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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  February 9, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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try that. we are not doing that. we look after you and your money and we mean it. now, to my colleague and buddy, trish regan. trish: thank you, neil. live from new hampshire. the side site of the first in the nation's primary. welcome, everyone, to the special edition. i am trish regan. we are here in manchester, new hampshire. just five hours to go. merrimack, new hampshire. also joining me is peter and joe. peter, let's start with you. what are you seeing. >> this is the largest precinct in the state of new hampshire. 18,500 registered voters. we are pleased to have the moderator, lynn christiansen.
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she will give us the latest update on the turnout. how is it going? >> much lower than i would have expected did normally i would have expected a couple thousand people. we have less than 1000. knotted all what we expected. >> why? >> good question. >> snow? >> a good base no. we have had a steady flow of people coming in. there has not been a huge influx. i am expecting an influx around 4:00 o'clock. people getting out of work. it has been steady, but light. >> there have been some work complaints. a trap of cars to get in here. it ienorus. >>he pice e outher rit notryi to rk o that weave ly bn inhe pling place for three years. we get a little bit each time.
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trying to make it easier for voters. it did not work. we are out there trying to fix it to make it easier. >> anybody a mind by seven. >> if you are here, you will vote. >> that is great. the secretary of state bill gardner was here earlier. 200 precincts. sticking with the forecast. 550,000 primary voters. peter barnes. donald trump. >> serious question. what do you think of waterboarding? is it okay. i thought he would say absolutely. some people, she just said a terrible thing. you know what she said, shouted out.
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[bleep] she said -- >> politically incorrect. while garrity. i can tell you voters here, they know the difference. do not forget. turning now to joe trippi and jean allowed in. do you think that it is going to matter? maybe, you know, back and forth. >> look, i do not think that there is much. it depends on the supporters. i do think that it will be a bit more. i just do not see him having that kind of ground game. it does not matter as much as new hampshire. it still does matter. i think jeb bush, kasich, rubio and others have much stronger
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ground operations. i think he will come down a little. i do not think it will be because of anything that he said. trish: ground operation matters for sure in a state like this. donald trump did not quite have the ground operation that he needed to really be able to deliver on some of the polling data. do you think that it could be a similar story here? all expectations are that he is going to win. >> this will be interesting. and unintentional referendum. if it turns out that his numbers are similar to the polls, he will unleash on cruz. i said he stole votes. on the other hand, if his numbers come in much lower, some heads will probably roll. people will say these pollsters
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were keeping a lot of money. they kept coming out wrong. this will be very interesting. >> a big question here in new hampshire. who will come in second. who will come in third. hillary clinton. whether or not she can pull anything off here. everybody thought she was going to lose. what do you know. all of a sudden things changed and she delivered. joe trippi, you believe that there is any chance that she can have some kind of win here? >> i do not think they are seeing any possibility of her close enough to beat sanders. i do think it will be closer than what the polls show. she could even get into single digits. predicting on either side what will happen. you have the electorate saying they have not made up their mind
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yet. even with ernie sanders, a lot of the independence, about 34% of the state, trying to decide between trump, bernie sanders and kasich. anything can happen. >> let me share with you guys. i see your reaction to the tweet. david axelrod sent this out today. you know, the problem on her campaign staff may not actually be from the staffers. it may actually be with her. the exact same problems pop-up. hey, maybe it is us. do not forget there is chatter out there. she would have to reshape her campaign staff. no, now we are not doing anything major. nonetheless, david axelrod saying this. >> i completely agree.
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i keep saying i would really like to see this. one that asks everyone to their second choice would be. i found that a lot of people supporting sanders, their second choice would be trump. a lot of votes supporting trump. their second choice is another gop candidate. she just is not acceptable for a vast amount of democrats. joe and jean up. former senator scott brown. a fox news contributor. campaigning in this state to years ago. happens to live in this day. scott, good to see you. >> we look forward to being there. senator, you came out. you endorsed trump.
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pretty confident. what you needed. though vulgar comment. will that hurt him at all? >> i would have done it did i am not running that campaign. toning down. with that being said, he is a little bit unpredictable. taking some heads. taking some numbers. like reagan when he was elected and came home. it has been a process. i want to share some information with you. they have a 50% turnout. >> you have seen the turnout. >> i think that it will be a
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little bit higher. i think it will be higher than what the secretary said. though voter registration. you can actually vote. they use it. posting a higher number of democrats. i think that that actually helps bernie. i think that hillary is in real trouble. >> you can be registered dependence. are we seeing a number of dependents? >> there is a wide range of people. i think you will see more of dependents. probably 65% in the republican primary. a large range of people. probably going to trump. a faraway second. trish: you heard what peter barnes was saying there in
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merrimack. >> that is a tradition. i am not too concerned. i'm sure that there is a uptick as people go to work. never gone out to help just a candidate, i don't believe. trish: joe trippi. he was howard dean's guide. [laughter] >> with respect, he had no ground game and i was. you can do it in new hampshire. in terms of the delegates and getting them out. trish: when you went out and talk to voters, were there
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people that were on theedge? thinking about it? there is still an opportunity. >> absolutely. i was with donald junior and eric and their wives. still pushing out people. some very specific questions. who better than someone who has actually created jobs. they also have the border security. that is what he brings. trish: given that you have been in washington. you know how things work down there. he is a different breed you'd. >> he understands the system. somebody that knows how to do a
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deal. make a deal. i like them all. making a better president than hillary clinton & sanders. basically does not have any of those connections down there. who knows. it is a long process. he does not prevail. retained the senate and the house. actually going in and doing some really good stuff. trish: thank you so much. i know you have more campaigning to do. coming up next. why new hampshire is so critical. these final hours. locking down the grand next day. she won eight years ago. surprised again? former governor and three-time. words for gop candidate ted cruz.
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calling him unethical. he joins me live. stay with me. back in two. ♪
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trish: hillary clinton. bernie sanders. voters right here in the state. voters are feeling the burn, so to speak. what are clinton's chances. joining with that intel. good to see you. >> it feels good.
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trish: bernie sanders in new hampshire. help explain this one to me. a guy that is a socialist. catching on with voters here. why? our neighbors win the new hampshire primary. john kerry. howard dean took second place. historically. a very big part. people forget. he'd been though clinton. >> that is right. trish: bill clinton went on to be the comeback kid. bill clinton change that trend. hillary clinton hoping to do it again. you know this. obama lost in 2008.
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how difficult does it make a campaign? >> i saw it in 2008. we lost by two. we solved the same dynamic then. the voters were waiting right until the end to make up their minds. 40% yesterday still said they still figured out. we have an uphill fight. doing everything he can to close the gap. we will have to continue to organize. dealing with bernie sanders. trish: the state was suffering from clinton fatigue he had they know the clintons to well. they have seen them campaign too much cheerapp. you get that kind of fatigue.
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how do you rally them. how do you excite them. casting their ballots for her. >> i am not sure it is clinton fatigue. i think, you know, you have the vermont factor. they are sending their message. at some point, i do think the voters say, all right, we are not picking a reality tv star. we are picking somebody that can run the country. you start to focus on that. they lose new hampshire. they need to change out the campaign staff.
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that is the fuel of bernie sanders campaign. you reach out to the younger voters. she, you know, i think the most qualified good people say they have the most experience. trish: thank you so much. >> great to be here. trish: coming up next, we will be all over the votes tonight. you have coverage right here from manchester new hampshire. we will see you here. right on fox business. do not miss it. three-time senator doug greg joins me. coming out swinging against ted cruz. calling the senator unethical. he joins me next list. right here in new hampshire. ♪
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trish: senator ted cruz is hoping to recapture his second straight win tonight in new hampshire. he is "unethical." former new hampshire governor and senator and also a jeb bush supporter joins me now. welcome. good to see you. we love skiing up here. it is a really great state. you are a very big deal here. you know the stage. you are a longtime born and raised in new hampshire. when you come out for a candidate, it is a big deal. you came out for jeb bush. what is it that caused you to join his team? >> kathy and i looked at all the candidates.
2:25 pm
we pushed the candidate seriously. we think that it is very important to have a conservative. the big issues that affect us. such as national security. retirement rough form. how we leave this country a better place for our kids. i am a believer of going into the middle of the ring. people have to be able to do that. five stars. i just think he would be a very smart president for us. >> why has he not, board for us here. >> he came out of the box slowly. he did not do well in the first couple of debates. he found his voice. if you go to town meetings, he is really good. he makes his points. he connects with the audience.
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people are reacting very positively. i think you will see two people coming out of new hampshire beating expectations. >> i do not think he has been a very good senator. harm the party. harm the republican position in the senate. he has done it for personal reasons. i do not like them. i do not know him personally. does not understand on free issues. i think he stands on issues of free game. >> he takes out other people in the process. we came down to ted cruz or
2:27 pm
donald trump. do you agree with this? >> our party will choose somebody who can lead. be a strong president. and my senses, it will not be either of those two people. i do think that donald trump, the strength of donald trump is bringing a lot of people. >> it has been exciting for us to watch this whole campaign season. people really excited about politics. >> it is true. it has been fascinating. i do not think that anyone can. there will be so many undecideds coming into this election. trish: is it going to be a late night? i do think that bernie is going to win. if you are interested in who will come in for second and
2:28 pm
fourth, yes, it will be. the second, third and fourth place. this raises going to keep going. new hampshire is part of the decision. it will definitely keep going. the delegates are select it. the first of this march being a whole series of states. for our five candidates, if you spread it all out. we have a winner take all. i do not see anyone running the table. you could end up with us going into the convention. trish: senator, thank you so much. good to see you. making and breaking presidential campaigns. that is next. we will see you right back here. ♪ every day you read headlines about businesses
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trish: all right. we are live in manchester new hampshire. a record of making and breaking presidential campaigns. here is a look at what is at stake. feiss chairman matt and avery. raymond. welcome to have you here. >> great to be here. trish: you sure did.
2:33 pm
i love the snow. sanders has a lot of momentum here going into the polls today. you cannot win the nomination from the democratic party. if he were to win here, but not nationally, it's ability to pick a winner. >> the last three presidents were elected by the people of the united states. we are not winners of the new hampshire primary. we are not about deciding who gets to be the nominee. trying to make a recommendation. making their decisions as well. it looks like both on the republican and democratic side. a longer nomination. trish: expectations are for a
2:34 pm
pretty solid voter turnout. what are you hearing in a doted leak? >> they are actually really excited. i went to six polling locations. they are coming out. they are ready to engage. they are thrilled. will people be bothered about that? >> you are sitting out there in the cold. i feel bad for you. it is a great day. the sun is out. the roads are plowed. hundreds of people came out to attend rallies and town hall meetings. just need to be home five minutes earlier. that is all. trish: we were just talking to senator gregg about it.
2:35 pm
trying to determine who is going to come in second, third, fourth. really counting ballots quite late. >> the vast majority of our communities are on the optics. we would be coming all night long. this is a major turn out. i waited nearly 40 minutes today. usually at that time in manchester. most importantly, those independents. they would make the solid difference. trish: what is the turn out right now? a race on both sides.
2:36 pm
several weeks, if not months. on the democratic side. eighteen localized campaign offices. the entire grassroots operation. that is a massive undertaking. over 2000 not gain on doors. >> what do you think? the criticism that you did not have enough ground troops in iowa. is that a problem for him. new hampshire as well? >> i was at this rally last night. they are out there. you see donald trump out there doing a bother for retail politics. they are all out. committing from out-of-state. >> donald trump.
2:37 pm
he is coming in. 5000 people anywhere is a lot. he is not necessarily doing, as i said, the local coffee at mrs. smith house next door. it is a very different style. it seems to be very effective. what do you make of it? all of the celebrity trappings around him. coming in with folks around the granite state. >> the magic of new hampshire, going into diners. saying hello to people. he has incorporated retail products. showing hand to hand counts. it all counts. it all matters.
2:38 pm
between number two, three and four, you can only have 100, maybe 200 votes separating the winners. >> i agree. i have to run. thank you so much. good to see you guys. just about five hours ago. special coverage kicking off tonight at 7:55 p.m. neil cavuto and myself. do not miss it. coming up. former new hampshire governor. four republicans making it out of this state. i will ask him next. the candidate that he calls a loser. that is next. i will see you here. ♪
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♪ >> i am cheryl cosell with your fox business brief. the energy and the banking sectors. the s&p and nasdaq also trending to the downside. oil prices on a roller coaster ride today as well. settling just moments ago. $28 a barrel. several companies moving on earnings news today. twenty-first century fox.
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reporting revenue falling short of estimates. goodyear tire is jumping. we should also let you know that disney is set to report its earnings after the bell. 4:00 p.m. eastern time. the intelligence report will be right back. joined by former governor after the break. ♪
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thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
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trish: iowa picks corn and new hampshire picks presidents. first in the nation. he is not supporting any one candidate. what he thinks about donald trump. calling the billionaire a loser. >> i am not a fan. they need somebody who can really do the job with somebody that can get there. >> he has run and notes a big business. >> the dirt is not translatable. it is very difrent. i brought in a number of her people and to the government. it is different. making decisions in the public eye. here is a guy.
2:44 pm
he failed under conservatives the other day. a guy that loves eminent domain. single-payer insurance. health care is the solution. >> he is not a conservative. the donald trump agenda has huge tax increases behind it. he says everything will be amazing and huge. >> so frustrated i the washington process. you know, they are frankly fed up. >> somebody that has not been in washington. has the experience to do it. governor bush. governor kasich. governor christie. we do some size of government.
2:45 pm
they have not been in washington. because of the experience they have had. it is not catching on. >> oh, guess it is. trish: quite a bit here. quite a big margin. >> the polls had him as much as 20-30 points up. if he does not win by 12-15 points here, they will call him a loser. i do not think you set expectations too high. i think you just over talked the game. the people will see legitimately one or the other. alternative. the other 80% of the party can support eventually. we will send that down to south
2:46 pm
carolina. and then the big day. >> number two, number three, number four. >> the debate the other night. strong positions. i think governor bush is a good state. i think governor kasich is. i don't know about governor christie. i think that little gas they are , i think he is actually lost. it is an executive condition. he had to hurt those cats. handling the pressure. they affect people's lives with
2:47 pm
public opinion. for real estate failures. not only failed, but the attorney general in new york state called it a huge scam. you think that his qualifications to be president? come on. trish: how is this election different to you? what you are seeing here today. >> they were angry. they were jumping on the reality show celebrity. now they have come to new hampshire. it is beginning to happen here. what is the substance? what are the issues i care
2:48 pm
about. putting things together. you have our biggest ally in the united kingdom. trying to take a vote. tell me how that puts things together. it may rally some voters. >> i voted for one of the former governors. trish: any other? if that was not fair already. [laughter] thank you. did you know, it is -- new hampshire holding before any other state. why it all came about.
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trish: here we are. just about four hours before the close of the polls in new hampshire. it is the law that new hampshire holds the first in the nation primary. authored the bill requiring that new hampshire's primary be at least seven days before any similar election. the 100th anniversary of the primary. right here on set. good to see homecoming for me.
2:53 pm
why did you say, listen, we need to amend our constitution? back in 1975. >> a law that says the presidential primary will be seven days. the secretary of state is mandated to make sure that they are hedud tohe oer stes. seven days early. he will do the same thing. 2020. been doing that since 1980. trish: are there any other states? >> a lot of states do not really want to be the first. it does create a certain amount of division. it will take a wild to pull people together.
2:54 pm
some of the divisions. the differences that we have had. >> what to think about what happened in iowa? bias. many in new hampshire grew up around iowa's process. it seems a little chaotic. what do you think of by what? >> in new hampshire, that is when you go into a polling spot. you cast your vote as a secret. you do not stand up and say come over to my side like they do in a caucus. it is a state run election. that is the secret. trish: it keeps getting colder and colder. new hampshire keeps moving it up, up, up. new hampshire has to be first.
2:55 pm
march, april, now it is really consistent with february. >> january 8. you know, people still can't. sometimes they get into snowball fights. trish: john k sick wasn't one. it is pretty special. the way you campaign about the state. it is very face to face. taking a look at the map lately. candidates were able to get from point a to point b. pretty easily. pretty quickly. a new hampshire native. those who complain. everybody is kind of a lot alike. looks a lot alike. how much of that is a problem?
2:56 pm
>> i think, economically, extraordinarily diverse. we have different kinds of people working different kinds of jobs in new hampshire. a lot of the other parts of the country. we are on the atlantic ocean. we are on the border with canada. we have high technology. we have two or raise him. keep in mind it is not about us. it is about proving american democracy. candidates have to look in our eyes. talk with us face to face. 121. try to convince us they are the best choice. trish: at the democratic bosses at work. thank you very much. coming up next, we will have more from manchester, new hampshire. this very critical day. i will see you right back here.
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. trish: it is the 100th anniversary of the new hampshire state primary. it is a very big day. voters have just about four more hour goes and cast their ballots, and we have very special coverage live from new hampshire, join neil cavuto and me kicks off at 7:55 p.m. eastern. sending it over to lori rothman for liz. >> thank you very much, trish, it may be fat tuesday in new orleans, but certainly not on wall street. markets may be little changed up a couple of points on the dow but sure been a roller-coaster ride for investors this week. with giant swings of 100 points or more, investors continue to be extremely nervous about what lies ahead? with oil prices, the federal reserve, and overall the global growth picture. so right now the dow jones industrials after falling below 16,000 today, currently, 16,054 and up more than 27 points.


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