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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 6, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EST

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"strange inheritance." thanks so much for watching. and remember -- you can't take it with you. s: let's leave it t. really, really is a shame. the man himself, lou dobbs, is next. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. four days until the new hampshire primary, and donald trump remains firmly in first place. the republican presidential front runner with an average 16-point lead in the polls in new hampshire. trump, because of the weather, had to cancel a campaign event there and instead flew to south carolina for a campaign rally. we'll bring you the latest from that rally this hour. also tonight bernie sanders surging into what is a virtual tie with hillary clinton. a new national poll by quinnipiac university shows clinton with a two-point lead over sanders, 44-42%. sanders has all but erased what
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had been a 31-point deficit in december. sanders scoring big last night in the democratic debate. here's sanders hitting clinton over her unspeakable relationship with wall street. >> now, if all we're going to talk about is one part of our economy and, indeed, one street in our economy, we're missing the big oil companies, we're missing other big energy companies. we're missing the big picture. >> madam secretary, it is not one street. wall street is an entity of unbelievable economic and political power. that's the fact. lou: we'll have a full report, political analysis with the weekly standard's fred barnes, the washington examiner's sarah westwood. and tonight new warnings that the obama administration has been downplaying the threat posed to americans by zika virus and doing far too little to counter the public health threat. experts are pushing for tighter
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screenings as zika spreads across the americas. here in this country 11 states and washington, d.c. have now reported cases of the mosquito-borne illness. we'll have details on that threaten tonight from fox news medical a-team member dr. marc siegel. and we'll take up concerns about food poisoning at some of the most popular restaurants from e. coli at chipotle to nor provirus at buffalo wild wickings. -- wings. as we head into super bowl sunday. talk about bad timing. our top story tonight, the fight for new hampshire. most of the republican field now stumping across the granite state except for front runner donald trump who's in south carolina. but that certainly hasn't stopped his opponents to -- from attacking him. fox news' chief political correspondent carl cameron with our report. >> reporter: a snowstorm and preparations for the final debate tomorrow night has slowed
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the candidate on new hampshire's campaign trail today. occasional whiteout conditions lasted until early afternoon. marco rubio is gaining ground at 17% in a statistical tie with the iowa caucus winner, ted cruz, at 15%. john kasich is in fourth place at 10% in a dead heat with jeb bush who leads the single digits pack. because of the storm, trump missed a second day of campaigning here in new hampshire this week. yesterday some of his remarks needed to be bleeped, and trump dropped an f-bomb in portsmouth. >> we're going to bring businesses back. we're going to have businesses, we're going to have businesses that used to be in new hampshire that are now in mexico come back to new hampshire, and you can tell them go [bleep] themselves -- [cheers and applause] >> reporter: he got some applause, but a lot of criticism. >> i don't think a president would have shouted profanities
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in a speech in front of thousands of people with kids in the crowd. >> who did that? >> your buddy. he does it all the time. i mean, that's different because our culture's different. that would have never been acceptable in the age of reagan or my dad. >> yes. i mean, unbelievable. >> the candidate tweeted a picture of mrs. bush shaking hands with a little girl. john kasich holds his 100th town hall tonight in new hampshire and disdained trump's outbursts. >> you don't want to just lose your temper. i mean, you're the president of the united states. you're the father of america. act like it. and so for me, you know, it's about, about staying cool. >> reporter: kasich and some reporters got ambushed by his staff with snowballs after the event. >> because they came in second and third in iowa you're going to let them come in second and third in new hampshire? >>chris christie warned them backing trump could cost them
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their first in the nation status. >> if you reward people who don't spend time here, no one's going to spend time here. >> reporter: chris christie is using rick santorum who dropped out of the race and endorsed rubio but couldn't name any of the florida senator's achievements. that ad has been duplicated by jeb bush who uses the same santorum quotes and illustrates just how much momentum rubio may have and his now taking the status of the man to beat on the granite state campaign trail. lou? lou: carl cameron. i have to say, some of the expressions of those candidates and in the case, one case at least -- i mean, are priceless. these are candidates we could not unvent in any way -- invent in any way had they not arrived for all of our benefit. well, the democratic race is dramatically tightening. clinton's once-comfortable national lead over senator sanders is gone, and polls show she's likely to lose big in new hampshire.
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fox news' chief white house correspondent ed henry with our report. >> reporter: as bernie sanders pulled into a virtual tie with hillary clinton in a national poll, he packed the famed exeter town hall so tight the fire marshal shut it down, and a spillover to crowd waited to hear him urge voters to stand up loud and proud next tuesday. >> yes, we are going to move this country in a very new direction. thank you all very much. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: sanders leads hillary clinton here in new hampshire by double digits. in a new national poll by quinnipiac found she's only up two points after beating him by 31 points in the same poll back in december. sanders is fueled in particular by enthusiasm among young people that has befuddled clinton. >> i want to say a word to the extraordinary people, particularly young people who are supporting senator sanders. i know you may not be for me now, but i am for you. >> reporter: in last night's
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debate, their first chance to go head to head without martin o'malley, was dominated by sanders' agenda, especially the influence of wall street, including campaign contributions and speaking fees clinton has taken from giants like goldman sachs which sparked a fiery response from her. >> so i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out -- >> oh. >> in recent weeks. >> reporter: today at a breakfast hosted by "the wall street journal," clinton's chief strategist goaded sanders for not launching those attacks directly to her face, though team clinton back pedaled into her promise to releasing the transcripts of her private talks with private firms. >> i don't think voters are interested in the transcripts of her speeches. >> reporter: both sides are using celebrities to get out the vote with sanders using the founders of ben and jerry's ice cream to clinton campaigning with several of her former senate colleaguings. colleagues.
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>> i use the term called a rigged economy. people like elizabeth warren, and i use that term. >> reporter: clinton aides are discounting the credibility of that quinnipiac poll and say they're hopeful once this race gets beyond iowa and new hampshire, clinton is going to do a lot better especially in the south with african-american voters. lou? lou: ed, thank you very much. ed henry. critics were also blasting hillary over her attempt to deflect her e-mail scandal by saying she is not the only one who used personal e-mail accounts for official business. listen to mrs. clinton at last night's debate. >> now, we had a development in the e-mail matter told. when it came out that secretary powell and close aides to former secretary rice used private e-mail accounts. i am 100% confident this is a security review that was requested. it is being carried out, it will be resolved. but i have to add if there's
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going to be a security review about me, there's going to have to be security reviews about a lot of other people including republican office holders. lou: this is where we say, ooh. the dozen e-mails reportedly connected to those cases, however, represent what is nothing more than a slight fraction of the more than 600 now-classified e-mails found on mrs. clinton's personal e-mail server. no other secretary of state ever set up a private home brew server for official business as did the former secretary, hillary clinton. in a troubling development concerning the zika virus, brazilian health officials have found live samples of that virus in urine and is saliva. as of right now it is unclear whether zika is transmissable through bodily fluids, but the prospect does raise the possibility the zika epidemic could spread far more rapidly than previous hi thought. some experts are, in fact,
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warning federal officials respect taking the threat seriously enough. a doctor at baylor college of medicine telling fox news, quote: i think zika will come to america and, actually, i think it may be more important than the messaging we're getting out of washington and the centerses for disease control and prevention. we'll have much more on the zika threat here tonight, and we are coming right back with that and much, much more. stay with us. a lot of don't you dare at the democratic debate. hillary clinton lets loose on bernie sanders. >> i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out -- lou: things get more interesting as clinton's poll numbers slip. fred bars, sarah westwood with us next. and it's called "nitro circus." what could possibly go wrong when four people, three of them from the audience, get on a motorbike to try a back flip on
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a ramp? a ramp? wow.
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the conference call. the ultimate arena for business. hour after hour of diving deep, touching base, and putting ducks in rows. the only problem with conference calls: eventually they have to end. unless you have the comcast business voice mobile app. it lets you switch seamlessly from your desk phone to your mobile with no interruptions. i've never felt so alive. make your business phone mobile with voice mobility. comcast business. built for business. lou: jeb bush on the campaign trail in new hampshire with his mother. former first lady barbara bush offering her son some advice, however, on, well, maybe being a little less low energy.
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>> he's almost too polite. i don't advise him, but if i gave him advice, i would say why don't you interrupt like the other people do. >> really? >> yes, i would say that. >> i've gotten better at interrupting, mom, come on. >> you mean interrupt during the dedebate? >> yes. he's so polite. we brought him up that way. and he does not brag like some people we know. lou: and there you have it. joining us now, executive editor for the weekly standard, fred barnes, investigatorrive reporter for the washington examiner, sarah west woold. good to have you both here. obviously, jeb's mother very proud of him and not afraid still to counsel him. what do you think of her advice? it sounded a little trumpian, didn't it? [laughter] >> it did a little bit. and bringing barbara bush out on the trail, it's just the latest tactic for jeb bush to try anything that could possibly connect with voters. she's right that these debates have not been too great for jeb bush with the exception, possibly, of the last one where
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he performed a little better. they just have showcased the fact that he's so out of place in this race. but bringing his mom out is a way to sort of humanize him a little more than we've seen. lou: fred, did it work? >> no, in a word. [laughter] look, i mean, excellent manners are not the problem that jeb bush has in this election. he's just been a bad candidate, a weak candidate and one without a compelling message. and unfortunately for him, i think he was a dazzlingly good governor of florida, but that was a decade ago, and people don't seem to care about that in this election. you know, there's nothing that his mother can do to change that. lou: and nothing his mother can do to help out donald trump either who had to cancel a campaign event in new hampshire because of the weather. he took advantage and went to south carolina. do you think this'll hurt him in the results in new hampshire, sarah? >> you know, it could. the recent polls between iowa and new hampshire are showing
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that donald trump's lead is shrinking, and it's possible that his support is eroding too quickly for polls to even put their finger on. the only thing that's been consistent about the half dozen polls that have come out this week has been that rubio is gaining ground and donald trump is losing it. everyone else at bottom is sort of shuffling around. lou: i have to say ted cruz said that marco rubio is the anointed one by the national media and the national establishment, fred. and you can brush that aside until you look down at the copy. when trump had 38%, he was frozen at 38% according to the new hampshire media, and now that he's losing some, you know, a few points he's losing ground. you know, this would drive any candidate nuts, but in particular trump. what more do you think we will be witnessing here? >> well, look, i mean, trump needs to win in new hampshire. i think he will.
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the bigger the margin, the better he is. he's ahead in all the polls in all the other states, he's ahead in south carolina, that comes next, and he needs to do well in new hampshire. his lead is so big that it's very hard, i think, for marco rubio or anybody else to cut in it in a way that really would jeopardize trump's chances of winning. but, look, trump has to be careful. i think he made a big mistake by using the f-word and things like that while campaigning and speaking in public. i mean, just because he's been able to do things that other candidates can't -- lou: it makes you think -- >> -- it doesn't mean he can do everything. lou: it makes you think maybe he's not as interested in the evangelical vote as we had all assumed. [laughter] >> yeah, exactly. i mean, he's not pitching that in new hampshire the way he was in iowa, so it's clear, you know, that might not be core part of his message. lou: the other part of this is, of course, as we look at what is happening with the other candidates, there is a race here
3:19 am
for second, third. i mean, marco rubio, for crying out loud, the way the media has reacted to the game of expectations and the massage of strategists is, i mean, you would think that, you would think that marco rubio had won iowa based on the, well, the copy that's to being turned out by various news organizations. and you would think that trump was in sixth place. fred, i don't get the sense that the american people are that tunnel. am i wrong? >> well, they are -- i think you've gotten a little overdramatic here. lou: you tell me the part where i'm overdramatic, and i'll taupe it down, i -- i'll tone it down. >> you can't make the case that trump has been undercoverred. i mean, look -- lou: oh, no, i'm not suggesting in any way that he's being under-covered. i'm saying that there is some considerable, it seems, weight of the facts in a direction that
3:20 am
becomes somewhat i would say a little vaporous in terms of -- >> and if you follow these early primaries and caucuses over the years as i have, this is normal. i mean, walter mondale back in 1984 beat gary hart by about 35 points, and coming out of there you'd have thought hart had won because, look, the media does want a race. and they'd love to have a, say, trump/rubio race. and maybe they'll get one. lou: yeah. i think they've got a trump/rubio/cruz race, and maybe more will be in the party coming out of new hampshire. that would be a delight for all of us. >> i doubt it. lou: well, that's why you're here. [laughter] who's going to come out of there the winner? >> well, bernie sanders on the democratic side, for sure. lou: all right. and on the republican? >> well, i think trump will win, rubio second and maybe little old john kasich third. he's spent a lot of time there. lou: all right. there we got it, and i hope we're saluting your prognostication powers next
3:21 am
week. sarah, your thoughts? who wins on the republican side and the democrat? >> i agree donald trump, he's going to pull it out. i don't think by as big a margin as everyone is predicting though, and bernie sanders, i think, is definitely going to win new hampshire. lou: all right, sarah, fred, thank you both for being here. be sure to vote in our poll or or -- poll tonight. do you believe that polls will this time accurately reflect the outcome of the new hampshire primary? there was a little problem in iowa. we'll see what happens. we want to hear from you about your thoughts. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbsnews. links to everything at breaking news now, the u.s. geological survey is reporting a powerful 6.4 magnitude earth quake has struck southern taiwan.
3:22 am
the quake toppled at least two high-rise residential buildings, an unknown number of people are believed to have been trapped inside those buildings according to rescuers. the earthquake struck just a couple of hours ago. there's no word on the number of deaths or injuries at this time. we'll bring you any developments as we get them. three volunteers at a motorbike show in scotland are certainly regretting their decision to volunteer to participate. the men were all taking part in a four-person back flip stunt -- here we go off the ramp, here we go! uh-oh. volunteers and professional driver all going the wrong way. it all went horribly wrong. the bike stalled when it reached the ramp, toppled over. two of the four apartments, as you see there, hurt. they were taken to the hospital. they aren't -- and this is the way we have to report their medical condition -- we can't tell you they're all right, all
3:23 am
we can tell you is what we were given, they are expected to recover fully, which is were the than it -- better than it might have been. i cannot imagine why anyone in their right mind would volunteer to participate in such a stunt. even the driver, i would think, would be at some risk of suspicion for good judgment. up next, a few thoughts on president obama's penchant for self-congratulations. and another natural disaster has struck japan. there it is, time one of the country's volcanos roaring to life. we'll are the video for you. that's just the openers, folks. it gets really good. stay with us, we're coming right back. back. ♪
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boy: this is the story of a boy who didn't talk for a long time. the boy liked things to always be the same. any changes would scare and upset him. the unknown was an unfriendly place. the boy was very sensitive to lights and sounds. so he built secret hiding places where they couldn't get in. the boy didn't like looking people in the eye. he wasn't trying to be mean,
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it just made him feel uncomfortable. sometimes he would flap his arms again and again. second boy: one day, i found out i had something called autism. slowly i found my voice and learned all the ways i could live with it better. announcer: early intervention can make a lifetime of difference. learn the signs at lou: well, the top three candidates in the polls in new hampshire are campaigning today, marco rubio campaigning in derry, new hampshire, hoping to build on his successing in the iowa caucuses -- success in the iowa caucuses. the polls show him closing the
3:28 am
gap slightly with donald trump. senator ted cruz also in the granite state. he hasn't gotten much momentum carryover from his win in iowa. he had, has a much weaker ground game, the experts tell us, in new hampshire. and the fellow they're all trying to beat is donald trump. this is donald trump in florence, south carolina, tonight. these are live pictures. let's hear what he's saying right now and, hopefully, we won't need to bleep anything out. >> in case anybody doesn't know. so we go in, and i said, you know, somebody said, jeb bush said donald trump's tone is not nice. [laughter] my tone. they're chopping off -- he's low energy. [laughter] they're chopping off the heads of christians in the middle east, and many other people, and we're supposed to have a nice tone, okay? we're supposed to have a wonderful tone. well, ladies and gentlemen, is it nice that the world is an evil place? you have to understand the world is tough right now.
3:29 am
this is like medieval times. you know, when we read about medieval times they used to chop off heads, i never heard of chopping off heads until recently. james foley, remember james? the great, beautiful james foley. his parents are great people, but they started chopping off heads. where do we hear -- these are people that are animals, and we've got to end it. we've got to knock the hell out of them and fast. fast. [applause] lou: donald trump in a 10,000-capacity stadium. we cannot -- arena, i should say. we can't tell you how many people are there, but it is a lot. it may even be at capacity. which is what he's done in most of his venues. and, obviously, he has the audience, as he usually does, what is the expression, eating out of the palm of his happened. well, a few thoughts now, if i may, and we will be going back whenever developments and content warrant it. but i'd like to share a few thoughts with you on the president and his views on this economy.
3:30 am
the labor department today reported the unemployment rate has fallen to 4.9 percent. that's great, that's the lowest since 2008, and it was enough to rouse president obama and prompt him to tell the networks he had a few things to tell the american people about our improving economy. he's bestowed on america in his final year great progress, he says. president obama managing a somewhat forced victory lap and simultaneously an unconvincing swipe at republicans for what he sees as their gloomy outlook on his bright, shiny economy. >> the united states of america right now has the strongest, most durable economy in the world. i know that's still inconvenient for republican stump speeches as their doom and despair tour plays in new hampshire. lou: as if he is such an ebullient, effervescent fellow himself.
3:31 am
i mean, he was -- well, not rousing. and, obviously, he didn't mention he once slammed president bush on the campaign trail back in 2008 saying it was unpatriotic and irresponsible to add to the national debt, which is exactly what he has dope. we are -- he has done. we are here nearly eight years later, and mr. obama has added nearly $9 trillion to our $19 trillion national debt. certainly, it would be a departure for mr. obama to take responsibility for the historically low labor force participation rate. the record 94 million americans who aren't in the labor force and the pessimism that many americans feel about our economy. here's how he handled that issue today. >> there's still anxiety and concern about the general direction of the economy, and part of it is there's still a pretty big carryover from the devastation that took place in 2007-2008. lou: there's a big carryover? notice what he did there?
3:32 am
he didn't blame it all on george bush by name. no, he just took it back to 2007 and '8 as be nothing had happened in the two terms he served as president. mr. obama could have easily gone back to 2000 itself and mentioned the role of deregulation on wall street and the financial industry and, yes, the repeal of glass-steigel in the clinton administration. but then he would have been blaming president clinton, and that wouldn't do while mr. clinton's wife being criticized as far too close to wall street, would it? accountability can be so awkward for these politicians, and it was today for our president. our quotation of the evening, this one from, first, on president obama's penchant for blaming george bush. it has been noted by a keen observer of politics that, quote: george washington is the only president who didn't blame the previous administration for his troubles. and with the new hampshire primary all but upon us, it's
3:33 am
appropriate to recall mark twain's inspiring words. quote: if voting made any difference, they wouldn't let us do it! end quote. mark twain was quite the kidder, wasn't he in we're coming right back, stay with us. health officials making a shocking discovery about the zika virus, a discovery that raises the possibility the epidemic can spread quickly. dr. marc siegel is here next on what's being done and what you should be doing. and a rare moment and amazing imagery aboard this amazing imagery aboard this boeing 777 all caught on video.
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a. lou: to talk about zika which is spreading rapidly. joining us dr. marc siegel, great to have you with us. the government is not screening immigrants? travelers, refugees or anyone else entering this country for this virus. why not? >> they should be. because we are talking about unborn children. this is the first virus in 50 years that's causing birth defects much a neurological kinds. lou: in many cases if not most, avenge day tough state. >> small head, developmental problems and milder cases we are
3:38 am
not talking about yet. there is a blood test that seems to be working for this. it's available for free in new york state. every traveler that's coming from these areas. the other thing we are not doing is mosquito eradication. lou: there is one mosquito that carries the zika virus. it's -- why in the world aren't we eradicating these mosquitoes? >> it's 99 the% of the time that's how this disease spreads. it's mosquitoes. but the nih told me they had it licked in brazil a couple years ago and then they went lax. this mosquito breeds on what
3:39 am
territory size of a bottle cap it can bite four, five people at one time. that's why it spreads oh easily. >> what are public health agencies across this country doing? governor rick scott in florida it's been detected which counties where they have 12 cases right now. why aren't other countries reacting, why aren't agencies reacting and why in the world is there so little known about this in reverse order. >> in reverse order. we have to ramp up our knowledge by the. prove that it's related to this microcephaly condition which it almost definitely is. lou: i think we have got it. with complete medical knowledge as a journalist. when you have this many cases tied to the say virus, that virus is the cause. >> i agree. what we have to do is have
3:40 am
testing be widespread. we need more health advisories in place and we need an attempt to eradicate this mosquito at the source. it's in the gulf states and it could tart to spread around the gulf states with this particular mosquito. we are seeing 51 cases in 11 states. what we need is a president who says let's do it. i will give president obama great credit in 2014. he stood up as a leader and took responsibility and handled the eastbound * scare in this country and did so much for africa. that should be happening right now. >> our pregnant women are as risk. i saw them yesterday going for montreal sound. they don't need ultrasound. they need blood tests. lou: why isn't the cdc and nih
3:41 am
getting this out to everybody. >> every pregnant traveler from the caribbean or south america or any individual who has sex with a pregnant woman should be tested. lou: thanks for being a good sport as we had to hurry through all of this. stunning video of a volcano eruption in japan. the burst last night spewing lava as roll kay knows are wont to do. then these flashes of lightning in the midst of all of that heavy ash and hot lava. the smoke and ash pewed half a mile from the crater.
3:42 am
luckily no report of injury after the eruptions. officials have band entry to anywhere near that site. a passenger capturing a frightening moment on board a paris-bound flight. the plane encountered turbulent weather and sitting at the window he captured this video of the moment lightning struck the jetliner's wing. although passengers suffered a bit of a scare, the flight landed safely. pretty good. what a picture. up next. ralph peters joins me. and cameras capturing the devastating power of tornado that tore through the south. we'll have one per peck tough on a tornado that hit, stay with us.
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3:46 am
lou: joining us now, colonel ralph peter. let's start with russia sending in its most advanced fighter jet, attack aircraft into syria. putin making it clear, there is
3:47 am
no backup, he means to hold the dominion over syria and the middle east presumably. >> in the latest aircraft is an air superiority fighter to do other things. the syrian opposition doesn't have any airplanes. that's directed against us to warn us off and the turks. the turks have shot down one russian aircraft. what's more important is the overall picture. the overall picture is when obama was forced at last to do something in syria, he told our generals, you do something -- don't do too much and don't hurt anybody and don't embarrass me. putin told his generals to win. and they are executing a coherent phased plan and they are on the road to victory. and most importantly of all,
3:48 am
they will do -- putin, the russians, the iranians, back assad, will do anything it take to win. >> here is what they have done to this point. it appears they have stymied if not defeated the rebels in syria. that's a major development. we cannot corroborate it yet. that's how daughter circumstances are. and of course putin. secondarily the turks have backed off. you can describe it any way you want to. but after calling emergency meetings the curl tish government backed off significantly. and right now russia has air superiority if you will over the region between the border between turkey and syria. >> they have got air superiority over us because we won't fight. but, lou, right now, the
3:49 am
turks -- they obviously don't want a head-on collision with russia. but they know we won't back them up. meanwhile -- lou: that may be a healthy thing. it can be a disastrous for them if they presume that president obama were other than who he is. >> the other thing in syria right now. the rebels, the guys we back, had one big prize. they were clinging to part of the i of aleppo. everybody knows damascus. but aleppo was always the biggest city in the financial center. damascus is washington, aleppo was new york city. right now the assad regime backed by russia and iran is on the verge of taking it completely. that could be the death nell of the month rat resistance. meanwhile we are fighting isis
3:50 am
and keeping isis out of the picture. putin is brilliant. he has us doing part of the work for him while he destroys the insurgents we backed. >> japan put it forces on alert as has the united states preparing for what is -- appears to be the launch of a rocket to put a satellite in orbit. it's unclear what the point is. north korea to do that perhaps as early as monday. ways your expectation? >> there is only one key to north korea and that key is china. we are limited in what we can do short of war. they will continue to push the envelope until there is probably a clash with south korea before japan. you can't blame obama fully for this. the on way obama plays into this is if the north koreans know he isn't going to do anything.
3:51 am
lou: obamacareys sufficient burden of blame. but there are administration after administration on for so much that alls our foreign policy. always good to see you, thank you, sir. security cameras capturing a tornado's fewery. the ef-1 tornado hit a tennessee school. students were out of class for the day. the tornado packed winds up to 95 miles per hour. this is a security camera at the school. it traveled 2 1/2 miles on the ground. significant damage to a number of homes. fortunately no fatalities reported. and powerful storm and a good day for school to be out. web bush slams -- jeb bush slams
3:52 am
trump for using profanities on the campaign trail.
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we're putting our heart into finding a cure. to learn more, go to lou: . let's start with jeb bush taking donald trump to task for his
3:56 am
profane language. here we go. >> i don't think a president would have shout profanities in a speech with thousands of kids in the crowd. >> who did that? >> your buddy. that's different because our culture is different. that wouldn't have been acceptable in the age of reagan or my dad. lou: i love f bomb in front of a rally. i think it's desperate and i don't like it either. >> it does appear to be desperate. if someone drops a hide ex pli md --drochts a --
3:57 am
drops the a mild expletive, how about when he told people, how about applauding now. lou: iowa, this attack from jeb bush from various folks on marco rubio, saying he's got a canned speech. he gives canned answers. be tough, national media. what do you make of such an attack? >> aren't they all canned? trump totally changed the game. i'm sure you have seen his notes. they are like five points. one of them is hillary clinton, disgusting. he's the one who goaftds out there and ad-libs. i think they all do it, right? >> i think it looks desperate on these guys. they are all in the same lane.
3:58 am
rubio is surging. i happen to think rubio is tremendous on his feet. the speech he gave made him look like he won iowa. lou: you mean the canned speech? >> it works, though. lou: that's the process. but i tell you, this far into this presidential campaign, it's bent best ever. these candidates are talking about issues they never wanted to talk about. they are being held accountable. there is an exception but i won't bring up her name. the reality is, this has been an amazing campaign. but even now i want to shout out to all of them. take a day off. reload. we want to hear some new stuff. we want new lines. we want to you look at new facts. freshen up your approach. get some new material.
3:59 am
>> and refocus who we are know you are feeling the bern. i know you bush bernie comes out on top. lou: i'm thrilled it's a tight race in the democratic party and thrilled that you have three or four contenders in the republican party. i don't want to see a coronation in either party. i want rough and tumble, maybe a bloody noles or a scratch here or there. what do you think? >> amen. >> just to get to pennsylvania. through, thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. 80% of you have said you believe donald trump is sufficiently committed to winning and he's going to spends big on grounds operations and the remaining primaries. we'll see how expectations hold up. we thank you for being with us.
4:00 am
thanks for joining us. have a great weekend. good night from new york. john: live free or die. that's new hampshire's state motto. now presidential candidates are campaigning there. some are sucking up to new hampshire's libertarian. >> any candidate that tells you have we don't have to do anything to medicare or social security is lying. >> you should have a right to try any medicine that can save your life. lou: this candidate, he's doing something mitt romney didn't do well. he's using data analytics to guide his campaign. >> it turned it on its head. >> if i can learn this -- john


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