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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 8, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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62% of you said polls showing trump in the lead will accurately reflect the outcome of tomorrow's new hampshire primary. good night from work. thanks for being with us. [♪] kennedy: let's go big. i went into the belly of the beast and visited happen *. i wanted to see how people were respond together political onslaught. half the people i met were outof town looky loos dipping into the circus tent. sunday everybody has marco rubio on their mind. >> that's what washington, d.c. does, the driver-by shot at the beginning incorrect and
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incomplete information, then the memorized 25-second speech. you have not been involved in a consequential decision where you had to be held accountable. you simply haven't. when you are president of the united states and governor of a state, the 25-second speech where you talk about how great america is at end doesn't solve one problem. kennedy: christie is taking exception to marco rubio's repetition. >> let's dispel with the fiction barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he's trying to change this country. he wants america to become like the rest of the world. this notion barack obama don't know what he's doing isn't true. >> there it is, the 25-second membership rised speech. kennedy: i love it.
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now cruz in the wrong context and carson still mapping and standing by the debate stage. now we'll see if christie can carry this debate weight. jeb has by and large sucked eggs on the trail but he surprised me with his genuine emotion and agility during the town hall i took in saturday when he spoke about his daughter's drug addict. >> i can look into the eyes of people and see the pain and it doesn't go away. my daughter has been drug-free for 10 days and she shows courage every day and i'm proud of her. kennedy: bernie is high in the polls with a double-digit lead over hillary. the former secretary of state got a boost from her thursday debate.
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but that was before her surrogate other former secretary of state madeleine albright insulted an entire gender. he just remember there is a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. kennedy: that's right, madeleine, and hillary has her spot reserved. another rusty relic was there to make hillary's case. you think where are the boys. the boys are with bernie. >> if i said that -- that's where the boys are. you would swat me. >> no i wouldn't. kennedy: yeah, you would. young women are hormone alley driven brainless sluts. these democrat need to be put
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out to pasture to be processed continue fossil fuels. i'll show what you happened when i was in ham at rallies. some of you have may be hung over from super bowl parties. should the day after the super bowl be a national holiday. a monmouth university poll shows trump with a commanding lead in happen * but there is a race for second place between john say such, marco rubio, jeb bush and ted cruz. look at that, jesse waters. for the first time, host of
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waters world. and ben dominic just wrote a great article on a libertarian moment. welcome, everyone. >> i'm very nervous. kennedy: donald trump has a big lead, but who is going come in second place? >> i feel like to john kasich has the attitude of moderateness that appeals to new hampshire voters in an interesting way it many the only way he has to get into the conversation in a significant way. the real question is how much is rubio going to fall. kennedy: it's interesting how fast you can see these things shift and how different
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new hampshire is from iowa. like i said, jesse tab jeb had in my mind a good debate performance and town hall performance which i had not seen before. can he take that last-minute momentum, and if so should other two governors who don't do as well drop out after new hampshire? >> i would love to see people drop out. if jeb gets second we'll have to suffer through a week of people saying he's the comeback kid. if he doesn't fin efficient top three, all the big money will go to rubio. if rubio gets second, it will show he can take a punch because he got banged up at the debate. if cruz finished second. if he can show he can win without he visibility jal gel d,
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if kasich doesn't crack top three, he's done. kennedy: kasich has the endorse 79s. so many people i talk to in new hampshire have no idea who they are voting for on right and left. some people are like i kind of like rubio, by also like sanders. i enjoyed seeing donald trump coming in second in iowa. i want to see a governor do well here. >> i think kasich is going possibly get second in this race in new hampshire. trump for sure will do well. again i don't know' i don't want to see ted cruz give another slimy sermon. i want to see the excitement on john kasich's face. i think this will be the only moment that he really does do well. it will be great to see.
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cruz needs a little bit of humility. >> how much momentum does trump get out of it. that has to be a significant momentum push for him going into south carolina. kennedy: it absolutely does. new hampshire is his one clear shot and he needs that in order to maintain the vibe. >> i given that i would think nobody is going to drop out. unless you have somebody who really underperforms. kennedy: fiorina and carson could do so bad in new hampshire. >> i think fiorina is on the verge of leaving. kennedy: he's being pummeled and all sides. can he survive the heat? i don't understand why rubio didn't see that line of attack coming from chris christie before the debate.
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>> definitely. it has something else to say in response. christie you keep look at the camera telling the average american who is listening right now. we all pander, and i think it's fueled by the media. people are talking in sound bites and that's what they do. unfortunately rubio only has one. >> i don't think it was that bad. christie received this guy rubio is the boy in the bubble and christie burst his bubble. now the danger for rubio is he gets tagged as this guy who's a robot. his campaign needs to put him in a position where he's more spontaneous. >> i think this is a significant moment for him. a lot of people who work for rubio who worked for rick perry last time around. the problem is rubio hasn't stopped it.
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this morning he went on cbs and did the same thing. repeated the same talking points three times in a row. kennedy: was that intentional. >> if you are doubling down on a talking point it should be something that matters. nobody cares whether barack obama screwed up the country base's smart or stupid. kennedy: so much more with the panel. we don't want you to miss fbn's live coverage of the new hampshire primary. it starts at 7:55 eastern time. madeleine albright says there is a special place in h-e double hockey sticks for women who don't vote for hillary. visiting a delicious diner.
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kennedy: hillary clinton is chipping away at bernie sanders' lead in new hampshire increasing by 4%. you are tracking 5,000 but
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hillary is having trouble persuading women to rally behind her cause. madeleine albright criticized women who support sanders saying there is a special place in hell for women who don't support women. jesse waters and ben donenech. you are a woman, are you going to hell? >> after hearing this, i fully support carly fiorina. this more than one women running for president by progressives seem to forget. and just because around woman doesn't mean we should vote for you. just as we tell young girls usual not just your body and lady parts, you have more to offer, you also have character flaws people are going to notice and points out. kennedy: it's so one-dimensional
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to lump everyone into agender box. what's the difference between today's jes bell feminist and gloria steinem and madeleine pal bright. >> madeleine albright took a rich guy to the cleaners and opened her salon and moved her way into being a mediocre cabinet secretary of. the contrast between the old feminists who still feel like the struggle needs to be affirmed and to younger feminists they look to hillary clinton and see more machine now than woman. this power hungry robot. kennedy: her lady parts have been swatched out. >> they don't feel as much loyalty. kennedy: here is my biggest issue with it. i think you could make the case race relations in this country
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are worse than they were 8 years ago. my worry is if hillary clinton is elected the same thing will happen with gender issues. isn't that going to be the case to not elect a woman if she is the best candidate. >> women have been elected and they have gone to hell. ask monica. we did this for 7 years with president obama. i think the country is going through so much struggle. can you imagine if president obama said if blacks don't vote for me they are going to hell. there is a way to play the gender card that is smooth and sophisticated. >> jesse. you have been singing the braises of the most identity politicsed in this case, donald trump. you have been debasing yourself
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at the feet of his golden throne on fox. you accused me of putting my prints ahead of my country on fox news because i said donald trump wasn't a conservative. today -- yes, you were. you accused me of putting principle ahead of country. >> he's a nice guy. you have a guy whose wing and you don't want to take him down if he's going to be the nominee. that was my point. >> today he's in new hampshire calling for protectionism. calling for sanctions against companies. kennedy: that's populism that can be so dangerous and authorize tearian. i think he can be worse than teddy roosevelt. >> donald trump can be worse than teddy, speak softly and
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carry a big stick in i think he speaks loudly and carries a big stick. i'm not backing anybody for president. my point is, i think donald trump has a strong personality and is locked into the emotion of the country. he speaks clearly. people are angry with illegal immigration and tired of getting pushed around. if you disagree with him, that's fine. i don't have a problem with that. kennedy: valid points from both of you. now that i'm bathing in man lather. we'll have more from the panel when they return. snl cleared up any confusion. but first i cracked a jeb bush rally where hi later ensued. there was lipgloss. >> this is the most packed house. >> this is the first type i have been to one of his rallies.
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now, that's progressive.
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kennedy: the eyes of the nation are locked on happen * as candidate make their last-ditch evident to win the heart of began it state voters. [♪] i'm here at a chris christie rally. we are in new hampshire. this is the glamorous back stage life of presidential politics. what your code name for governor christie? >> no commented. kennedy: do you think he will have a good showing tuesday? >> i think so. he does he time, actually.
8:23 pm
kennedy: not so much in iowa. >> on the debate stage. we'll see. >> you see a much older demographic. i think that's telling. kennedy: old people love chris christie, is that what usual saying? >> i don't know who i'm going to vote for. >> a lot of people, younger people are feeling bernie because a lot of the issues gravitate toward younger people, the issues we experienced in our lifetime. kennedy: this is john robert, you are a real reporter. reporter: i have a hat just like that but i can't wear it on television. kennedy: what do you think of the people and their love of the governor of new jersey. reporter: he wasn't doing well, but he has dedicated himself to new hampshire and they could
8:24 pm
city change their minds. kennedy: they are knock on doors and calling people. we don't know what's going to happen tuesday. high, guys. >> vote for jeb! kennedy: i'm here outside a jeb bush rally in bedford, new hampshire. it's overcapacity. i have not seen this enthusiasm for jeb bush anywhere else in the country. what do you have in your hand? >> i have a vote for jeb chapstick. a little free healthcare here keeps my lips nice and moist it's great. it's just like jep. kennedy: you like jeb. are you listening? >> yes. kennedy: i see a bernie sticker. do you feel like a fish out of water?
8:25 pm
>> a social fish who wants to redistribute all the water in the ocean. kennedy: you are at a jeb rally. >> don't disturb the enthusiasm. kennedy: people come to this count tore talk about politic. people present every political stripe hoping to meet candidates hoping to even gang each other. are you here because you think hillary need your help? is she in trouble? >> hillary will be fine. she'll be our next president, our first female president. the most qualified individual. >> you are torn between bernie sanders and jeb bush. >> that's an interesting dichotomy. >> i would be for bernie sanders. i'm saying jeb bush is not using fear and hatred. that has to be pointed out. >> i think a lot of progressive
8:26 pm
issues people are siding with bernie and hillary. people are concerned about what they are discussing around the kitchen table. kennedy: i have come to new hampshire looking for liberty. hopefully i found it in murphy's pub where free state projects are encouraging people to move to the state in it glorious fish bowl of freedom. what do you have get if you have 20,000 liberty-minded people in the same state. >> we would see smaller government out of our bed rooms and out of our walls. >> libber tough is inside my burning heart. but i look around me and see that light has damped. i look at that presidential election and that seems to be an example of it. >> i would never look at a presidential election for liberty.
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kennedy: live free or die and live free and dine and i certainly did. who needed the most bizarrely hilarious video in a same time. my fast it tv lawyer starring in super bowl ads. "topical storm" is next. >> brian wilson. the microsoft cloud allows us to access information from anywhere. the microsoft cloud allows us to scale up.
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kennedy: as we stand on the cusp of the first primary in new hampshire. here is topic number of one on the "topical storm." he doesn't have a lot of cash to be thrown around on virtual reality cameras to catch his
8:31 pm
every angle on his mountain quest. he tied a rope to his iphone 6 and swung the thing around his head while he was covering you have the hill. [♪] see you don't need to be rich to do something extraordinary. it doesn't help that he's talented. once he tied the rope to his phone and started swing it over his head, the rest was history. topic number two. we remember 35,000 years ago when dogs pulling sleds was a hot new trends and who can
8:32 pm
forget stew con gold rush of 1896 when sled dogs were all of the rage. but now it appears times are changing. these hard working pups are getting sick and tired of being used as transport. i want to send you in your uprising when you have wage war against the felines. i'll be on the front lines waving my battle ax or maybe just a cucumber. topic number 3. they could have used queen elsa in wisconsin to work her icy magic on like geneva which swallowed cars whole during the winterfest.
8:33 pm
people normally park on the ice during winterfest but the temps got warmer because offalgoer and physics. this guy witnessed the whole thing. >> we have seen cars here that have been parked out here success reply with no problems. but when you have 12 cars all in a row, it can be deadly. i'm celebrating him, and you know that. topic number 4. another cause for celebration. ben carson. an accomplished neurosurgeon with a movie based on his life called "gifted hands." what the movie of failed to address is his ungifted legs. look at his walkout during saturday night's gop debate.
8:34 pm
apparently big ben didn't hear his name being called. donald trump saddled up alongside his low-energy rival and the two stood together as every other candidate passed them by. the abc moderators blamed it on the loud crowd. >> had it not been for a belt bubble under their clothing they would have been killed or seriously injured. topic number 5. you saw him here first. on this very program when we catapulted this guy to international fame.
8:35 pm
>> brian wilson weather texas law hawk. kennedy: now the texas law hawk starred in a super bowl commercial, a taco bell ad. check out the law hawk. >> this is going to be bigger than that texas lawyer guy. >> brian wilson, the texas law hawk. kennedy: this is a proud moment for me. he got started right here on the "topical storm." if you have weird stories you want to see on the "topical storm." if you want to be a star. tweet me @kennedynation, and use #topicalstorm.
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peyton manning drink beer last night and still got up early for interviews. why are some people calling for the day after the super bowl to become a national holiday? why are so many out are staters swarming the granite state? what are they witnessing?
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[♪] kennedy: welcome back. glad to have you. bernie sanders made his debut on snl alongside his look alike and fellow comedian where sanders cracked a 1% joke. >> if it's all the same to you i'm going to pop down in that lifeboat. >> hold on, hold on, wait a second.
8:40 pm
are the 1% getting preference treatment? >> it sounds like socialism to me. >> democratic socialism. >> what's the difference. >> huge different. >> huge? >> huge. >> tuning in with a "y," eh? kennedyi'm your biggest fan. i'm feeling the bern. >> what do you mean? >> cough into your hand and than shake my hand. i saw it. >> no i didn't, don't be rude, shake my wife's hand. >> i'm not going rude. she is being rude offering her germ-infested hand.
8:41 pm
kennedy: the and is back. you would like to see bernie he enact. >> if you have seen episodes of "curb your enthusiasm." he tries to find the head of a doll and transport it down and he shoves it down his pant and the water bottle. kennedy: and a little girl hugs him. >> and says mommy, this man has something in his pants. i would love to see bernie sanders reenact it himself. kennedy: snl is sanders bern -- bagging for bernie. >> they were criticizing his campaigns saying the same thing, not reaching out getting that black vote. it's critical of his campaign. but it what you so funny.
8:42 pm
and it painted bernie, i think in a good light. he can roll with the punches and try something new. everybody want a funny candidate now. i know i do. >> snl is tired of parodying hillary clinton. they don't want to have to put up with it anymore. just for the sake of good comedy they want larry david. he need to go on the road with leon. >> absolutely. kennedy: i would use filthy word right now but i'm not going to because i respect you too much. where is everybody? i have to turn back other way. according to the workforce institute, 16.5 million of you say you didn't go to work today baits' the day after super bowl. succumbing to something known as super bowl fever.
8:43 pm
some people say we should proclaim the monday after super bowl a national holiday which i say is absolutely insane, you lazy people. i can't stand the idea that people need a day off. how is the super bowl different than a bachelor party or a birthday party. >> it's a regular sunday for me. i came in to work today. i usually have mondays off. i came in. i think that it should be a national holiday. all mondays we should have off. we don't need a five-day workweek. people are so lazy on monday. we would be more productive if we scaled the workweek down. kennedy: i have also been a fan of a four-day workweek and a longer day with a nap in the middle. >> for me i don't ware what they
8:44 pm
do with the monday after the super bowl because fox news people we have to work on martin luther king day and the 4th of july. we don't have off. so i'm going to have to work regardless. >> on a federal holiday that means bureaucrats aren't working to take away your freedom. every day the buildings are closed the republic grows stronger. they are not trying to work to take away your liberties. kennedy: federal workers, you know. >> it sounds like someone might need a little government to help them in their lives. kennedy: that's funny. i walted right into that. d i waltzed right into that. americans should be leading the world in productivity. we should want to work and hate vacations.
8:45 pm
but all you are hearing is entitled people, i worry this mentality millennials embrace give me more, i want to do less. >> no one takes advantage of holidays and vacation days when they want them. most people don't use the vacation days they are given. there is a statistic i can't remember. but i believe i read that statistic. >> i think they said at day after the super bowl no one is productive anyway. so you have might as well call it a national holiday anyway. kennedy: why? the on people who should be exhausted and take the day off are people who actually played in the super bowl. people have so little tolerance for nachos and beer? or wild wings. that place is a $14 bia year enterprise.
8:46 pm
i don't understand why people got to be such cream puffs. >> we are becoming france, what can i tell you. kennedy: i don't want to be france. i want french fries. i don't want dijon mustard. i want golden sunshine mustard. i want grainy mustard. thank you so much. this was such a great show before the new hampshire primary. i feel informed and invigorated because of you, ben, jesse and joanne. thanks. coming up, we get an update on the ground in new hampshire from my friend michael moynihan. candidates are fighting for their vote but how much do the people of new hampshire know about those running for office? i'll put them to the test in moments. stay here.
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kennedy: ahead of it primary new hampshire has attracted this to of tourists who want a chance to get close to the candidates in ways that are nearly impossible elsewhere. daily beast columnist michael moynihan is on the ground in the granite state. what have you found that struck you about the race. >> i have been here for three years. what struck me is the undecided voters. 33% of new hampshire voters are going to break for bernie sanders and donald trump. i found that they are real. that's distressing and says a lot about the state of new hampshire.
8:51 pm
by the way, i'm from massachusetts. kennedy: you can legally make fun of new hampshire. but let's talk about that. you have two guys who are using the big stick of populism to do their bidding. new hampshire's state motto is live free or die. but there is nothing free about the plans these two politicians are selling. >> if they both win there will and lot of dying. there won't and lot of living free. i saw a trump rally, one i went to, lines around the block. he's up by god knows how many points now. in the first 25 minutes was the most leftive speech i have ever heard, attacks on free trade and pharma. defense of eminent domain. there is nobody on planet earth that can reasonably call themselves a conservative and
8:52 pm
vote for conservative. bernie stuff i get a little more. they are young, they are students and they don't get how things work yet. that's their excuse. kennedy: there was an editorial why socialism is catching on like herpes. they have no recollection of the soviet union and they are being sold on its merits. we'll wake up and it will be sweden with lots of blonds people and sensible cars. >> nobody knows anything about sweden. sweden has become a prosperous country by liberalizing their economy. it's an easy thing for people to find out about.
8:53 pm
bust easier narrative is to say everybody is very handsome there, they have high cheekbones and they get everything for free. that's what bernie wants. the fact that these are very, very different countries has never occurred to anyone. everybody is always talking about sweden and norway and they are interchangeable to them and they are not interchangeable countries. and they are not that socialist any more. sweden's economy of is in the top 20 in terms of economic freedom of and three of them are ahead of the u.s. kennedy: they have to make the free market reforms to survive and not be swallowed whole. i was surprised. would i talk to people and they would say, one man in a diner said he was torn between jeb bush and bernie sanders. and it's almost like political schizophrenia it many such a political place, they truly
8:54 pm
don't have their minds made up which means we have no idea what's going to happen tomorrow night. >> that might be slul schizophrenia -- that might be actual schizophrenia. if people can make up their mienders when they get to the polling place. we've might see a john kasich victory. i still think unfortunately we'll have the non-conservative donald trump for the republican party and the very popular socialist bernie sanders run away with it. i fear what that means for the democratic party for the rest of the debate. kennedy: michael moynihan, thank you so much. coming up, they are at center of the political universe. but have new hampshire voters been brush up on their political knowledge? according to their campaign
8:55 pm
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kennedy: new hampshire voters some of the most informed in the country. but can they stands the heat of a presidential grilling. according to their campaign finance report who is the only candidate to spend zero dollars on pizza during the campaign. carly fiorina, jeb bush or bernie sanders. >> bernie? >> carly fiorina. >> i don't think that's the right answer. kennedy: maybe she would be better in the election if she kept that money. who acted in "roncon." >> marco rubio. >> it was bernie sanders.
8:59 pm
testing, testing. can you all hear me? my name is rabbi manny shevetz. who won a grammy? >> hillary clinton. yes, she did in 1996 for "it takes a village." kennedy: which candidate claims to have never used an atm. >> donald trump? >> that's right. he's never used an atm. >> every never gone bankrupt, by the way. i have never. kennedy: thank you so much for watching the big show tonight. you can catch all the episodes of kennedy. follow me on twitter and instagram.
9:00 pm
email kennedyfbn at i'll see you tomorrow night with neil. talk to you later, bye. >> an ancestor they knew nothing about... >> i went through 50-some-odd years of my life and had no clue. >> an inheritance they can hardly believe... >> what was your reaction as you opened those first boxes? >> it was mind-blowing. >> why does andrew green have george washington's will? >> bare-knuckle politics, cold-blooded murder, a legacy all but snuffed out... >> this was a cloud of suspicion of having lived a double life. >> what did they do? >> what are the chances that those boxes would've just been trashed? >> very good chance of that. >> what would you do? >> well, it drove me crazy. >> how 'bout 6,000? >> and what's it all worth? >> you think you'll ever get another auction with a story like this? >> no, i kinda doubt it. [ door creak


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