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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  February 10, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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it was somewhat dovish. >> i am watching oil. looking at how the markets move in reaction. >> $26. neil: neil cavuto, take it away. we are getting word from the administration. some of them crying. a senior u.s. administration official. clear about their disgust and their anger. clearly, for propaganda purposes. making the case for these newly released pictures. beyond that, the department of defense is still looking into the incident. we really do not have anything else to add. the president of the united
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states may have a thing or two to say about that. if you were to read the press today, donald trump, the fact of the matter is, donald trump did not only win this state, he won by a hundred mile. the same media that put putin from the start, some now. i want to point out, that back when he first announced he was running on june 16 of last year, we had a very different prognostication over donald trump's chances. he is worth north of $9 billion. do so at your own peril. full of bankers and creditors. risen time and time again. a man who calls it as it is. you may not like the way he is
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calling it or how he calls it or his ego, but he is in. this race has completely changed. >> a bigger than expected threat did the leading republican candidate. winning this state by a lap. donald trump on the phone with us right now. good to have you with us. >> did you envision this thing? >> i have done very well in life. i have been leading in all the polls. i hope we can continue. it is all about making america great again. neil: personal satisfaction that you get?
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that turned out not to be the case. >> you have to be able to come back in my fair little bit. i built a great, great company. it has been an amazing company all over the world. when you are building it, you have to take to the risks. if times go bad and things go a little bit athlete, you can handle it. you have to prove that you can handle things. i was hit really hard. mark zuckerman who owns the daily news, a totally failing paper, he is an insecure guy, every week they do a cover story, everybody understands, a very insecure person. >> that is not even journalism. whether people agree or disagree with you is one thing. >> he is a lowlife.
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i have known him for a long time. to do a thing like that would be a disgrace. you have no idea the heat that they are taking. you still have to put up. maybe a couple people would buy it if it had my picture on it. neil: what did you think about their reaction. sleeping through all the channels. maybe he has a shot did maybe he has a shot beard what do you think about that? >> just doing it for his brand. just having a good time. i watched yesterday and they are saying these same people, these great scholars, this is actually happening.
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they are really coming in. 17 million people when i started did without the ben carson problem. they are really taking advantage of then. it is a disgrace. i would have won iowa, two. neil: one thing is interesting is you already have an ad running now. featuring kids making fun of you. going right after you. >> it begins. they are spending many, many millions of dollars. over the next short period of time. welcome to the world of politics. jeb bush who you would not even higher. he could not even get a job in the private sector.
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>> he had jobs after he was a governor. he got a job for a company that i know very well. he is a great guy. >> he has been gunning for you as well. >> i am the only one attacking donald trump. the guy is a lightweight. this is what you have to deal with in the world of politics. you have very talented people. >> there is talk today that later on today he will suspend his entire campaign. finishing sixth. the attack on marco rubio did hurt marco rubio. it did hurt. i don't know if the word is wounded, but it hurt marco very badly.
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he is down to number five. it was a strong attack. i was watching this whole thing take place. he is a talented guy. he did not come out the way he wanted. he is at 80%. i thought he would be higher than that also. how they are positioning themselves. ben carson. as well as chris christie. handling one of his rallies. an attack dog for the ticket. certainly that. something he would consider. ben carson suffered huge if you were the nominee, it yeah, he could see himself being the running mate. what do you think of that? >> i like ben carson also.
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i think that he is a terrific guy. you could not hear the announcers. it was not a very austere cs opening. neil: you stood with him. >> i saw that he was, even know, he just was not able to hear. he did nothing wrong. you could not hear a word. i was able to somehow get involved in figure it out. it was not his fault. he could not hear anything. >> you heard everything perfectly well at the fox business debate. let me ask you a little bit about the running. do you look at certain types? i know that it is early. you look at certain types. look at those. they would offset the fact. someone who was kind of inside the box.
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>> i am not even, it you know, discussing it with you because you are asking to discuss it. ombre one i want to win. after this i can think about this. because of the fact that while i am very political, i am not a politician. i would want to choose a politician. >> he is a smart guy. certainly a smart guy. i just do not want to be talking about it now. it would be better for me to choose someone that is very political. i have a lot of other qualities. i am very political also. >> okay. i think i am better than a very political person. i would keep it that way. >> this video showing these sailors. the ones that were captured a couple weeks back. some of them were crying.
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>> i think it is disgusting. i think that secretary kerry should be ashamed. we would not even have been back now if they were not getting the $150,000,000,000.02 days later. they release them after humiliating our country. they release them only because they wanted to get their $150 billion. i heard the guy talking. i heard the voice of that animal that was talking to these young men. i think that it is disgraceful. that is not a nice friendly sound. that is a rough cookie. how kerry and obama allow the deal to go through, it is one of the worst deals i have ever seen. it is one of the dumbest deals i have ever seen. they humiliate us. and then you ask why is trump number one.
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that is part of the reason right there. the people and the voters are tired of stupid, incompetent people representing the united states. >> i spoke to young people about you. a lot of young voters coming to your support here. a large convention. they only seem to, obviously, very in your face. very clear conditions. they do not seem to know or remember, as i do, the real estate mogul casino. the guy that built an empire. do you have to get that out there? a sense that you are the celebrity candidate. you have done much, much more of that. do you feel compelled to address that? reminding folks of that? >> a lot of people know.
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i have built a great, great company. everyone is amazed how little debt. i built a great company. in a way, i am okay with it. i am getting a lot of votes. i am going to south carolina. we set it up three or four days ago. we will have a crowd of more than 10,000 people. it is fine. it is not a bad thing. we do very well. we do very well. >> we have rdc michael bloomberg considering a run. he seems to be itching to make the move and commit to move. you say that you welcome them. >> i hope he runs.
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i love to compete against michael bloomberg. >> who do you think he takes votes more away from? >> he wants to take everybody's gone away. he is totally pro-choice. a lot of things that form into the democratic line. i would love to see michael run. i think it will not be very easy for him to be honest with you. >> donald trump. thank you very much again did people have a pretty good ground game they are. >> we have a good ground game. the best ground game of anybody. though polls were saying 32. we won by 36. that is a lot. we have a good ground game. we have a great team. >> certainly passionate. thank you very much.
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>> donald trump. we talked to all the candidates that we can. that includes hillary clinton and bernie sanders. a frequent guest with me in years past. the calls go out. i want you to know. the request continues to go out. they are back at those candidates. this is the place to be. keep doing that. keep watching. marco rubio. admitting fault. too little too late. we report. you decide. ♪
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liberty mutual insurance. >> i want to to understand something. i want you to understand something. our disappointment tonight is not on you. it is on me. i did not do well on saturday night. listen to this, that will never happen again chap back. neil: marco rubio stating the obvious. it may have helped him more. he did not. it cost him. everyone makes mistakes. my staff is always to blame. taking a bit of credit. that is just me. i want to go to california congressman.
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a big rubio bakker. do you think he would have been better served had he gotten that out of the way right away? look, i goofed up. i was off guard. enough. moveon. >> perspective takes time. you are right in the heat. he was scripted did every minute after that. about four hours of sleep at most. i think the perspective probably does more good did let's understand. there have been seven delta bates. put it into perspective. abraham lincoln and stephen douglas had seven delta bates. the same people in this case. the long-term serving u.s. senator. became our president. not always about one debate.
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the aspiration. in this case, the case of marco rubio, it is not whether you win or lose. it is can you get up, smile at your opponent and say hit me again and go back to your work. >> i have great respect for you. i knew abraham lincoln. i studied abraham lincoln. >> you are not that old did. >> i guess what i'm asking you is, does he need to sort of dialect back. he is very smart. very eloquent. you're too perfect. he has to get with the rough-and-tumble. be willing to exchange rapidly with folks. we are hearing from john roberts. he has been doing that a lot on his charters. driving around taking questions from any and all reporters.
12:21 pm
obviously to show that he can deal with that. does he need to do more of that? >> every politician needs to understand this. you need to be scripted and disciplined at times. you are natural. you are intelligent. giving real answers with real questions. they saw an overly scripted answer. i thought that it was a great answer. look at chris christie and say, there you go again. not talking about who you are. >> is that ironic? it did not help chris christie. >> part of the problem is spending $18 million. second governor of new hampshire. he did not resonate. marco rubio has been in every state. joining in a couple of days. we will do all of those states.
12:22 pm
he has had to crisscross the country. running a national campaign. that is true of some of the other remaining candidates. i think that is why, as we get down to six, five, four, we begin to say stop telling us about the other guy. marco rubio both continue to rise in the polls. you make a mistake, you had a bad minute and a half. that happens. we are in it for the long run. i have asked him questions. talked about subjects he is not ready for. he has thought about what the american people need. he is prepared. anybody to get one-on-one with any of the candidates and find that they are any better prepared to answer each and every question about where they will be on the important issues. including, quite frankly, how do
12:23 pm
we deal with 20 plus nations and how isis has infiltrated. neil: to be clear, if donald trump is the nominee, you could live with that? >> i will live with the process that gives us a nominee. i will go to cleveland and support the nominee. donald trump told you something that is very important. he will need someone to cover a lot of things that he is not necessarily good at did just as jack kennedy, lyndon johnson, there is a team that will come out. our party will in fact win in november. >> always good talking to you, my friend. thank you very much. mentioning chris christie. it did dana marco rubio. what will happen to chris christie now? just about to pack it in. what happens. after this.
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neil: all right, welcome back, everybody. from manchester, new hampshire. where it's a little warm, not too bad today. what was the really bad day? was a couple of days ago, that was awful. it was awful. now it's not so bad. actually i'm getting used to this. so guys, we're going to stay here, throughout the primary season, even when florida comes. kidding. calm down. we're getting word back and forth, chris christie did announce after the very disappointing new hampshire results came in, he was going to go back to new jersey with his wife and reassess things and that's the stage they're at. because he placed sixth for new hampshire, he would not qualify for the -- i think it's the cbs debate, right? he wouldn't be on the debate stage, losing ample opportunity to score with viewers, ahead of the south carolina primary, but former democratic pollster pat caddell on that.
12:28 pm
what do you think he does? >> i think he's going to go. i think he has to. the debate, you know, it's interesting. i thought about this, the debate, he really hurt rubio, but the problem is people are voting for president, not prosecutor, and he was really tough. and i think the reaction -- neil: you were the first to say maybe too tough. what did you mean? >> he was really taking him to task and it was -- people don't like that necessarily, they learn a lot. they saw rubio and benefit him, intended to benefit kasich. neil: why wouldn't he get the benefit, an effective litigator? >> we are not electing a litigator, we're electing a president on bigger things. the mano-a-mano thing didn't help. one other thing for rubio we should take into account, he needed this narrow passage he was trying to play and still is trying to play. if new hampshire would have been what it used to be which is several weeks after, not just one week, but three or
12:29 pm
four weeks after, he would have had time to recover from that debate, i suspect a different story for him. that's the vague reason of having front loaded the calendar. neil: you think he would have done better, though, that is rubio, if he had admitted as he did last night that he screwed up, it's on him, why couldn't he do that right away and say, you know, i wasn't on my game, i screwed up and we all make mistakes. >> would have been better for him. that would have been human. the problem is he was look like a robot and said no, no, i did well. he needed the moment, he looked too robotic. he needed a moment of humanity and he had it last night and didn't have it that way. it's snowing by the way, boss. neil: you're kidding? you're a great political reader, meteorologist, i don't know. it is indeed snowing.
12:30 pm
it's weird how a sense of humor can help you out of a lot of trouble. >> amazing. neil: think back in history, john kennedy, his father was paying for the election and famously said my father wasn't going to pay for the election. >> telegram saying i'm not going to pay a dollar more. neil: and ronald reagan saying i won't hold my opponent's inexperience against them. time and again, candidates for a bind, a good one-liner, good zinger, self-deprecating, bill clinton famous for that after the '88 nominating speech from michael dukakis. who of this bunch has that? >> who has that humor about themselves? i suspect kasich has a little bit of that. neil: you know who i think? bernie sanders. >> oh, bernie sanders, "saturday night live." great timing. neil: comedic group. >> just talking about the most important things that make it up are those moments of humanity or human interest or
12:31 pm
real or funny and being able to laugh at yourself. nothing better than politics, people think politicians take themselves too seriously, i don't know where they get that idea. the fact of the matter is. neil: you ever get carter to lighten up? >> yeah. i'm try to remember when. neil: do we have the photo? >> no! not again! >> you probably don't. the reason why i like it is it's the president of the united states shaking his hand. i'll get on later to embarrass him, and i'll just tell you pat can't be bothered. he's not even looking at him. we'll get it later, but charlie gasparino with breaking news on chris christie. charlie? >> neil, this has been widely expected today, but we're getting this from a major donor, a guy giving a lot of money to chris christie and heard directly from the campaign that chris christie is now imminently going to suspend his campaign. he's not running for president. in a few minutes he'll probably make the announcement.
12:32 pm
the big question is who he will throw his support behind? i can tell you there is some speculation that it might be john kasich, someone that is more aligned with his political views, but that's what we're getting now, according to donors, and a major donor, the word is out, governor christie will suspend his campaign. the big question is who he supports going forward? and i can tell you there will be fund-raising pressure on him to throw support behind kasich. neil: all right, thank you very much. charlie gasparino. by the way, i'm going to play later on something from my conversation recently from governor christie whether he would entertain being a running mate, and he didn't throw it aside. and by the way the aforementioned picture i told you we would dig up of my buddy pat caddell. this is what a power broker he is, he's with jimmy carter, not even looking at him. and shake his hand, not even looking at the president of the
12:33 pm
united states. that's how powerful pat caddell is when you can look at the most powerful man in the world, i can't be bothered. that my friend is juice. we'll have more after this.
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12:36 pm
. >> "coast-to-coast" continues, i'm connell mcshane from new york. as you take a look at yesterday's exit polling data. as we watch the numbers come in last night, we were not surprised bernie sanders was doing well with young voters or dependents, the fact that his
12:37 pm
coalition was so broad and won a number of groups hillary clinton won eight years ago and in iowa. this year, three quick examples before neil in new hampshire. first is women. look at this. remember from 08 that tears at a diner and victory over president obama she won by 12 over obama in 08. the women vote 55-44. moderate should be in the clinton wheel house no matter who she's running against. especially a democratic socialist? 58-39, easy win for bernie sanders among self-identified moderates and to that point, democrats, sanders served as an independent in the senate. he did well with independents and won with the democrats, 52-48. only place in terms of age based democrats older people, 65+, she wins that easily which she did in iowa and new hampshire as well. so other than that.
12:38 pm
other than the seniors, neil, astoundingly broad victory for senator sanders last night. it's really remarkable. neil: you know, connell, if i'm hillary clinton thinking more friendly territory, i'm looking at the numbers, looking at as we discussed in the past, the negatives. i wouldn't be feeling so secure? >> no, i don't think anybody in the campaign is feeling secure no matter what they tell you after last night, it wasn't just the areas that she was concerned about, that the people who manage her campaign are concerned about. i don't think that if you talk to people even yesterday but certainly further back than that, she's going to lose among moderates? it was broad-based. neil: we'll be going back to connell. joe trippi on whether this is a big worry, hillary clinton going forward. she wasn't expected to win, joe, i heard a couple of your appearances and wasn't expected to lose as bad as she did and now question whether momentum could carry over to bernie sanders.
12:39 pm
obviously, he had no trouble raising money and relatively small denominations but now that the clinton machine is going to go back ten fold. play out the next couple of weeks. what are we looking at? >> first of all, neil, you're right, certainly i thought she was going to lose new hampshire but not -- i thought she would close the gap, and she didn't. and i think, look, the reality is when you look at numbers that we just looked at, we're among democrats, essentially a dead heat. sanders eked her out, 52-48. the problem for sanders there is new hampshire is 94% white. those are all white democrats, mostly liberals, and they split them. once you leave new hampshire, the party really gets very diverse, 44% non-white for example, where hillary clinton has been beating him 69-23 in
12:40 pm
that very important bloc that gets bigger as you leave new hampshire. and she's got considerable strengths there. the question for bernie sanders is can he translate the energy he's had with young people, the energy he has had with white progressives and support he got that closed that gap in iowa to a dead heat and won in new hampshire. can that broaden out into the diverse party. neil: if it were in a state he were not expected to win, john kennedy had a presser on after taking on hubert humphrey, in taking him on in a protestant area, jimmy carter against george wallace in the south when he was running for president. >> exactly. neil: where is a state it would be crucial for bernie sanders, putting a lot of money into the southern primary states to prove himself? >> well, i think the first big test is pretty obviously south
12:41 pm
carolina. he doesn't need to win it, but i think if we don't see progress there, if you don't see him somehow breaking in to some of these other constituency groups he hasn't been performing well in, we all get excited. everybody talks about how he excites young people. he has not shown the ability to do that with the other side of the obama coalition black voters. neil: i'm sorry to jump you on my friend, ap is hearing what we've been hearing and reporting that new jersey governor chris christie is going to drop out of the 2016 race. are you surprised as a smart strategist after a pretty good job at that debate, surgically cutting apart marco rubio. marco rubio certainly was hurt but chris christie was not helped. >> not at all, i agree with pat caddell on that one, neil, that he -- you can't do that in this kind of race, it reminded me of dick gephardt and howard dean,
12:42 pm
my guy of 2004. gephardt really hit us hard, went after us, it hurt us but killed gephardt, same thing. neil: i forgot about that. as someone who advised people, various presidents of the united states, have you ever shaken hands at a president and not looked at him like pat caddell did? >> no, i've only seen pat be able to pull that one off. neil: isn't that weird, the president of the united states shaking his hand and pat can't be bothered looking at him. doesn't that -- >> i look in his eye and shake the president's hand. i have had the fortune of being able to do that. neil: a number of times. >> number of different presidents. i've never seen what pat was able to do. chutzpah. neil: that's one word for it. thank you very much, joe trippi, who does look presidents in the eye when he shakes their hand, a lesson to pat. marches to a different drum. we'll have more, including the latest chris christie news. he could be out. wow, after this. it's a fact.
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. neil: you know, just when you might be giving up on america's young people, i was very impressed with this young woman, she's concerned about this country, which is something, and she was concerned enough to ask each and every presidential candidate what they were going to do to fix the debt. have a peek at this. >> specifically, what are you going to do? >> i am running to bring back jobs and growth and opportunity, to pay down our national debt. >> specifically, what will you do? >> we should get back to sensible economic policies. >> i'm going around telling kids you need to be financially responsible. >> the government has to be financially responsible. >> exactly! glad we're on the same page. >> where are you on the $17 trillion deficit? >> you know what they are, we know what they are, what do you do? grow the economy, cut spending.
12:47 pm
>> what are you going to do about the $18 trillion deficit? >> we're going to bring business here. >> how? >> we're going to stop deficits. >> how? >> how? >> how? neil: is that you yelling how? how are you going to do it. ally is with us now. how are you doing? >> good, thank you for having me. neil: who gave you the best answer? >> i heard it all, bernie sanders said we will resolve it in a way that will not fail. well, how! >> who is the closest to kind of answer. >> well, marco rubio gave me a six minute answer. six minutes. neil: that could come in handy. >> six minutes, right? i would have to say marco rubio probably gave me the most detailed response, six minutes of an answer, other candidates took a minute of me and their time. neil: why are you so into this, the rap against young people is they're not so engaged or
12:48 pm
feeling the burn, they want more from government. you heard that? >> yeah, i have. this national debt is probably not going to affect you. neil: thank god. >> right? it's going to affect me, it's going to affect our teen generation. neil: don't bother with it, right? >> yeah. that's the thing. neil: you're telling young people, wake up, this $19 trillion, soon is going to be 33 in a decade, it's you on. >> it is on us. neil: what do you want to hear from candidates, not just how but specifically you want to close that, get growth going? >> exactly, give me a plan. bernie sanders for instance has said, i want to do free college. i want a $15 minimum wage, remove the loans from people who went to college. >> sounds good. >> it sounds great. it's going to cost $18 trillion but hasn't addressed how he is going to deal with the first 18 trillion. neil: you know what i like about him? he's consistent, and realized he couldn't pay for this by
12:49 pm
hitting the rich. he extended a middle class tax hike. i think he's been one of the more honest candidates? >> he has been honest, i said to every single reporter that i've met, i want to hear an answer from them, i want to know how he's going to address our now $19 trillion debt. neil: i find them all weasely. >> he's a politician. neil: you are young to be jaded. how old are you? >> i'm 18. neil: are you? >> i voted for the first time yesterday. neil: did you? my sons are younger than you, they could easily turn liberal. >> we'll talk later. neil: your message to young people is if you want free stuff, you have to realize it isn't free, right? >> that's the thing. if he's proposing that $18 trillion for these huge plans, but he is not going to address how he's going to take care of the 19trillion that we already
12:50 pm
owe. i asked every single reporter, if you have the opportunity, talk to bernie sanders. neil: i love how you are how? how? good for you. >> he's never giving an answer, and i ran into a reporter yesterday who said when he asked him that she does -- bernie sanders responded i do not have 500 whatever people to research this as other candidates do. neil: you know, i do a very good impression of bernie sanders. >> you do? neil: it's uncanny. but i don't have time to share it with you, certainly not on free tv. good seeing you. >> thank you. neil: i don't if you are left or right, you are concerned about the country, concerned about your fellow generations, it's not a bad thing, not a bad thing. we'll have a lot more after this including the aforementioned bernie sanders and what he's planning to do? after this. the microsoft cloud allows us to
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12:54 pm
. neil: all right, bernie sanders is spelling out more how he's going to get money for the things he wants to, do not just taxes the rich or going after the middle class. scott martin and dagen mcdowell with us. >> he lays it out on the website, introducing a tax on wall street speculation, to pay for this plan to make public colleges and universities tuition free doesn't go into the amount, neil. he's gone further than this in terms of wall street. he's painted wall street calling it the business model that is fraud. he is essentially vilifying the roughly 6 million people who work in the financial industry in this country and i would write it off as childish
12:55 pm
ignorance if he wasn't a longtime politician who's 74 years of age. call it hate-filled idiocy if you will. neil: a maybe on his plan. scott, what do you think of this? in this state, feeling the burn, that seems to be going nationwide right now, a lot of populists that deal with this, that don't dismiss the appeal on the national stump. what do you think? >> yeah! totally populist. you look at the videos and everybody is rallying around to dagen's point, the senility, the rhetoric. when were we a country that hated success, that hated the comeback story that is the financial sector. ask yourself when listening to bernie, do you want the government to create jobs or the private sector to create jobs? >> calling it the leeriness in the suspicion of wealth.
12:56 pm
dagen, he just does not trust rich people, it's steeped into their dna. >> he said i don't have friends who are millionaires and billionaires, and basically. neil: he has half of hollywood, who is he kidding? . >> we've become a country that hates success and will not take responsibility for our own actions. when these liberals talk about the financial crisis, it's as if nobody ever took out a liar loan. i guarantee you all the young people have relatives who took out liar loans to buy homes during the financial crisis. neil: and benefitted from it. >> like capping credit card interest rates at 15%, god forbid you have to pay for borrowing money in this country! >> she's right, neil, everybody was happy to leverage their house as long as it was working for them. when you have to pay the piper, bernie sanders says we'll fix it for you, don't worry. neil: all i know is bernie sanders is still steam rolling and getting indications that
12:57 pm
chris christie is not. stick around, you're watching fox business.
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
. neil: as a running mate for somebody, you could be the guy to be that attack dog. >> certainly could be, but i won't be, i'll be the one picking a running mate. neil: you wouldn't rule out if it didn't happen. >> i allowed mitt romney to consider me the last time, right in the fact is you don't run for vice president. neil: would you be open to it? >> listen i would be open to any way of serving my country. that's not what i'm here about. neil: that was a couple of nights ago when it looked like he was going to benefit from the post debate bounce. no indications that chris christie is not going to be the party's nominee, he's ready to step down. it's just conjecture at this point, he is reassessing things with family in new jersey. but we did raise the issue with running mate, could he be
1:01 pm
interested in it. first time he's kicked it around. i had former fund-raiser don peebles with me now. the running mate oftentimes the attack dog saying things the presidential candidate might not, but there is certainly something beneficial to having a chris christie on your ticket in that event. he can deliver the blows and can state your case without making you, the presidential candidate, look bad. what do you think of that? >> that's a good point, neil. there are two functions i think primarily for vice presidential nominee. one is, as you articulated. the other is geographic balance to offset the presidential nominee's weaknesses. so obama and joe biden. that was a complementary team, but christie would be a complement to a marco rubio who i do not believe is going to get the nomination. neil: and by the way, rubio wouldn't even if his last life
1:02 pm
depended on it would not ask chris christie to join him. that's my opinion, you are right, you never know. >> politics makes strange bedfellow, george herbert walker bush called ronald reagan economics voodoo economics. neil: you are absolutely right. >> i think it can be trump. >> the question raises donald trump too, the idea who he would look at as a running mate and pooh-poohed the notion because it's too early, he did someone as an insider i assume in elected office or former elected office. do we have that? i want you to respond to this, raising the very issue with donald trump. do you look at certain types? governor? senator? >> number one i have to win, after i win i can think about. this there are really, really good people that we know. i think while i'm political, i'm not a politician, i would want to choose a politician. neil: so he's saying maybe a senator, maybe a governor, but
1:03 pm
someone because he's so outside the box, someone a little more in the box. what do you make of that? >> smart call for him, somebody inside the box and somebody who is not an outsider kind of candidate. so i would think that would eliminate ted cruz. i think john kasich would be a very good alternative for donald trump. he would complement trump in a number of ways. they've had a respectful interaction during the debates as well. neil: so far, so far, when they get dangerous with each other, it's anyone's call. maybe you can help me with this, don. we're getting reports, i saw this in the local paper when i got up, they had the breakdown of the delegates from the new hampshire primary, the way these are allocated and bernie sanders won with north of 60% of the vote, it looks like they're coming out of this state, that is, hillary clinton and bernie sanders just about even. i can see that in iowa where it's not a done deal and the
1:04 pm
caucuses stay tied, how is this not a walk. >> i don't know, i'm shocked they were flipping coins to determine the winner in iowa. neil: right, right? >> i think there's this perception that the pathway has been cleared by the democratic party itself for hillary clinton. neil: that kind of stuff gets out. i don't care who you're for. bernie sanders wins in a walk and has to split the delegates? i don't think so. >> i agree with you, neil. i think that it gives the appearances she can't win it without extra help from the outside, and more of a rigged game, and that's why sanders is resonating, because people are not trusting hillary clinton and they don't see her as a fair player, and people see sanders as the underdog and also he's extremely left, and that's what's pulling the democratic party to the left, and that's generally now what it's taking to win the democratic nomination. look, where obama had to end up to lock down the nomination.
1:05 pm
interesting to see a 74-year-old u.s. senator can pull it off? neil: you know, real quickly on the whole barack obama moment, you are good friends with him, raised money for him. he started out moderate and turned a sharp left. he turned a really sharp left in second term, and i think that hillary clinton is picking that up, bernie sanders is taking it to a new level. they could be forcing themselves right out of existence, couldn't they? >> yeah, look, what's happening now instead of hillary clinton carving out a place in the center which is her natural place, she's carving out a place to the left. she's trying to outliberal sanders, and that is an incredibly dangerous place to venture into, you know? neil: i hear you, my friend. thank you very much, don peebles, one of the more rational political reads, to take a look at what democrats are doing, republicans are doing.
1:06 pm
my opinion, we need to see more of that. get stuff done. get stuff out of our national inbox. charlie gasparino with marco rubio developments, what are you hearing? >> marco rubio, the presidential candidate, the senator from florida is personally calling top donors apologizing for debate performance, as you know, the debate flub right before disappointing loss in new hampshire, and right now the campaign from what we understand, and we're getting this from sources inside the rubio campaign, essentially scrambling to keep the top donors in place following that new hampshire loss. you know last night, rubio mand up and said it is his fault. he lost because he -- neil: he let a lot of precious time pass. if he had done that a day later, might have helped. >> i don't know. who's to say if 24 hours -- i'm just telling you he lost.
1:07 pm
neil: you heard him admit a mistake. >> he did admit! >> yeah, but three days later. >> after he lost. it wasn't a mistake until he lost. neil: i see. >> come on, now. what we do know is he is calling top donors as we speak right now, taking the blame, trying to keep them inhouse, i mean i think it's fair to say that the rubio campaign for the first time in a long time is what we would be described as crisis mode. look at it this way, neil, and i know this from speaking with people in there. on saturday, prior to the debate, they believed they were firmly ahead of kasich, firmly number two. might even be based on expensive private polls breached a 20% level. donald trump still winning. they were on a role. neil: they were. >> now look, and last night, as you saw on my e-mails and tweets, the talk inside the rubio campaign is that they were losing ground rapidly to a
1:08 pm
surging john kasich. what changed in that period of time? well, it was the debate. and right now -- >> it didn't help chris christie. that's so weird. >> i think governor christie who we were first to report as you know according to top donors is dropping out of the race. i think he comes with his own set of baggage, bridgegate, you know, northeast republican, not the type of person with this gop electorate this year that can pierce that bubble. i still think the guy in the driver's seat is not donald trump, it's ted cruz. i think if you look at the map, you look at organization, you look at his intensity on the campaign trail, and you look at where he's -- neil: good ground game, i want to discuss something much, much more important. you know pat caddell. >> i know pat caddell. neil: wonderful human being, have you seen the photos of him
1:09 pm
with jimmy carter, the man he helped elect. let me cut to the chase. he helped elect jimmy carter. >> i know that. neil: and doesn't look at him. >> you know what you have to do. neil: you have to look at the president. >> you have to ask pat what jimmy carter did every sunday morning and what he asked, what he asked pat caddell every sunday morning? you have to ask him that, and i would prefer you do that on air. neil: well, i won't, i know what we're talking about here, and i value this being a family show. i will say, this i will say this. he elected him, and i begin to think when walking away from him, another shot which we don't have, he's shaking hands and walking away, couldn't get out of the oval office fast enough. i'm thinking that's power, if you cannot even be bothered with the most powerful man. >> well, it is jimmy carter. not like reagan or -- >> he was the president of the united states at the time. >> i don't care. really. you lived through the 70s.
1:10 pm
neil: i interned in the 70s. >> i lived through the 70s, you lived through the 70s. neil: here's the shot. shake your hand. please look at me, please look at me, please look at me! and he's saying i elected you and feel guilty about it. >> you're saying i can't believe you are president. we have to endure four years of this. it was hard. neil: who is the woman in the background of that shot? woman in the background who says, wow, he's ignoring you. >> neil! think about this in the 70s, lousy hair styles, crummy clothes, stagflation, jimmy carter. neil: you had a leisure suit didn't you. come on. >> jimmy carter. and i think he's the worst out of all those negatives. neil: you're a hater. >> no! he's a nice guy, but horrible president. horrible. neil: bad timing. >> makes obama look like -- neil: he deserves better. >> he makes obama look like george washington. neil: look at him in the eyes,
1:11 pm
i look you in the eyes. makes obama look like george washington. i can't believe you just said that. >> i'm serious. he was the worst president. neil: no, no, i could think of a couple others. wanted to share that with you and want to get your take on it. >> mildred fillmore. neil: well, yeah. >> is it mildred or milliard? neil: milliard. the aforementioned marco rubio is in south carolina, and right now talking to anyone and everyone that sticks by him, admitting a mistake at debate and the blessing for him is he won't have to worry about chris christie going after him in the near-term. if christie opts to stay in the race, he won't make the next debate. chances are he won't make any debate. stick around.
1:12 pm
1:13 pm
1:14 pm
1:15 pm
. neil: you know, always amazes me, as soon as the final votes are cast, off they go, they did this in iowa, in new hampshire, now in south carolina, 50 delegates at stake there. this is a crucial crucible for the candidates. john, i guess it's all about maintaining momentum or giving people the appearance of momentum. who has it right now, beside donald trump? how would you characterize it? >> well, that's a great point, neil, heading into south carolina, i think, certainly donald trump has momentum. john kasich has momentum, and one that's a little under the radar with this kind of wreckage between christie and
1:16 pm
rubio, i would say is ted cruz. and i was listening to you and the great one, charles gasparino. neil: do not encourage him, do not encourage him. continue. >> okay, well, i figured you guys were hanging out in davos when i always do, when i saw the snow behind you. but neil, i think that cruz kind of, he had a nice solid finish in third place and i think he is very well positioned heading into some of the southeast states and certainly march 1st with texas, sec primary as well. neil: he has a great ground game. i hear my colleagues and friends say ground game. it is important to get people out to the polls, to find a way to get in touch with them. i love cruz's line, bring nine of your friends, sounds cliche but it is important, getting supporters who might show up
1:17 pm
for a rally to go a voting booth. >> you're right, absolutely. and the other thing is, beside a great ground game is he's got a lot of cash on-hand. you know, his cash on-hand is probably better than everybody with the exception of maybe trump who's got more cash. neil: the talk is he had a very disappointing finish here, i think 2%, but does have a lot of money, and obviously, that can keep him going. he believes when i talked to him yesterday, that he's going into friendly territory, where his message might be better received. what do you think of where he plays in this? >> well, i think dr. carson is a first class individual. he's a first class gentleman, extremely smart. but i think as you go into these, these battleground states of south carolina and certainly in the south, you know, voters are going to want
1:18 pm
to gravitate to the passion, okay? so the two types of passion are either going to be the positive, optimistic message that ronald reagan was so great at delivering. or it's going to be the anti-establishment, i don't want to say the angry message, but the one that obviously donald trump is extremely effective in delivering. i think the one challenge with dr. carson is his passion meter is not quite there, and it's difficult to get attention when you're going to have these high-profile folks coming into south carolina, and a lot of these sec country. they love their sports. neil: they do. well, you talk about high-profile folks. you are certainly among them. i imagine you met your share of presidents. when you have met presidents, john, do you look them in the eye when they shake your hand? >> do i look them in their eye?
1:19 pm
neil: yeah, you heard about pat caddell, he doesn't even bother. >> well, pat caddell, he makes presidents. so he doesn't have to look them in the eye. neil: that's what they're saying. you elect the most powerful man on earth and you don't have the dignity to look them in the eye? i can't believe it. i have spoken to democrat and republican presidents, back to abraham lincoln, a long career, and you don't do that. pat is a friend, a nice guy. when i saw that, it made me think differently about him. you? >> i always try to look people in the eye, neil. neil: because you're a human being, you're a human being. >> i'm from the south, i guess. neil: so is he. isn't that the killer? he's from the south, too. an insult to the south, right? >> no. no. pat is a genius. i'm just privileged to be with greatness like you and charlie gasparino. neil: there you go, and a gentleman and a scholar.
1:20 pm
talking more about this, but these revelations are like stunning developments on my part that make me question a friendship. by the way, the canadians are not happy about the results of these elections we had going on in new hampshire. in fact, they're beside themselves. i mean they think donald trump is a loser, eh? the world is going to end, eh? the canadians questioning us? not on my watch. after this. thanks for doing this, dad. so i thought it might be time to talk about a financial strategy. you mean pay him back? so let's start talking about your long term goals. knowing your future is about more than just you. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. i thodid the ancestrydna toian. find out i'm only 16% italian. so i went onto ancestry,
1:21 pm
soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about.
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1:23 pm
. neil: if you're in the canadian press like i do, they think we've gone nuts between bernie sanders on the left and donald trump on the right. they think we've gone nuts. media tycoon lauren conrad black joins us from our friendly neighbors north of the border. conrad, what is getting them so agitated here? donald trump? what's got them tied up? >> no, he's a great celebrity in this country, but as you
1:24 pm
know, neil, friendly to the united states, foreign nations get easily rattled by tough talking candidates for president. there's a great deal of unease about ronald reagan, not only in canada but great britain and western europe and australia, when he was a candidate for president and, of course, in the end, everyone thought he was a very distinguished president and liked him. neil: why don't they just pipe down, and by the way, news flash, their leader is a celebrity, their leader is part of a -- practically a monarchy. >> there is overstating it a bit. neil: you get the point. >> neil, you got to let me answer here. canada is piping down. it's not a great topic of discussion, you're referring to one poll which merely said that they find donald -- neil: no, i'm not, i'm looking at six newspaper headlines.
1:25 pm
you're covering up your country. >> in the first place, i'm technically british, i'm a canadian resident, i am not. it's not a great subject of discussion, and the media, i need not tell you, makes what it can what it's got to work with. there is a body of opinion and quite well represented in the united states itself that donald is a racist. he isn't, but sometimes can be mistaken for one, and a vulgar garish man who talks about his monand talk about the greatest thing. he's just donald, he's a promoter, a positive minded person, foreigners don't always understand that. neil: how will he feel if he becomes president? you mentioned ronald reagan, they warmed to him, but they did. how would it be with trump? >> it would all depend on his performance. if he was reckless and bombastic and threatening to
1:26 pm
blow everybody up, they would not like him. if he was firm, and consistent and avoided the doing and froing or the impettuousity like everyone else, including american citizens they'll judge any american president on his performance, which is as it should be. neil: you are a very powerful guys, my lord. so i think i can ask you this. >> at one time, i had some influence, i don't have much now. neil: you know power, you met power, have you always -- >> i always look a u.s. president in the eye. neil: you do? what do you think of pat caddell doing that? >> from lyndon johnson to george w., it was a privilege to look them in the eye and tried to measure up. neil: it doesn't matter, i'm right with you, lord. that all of a sudden, you meet a president of either party,
1:27 pm
you are meeting an historic figure just by definition. >> you're meeting a direct successor to george washington. neil: thank you. and pat caddell who made jimmy carter president in one of the first shots taken in the oval office, there is jimmy carter shake hands with pat, pat isn't even giving him the dignity of a look back. what do you think of that? >> maybe it's shyness, you must always honor the great president of the u.s. whatever you think of that person politically, that person is the direct successor to general washington of your country. neil: you think it's a lack of class? a lack of humanity? >> i'd say the same meeting the pope or meeting the british monarch or meeting the german chancellor or president of france. you respect them. neil: you than pat has a long history of doing this with, abe lincoln, never looked him in the eye at all. but it is weird.
1:28 pm
>> he was friendly with jefferson, wasn't he? >> very friendly with him. thank you my friend, thank you very much. there is the shot with george washington. same drill with pat caddell, all of this is coming to our attention her, it extends to not just political figures, the pat caddell that you thought you knew, if only you knew, after this. thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪
1:29 pm
cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
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1:32 pm
>> i know i have some work to do, particularly with young people with you i will repeat again what i have said this week. [cheering] even, even if they are not supporting me now, i support them. neil: all right. you know when i first was watching her speech last night, oh, my gosh, she won, she must have won. she lost this state by a country mile as we like to say here but the fact of the matter i did think was very powerful and for her more effective speeches. she was passionate and jazzed and wanted to bring her a game after a so, so game in new hampshire but is she hitting cords with millenials? she admitted no, she is not. alexander what do you think, i did find she did very good job with the speech. i almost thought she won the state. if she did more than that she would be firing on all cylinders
1:33 pm
but she did not. what do you think? >> i happen to agree with you, last night is different hillary clinton at least on surface. before we've seen has been everything young voters hate. one who doesn't tell the truth and rules don't apply to her. last night we saw him belled hillary clinton acknowledging weaknesses with young voters. this young generation really values authenticity. they're forgiving generation. neil: remarkable that the youth vote is going overwhelming to the bernie sanders. he has been senator since the civil war. i had some left-wing sites say he was not a senator during the civil war. my point is, how is that happening. what does that say about the shape of the race to come if so many young people aren't coming to hillary clinton? >> sure, hello, mr. cavuto. what we're seeing is this millenial tidal wave graph --
1:34 pm
gravitating towards bernie sanders and donald trump. we see that happen because bernie sanders is promising free college. look at that next to hillary clinton, looks like the grandpa who is handing out free candy next to the grandma who is really giving a lecture. we're not seeing her make a sincere effort to win our hearts and minds. her youth outreach consisted of going on ellen degeneres and dancing which seems like fun but she is really underestimating us as generation and our ability to think critically. we don't want a president who can dance. we want a president who will give us a growth economy. until she commits she is the person who will do it, she is going to lose with millenials. neil: when you look what she is trying to do, her husband overwhelmingly got the youth vote in 1992 and 1996, alexandria. last republican to do it in back-to-back elections was ronald reagan. which is odd another old dude young people rallied around.
1:35 pm
if they didn't agree with him, what they liked about them, what they like about bernie sanders, he is straight-shooter. you don't have to agree with his views. he is not a weather vane. he has been spouting a lot of these views since year one and hillary clinton in a lot of young people's mind is all over the map. >> i think more offensively with young voters in the election, hillary clinton brought out number of female surrogates gloria steinem and madeleine albright. neil: big mistake. big mistake. big, big mistake. young people are turned off by that. >> they're turned off by conformity culture if you're certain gender you have to vote for hillary clinton for that reason. they completely reject that. on bernie sanders side we know his policies lead to conformity producing culture but they haven't been pitched that from bernie sanders the they have been pitched hope and opportunity and chance for them to succeed. that is not what they heard pro hillary clinton.
1:36 pm
they heard vote for her or else. neil: bernie sanders said i'm going to tax you too. i'm going to have a middle class tax hike but you will get more bennies out of it than paying into it. that is element -- i don't agree with that, i think, hey, you know, he is spelling itout. you don't have to agree with it but he is spelling it out. >> sure. what you're seeing with bernie and millenial group, very large cohort that is going to campaign for him, going to vote for him, he is a product of the participation trophy generation. this bernie phenomenon happens because all of our parents gave us participation trophies. he is a participation trophy candidate. i'm serious. neil: that is not a bad answer. >> bernie sanders is participation trophy candidate, saying we're not going to recognize these high achievers they are not going to be recognized for excelling. but just for showing up you will get something. for kids who don't think they can be high achievers or -- neil: you never know. >> exactly.
1:37 pm
that is how i see bernie sanders and how a lot of millenials see him too. neil: we'll see. still early on. thanks, ladies. donald trump is responding to this over the top daily news coverage. i don't know how you feel about donald trump but when i see something like this, stupid. not the guy they're talking about, the newspaper shouting it at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people.
1:38 pm
at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
1:39 pm
>> welcome back to "coast to coast." i'm jo ling kent. twitter earnings coming up after the bell today we're expecting this stock which hit lifetime low yesterday to report earnings per share 12 cents of profit per share and $710 million. what we're going to be looking for on the earnings call is any indication of how the products are doing. what jack dorsey, the cofounder and ceo is planning to do with this company. is it still an acquisition target? user growth of course a big deal here for twitter. only 320 million people using it on monthly active basis. we'll be watching. twitter up ahead of earnings. up almost 5%. more "coast to coast" coming up after this.
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they say you shouldn't spoil your kids. but your grandkids? how about front row seats to the best show in town? and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade®. neil: i was hit pretty hard. mort zuckerman man holds daily news, failing paper. insecure guy. every week they do a cover story, very demeaning cover story. i guess it sells in some form. everybody understands he is very insecure person. neil: that is not even journalism, donald. >> no it's not. neil: whether people agree or disagree with you. that is -- >> he is a low-life. i known him for a long time.
1:42 pm
he is a low-life. neil: all right. i might slightly disagree about donald trump thinks about one mort zuckerman man. i don't disagree with over the top cover stories about guise for news. criticizing guy for being over the top in your face mindless clown and you have an over the top mindless clown cover story, you kind of beg the issue yourself and prove, you're just hypocritical ass. that is just me. lisa boothe, i don't think there is any room for this sort of stuff on left or right. i would be offended if i saw bernie sanders parodied that way, what is supposed to be a news publication just as much as donald trump. what do you make of it? >> neil, i agree with you. as republican we're constantly on receiving end of sort of headlines and coverage from the mainstream media. quite frankly you don't see the "new york daily news" or "huffington post" for that matter having headlines about
1:43 pm
bill clinton, serial sexual abuser hits campaign trail or hillary clinton pathological liar stumps in manchester. or bernie sanders socialist. neil: new hampshire, new hampshire goes racist. so you're saying about the, all of the tens of thousands of new hampshire voters who went to the polls, liking preferring him, their gabons as well? come on. >> i think it is ridiculous. absolutely. reality donald trump is currently the frontrunner for the republican party. he has the most delegates in the delegate count. he won new hampshire in resounding manner. so regardless of people, you know, people's personal feelings about him or journalist personal feelings he is republican front runner. he should be treated as such. you don't see this coverage about individuals like bernie sanders or hillary clinton. reality if you look at hillary clinton she is pathological liar. this is someone repeatedly lied about her email server and her private email address. this is someone who
1:44 pm
systematically circumvented congress to avoid foia requests by doing personal email server and -- neil: you don't even make fon you in cover of newspaper or headline with that story. you just don't do it. get into it and debate. you're right. you're right. >> exactly. you're right, neil. i made up someones before that they can feel free to use. neil: don't hold your breath. don't hold your breath. >> shouldn't do this for anyone. neil: take silliness out of it, unless you're pat caddel not looking in eyes of president of the united states. all bets are off. >> we're in agreement. neil: all right. we live in a pick and choose world.
1:45 pm
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call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. neil: all right. i think the supreme court in the middle of everything on the primary day yesterday was telling the president not so fast on some of these climate rules, the number which supreme court blocked.
1:48 pm
the arizona attorney general on this. what does this mean now? supreme court ruled offer overreach what you and a lot of or the attorney general colleagues said has gone too far. >> neil what is next the supreme court took unusual step issuing a stay. arguments will be june 2nd back in the d.c. circuit court of appeals on substance much thesenew epa power rules whether what they have done is legal or not. the states contended obama administration has conceded its authority. these rules are job killers t will not have impact on air quality. neil: they have to stop it, right? if they don't stop, i've seen it before with freezing deportations, as president wanted to do, and number of court have done, no, don't do that, but nothing changes. i mean i would think with a ruling that something has to change? >> well that's why we asked for the stay because what we want to do is stop these rules from being implemented. stops states and industries
1:49 pm
spending billions of dollars to implement them. we don't want to see huge spike for consumers and hard-working consumers taxpayers in rates. we hope the supreme court will ultimately rule on the merits of this case. neil: do you think this stuff completely backfires in final months of administration? there are decisions pending and that this could all unwind here? >> which hope so. reality, soviet union collapsed, communism, socialism didn't go away. all the folk ended up in the environmental movement. what we've seen from the obama administration is essentially 50 shades of green where they're trying to use the green movement, green policies to basically screw over rate-payers and taxpayers in the state of the arizona. neil: attorney general, thank you very much. we've been getting a lot of alarming elements on one pat caddel. we're already process asking siri of apple fame whether she thinks it is rude for someone not to look a president of the united states, any president in
1:50 pm
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neil: you know turns out we broke a lot of news here in new hampshire. you know what is more important? we had a lot of fun here in new hampshire. take a look. all right, in this very cold state and a lot of snow here. >> it is going to be 85 degrees under cloudless skies out here in los angeles where i teach at ucla in the winter. great place to be. neil: you did that deliberately, didn't you. you said it was 85 degrees. >> i did. neil: cloudless skies. that's fine. >> a little warm walking over here actually. neil: a little warm walking over there, was it? >> thanks for being in new hampshire. neil: we love the weather. everything else. working out just fine. now let me, my staff says that whine a lot. i -- >> you don't whine enough. neil: thank you. i don't whine enough. we are here on voting day here in the granite state.
1:54 pm
we're getting reports of very, very heavy voting in some areas that normally don't see it. >> bernie sanders, i mean where did he come from? donald trump, what, you know where was he a year ago? neil: we are able to make a call in the granite state. donald trump is going to win this state for the republicans. the first non-politician to ever pull that off. >> trump really had an edge here because he was talking a language that people liked. >> we are going to start winning again and we're going to win so much, you are going to be so happy, we are going to make america so great again, maybe greater than ever before! i love you all. thank you new hampshire! neil: the man many call the third senator, bernie sanders, is by fox's own projections going to win this state and appreciably so. >> because of a huge voter
1:55 pm
turnout, and i say huge. >> huge! >> we won. neil: hillary clinton has congratulated and conceded to bernie sanders. >> you are the reason we are here and you are the reason we are going to win the nomination and then win this election together. thank you all. thank you so very much! [cheering] neil: i almost thought she won. that was a pretty good speech. >> let everybody know i love to be with neil cavuto. neil: the guy who finished number two, john kasich, the ohio governor, addressing his supporters. >> tonight the light over came the darkness of negative campaigning. [cheering] and you made it happen. you made it happen. you made it happen. >> you know it's funny in the northeast you either really love christie or you hate him. and he has some very tough decisions to make right now. >> we're going home to
1:56 pm
new jersey to wait tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon we should know. we should know what the vote count is. that will allow to us make a decision about how we move from here in this race. neil: four years ago he was considered a prohibitive candidate to challenge mitt romney then. he opted not to then. >> in presidential politics the one thing i learned when jimmy carter was running, when barack obama who had no business running, they, when the moment comes, your moment, that is when you have to do it. neil: the race goes on, the battle is on, fox business is just getting started. we told you from the outset we were interested in you and your money. i know you might have been flipping around and finding no such evidence at business channels. we mean it. we say it. we'll continue doing it. the only thing we're worried about now should we continue with pat caddell. i don't know about you, but we
1:57 pm
asked siri, nice to see you, pat. i don't want to bother shaking your hand. we asked siri what she would do and whether it is rude not to shake the president's hand and look at him when you are. i think siri said something to the effect that, it is just something that wouldn't happen, right? there you have it. >> i've been ruined. you promised to get me and you did. you made this a national story. made this national story 40 years later, rubio waited three days to admit mistake. time for you to admit a mistake. >> that is the worst one. me and lincoln in washington. i've destroyed the oaf orb oval
1:58 pm
office. neil: you and jfk. >> oh, my god. neil: why, why? long history of this. just that you can't. you couldn't be bothered or had things to do. >> maybe it was moment. maisch i just looked. maybe they were after me. neil: you made history. elected a guy with no chance this heck. >> none at all. neil: put him in the oval office. he shakes, i'm in the oval office. he wants to thank you the guy that made it all possible, and you can't -- look at that thanks, pat. no. no. it's a like where are you going? where are you going to go? i mean -- >> i probably had a date. neil: really? you rascal. what were you doing back then. >> i was pretty wild in my 20s. neil: were you really? >> so it said. so it said. neil: no regrets? no regrets. >> only wish i looked president in the eye i would have been
1:59 pm
spared this humiliation. you promised to give me, an italian you have proved you keep your word, not to be messed with. neil: i'm not the one messing. i feel sorry for jimmy carter. i was intern for him. admired him. you ignored me too. you didn't know who i was. >> i didn't know who you were. i am being cut off. neil: all right. shake hands. [laughter] you know what i mean. you know what i mean. trish regan, you are so lucky
2:00 pm
that you are able to jet out of this area. it is icy and cold. take it away. trish: i am glad you said that it is a wonderful area. we are just south of the border here. governor chris christie will jump out of the presidential race. an announcement could come any minute. voters send the establishment candidates packing. welcome, everyone to the intelligence report. i am trish regan. it was a night for the outsiders. donald trump and bernie sanders both with victories. all heil governor john kasich. a big second place finish. he is in play. peter barnes is then washington with the very latest. peter, over to you


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