out and hide under the bed? let's head to the floor of the new york stock exchange to doreen. great to see you, from the get-go of 2016, this is one wild ride. as an average investor, what do you do? hang on, buckle up and pray for smoother days ahead? >> i think all of this, ashley, the one thing it does is erodes
3:49 pm
confidence. once that happens, you will see more people staying to the sidelines for the longer periods of time until there is clear direction, there is no direction here. we've seen the dollar up, dollar down, commodities up, commodities down, seen the gamut over the last month only in a four week period. that is not confidence inspiring to many investors. today, if you were around in 1999, this morning felt a lot like that, the tech bubble bursting with all the stocks down, tremendous moves, 30, 40, 50%. those are frightening moves, so i think the investing public is going to take a look before they put their money into this. ashley: i think you are exactly right. what a day, what a year it's been so far. doreen, thank you so much. appreciate it. >> you are welcome. ashley: crude oil, the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded gas $1.77 per gallon. not bad.
3:50 pm
this in a freefall over recent months, hitting lose not seen in six years with stocks trading in lock step, oil with the markets, and the oil prices dropping hard. jeff flock has the latest on oil's plummet. too much oil, not enough demand. that's pretty much the story, isn't it, jeff? >> reporter: it is, and it's not just $10 a barrel tax on oil. wouldn't you think that's a perfect time. that's what the president thinks, what he's proposing. it would generate 50 billion dollars over the course of the next five years why. does he think it's the perfect time? because of the low gas prices. people won't notice. listen to what he said today. >> we're going to impose a tax on a barrel of oil, imported, exported, we'll be creating the jobs of the future, and i think we'll look back and we'll say that was a smart investment. that was a wise decision for us to make. but the point is, it's right to
3:51 pm
do it now when gas prices are really low. >> reporter: how long will the gas prices stay low? as you said, 25 cents an extra dollar a gallon right now. tomorrow, who knows what holds. ashley: indeed, enjoy the cheap prices while they're here, jeff flock, thank you very much. we'll be right back.
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. ashley: we're just minutes left in today's trade, the markets looking to close the first week of february on a thud, a low note. adam shapiro on the floor of the new york stock exchange with some of the big winners, good luck finding those, and the losers. >> talk about the losers,, the earnings was last week and broke below $500 a share, $499.19, back above $500 a share, down 6.5%. other losers today, linkedin, we talked about this down 43%
3:55 pm
today. poor guidance for 2016. a weak earnings report. tyson, that's the big winner today. up over 9%, roughly $4.75. despite the fact they had fewer sales of beef, pork and chicken, good guidance for 2016. investors like that. and a company you might not know, tablo software down 15% today. had to cut guidance for 2016. softness in the software market in north america, not good news for them or the tech sector, seeing fang stocks, facebook, apple, netflix, google, alphabet down now. you were asking earlier volume to the downside, heavy, flat in the midday and picking up to the closing bell, and traders are going into cash some, as much as 85%. ashley: interesting stuff, adam shapiro thank you very much. with the global stocks continuing to slide following that jobs report which showed
3:56 pm
the unemployment rate full while job growth slowed in january, are these the data points and sending mixed messages to the fed? does the fed understand it. joining me is drew canaly, and we are joined by mark vintner, wells fargo senior economist. thank you, both for being here. drew, begin with you. is this doom and gloom jobs report? does this show that the economy is spinning its wheels? >> well, for us it looks more like a signal to the fed, maybe to slow down and take a good look. does it portend recession? no, we're not seeing that in the cards, the numbers for housing and automobiles are serious decisions people are making based upon employment and outlook for employment. we're not quite in that recession camp. ashley: it's interesting, mark, we've seen a number of ceos start talking using the r word more and more, what is your
3:57 pm
take on this report and where is the economy going? >> well, i think the "r" word is back in the vocabulary, it's not our forecast, but it's the risk has clearly increased, and the thing that troubles me the most about the employment report is not the 151, the headline number looks okay, but you break it down, two-thirds of the jobs are retail trade or the hospitality sector. and those jobs are not bad jobs, i wouldn't mind if my kids worked at those jobs for a time, you want jobs in the other parts of the economy as well. those jobs are phantom jobs because the increase that we saw in january wasn't because employers added more workers, it's because they didn't hire as many in the holiday season, they didn't lay as many off as they usually do in january, it is a seasonally adjusted increase. i wonder what the pace of hiring is. all the employment data was weak. ashley: drew, what are you telling your clients?
3:58 pm
this has been -- to say it's volatile is the understatement of the year, you must be talking to clients saying what the heck do i do? what are you telling them? >> the "r" word comes up in our conversations when it comes to the price of oil. not because we're in houston, texas, that's a different circumstance altogether but comes up because what does it is a about marginal demand around the world. that's where the "r" word starts coming up in our conversations. it's no surprise that you're seeing an everrising corelation between the oil pits and the stock market trades on daily basis. so that's where the worry is, and so for us, and advising our clients, we're looking for demand, demand, demand and energy going forward, and so no surprise you see it in the contract every day is telling the fortunes of the stock prices going forward. so what are we doing? we're looking for things that help hedge the portfolio.
3:59 pm
last year we experienced nice success in managed futures, nice success in dividend paying stocks but most importantly dividend growers, not just buying utility stocks. >> right. >> those are the places you need to be looking. ashley: very good. already out of time on another tough day for the market. drew and mark vitner, thank you for joining us on a tough day for the markets. that's it for "countdown to the closing bell." i'm ashley webster. liz claman will be here on monday. now over to connell mcshane and melissa francis. take it away. >> we'd expect more out of you in this type of market. ashley: really? >> thanks for nothing. >> crunchtime for the candidates, four short days to the new hampshire primary, a new poll shows marco rubio and bernie sanders are the strongest candidates to go head-to-head in a general election.
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