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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 8, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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single republican in new york city and donald trump has a lot of money -- so far shown very little inclination to spend it. charles: great to have you in the studio. you too,, guys. now here's the man himself. lou dobbs. . lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. republican presidential candidates tonight going across the state of new hampshire just hours to go before voting begins in the first in the nation primary. frontrunner donald trump trying to turn his huge lead in the polls into his first victory after coming in second in iowa. on the campaign trail, trump escalating the feud with jeb bush. >> he's a total stiff. jeb bush. here's a guy honestly. if you weren't in government, if he weren't in government, you wouldn't hire him -- >> donald trump organizes his campaign around disparaging
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people as a sign of strength. it's not strong to insult women. it's not strong to castigate hispanics. lou: and trump tonight holding a rally in manchester, new hampshire, the largest city in the state will be going there when he begins talking. will also be talking with former reagan white house political director ed rollins. winning columnist. also tonight hillary clinton is campaigning now against women. at least women who don't support her. high profile clinton surrogates including the campaign including in attacks. former secretary of state trying to shame young women into voting for clinton. listen to her. >> you have to help hillary clinton will always be there for you and just remember.
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there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. [cheers and applause] . lou: well, there it is. and a new poll out in new hampshire shows bernie sanders beating clinton among women by 8 percentage points. we'll have a full report for you. and the obama administration is preparing finally to act against the zika virus. at least four million people in the americas are expected to be infected over the next year. we'll have the latest developments for you on the mosquito-boerne epidemic. in our top story tonight, five hours to go before three tiny towns following the tradition and cast the first votes in the state's primary. republican presidential candidates are taking advantage of every single minute until that happens. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron
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with our report. >> a preprimary day storm slowed the pace of the campaign a little bit but that only made the candidates all the more energic and determined to get every single handshake they could before the votes. >> leading polls, donald trump focused on jeb bush saying bush melts like butter under attack. >> donald trump said this, donald trump said that, and then he says see? i'm the only one taking on donald trump. i'm not afraid of donald trump. i'm -- he's like a child. he's like a spoiled child. >> bush fired back tweeting quote @realdonald trump you're ain't loser, you're a liar. surged after the debate as undecided shoppers give him a look. marco rubio had big momentum heading into this weekend but his debate performance for his rivals. >> he's scripted and not spontaneous, and he doesn't --
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you know, he's not a leader. >> no apologies for rubio several times during the debate and no backing down on the trail. >> we still have time to get this right. but we're running out of time. 2016 is our last and best chance. >> john kasich has bet it all on new hampshire and had the state to himself while the rest of the field was in iowa. but the polls haven't shown much momentum for him. >> we can't run america with pollsters. what you know? i'm convinced god created pollsters to make astrologists to look accurate. >> downplaying ted cruz with an eye toward south carolina and beyond. >> i hope and believe we'll do well here, but i also know we've got an incredible team on the ground in south carolina. and ten days after south carolina is super tuesday the so-called scc primary. our team across super tuesday is stronger than anyone else's in the field. >> carly fiorina trailing in the polls continues to plug
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away. >> we have a ground game in 1 states, leadership teams in 24 states. >> ben carson took the day off the trail in new hampshire. overnight five staffers for the super pac supporting him quit and endorsed ted cruz. all the polls suggest more than a third of new hampshire voters have yet to make up their mind or change their minds when they get that the voting booth. don't believe any of the predictions, new hampshire has a long history of turning conventional wisdom upside down. lou: carl, i promise. turning to the democrats now, the clinton camp in full panic mode as women voters are turning on hillary. former president clinton on the campaign trail this weekend accusing sanders of sexism. fox news chief auto white house correspondent ed henry in new hampshire with our report. >> bill and hillary clinton started today trying to regain some political magic and new hampshire landmark that holds a special place in their past. breakfast.
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the french canadian cafe where the come back kid was born in 1992 with economic anxiety on the menu for voters then and now. >> a lot of people -- don't believe -- >> except 24 years later, the candidate tapping into voter anxiety is not a clinton. it's a democratic socialist named bernie sanders. >> the people of new hampshire are prepared to lead this country in a political revolution. >> that revolution could start in the granite state. so while hillary clinton claims she's fighting for every vote here, she spent most of yesterday in flint, michigan talking about the water crisis and already started looking ahead to the next battleground. >> saturday the 20th. >> now there are rumblings of a staff shakeup with political reporting that bill and hillary clinton are upset about her campaign's confusing messaging. told fox news no staff shakeup
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is coming but it's clear that bill clinton is getting frustrated. after holding his tongue for most of the campaign, he lashed out at sanders on sunday for pushing socialist plans without fully explaining how to pay for them. >> the new hampshire i knew would not have voted for me if i had done that. >> and then despite republican frontrunner donald trump declaring bill clinton's sexual past is fair game, the former president accused the sanders campaign of sexism over a tricky attack on them online. >> not to mention sexist, to repeat -- >> that led to a new round of hand ringing of whether the comments will backfire as they seem to do in 2008. rather than spark a 1992 come back. so today brought a quick walk back. >> the hotter this election gets, the more i wish i were a former president and just for
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the few months not the spouse of an exone. py thank everyone i say. >> now, tonight declaring there's quote zero truth to this speculation about a staff shakeup. but i have to tell you many times out here on the campaign trail you get the denial before the shakeup. lou. lou: the system you've got down there, ed henry. turn to carl to not believe these polls in new hampshire. but it's so obvious that hillary clinton has a problem with women voters down 8% in the latest poll with women. what is the problem for her? >> you know, being on the ground first in iowa and now here for an intense amount of time. what i'm seeing is that it's not just limited to female voters. if you look over my shoulder here, we're waiting for bernie sanders to arrive at the university of new hampshire. these are young people.
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men and women and they're enthusiastic. they're energic about the candidacy of bernie sanders. he's speaking to their issues. yes, to some extent he's talking about free stuff, free tuition, free health care and the like. but on top of that hillary clinton has an enthusiasm problem that i don't think is held to just one gender, frankly, lou. lou: thank you very much. follow there for the clinton campaign but we always appreciate your insight which is proved to be so accurate over the years. ed henry, thank you so much. a blizzard is hitting new england and could drop some snow in some parts. new hampshire is under a winter weather advisory that could affect turnout that is expected to be at record -- new record levels. janice from the fox news weather center joining us now to tell us what we can expect. janice. >> hi, lou, yes, we're dealing with a storm right now so folks heading to new hampshire have some wintry roadways to get through. let's take a look at it.
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this is the storm right here. it's existing, but we've got a new one waiting in the wings we're going to have to watch tomorrow. we think at this time it's not going to affect new hampshire tomorrow for the primary. but you can see new england getting hammered with both snow and winds. and we have blizzard conditions for southeastern massachusetts, winter storm warnings as well for parts of southeastern new hampshire up towards maine. we could get an additional one to three even five inches of snow for the granite state. overnight tonight we're still going to see blustery conditions, there's your future radar, so there's our storm system. still getting snow across new england and new hampshire and vermont and then we'll watch this system here. again, computer models are showing it's going to remain offshore. but we're going to have to watch it very carefully obviously folks across portions of new jersey, dc, baltimore, you're going to get the snow tomorrow. but we think remaining dry for the most part in new hampshire. let's take a look at it.
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this is 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. could see some snow flurries across northern and central parts of the state. but otherwise, a good-looking day. it's going to be cold. but of course it's wintertime and they're used to these conditions up in new hampshire. but for the most part, the good news is the storm will remain offshore. this snowfall is going to come within the next couple of hours and overnight tonight and for tomorrow, lou, tuesday, a much better forecast. here's what it looks like for your daytime highs. we could see a few snow flurries across northern portions of new hampshire. but otherwise a good-looking day as we think that next storm system is going to remain offshore. so let's take a look at it again. this will p.m. monday, still seeing that snow kneading maine, new hampshire, vermont, and then as we get into overnight, we'll clear out. so better conditions tomorrow, we'll have to get through the next few hours and through the overnight. but i do foresee a good-looking day in new hampshire.
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lou: janice, thank you very much. and i want to remind our viewers while we do not trust the polling in new hampshire, we do trust janice's weather. >> thank you. lou: you've got it. predicting a record turnout tomorrow and janice just said there's every reason to believe the weather is going to accommodate them. officials say more than half a million voters will be casting ballots. 550,000 ballots. in fact, 63% of all registered voters are expected to vote tomorrow. and voters as janice showed us won't be going through the snow, there will be 58 names, however, on the ballot. there's something to trudge. 30 republicans, 28 democrats on the presidential ballot tomorrow. it's going to be a little work tomorrow. president obama is now asking congress for almost $2 billion in funding to fight the zika virus. the white house declaring that that money would be used to expand mosquito-control
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programs, vaccine development, and diagnostic testing. doctor anthony of the national institute of health had this to say. >> we never assume the least, we always assume the worst. we have faced this over the last few years both with chicken. although we've had many little local transmissibility through the florida coast, florida, and the keys and texas, we were able to relatively easily control it by a very aggressive vector-controlled capability. we're not overconfident, and we will prepare for the worst, but we're saying we don't think there will be an explosive outbreak. lou: well, good news. so far there has not been, at least we don't know there's been a transmission of the zika virus by mosquitoes within the united states. but the centers for disease control report 50 confirmed cases of zika now among u.s.
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travelers from december of last year to this month. we're coming right back. stay with us. much more straight ahead. . lou: bill clinton rips into bernie sanders saying his attacks on hillary are sexist. >> attacks that are literally too profane often not to mention sexist. lou: so how is what people saying ironic playing with clinton's voters? daily beast reporter betsy with us next. and a scary moment for one family when the world literally crumbled beneath their feet. their story and the stunning video when lou dobbs continues right after these messages. stay with us
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eventually they have to end. unless you have the comcast business voice mobile app. it lets you switch seamlessly from your desk phone to your mobile with no interruptions. i've never felt so alive. make your business phone mobile with voice mobility. comcast business. built for business. lou: joining me now from manchester, new hampshire, political reporter for the daily beast with, betsy, good to see you. we hear there's going to be record turn out tomorrow. at the same time we're -- watching the president, the former president bill clinton out there defending his wife and engaging in a war on women basically saying that they're going to hell if they don't vote for hillary clinton. what's going on up there? >> it's totally baffling.
7:19 pm
and bill clinton and marilyn should know that these tend to backfire. young democratic women don't care enough about issues like abortion and they're lazy and lackadaisical and it was a huge disaster for her. had to issue a statement for apologizing but you have albright saying democratic winner who don't vote for hillary have a place in hell. it's weird that the divide is so dramatic. lou: a generation and as ed henry just reported a generation divide, a gender divide, almost every divide up there for the hillary clinton campaign. if this -- if this point, how badly does it look like bernie sanders is going to beat her? >> the polls are indicating he's going to beat her by double digits. that's what we've been seeing numbers going back a few months. however, looking of course at iowa, looking at the rebuttal there, we know these polls aren't totally reliable. one thing to keep -- lou: oh, sure everybody was wrong in iowa.
7:20 pm
now everybody saying you can't trust the poll. but before we could. now we find out we can't. >> how can we know anything? it's so confusing. scary time. lou: let me ask you. trump with immense -- an immense lead there according to most polls. any sign whatsoever as to whether or not rubio has stalled? city maintaining his momentum? who else is moving up in your judgment something that you can sense there on the ground? >> my guess would be that things are going okay for rubio and part of the reason for that as i was driving between events today, rush limbaugh give a good dependence. of course got mocked when he kept repeating that line of obama not knowing what he was doing. but limbaugh on a radio station that has a wide play in new hampshire, a lot of influence among young voters said, no, it's good he said this. lou: wait, wait, wait, i get rush limbaugh said that.
7:21 pm
did he watch me repeat that four times in a -- >> they had audio. they had audio him repeating it. and you can't say too many times that obama knows what he's doing and maybe the alternative. lou: so trump still by a wide margin. >> that's what it seems like. the crowds were a little weird, a little subdued. so i don't think he's going to be necessarily nipping at trump's coattails tomorrow. lou: good to have you with us. thanks so much. >> sure thing. lou: ought to be quite a day tomorrow. well, be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you think nfl and cbs should be condemned for celebrating antilaw enforcement messaging during their super bowl halftime show? if you saw it, you know exactly what i'm talking about. it was extraordinary. cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs news and a reminder to follow me on twitter, like me on facebook and follow me on instagram at lou dobbs tonight.
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links to everything found at breaking news now the super bowl champion moments ago returned to denver a day after beating the carolina panthers in super bowl 50 and what a game it was. this super bowl win is the third championship for the denver broncos. a massive parade is scheduled for tomorrow. and, again, just an amazing defensive performance and extraordinary win. congratulations again, denver. a dramatic rescue coming out of peru. a couple and their two-year-old daughter were driving when a massive sinkhole as you see there, it opened up nearly swallowing the entire car. good samaritans quickly used rope to get ahold of the door and to bring the passengers out. they rescued the entire family. and car northerns wisconsin, rotten luck for some of them, dozens attending a winter festival parked on the service
7:23 pm
of lakia at the en lake geneva, it rose bun 32 degrees and this is what happened. by the time they returned, their cars were submerged or partially submerged in water as you see there. global warming? something warmed up. up next beyoncé injects politics into the super bowl halftime show. cbs and the nfl go right along with it. she performed a song that critics say is antilaw enforcement. i'll have a few thoughts on that coming up with us. stay with us.
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7:28 pm
leather style leather. ♪ ♪ ♪ . lou: that's right not great lyrics, not a great piece of music and jay z released the music video of her standing on top a come car saying stop shooting us and then gave it away free. beyoncé nestalgic was too much for new york city mayor who had the guts to slam beyoncé for attacking law enforcement.
7:29 pm
my guess is it was too much for most viewers and utterly out of place in most homes. we don't know what the advertisers intended but surely, shuffler not that. we do know what the nfl and cbs intended. because politics is never before had a role in the super bowl. but it did yesterday as fully the responsibility of the nfl and cbs. and it is certainly a mistake i hope they never make again. our quotation of the evening on propaganda because that's what it was. and it is about political interest being put before truth. our quotation tonight joseph conrad. he said he who wants to persuade should put his trust not in the right argument but the right word. the power of sound has always
7:30 pm
been greater than the power of sense. an unfortunate truth. we're coming right back. stay with us. . lou: the new hampshire primary is here tomorrow. and we're about to find out whether donald trump has a ground game. will his huge lead in the polls convert to a big win in new hampshire? and who is this guy bloomberg? making news is like he wants to run for president. we'll take it up with ed rollins and michael goodwin here next. and a hollywood film stunt sparks fear of a terrorist attack in london. well, what happened? we'll show you the video here next. we think you'll be impressed. stay with us.
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cut! can i get a smoothie, please? ooh! they got smoothies? for me. . lou: we have the final new hampshire tracking poll has just been released showing donald trump with a commanding lead over the republican field. the cnn wmur survey has trump on top, 31% marco rubio is in second. but 14 points back ted cruz although 14 points, john kasich at 10, in fifth place jeb bush at 7%. joining me now to assess all of this, former white house political strategist ed roll in, and michael goodwin, both fox news contributors. great to have you here. first these numbers, what happened? are we going to see a win for trump? >> sure. you're going to see a win for trump, nobody argues that. and i think he'll have a big win. at the end of the day one
7:35 pm
thing is very important. we make a big deal out of iowa and new hampshire. this is about a contest for delegates. and at the end of iowa, cruz got eight delegates, trump got seven, rubio got seven. this is 23 delegates, three - lou: are you diminishing -- >> i'm not diminishing, i'm trying to put it into reality. and the reality is there's always three people that come out of iowa, get momentum, three or four people come out of this thing, and then you go on and the bottom line is that people like christie and them ought to drop out because they have no money and they're going to go nowhere. lou: and the likelihood of them listening to your counsel. >> is nothing. they can spend more money and, you know, their one% in the lower states and they're going to go nowhere. >> their participation and the fact that the election means nothing really, a handful of delegates, we're watching what are has historically a very strong indicator which way the election's going to go.
7:36 pm
what is in your judgment the likelihood that we're going to see a surprise out of new hampshire? and by a surprise, i mean somebody who is not trump, cruz, or rubio? >> i think slim to none. i think that the table is set, and i think what we see is pretty much what we'll get. there will be some movements within i suspect. but if anything i think cruz could soften to those numbers and room for somebody else. but it's not like somebody is going to come from the back even to the middle. i think the top is going to remain the top. lou: rubio, how due diligence badly did he hurt himself? i have to tell you. i thought it was a very poor moment for rubio. >> he lost his moment, he had tremendous moment before that debate, and he -- he was in a real position to certainly be second and maybe even close the gap somewhat on trump. that's certainly not going to happen. i think you still may get second and that's going to be distant third or fourth but still going to be in the game.
7:37 pm
but he lost the momentum and the invisibility -- lou: john kasich did in the saturday night debate on abc news. he loved everybody. what's the opportunity for him? >> well, look, i think one of the fights here is for fourth between kasich and bush. which of them can get in the double digits, get a respectable showing, which neither of them had in iowa. and to go on, it seems to me -- if there are three of them, the former governors, kasich, bush and -- lou: rubio. >> christie, and if one of them finishes at the bottom of that three, probably probably should drop out. lou: it's getting to where we have intervals here. it's for delegates and you're looking at somebody slicing down to the fourth and fifth position. >> and the reality is christie who is in the bottom, bottom
7:38 pm
of the pack everywhere has been missing in the state for 400 days. he'll be back in trenton getting reacquainted for the state where he hasn't been for a year and a half and that's the reality if he wants to go on, he's going to waste money he doesn't have. lou: after all can christie who explained to rubio that he was not indulging in leadership but rather truancy. he apparently knew where a few spoke. is that what you're saying? >> that's not what i'm saying. he's not going to be there wednesday who is on who cares. i'm not going to be a cynic, i've just watched this for a long time. lou: and we want you here because you're not only cynical but skeptical and -- >> and i'm not -- you know, 50 years of watching this process and it's goofier this time than ever, it gis me some title to be cynical. [laughter] . lou: there are privileges. and it's going to be interesting to see. i -- with sanders taking on in his sexist way bill clinton
7:39 pm
says mrs. clinton, is that going to have any impact? >> well, what struck me, lou, about the two things. the albrights and the clintons coming on -- the war on women. that's a great phrase. lou: you either vote for hillary, madeleine albright says, or you go to hell. >> that's right. and then reports of the shakeup and the campaign. all of this feels so familiar, and i think that's part of the problem. there's nothing new in the world about the clintons. they were corrupt, they continue to be corrupt. that's to me bernie sanders' great thing. he's different, he's new. 74 years old, but he's new. that's how bad the clintons are. >> sanders is going to beat her badly with women. lou: it's going to be quite a day in new hampshire tomorrow. ed, thank you for being here. appreciate it. michael, thank you so much. in a fiery explosion to tell you about sparking panic on the streets of london. witnesses yet, yes, shocked to
7:40 pm
see this double-decker bus blown up on the bridge in front of the bridge parliament. unsuspecting tourists and bystanders thought they witnessed a terrorist attack. turns out it was a special effects explosion for the new jackie chan movie being filmed in london. critics say that wasn't enough of a warning. i mean this is a little too real by any stretch of the imagination. it does make me want to see as always jackie chan, however. up next general jack keane joins me to talk about north korea and russia and u.s. policy such as it is chaos on campus after a leopard wonders into a school. there he is. that's more than wondering. that looks to me like -- well, hunting. we'll have the video for you. it is shocking here next. stay with us. we're coming right back
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lou: breaking news tonight. texas has suffered a setback in its efforts to block syrian refugees from resettling in the state. a federal judge in austin blocked the bid saying texas republicans should use the political process not
7:45 pm
courtrooms a rather peculiar ruling, following the paris terrorist attacks in november. north koreans today celebrating the launch of a satellite, they put on a fireworks display. kim jong-un went ahead with the long range response for china not to proceed in response the president -- president obama said he was concerned but not surprised. i repeat concerned but not surprised. there's the thing. the obama administration leaving the condemnation to the united nation united nations security council. it held an emergency meeting threatening new sanctions and promptly retired from the meeting. joining us now former army staff general jack keane. good to have you with us. it makes me wonder what is the point of the united nations? it is nothing more than a
7:46 pm
village over on the east river doing nothing productive or helpful it seems in any way. >> well, sometimes they can do some good. mostly they don't. i totally agree with that assessment. they did have some pretty decent sanctions on iran. here i'm not sure we're going to make much progress with the chinese. i don't even believe we're leading the effort -- lou: the white house has been -- well, the white house has been silent on north korea and saying nothing about chinese influence over north korea. >> yeah. and, lou, listen, most of the times we talk on this show about north korea doing something in reference to south korea. some kind of provocation to be sure. but this we've got to take seriously. this is militarized nuclear weapon that can facility if it on the top of a intercontinental ballistic missile that it entered outer space, it didn't do reentry, but it could eventually reach the united states. that's a dead serious provocation.
7:47 pm
you can be certain that the pentagon and united states military is paying a lot of attention to this because they look at military capabilities and this is a very serious military capability that will eventually threaten the united states of america. that's the reality of it, and we should start getting real serious here with the chinese and also with the north korean's. lou: we can track this back to the clinton administration, the bush administration, and the following three administrations including the current one in the handling of north korea. you know, we've been played for utter buffoons through three administrations. and as you have pointed out on this broadcast, i mean, you know, all three administrations says we're not going to suffer a nuclear north korea. we've got a nuclear north korea. we have a -- now a north korea that has apparently the capacity to put miniaturized weaponry and ordinance of the nuclear kind on the top of that missile.
7:48 pm
this is just perfec preposterous the way we continue to not solve problems. >> yeah. it's true. we negotiated ourselves into nuclear weapons in korea and our attitude toward them has permitted their advance of military capabilities in stark of what we just discussed. and what happens here unstated publicly is that the administration one after the other have discounted the fact that north korea would ever do anything that would provoke an all-out attack on them and destroy their regime. that is -- that is the elephant in the room that they're not talking about. and that's why as a military person, i'm talking to our audience and saying look. we've got to look at military capabilities and be realistic about what they are achieving here and let's stop this nonsense of a conciliatory role toward north korea and let's get tough so that we're
7:49 pm
protecting our people here. lou: we've got 30 seconds, general, but i do want to put up the latest map of the exercises being carried out by the russian military. these involving 250 aircraft, ten warships, 10,000 ground troops including crimea, you're talking about military capability, this is soviet era scale exercises and we're told that russia should be on the verge of collapse. what's the reality? >> the reality is they've conducted 18 major exercises in three years. most of those exercises that they conduct are all pushing back on nato nations to include u.s. capability. that's what they're playing in this exercise. they are dead serious about this. i think it's an absolute reaction to the fact that the united states announced we're going to put more troops into eastern europe. and also some talks coming up next week dealing with the ukraine and putin wants leverage. he uses military exercises not
7:50 pm
just to train his troops but also for geopolitical leverage and also to intimidate people in the region. . lou: all right, general jack keane, good to see you. they very much. >> good talking to you, lou. lou: well, on it session lows, the dow had been down 400 points, closed down 178, the nasdaq fell 79 points. volume on the big board. 5.6billion shares continues in this volatile market. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the network. kung fu panda three topping the box office for a second straight week taking in 21 million. universal hail caesar second place 11.4, in third "star wars the force awakens," 7 million more dollars and horrifying video out of india, three people were injured after a leopard wondered into the school.
7:51 pm
it took ten hours to sedate and capture the animal. those injured being treated for minor cuts and bruises and lacerations. new students were in the school at the time of the attacks. up next donald trump intensifying his attacks on georg jeb bush to just to celebrate the eve. we take it up with matt and monica crowley here next. stay with us. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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7:55 pm
lou: donald trump holding a rally at the verizon center in new hampshire. let's take a look at what's going on. >> i told the kids that we are not going to do the apprentice anymore. we are going to do this. we are going to run. ivanca is two weeks or less from having a baby. in iowa i said i think she is going to have a baby maybe in iowa. tino i would have won iowa. lou: the chairman of the american conservative union matt schlapp and monica crowley. i think this is, if you will, an
7:56 pm
advantage that people hadn't considered. a very attractive family, getting introduced to them and having them involved. that's got to be powerful for trump. >> i think in some cases his children, his two sons and daughter ivanca are better spokes people than sometimes he is. they are tough executives in his business organization. they are huge assets on the campaign trail. lou: trump is holding a huge lead in the latest poll we had this afternoon and all the others. >> he doesn't have a ground game. he does not have an organization, a traditional organization like the other candidates. and he is -- and look what he's doing. how can that be? >> his campaign manager frils new hampshire.
7:57 pm
they learned some lessons from iowa. one thing i'm hearing on the ground is he's spending time doing retail politicking and it's coming across very well. and he's spending every moment he income the state which is another smart thing to do. every moment you have with a voter makes a difference in execute on the polls. they may not be saying the publicly but they have altered some of their decisions in the past. lou: like what. >> i think there is more going on in the ground than in iowa. i think they realize they have got to do more. we'll see tomorrow if they actually did that. lou: madeleine albright is a said earlier in the broadcast telling democrats they are going to hell -- women democrats, they are going to hell if they don't vote for hillary.
7:58 pm
that's strong tree tail politics. >> what she did was shame women into voting for mrs. clinton. this is the clinton's modus operandi. lou: in the lexicon of modern america we would say bully. >> mrs. clinton lost in 2008 in iowa then went on to new hampshire and had that phoney crying scene. she ended up winning that state. she probably feels like she needs an emotional hole to bring women voters into her side. she won women 65 and older. but particularly the millennial women, they cannot relate to her. she is bringing in ancient female dinosaurs like gloria steinem and madeleine albright and it won't work.
7:59 pm
lou: we wouldn't use anything that strong and colorful but i'm glad you did, monica. the fact is bill clinton is calling bernie sanders a sexist. how awkward and difficult is that for mrs. hillary's number one surrogate? >> i think it' a big problem. bill clinton does whatever he wants. i think he's off message frequently. i think he thinks he's going to help his wife by these types of strategies. but he's exacerbating a problem in the democratic party. they don't love her wife that much. but he thick she is going to win. but with the clintons comes all this bag and and there is a huge down side. lou: and a high entertainment value. matt schlapp and monica crowley, thanks for being here.
8:00 pm
62% of you said polls showing trump in the lead will accurately reflect the outcome of tomorrow's new hampshire primary. good night from work. thanks for being with us. [♪] kennedy: let's go big. i went into the belly of the beast and visited happen *. i wanted to see how people were respond together political onslaught. half the people i met were outof town looky loos dipping into the circus tent. sunday everybody has marco rubio on their mind. >> that's what washington, d.c. does, the driver-by shot at the beginning incorrect and


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