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tv   Forbes on Fox  FOX Business  February 7, 2016 9:00am-9:31am EST

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utilities, duke energy, 3%. >> all right. ben. >> my usual. the spiders hold o life. >> all right. we're not done. the talks are going to continue. if in fact senator cruz does not agree with the things that were done with the deceit that was carried out, that i would expect he would do something about it. >> i think what he did was a fraud. and what he did was a voter violation statement looking like it came from a government was a fraud. and it's a disgrace. to the lek tral process. >> trump and carson accusing rival ted cruz of using unfair tactics, but some here say complaining will not help you win. they have proof from the private sector. hi, everybody. welcome to forest on fox.
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steve, rich, mike,sy brie na and bruce. rich, you say the going after christian voters. if they find this out of bounds, they will punish him! do you agree with rich? >> i don't know. i'm from iowa. and i participated in the caucuses and back in the day, a mondale delegate referred to me as a wine and cheese democrat and i didn't start drinking wine until i was in my 30s. >> that's unusual. >> it is, it is, but i don't think it's okay to do what it takes to do because they basically, these are caucus rules and they're run by the parties and i think it sets a
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bad precedent. reminds me of in the drug industry, they do what it takes to get a drug approved in a smaller population and once it gets on the clinical trial, you have a problem. that's what it is with cruz. >> what do you say, stooefr? is it okay for candidates to do things like this? >> in terms of what happened in iowa, not cruz, took on a statement, but ben carson made that looks like he might withdraw, so i don't want to defend cruz, but you have that ambiguity there. steve jobs for example went to xerox park in the late 1970s in that research lab. he realized its potential. xerox didn't. he ran with it. you see an advantage, take it, as long as you don't break the rules of the law, that way, you not only do good for yourself, but good for society as a whole. we owe a lot to steve jobs. >> here's what carson is upset
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about. he's say thag the cruz campaign called presinlgts captains in iowa and said you know what? ben carson's dropping out. vote for ted cruz instead. ben carson apparently was just going to get some rest in florida. he wasn't dropping out, so, is it unfair or fair game? >> politics attracts incredibly vain people who lust for the power to allocate the resources created by other, so, of course it's going to be a dirty business. why are trump and carson surprised? they shouldn't be running for president if they didn't expect it to be like this. >> i think from prosport, right? >> just made me think of the '60s before the afl and nfl merged and i remember during the draft, you'd have the different leagues hiding players so the other league wouldn't get a chance to talk to them and draft them. i think a lot of this stuff goes on, like john says, more goes on in politics. if this did happen, what cruz should have done was fire those involved. >> that's an interesting point.
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just fire them. i think the business world would do the same if they found immorality or unethical stuff. but sa brie na, do you think it's okay to do whatever it takes to win in business and politics? >> to some extent, of course. like everyone has said, job of a business or a candidate is to get votes or to get customers. but the flip side of that coin is that you have to get new customers and i don't think bernie madoff is getting any new customers, right? in the gop especially. one thing they need to keep in mind is there are simply more democratic voters out there. they are going to have to persuade some of those soft democrats to come over to their side and if they are viewed as too dirty and viewed as too sort of salacious, then perhaps they're not going to be successful in that effort. >> yeah, that's true. i mean, we know the congress ranks down there with car dealers, right? so let's bring it down in terms of public trust, to the taxpayer
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level. we don't want that to happen in our electorate. on thehey would govern and talk about real economic policies that would move the country forward. >> here's the thing when you know, you have a dirty tricks kind of allegations come in. we've seen that in campaign before, right in in the kennedy, nixon campaign. we saw anytime prior campaigns as well. those allegations. what do you think the reaction is to taxpayers on things like that? >> taxpayers, the voters don't like it, but in terms of the business side, the thing to keep in mind is some of the things people hate about business today like pricing and the like come from government regulation.
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the fda for example makes it extremely difficult to get competing drugs on the market in a timely fashion. so the guys jack up the price 10,000%. normally in a true free market, you get competitors swarming all ore it, but the government regulations stand in the way. in the true free market, you do something wrong, you'll be punished. >> maybe the message for carson and trump is in the business world, these things happen all the time. we're just going to bullet right ahead and just ignore it and stick to our game plan and yeah, what they did is unethical, really bad, but we're going to stick to our game plan. what do you think? >> i think so. rich hits on an important point that markets work these things out and if you're seen as playing dirtier, dishonest, it's probably going to play out in voting patterns. more broadly, people des piz politicians, i think that's good. that's good for the taxpayer who won't allow them to do as much. >> we saw it with the patriots. they went under that deflate gate scandal and are still
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working they're way out from under that. >> tom brady has prevailed is far in court and i agree with that. i take my time for ronald reagan. you know, he was continuely attack attacked for years all through the '60s and '70s often by republicans, the establishment republican, but he stuck to his message and ultimately prevailed and was arguably the greatest president we've had over the last 50 years and i think that's what these candidates should do. stick to their message. >> that's it. i think rich is on to this, too, that people are tuning in to this election in greater numbers than before, but at the same time, they're turned off. 60% of voter rs saying they want the candidates to be talking about the issues. they want them to get to the important points. they want them to do their job, right? >> for once. thank you so much. really appreciate it, you guys. up next, oh, canada. what our neighbors to the north of new hampshire and our entire
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to stay indoors. welcome back. the folks in new hampshire may want to listen to this. there are new worries that some of the thousands of syrian refugees entering canada will sneak across the u.s. border and some will be isis supporters. it's already happening in europe. german officials warning isis fighters are disguising themselves as refugees. now, steve says this is more proof we need to pause all refugee programs. steve. >> absolutely. how much more proof do youand i
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policies in place so we can find out who these people truly are. there's no way to do it. so pause the thing until we get real procedures in place that the fbi will vet, will approve, to let these people in. why not instead create a safe zone in syria so they don't have to go to europe. they don't have to go to canada or try to sneak into the united states. get it at the source, but obama, president obama refuses to do this, so now, we've got terrorists coming into the united states. good job, mr. president. >> i don't know about that. i think to pause the program, to halt the program and say no to refugees that are fleeing violence, doesn't send the right message. i think there's a positive in the sense that canada is willing to take some of these folks off of germany's hands and i think we've been calling if r that as well. >> here's the thing, rich. you're seeing crowds in germany, in sweden, of course, the paris attacks. there's evidence there these
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guys came in with dozens of terrorists who came in as refugees likely through greece. you know, 1999, we saw an al-qaeda guy cross in the canadian border to potentially bomb lax. so, are we at risk of refugees ? >> yeah, of course we are. and steve cited president obama's laxity on this and it's even worse in the case of the new canadian prime minister who's playing for the applause of, he was a hit at the world economic forum in dav os. he's beloved by u.n. types and you know, i don't know when it became a bad thing to look out for your rational self-interests and in this case, the rational thing to do for the united states is to pause this program. >> here's the thing, homeland security just looked into it and said yeah, we've got a big problem with terrorist possibly coming over from canada. that canada's systems are not so state-of-the-art, just like the
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united states is not so great when it comes to screening refugees for potential terrorists. what do you think? >> i don't see where putting the pause on the refugee program is going to somehow fight terrorism. someone who wants to commit a despicable act is not going to be deterred by a pause. if it's terrorists wee worried about, why would we put so much in the state department. why not put more into global sbintelligence searching for terrorists. >> john, i love you, but this is sort of -- let's throw up our hands and not do anything. when people could really be killed or murdered here in the united states by terrorists. what do you think? >> i hate john's point, that this is the trickle down. we have to get to the problem. that being said, i think that we have a you know, a serious national security issue to consider and it's taken us, i know i've said this before, it's taken the west thousands of years to sort of develop the kind of respect we have for human rights and to codify that and there are plenty of places
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around the globe that don't share our values and i think we need to be careful that when we are letting people in, they want to be here because they want believe in the american dream and our american way of life and i look at that as a fair thing to say in this what we're facing now. >> i hear what you're saying. bill, they're coming here, maybe make them pledge allegiance to the constitution, what do you think? >> that will be a start, but i think there's a better solution suggested by a "wall street journal" editorialist. he said why don't we let in the women and children and old people and tell the young men coming from syria and other war torn places they should go back home and fix the mess they've got back home then we'll think about it. >> i hear what you're saying, bruce. yes, we are an open armed society, but we're in new age fighting isis and terrorists that's breaking out across the world. it's about common sense. refugee policy shouldn't be about a suicide pact. >> canada is a good ally.
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we need to trust. we can't really, there's a congressional committee, i don't really see this committee wg willing to tell canada what to do. when they just approved the budget. >> i'm sorry, hang on. canada in fact, two canadian lawyers testified for senate hoemd saying canada has a really poor system of vetting refugees. in fact, they've got a major problem with thousands of terrorists in the eastern provinces of canada. >> we need to trust they will do the right thing. listen, what do you want? do you want a wall, i mean, the republicans rejected scott walker, he wanted to put up a wall to canada. not sure what the answer is. other than to work with them and make sure that the screening is longer. >> go ahead. >> i don't think we need a wall. i think the idea and this is to john's point. we need much smarter intelligence. we need to be able to use social media in our investigations of
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people who come to this country, but also things that steve said are not in place yet, so if we want to have open borders, which i am a supporter of, i think we need to have the tools in place to make sure we're doing that. l. >> and rich, steve made this point. half the gulf states do more about taking in refugees. i know they've taken in a lot. but they need to possibly step up. what about refugees and welfare programs? tend to be living on government assistance overseas in the middle east and i think the fastest way to assimilate them t get the value of assimilation and those who have the message that we have. >> thank you, gang. getting ready to roll at the bottom of the hour. eric, what have you got? >> donald's plan to win new hampshire this week. spend more of his money.
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but will it work? police, young americans backing bernie. socialism, what this says about the future of our country. see you at 11:30. >> we will be watching. but up here first, the white house finally kicking out the wealthy from government housing. but our source say it's time to kick the government out of the kick the government out of the housing business all
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the conference call. the ultimate arena for business. hour after hour of diving deep, touching base, and putting ducks in rows. the only problem with conference calls: eventually they have to end. unless you have the comcast business voice mobile app. it lets you switch seamlessly from your desk phone to your mobile with no interruptions. i've never felt so alive. make your business phone mobile with voice mobility. comcast business. built for business. welcome back. better late than never. last august, we told you about wealthy families caught living
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in government subsidized housing paid for by you, the taxpayer, like a family in new york city making nearly half a million bucks a year, now, the white house throwing out a plan to kick out rich folks like that. mike says this is why we need to kick out the government from the housing assistance business. >> thoos right ft anytime the government gets involved in something, at least scarcity, right here in new york city, the government had put in place a lot of so-called affordable housing. generally terrible places to live. plus u, it's boost up the prices of other nonsubsidizeded housing. if you're a middle class family in new york, good luck finding a place to live. >> we want to take care of the poor, but should we kick the government out of housing for sure? >> no, don't end government housing, however, fix the warped incentives. the problem is somebody whose income is one dollar over some line and gets thrown out as a reward for getting a job. that has to be fixed.
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>> yeah, that has to be fix ed, too, the other thing, these individuals can can get housing, without having to prove it. basically self-report with their income is. i think we could do better. what do you think? >> of course. come on, bill. used to be that shoes, computers and cars were scarce. why is housing different from the rest? >> yeah, i have a real bmi bonnet about this issue because like if new york, here in d.c. and in northern virginia, this is happening all over the place. and when government gets into the business of housing, it distorts the whole market and makes hard working families who are trying to maybe buy a bigger house unable to do so. i think we want sensible economic policies to help people who are in thiede, but this is not it. >> steve, here's the thing, there's all sorts of fraud on medicaid, medicare, social security. low income housing, there's hard
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ly anything. what do you think? >> well, again, if you want affordable housing with the free markets work, you can phase this out u with vouchers and the like, but stop the creation of these buildings for affordable housing. get rid of ranked control and other things that distort the market and you would see housing flourish for all income levels. entrepreneurs will do it. in free markets, liz, scarcities always turn to abundance when free markets are alewed to an rate. >> rich, you've seen it in silicon valley, right? >> yeah, but the thing i can't figure out, liz, is why do people think they have a god given right to live in new york or san francisco or places like that? this country used to be a lot more emotion mobile than it is now and there are plenty of wonderful, much cheaper places to live in the heartland of the united states. >> who would have thought the 1% living in government housing. thanks, gang. coming p, before you find out coming p, before you find out who wins the super bowl, find
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four of the week's . welcome back. just in time for the super bowl, we've got your super picks. mike? >> i like to cgf. it bets against the stock market. i think the stock market is in correction phase. >> what do you think of that one, bill? >> mike evidently doesn't want you to buy a stock and put it away for your retirement. he wants you to buy a lottery ticket. >> every time a politician comes up with a new program to help the middle class make the tax code more complicated. >> you like this? >> about a year from now after the stock market correction is over. >> the correction, what do you think? where's the market headed? >> down simply because corporate
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profits are headed doup. >> what do you think? >> i don't think you can predict that, however, i'm going to make a prediction for the next 30 years. >> that's it. thank you so much for watching. keep it right here. the number one business block contues with eric and cash. donald trump shifting gears as he gears up for the new hampshire primary. >> we're going to be spending a lot of money. spending money on ads and on the ground game. >> trump promising to spend more green on the ground game to secure a new hampshire win, but will it work? our crew this week, jonathan, michelle fields, juan williams and jessica, welcome everybody. now, michelle, will spending more of his green in the granite state put him back on top? >> we know the other strategy, what he was doing, it wasn't working. he can't just draw great crowds and expect these people are going to go out and vote. he needs to have


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