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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  February 8, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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should. how are you. trish regan. i will let you take it away. i love your new hampshire weather here. >> thank you. live from the college. we are officially one day away from the first in the nation primary. stakes have never been higher. this will be an incredibly tight race. we are all over this live from new hampshire. hillary clinton is gaining some ground. republicans are going after marco rubio. first, i want to get to these markets. well over 300 points. along the 2.4%. we are at eight and 31.
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the nasdaq composite index is index is down. oil once again to blame for this. causing so many concerns. a global slowdown. that is translating into a selloff here in the market. trading down 3% and change. i want to get back to the political landscapes right here in new hampshire. less than 24 hours. heading to the voting booth. they will be casting their first vote over who they believe will be the best candidate to lead this country. this is where it all shakes up. the former senator from new hampshire saying poor people will come out of this crowded gop field when it is all said and done. who might they be? a field that is very crowded. john kasich.
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donald trump is basically beating them. significantly. 30% of the republican vote going to donald trump. kasich has moved up considerably. it does not look back. living with this voter. hillary clinton inching her way up. former secretary of state chasing bernie sanders. 52% lead over clinton's 42% which is surprising when you live free or die state. a socialist doing as well as he has been. anything can happen. expected to win the new hampshire primary eight years ago. it did not happen. had that rather all-important
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moment. what do you know, she walks away with it. anything can happen. we want to get to this republican race. >> you just mentioned the polls and the in the state of the race here. one thing remains certain. donald trump continues to lead in new hampshire. according to the latest monmouth university poll, they read some potential breakout for john kasich here. he is running for second. will he be able to pull ahead in the next 24 hours. in front of rubio come up bush, chris christie is trying to break out here. the coffee shop in hempstead, southeastern part of the state. kristi l-uppercase-letter going as he has the last couple days.
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right after marco rubio. >> the guy who everyone in the media was unknowing did. not talking that way this morning. rubio is being hit from all sides. he is trying to hit his record. earlier today, pointing back to the days in the legislature. >> i was running, going into the speakership, we posted a book called the hundred ideas for florida's future. they became either law or policy. curriculum. >> picking up once again. a liar and a whiner. trump is causing bush. trish: thank you so much, blake.
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we will keep checking in with you. here in new hampshire. former george w. bush advisor. brad blakeman. good to see both of you guys. i want to start with you. we look at this final push here. i would like to talk about it. what is it that hillary clinton needs to do? >> the democratic vote here does it is really be independent. wooing those independents away from bernie sanders. they make the decision on the day of. between bernie sanders and donald trump voters. she has a major case organized.
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you see them getting very aggressive against bernie sanders supporters. people that do not support hillary. i do not think it actually appeals to the new hampshire voter. that is what draws them to bernie sanders. not part of that institution. i would advise her to stay clean. getting her key support out to vote. >> you make a very good point. that is an overall appeal. i have struggled at times to try to understand it myself. we have no sales tax. no income tax. it is not really something that i would think has a lot of appeal. i am betting that a lot of people are not looking at the
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economic plan. they like him because he is different. would you tell her, look, you need to come out swinging. come out and show who you really are right now. >> unfortunately, the people of new hampshire, they have seen her for 30 years. they know who she is. they don't trust her likability. you have to like them before you ever get to policy. move on. take the high road. do not take the low road. america does not like it. you have been around. you have not to go low to win big. trish: donald trump and sanders
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have something in common. to think that he will take about far? >> i don't. i said that in iowa. i will say it in new hampshire. it is all about the ground game. in the wizard of oz, there was nobody behind the curtain except for one guy. that is what you are seeing with donald trump. there is not the type of fence post structure that you need. tomorrow, there will be a winter weather advisory in 10 counties. you need the infrastructure to get people out to vote. to get them aware of where their voting places is. one man alone will not get the people out to vote. if you do not have the organization, you cannot get them out to vote.
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>> do you think that the weather -- are argued that it is not. we are used to this. [laughter] >> walking outside right now. donald trump is trying to narrow in on that. independent voter. the unlikely voter is, trump. if they have not voted in previous primaries before, i do not know if these voters will come out tomorrow. he does have a little bit. >> thank you so much. we will talk to you guys shortly. i want to turn to john kasich. battling it out on the debate stage. john kasich, arguably, had one of his best debates. >> if i get elected president, head out tomorrow and buy a seatbelt. there will be so much happening in the first 100 days.
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it will make your head spin. >> the ohio governor did receive several rounds of applause for his strategy in new hampshire. he is now playing our next guest. montel williams. good to see you. >> good to see you again. here you are. governor kasich is the first candidate you have been excited about since you left the republican party back in the 90s. tell me why. >> look at what is happening. every single commentator has interviewed. why is your tenor changed? i think he understands why. 13%. clearly getting through. reverberating with the people on the ground. kasich is telling people that there is an adult in the game now. that is a reason why i am so
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excited about it. you have two extremes. you bernie on one side and donald trump on the other side. the adults -- >> you have use negative experience, by the way. >> balanced to budgets. the defense committee. if i had to think about all of those veterans, i think we would all like a commander in chief that is an adult. not calling people names. not going to be cheating. you watch marco rubio. you watch cruz. you watch donald trump. it is one continuous banter. and then the adult walks in and says stop. watching a man deliver a message of unity. when the election is over, you do not only run as president for
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22% of the populace. building bridges. that is what john k sick is doing. >> how may he be able to capture new hampshire's momentum. if he performs well tomorrow. moving forward to south carolina and on. >> watching him being interviewed on every single outlet. we are giving him the platform that people never got to see before. montel, did i hear you are backing kasich? i said, gap. he does have a chance. if the media gives him the opportunity. we have to have a country that welcome back together to deal with the problems that we have facing us. a military that wants to go to
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war for us. the same people that have served for us. we need to start thinking about what is going to happen next year. >> since i have you here, what is it that discourages you about the party. john k sick is helping you to wash away. >> it has been an absolute party. they did not want to include me. twenty-two in the military. i am as conservative as they get. whether they be having trouble at hospitals or trouble overseas. i am a republican true and hard. i do not get applied to the party. you do not like me because of the color of my skin. john k sick is a leader. we can come together.
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i can take a piece of him. as long as it moves this country forward. not a country that will be torn apart. people have decided. trish: montel, thank you for sharing that with us. they like it here. they really do. trish: violent clashes across the globe. large number of muslim refugees. many are calling and invasion. are you a female democrat? not voting for hillary clinton. former secretary of state madeleine albright. there is a special place in hell for you. by playing the denver card has
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officially gone too far. stay with me. right after this. ♪
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trish: welcome back, everyone. keeping an eye on the selloff. lots of concerns about the global recession. really dominating investor fears. oil trading below the $30 a barrel level. the nasdaq composite index off 144. 3.3%. one start getting hit especially hard. chesapeake energy. trading down today. thirty-three, almost 34% on chesapeake.
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meanwhile, no place to hide. we look at a lot of the stocks trading lower. really being led by goldman sachs. home depot and nike also seeing some pretty steep declines. we will check in shortly with ashley webster. i want to get to another story. that is what is happening with refugees in europe right now. thousands of demonstrators are taking to the streets against europe. the protests of large numbers of muslim immigrants. this as turkey is facing pressure from the eu to open its border up to 35,000 syrians. 35,000 syrians. are we seeing the collapse of european society as we know it? do not forget that there were
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more than 600 sexual assaults and robberies on new years eve for women across germany. incident after incident after incident of women coming forward saying that they are very concerned. they have suffered at the hands of some of these. we have spoke about this before. i know you live in germany. when i was in austria, there was a real sense, there was a sense of safety. you could go out for a walk. i would not do this late at night, but you could, theoretically and you would feel pretty safe. how has that changed? >> the problem is migrants have just come on masked. the worst problems, the people
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who monitor how pointed out that the problem so far has been with young muslims. a little bit less so with the serious. the bottom line, you have critical mass. a country that is relatively, they can absorb the immigrants in drips. in bits and pieces. you have a sudden blood. all of these young men. uneducated. unattached. angry. entitled did socially dysfunctional by western standards. we are really all about this. people have just had enough. trish: had enough. they are not handing out pamphlets, colonel, in germany
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and in parts of the netherlands. basically showing men what they should not be doing. in other words, you should not have a woman on the behind. there is a big ask through this. throughout the region. handing out these pamphlets. showing a man's hand trying to reach a woman's behind. another red x. culturally, there is a vast difference between westerners and these refugees. i do not know how you overcome it with a few pamphlets. >> i would like to differentiate. exactly to your point. let me give you an example. some of the many things people are mad about are the police. and the media.
2:23 pm
i believe it was february 1. in munich, you have three young afghans go nuts in their subway system. they are roughing people up. they are actually of using this enabled woman. could not walk very well. they're grabbing her on the backside. it did not make the news until a bystander snapped on the iphone. posting it online. >> maybe our producers can call up that video. it is very disturbing to see. they went after some older men that were trying to protect that woman. you know, those migrants, they are in trouble. germany has refused to say their names. refusing to send them back to
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afghanistan because it would be too dangerous. >> you have the complaints. we will continue our coverage here. we will be right back. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates.
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it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. been selloff still going on. almost 400 points. the s&p 500. the lowest close since 2014. joining me right now. tim manderson. a look at the selloff. it seems to me that we have heard a lot of concerns lately about the possibility for another recession. are you in that camp? is today's selloff indicative of
2:28 pm
the fact that we are in a week economy? >> you just mentioned valuations. the evaluation collection. the stock should have been hit the hardest the beginning of the year. a lot of the nasdaq names. facebook, google, amazon, netflix. the earnings prospects taking out of them. whether or not we are really on the borderline of a recession, we are quite a wave from that. average hourly earnings. we are actually positive. clearly, the market is starting the week where we finished on
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friday. that is to the downside. trish: thank you so much, tim. 376 on the dow. we are live here. new hampshire. the sight of the big debate. new hampshire was. the last republican debate. on an effort to stop marco rubio's memorandum. governor christie really going after rubio. what he calls scripted talking points. watch this, everyone. >> that is what washington, d.c. does. and then they memorize 252nd speech. >> this notion that barack obama does not know what he is doing.
2:30 pm
>> does chris christie have a point. does this hurt voters? howie kurtz. welcome. [laughter] what do you think? you saw all the candidates pylon to marco. what did it tell you? >> clearly, it was a rough night for marco rubio. in part because it plays into a media narrative. it produced all these apocalyptic headlines. some of this commentary comes from the same pundit. how well it is doing after the third-place finish in iowa. i think that there is an
2:31 pm
overreaction. voters do not debate the same way that journalists do. the thing that rubio kept repeating, president obama was intentionally ruining the company. trish: who do you think came out most ahead? who may have won over a few more voters here in new hampshire as a result? >> chris christie did not hurt himself. he is down in single digit land. the guy we have not been talking about very much lately, donald trump. still has a big lead. trying to act more presidential. more serious. the press will then go into a press analysis mode. i think if he does win it, it put him back on track.
2:32 pm
trish: any thoughts on that? what do you call it -- >> announcing that candidates. other candidates were bypassing. what was going on. it was like they were going to start the debate without the candidates. >> look, every high school football team in america knows how to do this. the guy comes out. you have somebody standing there. it turns out to be a serious debate. what a botched opening. >> exactly.
2:33 pm
i guess the moral of the story, make sure you are looking at this stage if you are hosting that. david and martha have their backs. we will be right back with more from manchester new hampshire. right after this. thank you, holly. ♪ we're the hottest young company around but if we want to keep the soda pop flowing we need fresh ideas! >>got it. we slow, we die. >>what about cashing out? no! i'm trying to build something here. >>how about using fedex ground for shipping? >>i don't need some kid telling me how to run a business! i've been doing this for 4 long months. >>fedex ground can help us save money and deliver fast to our customers.
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trish: welcome back to manchester, new hampshire. we are less than 24 hours from
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everyone heading to the voting booth and casting their first vote. a state that she won eight years ago. a big surprise. everyone thought that she was going to lose it. could it happen again? bernie sanders is now just with a 10-point lead. it is 10 points. bringing up the big guns. former president bill clinton out there campaigning. it is a sealed box. it is very effective. when you are making a revolution, you cannot be too careful. i want you to laugh. when you are mad, you cannot think. >> may maybe shaking up her staff on wednesday.
2:38 pm
this news is just breaking. getting underway. a staff shakeup. is that what she needs right now? >> that is what politico is reporting. i do not think that we will hear about that. bill clinton will be here in the next hour. he will be speaking to supporters at the governors then. we do expect her to keep up the role of the attack dog. certainly provoking. not naming any names. the most powerful political organization. bill clinton said the country does not need a revolutionary. listen. >> that type of political revolution. there is nothing, nothing,
2:39 pm
nothing that we cannot accomplish. >> i would like to bring to the stage, not only someone who has been married for 40 years, but someone who for 45 years who has made everyone that she touched better. the single best that i have ever known. hillary rodham clinton. [applause] >> sanders expected to win tomorrow. almost beating hillary clinton in iowa last week. the clintons are considering a shakeup. a major shakeup. describing them as extremely cautious with their aides. all of these political developments. demanding a development. >> bernie is that close to you. you have to do what you have to do.
2:40 pm
thank you so much. needing to shakeup the campaign. >> about eight months too late for that. she still has all of the endorsements. she still has all the infrastructure in place. she still has the edge here. she is making it sound like she is losing this campaign. going on all the talk shows. bernie sanders campaign is attacking her. they are making it sound like this is some sort of insider who is playing games with him. they are against bernie sanders. she can shakeup the campaign all she wants. hillary clinton is a 30 year member of the democratic institution. the people that have been disenfranchised, they are part with voting against the
2:41 pm
institution. it just happens to be that bernie sanders is the messenger. he is just in the right place at the wrong time. a bad year in 2008. it is still not working for her. >> do you think that these young democrats really know what they are voting for when they are voting for bernie sanders? >> i do not. i think that they like the change. i think they like all the free stuff that bernie talks about. that is dead. that is taxes. that is education. it is an investment. i think that they are appealing to populism. not reality. >> first thing, very educated. >> i teach at georgetown university.
2:42 pm
>> as a young person, i read that your generation has much lower? when ceos are getting paid a hundred times what they make, you know that the system is bogus. i think that the bernie sanders voters, they are highly educated. >> a problem is we are a capitalist nation. this is what has made america great. talking about diverging from the very thing that has made it the most successful in the world. do young voters really understand? i get the appeal. i am not sure that they understand the economic consequences of choosing a socialist pack.
2:43 pm
>> i think you are right. i think that they are simply saying that the people that will be hacked the most are the ones that have not been over the past few years. >> it will not. you can tax all the rich 100%. you will not get to where you want to be. there is not enough money for that to occur. almost $20 million in debt. where is this money going to come from? >> the top taxpayers to pay the majority of taxes. just plain old wrong. it is a very small minority that gets away with that. yes, it does need to be closed. where is barack obama? we will have more intel coming up.
2:44 pm
are you a female democrat? are you voting for hillary clinton. madeline albright has a message for you. >> you have to help. hillary clinton will always be there for you. just remember there is a special place in health for women that do not help each other. [laughter]
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>> i am so webster on the floor of the new york stock exchange. 350 points. the s&p down. down 134 points. all sectors moving lower. the banking sectors especially. jpmorgan. down 3%. down nearly 6%. the energy stocks not getting any help there either. down as much as 50%. 8%. a decent look. the gold stocks moving higher. moving up about $34. the intelligence report with trish regan is straightahead. ♪
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2:48 pm
>> you know madeline albright is on the campaign trail. telling women voters this. >> this has to help. hillary clinton will always be there for you. just remember there is a special place in hell for women that do not help each other. chapman not. trish: okay.
2:49 pm
apparently, if you are a woman into do not vote for hillary, you are going to hell. i guess that is one way to get votes. to threaten people with the devil. we need to support each other. can you hire a woman just because she is a woman? no. she needs to be the right person for the job. the right fit. this kind of commentary is applied by feminists only where it is convenient. madeline albright did not support sarah palin. she is a woman. should women support carly fiorina just because she is a woman? no. smart women support the candidate did the candidate, male or female, that they think is best for their country's future. this is feminism today. we recognize.
2:50 pm
we appreciate gender. feminism is about trusting. empowering women. definitely, definitely not about this. young women and why they are supporting sanders instead of hillary. >> -- [laughter] >> no. no. it is not. no, i would not. >> you know, i heard that veered that commentary shows they are so caught up in themselves that they are their own worst enemy. that comment is feminism. the young woman just looking. supporting sanders. it does not support women.
2:51 pm
she doesn't. she supports herself. she supports her cause. a relationship with her like hillary clinton does. well, not to mention, what she said is absurd. socialism, it just does not work. we have talked about that. the reason these young people, men and women, sanders represents something to them, something different. i do not think they fully understand what socialism is. they want something new. apologizing for her comments, as she should veered over and over again.
2:52 pm
we are better than that. the first woman to become president of the united states. she should be and she will be. she is the best person for the job. do not diminish the woman's chance by making it only about her. that is today's intel. we will be right back with more on these markets. selling off live from manchester, new hampshire. ♪ you both have a
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>> we will mark this off 343 points right now. more concerns about global growth right now. the dow down triple digits. a loss of 2%. the s&p getting hit. the nasdaq composite working
2:56 pm
there. a 3%. looking like it is on track. managing partner. investors. jason, as we watch this major selloff, is this to be expected? we do not really have any signs on the horizon? getting out anytime soon? >> what comes to mind is a couple of things. i think that it is some kind of correction. 15% maybe not. some type of small correction was probably expected. now, a lot has changed since then. i think it is really causing this whole massive downturn. not so much, you know, hiking by 25.
2:57 pm
i think the world is starting to digest. the bank of japan is coming on with a negative interest rate policy. that does not bode well. i think the markets are not really appreciating. that is not good for the financial system. trish: okay. let's just play this out for a minute. we see japan in the ecb. everyone else. does this mean that they are going to do this. are we going to have she we for and theoretically, when it that help turn this market around? >> i do not think that that is a good idea. i think what the market is telling us is that short turned you may see the same day rallies when the bank of japan announces their negative rate policies.
2:58 pm
now, we are at the low of the year. it may give the short term almost meaning list bruce. they are supposed to be buying houses. the stock market. they are losing money. trish: if you look behind me,
2:59 pm
i'm actually at fox headquarters here for the first in the nation primary, and we're going to be going through the results and the information as it comes in to us. i'm here with the intelligence report, neil cavuto's here, and, in fact, neil's going to kick off our coverage at 7:55 p.m. tomorrow night. i will be joining him here live from saint anselm's college here in manchester, new hampshire. anything can really happen. voters in new hampshire, they tend to wait until the last minute to make their decision. they really want to feel comfortable in that decision and feel as though they've met everyone not once, not twice, three times. so they've been very diligent about getting out and seeing these candidates. i've got a lot of friends and family here that have gone to see multiple candidates. and so the feeling is once they know them, then they're willing to commit. john kasich, we've been watching him carefully, it's a name that we hear over and over and over again.
3:00 pm
you heard some of our commentators earlier, montel williams included, talking about his performance in the debate, and they think he'll be a surprise candidate. so a lot to keep an eye on. it's going to be an exciting 24 hours. in the meantime, we've got 60 minutes until the close. liz, to you. liz: thank you, trish. we've already got some excitement, dow jones industrials tanking, lore i by 53 -- lower by 353 points. the year of the monkey is off to just a terrible start if you're not a monkey, but a bull. look at the dow right now, down 401 points, at the moment we're off that but a lot can happen in this hour, and the sentiment is quite negative at the moment. down 350 at this very second as persistent fears of global weakness are causing a major rout in stocks at this hour. the dow and the s&p and the nasdaq are all down more than 2%. listen, financials are extremely


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