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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  February 6, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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there is a special guest, we can't get it out of them. charles: the employment number comes up short for president obama. he uses it to protect even more taxes and crony capitalism. the stock market tumbled into a free-fall. at one point the dow was off 300 points. the civil war using star or surrender tactics. the west, we just raised millions to help the victims. donald trump tried to sway voters in new hampshire. >> these tough guys in washington. they are tough guys, they can't
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beat isis be they can't beat anybody. afghanistan is going [bleep]. if i were in the white house, i don't think i would see again i want to stay in the white house and work my [bleep] off. in the south china sea china is building a military base. they are ripping the tbleep out of the sea. we are going to have businesses that were in mexico open back to ham and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. charles: that was trump. even though he says he's changing his tune. the u.s. poll has him at 30%. marco rubio its holding at 15%. discussing it now, joining me, senator scott brown and gina louden.
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senator brown, that's your guy. that's the stuff people like. but by the same spoken, some say golly, is that language presidential or have we gotten beyond that? >> it's language everybody uses in new hampshire to make a point. it's him being him. it's not language i have used. you i have used it in the past. what you are seeing in new hampshire is a tremendous amount of energy. we went to a rally 5,000 strong. the the same with this one, it was packed beyond belief. a lot of energy and grounds game. i noted the commentary and i'm privy to what the grounds game is. it's different than iowa. charles: you are throwing big numbers at us and we saw an l in iowa. >> don't consider an l.
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in ham require's a different story. i never thought it would be a 20-30-point win. i never thought bernie would be blowing hillary clinton away. there is probably 30% of the people in new hampshire still undecided but they are leaning towards trump, rubio and kasich. christy and ted is probably on the fifth tier and that fifth person in that group. charles: it does feel like everyone is adjusting their game post iowa. to senator brown's point, it's early to say this is going to be a runaway for anyone. for trump in iowa he was throwing out 2 corinthians. now he's throwing out 4-letter words. he has shaken up his campaign.
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he's no longer religious right donald trump. he's no longer donald trump or iowa evangelical voters. that's what a politician does. maybe you can argue donald trump is getting smarter and acting more like a politician, or maybe he's imploding because he is a politician and he's not that real. the voters will have to decide who is the real donald trump. do you think he's going to go down this track, be who he is. 4-letter words and all? >> i have known a christian to use a 4-letter word before. it actually happens, charles. but this is what the people who love trump love. they love that he doesn't play by the establishment's rules.
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that's how he's won what he has won so far. i don't see anything that will stop him. i think he will keep shock us over and over again. and we are still talk about it the next day. we talk about these poll numbers and donald trump started the week at 38, he's at 34. if i was in the trump camp, he's got a solid following. if those all those establishment folks dropped out, they could win new hampshire. >> let's give him a chance. there is two main things about iowa that were completely wrong. the public polls are wrong. "the des moines register" follow says this is the most accurate thing that happened in iowa. secondly, everyone said if there is record turnout this will benefit trump. and that wasn't the case at all. the record turnout supported cruz.
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i respectfully disagree with senator brown whom i like quite a bit. trump tried to play in iowa and he didn't play smartly. charles: what do you make of that, donald trump sparked the imagination of voters in iowa but they didn't all vote for him. >> of course not. he has been a politician for six months. charles: but he's been a celebrity for 20 years. >> everybody's stature has gone up dramatically because he's in the race. any one of these people running would make a better president than hillary clinton or bernie sanders. the things that separates donald from me is he's not like the others. he can bring in brilliant people to do it different think than we have don't for years.
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charles: the point i guess, it's one thing to spark enthusiasm. particularly with the selection of mitt romney. having said that. can it be -- can it work two ways? can you spark the other side? >> absolutely you can. i don't like the language myself. it's not like i would have a friend who talks that way. i don't want that my president. but i talk to people and said does this bother you? i'm always interested in the psychology of it. they are, what about candle * and patton? there have been public figures who were well respected that have been known to let a few word fly. trump needs to nail down with the american public who he is. it's kind of in a package.
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i hope he will begin to do that. like the senator said, he is a businessman, he isn't used to being a packaged politician. he doesn't have the training and it becomes obvious once in a while. charles: i curse more than 95% of the public and i actually dropped the f bomb on the air once but i'm not running for president. >> in new hampshire the republicans are playing in the primary. when it comes to getting $650,000 for a speech, i'll look into the and tell you what i was thinking about. the thing about bernie. i don't agree with anything he says, but he's honest and sincere and believes in what he's saying.
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charles: when it comes to authenticity. bernie is talking the same talk he has been talking forever. on the republican side that's an interesting area. who is the mode rat, who changed their opinions. the flip-flop is you may be with the republican side. >> if republicans think about electability. they cannot underestimate bernie sanders. hillary clinton and her campaign's fatal flaw is they have underestimated bernie sanders. if you look at the latest polling. bernie sanders in national polls is beating trump and cruz in a head-to-head inchup. >> that's a long way off and certainly premature. i guess the question is, there is only a few days between now and new hampshire. if you look at the polls. even in "the des moines register." rubio's position to me was not a surprise. he was the on candidate over the
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last 5 to 6 week. but having said that, is there enough time to have a shockingout come for the elect next week? >> i think there will be. let's go back to morgan's point. the polls have all been wrong and political reporters keep reporting on the polls. we are missing one point about donald trump. i don't care if he's using 4-letter word or mispronouncing a bible. it's not about the 4-letter word it's about consistency. he clearly shifted from iowa to new hampshire. and that's a problem when voters see two different people so quickly, voters are not going to go for that. charles: i think this is what we are going to get, the real new york city. >> new york values.
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charles: we are going to break. don't miss our coverage of the new hampshire primary. here is the interesting thing. see the time, 7:55 eastern. that's when it start right here on fox business. we have a business alert for you. alba's baby supply company is going public. we'll see how far those unicorns go when you have a beautiful spokes woman. let me tell you about the artful equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people.
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charles: some democrats are getting nervous with regard to hillary clinton's lack of support. the rumblings to push the draft into visibility joe biden into the 016 race. reporter: what's interesting is it's deep concern, maybe panic among some democrats that saw hillary clinton stumble but prevail in iowa, now down double digits in new hampshire. what they are doing is raising the name of joe biden as a possible candidate for president. he shot it down last fall and decide not to run. but a prominent backer of the so-called 2016 movement urged democrats to rethink all of this. bill bartman runs a financial services company in you will a.
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he said until we see for the good of the party or the country we should bring back draft bind movement. a quinnipiac poll shows hillary clinton is leading bernie sanders by 2 points. significant because the same poll in december found clinton had a 31-point lead. that's just a steep dive. there is no evidence joe biden is rethinking of any this. but he gave an interview where he said he regrets every single day he did not get into this race. there are people inside the clinton camp discounting this question i yak poll. -- the quinnipiac poll and they say once she gets down south
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where she has an advantage with the african-american vote the ship will be steady. but tonight in new hampshire there are a lot of democrats who are restless. charles: things got heated between hillary clinton and sanders in new hampshire. >> i think it's time to end the artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying not you recent weeks and let's talk about the issues. >> let's talk about issues. let's talk about why in the 1990s wall street got deregulated? did it have anything to do with the fact that warm street provided, spent billions of dollars on lobbying and campaign contributions? well, some people might think yes that had some influence. charles: according to the latest
6:18 pm
poll the gap has narrowed this week. it was 61-30 just a week ago. clinton's victory in iowa helped her get a little bit of momentum coming into this state. scott brown, eboni williams and gina louden. ebony, with the breaking news that we have. he found and ran the one trims largest debt collection company. i find irony in that. >> it's not surprising to me. of course, the dems. if you are a democrat and you are interested in keeping the white house in your party. if there is an opportunity to nominate somebody who doesn't have a pending f.b.i. investigation. you brought up the fact that
6:19 pm
polls naturally tighten up. but when do these guys panic on a democratic side? i don't think bernie sanders is necessarily a fluke. >> i don't either. just to comment about what we were talking about and what i'm seeing on the ground. political pundits can talk all they want. but i'm here and i see it. i saw throngs of hillary clinton supporters going door to door, they are very, very nervous. joe biden is kicking his self every day wishing he didn't make that decision. with regard to the republicans. jeb bush has come to my neighborhood three times. there is a serious uptick of action. i have run 13 races not including primaries and it's been an amazing transformation in new hampshire the last 72 hours.
6:20 pm
charles: is it too late for joe biden? can he be the white knight? >> he will pick elizabeth warn or bernie sanders to keep the energy going. it would be a tough matchup. but that being said, once again, any one of our people would make a better president than a socialist. are you kidding? joe biden is a well liked, and trusted candidate. charles: we are talking about the socialist with a very formidable lead, and that's got to be shocking to everyone in politics. >> i think the thing we have to consider is city would venture to guess 90% of those who are supporting bernie don't -- continues define socialist if they had to. this is the jant tie hillary vote. this is the powell would like to see. i would like to see a poll. i noticed the under currents.
6:21 pm
when i asked people supporting bernie who their second choice is, very often it's donald trump. most of the time it's another gop contendser. i think the dnc is looking at these numbers and doing the math and realizing they don't have a candidate in hillary clinton. charles: what if hilly pull hilf hillary pulls this off and she does win this? >> she cried. we'll have to pull something else out of the hat because the cry trick already worked. i wouldn't have been surprised if bernie sanders continues to lead her double digits going into new hampshire. but the wall street attack has been effective clearly. one of the things he received is he keeps saying the "e" word, establishment. that has been so effective in the democratic and republican party.
6:22 pm
why? because bernie sanders has millennial voters as part of his primary base. why does hitting her for being establishment matter for millennials? because millennials are disruptive. all of these big entrenched companies with lots of regulations and unions, millennials have disrupted that. i expect millennial to the disrupt this election. charles: your boy jeb bush bringing out his mom. >> i would like to refer to her as the first lady. charles: she did great. maybe she should have been running. what i loved about barbara bush, but 90 years old, she shows you have in new hampshire despite the snow and poor trump can't handle the snow. >> i love her as well. the problem is jeb waited too
6:23 pm
long to bring out the big guns. he's a legacy. he's a push. >> his private planes still fly in the snow? then he needs to get a new plane. >> hoik also taking a break from the campaign. in this case she's visiting flynt, michigan. she is using the visit to push funding for her city's recovery after the water crisis left thousands of residents are undrinkable water in her homes. they will be reaching out to black voters. it will be the third campaign visit to michigan. they are all clock and no action. can any candidate deliver on all the stuff they are promising on the campaign trail? he have something that says one candidate will.
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charles: the broken tea party promises. the governor is not going to try to end obama care at the first chances had. a lot of candidates make promises and the question is can they pull them off? joining me back, scott brown, eboni williams and morgan ortegas. scott brown, i am sure you remember the obama $15 million jobs bill that you voted for. those who ushered you into
6:28 pm
washington, d.c., they couldn't understand why you did that. >> it got people work again. but when you are talking about keeping a campaign promise. i said i would read the bill and see how it effects our state, country and debt. this kentucky governor, is there a recall any wouldn't be sure if it comes. charles: this was a tea party candidate. the question is, can these candidates keep these promises? >> no of course not. they can't do everything. bernie can't deliver all the free stuff in the world. that's why you have stations like you and fox to do that check and balance to keep people
6:29 pm
on their toes. if they can do half of what they say, i'm a happy man. >> i was going to piggyback off what the senator was talking about. sometimes you promise something before you are in office. and once you get in that seat you realize some different things are at play and you need to make a different decision. president obama talked about this. he was anti-nsa surveillance. when he got into the white house and saw what was going down, he knew they needed it. >> you have to work with people from both sides. trump is saying he's going to build a wall and mexico is going to pay for it. senator brown can't say he believes trump is going to build a wall and have mexico play for it.
6:30 pm
>> we give mexico a tremendous amount of aid. the way you do it is build the wall and with hold the aid. that's a no-brainer. charles: what will be the hardest thing for a president trump to get done. >> bottom line is you have to realize there is a check and balance. we have the two branches much government that are left. you have the house and senate leaders. if we keep it republican he can do a tremendous amount. that's why it many critical to keep the senate to make sure chuck schumer isn't the majority leader which would make harry reid look like a pussy cat. >> not to pick on trump. senator cruz is also guilty of this, saying he's going to get rid of obama car it minute he comes in. i think you work towards -- this is what i want to accomplish and
6:31 pm
i have a proven record of working with people to get it done. that's why you go with someone who knows how to get something done. >> sometimes, though, you just don't know until you know. and i think we have to leave room for that. charles: you have to wonder what they know. >> you could change your mind. it's not in blood. you could change your mind as eboni pointed out. >> we could evolve on things. president obama -- i'll tell you we did evolve on. taxes. he's got a special one, $10 a barrel. but we know what's going to happen. more massive job losses in the oil patch. brace for it next. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you.
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>> unemployment, deficits and gas prices are all down. the rates of premiums for the insures are down. we are going to impose a tax on a barrel of oil imported, exported, so that some of that revenue can be used for transportation, some of that revenue can be used for the
6:36 pm
investments and basic research. charles: that was president obama touting america's progress. the unemployment number basically reflects those who have fled the job market. 50% of the jobs are min municipal wage jobs. let's start with the jobs picture, the employment picture. it's been a tough, tough slog here. we have had consecutive months of job growth. but never like what we saw under ronald reagan. >> we are sitting here talking about how great the jobs report was because it miss the lowered expectations of 30,000 jobs. you look at the report and you don't see anything terrible, but you don't see anything to get excited about.
6:37 pm
it's more of the same. when are we going to get something that drives real economic growth in the country. charles: the president, he knows how to spin it, though. he talks about the consecutive months of private sector job growth. all these things that make it sound and look good. but i don't think the average person feels the flowery nature that the president put out here today. >> the bigger issue is all the numbers we are talking about are lagging numbers. the president needs to think about the future. not where we are. it can easily goat other way as much as it can go up. there is morris can to the down side. i think he thinks about these things but doesn't think about how it will affect ream life jobs in the real economy. we need lower gas prices to stimulate the economy. then the government reinvests that money they take from us
6:38 pm
very poorly. it doesn't make any sense to do these. charles: a power plant in california, it cost $3 billion, over $2 bicame fat taxpayer. it created 80 permanent jobs. the president is talking about destroying another fossil fuel industry. >> the white house admitted the proposals are not realistic and there is no way they will get passed through congress. but they say the tax will go to the oil companies. what happens to that? it gets passed down to the consumers. it could be adding 25 cent a gallon when you are filling up a car. who does that hurt? it hurts working families. he put hillary clinton in a precarious situation because if
6:39 pm
he's getting the conversation going, that's hurting people making $30,000 a year and trying to -- >> he said certain thing necessarily had to happen like that. charles: where do you think we are with the economy. >> they talked about wanting to hike rate. i don't think that will happen. things aren't popping. charles: you don't want to miss our special covering of the new hampshire primary. wall to wall, minute to minute. as soon as the polls close. that's why it start at 7:55:00 p.m. here on fox business. the market sell-off after a dismal jobs report. we'll get through it. be right back.
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and i don't have to talk to any humans, unless i want to. and i don't. and national lets me choose any car in the aisle. control. it's so, what's the word?... sexy. go national. go like a pro. charles: the dow was off 1.3% today. it's down 7% for a year. nasdaq suffered a 3% leak for the day. even those don't reflect the carnage below the surface. momentum in the pendulum can swing both ways. this all got started with the jobs report that it thought was the best possible outcome for a
6:44 pm
tepid market. we'll knock off 50,000 of those. we saw stronger wages but in my mind that would mitigate the recession argument. it was 12 cents. that increase in wages has many economists saying the fed will have high grades on the 1st. inflation happens when too much money chases too few goods. there are new voting members, and two of them spoke out this week burnishing their reputation as hawks and straight shooters. last night loretta messer said the fed policy does not mirror the markets and she says the tail won'ting what the dog as long as -- won't wag the dog as long as she's there. here are your key numbers going into monday. on the upside. 16,500.
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charles: it took a global war against christians to make this happen. pope francis will meet with the russian orthodox church leader in cuba. in the article, china's crackdown on christians. >> it's pretty shock. we have reached a tipping points. what happened last week is the pass effort to largest protestant church inch china. the largest mandarin language church in the world. seized by the chinese government
6:50 pm
and has disappeared. they are notorious for abuse and torture. and his crime is speaking out against the government's forced demolition of churches. this is a guy who built his entire career on trying to make accommodations with the government. if he can't stay on the right side of authorities, nobody can. char are this has been going on, percent kiewls of christians in china? >> the province i reported on in 2012 there will be has been a campaign to knock down cross. there was a leaked memo by the government, 8,000 torn down the last two years.
6:51 pm
these are state-sanctioned churches. they are being aggressively antichristian. charles: it's one thing to say the roman catholic church and the russian orthodox church. the global war on christianity is scary. >> it is. this is a problem people have been talking about for the past 10 years as they have seen this address continue to rise in the might, africa, india, asia, this is something the christian community has been praying about. i as a christian am really glad to see major christian leaders come together. there are hopeful signs that the international community is recognizing what's happening in the middle east with isis. the european parliament said they declared what isis is doing against christians and yazidis a
6:52 pm
genocide. in cuba around the time the pope and the leader of the russian orthodox church will be there. the comeness country is there hosting an exhibit of the bible and people are able to see that freely. as americans we need to be the beacon of light we always have been and show people religious freedom is the way to go it just shows the gospel is glowing and people are coming to christ and the government feels it's a threat. we need to keep praying with social media. charles: we declared war on isis ander eradicated them would be good. charles: it looks like al-assad is going to win this but the
6:53 pm
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and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. charles: united nations pledges -- nations have pledged more than $10 billion to help the conflict in syria, but critics are worrying assad will get some of that money and help di campaigns against syrian rebels and, of course, perhaps isis as well. the big question is will this fund airstrikes that have been killing civilians this week? brian, let me start with you. amazing footage out there, this campaign that's been going on in aleppo. surrender or starve air campaigns, 40,000 children starving. it's just absolutely amazing.
6:57 pm
now, i know they've broken the siege which has been a three-and-a-half year siege, but at what cost? >> yeah. well, you know, today's refugee is potentially tomorrow's terrorist if we don't insure these people have dignity at the end of the day. we need to make sure they're housed, have schools, food. it's critically important to preventing not only the spread of radical islam but, indeed, the recruitment of these folks from isis. charles: can we just throw money at it alone? no. charles: isn't that the problem? here's the thing that really pisses me off, america's putting up a billion, united arab emirates is putting up $137 million, the average person there makes 67 grand a year. we're still going to have to deal with the refugee crisis. >> absolutely. and the issue here too is this has become a problem by their own doing. they failed to police the problem early on when it started in very small pockets and was working its way up.
6:58 pm
now it is falling on the world. we are going to fight this world on our oil or ours, because like he said, if we let them come over here, they could potentially be tomorrow's terrorists. if we don't help them, they're just going to do that in flocks. charles: but with the bombing on, i think on wednesday, richard grinnell, i read there were 300, 500 bombs dropped on these two neighborhoods alone. they've got to go somewhere. i know most of them are heading to turkey, but they're not going to stop there. >> look, oneover the problems -- one of the problems that this whole syrian crisis is having is that the bombing campaign is not specifically targeted because we don't have intel officers on the ground doing the hard work of figuring out what targets we should go after. look, we still haven't been able to get rid of the command and control center of isis. that was there for almost a year. we finally figured out where it
6:59 pm
was, started bombing, but it's still now moved somewhere else. we are always going to be slow with our bombing campaign if we don't have intelligence officers on the ground, otherwise known as boots on the ground. charles: right. >> that's what we have to do for the hard work. but when it comes to the u.n.'s work with refugees, they're doing amazing work there in a very tough situation. there are hundreds of thousands of refugees continuing to pour into lebanon and turkey, all over the area. ask can we've got to do a better job as the international community of getting more money, the middle east countries, all of our allies in the region need to do a lot more in terms of writing checks so that we can take care of these refugees. charles: but here's the thing though, brian and carl, we're talking about russia now. they are bombing indiscriminately. they don't care. of they say they're breaking the back of al-qaeda, and perhaps they are, but they're also breaking the back of syrian rebels who i thought were on our side. >> well, if i may, at the end of
7:00 pm
the day, the money that's being spent on these refugees really is about failure. the policy in syria has failed. iran and russia, they've done an interim -- >> good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. it's been 48 hours since donald trump conceded iowa to ted cruz. but not so fast. the formula 1 is calling for a new election to be held or cruz votes to be nullified. trump and carson and others accusing the cruz campaign of dirty tricks. cruz campaign told voters ben carson was exiting the race. cruz calls it all a misunderstanding. trump says no we need a new caucus. >> what he did is unthinkable. he said the man tlaefts and said it duri


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