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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  February 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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had we adopted some of the policies that were advocating by republicans over the last four or five, six years, we know that we probably would have done worse. melissa: here with me with the reaction steve forbes james wall street journal editorial page assistant editor, you know, the president went on, he did a big victory lap on the jobs number after it came out. and yet here we are with so many people on the sidelines. wages are as slow as they are, so many jobs have permanent disappeared, but he's telling us you know what? this is great. which makes me think it's as good as it's going to get. >> well, for him it's as good as it gets. after seven years, a pitiful performance, he could have learned some from barack obama in terms of that many years or franklin roosevelt and little
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to show for it. you hit the key things.
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gas is 1.80. and gas prices are expected to be low for a while. what is also important is that we use this period where gas prices are low to accelerate a
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transition to a cleaner energy economy because we know that's not going to last. david: james, i was on television when he said that. i fell off the couch onto the ground because i thought my goodness he's going to take the one thing we have going for us. low energy. the one -- the guy at home is, like, wow. everything is a disaster. thank goodness gas is cheap and he's going to screw that up. what a great idea. >> yeah. part of my scenario. he's seen the political moment where maybe they can get away with raising it without people notifying. the good news is this has zero chance of getting through congress. >> really? >> i think it's going to help democrats for environmentalists, it's not going to happen. and his influence over the economy is really receding. so let's start to look beyond this era. this isn't going to happen. a lot of his other bad ideas aren't going to happen either. >> he says the long nightmare is almost over. that's the optimist point of view is don't worry.
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it's almost over. do you buy into that? >> well, the key word is almost. it's not over and he has a few months to do his rain on terror, nice things is those can be undone in the next few years. this is why the political process is so important as james referred to earlier. it looks like we're going to get a president who doesn't understand the sources of growth. whether rapport democrat, you're going to see the markets react all right. that's why the debate this week and future are going to be critical. which candidate is going to take the reagan mantle? they all have good ideas but none of them put it out like 1980 when he said he was going to cut taxes across the board 30% for everyone. that was critical for the economy. why don't we have those candidates out there saying this is how we revive america. make america great to coin a term. >> do you think the market is worried because they're worried about who the next president is going to be? >> well, when you look at polls when you have sanders seemingly tying or it has to
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make you nervous that's a morage. >> i think he's probably not the nominee, but i think if you're an investor by this point, you have to take him seriously. just as probably time people in journalism to take him seriously too. and educating young people. >> all right. guys. thank you so much. connell. >> melissa, we'll take that conversation right up to new hampshire because campaigning there in a backdrop and the snow storm, by the way. the harsh weather not stopping most presidential candidates meeting today and four days away from the nation primary. and blake burman won't be slowed down by a little snow, he's there with the latest on the campaign developments today. what can you tell us, blake? >> barbara bush is starting to have an impact on the republican side of the race. the former first lady stumping for her son once again in
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new hampshire earlier today. jeb bush an hour-long snow to remember went through which forced trump to cancel his own event. this made bush with this tweet quote my 90-year-old mother made it out to campaign. she met destiny age 5. also took aim at trump during an interview his son. >> i'm not getting in a spit match with him, i can spit farther than him. putin endorsed him. >> shows this race could be tightening on the republican side. it has donald trump just up 10 points over marco rubio with john kasich surging in third. whoever wins could do so in historic fashion. the secretary of state said earlier today that they are anticipating a record voter turnout on tuesday. back to you in new york. >> good stuff, blake, thanks. and stay tuned here after the bell.
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we will have presidential candidate jim guilt moore joining us a little bit later in the hour. you may remember that gilmore was left off the debate stage, the rest of what's going on in the debate. melissa. >> on the democratic side, both bernie sanders and hillary clinton return to campaigning today after the first one-on-one debate. >> secretary clinton does represent the establishment. >> bernie sanders is the only person who i would think would characterize me a woman running to be the first woman president as exemplified the establishment. enough is enough. if you've got something to say, say it. >> one of the things we should not only do is talk the talk but walk the walk. >> i think it's time to end the smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks and let's talk about the issues. >> i was loving the split
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screen on that. weren't you? polls suggest clinton could be down as much as 20 points in the state. henry on the trail in manchester, new hampshire. what is the latest on the campaign trail? things were smoking in that debate. >> well, smoking, yes. got a little colder today as you've noticed, melissa. i think in hillary clinton's defense, we've been talking a lot about her weaknesses here out on the campaign trail. she brought her a game last night at least in pushing back against bernie sanders. yes, he has been running her down for days, probably weeks on her ties to wall street. and i think i've been hearing from some of clinton supporters saying why in the world is she not pushing back more strenuously and i think right now you capture how she's mounting this defense. it may be too late here in new hampshire whereas you know she's down double knowledge digits but also a reminder given the quinnipiac poll,
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it's a dead heat essentially. up in that same poll in december by 30 points. it's probably a wake-up call for the clinton campaign that they've got to get a lot more aggressive because they've been banking on the fact that when they get past as you mentioned a moment ago, you're right. get past iowa, get past new hampshire, the electorate won't be quite as liberal, and it will also be more african-american where hillary clinton feels she has more support within that community. south carolina, georgia, arkansas. she believes she'll do better once she gets past new hampshire. she might. but there is a danger sign in that national poll that this energy and enthusiasm we've been seeing on the ground here in new hampshire, iowa before that for bernie sanders, may be real in other states as well, melissa. >> ed henry, you are my hero. i love you out there, your lips are freezing, your lips are frozen. we appreciate you doing that report. >> it is the best. one other note on that particular race. the clinton e-mail scandal of course has been dogging her on the campaign trail. well, in
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the debate last night, she was asked about it. watch. >> open fbi investigation into this matter about how you may have handled classified material. are you a 100% confident that nothing is going to come of this fbi investigation? >> i am 100% confident. this is a security review that was requested. it is being carried out. it will be resolved. >> mrs. clinton also quick to point out new reports that the former secretary of state and the immediate staff of former secretary of state lisa rice had also received classified national security information on their personal accounts. the story at a came out yesterday. so there you go. >> wow. a lot there. all right. history repeating itself. russia reportedly stepping up its military maneuvers to a level not seen since the height of the cold war. what this means for american operatives overseas. >> also a new pollwing marco rubio as the strongest republican candidate to go
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head-to-head against hillary clinton. but of course he would have to get through new hampshire first. >> i hope we have momentum. we're working hard at it. and we feel good. we feel good about the progress we made n iowa, the progress we're making here now and i know this about flicks. everyone is attacked you you when you're doing something right? >> and everyone is talking about super bowl sunday. here with his prediction. you're not going to want to miss that. thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
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connell: let's get to that story against russia, strengt strengthened its military
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game, 18 exercises over the years with the new nato report telling us here. here with christian. former u.s. state department official. we get this report and now we know this. what does it mean? >> well, it's alarming on a number of levels. we've seen a lot of activity lately that just sort of rhymes with the cold war. we've seen bombers off the coast of the united states or near great britain that could potentially carry nuclear weapons, this is very different because it has talked about very large-scale ground operations involving hundreds of thousands of russian troops and that's alarming if you're in the baltics, lithuania, or even if you're in poland that russia may be looking at its next potential target. it's next ukraine, its next crimea for some political conversion combined with invasion, you know, putin's form of hybrid warfare. connell: i thought it was interesting in the democratic debate which we just talked
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about a few minutes ago when they got to the foreign policy and one of the questions was whether russia is the greatest foreign policy challenge that we face right now. they were citing a recent comment that secretary ash charter made is it? >> no. we don't like them, we don't like al-qaeda, we don't like a al al russia is the great concern and at the end of the day it's really economically -- it has a very large military only a small part of that military is quite good and much of it is frankly deployed. russia doesn't have a long reach to do. it's just getting away with what its doing in syria because we and the rest of the world are letting it. but nonetheless it does engage in very troubling conduct. connell: fair. so you put it at best third by putting those two issues and i think that's fair ahead of it. anything in our strategic
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approach that's wrong that we need to fair with regard to how we do approach russia? >> you know, i think you're seeing some improvement with the defense secretary ash charter. he is doing his best with an administration that has failed to rise to this threat or other threats. he has one an additional brigade in europe and wants two more. a couple hundred tanks. you can do more. i think you could reallocate nato resources so they're closer to russia. a lot of them are still where they -- were for much of the cold war. and also politically not doing frankly what hillary clinton did, which is to think giving a plastic reset button would change the way vladimir putin sees the world and calculates his national interest. connell: christian, good to talk to you. good perspective. thanks fog come on. >> thanks. melissa: it is football's biggest night of course. super bowl sunday is here and we are breaking down the odds of manning versus newton. plus the race is on for the primary steve forbes is back to weigh in on who has the
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edge on the granite state? >> you know, all of a sudden we see polls that show senator cruz and senator rubio up. two guys who have spent the least amount of time in new hampshire. by far. and because they came in second and third in iowa, you're going to let them come in second and third in new hampshire? i don't know. we'll see.
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connell: the big game a couple of days away, super bowl 50 and joining us now the matchup between broncos and panthers, live you can listen him to serious xm115 and going to the indications of reaching behind his back and saying i can't hear you that he probably doesn't hear you. hey, jared. he doesn't hear. this could be great. your hair looks great. oh, come on. leave him up. we could say for a while. up on the screen, some of the
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things i could say about him that he wouldn't know. melissa: really? especially, like, the hair thing. connell: well, i would tell him. no predictions. he's the only one to make a prediction. don't want to embarrass yourself fumble us you know what i mean? >> how about this foolish. connell: there he is. >> yeah, a bold prediction for the super bowl. you want a bold prediction for the super bowl? connell: go ahead. >> the game's going to go to overtime. connell: what? where are you getting that? >> the game will go to overtime. connell: who's going to win? because i've got to tell you. >> a strip sack. connell: a strip sack? >> i think carolina is going to win the game in overtime by six points. 30-24 on a strip sack from. how about that for a prediction? connell: that would be the end of peyton manning's career in just one of the most -- >> i know that -- well, maybe then he comes back next year. i think this is going to be his final game with denver, and i think denver does have a shot to win the game. but if i have to make a prediction, i would have to
4:25 pm
flip a coin a little bit. and in overtime i think those teams do go there. number one offense, number one defense, someone has to be and mvp i guess would be cam newton. connell: okay. mvp cam newton in a losing cause in overtime. that's a big -- -- go ahead. >> no. i think carolina is going to win in overtime and newton will be the mvp. connell: oh, i'm sorry. i have to follow along better. >> you know what it is? there's all this noise here. they turned it into some distance center. connell: you're fine, jared, you're great. >> you know what's critical? connell: yeah. >> critical in this game is how it starts. the first quarter is not always how you start, it's how you finish. well, carolina dominates their opponents in the first half. they scored more than 100 points in the first half. and they have not only the score advantage but the mental
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advantage, the comfort zone. however, if denver is able to grab the leak in the first quarter, that might rattle the psyche of carolina. they're used to playing from ahead. and if they can get to cam like they did to tom brady, that would also be a factor. connell: i don't know, jared, i like it on the radio at all but that's just not going to happen. jared, thank you very much. putting up with all the technical problems and everything else reporting from san francisco. melissa. melissa: all right. touchdown one small business copy a 12-person company. scored a spot in the super bowl. the free, free, free 30-second slot is worth more than $5 million, and it all started with this. >> the day of reckoning is upon us. my brother, what is life. to die a glorious death.
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but tonight we live in the heart. rome awaitens and welcomes. . melissa: amazing. joining me now is mike brown, founder of death wish. i mean you've won the lottery. this is so exciting. everybody wants a super bowl commercial. you won one. i know you're jacked on caffeine anyway. but tell me the story of how this happened. how did you win? >> yes, i -- we joined into it small business big game competition back in june and, you know, america voted. voted for death wish coffee and, you know, we're -- i mean i feel blessed right now. and so happy and excited for this -- melissa: yeah, i mean what is it -- what do you think it's going to be like to sit there during the super bowl and know that millions of people are watching your ad? >> yeah. millions of people are going to discover death wish coffee for the first time. and i mean for a small
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business owner, it's a dream come true. melissa: yeah, no doubt. it's called death wish because you have more caffeine than any other coffee in the planet; right? isn't that what it is? >> yeah. we have about double the caffeine as your typical cup of coffee. and rev crazy customers out there who are amazing and love it and we have a bunch of new fans that just discovered us. since the commercial went out last thursday. melissa: so are you prepared? you said in the beginning that you're a 20-person company. now millions of people are going to see your ad and hear the coffee that has double the caffeine. are you ready the next day when those orders come rolling in? >> a year ago at this time we only had six employees. now we have 12 and i mean i have the most amazing team ever, and each of us has about 20 jobs. we've been working long hours. we've got help from local roasters, and they've been roasting around the clock, 20, 24 hours a day filling up our
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distribution channels. it's going to be a wild ride come monday. melissa: how many orders do you think you'll get monday? what are you prepared for? >> well, we put about a quarter million pounds of coffee into our inventory channels and i mean it wouldn't be the worst problem ever if we got through a lot of it. melissa: yeah, you don't want people to come in and try some and you're sold out. that's a rich man's problem but still you've got to prepare for that. what advice would you give to other people out there that are watching right now and start their own company and see what has happened to you and the dream you've achieved? what advice would you give them? >> yeah. dream big really. dream big and go for it. and, you know, a lesson i learned in this competition is, you know, never say die. just keep going until the end. and, you know, you can get -- you can achieve your dreams. melissa: the death wish coffee guy says never say die. that's perfect. thank you so much. good luck to you and we'll be watching the ad.
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congratulations. connell: wonderful stuff. melissa: can you imagine? you win that commercial? connell: i know. melissa: it's amazing. connell: it turns everything around. melissa: it does. it's like winning the lottery. he won a $5 million commercial. connell: amazing. the battle for new hampshire we just talked about a few minutes ago is obviously heating up. who is the most likely to prevail in november? . melissa: coming up chris wallis hosts fox news sunday breaks down the race. >> he's not a bragger. [laughter] we don't allow that. [laughter] but he's decent and honest. he's everything we need in a president. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill?
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melissa: republican candidates are focused on trading jabs with each other in new hampshire. but they're biggest threat might be on the other side of the aisle. a new quinnipiac university poll shows bernie sanders beats republican frontrunners trump and cruz in a general election head-to-head matchup. joining me now with his take is chris wallis. host of fox news sunday. chris, this poll is difficult for me to believe. you take it at face value? >> yeah. i take it at face value. now, that doesn't mean that it would necessarily stay that way after a general election campaign when the mainstream of the american voting public was reminded as some of the positions that bernie sanders is taken. but as of now workers'
4:35 pm
compensation that's the way they view them. and i don't think the real impact is on either the horse race or on the republican side. it's on the democratic side. because hillary clinton one of the main arguments she makes is that she is electable if democrats want to win and hold onto the white house for a third term, they've got to go to her. bernie sanders is too far out on the left. but you look at this poll, and you can be sure that the sanders people are going to quote it and say not only am i electable, i do better against the republicans than you do, hillary. so it's a very good talking point for him to try to blunt one of her main arguments against him. melissa: is it just a media story right now that he really has a chance? you always hear her campaign make that argument that once they leave new hampshire, it's all over. he may get the first two states, but that's about it. >> well, that's the conventional wisdom but the conventional wisdom doesn't always work. and i've got to say. i watched the debate or at least the first two-thirds of it last night and she gave him
4:36 pm
everything he could handle and you could see he was driving her nuts. melissa: he was driving her crazy and the split screen made it more delightful; right? >> i'm the going to say delightful but more interesting. here's the woman that fancies herself sat joan of arc from the left against the democrats and the republicans and you have bernie sanders jabbing her in the most unpredictable ways. it was like a prize fight and peppering her with jabs and getting under her skin saying you know what? you're the establishment candidate and you're the one who gets these huge speaking fees, you're the one that has gotten $15 million donations from wall street what could be more establishment than that and she didn't know how to counter it. so having said all of that, i wouldn't sell bernie sanders short. and now he didn't quite beat her, although it was very close. melissa: yeah. >> i think he is going to beat her in new hampshire.
4:37 pm
the conventional wisdom you go south, more conservative, more afternoo african-americans. he's not going to do as well. let's wait and see. melissa: yeah, looking forward to that and your next debate. thank you very much for coming on. >> you're welcome. melissa: you can catch fox news sunday 10:00 a.m. eastern. chris wallis with governor chris christie, jeb bush, governor john kasich, he's always got the story. got to tune in for that one. connell: a lot of fun. just four days before the primary in new hampshire and the pressure's on everybody but in particular on donald trump and marco rubio. no candidate has lost in both the iowa caucus and new hampshire primary and gone on to win the republican nomination. steve forbes back in to weigh in on the odds of that and betsy as well. daily beast political reporter -- now, i said and emphasized the word republican, steve. so with that in mind does marco rubio have bill clinton 1992 written all over him this year?
4:38 pm
what do you think? >> well, he did better as they say better than expected in iowa. so if he places at or near the top in new hampshire, they'll be good shape. the real donnybrook is that new hampshire is going to be in south carolina. and rubio could still win new hampshire even though everyone is beating up on him. everyone is beating up on cruz because they know the three governors chris wallis is going to have on this weekend. connell: yeah. >> they know they have to score well in new hampshire or it's over. their contributions won't come in. so you're going to see a real battle on saturday night. connell: you could tell. yeah, it will be fun. you can tell -- just from the way they've been speaking. those three governors that you mentioned that they know that the pressure is on them. betsy, donald trump orphaned today had an event scheduled in new hampshire and he canceled it has been reported because of the snow. he said he couldn't get out of new york. no big deal maybe. but at the same time for the people of new hampshire who want to see you and after coming out of iowa where the rap against donald trump was that he wasn't well organized and didn't put in the time. does that matter more for him
4:39 pm
than other candidates? >> i think it certainly could and after iowa he said he didn't know what the term ground game meant. i think the fact he had to cancel this is why are you in new york just a few days before the new hampshire republican primary? kind of a big deal. connell: he could have stayed there last night. >> yeah. seriously. what are you doing in manhattan, man? you know? new hampshire guys want to meet people face to face. and actually that's part of the reason they argue they should be the first state to have a primary. they say we're a tiny state so everybody in new hampshire gets to talk to every candidate, look in their eyes, get wisdom as for their character. but if they give trump a pass -- connell: not giving him a pass real quick just to wrap up. did you see jeb bush's tweet on this? hey, my mom's 90 and she can get out and campaign. what about the you, donald trump? so he actually at the end of the day that with the former first lady on it. steven, betsy, thank you very
4:40 pm
much. >> sure. thing. melissa: so he's the candidate that you don't necessarily hear much about but ramping up his new hampshire campaign. >> i have been in iowa but this is not the place where i'm choosing to begin my campaign. i am beginning my campaign in new hampshire. melissa: republican presidential candidate jim gilmore joins us next. plus countdown to super bowl 50 and one amazing man can predict the winner. coming up the amazing joins us. connell: yes. he knows
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4:43 pm
melissa: four days to new hampshire, the pressure is on for the gop. as the crowded field gets smaller just nine candidates left standing. after some lower polling candidates dropped out after iowa, one man, though, is hanging strong. joining me now is republican presidential candidate jim gilmore. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. nice to be with you.
4:44 pm
melissa: we are one day from the next debate in new hampshire. carly fiorina is trying to get into the debate. you have been left out as well. how do you feel about that? what do you do about that? >> well, there are things that are out of my control, and it's clearly absolutely wrong that i would be excluded from the debate. calorie shouldn't be exclude from the debate either. neither one of us should be. we're all legitimate remaining candidates in the last nine. so it's really wrong and a violation of the public interest, and it's not allowing the people of new hampshire or the people of the united states to see another legitimate candidate that's an alternative to the candidates they've already seen. i'm the former governor of virginia, former attorney general, elected prosecutor. i'm the only veteran in the race. a member of the board of the national rifle association, i stand for firearm and second amendment rights. and these are things that the american are entitled to see and hear. melissa: you know, we saw folks get out after iowa. some of the people that were polling lower but a lot of
4:45 pm
places higher than yourself. you look at somebody like rand paul. how long are you in it? what would it take for you to get out? >> i don't intend to get out. i'm a person who offers a real legitimate choice to the american people who are tired of seeing all the food fight and carnivalling back and forth. they want someone with real credentials, and i have this real credentials. as a matter of fact, i'm the person who is governor of virginia during the 9/11 attack. i chaired the national commission on terrorism and weapons of mass destruction in the united states. i was in the army intelligence during the cold war. i have the real tools to deal with what we're facing people from russia and china and also radical islamism. people are concerned about that after the paris attacks and san bernardino. and they're entitled to a real choice. i am that choice. melissa: so you said you were starting your campaign in new hampshire. what are you doing to shake it up so that you get the attention you need at this point? >> well, we're doing what we know we think we can do.
4:46 pm
we're sending mailers to a large group of people talk about the issues that we think vital. firearm rights. the ability to deal with international challenges. the fact that i'm the only veteran, and i care deeply about the reforms necessary to take care of our veterans here in this country. these are the promises that i've made to people, and i know what to do about the economy and how to grow the economy and create opportunities for people that they don't have right now and to get wages up. i know how to do these things based on my experience both as a governor and a person who has the foreign policy experience. and i think it's really wrong that they're excluding me from the debate. melissa: jim gilmore. good luck to you. thank you for coming on. >> thank you very much. connell: there you go. had his chance here. melissa: yeah. connell: we have a story coming up. been a bad day for technology; right? in the stock market. but a lot of people have broken iphone screens, you know, like a cracked screen. not an issue. listen to us coming up how you can finally get apple to fix that cracked screen. melissa: i love it
4:47 pm
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connell: we solve all problems here including the broken iphone screen. apple finally helping you out with that. lets you trade in iphones now that have cracked screens. deirdre, what's going on here? >> this is new, connell, and very good news for all of us who keep dropping these or let them fall off tables. it seems as if apple are saying it's not just older models, but they say you have to have reasonable damage. so i'm not sure what that is. but it does include cracked displays, broken cameras, or broken buttons. but i'm not sure where the reasonable scale is. in that case the idea of course is to try to get you to
4:51 pm
upgrade sooner rather than later. of course the iphone 7 expected to launch in six to eight months. in that mind we did see apple stock down more than 2.5% today. connell: it is interesting that they're finally going in this direction. deirdre, thanks we'll see you at the top of the hour for risk and reward. melissa: we've been counting down all hour and the moment you've been waiting for is here. with his super bowl predictions is coming up next. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. david: the moment we have literally all been waiting for. he is going to tell us, by the way take my pulse please. he is still alive. that's what this guy does on the
4:55 pm
air. the amazing crest to of not only his allies, he's going to tell us in real time who is going to win the super bowl on sunday. >> there are number of catches. today is friday. i want to tell you something. david: how are you going to do this? >> i spent about 35 or 40 minutes on five different days every day reading for me to newspapers the "new york post" "usa today" the ledger. i don't know much about sports. on thursday yesterday i did not watch a tv show. i did not read anything. i shut off because when i wrote this out at 6:30 friday morning morning -- melissa: it's in here?
4:56 pm
david: this box. melissa: this is making them really nervous. david: this is the winner of the super bowl. >> i want to tell you about this and you can understand why and roger by the way. >> i'm sorry it will bring it back over. >> in my last book conversation with krestin he devoted a preface. everybody agrees i would be insane to publicize just the team because the most gambled game. people are gambling on how long the "star spangled banner" is going to last. people would bet thousands of dollars. melissa: millions. >> we will have a ceremony a week from now. people obviously lost money. david: is that a piece of paper,
4:57 pm
is that what it is? >> i have never in my life done us. it's a risk i have just taken and this is one of the most valuable things i have ever done in life. melissa: is at a live whatever's in there? >> by the way there are two predictions. read my thoughts. you are going to find out. by the way folks i just want to say this to melissa here. under no circumstances would i read his thoughts on life air. david: alive and well though. >> two predictions plus a third. david: what are you talking about? melissa: a third one? >> let me just say, can i tell you something? i have never done this in my life but it's a crazy risk. i have based on intuition. no crystal balls.
4:58 pm
with my new book coming out in real time today, in real-time at the same time by the way you know who did the preface of this book. regis philbin and he talks about predictions. can i say to the folks -- folks if this show is live at us want to say this about these folks here. it's the first time i worked with him. i worked with him a second time, good people here. flaky but wonderful people. they are wonderful to work with. david: flaky is right, you are right about that. >> be careful with that. don't let that break. this box is going to go in my office here at fox and it will not be open. melissa: what is the prediction? david: i had a key in i'm going to lock it. what is in here? >> what is in here is my sense prediction regarding three factors in the super bowl and i
4:59 pm
don't know anyone who has ever taken on three. melissa: what are they? >> we will talk about on the air and by the way. melissa: we are on the air. >> by the way if i fail we will have another headline. melissa: what are the three things you're predicting? i feel like i'm losing my mind. >> can you imagine people are betting on the most trivial things and now people will start betting on this. david: what is in krestin's box? >> i will tell you. how many think krestin will get it right? david: i will go to vegas and i will bet that there is nothing in the box. >> i like this guy. well with reservations. melissa: you are not going to tell us what the three things are? david: are we almost off the air?
5:00 pm
melissa: are right come back one day and we will see what we bet on. hopefully it's the winner and a scored something else. it could be how much longer we have to work. we look forward to having you back. risk and reward starts right now. >> thank you so much. >> marco rubio is a guy who has never had to make an difficult choice in his life. we elected a united states senator last time and it did work out well for us. >> if momentum are measured by the media marco rubio what are you be the nominee. the media is telling. >> people having a tough time in the campaign especially near the end you see desperation set in. i'm not too worried. >> the three leading contenders on the republican side. think about their record of experience. donald trump. i will leave it at that.


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