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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 8, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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>> maria: beyonce and bruno mars and overshadowed cold play. we have everything you need to know from lady gaga's national anthem performances. take a look at the damage. brutal morning for stock prices. nasdaq got creamed on friday. that continues this morning with decline of 70 points right now on the nasdaq according to futures. checking the action overseas. sharp losses in europe. take a look. down 2-3%. dax in germany almost down 3% right now. relatively quiet session in asia. chinese markets close for new year holiday. happy new year. nikkei better than 1% as you can see.
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candidates making final push in new hampshire. all coming up straight ahead. don't expect to head to chipotle for lunch today. they will be closed from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., it's for a company-wide-food-safety meeting. stock down 40% on the e. coli concerns. that's all coming up. more winter weather expected to hit the east coast today. high winds and 18-inches of snow this week. schools in boston closed right now. the forecast coming up later this hour. candidates making final push for votes in new hampshire. with us robbie. you were watching saturday night's debate. >> donald trump is going to be the 45th president of the united
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states. >> maria: you just decided now? >> when christie called and said this is a speech and the governors rose and you realize that the front runner is absolutely donald trump and each time you watch him he's getting more presidential, he wants this, he has the experience, somebody's coaching to be less of a cartoon character and more presidential and then on the democratic side, i think hillary clinton has lost her clarity of purpose and vision. >> maria: there's real panic on the democratic side because they do not get the millennial vote, they can't get it. matt and dagen mcdowell, what's your sense on that? >> it's turning into a generational issue for hillary. criticized young women for not backing hillary, what kind of women doesn't help another women. i think some people found things offensive. >> maria: i don't even
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understand the whole thing. i heard that. it's absolutely a crime if a women -- are we looking at leadership for this country? the idea to just vote for someone because they're a women, that's so ridiculous. dialogue daig what hurt her people see her as the one, she's posed to be the president here and the more that she -- sends that message to people, the less likely they are going to vote for her. >> you're so right. there's nobody more qualified than hillary clinton. first lady of governor, first lady of the united states, secretary of state, senator, you would think that there would be a ground swell behind her, her whole attitude, i've been working my whole life to be president, when are you going to figure it out. >> matt: they sort of assumed a long history of knowledge here. i go back to the debate a couple
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of weeks ago, young person. >> maria: hilarious. >> dagen: young people are so skilled at creating persona on social media and she's so bad at it. you put her in tv camera, radio, microphone, they try to communicate on social media and she's just so inauthentic. who is this person? she's a shape-shifter. >> maria: it's clear that it's becoming too late for biden but his name is not going away. even now people are bringing him up. it's too late for bloomberg or might he actually jump in? >> he will go in if he knows he can win. right now donald trump is taking all the oxygen out of the room.
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>> maria: there's bernie sanders on saturday night live. larry with his role. watch this. [laughter] >> i'm your biggest fan. i'm telling you -- [laughter] >> what do you mean? >> no i didn't. shake my hand. >> i saw it. >> no, i didn't. , come on, mr. sanders, shake my wife's hands. [laughter] >> my god. funny stuff. look, young voters are taking bernie seriously. >> bernie has been around for 30 years. what he's doing hillary could be doing. it's just a problem with her campaign. she's never been a great campaigner. to be fair to her, the
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demographic still favor her but as a campaigner she's showing her weaknesses a lot. >> there's no clarity of vision and no enthusiasm. enthusiasm, the word in god, spirit, inspire, where is it? we don't feel it. it's that entitlement feeling as i'm the most qualified and that's why i believe we are going to see trump who -- trust me, i have no skin to gain. i'm not engaged by any of the candidates and he's winning. he really is. >> maria: there's also a different conversation when you look at the dems and the republicans. i feel like the conversation is completely different. it's national security and it's tax reform and economic growth on the republican side and on the dem side, what do you think the concentration is? >> it's very economic, focused on the domestic front. there's not a big foreign policy conversation. i think part of hillary's challenge to be honest is she
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has to be the establishment candidate. obama is very popular with the democratic base, she has to lead into that. as we see with bernie and trump and the others on the right is change is unhappiness. that puts her in a particularly difficult spot because she's caught defending the president and criticizing the president at the same time. it's a hard place to to be. >> dagen: who do you think makes the best decision with your money and about your life, is it the government and more government, even more than we have this very day or less government and that's it. >> you're right. when he called out the donors, trump, when he called out the donors it showed so many people told me on all ages, they said to me, i can't believe that this guy is going to stand up to congress and the establishment. all he did was call out the donors. >> maria: what was your sense of the chris christie-marco rubio
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exchieng? people talked about marco rubio on taking a hit on that? >> it reminded me of the nixon-kennedy debate. christie kept calling him out on that. i thought christie did a wonderful job. he's really -- i think he's going to do better than most people think. >> maria: let's watch it. marco rubio had no where to go. he kept repeating the same thing. >> let's just start once and for all that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing, this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing, anyone who believes that barack obama isn't doing what he's doing on purpose doesn't understand, this notion is just -- >> there it is. there is. memorized 25-second speech. >> he was looking at that light
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and you get caught in your own head and he could not brake the skip in the record. >> maria: i was like, wow, is he just losing it, he accepts saying the same thing. >> what happens in media training, you go in, the person that's training you never act too antagonistic. if you haven't been hit a few times, obviously, he didn't, you get stun and get repeating things over and over again. >> maria: some people said, no, no, this is the way you get a message across, relentless about it. >> no. >> one of his great gifts is he's a great communicator. >> absolutely. >> he fights with them all of the time. rubio does not have that experience. that was a very smart attack. [laughter] >> dagen: i was leaning, here we
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go. >> we are going to see rubio coming back in four, eight years, for this time, he's really made a great play, but i think that there are other players in the game, excuse me in the game who are going to do better. >> new hampshire is going to be decisive. if you look at the polls trump is way ahead and we will see how strong the ground game is, kasich, bush, rubio, they're all bundled up. >> bush could surprise us. >> maria: complete coverage tomorrow starting at 7:55 p.m. eastern on niel cavuto right here on the fox business network. we have special coverage beginning at 5:00 to 8:00. denver broncos capturing super bowl 50 defeating carolina panthers 24-10. peyton manning 141 yards, this is a game that many believe could be his last. it was the broncos defense that
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stole st show, though keeping cam newton in check all night long. broncos have three super bowl championships. >> dagen: i wanted it to be a better game, though. >> it was a pretty bad game for most of the time. >> i was the only person that didn't like lady gaga singing the national anthem. >> maria: she crushed it. >> dagen: i was raised not to point your finger. it was like -- >> maria: the brave. >> dagen: the pointing and pounding on the chest. >> maria: she has a beautiful, beautiful voice and she showed it last night. >> dagen: that's what women remember from the super bowl.
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the game was great and the ads were okay. there you go. [cheers and applause] >> maria: beautiful, beautiful. >> dagen: i always tier up but i always tier up in the national anthem. i sing it at the shower. >> maria: two major things that we have to talk about and that is gentleman gentleman going to the hill this week. she's going to be speaking with house financial services and the senate banking committee on thursday and we have to retail sales numbers out on friday. why do you think the market is so weak, matt? >> nobody knows exactly what's going to cause it to do better.
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i mean, the signals are blinking yellow or even red in most cases. china is slumping, europe is slumping, we can see reflected in the yield, the dollar is strong, as we reported this morning, a lot of companies are very shaky on capital spending and the retail sales which i heard you talk about on the weekend too, you know, that'll give us some sign where the consumers are at. i don't think anybody knows what's going to get us out of this function right now. >> maria: they haven't been much in terms of spending money. could winter weather wreck havoc on new hampshire primary? coming up in a next. ♪ ♪ feel a cold coming on? new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%.
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♪ for your retirement, you want to celebrate the little things, because they're big to you. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade®. >> maria: welcome back,
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northeast braising for a winter storm. fox meteorologist maria molina in the weather center. maria. >> maria: good morning, maria. we are tracking a storm that's going to be impacting areas in eastern new england, for area with more significant impact. you could see the snow already moving into areas like the cape and extreme eastern parts of long island and coming throughout the day today. we are expecting over a foot of snowfall accumulation across eastern parts of new england and and lessor in connecticut, rhode island. 4-8-inches of snowfall. but the entire region could be looking at some snowfall accumulation anywhere from parts of maine to new york, also heavy snow. meanwhile that system exits
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later today and our next one is on the move impacting parts of the mid-atlantic throughout the day tomorrow. it could bring several inches of snowfall accumulation. that will be something to watch closely. everyone is watching. new hampshire, what the impact could be at the polls. it looks like through tuesday we could see snow accumulation with heavier totals on the south of new hampshire. >> maria: world on high alert after launch from north korea. we have the details. stay with us.
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>> maria: welcome back, massive fallout erupting after north korea's rocket launch yesterday. nicole petallides with the details. >> nicole: good morning, everybody. the launch is violation of un resolutions prohibiting llisc miileest. u.s. promising new sanctions. the un security council says it's a plan to build ballistic missile and violates un regulations. athletes and staff worry about the zika virus should consider skipping the olympics in
6:23 am
chipotle opening four hours than normal. the company expects 50,000 employees to attend sessions at 400 various locations. ceo will be talking to the company employees and just the safety precautions that they put in place from the farm to fork safety and obviously cdc cleared them from e. coli. >> maria: specially since they don't have a reason for the sicknesses in the last year now. >> matt: it's very hard to come back from something like this. they have a big uphill climb specially with all of the momentum they had. it's going to take a while for them to come back. >> nicole: the justice department has a criminal case underway as well. >> dagen: we still don't have a
6:24 am
handle on it to your point. we still don't have the arms around what happened and what went on and now we are going to shut down and lecture our employees when it's management and their attitude that was part of the problem. >> maria: nicole, thanks. don't miss my interview with the president of how his chain is capitalizing, we will talk to bruise coming up. much weaker opening this morning, once again the continuing selling is persisting down. we head to a break, one of our favorite commercials from last night's big game. [laughter] >> give me that. [screams] >> ♪
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♪ ..
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maria: happy monday. maria bartiromo. it is money coming february. with me this morning from a fox business dagen mcdowell and matt murray. your top stories. the east coast. shipping a to be a rest day for markets extending friday's dallas and the kinetic 200-point sellout for the dow jones industrial average. nasdaq getting land again after a big selloff on friday. plenty of things to watch this upcoming week. federal reserve chairwoman janet galan plus readings on retail sales and consumer sentiment to check in the overseas action this morning. sharp losses in europe. down at about 2% to 3% depending where you live. the cac, in paris on two thirds%. the ft 100 down almost 2% to in asia overnight can the chinese markets were closed for the new year holiday. in japan the nikkei average
6:29 am
better than 1% in japan. a rocky mountain high for peyton manning and the denver broncos. leading the team to victory over the carolina panthers last night. the final score for the super bowl 24-10. payton on whether this was his final game or not in the nfl. beyoncé and bruno mars make a special appearance on the halftime show, overshadowing coldplay. but it was sent to really crush it with her rendition of the national anthem. ♪ and the home of the brave. ♪ tree into a look at the top at room candidates. look at the latest polls.
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john kasich makes a big move when hillary clinton with a double digit lead. crude oil plane to sleep. phil flynn is with what is driving the downside on oil setting the tone for global markets this morning. >> it really is. what is living well. is that the market leading oil lower and that is a big concern. all about demand right now and demand expectations. when you see the confidence in europe right now hitting the lowest level we have seen in 10 months, it really is raising concerns about equal the recession. on top of that, a big meeting this weekend between venezuela and saudi arabia. they talk about stabilizing oil prices but they didn't come up with a plan so that is diminishing hopes that we will see an opec reduction cat anytime soon. the other part of the fact that when we look at the price of oil
6:31 am
is it's really becoming a barometer for economic growth. when the stock market is the common we have a record amount of speculators in the market right now. more people buying and selling oil right now and it is a battle to see which way we will go. maria: we will be watching that. thank you so much, phil flynn. major average price to extend the sale on saturday. cofounder and chief investment officer marco qaeda here but the sunset as jpmorgan head of equity strategy stephen race. could this year. thank you for joining us. >> good to see you. >> u.s. god someone on the hill wednesday and thursday in the retail sales number friday. to what do you attribute the weakness this morning? >> is more at the same. markets are in a risk with concerns in china and oil has not been a bottom yet.
6:32 am
in the earnings picture this nothing to get excited about. the overall sentiment is neutral at best. we see some strength in places like health care consumer. industrial, energy, all done significantly year-over-year. >> market to go down. how are you positioned here? >> well, we are defensive. it a win super bowls and also markets. it certainly is doing now. you mention earnings in here and we are seeing probably the third quarter in a row where we've seen earning down for four quarters in a row. markets will struggle to go up in a market. he's got to stay defensive and rate them cash. i'm not telling people that we should sell the entire market. there are things to do.
6:33 am
maria: is there any catalyst that you can identify with the view that we change the sentiment of the market? one idea is the election, but that's in november. >> more quantitative easing out of europe. don't lose sight of the second half should be better from an earnings is. we'll can find a bottom. that is really like and get us going again. maria: mark. >> i'm not sure that the idea and looking for her, maria. the setup here is something that is going to last for a while. because of that, we are not looking for some sort of pounds. i don't see the markets doing much of anything from here for a while. so it's going to be much more of a trading or to the market as opposed to looking. >> i agree with that. it's hard to see the catalyst that comes out. you see the consumer at any point coming to life. oil coming down and down. waiting for the consumer dividend and spinning to break
6:34 am
through. i just don't know if there's a moment where the turns. >> can make the earnings picture strong. 8% to 9% growth in the sector. if you don't have an online presence, you see the trend as well. economists are still quite alleged that the u.s. can still grow in spillover, but something we are launching. >> front page of "the wall street journal." you are not helping the market today because it is the core article above the fold that big companies are pulling back after a rough quarter that half a dozen big companies have announced 14,000 layoffs just in the last couple of weeks, that there is no breath in the economic growth is all on the consumer. the consumer has been the sole strong point. and it totally if you talk to people, more and more you get the question, is this economy really heading the wrong direction? what do i need to know? building on itself. >> it is true.
6:35 am
we knew that last week it was down 5.1%. that is a clear signal businesses are not investing in new plants and equipment. >> holbein. investors are more distress themselves. we are still landing of a lot of jobs unemployment rate down below 5% last week. i'm not in the can for the u.s. economy is falling off a cliff. companies are doing the right thing. they are challenged by a higher dollar from a financial standpoint and a market 10-point there are a lot of challenges. let's not confuse that with what is happening with the overall economy and the u.s. we are entering from an economy standpoint. yes, they are rolling over, but i don't think they're some sort of recession from an economic standpoint. certainly from the financials 10-point, investments or challenge for a while. tree into what bothering
6:36 am
markets? >> what bothers markets is the fact we've had a strong dollar which is showing up in earnings. we have a question around global growth which is why oreo is a better barometer of what's happening from a growth standpoint. as the growth is something much like challenging, what you see in the market is the rotation. stocks leading the market are more growth type of stocks. they are rolling over and you are >> in the overall averages when the markets are down. as a growth comes out of the market, it will go somewhere where values get a bit in there, which is what we saw last week. tree into into interesting. but mark is saying, stephen is this is more of a global issue. >> it's more than earnings issue. there is no pocket that we are worried about. for now, we are focused on a more defensive in the health care consumer areas.
6:37 am
we also like price of technology and we're underway. >> look, what we see right now and what will take away is not that they are really hurting, but they are really short-term focus. they've gotten really good at managing inventories and employees tightly. a lot of companies think right now i'm going to be in something of a crutch for is the opportunity i'll go for it. what propels them out of that is what is unclear right now. that doesn't mean they are in terrible shape. they are cautious. >> that is how the election plays into the tap named in our economy. what kind of investments do you make ahead of what could be a very different environment in washington in less than a year? maria: that's a really good point. by the way, you also have a situation when it does turn you have a really good situation because balance sheets are very strong. even individual balance sheets.
6:38 am
up to 5.6% and obviously the cash on balance sheet that corporate. >> the 2.2% higher than the 10 year treasury and also a better yield. we need to focus on the positives. maria: good to see you, sir. steve rees, always a pleasure. >> did you watch the tape of the democratic presidential candidate straightahead? should pull late e. coli putting competition on high alert. bruce schroeder on how he's taken advantage of the recent fruit troubles. ♪ looking for 24/7 digestive support?
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try align for a non-stop, sweet-treat-goodness hold-onto-your-tiara, kind-of-day. live 24/7 with 24/7 digestive support. try align, the undisputed #1 ge recommended probiotic. maria: welcome back. ceo twitter rant damage control over changes to the site. nicole petallides with the story. maria: good morning. twitter users upset after a bus or purpose as it would adopt-based timeline. you'd seek to eat at twitter thinks he would like rather than the current groupers chronological order similar to how posts on facebook is organized. jack dorsey says we are always
6:43 am
listening and we never plan to reorder timelines. at least four people including an 8-year-old girl have been rescued in taiwan from the rubble of a high-rise apartment building. officials say more than 100 people are still believed to be under the debris. two days after the earthquake toppled the building. 37 people are confirmed dead so far. larry david hosted "saturday night live" this weekend and it had to happen. david has been appearing on the show and playing bernie sanders. they look incredibly alike. saturday night or a sanders took a break from campaigning and showed up on "saturday night live" with larry david. >> enough is enough. we need to unite and work together if we are all going to get through this. >> sounds like socialism to me.
6:44 am
>> sanders answer to that was democratic socialism. back to you. >> i was really funny. meanwhile, chipola play shutting down all restaurants across america today at prime lunch hours for a companywide s. practices meeting. they were hit by different food or illnesses across the country. joining us now is the president of the company hope you to capitalize on any chipotle closing. most southwest grill president bruce schroeder. good to see you. thank you for joining us. have you seen a benefit to us going on the chipotle? >> one of the benefits is food safety is not a new issue for industry. anytime something like this happens at this magnitude it reminds us all to stay vigilant. that has certainly helped us all. maria: what he think is behind the food problems? >> we don't know.
6:45 am
i can't really comment or don't understand what that is. you'd have to find out from them. >> it sends a chill down your back. your competitor, everyone in the industry is talking about this word about what happened. >> sure, the retail business is a 24/7 business. some nights he lay awake and worry about things like that. but the industry standards in place and set yourself up to make sure you've done everything you possibly can to avert anything like that. maria: have you made changes to prevent a situation ?-questionstion -mark >> not really as a result of this. we actually go beyond them in some cases. we third-party auditors come in. we are always looking for new technology that might help us be more effective in the safety. i think the dynamic right now is the consumer has changed the review of quality. in the last five years as they are more informed and looking for higher quality.
6:46 am
we redefined fidelity to things like local, more bug free, antibiotic free, all those come into play. we have to make sure our support structure can support new initiatives. dagen: who is your biggest competitor? is the chipotle for some restaurant chain we don't know about. is that how you run your business? they have this menu item for there this popular. >> it is all share of stomach. we are fortunately in the hottest place in the hottest category, namely mexico and so fast casual has enjoyed growth as people are treating up to higher quality up or to better value. because of that there's been a lot of new entrants in the category and after the economy recovered everyone got back into the development came so now there's more seats than there are but so we have to compete against everybody.
6:47 am
>> we been talking for a long time about people not spending money they save at the gas pump. it keeps coming up they are saving in some ways and they go to dinner, restaurants. is that what you see? >> well, we definitely watch gas prices because it's all about discretionary income than the more they have, the more they are likely to spend with us. people spend more money eating out that they do at the grocery store. said that happen probably six or eight years ago. now it's a matter of making sure you offer that values than they had the extra cash. >> are you seen a spike in business? >> fortunately i've mostly enjoyed a lot of success recent date. we have had consistent positive columns despite the industry been fairly flat so we are happy about that. franchisees are at a great stage.
6:48 am
our franchisees are at an inflection point. now they've got to be pretty sophisticated operators and they're ready to grow again. maria: by the way, my was not a guy. but as it stands for? >> it stands for musicians outlet and entertainers and we are executing the outlaw side a little bit this week. just in terms of getting it out there, making sure people understand the difference. we have a lot of fire friday. we have a number of different platforms, whether you want to roll a neighbor rego, tossing a salad, melts it, fold it. >> you are an outlaw. musicians outlet and entertainers. check it out here at good to see you. thank you. coming up on the super bowl is just as much is that an extravaganza. we grade the sears commercials
6:49 am
but if it is one performance, it was lady gaga's knockout rendition of the national and the kicked the whole night off. ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ we live in a pick and choose world.
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maria: that was not and is
6:53 am
commercial. puppy, monkey, baby. many commercials that aired were available much earlier and u2. during the past association event at in a commercial, matt millen. how does this work? they released the abby for the super bowl on youtube? >> actually, this year two thirds are released ahead of time, which is a total reversal from the way we've kept it secret for so long. the investment is so bad, chattering so. if what they are trying to do these days is not future attention for 30 seconds, but have an integrated campaign with a lead up to its users, pre-releases, premieres on morning shows, however they get it out but the initial attention. what they really do they say we have this massive audience and people watching the super bowl
6:54 am
ads. if we can get 10 million people a cms, which would be a homeland, we have ambassadors in the room. there is a big party of 30 people and someone says they've seen this before. everyone be quiet and they actually pull people in that way. people who are out there hawking their idea, hope only for good. dagen: i have a question. if you're going to run an ad, then why do we have record rates for these ads airing during the super bowl? just say it's a super bowl ad they don't pay the $5 million which will be 5.5. >> having that many viewers. last year we had over 114 million viewers, the largest audience we basically ever had. it is so unique.
6:55 am
some of the award shows are the only ones trying those five conversations with the timeshifting and everything else. it is becoming more valuable. the launching utilization in the interest of the platform has gotten to be so much more integrated and so many levels that they are rolling out teasers, to bring a lot of pr, a lot of follow-up and hopefully it along when ibm based on social media and people gravitating and sharing with their friends. >> i was advertising going today? >> well, it's changing. massive opportunities working off of many different platforms. talking specifically about television, it is most certainly in flux. the way people are viewing a television show, it is much different. they watch it on their time, in
6:56 am
their way. sometimes skipping commercials. the ones that pull you in and entertain you are the one that actually get watched again and shared within people's networks. that is the ultimate goal. entertainment and really engaging people in this cultural movements. maria: good to see you. thanks so much. next hour, former u.s. ambassador to the nation bill richardson on what korea is that too with the latest rocket launch. markets in south mud again. we will give it a list of things that could be catalysts for the market this weekend this month. back in a minute. shouldn't what makes each of us a unique individual,
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choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number and the ultimate sleep number event, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. maria: welcome back. i am maria bartiromo. monday, february 8th. with me this morning, trent five and "wall street journal"'s matt murray. 7:00 a.m. on the east coast
7:00 am
shaping up to be a rough day at the office. wall street looking very weak. features down to other points of the dow jones industrial average. plenty of things to watch this week. someone has to capitol hill, plus consumer sentiment. all of the above talked about coming up your checking action overseas. with god be at t. 100 down one and three quarters%. the cac in paris down two and a 3%. relatively quiet in asia. china's markets closed for the new year holiday. up in japan overnight. rocky mountain high for peyton manning and the denver broncos. strong defensive play a leading the team to victory in the game last over the carolina panthers to final four for super bowl 5024-10. questions were raised when payton made this endorsement.
7:01 am
>> i've got a couple of priorities. i want to kiss my wife and my kids. i went to hug my family. i'm going to drink a lot of advisers tonight. i'll probably take care of those things first. maria: budweiser said it did not pay for that mention. beyoncé and bruno mars overshadowing coldplay, the main band for the halftime show. it was said to her raise the bar with the rendition of the national anthem. ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ maria: just beautiful. candidates make in their final push this morning. the latest poll numbers on whether donald trump can get in the column without using
7:02 am
traditional campaign tactics. don't expect to have to issue paul klee. chipotle is both a closed from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. having what it is called a companywide safety meeting to overcome this scares in the program. more winter weather datebook at the east coast this week. i went in up to 18 inches of snow today doing wind beginning today. schools in boston already closed. the forecast later in the program. the countdown is on. candidates make in their final push before voting up into new hampshire. blake burman is manchester, new hampshire with all the details. good morning, blake here reporter: good morning, maria. the sprint is on in the first in the nation primary here. we will open 24 hours from now. it will remain to be seen tomorrow just how much of it all marco rubio is impacted from that debate performance he gave
7:03 am
on saturday night. there was a five to six minute back-and-forth exchange with governor crist christiana which the two exchange over each other's dirt. many reveal he lost the exchange when a cap done given the same repeated answer over and over and christie called him out for just doing now. on the campaign trail the next day, ruby is stuck to his message once again for as christie try to highlight that be the difference between him and rubio. he brought up the great mike tice said, chris christie did, and gave him this vaccine technology. >> you all remember that? everyone has to play in until you get punched in the face. >> the reason these things are in trouble as barack obama is the first president in my lifetime that wants to change the country.
7:04 am
not fix that, not fix its problems. he wants to make it a different kind of country. he wants to make a other countries around the world. i don't understand that. >> would be a stain on message. as far as polling goes to new hampshire according to the latest poll, donald trump remains well out in front in the battle this perspective he trained rubio, cruz, bush, 79, christie if he gets about saturday night's debate. on the democratic side, bernie sanders played it that down to about 10 points according to the poll. i would caution you about the poll shows on the republican side only 50% of people in new hampshire have completely made up their mind on the democratic side it's only 60%. a lot can happen between now and tomorrow. tree into that is really important. thank you so much. new hampshire senator judd gregg served as -- is not interesting
7:05 am
people make their decision late in the game in new hampshire? >> that's historically the way it's always been. people wait, listen, plus very attentive. obvious candidates are holding town meetings except maybe trump where they get to be questioned very aggressively by folks in new hampshire and people take it very seriously. they are late deciding because they read the credit candidates. maria: what are your expectations knowing what we now and that is the most recent debate where there's a lot of mud slinging. a couple of different tense moments. >> i think the polls are wrong. one thing predictable about new hampshire is that some predict the ball. i don't see trump doing a flow of people are saying the polls. the rational thought process in new hampshire usually dominate people will vote for people that can be president. jeb bush is coming up very strong. for john kasich. these are the quality people who
7:06 am
are put together thoughtful programs that have leadership skills. >> who has the best ground game? that's one of the questions about donald trump how extensive the organization is. is there someone a sleeper on the ground from what you see organizationally? >> bush and kasich have strong ground games. i would say trump has no ground game. he is basically working off of entertainment as its basic thrust them very successfully so. a national figure of his stature or carrots your. it is definitely someone who doesn't necessarily need a ground game in new hampshire because he's going to penetrate voters through the national media, which he dominates. dagen: senator, that exchange is a debate saturday night between donald trump talking about imminent domain and how is great in jeb bush pushing back, is that a major issue? at her trump or that we think at
7:07 am
this point? >> i don't think the issue is major, but the tone is very significant. what jeb said is absolutely true. they should be used for purposes of public -- to advance the public needs. that was a very big point to make because donald doesn't seem to differentiate between personal game and using the government to advance his personal wealth. it was an important point from that standpoint, the sort of side issue. >> i agree. we've talked about eminent domain but the truth is he spoke about it as if it is just so necessary for any economy, for any country. i was really taken aback by that. you know, if you lay out growth you will have public facilities and new of the eminent domain to do that. that was -- i think jeff was showing a big difference in the
7:08 am
thought process here. jeb wants to use eminent domain for public purpose. trump unfit for personal gain. >> what about the moment when trump challenged all the people of the room. the booing from the crowd and a the crowd and a surfeit himself overdesigned challenging all the donors in which people in this room. what can you tell us about who was in the room and even though we heard them on tv, did that play for him anywhere in new hampshire? >> such a strange thing to say. it's a catholic school. the audience is a sickly people who have some relationship with saint a's are manchester. number of donors in the room had to be just minuscule compared to the side of the crowd. it was very, very strange. he basically insulted about a thousand people, all who vote in new hampshire. maria: how about the chris christie moment hitting marco rubio hurt during the debate. i want to get your take on it. it's really making headlines.
7:09 am
>> let's stop once and for all that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. barack obama knows exactly what he's doing. anyone who believes barack obama isn't doing what he stood on purpose doesn't understand what we are dealing with. the notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing -- he knows exactly what he's doing. maria: wow, he really called him out on that one. >> yes, he did. chris christie is new jersey streetfighter and it's pretty obvious. somebody told marco you've got to repeat the message and he did. he got it tripped over his own shoelaces i thought. maria: did it hurt him? >> i think so. he had a lot of momentum. that basically cause people to take a second look. i like marco. i think is a charismatic guy, but that did hurt him. maria: jeb bush as you mentioned at the top of the interview did
7:10 am
come out swinging this weekend. he was tougher than we've seen in. >> i think he found his tone of voice. it took him a while and i was unfortunate because he is a strong individual with a good message. i support him. as a practical matter i think is a talented individual who would be a superb president. maria: good to have you on the program. senator judd gregg behr. more in-depth analysis straight from the ground in new hampshire with governor john sununu later on in the program you don't forget fox business network special coverage hosted by a rogue neil cavuto all-caps-off at 7:55 eastern right now on fbn. the ground water nuclear to plant. governor cuomo is assuring the public safety. ♪
7:11 am
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7:14 am
with a non-insulin option, ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. and click to activate your within. maria: a major rescue operation underway in taiwan after a powerful earthquake rocks the country. nicole petallides with the details. >> good morning. four people including 8-year-old girl have been pulled alive from the rubble of a high-rise apartment loathing in taiwan today. officials there say more than 100 people at the believed to be under the debris two days after the quake toppled the 17 story building. 37 people confirmed dead so far. the nuclear regulatory commission is sending a radiation protection specialist to new york this week to back the indian point nuclear power plant. a spokesman says it is because state officials found evidence of a surging radiation levels in
7:15 am
the groundwater. the cto of twitter over reported changes. twitter users access following the buzz report that says it was soon adopted an algorithm-based timeline. so you would see what twitter thinks you like rather than the current reverse chronological order similar to how post on facebook timelines organized. ceo jack dorsey tweeting that we are always listening in claims we never planned to reorder the timeline. they've had so many issues with user growth. now they have to do damage control with this one. >> damage control across the board. >> i think they don't have a plan to get themselves out so to speak. dagen: they have to at least be entertaining the idea. >> they seem to be really
7:16 am
scrounging around to figure out what their password is and how they get their and they really have an idea so they are trying to what it feels like on the outside. >> a lot of volatility for the exact reason people talking about a potential takeover target. >> stock has lost so much value and there are lots of speculations that there could be value here for a larger company. >> dish is the challenge they have. any change rumored or contemplated they get attacked for their own platform by their own users. >> fourth-quarter results on wednesday. >> i will say this. please don't go away because i'm kind of married to twitter but the news delivery mechanism. the whole snap shot and kind of loses me. it's very uncomfortable taking photographs of anything to do with myself. dog i can do.
7:17 am
>> it's more of it is thing. journalists, celebrities and the like. >> sabates more substantive than snapshot. it has all the mojo and twitter does not. maria: thank you. peyton manning with an opportunity to go out on top. while the five-time league mvp call it a career? robin lundberg joined the conversation next. back in a minute. ♪ ♪
7:18 am
♪ he has a sharp wit. a winning smile. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars.
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7:21 am
maria: welcome back. the denver broncos captured the super bowl 50 big tree defeating the carolina panthers last night. peyton manning showed 141 yards in 23 attempts. this gave many believe could be his last start the broncos defense older show. carolina quarterback cam newton and check all night long. by millar smacking game mvp honors. joining us now is espn radio host robin lundberg. good to see you. by your takeaways from the game? >> is a bit of a microcosm as a whole. choppy gameplay, not a well played game. there is even a controversy and i get my old man rants about this. how do we not know what it catches? there is some penalty. but it was oddly compelling because you didn't know the results until the last few minutes. >> scale of one to 10, how does the super bowl lineup in terms
7:22 am
of great media super bowl? >> about a four. >> last year was an all-time great. a nine or 10. it is in the four, five, six range depending how you look at it. maria: you wanted cam to win. >> i was a little disappointed afterwards, store them in a way, taking my ball and going home act. it gives fuel to the people who had wild and unnecessary hatred and it gives fuel for reasonable people to criticize. maria: if you are upset, you had added a game as cam newton had, what are you going to do? the longer you sit there and stew, and anger you will get. it is best to get up and get away from the microphone. >> i don't fault him for that. plenty of guys have done it before. he's the mvp of the league.
7:23 am
he may become in the face of the league. he could have handled it better. >> he also really got nailed. he got sacked six times as >> he was under pressure more than in his career. >> i wouldn't give it a four. there's been a lot of bad super bowls. the reason the highlight their lady got a -- lady gaga, have time show in the game. >> peyton manning, it is odd because the whole conversation about championships and rings is very simplified and circumstantial. if kobe bryant wasn't traded to the lakers, how many rings would he have? he happened to be the quarterback of the winning team. in the two super bowl championship runs, those are statistically his two worst playoff runs. he's the top-five quarterback of all time. i don't really base any of that.
7:24 am
>> no quarterback has ever won two super bowls for two separate teams before. that is a first and that makes him stand out above and beyond. >> what happened with the combination of two things. one team couldn't get out of its own way and the other had a dominate defense from a predatory defense. if you write itself from a pride of lions you don't want us bring your ankle. that is the carolina did and denver pounced upon them. >> he's got a career in nascar if he keeps comping the sponsor. we'll talk about that later. i just have patches all over your uniform. more sponsors than completion. >> he was going to take his family to disneyland. >> got them all in. get a check mark or a list. he also has sponsors. >> his next career starts today.
7:25 am
>> to think its last nfl game? >> i think it probably will be. he's right to say he won't make an emotional decision. but he's in the game manager face of his career. what better way to go out and try and play and possibly get injured, possibly open more of his wife's mail. >> possibly come back to not be the starter. last night didn't show where he's at with this game. >> symbolically a nice end to one of the all-time careers. >> thanks so much. north korea's latest provocative action enough to anger of long-time apologist russia and the u.n. ambassador. though richardson waveband max. -- bill richardson waves in next. was engineered...
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7:28 am
good monday morning. first your top stories at 7:30 a.m.
7:29 am
at the east coast. sit shaping up to be a brutal day on wall street again. nasdaq worsening down 88 points now on top of that dropping on friday. plenty of things to watch as they impact stocks. federal chairman will head to capitol hill wednesday and thursday. she speaks to the house finances committee thursday. senate banking committee on friday then we have is readings on consumer sales the rest of the action. today, sharp loss bear as well the cac in paris down, the ft in london down. the chinese markets were closed for the new year holiday but in japan nikkei is high 7.5%.
7:30 am
for the big game last night the final score for the super bowl 24-10. candidate making their final push for votes in new hampshire. here's a look at the latest polls. we got to show you john making the big move on the republican side of the aisle. hillary clinton cutting in bernie sanders on the democratic side. north korea launched a satellite in to orbit. new sanctions on the way is really a pa mexico governor who spent name north korea. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> this' your take on this idio.
7:31 am
i think we need take some actions at the u.n. we have the to consider pwa risk missilele -- ballistic missile. we don't know what he wants or what he's doing. we know he's becoming very dangerous. >> you think the u.n. should be imposing financial sanctionsuthe
7:32 am
present to keep us in bad shape in the region. >> i was going to raise that same question to you u. is there anyway to get the chinese to move on this it's been almost 20 years.
7:33 am
korea strong and not push him to be more much responsible. >> is also the situation further complicated by our new deal on nukes we ran given iran's long
7:34 am
i think what north korea is saying. we will not make a deal with you like we did we ran. it will -- iran, it will cost you a lot more. they will say we are starving, we are in bad shape. we are ready to curb our nuclear weapons. curb them, not end them. a similar deal iran. he's unpredictable. we are up against an enigma. >> i want to turn to the election.
7:35 am
bernie sanders hit way out front inolicy and i think hillary clinton knows foreign policy. >> there was talk about a strike to take out a missile from some of the candidates. i want to get your take on that, is the united states too cautious? is there a more forceful action
7:36 am
maybe he wants to stay isolated. nobody knows. >> what do you think about the election now. let's switch gears for a second. is it surprising that bernie
7:37 am
moves on with the democratic base and i think she will be the democratic nominee. >> similar reason for trump doing well.
7:38 am
>> well there's no questt he wag to flame out early. he touched an angry base that is supporting him. what i know new hampshire does is they send messages. 40% of that vote is independence ialt can vote either way. are going to do better than expected. >> thanks so much. >> another story we are watching, every chipotle will be closed to go over safety procedures. this meeting is coming as the
7:39 am
chain ryes to get passed a series. the stock down 40% in the past year. next up did the super bowl quarterback give budweiser a $3 million-dollar gift? we live in a pick and choose world.
7:40 am
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good morning. one of london's tphral red double decker buses crossing the river and check out what happens. you see that sloping? there's some dramatic pictures there. that's what the producers wanted. the stunt might have alarmed some tourists but residents proved they were warned beforehand saying they saw the production crew and knew about these controlled explosions. well larry david hosted saturday night live.
7:44 am
you will not believe who made an appearance on the show. bernie sanders. he took a break and showed up there at saturday night live with larry davis. >> who are you? >> i am bernie sanders but we got to change it when we get to america so it doesn't sound so jewish. >> he introduced the musical guest. there's lots of speculation that last night's super bowl was his last or what he's doing next. >> i got a couple priorities first. i want to kiss my wife and kids and hug my family. i will drink a lot of budweiser tonight. >> well budweiser says peyton manning was not paid to mention the beer but based on the price
7:45 am
of the super bowl ad, peyton manning gave budweiser $3 million-dollars worth of free advertising. he will have a bud light. >> he also said that he's going to take his family the to disneyland which he did get paid for. they are not allowed to be paid for endorsement for alcoholic beverages. this is an industry publication, he co-owned two anheuser-busch distributorships in louisiana. that's the relationship and bud light being the official beer sponsor of the nfl. >> he has a super bowl ring for each hand so whichever one he drinks with. watch him end up being a
7:46 am
budweiser spokesman within the next six months. >> i think it's odd. >> he just won the super bowl. >> ya'll don't watch nascar. you win a race and you get out of the car and the first thing you say, that aarp and chevroletly did us right today, i want to thank them, pence oil, mobile 1, the gasoline. they say all the the sponsors before they get to the family members. they are set up for future endorsements. we have to talk about markets here. were looking at real deterioration again. yields in europe are higher but we are looking at yields go down in an environment where we figure out where the federal reserve raises interest rates again.
7:47 am
it's that continued turn of bad news on what will pull us out of this. there's some fall outs in the job number theers friday which were a disappointment as everyone knows despite the wage gains. i think we are stuck in a cyclele now. it will take something to knock us out of it. >> can see say anything when she talks to the banking committee. >> are we past the point of them being able to help that even talk of easing overseas negative interest rates in japan. even janet putting her foot on the break a bit, what if it doesn't help? i they's system of the thinging thinking. >> we have seen the magic is not working as well and people are nervous and what does that mean? >> we have seen the oil sell off. oil is down. thank you. for some people super bowl
7:48 am
sunday is all about the commercials. real estate heavy hitter, tapping the line up top get their message across. that the's next. ♪
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
welcome back. take a look at stocks under pressure. crude oil also lower. oil is down another 3 3/4%. >> it is. concerns of the global economy seemed to be heightened.
7:52 am
we have a weak market overnight. some week data and that's raising concerns of a global recession. we are al seeing a lot of safe haven not where you normally look. we were up over 2 5 an ounce at one point. we are only up $22 but you are seeing that gold market in a three-month high. >> last night football fans presented some of the best marketing money can buy. doing their best oh to cut through the clutter featuring little wayne, jeff and george washington. watch. >> wait, that's george and weezy? >> and grilling some beans.
7:53 am
>> joining us now is andy -- she ceo of welcome. congratulations to you. >> thank you. >> did the ad pull off what you intended? >> i believe it did. we had a tremendous social response on the internet. we had 4 # -- -- 40-50 million impressions. >> not targeting me lynn -- millennials. they wouldn't have caught u the "jefferson's" -- >> everyone of the caught weezy and little wayne and they love him. >> did you u get it the first time you saw it it's a little pit of a bizarre ad it's a
7:54 am
change one. >> that's the nature of a super bowl ad you want to catch everyone's attention and after you want people talking about what was that and what's the connection to the "jefferson's" and i loved the show. >>ny too. so what's the intention when you plunk down this money for an ad during super bowl. what is the halo effect and what do you expect for coming year or so? >> the apartment rental world is obviously huge. there's a hundred million renters in the united states an this super bowl would be a year where the most renters have ever watched in the super bowl. about a third of the people are renting an apartment. and spending on apartments in the united states since 2010 is
7:55 am
up $100 billion-dollars. they spend as enough on apartments as they do on cars each year. we are trying to create the brand for people looking to shop an apartment and the number one spot to go create the brand is the super bowl. that's why we're there. >> the congrats. good to see you. >> thank you. next up, more unique perspective straight from the ground in new hampshire. what do doctors from
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
leading cancer centers in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america home. expert medicine works here. find out why at cancer cancer treatment centers of america. so,. >> happy monday. your top stories. shaping up to be a rough day at the wall street. losses are execellerateing. we are expecting a down for the dow of more than 230 points.
7:59 am
nasdaq getting slammed now at the lowest with almost a hundred points on the nasdaq after a huge sell off on friday. we are seeing weakness on crude oil. oil has worsened almost 4% and broken below $30 a barrel. let e's check the action oversees now. you are seeing a 2% decline. financials leading for high for europe. final store for the super bowl, 24-10. beyonce and bruno mars made a special appearance. it was lady gaga who made it at the super bowl it was really beautiful.
8:00 am
♪ >> chills. candidates making their final push for votes in new hampshire. the latest poll numbers whether donald trump can get in the win column without using tactics. >> chipothe will be closed. also on the horizon expected to hit new england. the forecast later this hour. first your top stories. it is the final day before the new hampshire primary.
8:01 am
making their last ditch efforts in what could be the last for a few. joining us is former new hampshire governor john sununu. good to see you. >> thank you. how are you today? >> great. do you think new hampshire will represent a change in what we've been seeing based on polls in this the election? >> i spoke to a lot of folks yesterday who are still trying to make up their mind. you will see a continued erosion in the trump vote. if he doesn't win bay dozen points or more, i think people are will say he's getting a continuation of the losses you will see if iowa. i think you will see a clustering in second place. i think rubio and jeb bush will cluster around second place then comes krao*urz and christie --
8:02 am
cruz and christie. people usually talk about two or three tickets out of new hampshire. i think this time there may be four or five tickets out of new hampshire. somebody made the point over weekend. i think voters their beginning to look for substance and capacity to perform. i think the entertainment part of the campaign is beginning to dwindle away. >> so you think that he's going
8:03 am
to be able to offer substance? >> no. you have to have something to offer. >> i think jeb bush took a stand in this recent debate. he seems to be changing his persona a bit getting more to the ub stance of the issues and fighting back on the trump loser comments. >> i think a couple points is jeb's problem is he was trying to be too polite. he's taken the gloves back and pointing out that trump has a history of being a loser. i think he's going right after trump and i think he's going to be pointing out the way trump loves to live off government eup colluding things like eminent domain. he did take those gloves off in the campaign. i think you will see more going in to south carolina. i think you will see governor christie continue being
8:04 am
aggressive. this is going to be a hot campaign. >> how do you think some of the news headlines play in to all of this. we come in the office today. we have another major sell off. we have the worst beginning of the stock market of any year. we have an economy that is debatable in terms of whether or not it enters recession this year. the list goes on in terms of hot spots around the world. how is that playing in to voters decisions? >> they know that one of their responsibilities is to pick a candidate who can win and then when he wins is able to fix all those problems you have listed. this state is very aware of the fact that the last 7 years have created the kind of results that you just went through. it's that responsibility that i think is keeping folks in the the volatile side until they actually walk in to cast this vote. they are trying to cast a vote
8:05 am
that makes a difference. they are trying to cast a vote that produces a nominee and good president. >> when do you expect some folks to start dropping out in this field to get smaller to get people a better toupt make that call? >> i think a couple of folks that should drop out will hang on through south carolina. but i think after south carolina the demands of a 12 primary event on march 1st is too demanding for those who don't have the resources. >> it sounds like we may know the top two candidates for the nomination by march. >> i think you will know the top three. >> let me ask you about marco rubio, wow did he take a beating on saturday night. what was your expectation going
8:06 am
in? listen to him. >> let's go once and for for this fiction that president obama doesn't know what he's doing. >> i think anyone who believes that president obama isn't doing what he's doing on purpose doesn't know -- there it is. the 25 second speech. >> that was painful to watch. >> it was. but, there's a chunk of folks that agree with the point he's making. he suffered a little bit on style but don't underestimate that he hit a lot of folks on substance. i think the press who has no idea what moves voters is over playing that. i'm not supporting rubio just saying as an observeer, i think the press is over playing that.
8:07 am
so, let me talk about hillary clinton for a second. it seems that there's real panic going on in that campaign because bernie sanders is resinateing with young people. when you look at the two side by side there's always older people around hilllery and young millennials around bernie. >> i think you're right. bernie is giving her a hard run. she underestimated and i think what you are seeing behind the scenes of the democratic party is there's a lot of the party big wigs trying to make sure that joe biden stays healthy and prepared and ready to come in if she does collapse. >> you think there's a shot for this. does it matter for hillary clinton if she loses new hampshire. >> every time you lose a state, it matters, the question the does she recover in south carolina and she seems to be
8:08 am
counting on that and counting on the fact that she hopes she hasn't placed the organization that can handle the 12-state event on march first. she is hoping bernie coming to the field will not. able to handle the breathe of that. i i think if she comes out of march 1st, she is serious trouble. >> the new hampshire t -- hosted by neil cavuto here on the fox business network. >> that is markets collapsing again. futures pointing to a sharp decline in the open. take a hook at where we stand, dow jones industrials. you have been mentioning the russell 2000 index that's down again.
8:09 am
take it to the cleaners. >> in a bear market, that's whey found unnerving because people would say the big multinations the results are being dragged down by a stopbger dollar -- stronger dollar put these are the companies that should be immune to that. this is a real economic indicator. we may not be in a recession but we are headed in a direction that is ugly scenario for the u.s. >> it disn't have to be two quarters to feel like a recession. >> missing you. >> missing you, too. i think just nailed it, job state and those are backward looking but the stock market is looking to the future. what we've got are three straight quarters of falling profits for the s&p 500, four straight quarters of falling sales. where are we now. it doesn't feel so great. you are right. what does this mean if we are
8:10 am
tiping in to a recession. for the incumbent presidency they lose every time since the civil war when we drop in to a recession in an election year. that has been an indicator that has been failed proof. so does it feel -- >> in terms -- i am saying that hillary clinton better watch it. what's so interesting now is you see bill clinton -- finally they are taking off the gloves. bernie sanders is not an anti-establishment guy. he's been in office since 1990. mow he has bill clinton you voted for the thing like the cannotties futures which weakened over sight of derivited. this is a tight race in new hampshire. >> i think that the challenge of hillary clinton is that she's faced right along as the
8:11 am
establishment candidate and running for the third obama term has this feeling of the economy anyway that isn't that strong. it's not clear if we are in a recession yet. we could be muddling along. what will make things turn? that's the big unknown. that might be worse than a recession because you have to argue as the president that things are better than a lot of people feel. >> the persistence the weak oil, you have to believe -- the senate banking committee. >> then they have been talking far year and a half. everything we do is data dependent. if she sees a weak stock market and changes the fed's mind on no more rate hikes then that's a farce then it's not data dependent. >> one thing that is showing up
8:12 am
if notes today. the help of the european banks doesn't help shore up the banks over there or here at home. that's showing up in the stocks here. >> we will take a short break. we are talking markets this morning. peyton manning helping to lead the super bowl victory. it did not take long for him to field questions about his futures in the nfl or lack there oh of. then cam newton's immaturity in the spotlight as he bolted in front of a news conference. pack in a minute on that. i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven.
8:13 am
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welcome back.
8:16 am
the u.n. security council holding an emergency meeting condemning north korea's rocket launch. >> good morning. a u.s. ambassador said a new u.n. resolution must include unprecedented measures it could push a rapid build up of the united states missile defense system if east asia. the u.s. and south korea say they would begin formal talks about deploying a defense system to the korean peninsula. the obama administration asking congress for more than $1 $.8 millions to prepare for and respond to the zika virus. they are concerned about the rio oh himics as well. -- olympics as well. they have said that the athletes and staff worried about the zika virus should consider skipping the 2016 games in rio if august. the denver broncos are super
8:17 am
bowl champs. von miller was the game's mvp. cam newton did get 2015 mom after his surgery and two super bowl rings is saying peyton manning time for you to retire. >> it was great game of defense. but cam newton storming out like that is getting criticized. >> he should. i deferred to cam as you are going to say something that you will regret it is better to get up and leave the stage. get away from the microphone. >> that's a fair point. >> he was in a bad place and not a great whoseer. >> we have this shot of eli
8:18 am
manning, his younger brother watching as the broncos convert on two points. no smile, no cheering. let's look at that picture of eli manning. >> i'm different on the. >> there he is. ty wouldn't smile if my brother won the super bowl. it's complicated. i don't agree -- i think that he's young, he has a lot to learn. but even an am pass door that -- ambassador -- >> maybe he was stunned at the half time show.
8:19 am
why was bruno mars wearing vinyl pajamas. i would rather watch that toenail fungus commercial than watch that marco rubio debate over the weekend. that is less uncomfortable than what happened to marco rubio. >> the best part was lady gaga. >> i loved her shoes. the platform flag shoes. she did a celion dionne hitting her chest and it worked. >> i tweeted out e immediately. >> they broadcast the national anthem at the beginning of every nascar race and broadcast it so i like a traditional anthem. i don't like the vocal and the pointing. that's all.
8:20 am
>> she can sing. >> that was her audition right there. >> i agree. she has a gorgeous voice. beautiful. >> what a range. a major winter storm t it could have repercussions on tomorrow's primaries. next with the forecast.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> the nasdaq down 90 points. amazon shares down nearly 4%. apple down 2% in the premarket. oil a standing loss this morning down almost 4%. that really is one of the cattleist for this market. oil below $30 a barrel. that that is $1 .04 lower. speaking to the house financial services committee and thursday speaking to the senate banking committee. what can the fed do with retail sales on friday. this trend is negative for sure. just up with more day before voters head to the polls in new hampshire. mayor rudy guiliani is going to weigh in on the other side of this break. it wasn't the biggest football weekend also the chinese new year. kick off the year of the monkey.
8:25 am
they held a tv special that included 540 dancing robots with a fleet of drones. happy new year. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing,
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8:28 am
>> welcome back. on to the 2016 race. the countdown is on. candidates making the final push before voting opens in new hampshire tomorrow. blake burman is in new hampshire. good morning to you. >> the sprint is on in the first of the nation primary as voting begins tomorrow here throughout the day in new hampshire. one of the things many people are going to be looking at, whether or not this debate over the weekend, saturday night, the one and only here in new hampshire, will have any sort
8:29 am
of impact on marco rubio. there was an exchange five or six minutes long between him and chris christie and went back and forth on each other's credentials and rubio during that exchange gave the same answer two or three different times and when that happened, christie called him out for giving the same, as he put it, 25 second scripted answer. rubio, back on the campaign trail yesterday, didn't really apologize for it at all. in fact, he really stood on message. christie though really tried to pound that issue saying that rubio isn't ready to be the commander-in-chief. christie, even, kind of compared it to a boxing analogy. >> okay, but mike tyson that great political philosopher, everybody's got a plan until you get about uchd -- punched in the face. >> i'm going to say it again, barack obama is the first president at least in my lifetime that wants to change
8:30 am
the country, change the country, not, not fix it, not fix its problems, he wants to make it a different kind of country. >> so rubio, you see there staying on message. as far as the polling goes, a new poll out from monmouth university has donald trump in front and rubio slipped to third before the debate happened on saturday night and you've also got cruz, bush, kasich, we'll see if christie gets any bounce as well. on the democratic side, bernie sanders shows him up by 10 points. either way, maria, there are so many undecideds here in the state and the poll shows about 50% of republicans have only completely made up their mind and 60% of democrats. back to you. maria: that's amazing. want to bring in former new york city mayor and former
8:31 am
republican candidate himself, rudy guiliani. >> i empathize in the cold, being there at 5:00 trying to get the vote out. maria: talk about new hampshire. >> well, new hampshire is the graveyard of pollsters, nickname of new hampshire. largely because these people live for the primary every four years. it's really important to them. these are politically sophisticated people, right down to the guys in and the women in the diners this morning. they really pay attention to this and make up their mind at the last minute. 40% undecided is not an unrealistic number. they absorb it all, it's like everybody is a political expert. endorsements don't mean much, in fact, i think you're insulting me, why do i need an endorsement, i get to make the decision. >> donald trump, are the numbers real? they turned out to be real in iowa, 25% is about what the
8:32 am
poll, you know, he was 25 to 30. if he says at 25 to 30, he's in there for the long haul. and probably going to determine the third candidate. cruz already is on the board as a primary winner, so he's the second candidate. whoever comes in second and third here, those are the two people that remain. i think the rest are in deep trouble. maria: so we will know tomorrow night then, you think, if trump is going to be the nominee? >> no, i think we'll know that he's in it-- i think we'll get it down to three people, at most four by tomorrow night. if trump registers 25 to 30, then who is number two, who's number three? after that, i think no chance. and you want to guess? i think bush did really, really well. maria: he did, he did well. >> he's the one the republicans want to support deep in their heart they probably think he's the most qualified. i think christie did remarkably
8:33 am
well and he's sort of the other side of trump. he's a tough guy like trump except with the government experience. so, i expect to see the two of them benefit the most. >> what was your take on rubio the saturday night debate as embarrassing as that performance was hurt him? >> it certainly took away the momentum. he was on his way, i think, to a second place finish in. some people thought maybe a first place finish. i don't think that's in the cards now. maria: wow. because he kept going back to the-- >> it doesn't mean he's out of it. he still has the sec primaries coming up, florida where if he beats bush he reemerges as a strong candidate. he's still alive, but he had a chance to really break out and i think that christie put a dent in that. that was a-- about as effective as cross examination as i've ever seen, including in court. it reminded me of the big fire when the witness repeated the
8:34 am
same answer three times exactly the same way and i think it was-- one pointed out. that means you're lying, if you repeat it the same way three times, that means you recommend memorized it. >> or he's got it in front of him and reading it. dagen: or he's had a brain flop, like a belly flop. >> and i've done the debates, if i say the economy is in deep trouble and very deep trouble. you just changed your position and said very, you've never said very before. when you're interviewed a lot of times, you stick to one answer. he's right, that's a legitimate position that the president is trying to create a different kind of america. i think that bernie sanders is the only guy on the democratic
8:35 am
side that's honest. what they want is a socialist america. the president wants to redistribute wealth, he made that clear eight years ago when he answered the young boy, even a lowering of the capital gains tax would mean more money for the government, which actually it would, he would lower it because we have to redistribute income, that's karl marx. dagen: in terms of trump. what's trump's america look like. in the debate he was talking about health care after the debates, what kind of health care is he talking about. trump is on the stump railing against oil companies, drug companies, insurance companies and defense contractors and i'm like, okay, that doesn't sound like a conservative going after the job creators. it might win votes, but is that the kind of-- >> eminent domain. >> it's a pat buchanan populous
8:36 am
approach, in the sense that he's trying to-- he's trying to be the candidate of the blue collar shall the candidate of the middle class, stronger middle class, and there's a strain of that in the republican party and taking advantage of it. >> who do you think is the candidate, if trump is not the nominee, who is the best candidate without losing it. pat buchanan, even perot in '92 tapping into that in the end the party suffered by those efforts. >> probably christie. christyie has an appeal to the blue collar worker and maybe more traditional in terms of being conservative. you know, i think that bush has the best qualifications, you look at qualifications for president, but if we're talking about political appeal then i think that trump and christie probably have the best ability
8:37 am
to get the crossover, reagan, so-called reagan democrat. >> go ahead, story. >> and put states like pennsylvania, new jersey, new york, in play liz: do you think that jeb bush bringing out his mother helped? >> yeah, it always helps. barbara is very well loved. the fact that donald made fun of the fact that he brought out his mother, if you've got to bring out a mother, that's the mother to bring out. dagen: i want barbara to go after trump. maria: a little on one of the interviews. >> a tough lady and she's smart and you know, it's not like somebody who has not been involved in politics. she's been involved in politics. i thought it was very good that he did and it got him attention. look, what donald has shown it you've got to get attention. and maybe christie will get helped. christie got attention because he was the one that took the shot at rubio and maybe this
8:38 am
will help christie. maria: quick on hillary and bern yes. you know they're incredibly worried about the millennial vote. >> the democratic party is becoming a socialist party. if you listen to them, they say ridiculous things like 90% tax? you're going to give-- to me, i always had a rule of thumb. the government should not be the senior partner in my earnings. i should be. maria: right, right. >> the government should take money, they're entitled to it. i was a mayor, i taxed. i tried to lower it, but you know, i should be able to keep more than 50% of what i earn. maria: there's also no-- >> that's the other thing. no thought process on what that would do to small business. small business is giving 92% of their earnings to government, what do you think they're going to do with the other 8%? hire jobs? >> that's why i object fiercely to the determine progressive, or deblasio and sanders and-- it isn't progressive.
8:39 am
this is a philosophy of 150 years ago started by karl marx and failed every time it tried. trying to engineer the economy. this is an old, old, tired idea that has failed every time it has been tried and why does america have the strongest economy on earth, even if we have our problems? because we're the ones that's resisted it the most. maria: mr. mayor, good to see you. thank you so much, mayor rudy guiliani. mornings with maria starts at 6 a.m. before we go to break, some of the moments you may have missed earlier in the program. >> there's nobody more qualified than hillary clinton, first lady of the united states, secretary of state, senator. you would think there was a groundswell behind her. i've been working my whole life and when are you going to figure it out. >> and the super bowl, and we thought the market would top last year and roll over. >> whether you want to roll it
8:40 am
in a burrito bowl, melt it, fold it, toss it in a salad. maria: you are an outlaw, wow! >> i think the polls are wrong. new hampshire, one thing predictable about new hampshire is it's unpredictable. i don't see trump doing as well as the polls. dagen: please don't go away, i'm married to the twitter thing and snap chat ind coo of loses me. >> and i don't want to endorse him, it would hurt him in new hampshire. but he knows foreign policy and hillary knows foreign policy. >> issues, and capacity to farm. i think the entertainment part of the campaign is beginning to dwindle away.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> welcome back. jeb bush has been a frequent target of donald trump's criticism during the presidential campaign. during saturday night's debate, the former florida governor turned the table. >> what donald trump did was use eminent domain to take property from an elderly woman on the strip in atlantic city. that's wrong. >> you want to be a tough guy, i didn't take the property. >> the net result was you tried. >> a lot of times you'll have-- it doesn't work well. >> how tough is it to take property from an elderly woman? >> with us now is texas land
8:45 am
commissioner, george p bush, son of presidential candidate. >> thank you for having me. maria: your father did well, what did you think? >> a lot of performers were excited with his performance at the debate and really it's talking about the track record and closing days leading up to new hampshire, maria. i had a chance to visit three town halls with him and the crowds were overflowing. people were waiting outside to hear his remarks, to share his vision, his ideas and making sure that our country is in a good position for our children and grandchildren than the one that we have enjoyed today. maria: is this a new, a new moment for jeb bush, do you think, talking more substantive about the issues and fighting back a bit, getting tough in the face of trump criticism and just a competitive field? >> well, i think it's a reflection of his hard work. when you look at comparisons
8:46 am
between iowa and new hampshire, he's actually spent 96 town halls and has visited with so many voters in the state of new hampshire as we lead up to the primary. i understand he's given presentations at beer halls and bowling alleys and basements. he's been all over the state. so, i think tuesday will be a reflection of that hard work. granite staters are discerning when it comes to their final vote. what's crazy, maria, to think about, exit polling data from the last cycle shows that 55% of granite staters wait till the last day to make their assessment. so make no mistake. the campaign is structured to do well in new hampshire, but go on for the long-term and across the country. maria: so how do you characterize his ground game for new hampshire and then move forward to south carolina? what is your father doing differently in terms of his ground game and putting his best foot forward for the next two important contests? >> well, there's 40 paid staffers that are on the ground as we speak in new hampshire.
8:47 am
there's five field offices. my understanding is that the campaign has knocked on over 30,000 doors. right to rise, the affiliated super pac has knocked on over 100,000 doors. and depending on snow in new hampshire, it's a very tactical campaign that's leveraging technology of today to identify voters early on in the process. not only encouraging them to go to the polls, but to get their network out. as relates to south carolina, you know, it's a little closer to home for dadment he was governor of florida, a southern state. much like florida it's a prakt state. one of four registered republican voters are estimated to have a military background and that plays into dad's background. when you look at the fact he has over 40 flag officers who endorsed his campaign, 12 congressional medal of honor recipients not to mention the endorsement of senator lindsey graham. hopefully a cameo appearance
tv-commercial tv-commercial
8:48 am
from my uncle george w. bush, we're looking to build a campaign in south carolina as well. maria: and your uncle, the former president, appeared before the primary. take a listen. >> the first job of the president is to protect america. our next president must be prepared to lead. i know jeb, i know his good heart and his strong backbone. jeb will unite our country. he knows how to bring the world together against terror and he knows when tough measures must be taken. maria: was that a family decision, to get that ad together? >> well, he's been helpful throughout the process behind the scenes and you know, as is the custom in my family, sometimes we let dad have it and other times we don't. in this instance he's still a revered man and a lot of americans wish for restoration of his style of leadership, particularly in south carolina, in the military friendly state,
8:49 am
and again, this plays to dad's strength. he's ready to lead on day one and this further accentuates that background. commissioner, a lot of excitement on the campaign on both sides of the aisle with millennials, with young people. we've seen bernie sanders bringing them out and donald trump and ted cruz has done some things with young people. and there's clearly less excitement sometimes about legacy politicians or faces that are familiar. so talk about how your dad reaches those voters? does he have to make changes to get to them and particularly over the long haul if he becomes the nominee, how does he generate excitement among the young? >> well, my brother, who is a little younger, he's actually a millennial. i can't claim to be i'm 39 i'm a gen-x-er, we created a group, generation next on behalf of dad and undertaken the most aggressive college campus outreach effort, but for bernie
8:50 am
sanders in this campaign. we have representatives on over 50 colleges, we hold quarterly and now monthly phone conferences and deploy young people into early battle ground states like iowa, new hampshire and south carolina because young people add a vibrancy, but you know what-- to a campaign, but when it comes down to it it's about policy and young people are tired of being told that entitlement programs are going to be around for them and that college tuition is skyrocketing and economic opportunities aren't there for them. what they want is a straight talker and my dad is being very honest and open about millennials. he's got an agenda as relates to reining in the size and scope of college tuition costs. you know, the size of college debt now exceeds all form of debt in our country. maria: right. >> exceeds consumer credit debt. this could be for fox, for your viewers, this could be one of the biggest economic bubbles out there. maria: no doubt about it. yeah. >> so i would encourage your viewers to check out his
8:51 am
website at jeb2016. very specific detailed proposals for millennials. maria: george p, thank you. george p. bush joining us. we'll be back. or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card
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>> welcome back. crude oil extending losses this morning, trading below the $30 a barrel level. phil flynn is in chicago at the cme group. what is the big pressure today. >> the big question today is concerns about the global economy and you can see that stress being played out in two markets, oil and gold. oil, of course, dipped below $30 a barrel and got as low as $29.50, 56 on fears of the global economic slowdown and those are causing people to run to the safe haven of gold.
8:55 am
we're up almost $26. that's a huge move for gold and that shows the mood of the market. back to you. >> phil flynn as we take a break take a look at the wild scene in london. iconic double-decker bus exploding. don't panic, it's not what you think. it's for a new jackie chan movie "the foreigner". ♪ i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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sometimes they just drop in. always obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances.
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...of fixodent plus adhesives. they help your denture hold strong more like natural teeth. and you can eat even tough food. fixodent. strong more like natural teeth. fixodent and forget it. we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. so i just started poking around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. it turns out i'm scottish. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. >> welcome back. tough day for the market today. final thoughts. matt, we're looking for a 200 point selloff for the market. >> it's the denver broncos market. interceptions and moving forward haltingly, but not exciting to watch liz: a lot of cold play, kidding.
8:59 am
i think the thing to watch is the federal reserve if the officials start to really start talking about stalling out, not doing a rate increase and speeches up until the march, you know, meeting for the fed. so, will the-- and how the market reacts to that. maria: i mean, wednesday, janet yellen is on the hill speaking to the house financial services, and followed by thursday and see what her assessment it. dagen: i think that global blan blanks-- banks are increasingly powerless, and scary for the markets will realize there's nothing they can do to juice the market. and charlie brady upstairs, it's the momentum favorites, the darling are falling out of the bed, tesla, netflix, alibaba, you name it. maria: the companies aren't investing, capex. >> they're being cautious,
9:00 am
learned how to look at their inventory, the market, and what gets them out of the defensive crouch, remains. maria: we'll see you tomorrow same time, same place. "varney & company" is next, stuart, have a good show. charles: maria, thank you very much. this is not good, a nightmare for the people who jumped into the big name tech stocks. the bubble appears to be bursting. monday morning, down another 3% or more, the headline from amazon, facebook, netflix and others. it's a nasty selloff again. new hampshire, they vote tomorrow. governor kasich is now ruj second for the republicans. marco rubio takes a hit in saturday night's debate and for the democrats, hillary clinton makes a desperate appeal to women. bernie sanders, 10 points ahead. super bowl headlines, winning quarterback, peyton manning gives budweiser a lot of free publicity. really free. and beyonce brings politics to


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