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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  February 9, 2016 7:55pm-11:01pm EST

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celebration of anti-law enforcement messages during the super bowl halftime show. quite a performance. that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us, ed rollins and juan williams my guests tomorrow. fox business election coverage continues right now with neil cavuto.. >> the crowds were many and varied, the important nine minutes before closing time of all polls in new hampshire, it's interesting. we don't know which way it will go. what we can tell you is a lot of people decided to take care of this quadrennial event and show up to vote. record heavy, too early to count all the numbers. joining me trish regan, of course, lou dobbs, who continues here. lou, i was hearing and catching a lot of the show, the
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sentiment here building for an outside the box type of person to fix things and it's palpable, you know? lou: it is palpable, as we're watching, neil, bernie sanders, i mean, where did he come from? donald trump, where was he a year ago. these two candidates right now seem to have galvanize the respective parties and share so many elements in common in their nature, their absolute opposition to doing business as usual, talking about the working man and woman and their families, i mean, they're really quite remarkable, anti-establishment candidates coinciding at prec that have been at loggerheads for decades now. neil: you know, it's interesting, trish, you and i chatted about this outside where it's a lot colder, i might point out. trish didn't seem to mind. i did. [laughter] all of a sudden you can have two
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very different candidates from two very different political viewpoints who are galvanizing people, right? or getting their attention, certainly to explain the crowds, similar crowds we saw back in iowa, right? >> you know what they have in common, neil, is they're both outside the box. they're both kind of mavericks u and you are, let's not forget, in the live free or die state where mavericks kind of are appreciated. on the one hand, i kind of agree with lou there. where did bernie sanders come from? a socialist in a state that prides itself on not having an income or sales tax? but what i think that it gets at, and the fact that he's from vermont probably helps, it gets that people want something real, they want something authentic. and that's what these two guys have in common, right? they seem to just be talking the same kind of book all the time, and people believe them. >> well, they -- neil: you know, they come from two different pages in that
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book, but i definitely understand what you're saying. >> yeah. neil: and, lou, the issue then becomes if the economy is a front and center issue, you have different prescriptions for that. donald trump, probably a most extreme, but is it your sense that people are just throwing up their hands and saying, fix this stuff? >> i think people are right now hoping they are grasping the ideas of two people who are saying quite different things about how to move forward. trump is talking about creating jobs, talking about bringing jobs back, jobs that have been outsourced and offshored, he is talking about creating a new confidence in a future, make america great again. it is a simple slogan, but it is a profound one. bernie sanders is talking about tax the hell out of the rich, we need more money more all of the money he plans to spend even as we have a $19 trillion deficit. but it's resonating. free everything, free college, free cars, you name it, he's got a socialist answer for it.
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and, you know, as margaret thatcher famously said, socialism works great until you run out of other people's money. [laughter] >> you know, the flip side of that -- neil: you were born here, trish, i know you were born here, and you know these people very well, but, boy, they can be all over the map. i was talking to you earlier about those who were undecided between cruz or trump, and i'm thinking to myself as we went on with cruz and sanders, there's a bit of a chasm between those candidates, and yet that's where they were going right to the booth. >> but in defence of them, they really -- defense of them, they really take this responsibility, if you would, quite seriously. and they see themselves as needing to vet every single one of these candidates. so they're willing to give anyone a shot right up until the 11th hour. and, you know, there are often surprises in new hampshire as a result of it. just to add on to what lou was saying in terms of the economy being so important, it is. of course, we've seen this in a lot of the data throughout this whole election cycle. you think about a town like manchester, where we are right now, neil, and just a couple
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miles down the road you've got a mill which at one point was a big deal and a big source of the economy here. neil: absolutely. >> i shoe manufacturing. those jobs went away. people understand that pain -- neil: okay. >> -- of losing jobs. neil: you're right. i don't want to jump on you, trish, i apologize for that, but we are able to make a call in the granite state. donald trump is going to win this state for the republicans. the first non-politician to ever pull that off. donald trump looks like he will comfortably win, fox is comfortable predicting that the billionaire businessman will take the granite state. an unprecedented achievement for a nonpolitician or one who wasn't until about seven or eight months ago. the battle, as had been long expected, for second and third and how that's going to factor out, john kasich, the ohio governor, has an edge. you can see very closely bunched up after that. way too early to tell.
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switching to the democratic side, the man many call this state's third senator, bernie sanders, is by fox's own projections going to win this state and appreciably so. the crucial issue for the clinton folks will be by how much. they had wanted to keep that gap to single digits, right now it's looking about 11 percentage point gap. trish, i rudely interrupted you -- >> oh, that's -- neil: you said new hampshire residents can surprise you. they both went way, way, way outside the box here, didn't they? >> but, you know, we've seen all along that trump has resonated with people not just in new hampshire, but throughout the country because he's seeking differently -- speaking differently, he's talking in a way that is not so pc, and people feel like, look, you know, we've given these typical politicians a shot, and look where we ended up. so there might be a part of the voter electorate population here that's saying, okay, we might as
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well roll the dice and try something new. given that the economy is such an issue, they're looking at donald trump and saying he built a business, he knows what is needed to get an economy going again, maybe we should give him a shot. the john kasich thing, neil, i think that's incredibly interesting. i have been hearing his name over and over and over again from both sides of the aisle here in new hampshire going back over the course of the last ten months. i think -- and as i said earlier, the fact we have so many independents coming out to vote in this election today, that likely boded well for kasich, but we'll see how this all shakes occupant. neil: you know, lou, i just want to pass along to you as we continue the discussion here, we're going to bring some guy named sununu into this shortly, but just continuing this news update from ed henry that the clinton campaign is already looking beyond tonight, not surprisingly, to later contests in march. presumably, of course, talking about south carolina and the sec states and trying to say that
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these will be more clinton-friendly territories. what do you think of that? >> you know, i don't know. the simple answer. i know that if it looked like i was going to lose by the margin it appears in these early numbers that she's going to lose, i would be looking for anywhere to talk about brighter prospects. she has a campaign right now that as you well know is, it is in disorder, it is in disarray, and as ed henry was reporting today, they're looking at the possibility of a shake-up in the campaign. at the same time, the prospect of an fbi investigation with her as a focal point of it. all of that in the ether around her and not helping her no matter whether the geography is new hampshire or south carolina. neil: no, you're right about that. and, lou, as you're speaking, trish, this is the scene in manchester, new hampshire. these are trump headquarters. they're very excited about this,
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a little bit more so than we had on the iowa caucuses night where there was some disappointment over their ground game, whether they'd measured enough. mr. trump coming out to say maybe some of those votes were stolen from him. you remember that was the case, he was arguing about cruz folks playing sort of fast and furious to take advantage of a ben carson presumed stepping out of the contest announcement. be that as it may, not the issue tonight. virtually all networks, including fox, can now safely say that donald trump has won and comfortably so. former new hampshire governor john so knew knew with us right now -- sununu with us right now. what to can you make of this, governor? it would be the first time -- >> it's not the first time. eisenhower won in '52. neil: oh, really. and you were there for that -- [laughter] well, he was a general, that's true. let's say someone who is not in public service. how about that? what do you make of this? >> look, i think the winnowing
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process is taking place. trump is the winner. i think as they go into south carolina and then on march 1st in the 11 or 12 primaries there, folks are going to be hooking at trump and -- looking at trump and at the not-trump candidate. i think the process today has put two of the governors, governor kasich and governor bush, in second and third place so far. i don't know -- neil: so far. >> -- the finalists. neil: this looks like a fairly comfortable win, if it holds. >> it is a comfortable win. neil: you've not been a big fan of his. >> no, but it is a comfortable win -- neil: are you worried that he could go all the way? >> i am worried -- neil: why? >> because i don't think he will bring out the republican voters against the hillary clinton -- neil: what if he brings out different types of voters? >> my worry is that the republicans lose the senate and all the down-ballot positions in a number of states, so so that's the concern i have. neil: you know, governor, you and i spoke earlier about this, some of your colleagues and friends that used to work with you say, well, actually, we were
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more concerned about this ted cruz guy, that he would have been more disruptive. i think it was bob dole who said, jimmy carter adding to it, that they see donald trump as more of a dealmaker. what do you make of that? >> well, i'm at this point saying you've got to watch the process go through. you go to south carolina, two governors come in second and third perhaps -- neil: right. >> you've got cruz and rubio right after them and then governor christie. governor christie, if he ends up in single digits -- neil: what grow -- what do you make of that? he launched the attack that brought rubio down, but he didn't seem to benefit. it could change. >> as of now, if he comes in with single digits, i think he's going to have to do some soul searching at how far he wants to go, whether just to south carolina or march 1st. i think they all have to do that. neil: yeah. money is the game, and trish regan and lou dobbs with me right now. if you think about it, lou, it's these donors who really set the
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tone here. when i spoke with ben carson earlier today, unlike some of his colleagues who might be in trouble if they have a poor performance finally tonight, he has a lot of money in the bank, a lot of cash on hand. he doesn't necessarily need to fold up his tent, huh? >> you're right. and the fact that there is so much money supporting these candidates now because they are in the establishment lane is, john sununu making faces at me as i said establishment lane there? be. neil: he makes faces period. i don't know what the deal is with this guy. [laughter] >> there's so much establishment money -- and hi, john -- in this race. it's going to be, i think, we're going to see a pack of candidates for a while here. neil: you know, trish, this issue about who's bunched up, to the governor's point, in second if you have four or fife people, i remember when i was talking to chris christie about this, he says, it's not one, two, three or you're out, it's one, two, three, four, five, six,
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something like that, and his argument was -- and he reminded me that he's got a south carolina operation in hand ready to move on to the governor's point. they try to focus ahead to the next battleground. but is he in trouble if he is not packed too tightly there and he ends up being, that is governor christie, sixth? >> yeah. i think he is, absolutely, neil. i mean, governor christie should have had a better performance in new hampshire. he had the union leader, the only statewide newspaper here, coming out and endorsing him. neil: right, right. >> that doesn't mean what it did 20 years ago, but it still means something. and he sort of in some ways fits what you would think this voter here would identify with. they didn't identify with him, at least as far as we can tell -- and, again, the night is early, and we'll see how these numbers shake out -- but it makes it extremely challenging, because when he goes to a place like south carolina, if he can't do better in new hampshire, south carolina is so different in many ways than new hampshire,
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i'm doubtful he'll be successful there. neil: you know, governor sununu -- >> it's a tougher fit for him. trish is right, it's a tougher fit in south carolina. neil: you know what's weird though? marco rubio had been polling second for a little while. and that, again, is all subject to change. 6% of the vote in, folks, so i don't want to oversate this. overstate this. but rubio fell a little bit. and you could argue a lot of that might be from the debate attack on the part of christie, but christie didn't appear to benefit. >> no -- neil: why is that? >> well, i think some people might have thought he might have gone a little too far. i don't know, i can't read the mind of the voter, but sometimes that kind of an effect has an impact. it doesn't take much to begin to cause a problem. rubio's problem was he said the same line three times. i mean, just think, usually you say if you're sticking to message, you're on message, it's a plus. but in his case he stuck on
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message much too long. neil: yeah. and the issue was that christie was very prosecutorial -- >> right. neil: it's his background. but that other governors benefited. let's say john kasich first and foremost who was surging already. >> right. neil: maybe jeb bush too a little. but it's interesting, they were not the ones who put on the gloves. >> it's a complicated business, it's a hard business, and everybody has different issues. you pointed out some candidates were going for bernie and for cruz. neil: right. i couldn't figure that one out. i really couldn't figure that out. >> you couldn't think of a larger gap of approach, style and commitment. neil: yet these are the same people who elected you. >> well, they did a good job. [laughter] it was my warmth and charm. neil: undoubtedly. that's what we say about lou dobbs. lou, stepping back from this and one of the things early on, right off the bat you did not dismiss donald trump. you were, i think it was a case of anger that was placed on a whole system that had gone broken. now the question is, how does he
8:11 pm
appeal or reach out to people in these other states, maybe even the more southern, genteel states where that might rub folks the wrong way? what do you think? >> i think if it were simply anger, you're exactly right. the vein that i believe trump has tapped into here is frustration with the government that is not working, an establishment that, frankly, is not working as it should. working men and women in this country, their families, as we all know, they have always been able to depend on those more fortunate to look out for their interests. through the 1990s in particular and through the 2000s we have seen the establishment not live up to their social responsibilities, and by that i'm not talking about government work or programs, i'm talking about individuals who talk about the national interests x that encompasses all americans. it is the republican philosophy. in that sense republican philosophy has been turned on
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its head, and i think donald trump is bringing both a sense of direction and strength and commitment to improving the lives of the very people we depend upon to have a nation. that is, the middle class, working men and women and their families. i think that's a message that's going to resonate much farther than anyone would have guessed say a year ago. neil: you know, it is interesting. you always have to put this in the best of all possible lights, and, trish, when i was a kid, if i had a lousy report card i would brace my parents for all ds and fs so if i had a c, i looked like einstein. [laughter] and we see that with the clinton backers who are trying to make positive a 14-point gap -- and it could change -- steve israel, congressman from new york. he's still saying that she looks
8:13 pm
good, isn't worried about hillary clinton losing the nomination. other backers are saying much the same, that she will be going into more friendly territory. you hear this from some of those supporting some of these gubernatorial candidates who themselves to you about if you're john kasich or jeb bush, that they'll live to fight another day and where the wherewithalling to fight another day. we're already seeing that spin, aren't we? >> they want to go someplace where theyty it's going to be more -- where they think it's going to be more hospitable. especially as they thought joe biden was going to run, i think there was a lot of and is a lot of clinton fatigue here. don't forget, new hampshire voters have been around the clintons now a long time, and, you know, she pulled out a win last time around, eight years ago -- neil:
8:14 pm
neil: and the irony there -- and if you think about it, governor, almost a quarter century, could it be right? the clintons were the anti-establishment. they were the comeback kid. >> they really shook up the democratic party. neil: absolutely. and yet the gift would not go this way for them tonight. >> the biggest concern the democrats have is the demographic disaster that she masker young women under -- she has, young women -- neil: nine out of ten young people. >> but her narrative of vote for me because i'm a woman has been fractured. i think they're paying more and more attention to trying to keep
8:15 pm
joe biden healthy and prepared -- neil: would it be too late for him? >> no. my personal opinion is they're not going to let bernie be the nominee, and they will figure out a way to change the rules and let -- neil: you really think so? didn't they try to do that with george mcgovern in '72? >> well, they've got to have somebody there besides bernie, or it's a huge disaster. neil: all right. ben cohen, a big backer, bipartisan raging about the ice cream that ben and jerry make. of course, sold the company. ben cohen's a big bernie sanders supporter. i don't know if it was your new flavor that did the trick, ben cohen -- [laughter] but you've got to be happy with what you're hearing and seeing tonight. what do you make of it? >> well, i'll take credit for a percentage point. [laughter] in iowa i took credit for .2 percentage points. neil: oh, that's pretty clever. i know where you're going here. when you look at this, ben, here is a candidate who is not making
8:16 pm
any bones about the fact he wants to raise taxes, largely on the upper income. he has spread he wants -- he has said he wants to spread it to the middle class. he's talking a lot more government. you're okay with that, and it appears a good many democrats in the state of new hampshire are okay with that, and you argue nationally they'll be okay with that. but you might have just heard what john sununu was saying, the party establishment will do anything it can to prevent him from winning that nomination. do you worry about that? >> yeah, i definitely worry that the democratic national party has stacked the deck against him. i think that's really his major problem. i mean, if he could just get the party out of the way -- [laughter] i think he would sail to the nomination. you know, but i do just need to correct something i heard you say about him raising taxes on the middle class, you know?
8:17 pm
as we discussed before, the net outcome of the middle class is a game -- neil: that's what he says, yeah. but the average middle class person will get more back than the taxes they pay, but he is raising taxes on them. but you argue -- as does he -- we're both right technically. >> right. we are both right. neil: bang for the buck. >> and what -- neil: i just think i'm more right than you are. [laughter] >> well -- neil: i'm kidding, i'm kidding. ben, thank you very, very much. by the way, i know you take solace in knowing so many republicans love your ice cream. >> it's wonderful to be bipartisan. you know, we need to focus on the things we can agree on. neil: there you go. absolutely. and there's no doubting the delicious ice cream. thank you ben, very, very much. you know, it is interesting, lou dobbs, if you're still with me, my friend -- he is not. is trish still with me in. >> you bet.
8:18 pm
neil: one of the things that's interesting about this race, and i find it remarkable about bernie sanders because i always tell people you don't have to agree with him, but you have to marvel at the fact that he's a pretty straight shooter. he believes in this stuff. i've interviewed him dating back to the fact that he was the mayor of burlington, vermont. a socialist in those days. but the stuff he was saying then and through the years since has never vacillated. and i begin to wonder when young people in droves -- nine out of ten of them, especially the late breakers -- went for him. i think that is a remarkable achievement if you think this is not a young guy, and yet those views and the fact that he sticks to them is a remarkable sort of con consensus builder for young people. >> back in 1974 he told the burlington free press there in vermont he actually thought it should be against the law to make more than a million dollars, essentially, the government should take everything beyond a million
8:19 pm
dollars. yes, he has been consistently very much in favor of the government confiscating your paycheck. that said, what you're talking about is very important, neil, because he's an older guy. why would someone like that, bernie sanders, appeal to young people? and i think it's because he seems, believe it or not, like he's a fresh face. that even though he's been part of the system as a senator from vermont there on capitol hill, he feels different, he sounds different, they haven't seen a lot of him before, and the message he's talking about, don't forget, i mean, these kids, they've been living the last eight years which, you know, if you're 20 years old, that's a big portion of your life, eight years -- neil: right. >> -- during this economic malaise. so they're saying, hey, this system we've got, it's not working for me. and they're grasping at anything different. i don't know how much they truly understand what a socialist
8:20 pm
economic system would really look like and the consequences of that. but i think they are, so to speak, feeling the burn in that they're caught up in the enthusiasm of trying something new. neil: you're right. well, something's going on here. all right, trish, a lot more coming up here. again, for those of you just tuning in, bernie sanders and donald trump, as different as day and night, are sort of the populist appeal. i want you to remember and recall those who dismissed each and both candidates every step of the way, laughing at them, snickering at them, dismissing the palpable rage that each in his own way represented and was reaching out to. there are those who will still snicker and those who will still laugh and those who will still dismiss. ladies and gentlemen, the granite state has made fools of them all. we'll have more after this. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ neil: all right. you are looking right now at donald trump headquarters on the left, bernie sanders' headquarters on the right. there will be those who will dismissed the achievements of these two gentlemen, donald trump has a lot of rage, he's benefiting from the rage, he won't go much beyond this, but he's not winning just by a close margin here, my friends, he's winning by a lot. he's got 34% of the vote, add up everyone else, and you get kind of close to where he is.
8:25 pm
but bernie sanders is much more than just a third new hampshire senator as some have likened him to be in the clinton camp. that is a big lead. he's got a 15-percentage point lead over hillary clinton, nearly a quarter century after her husband coined the comeback kid term for coming pack in this state -- back in this state that turned around his presidential fortunes and eventually made him president of the united states up against daunting odds. connell mcshane has been crunching the numbers and why and how we got here. it's fairly remarkable stuff. break 'em down. >> it's interesting, neil, to your point about trump's margin and his lead, there should be a number of whys as to why he's winning, and one of the things is if you look at people who wanted an anti-establishment candidate, and this is, of course, an anti-establishment year we've been told over and over. the question in the exit polling is would you like the next president to be, fill in the blank, inside or outside. it was actually fairly split, 46 and 48%. but for those who would rather the president be an outsider,
8:26 pm
that's where trump really owned it, 57%. nearly six out of ten people wanting an outsider are going for trump. he did well with independents, first-time voters, we asked people best suited to handle the economy, he did well there. those are some of the reasons why he has such a large lead. this race for second place, which is still not clear, is really interesting in terms of when did people make up their mind. 47% did so in the last three days. how did they break? well, in terms of those people in the last few days, trump did well and so did john kasich which may end up being one of the stories of the night. then you get to rubio and bush down the line. you don't even see somebody like a chris christie on that list because he's much further down. all the talk about the debate, he's bunched up with all the rest. now, that kasich support, if it is going to be a good night for john kasich and it's still early, he seems to be shaping up, neil, as the anti-trump in some ways. there was a question in the exit polling, do you support the
8:27 pm
muslim ban. big trump issue, obviously. and about two-thirds of voters in new hampshire do support it, 66%: but what about those who are opposed? if we flip this around, kasich wins that group with 26% followed by jeb bush. one quick note on the democrats, the top quality in the exit polls, this is dramatic, where voters are looking for a candidate is honest and trustworthy, and the margin with that, 92% went for bernie sanders, just 6% for hillary clinton. so that was a real big number. neil: that's stunning right there because that's a key to winning folks over in any election. >> yep. neil: that could be a problem if she doesn't change those numbers around. thank you very much, connell. we've got karl rove with us right now. you pick apart these numbers in far greater detail than most normal, rational human beings, that's what makes you so brilliant. but you're looking at that, and you're seeing 90 plus percent of democratic voters don't view her as honest, don't view hillary clinton as honest.
8:28 pm
that's not a good number, is it? >> no. because, look, there's some dimensions of a candidate's character which matter more inside their party than outside their party. for example, democrats historically have done well on dimensions like cares about people like me or shares my values. republicans have done better on values like is a strong leader. but one value that flows across all kinds of voters is honest and trustworthy. and particularly so for independent and swing voters who are not partisans, are not tied to the party, to a party label and as a result are less tied to either one of the two candidates. this problem of honest and trustworthy flows across the spectrum. not only do democrats have concern about it, those that are deeply concerned about it inside the democratic party are voting for sanders. but independents, it looks like, this is becoming an important
8:29 pm
obstacle for hillary clinton in a general election. neil: you know, karl, the clinton folks are saying they're going to be go into more friendly territory, that the math and the demographics and change, and that's when they can expect at least in these states more diverse voting age population and more delegates, period, at stake. that this will be the change for her. and there are others who point out within the clinton camp that bill clinton lost iowa. of course, it was the year that a favorite son was running. he went on to still win the nomination, obviously, the presidency. so lightning can strike twice. what do you say? >> yeah. well, i think there's a lot of reality to that. i mean, new hampshire -- with all due respect to new hampshire -- is the democratic primary tonight is roughly 95% white. in south carolina it will be less than 45% white. at least 55% or more
8:30 pm
lebanon-white -- will be non-white, and bernie sanders does not poll well there. when you turn south, we've now had two of the most liberal states in the country when it comes to democratic parties, iowa and new hampshire. we now turn south, and he's not going to run well there either. so, yeah, i think south carolina and nevada, nevada's going to have a heavily-latino population, about 20 some odd percent of the state is latino, an even bigger or share of the democratic primary vote, a significant african-american population, about 20-25% of the democratic vote will be african-american. and then on the sec primary, march 1st, you have seven southern states. and we're ranging from,, you know, tennessee and georgia and alabama, states that are heavily black x the democrats that are there are going to be mostly moderate to moderately liberal voters. they're not going to be a lot of
8:31 pm
granola-eating, you know, left wingers -- [laughter] like bernie's used to seeing up there in montpelier and burlington. neil: all right. we'll see what happens there. there was a lot of turn going on -- cheering going on at john kasich headquarters, especially when fox proclaimed he would most likely win the state -- i said win, the alternative to donald trump, that number two position was very, very important. and that looks like a position he has secured. it's still early, things could change. still about 90% of the vote still to come in. but again, we can safely estimate that it is donald trump who will win this thing. the battle now for second. right now we have john kasich comfortably ahead of the others right now, but they are going to be bunched up, and that's why this issue of whether it's one, two, three or you're done -- maybe to chris christie's point, that you can as many as sick in there and -- six in there and still carry on. i guess that depends if, indeed,
8:32 pm
they end up being that close. to my colleagues kennedy, trish regan and lou dobbs. kennedy, what do you make of that? if you're any of these governors packed close together, that's going to be your argument. yeah, third, fourth or fifth, but just by a flip of a coin, we'd all be switching places, and that's why i'm going to south carolina, and that's why i'm happening on through the sec states. >> jeb bush certainly has the money to hang on, and if you are two of the moderate establishment governors who have leapfrogged the senators, i think your campaigns are in very good positions, particularly jeb's. he's got better ground game and a lot more money than governor kasich. but when you look at someone like chris christie who didn't perform well in iowa. it doesn't look like he's performing well here tonight, you really have to take a long, hard look at your campaign and your sate city in the -- candidacy in the morning, and i have to say the same thing for
8:33 pm
carly fiorina and ben carson. jim gilmore, on the other hand, having an amazing night. when some of those other precincts come in, i think we're seeing podium central for him tonight. neil: oh, boy. someone's being snide. >> no. [laughter] neil: you know, lou dobbs, it's interesting. and, of course, chris christie, prosecutorially brilliant going after marco rubio, but i did hear from many new hampshire voters who said he went too far, he was too rough. so they gave the benefit of that attack -- which they welcomed, some of them found entertaining -- went to kasich or bush. it's a little weird, you know? >> well, those new hampshire folks are a little more refined, perhaps, than some other voters -- [laughter] that we're going to be watching pull a lever or punch a card or display on a pc -- neil: you know what, lou, i think they're saying did he go too far? >> no, no, not a bit. because what he did worked.
8:34 pm
it didn't suit, obviously, a lot of folks in new hampshire, but these are mostly independents. and, frankly, karl rove had some harsh granola words for the new hampshire folks -- [laughter] but i think in many states in the south, you call it the sec primary, you know, on march 1st, there are going to be some people who like to see some bruising in the arena. they want to see hard, hard knocks -- neil: so you think he could benefit, christie could regroup and do okay? >> the answer is, again, i don't know. but i have to believe that there may be in this trail that's till out in front of us -- still out in front of us a lot of folks who may respond better to christie than where he's been. you're talking about 40% of the electorate today in new hampshire is independent. neil: yep. >> that's a pretty impressive little number when you think that they're deciding races, republican and democrat, irrespective of these margins.
8:35 pm
right now trump has got twice as many votes as second place, but that also is interesting to look at in the context of how did this, did these numbers break out. independents, if you look at independents and the chart where they went, they went for trump. the independents then went for kasich, and the independents then went for bush and rubio. >> well, i think -- >> it's almost the same way as the votes are coming in. the independents really broke the correct way many this election, it appears to me. >> and, you know, lou is right. lou is mr. independent. he will have you -- i will have you know, and they are critical -- neil: he's a riddle wrapped in a conundrum. >> it's such an anti-establishment race. chris christie is a tough talker. donald trump is a tough talker. they're going for the tough talk with donald trump. these are both northern easterners, and if chris christie was going the make a stand, it would be in a state like new hampshire. i went to his rally on saturday
8:36 pm
and jeb bush's rally, and the people at those rallies, the ones at the christie rallies were out of towners from maryland and pennsylvania. the ones who were at the jeb rally were people from new hampshire who were deeply invested in the former florida governor's message. and i think that's why you're seeing him, so far, do better this evening. neil: trish regan, i've heard a lot of talk about gras knoll -- granola in this state. but you're from this state, i would think some republicans actually like gras granola? what do you think? [laughter] >> we are way less granola than vermont, let me just point that one out. neil: really? >> yeah. yeah. i'll give you a great example. a little local color for you, you know? if you drive from new hampshire right into vermont, you get some really nice signs, some nice, cute little stores. if you're going the other way from vermont into new hampshire, you cross oaf the border, and suddenly there's a walmart because new hampshire welcomes
8:37 pm
walmart. they don't like walmart in vermont. well, there might be, you know, some granola-esque aspect to all of this, i would still point out that voters here tend to be pretty fiscally conservative and socially liberal. so that's why someone like chris christie should have done better here, neil. neil: yeah. it's early to tell. we don't know. but it is a little odd, to me at least, that he didn't get more bang for the buck. the night is still young. we are waiting to hear for bernie sanders to speak, they are waiting, we're told, for hillary clinton to speak first. more after this. ♪ ♪ at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking.
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8:42 pm
in the state and surgerying, -- surging, fourth and barely holding on above chris christie. what to make of that, technically in and out of fifth place, i should say. former senator phil graham joining us now, support marco rubio. do you think those attacks on the debate orchestrated by chris christie hurt him? did some pierce damage? >> well, i think the media commentary afterwards hurt him. look, this is a strange business. governor christie made same statement three times, and it was a completely outrageous, erroneous statement, and that is that president obama didn't know what he was doing. president obama has done more to transform america than any president in the last hundred years except -- neil: that wasn't his point, right? his point -- i know what you're saying, sir, but his point was to show that your candidate
8:43 pm
would revert back to that same statement. now, we can go argue what happened there. >> no, no, but i'm not arguing. neil: i know what you're saying, but are you worried that that damage -- and you might be right the way the media portrayed it and kept replaying it and replaying it -- may have hurt him even though it does not appear to have benefited governor christie? >> no, it didn't benefit christie. and it was obvious to me at the time it wasn't going to. yeah, i think it was harmful. i think it broke his momentum. i don't think it's fatal. he was right, obama knows exactly what he's doing. he gave the same answer three times. you know, i probably knew ronald reagan and worked with him closer than anybody in congress who's still around to tell the story, and he probably told the same story 50 times. it's that he did the same thing 50 times, and it was right 50 times. so -- neil: all right. we'll rehash that debate. what i want to ask you, sir, is
8:44 pm
whether, if marco rubio does rebound, and he might. it's only 5% of the vote will come in, even after new hampshire, 95% of the vote to go with the other state caucuses and primaries and big ones in the south in march, april and may, what have you. but if it were donald trump who ends up getting the nomination, could you, would youport him? >> i don't know. -- you support him? >> i don't know. neil: really? >> his economic policy would be an absolute disaster for america. i don't think he can be elected. i still do not believe that he will be the nominee. now, if you want to send a great big message to washington which is drop dead, vote for donald trump, but if you want -- neil: wait a minute, if you don't know, would you sit out the election or actually vote for hillary clinton or bernie sanders? >> well, you asked me if i would support donald trump. and his economic policies from
8:45 pm
frightening to me. neil neil more frightening than hillary clinton's? than bernie sanders'? >> say again? neil: more frightening than bernie sanders or hillary clinton? >> no, i don't think i don't kn. i think all three of them are frightening. that's why i'm for marco rubio. there's a long way to go. this was not a good start. you got -- in new hampshire. but we go to more fertile area. i don't see how kasich breaks out going to south carolina. there i think he's going to have a hard time explaining implementing the obamacare part of medicaid. i think christie is finished. so i think it does begin to narrow it down. but where it goes from here, i don't know. and i'm not saying trump can't win the nomination, but i don't believe he can win the general election.
8:46 pm
and i want to win the general election. i've got five grandchildren. neil: do you like them all? that often times -- >> yeah, i like them all a lot. they like me. that's even better. neil: and what's not to like? senator, always good seeing you. thank you very much. phil graham. we are waiting to hear are -- hear from bernie sanders, waiting to hear from hillary clinton. hillary clinton wasn't expecting to win this state. she was hoping to pull within single digits. that does not appear the case. and donald to trump was expected and polled to win this state. the question was who was going to take second, and might marcoo had been in that position for a good couple of weeks, certainly a week after iowa. and then that debate, and then he started slip, sliding away. and now it's john kasich who is in that position. so the battle tonight seems to be two, three, four, five and six. more after this. ♪ ♪ you totaled your brand new car.
8:47 pm
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♪ ♪ neil: all right, a very good night for bernie sanders. and to think of this in so many different ways, you have a businessman for the first time winning a major primary. that is what happened on the republican side with donald trump. and the first jewish candidate in american history to win a major primary, to win the state of new hampshire. i mean, we're breaking precedent and history left and right here. peter barnes at bernie sanders' headquarters with more on what they're looking forward to hear from their fearless leader. >> reporter: well, hey, neil. they're expecting to see their candidate out here at the podium behind me -- [cheers and applause]
8:51 pm
any minute here, and they're watching a monitor with some of the election returns. they're cheering once again. at 8:00 when we and other networks declared bernie sanders the winner here in new hampshire, huge roar went up in the crowd, and then just about ten minutes ago as they were watching the returns, bernie's supporters started to chant bernie sanders, not for sale! over and over and over again. we are expecting the candidate here in just the next few minutes. the bleachers behind the podium are getting filled in by supporters, that's a sure sign that he is just minutes away. the campaign also allowing tv crews to shoot video of bernie sanders playing basketball with his grandchildren tonight up here, and looks like you could say he definitely scored a slam dunk in new hampshire. sorry. neil: yeah. and by a margin that was more than they thought. if this holds, it's obviously a lot more than they thought, and
8:52 pm
i'm wondering how the hillary clinton folks frame that outside of saying we're focusing on the south now, friendlier territory, typically democratic demographic now but, boy, they have some explaining to do, don't they? >> reporter: yeah. but, you know, the thing coming out of new hampshire, out of iowa is always momentum, right? the big mo. that's what everybody talks about. neil: right. >> reporter: and even though clinton is beating sanders by a two to one margin in the latest polls in south carolina, he is going to be out trying to sell himself to south carolina voters starting tomorrow. he's going to be in new york meeting with the reverend al sharpton, a prominent african-american leader, as you know. the voters in south carolina heavily african-american. he'll also be making the rounds on several talk shows while he's in new york as he tries to make the case that he can be a general election candidate and beat some of these other republicans.
8:53 pm
neil: well, that's the battle. make that clear that he's more than just sort of a region allocate or an independent or a liberal state candidate, we'll see. different candidates at different times have had to impress that on voters whether it was in 1960, kinney taking the fight to hubert humphrey bun then have -- kennedy having to fight hubert humphrey. that was then, this is now. we've got kennedy, trish regan, lou dobbs with us. lou, this notion that we're hearing from candidates who are trying to move on -- more specifically marco rubio who're told is not going to attend an event9 that was scheduled for north charlotte, he'll return to senate business and then presumably butt all the emphasis on south carolina. what do you make of all of that? >> a lot of pain in the campaign. the fact is that rubio needs to be accelerating rather than
8:54 pm
decelerating and staying on course rather than diverting for the best of reasons even. you know, i think it's very suspect. he's knotted up here with jeb bush, and he has the wrong perspective on that. he's sitting here just, well, so close to him, you know, that it's going to take a while to see who's in the better position. i see rubio having been absolutely hurt badly in new hampshire, credit governor christie in the debate. but this vote total for him is just the last thing he needed. it shows that in point of fact his performance in that debate, in my opinion i should say, really hurt him badly. neil: yeah. i think other people share that opinion, lou. definitely interrupted his momentum. you know, kennedy, one of the things that comes up with that debate performance, fairly or not, is that he wasn't that smooth, maybe too smooth. >> yeah.
8:55 pm
neil: look, he's almost too perfect. and there's a problem with having -- as you and i know, kennedy, of being too perfect. [laughter] i mean, how does he get back and look a little more human or look like he can recover from a blew like that? >> stop being repetitive. and it's interesting because rubio's actually had some phenomenal performances. two debate ago it was the end of the debate where he really shone over ted cruz. and he needed to have that big night. you know, ted cruz came in, and no one expected him to do well in new hampshire. the debate was kind of a wash for him as far as expectations. and this could have been rubio's moment. and it's interesting how the debate mattered for rubio, but it has not mattered so far in the night for chris christie. because chris christie, he ate his breakfast, lunch and dipper. and -- and dinner. and the fact that marco rubio didn't have a way to counter that line of attack is still so surprising to me. i was talking to fox news contributor mary katherine hamm
8:56 pm
who was one of the moderators, and she said she was watching that debate, she was watching rubio completely fall apart, and she was thinking of lines in the moment that he could have used that could have salvaged his candidacy then -- he'll neil and nothing good. >> a presidential campaign can unfold in a moment. look at howard dean. neil: guys, we're going to go to a quick break here. we have heard that hillary clinton has congratulated and conceded to bernie sanders. that is pretty obvious at this point. question is, who's going to speak first? we're told it might be bernie sanders, but we're watching it. you're looking at their respective camps here. they are very, very happy; that is, the sanders camp. we'll keep you posted. more after this.
8:57 pm
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9:00 pm
when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer. yale momentum continues at this stage can change big time and it has changed upside down for marco rubio into iowa has emerged in some of his opponents with everyone anointing him like the big new thing finishing third in this state but he has such momentum coming out of iowa that he was in second in many polls and moving up on donald trump. he was big knowledge leader in the state and that was then and this is now.
9:01 pm
he has dropped i think might owe itself in large part to a port debate performance this past weekend. at rubio headquarters in manchester where understanding for senator is changing some scheduling matters around. >> he is changing up scheduling because of some votes on capitol hill tomorrow. senator rubio still going to south carolina tomorrow and he will make his way back to washington d.c. in the afternoon. you were talking about momentum for marco rubio. in fact there was that term mark koumans i'm coming out of iowa. i spoke to a spokesperson a little while ago and i want to bring up a few points from that conversation. they were kind of resigned to the fact that this was donald trump stayed for six or seven months and it stayed on primary day that they are trying to put up a narrative that they feel that south carolina is going forward is much better positioned for marco rubio then
9:02 pm
it was for new hampshire. they just feel the lay of the land is better here. they say while the senator won't finish first possibly not even second or third here in new hampshire tonight they are picking up delegates. i was part of the narrative coming out of iowa that they would pick up delegates there. they say they're going to pick up delegates here. it's proportional and they anticipate picking up delegates along the line until march 15 which then gets to the winner-take-all states, ohio and florida of course florida is being marco rubio's backyard tree they say they feel good about ohio and they feel good about florida and that's kind of the way they see things shaking out over the next month or so. that might be their position and a lot of it that lease with the delegates is actually correct however as you have been talking about one has to question how much the debate on saturday night actually affected marco rubio in how that might affect them going for it.
9:03 pm
he did pick up delegates. the question is how many more can he sustain before getting to the winner-take-all states and at that point where does he stand on march 15? neil back to you. neil: blake thank you very much. the idea that he could do well in ohio in governor john kasich's on state maybe he can but it might be an uphill battle. nevertheless republican of virginia governor joining me now. governor know you were a supporter of marco rubio and you said that debate performance and help them but now when these caring onto these other states it will be presumably friendlier territory would you worry for this guy that he might look very human and that he's maybe not such a perfect alternative choice for republicans. what do you think? >> well what i think is for new
9:04 pm
hampshire which is an important stay congratulations to donald trump. that's a big win. god -- john kasich got a nice bump out. a state that's going to be key will be south carolina. out of new hampshire the rubio campaign i think all of them wanted to finish in the top tier. the top-tier i would define as 10% or above and anybody who gets less than 10% will be a disappointment because this is the game day in new hampshire, neil and you want to put points on the board. if you get 10% of voters you get delegate votes and remember however many delegates so far in these first two games there are still over 1200 more delegates to be selected so. neil: you are right about that. 95 yet to be chosen. >> right, so they can look like a hockey season review reviewer two games into a long hockey season. south carolina that was really key. that's traditionally been the
9:05 pm
state that has been the best predictor of who the nominee will be. it will give momentum into the next states, the big march 11 where you have a lot of different states and the candidates aren't going to be all to move to new hampshire as did governor kasich and governor christie and jeb bush so they are going to have to have a good ground game and all those states throughout the south and including northeast minnesota as well. neil: some of the rush polls show him trailing by double digits. and i don't know that's an uphill battle. >> yeah world don't trump has a lot of good support enthusiastic support, some from independents and what i think republicans are going to look or more and more is who has the credibility on policy and economic issues. enjoy game day.
9:06 pm
neil: indeed, i see the game reference right there. we can now officially say that john kasich will score second in the granite state something that might have seemed unthinkable a while back, in fact not that long but ago but the ohio governor in many mini's eyes seemed unlikely support after abysmal debate performances but a good one this past weekend and in the fact that he kept his eye on the prize and worked his hime off to new hampshire. others did as well but it paid off big-time. coming in second donald trump that no one else will be able to chase them out of that spot for third, fourth, fifth and sixth. pat caddell on how important it is. >> i think right now first of all trump has in fact exceeded his latest polling numbers by a lot actually and some people thought he polled 20s. neil: elites in your state of south carolina. while that widened the lead?
9:07 pm
>> it will help them but south carolina and i will tell you about it, remember south carolina does not have voter registration. democrats their primary is a week after the republican primary. you can only vote in one primary. in other ones -- the question is will a lot of democrats vote for kasich because i don't think he has the great natural support. he is in this state clearly the anti-trump candidate. everything that trump scores high on whether it was on muslims, keeping them out and those who disagreed overwhelmingly for kasich up and down the line. trump strength here is the leader, the economy he wins international affairs and he wins it all here but the problem you see automatically right now is this high negative. 47% of the republicans who voted said they would not be enthused about him running in the general.
9:08 pm
in south carolina and the populist areas of south carolina where my family originally came from, where there are former areas of wallace, carter and many populist he's going to do very well. bush has a built-in group there which is leftover atwater days. neil: what about the other's? >> let me just finish. cruz, there are a lot of evangelicals of these going to have a lot. those candidates and i think kasich now are going to be battling it out in south carolina. neil: what about the other southern states? >> the question is money. trump is leading in six of those states. >> he is leading in six of those and they are across-the-board.
9:09 pm
neil: he will pull out of those and change everything. >> there is massachusetts in there. cases will probably try to contest that. neil: can you stick around? >> yes, i am here. when will we get to the democrats? neil: who do we have? carl cameron at trump headquarters. carl, you are there with trump. there's a bigger margin than people thought and you just heard from the dean of the survey's pat caddell saying there's a possibility that trump could run the table and some of these other states. what do you think? >> certainly the trump campaign believes south carolina will be very fertile soil for them. a bit about the new hampshire went the trump campaign set a target here they say of 100,000 votes. that would be roughly 25% of the overall turnout the secretary of state bill -- said that it would be 550,000 votes which break the
9:10 pm
record so for the trump campaign to be that ambitious that competent and that that they can get a fifth of the vote in a 10 person or a person raised is pretty remarkable and yet he has done it and done it decisively. one of the things that trump aides were originally thinking a few days ago was that in the wake of marco rubio's highly criticized debate performance that the governors would excel, that they would ascend and the governors would get their revenge and if they were really lucky it would be john kasich. the argument being that john casey doesn't have the money and hasn't spent the time to build up an organization in any of the states after hampshire having bet the farm on the granite state. he is going to do okay with that option but he is second place in he's now very much in the game but it will require a tremendous amount of money and a heck of a lot of south carolina. trump looks at the first of the south state is a big opportunity and here's why.
9:11 pm
he has been for months arguing that the va is a disaster that are military operations overseas have been wrongheaded and poorly led both in their construction and in their execution. he has been arguing that george w. bush made a mistake going into iraq and he sought and all these for christmas -- criticisms of the republican establishment. now south carolina five major military installations in the palmetto state. 9% of their population is active or retired military. it's a huge number, 400 plus thousand people who are active military or fats and trump has been communicating to them very aggressively. they are soldiers. they are navy servicemen. they are marines. there's a whole friday of them and they expect a responsible and strong commander-in-chief. some of donald trump's rhetoric has been called irresponsible, reckless insulting and vulgar. that isn't going to matter to
9:12 pm
the military community of south carolina if trump can prove to them that he will be a strong commander-in-chief. he's going to go right down there tomorrow and he has already launch an attack ad on ted cruz. why ted cruz? it looks like he won't come in the money because he was the winner of the iowa caucuses. he coalesced and talked about bringing together all of the various disparate parts of what was the reagan coalition so cruz is in the target zone for donald trump not necessarily john kasich. john mccain roared out of new hampshire in 2000 having won the new hampshire primary again -- against then texas governor governor bush and got clobbered in south carol h
9:13 pm
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9:23 pm
she gets a rap for not being -- with her husband. he came in second but it was better than expected. she is ready to take the battle to the south. you you're looking at john kasich headquarters in new hampshire coming in a surprising second putting up a following what a night thanks to incredible new hampshire supporters. it's time to trade or snow boots
9:24 pm
for flip-flops. see you tomorrow south carolina. we have morgan. trish reagan, trish kasich is a surprise here if you think about it but he benefited i think from the christy attacks. >> he benefited in part from that although i've got to tell you i have been hearing his name. this is completely anecdotal but i've been hearing it for monster out this state and you know he in some way sort of really speaks to what new hampshire voters are, more socially liberal more fiscally conservative kind of not fall on conservative. and all those independents that they came out to vote today. i think a lot of those votes -- neil: he got the lion's share of them. >> may take an opposite view and the second-place victory.
9:25 pm
i think he's one of my biggest losers of the night in here is why. hasek went all in new hampshire. he has no ground game and no infrastructure anywhere else. neil: maybe he doesn't need it now. >> would the finish my point. when cruz went into iowa, if cruz came in second in iowa we would not be heralding him as the big winner tonight. neil: here is a guy that is mr. opposite but a big winner. congratulating on him. he is almost like third senator by neighboring vermont. this is bigger than that. he didn't win by just a little bit. he won by a lot about 18 percentage points here. that's about double. bernie sanders the man who thinks he can go all the way. maybe he can. [applause]
9:26 pm
[applause] [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] >> thank you. [chanting] >> thank you new hampshire. [applause] shortly after the polls closed, secretary clinton called and was very gracious in her congratulations. i thank her for her call and i congratulate her and her supporters for the vigorous campaign they ran in new
9:27 pm
hampshire. [applause] and let me take this opportunity to thank the many many thousands of volunteers here in the granite state who worked so hard [applause] our volunteers worked night and day. they made phonecalls and knocked on a heck of a lot of doors. [applause] and we won because of your energy. thank you all. [applause] and i want to thank julia bonds and their great campaign staff. [applause] together, we have sent a message
9:28 pm
that will echo from wall street to washington, from maine to california. [applause] and that is that the government of our great country belongs to all of the people, and not just a handful of wealthy campaign contributors and their super pacs. [applause] nine months ago, we began our campaign here in new hampshire. we had no campaign organization. we had no money and we were taking on the most powerful political organization in the united states of america.
9:29 pm
[applause] and tonight with what appears to be a record-breaking voter turnout -- [applause] [applause] because of a huge voter turnout, and i say huge. [applause] we won because we harness the energy and excitement that the democratic party will need to succeed in november. [applause] what happened here in new hampshire in terms of an
9:30 pm
enthusiastic and aroused electorate, people that came out in large numbers, that is what will happen all over this country. [applause] and let us never forget democrats and progressives win when voter turnout is high. [applause] republicans when when people are demoralized and voter turnout is low. [applause] tonight, we serve notice to the political and economic establishment of this country that the american people will not continue to accept a corrupt campaign finance system that is
9:31 pm
dividing american democracy and we will not accept a rigged economy in which ordinary americans work longer hours for lower wages while almost all new income and wealth goes to the top 1%. [applause] i want to take this opportunity again to congratulate secretary clinton and her organization and supporters were waging a vigorous campaign. i hope in the days ahead we can continue to wage a strong issue oriented campaign and bring new people into the all fronts. [applause] but i also hope that we all
9:32 pm
remember, and this is a message not just to our opponents but to those who support me as well, that we will need to come together in a few months and unite this party in and this nation because the right-wing republicans must not be allowed to gain the presidency. [applause] as we all remember, the last time republicans occupy the white house, they are trickle-down economic policies drove us into the worst economic downturn since the depression of the 1930s. no, we will not allow huge tax breaks for billionaires.
9:33 pm
we will not allow huge cuts to social security, veterans pay, medicare, medicaid and education. [applause] no, we will not allow back into the white house a political party which is so both holden to the fossil fuel industry that they cannot even acknowledge the scientific reality of climate change. [applause] the people of new hampshire have sent a profound message to the political establishment, to the economic establishment and by the way to the media establishment.
9:34 pm
[applause] [chanting] >> with that people here have said is that given the enormous crisis facing our country, it is just too late for the same old, same old establishment politics and establishment economics. the people want real change. [applause] what the american people are saying and by the way, i hear it is not from progressives but from conservatives and -- is we
9:35 pm
can no more continue to have a campaign finance system in which wall street and the billionaire class are able to buy elections. [applause] [applause] americans no matter what their political views may be understand that is not what democracy is about. that is what oligarchy is about. [applause] and we will not allow that to continue. [applause] i do not have a super pac and i do not want a super pac.
9:36 pm
[applause] i am overwhelmed and i am deeply moved, far more than i can express in words, by the fact that our campaigns financial support comes from more than 1 million americans who have made more than 3.7 million individual contributions. [applause] that is more individual contributions than any candidate in the history of the united states up until this point in an election. [applause] and do you know what that average contribution was?
9:37 pm
$27. [applause] i am going to new york city tonight and tomorrow but i'm not going to new york city to hold a fund-raiser on wall street. [applause] instead, i am going to hold a fund-raiser right here, right now across america. [applause] my request is, please go to bernie and contribute. [applause] please help us raise the funds we need, whether it's 10 bucks
9:38 pm
or 20 bucks or 50 bucks. help us raise the money we need to take the fight to nevada, south carolina and the states on super tuesday. [applause] so there it is, that is our fund-raiser, pretty clear. [applause] now, what the american people understand is that our great country was based on a simple principle, and that principle is fairness. that may be very clear. it is not fair when we have more income and wealth inequality today than almost any major country on earth and when the top one tenth of 1% now owns almost as much wealth as the
9:39 pm
bottom 90%, that is not fair. [applause] it is not fair when the 20 wealthiest people in this country now own more wealth than the bottom half of the american people. so are you guys ready for radical idea of? [applause] together we are going to create an economy that works for all of us, not just the 1%. [applause] and when millions of our people are working for starvation wages , yes we are going to raise the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour. [applause] and we are going to bring pay
9:40 pm
equity for women. [applause] and when we have the best-educated workforce in the world, yes we are going to make public colleges and universities tuition free. [applause] and for the millions of americans struggling with horrendous levels of student debt, we are going to substantially ease that burden. [applause] in america, people should not we financially distressed for decades for the crime of trying to get a higher education. that's -- that's absurd. [applause] my critics say you know bernie
9:41 pm
that's a great idea, all this free stuff. how are you going to pay for it? i will tell you how we are going to pay for it. [applause] we are going to impose a tax on wall street speculation. [applause] agreed, the recklessness and the illegal behavior of wall street job our economy to its knees. the american people bailed out wall street. now it's wall street's turn to help the middle class. [applause] and when we talk about transforming america, it means ending the disgrace of this country having more people in
9:42 pm
jail than any other country in the world, disproportionately african-american and latino. [applause] not only are we going to fight to end institutional racism and a broken criminal justice system [applause] we are going to revise jobs and education for young people, not jails and incarceration. [applause] and let me say that as a member of the energy committee in the senate and the environmental committee, the debate is over climate change is real. [applause] it is caused by human activity
9:43 pm
and it is already causing devastating problems in this country and around the world. we have a moral responsibility to work with countries throughout the world to transform our energy system away from fossil fuels to energy efficiency and sustainable energy. [applause] now i have been criticized during this campaign for many many things. every single day. that's okay, that's her right. they are throwing everything at me except the kitchen sink and i have a feeling that kitchen sink is coming pretty soon as well. [applause] but what our campaign is about
9:44 pm
is thinking big, not small. it's about having the courage to reject the status quo. [applause] it's about saying that at a time when every major country on earth guarantees health care to all of their people, we should be doing the same in our great country. [applause] neil: you are listening to bernie sanders. he is not only winning by a little bit, he's winning by a lot. less than half the democratic vote in but he's swamping hillary clinton double-digit gap that she wanted. she didn't want to see that. where a few minutes away from donald trump on the republican side to kellyanne conaway, do you and ted cruz is looks like
9:45 pm
he did finish third so he could get something out of that. it's a little close though. it could change. what happened to him? >> some people were leaving him for dead and if he doesn't win iowa where would he go from here? he can't win anything else. look chris christie spent $18 million in new hampshire. neil he's going to come in fifth or six it looks like in jeb bush spent $36 million in just new hampshire john kasich had 100 town halls empty cruz campaign was effective but the effort to get some of those pro-liberty rand paul legislators had previously endorsed senator paul for president really pay dividends. let's remember from last week third place for marco rubio in iowa. he won in third place protectors in new hampshire i will take it the site as well.
9:46 pm
neil: that's a fair argument. marco rubio did call donald trump to congratulate him and waiting to hear from donald trump and ben carson also commenting on the primary saying he's going to continue on to south carolina. he is not giving up and of course he has a lot of money and he can keep tearing up the fight. >> t-shirt is in looking at the realclearpolitics polling in south carolina because he will see clearly trump and cruz go to south carolina. i think you are going to still see rubio and jeb of course going so we have trump at 36% right now, cruz at 19.7 and rubio and jeb of course are tied for third place in south carolina. this is all south carolina. neil: that is pre-whatever happened tonight. >> momentum is what you need in new hampshire is what gives it
9:47 pm
to you so he didn't haven't a lot of money john kasich but he spends what he had appeared new hampshire. neil: did he have a good ground game and those other states? >> i think this was the ticket but this is an important ticket and it can be a ticket as now he will have this momentum. neil: can you get momentum for second-place? >> second place was the place to be looking at. donald trump for the most part has had it locked up here. no trump was supposed to be a phenomenon and curiosity seekers going to these big events but will they vote? >> i think trump really had an edge here because he was talking a language the people loves. and it actually spans both parties which is important in a state that depends on an event of voters. neil: can he go all the way? can he get the nomination? >> who voted for hillary clinton last time around and said look i'm going for donald trump. i like what i hear.
9:48 pm
neil: i hear a lot more of that. >> trump could get the nomination and to not did now it's reality. supplement couple of weeks ago you were not acknowledging reality. >> if you look at what's happened in the past seven years in washington americans are frustrated with gridlock in fighting in washington. you would think naturally they would be supporting candidates who say i'm going to bring everyone together but they're not. voters are going to the two extremes in the party so they are sick of no leadership in washington and they are not saying -- and said they are saying let's take the extremes and burn a house down and start over. neil: kelly the rule has been -- i guess it's kasich's turn now. >> south carolina is not hospitable to kasich. there are new for governor kasich is he is the governor of ohio but he didn't even compete in iowa preventative iowa caucuses the governor of ohio
9:49 pm
was in the heartland. he was in new hampshire so john kasich has earned his second place spot. maybe he wants to deny the importance and the elusive miss of ohio for republicans like that romney. neil: he would be first on everyone's list, wouldn't he? >> you would have to be geographically and we will have to see who the nominee is that south carolina will be a real tough spot i think for the top three or four. the big news coming out of that debate from saturday coupled with tonight's results as this jeb bush will carry on. the pressure was mounting last week if he came in fourth, fifth to drop out. stop what he has money. >> that's right. >> there are plenty of bush fans in south carolina. senator graham said tonight to her reported that they are flying on the plane and going to south carolina tonight. cruz and ruby are going back to washington because there is a
9:50 pm
vote on north korean sanctions tomorrow so it looks like kasich and bush are headed to south carolina and cruz and rubio headed to south carolina. >> ohio would be important but don't forget the republican party needs women and they need hispanics and they are really going to need them with donald trump is the nominee. neil: doldrums rushnell has been yes i could lose some of that base typically. i bring far more into it and that will be my motive going for it. that's going to be my deal. johnson and no -- you can make a credible argument that he's bringing more people into the party of late that they never vote. >> i talked to a 93-year-old woman a few months ago and she has never voted in her entire life and she marched herself right down and register to vote and said i'm going to vote for trump. the first time she has ever voted.
9:51 pm
you are right that he needs that pretty needs to get new voters and because a loss -- last couple garance they republicans have gone with a majority white male vote. >> a taxi is taking as is it's not about identity politics. if you look millennials are supporting a 75 euros socialist because they agree with the message and what he is saying. not really about --. >> you have to understand the message. >> that's the thing that millennials fully comprehend what socialism is. neil: they assume it's the rich guys take credit -- to pay check >> the cold war is something you read about in the history books and maybe something your parents told you about. your parents are probably generation x if you were in college subnineteen 78 was when you were born.
9:52 pm
neil: steve forbes you are here and it's it's always good to have the former presidential candidate amanda galvanized support. that's hard to carry. that's hard to keep going. can donald trump, can bernie sanders of this different ilk keep that going? >> the answer is yes going into south carolina. trump will be a formidable candidate. he has the support of the south on march 1 and so if he wins south carolina tied near the top he will be in as long as he wants in this is a very good night for him. his opponents are all clustered together. john kasich has now moved and were bush had hoped to move and so they will have to duke it out in south carolina. so for a while he is the field to himself. cruz is not doing that well tonight so cruz has to win south carolina so --
9:53 pm
neil: you hit on it this notion that for donald trump i am onto these other guys fighting amongst themselves getting picked off first cruz in and rubio and then all of a sudden you have governors fighting amongst themselves. i'm loving this and watching them sort of battle it out and i emerged last man standing. >> so far he would get a third of the vote in the field as six or seven candidates you are going to end up on top and the question is especially for the march 1 fast we have 12 primaries and caucuses is who is going to be number three? cruz is going to be there and obviously trump is going to be there but who's going to be the number three and that's going to be a robe led baath in terms of politics in the next couple of weeks. neil: jeb roche is addressing supporters right now. it looks like he is just barely and forth right now. that's better than a lot of folks though, jeb bush. >> from around the company turf
9:54 pm
participate, thank you so much. the pundits had it all figured out last monday night when the iowa caucuses were complete. they said the race was now a three-person race between two freshmen senators and a reality tv star. while the reality tv star is still doing well it looks like you all have reset the race and for that i'm really grateful. [applause] granat stators understand that this is a race not to be on the back bench of united states senate. we are electing the president of the united states. i got to share my heart and share my ideas about the future of this country and i'm so grateful to have that opportunity here in new hampshire. [applause] along the way i did a lot of listening. >> we are watching jeb bush. what's interesting and i know morgan you like them a lot the
9:55 pm
state has not begun. george bush senior who won the iowa caucuses and george bush senior had a devil of a time. so it's not a great story for them. >> i think a few weeks ago jeb bush's obituary was reinvented in the campaign. i think clearly trump is the winner tonight that it's good enough going into south carolina. neil: donald trump is the big winner and we have never seen a jewish candidate -- the first non-politician to win a primary. a certain general did that but he was still part of the government if you think about it.
9:56 pm
now donald trump who is not. [applause] >> we are going to make america great again. [applause] i want to thank everybody but i really have to begin by paying homage to my parents mary and fred. they are looking down here saying this is something very special. they love this country and they are very very happy right now so
9:57 pm
9:58 pm
jared. is a very successful real estate entrepreneur in manhattan but he likes this better than real estate i think. thank you. and laura. and erica, they were all out, and cory, where is cory? does cory have a grand game or what? where is cory? you know we learned a lot about ground games in one week, i have to tell you that. the entire staff, and hope. nobody takes more phone calls in a day than hope, thank you, hope and cory, the entire group. the staff.
9:59 pm
incredible job, got over here, the man. >> usa! usa! usa! usa! usa! >> so, again, we have to thank the candidates, because they really -- we have very talented people. to be victorious against some of these people event if it is one week, it will be for many weeks, okay? but they really are terrific. a number of them called, i wanted to thank them but i to congratulate the other candidate, okay? now that is over with. always tough thing tomorrow, boom, boom, but that is the way it is, really you have real talent in the republican party. and rnc, and reince priebus thank you. we -- yeah, right. i tell you what.
10:00 pm
what do we really' to thank? thank the people of new hampshire. right? we love the people of new hampshire. you know, i said it, i said it a year ago, i said, i think i'm going to to really well. because i'm here a lot, it so beautiful, i love it so much, i love the people, i said, i actually think they like me a lot. then all of a sudden we got numbers in, and everyone said, how come they like trump so much? i have so many friends here, they are special, special people. soham ham i want to thank you, we love you, we'll be back a lot, we're not going to forget you, you started it.
10:01 pm
>> when i came out, i heard the end of bernie's speech. first of all, congratulations to bernie. we may not like it, but i heard parts of bernie's speech. he wants to give away our country folks, we're not going to let it happen, we wish him luck. but we're going to make america great again, the old fashion way, we're going to beat, china, japan, pet beat mexico at trade, beat all these countries that are taking so much of our money away from us. on a daily basis issue it not going to happen any more, we have the greatest business people right now in the world. they call he all of the time, they want to be involved, we have political hacks negotiating our deals for billions, and
10:02 pm
billion, and billions of dollars, not going to happen any more, we're going to use the finest business people in the world, we're going to do something so good, so fast, so strong, and world will respect us gabe. believagain, believe me. [cheers and applause] >> usa ! usa! >> do we love our country? i think one of the things that cacall the on, self funding my campaign, everyone on both sides, you know, i said two weeks ago, i don't think that people appreciate it. because i see this money poured into commercials and it not there money, it is special interest money, this is on both sides, on the republican side, democrat side, money just coming in to commercials. these are special interests. these are lobbyists, these
10:03 pm
people don't necessarily love our country, they don't have the best interest of our country at heart, we're not going to let that happen, we can't. we have to do something about it. when sao you see the kind of deals made in our country, a lot of those deals are made because the politicians are not so stupid, they are making them to their benefit. we have to stop it. we have to stop it. we are now going to make it for your benefit, wil we'll make the deals for the american people, that is the way it is. now very -- i love this, look at you. look at you. i love these signs, the most imaginative signs, in a nutshell, we're going to make great trade deals, we'll rebuild or military, it will be so big, so strong, so powerful, nobody nobody will miswith us, believe
10:04 pm
me, no -- nobody will mess with us, believe me, nobody, we're going to take care of our vets, where isal? we love al? all right, al? get up here if you can. we're going to take care of our vets. our vets are treated horribly. they are our greatest people, our vets will be taken care of, you remember that, everyone. right? we're going to have strong incredible borders, and people are going to come in to our country but they will come in legally. they will come in legally. we're going to build a wall. it is going to be built. it is not even believe it or not, even a difficult thing to do. by the way, for the people of new hampshire, where you have a tremendous problem with heo --
10:05 pm
hero win anheroin and drugs, th, mr. trump please do something. the drugs that are i pouring in, itit is so cheap because there s so much of it. the kids are getting stuck, we're going to end it, it is going to be over, we're going to work really hard to get those people that are so addicted off of that habit. we'll work like hell to take care of the situation. it is a huge problem in new hampshire, a huge problem, all over the nation. we'll have borders again, we'll work with you people to help you solve that very big problem. we'll get it done. >> trump ! trump! trough!
10:06 pm
>> so beautiful. what a group of people, on top of this group, we have thousands people outside that can't get in. that is what we have, thousands of people. heel care health care, we'll rel and replace obamacare, that is a disaster, we're repealing and replacing obamacare. it is gone. we're getting rid of common core, we're going to educate our children locally. we educate our children localy. we are going to preserve our very sacred second amendment. there is not going to be any more chipping away at our second amendment. if we had protection in california, recently, and so many other playses, you could look to paris, paris has toughest gun laws in the world, france has toughest gun laws in
10:07 pm
the world, these animals go in, they start shooting, one, two, three, 130 people with many people, horribly wounded right new in the hospital. if there were bullets in the other direction, believe me it would have been a while different story, but nobody had protection. i am going to be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. remember that. don't believe those phony numbers what you hear 4.9 and 5% unemployment. the number is probably 29, or high at 35, i even heard recently 42%. do you think we would have
10:08 pm
gathers like this with 5% unemployment? forgetting about security, forgetting about isis, which by the way we're going to knock the hell out of isis. the hell out of them, it will be done the right way. so we're going to take care of the economy. we'll take care of jobs, we'll take care of all of the things that i said, our border, health care it is going to be great, remember this about obamacare -- people are forgetting. but now they are miserable. because, it is going up, 45%. 35%. 55%. it is out of control. probably sinks of its own volition in 2017 unless the republicans give it, what is going on? the budget, the last budget, that was approved, is a disaster for everyone in this country, we owe 19 trillion as of today we
10:09 pm
just crossed the 19 trillion dollar mark. we'll shortly be at 21 trillion because of the budget, we'll make our country so strong. we are going to start winning again. we don't win any more, as , as a country, we don't win on trade, we don't win on military, key can't beat isis, we are going on start winning gain, we'll win so much, you will be so happy. we are going to make america so great again. maybe greater than ever before. i love you all, thank you, new hampshire, thank you. thank you new hampshire, thank you. we're going now to south carolina. we're going to win in south carolina. i love you all, thank you very much. thank you. thank you very much. >> donald trump, finished number one in the state, guy who
10:10 pm
finished two john kasich, the ohio governor addressing his supporters. >> first of all, my daughters are at home, we're all happy because they are not driving tomorrow. how about my family, em, and reese, and my wonderful wife. here in new hampshire, i have to tell you, no way i would have gone forward with this campaign if not for a john sununu. he -- the great senator john sununu. he -- he is such a great partner, so smart, and so disciplined. he is just a great, great friend of mine, we also want to spend time thanking former senator gordon humphrey, this man is --
10:11 pm
[cheers and applause] we were 1% in national poll, people were like how could you win. then you know things are -- we were walking in be on curet -- e said, this is what changes the world. that is how you win elections. our great friend tom rath, former attorney general, one of the best guys. where is tom? 17 years ago, i came here. and you know, i thought it was going okay. was not getting a lot of attention, i was standing in the
10:12 pm
kitchen and talking to this lady, i am thinking i got myself a town chair person, this lady likes me, after about 15 minutes she looked at her watch, said when will the candidate get here, you can tell us? the guy that stuck with me for 17 years, bruce burky, where is bruce? listen, i want to tell you, there is no way to say this appropriately, when media kept saying, how do you do this? you know can you finish high? you know what i said, i have an insurance policy. it is you. it is all of you. how does a guy like me thank you for the countless hours, phone
10:13 pm
call, door knocking. some of have you come from our buckeye state. some have come -- [applause] some have come from virginia. in have come from maryland, and new york, and connecticut. and today all the way from seattle. all the way from seattle, and -- new haven, and a guy flew in from london to do this. england. but you know, there is something that is going on. that i'm not sure that anybody can quite understand. there is magic in the air with this campaign. because we don't see it as just another campaign, we see this as an opportunity for all of us, i mean all of us, to be involved in something that is bigger than our own lives. to change america to reshine
10:14 pm
america. to restore the spirit of america, and leave no one behind. abehind. am i right? that is what we're all fighting for. >> kasich! kasich! kasich! >> you know something big happened tonight, let me tell you what it is. let me tell you. we have had tens and tens of millions of dollars spend against us, with negative advertising, okay? we have. we had tens of millions, that is old politics. we neve went negative because we more good to sell than to spend our time being critical of somebody else.
10:15 pm
maybe maybe just maybe. at a time when clearly changes in the air, maybe just maybe we're turning the page on a dark part of american politics because tonight the light overcame the darkness of negative campaigning. [cheers and applause] you made it happen. you made it happen. you made it happen. you made it happen. >> cas kasich! kasich! kasich! >> you know we conservatives here be we believe government is a last resort, not as a first resort, as i like to talk about the strength of our country, if you think about the american
10:16 pm
home, which is the family, we know that the family is only strong when the founding a is strong, that is why we will wake up every day to make sure that every american has a job in the united states of america to help their families. and their neighbors. neil: we're monitoring this marco rubio speaking we're not going to that as well, he takes fall for a less than expected performance tonight. he said it is not your fault he was telling supporters it is mine. it will never happen again. he is saying that debate performance is what caused that fall. not his supporter, scoot brown right now with us, a big backer of donald trump, we might have seen donald trump's fortunes improve since former senator did
10:17 pm
that. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> what do you make of donald trump saying. >> marco rubio. >> i thought donald trump was quite thankful to everyone. in new hampshire, and other candidates, that was a nice balanced approach. hopefully -- >> he starts that way, he started that way in iowa. >> he ended it on a good note, that said, i called that kasich would come in second. seeing ground game, and how it was playing out. he put his eggs in one bassett. neil: does he have more eggs? >> i don't know, he has no ground game in south carolina, we'll see how that transleytes. marco rubio i had him about 4 weeks ago coming in second but after debate. neil: can he recover from that? i think, he is young, hungry, he has great support. christie did damage no benefit. >> krist is christie is chris,n
10:18 pm
northeast, you either love krist or hate him, he has tough decisions to make right now. neil: going to south carolina have a ground game plan. others say that you know, these are very hospitable folks to his message. >> they like to battle. south carolina. they like that confrontation. neil: they like underdogs. >> he has about a million dollars lift in the bank, if he goes to south carolina, if he does not come in top 3 -- >> what do you do if you are ben carries owner carly fiorina or gilmore? >> tough decisions, tough decisions, i think that they know about what they need to do it will be a 5 to 6 person race going out of south carolina. neil: can you see trump going all the way. >> kirk -- i can see that, his message is resonating, he is talking about things that people
10:19 pm
are talking about in their living rooms and dining rooms, he says it differently, maybe not as politically correct as us. but he is saying it. neil: details, does he have to give details? >> i think that devil is in the details, he will surround himself, the beauty of donald trump and people like him, he will surround himself with good people who have that expertise and bring in i think the ability to taxet or debt -- tackle our debt in new and different way, and the military, let the general handle the job, not have their hands tied like they are right now. neil: do you think he changes his tone, it has gotten him he here. he cuts across at wide swaths of
10:20 pm
people. >> he will be himself first, that is what makes him and separates him from others, that said there are certain standards people expect, when you get further down the road, is he acting presidential, can he takes pressure and not lash out, he has been doing this for 6 1/2 months, one thing i have enjoyed being a part of is seeing him and his family newbies, the excitement of doing and listening and learning, and feeling and winning, and growing from that. neil: chris christie addressing supporters, a disappointing finish for him. he put all of his energy into this state.
10:21 pm
he could go on to fight, but for chris christie, you know this was not the expected finish. it looks like he will finish in 6th place here but the message, was iowa less so but in new jersey would be where we ho woud put all his energy and efforts, chris christie. >> good evening. good evening. thank you very much. first of all, on behalf of mary, pat and all 4 children, thank you to our new hampshire family, very were. -- very, very were. we see so many of you here tonight who have made new hampshire home for us in such a significant way for the last 9
10:22 pm
months. we have worked incredibly hard up here, spent so much time, we not regret one minute of the time we spent here in new hampshire. i'm looking at old friends and new friends, like tom, i served with for 7 years. when you come to a new state, you want a sheriff by your side, it never hurts, sheriff scott hilliard has been by our side, i appreciate it. bill griner has been as loyal a friend and supporter to us as we could ask for, billy, thank you for your help.
10:23 pm
we want to thank rene and danny plumber, they have been extraordinary friends and supporter, we love them both. [applause] supporters for us issu -- we loe them both, thank you very much. from our veterans so many of them, who stood by us, mr. brothers, sergeant major chavalier, the mccabes, we love veteran country, we love our veterans in new hampshire, they deserve much better treatment than they have been
10:24 pm
getting across this kuh country, we'll be a voice to make shire they do. -- make sure they do. [applause] we have our 50th child -- 5 child here, sienna we have adopted. over the course of the last number of months. she has given -- give it up for siena. and last but not least, man who stood forward and became our campaign chairman in this state, no one worked harder for us, more loyal to us, wayne mcdonald thank you very much. we came to new hampshire to bring a message.
10:25 pm
there is nothing more important than safety and security of the american people, the next president of the united states must may more attention to that, than the current one has. government needs to work for the people, not the people work for the government, we came here to say education should not put our children in debt, for the next 20 or 30 years of their life we have to do better than that for the next generation. we came to say for our seniors, that 71 need71 needs to stand ue needs to stan up. we came here to say, that speaking your mind matters, experience matters, competent matters, it will always matter in leading our nation, that message was heard by a lot of
10:26 pm
folks, it was stood for by a lot of folks here in new hampshire. just not enough. not enough tonight. that is okay. for people that have known ni for a long time, i have won elections that i was supposed to lose. and i have lost elections i was supposed to win. what that means is you never know. it is both magic and mystery of politics. that you never quite know when, which is going to happen, even when you think you do. and so, we leave new hampshire tonight, without anyone ounce of regret. not for time we spent. for thousands of people in new hampshire who will have voted for us, we thank each and every one of them. for confidence that vote represents. in us, as people, and in us as
10:27 pm
servants. you know, governor larry hogan, governor paul lepage, charlie baker, they understand burden and opportunity of having the final decision to make in a place like a state. and i so proud so proud have to their support for president of the united states, for folks who know what it is like to make a decision, and be held account able for it, to have their support has been a display of loyaloyalty and friendship. i thank fil them for their friendship, comrade, understanding and their love. [applause]
10:28 pm
i want to ca congratulate donald trump on his victory tonight in new hampshire, listen, you know what, winning is never easy, no one is given a victory. the people of new hampshire's republican party tonight, have spoken very clearly. that mr. trump is their preference in this election, he deserves congratulations for that. the race will to be down the road to -- will continue down the road to south carolina and other states, but for new hampshire they have chosen their candidate tonight. he deserves congratulations for that, and he has my and mary pat's congratulations, to he, and mel -- melania and their family, mary pat are going to new jersey tomorrow, we'll take a deep breath, see the final results tonight, that matters. how the final votes will be counted so many new hampshire residents came out to vote
10:29 pm
today, it will take a while to count the votes, we want to see what happens, we'll go home to new jersey to wait, by tomorrow morning tomorrow afternoon we should know, we should know the vote town, that will allow to us make a decision about how we move from here, in this race. but, there is no reason to go to sit in south carolina in a hotel room to hear, that we'll go home, we have not been home for two weeks, we can get a change of clothes. that will be nice. so we will go home to new jersey tomorrow morning, we will make a decision, on our next step forward, based on the results, that coming in here in new hampshire. but, on behalf of mary pat, and andrew, and sarah. and patrick, and bridget. we want to thank all of you for your friendship our support, and love and confidence. for our encouragement.
10:30 pm
we also thank the rest of our family who is here, my dad, his wife fran, high ma, my brother . higmy younger sister dawn who it home watching that knows i feel her love as i stand here, i always do. to our friends and supporters, we have much work to do, i look if thard that todayforward to t. we will continue to do both over course of time. we thank our staff, all of members of christie campaign. the campaign who did more with less, than any campaign in america. america.
10:31 pm
[applause] neil: we're watching chris christie. new jersey governor, has not quite conceded the election, but indicating they are going home to new jersey, he is a welcome star in my neck of the woods, 4 years ago he was considered a -- he opted not to challenge mitt romney, there was hurricane sandy, became a bigger rock star then, but not so in republican party, with closeness with barack obama, that moment in time he had, did not seem to carry over 4 years later, other candidates passing him by. some with far deeper pockets, back with me scott brown and pat, interesting, a guy had
10:32 pm
world by storm, 4 years ago now contemplating dropping out of the race now. >> let me say, he is a classy guy, i thought that was classy, i like him a lot, i think he has been -- been. neil: he didn't benefit from brilliant debate performances. >> you know we brought someone down, sometimes people don't reward you for that. >> they gave that reward to who? >> kasich who was waiting. i think that what you said about 4 years ago, and presidential politics, one thing i learned, and jimmy carter was runner and barack obama with no business running, they moment comes your moment, that is when you have to do it his moment was 4 years ago. neil: pat, such a thing about
10:33 pm
being an attack dog. usually running mates, he would be a very affec effective attac. do you see any candidates? >> i see him, anyone of those candidates would make a great vice president. we talked about it today. i think ben carson would be a great choice. that said, i agree there was a concession speech, he is a classy guy. neil: could he go on to south carolina. >> no, it is done. >> he has money but i don't think he will do it. because, usually top 5 come out in new hampshire. neil: waiting for final results. in and out of fifth and 6th. i think he is hoping for if he got into fifth maybe. >> maybe. >> you can make a good argument. >> candidates who invest -- >> he is in 6.
10:34 pm
>> i was going to say candidates who put all their eggs in this basket and did no does not work out, that is my problem with kasich, i don't know where he goes. today he served add antitrump candidate, he has not done well with republicans elsewhere. this is a prom lemm in new hampshire -- problem in new hampshire, very hard to win only here, and put everything there. neil: where would a chris christie be if not a donald trump? >> that might be -- we would have a different election, but his moment -- look what we're having tonight, democratic race and republican race, this is insurgency gone wild, and anger that was not there 4 years ago. i think 4 years ago he would have won, i have to say that. >> look at i think the other big story is jeb bush. 10% now. ben carson in second place at
10:35 pm
one point, now 2%. i think those are big winners in big losers. neil: all right. thank you very much. we stuck longer with christie speech, we sinced more than just a congratulatory speech to donald trump, he and mary pat are closely looking at this. they are going to new jersey to can't littlcontemplate where thm here. we shall see, new hampshire can do that, it can make heroes on zier shows, and zeros on heroes and everything in between, it is a weird state, politics is weird, period, stick around, more coverage after this. it's a fact.
10:36 pm
kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people.
10:37 pm
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10:40 pm
williams, i believe your view was you liked his all inclusive message, the stuff he said, but we have raised then, what i raise with you now, can he get past all obstacles remaining? and with conservative base, he still an open question? >> he didn't have the right aim of money i think until now, but i think this finish will prove to a lot of those people what were on the fence that what i think i said last week was true, time right now this republican party has a choice to make, either you pick an adult in room, or play in the sandbox, you see with other candidates. let's tell truth, have you almost like playground outback. you have two of them trying to beat up kids and take their lunch money, another one trumping them with a wire, another one practicing, if he could write the questions down on his hand to answer them. one adult in the room that came in said, kids stop.
10:41 pm
that was saturday night, and the second the media gave john kasich a platform on sunday, and monday, people listened to him, you saw his numbers rise, i think the same will happen if he has enough money to do it on ground in south carolina, i may try to go to south carolina to help him. >> thank you montel, pressed for time, with breaking news. thank you. >> joining us now. backer of rick santorum. ground shaking again, chris christie wonder figure he continues to fight. >> i was impressed with winner of kasich was big winner, everyone expected trump, he did it a positive way. i've been trying to champion idea of stop spending money -- >> trump did win. >> right, but, everyone thought high would, i think, i am trying it say, all this money should not be spent firing at one
10:42 pm
another but going after the goofy ideas that the left wants to bridge out. i had a friend today said, he went to a doctor said, i'm not taking medicare patients, bernie sanders, wants everyone to be in that position, and everyone to have a free education, who will pay for that? neil: who are you backing? >> i'm doing right now and i am huge fan of all of them, and jim dillon walker, and perry who walk out. i am trying to convince them to go after the nutty ideas that other side is doing,. neil: i understand that but what about kasich, he came in second, a lots of people did not see that. a lot are burned up in third, fourth and fifth. >> do they intrigue you? >> they are intrigue me, i have a issue with john kasich, we were playing golf, i was playing a record round, i was certainly
10:43 pm
support him in a heart beat, i would support. neil: who do you like the most? >> well, let me put it, the fact that everyone is shooting at trump now, because he is a front-runner, look at what creates success in life, i made success, gott god blessed my, i look at people what they can become. donald trump has capacity to grow, i think he -- >> just give my a hint. do you like someone more than other or hate someone less than others? >> well, i will announce that to you in the future. if i tell you now you won't invite me back. neil: not true. >> i have to work on my sun tan. neil: i had you here for years, you never know, right? >> i do respect everyone in the race, including chris christie, and i want to help them.
10:44 pm
neil: say something sufl about onsomething awful aboutone of t. >> a house divided cannot stand. neil: all right. thank you my friend. foster frees. jeb bush finishes you on tonight. >> where does he go. >> 700 votes behind right now with a third, for third place. neil: that could be a big deal. >> i am talking to morgan. >> i am sorry helping out. neil: pat and i have been talking about what is next. in south carolina. i think bush did well enough to go to south carolina. i think this is a tough night. neil: fingerprintlfriendly terrh family. >> this is a other place where
10:45 pm
it will be a big fight for third. you look at next, nevada, florida, it will be interesting. neil: can your guy play the long game? >> there is no reason why he should not after tonight. neil: why it a big deal to brag about finish third o or fourth. >> i think they are not brag, i know they are saying we're stops the hemorrhaging. neil: i thought hillary clinton won with that speech. >> a quick story. i have a lot of state reps that i work in massachusets, i saw them this morning, i said good luck. if we get within 10 points it a
10:46 pm
victory, i said excuse me, you were up 56% last year, 10 points is different. >> -- what does president obama did after this? this win tonight, double digit win by sanders. neil: he has to rethink things. >> a repudiation of 7 years of obama as is hillary. >> what is interesting democrats, her honest and trustworthy numbers are so bad, 92%. neil: can can only get better. >> you have to believe that, this is heavy. one thing, democrats are as unhappy about the economy, and concerned about the course of the nation, as the republicans, they are not a happy group of
10:47 pm
people. neil: one thing that is clear, repudiation of the establishment of the way things are, everyone seems to be really pissed, really, it is outrageous, after this. when it comes to small business, she's in the know. so strap yourselves in for action flo! small business edition. oh, no! i'm up to my neck in operating costs! i'll save the day! for plumbers and bakers and scapers of lawn, she's got insurance savvy you can count on. you chipped my birdbath! now you're gonna pay! not so fast! i cover more than just cars and trucks. ♪ action flo did somebody say "insurance"? children: flo! ♪ action flo cut! can i get a smoothie, please? ooh! they got smoothies? for me.
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10:50 pm
neil: welcome back, they are quiet calm here, bring up to speed how things are going, blake berman. rubio admits a mistake he botched it atlant atlanta the i- at the debate.
10:51 pm
>> a question coming in was how much might saturday night's debate performance affect marco rubio, it was elephant in the room it was one of very first things that he addressed here in front of a couple hundred supporters. rubio said, they are still rolling in we'll see how we do, but he apologized for that saturday night performance. telling hess his supporters, it is no one's fault but his, it will not happen again. >> i want you to understand something. to understand something. our disappointment is not on you. it is on me. it is on me, i do not do well on saturday night, so, listen to this, that will never happen again. reporter: it was a wow moment here, hearing a presidential candidate say, i am sorry.
10:52 pm
and i will try to do better. but from mere marco rubio moves to south carolina his campaign feels confident based on their endorsements there. they look to south carolina, florida and ohio, and they contend beyond that? ironically good news is if chris christie drops out of the race. >> christie said he will think things over and kind of make a decision tomorrow. real quickly, i have been covering rubio since 2010, i can't remember the senator saying anything close to this. one thing that i drew upon, when he was talking back he and charlie krist were going over,y
10:53 pm
said welcome to nfl, this a different level of politics, i have to wonder if this was a welcome to nfl-time moment, he learned from that in 2010. he won that race we'll see what happen going forward. neil: all right. thank you, very much. blake, all right. gop fundraiser exa ordinary. joining us, a side news note might have been from chris christie, i raise with christie last night, what about a running mate, be the attack dog. >> as a running mate you could be the guy to be attack dog. >> i -- certainly, be. but i kept be, i will be picking running mate, i just, you know. neil: you would not rule out.
10:54 pm
>> mitt romney to considered my last time, you don't run run for vice president. neil: would you be open to it. >> i would be open to anyway of serving, that is why i'm not here 92 what do you think of that? donald trump a race to lose someone with him? >> it is donald trump, donald trump is kind of you know, a boy type candidate, i think he is kind of coming into his own, a likeable candidate. but i think if you have that one personalty, i think adding to the ticket another type of personalty, i think you have you know, a big presence with two guys hammering at it, i don't know if you want that, you might top pick a softer guy, if you already have a donald trump-type personalty. neil: a good point, but assuming that -- you know a lot of people say if he rolls in southern states he would be the guy to beat.
10:55 pm
>> yes, well, if it not donald trump, if someone like kasich or a bush or rubio, like chris christie would make a good vp, wu want an opposite, a good balance. you don't want two of the same, you coi don't want two soft spon guys or in your face, but i look for trump to do well, this is a very strange landscape, is trump is the nomny, and sanders -- nomny, and sanders and blumberg, you have two self funders. neil: all right, noel thank you very much. a lot of industry news developments. half of it right where i sit. we'll have more right after this. or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night.
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10:59 pm
neil: all right, we still can't call third fourth or fifth place finish in new hampshire, chris christie is watching. for donald trump, he controls evening, john kasich claims he could fight another day. a surprising second place finish for him, for bernie sanders it was not close. one thing to be beat by these double digits. that is a lot. not the single digit cap that hillary clinton would have preferred eras, the race is on e
11:00 pm
is on. fox business is just getting started, we're interested in you and your money. we say it, we'll continue to do it. a teenager stumbles upon a dilapidated gold mine... and its owner. >> she had a "no trespassing" sign at the gate. >> does she say, "i'm calling the cops," or does she pull an "annie get your gun"? >> it's the start of an uncommon relationship. >> i'm thinking, "you're a smooth operator." >> no, it was just the history i was interested in. >> next thing her family knows, the guy's getting their strange inheritance. >> i said, "i certainly hope you're on the up-and-up." >> but is this old mine spent? >> ruth, i got a lot of respect for you now. >> or could it still make him rich? >> there's still gold here. >> this is by far the hottest result that i've ever worked with. >> holy christmas.


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