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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  February 8, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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that the ten-year treasury would be at 1.75%. >> tells you everything. stuart: it sure does. we're all done. neil cavuto, take it, please. neil: all right, stuart, thank you very much. in a little more than 24 hours, the first votes of the primary season will be underway, and americans will decide who on the democratic and republican side they want to lead this country. it is anyone's guess what's going to happen longer term, but the betting seems to be that these markets of late might become a bigger issue than you'd think with the dow down 329 points, about a 2% fall, we are in and out of bear market territory for a lot of broader market averages that are taking it on the chin. take a look at that ten-year treasury note. at 1.75%, it's the lowest it's been in more than a year. global interest rates are crashing. in germany, they've never been lower since they've been recording them since 1990. so, again, you have this global deflationary fear, and of all of
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this if you're hillary clinton or, for that matter, bernie sanders and you want to keep a democrat in the white house, you've got to wonder whether you're facing serious headwinds rather than what had been the wind at your back. connell mcshane going through what's going on and how far this goes. >> reporter: hey there, neil. yeah, it is one of those days where we see the extreme flight to safety because investors look at anything associated with risk, and they sell it. we've had days like this over the last few weeks, last few months with the fears about china and oil and the slow oring global economy out there. yes, technology is taking it on the chin. yes, energy is having a tough day. but we really want to highlight the selloff in the financial sector. groups of stocks, the footballs are get -- financials are getting hit the worst. e-trade on the new lows list. 90 financial stocks in the s&p 500, 90 out of 500, 22 at last
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check were hitting new lows to the. e-trade, morgan stanley, bank of america, citigroup, well known names. all down multiple percent whether it's 4, 5 or 6% going from the bottom of the screen to the the top and all hitting at least one-year lows. crude oil at $30 and down another 2% today, certainly part of this, neil, because not only are people looking at these financial stocks and saying, boy, their margins might get hurt if there's no rate hike -- and that is something people are saying -- but there's still concerns about the exposure some of these bankings have to debt that is related to the energy companies. and with oil where it is and the concern about those companies still out there, there's still a lot of concern about that debt. neil: thank you very much, connell. china has been a front and center issue for donald trump in this campaign and others at sort of the behest of china. china is hardly firing on all cylinders, its overall reserves -- in other words, how
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much money it has on hand -- fell $100 billion. so it's down to its last $3.25 trillion. it hasn't been that low since 2012, and a lot of people are reading into that the fact if china is contracting and rates are going lower in europe, we could be in the midst of a global slowdown, something my buddy charles payne has been telegraphing for some time. charles, we always hesitate to assign too much value in one day's markets. but i imagine for these candidates on the stump today this becomes a bigger theme. what do you think's going on? >> your absolutely right -- you're absolutely right, neil. we understand why energy stocks would be down, but to your point earlier in the conversation, you and connell had with financials being down, we remember what was at the crux of the financial meltdown, it was the financials falling apart and ultimately having to be bailed out. anytime we start to see those names -- and, by the way, for the year the financials are down 12%.
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energy is down only 7%. we always talk about the crash in crude. that's been the real area that you've got to be afraid of. that's the red flag. a yellow flag for me, consumer discretionary stocks. cheap oil, higher wages, people not going out to spend no matter what your economic policy is if people don't buy into it, if they don't participate, it's not going to work. that's something of a yellow flag. broadening it out, europe has come back into the equation. germany, their market's at multiyear lows, down 27% from highs it just reached last year. the greek ten-year yield. remember greece? they're back in the conversation as well. their yield is over ten, our yield is almost, you know, 1.5, 1.7, to your point. so we've got something above a flight to safety to u.s. treasuries from money all the around the world, and the big thing is we've got these question marks, unanswered question marks, and they're fielding on themselves. neil: you know, charles, we also talk about how markets can telegraph problems or miss them entirely. you know, when you hear the democratic candidates especially
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on the stump, particularly hillary clinton and even the president's comments after the employment report last friday, the underpinnings of the economy are sound, jobs are increasing, we've seen the unemployment rate cut in half under his shoe wardship, so they go back to the fact that things are a lot better than they were. i think statistically they're accurate to say that. the fear seems to be that things could be unraveling. is there anything here that hints of unraveling to you? >> absolutely. all of the things i just talked about and the point that you made coming on, big question mark has been a global deflation, you know, a sort of a death spiral, if you will, the perfect storm, everything going down at the same time, a lack of confidence. it feeds on itself, neil. we're showing stocks on the screen right now that last week paypal had a good earnings report, the stock should be up, not getting hammered 8% today. we're seeing nxpi, stock was up last week on great news, by the way. these aren't stocks or companies that have had bad news, but
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everything is falling apart, and we know what happens because we saw that just six or seven years ago. but having said that, there's also the other component, and that's leadership or the lack thereof. what can pull us out of the doldrums? yeah, i know the president gave lip service, and he's great at painting a rosy picture. of course, anything looks better than the throes of the meltdown, which he inherited, but i don't know that we need to certainly say it's this or what we saw in january of 2009. there are some other alternatives to where the american economy can be, and i think a lot of people know that, and that's what's worrisome. neil: thank you very much. you'll be exploring this in much greater detail about six hours from now on his fine show. all right. we could be facing serious market headwinds here. former bush chief of staff karl rove with wuss right now. we always know the economy will decide elections. we always know as the president was trying to say that for democrats he thinks the trend has been their friend, that the
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numbers are decidedly better than when he came in, but we always remember the latest thing we're seeing. if this is portending bigger problems down the road, karl, how do democrats and republicans play that? >> well, i think president obama in his statement reacting to the jobs report on friday got it absolutely, totally, right on target wrong. you don't go out there in the midst of the economic anxiety that is around this country and say everything is hunky dory. you saw this also with hillary clinton in the debate where she was basically trying to say, look, wave got more to do -- we've got more to do, but look how good things are. we've gone through an anemic recovery. we have a million and a half more people working part time for economic reasons because they can't find full-time work than we had when we went into the recession, and we've got nearly 12 million fewer people in manufacturing jobs than when we end went into -- went into the recession and the lowest participation work force rate
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meaning literally over ten million people have become of age to enter the work force but have not gone out to seek a job because there aren't any there. the president can say all he likes, but when you get 40% of the american people say we're in recession and his approval rating on the economy is in the 40s, that's bad news to try and sell that everything is hunky dory. and the latest market news is going to only add to the difficulties the democrats have. neil: you're a pretty good historian, and you're also pretty good at looking at markets in history. oftentimes when they go into a selloff or enter a correction, a lot of times they do enter bear market. in other words, a market where they're 20% or more from their highs. the nasdaq is very close to that right now. the dow is still a ways but not all that far, and this flushing-out period is something that might be good for the markets to go through. not good for americans, and that sticks with them for a while. they get leery, they get anxious, and it sticks with them a while. what is the stick effect of this
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and people who were coaxed back into the markets who are now saying, wait a minute? >> yeah. look, it is going to cause people to say, you know, i'm insecure, and i'm uncertain. what is my confidence, it's been diminished. to so even if the markets recover, and i hear you about the necessity of getting the market, the price of these stocks back in line with their earnings per share -- neil: right. >> but in reality this will be here through the election, in my opinion. there'll come some point this summer where people's attitudes about the economy are going to be difficult to change in, say, august, september and october. neil: but isn't timing everything, karl? in other words, for your old boss it was all going kablooey in the early fall. >> yeah. neil: late summer. this is happening now in the winter. so there is time to recover. but we know from market downdrafts that the memory doesn't fade right away. >> yeah. look, you're focused on the here
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and now of a 300-point drop today and a bad month behind us. i'm focused on a slightly broader frame which is the last four or five years where we've been told things are getting better, and people are not feeling it in their lives. if you had to pick out one number and one number only, it would be we are in an economic recovery where there has been no consistent, durable improvement in household income. in fact, we've seen the first decline in household income during a recovery. neil: real household, real household income adjusted for inflation, you're absolutely right. >> right. so it's going to take a long time before people say, you know what? i really am better. and i think, frankly, they've run out of air speed and altitude to get this thing done before november of 2016, particularly with the market acting as it is today. neil: karl rove, thank you very, very much. again, looking at these averages, we're not saying one day, a trend does make, or even dismissing it out of hand. we are stepping back and looking how far these market averages
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have fallen from their highs. the dow about 14%, the s&p about 14%, the nasdaq in and out of 19 president, now close to 20% which would indicate a correction and then into a bear market. but when you look at the transports and you look at broader stocks like the russell 2000, they are well in to bear market territory. while do we say that as we report to you from manchester, new hampshire? this has suddenly become a big campaign issue, because it gets to the heart of whether financially we're doing okay or whether these kind of gyrations are a sign of worrisome things to come. we'll know tomorrow when new hampshire voters take to the polls. we will be covering that in great detail on this fine network. 7:55 p.m., our coverage begins, and time and again people have come up to me and said, neil, what is the deal with starting at 7:55? well, we just wanted to. we just thought it was a neat figure, a neat number, and we thought we'd get on it and pounce on it immediately for you.
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neil: all right. in this very cold state, and they're expecting a lot of snow here. i don't know how much snow, but, you know, john kasich, the governor of ohio, doesn't seem to care. the other day we caught him in a snowball fight with staff. he seems to be having a good time campaigning. it is cold, the days are long, and he's always smile, always in a good mood which immediately makes me suspicious. the governor joins me right now. [laughter] very good to have you, sir, how are you? >> it's great, neil. it's snowing like crazy. our people are knocking on
12:16 pm
doors, and the more it snows, the more our volunteers work, so that's what it's really about. we're doing great. and my wife's here. what is there not to smile about? neil: absolutely. there you go. depending on the poll, governor, you have good reason to smile. i know as you often remind me, the only one that counts is the one on -- well, tomorrow. but many a lot of polls and even some surveys post the debate where you performed very, very well, you've kind of got the wind at your back and people seem to be, again, seem to be coalescing around you. a lot of it seems to be you're the biggest beneficiary of sort of the good governors' night. what do you make of that? >> well, neil, i think the debate obviously helps, it's important. but as i've been telling you all along, it's really the town halls of which i'm about to do my 105th, believe it or not. neil: wow. >> and at the same time, this ground game. i mean, we have -- can we had
12:17 pm
people today that drove in from atlanta, people that drove in from virginia, we've got, like, 400 that came from ohio, and we've got, you know, 4 or 500 volunteers in new hampshire. they're sense ago movement, neil. they're sensing positive, they're sensing that this is a guy that can unify, they're sensing this is a guy who is a conservative, and they don't like all the negative stuff. i'm being pounded again today. i mean, as arnold told me, though, in 2010 when he campaigned for me, love the beatings, john, love them. and so we absorb -- neil: did he use, did he use that accent? he did use that accent. >> i thought that was a really good accent, neil. i'd like to do yours, but it would sound like arnold too. [laughter] neil: well, you know, you mentioned in all seriousness the higher up you go, all of a sudden you do become a target. marco rubio discovered that at the debate, ted cruz in the prior debate. but this is already, your surge, has prompted comments from guys
12:18 pm
i guess you thought were friends. this is an ad jeb bush is running on you, governor. take a look. >> the budget grew 13.6% in 2014. >> 1.3 million jobs, eight balanced budgets, that is a conservative record. >> i did cut taxes every year. when i left, there were $9 billion in reserves. >> i know we can fix this. because i've done it. [cheers and applause] neil: there's no comparison, the ad splashes across the screen. what do you think? >> well, look, they've spent so much money, i don't even know, maybe, what, 40, 50 million, and the biggest chunk of it is negative. look, i'm disappointed that they've decided to take the low road to the highest office in the land, but i'm not going down the rabbit hole. we have been positive through this, we're going to continue to be positive, telling people that we can fix america, that i have national security experience which is unique, more than anybody.
12:19 pm
we've been able to balance federal budgets, you know, do great in creating an environment for job creation in ohio. neil, i'm not worried about them, it's just disappointing that people have to go negative. i just wish they'd take all their negative stuff and off and tell people what they're for. maybe that doesn't work for them, but it works for me. neil: do you think chris christie went negative on marco rubio too far? you and he and even governor bush by extends were beneficiaries of that attack, but what do you make of that? >> no, i'm not going to comment on the debate. the only thing i can say about the debate is i think i had one of the best ones because people got to see a little bit more of my personality. i don't like the debates. i think it is a very poor way to pick a president. what we -- neil: wait, wait, wait, wait a minute. you're not applying that to fox business debates, right? i mean, you draw a distinction -- >> well, yours is, you know, it's marginally better. [laughter] in all seriousness --
12:20 pm
neil: this could be a very difficult interview, governor. that's your call, but continue. >> listen, neil, here's what i'm trying to say. you know, in the debates you get 30, 60 seconds, and we had 90 seconds -- and you guys did do a great job. but it can't really show who you are effectively in those, and that's the thing that's harold. that's why i rely so much on town halls. you know what i'm saying. look how much fun we're having here? in the debates, look, you've got to do them, you've got to do them well, and i'm pleased with how they've been going. i'm just saying i wish it was a more expansive opportunity for people to not only know your head, but also your heart. neil: well, you get a sense of that and, obviously, you comported yourself very well in this debate as frustrating as the process might be. >> yeah. neil: what might have changed post that debate, governor, is it doesn't have to be a one-two-three night, that you could have four or five candidates bunched up together, and they could carry on to south carolina.
12:21 pm
do you feel that even if you weren't in the top three, you'd be okay? or are you confident you will be in the top three? >> oh, no, we're going to do very well, neil. neil: what's very well? >> we have all the momentum. at the top. i mean, we're going to be -- look, we'll let you know on the 10th. neil: one two or three? >> neil, you know what? i'm not going into the box now, okay? i'm on, like, the 16th, 17th hole of a golf tournament. [laughter] i don't look at the leaderboard. i finish the 18th hole, i go into the clubhouse, and usually i do well enough to win. so what i would say to you is that it's been incredible here. the experiences have not just been about policy, but there have been a lot of experiences about the heart. and i told you that the last time we did the interview. and by the way, let everybody know, i love to be with neil cavuto. he brings out some of the best in me, and i love to talk to him. and you can only give answers
12:22 pm
based on the kinds of questions you get. but neil, it's been at times emotional here. i'm leaving nothing on the field. but our insurance policy be for tomorrow night are our great volunteers, our great workers who have just gone -- i mean, i'm humbleed by it, and sometimes i don't understand it. maybe they sense some hope, some idealism for the fact that we can come together, that we've been positive, that we have some fun. we laugh together, we cry together, it's been really -- neil: i'll tell you -- >> my wife's here, you know? neil: they're rabidly loyal to you. this is not meant to be a slap, governor, those who want to coalesce around you say, you know, he isn't smooth, he isn't, like, a great talker, but he speaks from the gut. this is a compliment. i think they're relaying a compliment, but that they sense and the party wants to find or is seeking a candidate who can
12:23 pm
bridge that gap between the too smooth for words and too argumentative for patience and that you are that sweet spot candidate. that's how they frame it. how do you answer that? >> yeah. you know, i think there's a lot of truth there. neil, you know, in the beginning of the campaign the reporters were saying, well, he's not scripted, therefore, he doesn't have discipline. and now today they're saying it's so interesting to see you unscripted. frankly, i script myself, you know, in my mind when i -- you know, i kind of know what i want to do, and every once in a while i can fall off the high wire because i operate without a net. but that's okay, we're only talking politics here, and life is short. life is but a brent. so i speak, you know, it's a matter of sensing things and trying to tell the stories that can accentuate what your overall message is. look, it has been great. it has been great out there, and nothing's going to change. and when we go forward, neil, even with thousands in an auditorium, we're going to figure out how to do these types
12:24 pm
of town halls, questions and answers so people can see my head and my heart. so thanks, neil, for the time. neil: all right. always a pleasure, governor. we'll see what happens tomorrow. we'll have a much better idea. john kasich of the tine be state of -- fine state of ohio. not so fine state for the markets. we are in a serious downdraft and the s&p 500, looking at a tumbling dow, its lowest level in almost two years. stick around. so what else is new? how's your mother? umm..she's doing good. she needs more care though. she wants to stay in her house.
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neil: governor john k 6. another that is supposed to be better. leading that effect on marco rubio. you want us in the benefit of that. the three governors that finally had a good night with themselves.
12:28 pm
this young lady probably has a fairly good idea. rebecca, good to have you with us. >> i did. neil: what do you make of that kristi at tackle marco rubio? it spread the wealth around. >> absolutely. chris christie is the one with the blood on his hands. the others were able to look like the nice guys. neil:, under kristi comes out as the bad guy? >> maybe not as much in new hampshire. a little glimpse here. he is kind of a bully. that is what critics have said. talking to marco rubio that way. neil: such an incredible job. classic prosecutor. he is going to do okay here.
12:29 pm
not enough. you leave 12 or three. the difference when you hear the experts say. you could have a bunch of people tied together. five or six of them going to south carolina. >> also, the order that they finish in. a governor, jeb bush finishing ahead of untrimmed, he would have a very good case. >> donald trump's primary to lose at this point. >> absolutely. it was not an accurate for dick there. neil: eight years ago. barack obama winning this state. they are all wrong. >> a lot of these polls have not been using voter files. they have been calling new
12:30 pm
hampshire potential voters. indicating whether someone will show up here and. >> who is that magnifying? >> a lot of his voters are new. putting in a past few elections. >> hillary clinton. the dow struggling. market stumbling. for hillary clinton. you represent the control of the white house. >> it did, absolutely. given their debate last week. baby establishment is a problem and both parties. >> ernie sanders on an sl. >> he did a great job, i thought. >> hillary clinton. she had a nice turnout.
12:31 pm
usually they tend to be pretty nice. >> it is usually a lot of fun. >> i do not know if michael ever popped up. is coming up next.ou neehi ♪ ran that company. i get it. but you know i think you own too much. gotta manage your risk. and you've gotta switch to decaf. an honest opinion, even if you disagree. with 13,000 financial advisors, it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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energy, telecom. all under pressure. here are some of the stocks that are the worst of the bunch. sales, earnings that are weak quarter after quarter. using this term earnings recession. two quarters in a row. here are some of the names that were hit hard this year. linkedin down 50%. amazon down more than 20%. energy. you still have that correlation between oil. chesapeake has became counsel for restructuring. you can see william company down 26. as we toss it back to you, neil,
12:36 pm
so many names with new lows. it is just this jittery feeling on wall street. waiting on janet yellen the next couple of days. also, confidence in central banks around the world. you have the oil story. put it all together. >> thank you very much. the call petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. do you think that these markets played a role in election year. trying to win your way to the white house. they are going up. it tends to help the party. 1988 democratic candidate for president of the united states. governor, it is a pleasure to have you. the morning. >> i am going to be fine.
12:37 pm
it is a great place to be. >> you did that deliver elite. you said that it was 85 degrees. >> it is a little warm walking over here, actually. >> it is our 21st out here in east l.a. we are back again. spending a lot of time with some very good students. neil: good for you. thank you for reminding us how nice the weather is there. covering you during that time. one thing i remember you were up against is obviously a looming recovery. somewhere you are beginning to run a little out of scene. even though you came out with a good convention, you were facing those macro issues.
12:38 pm
thinking that hillary clinton was just the opposite. potentially a market tanking or in a economy slowing at the very least. they are. you see the stock market. i think the fundamental we are seeing now look pretty good. we are rapidly approaching full employment. i think it will continue. i think it is a lot more important to people to what is happening with the stock market. >> they know the jobs have increased. they do not like the quality of jobs. very terrible times. their kids prospects. it is unusual that this stage of recovery is such a ramp it feeling. >> it takes a while. i experienced this back in the 70s.
12:39 pm
we are in a terrible recession. massachusetts had the second. they were calling us the new appellation. 5% unemployment. the state doing a lot better. i felt pretty good. then i got beat in my own primary. what happens. it takes a while for people to start realizing that it is better. >> there is a time delay with that. i was speaking with harel world. there can be a delay with however that feels. one day, they are well off their highs. sometimes, often times down the road. for hillary clinton, that makes i -- that may sink in.
12:40 pm
>> just the other day, we finally started getting reports. by surprise, approaching full employment. will people feel that? it is an issue. >> did you ever, you appear on snl. >> it was only love it who played me. he said it was the best thing. you always say, hey, governor, we like to have you on. that is a wonderful question. how could i be losing that? neil: --
12:41 pm
>> it is funny. >> you have a very good sense of humor. having said all of that, what do you make of the phenomenon that has become bernie sanders. a lot of people saying maybe he is considered almost the third senator. he could build this into a pit. maybe even get the nomination. what is going on? >> i am skeptical of that. if he does not win new hampshire, he is gone. the same is true of anybody. romney or sanders for that matter. neil: you had a ground game. you went on to easily win the nomination. the question with him is whether he is alive and one very popular
12:42 pm
on these parts. that cannot be the case in the south. that cannot be the case as he moves into board typical demographics. do you buy that? >> yes, i buy that. nobody looks in this business. you tell me what is happening. i always thought rubio was likely to be the consensus candidate until the other night. >> you strike me as a trump supporter. >> who, me? the guy is kind of a clown. i always thought he was kind of a wizard of oz figure. i thought iowa was the beginning. we will see.
12:43 pm
we will see. best to your family. >> thank you, neil. neil: gold stocks. they are doing okay. people generally do that when they get nervous. it is a luster of gold that is doing okay. more after this. ♪
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♪ >> it is 20 degrees here. trish regan. just put me away here. she was born in this fine state. >> you've got to ski.
12:47 pm
you have to. [laughter] neil: you know this state. you were born in new hampshire. >> you are right. i was. i really know this state. here we go. that happened right around the corner from where we are now. when i won the crown. for the next year, spent a lot of time traveling all over this state. talking to people. i was about 19. it was a while ago. i can see it. i can totally see it. [laughter] that is a big honor. >> they care a lot about politics. they do.
12:48 pm
every four years you get to be the big star. people love it. neil: they always say one thing and they do another. >> they are trying to make up their minds. i can remember as a little kid there was a candidate running for president. i went out with my little tape recorder. i tape-recorded his whole speech. i went in the next day and i played. i did not know the sound for the kids. you know, it was walter mondale. you grow up around it. it is something that culturally, very much a part. >> 1984. >> you were a little kid in 1984. >> you always make me feel so good and so young.
12:49 pm
>> you did not see that one coming. >> i always think you need ones that talk about all the pollsters. all the ones thinking barack obama would win. >> they are wrong. hillary clinton. there was that time in the diner where she broke down. sure enough, she came out and won it. anything can really happen. we will see what happens tomorrow for sure. there is a secret. neil: i wish i did. when we come back, trish will be joining me. we have special coverage tomorrow night. you never know in this state. the intelligence report coming up.
12:50 pm
one hour and 10 minutes from now. a selloff in the market. there is a beneficiary here. interest rates are low. really, really low. in germany, they had all time lows. it means cheaper mortgages for you. you can look at the bad side. that, my friends is a half full glass. we will have more after this. ♪
12:51 pm
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12:54 pm
neil: indeed. 7:55 p.m. tomorrow. they are optimistic. they are confident that they will be able to call a winner early in the evening. the pond and prediction even closer to expectations. just to make sure that all the i's are dotted and t's are crossed. a real rigorous world. he has zero communication skills. special interest money on a
12:55 pm
super bowl ad. on and on and on. political reporter on that. closing the deal. >> how does this look for mister trump here? i think that some people may be overreacting a little too much. >> he had a pretty good debate. >> i think that he did. i think some people forget that he came in second place in iowa. >> that is a very good point. >> a very religious evangelical state. >> some people around the country. the iowa caucuses. i would either wonder if people would say marco rubio. neil: a great deal of momentum. others say, you know, maybe not everyone wants it.
12:56 pm
maybe we are over analyzing. >> i think the other questions. i am not so sure about that. he was running victory laps. stuart: you do not think that he will benefit from that? >> i am not sure. maybe he is actually helping donald trump. people that were thinking about maybe going for rubio. i am not so sure. >> case that gore bush. >> he may very well have helped himself. rubio has definitely been damaged. i am not so sure exactly with hillary. i do think in the republican race. maybe a little bit rallied. something we actually kind of care about.
12:57 pm
>> that is true. they are huge. we have a lot more. where that money is going. whether they could be pretending anything. we are on it. after this. ♪
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
>> all right. oil prices are sliding awayment you know they go down and stocks go down and stocks are tanking. scott shellady sees this better than anyone i know. the question i guess is how long this goes on, what do you think? >> well, slowly, but surely, we're starting to see maybe stocks take a little bit of a lead here. and down 350 points, the dow, i would have thought that oil would have been down a lot more. which is telling me that we're kind of exhausting the sellers in that oil market. we've already got a ton of bad news there. what is your risk reward? i think we stay between $25, $40 for quite some time. we could see some sort of
1:01 pm
policy issue out of the middle east, that drives it up to 40 quick. we're not going far, because we've got so much supply. it's hard to get shorted because you're not going to make a ton of money and the risk is, if somebody comes over on the state that hurts you. i see us decoupling a little from stocks here. >> another worry that some people have raised with oil is that it's a deflationary trend that we see interest rates slip sliding away. germany, the lowest on record, at least recorded record and a lot of folks are saying, hey, you know, this doesn't have a good feel to it. what do you think? >> you know what? it's extremely alarming and i don't think we're not go giving it enough air time. i haven't heard anyone talk about the 10-year yield. 1.75%. all that yield has done since december the 16th when we raised interest rates and looking to raise another three or four times this year is go straight down. that's telling me the world is worried about deflation.
1:02 pm
it's worried about recession and instead of getting a return on your investment, they want just the return of investment because as we know in japan and europe, you're not getting a return of your investment. there's negative interest rates there already so that's very alarming. neil: you know, behind me, you know, they're the best to keep the economy going and the recovery going, if you're arguing it's a recovery at all. the one tonic you hear out of republicans, is that tax cuts are the great elixir, they'll give the economy is goose. will the economy respond one way or another to that kind of stimulus? >> absolutely. i think the markets are worried that we've got another year full of nothing happening because we've pretty much exhausted ourselves on a monetary side of things. but monetary policy is done and dusted and can't help us any more. the only thing that will help us is a fiscal policy. what is going to change fiscally in the middle of an election year. we're going to look for any hope of any change right now,
1:03 pm
more of the same and the markets are telling you that. neil: thank you very much, my friend. scott shellady joining us at the cme. and gary, telegraphing a struggle and we're not quite at the capitulation stage, but we're at a stage where a lot of investors, especially new investors throw up their arms. now, what do you recommend to your clients in this environment? >> well, look, i put out a report this weekend called the realization phase where people are now starting to realize that this is some big trouble and it's not just a correction in a bull. it's a bear market and they're slaughtering some things today. look, i've been in cash for a while. we saw this coming and we're just riding it out. the only thing i'm looking at is to short the rallies on the markets and looking at it as the fear trade as gold and gold stocks.
1:04 pm
i think we're going to the 14 on the dow and this is acting uglier than i even thought and i think that everybody needs to be careful. you know, i'm always wondering how politicians play this out. i know you want a -- to avoid this discussion. there are two tonics, on the democratic side spending more and hoping to goose this out. republicans say we need more tax cuts. neither party, if you think about it, gary, addressing underlying problem which is our bloating debt and the fact that all of these big government programs are growing exponentially and neither party is talking about reining them in. >> the las debate, they mentioned debt and deficit ones. and it's not just us. china's debt has skyrocketed in the last few years, as well as japan, as well as europe and it's a major head wind for the
1:05 pm
economy and i think that's causing a lot of deflation here, unfortunately, on the debt side. all they want is more and more because that's who they are and as far as the republican side, i want to hear it getting louder and louder, the only way to fix this, you've got to control washington d.c. they've doubled spending in the last 16 years, that's crowding out everything in the private sector. once government starts getting bigger than the actual economy, trouble ensues and i think you're seeing some of that. not to mention what the central banks have done as far as asset bubbles. neil: all right, gary, thank you very, very much. all right, there's still so much we're following here in new hampshire. awaiting bernie sanders. bill clinton is nearby here in manchester. of course, he let her rip when it came to bernie sanders, with the comments he made on with the phenomena that was barack obama, that was a myth and he wondered on bernie sanders, whether it could be for real. so bill unhinged and crowds, at
1:06 pm
least those when it comes to bernie sanders who might be drawn to the clintons, unmoved. stick around. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people. [so i use quickbooks and run mye entire business from the cloud. i keep an eye on sales and expenses from anywhere. even down here in the dark i can still see we're having a great month. and celebrate accordingly. i run on quickbooks.that's how i own it.
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>> all right, continuing from manchester, new hampshire, where continuing to get dagger looks from my fine crew here. you should have heard their reaction. i said why don't we do the show outside? nothing, nothing. are you over the anger, allison? >> getting that. neil: getting there, all right. welcome back, everybody, we are monitoring what's going to be snow even going into election day tomorrow. now, whether that does affect turnout, anyone's guest. you know, when it's tough conditions, only the most rabid, loyal supporters will turn out.
1:10 pm
who are those rabid, loyal supporters, the type who would walk to a blizzard to get to the polls. too early to tell. we do know in the case of ronald reagan in 1980 it was ronald reagan supporters who had been jarred after their candidate was stunned. art laffer on that phenomena, bernie sanders i attracted the crowd and i'm wondering whether he benefits because his supporters, whether you have bad weather or not, are just rabid and loyal and get out there. >> what do you think? >> you and i did the show outside in charlston in the rain and all that. >> indeed we do. >> congratulations, i'm glad i'm not with you outside now. >> you should talk to the young people, they don't know what you and i went through. >> for sure. i think that bernie sanders and donald trump, ted cruz, benefit dramatically from this type of economy, type of situation, their supporters are very enthusiastic.
1:11 pm
that's exactly what was true in 1980. you had the left and the right out there radically going on and we won, they didn't, and we had a great period following and i think the same thing is going to happen now, you know, bernie sanders-- >> but we've got to remember back in 1980 after iowa, which ronald reagan surprisingly lost, there was a feeling that maybe the gipper was staggering and george bush, sr. who was surging. he obviously regrouped and there was the famous microphone moment and the rest is history. it's hard to say ahead of time what happens. do you think there's a possibility, we've been so focused on hillary clinton being the automatic nominee we never entertained the possibility that she's not and that it doesn't go to an outside player like a joe biden or recruit someone else, that it goes to bernie sanders? >> just on a personal level i feel very, very sorry against hillary, everything is going
1:12 pm
against her, and continues to go against her, i'd be surprised if she were the nominee. neil: really? >> i'd be surprised. she's falling back in national polls and the e-mail scandal, she seems desperate to win. neil: you don't buy the argument that she's going into friendlier territory the more typical democratic base which is her base and not bernie's base, that things change or that there's been a seminal shift here? >> i don't think that she has a base, people loyal to her forever and ever. i think she's part after campaign process, people dhaeng their minds if they see the momentum going against hillary, i think they'll change their change their views on hillary clinton or and i don't think that she has a lock on any voter. neil: what do you think of what bill clinton is doing. he's speaking live in manchester right where we are and he's been really going after bernie sanders, not quite to the degree he did in the early days, then senator barack
1:13 pm
obama saying the guy was more myth than reality and all that. but he's been going full barrel at him. >> well, that's a problem. it shows the desperation in the clinton camp. it's not attractive. it really is not attractive when you see them so desperate to win that they'll do anything to win and that's not what you want in a president. what you want in a president is cool and comfortable with himself or herself and they're able to handle tragedy and problems and all sorts of adversity and be coolheaded throughout and bill clinton is not coolheadhead he's desperate and desperate in 2008 as well. it's not becoming and signals they're not sure they will win. neil: a lot of i think so this that helped ronald reagan out, his appeal and policies. and we're facing the market, pa tanking market. >> yes, it was. neil: concerns about the environment-- i'm not asking you if you're a market sooth sayer they are,
1:14 pm
but the market, very close to the broader-based market very close to a bear market now, that that is going to weigh on hillary clinton? >> of course, it will weigh on hillary clinton, on all the democrats. i mean, they are responsible for this mess. they've done everything wrong. now, not that w didn't, too. i liked your last guest a lot saying the problem is last 16 years, and we've got to have an amnesty program, reduce the national debt. but we must address this economy and very, very soon and i think everyone out there is pretty aware and it's just like 1980, neil. it's just like 1980, the left and the right were so far apart back then. and they are now. but i think the pro growth agenda will win and i think we'll take the presidency fairly easily. neil: depends who the nominee is though, right? >> i don't think so. neil: really? >> i think the republicans are pretty much across the board. maybe surely it does, but i think all the republicans are
1:15 pm
very confident, very accomplished people in their own right and i think any one of them could do great job winning the election and put us on our feet. a couple of them are much better than the others, but i'm not going to do that today. neil: i kind of know where you're coming from. we will embarrass you on your next appearance. thank you, my friend. >> thank you, neil. neil: blake burman is at a chris christie rally in hampstead. it's interesting, blake, because he was the hatchet guy and went after with a surgical precision, full prosecutorial style after marco rubio. oddly enough, he may not be the beneficiary of that, what's the latest? >> the polls, according to the poll averages down at about 5%. the big question, will he see a bump? none of the polling has taken into account what's happened since saturday night's debate, but neil, christie had a big
1:16 pm
crowd in hampstead north of the massachusetts border. they're only expecting 50 or 60 people here, it was packed and overflow outside, waiting in the snow to get a peek of and a listen to chris christie and he went right after marco rubio, one of the first things he talked about in this town hall today and said, speaking of saturday night at the debate, either you shine or you melt. and the suggestion there, was that marco rubio melted while he shined. he said speaking of rubio, what happens hypothetically if rubio was to sit next to vladimir putin even though he might not be able to understand english, if you say one thing next after the next, you know there's a problem. that's a reference to the repetitive answer on saturday night. jeb bush has been going off rubio, said rubio hasn't had to make a tough decision to this point. for rubio, he has kind of addressed this a little bit earlier today.
1:17 pm
he is going back to his florida days, of course, a lot of people forget marco rubio was a legislative in florida longer than in the senate. here he is today. >> as i was going into the speakership, we published a book, 100 policies, and over half of those became, including curriculum reform. >> the jeb bush attacks on marco rubio and we'll see how much if any support rubio has lost or will continue to lose before election day tomorrow. back to you. neil: all right, blake burman, thank you very much. we chatted with him earlier. john kasich in ohio is in wyndham and some say he could be the beneficiary of the strike on christie against rubio. it depends on the polls and who peaks at the right moment.
1:18 pm
it's timing when you do all of this and the timing at least in the granite state is tomorrow. we've got trent lott coming up with reaction to what his candidate and that is john kasich, is going to do because he's confident that john kasich is going to do it. more from a very balmy manchester, new hampshire. and don't be followed, they love me, right, guys? the staff? more after this.
1:19 pm
1:20 pm
1:21 pm
>> even if you were to the top three or confident you'll be in the top three? >> oh, know he --
1:22 pm
oh, no, we'll do well, the momentum. >> what's doing well? >> at the top. >> it's one or two or three, but that old logic is going. it will bring you on to south carolina and then the states so this could drag on for a while. so former senate majority leader trent lott is the fourth ohio governor, and senator, always good to have you, my friend. do you think that your candidate has to be one, two or three to get specific? whether they're separated by a couple of votes or not, but he has to finish, first, second or third? >> i think he has to finish high, second or third, he's doing well, the recent polls show him young second. he talks boston and optimistic and he hasn't spent time attacking rubio or somebody else.
1:23 pm
>> you know, you mention that, trent, about him not going after attacking him. and he was the beneficiary of cs christie's attack on rubio. >> i think so, because the debate didn't help marco rubio and now running third or fourth. >> getting back to kasich, because he did in congress and ohio what he wanted to do in america. he cut taxes and led to a surplus and we need that now and he has a record's run on and won and can do here in washington. neil: you know, senator, the one rep you hear about kasich or suspicions among conservatives, he said this stuff about medicaid funding and boosting it so that he can, you know, help poor people out and eventually get them off the rolls, in the meantime, a lot are still on the rolls.
1:24 pm
you've heard that rep, argument and say in interviews when it comes to dramatic tax reform, it won't happen overnight and takes a great deal of time. that's not what conservatives like to hear. >> i was a whip in the house and senate, i've known john for 30 years and i keep track of people's voting records. he was and is a conservative. now, does he believe in reaching out and he bought police and communities together and trying to help the relationship. and he's an innovative leader and the type that we need to lead this country. >> senator, do you get a that this, just when we think we can kind of put a bow on this and tie it nicely, that something happens along the way, like after iowa, the ted cruz attacks and heated up and rubio
1:25 pm
emerges and drops in the polls. and that could change. and maybe the same could happen with your guy, generates a lot of attention and moves up in the polls and in campaign ads he's the subject of attack. the republicans are eating themselves alive. >> yeah, i presume it will go until april or may, and as you go along, john kasich is going to have some good opportunities, but his best opportunity, probably, is the second week, i believe it is, in march. but, yeah, it's a long haul, but i do think that rubio, kasich and bush, one of those three will wind up pulling into the lead and will be the alternative, probably, to trump as we go down the long haul. neil: all right, senator, always a pleasure, thanks for taking the time. >> thank you, appreciate it, neil. neil: all right, right now donors are looking closely, if you're giving money to the
1:26 pm
candidate and the candidate has lost steam or limited prospects to gain steam then you think twice and rearrange your priorities. mercedes, good to see you. >> great to see you, where is the hot cocoa? it's so cold out here, neil. neil: they're not talking to me. >> i'd be mad at you, too. >> you're going to spoil them silly when you get back to new york. neil: really? >> yes, spa treatments, the works, okay. neil: really, okay. whatever happens at fox stays at fox. do you get a sense that the donors are getting restless and that there was this rep they were trying to coalesce around marco rubio and something happened at the debate and not so much. >> there's two sets of donors, the wall street establishment type donors that obviously, we're looking more rubio, this is our establishment guy, the conservative donors who have gone with cruz, there are many
1:27 pm
of these who are uncommitted. why? because what do we know about donors, they want a sure thing, they want a winner and right now we're not seeing a clear winner and they're scared of donald trump. >> so when you look at things right now, do you worry that some of those donors jumped the gun. like sheldon adelson, and that las vegas newspaper out the gate supports marco rubio. do you think he regrets that? do you think he was working behind the scenes to cement that? what? >> what several of the donors have done, they've given to multiple candidates. you have certain of billionaires have committed to one and yes, will stick to one candidate, but if the campaign starts falling apart they'll look for alternative. what we'll see in new hampshire, if the governor does rise to second or third place and rubio falls to fourth. the donors will get nervous and say, you've got to change the game in south carolina, you've got to-- >> who he has the money has the wind at his back.
1:28 pm
>> to an extent, it's the money and organization and you've got to win a state. we know that marco rubio needs to win a state for an establishment pick or jeb bush, one on the establishment side. neil: great to see you. thanks for putting me in deep doo-doo with my staff now. and we're not supposed to do so now, but someone jumped the gun on the comment. connell: i don't know, maybe somebody hit a button earlier than they're supposed to. the profit side of things look better than analysts thought it would be. the stock is trading lower today, but i think it's worth pointing out out of the gate yelp is only down 1%. they halted and when they first reported because of the volatility. earlier today it was down 12% so it's spiking higher because it earned 11 cents a share when you exclude certain items for accounting reasons and quick things, revenue is light compared to expectation and the
1:29 pm
cfo of yelp. the chief financial officer is stepping down. we'll see why, maybe later, it does come out earlier than expected to, so we have the stock down, but certainly not as much, neil, as earlier in the day. yelp for those who don't know, the company that you get out and say you're in manchester, new hampshire, what the nice restaurant is nearby, maybe. neil: you'd have to trudge to get there. you know, i'm going out on a limb here, connell, and call this a selloff today. what are your thoughts? what are people telling you about this? we're seeing more of these than up days. connell: i think it's a lot of the same than the concerns that have been out there. we get to a certain point where anything associated with risk as we talked about earlier and i think that's why the 10-year note you brought up at the top of the show is a very good example how people feel right now, how risk averse they are. we're looking at financials hammered all day long, with bank of america, citi.
1:30 pm
many are at multi-year lows, all the ones 52-week lows, so it's the idea we have the same concerns out there. there it is, 175, the same concerns, china and oil, and everything else, and what is the fed going to do and comes to a head ap and people say i'd rather be the safest possible assets, that's the theme. safe as you can possibly be. >> thanks, buddy. connell mcshane in new york and it feels colder here, 19 degrees, but it was 17 when we got here. so, it's already-- i guess not, not quite buying it. they don't know that we do the fox news show at 4 and we'll be back out here. watch this.
1:31 pm
thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
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1:34 pm
>> the selloffs in twos. and what's going on here and does it have staying power? we try to focus on the moment, but the trends from market and broader market averages like the russell 2000, steep into bear market territory. back up 20% or more from the highs. what's going on here? back with dagen mcdowell and connell mcshane. dagen, what do you think? what are selling. dagen: i think this is long overdue. this is a replay, sort of what happened during the housing crisis. remember, home prices peaked back in 2006 and summer of 2006 and oh, it's only housing.
1:35 pm
it's going to be contained. this go round you have the bubble start bursting with commodities and natural resources in the emerging markets and then into junk bonds. but all of this was going to be contained. well, it's not. and everything is getting taken down. if it looks like the economy is going to contract, you don't want to own growth, you don't want to own overpriced stocks like and that's what's going on today. neil: even as you alluded in the last segment, we were heading out, connell, the banking issues, the financial issues that are at or worse 52-week lows here, so, they seem to be signaling there's more trouble to come for at that group, which tends to be a market leader or a bellwether. connell: a couple of things with the bank, hey, you hear the federal reserve is not raising, and also the oil story for a while is still a banking story. you have many of these banks that have exposure to energy company related loans that take out loans and aren't going well
1:36 pm
in that group. so, that spills into the energy sector and plays into this whole-- dagen was getting into as we talked about the break, the risk off, as the energy stocks are up, mobile and chevron at least. >> neil, i'll add something quickly. the treasury with the 10 year yield at 1.75%, the lowest in about a year. when you look at the dividend yield on the s&p right now, 2.2%, doesn't look bad. does not look bad. what you can earn on stocks versus treasury. neil: so that would be a bullish indicator? if you're looking-- >> i'm looking for good news. good news, because you're in the snow, fussing about the lovely snow, it's not like it's snowing locusts, it's fluffy white flakes, enjoy yourself. connell: she's like that, half full. neil: there's a hater in you, dagen. dagen: i don't think you're in new hampshire, i think you're in the basement in front of the
1:37 pm
screen. neil: it's a green screen. i'm next to you. i tried to convince these guys, no, neil, it's not a green screen. thank you very much. we'll keep an eye on the markets and keep an eye on all major sectors, commodities, a lot of people when they get nervous they either put it into bonds, treasury notes or gold, silver, platinum, all of those beneficiaries today. by and large it's not going into technology. the nasdaq is close to 19% from its high, not only well into correction territory, about a percent or so away from a bear market. we're down 20% or more from your highs. i should also, hasten to adhed add here, some are well, well into bear territory, not the big guns like microsoft and amazon, they would be there already, but the big guns are saving the day. we've got a lot more going on in this wintery, blustery manchester, hours away from
1:38 pm
casting the first primary votes in the nation. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are rallying right now, separated by just a few miles, rallying points here in manchester, new hampshire. stick around.
1:39 pm
1:40 pm
>> i'm adam shapiro outside of the chipotle restaurant in manhattan. as all chipotle restaurants remain closed at 3 p.m. eastern time. taking a hit today, it's down almost 5%. they're closed because founder and co-founder talked to 50,000 employees after several hundred people became ill either from e. coli or norovirus. they cleared chipotle of any problems, but they never found any source. chip podle customers able to go back and order burritos at 3 p.m. depending where you live, taking advantage, and the
1:41 pm
southwest gr grill says we're pumped up and ready for business. more coast to coast after this.
1:42 pm
>> all right, this is such an important state, you've heard that once or twice. it's important for candidates who might need it more than others. we hear that about the governors in the race. there are three of them that get out there, chris christie
1:43 pm
and jeb bush and we talked about john kasich earlier. for jeb bush, maybe that debate performance, he got a lot of rave reviews, might be helping him. we'll see, it's early, as we're seeing with governor kasich. and andy card, the former bush 43 staff. >> we love the weather and everything else, working out just fine. now, you know, my staff says i whine a lot. >> you don't whine enough. neil: thank you, i don't whine enough. i hope my wife isn't watching, because that's not the husband i know. and let me ask you a little about what's going on here. the snow is a factor, it gets to be bad and they're satisfying, at least in the morning, tomorrow morning, could be bad, the idea is your most rabid supporters will go out and show up at the polls. are jeb bush's supporters like that? >> jeb bush has a good ground game. he has people who know where the voters are that have said they would vote for jeb and
1:44 pm
he'll offer them a ride to the polls. neil: he will? >> and that's how you win in new hampshire. new hampshire is a retail, political state with a grass roots organization makes all the difference in the world and you actually plan as if election day is going to be a lousy day. >> you're quite right, ride to the polls. >> and cruz says, bring 90 of your friends with you and all that. >> where a vote makes a difference, so this is what it's all about. people are electing a president, they're not just sending a message. sometimes you go to the polls and you're frustrated and you send a message. people in new hampshire understand that it's serious. you're picking a president. >> people have sent messages before. they've sent a message when they voed for lyndon johnson, but kept it pretty close because the guy below eugene mccarthy, they send a message of rage. what kind of message they'll be sending the world tomorrow. >> i hope that-- i really hope they'll be saying, there's going to be a change in the white house, president obama is not eligible to run again. there will be a change.
1:45 pm
and i think that people want to make sure that the change is by someone who is grounded in values, that understands the reality of governing, not just the rhetoric of talking about it. neil: wait a minute, the rhetoric and talking about it are wowing people. belongs to donald trump right now, i think he's in londonderry. he's leading. >> he's leading, but this is not the end. race, this is the beginning of the race, the start of the run for the presidency. neil: and cruz for second right now getting the attention? >> i think if you can come in, today, second, third, fourth and fifth are covered by a postage stamp in the polls if you take the margin of error. donald trump is ahead and everybody else is competing for specked place. >> what if rubio, with the back and forth ends up still placing second. >> if marco rubio comes in second he will start to coalesce the so-called middle. neil: right.
1:46 pm
>> if you will. neil: you're not quite convinced? it's way too early. i think that jeb has staying power, i think he has more staying power than the other governors in the race. neil: he has a lot of money. >> that's what i'm talking staying power. neil: do you think jeb and chris christie, that they had an agreement, and chris christie would go after rubio and the governors would be benefitting. >> i think that the debate saturday opened the door of opportunity with anybody with a governor label, and there are three. neil: wouldn't that be a kicker if it didn't benefit chris christie as much as your candidate or john kasich? >> well, again, people want to pick a president. i actually think jeb is well-positioned here in terms of his organization, and his commitment. look it, john kasich and chris christie have campaigned in new hampshire hard.
1:47 pm
they've done town hall meetings. jeb has been on my campus, and john kasich have been there. we've had ten on the campus, and what a privilege it is for a student to be part of franklin pierce university and see these people and that's what make new hampshire great. neil: it is a great place to be when it's not snowing. >> it's great in the snow, good for skiers, come on up and go skiing. neil: that's what they do in the snow. all right, we have a lot more coming up, including, and if nothing against any, but all of a sudden, accelerated as began talking, i'm sure it's nothing to do with it, but we're now down at session lows. way to go. we'll have more after this.
1:48 pm
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. neil: you know, kennedy did spend time with new hampshire locals and see what's on their mind, right. >> i talked to excited jeb fans in new hampshire, neil. ♪ >> what do you have in your hand there, young man? >> i have a vote for jeb chapstick, yes, it's great. yeah, a free health care here. keeps my lips nice and moist, just like jeb. >> do you like jeb? do you like what he is having to say now? >> yes. >> are you with me. >> yes.
1:52 pm
>> oh, i see a bernie sticker. do you feel like a fish out of water? >> no, i think it's socialism that wants to redistribute all the water in the ocean. >> and how are you? >> this is a jeb rally. >> you'll disturb the enthusiasm. >> see what i'm saying, neil? they were riveted and it was one of the best performances i've seen for the former governor. neil: you're amazing, they light up for you, kiddo, thank you very, very much. >> thank you, neil. neil: kennedy will be joining us with special governor on this fine network. a lot of new hampshire voters though not so much intrigued about the candidates as this-- >> have you ever seen this guy? >> no. >> i think he's a senator. >> he's on tv, does some type of business news. >> is it clint or juan or dave or-- oh, it's roger. >> that's, that's the guy from
1:53 pm
cnn, right? >> looks like jeb bush when he was younger. >> that is jeb. it's not neil cavuto, is it? it's neil cavuto, isn't it? that's what i meant to say. >> handsome devil though, isn't it? i love his tie. >> he looks clean cut. he's prominent. looks like a nice businessman. >> extremely handsome, great posture. love the glasses. >> his hair looks nice. >> yeah, i would have a beer with neil cavuto. >> would i have a beer with him? probably not. >> i'd like to meet him. >> oh! woo-whoo! >> this was purely unscientific survey, what are your thoughts? >> you are a beer swilling sex symbol in the granite state and i'm proud of you. >> you notice they were having chicken wings as they were
1:54 pm
talking about me. >> chicken wings and pork pie, they side that in every diner with a side of discourse. neil: do you think that they get tired of the journalists and candidates that descend on them? they literally like start the day after election day, they don't see the end of it. >> they don't get a break in iowa and new hampshire specifically i actually went to one of the diners, the red arrow, there were so many crews that had descended upon the place, if you want to kiss a politician, that's your best bet to just line up, sit at the counter, have a hot cup of grits and wait for chris christie to come in and snack with you. neil: and that's what will be at a couple of different events. kennedy, i can't wait, we're going to have so much fun. >> no one will know what happens tomorrow night, i'll bring my crystal ball and share my prognostications with you.
1:55 pm
neil: the crew was so excited about doing the whole thing live out here, five, six hours. >> i can imagine. neil: i said, all right, you forced me into it. thank you, kennedy, very very much. i like the woman who said that i was handsome. i like her. let's make her a fox viewer permanently. all right, the dow down close to 400 here so we're in and out of the session lows, you know the culprit again, declining oil prices and you know another culprit, china. it's slowing down. reserves tumbling down. add it all up, minus signs piling up. stick around more from the very frigid new hampshire after this.
1:56 pm
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1:59 pm
neil: i do not know if they do stats on the down day. or on the date of the primary. how that goes. right now we know that that is not going well. a big selloff. 14% from the highs. the nasdaq is very close to touching a 20% flight from its highs. that would constitute a bear market. it comes to economic security. world security. we have ted cruz over in raymond. we are very close to a bear market. we will be talking to donald trump about what he makes of this. i say we come right back out here. she is paying attention and she
2:00 pm
should. how are you. trish regan. i will let you take it away. i love your new hampshire weather here. >> thank you. live from the college. we are officially one day away from the first in the nation primary. stakes have never been higher. this will be an incredibly tight race. we are all over this live from new hampshire. hillary clinton is gaining some ground. republicans are going after marco rubio. first, i want to get to these markets. well over 300 points. along the 2.4%. we are at eight and 31.


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