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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 6, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EST

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new hampshire and really make it a live-free state. then maybe the rest of america will learn from that. that's our show, see you >> good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. it's been 48 hours since donald trump conceded iowa to ted cruz. but not so fast. the formula 1 is calling for a new election to be held or cruz votes to be nullified. trump and carson and others accusing the cruz campaign of dirty tricks. cruz campaign told voters ben carson was exiting the race. cruz calls it all a misunderstanding. trump says no we need a new caucus. >> what he did is unthinkable. he said the man tlaefts and said
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it during the caucus. then when the clarification when a statement was put out ben carson saying it was untrue they got the statement and put it out. theyi apologized after the caucs was over. how does that help? >> as trump said, ted cruz did apologize. however now he's dismissing the criticism. >> i hardly think it is new that donald trump insults me. one would not expect my political opponent to be happy we won iowa. so he can have his critic jim. that's fine. >> bernie sanders is up set with hillary clinton over who is more progressive. listen to sanders answer a question about whether he sees clinton as a progressive. >> some days, yes. when she announces she's moderate. then she's not a progressive. i think, frankly, it is very hard to be a real progressive
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and to take on the establishment in a way that i think has to be taken when you become as dependent as she has through her super p.a.c. and other ways. >> clinton fired back on twitter tweeting a 40-year-old record of progressive results boil down to quote some days. election season getting heated. we'll take it all up with former reagan white house ed rollins, republican strategist and conservative union chairman, conservative commentator among our guests here tonight. florida governor rick scott declaring a health emergency in four florida counties because of the zika virus. at least nine cases of the mosquito borne illness have now been reported. we'll have the details. we'll examine whether the obama administration is doing enough to protect us or anything at all, for that matter. joining us now former reagan white house political director,
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republican strategist, fox news contributor, ed rollins. you've seen more than a few of these rodeos. at this point, going into new hampshire, iowa behind us, do you think the polls are going to hold up? what do you expect in six days. >> you can't put an organization together which is what he's doing. trump will win new hampshire. bernie sanders will win there. a lot of the other campaigns other than governors trying to find a place, fourth or fifth place they can hang on but rubio and cruz will move to south carolina pretty quick and try to if cuss on that. >> cruz already down there. >> carson for his complaint about being stolen, he's been in florida for three days. >> hasn't complained half as loud as donald trump. donald trump is big brother here. >> the irony here and no disrespect to dr. carson that's where he was in the polls.
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and kcnn made the announcement and cruz campaign tweeted out at 7:00. >> still a dirty trick. nothing illegal about it. >> my concern is that this campaign has gotten so ugly, we have spent -- >> can i interrupt? you said that. so ugly. we've talked about ugly campaigns -- but this one has a little twist to it. you know, there's big old bad donald trump talks tough and offends a lot of folks in the establishment. it's ted cruz who is being accused of fraud and being hammered for all the irregularities. >> as a kid i used to watch world federated wrestling. >> when wrestling was for real. >> so is donald trump. when muhammed ali said i'm the
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greatest he went out and proved. these guys are heroes or villains and it's lip service. that's what this campaign is like. to a certain extent, at the end of the day hires what it is. cruz won eight delegates. okay. trump got seven. rubio got seven. they spent millions of dollars and we move on and have 237 to win. 1230 more to go. >> every journey begins with one small step. >> the reality is here, we're seeing more money spent and more negativity and we turned a lot of voters off. >> turn them off, maybe but after what we watched in iowa, you're talking about a huge record turn out for the republicans. >> absolutely. >> third world, i don't know what you would call that -- >> i think people are very concerned about this election. they are interested. one of the things about iowa and new hampshire there's a lot of frustration with those people participating, those people pay
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attention and go couldn't a cold night and listen to rallies and watch tv commercials and vote and at the end of the day it's an important part of the system. but we now move on to the -- >> you really don't detect a sustained wave here of anti-establishment fervor. >> no. i don't think trump is the only one. i think -- >> rubio proved that in iowa. >> i think they all basically are anti-establishment and what's going on in washington and certainly geared to a lot of frustration and tapping into voters that are very, very concerned about the future for their kids and themselves. >> how crazy is this after what this country has been with a first term senator about whom nobody knew anything that we're -- that two front-runners right now, two of the three front-runners in the republican party are first time senators. are you kidding me folks? what is missing here. >> we eliminated all the governors that have experience. you and i had a conversation.
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governors run mini governments. >> i think of scott walker, chris christie. >> governor perry, 14 year governor. all good governors and they are wiped out before the first -- >> i predict that the fun is only beginning. >> i think you're right. >> all right. ed rollins as always. good to have you here. six new travel related cases of the zika virus which brings the total number of cases in the state of florida to nine. florida's governor rick scott today declared a health emergency in four counties because of the mosquito borne virus. florida, a prime breeding spot for mosquitos but officials set up preventative measures trying to control potential spread of the virus. proactive pesticide sprays are under way. residents are encouraged to get rid of standing water and centers for disease control has
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not declared flar to be an area of low zika risk but monitoring florida. we're coming right back. we'll have much more. stay with us. >> after months of campaigning and touting a strong ground operation trump has to admit he may have made a misstep in iowa. >> i think i would have done better in iowa had i not, you know, gone out and wanted to do that event for the vets. >> the question now is can he turn out voters in new hampshire? republican strategist catherine lynn taylor and chairman of the conservative union match laps. join us next.
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and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. joining us tonight, chairman of the american conservative union, matt and director for international finance policy miss taylor. great to have you here. here we are in new hampshire. still focused on iowa is donald trump. he says there's fraud, that ben carson was defrauded of votes and they should give the title, the championship to him. carson isn't saying anything. what kind of deal is it when the
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most obvious victim of so-called fraud isn't the one complaining loudest? >> it's certainly an interesting dynamic. that's not the first time we've had this on this campaign so far for sure. it's probably very smart strategy by trump. he was gracious, had more humility over the last week than he's had probably the whole campaign so far. starting to show more of the presidential side. it shows empathy he has for carson and puts him to potentially get carson's votes if he decides to step out soon. >> this is about as close as donald trump has come to modesty, i've known him for a long time. modesty is not his long suit. i have to say he's been complimented roundly for his gracious concession to the man he's now saying has committed fraud on the people of iowa and candidates who went there for
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the caucus votes. >> i thought it was a great moment when he came to the stage with his very attractive family and said gracious things. that's the way i was taught to handle defeat. i thought it was a great moment. this whole question of ted cruz tweet or ben carson moving to new hampshire and south carolina, ted cruz has apologized for that. whether or not that affected turnout in iowa we won't know. as a maersk -- matter of fact, four years ago we didn't know who the winner was of iowa after the fact and we had a close finish with ted cruz. moving to new hampshire. >> the fact that the democrats carried out what was at best a third world exercise in
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determining their winner, that's an embarrassment to the entire national political system. it's slightly worse than that which the republicans perpetrate on the republican party. this is a joke and everyone should acknowledge it as that. >> lou, look -- >> i won't listen unless you tell me. matt we're friends. i don't say to people who say look and listen. i look and listen when people address me. >> deal. you can't win 6 out of 6 or 5 out of 6. it just doesn't happen. >> now, you will tell me you invest $100,000 in cattle futures and win. >> exactly. >> i was going to say that! >> you look at new hampshire, 24 points up in the most recent local poll. kathy, is he going to win this thing? does he have a ground game? has he learned anything, he being donald trump.
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ground game, donald, do you have it or don't you? >> iowa was cruz' to lose. the constituent base or the base of the caucus goers in iowa was absolutely matched well with cruz. in new hampshire where trump has spent more time and should be better suited to win, that poll should be more reflective. but we've learned that anything goes. >> it doesn't show donald trump has learned a darned thing in new hampshire. >> there's been a lot of talk about donald trump's machine. it did not work in iowa. the question is will it work in new hampshire? no one knows that. i'm still in search of that. kathy will pass on that, i believe. has he learned anything? is there a ground game in evidence? can he win in new hampshire without it? >> everything we're getting from the campaign is they're not changing their strategy. everything i heard from donald trump is he is a bit chastened
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that he didn't spend every moment he could in iowa and don't think he will replicate that in new hampshire. >> meaning you believe who will win in new hampshire? >> i think donald trump will win. >> second? >> that's a great question. i don't know. >> the important part of that is whether these 45% of new gop caucus goers -- not a huge portion of them voted for trump. who are they going to vote for in new hampshire? if they get more turn out and more new primary voters in new hampshire who are they going to vote for? trump needs to commit more of those than he did in iowa. >> all right. who is going to win >> i think trump will win. i think we'll have a close second with bush is second now i'll go with rubio. >> there you have it. there's a big question mark under matt's name now. we know number one we have a
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question mark under number two. you want to fill it in, matt? >> i think it's a complete jump off for number two in alcan door. >> well candor and straightforwardness insight. your specialty. gate to have you with us. >> follow me on facebook. follow me on instagram, lou dobbs tonight that leads to idaho state police releasing video of what was a dramatic car chase. here we go. police trying to pull over the driver of that pickup truck. he pretended to stop! there he goes, flying in the air. look at that. he took off the 33-year-old driver, eventually lost control of the car, the pickup, sent flying from the vehicle. it doesn't end there. adrenaline kicked in, the driver took off on foot. i mean, this is incredible. he was caught quickly. he was subdued. look at this, with a revolver
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pointed at him, he still doesn't have the sense -- no, that's a pistol. with the help of a good samaritan the state patrolman in idaho got him in custody. outrageous. a nationwide repudiation of president obama's policies and why is it taking so much on the part of the liberal media to acknowledge what's been a disaster. a pilot experiencing mechanical trouble and his aircraft pulls off a textbook emergency landing. watch this. you can't yet. we'll have the video for you here next. we're coming back right after these messages. stay with us.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. a few thoughts now on the perception of political division in this great country of ours. the nation deeply divided is not in dispute but the national liberal media are working with perception and working hard to
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create the impression among all of us that liberals and the left are in the majority in this country, not only in majority but vastly possessed of vastly superior knowledge and ideals and even better people. the divide, as i say, is real. it is the subsidized left clinging to the past, desperate to save their publicly funded strongholds on the minds of the students they indoctrinate more than educate in our nation's schools colleges and universities. let's take a look what's happening every where else in country in private sector land most of which is divided and is shifting. because of one man, president obama whose policies in all respects have failed this country. there are consequences. and for the first time since 2008, red states out number blue states in america. that's right. a new analysis shows 20 states
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are solidly republican or leaning republican. only 14 states solidly are leaning democrat. while 16 states are considered to be competitive. this marks a dramatic shift from when president obama was elected certainly back in 2008, a whopping 35 states were blue states. 35 of them. only five states then were considered red. from a 30 state lead for the democrats to a six state deficit it's been as simply astounding shift for the president's party and for this country and those democrats running for office this year. republicans have made strong gains across the board. during mr. obama's tenure. at the state level, democrats have lost 11 governorships since the 2008 election. republicans are now in charge of 31 states. at the federal level, democrats have lost 13 seats in the u.s. senate! they've lost 69 house seats
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since the 2008 election that brought barack obama to the oval office. and lost control of the house and senate in the doing. this dramatic reversal, in my opinion is attributable to the president's divisive leadership style and ace authoritarian come pulltionses. this shift has much more energy and much more to reclaim. americans are in this election year already making clear the rejection of the establishment and the status quo created by this president insisting now upon the return of government at every level to the people. we talked on occasion in so-called wave elections. this one looks much bigger, a far larger wave, one driving the american revolution and will reshape our politics for decades to come. our quotation of the evening, this one from thomas jefferson
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who said long ago the end of the democracy and the defeat of the american revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed incorporations. we can still prevent that. we're coming right back. stay with us. donald trump was second but they say he's a loser. marco rubio landed in third, they say he's a winner. what about cruz? we thought he won. the polls, they were wrong. ted rollins and michael goodwin to tell us all about it as we get ready for new hampshire.
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joining us tonight, former reagan political director, ed rollins, pulitzer prize winning columnist, great to have you both here. where were we as we were assessing what was happening in iowa. the des moines register poll and bloomberg poll had missed and screwed it up. >> they missed for this reason. they estimated 47% turnout was evangelical, turned out to be 62%. it was 58% last time. obviously the evangelical about a third of which went to cruz and plurality is all you need and that was the difference in this race. >> surprisingly trump did pretty well with those evangelicals and
10:32 am
didn't do as well with first time voters that were energized and moving in record numbers into the republican caucuses, instead bringing a lot of opposition to trump. >> that was my assumption he would win if the turn out was high. that's what i believed to be the case because of his unique approach and all the first timers. he got a share but not a big enough share. i was surprised on both sides, those that had the biggest crowds during the runoff, sanders and trump, did not get the most votes at the end of the night. >> there are two statistics i find fascinating. the first of these is that 60% of the republican caucus scorers in iowa voted for a minority candidate. 60%. think about that.
10:33 am
not a single democratic vote went to a minority candidate in iowa. think about that. that tells you where we are. >> i think democrats can make up for it and vote for cruz or rubio later in the process and feel guilty. let me explain what happened. the cruz operation had extraordinary get out the vote effort. they basically monitored not just the voters they thought they had, they monitored everything in that state. people that ran that state had run joni ernst campaign and knew where their voters were and confident the night before. trump spent no money on get out the vote. he spent about $12 million total. both rubio and cruz spent over $40 million. at the end of the day -- >> you're saying he was a cheapskate and it cost him because he didn't build a ground game and we've been talking about the importance of the ground game in iowa for months. >> that's exactly what i'm saying, not taking anything away from cruz or rubio.
10:34 am
>> you're crediting them. >> trump had an arrogance he could be on the television shows, what have you. think about it, a guy has unlimited money. he said i'll spend a billion dollars. if he had spent another $10 million on get out the vote effort he would have probably been a winner. >> interesting to look at it that way. at the same time, up in milford, new hampshire, at that appearance, he's just acknowledged perhaps his choosing not to be in the fox news debate may have hurt him in iowa. but he would have done the same thing either way. your reaction. >> i believe the polls were changing in his favor until that debate and his skipping it. he had opened a 6 or 7 point lead over cruz in most of the polls at that point. he was doing better. he has been slightly behind. the opening went to rubio and he
10:35 am
sees that. that's where a lot of the vote went. it went to rubio. >> the ground game could have affected t eed -- there were tw statistics. the number of minority votes cast in the republican caucus. this is fascinating. bernie sanders, half of the democratic votes in the state of iowa went to a socialist. what does that speak to in the democratic party? >> there's a lot of socialists out there. hillary clinton and nancy pelosi couldn't define what a socialist is. what's amazing to me in his statistic and that hillary
10:36 am
clinton has to watch not trying to be humorous here. a 60 point gap between voters under 35. sanders won that 84-14. >> 70 point advantage. >> that is dramatic, way more than obama did. you look at the audience out there and they're a bunch of old people and i'm an old person so i can say this, hillary's support was all older people and the young people were basically with sanders. that's not a good thing for any democrat long term. >> i want to go back to the socialist thing. i think this is important. we have heard the democratic national committee chair unable or unwilling to define the difference between a democrat and socialist in this country. we're looking at polls where many democrats define themselves as socialists. we're looking at a sea change in the party no longer a pejorative in the minds of democrats to
10:37 am
self-identify as a socialist. what does that mean for what looks like a clash between -- i won't decide here this early who will probably be facing off, it looks at this point it's going to be between a reasonably conservative republican and a very liberal democrat no matter whether it's hillary clinton or bernie sanders or whomever. >> i think the issue of taxes is a good litmus test. it used to be everyone said i won't raise taxes and walter mondale -- >> bernie sanders said the hell with all that. >> barack obama actually started it. he said in both campaigns i will raise taxes and he did. and clinton and sanders talking about taxes. and democrats are openly and clearly the party of tax hikes. >> with $19 trillion in debt in this country are you telling me any republican can walk out in front of the american people if he intends, or she, to govern
10:38 am
responsibly, that there wouldn't be a tax increase? i don't think any one can reasonably make that statement. >> you can't because of the spending programs. >> 13 months this time, additional $20 trillion. >> you need more revenue and you get revenue by creating growth or raising more revenue from taxes. >> we have to run. michael. >> quickly, democrats are not promising pay down the debt or reduce the deficit, they want to add programs. >> i'm saying republicans have to join this unfortunate refrain because it's the only responsible way forward. whatever your ideology or philosophy at this point, that's the mess we're in. $19 trillion, folks. thanks so much in accelerating. thank you. joining us now, former army vice chief of staff, fox news military analyst, general jack keane, great to have you with us. let's start if we may with a
10:39 am
ash carter working on a budget but laying out the threats, and including russia, china, north korea, iran and the islamic state. we haven't heard this enumeration of that many threats to this country in some time by a defense secretary. your thoughts. >> certainly those threats are real. i do believe we have to make certain we have the capabilities to deal with that. frankly, this budget, while he's asking for more money, nowhere near what we need. what happened to us, so the audiences can understand, we've been fighting these insurgencies in iraq and afghanistan and we were not provided the technological capabilities we needed to fight conventional wars.
10:40 am
as these wars wind down what the administration wants to do and as other administrations have done in the past after major wars is down size the military budget when, in fact, that's exactly the wrong thing to do. >> precisely the path we're on, that is the trajectory for our defense budget, as you point out. then, at the same time, carter asks for $3.4 billion to counter russian aggression for europe. the way this is working right now, what carter is saying in this modern era is the united states needs to borrow $3.4 billion from china to give to europe to counter the russian aggression. at some point, someone in washington, d.c. has to have the judgment and the sense to say, we've got to try a different paradigm here because this way doesn't work for us long term at the same day we're talking 19
10:41 am
trillion and a national debt! >> what we're really talking about here, lou, we believe that russia's strategic objective is to collapse nato. >> our strategic objective is to collapse russia. this administration is pursuing the collapse of russia's economy. >> let me just deal with the first point you made. >> sure. >> they're trying to collapse nato. the baltics have been practicing exercises three years in that direction. we have, on the ground, in europe right now, two army brigades and some other supported troops and air power to the tune of 67,000 troops during the height of the cold war, it was 500,000. no one suggested we need to go back to that. we have cut the forces there to a point where we don't have any degree of deterrence. we have to make the russians,
10:42 am
when they look at europe and look at doing what we believe they're intending to do, that it's too much for them to do. that's an unwelcomed act on their part and it's going to cost them too much. that's what deterred them for 50 years. we're not doing that. even in this budget we're not coming close. >> general jack keane, we appreciate it. thanks so much. good to see you. >> thanks. good talking to you as always. >> here's something you don't see on aircraft everyday, take a look, a 68-year-old pilot, young fellow at the controls. he had to land a single engine cessna plane in a lagoon and he circled the airport burning off fuel for nearly two hours. here he comes. the pilot made a textbook, textbook emergency landing and set a standard for some younger pilots along the way. up next, ambassador john bolton joins us. we will talk politics and geopolitics and what the obama administration is doing to protect 4 million americans who
10:43 am
contract the disease next year, 4 million americans from the zika virus. >> investigators pinpointing the cause of a likely explosion that forced a passenger jet liner to make an emergency landing. we'll have that story and much more coming right up. look at that! it was always just a hobby. something you did for fun. until the day it became something much more. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. ♪
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japan's military is on high alert tonight concerned about a planned rocket or missile launch from north korea. japan has destroyed its missile batteries after north korea's threat the they will launch later next week after being launched from the hermit kingdom and north korea is called. we have a lot to talk about with the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, john bolton, american enterprise senior fellow. great to have you here. what japan is doing and the united states as well in the pacific preparing for exogencies. do you think this is a threat on the part of north korea to pacific -- specifically to japan or any other allies?
10:48 am
>> i think they are worried for several reasons. who believes what north korea says on any given day. maybe it's a satellite launch or a missile launch or anything else. the fact is unless you have a high degree of confidence in north korean technology than i do, sitting in japan you have to worry if that missile won't make it into orbit and find its trajectory into an urban area. that's why their missile defense concerns are up and alert to it. there is a larger question. we have been told in the past year by the commander of u.s. forces korea, north korea efforts to denuclearize their ballistic missiles could put the west coast of the united states, leave our allies in japan aside for a moment, the united states in north korean range in fairly short order. this is something to be concerned about no question about it. >> i want to go to a couple other threats people are not
10:49 am
considering tonight. that is this worldwide health alert from the world health organization on the zika virus. rick scott, the governor of florida has just put four counties under -- declared them under emergency because of the threat. nine cases there have been detected. why -- let me ask you this -- why isn't there more of an obvious action on the part of this administration to screening those coming into this country and trying to protect the country from this virus? >> well, there absolutely should be. if you think back to the ebola virus scare of 2014, the administration was slow to worry about that, too. there was public outrage in some cases of people concerned about the virus entering this country. we had nurses put in quarantine who filed suit against chris christie. we had reporters who were in the danger zone who refused to stay
10:50 am
in quarantine themselves. i think this threat in the near term may be more serious because it's right here in this hemisphere, people coming from all over latin america. i think it's a real public health problem and the essence of sovereignty to protect your border against this. there's a greater problem here as well. that is, i'm sure that rogue states, russia, china, that look at biological weapons as viable ways of waging war are looking at this virus as they used to look at ebola very carefully and they still do. and will see how the american storm responds to it. we talked about the nuclear weapons program. don't forget biological and chemical warfare as well. >> ambassador, john bolton. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. investigators closely following the investigation into an explosion that blew a hole into a commercial jetliner over somalia.
10:51 am
it forced an emergency landing and a passenger is believed to have been sucked out of the cabin. the cell phone video shows the hole shortly after that explosion. u.s. officials believe a bomb is the cause of the rupture in the fuselage. investigators have not yet found any evidence of a criminal act even though there is a suggestion, strong suggestion obviously that was an explosion of some sort, we just don't know what kind. two people aboard were injured, one is missing tonight. police did find a body on the ground but have not confirmed the person's identity or whether or not he was aboard the aircraft involved. up next, lebron james' tattoos trigger a copyright lawsuit. figure that one out. we take up the case with mercedes next. you won't believe -- this country's legal system -- i think it can be better. the attorneys disagree with me but there it is.
10:52 am
we'll take it up with them next. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. i've been waiting all day to talk with two of the best attorneys in the business, miss wiehl and mercedes, fox news analysts. good morning. lebron james and his tattoos, long story short, people want to
10:56 am
have ownership over the images of his tattoos. it is the nba 2k. the artist has copyrights, this is outrageous! >> why? it's original artwork. it's being used to make money. the damages may not be great, they may be diminimus, original artwork out there to make money. not everybody's tattoo walking around, but somebody using it in a movie or video. >> it's skin art. skin art. that's exactly what it is, skin art. the fact he has a tattoo, an original tattoo artist that did it, he's an artist. >> people get tattoos, in the nba, everybody has all these tattoos and walking around in skin that doesn't belong to them. it's crazy! >> come on. >> we want to see your tattoos. >> you really do? >> a big "s" on your chest. >> that's right.
10:57 am
>> the truth is this is the kind of thing that's going on in -- a student goes and gets a school picture. that belongs to the photographer. these issues are getting crazier and crazier. >> images are different. this is art. there's a difference. if someone takes a picture of us right here -- >> we can claim ownership over that picture and if they sell that picture without our consent, that can be problematic for them. >> i have to tell you, i think we need to work this legal thing out. this crazy ideas of what is equity, all these crazy ideas what is a reasonable time to bring a lawsuit and have it adjudicated whether it is criminal or civil, the country's legal system is falling apart. >> no, it's not, because we are here. >> except for the part where you two have dominion, it's really amazing to me. let's turn to the lottery lawsuit.
10:58 am
this is a good one. two lovers fighting over a million dollar lottery ticket, have a dispute over who gets the money. the boyfriend says half is half. what do you think? >> i think it's a real problem. they have nothing in writing. it's he said, she said. no oral contracts. >> the old expression, oral contracts are worth exactly the paper they're written on. >> exactly. >> unless there's a witness that heard and there's no indication of that, it's an oral contract, he said she said. he said he paid for the ticket, he gave her 20 bucks for the tickets. did he give that as a gift or conditional gift means condition on buying that lottery ticket, if he can prove it's conditional. if he can prove that it was conditional maybe he has a shot. again, he said-she said. >> it will be really difficult. >> i have to answer because there is talk last night and earlier this morning we will see
10:59 am
a bernie sanders sue the dnc and democratic party because they have this screwball system in iowa, no way? >> a coin toss, yes. >> a little problematic. >> a little problematic? >> can you imagine -- >> i can't -- >> basically -- >> but it comes down to a coin toss? if that's written in the rules you can have a coin toss, they're probably okay, if it's not, let's do a coin toss to figure this out, it's a problem. >> what are you going to say to colin kaepernick, the poor guy. he's inundated in tattoos. i say the poor guy, he has $120 million. you can buy a lot of new skin, i guess. >> exactly. >> he could, you know. >> doesn't have any skin in the game. >> that was good, a good one! >> all right. lis wiehl and mercedes colwin, thanks.
11:00 am
we thank you for being here with us tonight. we'll see you tomorrow. good night from new york. [ dynamic music plays ]


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