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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  February 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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race. who stands to come out on top. melissa: first to the markets. [closing bell ring] melissa: nasdaq is down 15 points. connell: oil price is interesting one, right? 28.5with nearly 6% drop. melissa: wow, that ia huge move. connell: you would know. absolutely a huge move. scott shellady joins us. out at the cme. boy, what happened today, scott? >> looks like the bottom came out. we had some negative news about where some international agencies thought where the supply situation would go. right now you're catching a falling knife. i do feel at some point in time
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they will get a bottom in the oil market. the problem everybody is thinking that. it keeps going lower. because we haven't squeezed out of the last week long. that is problem number one. number two the global economy is bad and only will get worse. our situation in the states as we go closer to full employment or quote, unquote, full employment and continue to have gdp downgraded lower, something doesn't jibe there. connell: that is weird. >> do we have full employment or economy sputtering on all cylinders. they create perfect storm. we have negative feedback loop. market continues lower for the short term here. connell: scott, anything stocks, for a while they did but ended the day flat. didn't go down along with the oil price as much. >> i think oil was oil specific news. we'll get some more tomorrow but i can't get my customers involved and say you want to go massively short right now because the risk/reward is getting less and less lower we
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go and velocity of lower moves gets less and less lower we go. only thing bigger is percentage moves. sound worse than it is. oil at these levels is not good for the economy. even though with lower goose prices not outweighing deflation and energy sector. connell: interesting day, scott. appreciate it. >> no problem. >> every person i talk to is saying i'm going to vote for you, pretty amazing. >> voters in new hampshire are serious about this. they understand what is at stake here. it is not a theater. it future of america. >> did you vote for me? >> i haven't yet. >> go in and vote for me. one picture, one vote. >> really a great run. i had a absolute ball here but i will be back for the fall campaign. melissa: i don't know how they do it. amazing, final stand, candidate making last pitch to voters in new hampshire. voting is currently underway in the granite state. the last polls close in less than four hours. by end of the night we're one step closer to naming next
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president of the united states. fox business's peter barnes in new hampshire with the latest. what is it like on the ground, peter? reporter: we were out at the biggest voting precinct in the state, merrimack until late this afternoon. head of the precinct, captain of the precinct said voting was coming in, turnout was a little bit light. there are 18,500 registered voters out there. they were hoping to get to 12,000 in, what they had in 2008 which is standing record. i want to show you video. they tried to reroute traffic into the parking lot at this high school, merrimack high school, it backfired on them. so, as we were leaving, there was a one-mile back up to got into this place, to this polling station for people to vote. and so now they say that they're going to make sure that anybody who is in the parking lot by 7:00 will get to vote. the secretary of state came over
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to check on it as well. he was confident in his projections that the turnout tonight will be a record for a primary. 550,000 is his projection, beating 2008. and he said that the voting ebbs and flows. take a listen. >> sometimes there's a heavy turnout early in the day. sometimes it is a heavy turnout is later in the day. from what i've heard, from polling places, that the turnout is heavy. reporter: so he is saying it is heavy based on calls he has had with many of the 200 precincts here. but he said he was working with local police in merrimack to clear up this traffic situation to make sure everybody who wants to vote tonight gets in because as you know, a lot of candidates are relying on strong turnout to help get them ahead in the contest tonight. melissa? melissa: tense times. peter, thank you so much.
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joining me now what we can expect is steve hayes, "weekly standard" columnist. also a fox news contributor. there are some things about this make it a unique night. start with one of the things we mentioned at the top, undeclared voters you can temporary register for whatever party you want and vote for whoever you want. you can try to vote for democrats and pubs and thwart the other side. who does this benefit. >> benefits bernie sanders, trum trum, john kasich. if they're truly unaffiliated voters they can go in and cast ballots the other way. if they were registered as a republican or a democrat however they can't change their registration on the spot. and that could cause problems if somebody who had thought potentially he or she might vote for bernie sanders and thinks
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bernie sanders will win instead wanted to vote for donald trump or john kasich, they ability do that and some people fit in that category. melissa: since 1952 tells you how important new hampshire is, only three candidates that lost new hampshire primary went to win the presidency. is that weighing on hillary clinton's mind at all? >> it could be. if you talk to the clinton team they would have you believe because bernie sanders is from vermont next door he would be sort of a favorite son and had this built-in advantage no amount of spending they undertook was likely to overtake. i don't think that is very good argument. i think if bernie sanders beats her and beats her soundly it suggests she is in even more vulnerable candidate than i think many people had recognized over past couple months. it will be very interesting. you see the race very much reset after today if hillary clinton loses by, you know, certainly
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double digits, going into south carolina, going into nevada. then going into south carolina and beyond. melissa: steve, you've been following this for a long time. you always have some smart things to say. what is surprising you what you're seeing on the ground there in new hampshire? >> well, it is interesting, you talk to republican operatives here they will tell you they think jeb bush has a very good ground game. by ground game they don't necessarily mean a get out the vote program that takes place today as people are headed to the polls but also means voter contacts going back weeks and months. the question i think is, can that overcome the reservations people had about jeb bush and, that are reflected in the public polling going on several months now? the other thing that interests me is just as we sort of sense this momentum building for marco rubio before the iowa caucuses there is a lot of talk about john kasich here. i wouldn't be surprised to see john kasich put out a big number and outperform where he has been
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in the public polling last couple weeks. melissa: should be interesting night. steve hayes, thank you very much. >> great. connell: candidates are pouring millions of dollars into ads looking for a big win tonight but donald trump doesn't seem to have his usual huge expectations. watch? >> i want to win even by one vote. maybe better than that i want to win. it is very important to me. connell: connell: now our next guest says trump needs to win by more than one vote. dan henninger, "wall street journal" editorial page editor. do you think double digits is big for mr. trump tonight? that he needs a 10 point or more margin of victory? >> i really do, connell. i'm amazed trump playing expectations there. that he would be happy to win by one vote? connell: right. >> in realpolitiks average he was leading 31 to marco rubio's 14. a huge lead. donald trump is living by the polls, bragging about them. connell: he tells us about the polls every speech. but if he wins barely, to people like you a win is a win.
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>> but the political class won't say that because that means that he is coming back to earth and the other candidates are catching up with him. and i think if that happens, you will see four or five of these candidates saying trump is vulnerable. we're going on to south carolina. if he wins big, i think perhaps the number five and six candidates have to drop out because it looks like it will be tough to overtake him. connell: it is interesting, for battle for second place if nobody breaks out of, jeb bush versus john kasich where a lot of people think those two have momentum after rubio seemed to slip up in the debate, if everybody is bunched up that's a big win for trump. >> it is big win for trump unless he is down below 25% and their numbers are up in the high teens. looks literally much more after horse race. you have the feeling if you're watching kentucky derby one horse is out in the lead and four or five horses going down the homestretch watching this guy.
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i think that's what we're watching. connell: everything is supposed to be different this time around. he doesn't have the ground fame other people had in iowa. he built it up. i saw senator scott brown withish trish on earlier today. he said he helped him out with the ground game. i don't think you can do it as quickly. >> donald trump learned in iowa he is in the big league of politics. he is playing with the big boys now. as steve hayes was pointing out in new hampshire jeb bush and john kasich have strong ground games. if that organizational strengths proves its mettle in new hampshire and trump is going into the south without a big organization down there, that will raise the question how long can he sustain this kind of rock star campaign that he has been running. connell: a lot of what ifs. done, good to see you. stay tuned to our coverage on the fox business network. neil cavuto will anchor the coverage. i am here all night with the exit polls. all sorts of people all around. peter barnes and many other
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reporters, starts at 7:55 tonight. melissa. melissa: donald trump may be leading in new hampshire polls but anything can happen in the nation's first primary. jeb bush says don't count him out. >> it's a toss-up. there is now i think it's a question who will come and turn out. are independent voters going to participate in our primary or the democratic primary? we have a great ground game here. i'm optimistic but you have to put it in the hands of the voters here. connell: chris christie of course slamming marco rubio saying the senator lacks necessary experience that governors have in the race. so then why is the former new york governor, george pataki, a candidate himself throwing his support behind senator rubio? he will tell us that next. melissa: the youth vote will play a big part in tonight's results. what are millenials looking for in a candidate? we'll ask them. but ended up nowhere.
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make your business phone mobile with voice mobility. comcast business. built for business. connell: decision day in state of new hampshire. a record turnout has been predicted for this first-in-the-nation presidential primary. more than half a million votes expected to be cast and here to weigh in on all action as we see shots of man kester today, new hampshire republican chair jennifer horn. good to see you. peter barnes, our reporter had a scene earlier where you know, people are having trouble getting to the polls. it was a traffic situation. i heard anecdotal reports somebody else had to wait 45 minutes online. some signs of great turnout. what are you hearing anecdotally about turnout. >> thank you for having me. pleasure to be with you. there is strong turnout. secretary of state phil gardner
4:16 pm
who almost gets it exactly right. calls for 550,000 voters with a state of just 1.4 million people total. it is good sign some folks are engaged. i think both sides of aisle we see level of engagement. republican primary interesting for one green, democrats for another reason but folks in new hampshire are taking it seriously and they are paying attention. connell: so much tanks is paid to independent voters in new hampshire. they make up 40% of the electorate. in year of 2000, some go to republican side it can help john mccain. do they split up between both parties because there is equal excitement or break one way or the other? >> right. we generally kind of use the way the independents or we call them undeclared how they break as a sign of enthusiasm maybe for the rest of the year but i'm not sure that will be a good measure this year. on democratic side of this we see a party that has, you know
4:17 pm
just changed so much over the last eight or 10 years they're about to, you know, they're on a mad dash to nominate a socialist. and they're kind of, their coronated party pick candidate is trying to figure out how to get left of bernie sanders. connell: right. >> it is extraordinary to see enthusiasm behind that campaign. on our side, of course, we have such a broad field of candidates that that's i think a big part of what has drawn attention into all of this. connell: right. the trump factor which we talked about. remains to be seen what that leads to night. jennifer, thanks. have fun tonight. should be a lot of fun to watch results coming in. thanks for being on with us. >> thanks. have a great night. >> the rise of socialism in united states and bernie sanders is fueling the fire. art laffer weighs in on what the socialist push could mean for our country. plus the day has come for new hampshire. who emerges from the granite state? our panel weighs in coming up
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melissa: bernie sanders leading the polls heading into the tonight's primary. >> what people will be asking is not just who wins but whether the people of new hampshire are prepared to lead this country in a political revolution. melissa: more voters are feeling the bern. what about his socialist views? here to weigh in is art laffer, former president reagan economic visor and laugher associates ceo. >> hello, melissa. melissa: i have a very sthtake s
4:22 pm
more and give it to someone who has less. that is what redistribution is. melissa: right. >> by taking from someone who has more, you reduce their incentives to produce and they will will reproduce less. you provide them alternative source of income. the theorem and math. it is not politics, republican democrat, liberal or conservative. left-wing or right-wing. when ever you redistribute income, you reduce total income. and you reduce it more. melissa: know that agree with you entirely of course. let me ask you, they're talking to young people, talking to millenials who think we're a long way from what you're describing. >> yeah. melissa: what they think they're hearing, take the people you see very far away on wall street,
4:23 pm
mythical big fat cat person. >> gordon gekko. melissa: yes. you will take just some from him he will not need and not noticed and he is bloated and fat and doesn't need it. you give it to poor working people working in mcdonald's trying to support whole entire family of 47 people on mcdonald's job flipping burgers. >> sure. melissa: that guy is working so hard in their mind, disincenting him, he can't work harder anyway, give him money as giveaway what harm does it do? that rich guy is barely working and
4:24 pm
figure out how to manipulate the codes legally with all sorts of loopholes. that is what happens. melissa: people on the right to solve problem, they always say lower taxes. lower regulations. that sounds like gibberish and a lie. to people on left and other side. they can't imagine how that would work. is there a way to frame the message that idea would get through to the other guy. give it a shot.
4:25 pm
them. they aren't going to pay it and get around it. they're smarter than any bernie sanders ever was. melissa: i like it, art. >> they really do do it. low rate, broad-based flat tax and collect fair amount from everyone. everyone knows they pay what they should pay and they pay it. >> thanks, art. appreciate your help. >> thank you. connell: good to see you, art. we have breaking business news on the fox business network. ashley webster, disney earnings are out. and how do they look? >> they look pretty good on headline numbers, connell. let's start off with earnings
4:26 pm
per share, eps coming in at 1.63 adjusted. the stilt was $1.45. so a nice beat there. revenue side, 14.75. it came in at 15.24 billion that is. so a nice beat on revenue. nice beat on earnings. the stock moving higher, marginally in after-hours. quickly tell you espn drag that we talked about, network programing revenue down 5% because of the decline with subscribers at espn. we'll dig a little further to bring you more details in just a little while. connell: ashley, we'll talk about that a little later on this hour. espn side of things has been an issue for ashley. ashley digs through the report. more details on success of the "star wars" franchise. have more details on espn as we said. ashley webster there at the exchange. islamic state's chemical option a top u.s. intel official is confirming that the terrorist group is successful using new form of warfare. melissa: plus the pressure is on
4:27 pm
for marco rubio after a tough week. the presidential hopeful believes he will finish strong in new hampshire. >> it is an incredible experience and incredible process and we love being a part of it. we feel real good. we'll finish strong here around head to south carolina.
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cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪ melissa: marco rubio aiming to finish strong in new hampshire. the senator is under pressure to perform well tonight following
4:31 pm
his widely criticized debate performance. fox news's john roberts is on the campaign trail in manchester with the latest. >> we're here at marco rubio's headquarters in downtown manchester where over the last 48 to 72 hours they rotated a thousand volunteers through here making phone calls to reach out to all important independent or undeclared voters who could sway this thing. over last couple days we spoke to 20 voters what they are thinking. susan and bob are two we ran into rubio event. here what they had to tell us. >> still deciding but primary interested in marco rubio and one or two of the governors. >> what about you, bob? >> same here. i sort of like this guy here. i like his demeanor and what he stands for but i do like governorses mainly of the fact they have managed. they are executives but haven't made up my mind either. reporter: finishing third in iowa rubio came into
4:32 pm
new hampshire what his fans call a lot of marco-mentum launching into is being place. falling back a little bit. statistically in dead heat with ohio governor john kasich. rubio predicted woe finish strong despite the fact he had list of accomplishments. >> this is not about the past. it is about the future. talk about what america will be like by the future. by the way i have more foreign policy experience and national security experience than every other republican candidate combined. reporter: a person's past is indicative what they do in the future. >> good. i'm a reformer on behalf of the american dream. reporter: he is only second to donald trump. among the all-important undeclared group he is in fourth place. we'll see how that pans out. back to you. melissa: thank you so much, john. connell? connell: here to weigh in on his candidates you heard from
4:33 pm
marco rubio, former governor of new york, george pataki. former candidate himself. governor, thank you for coming in today. a lot of talk about this idea of senator versus governor which governor christie argued and voters john roberts spoke to and are undecided thinking about that. why as former governor do you support senator rubio? >> i think senator rubio has right vision for america. he accomplished things in the senate which is hard to do in washington. he is the person who got through the budget provision that defunds taxpayers for obama care exchanges. so obama care is going to have to go. he has the best strategic vision for protecting us from radical islam. and projecting american power intelligently overseas. connell, i was governor on september 11th. connell: yes. >> to me the single most important role of the president is to keep the american people safe. i have absolute confidence marco rubio as president would do that. connell: that's why you picked him. foreign policy. >> one much many reasons.
4:34 pm
foreign policy hadding to so do wit. i like his domestic agenda. he is inclusive politician. so many in both parties in this campaign are running to divide for their own benefit. he is looking to bring people together for the country's benefit. connell: seems like he got tripped up, didn't seem like he got tripped up he got tripped up by chris christie in the debate. you see things play out. it probably hurt him, we don't know. >> in fact during that debate i think senator rubio was brilliant. he gave tremendous responses and answers with exception of responding to governor christie's in my view unfair attack. connell: you thought it was unfair? >> i thought it was totally unfair. so typical when you can't talk about your own record you attack others. senator rubio kept the focus on hillary clinton on barack obama, on bernie sanders because he wants to bring us together. yes on foreign policy. yes on vision for america. most importantly yes that he
4:35 pm
wants to unite americans behind a common cause a common belief in our future. connell: this idea of him quote being robot, people up in new hampshire dressed as robots. >> someone was tag to dress up as robots, you have interacted with him. i'm assuming. we had him in interviews. did you ever think of that before? >> not at all. he is terrific guy, relaxed intelligent person who studied issues. he knows the issues. he is not looking at card memorizing something. he knows issues. he was speaker of the state assembly in florida. he has government experience. he has vision for america. he will bring us together. marco rubio should be our next president. connell: i, we have to go-timewise. i have to ask you a new york question. do you think bloomberg is getting this? >> very hard for him. it is so late.
4:36 pm
woe have to make a decision quickly before he knows who democrats and republicans are. i don't know ultimately he will do that it is personal thing. we'll know soon enough. connell: crazy year. you were a part of it for a while. >> crazy year. connell: our coverage with neil cavuto tonight. 7:55 all things started with neil for new hampshire. that is throughout the night. melissa? melissa: a few other stories on our radar. isis has chemical weapons. the director of national intelligence, james clapper confirming today that the terrorist group has been successful developing and using the weapons. clap letters stated isis will also attempt attacks on united states this year. at least 10 dead and 89 have been injured from a deadly train crash in southern germany this morning. two trains collided head-on. 35 miles southeast of munich after an automatic safety system failed to stop them. nasa releasing an incredible 360-degree video from the
4:37 pm
curiosity rover on mars. control the camera, left, right, up, down, to get a life like view of the red planet. how cool is that? new hampshire vote is in full swing. the latest details from the grounds of the granite state after the break. plus a free chipolte burrito causing one big digital problem. that is coming up. ♪ you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof... your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect.
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connell: big day with the nation's first primary vote in full swing up in new hampshire. the battle among gop candidates is quite heated as you know as they make their final pitches. fox news's carl cameron has the latest now on the republican race in new hampshire.
4:41 pm
>> still a couple hours before the polls close in the first-in-the-nation primary state but donald trump comes into the election day with a big lead, more than two to one over marco rubio in recent polls but he still has been raising eyebrows and getting some criticism for using vulgar and foul language on the campaign trail, sometimes about his rivals, sometimes about whomever comes to mind. and as a consequence, there are some people who continue to make up their minds right up until the polls virtually close and some of them who had been eyeing donald trump may be making other choices. turnout is expected to be a record. donald trump will need that in order to be successful but in the last several days because marco rubio had particularly tough debate and ted cruz who came in third in iowa has not got a lot of momentum here in the granite state there is resurgence of the governors. jeb bush gotten a lot of second looks. his crowds are increasing. people are telling him at polls, they will change their minds and vote for him.
4:42 pm
this is a bit of his enthusiasm. >> amazing how many people don't make their mind up until the very end. it is uniquely new hampshire experience. had i not gone through walked on hot new hampshire coals if you will i don't think i would be as good as i am now. i appreciate that a lot. i have learned, i learned a lot from being here. reporter: new hampshire notorious for voters being undecided or changing their mind right up until they get into the ballot booth. chris christie spends a lot of time here clearly understands that. >> nobody, not me, not jeb bush, not john kasich, not marco rubio, not ted cruz have the first idea what will happen tonight. we saw in iowa the difference of a couple hundred votes makes a huge difference. reporter: there is john kasich, governor of the nation's quintessential bellwether swing state, ohio. here in new hampshire in the first in the first voters at dixville notch new hampshire, almost on the canadian border last night, a total of nine voters voted for 10 candidates
4:43 pm
and john kasich beat donald trump 3 votes to two. for that, he was particularly excited today. >> woke up this morning and my wife said you won dixville notch. so we drank champagne. [laughter]. we thanked the academy. reporter: first-in-the-nation primary often ended campaigns. for carly fiorina and ben carson there is a do-or-die feel. chris christie who didn't get traction despite town halls who were well perceived and well attended could face a very tough decision if they don't do well. from new hampshire, carl cameron. back to you. connell: we'll cover it all night long. melissa we have earnings reports. melissa: we do. disney reporting what they said are best quarterly earnings in the history of the company. ashley webster has been coming, been combing through the report. ashley what do you have for us? tell tell --
4:44 pm
reporter: tell you it is "star wars." best quarterly earnings in company history. the gross of that movie just crossed $2 billion. only third movie ever to do that. studio sales over all for disney, very strong, 2.7 billion. sales overall for the company up 14% prior year-over-year. media and networks unit also coming in. it sounds very positive. the stock moved higher after hours. now it is starting to slip. why? that cash cow espn. so long a big money generator for disney is suffering as subscribers don't take it as bundled channel or they go ahead and cut the cord. cable networks operating income falling 5% to just over a billion dollars. mostly the company says because of that decrease at espn, that missed estimates of 1.3 billion. also, you know, listen, the higher programing costs also hurting espn.
4:45 pm
there are critics who say they paid too much for the rights to certain sports events. good news is, there will be more "star wars" movies. on other side you have espn and subscribers that are fading away fast, guys. melissa: i'm responsible for a lot of that "star wars" revenue. so you're welcome. ashley, thank you. >> thanks, melissa, on espn story it accounted for 52% of disney's operating income last year. steve has been following the story for "the wall street journal" he is with us now. the number that ashley talked about at cable networks operating income, fine that is a number. reasons are interesting to me because it does tell us as people speculated for some time there is price that is too much for these games. great to have the the nba, nfl, and everything espn has but what you pay for it? >> exactly. programing costs were not issue when espn was major cash cow.
4:46 pm
everyone had cable and espn. it wasn't an issue. now this cord cutting trend is starting to pick up. subscribers losses are picking up for disney. people are wondering is it feasible for disney to offer espn over internet instead of going through -- connell: not only what they will do, but, our sister network fox sports will do, other sports entities because the cord cutting was never supposed to really impact sports. live sports was spoused to be immune. >> that is a great point. cord cutting has been going on for years. sports was always to be saving grace. you have to watch sports live, right? how do you get it elsewhere. connell: that shouldn't change. >> part of that is changing, people are more willing to watch netflix or watch hulu and don't necessarily need to have really extensive cable bundle. connell: or those people are not forced to have espn or, you know, they, not something important to them. that hurts because you don't get subscribers fees off it.
4:47 pm
the next move will be interesting because when a big contract comes up, i don't know what league is up next, say for argument it was nfl or even if it is the nba and you're espn, whatever price they want i'm paying it. maybe they have second thought? >> exactly. now a big question for them. if you look at long term stock of disney, this thing went straight up essentially up until this past summer. connell: thanks to espn. >> thanks to espn. now it is down 25% since the summer. this year it is underperforming 21st century fox and time warner. espn is sole reason why. look at these, "star wars" numbers are fantastic. everything else is looking pretty good for disney. connell: that would impact 21st century fox, the same trends. >> exactly. exactly. connell: thank you, steve. >> thank you very much. connell: melissa? melissa: one man will probably never want to hear the word rain check or burrito again. many taking advantage of offer to text chipolte for free burrito.
4:48 pm
they typed in one digit too many yesterday, blowing up this poor guy's phone. deirdre bolton joins us now. >> glad you showed the number. one extra 2, got you to this tech attorney, tech m&a attorney who is based in d.c. because he had been covering story so closely on chipolte the fact they had to close, they had a big
4:49 pm
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melissa: sal, i think a lot of older people think reason why millenials are attracted socialism, are number one they didn't live through failure played out around the world. maybe they think it has something to do with social media. they don't understand what it is all b sound like for them getting a lot of free stuff. getting free tuition. >> look at promises bernie sanders is offering them. easy to get caught up in that. you have to look at bernie
4:55 pm
sanders's message, when he talks about the system is rigged. looking at still double-digit unemployment for millenials. 55% have less than $1,000 in savings. you have obama and other people talking about how great the economy is. it is not for them. they feel left out. bernie sanders is only one offering this message. it will be really important in the next few weeks for these top gop contenders to come out strong for capitalism and their message to really combat the socialistic message coming from the left. melissa: hadley, i hear from a lot of young people, millenials who like donald trump. he is kind of an old rich guy. why does he appeal to them? >> a lot of this election on both sides has to do with voters who feel like their voices are not being heard. certainly that is why senator sanders is getting support on let. that is why we see donald trump with so much support on the right. voters who sport these candidates, their wishes, their voters have not really been addressed by the establishment or by politicians who have been
4:56 pm
more traditional. melissa: they hate the system in place. they have that in common with a lot of older people too. thanks to both of you, appreciate your time. >> thanks, melissa. connell: something called nerd tourism. taking hold in the state of new hampshire. this has been a weird year. all due to the political theater taking place up there right now on primary day and before. we'll tell but the, my own nerd tour coming up. melissa: i love it. i can't wait. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions
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and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card lots of vitamins a&c, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. and, only 50 calories a serving... good morning, indeed. v8. veggies for all.
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the access informationlows us to from anywhere. the microsoft cloud allows us to scale up. microsoft cloud changes our world dramatically. it wasn't too long ago it would take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome. now, we can do a hundred per day.
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with the microsoft cloud we don't have to build server rooms. we have instant scale. the microsoft cloud is helping us to re-build and re-interpret our business. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. melissa: nation's first primary state in 2016 race, new hampshire is draw to visitors interested in political tourism. otherwise known as nerd tourism. our own connell mcshane is there for nerd tourism on his own. what was it like? >> i did bring the kids. it was tourist event t was fun
5:00 pm
over weekend. went to see bill clinton dressed as lumberjack. selfie in front of jeb bush's bus. this guy in the diner -- melissa: met people from l.a. and miami. all the people pouring in. connell: democrats at republican events. melissa: "risk & reward" right now. >> if you're sick, if you're really like you can't move, your close to death, your doctor tells you it is not working, your wife is disgusted with you, she said i'm leaving, i don't give a damn. you got to get out to vote. >> no one outside of the -- easier not to show up and vote tomorrow. >> we're going up. >> that's what we're counting on >> i got to wear my snow jacket. i came here to thank you. i can't thank you enough. >> tomorrow new hampshire can help lead this country, in a


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