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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  February 9, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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i would never say a word like that either way but the audience went crazy. he is just quoting someone else. stuart: let's see how the people of new hampshire respond to it. neil cavuto is very new hampshire. >> i am indeed. i love the way you said volcker. it sounds even worse than the word you might be using. [laughter] thank you very much, buddy. the big reason we are enjoying it more today not because it's voting day but it's a lot warmer than yesterday. half the temperature it is today. you're already complaining. they've got two hours to go. we are here on voting day in the granite state getting reports of very, very heavy voting in some areas that normally don't see it. too early to tell you those types of reports, but now dr. ben carson and a slight
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easier. i always said she should be here and maybe not you. anyway, good to see you. >> i'm doing fine. remember, i am a person who for 36 years worked 12 to 16 hour days with a lot of stress. neil: i'm the same way. you are doing surgery. what about this? every one of you has worked so hard. multiple events, you are no different. only a few of you were told she will come out of the state. do you think you'll be one of those? >> i will have the wherewithal to go on. but you know, the more important thing is not the money, it is support. we have more than 5 million facebook lakes and we have people who are donating and that is what is keeping us going. neil: you are brave.
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but is interesting in your case, you came off the record december more than any of the opponent, pretty good january. if you don't have a good performance, do you think it still will be? >> i do believe so, absolutely. you know, and recognize that when you start getting out some of the cores states where people have, you know, really traditional values, it is going to begin to show. >> it's not the case in new hampshire. >> i'm not saying that at all. there are some places where my kind of message resonates more than a dozen other places. neil: regardless of how you perform today -- >> absolutely. unlike politicians i am not scared because i want to do this. i am here because hundreds of thousands of my fellow americans
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implored me to do this. neil: do you regret it? i don't mean to be dismissive, but it is grueling. crisscrossing in a blizzard. >> would it have been easier to continue speaking, sitting on corporate wars, relaxing at home in florida and enjoying life? that would've been a lot easier. you know, what if the people who preceded us had not been willing to make sacrifices, where would we be today? >> it does get to the issue of performing, getting the numbers and donors and whether they get tired. it is a chicken and egg argument. >> it is. as time goes on and people have an opportunity to get to know was, they will recognize what they really want to have sitting right in front of them and what
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they have been trying to get away from has just been in many cases covered with a different flavor. neil: you know, you talked about before the confusion of the abc news today. what were you surprised to see? my producer and i were talking about with the coverage was like. the confusion -- not what he said during the debate, but the confusion of the introduction. >> that has been coverage from me at the beginning, anything they can find to ridicule me, that is what they will do. will i talk about the substance? of course not. you've got to recognize they represent something antithetical to the political establishment. neil: you didn't hear your name called? if there was a lot of applause going on outfront, you wouldn't hear it. neil: the fox business today was kind of weird. >> i've got to give you kudos for that.
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neil: stepping back from this praise, and what did she think of the back-and-forth at that debate between chris christie marker rubio? some people said he delivered a blow, the new jersey governor to marker rubio but he might have hurt himself the process for appearing to meet. >> as you know, i don't get into that kind of thing. i was given the opportunity and a very good cause to go after. you know, i don't believe that that's particularly the republican party and a good. >> you could've made more the whole ted cruz thing in iowa. that did stick for a while and he did get an apology. you were a little upset he hadn't fired anybody. >> i was more upset for the people. i heard from more than today, people who really worked so hard into here from another source
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that your candidate is dropping out, some of them were just devastated. neil: do you think it would've made a big difference? >> it would've made a huge difference. internal polling shows something different than what happened in external polling showed that, too. but when you do more or less of the people who are out there to help people change their minds, that has an effect also. it is a cascading effect. the right thing will happen in the long run. my job is to do what is right. neil: i know when there is a campaign shakeup, theater shia to get more in your face can be more argumentative. you'll always get the response time in a debate. did you get argumentative and the other person has to respond to your attacks. they mention you see you can respond to that. you know the game. you refuse to do that. any regrets? >> no. i am who i am.
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i think that people are smart enough to see through all of this, many of them are. and i believe we will get the leadership that we deserve, whatever that is. >> even if it's not the leadership you think is good for us. >> whatever we deserve, that is what were going to get. >> if you losers vote for these losers, you are losers. >> i am not saying that at all. we get what we get. neil: if donald trump was the nomination, what do you think? >> that is what we deserve and hopefully will be something good. neil: what should be ever open to a vp spot? >> i would have to have major philosophical alignment with whoever it was. neil: donald trump. >> i would have to have guarantees that i could do some substantial things. >> donald trump might get what we deserve, we deserve it.
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if that's the case would you entertain it? >> i certainly would sit down and discuss it. neil: who wouldn't you ever entertain up with? >> rather than get into that, let's say as long as there is significant philosophical alignment, i wouldn't have a problem. it's really not what i'm aiming to do. i am aiming to really change this country in the same way that i came up with new ways to do very complex things that people have been trying to do for a long period of time. that is what i want to do with this country. i don't necessarily want to be sitting back waiting for somebody to give instructions. >> to you ever hear they don't have -- you've done some of the most incredible miracles.
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>> i recognize we have been conditioned to think only politicians can solve our problems. but at some point maybe we will wake up and recognized it was politicians who created our problems. or we get what we deserve. we should get much better. the people recognize that we the people are actually at the tentacle. we are supposed to be at the apex of the government is supposed to be there to serve us. don't accept the status quo. we can return it to the way it was supposed to be. neil:.person, so good seeing you. a lot more coming up. we are very close to bear market territory for the nasdaq and that doesn't get much attention here, but it might have been in this hour our next hour. to read from yet another candidate in the middle of this raise hopes that his surgical strike at another candidate translates into big votes for him.
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chris christie after this. ♪
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neil: the last minute -- verbose. they do it they have as well. last night in a snowstorm we caught up with governor chris christie who is having one of his town hall meeting and sort of gauging how he is feeling close to the debate. take a look. governor christie, great to see you. did you bring knives with you? >> no need to. but i want to prove to the american people and the voters
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in new hampshire was the difference between being ready to be president and not being ready to be president. being ready to take on hillary clinton and not taken her on. i am ready, senator rubio is not. neil: you took them apart in a way others have tried and it was jarring. preplanning to do it with the layers you did or did you know he would react the way he did? >> neither. i think that is part of the next year instead of former federal prosecutor. you don't know what the script is going to be. you have to react and i reacted to what i've seen from senator rubio for a long time, which is the answers are all the same and i was ready for that part of it. neil: what did you think today, governor when you meant to say barack obama no-space that way -- i meant to keep repeating it. >> it was not responsive to what we were talking about. the american people know what they saw. the senator can say whatever he wants to to make it look better, but the american people saw
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someone who is drowning in did know how to swim. the fact is we need a commander-in-chief who in the times get tough they will get much worse than that against hillary clinton and even tougher than that in the oval office. you can not know how to swim. neil: you are hoping for a little wind from not. anecdotally it seems to be the case. but then i noticed governor bush, governor neil cavuto, do you feel you did a lot of their dirty work? >> no, i did the work that needed to be done for a party. neil: you heard the rumors -- >> now, we are not putting a strategy together in any way shape or form. neil: he's the prosecutor and take them out. and if we benefit for me, this is my strategy all along.
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i'll do so out of time on the matter of my choosing. neil: what made you go after him at this point. it's a three-person race. new hampshire is the place i spent 71 days and i wanted to do everything i could to make sure the momentum was stunted. the way it was to show who i really am. but the american people now know is i am a former federal prosecutor who knows how to get this done. i am the governor has rescued us after hurricane stand it. neil: what you think when he went after you at the snowstorm thing? >> i didn't know what he was talking about. he's crazy. i didn't want to go back, but i had to. when i had to come i did. by the way, by sunday at noon, the roads were clear, the trains were running and that's what the governor does.
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he's never been responsible or accountable for anything like that in his life. he stirred criticism at me. the second worst natural disaster in american history. i know what i'm doing. neil: do you hope that translates into votes? and it just might. but what if it did not? there's another way to the theater performance. he reminded people of no one better articulate the attack line republicans should have going into hillary clinton. so as a running mate for somebody come to you could be the guy to be the attack dog. neil: >> certainly i could be but it won't be because i'll be the one picking a running mate. neil: no one would rule it out -- >> i allowed the army to consider me last time. you don't run for vice president. i would be open to any way serving my country, but that is not what i'm here about. there's a whole lot of ways you
12:18 pm
can serve your country or maybe it's time for medical mac some money for the first time in my life for my family. neil: i know you have to go. how is rubio to you? i was trying to look around to saying goodbye to. >> wisher cans afterwards. neil: how was it? >> fine. you'd have to ask him, but he was quiet. regardless of how you do it in the state, i hope you do very, very well. i see the release see the released under stuff. you got a south carolina to her plan. regardless, the race goes on for you. >> what happened saturday night has shaken up the race completely. neil: you don't need a one, two, three kind of deal. >> i don't think so. no one is sold on senator rubio, so we are looking for a candidate and we will go pr person for them. i think you make some indication of that tomorrow night and certainly some indication in south carolina. >> what if the support wasn't
12:19 pm
that bad? would you be surprised? >> i would be. neil: what about donald trump if he wins this state? and he could be wrong. he has been a clear position. >> no more than ted cruz is in a clear position a week ago. everyone will declare a winner after each election. we got 11 on march 1st and before that we got south carolina and nevada. there's a lot of work to do here at a lot of ups and downs that will happen. i went up is to be a tough race. donald should win here. he's been had in 71 straight polls, so better win here. neil: you have the low expectation to get elected governor of new jersey in the first place. but after your strong debate, you are saying he should do well. the pressure is in reverse. >> that's okay. i can do with the pressure. though it did before. as he remembered 22,009, 33 million to 11 million.
12:20 pm
democrats said i'd never be reelected. i got 61% of the vote. i like being underestimated. it's fine. but the people know i'm a fighter and i thought my way back into this race saturday night and i'll fight my way to the nomination in cleveland while the stand on the podium in cleveland in july, i july, abroad will say how did it happen. you and i have seen the script before. neil: before i came here, we get reports that michael bloomberg is seriously considering a run for president. presuming as an independent. what made these reports different if he said that. it wasn't attributed to staff. how do you think that changes the race of michael bloomberg is then an spending a lot of money to be elected president of the independent? >> i think it hurts hillary clinton. neil: what if you were the nominee? >> he would take more votes because he's a bit left of center and his positions are left of center nationally. he would take close to hillary.
12:21 pm
let's see if he actually does it or not. if i was the nominee he wouldn't feel the need to do it. >> so you are managing to come out of your shell. >> listen, i am shy and retiring us to know. if i can break out of michelle and i get someone to business. >> thank you very much. governor crist christie. neil: you always hear dr. carson saying the same thing that their own internal tracking survey show momentum. each candidate seems to be indicating that appeared governor crist in a difference. today will decide that. but we'll see whether the polls which are optimistic the matter what candidate you talk to will live up to the internal tracking they are getting. we will know later on today. don't forget 10:55 p.m., at dn starts with live coverage of the results coming out of the granite a brother chris christie or ben carson and his internal tracking polls measure appeared we would get a pretty good idea. stay with us.
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more after this.
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neil: it's all about the turnout. the more turnout, the white house people like trump, sanders. let's turn now, you start getting into grad cancer that can effectively get the people they have that too though. hard to say because to get different reports on different precincts. peter binds with us right now. one word is not measuring up to publicity. peter. >> that is right. we are in merrimack at merrimack high school. this is the largest voting precinct in the state. 18,500 registered voters.
12:26 pm
lynne christiansen, the moderator, precinct captain says the turnout has been in her words of baseball as of about 11:30 am a 2000 people voted. the previous high water mark was 208,112,000 people voted at this precinct. she was hoping to hit that number. she says it could be the snow. people have to dig out this morning didn't show up to vote. we also hear about really bad traffic problems, traffic novels around the precinct. folks come and let me add, is the traffic okay now? >> it is miserable. it could be the traffic. bill gardner, secretary of state also came by to check it out. he said from what he is tearing across the state, turnout is heavy, sticking with his projection of a record turnout of 550,000 people. but he said he has talked to local police here in merrimack to help them get the traffic to
12:27 pm
flow better. it could be the traffic. of course they have the voting continuing until tonight at 7:00. neil: with the voting, they can keep you later at the polls this summer swamped. >> some people it might. neil: they will close the door close the doors and everyone has had a chance. >> that is correct. as you said, the turnout matters to a lot of candidates. we will be watching this precinct very close way. >> that particular precinct that gave high turnout. the arguments i guess the same as it was in iowa and we know where that went. the benefits of bernie sanders, unelected and if it's donald trump on the right. i don't know if it is quite that black and white. is that the sense you are getting to show up, and the ground game will start mattering. >> yeah, what they've been saying that they've been feeling particularly to younger voters
12:28 pm
than there were voters to come out and vote for the first time. in iowa we saw all the high turnout in it benefited ted cruz and marco rubio, the ones that had the good ground games out there. so you are right, that is critical. neil: you never know. peter, thank you. all these polls don't mean anything at this point. it is why we are very leery of accepting consensus as we were last week in iowa because eight years ago after barack obama surprised and he won iowa. there were 11 polls that were done right after iowa. even up to the day before the new hampshire primary that had barack obama winning the new hampshire primary against hillary clinton. and clinton. it went just the other way. hillary clinton won but primary. it is an historic reminder that the polls say one thing, election day voters say quite another. live coverage from manchester, new hampshire.
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neil: i touched on it with chris christie earlier, the brilliant prosecutorial attack on marco rubio, wondering something to watch but he might not benefit.
12:33 pm
of the governors in this race might be more of the beneficiary since he hammered marco rubio, but more accessible alternatives, between their search of the polls, governor john kasich and jeb bush, their surge in the polls, but i wonder what rob portman from the state of ohio decided, big john kasich backer, that is what chris christie might not benefit from his own prosecutorial taking the part of marco rubio, your guy will. >> may be true. the kabul thing, i was in new hampshire was done the weekend will for less and momentum was building so in terms of john kasich because he held from hundred town hall meetings and getting his message out that is full of hope and opportunity and what america can be, people are attracted to that so it hasn't been a better debate for him
12:34 pm
which was a and maybe not so good for other folks, john's momentum is beyond debate, goes to the sense that he wants to elect somebody who can make a difference to get things done. neil: looking at that performance, argument still is he would have to pull two or three, a bunch of four or five candidates, in second place, chris christie trying to tell me won't fly, still two or three out of this or stumbling into the next state. do you agree with that? >> it is all about expectations. people expect donald trump to win. he did not do as well as expected in iowa. neil: now they expect your candidate to come in second or at the worst third. >> and i think he will. neil: will you be disappointed? >> i will be disciplined for the country because we need a change
12:35 pm
in direction we caught -- need someone who can win a general election and john is the best candidate to do that but second begin to pull the country together to move for rand you have probably heard john has an aggressive tax reform and regulatory relief, and get the economy moving again. neil: mention tax reform, as this is what rankled some conservative fenders, talking about tax reform, the goal is it is unrealistic to think it would be done quickly, that is a herculean task, some conservatives interpret it to mean his heart isn't in it, he is not really a conservative, medicaid shows it is not in his dna to be a real ronald reagan conservative. what do you say to that? >> he is a ronald reagan conservative. ronald reagan also knew how to get stuff done, work with both sides of the aisle, talked to the american people and focus on results and that is why we did
12:36 pm
tax reform and on social security reform than in 83 under ronald reagan so that is the kind of leader john will be. he cut taxes in ohio substantially, $8 billion deficit left over by governor ted strickland, unprecedented in ohio, he said we are going to cut taxes and inform taxes. that is what he did, $5 billion tax cut in ohio, and we are tightening going up, john has that in his dna and that is -- we need tax reform, we need to do the new regulations that are like a wet blanket over the economy and come of with a way of dealing with long-term debt and deficit. neil: you think he is best suited to that? i am amazed the number of people who refer to him as governor john kasich. amazed -- he doesn't seem to mind, to be -- like people
12:37 pm
calling me -- i would say it is neil cavuto and he lets it happen. i have seen interviews -- it is it just an understanding that as long as they vote for me they don't care how he pronounces his name? >> whenever. he is a secure guy. he is comfortable in his own skin and so i un difficult is something you would not mind at all. neil: i probably wouldn't but i am not running for office. senator bob the portman joining me, thank you very much. always interesting. the people, some of my colleagues still call him john kasich. john kasich. john kasich. john kasich.
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neil: new hampshire primary day will probably not be like iowa caucuses day. evangelical support, big reason why, the same type of support is not as big in this live free or die state anything could happen. a very big backer of senator ted cruz, republican from north carolina. what i love about a congressman, don't mean to embarrass him, he has a backbone. challenge to party leadership over issues that important to him. they ostracized in, took him off a committee, locked in a broom closets, but they folded like cheap suits, got him out of the broom closet, i have got a bigger office study is joining us now. good to have you. >> great to be with you.
12:42 pm
neil: your guy, represents you think the spirit of that in-your-face challenge the party establishment because the party establishment is now saying ted cruz is not the guy, bob dole saying he will be a divider, not a united as others with the same sentiment, john mccain saying that ted cruz nomination we would lose the senate. you know what they are saying, you say what? >> obviously if you think washington d.c. is going in the right direction you need to vote for somebody else. ted cruz please like i do that washington d.c. is broken. we need to set a new direction and he has been willing to fight in the privacy of private rooms without a cameras or microphones, his message has been consistent and that is we need to return the government to the people. neil: hasn't done it. maybe he has but he is more known for doing it in public and embarrassing -- is there a
12:43 pm
better way of doing that? to advance the cause? ronald reagan, pretty conservative fellow was pretty good at getting his way without making it look that obvious. >> i love history. if you look at ronald reagan some of his most defining moments where when he took a position opposite the establishment. he wasn't an establishment candidate and yet we celebrate him as one of the greatest presidents in modern history. neil: i know what you are saying in the microphone but other issues since he became congressman was he would crack deals with tip o'neill and others and talk over things and -- he had a way and it comes to a guy once elected president, the requirements of office to dodge and weave and make meals with folks. these think ted cruz is that
12:44 pm
type of guy or will it be his way or the highway? >> you have a valid point and here is the defining difference. when senator ted cruz, if he is elected president he understands the role of congress in the senate and house and if they need to work their will on the will of the people and not have an overreaching executive branch, and that is one of the defining differences in the candidates, really want to put the proper balance there in terms of the executive branch and the legislative branch. neil: you don't think it would be divisive, let's say f ted cruz -- let's say he does not, could only pull it out on election day but he hasn't been polling well, he slept since iowa. do you think his real battleground will be the south, he is better suited for the south as the man on the ground so he can lead the state even if he is beaten up?
12:45 pm
>> a top five finish in new hampshire would certainly be something we would hope for but the other part of that is not just the south. we have people across the country coalescing around ted cruz, certainly in north carolina, south carolina, the ground game for him is unparalleled. even in new hampshire the ground game, if he runs the country the way he does his campaign we will have a successful person in the white house. neil: what if he doesn't? >> i know him personally. i believe he will. obviously i have been surprised at north carolina, he has grassroots support in all 100 counties already and we are still over 30 days from the primary so he is the planner. he will make sure he has the great ground game but not only that, he has been willing to fight the fight on behalf of the
12:46 pm
american people when it wasn't popular. you and i when you take a stand you're going to get criticized in washington d.c. someone willing to stand and take the heat, someone who deserves -- neil: you took the stand and bristol pleasant. i am just joking. i would be remiss, as a north carolina congressman. what do you make of candidates behavior after the game? i think he came across as a sore loser. >> we have a responsibility, those in the spotlight, to make sure we set an example for generations to follow and certainly make sure that we showed good sportsmanship is what it is all about. neil: they you think he acted like a baby? humiliated as the north carolinian? >> i wasn't humiliated but i thought he should of responded differently. neil: this was from the super bowl game. congressman, thank you very
12:47 pm
much, we always appreciate it. >> good being with you. neil: that is the extent of it, no other insights to share. you don't think he looked like that? very loyal to the panthers but he did look like a baby. by 26, i don't know. i know a lot of 26-year-olds who are modest and graceful but maybe not. china is blacking out on me. we have a lot more from here, voting underway in new hampshire. cam newton calls -- put him on hold. depending on the precinct lot of people voting -- speaking of that, mentioned her before, i tell you about the room i am staying in. there is an adult connection. there really is. if he follows me here. coming right back. ♪
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neil: candidates using music in their ads or tweeting, you want to know the odd thing? i arrive here this past weekend in manchester, beautiful, very nice in, very nice, look what is in my room. look what is in my room. one of those care gifts. i almost did the room on fire but you see that? and adele song sheets. coincidence? i think not. i am told adele could show up any moment and my wife watches this broadcast so she would be turned around right away i think. don't even want to think about that but it is odd, is it not?
12:52 pm
very very odd. all of that adele paraphernalia in my room, the only room that has it, can't have any rooms, a lot of rooms and that one has the adele stuff. lot of people say nothing going on. i report, you decide. cam newton, do you think he was like a baby about it? really? let me get to andy card on what he makes of cam newton, that was yesterday. you are the rich in handy. cam newton first. there is enormous grace under pressure and good sales report. we have a lot of answers fans here, my impression is he was a big baby. what say you?
12:53 pm
>> young man who is extremely talented. i don't know how much failure he has had to face in his professional sports career but he said several times on the national superbowl. warner: times. >> very frustrating. neil: he was frustrated. >> needs to learn to deal with it better. neil: we have a lot of fans of the panthers but i just thought he dragged the whole team down with an attitude. did you get all that? my crew has been buying it. let me ask you about some other things, this sense of decorum. this is where it comes in handy. a lot of people say chris christie went over decorum by the way he went after marco rubio. i raise it with christina earlier and he says no, this is the right thing to do, the right moment to do it, and had to do
12:54 pm
it but do you think the risks going too far? especially john kasich jeb bush benefit and not the new jersey governor? >> i think he went too far. you should be able to do anything in a debate but you need to abide by ronald reagan's will that you don't want to hurt your fellow republicans. in this case he was hurting fellow republicans in an effort to elevate himself. he should just rely on his record. we have a governor whose staff does the debt downgrading nine times, he is the ceo, if our company said it has been downgraded nine times i would not be the ceo any more. neil: if you feel one of the guys running against you is fiction, i think that is the way chris christie put it to me and talking points or whatever and it is the most traded on stage isn't that a fair point? >> everybody has talking points. if you are attacking somebody
12:55 pm
for something everybody on that stage -- my concern is the tried to make it sound like because marco rubio did not have the level of experience as a governor or running a company like donald trump that somehow he could not be an effective president and the points to president obama. i need to say this, i feel bad about it and get all kinds of tweets about it, president obama's policies have been terrible. he has been very effective in implementing those policies with health care reform, dodd-frank, wall street reform, what he has done with the epa and the department of labor, using that bureaucracy but he has been affected and to attack senator marco rubio claiming he couldn't be effective because he didn't have experience -- neil: using chris christie tools cam newton? >> wiki did on tv was not in the
12:56 pm
best interest of the republican party or the country can he has done this before, the hug of obama, the speech at the convention where he hardly mentioned me. he focuses on himself and it was appropriate. neil: was a lark comparing him to chris christie but i guess i was precedence. work with me, work with me. thank you very much. we have a lot more coming up including a call from cam newton. we move on, that is the way we roll, always breaking news, always making enemies.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
it's the mac welcome back, it everybody. it is a good thing that you are not here during the breaks. it is a good, good thing. i am hearing a lot of whining.
1:00 pm
a polite and nice group. you were kind of whining yesterday. all right. maybe not. i was the one whining. okay. >> this balmy day. neil: between our last chat. michael bloomberg. third rd candidate. >> i think that he is seriously looking at it. confirming. >> a tweet showing him with kamran. the british prime minister. >> you have a picture like that up. >> better than cam newton. stuart: what a baby. >> i am from south carolina.
1:01 pm
>> april my grandson's heart. bloomberg is seriously looking at this because i think he thinks today that sanderson, trouble come out of new hampshire. >> he is saying that he is, he would enter because it is the kind of stuff that matters. what do you make of that? who does he hurt? let's say hillary clinton were the nominee. it depends on republicans. who does he hurt more? >> he would hurt her and the democrats probably more. he takes from both sides. what they are seeing, i am sure, is what i have been seeing. a plurality company that is
1:02 pm
independent. we have 40% of the voters that do not want to use the party. the majority, 56% say if a third-party candidate was liable and they like them, they would vote for them. there is a secret to it. the secret is, you cannot just be part of one party. neil: he got one electoral vote. 432 electoral votes when he pulled out of the race. pulling from democrats. he was easing up every state. the minor party was joining with him. >> the other argument is who
1:03 pm
could win in new york. she would be thrown into that. >> if you are a solid correlative winner, you are going to take probably enough states because you will take a democratic and republican. i have always studied this in my life. all right. [laughter] my point is we are having a populist revolution. i am saying that the opening is there. that is adding value. >> i added the actual rationale.
1:04 pm
cam newton is on the phone. >> i raise these and other issues. are you surprised that jeb bush has been coming after you to the degree he has? many people say that he along with governor christie have debated. he has really been targeting you almost eight schools inflate. >> he is a nervous wreck. he has done a terrible job. controlled money. it is all special interest. you know, a nervous wreck. saying things that are selfish. he is weak on immigration. coming as an act of love.
1:05 pm
it is a good thing. it took them five days. he is making a fool out of himself. a dear good friend of his. i, donald trump and a totally gifted politician. i do not know if he meant that in a good way or a bad way, to be honest with you. he is very unstable at this point. he would have been better off saying jeb bush. neil: he did use his mother. it is not as if he is running away from that. >> i think it was sad, actually, what he was forced to do. he is certainly the weakest of the governors. all trying to figure out who is going to beat trump.
1:06 pm
certainly the weakest of the governors. we will see what happens. >> he took the second spot. >> i would not mind. i would not mind that. it would be fine. i have a feeling, i think i know. i think i know who is going to emerge. we thought that it was going to be marco. neil: what did you think of that? some people thinking it was chris christie who played the prosecutorial questionnaire. benefiting for jeb bush and john kasich. what do you make of that? >> it was chris that did the damage. the damage is going to be deeper or permanently.
1:07 pm
neil: let me ask you a little bit about this new talk. michael bloomberg is considering a presidential run. it is coming from bloomberg himself. he has a lot of money. running as a third-party candidate. what success do you think he has had? >> i would love to see him run. we have been friends. i would love to see him run. i like the competition. i think it would be a little bit hard for him to do very well. it is called the world of politics. it is very weak on the second amendment. very weak on immigration. a couple other things i think you have to be strong on. i think you have a huge impact against the democrats. i do not see him running, but there is a good chance that he
1:08 pm
will run. if he did run, i would be very happy about it. >> not a big donald trump fan. your issue, i think, is more by demeanor. >> i love you guys out there. i just came back from a trip from europe. several of my associates have said we can hardly believe this guy donald trump. he has the wrong attitude. trying to cut down everyone immediately. people ask me, why is he that far ahead. woodcarvers of whether people like him or not, he is bringing up some subjects that people would like other politicians to bring up. business, as usual, has not been good for us for many decades now. he is bringing some things that
1:09 pm
we should be addressing. >> i do think that there is a common link. it is a passion that addressed and angers. it is out there on the left. it is out there on the right. the fact of the matter is, he has been consistent. >> it is interesting. bernie seems to be a really nice guy. people like him. could we afford to do what he wants to do? probably not. >> flipping it over to donald trump. look, yeah, all above. ronald reagan starting with the democrats. that is kind of his view. i will get stuff done.
1:10 pm
i will get stuff out of our national inbox. vote for me. we want stuff done. what is wrong with that? >> nothing is wrong with that. there is too much government. too much regulation. let's all benefit. then we will not have to skyrocket your taxes. not a separation like this last administration. separating the different economic groups. everyone has an opportunity to do well. neil: what do you think? >> the fact that they made it to the super bowl makes them super champions. he should be just happy as can be. yes, it is unfortunate that they lost. they could have one. the other team could have lost.
1:11 pm
how far did you go to get there. >> you do not think that he over did it? >> i definitely think you should have been more restrained. so happy for him and his team. we have made it with great joy. look at what we did. >> you want to win. you think he acted like a baby. >> yes. exactly. how do you make your team look good? you will win because you got there. neil: you have a gazillion products. would you ever have him come within a mile of your products. >> we do not go for celebrity
1:12 pm
endorsements. i wish him well. neil: all right. >> thank you, very, very much. attitude counts for a lot. demeanor counts for a lot. what if i told you accounts for more than a lot. whether you are talented enough to be the next president of the united states. 7:55 p.m. when our coverage starts. may the best candidate win. that is not you, cam newton.
1:13 pm
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1:16 pm
neil: you are very patient, viewers. here is mine on one bernie sanders. he is consistent. he is what he says he is. he is consistent. this point of view. since i interviewed many, many decades ago. i know, i know, since i was three years old. bernie sanders over the years.
1:17 pm
the key issue. notice something. >> what should we do about this? ultimately, the american people, and i think the stock market is reflecting that, are extremely concerned. right now the wealthiest one 10th of 1% of americans earned more income then the bottom 50%. neil: who is rich to you, senator? who is rich to you? >> it is certainly people who have made out like handed. it is certainly the 400 top -- neil: you know that they are not typical americans. do you put them -- no, no. >> do not ask me.
1:18 pm
the issue is, who will pay for the bailout? >> people are outraged by what people did. have you heard an apology from one of these guys saying we are sorry for our recklessness. neil: the one thing you discover over the years is i think it has gotten better. bernie sanders has been consistent. agree or disagree, he has been consistent. that is the one thing i hear from a lot of people. to them, he is the real deal. he is the real deal. trying to get the position. where does that go? that is anyone's guess. director endorsing one bernie
1:19 pm
sanders. >> good to be here. going on what is tradition. he is not a traditional politician. he has stuck to these views traditionally. >> i think he also tells it like it is. you know that he wants to take on the millionaire and billionaire class. if that means he will not get the voters, he is willing to say that. i think people like that kind of honesty. >> like the idea of paying a lot more taxes. if you like the idea and believe in the idea, that -- neil: that is not what i asked you. stepping back from the 90%. >> you have to figure out a way.
1:20 pm
>> even he has figured it out. even taking a lot of money from the rich, he cannot pay for all the stuff that he wants. we have to hit the middle. he is always positive. he would get them more bang for the buck. when it comes to my health insurance bill, i would much rather pay the government them pay some pharmaceutical company or some insurance company that is making a profit. >> has the government ever made in address? >> the government has prevented. >> do you find it more advantageous to put your trust in government? the biotechnology research that has presented drugs. profitable undertakings. could the government do that?
1:21 pm
>> when it comes to pharmaceutical companies, i want to have a say in whether or not they will deny me coverage or have access to our particular drug. if i am running up against a big corporation -- >> how do bernie sanders supporters feel? all company are evil. we had some idiots like that guy. it destroyed everyone. do you really hate all rich people? it is not for a revolution. it is deserving. >> it is wanting to make sure that it will get better. i am a really nice guy. >> a funny guy. having said that, i do think he has a distress for rich people.
1:22 pm
>> we have to question your motivations and every juncture. >> you are rich and powerful. >> of course we do. >> bill gates. >> yes. if you are wealthy and powerful, you have the ability to drive an agenda. neil: you are automatically suspicious. >> i think that you have to prove. >> yes, you should be. you should be constantly questioning my motivations. at the end of the day. neil: why do you come out of the gate thinking this? >> it is not thinking they are evil. we should all have a say in our
1:23 pm
government. what i am saying -- if you have wealth and power, you should not have unchecked authority on saying what happened in our government. that is what i am saying. neil: that is very popular right now. the democratic party. the rich and powerful. getting it on the chin today. growing fears that this market has ran out of steam and fast. it is the end of the world. we will have live coverage of it. stick around. ♪
1:24 pm
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1:26 pm
neil: all right. everyone running for the republican nomination. the name of ronald reagan. i guess democrats do this as well. respective party heroes. this is an interesting tweet that came out from john k said.
1:27 pm
the ohio governor. he puts out this tweet saying i am looking for a conservative. those pictures are very valuable this time of an election year. candidates attaching themselves to ronald reagan. does that change anything to you? did you know that there was already bad association with ronald reagan? >> i am not sure it changes anything for me and i'm not sure it changes for any voters. you see that this is a person that has a great deal of experience.
1:28 pm
it makes a big difference in the term of qualifications. >> you look at those qualifications. a rational debate. the name trump comes up. it is not very rational. the business end, you follow the methodology. it is quite methodical. do you think there are things that people do not appreciate about trump? >> there is a difference between being successful in business and being successful in government. they want to defend our company. protecting certain basic rights. obviously, we want our federate government to be efficient.
1:29 pm
to be successful in business, i think it is a question we will be wrestling with. i think that there is something where people have questions about that. do you think he has to come out one, two or three this day. he cannot afford to stumble much more. i really admire the record of jeb bush. he would make a fine president. people will give him an opportunity to talk about his qualifications.
1:30 pm
it is very important. a time where this is a very dangerous world. neil: that many in your parties say that he is a wildcard. without even getting into his personality. making decisions of consequence. being responsible. being accountable. you have great speeches. neil: republicans. the tax cuts are the answer. social security release of growth therein. do you think that republicans going back are the same cup of tea? it is old.
1:31 pm
they have to come up with something new. democrats do not offer much. spending, spending, spending. what is the deal? we have a serious debt crisis, in my judgment. people have the wrong idea about the true power of the presidency. the president cannot be effective. not without the appropriate leadership. also in the congress. i believe it is the lack of respect for certain individuals. right or wrong. i just think that is the problem we have in this country. >> thank you very, very much.
1:32 pm
we mentioned these markets. really flirting with bear market territory. we will keep an eye on it. most of the components and key stocks. well off their highs. more after this.. ♪ roactive selling. roactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people. and i quit smoking with i'm chantix. i had a lot of doubts going in. i was a smoker. hands down, it was, that's who i was. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. . .
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1:35 pm
at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. neil: all right. the emergence of one michael bloomberg caught a lot of folks by surprise, the fact he is telling "the financial times,"
1:36 pm
rather than through third parties he is seriously considering a run for the president den sir, this is something he danced around for years including with me, what would be the motivating factor to get him off the fence. take a look. are you going to run for president? >> no. neil: you liked at idea of independent running. you have the means and resources doings it but you must have crunched numbers and looked at it and odds, what happened? >> this is a two party country. i suspect it will always be. i find it hard to see how a third party candidate could win but in any case, in future it is not politics. neil: all right. well something has changed in the last year-and-a-half or so. robert wolf, former ubs chairman, big friend of barack obama, very tightly and closely connected to the powers that be in the democratic party. robert always great to see you. >> great to see you, neil. neil: the argument goes that bloomberg would hurt hillary
1:37 pm
clinton if she were the nominee or bernie sanders. what do you think? >> i think he won't run if hillary does well post-super tuesday. it seems to me his lane is with two far left, far right figures. neil: not necessarily. to read this ft report in full -- >> i read it. neil: he has been disappointed what she is saying on the stomach. >> i think the lane is far left, far rate. bernie versus cruz, you could see that lane for independent. i don't see that lane for bush versus clinton. they are both more center left, center right, come to the general fighting for independents. obviously big fan of the mayor. i've known him for a while. i think he could do an incredible job but i think right now you'd have to say if hillary wins the primary he won't take a run. neil: really? okay. we'll see. because he seems to be signaling just the opposite. you could know these factors more than i.
1:38 pm
the argument for this says a lot about hillary clinton already, right? she is hurting and maybe she survives this state. doesn't expect her to win that could change. hoping to roll the dice doing better in the south sec primary, friendlier voters, demographics of the party will support her. but when you hear all this talk behind the scenes them readying joe biden again and getting him cranked up for possibility of recruiting him. that can't be too encouraging. what do you think? >> i know joe and i don't think he will be running. the secretary, i tweeted to you, 1992 bill clinton comeback award this year will go to secretary clinton and governor bush. i think they will outperform. neil: really? >> what does that mean. i think the secretary could go within single digits. i think governor bush could come in two or three. i think they both did very well in the most recent debates.
1:39 pm
and as we know, neil, we spoke about it in 2008 and 12, new hampshire loves surprises. neil: it does indeed. >> i remember 2008 when i was with the president, then senator. he was up eight points on that day and lost by seven. we spoke that night. neil: you're right. >> what happened? well, let's not worry about what happened. let's figure out how to move forward. you know there is third independents that have to make up their minds. you i think these polls have some meaning but i wouldn't give them as much as everyone's talking about. neil: i readily agree with you on that. they have been consistently wrong on a lot of key inflection points. but you do learn from the polls in history where ground game and ample operation is key, key, key. >> sorry, neil. neil: finish that. >> you have to look at republican debate i think jeb came out the best out of it. christie hammered rubio and did a very good job on trump on eminent domain. he got his policies out there. neil: who do you worry about the
1:40 pm
most, you and your democratic friends when you're having chablis and watching on big-screen tv watching debates. >> you know i'm not a wine drinker. away from that i will have a beer with you. neil: who do you worry about the most? >> feels rubio would have the most traction in general election gaining a lot of support from a lot of different constituencies. he is attractive candidate. yes he had a pretty poor saturday night but that's one debate. neil: you're right, that's one debate. thank you, robert wolf, former ubs chairman. 32 advisors. so many hot new technologies. pretty good with money stuff. thank you, robert. donald trump certainly doesn't need much financial support but a multimillionaire businessman is there if and when he needs him in a state that polls well for donald trump. what does the guy see in him that could take "the donald" all the way? businessman grading a
1:41 pm
businessman, after this.
1:42 pm
>> time for the fox business brief. i'm connell mcshane in
1:43 pm
new york. selling pressure is pick up as the day goes on with the dow down by 111 points. back to the future kind of story with oil, dragging down stocks. earlier in the day today, the oil price was believe it or not, up by 3%. now it is down 6%. so we have reports that this afternoon and tomorrow on inventories. we will follow them close to see if the storyline we're following holds up. there is too much oil out there but energy stocks are leading the market lower fair to say, and still concerns about the global financial slowdown. we're down for oil, down for stocks and down for twitter. second day in a row the twitter price hit all-time low. from that point time it has been 80% lower for twitter. neil continues from new hampshire next.
1:44 pm
we're the hottest young company around but if we want to keep the soda pop flowing we need fresh ideas! >>got it. we slow, we die. >>what about cashing out? no! i'm trying to build something here. >>how about using fedex ground for shipping?
1:45 pm
>>i don't need some kid telling me how to run a business! i've been doing this for 4 long months. >>fedex ground can help us save money and deliver fast to our customers. not bad, kid. you remind me of a younger me. >>aiden! the dog is eating your retainer again. let's take a short 5-minute recess. fedex ground is faster to more locations than ups ground. neil: you might want to call them the millionaire that supports the billionaire. ernie buck very early on this it race when we had him on many many months ago. donald trump is one to watch and he had his support and would help him. a lot of people were laughing at you then, donald trump is in the lead. >> right. a lot of people secretly liked him. i think a slowly are coming out and warming to the fact that he may win. neil: you know, i wonder if the
1:46 pm
ted cruz phenomenon helped him? by that i mean a lot of people had problems with ted cruz. bob dole came out. whether he has the comportment to be president. jimmy carter said at least donald trump would be more malleable to make deals and the whole cruz dust-up helped donald trump. >> i think he will absolutely kill it here in new hampshire. i think he is going to win, maybe 30%? neil: really? the argument is media will pounce on it if he gets less than 10-point lead. >> that is how they are. he will keep going. i think he will do well in south carolina also. neil: what do you do on his behalf? >> i just, i just believe in the man, and i'm from boston. and, there is just not a lot of people that are coming out and publicly saying hey, i think mr. trump is best guy for the job. people come to me like you, bring me on. i believe he is right for the job for many, many reasons. neil: how did you make all your money.
1:47 pm
>> i'm third generation in automotive industry. neil: even with the slowdown after the meltdown things obviously picked up. >> right. but everybody got hurt. neil: were you for the auto rescue? >> i was against it. neil: it would have hurt you. >> you remember clash for clunkers. i was one of the top paid dealers in the country. i was against it. i was totally against it. neil: but it worked out okay, right? >> it worked out okay, and i benefited from it but i was still against it. neil: do you think donald trump would do that rescue industry, rescue banks? >> i don't know. he says he will raise taxes on people that make more money for the rest. i'm for that. i want to pay more taxes as long as i know money will be used well i will pay more taxes. neil: when is the last time the money from the government has been used well. >> that is my point. neil: you're accepting paying more taxes because you think
1:48 pm
president trump would -- >> yes. i think he will help the government waste. that bridge that cost 30 million, he will get it done for 20. you know. neil: make a deal. >> yeah. neil: "the art of the deal"? >> exactly. neil: very good seeing you. thank you very much. you know that is part of the appeal here. among those who just sort of step back and say, well it will not be politics as usual. if anything comes out of this state today, it seems to be prevailing wisdom just that, not going to be politics as usual. there are quite a few candidates who fit that description. we'll know in a few hours exactly how many, after this. my dad gave me those shares,
1:49 pm
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1:51 pm
neil: what if he emerges as strongest of them if he took and surged and took second pot? >> i wouldn't mind. i wouldn't mind.
1:52 pm
because the last thing this country needs is another bush. neil: i don't know where this ill will started between donald trump and jeb bush i think they genuinely hate each other. they might officially say otherwise but i think they hate each other. i don't know if that comes through but jackie kucinich, "daily beast" senior political editor. i always wonder, i talked to christie about this, i talked to ben carson, would you entertain the vice-presidency? one thing that comes through pretty clearly with bush and trump neither would entertain the other. >> i don't think they would even entertain throwing the other a life preserve very if drowning at this point. there is ill will. trump is saying this we don't need another bush a lot. neil: the attacks on bush is disproportionate. >> be quiet. he genuinely doesn't like him. he has grown. it started there and we've seen it, you know just continue. neil: remember when barbara bush a few days ago. he has to bring mom. >> the difference is bush is
1:53 pm
hitting him back. bush is antagonizing trump like trump antagonized bush. he tried to rise above it. neil: maybe that could explain the rise in the polls. >> maybe. he is actually looking like he has life at his rallies. he seems -- neil: what does your gut tell you? >> about? neil: about this state and turnout, prevailing wisdom. helps sanders, helps trump, didn't exactly pan out this way in iowa. what do you think? >> i've been to sanders rallies and hillary clinton rallies since i've been here majority of time. the sanders rallies have a lot of energy. they're really excited to run out to vote for this guy. that certainly is in his favor. on republican side i think it is anyone's game. we've seen polls where bush is ahead. case zick is ahead or second place. neil: cruz is dinged and stumbles. rubio gets dinged, might stumble, too early to tell. but it's like whac-a-mole. >> it is. then a poor kid dressed up like
1:54 pm
a robot at rubio rallies. rubio is being hit for talking saying same thing over and over again. we'll see if that hurts him. neil: i have so many crackpot theories. i don't think rubio turned this around to make a funny story out of it or mock himself. sort of like what bill clinton did at '88, introductory address for michael dukakis, he goes on jay leno and mocks himself. he is not in the mocking stage. he has to get in the mocking stage. >> i think he is still worried being taken seriously. that is what it seems like. i haven't spoken to him about this. rick perry, the oops moment, joked a while after it happened to him. didn't do any favors. maybe rubio will laugh and push through it and looking at numbers and say it isn't hurting him, why bring it up? neil: what about the bernie sanders phenomenon. you've gone to the rallies. it is true, there is something
1:55 pm
babble there? what is it? >> they're the first ones to tell you they don't know if he is the first thing to win all of this. neil: i think they're thinking differently now. >> perhaps. they're not as worried about that as someone capturing their imagination, talking about things that could happen even though someone says it is not going to happen because of the political environment in washington. they're excited to vote for someone who is promoting things they really care about than what is actually realistic. neil: i don't support very high taxes here but i do admire his consistency, he is not a weather vane. >> i was talking to supporters the other day. one of the things they like he is not talking point candidate. he says what he thinks. he engages with the audience quite a bit when he is at the rallies and like he is not scripted. saying same things forever. neil: best politician on "saturday night live" ever, ever. >> talking about larry david or bernie sanders. neil: one of them. one of them. jackie kucinich, thank you very, very much we have a lot more
1:56 pm
coming up. trish is coming up. stick around.
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neil: all right. welcome back, everybody. we are reporting from manchester, new hampshire. i cannot say the number of people that walk up to me and say, neil, why 7:55 p.m. which i reply, why not. i want you to think about that. good luck. many of the other business networks are reruns. maybe you can try that.
2:00 pm
if you need yet another skillet, try that. we are not doing that. we look after you and your money and we mean it. now, to my colleague and buddy, trish regan. trish: thank you, neil. live from new hampshire. the side site of the first in the nation's primary. welcome, everyone, to the special edition. i am trish regan. we are here in manchester, new hampshire. just five hours to go. merrimack, new hampshire. also joining me is peter and joe. peter, let's start with you. what are you seeing. >> this is the largest precinct in the state of new hampshire. 18,500 registered voters. we are pleased to have the moderator, lynn christiansen.


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