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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  February 9, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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and i would like to take a woman's opinion just to see, you know, the outcome. what it maybe and plus her husband he's been a former president, been president before. i think it will be interesting. maria: you're not feeling the burn-- bern, i guess? >> no, i'm looking at our future because i just think that hillary is a good thing. maria: ghostface, we've got to run. anything you want to make sure martin shkreli can hear before we jump? >> i would like to tell him to stop lying, to stop making threats because this is serious here and i'm being respectful, you know, and all. lower that price, cut down on the price and stop killing our people, that's all. maria: ghostface thanks for joining us, we appreciate it. glad we made it work. and getting up early for us. hey, tweet us on what you thought about that interview, "varney & company" begins light now.
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stuart, it was ghostface killah stu, sorry we took time out. stuart: i believe that's called a segue, a good one. all right, it's already getting very ugly. we're about to see another selloff and it's happening around the world. good morning, everyone. now, it's the technical wonky stuff that's hurting negative interest rates spreading. that's where you pay the government to hold your money. banks in germany look at wobbly as in '08. bank stocks tumbling, tech stocks down, oil well below $30 a barrel. and gold once again the safe haven. it's a tough day for your money and a tough year, hasn't it? as that happens on wall street. the new hampshire primary is underway. trump likely to win, but by how much and who is second and who is third? bernie, likely to win, but by how much? and where does that leave hillary. and news that michael bloomberg is on the record as a possible
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third party candidate. this election is fascinatinfasc the markets spelling trouble. it is a big day. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> oh, this spells trouble. riots in hong kong. police tried to crack down on illegal street vendors, but that's not really the issue. riot police called in, firing warning shots in the air, not seeing that before. demonstrators hurling bricks and took down street signs and garbage cans. this is worse since the pro democracy pro it ises. you're looking at instability and beijing doesn't like that. we've got futures down way triple digits, about 180
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points. oil dropped, $29 a barrel. oa says it gets worse this year. the big story, in my opinion, the yield on the 10-year treasury, all the way 1.71%. that's where we are. it not quite a historic low, but it's very close. in my opinion, the markets are dealing with the general sense ever unease here. the japanese stock market down, germany is in trouble. the tech selloff. fears of looming recession, negative interest rates in japan and europe. mike murphy is here. that's a string of negatives. wait, look, there's something going on around the world and i'm not sure i can put my finger on it, but it smells trouble. >> you see a global correction, stuart, but i think the thing that i look at, the time to panic is not right now. you have a full third. one third of the s&p 500 companies are trading 30% below their highs.
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so, and you've already seen, you see germany pulling back over 20%. throughout europe you're seeing pull ba pullbacks. >> you're saying it's a correction in stocks, it's more than that, this is the threat of deflation, it's a threat of negative interest rates on trillions of dollars worth of government bonds. >> i would say you have that already. you have negative interest rates out there. >> yeah, but it's getting worse. japan's 10-year treasury bond just went negative. never seen that before. >> that's something that they're doing that on purpose. that's not something that we woke up to some shocking news. they're-- you have the global slowdown and you have the global central banks trying to stimulate growth. i'm not arguing it's the right thing to did, but i don't know what their other move is right now. but i think how it affects all of us is through the markets. stuart: you're telling me to calm down. ashley: you mentioned the gher map banks, this is is interesting issue. how many bad loans they have on their books right now. and also -- i don't want to get
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too wonky here, but deutsche bank down 34% this year so far, where are we? mid february, a lot of concern about the strength of the banks, starts to sound a bit like 2008. stuart: exactly, that's what is sounds like. >> we could have a recession or slowdown without 2008. okay, last word, but not the last word because you're staying around. look at big name tech stocks which were beaten down in the selloff yesterday. amazon is going to be down more. down another maybe $10. remember, please, amazon is down 27% this calendar year and we're only down five weeks in the year. down 27%. how about facebook, hit a high of what, 116 a week ago, ten days ago, now it's below 100. apple down almost 10% this year, and this is apple we're talking about. it was at 134 now it's 95, going to 95 at the open.
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netflix, 83 as of this morning and going to 81. that's the market. that's my rather negative one, i'm sorry. new hampshire voting in the first primary of the season. john kasich and bernie sanders won in the tiny town of dixville notch. they'll tell you the results first, sanders beat hillary and kasich beat donald 3-2. >> sound like baseball. stuart: or a soccer game. speaking of donald trump, listen to what he said to get his supporters to the poll. roll tape. >> you're sick, if you're really like you can't move, you're close to death, your doctor tells you it's not working, your wife is disgusted with you, she said i'm leaving, no matter what, she says darling, i love you, but i've
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fallen in love with another man, i don't give a damn, you got to get out to vote. right? [laughter] >> funny, come on, it's funny. let's bring in steve, the new hampshire co-chair for the trump campaign. all right, steven. what would be a victory for trump tonight? what margin of victory does he have to get? >> well, first of all, thank you for having me on the show. and secondly, you know, we run a campaign, i've been in new hampshire politics for a long time and we run as if we're five points behind and we work our tail off. stuart: the question is-- the question is what's the victory that you've got to have tonight. >> i'm going to put it to you. if you don't win by ten points, you've got a problem. what do you say to that? >> i don't think that's a problem. i think that we want to win new hampshire and that's first and foremost. obviously, we h'd like to win b
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10, 20, 30 points, but the most important is to win in new hampshire and i think we'll win and have a solid win in new hampshire. >> how about the use of vulgarity, donald trump did it again, i think it was last night or yesterday afternoon. and before that, he was dropping f-bombs. do you think new hampshire voters are concerned about that? >> i don't think so and i'll tell you why. from the very beginning, donald trump has not been politically correct. and that has been one of the attractions to people. everybody is so politically correct in this country and i can't tell you how many people over the course of the summer and the fall and now into the winter have come up to me and said, donald trump is saying all the things i want to say, but i'm afraid to say. this is -- this is donald trump. >> okay and this is what's attracting people to them. stuart: steech, thank you for joining us this morning. you're in for a busy and long day and we appreciate you
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taking time out to be with us this morning. thank you very much, sir, appreciate it. >> you're welcome, bye-bye. stuart: i'm going to stay on politics, why not? former new york mayor michael bloomberg is considering a run, he'll decide by march in or out. in his words, the american public deserves a much better choice than what is on offer. congress woman marsha blackbu blackburn, if bloomberg were to run, a huge if, do you think he would take votes away from republicans or democrats? >> democrats, yes, absolutely. stuart: he's only going to run if hillary does not rupp, which means that bernie sanders the candidate. >> or it could be somebody else that ends up being the democratic nominee, but i think that bloomberg would hurt democrat candidate more than a republican nominee. stuart: you just opened up pandora's box box. if it were somebody else other
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than bernie sanders or hillary clinton. >> yes. stuart: why is that? >> i think hillary clinton has problems with e-mails with benghazi, it mae end up go and draft somebody if it's not bernie or hillary. stuart: could be joe biden? >> could be, could be kerry, that's not my problem. stuart: you would love him to run. >> or al gore. ashley remembers 2000 in tennessee when we made sure that al gore did not carry the state. stuart: how about donald trump? he's the clear leader at the moment. are you in the trump's camp? >> no, i am for whom ever wins this nomination. this is what i think-- >> would you support him? >> of course i would. stuart: wholeheartedly. >> absolutely. how would they feel about-- >> they don't like that, but here is the thing. the country is more important than the personalities.
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freedom is more important than personalities and what we have to do is make certain that we're going to have a commander-in-chief who acts like a commander-in-chief, who gets the country back on the road to economic health, who will spend a year getting rules and regulation and taxation and reducing litigation so that the economy is moving in a positive way. and that will not be a democrat to do that. we do not need another four years of barack obama and what we need is somebody who is going to say, i am a constitutional conservative, i believe in the free enterprise system. i believe in the goodness of the country. stuart: could be ted cruz, marco rubio, john kasich. >> all good people. they're all going to beat whom ever the democrat is. stuart: welcome to new york. remember that dorito's super bowl commercial, featured the sonogram and the baby. a pro choice group is outraged. we'll tell you why?
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a moment and then there's madeleine albright. we are still running this. she says if you're a woman and don't vote for hillary there's a place for you. >> there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. the microsoft cloud allows us to access information from anywhere. the microsoft cloud allows us to scale up. microsoft cloud changes our world dramatically. it wasn't too long ago it would take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome. now, we can do a hundred per day.
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you've got to say this. there's global market anxiety. stocks are getting beaten down. all kind of stocks including yelp, okay? they've got another quarterly loss the cfo is out. down it goes. not that much at opening bell, but at a near low. the story is tesla, look at them go down. join the parade of tech stocks, i'll call it a tech stock. it's down opening lower by about another 4% maybe, 3% perhaps. it's already at a two-year low. tesla way down. i can't resist this, got to go back to gloria steinham and
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madeleine albright as they stump for hillary. listen to this again. >> you have to help, hillary clinton will always be there for and just remember, there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each oth other. stuart: that was several days ago and we've been running it every since. and the reaction is extraordinary. k a. t wrote about it in the national review. you don't think much about that. >> oh. well, first of all, if that were true then i guess there's a special place in hell for hillary clinton. because think about it, all of these women that accused her husband of sexual assault, she did anything, but help them. she actively tried to ruin their lives, so that's when i saw her in the corner, oh, look in the mirror, lady, this is crazy. stuart: do you think, well, look, this is older women who were in that whole generation, which fought the battle for women. >> sure. stuart: and now they're turning around, you younger folks like
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you, kat, not voting for hillary? >> going to hell. >> i would trust that feminism was trusting women to make their decision. men get to vote based on the issues and women have to vote for hillary, that's sexist. stuart: and that someone wouldn't vote for a woman-- >> bernie sanders at least, i don't agree with him on his economic policy at all. but at least his policies and his record agree with what he's saying. so i would say that women who are liberals and want those things are smarter for voting for him. stuart: i want to move on to this. did you see the super bowl ad for doritos, the baby responds inside the wound for the expectant father who is waving the chip around. there's a pro choice group that's calling the ad
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anti-choice. using the tactic of humanizing fetuses. ashley: what is it a squirrel? >> a squirrel baby? >> this is extraordinary. >> this group tweeted follow us to see us talk about how sexist and horrible super bowl ads are. so, clearly, this is what they're going for and they had to try very, very hard. this is idiotic. it's absolutely idiotic. stuart: it's outrageous. >> yeah. >> what is that baby? if it's not a baby? try humanizing it, what is it? >> this baby could be born any minute, so, like, okay. so the baby was basically born because of doritos, what's your name? you know what happens after it's a fetus? it's born and that's what happens. chill out. stuart: i'm sorry we chucked a couple of subjects at you. you're passionate and we like it. let's not lose sight of the markets. triple digit loss is coming for
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the dow industrials. there is, indeed, a general sense of anxiety in the financial world globally. and how about this? we've got bill clinton, forging an attack on bernie and accusing the sanders camp of sexism. >> vicious trolling, and attacks that are literally too profane, often, not to mention sexist to repeat.
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>> i will tell you is there is one issue out there-- >> that was a dramatic-- a lady fainting during a rally in new hampshire. sanders jumped down to help her and she collapsed from a first tier riser. she's expected to be okay. a little drama there. and drama, president clinton going after bernie sanders calling him sexist. >> she and other people who have gone on-line to defend hillary and explain why they support her have been subject to vicious trolling and attacks
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that are literally too profane, often, not to mention sexist, to repeat. ashley: came in from chopping a tree down, apparently. stuart: lumberjack outfit. now, do you think it's working, putting bill clinton on the campaign trail in support of hillary? >> no, because it's a reason to bring up the things from the past, it's a direct reminder, him calling someone else sexist is insane. you know, oh, you know what i mean, oh, i guess i'm a predator, predator, but whatever, these people are being sexist on the internet, don't vote for bernie. that is insane. i don't know how he could possibly say that unless maybe someone like paid him or he thought it was funny or you're not going to have the guts to say that. i don't understand. stuart: i'm surprised-- >> sounds like desperation in the campaign that he uses this language. >> a normal working brain would never do that. that's just absolutely insane.
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of course, people are going to say bill clinton? remember this accusation and this accusation and this accusation and oh, preying on young interns was probably a little worse than sexist. what are you a hero for women? absolutely not. how dare you. stuart: maybe they think of younger women like you ever self have forgotten it and never heard about monica lewinsky and the rest of it. >> a lot haven't heard about it, but when they hear people talking about it there's this thing called the internet to research it and he's a reminder to look it up and doing more harm than good. stuart: kat brings fire on every issue you put out there on this day especially. we're looking at a triple digit loss, big loss for the dow when the market opens nearly 200 points in all probability. the tech stocks beaten down more, bank stocks beaten down more. negative interest rates in japan spreading. had a big day for your money, not a good day.
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back in a moment. ..
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stuart: -- >> if that were true, there is a special place in for hillary clinton. think about it. all these women who accused there has been a sexual assault,
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she did anything but help them. she actively try to ruin their lives here that's when i saw her in the corner. like look in the mirror, lady. this is crazy. dream two week albright right at it on "varney & company." we start sharp 9:00 every weekday morning. for seconds, three seconds, two seconds, the opening bell has rung, trading has begun and we are going to go down, i mean way down. i am not going to go through this. we will be down 200 points have been a couple of minutes. 200 down. just take a look at how some of the very big tech names that you may own, how did they open today after the huge losses they are defaced. amazon is at 477, down 2% as of now. facebook down 2%. twitter is up 14 and netflix had 82. apple $94 a share. all of the tech stocks continuing their downside move. ashley webster is here, live
9:31 am
this year, tied or within and michael murphy all getting together on a day when it looks like the market is headed south big time. there is a general sense of unease around the world. i can't put my finger on it. what is the big problem? >> good morning, stuart. first of all, who was killed and supposed about four? the problem is the overall unease at the central bank, when you have all this financial engineering, when you continue to manipulate the money, you wind up with a problem. you saw what happened in japan with a negative interest rate. we've got too many people tried to get involved in trying to figure out the best way to get out instead of letting free market and price discovery and the asset classes because there's nothing better than markets priced in their own. we don't need help from the central bank for the other person. stuart: you are trying to hold our hand here and they don't read too panicky.
9:32 am
>> absolutely pure because yesterday about 170. we were done over 400 points at one point. the market had a nice rebound. there were buyers coming into the market. to todd's point about central banks, i don't think that point is to be disputed because central banks are in the market. stuart: what we are talking about is the importance of what we are doing and the failure thus far. negative interest rates of $5.5 trillion of bonds. >> talk about japan specifically. i look at the u.s. and i don't know that you can call kiwi of failure. i don't know what would happen if the fed never got involved. that is history at this point. where we are right now. ashley: the recovery was all energy. none of the other sectors. chevron finished a 3.5%. it was a strange move that had the traders scratching heads. stuart: if i lend money to the american government today for
9:33 am
three months, do you know i'm $100 when interest i get? one cent in a year. that is. liz: and it is negative after inflation. stuart: that's the point we've reached in america are not the problem. you've got to tell me about the tech bubble. i call it a technology bubble that is bursting. liz: goldman sachs and jpmorgan we have been talking to but say the same. if a macro momentum bubble. in other words, moonshot ideas, driverless cars have driven stocks higher in the tech sector. amazon and netflix doubled last year. those are down nearly a third this year. what are they talking about? they say that the earnings are solid. it is not like bubble. there are five times the profits now and what is happening now. they are saying essentially stock buybacks will help.
9:34 am
stuart: look, if your portfolio has your stocks in our screen right now, you are nervous. your stocks have made money. they carry the rest of the market. people are getting out of hand now and they don't want to take that loss. >> when you look at facebook that we talked about, they lost $165,000 -- i will take the bus there. stuart: facebook, amazon, netflix, google. how much of it last? >> 156 billion. stuart: this year? >> this year. liz: they had a massive run-up this last year. stuart: gold, we said earlier it had surged. it's not even $1200 an ounce. ashley: it is up 14% since december 3rd, by far the best class. the question is how far can it
9:35 am
go? analysts are saying there is no inflation. it is a safe haven like the treasury. can it go higher? maybe. the long-term on this is not -- stuart: if you are looking for safety, it is not so much gold. with the yield on the 10 year is 171. liz: now they are talking to the u.s. banks to get ready for negative fields. stuart: 171 on your screen. you don't see that very often. >> ready but your money? you invest in a higher risk assets last, which would be equity. stuart: well, maybe you do. i want safety, boys. goldman sachs says there is a risk that the price of oil drops below $20 a barrel. todd, come on in, please. if you drop below 20 bucks a
9:36 am
barrel, that is a real bias, isn't it? >> it is, but i don't think goldman sachs really means it. this is part of the whole system that goldman sachs is putting themselves in a position to be a buyer of oil. i don't think they are looking to buy oil at all. they are the same guys when you look at the books they are sure. i guarantee you there are buyers of oil. they are not sellers. can we go lower? absolutely. at the end of the day you can only go to zero and we will have a need to use it. there's going to be demand and the economy will eventually pick up. stuart: okay, we've got it. if you look at the bottom right hand corner of your screen, you'll see the dow industrials not done as much as 200 points if you were expecting, now down 109. maybe some people are coming in and riding on the dead -- by on the tip. >> it's been a tough market. when you see all the fear in the
9:37 am
marketplace, the risk is to the upside. i think the market is more inclined to rally off of this because there's been so many sellers that we've had such a draw down. financials trading that new lows. when they get down to this level, people go out and allocate money. stuart: weak ad sales at viacom. that is the biggest loser in the s&p 500. 8%? big deal. profits higher, sales also higher. that stock is down. now it is unchanged. in a very markets unchanged. the town reportedly helped talks about a possible merger and we have mattel down a bit, not much. higher profits that coca-cola helped by cost cuts. we have coca-cola, you will get it. there you go. it is up a fraction. how about chipotle? they want you to come back, so
9:38 am
they offered free burritos. >> yes, basically 888222 to get a free burrito. they had the emergency meeting. the plan is a free pareto to win back customers. they played sick employees for the neural virus outbreak. they also say tomatoes may have been behind the salmonella outbreak in minnesota and wisconsin. stuart: what about the people who could not get the free burrito? >> some people are adding a two to the end of it in washington d.c. is getting text messages by the hundreds about a free burrito. stuart: take that number out. liz: don't put a two at the end of it. stuart: how about disney? look at that. everybody got their earnings after the bell. everybody expected a profits from "star wars." but what about the cable cord
9:39 am
cutters? that is a big concern. ashley: talking about espn when they talk about disney. losing subscribers according to disney themselves when they put in by as the millions. espn account for a disproportionate share of their cash flow and people are leaving in droves to it. this is going to be a "star wars" the force the weekend, 900 million domestically, a billion around the world. that is going to be offset by the huge losses from the people who are cutting the cord. stuart: mike murphy's stuart: mike murphy's brother-in-law is a a retired famous hockey player not demanded remit. what do you make of this? >> cord cutting is a real thing. it is affecting espn. the ceo told us two quarters ago they were seeing a slowdown. i believe disney is still a quality name from a franchise name you want to own. when you see the fallback i want
9:40 am
to buy it. you don't necessarily need to jump in front of earnings. they will figure out how to monetize espn. it may not be through the standard cable, but they will get paid for espn. stuart: was a possible unit of the market? u.k. men down a mere 60-point. -- they came down a mere 60 points. the royal caribbean cruise from hell got caught in a winter storm and is heading back to court. what happened to the passengers and their money? liz: they will get a full refund and have thought a cruise. you see the damage here. winds 122 miles per hour. people on the boat were afraid it would tip over. they call it a sheer terror and terrifying. u.s. senator bill nelson took the floor of the senate and said why did the ships sail when the national weather ocean center said there would be a hurricane coming?
9:41 am
they said that on saturday. he wants a full investigation from the national transportation safety board into the screws. stuart: can you imagine this, you've got a cab and on the lower deck and at times it was tilting 45 degrees. do look out the porthole if you've got one. you see ocean. liz: at they said the minibar is free during this storm. i don't know what happened to the people. in this cabin scene dark ocean water outside their window. stuart: what was that movie? p. would not show that. [laughter] that is a serious story. here's another one for you. apple users are not happy with apple software. so i am told. give me the story, ashley. ashley: apple famous for quality and integration for whatever programs you use. there is growing complaint among customers and also tech reviews
9:42 am
that the core apps of iphone, ipad, the mac computers do not do well. they functioned poorly. one of the tech reviews at "the wall street journal," everyone knows he's calling are pointing to a gradual degradation in the quality and reliability. this is not good. this is what sets apple apart. they say it is starting to lose its shine. transport they are onto something. people are mad at apple. it's so hard to move from an apple to another. people are really not about bad they watch out, microsoft is seamless. microsoft devices work very well. stuart: you are so right. because i own some microsoft stock. stay out of this. by the way, we were down about 140 on the towel.
9:43 am
then we were down 60. i just thought oil starts to fall again. so now we are going back down more. to some degree, the oil stock -- not as much, but it's still there. this is alphabetic, otherwise known as google. it began showing anti-isis adds to counterterrorism. that's got no impact on the stock. what is the story? liz: group would like you to join british parliament recently and is ongoing here in that when you google the word crisis, there will be anti-isis adds double pops up and possible links to anti-isis websites. also, youtube will be happening on google's youtube. what is happening now is google and twitter are stepping up. twitter is also saying it eat up its anti-terrorism on a unit to more than 100 worldwide at 38.25000 terror accounts in the
9:44 am
first seven months. stuart: it drops below 700 whether you kind of like that. >> had great earnings. but liz is pointing out today regarding isis doesn't have a material impact on the stock, but that makes me like it even more. they've always talked about using their position for good. this is one of the best things they could be doing. hats off to google. stuart: 35 years ago the same as cisco bay area, i bought a house from one of the founders of the gap. at that time, the gap was king of the hill when it came to blue jeans. the stock went up and down recent day in recent decades. it's been largely down. but now we've got an outflow. where is the stock? >> i don't know how they are given outlet, but they are. the markets are down in the stock is up about 3%. they look at their full-year guidance. they raised the lower end of that and basically an upbeat outlook.
9:45 am
the january sales came in. banana republic 17% to the downside. old navy 60%, gap down 80%. old navy has the biggest sales slump in four years. all of these retailers are down between 30% 50% over the last 52 weeks when you look at the stat. but i looked throughout the research. the outlook looks good. take it for what it's worth. stuart: nicole, thank you very much. import movers and shakers for you. real estate investment down 7%. we are just picking up some big winners and losers. winnebago. somebody once said i was going to buy one of those things and retire across america. it is downside or send, up $16 per share. via comments or said earlier down 9%. that's a big stock in a big loss.
9:46 am
look at the big word, please. now we are down 20 points. we are coming back. steve murphy, look what you did. only down 20 points. futures were suggesting we would be down 200 we open the shows and this is going to be an ugly day. so far it has been ugly only for the first 30 seconds. i'm going to change the subject. holding that the loss of 20 points. the turkish border 75,000 plus migrants have gathered. they are fleeing the carnage in syria. the european union demanding that turkey allow them in. turkey says we are fallout. sebastian corker, chair of the threat knowledge group is with me now. here is my position on europe. i say they are bankrupt. beat the braves may leave in june. see, they've got a migrant
9:47 am
problem is only going to get worse. europe is split just finished. am i going too far, sebastian? the mac absolutely not. someone was born and grew up there and spent more than two decades in europe, the e.u. has about two to five years left in the formation. either is going to collapse completely or we are going to see two different versions could the utopian unrealistic hub for germany, france and others trying to salvage this federalist vision and everybody else like the polls of great saying this is no thanks we are getting out of here. i completely concur with you and the refugee crisis is a capitalist. stuart: okay, i'm going to move onto some and that is happening that his rights in hong kong. i don't think this is the issue. riot police fired warning shots in the air. the demonstrators were setting fire to garbage cans. look at that.
9:48 am
that is a riot. sebastian, i think that is important not because of some street vendor issue. i think it is important because issuing is going to look at that and say that is, what is the word, instability and they don't want instability, especially in hong kong. i say that's a very serious event, sebastian. >> again, i agree with you. the violence has escalated much more rapidly than with the demonstrations and 24 at team. this isn't about the legal street vendors. this is a very symbolic hong kong. it is about the deal that was made with a shame when the birds came over the territory and this being reneged. this is going to be something beijing seems very seriously as a threat to their stability of and also potentially the economic growth.
9:49 am
stuart: thank you for joining us on two very important issues are sorry we don't have more time, but you nailed it. we appreciate that. back to the big board. would you look at this. now we are up. go ahead, go ahead. >> when there's a lot of panic, we want to look for quality games and buy them cheap instead of running after when everybody is talking how great they are. there is quality out there like a lot of the financial names. stuart: you really could beat me up, but you didn't. you are very generous. all right, a new bill in the state of georgia want to break prayer back into the schools. you might say that the divisive topic. judge napolitano on his way in to pass judgment on it and he is next on "varney & company." ♪ ♪
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9:54 am
it looks like chris christie right there. this is that it be an date of the union show. there got to bear hug her. he just sat at the break that chris christie has been criticized before for moving to embrace president obama. also, chris christie has appeared at a bill clinton global initiative event. stuart: thank you. look at that big word. you know, we'll been done over 100 points. now we are going back up again because the price of oil is recovering just a little. 2993 at 24 cents. as oil goes, so goes the dow. look at this. a new bill being considered in georgia would allow prayer in public schools. it would let students pray before, during and after school events like pep rallies and football games are judge napolitano is here. i would suggest that is profoundly unconstitutional.
9:55 am
>> i think you are on olive ground there. i understand why politicians offer these builds because it makes them popular with people that would like to lie to change. the supreme court has ruled so consistently that we are talking about young people now. we are talking about people 17 years of age and younger. some could be 18. when you force them to make a choice, religion or non-religion, listening and paying attention to the prayer for not listening and paying attention to the rear, the forcing of them to make a choice is what touches the conscience of young people in government may not do that. stuart: now book, what we've done in america is we've gone too far in the other direction. i have no problem whatsoever with a group of kids who want to hold rivals dudley after school. i have no problem whatsoever. it said club within the school.
9:56 am
>> here is what the supreme court would say. my sympathies are closer with uris of the court, but the law is very clear. the use of public assets for an opening notoriously religious purpose is not permitted by the first amendment. can you edit the bible as literature? of course. can you study as history? of course. can classes he taught in public schools? we are talking about public universities, secondary schools. universities are different because students are older and more mature or so says supreme organist probably rational. but to use a public asset to promote a sectarian religion is what the supreme court has said the first amendment was written to prevent. stuart: but it has gone too far. >> it is clinton's the public marketplace about national, normal references to the distance of god. the very famous supreme court opinion with a fierce dissent by justice galena in which the
9:57 am
supreme court locked references to god at graduation where you normally would expect something like that. you can't have a member of the clergy give a prayer at a graduation ceremony, even if everything that follows the prayer is truly secular. stuart: suppose the georgia law to access back to that area as the entity, where you can mention jesus in your classroom. you can mention mohammed in your classroom. >> you can mention that an literary artistic or historical way. stuart: combine. the supreme court is set not on government property and the people of georgia should know that. stuart: time is that. >> you need a gavel. i saw your hand. stuart: look at the big were down 15 points. the anxiety was big at 9:30, but not now. bill clinton calls out bernie
9:58 am
sanders and says sexism. how about that? second hour of "varney & company" is a mere two minutes away. look jim, we've been planning for this for a long time. and we'll keep evolving things. so don't worry. knowing what's on your mind and acting accordingly. multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors. it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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10:00 am
>> with you look at this? we were talking about global market anxiety. oh, that was an hour ago when we were down triple digits on the dow. not now. we're pretty much flat. down 18. i'll call that flat. nasdaq is up. and oil is beginning to move a little higher. how about those tech stocks, which a half hour ago were big losers, now some of them have recovered. not the bursting of the tech stock bubble. >> we were talking at the break, the market xanax bill is now, on top of the dramamine that investigators were taken. and they put some good earnings and solid forecasts, meaning the consumers not under such duress. there's a talk of global recession. well, we're talking about the companies reporting earnings and not seeing a down turn in sales worldwide.
10:01 am
watch out, fourth quarter earnings season is about over. that's when the companies contain the blackout period and when they start buying back stocks the earnings per shares figures will go up and their stocks will go up. >> so we're talking apple. >> put up on the screen, please, the yield on the 10-year treasury. that's a key indicator of our economy and the global economy. 1.73% is a very, very low interest rate. >> they're paying the government. >> almost. >> that's through inflation. >> that's an indicator of the state of the global economy. >> yes. >> and the fear factor. >> yes. >> because the money poors into treasuries around the world. >> and as ashley pointed out. the turn around in gold. >> it's up about 13, 14%. are we done with this? >> yes. >> we now have a market that's pretty much flat. let's move on. let's look at this, please, the aftermath of a russian bombing in the city of aleppo.
10:02 am
it's a wasteland. we've got more, you have news, ash, aleppo, there's a syrian crisis. ashley: aleppo used to be syria's biggest city of two million. that's not the case now, it's a rebel strong hold and the free syrian army. and there are still civilians in the city and it's annihilated. it's surrounded by three sides. and one road out, connected to turkey. and the fear is that road will be cut off and the troops will move in, and the syrian, assad's regime is backed by hezbollah militia as well, by the way, they'll get in there and fear of a massacre and those syrian rebels are going to be in big trouble and another huge wave of refugees trying to get out of this city. estimates anywhere, 150,000,
10:03 am
200,000 migrants if they can get out and try to get to turkey. there's a huge crowd growing on the turkish border. there's camps being set up and it's a humanitarian dass sister. >> wow. stuart: the migrant crisis gets much, much worse now. ambassador bolten joins us, john bolten. so, welcome to the program. i'm sure you just heard this. we've often come to you for commentary on this ongoing migrant crisis, it seems like it's getting much worse, day by day. your comment, please? >> i think what's happening, subsequent to the russian intervention and building of an air base in syria, the kind of bombing, you described a moment ago and assistants they're providing to the syrian government forces, the assad regime is expanding against the so-called moderate rebels, not against isis, but we have been nominally supporting.
10:04 am
so i don't see any prospect this is going to change and i think it very likely will be the case that there will be hundreds of thousands of additional refugees, in this case, flowing forward the turkish border. >> putin is putting more pressure on europe, forcing more migrants out and making the crises worse. i've got to move on to this because we're getting videotape of riots in hong kong. our viewers have seen it before and i'm going to run it again. i think it's very important, this is a riot in hong kong, ostensibly the issue was illegal street vendors, i think it's got much more to do with democrat i-in hong kong. and it looks like to me a destabilized hong kong, and beijing does not like that. your commentary on this one, please, ambassador? >> remember, it was supposedly illegal street vendor in tunis, tunisia that provided the spark
10:05 am
for the arab spring and i think that hong kong has been, ever since the handover for britain back to china. has been at risk of this sort of thing, you know, the hong kong people, they call themselves hong kong people, one word, not chinese. honkkong people believe they should be able to keep the system they had at the time of the hangover and i think that's inher inheritly contradictory. stuart: beijing is terrified of this spreading to shanghai or beijing or shenzhen. they must be terrified of that happening? >> i think it points to the fundamental contradiction and that they offered to margaret thatcher, so-called one country and two systems. i'm not sure two systems can exist in one country. it will be hong kong's system that changes if there's a clash. stuart: thank you for joining us with important issues which we tend to ignore because of so much going on in politics in the markets here.
10:06 am
thanks for bringing us up-to-date. >> glad to do it, stuart. stuart: let's get to that election. new hampshire votes today. i say that donald trump needs at least a ten point win. rich lawrie from the national review is here. we go right at it. we do that. if donald trump doesn't win by ten points he might look like a loser. >> no, i think a win is a win, but people will be looking for what business observers used to call the donald discount. the gap twen what donald is saying amazing profits are going to be and the actual performance. so this will be, if he underperforms in new hampshire, it will be a sign that his underperforms in iowa wasn't just a matter of organizing and the nature of the caucuses, it's something endemic to his polling. he's been obsessed with. look, he wins there, stuart, that's a shocking result. we've gotten sort of used to it, but a year ago if you'd seriously said donald trump is going to win the second
10:07 am
contest, perhaps by ten points, comfortably, that would have been amazing. stuart: you're right. six months if you'd said that, you'd have been crazy. if you're not in the top four, you're pretty much out? >> it will herd. four candidates could finish second or finish fifth. rubio, christie, kasich, bush and cruz doesn't matter souch because he has a cushion in south carolina, a state that looks much more like iowa where he did really well. bush, christie, kasich have more of a problem if rubio finishes far ahead of them. now, that seems a much less likely result after the saturday night debate so we could see all of these guys staying in at least until south carolina no matter what. ashley: it's a terrific election process. people are glued to this. stuart: they're not normally part of politics, they're into this. >> the race looks completely different than a week ago. stuart: you're right. >> trump is disappointed he finished second. cruz is on top of the world.
10:08 am
cruz has a horrible week dealing with the carson flap. rubio supposedly had the momentum and may have died saturday night and the race will look different from a week from now. stuart: try this one, if bernie doesn't win by ten points, he looks like a loser? >> still a win is a win, but look, i think it's been ill-served by the poll showing him winning by a 2-1 margin. that's very unlikely to happen. it's created unrealistic expectations and if hillary does get within 10 points, your going to hear a lot of pundits saying she's the comeback woman, but still, a win is a win. stuart: if hillary loses by 15 points, she's really lost. >> what bernie needs, he needs to rock her campaign to the corps, because he needs to shake loose her support among minorities and moderate minded democrats. if doesn't do that. there's no way he could win the nomination. so he needs an earthquake tonight. >> any doubt in your mind that bernie and trump win?
10:09 am
>> a little doubt. maybe a little more on trump than on sanders. stuart: really? >> fairly confident. >> this is rich lowry. >> i'm not predicting. which is raising the possibility that trump won't win? >> seems unlikely, but new hampshire is so crazy and decide so late. there could be some major shift going on as we speak that hasn't been picked up. doubtful, but possible. stuart: you're the guy who helped write that story. you did do that, didn't you? >> i did, i confess. stuart: welcome to the show, great to have you with us. >> thank you. stuart: all right, i'm going to request i cannily digress to the stock market. 49-- i'm sorry, 39 minutes ago the dow industrials were down over 130 points and expecting the thing to go down 200. now we're up 27 liz: all three indices in the green. stuart: yes, the nasdaq, s&p and dow jones average. trump using profanity at another campaign event.
10:10 am
yes, he did. i want to know, is that foul language a turnoff to new hampshire voters? we'll deal with it after this break.
10:11 am
10:12 am
10:13 am
>> how about this? 33, 43 minutes ago we were talking about global market anxiety. we were looking to are a triple digit loss and we got it. then the dow changed course and moved up and now we're pretty much dead flat. how about those big name tech stocks that we cover very, very cleverly-- not cleverly, consistently. first of all, i'm looking at viacom, it's down 11%. and ccbs, that's the biggest loser in the s&p 500
10:14 am
liz: tech stocks, two-thirds of the tech stocks are in a bear market, that includes apple, that includes akamai technology which reports results tonight and cisco tomorrow. so they're beaten down dramatically and what we're talking about is an oversold position? are people coming in to buy these stocks. >> okay, with we go back to good year tire and rubber, please? that's the biggest gainer on the s&p 500. how about that? that's an old industrial company. >> right. >> that's the biggest gainer. >> what about the talk of global recession, if stocks like that are doing well? >> you may well ask because i'm the one who brought it up. okay. >> i want to move on to new hampshire. the markets are pretty much flat after a nasty shock at the opening bell. and kasich surging, rubio slipping, the signs point to a very big voter turnout tonight. new hampshire today, a radio show, jackie joins me now. all right, whose side are you
10:15 am
on? are you republican, democrat? you want to tell us? >> well, as a host i'm a conservative minded person, i don't endorse, i don't get involved. i have the biggest show and had them on for a year and a half now. >> here is what i want to ask you about. donald trump has been using nasty, vulgar language lately. listen to this. >> she just said a terrible thing. you know what she said? shut it out because i don't want to (bleep). >> okay. you're not allowed to say, and i never expect to hear that from you again. she said i never expect to hear that from you again, she said he's a (bleep). stuart: we blanked it out, but you can lip-read. you know what he said. and blanked it out, but you know what he said. now, my question to you, you know new hampshire. you're there. you've got a talk show. how do new hampshire voters respond to language like that?
10:16 am
>> new hampshire voters are very used to donald trump. he's been up here well over a year, first on my show two years ago, he's politically incorrect. he's been thriving, not going to say anything new, last night or last month and change the mind of people who like him. same reason why bernie sanders and more polite, he's not packaged. they have rebellious campaigns they want to tear up money and politics and do it their way. they're doing it by being politically different. >> i know the license plate, live free or die. that speaks to me of individual freedom and liberty. so how is it that a socialist is leading on the democrat side? do new hampshire voters socialism? >> i don't think they know what brny sanders economic details are.
10:17 am
i've asked him his personal income tax plan he goes back we're going to tear up big politics and money and wall street. younger voters like him because he talks about basically tearing up the status quo. this primary four years ago, the college students were off campus on vacation, this time they're on campus and i'm told there may be a higher democratic vote, more than 268,000 democrats. that's going to help sanders. bernie sanders will win in the double digits. >> you're going to get a huge turnout on both sides of the aisle, i think, probably a half million people in new hampshire. what's the population of new hampshire, 1 1/4 million something like that. >> 1.3 and i think the actual number will be 560,000 votes. stuart: that's an extraordinary interest in democracy. i don't think you've seen quite that level of interest before. last word to you. >> well, i think the interesting thing, new hampshire always sends a surprise in the vote. i see it on the republican
10:18 am
side. i see donald trump winning, probably about 10, maybe 11, 12%, if i had to say, but who is in second, third and fourth? there will be four tickets at least out of new hampshire. i would look for john kasich. you said earlier, momentum. jeb bush may surprise people here and the rest of the nation today. i think that rubio holds on and then ted cruz, probably carly fiorina, governor christie and ben carson. stuart: that's how it goes on the republican side. jack, a pleasure talking to you. thank you for joining us. >> great to be with you. stuart: yes, sir. back to the market, check the price of oil. it is still -- it's at $30 a barrel. as it goes up, just a little, the stock market recovers. one of the world's largest cruise ships is now returning to port after getting tossed around by 30-foot waves. here is the question. can any of the passengers sue the cruise line? they have to deal with that. we'll deal with it after the break. ♪
10:19 am
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> listen to this. breaking news on isis. new reports that they are using chemical weapons, ashley. ashley: experimenting with them and in some cases using them. it's believed they were used against the kurds last year, the beginning of this year. the director of national intel against james clapper telling fox news, look, isis has made and deployed chemical agents including mustard sulfur and agents that are described as odorless, colorless and absorbed from clothing.
10:23 am
burns your skin or creates illness hours later. and that's disturbing development and huge threat for mass casualties. stuart: thank you for getting that on the air. all right, individual stocks are moving today. look at, a cloud computing company. it's one of the biggest gainers in the s&p 500, up six points. viacom, by the way, is the biggest loser. it owns cbs and down 11%. i've got to get back to the cruise from hell. the royal caribbean cruise ship is returning to port. it was hit and battered by a winter storm. attorney emily campanio is with physical injury. nos who suffered the heinous
10:24 am
circumstances there, that's not enough. but those who suffered actual physical injury they have the added recoverable option of emotional distress damages. here, i have yet to see reports of actual physical injuries. stuart: okay. now, there was a cargo ship, i think last november, called the el faro. last october called el faro. they have been sued. the owners of that ship have been sued because they recklessly sailed into a hurricane. now, with this cruise ship, they knew that the hurricane was out there. they still set sail. could they not be sued on the grounds that you knew it was there, and it's your fault? >> right, so that expressly, it is expressly stated in royal caribbean's contract if you prove that because of their negligence you sustained these physical injuries they will absolutely be on the hook, but that being said, it also expressly states if it's merely an act of god, not forseeable,
10:25 am
they will not be liable for any of the physical injuries. that's why royal caribbean will try so hard if this gets to court to deny forseeability of the storm. stuart: but it was forseeable. they knew the hurricane was out there. let me ask you this, would you take the case? would you represent the passengers and go after the cruise line in this circumstance? >> if someone was physically injured, yes, i would represent them in trying to recover their actual physical injury damages. but note this, a, class actions are also expressly prohibited in royal caribbean's contract and, b, there's a six month filing period. any passenger actually physically injured only has six months to file and give notice to royal caribbean and you have to do it in federal court in florida and prevents punitive damages. so, honestly, these cruise ship contracts are very strict and seems obvious after looking into it, it was forseeable. but forseeability doesn't always equate to recoverable.
10:26 am
remains to be seen. stuart: read the fine print on the cruise ticket. that's what it is. emily, you always come through with the detailed stuff. that's good. we appreciate it. >> thank you. stuart: be my lawyer any day. how about viacom, i was talking about that earlier. it's dropped more and now it's down 14%. viacom owns cbs it's a huge loser. why is it down? ad sales were weak in the last quarter. down it goes. how about this? bill clinton on the attack and called bernie sanders supporters sexist. there's irony there, isn't there, coming from him? more varney in a moment. every day you read headlines about businesses
10:27 am
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stuart: it has been a down, up,
10:30 am
down day. the price of oil hovering all morning. around $30 a barrel. the yield on the 10 year treasury. that is a barometer about how the world feels about it. pouring here into those treasury securities. 174. big indicator. >> safe haven. look at this. new reports say that hillary clinton is so unhappy with her campaign that she is considering a staff shakeup. tamara holder is here. you are on the inside here. is there any truth to this? >> i think that there is a problem. she has not wanted a primary
10:31 am
campaign advisor. there is a man who is her top. her. he actually wrote an article back in 2012 about how obama won on values, not demographics. it is interesting. i think that that is her problem right now. stuart: how about robbie. i saw him admitting that hillary would lose in new hampshire i >> he is not saying, hey, you are a loser. my candidate may not finish first. there is a difference. >> second place is the first loser.
10:32 am
stuart: i want you to respond to bill clinton. on the campaign trail. roll that tape, please. >> defendant hillary and explaining why they supported her. subject to vicious trolling. attacks. they repeat. >> we know. we know that. you know, i think it is hard. they are really struggling. he is not doing that well.
10:33 am
you guys are sexist. >> it is his wife's campaign. i think it is trying to find the proper balance. are you political advisor? you do not know their relationship. their relationship is more professional. it is more of a marriage type relationship. maybe he should step out completely. i don't know if he is helping her. stuart: a picture. it shows what looks like a hub between chris christie and hillary clinton. who is the loser in that? is that hillary or chris christie? >> i think you are going to say it is chris christie.
10:34 am
i do not think that everything needs to be a competition here. how about that. >> who got paid how much for the hugs. >> using children to drum up support in a new ad. watch this. ♪ ♪ >> that is indoctrination. it is an anode use of children. thank you. >> those parents -- stuart: that is not appropriate to use children of that age or any child in a political ad.
10:35 am
>> the kid saying the f word. i think that they are bad. desperate times call for desperate measures. i am not defending it. it is not as bad as the f word with immigration. there is no connection to your. mommy and daddy, if you vote for hillary clinton, i will die of starvation. i do not get it. i think it circles back to the original part of the conversation. they need some leadership with the campaign. telling the financial times that running for the presidency is an option. making a decision by early march.
10:36 am
if he runs, do you think he takes away votes from the democrats or the republicans? >> i do not know. i think he can take everybody's votes. you look at donald trump. he has a lot of independent voters. either democrats that don't need hillary or bernie that go to him? are there republicans that like fiscal responsibility that may go to him? stuart: do you think that he could win? >> i think that it is interesting. i think the ability to articulate his ideas. stuart: i am losing something
10:37 am
here. right at the end of the interview. >> i think you have a memory lapse when i am on. i do not push for democrats. i voted for romney. i like chris christie. i am so old i cannot remember things. [laughter] stuart: tamara, you are fine. going down a little bit more. now we are off 74 points. look at the big technology names. that is google. these are the big technology names. apart from twitter, all of those names have come down sharply in recession. michael easton is with us. gracing our presence.
10:38 am
of all the stocks that you saw on that board, is there any of them that you would buy? >> right now, no. there are not any of those that i would ride. >> i am not doing it. not right now. how about the dividend stock? starting with at&t. i do not know what the current price is. at&t has a historical track record. that is why it is a track if to myself and many folks are income oriented.
10:39 am
is that correct? >> it is a real estate investment trust. six and a half% dividend yield. a long history of paying a growing dividend. it is very comfortable for folks looking for income. especially in a volatile time. stuart: when the stock drops like that, is the dividend secured? >> in that particular case, the dividend could drop down. it is stable. it is security to the income that they are receiving. it is another reason why at&t is so strong. what is wrong?
10:40 am
michael, thank you very much for joining us. marco rubio. losing some of the momentum after the weekend debate. we're talking to one of his supporters in just a moment. ♪
10:41 am
nicole: i am nicole with your fox business brief. right now, the dow is down about 90 points. the s&p 500 down about a
10:42 am
percentage. the nasdaq down 12. the dow winner and losers. walmart, caterpillar. home depot. viacom hitting a six-month low. coming out with a quarterly revenue. five comments snap chat. european banks have been front and center. certainly watching them closely. you can see that they have been hit hard. start your day at 5:00 a.m. lauren simonetti and i. all the news you need. ♪
10:43 am
10:44 am
stuart: look at. airlines. of nearly 6%. peter barnes. ben carson. what do you say? >> that is right. this is the new hampshire. the large town south of new hampshire. more than 18,000 registered
10:45 am
voters. expect to see a candidate or two to show up here. doctor ben carson. how is it going? what do you have to finish? here is what he said. >> i'm going on regardless of what happens here. millions of people supporting me in social media. people asking me not to drop out. it is a process. >> as far as turnout, officials say it is kind of like they were expecting 12,000, 13,000 voters. it may have been the snow. we got up to a foot in a lot of
10:46 am
places. okay. >> bottom line is ben carson is not dropping out. how about marco rubio? some would say that he is losing a lot of momentum. roll that tape. >> i am the republican that can unify our party. i am not in this campaign to back republicans. if we are not unified, we will not win. the democrats cheer. we are doing the job for them. they love seeing this stuff. if there are policy differences, we will do that for them. stuart: you have endorsed rubio. what about the performance where he took a hit because of his repetitions of his talking points. he did take a hit. he did lose some momentum.
10:47 am
>> they don't shoot unless you are over the target. my wife and i were in iowa. he has the momentum. he is rising in the polls. it is no surprise. >> you lost some of that momentum in the debate. >> the pundits in the press love to talk about that. he is a candidate that can unify this party. unify the nation. he is a happy warrior. that is a the kind of leadership i think we need in this country. you look at the head to head polls. states like minnesota. marco is beating hillary by nine points. in colorado, leading by 16 points. marco rubio is a candidate that
10:48 am
will beat hillary clinton in the landslide. >> what would a win look like for marco rubio in new hampshire? i will make the assumption. where does rubio plays if he makes a big win? >> that will be to the pundits to decide did we surprise a lot of folks in iowa. nobody thought that marco rubio would virtually tied donald trump and i was. he was one point behind donald in iowa. i think he will have a great day in new hampshire. people are starting to pay more attention to this race. marco rubio is the nominee that can beat hillary clinton. they do not want to think about bernie sanders or hillary clinton occupying the oval office. we need to nominate a conservative.
10:49 am
>> when some. i do not think that i have heard that before. we appreciate that. supporting marco rubio. thank you so much, senator. george up. local support. growing for a bill that would allow prayer back in schools. liz. liz: that is what they are saying. a bipartisan push for this to allow prayer back into schools. ever since 1962, abolishing prayer at schools, you have all sorts of violence and murder. it is public schools. essentially, government-backed religion and that is bad. >> the bill is georgia would allow prayer in schools.
10:50 am
>> you want to talk about a football rally. back in the public schools. breaking the church state separation. >> it would appear that the government would be back in lauren door saying. ashley: there is no doubt about it. stuart: driving religion. liz: a muslim prayer. stuart: back to the presidential race. outsiders leading the pack. mike louisburg considering an independent run. my take on that is coming up. first, i am back on the daily show. we will show you more of this in the next hour. stuart: brought into the halftime show at a super bowl game.
10:51 am
why? >> brought in because beyoncé was brought in. ♪ it was always just a hobby. something you did for fun. until the day it became something much more. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. ♪ [bassist] two late nights in blew an amp.but good nights. sure,music's why we do this,but it's still our business. we spend days booking gigs, then we've gotta put in the miles to get there. but it's not without its perks. like seeing our album sales go through the roof enough to finally start paying meg's little brother- i mean,our new tour manager-with real,actual money. we run on quickbooks.that's how we own it.
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10:54 am
>> time is money. here are the other stories we're following today. they had on train crash
10:55 am
southeast foes view niche, germany. emergency teams flown in by helicopter. nine people have been killed. about 150 injured. fifty of those seriously. to the worldwide zika outbreak. he wants to expand mosquito control measures. speed up development of the vaccine did the u.s. olympic committee says some athletes should consider skipping the olympics because of concerns. all right, stuart. stuart: this election gets more interesting by the day. now we have learned that white go bloomberg is thinking about a run for the white house. third party. he will decide by early march. think about this. bernie sanders. donald trump.
10:56 am
bloomberg. positioning himself in the middle. running things well. is this the most fascinating and entertaining election ever? that is an exaggeration, but you get the point. the country is into politics. record turnout for the iowa caucuses. probably a record in new hampshire today. move over celebrities. bernie and the donald are right up there on social media. after all of these years of all government all the time, voters are really hoping for change. is there any doubt that the rise of donald trump is bringing anything different to the table? he is a socialist. how different can you get? now, michael bloomberg. seventy-three years old. he is worth $40 billion. that is new on the political
10:57 am
scene. that is really different. this thing is just getting started. offering a real choice. politics is making news. american democracy is working. it is working well.f like bil ♪ but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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10:59 am
at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact.
11:00 am
kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. >> we are back down 100. down 112 on the industrials. why is that? the price of oil is down more. 29.58. heading lower at the minute. another key indicator. ten year treasury yield. down to 1.72%. that is a very important indicator. there is a very general sense of anxiety. cannot quite put my finger on what is going on here.
11:01 am
i think that i am right. i think that there is that sense of unease. >> credit, credit, credit. so long. many people got loans. a slowdown in the economy. you are getting the bankruptcy. you have countries that are commodity dependent. borrowed in dollars. they will not be able to pay. this will be a process. stock. going down. you will know that it is priced in. stuart: there is five and a half trillion dollars worth of bonds.
11:02 am
you give the government. you do not give it back. not all of it gets back. you do not get any interest. >> it is very scary. it is uncharted waters. we do not know what the after effects will be. what we do know is that it hurts financial institutions. it is why many of them are down. >> if i give $100 to the government for a three-month treasury bill, i get back interest of $0.01. >> it is a negative return. we are in and unchartered territory. if anyone is going to get
11:03 am
through it, it is the united states. the best corporations. the best technology. you look out two or three or four years from today. if you bought high-quality stocks, you will do better. you are not going to make money this year, in my opinion. it is not 2008. it will get a little bit scary for some people. it is not 2008. stuart: thank you very much indeed. i have two rheumatic video for you. this is the aftermath of russian bombing in the syrian city. that is total devastation. you've got word of another crisis in the city. >> it used to be serious biggest
11:04 am
city. it is surrounded by a side government forces. cutting off this city. it is a stronghold for rebel forces. backed by russian planes. indiscriminately bombing this city. devastatingly so. 150,000 refugees. they have one road out. reports and fears that they could ensue. they will try to get to the turkish border. i will give more on this later in the program. this is the day that new hampshire votes for the primary in the nation. those are already being counted. they are making their final push. jo ling kent is with us. something interesting this morning about john kasich.
11:05 am
>> you saw a serious spike in google searches. you see a sudden interest as people are heading out the door. there are two ideas behind what is happening here. the first area to vote in very northern new hampshire. what is happening. maybe they are looking at adding more establishment candidates. the reason i feel comfortable saying that, kasich continues to pick up in the google search. throughout this morning. the most searched. going back and forth. >> a lot of searches on google. a precursor. maybe to vote. >> potentially.
11:06 am
it is an exploration. stuart: kasich has been around new hampshire for a long time now. >> he is moving there. he is thinking everything on new hampshire. stuart: stay on politics. michael bloomberg is considering a presidential run. i want to talk to you. you are a huge supporter of the second amendment. the right to bear arms. what do you make of this candidacy? >> we have heard rumblings of michael bloomberg wanting to do this. the problem for him here is that he would be splitting the vote on the progressive side of the aisle. not necessarily on the republican side.
11:07 am
it does not benefit his cause. the idea that liberals and progressive are openly running on an anti-gun narrative. even when the polling was against the nra. against the pro-gun community in the 90s. we saw the midterm election completely turn around in their favor. now, they are on their side. even bernie sanders to a certain extent. openly talking about gun confiscation of more gun control. stuart: pro-gun. the time has shifted. he takes votes away from those people that are still anti-gun. that, in a nutshell, that is
11:08 am
your argument. >> i think that it is important to point out. there was recent polling. there is more people that now supports protecting gun rights. we have seen it that the majority, a lot of new homes have guns in their homes. the tide has really turned. it is interesting to see these openly anti-gun candidates. they are talking about this. barack obama was told by rob emanuel, do not talk about it until you are reelected. it could cost you a second term as president. public opinion really is not on their side. stuart: hillary clinton has a new ad out. it uses children in her campaign. world tape. >> for my future.
11:09 am
>> for my future. stuart: i will tell you flat out. i do not like that. the use of children in a political context. >> both are publicans and democrats do this. i do not think that politicians should use children for their own political cause. >> that video will now be with those children for the rest of their lives. it is going to follow them. hillary is desperate. both sides of the political aisle. >> i agree. i do not see it as blatant and obvious exploitation. i cannot think off the top of my head of a similar republican style ad.
11:10 am
>> that is true. that horrible awful video of little girls shouting expletives about feminism. that is another cause that they use children for. let's just stop exploiting children. they may disagree once they become adults to promote a political cause. especially a time of great desperation. >> you are right, katie. thank you very much, indeed. >> would you look at this. a right in hong kong overnight. police cleared away the legal food stands. that was not the issue. the issue is democracy in hong kong and freedom. >> giving influence in hong kong. this is something that happens all the time. they are unlicensed.
11:11 am
the reaction to this has been severe. you can see how quickly these rivalries move-in. they find a couple of morning shots. this is the kind of thing. we talked about this earlier. they will clamp down on this. spreading to the mainland. you have a problem. stuart: instability is the one thing. tens of thousands more expected in the coming weeks. two and a half million inside turkey. where will the new migrants, the extra couple hundred of thousands, where will they go? the answer is europe. ♪
11:13 am
11:14 am
11:15 am
>> we have this development on the zika virus. indiana has reported its first case. that person had originally traveled to haiti. more breaking news. president obama submitting his final budget for congress. >> $4.1 trillion spending plan. it includes initiatives for the new war. it increases taxes over the coming decade. he asks for twice as much in taxes. he is asking for double that amount this time around. stuart: 4.1 trillion he proposes to spend.
11:16 am
stuart: government spending. the president wants 19 billion. 19 billion for cyber security. what will that be spent on? >> it will be spent over a holiday. in fact, he says that it is no secret. in atari game. and xbox world. they want to do an up date there. wanting to appoint a chief information security officer. if you look more closely, many companies that are not cyber focused have all pointed. it is something that has become indispensable for a lot of ceos. he also wants to collaborate a lot with silicon valley. there has been a big divide about whether or not this company will hand over your private data from their social media sites. >> got it.
11:17 am
to hear up. tens of thousands of migrants currently at the turkish border. currently trying to get in. turkey says, we are at full capacity. katie hopkins is with us again. joining us from big ben in the background. where are they going to go? europe does not want them. what will happen when the migration starts in they hit europe's border? >> this is where the pressure cooker is being turned up now. we have bombing going on in syria. the theory and are migrating in the border. turkey has shut that border. receiving the number of migrants. the people that live in london. a whole bunch of london has already arrived in turkey.
11:18 am
it just cannot hope. 3 billion euros to turkey in order to build schools to accommodate migrants, to let them in. turkey is saying, no, we are not opening our border. as soon as they do open that border and soon is that weather starts to warm up, these guys will be inflatable. they will be crossing and they will be inter- grieved and headed our way. if you do not give us more cash, we will send them your way anyway. >> will they try to get into europe? what will europe do? put the soldiers on. is that what they're going to do? >> at the moment, i would say, honestly, there is no solution.
11:19 am
the only idea so far is to send a border force to greece. my level of migration. it sits at the heart of this for me. angela merkel. the mother of all migrants. she said, migrants, calm. you are all welcome. that really started this journey into europe. if it was not for her, i do not think we would be in the problems we are in. no one has any answers. another 100,000 serious marching towards turkey and our shores. >> i know that you are a trump supporter. do you think that maybe trump will get more supporters as this
11:20 am
migrant crisis gets worse? >> yes. i think that europe is a perfect template. you want a little case study. we do not want to end up like them. i would suggest that europe is the perfect model right now. we have stories of rape being suppressed. raped by migrants. bringing them up all over the place. i know some people are good people. i think you only end up with trouble. i think that there is a lot to be said for trump and his walls. talking about firm action. if we did not have the english channel, we would be in more trouble than we are already in. ima pics trump supporter. i like that.
11:21 am
stuart: we can tell. we get it. joining us again. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> bernie sanders. the good people do not like it. do not want it. won't happen. my take is next. ♪
11:22 am
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call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ stuart: looking at the numbers. financial numbers after the bell from tesla today. do remember that is rebounding from a two year low. politics, please. bill clinton. he says bernie sanders supporters are sexist. look at this. the poll lease. they set up a camera on a telephone pole. ten weeks straight. a court ruled. that is perfectly legal and no war and is needed.
11:26 am
judge napolitano on that. what happens to climate change. just weeks ago, it was the biggest threat that we were facing. two months ago committed america to radically different policies. my how times change. barely mentioned in all those debates. it is disappearing. hold on. robert at the manhattan in institute has done some digging. bernie is a global warmer. he wants giant windmills. 25% in the energy needs to come from wind. that means it giant windmills. towns and landing boards are banning those giant windmills.
11:27 am
they do not like them. they will not have them. no wonder he barely mentions it. no wonder other candidates remained virtually silent. we the people do not particularly care for the climate solutions. we are not convinced. come on, bernie, and all the others. ♪
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11:31 am
stuart: two hours into the trading session in looking back, we are virtually dead flat. how about the price of oil? we been up and down. we are basically dead flat but under $30 a share. the stock price if they spoke very much in the news recently. it is up 1.7%. it has just been denied his position in india. it can't offer free service in india. is that right? >> and helps get more people on the internet for free to use it on products. not india is badness is part of a larger regulation about nationality. they are saying facebook on espn, johnson & johnson, they can't do this because it is
11:32 am
unfair in the market. facebook is saying same google play ball and make adjustments accordingly. if they are willing to play ball with investors like that because india is a big market. stuart: they wanted to that big market. jo: they do. it is very important for them. stuart: politics comic i get back to it. bill clinton, did he have harsh words for bernie sanders and his supporters? listen to this. >> she and other people have thought i might to defend hillary and explain why they supported her have been subject to vicious trolling and attacks that are literally too profane often not to mention is to repeat. stuart: did you catch that at the end? that is sexist. andrea tim terrace. >> talk about this topic.
11:33 am
is this a joke? this primary season has been comical. bill clinton accusing folks at dell vote for hillary clinton of being sexist and is checkered old mcdonald had a farm share. usually bill clinton becomes unhinged in the palmetto state. he's doing it a little bit earlier because she's in huge trouble. stuart: he's not doing a good job of campaigning for his wife. that is my judgment. it's been a really long time. the clintons were very, very effective in the 1990s. it not the 1990s anymore and the old playbook of the working. i predict tonight she gets beaten by at least 10 to 12 points. stuart: 10 to 12 points? >> what is worse after the albright club and now after the clinton club, her husband, she will lose without dignity. 12 points, over a 10-point loss
11:34 am
is a serious loss. >> she is in dire, dire, dire trouble. >> if donald trump does not win by 10 points, that is a virtual loss for him? >> i wouldn't say that it be you or break him he does need a pretty significant margin. double digits there you hear the spin from the other can't. he made the same mistakes that he made in iowa. didn't do the ground game, didn't put the effort man and he didn't learn from past mistakes. the story tonight with republicans as the governors. what i hear on the ground in kasich is surging. he's someone i consider to be a dark horse. stuart: we just reported that there is a surge in google searches for kasich three times this morning from this morning, just as this morning, just as we were heading out the door. >> there's various isv we haven't seen before this past week. >> fanfares out what i hear from
11:35 am
my sources on the ground. people talking about kasich. he seems to be searching but also he's tailored for that. it's a more moderate republicans i does make sense. here's the rabia situation. even though some have an infection, his debate performance hurt him with 20% undecided voters. think about it, if they would vote for rubio, he would have had a closer number to donald trump. i don't think it's going to get that. the story's going to be two or three performance after trump by kasich or chris christie. stuart: wait a second. this is chris christie engaged in a virtual almost hug with hillary clinton. does that hurt chris christie? >> uses serial hugger. >> keisha cans of president obama with his arms around her shoulder. >> it sure did. the question is, is that going to anger voters in new hampshire? i think it might hurt them a
11:36 am
little bit. although he is known to have a lot of love and to embrace the spirit i would have given her handshake. the hug is a bit of a problem and are supposed to be the one that will take the nomination to the clintons. last thing they want someone who's going to plan not appear to >> you're going to get me to come out of may shall. thank you very much indeed. the later. our next guest is the mayor of miami. he's in new hampshire at the moment campaigning for hillary clinton. he joins us now. you are on. thank you for being with us. i know what you are saying. we have followed close late and you really don't like bernie sanders because he is a socialist. he is not electable and he can't get free stuff and tax the rich. you do like hillary. hillary is not that different policy life from bernie sanders. >> i don't agree with you.
11:37 am
not that i don't like senator sanders. i think he's been great. i'm a businessman, entrepreneur and this has been wonderful to debate for the dialogue of the democratic party. but they are different types of candidates. secretary clinton is huge executive acts and come out the resume. we're looking to hire the next go of united native america and secretary clinton has that. senator sanders as you said something about putting windmills in vermont is a little don quixote is that you're mentioning there. senator sanders is very different. obviously i come from florida. they don't work out too well. we see them in venezuela and cuba. stuart: hillary clinton is not that our policy was. >> i disagree. secretary clinton wants to build on what president obama has taken and dealt with. they get better. she believes in the american dream but we also believe and
11:38 am
it's very important that everyone needs to survive. ultimately classic her. senator sanders boxer tax -- stuart: it is health care. that is that senator sanders wants to do. he once attacked the middle class. secretary clinton wants to spread it across the top 1% to pay more taxes. no question about it. a lot of friends in private equity but they are not paying their fair share. secretary clinton wants to crack down. stuart, it's wonderful to drive a ferrari round, begun to make sure not everybody else wants to kill you. stuart: i am in the top 1%. other than new york city. i pay 60% of my income in taxes anyone attacks me more. you think that's okay? >> i've got a better suggestion. you should move to florida. stuart: don't get away from it. taxation of 1% is already way up
11:39 am
there and you want to make it more. do you think we grow the economy by taking even more successful people? >> first of all, my personal suggestion is that you go to florida we have no state or income tax. second of all, it is wonderful if you can afford a ferrari and drive down the road. you don't want people to kill you. you want them to have the opportunity to feel they can have the american dream and that is what has to happen. we need to make sure that it's there. senator sanders wants to t the middle class. that is the situation -- stuart: you get into a recession are close to it. your honor, i wish you luck tonight. things are being with us. we appreciate it. next, an update on isis in america. this is a big deal. after the break, a man who knows his stuff about isis in america. general jack. ♪
11:40 am
11:41 am
>> i am nicole petallides. the dow jones industrial average down 51-point throughout the day today and right now the dow is down 53,977, s&p down four. the nasdaq down seven. one area particularly because energy. energy is the weakest sector of
11:42 am
late. we've seen a lot of moving around. the s&p 500 down over 9%. southwestern down 4%. looking into the airlines, different picture here. good news out of american airlines. up 1.2%. gallup is under pressure today. that is the big one. tuesday, 5:00 a.m. on fox business, i will see you there.
11:43 am
11:44 am
stuart: apples out of the little bit lower today. four dollars a share. a new report says a lot of people are not happy with apple products or apple software. >> is a software question. a higher level of people who've long been evangelists of apple hardware is and what about the software? why doesn't work as well as it should? he's talking about itunes, iphoto, basic stuff on your computer. he's also saying there are lots of other smaller apps on your phone you may never use that you can't get rid of the there are complaints there. the wider community beginning to complain as well on other forums. thursday is an opportunity for apple to retool an update. microsoft had this problem a decade ago with some of its own
11:45 am
software. stuart: the first time and here there is something wrong with apple. apple software. they are king of the hill. jo: there's nothing in terms of development. people are realizing some of these have not been updated in a while in the conductivity, seamlessness is no longer there. ashley: they expect the quality and integration. transfer exactly, to go with a very good looking phone. stuart: next case the mysterious subject. the threat of homegrown terrorism and isis spreading into america. come on in, general jack keane has testified in front of the foreign affairs committee tomorrow about isis in america. can you tell us now what you are going to say about isis in america tomorrow? >> certainly in general terms, one is obviously a thread. the director of national intelligence clapper just yesterday police thread is going to go up in 2016. when our intelligence services
11:46 am
worry most about commas to urge, is the homegrown threat. not the potential of a refugee coming to this country for someone who left to go to syria in iraq and returning. there's only been one of those incidents. it the homegrown terrorists operating in the shadows and not being reported by fred, families or associate is something different is going on with that individual. usually an individual as a couple. san bernardino is that exception. stuart: there's a lot of this in america. can you say that? director combe is on record saying he had over 900 cases on the subject. he's arrested 82 people. is going to continue. i think what the american people should know is we've got one of the best homeland security protection in the world in terms of intelligence agencies and federal bureau of investigation and the police that are up to
11:47 am
it. so that is a good thing. what keeps this going, stuart and want my testimony will also be about tomorrow is that we've got to stop isis. we have to be on offense to do that at the sewers. if we want to stop homegrown terrorism in the united states, we must defeat the stores is inspiring and motivating people to take up arms against their public citizens. our strategy to do that is less than adequate to be sure. stuart: on that subject, with a case developing today where russian bombing has successfully defeated the rebels in a serious -- syria's largest time to let go. and literally hundreds of thousands of people are being forced out of the city. they are making their way to the turkish border. this is the result of successful russian bombing in the port of
11:48 am
president assad. >> yes, president of imus said u.s. policy was that the boy must go and he repeatedly refused rivals by the intelligence agency to assist those in making certain that assad would in fact go. despite that, assad was in a precarious situation last year as a result of that comment the iranians and russians came to their assistance. bombing began on september the 30th. here we are four months later now and they have had some success and they are retaking the commercial center of syria and also securing the coastal western region, which is the aloe white region where assad receives political supporter. what the russians have accomplished if they have solidified the board and power as opposed to him going nowhere.
11:49 am
and peace talks taking place in europe. secretary kerry sponsored and going nowhere. stuart: we wish you well with your testament before congress tomorrow. we will be following. >> good talking to you, stuart. stuart: police used a camera to spy on a convicted felon for two weeks without a warrant. all rise, the judge is next. ♪ you both have a
11:50 am
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for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: i regret to say that "varney & company" once again made an appearance on "the daily show." this time for super bowl halftime coverage. roll tape. >> is there anything in america which can exclude race? why is race brought into the halftime show at a super bowl game? why? [laughter] >> race was brought in because beyoncé was brought in. racers outcome you might want to
11:54 am
sit down for this, but jan sais black. stuart: you know, when jon stewart did that show, he was funny. he never made fun of me and he was funny. i don't know if that was particularly funny. and i don't think it was their response to a perfectly legitimate question. you on my side? ashley: i'm with you. i don't get the point. stuart: it's a perfectly legitimate question to ask him a wide way to to bring race into every tank in america including the halftime show? because beyoncé is on it and she's black. i don't think so. i've got this for you. >> a rendition. last night last night train to let me set it up here at police in tennessee set up a video camera on a telephone pole. they pointed it at a convicted felons gone. they continuously recorded video
11:55 am
for 10 weeks, went to court. the court said that's okay, it's perfectly legal in the warrant is needed. you can tell the man is steaming. judge andrew napolitano. >> i think this is an unprecedented expansion of the government's power to engage in in in surveillance and attack took been done pursuant to a warrant. how un-american is the idea that the government can put a camera on a telephone pole comment. her house, property, frank eric come aside your in the backyard for 10 weeks 20 for seven without permission from a quarter? that's absolutely the type of thing done in the old east germany when i wanted to catch somebody doing something wrong. >> you would be okay if they got a warrant? >> presumably if there's a warrant and probable cause of crime and the other requirements of a warrant had been met. for the court to suggest that because if you were on the top of the telephone pole, you could see into the house therefore it
11:56 am
safe to put a camera up there is an absurd eve edition of the fourth amendment protection of the right to privacy. stuart:.court ruling will be challenged. >> i don't know if the supreme court will take it. the supreme court is actually in the market for the correct privacy case. but the last time the supreme court lifted a case similar to this, it involves police without a warrant putting a gps device in a car in following the car for three days and as a result developed the supreme court to the conviction and so the police can't do it. now david s. -underscore can get away with it. stuart: if i put the same camera on a telephone poll looked at my neighbor, that's okay. they are private citizen. stuart: you probably violates some laws that prohibit telephone pole. >> you also violate laws protecting the privacy of your neighbor. if you send a drone to my farm, i will shoot it down and be protected with the right to do it.
11:57 am
stuart: it was a pleasure. sorry it was so sure. we will have more after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: from the very beginning, and donald trump has not been politically correct and that has been one of the attractions to people. everybody is so politically correct in this country and i can't tell you how many people over the course of the summer in the fall and now into the winter have come up to me and said donald trump is a nod to things i want to say but i'm afraid to say. stuart: dallas >> translator: chair in new hampshire. i had asked him about trump's use of bulger and on occasion the same language. we now have a response from trump who's been challenged about his use of language. transfer the washington repost was reporting it wasn't overly bad. it was like a re-tweet.
12:00 pm
i would never say a word like that either way but the audience went crazy. he is just quoting someone else. stuart: let's see how the people of new hampshire respond to it. neil cavuto is very new hampshire. >> i am indeed. i love the way you said volcker. it sounds even worse than the word you might be using. [laughter] thank you very much, buddy. the big reason we are enjoying it more today not because it's voting day but it's a lot warmer than yesterday. half the temperature it is today. you're already complaining. they've got two hours to go. we are here on voting day in the granite state getting reports of very, very heavy voting in some areas that normally don't see it. too early to tell you those types of reports, but now


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