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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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over weekend. went to see bill clinton dressed as lumberjack. selfie in front of jeb bush's bus. this guy in the diner -- melissa: met people from l.a. and miami. all the people pouring in. connell: democrats at republican events. melissa: "risk & reward" right now. >> if you're sick, if you're really like you can't move, your close to death, your doctor tells you it is not working, your wife is disgusted with you, she said i'm leaving, i don't give a damn. you got to get out to vote. >> no one outside of the -- easier not to show up and vote tomorrow. >> we're going up. >> that's what we're counting on >> i got to wear my snow jacket. i came here to thank you. i can't thank you enough. >> tomorrow new hampshire can help lead this country, in a
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very different direction. in the direction of a political revolution. >> please come out and help me. thank you so much, new hampshire. >> it's self if i time. -- selfie. >> i don't care if you get hurt or not but i want you to last until tomorrow. i promise i will come and visit you in the hospital. deirdre: we are just hours away from the polls closing in new hampshire. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. the votes are being tallied as we speak. we'll be bringing you exit poll data as soon as we get them. fox business's peter barnes on the ground in new hampshire. peter with is the turnout so far. reporter: deirdre, critical turnout for some candidates. i got off the phone with david scanlon, deputy secretary of state of new hampshire.
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he says turnout is strong and steady. we're confident it will hit projected 550,000 record primary voters announced last week, projected last week by his boss, bill gardner, secretary of state. that compares to 530,000 voters, that was previous record in 2008. scanlon says that it looks like people are turning out which is great because candidates in both parties are generating a lot of excitement. deirdre? deirdre: peter, thank you so much. peter barnes live there in new hampshire. so tonight, 755 p.m. eastern time, we'll bring you results from our nation's first primary. fox business's neil cavuto will bring results as soon as they come in. primary voters in the granite state have a pretty solid track record predicting nominees. six 1976 five candidates who won new hampshire eventually won the party's nomination. that is out of seven contests.
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two candidates went on to become president, ronald reagan, and president george h.w. bush. on new hampshire side voters have less predictive track record. they have given 5 to eventual eight nominees. one came president in the 1976. for his take on power of the primaries we bring in former senate majority leader trent lott. so glad you're here. >> glad to be with you, deirdre. deirdre: so far this campaign is so different than anything we've seen in the past. what do you expect to see from new hampshire, what does it indicate about november? >> well, i don't think we know for sure about new hampshire. they always break late. there have been a lot of moving parts even in the last week. i think john kasich is doing really well. he stuck with his positive message and carried dixville notch for the republicans. deirdre: he did indeed.
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i know you openly support the ohio governor. >> right. deirdre: he is running with this cross partisan message, aimed at independents who can vote obviously. so these are ideal conditions for him. >> right. deirdre: if he doesn't place in the top three tonight what does that say to him about his own campaign? >> well, first of all i think he will place in the top three. i hope he is at least second, but third, a strong third would be very good. and if he will be able to go forward he has a great organization. by the way you're talking about people up there campaigning in new hampshire, there are mississippians are there for sure campaigning with john kasich. he has run a good message. he is most qualified by experience and results. if you look for somebody who actually balanced a budget and studied our defense posture to reform defense to get more for our money. look at somebody in the private sector and governor of big important state, john kasich is your man.
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deirdre: he is ton more positive let's say than some of his peer group, governor chris christie went after senator rubio for being canned in his responses. here is an example, senator. >> that is what washington, d.c. does. the drive-by shot at beginning with incorrect and incomplete information. then the memorized 25 second speech that is exactly what is -- >> this is bottom line. this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he is doing. he knows exactly what. >> there it is, memorized 25 section. there it is, everybody. deirdre: so #roborubio. that is trending on twitter. are christie's attacks working? >> he put bruises on marco rubio, but frankly for myself i didn't like it. i resented it. i wish chris christie would talk more about his record, what he wants to do, quit attacking marco rubio or everybody else.
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same thing with george w. bush, he sent so much of his time attacking kasich, rubio or anybody. i want to know what they believe in and what they are going to do when they get in. there i want to know what they have done. i like them all, they have all been successful in their own right. when they attack each other with millions of dollars, i don't know about other people but it turns me off. that experience with chris christie reminded me. he is kind of the boss. i don't like that approach. deirdre: senator you are not alone. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg says that so far this race has been insult to voters. he tweeted out this morning, caught up with british pm david cameron at 10 downing street. admired his leadership across the pond. does this show first and foremost michael bloomberg is getting ready for a run? and how would that change the race if he does? >> first i hope he will wait to see how it turns out.
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republican race is far from over. same thing for the democrats. we may not know until april or may who will be nominee. i suspect on both parties when we get there he will look at two nominees feel like there is not a need for him. if he gets in there, i know him. met with him over the years. but if he gets in there i think he will draw votes from democrats more from republicans because of some positions he took as mayor of new york city. deirdre: a lot of people say hillary clinton would be candidate most hit by bloomberg's entry. >> yeah. deirdre: president obama proposing the final budget of his presidency today. it is record $4 trillion plus package for 2017. this blueprint, you know as i do, senator, it appears dead before arrival before congress. what is your take on the plan? there are some bipartisan parts. some i think which is meant to start a conversation? >> well for the most part he
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pushed the envelope as far as he possibly could. he likes to spend money. that is what he is all about. our debt and deficit is spiraling out of control. i think american people are concerned about the economy and debt and deficit. i worry about that more than anything quite frankly. i worry about my grandchildren's future. but it is a starting point. it will get the debate going. there may be a few points in his proposal that could be bipartisan that you take a look at. he has a proposal in there about tax credits for businesses that join with community colleges to train people to actually have a job. i kind of like that. so maybe there are a few nuggets in there. i'm sure the congress will look at it very closely. for most part way too much spending, way out of control. he isn't expected to be serious or considered or he wouldn't offer it the way he did. deirdre: i agree for what it's worth. two cents in there. great to have you here. >> thank you very much, deirdre. deirdre: former senate majority leader trent lott. walt disney reporting earnings.
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it is down about 4%. jonas max ferris. my take is disney "star wars" good, espn bad. is that how you see it? >> "star wars" just broke two billion in global sales. bigger than estimated. that is one of the hotter stocks in the dow that isn't like a tech stock in recent years. that unwound in recent months. espn problem, this is sports channel. doesn't unbundle well. sports is historically subsidized by non-sports viewers. you can't go to hbo go miles and charge for it. it would be expensive for sports fans to consume all the sports. if you look closely on the cable bill you will see this they have a problem with revenue, people cut cords, go to other hot stocks or netflix, it is putting them in problematic position. they don't own the areas.
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they can't unbundle the thing in way necessary to make money. that is what everyone is worrying about. deirdre: they are paying higher costs for college football and even though raising rates for advertisers, not working out to bigger profits for espn. jonas, stay with me. we'll talk about other stocks moving in the post-market session. meantime new hampshire exit poles have just been released. it may indicate a winner. we'll release the result. >> after super bowl several presidential candidates took time to share their thoughts on the game. here is what they said. peyton did a great job, do not forget about his younger brother eli who is good football player. [applause] marco rubio said, peyton knew exactly what he was doing. peyton knew exactly what he was doing. peyton knew exactly what he was doing. ben carson said i just can't get over how the players knew when to go out on the field. [cheers and applause]
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to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. deirdre: new hampshire primary exit polls starting to be released fox business's connell mcshane with me with the latest. connell what are you seeing? reporter: deirdre we'll tell you we'll be here all night looking through exit poll numbers. what we're about to show you is earliest data we've collected. the way it works, exit polls come in waves. we get first batch of data. next hour we get more and so on so forth. as night goes on exit poll data will be more representative what is happening in new hampshire as
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sample size gets bigger. that said, 30,000-foot view of the race here to see what voters were thinking about when they went into the voting booth earlier this morning and this afternoon and what were big issues. look at democrats first. give you idea maybe how people are thinking. biggest issue on democratic voters minds as we see here is issue of income inequality. comes in 33%. barely tops the economy and jobs as issue number two. put those two together, so-called pocketbook issues you're over 60%. bernie sanders made income inequality is centerpiece of his campaign. health care is number three and terrorism farther down on the list. just 8% of the among democratic voters when they write the top issue in new hampshire. compare that to republicans. number one terrorism is higher on republican list but economic or pocketbook issues are high for them. it is just different the way republican party looks at those issues. we see economy at number one. followed closely by government
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spending, cited at 27% of the voters we spoke to in the exit poll. government spending as we remember back to the iowa caucuses spending but ited to list in iowa. close second here. bunched together with terrorism. much more important to republican voters in terms how they rank things than democratic voters. immigration at 15%. deirdre, that is very early snapshot what was on people's mind. income inequality on democratic side was very high. the way the government spends money. government spending on republican side is very high. we'll have more throughout the evening. deirdre: connell, looking forward to coverage. thank you very much in the meantime. connell mcshane is the early, early look. senator sanders getting most votes so far. they led their respective parties in the fame must community of dixville notch. that area has fewer than 100 residents. polls opened early at midnight. governor kasich taking a stab at
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senator sanders at a rally over sanders relationship with the ben & jerry's founders. >> i am for bernie being president, of bern and jerry's. -- ben & jerry's. as as a result of that i want them to give us free ice cream. deirdre: former republican senator from new hampshire governor kasich supporter, gordon humphrey is with me now. so, senator, so glad to have you with us. >> thank you. deirdre: first and foremost, you're from new hampshire, you represented the fine state, how significant is this community dixville notch? how much of a win can the kasich camp feel about it? >> well i would say it is huge, deirdre, humiditily huge. well, after all, nine voters. bless their hearts. not a huge sample. nonetheless we took a lot of encouragement of that. governor kasich got 60% of the republican vote in dixville notch. rubio, cruz, chris at this, bush, didn't get anything.
5:18 pm
so that is pretty good start i think. but, you know, there are a few more votes to come. deirdre: i want to ask you because governor kasich has been running a very positive campaign. >> yes. deirdre: we were just speaking with senator trent lott and he was saying that is part of what distinguishes him from the crowd. is that enough given the whole changing dynamics in this campaign to move ahead? >> i think so. i really do. deirdre. the governor's gotten really enthusiastic cheers from people at his 115 town meetings when he emphasizes his campaigning on a positive theme avoiding negative attacks, campaigning on the sunny side of the street, a la morning in america if you will, ronald reagan's style of campaigning. that makes an especially big difference with independents, deirdre, of whom there are great many in this state. one of the things that
5:19 pm
encourages us about tonight the heavier the turnout of independents, the better off will be john kasich because he gets a disproportionate share of that independent vote according to all the surveys i've seen. deirdre: all right. this has to be a very strong evening for him, a place in the top three spots. former senator and kasich supporter gordon humphrey with me there. thank you, senator. >> thank thank you, deirdre. deirdre: tonight, 7:55 eastern, the results of our nation's first primary. fox business's neil cavuto will bring you the results as soon as they come in. donald trump's foul language is nothing new in this race. >> we're going to bring businesses back. we're going to have businesses, we're going to have businesses that used to be in new hampshire that are now in mex come back to new hampshire. and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. deirdre: although donald trump
5:20 pm
may have outdone himself. a comment he made about ted cruz has a lot of people crying foul. hear it for yourself after this. >> these tough guys in washington, you know they're real tough guys. they can't beat isis. they can't beat anybody. afghanistan is going to bleep -- [bleep] if i were in the white house i would want to stay in the white house and make great deals, right? in the south china sea they're building a military base, they're ripping the [bleep] out of the sea, right? we'll have businesses that used to be in new hampshire, that are now in mexico come back to new hampshire and you can tell them to [bleep] themselves.
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first - they limit where you earn bonus cash at you? then - those places change every few months? i think i'll pass... quicksilver from capital one puts nothing in your way. you simply earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. you can't dodge the question... what's in your wallet? deirdre: twitter hit another record low if you look, down more than 3%. tomorrow earnings a big focus
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for investors. as promises jonas max ferris with my now. jonas, seems like vultures are circling for twitter. down almost 40% year-to-date. people should say company should buy it, put it out of it is misery. what do you say? >> just under 10 billion market cap is really pocket change for a lot of tech companies today. a lot could pay for it with cash yet no one is there. might be a bigger problem the growth in users is very slow. that doesn't explain lack of desire. people might be scared it's a fad like friendster. there is more news this week social media activity in super bowl was lower on twitter and on facebook. people are getting tired of retweets or writing tweets. maybe they hit all the possible to tweet a lot are out there. if people start tweeting less,
5:25 pm
all of sudden you have declining business. no one will joke about it in five years. no one wants to buy that. that is embarassment at any price. that is probably what is going on. key investors want to sell it in many cases to get acquisition. this could be happening behind the scenes we don't know about at this point. deirdre: that is fair point. i will check you in a minute. jonas max ferris with me there on twitter. donald trump echoing supporters vulgar insults of senator ted cruz. here it is. she just said a terrible thing. you know what she said. shout it out [bleep] okay. you're not allowed to say and i never expect to hear that from you again, she said, i never expect to hear that from you again. she said he is a [bleep] terrible. deirdre: trump's son eric defended his father today on fox business. >> we need a little bit of that in our country.
5:26 pm
people have been so disenfranchised by politics. not having fun with it. not interested in it. you need a candidate that can get people interested. deirdre: trump national spokesperson katrina pierson is with me now. katrina, what did you tell donald trump after this tweet went viral? it makes your job a lot harder, doesn't it? >> well you know, deirdre, it is interesting, isn't it? i think eric trump, he hit the nail on the head, there is this discourse has been polite, gentlemanly a very long time. what i say we have former house speaker nancy pelosi who compares republican grassroots to arsonists, to nazis. we have the president that equates christians and terrorists. about people we have republican candidate not afraid to say what he thinks or feels. repeating what his supporter said. deirdre: after this clip, katrina, come on, you didn't there is a line or how far is too far? >> well it's mr. trump. our motto is let mr. trump be mr. trump.
5:27 pm
in the political realm, absolutely you take a pause. then you also take a step back and look at crowd response. it went wild. they were chanting. they were screaming. this is what voters like about mr. trump. deirdre: katrina, donald trump spoke in keeping with this theme about very clear language about how he sees a new hampshire win. here it is. >> i don't think i need it. i hope that get it. i'm doing well. i have a great relationship with the people of new hampshire. i've been here long before politics. i have many friends that live up here. incredible area. beautiful area. i would say that i would like to win but i don't know that it's necessary. deirdre: so i mean, there are numerous polls that show him tracking very well. how important is new hampshire to him? >> well all states are important to mr. trump. he would love to win all of them. but you know he is being realistic. in iowa he is doing well in the polls. he came in second. he doesn't want to take anything for granted.
5:28 pm
stepped up campaign appearances. kids are out campaigning. he loves people in new hampshire. we all know he is the live free and die state. it is cookie cutter just for mr. trump. deirdre: thank you very much for the time. katrina pierson in new hampshire. stay with us tonight at 7:55 speaking of new hampshire. results of our nation's first primary. neil cavuto will bring in results as soon as they come in. christie as robo rubio attacks. one rubio supporter is hitting back. you know the picture of christie embracing president obama during hurricane sandy recovery efforts? we'll give you more details. one rubio supporter releasing a a picture of hillary clinton holding -- of christie holding a hillary clinton in similar embrace. >> i would be happy to visit, take any questions, to go around and shake hands and take pictures. it is selfie time. [laughter]. every day you read headlines about businesses
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>> this race is now wide open. no one knows what's really going on in this race at all. and we sense real momentum on the ground for us. and we're looking to run right through the tape on tuesday and really do very, very well. >> one thing on tuesday, you have to get out and vote because we have a movement going on that is unbelievable. >> this is the first primary in the country that's going to get to answer the question what happens next to america? what happens next to america after seven years of a
5:33 pm
president that is trying to take from us all the things that made us different and special. deirdre: the excitement is building. the new hampshire primary exit polls being released as we speak. trish reagan is in manchester. how's it going? what are the polls like? >> well, the polls close at 7:00 p.m. for the most part, deirdre, some places may have to stay open a little alert, don't forget there was weather here, still snow on the ground. the expectation i can tell you is that there's going to be a lot of people voting, upwards of 500,000. the state secretary said this was really expected to be a massive turn out. and don't forget a lot of these voters here in new hampshire, they really wait until the end. i just spoke with a couple of voters a short while ago and one of them who is a republican told me it took him some time. earlier felt he needed to vet all of these candidates before finally deciding he said john kasich. i spoke with a democrat as well who told me -- it wasn't
5:34 pm
actually that hard for her, she was a hillary supporter from the beginning. but you've got to watch the republican race very carefully because who comes in second, who come in third, who comes in fourth, that's really critical. the expectation is that donald trump will get the majority of votes. of course a lot of questions about how successful his ground game has been. don't forget this is the kind of state where people want to meet you, and they want to meet you in a very intimidate environment. there's the old joke i'm from here, born and raised, one joke where one farmer says to another who are you going to vote for? and the other says i don't know i've only met the candidates three times. and there's truth to that. people feel they need to know who they're voting for. so a lot of it comes down to the 11th hour. it will be an interesting night. deirdre: it certainly will. looking forward to the coverage, trish regan live there in new hampshire and of
5:35 pm
course tonight 7:55 p.m. eastern time the results will be coming in. so trish is there along with neil cavuto you're going to be getting it is results as soon as they come in. former president bill clinton blasting his wife's rival. senator sanders, and the vermont senator's supporters. >> she and other people who have gone online to defend hillary and explain, just explain why they supported her have been subject to vicious patrolling. and attacks that are literally too profane often not to mention sexist -- deirdre: all right. so hillary clinton came out and defended her husband. >> bill was really defending my supporters because we know a lot of them are being harassed online, they're being harassed at our events, they're being really treated badly but there are has been a constant under current that he said in the debate last week.
5:36 pm
it was kind of a attack by innuendo insinuation. deirdre: my political power is here with their take. conservative commentator kristen and democratic poster jessica. welcome to you both. so glad you are here. >> thank you. >> thanks. deirdre: kristen, what do you make of this discussion that is sexist, not sexist, whose reports are meaner? >> well, it's politics. that is a part of this whole campaign. and i don't think that bernie sanders himself has gone to a dramatic level of criticism or real heightened level of rhetoric against hillary that his campaign supporters would be taking this directly from him; right? those ones that bill clinton and hillary clinton said have been nasty, vicious, and patrolling and all of that. but if she becomes president, it's going to get even worse. that's the nature of this campaign. i think it has been atypical in every single way. so everyone has to be really on their guard and really on their a game to make sure that they can take whatever comes
5:37 pm
at them. and hillary and bill, they need to realize that criticism is part of this and even if there are vicious patrols o trolls on the internet, welcome to the 21st century. deirdre: right speaking of atypical, bill clinton said something unusual to say about your spouse. he says he feels held back sometimes. here is the clip. >> tonight my job is to introduce hillary. sometimes when i'm like this, i wish we weren't very -- then i could say what i really think. and i don't mean that in a negative way. i'm happy. deirdre: jessica, what is that? that's, like, you know what? i wish you weren't here, and i were running again and this is supposed to be funny, but the delivery fell. >> i think that was i wish i wouldn't horribly embarrass my wife by telling the crowds and the bernie sanders supporters exactly what i think about this quote artful smear that has been used against her. perhaps his wording could have been better. but there's no doubt that bill clinton is making a huge
5:38 pm
effort to be by her side, those hugs are a lot longer than they were when he introduced her on the stage in 2008. and i think he's doing everything he can. but what i do think would be an interesting approach for him to take is so much of the resentment toward hillary clinton, especially from women voters goes back to what happened in the '90s. and i would like to see bill clinton say please do not punish my wife for my sins. you know, -- deirdre: actually that would be good and clear and direct and quite frankly that is worth paying for from that camp. >> because they say, you know, she's an enabler that she took down these women, he need to stand up there and say i put her in a horribly impossible situation as a wife and a mother. >> that's the difficulty here. everyone would love for them to be transparent, especially those young, millennial voters that crave authenticity. but it's why they're drawn to
5:39 pm
bernie sanders, and it's not that they're sexist and not voting for hillary, but it's really the fact that they crave her to be real with them. and i think if they did that, especially, bill, and jessica, you're totally right. if they came out there and talked about what happened in the '90s, i think you would see a totally different look of those campaign going forward and you would see some of the millennial voters going away from bernie. deirdre: this call for authenticity, well heard and jessica, that is advice the clintons should take. you just gave it for free. jessica, kristen, glad to have you here. >> thanks. deirdre: trump is going after jeb bush on the campaign trail calling him a sad case who acts like a child. when we come back jeb bush's chief campaign strategist reacts. >> spend 20 million, and he says false things about me. he says so much -- talk about second amendment. nobody is stronger in second amendment than me. his father and the group, the bush's. not him because he's not smart enough to do it.
5:40 pm
but his group used eminent domain to get the land around the stadium bought in texas, so he's very embarrassed by it. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise.
5:43 pm
hey. good to meet you dennis. >> he's a total stiff. jeb bush. here's a guy honestly if you weren't in government, if he weren't in government, you wouldn't hire him to do anything. okay? if you had a company, you wouldn't even hire him. he's on every show, donald trump said this. donald trump said that. and then he says see? i'm the only one taking on donald trump. i'm not afraid of donald trump. he's like a child. deirdre: donald trump attacking jeb bush again at a campaign event in new hampshire. trump even mocking bush for quote campaigning with his mommy former first lady barbara bush. chief strategist david is with me now.
5:44 pm
david, thank you for the time. what is -- i mean, listen, donald trump is hitting at everybody but a lot of this goes towards jeb bush. is he worried about jeb bush? >> yeah. that's part of it. he knows that we have the record and the resources and the organization to go the distance in the nomination. so he's been focusing a lot of attention on us. i think it's pretty unwise to go after governor bush's mom barbara bush is one of the most beloved women in the country. so that -- by itself is a terrible idea. but you can see what this has evolved to. acting like a school yard bully, and i don't think it's going to -- deirdre: but for the moment, it's playing well. love him or hate him, it is playing well with his supporters at least. i want to point out as well that donald trump is not the only one hitting jeb bush. governor kasich saying that he's disappointed in jeb bush's campaign. here's the comment. >> i'm really disappointed in jeb. look, he's taken the very low road to the highest
5:45 pm
office in the land. as arnold schwarzenegger told me when i was running for governor the first time, love the beatings. deirdre: so what does jeb bush have to do to cast off what so far has not been a successful campaign and really turn the page? >> well, we're going to turn in a lot better performance tonight than last week in iowa, and i think as you saw over the weekend, our crowds were growing and frankly new hampshire with 100 events here have made jeb a much better candidate, a stronger candidate he has gotten to tell his story here. i think a lot of the charges you see back and forth are a lot of the stuff you see on television but what's really going on is the town hall meetings where you're -- you're going voter to voter, answering questions, governor bush will take two hours answering questions. he's taken literally every question from just about everybody in new hampshire. and you see him really growing as a candidate. and i think we're going to --
5:46 pm
i think we're going to do well tonight. we've got an excellent organization in south carolina. i think the south carolina will be the commander-in-chief primary, we've got senator lindsey graham as you know. so we're looking forward to coming out of here and looking forward to south carolina. that can't be -- deirdre: david, are you downplaying new hampshire? >> no. not downplaying new hampshire. we're going to do well in new hampshire. other candidates aren't going to have anything after new hampshire, you know, governor kasich has no national organization, very little organization in south carolina. he spent virtually no time anywhere but new hampshire. so we think we're going to do well here. we're running a national campaign. we've got a great organization, we're on more ballots than anybody. we've got a very strong group in nevada working for us. so we feel like we're going to be very strong through february. ultimately this is a very large field that started with 17. you know, we're getting down to -- we'll be reducing this field.
5:47 pm
and once you get trump in a group of three or four, i think you're going to see him struggle more, and he's going to go from winner to whiner just like he's been doing the last week. deirdre: we know. we're going to start to get results in the next few hours thank you so much, david for joining us there. he is running jeb bush's campaign. he is their key strategist. tonight 7:55 eastern time, the results will come in. you will hear them from neil cavuto. so you won't want to miss our coverage. hillary's goldman sachs, as in the last debate she was undecided whether at all she would release them. >> are you willing to release the transcripts of all of your paid speeches? we do know through reporting that there were transcription services for all of those paid speeches in full disclosure, would you release all of them? >> i'll look into it. i don't know the status, but i will certainly look into it. deirdre: jumped the gun, released details of what went down with goldman sachs behind closed doors.
5:48 pm
we'll bring in the full scoop after this. >> did you have to be paid $675,000? >> well, i don't know. that's what they offered. so -- you know, every secretary of state that i know has done that. we live in a pick and choose world.
5:49 pm
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5:51 pm
>> you've made three speeches for goldman sachs, you were paid $675,000 for three speeches. was that a bad mistake? >> i made speeches a lot to groups. i told them what i thought. i answered questions. >> but did you have to be paid $675,000? >> well, i don't know. that's what they offered. so. deirdre: hillar's ties to wherewithals haunting her campaign. some of them had been released on that speech according to an
5:52 pm
attendee of that 2013 speech in arizona. clinton spoke highly of the bank's work. so one sources quoted it saying it's so far from what she sounds like as a candidate. now it was a rah-rah speech. she sounded more like a goldman sachs managing director. some even pointed out clinton did not criticize goldman or the banking community in the 2008 financial crisis. joining me now two time presidential candidate dennis. good to have you here. >> good to be with you. deirdre: what do you make of these ties between hillary and wall street and her comments and the fact that she didn't want the transcripts released? >> well, we have a position to talk here because i led the bailout in the house of representatives and both parties voted for it. now, hillary did speak to goldman sachs and gave three speeches totaling $675,000. that's something we can assume
5:53 pm
that she wasn't going to go in there to criticize them within given that they asked her to speak. and she accepted. now, let's look at a broader picture here. president reagan, who we honor $2 million for a couple of speeches in japan. mayor giuliani reported $275,000 for a couple of speeches, president bush $250,000 and still in business. nobody has ever impugned them for saying that. deirdre: no, i understand. i want to play this quick clip. i'm coming right back to you, congressman. >> everybody that i know who looks at what's happening in this campaign sees the same thing. the wall street interest, the money interest, the republican political interest are spending a lot of money to try to defeat me. . deirdre: so, in other words, she's saying essentially what you're saying which is everybody gets paid to speak
5:54 pm
and this has nothing to do with the implication is that it has nothing to do with her views on the wall street. what about the idea that she's just saying what voters want to hear and rightly or wrongly if she does get into the white house, she will be a pro banking candidate. >> well, you know, i have to tell you. there's reason to be concerned. you look at the kind of money that floats around that wall street dispenses to candidates as well as speeches. people have every right to question it. but it doesn't necessarily follow that she's going to take the cop off the beat. which of course, you know, wall street that's always a concern that people aren't going to be paying attention. you go back to the time of the sub prime melt down, and you see that, you know, the government did not do its job in policing wall street. and that falls back to democrat and republican administrations like a. so, you know, we have a system here we better look at the overwhelming influence of money, and we have to insist that those who would be president of the united states are not going to sell us out.
5:55 pm
so, you know, she has to continue to talk about what reform she would bring to wall street. but we also have to be aware that the larger issue here is that the influence of money and our political process comes in from so many different directions and the american people certainly are looking for a way to get back their government. deirdre: congressman, we are so glad to have your perspective having been there. congressman, thank you very much for the time. >> thank you. deirdre: senator marco rubio under attack by chris christie for being robotic. >> that's what washington d.c. does. the drive by shot at the beginning with incomplete and incomplete information and then the memorized 25-second speech that is exactly -- >> here's the bottom line. this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing -- >> there it is. there it is. the memorized 25-second speech. there it is, everybody. deirdre: rubio robot trending on twitter but there's really some video as you see staffers
5:56 pm
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deirdre: rubio staffers were roughing up a protester who came to an event dressed as a rubio robot. blake burman now at rubio headquarter in new hampshire. is it really getting that rough up there? >> it is a live free or die state, but it has been a peaceful couple of days here, deirdre, that was that one scene earlier today that continues to haunt senator marco rubio if we get into that video. this was outside of a polling location, the senator like many of the other locations today. and there were those rubio robots that followed him there of course this goes back to
6:00 pm
the debate performance on saturday night. deirdre: right? >> in which some say the senator was too robotic in his answers. we'll see if saturday's performance has any affect on what happens here tonight. deirdre: blake burman, thank you for joining us. charles payne is here. i am not all eyes on new hampshire, here's you're looking at a live look, here are voters waiting to cast their ballot in concord, new hampshire. most polling sites will be closed in the granite state. even old man winter, though, could not stop these people from casting their votes here. so much excitement here and the big question is still who is going to win new hampshire tonight? and will this be some of the last stand for some of the candidates? our very own neil cavuto has been there all day. neil, i can feel the excitement from here. tell us how this is all going out. >> w


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