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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  February 10, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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looking and get to win awards. maria: thanks, cheryl. i looking forward to the oscar. i agree with you. i do not want to hear all of this. we have no time, but are we agreed the fed statement, from the fed is basically taking rate increases off the table? >> agreed. yellen's testimony at 10:30, very important. >> 10:30 the testimony. charles payne is all over it. "varney & company" begins right now. >> thanks a lot. i'm charles payne. stuart will be back tomorrow. you have a lot of big stories. start with the biggest. donald trump is a big winner. he would say huge. doubles up on john kasich who came in second tapping into america's anger but where is the substance? how will you do the things you're promising? we'll ask that question today. same story, different party. bernie sanders absolutely annihilating hillary clinton. now to south carolina. i don't buy the firewall by the way. here is big problem for hillary. honesty. you're not surprised, 91% of voters said sanders is more trustworthy? wow.
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huge day for america. "varney & company" starts right now. charles: don't worry. we will not forget the markets. janet yellen is up on capitol hill. market hasn't really budged since then. she is in tight spot to justify why they may want to hike rates. a lot of people think they should slow rates down. oil is up, since yellen released text of her testimony. it is flat but it will be a huge volatile session. one of the things weighing on the market, they're set to open lower. huge boost, this "star wars" quarter was absolutely phenomenal, red flag for espn post ad decline in quarterly profits. all been about espn and those
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cord cutters. there are results from new hampshire. donald trump he winses big. john kasich make as strong second. three through five, still somewhat up in the air. combination, ted cruz, jeb bush, marco rubio, saying too close to call. six through eight, christie, fiorina, ben carson have soul-searching to do this morning. let's bring in the gopac chairman, david a vella. first thing that jumps out at you from these results? >> big night for mr. trumps. if you look at our party's history, giving nomination in winner declared two of the first three, if you're donald trump or ted cruz you're feeting pretty good. you're in the red sown of the other team getting ready for another score. charles: we know on other end of that equation feeling absolutely awful marco rubio acknowledged he blew it in the debates. can he come back? can he recover from this? was it seminal moment that absolutely destroyed his
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candidacy? >> marco rubio needs same thing everybody exempt donald trump and ted cruz need, which is a win. winning is everything as vince lombardi is famous for saying. charles: marco knew he wasn't going to win this. he had three, two, one, strategy. third in iowa. took a victory lap. was supposed to be second. got hammered down to number five and certainly won't be number one in south carolina. >> he will have to be number one. look, early wins are gold until this process. americans love winners. if they don't think, as we continue down this process, the donors, the voters, the media, are all going to focus on front-runners. charles: we're talking about media and focus, and money. that brings upjohn kasich. has momentum out of this but with no money in the bank. how does he play it here? >> john kasich has one path, blue-collar workers throughout the midwest and northeast -- charles: skips the south? just gives lip service.
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>> needs to compete there, there is no question about that but is it realistic today he will win those states? probably not. not given the composition of the electorate. but could he, could he be a contender? maybe. charles: who is the establishment candidate? last night despite all the headlines it is pretty clear there is still an establishment lane. >> everybody wants to make this establishment, anti-establishment. this is race about the republicans and democrats. we're going to nominate someone to go up against hillary clinton and we need to win. party will unite. we always do. charles: i gotcha. i gotcha. always fractured too. didn't completely unite behind romney, hence the loss to barack obama. move on to democrats, they're in what everybody would call revolution. bernie sanders beating hillary clinton. sanders slamming republicans for weak economy. we want to take a listen to this. >> as we all remember, the last time republicans occupied the
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white house their trickle down economic policies drove us into the worst economic downturn since the depression of the 1930s. charles: all right. do you hear bernie sanders, when it came for every income bracket up to 200 grand he won that. in fact only thing hillary won was 200 grand and people over 65. outside of that. but the economy, listen he is hitting hard at gop. i would say, i think he is taking the baton from everything we heard from barack obama and tripling down on it if you will. >> absolutely. that sound bite says it all. they have to hark back to bill clinton's presidency to find a time when democrats were in power and economy was doing well. charles: he is not promoting bill clinton type of economy. >> that is really data point, right? where else can you find data to back up what he is saying. think about what did well in the
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'90s. we had welfare reform or nafta. neither of those candidates want to embrace any of these two policies. charles: he is not going to. >> i agree. charles: what bernie sanders is saying, you know what? bill clinton was cute. bush was disaster, obama heading in the right direction. give me the ball and let me take it further to the right direction. we never had true socialism in this country. let's do it right way. >> someone up against bernie sanders, let's look at russia. did it work in russia? no. look at france, which embraced a lot of kinds of policies bernie sanders talked about on the campaign trail. even the imf and world bank are saying to the french, you got to change your policies. charles: a lot of people will do that. that will not stop bernie from what is right now a winning campaign. >> at some point the truth has to come out and someone has to challenge him. charles: you wrote this morning who won in new hampshire, talked about ambitions of michael bloomberg. bernie sanders momentum makes it more likely bloomberg steps up to the plate? >> without a doubt.
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if bloomberg thinks those guys are candidates, might be room in the middle. charles: what about hillary, forget about all the policy issues, trustworthiness, honesty, she fared so poorly on numbers. we're looking at them. doesn't matter what you tell me you're economic plan is if i don't trust you. >> everything she does compounds problems. no one let up on email issue. that is far from settled. bernie sanders hammers on wall street ties. she is vulnerable there. her campaign seems in disarray. they're talking about staff shake-up because they're unhappy with the message the staff provide. what is hillary's message? that is not for the staff to come up. in effort to attract millenials, gloria steinem and madeleine albright. anyone in our living rooms said, are you kidding? that will not work.
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charles: they said the most crazy things. >> going to hell. charles: the girls like sanders because the boys like sanders. >> what a insulting thing to say. hillary clinton does not have good political instincts. i will live and die by that conclusion. her husband does but he is not in good shape. charles: he is looking frail. not looking so good, dow futures up right now. australia is in a bear market. now all of sudden starting to hear about negative interest rates all around the world. let's bring in shah. you were right, big drop, less than halfway there to your 20% drop but talked about this what do you think now? feels like we're rudderless ship. >> we are a rudderless ship. it is well-said. if you look at futures i think they're anticipating something very dovish coming out of janet
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yellen today. statement implies it will be. i think her answers in testimony will be very dovish because she can't afford to create more volatility the market is seeing. one of the things they're trying to prevent. they're caught between rock and hard place. market is anticipating that. futures are up. with oil at $27 and change that is not going to last. charles: yesterday was pretty interesting. oil gaat hammered the market didn't totally collapse. feels like there are economic benefits in addition being a proxy for the global economy. what turn this is around? is there point we have to hit from pure valuation point in your mind with stocks no matter what happens with central banks? >> it is. i don't know where that level is. but at some point investors look at bargains out there. values in the marketplace. i don't think it is any closer to where we are now. i think it is lower. charles: we typically overshoot.
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is that the sort of scenario the market is being look at? >> investor are looking for capitulation in order to get back in to feel safe and bottom has been made so they can get back in. until that happens they're nibbling here and there. i don't think there is any strong conviction to hold on to positions. charles: what do you think will be the dam, the level that breaks the dam? i think we had something akin to double-bottom, 17 five? >> i think we'll go back and test recent lows about 15,400 range. on up side, if we don't get to 16,500 maintain that level we're going back down quickly. charles: last time we got there, fell and came down quick. >> 15,400 range. it has to hold that. we have to get good economic news globally as well as domestically. .7% gdp growth rate is not good. otherwise markets are just skittish. charles: shah, thank you very
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much. supreme court blocks president obama's clean power plant. judge andrew napolitano has a few thoughts on that. he is calling it a huge blow for the president and his legacy. triumphant donald trump promising to make america the best it has ever been but exactly how he is going to do it. that is up for debate. more "varney" next. >> i am going to be the greatest jobs president god ever created. remember that.
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charles: a major blow to president obama's plan to address climate change. the supreme court agreed to halt the plans until several legal changes are made to his power plant issues. all rise, judge andrew napolitano is here. this broke late last night. what exactly happened? >> rare that i can use a word like always or never. in this case i can use the word never. the. charles: with respect to the supreme court. >> the supreme court has never done in a case what it did last
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night which is reached down to a lower court where the epa is litigating against states in lower court, the case is not in the supreme court, say to the lower court, you shall stop the enforcement of this regulation, this set of rules until after you decide if the rules are constitutional. the normal route is, epa issues rules. the rules are enforced. people challenge them. they are enforced during the time period of the challenge. the time period of the challenge could take six months or six years. in this case, and i'll tell you why in a minute, the supreme court, after the lower court refused to stop the epa, ordered the lower court to stop the epa, why? because last year, the supreme court stopped the epa from enforces some rules that didn't involve coal as this does because the supreme court held that congress never authorized it to do what it did. between the time it issued the rules and the time the supreme
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court ruled the epa had charged the businesses it regulated for enforcing the rules against those businesses in excess of $10 billion. charles: wow. >> on rules that the supreme court invalidated. so to prevent that from happening again, the supreme court said, stop. you're not going to enforce this until the lower court rules and then we rule. charles: by the way, this power plant, i think it was cato, saying it will cost the economy $2.5 trillion, 300,000 jobs. it will be extraordinarily expensive. they center it all around judge, the clean air act. >> yes. charles: the way the supreme court already interpreted the supreme court act, i mean the clean air act. >> the epa has interpreted its authority under the clean air act as being far broader than the way the supreme court has interpreted it the epa's authority under the clean air act. and the epa regulates in two-ways. it says to the businesses, you're going to reduce the parts per billion whatever we're
9:17 am
regulating you put into the atmosphere. in this case, carbon. i will make up the numbers. reduce it from 1,000 parts per billion to 500. then it says to the states, you're going to make sure they keep it at 500. the states are going, but you can't make us spend money. don't worry about you spending money. we'll get you the money to enforce this where does the money come from? from the industries being regulated. charles: right. >> those industries in this example i gave you where the epa was found to have been wrong last year were charged 10 billion bucks to enforce a rule against them the court found the epa didn't have authority impose. supreme court will not let that happen again. charles: ultimately this will probably go to the supreme court to be heard? >> yes. if the supreme court has same membership on it as it does today. the epa is toast. charles: this is absolute death knell to our power plants. again trillions of dollars. >> politically it is on the front page of the times this is legacy issue. he hates coal, no matter what he
9:18 am
told the people west virginia, running for office and running for re-election, he hates coal. he will decimate the industry. charles: more than halfway there even without this. judge, thank you very much. appreciate it. marco rubio apologizing to his supporters for not placing second in new hampshire but he promises it will never happen again. he will do a lot better. he lost a lot of momentum. can he ever get it back? more "varney" next. ♪
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call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ >> i want you to understand something. our disappointment tonight is not on you, it's on me. it's on me. i did not, i did not do well on saturday night, so listen to this. that will never happen again! [cheers and applause] charles: that was marco rubio promises not to be robot, glancing at his notes to make sure he didn't get that all wrong. he admitted he messed up on saturday. i have to be honest with you, i don't know. guys, obviously he lost his momentum. what will happen in south carolina. can he get this back? >> i think he can. totally.
9:23 am
rubio is very charming, likeable guy. his favorables are very high throughout this campaign. always shown most likely person to beat hillary clinton. word he was exhausted. that his campaign pushed him to make innumerable stops over weekend. i think coming out admitting this was very, very important. charles: one of my favorite lines from "glengarry glen ross," your excuses are your own. >> he is not blaming staffers like hillary clinton. charles: she can't fire herself i guess. >> i think it is interesting because i think republican leaders believe that cruz or trump can not win the general election. they wanted marco rubio to come to the forefront. he blew it. kasich comes in, pretty strong last night in new hampshire. can he carry it on in the south? i'm not sure. to liz's point, yes, rubio be can come bock. >> let's not forget a third of bush's spending was attack ads, $15 million attacking rubio. charles: nothing hurt him like the debate.
9:24 am
>> i totally agree. charles: google look up the "star trek" episode, "i mud." >> doing it right now. charles: look what he said during his victory speech. roll tape. >> we're going to do something so good, so fast, and so strong. the world will respect us again, believe me. charles: so is there concern about the substance of donald trump's promises on the campaign trail? >> apparently not, right? no one pushed him to back up his claim to come out with ideas with any solidity. what will he do? build the wall. impose enormous tariffs on chinese imports. none of this will hold up. you can build a wall. at some point people will have.him down what will he do that will be so great and so wonderful. look, i think it is terrific he inspired people. we need inspiration but we also
9:25 am
need policy ideas. somewhere in between bush and trump, hopefully there is constructive -- charles: you can win the white house with logos an promise without detail. we've seen that before. >> hope and change. he is very entertaining but i don't think, he will have to come up with substance at some point. you know what? we now know voters for trump are real. they actually vote and he won. >> a lot are independents. charles: absolutely. his resume' is big talking point. speaks volumes. you will hear more from donald trump later today. he joins neil cavuto at 12:00 p.m. want to check on dow futures. we'll get a little bit of green here but pulling back. a lot of anxiety because of uneasiness around the world. you heard shah say we could be on precipice of worse. opening bell in a few moments. oh, by the way, disney did great with "star wars." unfortunately cord cutting. >> ouch. charles: stock will be down four
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stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. >> supreme court has never done indicates what it did last
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night, which is reached down to a lower court where the epa is litigating against states in a lower court the case is not in the supreme court and say the lower court, you shall stop the enforcement of this regulation. charles: that was judge andrew napolitano at the top of the hour. remember, we start every morning 9:00 a.m. eastern time. futures are up all morning line and then they released janet yellen's testimony. everyone saying something about not foreign hikes because the economy is in as good. we are up only 39 points. we do have one serious on the market and that is disney. ashley webster, liz mcdonald, tom horovitz. the whole global meltdown scenario in japan now, europe, what does it say in what does it
9:31 am
really mean? >> good morning, charles. we are in a bunch of trouble. when you take the focus away from what is really happening and watch the magician and the other in or another central banker around the world, people are more worried about by janet yellen is going to say and set about the growth is going to be here. that becomes a real problem when the markets are engineered and manipulated and take away the real focus of the real growth, the real jobs and to create something back in this country. worried about the central bankers will say or do or how they will manipulate the market. we need free markets. it's the same story in a while changed. >> your something interesting. to me in the last three weeks, the worst thing any company can say is record profits. "star wars" was phenomenal. one of the best quarters on her.
9:32 am
it is that all about espn? >> is the best earnings quarter in the history of disney. "star wars," the forcibly conspiring forward. that was the good news for the studio performance. on the other side of this, we have the cable network programming. operating income cable networks down at present although we saw a slight uptick in subscribers for espn. nobody buying it. talking about unbundling and people don't describe. they say no thank you. it is a huge drag on the stock. people worried about the cash cow, let's face it. >> we've got twitter trading near an all-time low. we know this is not bellwether. disney makes my money during commercials but it is endemic of a whole lot of new ipos over the last couple years. >> twitter is representative of
9:33 am
that class of ipos. charles: think about linked in, fit it. >> there are basically overhyped. they don't have the earnings potential everyone thought they would have and now they are brought down to earth. twitter has nowhere to go but down in less than night comes in from left field somehow and do something with it. >> either way, for the very first time, twitters user growth may have declined. that is a big problem for twitter. now they talk about when you click on your timeline, automatically videos with play. facebook did this. it's annoying, invasive and drives up your phone bills if you are using it. >> message to the board. we had a disappointing outlook from solar city last night. what are the shares now? >> it was so hot on solar panels
9:34 am
on the lake and they reiterated 2016. nobody's listening. all they care right now is the number of solar panels out there that were deployed. stocks down 27%. this is elon musk of castle of blaming nevada for a new policy that was part of the reason for the shortfall taking down all the rest of the solar power stocks with it as well. >> just an addendum, and low oil prices hurting solar companies. about a fifth of the company has been cut in half over the past year and also a lot of debt on the balance sheet and the contracts are 20 years out. they have to recognize that. tough time for solar. charles: i will tell anyone who's holding on to a strong recommendation this morning. panera last night posted pretty good numbers. making a really nice move.
9:35 am
also on the other end of that, and earnings fell short and then there's time warner. revenues fell, the same sort of story there. i want to bring in shaw. would you make make of the overall theme? paying a heavy price. >> anybody on the top side is getting absolutely crushed. there is at least some tough side growth market right now is weighing on everything. the earnings numbers have to be spectacular. >> they are actually speeding are actually speeding up the store closers. how much faster can that close? ashley: they are. junior member of the days?
9:36 am
[inaudible conversations] >> that is his vacation house. ashley: it has been in a death spiral for many condominiums, making deep cuts, revenue down. the holiday shopping season challenging. having to cut that close in a minimum of the cut off layoffs i don't know what happened. let's look at the big board. her futures we open up 130 points. we are struggling to hold it up to the points. another volatile day. i look at oil also. four days in a row this would read five. where is oil gone from there? >> i think oil has really found an area.
9:37 am
i am a buyer of oil. does it go to zero? i don't think so. somewhere between 25 and 30 is an area that will hold it i will continue to be a buyer of oil. they are now valued play. we've got too much supply. i think it's done it already. >> it might be a sign of ultimate capitulation. >> you wonder if opec has lost control. gas heading to a bug in fact a spirit ohio, kansas, indiana, missouri. charles: saudi arabia likes this right in their plans. big tech names we watch every day. facebook. you can see it is up a little bit. amazon up about seven or eight bucks free market. we want to see where the shares are as well. these are all names last year.
9:38 am
they all did extraordinarily well. apple made a nice reversal earlier this morning. a very blurry super bowl picture and boy zero boy did twitter let him have it. liz: he is getting roasted. he was on the field at the end of the super bowl game. he is excited. it is blurry. he is getting ripped into an social media, twitter, saying this is the best you can do? you or someone putting on a billboard saying the iphone campaign. he took it down. that's the other thing. tim cook took it down. >> what a thing to do. being sued by drug gangs in mexico. >> cures for the first time in 1996 antiterrorism act.
9:39 am
we have seen us. mexican cartels being treated in a lawsuit by the plaintiffs are terrorists. listed by the u.s. as terrorist hsbc accused of laundering $880 million by drug cartels. drug cartels allegedly murdered u.s. citizens including shooting a pregnant woman, strangling people as well. we will be tracking the case. charles: all right, good. real quick, does new hampshire matter to the market? >> i think it matters. but is signaling to the market is more indecision ahead. these two candidates winning in terms of new hampshire, trump and bernie sanders. the messages are polarized on the opposite ends of everything. these are potential candidates. the markets have no idea. charles: wall street is that outside this country and we know bernie sanders. couldn't be ready for the stock
9:40 am
market. >> you now, obviously bernie sanders would not because of the stock market. i think we've done this rodeo. we will find out a better thing. the overall market themselves as nothing. we are so far that the two guys right now, sanderson trampled not even be the nominee. charles: we've got you want today. >> let's check one more time on the big board again. we were supposed to be up 130 points at one time. remember this market will not pose where it is right now. it's going to be volatile. jenna yellen speaking. don't forget to tune in for earnings reports from twitter, tesla and whole foods. absolutely destroyed by russian airstrikes, talking millions of migrants heading west. they've got to go to europe and some might try to get here. oliver north is going to join us
9:41 am
on this in the 11:00 hour. president obama's final budget has a huge pass. also small businesses. senator john barrasso is calling it another attack on the middle class. he is next. ♪
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charles: we've got some breaking news on hilary clinton. actually, what you have? >> this is a letter from the state department to hillary clinton's lawyers last june. this was just obtained by judicial watch. you got it through the freedom of information. that is the background. basically, hillary's lawyers to
9:45 am
redact or raise some of the e-mails that she is on her private server. they deal with the whole range of things. it does look, these are being deemed as classified in a today redacted before they go public, which is very interesting and the judges pointed out in an e-mail that maybe that's not unusual that you redact sensitive information. when the documents are taken by someone in the government out of the state government environment on the home server. charles: is that it's not going to work. i come the big board the rally lost before the market had lost even more is the near. the dow 33 points, struggling right now looking for direction. i find momentum names up. back to a politics and donald trump easily winning the new hampshire primary last night. they want so happy with the results. check out this headline. new hampshire goes racist, sexist and enough of it here but you make of this? ashley: can you imagine.
9:46 am
they also say a racist sexist demagogue just one. they have been in a long battle with donald trump, calling him a liar and racist pretty much in every story they do. how about the daily news? this puts into perspective where they stand. dawn of the brain dead but the picture of a very sinister nasty looking donald trump. it goes on to say the clown comes back to life with new hampshire when zombies turn out. >> i can see they don't like trump. people vote here they vote how they want to vote and that's the american way. >> when the last title in the caucuses, the big dave was dead calm walking. charles: $4.1 trillion budget. our next guest says yet another tax on the middle class.
9:47 am
joining me now, senator john barrasso. i guess we know the budget won't make it through the term congress. but i also think the president about 40 things about taxing the middle class and maybe the next winner on the democratic side. >> well, he certainly has an added obsession with attacking america red white and blue energy doing it again proposing a gas tax of 25 cents a gallon. the white house is very dishonest when they say this will just young oil companies. your viewers know this'll be passed onto the consumers. this is bad for consumers, bad for jobs, bad for our economy and it hurts us internationally as well. an excess of us can edit it. iran wants it because they have 30 to 2 million euros of oil right now off shoring tankers. the president says it's okay for iran to sell that and at the
9:48 am
same time, he is trying to make it harder and more expensive for americans. >> that's a great point. saudi arabia hopes them as well. i also want to ask you a tax on top of additional taxes first 250,000. this is another huge blow to small businesses. what is that the president doesn't get? >> the president's budget again borrows too much, spends too much government taxes too much. all of these things are a drag on our economy. so many americans think it is heading in the wrong direction. not happy with where the president is taking it. to your earlier point, hillary clinton or bernie sanders want to continue in that direction specifically with energy. the other night after the debate, hillary clinton said of exploration for fossil deals on public lands said never again. the administration to be a done deal.
9:49 am
you're not going to have any of that. that drives the economy and so many states. so many states depend on tax revenue. so many jobs are related to exploration and investment on public lands. so it just does more of the same hillary clinton consolidate and try to expand on president obama's eight years for our country. >> without a doubt. it is not helped america, our economy or 300,000 jobs lost. senator, thank you for your time. >> thank you, charles. charles: ted cruz puts a strong third new hampshire. we've got to give them the rubio treatment for the next crucial posts. bernie sanders had a big win last night. before we get south carolina, he's got to work on a hillary firewall with no unless. al sharpton. >> in new hampshire confirmed tonight is nothing short at the
9:50 am
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9:54 am
this morning but rather not sharpton. what he think about this one? >> the first real test of the african-american vote in south carolina. they are meeting at sylvia's restaurant in harlem, basically hillary clinton is leaning bernie sanders in south carolina get when you look at just the black vote, and 86 as a love in. this comes after bernie sanders that twice in july and august when he was disrupted by black lives matter protesters in seattle and phoenix. can he do it? can he pull off the african-american vote? we don't know who's he's enforcing. >> media overestimate how much black people like hillary clinton. they still remembered during the election could sharpton does not represent black people and sanders is picking up the barack obama ideological baton. we will see. great night for donald trump.
9:55 am
he won his first primary in new hampshire, easily winning the vote with john k. sake of 16%. surprising a lot of people, ted cruz at 12% and jeb and senator marco rubio both tied at 11. governor chris christie, ben carson on the back of the pack. rick tyler wright said cruz. cruz fans are wondering what the heck is going on. this is the sort of win for cruz coming out of iowa and that hasn't been a narrative in the media. >> i'm glad she said that. sometimes we don't get a break. we won iowa and rubio underperformed last night. we are excited about are showing in new hampshire. more of a secularist day, popular stay. someone who plays the populace on tv. the real donald trump you get more of the same because it's an establishment candidate.
9:56 am
congratulations to him. john kasich had a good night. the ground game does really work. we had a great ground game in new hampshire. we didn't invest a lot of money there. upward of 50 million. jeb bush 36 million. >> depending how you figure it out, you guys spend less per vote than any candidate including donald tron. i'm not sure if that includes the path or not. does it say something about the conservative label? the donald trump &-ampersand they will mitigate my victory by my victory they say new hampshire is a liberal state. is there any truth to that at all? >> i grew up in new hampshire. i graduated high school. it's a popular state and people want change and donald trump is the populace on television. when you meet donald trump in his own words is not a populist at all. >> i've got asked about south
9:57 am
carolina. they are pretty strong showing. >> but we know in the south carolina is the establishment is not a clear front runner. donald trump is suing well in south carolina. we will be there bright up until the election. we'll see what happens. this is an exciting time for everybody. i love the fact we have a real battle between trump and cruz. thanks a lot. >> you bet. check on the price of oil.
9:58 am
9:59 am
charles: disney record quarter. these days you don't want to hear that. that's investors are focused on a much stack stock is down 4%
10:00 am
right now cost him a doubt this 23 points. the braking is that hillary clinton's e-mail scandal getting more on that over 12 hours after crashing new hampshire to bernie sanders gabriel talk about that as well. of course dramatic new video coming in. rescuing a syrian refugees who is clinging to the boat. amazing stuff over there. the world cup soccer star says he may actually boycott the olympics in brazil because he's worried about the zika virus. you don't have anything to worry about here. our two starts right now. don't ask me where it came from, but i told you was coming. here you go. up 100 points. the rally lost a little steam. remember the pros don't buy until around 10:00 it may be stepping up to the plate. oil a big story all week long.
10:01 am
the next rebound inventory at 1030 eastern time. maybe the stock market as well. first let's check the shares at disney. one of the best quarters ever. cord cutting still hurting. >> "star wars" 2 billion in sales and counting. record earnings. the best earnings quarter for disney in the history of the company. great news. easily beat the revenue estimate. as you mentioned, the issue of cord cutting and bundling and espn is the cash cow for disney has a disproportionate share of business cash flow and people i run subscribing. mr. eiger at disney said we saw a slight uptick in subscribers for espn, but the best is not buying it. they know that is the direction they are going and espn has to reinvent it felt. charles: he would get it done. we may get the australian football back. by the way, the shares are absolutely annihilated.
10:02 am
they had a pretty good quarter. >> they were down more than a third versus the prior quarter. this company is going through serious cash burn as well. basically falling oil prices, people not looking to solar installation. a lot of debt on the balance sheet. contracts are out 20 years. this is a company not doing so well. elon musk, the chairman owns more than a fifth of it. tesla also think that that that coming out after the bell. charles: a tough year for elon musk. the holy person hasn't been a tough year is hillary clinton. >> there is news that at last year the state department contacted hillary clinton's lawyers and said look, you have to look at these e-mails you have on your server because these are classified. they need to be deleted are heavily redacted did the e-mails were eventually released as right of the 55,000 but it took the state department to tell
10:03 am
mrs. clinton's lawyers he better get rid of these. the argument we had no idea that these e-mails were classified as a whole. >> the state department knew she was using the home server. >> the argument has been dissolving away. last night's results are in hampshire. look at fox news exit poll. among democrats, new hampshire voters said they were a top quality. bernie sanders scored a 91% to hillary's 5% and the center for american progress, emily susman is with us. is hillary your candidate? >> i do support hillary. i think she's the best candidate in the field. she is the best vision, the best plan adds a long time coming. i am a democrat. i did not support hillary in the 2008 primary. i worked for the barack obama campaign. i think she's the right candidate for now. >> what's wrong with the disconnect?
10:04 am
if you look into the data come in cans, sanders one every age group except 65 and older. he won everyone on the economy, whether they think it's better or worse. everyone's looking in new hampshire overwhelmingly to sanders. you've got to be concerned about this. >> is it a mistake for hillary people to say no big deal or should something resonates a mess in iowa which had to be too close for comfort. >> the biggest things that campaign should be looking at his voters under 30. they are not the most consistent voters, but they are coming out much stronger for sanders and clinton in a much larger margin than people expect it. a lot of that is they just don't necessarily resonate with the message is pushing right now. it's not actually that different. the policies they like about sanders is not different, but
10:05 am
they are not hearing her methods. >> from 30 to 44, 45 to 64, she's got trouble from old folks on the way down i think. hold on right there. i want to go to new hampshire because we have blake burman. bernie sanders, and buries bernie headed right now? >> not to nevada, not to south carolina. bernie sanders is in new york right now, specifically in harlem having a breakfast meeting with the reverend al sharpton. a couple things that play to note your first obviously sharpton is a prominent ague within the black community across the country. and if you look at the polling, it suggests the black democratic voters significantly favor hillary clinton over bernie sanders at this point.
10:06 am
when democratic voters between hillary clinton and bernie sanders can see a significantly went for clinton. if you drill down even closer to south carolina, black voters there according to the latest poll from "the wall street journal" a few weeks ago, go for hillary clinton at a four to one clip over bernie sanders. this hasn't been an issue for sanders or for clinton so far because according to the u.s. census data, only 3% of ohio is made up of african-americans. on the 1.5% here in new hampshire. if you look at south carolina, the numbers 28% in after that the race goes into the southern states. charles: thanks a lot. order the chicken and waffles if you want any credibility. >> i know i have some work to
10:07 am
do, particularly with young people. i will repeat again what i have said this week. even if they are not supporting me now, i support them. charles: and lake county said it's not necessary substance, the something wrong with the messenger. >> i actually think it's the messaging in the first important step is to acknowledge she had the problem. that is huge. charles: she started done my part. >> she acknowledges the problem. the campaign is to alter the messaging engine is to actually acknowledge for young people's heads are. they don't necessarily have a career or looking for a career. they are not sure about their future. they are crushing student debt. it's something she needs to acknowledge quickly and then they'll start to connect moving through on the issues. it is not until she can find with their heads at issue a breakthrough.
10:08 am
>> i think she might be making a mistake with this firewall. like people remember the type x were little dirty with barack obama. bernie sanders is taking the barack obama baton to the direction of barack obama if she had a friendlier congress. i'm not sure why the black community is in the back for her. >> there is a lot more that resonates on her platform with voters of color but in south carolina and nevada with latino voters. sanders message really has trouble breaking through. his message is very clear. it is anti-wall street. everything comes back. that's not necessarily what people are thinking about. he ties everything back to economic inequality and really has trouble technology and from a serious place of racial structural inequality. charles: outside of the social justice richard duchenne for things in the past that barack obama has hung his whole administration on this carrying that more, but we will see.
10:09 am
may see new in town. the republican side, john kasich saffer worked really well. he took second place last night. national cochair of morgan ortega is with us. governor kasich, is he going to get donations. he is broke and needs cash. >> i was on last night with neil cavuto. i took a contrarian view to she and trish regan blamed against the momentum to south carolina. i don't buy it and here is why. kasich went all in new hampshire. if you are going to go while the income you need to win, not scored double-digit. i don't think they did a mass to make the case for the bush or rubio donors to go to him in south carolina. to me, the third service pack reach wayne trump and cruise is going to be rubio r. bush and that is the real site in south
10:10 am
carolina. charles: listen come i think he probably did better than people thought he was a week ago. having said that, the establishment didn't so messed up between rubio, bush and some others like christie getting out. who gets the cash? who steps up to the plate? are they can do now is take both from each other. >> with him, all of the teams going into south carolina have said this is going to be a bloodbath. this is traditionally what happens in south carolina. it can be a nasty stay for politics. we have nevada a few days after south carolina and really we will see if bush and rubio go into florida. i think the kasich thing is overplayed. he has no money, no infrastructure. when they took a enough for donors and supporters, i don't see where this avalanche of support comes from. charles: real quick, morgan are you saying bush would drop out
10:11 am
before florida? >> there is no reason. he'd be rubio last night. he beat expectations and is pulling south carolina. let's talk about rubio. >> fifth place. it's august. i am not sure he could ever get the momentum back. i have been there and i am very fortunate to know mark or rubio quite well. he's an incredibly talented guy. he had a really bad night. it's going to be difficult for them to overcome. rubio wants to live another day after the election. he's not running for reelection this year and he is a young man. he still has the political life in front of him. i am looking to see what happens to rubio in south carolina and
10:12 am
south carolina and does he go on to florida because he wants to live another day to run for governor of florida, run for president again. charles: when it came to the stage, i thought maybe that would make knowledge meant. >> can i make one point about that? rubio had a disappointing night and i think he was incredibly humble and came out before his audience and showed his heart and said this is not what we wanted your contrast that with secretary clinton who cannot last night with one of the most bizarre speeches. completely tone. the big difference between the losers at the night was really a merritt island and how they approach their attitude. charles: i do think and hope we can whittle this down a little bit more. people need to focus not because it's getting to game time. it's a lie. new video and bernie sanders and not sharpton. check it out. it just happened moments ago.
10:13 am
i want to see bernie break out the hot sauce. you better break it out. liz: and the waffles and chicken. charles: donald trump had a big win. where's the substance, donald? we are going to touch one of his deputies next. a dramatic rescue at sea. this is a serious refugee being plopped from that tip of a bow. dozens of people died in that very same boat.
10:14 am
i thought i married an italian. my lineage was the vecchios and zuccolis. through ancestry, through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian. he was 34% eastern european. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. he looks a little bit like me, yes. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at
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10:16 am
charles: we are holding games as much as 100 trying to hang out there. beating the s&p 500 higher. the higher revenue, but office, demand for security services it also did not last night 1 billion-dollar share buyback and that never hurts. want to take a look at the video talked about earlier. the turkish coast guard rescued a searing migraine after his boat sank.
10:17 am
ashley: this year and refugees, story playing out every day in the aegean sea. he was on the six survivors clinging onto the very tip of the boat. you can be here 27 people died on the boat and put in 11 children. they been in the water for several hours suffering from hypothermia, but they got to head and managed to rescue him. again, this is the scene we've seen played out. they were trying to get to greece. charles: it's gotten a lot worse. they will talk later about what's going on. they said russia and syria hashing it out but the disruption -- you can ignore it. something you certainly can't ignore his donald trump. one of the biggest criticisms about him has been his lack of substance. the clintons were in women author and former trump adviser want to welcome in rogers. congratulations last night.
10:18 am
>> congratulations go to donald trump. i'm just a supporter. charles: by the way, speculation you still given some support, suggestions here and there. you have no ties to the campaign? >> i have no formal or informal role. donald trump and i've been friends for 40 years that we talk occasionally. i'm proud of what he's done. he had a huge night as he would put it, a huge night. >> we had a big turnout. it was interesting romney got a lesser turnout, so i think donald trump probably wisely asserted down played it a little bit in the sense that this is a beginning we've got to go all the way. what i'm saying is it's not a slam dunk. >> now, largely because the field against him remain split. the achieve two things last night or two things were
10:19 am
achieved. trump one big maintain his position that the opposition is still split between multiple candidates. 34%, 35% and is going to have a dynamic working forward. charles: at any point does this get narrower with the last two or three people standing. you're going to make america a great. you're going to reinvigorate the economy house. >> trump has a specific plan to reinvigorate the economy including corporate tax rate below that of china. it is 35, china 25. trump has proposed cutting it to 15. the program for inversion to bring $2 trillion sitting not sure back in the country to be properly taxed across-the-board tax cut to put more money into businesses for the expansion and jobs. trump is running on both concepts. the voters don't want a 24-point
10:20 am
plan. i think people understand he would recharge our economy to afford to rebuild our military and he would decapitate isis, but not have to do it on the national credit card. i think voters -- charles: that the people want to understand. have you decapitate isis without putting money into it? >> trump is strongest on the economy. charles: how do we destroy isis without putting money or manpower into it? >> first of all, we have to afford to destroy isis and whether it's rebuilding the military for a more prudent foreign policy, it all hinges and a strong economy. charles: congratulcongratul ations. everybody wants to see all those things happening. south carolina is going to be
10:21 am
great. see you again soon. the supreme court delivered a major blow to president obama's agenda on climate change. we've got that and much more. more "varney" after this. we live in a pick and choose world.
10:22 am
10:23 am
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10:24 am
charles: amazon getting a pretty nice balance of more than 19 points. remember, stocks down 30% this year. we've got some really important breaking news on harry potter. ashley: this is big, charles. harry potter and the curse child parts wanted to release this year, july 31st right after midnight. this actually placed on the play to debut in monday and this summer. basically tells the story of harry potter who is 19 years after the last harry potter book. he's a husband, father of three
10:25 am
and overworked employee at the ministry of magic gate basically these books are based on the play put into book form. charles: the supreme court in this might be a little bit of a bigger story. agreeing to hold a force meant until several legal challenges have been resolved. i asked judge napolitano about it last hour. watch this. >> the supreme court has never done in a case but it did last night, which is reached down to a lower court for the epa is litigating against in a lower court gone on the supreme court and that the lower court, you shall stop the enforcement of this regulation, this set of rules until after you decide if the rules are constitutional. charles: what you make of that? liz: that is at the 27 states and businesses argued.
10:26 am
this is overreach by the epa and the first time the court has done is to block an epa rule. this is key to the president's claim power plant that has now been blocked. he wanted basically coal power fired electricity animation from that cut by 32%. charles: is buried your current income extraordinarily costly. the time. which they were supposed to do it is unachievable. we would lose $2.5 trillion in our economy. 300,000 to a million jobs lost and each individual american. liz: the is a sweeping blow to the global warming bowls. thanks a lot. it is off to south carolina. check out the price of oil. into today was four days in a row. but just a little bit. moments from now we'll find out how much oil and gas we have and
10:27 am
that will move the markets. [bassist] two late nights in tucson.
10:28 am
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10:30 am
and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. >> all right just a moment we've been waiting for inventory oil inventory are breaking right now. what do we have? let the audience know estimates recruit with 3.5 million billion for gasoline 417,000. down 754,000 barrels. on crude, wow. markets by the way already beginning to rock it up on that news. qhab gasoline? >> heeding of stocks is up 41,000 that's a big move and gasoline output is up 911,000. so that's a weekly gas output. quare seeing gas, watch this from veering trtd a buck a gallon in five states. it's at a buck 11 in oklahoma city.
10:31 am
we haven't seen levels since 1999. so we're back to the future with gas price it is right now. expects draw down of 1.7 million. that is a surprise, gas up 1.26 million we're expecting a decline of 414,000. surprising gas upside with the bill but more crude used unexpected. >> market on the screen you guys hit a new high on dow jones industrial average too. i want to bring in shell oil john, you know what john, i notice week to week but what do you make of the numbers? is there a stint something happening with all of the rigs taken offline and cap x projects that have been math balled? >> i think it's incremental change not a big deal. small potatoes. but that's okay. the market is -- doing whatever the market is.
10:32 am
couple of weeks ago there were 12 gallons in gasoline so maybe it doesn't speeb to demand. but more to demand than to supply at least the shift that we're starting to see. >> on a week to week basis you never know quite whether it's demand that's drawing it off our distribution of project that is going to stock local retail percent with more -- more availability. it's very hard on a week to week basis to recognize any trend unless you look at it over a period of months. i think the point that you just made is there's a decline in oil production and greater decline in crude oil production over o the coming weeks and months, and ting that is going to settle the marketses and started to rebound because there will be a point at which demands exceeds supply. i don't think it is in next two or three months but maybe in next six months see it on the u.s. basis, but even on a globals basis. >> you know i'm not the worrier
10:33 am
that day traders are, when it comes to what's happen happening in a local market. >> what about scraib they've got big deficits now fighting war in yemen. yesterday they said they're going to stop funding foreign students in america like 60,000 students. so they're cutting back in a lot of places to keep this crazy war going. >> yeah, they have to worry about internal decent in the country as well. i think they're reaching a point charles and this is just my opinion only informed by my general awareness and discussion with people from the kingdom that theiring are spending affiliate money to try to cripple russia's academy and iran's economy and russia and iran will not cave. there's going to come a point where saudis have to move from market share and instead start paying bills that kingdom is acquiring they have a huge social plan, and to be able about to pay that, they need oil
10:34 am
up to one hundred a barrel. >> they're living on debt. you mention iran and russia, iran is selling in euro right now comien selling , buying oil from russia, and does that mean anything that we're starlgtd to see major oil supply percent issue the dollar? a discount so russian and iranians they need money. whatever they need to make more money because they have bills to pay, they'll do it. but in reality if you set back and think about this is an artificial market in any case because if the big guy. producers like russia, like saudi arabia, decide to cut back three, four, 5% and all of a sudden we change the demand supply relationship. and we've added, you know, lots of price into the cost of oil. so i think it's just a matter of
10:35 am
time until people come a little bit more to their senses to make a pragmatic decision that's in the best interest of their economic future and it's always a contrived market this is not a real supply, demand situation because of the arbitrariness of oil supply. >> john hofmeister, by the way on this news guys now dow jones industrial average at the high today up 171 points. i want to take another look at bernie sanders meeting in new york city. what do you make of that? >> well clearly a mood to try to attract more of the african-american voter but to your point al sharpton represent the african-american community and does this have an impact for mr. sand rs who knowses he's out of o new hampshire with a big win and south to south carolina he has to look for support outside of his main base. >> right this comes ahead of the key south carolina vote. for more than half of the primary electorate is
10:36 am
african-american, al sharpton has not said who he will endorse. >> all right we'll see what happens there. well after winning iowa ted cruz narrowly edged out at third place in new hampshire. but he heads down to south carolina with a cruz campaign has a major structure already in place. ted cruz supporter and republican from new hampshire former senator bob smith joins us frommanman chsers are you pointing out? >> absolutely. we've played hard. we let nothing in the locker room but everything out on the field and do all that we could do. we had thousands of volunteers, thousands of phone calls, you know, thousands of everything just everybody out there working, and it was a true grassroots effort, and you know all of the expectations by the media it was -- were very low. everybody thought we couldn't do it, and what senator cruz did here frankly is to put together a big chunk of the reagan coalition. a lot of people thought that it
10:37 am
was e evangelical in iowa, and progun, pro-life tea party. >> to that point, though, donald trump really if you look at the composition of his votes last night, looks like he's best positioned if to argue hey in the general election i can draw reagan democrats. i can draw independents. how does ted cruz fight, push back against that? >> ultimately up to voters we respect that. but i think if voters listen to senator cruz in south carolina aside they did here, they'll hear a consistent -- >> hate to cut you off because we have to go live to new york where rerved reverend al sharpton is going to speak. >> senator sanders talk about issues that threat our community around parking lot country. i think it is very important that he sent a signal that on the morning after a historic, he
10:38 am
would come to harlem to have breakfast bhe. i think that is why you see a former head of the naacp ins endorsed him america opinions within his district, and i think it is important that these issues be raised. i asked him bluntly about clint and affirmative action and i've asked him bluntly if the issues of police brutally and police misconduct. things that i want to hear. he's agreed also to meet with the heads of national civil rights organization all of us are meeting with mrs. complin ton i've not made endorsement and probably won't after that meeting. after that i will. has endorsinged and senator perkins has endorsed that meeting is next thursday. with senator -- secretary clinton o.
10:39 am
but our issues cannot be marginalized. my concern -- i understand that optics that go out this morning after new hampshire, my concern is that in january of next year, for the first time in american history, a black family will be moving out of the white house. i do not want black concerns to be moved out with them. we must be front and center and not marginalized and senator sanders coming here this morning make it is clear that we will not be ignoringed our votes must be earned. nobody can deliver our votes. none of us are in, but our job is to keep our agenda front and center. senator either of you -- >> good morning i'm ben, for bernie sanders and organized a lot in harlem. my generation was the first generation --
10:40 am
>> guys that's ben referred to rerched by al sharpton in charge of the naacp and endorsed bernie sanders you heard him say he's a surrogate. >> this is in the basically the clinton backyard they live there. and bill clinton has an office around corner from where they met. i'll tell you something for -- bernie sanders to grab headlines away from hillary clinton is a big deal. he's basically meeting with -- met with al sharpton in the same restaurant that president barack obama met with al sharpton back in 2008. >> i recommend to everyone. we have breaking news for you guys, chris chris christie suspending his campaign and going to south carolina he went to new jersey did soul searching and he's out drk >> according to abc news hangt been officially -- announced. but no big surprise there. christie spending less than bush. jeb bush spent $36 million in new hampshire.
10:41 am
those were top two -- went for broke couldn't get any traction. took down rubio no doubt in last saturday debate that shows debates are important but, however, not got there. vote was split between too many candidates on republican side he could never get any -- >> and now -- trying to get by, trying to become vf candidate perhaps there for donald trump. >> i think he's got -- he wants to be trump's vp if nothing else. shift back because this is a huge story al sharpton has not ten doored anyone with hillary clinton about this, an he talked about our issues, and the signals and optics of it all that they would be with ben, a surrogate now for bernie sanders puts a tremendous amount of heat in the clintons in general. >> trying to get bernie sanders to talk about talk racial equality he brought pup flynt,
10:42 am
michigan, waters crisis there, you know, hillary clinton does have a lead over o bernie sangd wheres it comes to afn vote. he knows he needs to keep that vote to keep progressing forward in this the states where that vote matter pps >> a very clever move and done it quickly. we knew it was going to do this yesterday. and on the back of that impressive victory in new hampshire, okay backyard but he still did it. >> absolutely amazing all right we have senator smith for -- confirm from new hampshire, sorry about that. qed to breaking news and i had to go in there and cut in. but i want to ask you news about chris christie dropping out. you know he changed dynamics in new hampshire with his heart attack that was effective against rubio. he comes out of it, though, looking like the bad guy too. his run is over o. big question is now who will he throw his support behind and is this for cruz? >> i don't know who he will throw his support behind but i know that senator cruz would
10:43 am
congratulate him and will i'm sure congratulate him on his run. that's, you know, when you're doanl in the trenches you know it's a tough business, and you know it's nice to get -- we love to see guys in the arena making the fight and governor christie did that. i think where it help it is is field narrows, i think it helps to see the things get more focused and i think as we go into south carolina now if other candidates such as governor christie and others leave the race, and that's their choice, obviously. >> sure. >> then i think you'll see a little more focus between the top three or o four who are still in. >> bob smith thank you very much. "varney & company" will be right back. these little guys? they represent blood cells. and if you have afib-an irregular heartbeat that may put you at five times greater risk of stroke they can pool together in the heart, forming a clot that can break free and travel upstream to the brain, where it can block blood flow and cause a stroke. but if you have afib that's
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10:46 am
noel, netflix. twitter, facebook, starbucks higher waiting on twitter numbers. we want to start your day every day on fox business at 5 a.m. we'll see you there lauren simonetti and i with all of the days's breaking news you need. with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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>> checking big board we were up
10:48 am
180 when numbers came out and popped on initial enthuse ya., but that's faded. marketing hang hadding in there. same thing with oil up over a buck. holding on to gains but not narrowly where we were before. and now tesla. they're going to report after the bell. fox up a little bit but been real, real tough year for that stock, and we have breaking news that's been a crazy morning. donald trump may have won big in new hampshire. but the mainstream media really is not buying into the hype at all "huffington post" out with this headline this morning, quote, new hampshire goes racist, sexist gene phobic and new york "daily news" has headlines saying gone of the brain dead. trump responds only twitter this morning saying, quote, owner of the new york "daily news" he's a major complex. paper will soon close. joe is here as well. what do you make of this? i know how post was low to cover donald trump as a candidate.
10:49 am
u now of course these kind of attacks. >> huffing it ton post first they put donald trump in their entertainment section because he's not a real candidate, and once their traffic numbers went down and ad revenue went down they said okay we'll treat him like a real one so business won out there. as for "daily news" let me give you a anecdote i'm at a charity event with my father's friends in new jersey close to where you live, and they all unequivocally support donald trump. now u how does this relate to "daily news"? it's not that they went after trump but supporters calling him brain dead zombies my decide's friends are intelligent people. people raised good families. when you start insulting them charles, they will not buy that paper again, it hurts the business was "daily news," a i were pa that is trump said is struggling. >> joe you could say to a certain degree it spofort backs --
10:50 am
i think chris is saying to say respect to new york elite values. maybe not trying to sell anyone to lynn hurst but trying to appease new yorkers who are reading the paper thissing morning while they sip their cappuccino whatever. maybe -- they're going after this very narrow -- thought process the elites really feels look it's just a paper that reflects elites not many people in new york anymore. >> not making very much business that way. tried to sell this paper last year but so toxic it in terms of the reputation throwing hail mary headlines to draw attention to itself. here's what phil guarantee you the print edition of this paper because they've cut so much staff and hold it, this will not exist in 2016. >> bird cages? good point. thanks. if you missed it, we had a lot of breaking news for you this morning. first hearing chris christie is suspending his bid for the white house.
10:51 am
>> but he may not be according to fox news just breaking, that he has not decided whether to suspend his campaign but heading home to new jersey. he did place sixth in new hampshire. >> maybe had abc playing a roles of cnn on this one. of course al sharpton meeting with bernie sanders that was absolutely huge. i want to shift gears because this stey ka zika virus it's a epidemic in brazil and now hope solo say she won't go to rio to compete because of the risk. she said it's too great. we have more varney for you, next. your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market conditions... you can feel confident... our experience. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price.
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>> and now this, u.s. women's star soccer goaltender hope solo say she may skill olympics in brazil over o concern about the zika virus. medical team manny is here to talk about it. first question is is she overreacting? >> i don't blame her. we still have a lot of unknowns but we know couple of things that we're seeing a lot of cases of microcephaly in south america, we don't have control on mosquitoes especially in the whole south american cone and in central america and in mexico, and southern states now in the u.s. we know for sure that this virus
10:56 am
loves the, you know, loves pregnancy and fetuses and attacks the neurosystem, brain, and eyes, and -- >> a cure for it? >> what are you telling your patients they say do i go to a country or not? >> right now i have a lot of women calling, and testing them especially because people do go to south america and central america so now -- caribbean, so now we have to test them. we have to put them in a protocol. we have a protocol we have to test them. but more importantly, more concerned that cdc is putting any kind of rules regarding blood transfusions and blood donations and this has to happen because other countries are doing it. >> continue to talk about that. dr. manny thanks so much. back to politics donald trump wins in new hampshire like it or o not he's a serious con o tengder but when will we get policy substance from the donald. hour ho three of varney, three minutes away. every day you read headlines about businesses
10:57 am
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>> breaking news. ap has just called the new hampshire side of the race. >> i guess you could say a bit of a win. what about kasich? he came in second. a little bit of momentum heading into new hampshire. he spent twice as much money as anyone else in new hampshire. he really put his flag in the ground there. he took -- >> south carolina could be make or break. we have another alert for you. now we have learned that the state department, a certain sensitive amount of e-mails.
11:01 am
>> when hillary diverged it, the private server, and then a traditional watch and then the state department said we do not have anything. then, hillary did two things. she downloaded 55,000 e-mails from the private server. she wiped off or attempted to destroy or race what she said was personal. she took the 55,000 that were downloaded and handed them in a flash drive to her lawyer. they were classified and secret. who lacks a security clearance. you have classified materials in the flash drive.
11:02 am
would you remove certain words? normally, the state department would do this under a tone. you redact the secret part. you reveal that. it is transparency. this is not a normal case. she took all the information. she decided what to get back. she decided what to erase. now her lawyer is holding a hot potato. he cannot read it. he cannot get rid of it. charles: it has been some time. they really have no choice. i do not blame him. she should never have had it. she should have never made these decisions. charles: which e-mails to put in
11:03 am
that. that is family pictures, i will keep that. the efforts to wipe the server clean. i do not think she succeeded in doing that. the feeling i get. locating that which she thought she wiped clean. charles: what about this pride thing that came out of left field. >> this is very serious. a series of e-mails. in which it appears that one of her top aides said to a reporter, we will give you a copy of the speech before she gets to the speech. >> wow.
11:04 am
that is a form of bribery. this may be one of the reasons the fbi has not yet come up with a recommendation about whether or not to indict. >> potential areas for investigation. >> thanks a lot. i really appreciate it. bernie sanders met yesterday with al sharpton. roll tape. >> my concern is that in january of next year, for the first time in american history, a black family will be moving out of the white house. i do not want black concerns to be moved out with them. we must be front and center and not modularized. we will not be ignored. >> you know, somewhat receptive. >> two things here.
11:05 am
he reportedly arranged this meeting. called for it. they met in harlem. trying to get more african american voters. far more on hillary clinton's side of things. it says, i think, al sharpton is saying, do not take me for granted. you should be taking this candidate very seriously. >> already endorsed senator sanders. he spoke out to sharpton. a big message to the clintons. we do have some breaking news for you from capitol hill. what do we have so far? >> negative interest rates. this remains a question that we need to investigate. the locality of the federal reserve. lowering interest rates so low.
11:06 am
this is something that was considered in 2010. this is a matter that they considered around 2010. they did not fully go forward and have their options to provide those accommodations. i do not know of any restrictions that would prevent us from doing that. then she talks about the memo. we always look at what options we may have. the bottom line is, she does not think that there would be any restrictions on the federal reserve. the question of locality has not been thoroughly explored. >> locality and the fed. japan went negative this week. it is a legitimate question. thanks a lot, adam. we welcome back to you later. donald trump winning new
11:07 am
hampshire. solidifying his place as a serious contender, to say the least. you know, here is a question. people on twitter hate this. you are making a lot of promises. we are just not sure how you are going to pull it off. i have an amazing track record of being a successful builder. >> no. i do not think so. i think that this is a very different type of race. he is able to attract those voters. feel the trade by the republican establishment. as well as they want an outsider. on both sides of the aisle, we are seeing two candidates. the outsiders of their party. taking charge right now and being in the lead. more so on the republican side did donald trump has made it very clear where he is going.
11:08 am
not only make america great again, but what he is doing is bringing hope back to these voters, these gop voters that are very upset with how things have been ran here in washington. charles: the best answer i have heard all morning. we have given the gop a shot. president trump. you have the majority in congress. everything including the recent bill. that really is a true narrative. the gop. a true establishment. >> they feel, i think, for the most part, they did not stop obama. they allowed the is negative overreach on immigration. they feel very fresh rated. this is about the voices of the working class. the voices of the individuals that suffered or the recession.
11:09 am
still trying to figure out who will pay their bills. giving that message of hope right now, that is donald trump. how can they provide this message. they are running up against the current here. you have nearly half the gop voters. we feel betrayed. we do not feel that you are doing the job here in d.c. >> thanks a lot. really appreciate it. finishing a strong second place in new hampshire. what does that mean for his campaign? >> first, he upgraded his plane. he took the press with him in an interview on the plane. said that he is feeling good about south carolina. he has not necessarily have a lot of cash on hand to do this. charles: does he have more cash
11:10 am
now all of a sudden? >> he came in second place. what i am hearing from the political advisor on the bus, we are going to plant the flag in michigan. michigan does not vote until march 8. you cannot just go. we will see what happens here. >> the dow was up 180 points. just 34 points. remember the oil inventory. crude under $28 a barrel. the core cutting issue. it does not go away. down those shares have gone. we should be prepared for diaper
11:11 am
volatility. the one thing to be proud. four. we have had this easy monetary environment. you go back to 2012-2014. what happened? we artificially press interest rates down. the multiple went from historic. what are we doing now? going to that 19 level. charles: we do not get that kind of massive corrections or crashes. typically, the low 20s or even higher. now i am looking at water stocks. particularly industrials. >> getting some consumer staples. you look at procter & gamble. that is pretty significant.
11:12 am
we are talking about disney today. comparative to its peers. that is why you are seeing the peers. the average level has been about 20. historically long-term. last year we averaged 16.6. still below its norm. now we are overcompensating for that. >> we are talking about this fear gauge. people are too afraid. >> here is why. you want to get into companies. they can invest on other companies. you name it. seventeen pd.
11:13 am
it is growing 20%. that is a great company. this is the indicator of uncertainty. that is what is happening right now. >> i really appreciate it. after bernie sanders wins new hampshire. it looks like it is more likely. that is next. ♪ at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad.
11:16 am
it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. >> here is a look at this video. from the turkish coast guard. >> part of a boat that left turkey. trying to get to greece. this is a scene that is sadly played out every day. the long guy. they found him clinging to the very tip of the boat as it was sinking. he survived. he had been there a couple of
11:17 am
hours. eleven children died after that boat sank. a very heartbreaking scene. it is likely to get worse. charles: thanks a lot. we do have a quick news alert for you. refusing to issue marriage licenses. >> sent to jail for five days. since the release, she has removed her name from the marriage licenses. the judge says that that is perfectly fine. the former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is in the city. some may be considering a run for the white house.
11:18 am
charlie gasparino. >> new york city last night. meeting with some wall street executives. the question came up. he has put out multiple private pools. a path to victory. it does not mean he is going to win, but there is a path to victory. bernie sanders or donald trump. scenarios running as an independent. at the meeting yesterday, did not sound like he was ready to rock and roll with this. i don't care what he is telling the financial times right now. are you running for president. he was incredibly hesitant. trump, sanders that he sees. far right, far left. >> yes. i will say this. he still has, he has to run as
11:19 am
an independent. he obviously has the money. it led most people to believe that he is leaning against running. charles: john kasich. came in strong. sort of like marco rubio. is rubio don? >> last night i reported that the private polls that the rubio people had, i initially thought that he would be a strong second. last night they saw a surge. charles: even after the debate? charlie: initially entered the debate geared that debate hurt him.
11:20 am
going forward. they had very low expectations. it came in number two. the last thing that rubio wants to be known as is and inexperienced kid. when christy really hurt him, i think a lot will be done after south carolina. i think if there was a clear number two, let's just say kasich got 25%, there would be a lot of calls to coalesce around 1%. >> yes. it did not happen. it is still pretty muddy. >> growing fears among economists. another 2008. charlie: i spoke to a lot of wall street. covering the 2008 crisis.
11:21 am
i was covering it in 2007. citigroup was a basket case. we all knew that they had lots of bad debt on their books. they have to have some stuff. much more capitalized than they were back then. something is wrong over there. i know we are not talking about the same size or magnitude. >> i do not think so. they are heavily regulated. all banks are regulated under the agreement. this global regulation. it is just possible. just possible. the shares are selling off because we are heading into a recession. >> thinks a lot. more varney after this.
11:22 am
11:23 am
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11:26 am
in the chris christie acknowledges it. leading the s&p 500. reports last night of higher revenue. also, $1 billion share buyback pogrom. that stock having a huge session. high school students in virginia causing controversy. ashley. you are seeing it here. a lesson and racial discourse. what you are seeing here is for athletes. two why did to african-americans. taking off in the race. the minority races are told to hold back. you see slavery and so on, from the screen. this is like an attempt to create white guilt for students. it is inappropriate. this is a presentation involving
11:27 am
american history and racial issues. as they say, create this. charles: better ways to explain american history. heartbreaking is what you are looking out right now. the obama administration policies failing the middle east. looking at it. we will be right back. ♪
11:28 am
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charles: let's take a look at the big board. same sort of deal with oil. we have that surprised drop in crude. now we are a little bit lower. but authorities still investigating the shooting of a christmas party in san bernardino. it still cannot get into the shooters home because of data encryption. one device that the fbi needs to get into. telling the senate that he is unable to get it. one of the many problems that they are having.
11:32 am
these are the devices where they will hold the evidence. communications being made before they were killed. very important information. you cannot unencrypted. that is really the problem here. it is a technical issue. charles: fighting in syria. military experts say it is time for america to be examining amoral policy. this has been going on for a wild. the images that we are seeing now, particularly with the use force strategies, some of them just look like they are ready to die. hundreds of thousands of people. and awkward position. running out over the country. there will be some consequences.
11:33 am
>> you are at 14 million plus refugees. primarily, serious. the moral bankruptcy of the europeans and what they fail to do, in taking and taking charge of their end of the responsibilities from nato, it is evident in all that you just put on the screen. they are very much in a box now. taking away so many of these refugees. the united nations said they were going to do what they were going to do. the bottom line of it is, merkel and the rest of the europeans cannot now act against one side or the other. they will have riots in their streets. charles: last week the un raise up to $9 billion in revenues.
11:34 am
you mentioned turkey. >> saudi arabia not putting up any refugee tents either. they are pushing into europe. what we have is a catastrophic refugee program. number two, we have no plan whatsoever to the united nations or any of the so-called international community to relocate people back to their homes. i have been out there, charles. many of these people would love to go back there. christians, especially. you have no plan at all to deal with. fighting over this supporter. ultimately, someone will have to decide. >> one last topic for you, please. what do you think. particularly on this.
11:35 am
who would be your choice of all the folks running right now. >> the person i vote for will have to rebuild our military. it is too small to win a major war. it is not just isis. it is off radical islamists. no safe havens. number four, we assure our allies. we will cover their six. we have their back. no more expansions anywhere. number six, protect our homeland. deploy and avian shield over the united states of america. finally, stop the iranian north americans proliferation. they can do that. it is underway right now. >> i hope someone is listening. all of those are moving in the same direction.
11:36 am
it has been fantastic. >> side of the voice. it will get better. charles: i want to continue with politics. donald trump and bernie sanders really big winners. achieving one thing. that is fundamentally changing one thing in america. he beat hillary clinton in every demographic staff or over the age of 65 and for people that make over $200,000. he was not supposed to win the moderate low. madeline albright.
11:37 am
you will go to help lsu blow for herb really hurt her. charles: young women drawn to bernie sanders because they were following, but she is a feminist. it is not dangerous. maybe the socialist song. they have never done it in this country the right way. i do not know if i can live in america where bernie sanders is president. i do not believe america could come anywhere near socialism. we need to stop littering bernie sanders. resignation with a group of
11:38 am
people. hillary clinton should be very, very nervous right now. much more diverse states. a lot more blood going into south carolina. >> next story. i want to talk to you about candidates and their campaign trails. again, we saw ted cruz's kids brought up. young little kids. >> last night when marco rubio brought his family onstage, my heart was just breaking for his daughters. i am so old now. anyway. looking at these pictures make me crazy. my heart really went out to marco rubio's daughters. having to look happy when your family is very sad. it is part of the process. chelsea clinton, of all people. having the worst game face of anyone. not looking good at all.
11:39 am
it is part of the job. >> particularly the younger ones. now you can get on the computer. look at what they said about my dad. look at what they said about my mom. >> my mother was pregnant with me. on campaign trails for literally my entire life. i saw this amazing memory. so intimate. nothing but happy memories. >> homegrown terror. lieutenant colonel oliver north. the likelihood of an attack issuer has become very real. we have details next. do not miss my show making money with charles payne. i will try to connect all the dots. ♪
11:41 am
♪ nicole: i have your fox business brief. the dow down about 20 points. higher throughout the day. janet yellen and oil has moved the markets today. the nasdaq is up 38. i mentioned oil. supply. you see that. a sudden drop. now to the downside. off the earlier highs. we did have janet yellen. they have to pop. they also dropped off the highs.
11:42 am
now negative. goldman holding onto a fractional gain. the eu clears a proposed deal with staples. off nearly 3%. staples nearly gaining. down 17 on the day. i will see you there. ♪ you do all this research on the perfect car. gas mileage, horse power, torque ratios... three spreadsheets later, you finally bring home the one... then smash it into a tree. your insurance company is all too happy to raise your rates... maybe you should've done a little more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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11:44 am
>> we have four big internet names that you know. google, netflix, amazon and facebook. the next topic here. taking a look at this video from the turkish coast guard. just after the boat sank. these people risking their lives. a very germanic scene. it also underscores a huge dramatic humanitarian situation. it seems to be getting worse out there. >> it is a horrifying video. you have to look at the syrian rower, you have to make it incredibly parallel. telling germany and sweden that they cannot open their borders for a million plus people from the developing world. it just encourages more migrants to make this if russia and syria
11:45 am
, they surrender and their carpet bombing cities. don't you have to flee and go somewhere. >> it seems to me that the best way to solve the problem is to force a cease-fire. it is the country's second-biggest city. it will result in a blood bath. i think it is a little bit better back to front. i hear where you are coming from on this. maybe that train has left the station. having the same kind of commitment. vladimir putin. they could say we're beating out. we're killing the terrorists. i do not think anyone in the
11:46 am
western world has ever had the political world that putin has had. they are not superman. there is a way to slow them down. it is not as easy now as it was in 2012. airlifting arms for rebels. starting to put u.s. forces deeper into kurdish territory. you can at least force them to come to the cease-fire table in a positive manner. instead of just buying time. >> those so-called cease-fire talks collapsed last week. thanks a lot. i really appreciate it did. >> the congressional committee meeting today. listen to jack keane. world tape. >> our intelligence services worry most about is the homegrown threat. not the potential for a refugee coming to this country or
11:47 am
someone who left to go to syria and iraq and returning. the homegrown terrorists that is operating in the shadows and is not being reported by friends families or associates. stuart, then, k.t. mcfarland. we are getting more and more it eligible. including the biggest threat. >> absolutely. the biggest one that we are sitting on our hands to try to solve. coming back into the united states. that is a visa immigration issue. the homegrown guys who just sits in his basement, gets radicalized online. dreams about doing violence. looks at a couple of youtube videos. diggers out how to make a pipe bomb. that is a guy that you do not
11:48 am
see coming. we are not doing what we need to do. see something, say something. we do not want to discriminate against anybody. san bernardino. they were afraid to go to authorities. >> i see these guys. trish: it comes off of their parents. all it takes is one incident. i look at the online intelligence. they say, okay. the guy gets radicalized online. charles: wow. k.t. mcfarland. thanks a lot. we appreciate it.
11:49 am
we are negative right now. up 180. down $10 right now. this volatility just getting started. focusing on donald trump. a pretty good ad. we will play a for you, next. ♪ you both have a
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>> back to politics. releasing an ad. >> i have the trump action figure. >> what does he do? >> he pretends to be a republican. >> too big to fail. [laughter] >> k, hillary. i will give you money to be my friend. >> i will take your house. >> trump goes on to say, pretends to be a republican. so funny. someone tweeted me. listen, the p word is funny. it is a pretty good ad. charles: i do not like it.
11:54 am
>> i thought that it was pretty cute. there has to be something better than that. >> the kids. they were cursing that one. >> it demonstrates what everyone else is pointing to. who this establishment candidate may be. it continues to close. there are serious reservations. very controversial issues. all political ads are pulling a goal adds. the market is due. i think the market may be oversold at this point right now. good for a bounce. a good bounce in the market. i think the market is crashing in right now.
11:55 am
i do not think it will possibly hands. charles: janet yellen, of course, testifying today and tomorrow. she has over articulated to the street. what role does the fed have to play. i think yellen has to let the people know. we may not raise rates. raising rates back into september. we cannot continue to raise rates right now in this volatile market that we are in. charles: you like walmart. you like clorox. >> i like walmart because we are seeing some of the stocks that did very poorly last year. charles: performing. dow down 27% last year. has a 3% dividend.
11:56 am
maybe some better than expected news. >> better than expected news. sitting tight with a 3% dividend. >> what do you think about under armour? i just -- >> i think they were set up. crushing the stock. it did not work out. why has it not come roaring back? all these great guys working on it. >> of 13 or 14 points. then pulling back. a very difficult market, as you know. i do think that it will do quite well. seth curry. coming up. you will get some exposure with that. >> thanks a lot. appreciate it.
11:57 am
more varney after this. ♪
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> she took all the information. she decided what to give back. she decided what to raise. now her lawyer is holding a hot potato. he cannot read active. she should have never made these decisions. they are all part of the government. >> i have to tell you this. the wave of information coming in. absolutely amazing. he broke it down so distinctly. also, the markets all over the place. trying to find some footing here. >> janet yellen really has not moved the market at all. she left the door open kind of.
12:00 pm
it was somewhat dovish. >> i am watching oil. looking at how the markets move in reaction. >> $26. neil: neil cavuto, take it away. we are getting word from the administration. some of them crying. a senior u.s. administration official. clear about their disgust and their anger. clearly, for propaganda purposes. making the case for these newly released pictures. beyond that, the department of defense is still looking into the incident. we really do not have anything else to add.


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