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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  February 8, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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learned how to look at their inventory, the market, and what gets them out of the defensive crouch, remains. maria: we'll see you tomorrow same time, same place. "varney & company" is next, stuart, have a good show. charles: maria, thank you very much. this is not good, a nightmare for the people who jumped into the big name tech stocks. the bubble appears to be bursting. monday morning, down another 3% or more, the headline from amazon, facebook, netflix and others. it's a nasty selloff again. new hampshire, they vote tomorrow. governor kasich is now ruj second for the republicans. marco rubio takes a hit in saturday night's debate and for the democrats, hillary clinton makes a desperate appeal to women. bernie sanders, 10 points ahead. super bowl headlines, winning quarterback, peyton manning gives budweiser a lot of free publicity. really free. and beyonce brings politics to
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the halftime show. cam newton, looks like a sore loser. i want to talk about this, no matter what, the rowdy raucous phoenix open. is this the future of golf? "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ look at this, not as bad as a few minutes ago. big time on opening bell, 177 points, i don't want to be technical, but this is the headline and it's important. china's fallen currency reserves dropped to a four-year low. is that what's hurting your stocks? possibly. more on that in just a minute. we also have the price of oil drop below $30 a barrel earlier this morning. okay, now look at this, this is premarket activity in the big name tech stocks, you know them. big haircuts are coming.
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amazon well below $500 a share when that market opens. that's $200 down from just before christmas. how about facebook? it looks like it might challenge $100 a share. a couple of weeks back, it was 116. how about google? alphabet as i should call it. that's going to be down below $700 a share. that's a technology, not a route, but certainly the air coming out of the technology bubble, if you want to call it that. and mary is here, wall street editorial board. i want to get to china without getting wonky or turning viewers off. they're selling an awful lot of foreign currency and using 100 billion a month to prop up their own currency. i think the traders are saying, wait a second, wait a second, if they devalue that's a race to the bottom for everybody. >> that would be a terrible thing if you had a race to the bottom. if you had successive devaluations and china is trying to prevent that. they want a strong and a stable
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currency because they want to liberalize, but they can't liberalize, can't open up their capital controls if they think that everybody is going to sell yuan immediately. so, yes, this is a big concern. >> they're in a fix. they're spending $100 billion dollar a month? they've spent roughly a trillion dollars in the past eight or nine months and that's come out of the foreign reserves. if they devalue. that's a problem. i say that's a huge problem. >> it's a huge problem. but the bigger problem, stuart, there's no growth. that's the issue, there's no growth there, no growth here and no growth in japan. you have countries desperate to figure out how to stimulate growth. ashley: the default currency is the dollar, which makes it tough for our companies. charles: that's right. look what i just did. i just spent what two and a half minutes on china, foreign currency reverve with no buzzer, don't put it on me now. >> just don't talk about golf,
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real real really. charles: let's look at oil please. oil down, stocks down, that's part of the story today. we were, well, we were at the $29 level a few moments ago. oil down, stocks down, again, that's part of the story along with china. that's why we're going to be down so sharply at the opening bell. here is the good news, i think that is great news. look at that, that's the national average for regular gasoline, that's $1.73. dropping like a stone, don't you love it. wait for it. the cheapest gas m america, $1.11 a gallon at a 7-eleven in oklahoma city. it's only a matter of time before somebody puts out 99 cents. ashley: yeah. charles: it's coming. only six states above $2 per gallon. we use today say how many were below two bucks and now only six above it. the cheapest state in the nation oklahoma where the average for regular is a buck 41. ashley: yes. charles: not bad. i like it.
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to politics, please, monmouth university, new hampshire poll has john kasich surging into second place behind donald trump. governor kasich is now the momentum guy, is that your conclusion from this? >> yeah, it is, because what he's done, he's got a ground game game here in new hampshire and put a lot of effort into the state and his organization. he's been doing good rallies and coming off as kind of a regular guy that appeals to the more moderate and broader-based new hampshire voters. didn't put a lot of effort into iowa. thises with a the governor's debate. you know, when you look at who had to deliver on saturday night, governor kasich had some good moments and it's starting to reflect in not only a couple of polls, but in the energy here in the state. charles: marco rubio, now he got hit in saturday's debate by chris christie for the canned repetitive lines. >> that's what washington d.c. does, the drive-by shot at the beginning with incorrect and incomplete information and then
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the memorized 25 second speech that is exactly what is-- >> the bottom line, this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing is just not true. >> there it is, there it is. the memberized 25 second speech. charles: that was a reagan moment. there he goes again. remember that. people say rubio lost momentum. people are saying that, but is that for real in your opinion or just the media ganging up on rubio? >> i think it's too early to tell if he's lost momentum in new hampshire. there hasn't been a poll that can reflect that, what happened on saturday night. but here we go again with the governors having to deliver. chris christie needed to deliver and needs to consider how he makes it from here to south carolina, as does kasich and that includes the money and donors who are looking at this. rubio gets hit by chris christie and then repeats the line again, and literally is the closest thing to a reagan moment, and christie also did much better, a good ground game here in the state on driving
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around the state and seeing lots of christie signs and people, you know, people are supporting him because new jersey and new hampshire, very similar in some ways when it comes to the population. so the governors are in this state for the win. i would say kasich is going to have to place in the top three. christie in the top four, and then we see how they go forward. charles: all right, kasich is now number two in at least one poll. stay with us, please, we'll be back to you shortly. on the other side of the coin, identity politics, very much on parade. gloria steinham, and stumping for hillary, they're playing the gender card. there's a special place in hell for people who don't help each other, just remember. charles: all right. mary, are you with us? are you going to stick around for three hours. identity politics, vote for me because of who i am.
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do you think that's going to work for hillary? >> i don't. i think it's tee meaning to women and ask why are they talking about the gender? it's because they can't talk about hillary's record. she was wrong on-- take secretary of state, wrong on the russian reset. misread the arab spring. was ignored by the president when she said she wanted to go into syria. walked all over by china. forget benghazi or the clinton foundation, or hiring her cronies into the state department. why is she talking about her gender? because she doesn't want to talk about other stuffs. >> bernie ten points ahead. charles: do you want to talk about this or save it for the phoenix open. ashley: we'll save it for the phoenix open, saying you're going to hell, not a good idea. charles: denver may have won the super bowl, they did, you know, what the two quarterbacks did that is making news. lauren has it in case you
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missed it. >> i do have it. never mind payton and broncos. let's start with this, peyton manning wins the super bowl, thanks to the defense of the-- thanks to the defense of the broncos, they beat the panthers and cam newton, we want to show you what cam newton did after the game that is making the news. >> you're disappointed not just for yourself, but your teammates and-- >> throwing the football and that was the game plan. all right, there it was, not at his head, one word answers and then he got up and left. we want to show you that, in
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contrast to what peyton manning did after the game. >> i've got a couple of priorities first, want it kiss my wife and my kids and hug my family and i'm going to drink a lot of budweiser tonight, tracy, i promise you that and i'm going to take care of those things first. >> the hug and budweiser at least 3 million in media for anheuser-busch. he was not paid to do that. he didn't kiss his wife, he kissed the founder of papa johns. ashley: i'm surprised he didn't mention papa johns, and a bud. >> he's setting himself up for retirement. two names. never mind peyton and the broncos, in my upon the biggest winner of the super bowl was the california tax authorities. because actually, every time a player-- when a player makes money in california. >> yes. charles: even for one day, the
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super bowl, you've got to pay california tax on that one day, which is huge. ashley: the highest tax rate in the nation, ridiculous. i wanted to talk about and cam newton stomping off because he's going to pay $101,300 in tax on income of $51,000. he's had 11 working days in california with the formula they use he's going to pay a tax rate 198.8%. that's something that would make you leave the room. charles: this is a very big day for your money, especially if you're into those high-- big name tech stocks. they are selling off. that's the-- i'm going to call that the bursting of the tech bubble. am i right? we'll see, more varney in a moment.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people.
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>> if you're just joining us and looking toward the opening bell on wall street.
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expect a big selloff. down a couple hundred points on the dow industrials. china weakness, weakness in oil. two of the reasons why we'll see a lot of red ink at the opening bell. we have other stories for you as well. how about facebook. that is going to be challenging, the $100 per share level. this is part of the tech stock bursting bubble. as i said, it may challenge $100 a share. it was just 116 a couple of weeks ago. foreign policy, specifically to syria. heavy russian air strikes targeting the rebels. and look what it's doing. that's drone video of a bombed out syrian town. that's extraordinary. that's total devastation and destruction. there's in fact another huge wave of syrian migrants headed to turkey. the migrant situation is worse. ralph peters is here. i'm going to come out with my opinion. europe is bankrupt and britain
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may leave the european union and migrants are the spot that takes them apart. what do you say. >> europe is deeply divided over the migrant situation and one side benefit for vladimir putin in his syria policy, he's generating more migrants, he has no interest in stemming the flow of migrants because he's glad to divide europe. you look at what's going on in syria right now, stuart. putin has a plan. we have a fantasy. and putin is giving us a lesson in how to effectively use military force. and he doesn't care about collateral damage. he doesn't care about refugees. he wants to win. and he is winning and you know, early on, you heard, we all heard experts in washington saying, well, he's not making any real progress on the ground. he put this together. you're getting now a look at integrated air power, uranium backed shia militia, hezbollah,
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the syrian army and they're operating according to a very well-thoughtout plan and they are winning and crushing the moderate rebels we backed. charles: doesn't it mean the so-called peace talks brokered by secretary john kerry are meaningless, surely they've collapsed. if this kind of damage is done by the russian air force in syria, those talks are meaningless. >> like the iran talks, the last several days you saw the image of the collapsed building in taiwan after the earthquake. that's got more structural integrity than the syrian peace talks. charles: well, we're just showing our viewers videos of a bombed out syrian city. i don't see how those migrants can ever go back and i've got a sneaking suspicious that it will be america that's called upon to pay for this and not the russians.
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i wish i had more time, ralph, i'm out of time. thank you for being here and don't hide this issue, it's a huge crisis. thank you very much, ralph. you've got a big drop. it's coming on wall street this morning. china and oil are among the reasons why. the big name tech stocks. they're the ones that are taking it on the chin. and beyonce bringing a political message to the super bowl. making reference to black lives matter and malcolm x. hey dad. hey sweetie, how was your first week? long. it'll get better. i'm at the edward jones office, like sue suggested. thanks for doing this, dad. so i thought it might be time to talk about a financial strategy. (laughing) you mean pay him back? knowing your future is about more than just you. so let's start talking about your long-term goals... multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> ♪ >> all right. you're looking at it that was beyonce's halftime time performance and dancers in the x, and many said in the form of malcolm x. and the uniforms. and black life matters messages, graffiti saying stop shooting us. and david webb, new hampshire, come back in, please. is there anything in america which can exclude race? i mean, why is race brought
9:23 am
into the halftime show at a super bowl game, why? >> because it's all about selling cd's, selling downloads, making money. beyonce's not doing this because, maybe she does care about black lives matter, but this is no different than kanye west or jay-z, they figured out how to sell, back then it was cd's, instead of 99 cents, 4.99 or cell songs. it's capitalism for them while they push something that started as an farce and still continues to push an agenda, but comes up with very little if any solutions within the black community, stu. look at it for what it is. beyonce used a moment at the super bowl when you should leave politics out of it and celebrate one of the greatest games played through the year and turns it into a political agenda, but you mentioned it, it's about the release, it's about selling, it's about selling songs. i mean, i hate to say it, it's pure, pure profit. charles: i think you're right, i really do.
9:24 am
you're a giants fan, i think. >> i am. charles: did you see eli manning didn't look real pleased when his brother won his second super bowl ring. >> yeah. charles: i think we'll have it on the screen. he didn't look wildly enthused. what do you make of that. >> give eli a break. nobody knows on that moment on a picture or a video what's going on. the manning family, you look at archie look at their boys. they're a great football family and now another ring to add to it. i wanted peyton to go out on top and believe me, he and eli are not mad at each other. the manning family is just one of the great football families, just go with that. >> inside man on politics and football and heaven knows what else. later on the show we'll discuss the ads, in particular the dorito's ad for the baby in the womb, following the dorito
9:25 am
waved over top. some people think that's in bad taste. i laughed out loud. ashley: i do, too. charles: we'll discuss it. coming up next, on the opening of wall street, you'll see a sea of red. oil down, stocks down, and tech darling of the recent past, way down today. look at chesapeake energy before we kick things off. down premarket, big time. and will you look at that? chesapeake is down to $2 a share. your money next. we're following it live. there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade.
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fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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>> that would be a terrible thing if you had a race to the bottom. if you had successive devaluations in china trying to prevent that. they want a strong and a stable currency because they want to liberalize, but they can't, they can't open up their capitol controls if they think that everybody is going to sell yuan immediately. charles: all right, that was mary kissel there at the top of the hour, trying to make sense of this big development which we've got on our hand today, which is china lowering its foreign currency reserves, that's dollars and yen and pounds and euros, as it tries to prop up its own currency. it's a very interesting situation. i know it's very, very wonky, but that's a big deal on the markets today. 20 seconds to the opening bell
9:30 am
this monday morning and you're going to see quite a selloff. down maybe 180, 190, 200 points on the dow industrial average. the real story is a selloff happening in the big name tech stocks. they're going to be down this morning, 2, 3, 4%. right, 9:30, up we go and we've opened 57 points lower, 66, down we go, we're headed for a big loss right at the opening bell. ashley webster is here, so, too, is liz macdonald and keith shellady is with us. the big tech names opened lower, my question is, are we seeing the bursting of the technology bubble. look at the stocks, let's go with actual stock prices this morning. amazon, google, facebook, all of them are down very, very sharply. there's the list. amazon 3%, google 2%, facebook 3%, apple a fraction lower. netflix, 2 1/2%. this comes on top of big losses
9:31 am
that we saw on friday. amazon, at 486. it was $200 higher, just what, three, four, five weeks ago, that's it. let's start with you, keith. what do you make of this? i'm saying the bursting of the technology bubble. what do you say? >> you know, i would take issue with the word bursting. or bubble. it's a selloff that's logical. don't forget coming into last year, those were stocks that were led in a very narrow portion of the marketplace. it's logical for them to take the money off the table in the face of uncertainty in china over oil. what you're seeing is unwinding here, if you're a long-term investor. those are companies with growing demand and customer base and growing businesses so very hard to go wrong. the only question, what do you do now. >> you know, i'm watching facebook now, under $100. down 4%. and we have news, regulators in india said no. they've ruled on what they say, net neutrality. in other words, they say it's
9:32 am
unfair that people get free access to facebook through their carrier in india. it's unfair on the competition. so, not allowed to do it. no free internet, which hurts them. in other words, you can't have different pricing according to indian regulators. >> we said at the top of the show it would challenge 100. dropped below 100, 99 and change. it's down 4%. scott shellady, i want to go to you on this issue. bursting of the technology bubble. am i going too far, using the wrong words here? >> i would-- yeah, i think he's right. bursting is the wrong word, but it's absolutely deflatindeflati i like what the companies are doing. facebook as of late and i like google. but at the end of the day you're going to get it at a cheaper price, i think we've got 5 to 10% to go in the overall equity prices. if you want to get in, and keith says you want to feather in. it's catching up to the market. they were high last year and
9:33 am
they're deflating, not bursting. charles: and that's a better word to use, less emotional. i'll correct myself, i will. back to the big board, now we're down what, 183 points. again, i don't want to be technical about you china's foreign currency reserves have dropped to a four-year low. they're using their foreign currency to prop up their own currency. scott shellady, why is this such a big deal? >> well, because china is a big deal. although i know that some of our-- we blow out of proportion how much we export and import from them. they're the lead story as well as the strength of the dollar. that's why it's a big story. we're whipped around just like the oil prices although i think that's decoupling from the equities. china, we can't take a breath here every monday morning and something happened overnight so the currency or reserve has a negative impact on our equity price. >> keith, why is it a big deal that china is getting rid of
9:34 am
and selling a lot of foreign currency? >> well, look, here in the west, we have almost a pavolvian response to anything negative out of china. instead of drooling, we panic. and that's overdone because the chinese economy, the fourth largest liquid traded currency in the world so it's linked to the other currencies, whether the western powers like it. if it's a race to the bottom, china does what china needs, the yuan. charles: liz. >> china is nervous, massive capital outflows from the company as the yuan ricochetted in value. they're worried in china about rising inflation, as the yuan drops in value. so, food prices are going up. charles: it looks like we're worried about it, too. all right, how about the price of oil right now? it dropped below $30 a barrel briefly earlier today. bounced back to 30.30 where we are now. scott, are we in the same game,
9:35 am
oil down, stocks down? is oil a factor on the market, the stock market this morning? >> yes, but less and less so. stuart, i think about two or three weeks ago had i told you we'd be over 200 lower on the dow in the open. you'd think a buck or two bucks. we're running out, but we're starting to see equities and oil starting to decouple here. charles: it's worth taking a look at big energy names. they're taking at that hit regardless of the price of crude. look at aendarko. that's taken a loss and williams company on top of loss of 22% this morning, that's on top of losses last week. chesapeake, a 20% drop this morning. diamond off shore, that's down 2. yes, i can, 8% lower, big drops there, all right, more on big
9:36 am
name tech stocks on the move. how about microsoft? how about twitter? how about yahoo!. all are way, way down. microsoft dropped below $50 a share. and twitter is in the $15 range and yahoo! is down at 27. and twitter, that's a new all-time low. 15.22. down, down, down. let's bring in ford, an old line industrial company more than doubling capacity in mexico in 2018. don't tell donald trump about that one, keith. >> no, i don't think -- i don't think the donald's got it right on this one. i think they're going to go where they need to to get production, to get margins and efficiency. if it's mexico, it's mexico, somewhere else, that's where they'll go. charles: any word on ford doubling capacity in mexico by 2018? >> it's a catch 22. we want lower prices here, so we go abroad to make them
9:37 am
cheaper and sell them here. if you're going to run the company and you have a fiduciary responsibility to your shareholders. ashley: what's donald trump think about that liz: bringing up corporate blood suckers this weekend in new hampshire. going after kms. charles: not sure what he's going to do about it. i think it's worth looking at the big board again please. i think this is the low of the day, minus 1 1/2%. 245 points down and we're seven minutes into the trading day. look at chipotle. yeah, the e. coli outbreak, that's officially over, but every chipotle store will close today for a four-hour food safety meeting. ashley: yeah, this is supposed to, a, go over the safety procedures and want to thank workers for hanging in there and answering questions. and they're launching a big ad campaign in a few weeks here here. and i hear scott laugh.
9:38 am
they're down 42% since the recent high. a major pr issue on their hands. charles: why are you laughing? >> i think it's ridiculous to think that it's going to take four hours to run a black light through every restaurant. charles: a comment from keith fitz, something to say? >> if their slogan was anything about youed food with integrity, mcdonald's went through it, and others, but food with integrity. >> now mcdonald's is probably happy it did spin off chipotle the middle of last decade. a lot of people don't know a few years back, mcdonald's spin off chipotle. gopro, please. take a look at that, they signed what we're describing as
9:39 am
a hush-hush patent licensing deal with microsoft. look at that, it's up nearly 4% in a down market. keith, you're not buying this hush-hush patent deal, are you? >> no, you know, this situation remind me of kodak because the product couldn't account for anything. you've got licensing streams. that's not going to do anything. you can't monetize videos. microsoft has been behind the eight-ball when it comes to technology. i've got to wonder what it's about. it doesn't excite me as an investor. charles: microsoft despite this news is down to 48 this morning. there you go. read it and weep. i do own some microsoft stock. down another 3%. [laughter] >> you're laughing shellady. do you really want to be on this show? barron's said that celgene and gilead sciences, their shares could rise 30%.
9:40 am
it will me what's going on with the stocks. >> they're down 1% and 2% essentially. the article in barron's over the weekend basically say they're too cheap to ignore. the group has been beaten down as we talk about politics and price hikes in this group overall. you have the exchange traded funds here at an annual low and saying that the growth potential for the stocks to be 30%. one is known for hepatitis c, the other one known for myeloma and they both have drugs in the pipeline. charles: doesn't matter what barron's said, they're down today in a down market. nicole, thanks. how about the share price of royal krcriaribbeacaribbean. some are calling it the cruise line from hell and others-- >> terrifying what happened off the coast of the carolinas, got caught in hurricane force wind and tilted to 45 degrees, the ceilings fell down, furniture toppled over. 30 foot waves. ashley: look at that.
9:41 am
>> the very scary for enem this of the seas. 4,000 people were ordered to stay in their cabins. no injuries right now. ashley: and pray. charles: i'm prone to seasickness, just looking at that video. >> i couldn't look, i didn't look. charles: don't put that on our air again, please. how about hasbro, strongest growth in nearly five years, thanks to "star wars," i hear. >> hasbro blue off-- blew off the lid of the toys. the falcon starship that little boys love. and talking a possible merger between hasbro and mattel. so hasbro dominated toys this season. ashley: what's that about little boys liz: a lot of parents, boys want the action figures. charles: we had a 42-year-old
9:42 am
guy on this program who is stocking up. ashley: did very well liz: should i get you a millennium falcon ship? >> and there was an app using which you could watch the super bowl. it went out. can you imagine? a lot of people not happy about it. ashley: no. on apple tv no matter how you were using the app, it went out when? just before kickoff. they had been touting live stream. what came up on the screen, sorry, sports server unavailable, please try later liz: you can't and what does it mean for the future of internet tv if you blackout on the biggest sporting event night of the year. ashley: and it was 20 minutes into the game before they could get it back liz: 20 minutes? that's a long time. charles: you cut your cord, your cable cord thinking you
9:43 am
can go to the app and internet and goes out right before. that's not good. what did you say to me there, justin? early numbers show it was the second highest rated super bowl in history. ashley: oh. charles: i'll get more on this liz: that's news. charles: record breaker probably last year. second highest liz: second highest, a big deal. charles: how about fitbit hitting a record low and one oklahoma university is mandating for all incoming students. there's another question liz: oral roberts university, they nt with a to monitor their students, freshmen, their health. 550 fitbits sold. you've got to buy them. ashley: no freshman 15 liz: what happens is, the professors and the student academic body will be an i believe to track the students' fitness, whether or not they'll be graded, too, whether they did things like walked 10,000
9:44 am
steps a day and the like. charles: you're kidding me liz: here is the thing they can't track. what if a student puts their fitbit on fluffy the cat. >> the cat sleeps for 23 hours a day, wouldn't do too much liz: and run around. charles: t charle charles:. >> the judge is here. what is with a modern university got to track the fit n fitne fitness. >> and grade them on fitness. >> and grade them on fitness and the freshmen have to buy it and shell out $150. >> it sounds like it came from a london school. >> no, no, it's don't you get that? it's interesting, if they received federal funds, what school is this? >> orel roberts. >> the students get federally guaranteed loans and scholarships.
9:45 am
there might be some prohibition of invasion of privacy. >> parents didn't complain and students didn't complain so far, interesting, right? >> well, file suit, file suit. >> not suggesting litigation. >> would you do that with 30 plus expenses? check the big board before we end our coverage of the opening bell. we're down 211 points. sorry about that, this is a monday morning and follows through on last night's 200 point drop. we've dropped below 16,000. with his son now out of the race, that would be the political race for the presidency, i asked ron paul last week who he's voting for now. watch this. >> you could search for a long time, you're not going to find anybody republican or democratic primary that even comes slightly close to ever being able to claim themselves a libertarian. i mean, you take a guy like cruz, people are looking at cruz and thinking he's for the free market.
9:46 am
he's owned by goldman sachs. he and hillary have more in common. >> it was good stuff, wasn't it? he's a libertarian, the libertarian and let's see what our own libertarian thinks. that would be judge andrew napolitano already introduced. >> it really was and he, whom i know well, congressman paul, is under a lot of pressure this past weekend to jump into the race as the libertarian candidate, not a race that he is likely to win, but one that would give the son's supporters a place to vote, to be consistent with their consciences because, as he articulated and this is the view of most libertarians, there is no one now running who resonates with libertarian values. now, there are some values spread out. senator sanders, for example, wants to audit the fed, is in favor of privacy.
9:47 am
>> he's at ultimate collectivist. >> he wants to seize assets and redistribute them. donald trump is opposed to using the military to change the borders of countries in the middle east, but of course, he's more authoritarian than libertarian. senators cruz wants to get rid of tax collection as we know it and reduce to a flat tax. >> come on, judge. >> they each have snipets. >> do you want ron paul to get in the race so he would be the pure libertarian that would siphon off votes from the right? do you want him to get in and be a spoiler? >> no, i love him and disagree with him on almost everything, hard to find something that we disagree on. >> how about the elections. >> this is likely to be hillary versus whoever and you can fill in the blank on the whoever. unless hillary is indicted. you're the guy, the pointman on the e-mail scandal.
9:48 am
you're the guy who says the fbi really-- >> yeah, yeah. >> yes, they do. >> and you still say that hillary comes through? >> i don'ten where that's going to go. there's also a lot of activity over the weekend about loretta lynch, the attorney general and whether or not she should recuse herself from making this decision. there are arguments being made in the justice department that the entire cadre of political appointees should recuse themselves from deciding whether or not to prosecute mrs. clinton and the decision should be made by professional apolitical prosecutors in the department. there's pressure to do that. >> president obama makes the call. >> there's a conflict, and the conflict is that he is involved in some of the e-mails with her
9:49 am
addresses on there. >> if the fbi recommends indictment and they don't indict, you'll see-- you will see a scandal. >> you will see an uproar that will affect her candidacy almost as profoundly as if she is indicted. babbling to ron paul. you sometimes have to pick a candidate who doesn't appeal to you 100% of the time, but appeals to you more than the other. what is an election? a comparison usually between two people. why are you smiling? >> you're having trouble with this. >> yes, i am. >> on principle? >> rand was an easy candidate for libertarians to like, even though he tried to broaden his base and-- ments you have to bring some support. >> libertarian base is so, so narrow, it cannot win an election. the role of libertarians is to influence policy to the point of general direction. >> except when his father ran at this point in the campaign he had 15%.
9:50 am
twice what fiorina has. twice what christie has. in some states. twice what cruz has and stayed with that 15%. >> he's at 15%. he ended up withdrawing when the money dried up and obviously he wasn't going to beat mccain, i can't remember whether it was mccain or romney. >> the same vintage. enough of that. >> you will be back in our third hour, i believe in the 11:00 hour. >> yes, should the private addresses of police be revealed as some sort of a vendetta because one of them did something inappropriate. it's a very troubling issue. >> that's the case and it's happening as we speak in texas and all over the place, more on that in the 11:00 hour, thank you very much. check the dow jones industrial average, i believe this is very close to or at the low of the day, down 252 points. problems with oil, problems with what china's doing with
9:51 am
its own currency and plus, this is the big tech name selloff. >> you mentioned oil, chesapeake energy, the shares have been halted, the sale of these down 37% this morning. that volatility triggers-- >> it's just reopened. >> it was reopened, but stopped because of the volatility liz: that balance sheet is swamped with red ink. a lot of nl a -- analysts have been downgrading that, we've got to watch chesapeake with oil calls of $20 a barrel for oil. >> i've got to wrap this thing up and wrap it with this, the technology selloff precede apace this morning. this is the deflation, if you like, of the bubble. the technology double, all the big names are sharply lower and this, sour grapes at the super bowl. cam newton reluctantly talking to the media before walking out. some are calling him a bad sport. look at eli manning, this is
9:52 am
was his face as his brother's team won the super bowl. i've seen better faces than that where he looks kind of flat. that reaction, we'll bring it to you. that all over social media. the face next. ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
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and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ >> low of the day this monday morning, down 260 points. one quick look at an energy company, williams, one of the biggest losers in the s&p 500, typical of all of these energy companies. down 36%. now, this, answering questions from the media, the last thing cam newton wanted to do after losing last night. he probably could have handled it bet. he answered all questions with a single word and walked off, okay? that's my super bowl coverage. on the phone from san francisco, even though he's in super bowl city, fox news radio jarrett max is with me and i want to talk phoenix open. it was this weekend, rowdy, record crowds, biggest on the
9:57 am
pga tour. is this the future of golf, do you think? jared max? >> rowdy tours on golf where they start screaming get to the hole, get to the hole. stuart: they're shouting and screaming for their own sky and person. it's not just get in the hole. they're having a party. it sounds like a football game when you're there, but it's wildly profitable. that's why i say, is this the future of golf? >> you know, who knows? if this is, it certainly, stuart, is not the way the traditional golfers want it to be. almost sounds like the caddies from the movie cad ydy have takn over the golf course. stuart: they have 27 boxes for $50,000 apiece. i say it's profitable and where it's going. i'm sorry i don't have much more time and i'm sorry i switched you an i way from the super bowl. but the super bowl is over, i'm interested in the phoenix open. ashley: future the golf.
9:58 am
stuart: thanks, jared. 10:00 on east coast almost, three minutes away. we'll be back in just a second. hour two, by the way. here it comes. it was always just a hobby. something you did for fun. until the day it became something much more. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. ♪
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protection begins immediately. call 1800 lifelock or visit >> all right, we're right at 10:00 on the east coast. straight to the markets. we're down nearly 280, 285. it's another selloff as we start the new week. oil down again around $29 a barrel as of right now. that does not help stocks. it's energy stocks which are getting crushed today. look at chesapeake. they were halted before, they reopened, $1.89. down 38%. the real story this morning though, yeah, the tech-- the energy stocks, they are getting crushed, but look at the big name techs. these are the companies you made a lot of money in last year, as they went straight up. they're amazon, alphabet-google, facebook, way
10:01 am
down today. netflix is about holding its own at a low level and apple rebounded just a little. ashley: hanging in there. stuart: yeah, am i getting the words right here? i say this is the bursting of the tech bubble. ashley: there are a growing number of people who are saying that. they carried the market last year, five or six stocks and the rest underneath were not doing so great. i don't think it's surprising we see money coming out of the stocks. the environment, really concerns about not only the u.s. economy, but certainly the global economy. people are taking their money and profits and out the door liz: we did talk about tiny bubbles in individual stocks. certainly amazon and netflix priced at hundreds of times earnings. but look at netflix off, and nearly the best performer in the s&p 500. but investors are not liking netflix's performance. go-pro looks better than netflix.
10:02 am
they have no debt and more than half the market value is cash. >> you will see the ipo market come to a screeching halt. >> and there's a technology index, at the lowest level since 2014. >> it's a gut wrenching moment. >> i don't know how to give advice, what do you do? >> let's go to politics, new polls. in new hampshire, john kasich is in second place. behind donald trump. ashley: trump 30% way out ahead and kasich better than the previous poll. rubio dropping back at 13. bush up a bit at 13. and four-way race for second place based on the poll. interesting if the polls that consistently had donald trump all the way through, do does
10:03 am
that equal votes. stuart: that's taken before saturday night's debate. that poll was taken before liz: this monmouth poll is broadly in hine with other polls. got to watch what trump is saying over the weekend. going after oil companies, drug companies and sounding-- >> how much damage did christie do to rubio in the debate. stuart: how much damage did trump to do himself when he dropped an f-bomb. he did do it. this, marco rubio, some say he sounded more like richard nixon than john kennedy, look at chris christie go after him and look at rubio. >> that's what washington d.c. does, drive by shot in the beginning with incomplete and incorrect information, and memberized 25 second speech which is exactly what-- >> the bottom line, this notion
10:04 am
that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing-- >> there it is, the memberized 25 second speech. stuart: we need judgment on debate performance and who better than media buzz host howard kurtz who joins us this morning from new hampshire. howard, i think it's a little unfair to compare marco rubio to richard nixon. >> that's a stretch. i think it's a stretch and unfair, but people are saying that it wasn't a great performance from marco rubio. as an objective judge of debate performance, what do you say? >> it was a rough night for marco rubio because it played in the narrative of a ovn over scripted candidate. and the headlines, rubio crashes and burns-- i think the pundits are more excited because they don't watch debates the same way. they think that most candidates memberize scripted sound bites
10:05 am
and president obama is intentionally ruining this country and-- >> donald trump, his use of i'm going to call it foul language. roll that tape. we're going to bring businesses back. we're going to have businesses-- we're going to have businesses that used to be in new hampshire, that are now in mexico, come back to new hampshire and you can tell them to go (bleep) themselves. >> oh. stuart: now he says and you know this, howard, that he didn't actually say the word, but it was pretty obvious what he was getting at. i'm not lip-reader, but i can read lips on that occasion. >> there was no subtlety. stuart: he's not a subtle kind of guy. look, do you think that has a big negative impact when he says that kind of thing? i mean, people are going to say do i want that in the oval office?
10:06 am
>> and some people might want that, he's constantly talking about bombing the "s" out of isis. and he's using language he uses in private and presidential candidates would never use it unless it's on a hidden mic. i think for people who love donald trump they'll say, yeah, right, right on, as opposed to being offended. and culture coarsenning, no secret. stuart: would it decline in his popularity. >> well he said he would shoot somebody on fifth avenue and wouldn't hurt. he's brash and not politically correct and that he's willing to talk straight to people in a way that no candidate ever has. on the other hand, the pressure on him now is to do well in tomorrow's new hampshire primary, after losing iowa. if he wins by a few points, oh, he's expected to win.
10:07 am
i think he needs a healthy margin otherwise you'll see trumps, and primaries and caucuses. stuart: last point, rachel maddow hugging the candidates during the debate. i think it was before the debate, that was the democrat debate. something to say about that? >> it was actually right after. she says she hugs everyone. the fact that she was physically embracing the democratic candidate i think sends a message she considers them to all be on the same team. i actually think that rachel maddow is smart and reasonable questions, but i don't think she should have been out sitting next to chuck todd, puts an unabashedly liberal commentator sitting next to the political director of the news. that's a mistake.
10:08 am
stuart: can you be objective. don't you agree with the fox news and fox business debates were the best moderators. >> and would, but abc did a good job. stuart: what about the audio messup the start of the debate, and ben carson didn't know he'd been called on the stage. >> every high school football team can do the introductions, left tackle number 22, the right person comes out. that was a debacle, fortunately, it got better after that. stuart: you want a debate you come to fox news and fox business, that's the way it is. [laughter] howard kurtz, thank you very much indeed. >> good to see you, stuart. stuart: listen to this one. yeah, listen, a new report reveals that more than $1 million in new union dues, union money went to buy nfl tickets, yeah, it did. so it's reported by the national review, who broke the story. let me get this straight.
10:09 am
the story you're breaking it that the unions, they collect union dues and they used a million dollars of those union dues to buy tickets for the super bowl and they bought them from the nfl? >> well, it was money that went to the nfl some for tickets and some for sponsorships and some for advertisings. stuart: it was union dues that went to the nfl. >> precisely. stuart: that bought the tickets and the rest of it. what's wrong with that. >> i think with philadelphia brotherhood local 98. what's wrong with it, union bosses using the tickets supposedly to promote job creation. stuart: oh. >> and we don't have an answer and how they're doing it. in fact, some of the union members raised that question, what jobs are you creating? we'd love to know more about this? who is using the tickets? the union bosses don't want to answer the question. stuart: what else? >> the same union that spent
10:10 am
$11,000 it spent money at restaurants by the same union bosses. i think when unions are buying nfl tickets and it's this kind of union, we should ask questions. stuart: we ask questions. the way things work. >> it is. stuart: you know, is that so bad? >> i think it is, absolutely. because these are union members, especially in nonright to work states who are having to pay the dues as a condition of their employment basically liz: and nonprofit, right? they don't have to pay taxes. >> i think it's shocking. stuart: you're shocked? shocked it's going on here? i don't think so. [laughter] i don't think you're shocked. good story though. thank you very much indeed. >> thank you. stuart: gloria steinham, gloria albright, two feminist icons, they say if you're a woman it's your duty to support hillary. more on that in a moment.
10:12 am
10:13 am
yes, we are twins. when i went on to ancestry, i just put in the name of my parents and my grandparents. i was getting all these leaves and i was going back generation after generation. you start to see documents and you see signatures of people that you've never met. i mean, you don't know these people, but you feel like you do. you get connected to them. i wish that i could get into a time machine and go back 100 years, 200 years and just meet these people. being on ancestry just made me feel like i belonged somewhere. discover your story. start searching for free now at >> we keep moving lower.
10:14 am
the dow jones average is now down 320 points. big selloff in energy stocks and in technology. and a new low for twitter. the first time-- just momentarily dropped below $15 per share, first time we've ever seen that. how about gold? talk about a flight to safety. that's what it is, basically. ashley: 40 bucks, 3 1/2%, close. i don't want to get wonky, but how fearful people are going tore safety. 10 year yield, 1.76. stuart: it came in 1.83, 1.84, now 1.76, that's had a huge flight to safety. into gold. that's a big story, dragging myself back to politics. gloria steinham and madeleine albright played the gender
10:15 am
card. >> you'll have to help, hillary clinton will always be there and just remember there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. stuart: strong enough indeed. kennedy joins us now. kennedy, this is going to back fire, isn't it? older feminists are saying, hey, you young women, you support a woman for candidate, don't you support bernie sanders. >> it's so incredibly out of touch and insulting. to these young women who are making many of them, many of these millennial feminist voters making a first foray into presidential politics, what you're saying you're irrational and you have no choice here, we're going to be authorityion and soon feed you which flies in the face of what feminism is supposed to do. feminism is supposed to be about equality you would think people thinking for themselves. these haggard old--
10:16 am
>> oh, careful, shouldn't say that, that's name calling. >> it is. >> stuart, i know, and i need stuart 101 sometimes because i get so emotional i want people to think for themselves and be individualistic whether they're male, female, democrat, republican, conservative, progressive and gloria steinham went on bill mauer and the only reason that young women are attracted to bernie sander's campaign is because there are boys there. stuart: you wouldn't think that they would-- >> what happened to the fish and bicycles and all that. >> and the jeb bush campaign, let's take a look at that. ♪ >> what do you have in your hand there, young man? >> i have a vote jeb chapstick, yeah, it's great. yeah, a free health care here, keeps my lips nice and moist,
10:17 am
just like jeb. >> do you like jeb? >> yeah. >> do you like what he's having to say. >> are you listening. >> yes. >> i want to see the bernie sticker. do you feel like a fish out of water? >> no, a socialist fish that wants to redistribute all the water in the ocean? >> how are you? >> it's a jeb rally. >> you'll disturb the enthusiasm. stuart: that was nasty. you are implicitly saying there's no enthusiastic support for jeb bush. >> no, chris stirewalt said that. >> you're implying that. >> hardly. >> of the people i spoke to in new hampshire, the most vocal support among republicans, landed in the laps of the jeb millennials, the young people there. this was a packed cafeteria in manchester where the former governor was speaking and the audience was really into what he was saying and i was looking
10:18 am
at him there, taking questions, he spoke to mayor of a small city in south florida, he knew who she was and acknowledged her and i said where is the guy on the debate stage. stuart: we're not used to this, reports of a low energy candidate where he has to ask the audience to applaud. >> yes. stuart: you're telling us that he really turned them on in that cafeteria in manchester. >> not only that, emotional, he had to pause and collect himself twice, one time talking about his daughter's past drug use. and his wife was there and he never spoke about that in front of her and a lot of family there and it was a difficult moment there and connected with the audience and laid out a great plan. he wasn't able to articulate that on the debate, ted cruz had that. stuart: are you going to run that on your show, thursday night. >> tonight, i've got a couple of packages, i went to chris christie rally i went and saw
10:19 am
some hillary clinton supporters and went to a new hampshire diner and they really do engage in political discourse there. i that w-- i thought that was an urban myth. >> they spoke to me. didn't smack me in the face. stuart: i want to see that on jeb tonight, yes, indeed. check the big board. still another new low for this day's trading. now down 337. that's over 2%. and bottom line is that tech stocks are being sold aggressively and energy stocks are way down as well. now we're down 2.1%. that's a drop and a half. christianity under attack in china. we'll explain fully in a moment. i have asthma...
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10:23 am
on wall street, but we've found some up market stocks. tyson, alcoa, nordstrom, netflix, they're up and others are down. a cruise ship hit some rough water. i don't want to do that, don't want to look. ashley: otherwise you'll have to leave the studio. 30 foot waves, 50, 60 mile per hour winds and a storm that got bigger than forecast and everyone on board told go back to your cabin and hang on. we'll be fine, but the bolt tilted to a 45 degree angle, ceilings came down and furniture tumbled over. they said we've survived, nothing to see here, you'll be fine, but people still green now liz: no juniors, right? >> no injuries.
10:24 am
stuart: we like to keep you informed on what's going on elsewhere in the world when there are major trend developments. disturbing news from china as the president ping appears to be cracking down on christians. details, please. >> the pastor of the largest chinese mega church was arrested and this is significant not only because of who he is, his prominence, but also because he's a guy that tried to work with the government. he's within the state sanctioned church system so many chinese christians are telling me if he can't get along with the authorities and stay on the ride side of the law, who can. >> no opposition is tolerated. i noticed that some who wanted to speak freely have been abducted and taken back to china, hong kong dragged over to china and not seen for months. they won't brook any opposition of any kind at this moment. >> i think we're seeing a return to maoism and it's not
10:25 am
just practitioners, or human rights, it's anyone. i went to the province where the pastor was from, there are crossed dotted. 1,800 crosses torn down forcibly and church members devastated by this and a lot of them are state sanctioned churches, people who don't want to be political, they want to serve god and don't have the chance. stuart: i don't want to be a supporter, but they desperately need to keep control as the economy flounders. you let us hold all political power and we'll make you rich. if we're no longer making you rich maybe we've got a political problem. >> it's a threat to the legitimacy of the communist party. stuart: thank you for reporting, thank you. the democrats stuck with two candidates who could have a tough time winning in november, therefore, the draft biden
10:26 am
movement is making a comeback. we're on the story and we're on chipotle as well. look at the stock down some more. it's going to close all of its stores for four hours today for food safety trading. training, i should say. more on that after the break. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained.
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10:29 am
stuart: very close to the lows of the day. technology and energy stocks. chesapeake is the biggest loser on the s&p 500. restructuring. bankruptcy lawyers. down they goes 42%. some other names are also down. you look at the percentages. three-4%.
10:30 am
a big drop. the bursting of the technology bubble. how do you want to put it? >> getting technology that to a reasonable level. they love the enterprise sales. when you start writing down, there are quality names at the top. indiscriminately across the board with data. it reported last week. >> to you, otto line is, they had all of this momentum going for them and it is over. >> you have to wait to see what will happen next quarter. >> amazon is on its way back to $700 a share.
10:31 am
stuart: 48. is it on its way back above 50? >> 55, actually. trading at a 17 times multiple. you actually are not paying up for that growth. it is getting a 3% yield. where can you get a company like that? google was in the best part. they have streaming. they have mobile. it is android. >> right around $800. google ceo actually said that
10:32 am
the mobile that was happening was turning into multiple marathons. they are the ones where mobile advertisers are trying to go to get their buyers. >> the name of the stock of the year. very close to it. do you want to touch that? >> it is going back to that growth level. if you are going to advertise on social media -- instagram is owned by facebook. you want those video ads which is a new ways. the majority of the page views. 68%. >> that is a huge deal. where are we spending our time on these devices? >> 41 minutes a day.
10:33 am
>> are advertisers going to pay for disney? >> they will pay for facebook and google. stuart: responding to a facebook ad. guess what, if i am an advertiser, within the last year, they will serve it up. [laughter] >> thank you very much, indeed. >> it is time to get to the election. democrats in panic mode. how strong is the draft biden movement? welcome to the program. >> good to be here. the democrats are in a panic. bernie and hillary have no electoral problems. how strong is that committee?
10:34 am
how strong is that movement to get joe back into it what should mark. >> to go to your biden question, we all respect him for being a man of his word. now, working on the shot. i think we can expect vice president biden to finish out his term. the real question would be the bloomberg. >> before we get to that, that was my next question. you can test my premise. bernie, you will not elect a socialist. hillary has all kinds of problems. you will test my premise. >> we might have an extremist republican. both parties are now in the primary elect rick. you have to socialist revolution
10:35 am
on one side. clear tactics on the other. certainly not extremists. stuart: i do not see why the democrats should be worried about that. the electorate is in the center. either party loses. >> this is the hillary game. she is talking about her credentials on policy. an advocate for healthcare. while bernie calls establishment are really women's rights. labor rights. they have been at the forefront of creating change for years. hillary does come across as the more moderate of the two. more electable than a bernie sanders. stuart: they do not think that joe biden will probably make a run.
10:36 am
i think the panic among the democrats opens the door for him. if hillary is the candidate, he will run. that is for the republican party. as of today, and as of his mayorship, he is a republican. >> who wins. did you think hillary wins the nomination? >> i think that hillary will get the nomination. she did win in new hampshire against obama. making the decisions at the last moment. you look at the ground game. the ground game is what matters.
10:37 am
ahaz stored american turnout. strong turnout there. she has planned long and hard to be turning out voters in her favor. stuart: unless she is indicted. >> as of now, we do not have any indications. stuart: okay. you can take issue with my premise any day you would like. stuart: check chipotle. their stores will close nationwide for four hours today. additional food safety training. now is that e. coli outbreak. taking advantage of what chipotle is doing. selling half-price mexican items all day long.
10:38 am
>> thank you for having me. stuart: this is a nasty piece of opportunist marketing. they are in trouble for e. coli. you jump right in to try to take a big chunk of their markets. what are you up to? >> it is not meant to be mean-spirited. i think that it is a really creative way to reintroduce an audience. healthy mexican inspired dishes today. >> you to have this ethic of very fresh food. that is triple days affect. they got shut down by e. coli. >> as a result of the negative the past couple months, i think
10:39 am
they have been the beneficiary of very strong month over month same-store sales growth. it has raised incredible awareness across the industry. around the importance of food safety. many things that they have brought into their system today. stuart: it is a golden opportunity and you are jumping right on it. tell me about mcdonald's. who would have thought that chipolte would be way down there. how do you explain that one? >> well, it welcome back. mcdonald's drive-in concert arguably today. i will not have another one. even most recently they launched
10:40 am
their kale salad. there kale salad came with buttermilk ranch dressing and fried chicken and had more with a double big mac. leading to healthy fast food. stuart: well done. you got it in there. you seize the marketing moment. you are good. very good, indeed. welcome back to the show. we will see you again soon. check the price of oil. hovering right around airdrie dollars a barrel. you are not watching the super bowl. we have some favorites. a real-time reaction to them.
10:41 am
coming up in a moment. ♪ and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises.
10:42 am
♪ nicole: i am nicole pratt knot with your fox business brief. down almost 340 points. oil pulls back. janet yellen this week. retail sales down about 2% right now. the nasdaq. right now down about 2.2%.
10:43 am
energy is the number one leading group. some of the energy movers. chesapeake. down 47%. the rest of the group here, down 8%. oil pulls back. twitter. trending over the weekend. shares have been under pressure. we are watching hasbro. that is a winner. ♪
10:44 am
10:45 am
stuart: still down roughly 300 points. that is a big drop. the lowest level since october october 2014. look at oil. that is down about 3%. look at gold. flight to safety here. up to-3%. talk about flight to safety. straight into territory bonds as well. they are up today. two-three-four-6% did chesapeake energy. there is a report of bankruptcy lawyers. down it goes.
10:46 am
there is a new low on twitter. bounced back a little bit now. >> wall street not reacting positively. twitter reorganizing the live stream of tweets. using twitter for breaking news. pick and choose what it thinks of the news you want to see. instead of what you want to see, instead, lady gaga singing. it is not going to do it. the stock trading nearly half what it ipo . stuart: now this. nevermind peyton manning and the broncos. paying up on those one-day earnings. >> paying a percentage.
10:47 am
and in zone dance right now. a losing quarterback. stormed out of his press conference. paying $101,316 in taxes on income from the game. 198%. >> based on his salary and the ratio he used, 198%. paid 47,000 in taxes. lost a thousand. [laughter] >> the advertisers. land her dial to the viewer response. past the best commercials. watch that real-time at the bottom of the screen. roll it. ♪
10:48 am
♪ >> it was up there. >> it was a great ad. everybody is talking about heinz ketchup. this is what they are supposed to do. a lot of them are entertaining. >> you love the ad. you do not know what it was for. this is from honda. roll it. ♪ ♪
10:49 am
stuart: you know, they liked it. >> they did. not quite as much as they liked the packet and the heinz ad. no one remembered. stuart: i did not see the brand name honda on it. the viewers liked it. >> the viewers loved it. stuart: okay. check the titans. we check them every day for you. 484. google is at 693. facebook. a one-point drop. next case. i say the democrats are in panic mode. that could have all kinds of repercussions.
10:50 am
my take on that is next. ♪ but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card
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>> time is indeed money. north korea attaching a long-range rocket over the weekend. actually a cover for a test.
10:54 am
it could reach as far as the united states. there is now a call for tougher sanctions. it is strongly condemning the rocket launch. let's check out stock of around three quarters of a percent. the auto company announcing it will build a new assembly plant in mexico. planning to double its capacity. take a look at fit fit. oklahoma. it is going to require them to wear a fit it. the university says freshmen will be wrote wired to walk 10,000 steps a day and meet a heartbreak target every week. stuart, take it away.
10:55 am
stuart: panic on the left. by tomorrow night, more than half of the votes casted. bernie sanders is a socialist electable. she is desperate. she has called on all the women to chastise younger women for supporting bernie. the democrats are stopped with two democrats. sanders would win california, maybe new york, maybe massachusetts, but that is about it. even the establishment media has been given a very hard time. hillary would be heard not only by her e-mail, but the growing indifference to her candidacy. democrats do not seem inclined to turn out for her the way they did for barack obama.
10:56 am
he says he regrets every day that he did not choose to run. i am not running now or ever. that shows the degree of panic among democrats. they need a winner to safeguard president obama's legacy. yes. donald trump asked panic as well. the democrats are stuck with a two-person field. at this stage, very difficult to fix. panic on the left will be the political headline. that panic on the left also brings in another name. michael bloomberg. ♪
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
stuart: down roughly 2%. the dow industrials are up
11:00 am
almost 3%. getting almost close. down nearly 3%. we are at their deep dollars a barrel. big. i mean big selloff in tech stocks today. the word bubble has entered the conversation. i do not know. joe ling can't is here with news. >> twitter. sinking below $15 for the first time. pretty significant losses here. they are down from 80% from the all-time high. now at 1550. moving away from the traditional timeline. they help you choose what you
11:01 am
see. >> facebook is at 100. it had dropped to 99. amazon also taking a hit. >> nds says, you cannot give away free internet. that is not fair. >> they do not want that version of facebook. individuals that do not necessarily use smart phones. stuart: look at this. amazon is down $19. stuart: that is a selloff in technology. what is this about chesapeake? halted again. we had a news report earlier today from reuters. hiring bankruptcy lawyers. last time we checked it was down
11:02 am
50%. >> $1.51. >> there you have it. jpmorgan analysts warning that a risk for a slowdown is coming. a frequent guest on this program in the past. that has been your authority all along. it is going to hurt us. are we near the point where we can say that the rest of the world is truly an recession? >> a 100% lock. knowing that we are moving towards recession. their history and their record is absolutely abysmal. ben bernanke took over as head of the fed. he could not be coming into a better economy.
11:03 am
janet yellen. what is going on around the world. >> she and the other central banks are offering cover for absolutely reduce ridiculous fiscal policy. we do not have a functioning bond market. our bond market should be going down. every decision coming out of washington is absolutely horrible. yet, interest rates are going down. central banks are providing cover. japan. china. the united states. the dow industrials are announcing 350 points. thank you for joining us.
11:04 am
good to politics. you know the new hampshire politics is tamara. hillary clinton under threat. speaking to people on the left. >> i am not a spokesperson. >> am i right? a mode among democrats. hillary is under the threat of indictment. >> i think that panic mode is an overstatement. a lot of political servers.
11:05 am
they were a little more diverse. a little less liberal. we start seeing other states. >> is the left? is that approach the economy? >> i think my approach was electable. negative connotations. calling from the socialist. getting a lack did. i have to say i do not see hillary as being remotely -- >> i think it was an idea in a declining -- and not economic environment, i really question whether someone who is more tax, or spend, more dead being a lack did president.
11:06 am
>> i do not know what it exactly means to be socialist. >> one of the pieces is a single healthcare. bringing costs down. it was costing it so high. do you think that america's ready for canada style health system. they may have a different view of it. stuart: i happen to be one of the first babies born in britain under socialized medicine. >> that is different. that is government ran healthcare. it could be like medicare.
11:07 am
they are not the doctors, the hospitals and doctors are not ran by the government. probably not the best example. >> probably not. we could maybe bring costs down. all right. believe that while you are ahead he had the new hampshire primary tomorrow. food they think the best run the country. >> you would think. we spoke to some. including an 18-year-old. >> the president has been leading the country for the last seven years. it goes to show that this country -- with one person such as donald trump, it creates
11:08 am
almost a revolution of what people really want. what they are just sick of in this country. stuart: who is he talking about, by the way. >> donald trump. sparking a revolution. >> that young man is voting for trump? >> yes. a lot of these new hampshire voters, back to the last minute. >> in new hampshire this weekend. asking who she was going to vote for. i was in a vote for rubio. shopping again with two days to go. it brings me to my next subject. he did indeed take a lot of heat.
11:09 am
a lot of different on the debate. he is in new hampshire. let's see now. i do. i do think it is hurting. it is doing so much better than expected dan and i love. rising in the new hampshire polling. it is leveling off. some of the others campaigning for the same voters. people like christie, k 6. yes. i think it hurt them. i think quite a lot. stuart: the latest poll shows that john k 6 is number two. that is quite a surge. it was particularly good.
11:10 am
he is good at this. >> he is certainly done a lot of it. running for president of new hampshire. they are accustomed to getting it. it does not help you. it is helping k 6. it seems to be building momentum. despite the fact that it was rubio. got the best of him the other night. it was translated for christie. >> what would you say to my premise? a near panic mode. bernie is probably not electable ancillary is threatened by indictment. therefore joe biden makes appearance and maybe even michael bloomberg. >> maybe a little ahead. once we get out of new hampshire
11:11 am
and moved to the south, it is not an all clear that bernie sanders will have much of a following there. i have seen this before. you get this wave of renewed attention. it is bernie sanders. nonetheless, appealing to the other states. i am not sure he can beat her in those states. stranger things have certainly happened. if that happens and he continues winning, even if only a couple states, i think what we have now is anxiety. about as long as you have been covering elections.
11:12 am
the most fascinating, interesting and entertaining election in america. i think you would agree with me. >> full-size and both parties. that is unusual. stuart: getting political during a super bowl halftime performance. why can't we get away from race? we watch that market selloff. down 370 points. look at chesapeake energy, please. halted after a huge drop. back in a moment. ♪
11:13 am
11:14 am
11:15 am
11:16 am
stuart: espn reports that the new york knicks have fired their head coach. the knicks have lost their last nine of their last 10 games. let's look at opera. pretty much a down day. 6%. financial stocks. fifty-two week lows. 6% down. they shop for londoners. it is a film shoot. sunday afternoon in london. ride across. a little bit of a scare. a jackie chan movie.
11:17 am
one of the tweets when out. if you saw an explosion, do not worry. it is just a movie. when you see something like that, you worry. stuart: in expulsion back on july 7. now, move on. a controversial super bowl this year. especially the halftime show. all right, joann, welcome to the program. i say beyoncé brought race right into the middle of the halftime football game. i'm not so sure i like that. >> that is what a lot of people said. i was clearly enjoying it. they are told about these racial things. i guess, i guess now i do see it. >> it did not seem to be a racially changed halftime show.
11:18 am
she released a video which has strong lack lives matter undertones. the entertainment. that is right. they are endorsing our social justice movement. you will see a lot more of that in the performance. >> we will run a commercial. it was for dori does. i really thought that this was funny. it was a baby commercial. you see the baby in the wound with an ultrasound picture. there we go. the dad comes in eating doritos. the baby moves into and. okay. the baby reacts to the doritos. the baby, they have them on the
11:19 am
floor. the baby exit though cool. i thought that it was hilarious. >> i say that this is outrageous. we are conditioning our young children to write out of the womb to be addicted. >> you know that. >> a straight face. have you nothing to say about using a baby in the world. >> all of this is being set up from appearing in this commercial. [laughter] stuart: did you laugh? >> i did laugh. >> thank you. check out this video. royal caribbean cruz. it was slammed by hurricane
11:20 am
force wind. 30-foot waves. stay in your cabin, please. we will run it again. ♪
11:21 am
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11:24 am
bernie sanders. reaching young voters in new hampshire. joe, apparently, using it very well. trying to add a graphic. you can now add a bernie sanders filtered to it. they had two filters this weekend that really resonated with millennial's. paying equity. reforming wall street. you see hundreds and millions of views. the millennial's are using this as their primary mode of communication. stuart: it is an option. if i am on snap chat, that bernie sanders message is an
11:25 am
option. >> why is he doing it in new hampshire and why is it working? look at how close he came to hillary clinton and iowa. >> no longer seeing it on the television. >> those of you who get seasick, watch this. this is from royal caribbean. i walked for on this. i want to hear more. >> this is why i fly. >> this is absolutely awful. caught in the storm off the carolina coast. 30-foot wins. furniture overturned. ceilings came down. everyone told to get into their cabins. stay there and ride it out. you could not even stand up. you would fall straight down.
11:26 am
this would be my personal nightmare. >> people were tweeting photos like this. been that u.s. coast guard hereacd out. in addition to maybe a prior communication,. >> they never put out a distress signal. not going through all of those buffets. you would not do that. this is a nasty image. i am going to get rid of it. check the big board, please. down nearly 340 points. a huge technology selloff. more on more of that in a moment. ♪
11:27 am
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stuart: i'm afraid it's looking ugly this monday morning, we're down well over 2% for the dow industrials. the price of oil is holding at $30 per barrel, but it's still down on the day. come back in again, scott shellady from chicago, please. explain to us in layman's terms why the stock market is down so much today. >> we had some rumblings overnight in china. i don't think it was as serious as the other things, number two would be, say, the ten-year yield. we haven't talked about this at
11:31 am
all, stuart, it's at 1.75% this morning. the average investor is very concerned we're not raising rates anytime soon, and why not? because the economy's not strong enough to raise rates, and it probably wasn't strong enough in december. so that's another thing. and lastly, overall downgrading of gdp both here in the u.s. and around the world, we just don't have the real, true growth. no be economy is strong right now. stuart: i think you put your finger on it, the yield on the ten-year treasury is all the way down to -- it's not a historic low, but it's way down there at 1.75, and it tells you there's a slowdown all over the place, right, scott? last word. >> absolutely s. and, stuart, that's only gone down since we've raised rates with the expectation of more rates going up. so that's what's really the big conundrum there, it's only gone straight down. stuart: scott, thank you very much, indeed. >> we've got to mention gold too, it's up $38. stuart: that's right. another flight of safety.
11:32 am
treasury bonds when you want to be safe, gold when you want to be safe -- >> yep. take your money and hide. stuart: many economists are warning that the global recession this year, it's in place. let's bring in steve moore from the heritage foundation. are you still with the heritage -- you're heritage, aren't you? [laughter] >> hi, stuart, good morning. can i say something about that 1.75% ten-year treasury bill? stuart: sure. >> first of all, that is a sign in the economy of severe risk aversion. when people are going out and buying ten-year bonds at $1.75% interest rate, they're saying i don't want even care if you give me any return, i just want to make sure my principal is safe. and that's what's going on in the u.s. economy right now. we saw this with the front page of the "wall street journal," profits have sunk so much, businesses aren't spending, not doing capital purchases. i am worried for the first time we could see a negative quarter
11:33 am
or two in terms of gdp growth, and that's ironic, stewart, because just on friday after your show went off the air, barack obama gave this, you know, jig in the end zone about how well the economy is doing. i just don't see it. stuart: okay. now, i know you say, look, if we could lower the corporate tax rate, that would go some way towards preventing us getting into a recession. >> yep. stuart: i understand exactly what you saying and why you're saying it, but the fact is, steve, we're not going to get a cut in the corporate tax rate anytime this year. you've got to wait until next year before you've got the slightest chance of this happening. isn't that true? >> oh, stuart, you're such a cynic. [laughter] no e, look, i testified last week before the house ways and means committee, and i made a very strong pitch for this. i said, look, no more of these crazy $800 billion stimulus plans on solyndra and shovel-ready projects. that doesn't work.
11:34 am
what i called for is a recession insurance plan. i'm not saying we're heading into a recession, i'm saying we need a insurance policy to make sure we don't go into recession. i'll tell you this, the republicans all nodded their head, said absolutely, we ought to do this now. i didn't get a lot of takers from charlie rangel and the democrats. stuart: no, i'm not surprised. those democrat candidates are for tax and spanned. >> exactly. that's right. stuart: they won't have anything to do with tax cutting. it's just not in their lexicon. >> you know what, stuart, you're right about that -- stuart: hold on a second, steve, that's what worries me. we're clearly winding down this economy. we're not prepared to take any steps that would get us out of the mess, are we? >> no, we're not. and i think, look, look again back at what happened on friday. it happened sort of late in the day, so it didn't get enough attention. you've been talking a little bit about this. i mean, a $10 a barrel oil tax?
11:35 am
really? i mean, you've got an oil and gas industry that's flat on its back right now, you're going to put a dagger right through their heart with a $to 10 a barrel tax at a time when consumers aren't spending? look, it's $30 a barrel, you put $10 a barrel more tax on that, that means you're talking about paying 25, 50 cents more every time you go -- per gallon, every time you go to the gas tank. that's craziness. stuart: as we get towards the election, do you think there's going to be a realization that the economy's in real trouble and you cannot fix it with tax and spend? i mean, are we going to figure that out, do you think? >> i think that's what this election is going to be all about. and i think unfortunately for the democrats, look, i long for the day when you have people like bill bradley in the democratic party and dick gephardt and people like that who said, you know, let's lower rates. let's make this tax economy more efficient. i mean, my goodness, john f.
11:36 am
kennedy was a supply-side tax cutter, said let's get the taxes down and make the economy grow faster. unfortunately, when i listen to bernie sanders, hillary clinton, i'm hearing exactly the opposite message of increasing the taxes on the people who create the businesses. that is, you know, that -- if you put -- let me put this very simply. if you put in place hillary clinton's agenda or bernie sanders' agenda, you would have a recession no question about it. stuart: we'll leave it at that, because that's a pretty good outcue. i like that one. >> i wish i could be more optimistic but i'm not when you hear the rhetoric on the left. stuart: steve moore, appreciate it. politics, we want to bring you up to speed on what's going on in new hampshire right before the primary tomorrow. this is the latest monmouth poll out of new hampshire. what i'm look at, what strikes me -- >> yes. stuart: -- is kasich at number two. >> yes, interesting. it's a real tussle for number two, trump way out ahead as he has been for some time with 30%,
11:37 am
but then you have kasich at 14, rubio and bush tied at 13 and then ted cruz down to 12%. kasich certainly up, ruin e owe down, bush up. so it's interesting how that's kind of laid itself out. maybe something to do with the debate on saturday night -- stuart: no, i think not. look at bottom left, the poll was taken the 4th-6th -- >> prior to the debate. >> the vast majority of people polled were taken before the debate, but what i think is interesting is only 49% of likely republican voters have actually made up their minds. new hampshire is really true to form in this situation into the final stretch. that's why you see christie not giving up even though he's way down at 6%. stuart: so half the voters have not made up their mind. >> more than half. stuart: firmly so. >> exactly. juicy stuff, right? stuart: yeah, completely different. it's entertaining, it's fascinating, t exciting. >> and that's why these candidates are making every phone call, knocking on every door. some of them maybe you think why
11:38 am
not just give up now? stuart: that's why viewers are glued to us. [laughter] try this, identity politics. very much present in the democrat race between hillary and bernie sanders. first of all, just listen to the message that madeleine albright had for women voters. >> you have to help. hillary clinton will always be there for you. and just remember, there's a potential place in hell for women who don't help each other. [laughter] [cheers and applause] stuart: former miss america, carissa hag lan. that was an older lady telling younger women you've got to vote for hillary because you're a woman. what do you say? >> apparently, i'm going to hell because i don't like hillary clinton. i don't think this is the right tactic for them at all because, you know, hillary has done this whole thing to try to engage young women, but young people
11:39 am
don't respond to celebrity endorsements the way they used to. they say i'm going to think for myself. and young millennial women are some of the most intelligent, highly educated and very active and involved. and they're looking at these two candidates they've got if their liberal, and they're saying we like bernie sanders. you've got old feminists -- and nothing old as in age, but second-wave feminism, saying you need to vote more this person based on -- isn't that what feminism was fighting for? stuart: you're saying that doesn't work. you tabling to young my -- talk to young millennial females -- >> they're not being sold that anymore. maybe for a few people, but generally they're look at principle. they have grown up, a lot of them, you know, in public schools hearing this agenda from the left that says it's not about the color of skin, your religion or what gender you are or what gender that you identify with. it's based on principle alone. and that is the damage you see
11:40 am
from identity politics, is trying to shove people into these categories to vote based on identity alone. it's about competency, excellence and who -- stuart: i'll tell you what it's about for youngsters -- >> e the free stuff. right. but see, they feel like bernie is a mirror of themselves, right? he is enraged at the establishment, he's cynical, he wants a revolution, he's emotional. they connect with that. they see bernie as a mirror of themselves, and that's why they're drawn to him not just because the guys are there. that's what gloria steinem said -- >> she did reracket that and apologized for it. >> it was in her head. she was thinking it, right? >> who do you support? >> i tend to support people on the republican side. >> do you have a candidate yet? >> no, i don't. i'm holding out because i want to remain at neutral as possible. it's still early in the game -- stuart: could you go for trump
11:41 am
after what he said about women? >> you know, it's not just about what he said about women, it's about leadership. it's about -- stuart: so the answer is, no. >> no, and just because i think you need to be, you need to have something that you're accountable to that's greater than yourself, and i think donald trump thinks he's a law unto himself. we have a constitution in this country and a jewish die yea -- judeo-christian -- >> trump's out. [laughter] stuart: thanks so much. >> thank you so much. stuart: always a pleasure. the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. according to one source, the fbi is looking for inform plants to inform on hillary. is anybody going to flip? we'll deal with it. and we're still watching that market. big selloff today, we're on it.
11:42 am
11:43 am
♪ ♪ >> i'm nicole petallides. stock market right now, all down arrows. the dow down 315 points. had been down 350 points, had been down about 390, so we're down 2% across the board. the worst of the bunch is the nasdaq, lowest point since 2014. all ten sectors are lower, energy the worst of the bunch led by oil, financials in particular. a slew of the names are actually at 52-week lows. here are some examples, morgan stanley, also bank of america, all of these names at 52-week lows, many of those names down 5
11:44 am
and 6%. chipotle closed for four hours, they got the all clear from the cdc, stock down 3% but closed four hours to press the employees -- prep the employees from the farm to the fork. also gold, that has been a safe haven, stocks doing well. start your day at five a.m. we'll see you there.
11:45 am
stuart: almost a low for the day, down 371 points. the dow industrials.
11:46 am
we must look at chesapeake for a second. obviously, it's an energy stock. it was open, then it closed, then it opened again. going to bankruptcy lawyers, now it's open again because it says it's not going -- >> yeah, that's right. it's going back and forth. the circuit breaker gets tripped because of the volatility. now it's down 22%. >> that was a stock and a half to buy at $1.50. rapid profit. how about chipotle? look at that stock, please. they're closing all their restaurants across the country until 3 p.m. local time so they can hold workshops about food safety. we have adam shapiro at a chipotle. what's going on? what are they discussing, adam? >> reporter: well, they're going to be talking about food safety and the steps they've taken since the e. coli outbreaks made people sick across the country. now, you pointed out that the cdc had cleared chipotle, but they never found the source of the original contamination case.
11:47 am
so here's where we stand right now. at about noon steve ells, the founder and co-chair, ceo of chipotle, will be addressing his 50,000 employees nationwide. they're going to be in 400 different locations about the new health safety precautions they're taking. things like testing the food before it's distributed, dna testing. that stock price, as you said, stuart, has gone from a high of $758 down to today to about $400 and change. but its low was roughly $339 -- $399. up about 12%. i know jo ling kent will be first in line when they reopen at 3 p.m. buying lunch for everybody. stuart: we'll see about that, adam. >> is that a challenge? i say, yes, we'll all go down together. [laughter] stuart: all right, everybody, let's move on. three of hillary clinton's top advisers are preparing for fbi interviews regarding the e-mail scandal. our next guest, ed klein, says
11:48 am
the fbi hopes one of them is going to blab to save their own skin. here is the author of "unlikable," and that would be ed klein. so the fbi, you know for a fact, is heavily questioning jake sullivan, cheryl mills and huma abedin? >> yes. they are. i've changed my mind entirely about what i think is going to happen. stuart: tell me. >> over the weekend i thought one of them would flip for sure. they've got kids, they're looking at 2-8 years in the slammer. i've been thinking about this. at this level it's no longer just politics, it's almost like a religious belief in hillary clinton among these three. and i think like scooter libby who went to prison rather than blab on dick cheney, i think these people would throw themselves under the bus before they wouldturn evidence ens hillary. stuart: that's assuming that there is evidence against hillary. >> i don't think there's any question.
11:49 am
you know, we have now, what, 1400 confidential e-mails that passed through her server? 22 of which are so sensitive that even the inspector general can't read them because he's not cleared? you don't have to prove intent in order to be indicted. gross negligence is enough for an indictment. stuart: the bottom line here is you don't think they flip. you think that they hold their silence -- >> i think so. stuart: -- can fight it out, tough it out in court if need be and maybe be charged along the hillary -- there maybe. stuart: they take the fall, do you think? >> and then what does the president do? what choice does he have? bernie sanders is not going to to be elected president of the united states. he's got to put his push behind hillary, and these three could be pardoned, they could be commuted all before any of this happens. in order to protect hillary. stuart: when the president
11:50 am
leaves office when he's no longer -- in january of next year, it's at that point right before he leaves that he can, in fact, pardon people for any reason at any time, any person. >> absolutely, yeah. and he can commute the sentence even before the sentence is given. stuart: it's getting serious. ed klein, thank you very much, indeed. good information, we appreciate it. >> thank you. stuart: an unarmed man shot and killed by police in san antonio, texas. so one newspaper says it's going to publish the home addresses of all the local cops. what? the judge on that in just a moment. ♪
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ stuart: not sure i can get my arms around this one. a newspaper in san antonio, texas, threatening to publish the names and addresses of all local police officers. there had been a shooting in which a black man was killed. the newspaper says here's all the addresses, here's all the names. they haven't done it yet, but they're threatening. judge napolitano is here. outrageous, isn't it? >> you know, it's politically outrageous, morally outrageous, i'm not so sure it's unlawful. it clearly is not unlawful to publish the names of police officers. that's public information, it appears in a public venue. and their addresses might appear in a public venue at all, and
11:55 am
it's not wrong to republish something that's already out there. the law says the publication of truthful but private facts in which the public has no legitimate interest can give rise to a cause of action. so stuart varney did such and such on saturday evening at dinner. it may be truthful, but the public has no real interest in it, and it may be embarrassing to you. in this hypothetical, you'd have a cause of action against whoever published it. but police are, by law, public figures. meaning, it's a very high bar they have to meet before they can bring an action against someone who says something about them. stuart: okay, go further. they publish the names and addresses, something happens -- >> they're harmed. stuart: at that point? -- >> that's why i said morally and politically this is outrageous, but it might be -- i say might. i could find no precedent for this.
11:56 am
it might be protected speech on the part of the publisher. the publisher seems to be a loon. she's comparing the police to ku klux klan who hide behind a robe. i mean, it's an outrageous comparison. stuart: but if harm were done to a police officer because his home address had been published by this newspaper, that newspaper gets taken to the cleaners, does it not no? really? >> not if the speech -- stuart: you caused this to happen. >> your argument is a normal, rational argument. but the law -- [laughter] is not always normal or rational, as we know. because of the extreme bias in your and my america for freedom of speech. >> but isn't that like yelling fire in a theater? >> not if this information is already public. certainly the existence of johnny jones as a cop can't be secret. where johnny lives, i don't think it's secret east. stuart: hold it. five seconds to a break which we
11:57 am
have to take. more "varney" after this. [laughter] it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam.
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♪ ♪ for your retirement, you want to celebrate the little things, because they're big to you. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade®.
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♪ ♪ >> the president has a conflict of interest, and the conflict of interest is he is involved in some of those top secret e-mails back and forth to mrs. clinton with her clinton e-mail address on there. stuart: the bottom line is still if the fbi recommends indictment and they don't indict -- >> you will see, right, you will see an uproar. stuart: i think you'd call it that, indeed. judge napolitano. he appears twice on our three-hour show every day, a valued contributor. right now the dow industrials are down over 300 points. this is a big name tech selloff, bigtime. it was bad last friday, it's even worse today. those tech stocks are coming down. gold is up. >> treasury yields are down. it's a flight to safety. stuart: who would have thought
12:00 pm
that the ten-year treasury would be at 1.75%. >> tells you everything. stuart: it sure does. we're all done. neil cavuto, take it, please. neil: all right, stuart, thank you very much. in a little more than 24 hours, the first votes of the primary season will be underway, and americans will decide who on the democratic and republican side they want to lead this country. it is anyone's guess what's going to happen longer term, but the betting seems to be that these markets of late might become a bigger issue than you'd think with the dow down 329 points, about a 2% fall, we are in and out of bear market territory for a lot of broader market averages that are taking it on the chin. take a look at that ten-year treasury note. at 1.75%, it's the lowest it's been in more than a year. global interest rates are crashing. in germany, they've never been lower since they've been recording them since 1990. so, again, you have this global


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