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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  February 8, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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puppybabymonkey work? good to see you. "making money" with charles payne is next. charles: stocks struggle as the baton of the shift from oil to bangs. a war of police take center stage. one newspaper publishes the names and addresses of police officers. first, we are less than 24 hours from the new hampshire primary. donald trump still in the lead with the latest monmouth poll. john kasich and jeb bush taking
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aim. >> jeb is not a guy that can go anywhere. a total stiff. they asked him was the war in iraq good or bad. remember that five days, six days you get one answer. another he went back and forth. >> you can't say the thing he says, you can't disparage people and device the nation and expect to win. this is a reality tv show for him. he views it as a foamp entertainment, i think. charles: let me start with you, it's always about the polls 24 hours out. i think they are all in sympathy, they are suggesting there is a serious horse race in number two. >> it seems that you have a clear frontrunner.
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but the jumble in the second, third, fourth fifth and sixth place is hard to figure. he mentioned jeb and kasich surging. but they are surging from 10 point to 13 to 14 point. jeb bush goes from 4 to 13 in a month. it's a hefty jump. >> you are seeing the fruits of the labors where that these governors have put into new hampshire. >> you have got to wonder if there is going to be too many tickets and they continue to cannibalize that establishment lane making it easier for donald trump or ted cruz. we know they have the ground gape they invested in the state. >> the new monmouth poll was taken before the debate.
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the debate changes everything. but this will give us a base of where they were. trump 30%, kay itch, rubio, bush and cruz effectively tied. i'm predicting trump, cruz, bush and rubio. but here is the big number. 51% of the republican voters say they are not completely decide. another 31% say they have a preference but it can change. that's why this debate probably made the difference and that's why you will see the governors move up, rubio move down, and mr. trump did no harm but he still doesn't have a ground game. katrina on fox biz said they have one, but when you have gone from zero to 2, you doubled four effort. char alread -- charles: he's doing smaller
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venues. there is a serious twitter war between him and jeb bush. bush calling donald trump -- here is donald trump's tweet to jeb. jeb has zero communication skills. he's a weak candidate. but i have got to tell you. he's calling trump a loser and a liar. >> we saw jeb get under trump's skin when said how tough does it have to be to try to take an old lady's property for your limo parking lot. it seems likely trump is going to win. we don't know what the margin will be. any of four candidates could finish second or fifth. it's change as we speak. people are deciding as we speak.
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charles: we had this conversation on the eve of iowa. and i think you can see that kasich to tammy's point even before the debate saturday had a good head of steam. i think he fared well on saturday. >> rubio has seen his momentum come to a screeching halt. but intern polling continued, and even some of the campaign polls showed the momentum slow. he needs a strong finish if he's going to convince them there is no hope for them south carolina or nevada. they can't wait until kasich goes back to ohio. but he's still eke out ahead. if his operation is as impressive as it was before and he can keep on knock on doors in new hampshire he could eke that out and make it look like jeb's
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donors who are ready to bolt finally do. charles: i was thinking new hampshire would be the last stand for a lot of these folks going into the weekend. kasich, christy, and -- christie and perhaps even bush. but does it ultimately help or hurt the establishment side? >> i think this is unprecedented. every four years we talk about the process being unprecedented. this is truly unprecedented. we were having conversations immediate lire before. the situation has changed. the delegates are allocated proportionally up until the 15th. it's all so the case with the rise of super pacs. and candidates writing checks to themselves. that's not as bad as it has been past cycles. if i'm and establishment
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candidate, why not hang around. charles: rick santorum had one deep pocketed backer. >> some of these guys just banked on new hampshire. we'll see if that's a good bet or not. if chris christie finished back at 5% after spending all that time in new hampshire, what's he going to gets in south carolina. charles: if rubio is third ... >> he would prove to be the suicide bomber for jeb. charles: i thought we would be calling his swan song, what's he going to do. but i guess' still in it. >> it was a perfect storm for him with trump being out of the
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debate. the audience was stlil for them. it wants all about trump. trump failed in see you what. it reminded the governor that there is something there for him. i'm nervous that it took those things for jeb to find his footing. these are the auditions to the rest of the country. >> for people in new hampshire, it feels like it's just beginning. >> if he does get up past into something that's decent, that's the signal. main that was his job and maybe that will be it now. charles: we haven't mentioned ted cruz in this conversation. he's in the enviable spot of wanting to do well. >> i think especially with rick santorum and huckabee out of the
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race he will get the small number of voters supporting him in new hampshire. the reason people are paying so much attention to him. he's such a social conservative he has a definite ceiling than some of the governors do. to your point on christie. i'm not sure what he gained from attacking rubio so viciously on the debate stage. he helped out trump and cruz. and all of these governors don't have the money. kasich's bus is heading tonight to south carolina through the snowstorm to get to the next election. they have claim to have a ground game there, but people are wondering, what's next for you, governor. >> don't underestimate how big a motivator hatred is. rubio's super pac hit chris
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christie and was out for blood theo termite. charles: the hug d. he was out for blood the other night. charles: it's great the president shows you have, but that was a bromance out of this world and a lot of voters won't forget that. >> i read something that said marco rubio is like europe in a game of risk. actually the most important space, but everybody feels compelled to attack europe. this is what's going on, everybody is attacking europe or rubio, and it's not clear it's the best strategic move. but people can't help it. charles: trump doesn't have to
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get in the 30s or 32. he can say these professional guys ganged up on me. >> suddenly's the winning victim. he said earlier, you know, it would be great if i won, i hope i do, but it doesn't matter. he's suddenly shifting from the guy who is expected to win all the time to wouldn't it be great if i do? if his followers accept this that will be an interesting part of this transition. part of his power is maybe they will accept that he has to do that now. re torically he's under preparing people, and i don't think he believes it. but i also think he's going to have trouble in south carolina. he's not going to have the found game that everyone else has. i think he sees it as beneath him or unnecessary and that will catch up to him certainly. charles: even though's self-fund
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thing he seems to be tight with a buck. neil cavuto will be hosting a special coast to coast live from new hampshire and you don't want to miss our special coverage of the new hampshire primary. meaprimary. neil has it covered for you. we have you have covered right here on fox starting at 5:55 p.m. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg stated in public he's considering a run for the presidency. first congressman marcia blackburn joins me next. we are talking new hampshire and the lessons the pros could learn from donald trump.
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charles: all eyes are on ham for the nail's first primary. marcia blackburn is with me. you spent a lot of time pressing the flesh and talking to folks. what are you hearing that maybe we don't know in the media and we aren't arctic laterring enough? >> this is the year of the outsider. this is the year of con cit -- f constituents lecturing public officials. they are sick of this. as we discussed earlier i had a constituent that stood up in a town hall meeting and said, marcia, people are tired of being broke. i think there is a lot to it.
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people talk about national security, jobs and economic security and retirement security. charles: what about the establishment gop, the folks have been in washington for a long time and have let down ordinary people? >> that's why they are standing up and lecturing elected officials. some of us have been in washington for a while, but we have been the outsider he trying to change the wait system works. because people feel as if we are not getting things done. if you don't have a budget and you don't appropriate the money and the congress doesn't have their article one power and the power of the purse, then you are ceding that to the administration. look at what's happening with $19 trillion in debt. people are saying get this fixed now. charles: you have got bills that
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you have been trying to get through that seem to be amazing common sense stuff, stuff in the right direction. even then with the power structure the way it is, it's stuff to get things done. >> it is tough to get things done. speaker ryan i think will bring a little bit more power to getting those things done. and yes there are bills that some of us worked on across state line, heat, health insura. medicare choice, to let seniors stay with their healthcare and not be forced into medicare. so it does take a while, and you have to build consensus for that. but we have to have the house and senate working together and an administration will the will say i hear you, i hear the american people and we are going to get something done. >> lessons that professional politicians in washington, d.c. should be learning from donald
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trump and bernie sanders. >> they need to be learning that results matter. not necessarily experience, but result. and being able to give results. show what you can do. and then don't talk about yesterday, talk about tomorrow. and where you are going to take the country, and let people understand that you stand on appropriate experience. but don't lead with that. charles: you are excited about this trump candidacy, aren't you? >> it's an outsider year, i think it's good for the country. charles: you don't want to miss our special coverage of the new hampshire primary. the polls will close and neil cavuto will come on. it will be at 7-55 on fox business.
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a. charles: the f.b.i. continues to ratchet up its investigation into hillary clinton's email server. >> fox business learned one of the senior agents on the f.b.i. is working the clinton case, another indicator that the probe is a serious matter. he's in charge of the counter-terrorism service. he served at the counter espionage. he special nieds espionage and insider threat investigations. the former isn't f.b.i. director
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says the division specializes where a foreign government or entity has compromised the system. >> if there was information that they got information from the hacking would be of interest by counter-intelligence division. catherine herridge when asked about the investigation she seems to downplay the probe emphasizing that former soiks of state and aides had received classified material. >> they are retroactively classifying. i agree with secretary powell who said this is an absurdity. reporter: powell had 16 classified emails compared to
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hillary clinton's 1,600. there is growing pressure on to be general loretta lynch as the justice department weighs this criminal investigation. it doesn't go away. we continue to hear hillary clinton say these things were retroactively classified as to secret. but everybody i talked to from the legal side said that's not what anybody is concerned about. but she should have known the content of these. they were sent from her private server and they weren't secure. how do you see this unfolding? >> if the counter-intelligence expert at the fine is looking into this to see if foreign governments had access to these peoples, it's concerning. from what i'm told from my sources. names of individuals that worked for the agency were working for
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the agency. anyone who receives that email or send that email knows that's highly classified information. that's why the 22 emails haven't been released because they contain those names. i think it's not on the people that took those messages off of classified servers and it on an unclassified server to send to secretary clinton. but it's also some of the other language you hear that hillary asked individuals that worked on her staff to send it anyway, knowing it was classified. >> it seems -- i know the clinton abit to talk her around things and the use of semantics. it feels like the noose is starting to tighten. you wonder how long it will take and if there is deliberate foot dragging. >> you see this reflected in her
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trust war anywhereness polls -- her trustworthiness polls. with loretta lynch, you have one in five americans saying the government is trustworthy. one in three say they believe there is corruption. and what happened with the irs is not confidence inspiring. charles: hillary clinton invoking colin powell saying former secretaries of state did the same thing. >> everything single line of defense hillary clinton put up during this scandal has been breached. that it's retroactively classified is absurd. someone at the top level of our government knows how
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classification works. they know if they did the same thing they would have been fired and demoted. charles: are the folks in charge of the democratic party. are they playing a dangerous game by allowing this to be dragged out or by not dealing with it swiftly and bringing in an alternative to hillary. >> i think james comey is work entirely on his own timetable. by the many insane the democratic party has all of their eggs except for a 74-year-old socialist who is completely unelectable, is this basket. she has a major vulnerability hanging over her head. and she is a hostage to fortune. charles: stocks struggled bats on of despair. remember oil-mageddon?
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charles: the markets struggled early after inheriting a tidal wave of weakness. here is what we saw today. the red flags, decline of
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financials getting scary. it wasn't long ago where they were touted as the place to be. the fed is going to raise rates, get into those financials. discretionary stocks are huge losers. something is not connecting there. i did see positive sides today including energy names. there was a strong reversal for those coat tails. with the dow closing 177 down, that's 277 points off the low. steve, let me start with you. all of a sudden overnight germany is 27% from the high last year. we are talking about greek bond yields. i don't want to wake up every morning wondering what is going on in greece. >> there is a war on wealth going on.
6:34 pm
charles: who is waging this war? is it central bankers? who is waging this war? >> it's reflected in bernie sanders. anybody who is getting ahead is somehow a villian. this is the political culture you are seeing pretty much in the united states and all over the world. there is no leadership. the stocks are falling because businesses are setting to go into a hibernation. they are not investing and spending. profits are down. i think it's amazing to me that president obama gave this a a jig in the end zone. charles: that is amazing. >> i think he will regret it. this economy, i think we could
6:35 pm
get a negative quarter in the first quarter. charles: i guess the thing for me is the worst thing a company could have done is said record earnings. record profits. down she goes. dave, what's going on. >> companies like facebook and going many. google was up 70 points when they rorteearngs. it'sivenll tt ba and lot re. theris nsing rean wh thiss asad ait i you n pot tohe cnesend the ack an ithe l mark. the nks e thbigg tel so of eigge bks, big mo up theast w wes. thinstevhit it. you listen to the etoric coming out of the left side of the democratic party. it's very anti-business.
6:36 pm
under a presiden -- a president. >> i don't think anybody is taking it seriously. >> you talked about this credit situation. >> we have been speaking by the for months. if we were going to have a recession it would be imported from abroad. the throwdown abroad combined with the easy money, the loans never should have been made. the chickens are coming them roost on the cusp of these bankruptcies which i think mr. continue to freeze up the credit markets and capital markets. charles: but is the risk a 2008 level? >> no. you will know you are at the bottom when the bankruptcy are announced. you are seeing rumors of the bankruptcy. >> we are seeing bankruptcy in
6:37 pm
the oil sector. >> you are not seeing any big surprises. charles: oil stocks were able to trade higher even after the chesapeake news. >> don't count on that. the weakness from the financials is what is most important. the market is saying they are worried about the bad loans. charles: you don't want to miss our special coverage of the new hampshire primaries. neil cavuto will have up to the minute result as soon as the polls close. donald trump says when he becomes president he will slap ford with a huge tax for moving their production to mexico. so guess what they did? they moved to mexico.
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charles: ford is going to open up a plant south border.
6:41 pm
charles: bernie sanders in a rally in deering, ham will be will be he woman fell, he yelled, oh, god, and he rushed to help her and give her aid. the "wall street journal" is reporting ford plans to double its production to and move to mexico by 2018. joining me now representative marcia blackburn, steve moore and tammy bruce. this has become a major political hot potato.
6:42 pm
donald trump saying i'm going to smack ford and all these companies. these companies are saying we don't care. they are moving billions in production to mexico. how should we feel about that? >> i think the wwe should smack down on federal regulations. get rid of some of this from the epa and osha. if we took the fir quarter of 2017 and just reveal some of these, then go in and reorganize the tax code so we are in a business friendly environment. that's the job of the president. work with congress, create the environment for jobs growth to take place. charles: you understand this is a business decision. your district benefited. >> we have a toyota plant on the edges. tennessee also has volkswagen. we love what is happening with
6:43 pm
innovation in the auto industry, but we want those cars here. charles: i don't know if you can strong arm companies to build in america and strong arm them to bring money back. >> mexico didn't strong arm anybody to bring the factories there. there was the union deal to keep 12,000 jobs when they got a pay raise. but you want the company to the survive so the jobs that are already here actually stay. this is the on the answer. the answer is to make it worth staying and worth the businesses to be here. tax i season toughs, regulation -- tax incentives and regulation issues. there seems to be a lax day d a lackadaisical attitude. this is a good move for them
6:44 pm
now. but we have got to make them want to come back. charles: general motors took a multi-billion dollar loss on that deal. general motors is paying its workers up to $4,000 bonuses. it feels like that's not really gratitude. >> i'm a free trader and i think companies should be able to locate where they want to. but i hate to see american workers lose their jobs when these jobs go abroad. i want a structure that's as tammy was saying brings these jobs back. last week in front of the house ways and means committee of the congress, i don't think marcia was there. what i told these members, you have got to do something yesterday about this. every day you don't do something about the tax code, we are losing more businesses.
6:45 pm
why aren't the alarms going off in congress when this kind of thing happens? >> the alarms should be going off. you are exactly right. we love gm at the spring hill facility in tennessee and in my district. a lot of employees there. there is a simple equation. it is less litigation, less regulation, less taxation, always equals for innovation and job creation. for all of these companies, gm, ford, nissan, toyota, we want all of them to be here. charles: we have the best workers in the world. now we need the best tax policy and best regulations. only the lawyers are getting rich chasing the jobs out. unless you were a broncos fan, the game last night was a little bit boring. some liked the halftime
6:46 pm
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it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people.
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charles: last night bowian say had a political message to convey. her routine, some hawaii say the had a reference to malcolm x and or wardrobe was reportedly inspired by the black panthers. there is a growing war against police and a texas newspaper announcing they are going to publish the names and addresses of every san antonio police officer following a deadly shooting last week. let's start with the new beyonce song and video.
6:50 pm
apparently making reference to new orleans and the recent spat of course, a lot of violence between the police and particularly urban neighborhoods. for me personally, i just never understand why we don't hear much about the black on black violence in a place like new orleans where i think is a far more significant threat to the people that live there. >> it is. when you look at the super bowl halftime commercial, you have to say to yourself, i saw this commercial just like 120 million other americans saw this commercial. do we have to be inundated with people's political feelings and their political savvy? do we actually have to watch that? that's exactly what beyonce did during her performance. she gave it middle finger to police officers all across the country. i think that was clearly not the place for her actions.
6:51 pm
charles: you say there is a place for this dialogue to happen? >> if goo -- if weon say wants s to support the black and% she can buy a commercial spot. and she can say anything she wants within that 30 seconds. but why does ply family and 120 million other americans, why do we have to be subjected to her political agenda? i think it's rock and clear live that's not the place for it. she can dance, she can spin, she can twirl. but she can't force her political feeling down my throat and the throats of many other americans. charles: what about this newspaper in and scene toneio that equated police officers to
6:52 pm
rapists and saying that was their rationale to releasing to the public their names of and home addresses. >> here we so someone's political agenda. this is becoming frightening. that makes folks like myself who is a police investigator whether there is a national conspiracy forming against law enforcement officers. listen to what these folks said in san antonio. they said they see quite police officers to the klu klux klan. wait a minute. if you are going to tell me police officers in the year 2016 are equated to the klu klux klan then we have a major problem this country and nothing could be further from the truth. char already thertruth -- charles: there is a problem in the country and it was brought up during the deef baits.
6:53 pm
how do we fix this problem? what is the first step towards resolution? >> that's an excellent question. the first step is communication. we have to communicate with each other with an off dialogue. we have to get perspective from different walks of life. we have to get everybody's perspective and we have to operate and go forward as one country. this is not a country that should be divided. some of the rhetoric we hear coming from the democratic side is trying to destroy and keep our country divided. charles: the progressive elite started this war on police a long time ago. the 2016 race might get a little bit more cloud a name you know. he's numb 9. the number 9th richest person in the world. talk aboutself funding. feel a cold coming on?
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charles: breaking news. well, it's almost official. at least it's officially announced former new york city mayor michael bloomberg telling the financial times that he is eyeing a run for the white house in 2016. joining me now darren shaw, congressman marble blackburne. all right, darren, how does that change the polls? let's say he does jump in from a month from now. >> well, i think a lot of this is premised from who is going to be involved in the general election fight. charles: let's say trump and anyone else on the gop -- i am on the democratic side. i guess he wouldn't go against hillary. was that it? >> well, i think initially the thought was that if it were a sanders ump race, he wou almo cerinlyet i hilly colicas it but t's y heoes th i anyw. the's litt bit o polling out there that suggests -- it's unnamed but the top line number suggests he's in the low 20s. i think what you get outside the new york bubble, i don't think bloomberg is that well-known. and if that's the case, there's all sorts of potential
6:58 pm
with the guy with all sorts of money who can write on a blank slate. and the idea that he's going to walk in there and people are going to say wow he was awesome for new york. charles: apparently he's the 9th richest person in the world at $9.2 billion. he has not been too successful in trying to persuade people with the gun issues. so i'm not sure how populous his message would be or how woul want less government, not more. and they are -- charles: but some need to train -- >> no. no. no. you can have your big slurpee all day long. but i don't think that his type politics is what they're looking for right now. i think that they're more focused on the security issues. charles: what do you think, rich? >> i think if trump witnesses a republican nomination, there's abopening for him.
6:59 pm
because he's going to poll among working class democrats and presumably going to perform under on college-educated women, among latinos, and that's the potential for bloomberg. and if i'm trump, i want bloomberg in the race because trump would have a better chance of winning a three-way than a two-way. charles: what do you think? >> i'm just blown away that we're going to end up in a election where three lifelong democrats are running. they're veterans of new york incredibly corrupt politics. [laughter] it's not insanity. charles: when michael bloomberg announced he was running for mayor in new york city, i thought he was joking. he was. he was extraordinarily successful. >> well, what an he's willing to spend and that first run back when he was rapport pretending to be republican, he sent a radio to every single republican in new york
7:00 pm
city and donald trump has a lot of money -- so far shown very little inclination to spend it. charles: great to have you in the studio. you too,, guys. now here's the man himself. lou dobbs. . lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. republican presidential candidates tonight going across the state of new hampshire just hours to go before voting begins in the first in the nation primary. frontrunner donald trump trying to turn his huge lead in the polls into his first victory after coming in second in iowa. on the campaign trail, trump escalating the feud with jeb bush. >> he's a total stiff. jeb bush. here's a guy honestly. if you weren't in government, if he weren't in government, you wouldn't hire him -- >> donald trump organizes his campaign around disparaging


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