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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  February 9, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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the debate performance on saturday night. deirdre: right? >> in which some say the senator was too robotic in his answers. we'll see if saturday's performance has any affect on what happens here tonight. deirdre: blake burman, thank you for joining us. charles payne is here. i am not all eyes on new hampshire, here's you're looking at a live look, here are voters waiting to cast their ballot in concord, new hampshire. most polling sites will be closed in the granite state. even old man winter, though, could not stop these people from casting their votes here. so much excitement here and the big question is still who is going to win new hampshire tonight? and will this be some of the last stand for some of the candidates? our very own neil cavuto has been there all day. neil, i can feel the excitement from here. tell us how this is all going out. >> well, it's exciting.
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i've been through a few of these events. they're big events, they will divide the herd, and it's all about who shows up, who's supporters show up, depending on the precinct side, we're looking at heavier than expected volume that would benefit on the left of donald trump, on the right of bernie sanders, but, again, that was the prevailing argument a week ago in iowa. anyone's guess but they're all bringing out their respective troops and finding creative ways to do it. one woman who was having trouble with her icy stairs that she was a trump supporter and trump folks sent out sanders to try to make sure that she did get a ride. so you do hear this anything and anything to get them out. charles: i heard kasich earlier saying he thinks he has the best ground game. i would suppose particularly with the weather conditions that it does make a incidence.
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but it's hard for me to imagine. i guess there would be a lot of stories like that. >> well, you realize in a state like this where they're used to the snow, they're used to the ice, it was a real bear of a night last night when we went to a chris christie town hall event, and it was quite bad out there. now, even for us, and we're used to it where we live of course just do that by a couple of factors and after the winter that these guys have been experiencing thus far and certainly what they went through last year. they're not faced by this sort of thing. so they do come out for the rallies and they do get them to the polls. but it's that ground game that you hear so much about. sometimes it's as simple in the case of ted cruz telling his supporters, bring your friends to jeb bush's folks saying, you know, alert your family members where you're going to be and tell them to do the same. they're all finding the way they can to get that vote out. really trying to find a way to bus them there, drive them there, or if they could get on
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all fours and put them on their back, they're doing whatever they can. charles: it's definitely do or die, i know you interviewed most of the candidates yesterday, and most are putting on a brave confident face, but are you getting the idea that they're accepting the notion if they don't bear well tonight, this could be the last stand? >> it depends, charles, on how much money they have? when i caught up with ben carson who said, by the way, in an interview with me he's open to being a vice president. chris christie think so he would be a good attack at vice president. but they all expect to be there. now, the difference with a christie and carson, carson still has a lot of money, raised over 20 million last month, 20 million the month before. he's got the cash on hand. chris christie, a little less so. you hear that it may not be so simple a one, two, three, finish, that maybe what you see coming out of the state, the third position four, five, six, maybe the top players and
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still live on. i do notice in the case of candidates who might or might not do well here, they're preannouncing their ground game in south carolina. so they're prepared to go with no accident that last night -- actually moments before i had a chance to catch up with governor christie, for example, that his team had put out a detailed position where they're going to be in south carolina and how many stops they're going to make. so they are moving beyond this state. but you're right to point out here that it's money. it's your donors and whether they'll still fuel you. charles: thanks a lot. i cannot wait for later tonight, and we'll all be watching your special coverage. you're going to be back on the network 7:55 eastern time sharp with minute to minute coverage and this is the moment we've all been waiting for. now we've got exit polls for you. some early results, i want to go straight to fox business connell mcshane. connell, what do we have? >> well, we see some early trends merging but i want to add right off the bat, these are just that. early trends and throughout
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the night they will probably change. these numbers we're about to show you. they normally do change. with that, though, we jump in and look -- first at the democrats and then at the republicans just to see what people may be thinking as they went to the polling stations earlier today. which candidate do you trust to handle an international crisis? an issue-oriented question to start with on the democratic side. and if you combine only clinton with both, hillary clinton is clearly the more trustworthy candidate on this particular issue. what i would probably refer to as the old 3:00 a.m. calls. so hillary clinton is leading on that particular issue. now, on the other side of it, this became the issue on the democratic campaign, the centerpiece of senator bernie sanders did for the white house, which candidate do you trust to handle in particular inequality? only sanders is the top answer here at 48%. now, you have both at 37. only clinton at 12. so this is clearly in the wheelhouse of senator bernie sanders, which i think we would have expected going in. just on the republican side of things, we picked out the economy and which candidate
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would be most trustworthy to handle the economy, obviously it's a big issue. it doesn't tell you here where it ranks in terms of issues, but it does tell you that donald trump -- as he has been in some of the polling come in and i believe in iowa as well. thought as someone who can handle the economy. 38% over john kasich, somebody we're very closely watching tonight. he comes in second just on this particular question at 19 jeb bush and ted cruz are behind before you could even get to the likes of chris christie or marco rubio. now, the final thing, charles, and this may be the most interesting we're watching closely tonight. when did you make up your mind when you were going to vote? this is on the republican side of things. and look at this, the last few days, which means today, yesterday, and the day before, the debate saturday night. the last few days, 46%, charles, of republican voters made up their mind about who they were going to vote for. so as we look at the other data and the consequent numbers that we get throughout the night, keep that in mind almost half the electorate
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made up their mind the last few days. charles: wow. amazing. thank you, connell, appreciate it. host of new hampshire today also m mark, tammy, bruce. and i want to go to you, because candidates spent $116 million in advertising. and gop candidates spent 30 million on negative ads and interestingly enough jeb bush says you can't insult your way to the white house spent 17 million on campaign ads. and i'm wondering because you know this better than anyone else. does this kind of stuff work with the new hampshire voters? >> everyone says they don't like the negative ads, but, yeah, they work. i don't know if they work a lot, new hampshire has been overwhelmed. you mentioned about 11 of million dollars in ads. i think bush, christie, and rubio have led the money count. now, keep in mind they have super pacs spending most of that money. campaign spending about a third. the big story here is donald trump only spent about 3 million on ads and going after cruz pretty good.
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trump has been negative on cruz here but that's 3 million out of his own pocket. and yet he's benefiting from a lot of free media as you know. charles: just spoke to neil cavuto, and he was talking about the heavy turnout there. just how critical is it and why -- i think it's hard for some people to understand why so critical. how these ground games make the difference. >> well, i think i heard most of that. the ground games here make a difference. we're going to have about 550,000 voters in a state of 1.3 million people. that's a record turnout. that will be 2008. last time around, the colleges were on vacation here. so the out of state students weren't in new hampshire. they're here now. that may benefit bernie sanders. but on the republican side, that's where i think you're going to see the surprise tonight. i still think trump has -- gets a win maybe around 10 points. maybe a little less, but i think he's going to hold on. the crowds here have been too big for him. look for kasich, bush, and rubio, or bush, rubio, and
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kasich, they're the four tickets out of new hampshire i think. ted cruz, no one's really talking about him here. he hasn't spent much money. and then after that, who knows. but i think that the top four, you're going to see trump, bush, kasich, rubio, in some order there. sanders, i think he wins big here tonight. charles: let me ask you because it feels like almost everyone has come to that same conclusion. trump at the top, maybe not as much as the polls suggest. and then his big bunch up in the middle. how important is it for some of these candidates to be at the top of the heat with respect to race number two and then this expectations game. you know, remember rubio came in third because he did much better than expected. >> absolutely, charles. momentum comes from expectations. if you can beat expectations even by a little bit, then you can make a case for some sort of momentum. and as you know super pacs have impacted this race in a way that somebody coming number four out of new hampshire who has a healthy super pac has at least
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some life left in him for the next several weeks. so if we take a look at some extra poll numbers, what we've seen early on is that independent voters are turning out in droves and also as much as had a of republican voters are saying they want someone from outside the political establishment. so i think those will probably bode well for donald trump. frankly i think scott, his endorsements from scott brown helps a little bit, you know, with the ground game for that campaign. and then obviously cruz is really not a factor. charles: right? >> i think the big story as neil was pointing out is that this -- the results tonight may be as clear as mud for the nomination race largely because there may be this cluster between kasich and bush and rubio. and let me tell you. if kasich or bush come in second, they're going to owe chris christie a huge bear hug because he's the guy that took on marco rubio who had the momentum a week ago. charles: absolutely and of course hearing neil talk about perhaps christie being willing to be a number two, i saw him hugged up pretty good with
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donald trump earlier today. maybe unintentionally, but it looked like an overturn in my mind. let me ask you, tammy. we heard going into iowa that a big voter turnout was great for donald trump, and we heard that all these other people who were new to the -- to voting would be great for donald trump. it didn't work out that way, but we're hearing the same narrative here. >> yeah. what we're hearing is that it's a big turn out. it doesn't mean it's all new people. it's people who have been registered, it's a higher percentage of people coming out, because -- and as we saw and this is the key i think with trump. you had this larger turnout. many people came out because they were rejecting what trump was arguing for and because they wanted to say what mattered to them. if we see that here in new hampshire, his winnings of course it would be a much -- a smaller margin. but it signals that something else has been baked into how he's now being perceived on the issue of respect. he's been using vulgar terms in the last 48 hours.
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we'll see if new hampshireitis care about that. also with the college students that are there, rand paul is out. a lot of the college students would have gone for him. these are individuals that ted cruz has been courting, i think having him in the top four is a mistake and i don't think they're going to go to mr. trump. i think ted cruz has been holding back on that to some degree. charles: although i think it plays in his favor that he has lowered his expectations. >> yeah. charles: and he's risen rubio's expectations. i want to ask you about that, lisa, marco rubio a few days ago going into the weekend at least had the momentum, a lot of people thought maybe there was enough time for him to give trump a serious challenge here. now we have a lot of experts saying he may not finish in the top three. >> well, and that's to be seen. look, i don't think we'll have seen the results at the debate and how voters perceive it. i think we have the consulting such as myself that have an
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opinion that differentiates from the voters at home. so that's to be seen if that poor performance during the debate will have an impact heading into new hampshire. and i think it's really difficult to tell right now what's going to happen tonight. i mean if you look at 2008, 30% of the electorate was not eligible to vote in 2008 those undeclared voters are very difficult to pick up on in polling. so i don't necessarily think that the polling we've seen based on depending what their voter model looks like off of the 2008 -- what the 2008 electorate looked like. we also that know new hampshire is kind of screwy in that voters tend to make decisions at the last minute. charles: right? >> we also saw that with iowa that trump was up by 7 and cruz ended up winning by 3 and a lot of those late-breaking voters did not go for trump. charles: ten-point swing and connell mcshane saying 40% made up their mind within the last 48 hours.
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what is usually the most 9-1-1 part oinfluential part of that? what is the tipping point in new hampshire? >> well, new hampshire voters, it's famous, they look to be corded. some of these voters meet the candidates several times before they make a decision. i would just caution folks to think that that debate performance by rubio and christie and remember the guy who does the punch doesn't always benefit. i don't know -- it doesn't help rubio, but i don't know if that stops where he was at here. you have to remember coming out of iowa and before that, he was polling pretty good in new hampshire. he's a popular candidate here. i don't think that debate going into super bowl sunday, i don't think it takes rubio out of the top three. that's just me. but the other story here is chris christie has complained a lot. i don't think he's going to do too well tonight and carly fiorina no one mentioned. she might do a little better than people think here tonight. charles: all right. you're the man who met all the candidates. thanks a lot. we appreciate your time. everybody else will be back
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and of course all eyes are on new hampshire and fox business very own blake burman is at marco rubio's headquarter. he's going to come up next and tell us what he's seeing. we've got a guy right there in the middle of it all. so stick around you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. iand quit a lot,t but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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charles: well, the candidates are making their final push as the new hampshire primary draws to a close. fox business blake burman has the latest. blake. >> hey, charles, ber live here at marco rubio's headquarter in downtown manchester. he has been one of the story lines coming into the new hampshire primary. and especially certainly after saturday night's debate, which was widely up and down by just about everyone with that exchange with chris christie.
6:19 pm
i was e-mailing with a top aid of the rubio campaign earlier today about the expectations for tonight. and that aid told me that their expectations are to finish in the top tier. and they feel the rubio campaign does that the pressure is really on the three governors. jeb bush, chris christie, and john kasich because of how much time they spent here, those three, how much money, and resources they have put in this state. i would note a couple of things. one donald trump was not on the radar in that e-mail exchange and maybe at least for tonight, they have moved on past trump in how they are expecting to finish here in new hampshire. but also the fact that they are trying to put everything squarely on those three governors. along with the fact of the top tier maybe at the end of the night they'll be able to define what that top tier is. is it finishing second? third, or we'll see. according to the rubio
6:20 pm
campaign is the top tier we'll find out a little bit later. charles: yeah, it's a little ambiguous. >> ambiguous, yeah. charles: here's the thing, blake. do they admit at one point they were thinking about coming in first? will anyone admit that yet or perhaps that will have to wait with the postmortem? >> yeah. all you have to do it look at the polling and donald trump has been leading here for something like 200 days, six, seven months, and when i was e-mailing, there was no mention of trump. so i think there are kind of potentially resigned to the fact that this may indeed be donald trump here tonight. it's just the expectation game of how to -- expectation game of finishing second, third, fourth, and what exactly that means going forward. charles: although no doubt they had to adjust their expectation game. they weren't going to try to come fourth or fifth and then say, hey, we won. that whole see. of he gave in iowa, won't be able to give it tonight probably. thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you, charles.
6:21 pm
charles: and you don't want to miss neil cavuto's coverage tonight, live beginning at 7:55 eastern time, you want to be there minute to minute coverage right here on fox business. well, bill clinton lashing out at bernie sanders supporters calling them sexist and saying that hillary is a victim of vicious trolling. can you imagine that? we've got all the details for you. next at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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then smash it into a on a perfect car, your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates
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due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. charles: bill clinton blasting supporters in what he collin accurate and sexist attacks including bernie, a group of sanders reporters that use crude language to attack hillary clinton supporters online. >> she and other people who have gone online to defend hillary and explain, just explain why they supported her have been subject to vicious trolling. and attacks that are literally too profane often not to
6:25 pm
mention sexist, to repeat -- charles: sanders later reacted by saying he does not want supporters who do sexist things. joining me now tammy bruce and lisa, lisa let me start with you. what do you make of this? you know, they pulled this card a lot and everyone think so it's obviously very rich coming from bill clinton. >> well, and it is. because this is the height of hypocrisy. he used his position as president of the united states to pray on a young 20 something-year-old woman. we also know that he has admitted to having an affair with jennifer flowers and faced numerous allegations of sexual assault and abuse. and the only reason hillary clinton is playing the gender card is because she has no record to run on. and at the end of the day, charles, hillary clinton is always going to be a hypocrite. and in september she said every sexual assault victim has the right to be heard. yeah, we know for a fact that hillary clinton worked with
6:26 pm
her and bill's team to drag monica's name under the bus and also every other women with bill clinton. so this is the height of hipos see. charles: but early on hillary was polling extraordinarily well with women. it looked like she had them in the bag. then she started to lose college-educated women and now it seems she's losing more and more every day. why? why can't she hold onto them? >> i think it's the idea versus the reality. and bill clinton wouldn't have been done what he did without her support. she was a player if how to describe monica so people remembering that. bill clinton, though, this is interesting. the barack obama grassroots did the same thing to hillary in 2008. you thought they would have been prepared. having come from the left, sexism, homophobia, and racism live on the left. this is not an unusual attack. with barack obama it was bros before hoes, with bernie
6:27 pm
sanders it's burning bros. say nothing of the sexism from albright and steinem, these are things that they are prepared for and are not and reminded -- charles: i'm not sure we were supposed to bleep you out on that one. but anyway. mark, listen, we heard that this would be a difficult thing for hillary. i'm actually sort of surprised and agree that it is. and i expect it in part because there are a lot of young people, young women in particular who have never heard the story. >> this is the phase of the clintons where they enter the absurd because for bill clinton to critique anyone on sexism, the only parallel i can think of is having a tiger woods as a marriage counselor or charlie sheen as safe sex advocate. it's absurd and crazy, but it reveals the conflict for the campaign because they've got to use bill clinton because he
6:28 pm
is popular. but at the same time, you know, when you spend 25 years, 30 plus years lying, it's eventually going to catch up with you. my, what a tangled web they have we'v weaved. they now have a gender gap that's starting to build. they also have a generational gap. my goodness. take a look at that pathetic event with albright. who would want to vote for that? and -- charles: and steinem said something that i thought was really kind of nuts too that the girls followed the boys -- >> that is proof that feminism is dead. charles: i've got breaking news for you guys. the secretary of state just now saying that it looks -- the strong -- the secretary of state of new hampshire saying their strong voter turnout, and we could possibly be looking at a record. we'll discuss later on who that benefits of course all
6:29 pm
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♪ ♪ charles: well, as we've just heard, new hampshire has a record in the making right now in this primary, so all eyes are certain hi on the fran anytime -- certainly on the granite state. our very own trish regan is in
6:33 pm
manchester with the latest, and first, i want to get a sense of what you're feeling, the electricity, what's happening on the ground, what's the word? >> well, listen, it's always a big deal. every four years new hampshire really lives and breathes this kind of stuff. they look forward to it, i can tell you having grown up here. it is a very big deal. this year seems to be an especially big deal. i mean, you know that, all the coverage we've had over this election, the interest, obviously, everybody has had in this election. and it looks like we are going to see a record night here this new hampshire. the secretary of state has predicted we may get 550,000 voters. that would be a huge turnout. the last record was 530,000 which we saw eight years ago. they do expect to exceed that. and certainly, by all indications, people are going to the polls and making their decisions. so it'll be an interesting night. charles: connell mentioned earlier almost 50% of the voters have made up their mind in the last 48, 72 hours. you're from new hampshire. why to you guys procrastinate so
6:34 pm
long? [laughter] >> oh. see, i'm a journalist, so i can get away with that, right? i just say, look, i wait until the last minute, until i have my deadline. i think the reason they procrastinate so long, charles, is really, fundamentally, about wanting to make sure they are making the right decision. people here take this responsibility, as you could call it, very seriously, and they see themselves as vetting who will be the nominee for each party. so they wait. and they wait, and they want to feel like they know everyone. is they need to feel like they met, and there's an old joke, right? one farmer says to the other, who are you going to vote for, and the farmer says, i don't know, i've only met each candidate three times. and it's true here. it's so small, that's what makes it so unique. >> i just spoke to a voter, a republican earlier this afternoon who said he waited until the last minute, he wound up voting for kasich. he wanted to feel like he knew
6:35 pm
each candidate. charles: i feel like kasich is coming on. >> he's got momentum here, for sure, charles. the reason he told me was because kasich, he said, can really unite people. he's got the experience as a governor, and he felt he would be able to bring both sides together and would be less polarizing. so, you know, we'll see. he is coming on, kasich's doing pretty well here, you know? and, look, if he comes in two, three or four, he gets to live another day. charles: he certainly does. before i let you go, everyone's talking about the ground game. we heard how important it was in iowa. why, again -- listen, new hampshire, they're used to driving in the snow. you guys grew up doing that. why is it so critical? >> the ground game? oh, because people want to feel like, you know, that there's some work that goes into it, right? it's a little like dating. [laughter] you've got to actually have only pursuit. and so, you know, going and knocking on one's door, people
6:36 pm
expect to get that knock on the door, and they want to hear from these candidates' supporters. and if they don't get that, they kind of feel like, hey, you know, we're making a big decision here. this is part of what you sign up for if you're going to run for president and your going to be in the first in the nation primary, then you've got to actually come forward, you've got to have your people, the ground troops that are out there doing the door-to-door campaigning. i remember as a kid with my parents going around doing the door-to-door campaigning with them, for some of the candidates they were supporting. that's expected. charles: wow. >> this whole season has been different and interesting. donald trump hasn't had a lot of that. he's had these big rallies that he flies in for. he's got a lot of momentum and attention here in new hampshire, but he doesn't quite have the ground operation that you typically see in this state. charles: yeah. a lot of people are saying this will certainly test new hampshire's reputation as a retail place.
6:37 pm
to your point, trish, we all love to be wooed. thanks a lot -- >> you bet, charles, anytime. charles: joining me now, david mcintouch, christopher bedford and tammy bruce is back. erica, i guess we all do like to be wooed, and kasich says he has the best ground game to do that. >> well, and i think ground game is incredibly important. you can't really underestimate it. you can get everyone to support you, everybody to like you, but unless you can deliver them to the actual voting booth, it doesn't matter. so infrastructure and the ability to organize is really important, and i think it also kind of shows the blend of the invisible primary of having a structure and organization of party leaders and also actual, you know, real people that may not engage every day in the party politics but are, you know, civically minded. if you can get both everyday, ordinary people and party people, it shows your ability to draw people and to run not a business, but run a people-organizing unit which is
6:38 pm
really, honestly, what the presidency is about. you've got to organize your administration, you have got to organize the agencies, you've got to kind of work with congress. you've got to be organizing people and -- charles: so de facto, it's a job interview, and you also get to show your skill set at the same time. >> yes, absolutely. charles: david, the club for growth, you guys went out early in iowa, you put out a few ads and went against donald trump. i'm not sure how much of a victory lap you took after the primary -- the caucuses there. but here and iowa, who have you guys been pushing for? i know you don't consider yourself an establishment, but who dueck is the most conservative -- who do you think is the most conservative candidate out there tonight? >> right, we're definitely not establishment, but it worked in iowa when voters found out about his liberal positions. this one's more about trump has been left alone in new hampshire. it's an expectations question more him, will he really have a 20-point lead or will they cut into it. and then we think rubio and cruz
6:39 pm
are the strongest on free market economic policies. cruz has a strong ground game but has been more quietly downing that. rubio's had to battle back from attacks, but he seems to have done that in the last 48 hours. charles: right. let me ask you, chris, expectation's the name of the game. everyone's ceding that donald trump may win, and i keep hearing kasich's name, so i'm going to wait for the tally to come in, but how will that expectations game play out this time around? >> i was curious what it was going to be like when i got to new hampshire because i'd heard kasich's name a lot because i thought he was just a media favorite. i actually have some of the first voters i met at 6:30 in the morning had signed up for kasich, and i started to hear more and more of that. one thing donald trump doesn't get credit for it, when he does do retail politics, he's fantastic. this morning at the diner, jeb bush came in, went out the back door. donald trump came in, granted with a lot of secret service, he
6:40 pm
sat down and had breakfast, he knew the name of cooks. he connects with people, and i've seen so many people, strangely enough, that i've met in manchester who are either going to be donald trump or the democrats. i'm not sure. charles: real quick, tammy, on that note, i saw that couple scenes when the fox news folks were up there with donald trump, and he yelled back to the woman in the kitchen, who you going to vote for, she says, "america! " and he is great at pressing the flesh. he does the big events because he can. it's going to be interesting how this shakes out. >> and new hampshire, look, of course they're used to snow. whether your supporters are senior citizens or young people, they're distracted by things. as we saw in iowa, going to a rally is exciting with a celebrity. the same factor's involved here. you're looking at young people, they're distracted, maybe they're bored, they're going to a celebrity event. going out then in the snow, while it's not as big of a deal
6:41 pm
as in iowa, it's still an issue. that's why the ground game matters. the power of donald trump's big events, this will be the test this new hampshire if they really deliver. charles: all right, guys. unemployment and wages we know are two big factors for voters when they consider going to the polls and who they're going to pull that lever for. we're going to break down which candidate benefits from these really flat economic conditions we're tuck in, so -- we're stuck in, so stick around.
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
♪ ♪ charles: there are a lot of important things, but economic issues always at the forefront of voters' minds. tonight we're going to find out why young voters love sanders and why trump does so well with the blue collar. we'll be right back. and why stop to find a bathroom? with cialis for daily use, you don't have to plan around either. it's the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph,
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6:45 pm
of obama's strategy to combat climate change. extraordinarily expensive, a lot of resistance against it. go to, a major, major blow to president obama on climate. well, as job growth slows in this economy, we know the economy's probably going to play a bigger and bigger role in deciding who the ultimate occupant will be of the white house. in january remember unemployment surged for everybody but folks with a high school, without a high school diploma. look at that, if you didn't have a diploma, your unemployment rate spiked bigtime. everyone else in between that bracket, they've seen their real household income decline since 2009. so which republican candidates are going to benefit most from the current economic conditions? steve cortez and mark serrano joining me now. it's interesting, pause we see if you don't have a high school diploma in this environment, your going to start to lose your way, and a lot of that are blue collar workers or would-be blue
6:46 pm
collar workers, and overwhelmingly they have been going for donald trump. >> right. i think he's tapping into a lot of anger out there right now. remember back in the '80s, that twisted sister song, we're not going to take it? the middle class is saying we're sick of elites con desending to us, we're steak of big -- we're sick of big government, and that is a very real and palpable concern out there. by the way, it's on the left and the right. bernie sanders is tapping into it on the left. charles: although, mark, bernie sanders is taking a different tack. heck, president obama unveiled his budget today, a 3.8% tax on top of all the other taxes for small businesses. i mean, so if you're going to promise the world and the ultimate welfare utopia, it's expensive, and they've got to get the money from somewhere. >> well, and very stark contrast that we see between the democrats and republicans. i hope barack obama continues to talk about his tax proposals and that bernie sanders continues to
6:47 pm
talk about $19 trillion in new spending. bernie sanders looks at barack obama as the jv squad as it relates to central economic planning. [laughter] so i think, you know, how trump benefits is, look, through the campaign there's been a lot of focus on national security for obvious reasons. but there's also a lot of economic anxiety, as steve was saying. and so where trump has been effective is as a storyteller. he's been able to reach those lower ends of the economic bracket because he talks about immigration and open borders and how that takes away jobs. he talks about bad trade deals and how that takes away jobs in very simple terms. most of the candidates are talking about policy descriptions and their experience. trump says we make bad doles, and we -- bad deals, and we need to make america great again. we need to see more focus on tax cuts and jobs in this race. charles: a lot of people also saying what about deficits? maybe it's too complicated, i'm not sure.
6:48 pm
i did find it interesting, apparently rubio did better than trump in iowa on the talk of the economy. right now trump is outpolling everyone in new hampshire, but i did think that was an interesting situation. >> interesting you mentioned that, deficits used to be a huge deal. we hardly even hear it talked about right now. part of that is is these uber-low interest rates, but long term the deficit is an issue. to me, when it comes to the economy, it's a two-man race, trump and rubio. my guess is trump wins in the end. charles: you don't want to miss neil cavuto's coverage. the primaries are going to be over in about an hour. he starts his show at 7:55 to be exact, sharp, so be will. he's going to give you minute to minute coverage here on fox business. well, the roller coaster recession happening because nobody knows what the fed is up to and, well, good news, oil got hammered today, and the market didn't. will janet come to the rescue? i'll try to tell you next. ♪
6:49 pm
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charles: now, despite a major midday swoon in oil prices, equities showed a tremendous amount of spunk today. stocks, well, they tumbled out of the gate, and then we staged this very impressive rally, and then stocks took another hit to the gut courtesy of that jolts report, showing a spike in job quits, that's something janet yellen watches. finally, though, when it looked like the dow was going to end up posting a triple-digit gain, the fed tells banks to model for negative treasury bond yields. that's scary stuff. and after the bell disney posted strong earnings, but shares are trading lower. the big question, again, is about old media and they sur shai. this, of course -- sur shave.
6:53 pm
this, of course, is the kind of market where you want to make sure that the bottom is in place before you buy. you don't have to chase every uptick, the most important thing is that you have cash. i talked about buying gold, and you said when you -- understand when you finally to buy, you're going to feel uncomfortable, but you've got to buy lower and trade higher. talking about real soon, don't miss neil's coverage of the primary results beginning at 7:55 eastern time sharp right here on fox news, and all eyes are on the granite state. we're just an hour away from when the polls close. we talk about momentum and possibly an upset. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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. charles: all right, the finish line is within sight. we have crossed heart break hill.
6:57 pm
that's in boston, right? the new hampshire primaries, we're here. here's what we're going to talk about, momentum. there was a lot of shifting over the weekend. back with us, blake burman, tammy bruce, first, blake, there was emerson college poll that suggested that a lot of jockeying and lot of momentum for jeb bush of all people. >> yeah, jeb bush is one of those who was hoping to have a big night here in new hampshire. he is one of those who a lot of people think needs to have a big night. the exit polling according to fox news, charles, shows 4 in 10 were late deciders here in new hampshire. have you four types of voting blocs. democrats, republicans, independents and undecided, of that, 4 in 10 made up their minds in the end. according to the exit poll, donald trump and john kasich who are the big beneficiaries for that.
6:58 pm
each receiving 21% support from the late decideers. we are here at marco rubio's camp. they are talking about getting into the top tier tonight and the three governors, chris christie, bush and kasich, they feel those three need to have a big night. you mentioned jeb bush, possible momentum from here, but potentially for john kasich as well. charles: blake, thanks a lot. tammy, no way in the world rubio would have been talking, hey, fifth is great. >> the debate clearly made a difference, it will be revenge of the governors to some degree. i think donald trump's margin will be narrow, on twitter right now, we have another exit poll. steve ratner tweeted that 66% of gop voters favor the ban on muslims entering the united states. that's a big win for donald trump. it does depend on what the independents do. so i still stick with trump,
6:59 pm
cruz, bush and rubio. charles: really? you got cruz pretty high. >> do not leave out cruz here. he's got a great ground game and changing his message over the last couple of weeks. charles: chris, talk about the governors, do they have the cash they need to keep this thing going. >> jeb bush absolutely has the cash. charles: he does, yeah. >> he's not going to have an issue. chris christie is not set to capitalize on this. he hasn't seen the gain from having led the charge against marco rubio. and kasich especially, his bus drove down to south carolina yesterday, he's ready to go down there. ground game is entirely in here. he would have to hang on until they get back up to ohio. it's unlikely he will do much, slow rubio to the point rubio can finish with the nomination. charles: 10 seconds for you, mark. donald trump says if he wins by one point, that will be good enough for him, will it be good enough? >> that will be difficult to argue being high in the polls for so long.
7:00 pm
what matters next is south carolina, the only way john kasich could have momentum is if ohio was next. charles: thanks a lot. keep it right here for lou dobbs and at 7:55, neil is back with all the results. very exciting, covered wall to wall with the best team. coming right up. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. it's 7:00 in new hampshire, where nearly all of that state's 300 voting precincts are now closed. 34 precincts remain open. two of those will close at 7:30 eastern. the final 32 by 8:00 p.m. eastern. we'll have, however, early results here from many of the polls this hour, and we'll be bringing them to you as soon as they come in. beginning just less than a half hour from now. what we already know is that voter turnout in new hampshire today is heavy. election officials there are describing the turnout as, quote, very strong and steady,


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