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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  February 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> i knew it was safe with a man like roger ailes behind the scenes. melissa: he is not giving me that check, have you noticed that? not happening. >> thank you, folks. connell: that does it for us here. melissa: "risk & reward" starts right now. >> this race is wide open. no one knows what is really going on in this race at all. we sense real momentum on the ground for us. we're looking to run right through the tape on tuesday and really do very, very well. >> i want one thing on tuesday. you have to get out and vote. because, we have a movement going on that is unbelievable. >> this is the first primary in the country that will get to answer the question what happens next to america? what happens next to america after seven years of a president that is trying to take from us all the things that made us different and special. >> there you have it. we're less than seven hours away from the new hampshire primary. this is "risk & reward." i'm jo ling kent in for deirdre bolton.
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jo ling: latest monmouth new hampshire poll says many have not made up their mind. 40% of democrats are still undecided. donald trump on other side of the race at 30%. four candidates in virtual tie for second. john kasich is leading that bunch at 14%. but remember, this was taken before saturday night's republican primary debate. so now, to break this all down, republican senator from pennsylvania pat toomey is here. we would like to know what do you think will come out of the first-in-the-nation primary? who will get that extra ticket or two to south carolina? >> well, thanks for having me this evening. you know, very hard to say how it will turn out. certainly donald trump has been consistently polling around 30% for a long time. i think it is very likely he ends up around there. that is probably going to be
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first place. i do think that marco rubio, who i am endorsing is going to finish in the top tier of candidates and will do very well. and as far as the rest goes, not clear. but, new hampshire does have a way of winnowing the field. i suspect that will happen after tomorrow. jo ling: sure does, senator toomey. how damaged do you think senator rubio is in for final vote. given what happened on the stage saturday night for governor chris christie? >> i don't think he is damaged at all to be honest with you. a couple of things, it is interesting, a lot of pundits tried to make a big deal about the fact marco repeated himself. in government or politics that is often known as staying on message. marco had the best fund-raising performance across the country of any debate by factor of three on saturday night. people watching were obviously enjoying what they saw. here is the other thing. his fundamental point is exactly right. the fundamental point was
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barack obama hasn't been a terrible president because he was first-term senator who couldn't get anything done. he got everything done that he wanted to. the problem is, it is disasterous policy. so marco is absolutely right about that. i think substance of his message is very, very strong. i think he will do well. jo ling: listen to the sound bite, if case you at home didn't see the latest gop debate this weekend, certainly missed out on this. >> you weren't even there to vote for it. that is not leadership, that is truancy. >> when i'm elected president this will become once again the single greatest nation in the history of the world, not the disaster barack obama has imposed on news that is what washington, d.c. does. drive-by shot at beginning with incorrect and incomplete information. >> chris, your state got hit by massive snowstorm two weeks ago. you didn't even want to know. >> that is one of the skills you get as united states senator, esp? >> eminent domain is necessity for the country. >> what donald trump did was to
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use eminent domain to take property of a elderly woman. >> you want to be a tough guy tonight. >> how tough is it from the taking property from an elderly woman. >> let me talk. quiet. jo ling: you have candidates going back and forth, it is clear the rhetoric is heating up until new hampshire. if you were to look how you think this is going to come down in terms of the who is going to come in second, third and fourth. i know you're supporting rubio. but who else gets a ticket to south carolina? >> there is no way to know that. looks like there are a lot of, governors are bunched together. i think they're all very close to each other. very hard to know if any of them separate themselves or how that all turns out. but you think, voters are not going to be focusing on particular jab at a particular moment in the debate. jo ling: especially new hampshire. they look at whole thing, right? >> exactly right. they have been hearing directly from the candidates in person.
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not through the debate stage. most of us at this point are getting a lot of our information through the debate stage. voters in new hampshire have been meeting candidates in person. jo ling: yeah. they're shopping. >> in person, multiple events. i got to tell you, there is no candidate in the field that can articulate the nature of the threat we face on national security and appropriate response better than marco rubio. i think that will help him a lot. jo ling: senator toomey, "the financial times" is reporting breaking news, michael bloomberg, former mayor of new york city is considering a presidential run. neil cavuto spoke with trump trump about this fact moments ago on the matter. listen to this. >> it would be a little hard for him to do very well but you never know what is going to happen. it is called world of politics. very, very weak on the second amendment. he is very weak on immigration. and couple of other things that i think you have to be strong on. i think he has a huge impact against the democrats. jo ling: so, senator toomey, do you think that bloomberg does
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jump in? it would help republicans, would it help democrats? how does it change landscape in your view? >> very hard to say in a year like this, especially since we don't know who the nominees of major parties will be. i assume if he runs, he runs as independent. i would think that he would tend to take more support away from the democrats in the field than a republican. but, you know, it is a very fluid situation and until we have nominees it's very hard to project. jo ling: senator pat toomey, you are behind marco rubio. we'll watch to see how he does tomorrow. >> i am. jo ling: thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. jo ling: to the other side where the democrats race is also tightening. monmouth poll of new hampshire voters shows senator bernie sanders currently holding a 52% lead to 42% which is senator hillary clinton in the democratic primary. that is slightly closer than that 14% lead sanders held over clinton in january. and now, former president
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bill clinton is out on the campaign trail blasting sanders backers about sexist and profane attacks against his wife hillary clinton. >> she and other people gone on line to defend hillary, to explain, explain why they supported her have been subject to vicious trolling and attacks that are literally too profane often, not to mention sexist. jo ling: former senator and governor evan bayh of indiana is here. senator, you are a democrat. you have been watching this race very closely. do you think that bill clinton attacking bernie sanders at this point is going to move the needle in a place like new hampshire? >> i don't think it hurts any. jo ling: no? >> he is standing up for his wife. people like to see that. he won new hampshire several times. within the democratic party he is respected former president. jo ling: come back there getting second place? >> i think it helps her. polls are tightening anyway.
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bernie sanders coming from next door has neighborry advantage but it will be close. jo ling: looking at voter base there, i was in new hampshire over the weekend talking to democratic voters. they are very interested in bernie sanders a lot of millenials moving in his direction. these are potentially first-time voters. how do you think senator clinton handles this going into this, the campaign when bernie sanders is dominating snapchat and getting to core of what a lot of democratic millenials want? >> she needs to run as her authentic self. progressive improvements in this country going back to fdr, harry truman, jfk. to show she has the experience and willing to fight to continue that kind of progress. that is what she needs to do, even though some young people may go for bernie now because they like his idealism and free college, that sort of thing, when the day is done, when she is the democratic party nominee they will end up supporting her.
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jo ling: you haven't formally endorsed secretary clinton but you have done some fund-raising so where do you stand in throwing your support? >> your viewers should know -- i was governor with bill clinton. i sat next to senator clinton on armed services committee. i am supporting hillary clinton. i like bernie sanders. i used to enjoy hearing him speak in the caucus. his politics is a little different than mind but he is nice man. jo ling: what do you expect going into south carolina and nevada from senator clinton? >> i want her to continue to speak in her authentic voice. jo ling: do you think she can do that with lesser history? she has storied history in new hampshire and iowa. going forward it might be a little different. >> one thing your voters might want to know, among the democratic electorate of all 50 states, the three most liberal states of those who participate in caucuses or primaries are iowa, new hampshire and vermont. so bernie is playing on his home territory there being democratic socialist.
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when you move to south carolina i think nevada will be close. i think hillary has advantage in south carolina, some midwestern states. she is playing in her wheelhouse a little more. you ask me what she should emphasize? middle class economic issues. growing the economy. fair shake for people. maybe not free college but path to get to college without on pros sieve debts that we have. -- oppressive debts that we have. it is not pie-in-the-sky. not too good to be true. someone with experience and willing to fight you can actually get the job done. think that that is what she needs to emphasize. jo ling: final question. are you worried about the email situation as the fbi and department of justice continue to investigate the classified emails and servers. >> i'm worry i had is distraction. jo ling: you don't think there is legitimacy about the investigation. >> questions have been raised. i can't say they're illegitimate. i don't think they will go anywhere. ultimate issue i don't think will be indictment.
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the election will not be whether she should have used two cell phones as opposed to one. it will be about middle class economic issues and how, we, number one, move the country forward economically. number two, how we defend the country in dangerous world with suicidal terrorists out to get us. those are two big issues people will focus on. jo ling: former senator evan bayh of indiana. thank you for joining us today. jo ling: >> thank you. jo ling: coming up secretary of state madeleine albright took a harder line with the gender card today. >> just remember, there is a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. [cheers and applause] jo ling: and you will be able to hear how secretary clinton is defending her comments and of course, stay with us for the next 24 hours. neil cavuto will bring you live coverage of our nation's first primary tomorrow, tuesday, february 9th, starting at 7:55 p.m. eastern time. before 8:00, we will have the results as they come in.
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stay with us. markets in the red across the board. bouncing up a little bit at the closing bell with the dow closing down 117 points. money manager gary kaltbaum is with me now. gary, what on earth do you do after a day like today? >> xanax, prozac, anything else you can get your hands on. here is what happened. first off the big picture. we remain in bear market for stocks. 2015 was topping out process of the six to seven-year bull market. now we're just going through the process. we are dropped the nasdaq, believe it or not, since thursday's high, 7.3%. less than three days of trading. probably today, late in the day, maybe had enough. i think maybe we rally up here. i think ultimately we're going toe lower. we have a few more months left of the nausea unfortunately. jo ling: tech stocks took a huge hit. if you sum it up in one word how do you feel about some of those big, fancy tech stocks?
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>> yuck. jo ling: okay. >> i suspect there is more to go. here is what happens with tech stocks in bear market. they got so overloved and overowned during the bull, it takes a little while to wit while down. they have a lot of margin. some will go down 40 to 60% before it is done. that is studying precedent of bear market preceded this one. jo ling: gary, you will be with us later. we'll be back. thank you very much. >> you got it. jo ling: okay, new video of the somali plane bomb blast. security footage just released showing the bomber being happened something by a worker on the inside. and new satellite images showing iran is building something at a secret military facility. former house majority leader tom delay is here to discuss. fatal shooting by police officer now and texas newspaper threatening to publish names and
5:14 pm
addresses of all the police officers in the department. all that coming up. >> just as names and addresses of sex offenders are publicized in order to protect the community from their wicked behavior, we feel that our community has the right to that exact same level of protection. thanks.
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jo ling: we have some newly-released video for you showing never-before-seen details of the somali plane explosion that ripped a hole inside of an airbus jet. this video is showing you two men, you may be able to see them on the right side of your screen. one who appears to be airport e employee, handing a laptop to suspected suicide bomber after the alleged terror suspects was
5:18 pm
cleared through security. to discuss this. what do you think this new video means for the investigation goingthrough this year. i would think that because we're doing little or nothing and what we are doing against the war on terror is not having an effect, is giving a clean license to the terrorists to operate in the most weakest points around the world. anybody that is american ought to think twice before traveling overseas in the next year because these kinds of things are going to happen. if we were out there going after terrorists wherever we could find them in massive way, they wouldn't have time to even think of these kinds of plots.
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jo ling: there is newly-released satellite images a controversial iranian military facility that is showing suspicious activity. you see maps on the screen, showing as iran was in the midst of nuclear talks with the united states, it was apparently, reportedly working to hide some prior atomic work and possibly constructing another facility. so, this comes after arresting of american soldiers, sailors, firing missiles and ceiling billion dollars european deals. we have $100 billion set to be released to iran. what do you think, congressman, does this say about the deal isk
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into it. we put our complete security in the hands of the u.n. and iaea.l get more and more this kind of action. jo ling: thank you so much for weighing in. house majority leader tom delay. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure, jo. jo ling: now, ford, stirring up a new debate after word it will move ahead with its plans to build an assembly plant in mexico. all of this in order to significantly boost production for the auto giant.
5:21 pm
republican candidate donald trump disagrees with the move and he disagreed with it back in 2015. just a few months afford made the official announcement. >> ford wants to build apt $2.5 billion car plant in mexico. how does that help us? are they going to hire, not us? they are going to hire other people and the other people will go out to make cars. they will drive them over the border. i had an idea the other day. why don't we let the illegals drive cars over. they're coming over anyway. we got to stop it. jo ling: and gary kaltbaum is back with us now. trump said in october, that ford is going to potentially cancel the factory, saying quote, word is that ford motor because of constant badgering is going to cancel the deal to go to mexico and stay in the u.s. clearly that has not happened. yesterday, in plymouth new hampshire, trump also
5:22 pm
talking about ford going to mention co. how do you see this helping ford and its company and its stock, gary? >> well, look, it's reality. last week i had some technology issues at office. i spoke to somebody that was in the philippines. the week before customer service i spoke to, it was india. this is all about lower wages, lower expenses and lower costs for companies. it doesn't feel good but it is nature of the beast. and donald trump may think ford's going to kowtow to them but obviously they didn't. if trump becomes president, he will have to provide some sort of incentives for companies to stay here, not do what ford is doing. this is all about cheaper cars for ford they're building there because less of a margin. the trucks and big guys that have bigger margin, they will still build them in the united states. jo ling: gary, you will stay with us, thanks so much for that analysis. >> you got it. jo ling: coming up, not everyone enjoyed the halftime show. national sheriffs' association
5:23 pm
turning their back on beyonce as she sang her new song, formation. fatal shooting by a police officer and, the texas newspaper threatening to publish are the names and addresses of all the police officers in protest. saying situation is same as publishing the names of sex offenders. coming up sheriff david clark reacts after this. >> for just as names and addresses of sex offenders are publicized in order to protect the community from their wicked behavior, we feel that our community has the right to that exact same level of protection.
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same right to protection. like klu klux klansmen, they dough everything they can to protect their identity. deirdre: that's the editor of a- of a tabloid newspaper threatening to publish the names and addresses of police officers. is what the tabloid doing against the law? >> these jackasses at th the "sn antonio observer."
5:28 pm
this is a public safety issue. the address and phone up in doesn't just belong to me, it belongs to my family. they have a right and need to have that protected for obvious reasons as well. so i'll be introducing my state legislature that that kind of information, the personal stiff, addresses and phone numbers be redacted when the rest of it is released to the people like we do our social security numbers. jo ling: looking at how it has worked pre-internet, it was listed in the white pages. so if you are a sheriff or officer and your far is already public, having the newspaper
5:29 pm
print it, is that any different? >> officers can agree or not to have their information print in a phone book. >> obviously you are against those names and addresses being published. what can be done to bridge the gap which is a sensitive tragic issue to actually solve the problem and help the community move forward. >> what we need to do is let the investigation play out. this thing just happened friday. there will be a transparent investigation. under the rule of law, if there is a determination knead this officer was not reasonable in his action, proper discipline through the level process will happen. this overreaction in the first hours, this woman talking knows nothing about the investigation.
5:30 pm
she was talking off the top of her head. it might gain headlines, but it fews the unrest and the and stated state the community of san antonio might be in. she has first amendment protection, the media does. but she needs to act responsibly with that. jo ling: beyonce put out a new music video that is interpreted to be pro black lives matter and potentially look at issues inside new orleans. there are some sheriffs that reacted poorly to it. they turned their backs to beyonce during the super bowl halftime show. what was your reaction to the matter. >> i try not react to things. i don't want to give this any more play than it's already getting. musicians have long used their
5:31 pm
music to make political play. beyonce coming out in black ander-type uniforms. would it be acceptable if a band came out in white sheets? the black and% are a subversive hate group in america. i think bruno mars was a better halftime act. i could have watched him for the entire act. jo ling: hillary clinton playing the gender card in the last debate. >> sometimes i talk soft. sometimes i get passionate and get excited. i don't know any man who doesn't do the same thing. i find it interesting that this is a big cushion about me once again. jo ling: hillary addresses how
5:32 pm
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>> just remember there is a special place in hell for women who don't help each other.
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jo ling: that was former secretary of state madeleine albright telling women they have to support clinton in a rally in new hampshire. hillary clinton saying there is a double can starred when it comes to women and the sound and pitch of their voice. >> we are still living with a double standard. sometimes i talk soft. sometimes i get passionate. i don't know a man who doesn't do the say thing. all of a sudden this is a discussion about me, once again. jo ling: mercedes schlapp and eppley tisch. she said it's times before about women supporting women. >> i think what for hillary
5:37 pm
clinton according to the women's vote, she has positioned part of her campaign to be the first woman president. she was polling well with women last year. but there has been a generational divide. the millennials, over 60% of these younger women are going with bernie sanders. they don't want to be pigeon holed to support a candidate simply because of their gender. >> i don't think anyone is saying people should support clinton because she is a woman. but what they are saying is we don't know how to judge women in power. we see a couple of examples in our society, but we are still figuring it out. she has said for the last 10 years, younger women feel there
5:38 pm
are no barriers left. the younger women feel the fight of their mothers is not the fight of today. they feel that those fights are fought. there is very little implied left. it would be breaking barriers to have the first female president. you see a total breakdown with young women. once women hit 30 and see those barriers are not totally gone, they seem to have more understanding of the fact that we should take it into consideration. what she has done is impressive especially because she is a woman. jo ling: wish we could keep you for longer, but thank you so much for being here tonight. martin shkreli took on d.c. last week.
5:39 pm
>> you can look away if you like, but i wish you could see the faces of people who cannot get the drugs that they need. jo ling: a patient who says the pharma bro hiked his drug prices. he's here and reacting right after this. >> i invoke my fifth amendment privilege. i invoke my fifth men privilege.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. >> you can look away if you like. but i wish you could see the faces of people, who cannot get the drugs that are needed. jo ling: usual look at martin shkreli of turing pharmaceutical
5:43 pm
after he hiked a drug to $750 a pill. he repeatly refused to testify. >> i invoke my fifth amendment privilege. i invoke my must amendment privilege. i invoke my fifth amendment privilege. jo ling: that didn't stop him from tweeting afterwards. when you first starting taking the pill for lyme disis it only cost $1 a pill. the pharmacy told me -- called me and said it would be $30,000 a year, $30,000 a month, $360,000 a year. jo ling: if you didn't have access to that medication would that impact your health? >> i didn't have access after
5:44 pm
the price hike and it did affect my health significantly. jo ling: what would you like to say to march anyone shkreli if he were here right now. >> i'm disappointed in how he had atlantae atlanta of -- in he handles it. jo ling: how are you feeling right now? >> i have been pretty ill. but i have been a lot worse and there is a lot of other patients doing worse than me. i'm fortunate that i'm provided good healthcare through the company i work for and they make good accommodations for my health. jo ling: we hope you get better and get the care you need. jo ling: kennedy, the host of kennedy on fox business.
5:45 pm
you were in new hampshire and spent time with voters as they pull over this decision. who do you have think is going to win? kennedy: i think trump and bernie will win. the margin we don't know about. so many people i talked to are still undecided. 's the real phenomenon. if you talk to people this an incredibly charged state. they will tell you i have got two or three candidates in mind. i'll go with my heart when i pull the lever. one guy i talked to was torn between jeb bush and bernie sanders. jo ling: that's amazing. i met someone who was torn between hillary clinton and donald trump. and she said she might go with jeb or kasich. >> tomorrow night if you have
5:46 pm
could see some candidacies made, you will see greens dashed. i think wednesday morning a lot of people will be having serious conversations with donors and families about whether they should drop out. jo ling: who gets four tickets on the republican side? kennedy: i think jeb has more momentum. i think a lot of people think kasich does. by think people are taking a long sympathetic harder look at jeb, and i think he has one of the four golden tickets. fifth place is not enough in new hampshire to continue. jo ling: kennedy called it here. she is on the ground in new hampshire for a first-hands look at the primary. that will be on your show. her recent poll says min lenials
5:47 pm
says student debt will help decide how they vote. >> i believe public colleges and universities should be tuition free. tuition free. tuition free. tuition free. jo ling: steve forbes weighs in on socialism's new surge with dasmsly menials. -- with today's millennials. every day you read headlines about businesses
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5:51 pm
that was senator bernie sanders promising free tuition at university level. 65% of millennials say that is a major issue in their vote. does bernie sanders have the right idea in terms of courting democratic millennials? >> he's playing santa claus. when you have foremiddable bills coming in knowing you are going to leave with a ninney mortgage when you graduate, and graduate school is worse. it's a classic case where government created the problem through massive subsidies. and universities have been increased time again and again. the government said they will
5:52 pm
solve the problem and in doing so they will get more control over higher education which is the ultimate goal of government. jo ling: michael bloomberg tells the "times" he's thinking of running for president. >> two months ago he told me he wasn't going to do it because it's almost impossible for an independent to win. but he says if trump is the nominee and bernie sanders is the nominee, i'll run and i'll beat them. he will start filing in states like texas. he wants to see if this thing clarifies or if it looks like the democrat nomination may go to sanders. trump may win the republican ma'am nation, he will go in. jo ling: coming out of new hampshire who will the three candidates who will make it to south carolina. >> trump, rubio, cruz.
5:53 pm
and you can have kasich who can do well and bush still has the super pac so they may limp into south carolina. kasich could actually -- he could relationship new hampshire. that's how volatile it is. jo ling: we are watching governor kasich closely. fox business is going to bring you live coverage of our first in the nation primary tomorrow. neil cavuto bringing you new hampshire's cuts as they come in starting at 7:55 p.m. join us the moment we start that. did peyton manning get paid for pitching bud wiser last night. >> i'm going to drink a lot of beer. bus budweiser. jo ling: we'll have the answer. and which super bowl commercial
5:54 pm
was the biggest hit on social media in. we'll have the answer after this. >> he's eating doer river toes on my ultrasound. because when you live to innovate, you innovate to live. the all-new audi q7. a higher form of intelligence has arrived. iand quit a lot,t but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. wenit gave me a leafput in the names almost right away. first. within a few days, i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow,
5:55 pm
i'm related to george washington. i didn't know that using ancestry would be so easy.
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5:57 pm
jo ling: the denver broncos landing in denver, getting off the plane. the gape is over. but who won the super bowl of advertisements? here is google trend expert. i want to show everyone the doritos ultrasound ad that it loved, too. >> there is your beautiful baby, any day now. >> really? you are eating doer are you controversies? he's eating doritos on my ultrasound. >> i know.
5:58 pm
>> give me that. >> that video has been viewed 9 million times. we have been rewatching them, sharing them. this is the kind of experience people are having with these. we can talk about a coup other ones. one was from hyundai. this is when a couple of bears were coming after this couple. this was actually viewed close to 19 million times. they start the car using voice activation technology. it's something you want to share. it's funny at the end. that caught people's attention. >> we also have the puppy-monkey
5:59 pm
baby commercial. >> puppy, monkey, baby. >> close to 10 million people watched that one. it was available before the super bowl and after. once you see it you have an opinion about it one way or another. jo ling: do you think it moves the needle for the advertiser? >> we have seen more brand putting their ad up on the super bowl. and 60% of viewing was on a mobile device. io * if you were able to grade the ads, overall did the
6:00 pm
puppybabymonkey work? good to see you. "making money" with charles payne is next. charles: stocks struggle as the baton of the shift from oil to bangs. a war of police take center stage. one newspaper publishes the names and addresses of police officers. first, we are less than 24 hours from the new hampshire primary. donald trump still in the lead with the latest monmouth poll. john


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