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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  February 10, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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to call the president of the nra a terrorist, it doesn't give you the right doe that stuff and they're doing that. deirdre: glad to have you, brent bozell, joining me there, glad to have you joining us on "risk & reward." ma"making money" with charles payne starts right now. charles: breaking news, we have just learned it is official, new jersey governor chris christie is suspending his campaign, the news hours after carly fiorina announced she is dropping out as well. so with christie out and a bad performance by marco rubio in new hampshire, is that the end for any establishment lane candidate? is the mainstream media unfairly targeting gop candidates? i've got a power panel that's going to break it all down. and if you were looking for help in the 401(k) from janet yellen, she didn't come riding to the rescue. the dow off almost 100 points despite testimony on capitol hill. first more on the breaking news, christie and fiorina are out, so let's go straight to chief political correspondent
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carl cameron for the latest. carl? >> reporter: thanks, charles. the new hampshire primary's is the history books and so are two of the candidates. chris christie, the governor of new jersey today announced he is suspending his campaign. spent the afternoon calls donors and supporters saying he was done, disappointing showing coming in last among governors in the new hampshire primary. christie had very few paths to take anymore. south carolina is not hospitable to new jersey and northeastern politicians and could have been a tough battle. christie had been struggling with money and was not going to qualify based on the criteria for the next debate to get on the stage, leaving him little options and not a lot of opportunity to get help. also carly fiorina, the former hewlett-packard executive, one of the most successful corporate executives in american history left the race. she too is not likely to qualify for the debate in south carolina saturday and had been
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angry and frustrated about inability to get accepted on the primetime debate stage and like christie didn't have the opportunity to go further. now onto south carolina where the race is sure to be tougher, and a major battle is going to be under way with the six remaining major candidates. donald trump with a win in new hampshire comes into south carolina with an event at greenville spartanburg at clemson university has thousands to show the strength of appeal to voters for the rallies. jeb bush, however, a good showing for him yesterday. breathes new life into his campaign and heads into south carolina where republicans call it bush country for the help they provided george w. bush in 2,000 and george h.w. bush in 1988. that guarantees a bitter battle with marco rubio and ted cruz particularly. the two senators going hard at one another. expect cruz to go after jeb bush initially, and this race
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will not end in south carolina, all of the candidates have been building out infrastructure and campaign organizations in subsequent states that vote particularly on march 1st. the so-called sec super tuesday primary where a number of southern states get votes and cruz and rubio and others have been working for weeks to make sure they have the infrastructure to continue campaigns thereafter. charles. charles: thank you very much, carl cameron. as the gop field narrows, who could possibly be vice president? playing that game earlier today neil cavuto asked about cruz potentially being the running mate. this is what donald had to say. >> what about ted cruz? would you consider him? >> he's a smart guys, certainly a smart guy. i don't want to get into, that neil, i don't want to be talking about it now. but i would say that it would be better for me to choose somebody that's very political that can help us out politically because i've got a lot of other qualities and i'm very political also. >> so you need someone who --
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charles: joining me georgette, morgan, and charlie, let me go to you first, morgan on this. a lot of people saying that some of the folks dropping out are making overtures of donald trump whether it's mike huckabee and going after the debate, if you remember that, certainly chris christie at the diner yesterday with donald trump and then the long phone call after the loss last night, maybe people saying ben carson would make a good surgeon general. he admitted to neil cavuto he would listen if offered. what do you think? >> i think this is something that's certainly natural to happen at this part of the race. these candidates who are dropping out are not only talking to trump, they're trying to figure out where the horse race is going. if you look today, the "new york times" is reporting woody johnson who has jeb bush's financial part of the campaign is reaching out to christie's donors in new york.
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there will be a great race between bush, rubio and kasich to get the donors from are him. charles: have you reached out to any of the people? >> as i said, yes, woody johnson heads fund-raising apparatus for the campaign. charles: i thought he was with christie, not bush. >> that was a big contention because he chose bush over christy. he is one of the most prominent businessmen in new york. while people may have reached out to trump, no one endorsed him yet. when it comes to clearly trump has won a primary, cruz won a primary, kasich, bush, rubio will be battling in south carolina saying make me the alternative. charles: what do you make of the establishment lane right before new hampshire, before that debate, felt like rubio was emerging to be a strong contender in establishment lane with cruz and trump beating each other up and feels like
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there's no viable candidate there. >> couple points i'd like to make, donald trump has gotten endorsement, that's from the american people, it's begun in new hampshire. number two, the establishment link candidates, they were going nowhere when the gate opened up, that's something charles that the rnc could never buy. they could never figure it out. charles: even though last night new hampshire, 49% of the voters said they wanted an establishment candidate, and if you were to add up all the establishment numbers, they were much more than donald trump. so can we totally say that that lane was dead before last night or that you feel more confident right now that it's done? >> i feel very, very confident that the people in that lane are going to go to donald trump. i said from the beginning, he's going to be the next president of the united states. there's a movement going on across this country. i see it, i'm sure a lot of americans see, it but the rnc has yet to see it, and when they do, donald trump is going to the white house. charles: what do you think, georgette? >> i think that's an
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interesting prediction, but ar wn' ta long road from new rin mow? come on, let's do it? >> if you look at this and what happened in the last week. rubio was the darling out of ohio. and christie knocked him down, maybe didn't knock him out. i don't know if this is his rick perry moment or not. i know bush needs to knock him out. bush is going to go after him right now. he's got to get rubio out of way, if bush really wants to truly resurrect himself. charles: right, let me ask you, charlie, talking about rubio coming out of iowa with the momentum. he did so much better, he gave a great press conference. but then his inability to speak on his feet, that one of his great claims to fame, even when he admitted he made a mistake last night, he kept glancing down at notes and i found that
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disturbing. >> me, too. rubio probably played iowa better than any politician in the last 20 years. comes in third but acted like he won and the media went along with it. and came in new hampshire with all the momentum and undecideds going his way and did not have a good debate. he played in the narrative that he was scripted and robotic and kasich pounced on it, and you saw the late undecideds going to trump and kasich. rubio has a lot of work to do in south carolina. bush has a lot more money than marco rubio does. bush was going to have his brother stumping in south carolina, and i'm going to tell you this is going to be a do or die moment for the rubio campaign, they will now have come in third in iowa and fifth in new hampshire and what are they supposed to say after south carolina? if they're not in a top three finish, it's a do or die moment. charles: do or die moment for rubio and your man bush. he's got all this cash, all his organization, if he can't break
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the top three in the first three contests, doesn't he realize sticking around makes it worse for what -- makes his worst dream probably come true? >> you could have that argument for rubio and kasich as well. i think it's misdirected to say that only to bush. charles: i was saying bush and rubio. though you can throw kasich in there. i got to tell you something, i don't put kasich on the same level because of the cash and the footprint. >> he has the least amount of cash of anybody left and pulling under 2% in south carolina. >> kasich went into new hampshire as a tactic, not as a strategy. and the tactic worked. charles: worked well. >> where does he go now. >> i disagree. we talked about this earlier, i disagree that the strategy worked. everyone in the media saying kasich went all-in and it worked. >> it was a strategy. >> i don't think it gets him any momentum. >> for the governmented country, and we said this
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before, those falling under a certain percentage bail out. god bless all of them, it's a tough job to do, but for the good of the united states of america, start to think about getting there. charles: that brings us to something of elephant in the room with dr. ben carson, listen, i know he should do better in south carolina because of the evangelicals and more conservative voters, but is he really at this point kind of spinning his wheels, the greater part of valor to say i'm going to step out and will support the ultimate nominee? >> absolutely, that's not the way politics works and we don't know what he wants. he may want to be on the ticket and may want to play this out. >> politics hasn't worked this way forever with donald trump in the race. it's a great difference. >> but, we still have a long way to go, i repeat that, and we've seen how things can change so quickly. rubio, now kasich wins this, and now bush all of a sudden? look, a week ago i heard people saying this was the beginning
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of the end of trump after iowa. well, trump, this was a big win. charles: i'm going invite to you donald trump's swearing-in. that's going to be a crowded thing, you got a million invites? charlie, let me ask you, the younger voters play such an important critical role on both sides of the aisle, where are they gravitating to right now? >> on the democratic side it's all about sanders, they're rejecting hillary clinton wholeheartedly. on the republican side it's split. in iowa, ted cruz won the youth vote, in new hampshire donald trump won the youth vote and more and more people are able to participate in the primary process because of increased voter access laws especially in south carolina, and the youth will play a tremendous role in it. marco rubio courting younger voters, 18-31 almost exclusively, look closely at cruz and the younger voters in south carolina are heavily involved in the military, military installations between
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18 and 31 that are voters that would be in the republican primary and voters that are self-described young evangelicals. cruz and trump are going head-to-head and it's a deciding factor because younger voters are widely undecided. >> cruz proved that he can pull votes in a moderate state that doesn't have a lot of evangelicals, that's libertarian. that's quite an accomplishment. charles: even steve, you need to address this, okay? what if cruz wins in south carolina? because i think he had sort of a de facto good night, maybe you can argue as much as a victory there that rubio had in iowa last night? >> donald trump doll what he did like he did in iowa. you regroup, organize, keep moving and going to the white house. i'm convinced, i really mean this, in my heart, i mean he's going to be the president of the united states. >> he knows it. >> and he has galvanized america, i've never seen anything like this in my lifetime. >> to get back to the
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millennial, republicans need to be concerned about. this i'm a millennial, i'll polling my friends and talking to people. bernie sanders has so much energy on the millennial side. when you look at who is in college, you were probably born in 1997, 1998. that means have you no real concept of the cold war, you read about it. no real concept of socialism, the way my parents or grandparents did. so i think the rubio campaign has argued, you need someone fresh like rubio to attract the millennial vote. i don't necessarily agree with that. when you look at bernie sanders, he's a 75-year-old who's winning. he has a message. >> millennials don't always vote. >> they are for bernie. >> they did for bernie. >> and obama. >> there are the hispanics and the women vote that are much larger and more important to this election, and the question is what was stunning was the women that came out. >> let's not underestimate the intelligence of the millennial
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generation. >> thank you. >> and i think you see, look, on both sides whether it be sanders or donald trump, they have galvanized every generation, every ethnicity, every cultural background in this country. that's what's good about this. >> that's not true about john, i'm sure about sanders. >> what's good about this is they're making america great again. charles: people are engaged. lot of people and so many more people are engaged, no matter how you feel about any of them. you got to give a big, big salute to donald trump and bernie sanders. i'm not ready to agree with you that every single person on the planet jumped on the trump train yet, steve. 2016, the gop field is getting smaller. chris christie is out, carly fiorina is out. ten days to the south carolina primary. the big thing is what was the message from new hampshire, what should the candidates learn? what should we learn? according to you guys, the media always gets it wrong. we'll be right back. we live in a pick and choose world.
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. charles: donald trump, bernie sanders winning big in new hampshire last night, there's no doubt right now, we are in the midst of a revolution on both sides. but it's completely opposite, the spectrums could not be any different or maybe they're the same. joining me morgan, joe and mark. mark, it's really interesting because essentially about what we're talking about, feels like it's going to boil down between capitalism and socialism, and yet the roots of the anger or the whatever you want to call it fueling the passion out there seem to be the same. >> they do seem to be the same, charles. this is a perfect matchup, you know, socialist policies, the marxist on the democratic side
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against free market capitalist who eschewed politics, it's a perfect matchup and comes from the same sense of economic and national security anxiety, that has existed in the electorate for the past year, two years, maybe for the past eight years, and they are showing up in droves at the first two races we've seen so far, turnout has been at record levels, and so the irony is these are really -- i'm not so sure revelations as hostile takeovers of the traditional campaigns of the traditional parties. charles: that's a good one, hostile takeover, joe. if america were to embrace the socialism that bernie sanders is selling, it's a revolution that khrushchev predicted. he said russia would take over, ideology would take over america without firing a shot. that's what an election of bernie sanders would be? >> i would go more coup than revolution, right? we think that bernie sanders
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has any shot of winning this nomination? charles: i got to tell you, i can't believe anyone -- he got way more votes last night than any candidate who ran any, candidate who ran. >> he got more than cruz and trump combined. charles: why are we dismissing this guy, joe? >> primarily among non-whites he trails hillary clinton by 40 points, when you go nevada and south carolina, that's where the firewall is, that's the true test, charles. i'm not saying she's going to run by 20 and 30 points, it will shrink, but the question is what is his path to victory? i don't see it. charles: i believe he can chip away at the firewall, i think the firewall is swiss cheese, a lot of holes in it. believe me, remind black voters some of the things the clintons did when obama ran, talk about the notion of being taken for granted. he's selling a message and the young people are buying it, middle-aged people are buying
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it, and any person of color or race would buy it if it's sold to them. >> here's my opinion what's going on with trump and sanders. have you both ends of the party, both extremes of the party that are pissed off and that are fed up and they found their guy. >> i was reading teen vogue. i'm serious, i want to know why millennials love bernie sanders so much. and gave a list here. free college education, hillary is going to college and raising tuition would pay her off, right? student loans, he's saying we'll forgive them, she obviously is vacationing in the hamptons and chelsea is making $600,000 on nbc, they see her as somebody who doesn't relate what they're talking about, income inequality, hillary jumps on the bandwagon to get votes, bernie sanders talking about this all along, it's authenticity that's winning for bernie sanders.
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charles: real quick, mark. this is about the disenfranchised over eight years. ultimately primary politics is like the hunger games, you have to kill opponents in order to survive and bernie sanders has the chance but better get tough and ugly in the next few weeks. charles: almost everybody in the country has a beef about the last seven/eight years, this is the change they want to see. i welcome it. i don't want to see socialism but i want to see the change in the country. bernie sanders raised 5.2 million bucks since winning last night. we'll break the numbers down for and you tell you a little more what it means for hillary. but what does it mean for all of us? i'm not writing off bernie just yet. we'll be right back.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people. . charles: you guys are going nuts on twitter saying it can't happen. i don't know. bernie sanders raised a
6:26 pm
whopping 5.2 million bucks since resounding defeat of hillary clinton last night. since last night in the new hampshire primary. the average donation was 34 bucks. so it's a big day for bernie sanders, broke bread with al sharpton in harlem. sharpton seemed pleased with the meeting, take a listen. >> my concern is that in january of next year, a black family will be moving out of the white house. i do not want black concerns to be moved out with them. we must be front and center and not marginalized, and senator sanders coming here this morning, makes it clear we will not be ignored. charles: joining me morgan and charlie are back and kirsten joins us as well. kirsten, we were having this discussion about the firewall, and for me one of the interesting things about bernie sanders is he's talking about
6:27 pm
the wrongs of yesteryear, the mean-spiritedness of capitalists and tells it nicely with the barack obama thing and the buckets of victims, and the grievances, all those things play well for bernie. to write him off is a major mistake. >> i agree, and i think one of the issues he's had in connecting with black voters in the south where hillary is doing much better in the polls is more name recognition than anything else. hillary has been on the scene so much longer with, the play for al sharpton, barack obama and al sharpton met at the same restaurant. he should have had a photo-op sipping on iced tea, these are some older generation with al sharpton, the younger one with coates, hillary can't take the votes from him. charles: he spoke afteral sharpton, he was putting the coalition together, and who
6:28 pm
knows what can happen, morgan? >> i totally agree, we talked about this last week on the show, and in december i started looking at numbers in iowa and new hampshire and said hillary clinton is really in trouble, and it's about the size of which he lost as well. double digits. there's no way to spin this. she and her husband are talking about re-engineering their campaign staff, bringing on new people, but i was struck and i was talking this morning, struck how tone deaf her speech was last night. she went on the rant how this is a right-wing crusade against her and i don't think what she realize said this is a left-wing crusade against you, they're coming at you from the left. i think she is in real trouble. i think the republicans for a while have been sweating what are we going to do about trump and cruz and the people in the establishment lane, it's kind of nice -- >> bernie is sweating a bit now, right? charles: people take the establishment folks, if it's bernie, no way he can win, and
6:29 pm
who can raise 5 million bucks in 12 hours. having said that, and the whole grievance bucket of victims, come the young people, the young people who have to pay the student loans off, who graduate and there's not a great six figure job waiting for them. you campaign with them and teach them about the good things in capitalism, this is a serious fight between the victims and nonvictims i guess. >> absolutely. i'll say, this our organization is in a thousand campuses across the country and run into students for bernie groups all the time. the only promising thing i have to tell viewers is bernie supporters have no idea what they're talking about. they don't know why they support bernie, they think he's authentic, the professor-type guy who believes what he's saying and can't be bought and compromised away from core values. talks about fairness and justice. and to put in perspective the $5 million figure he raised in 24 hours, the democratic national committee ended the last quarter with $20 million
6:30 pm
cash on hand. in 24 hours he raised $5 million one fourth of what the democratic party had on hand. charles: and charlie, the word authentic is the word you hear with him and donald trump. and senator ted cruz said the only candidate to beat is donald trump, despite finishing in third place, between cruz and trump, do you think that's true are? they the two last men standing, tweet me i'm at cv payne, we'll be right back. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship
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went to ancestry, i put in the names of my grandparents first. it gave me a leaf almost right away. within a few days, i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow, i'm related to george washington. i didn't know that using ancestry would be so easy.
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david: more on breaking news laid this evening. new jersey governor chris christie out of the race. ted cruz thinks only candidate that can beat donald trump is ted cruz. >> unwith conclusions coming out of these two states that the only candidate that can beat donald trump is me. charles: candidates move on to south carolina with the expectations of 2012. every winner there since ronald reagan gone on to claim the gop nomination. what do you make of this notion that, hey, let's cut to the chase. it is cruz versus trump, start to make your bets? >> well, i'll tell you what, cruz is going to make a case in
6:35 pm
south carolina that he can bring fiscal conservatives, social conservatives and the national security conservatives all to him. he has ground game and can get them out and vote for him. you can't just dismiss that. cruz is smart, he is organized, and he is going to be a formidable, he will be a formidable opponent for donald trump. charles: there is no doubt. listen. i don't know how this thing evolved in this big fight over what conservative is and who isn't and who is conservative or not. in my mind ted cruz is 1000%. was conservative before vogue to be conservative. went to d.c., kicked up a whole lot of dust. i slings and arrows are unfortunate. to me i ultimately think there is a establishment lane but i don't think that exists anymore. >> it does not. charles, you're right. it was when marco rubio was viable candidate. now rubio because of that debate performance, repeating himself four times in the sound bite playing over and over and over
6:36 pm
again on social media where little wildfires become huge infernos marco rubio is now a caricature no longer a candidate unfortunately. all that said, kasich took his votes and won in new hampshire. you know what john kasich is polling ought south carolina right now? two percent. he will not challenge trump. it comes down to cruz, trump, bush is a many todayed brand and i don't see any other -- damaged brand. i don't see any candidate to challenge from the establishment side. it is cruz-trump. >> i think bush may have seen a resurrection here. he has the money and also got recognition. >> name is a problem. charles: i have to break. mark, i want to alert the audience to breaking news we'll get announcement tomorrow morning from jim web on his intentions. remember he suspended hits campaign. there was a lot of are scuttlebutt him running independent and perhaps rerunning as republican. we'll hear tomorrow morning big news because he is a very
6:37 pm
conservative democrat. a lot of people thought he should have joined the gop a long time ago. on that note, mark, rnc has got to be just sort of, frightened as frightened can be whether trump or cruz because this is power. this is money. this is where they have gotten it from for decades. they are losing this one way or the other. who do they back? >> they don't. they stand back to watch what happens. look, the rnc is complicit in getting us into this position in the first place with our economy, and where the nation has been so off track. and so, really, they are totally have no control at this point. but look, you have to take a look this way, charles. if you put a power ratings on candidates cruz is right. he will be second most powerful candidacy after trump. he has a real conundrum. i agree with your comments about him, consistent conservative and
6:38 pm
constitutional conservative. he has conundrum. donald trump is not his biggest opponent. news media are ted cruz's biggest opponent. creating a caricature of him because they consider him demonic. that is the way news media likes it. donald trump on other hand has this phenomenon, this force of nature with the news media that no one can control. so donald trump is -- charles: daily news took a shot today i think was absolutely despicable. got to go. you had one thing you have to say. >> rnc is rooting for trump or cruz. michael bloomberg jump in as independent. take votes away from hillary as democrat and that -- charles: you do not want to miss "varney & company" tomorrow morning. stuart is back of course. guess what is gop frontrunner donald trump. that is tomorrow 9:00 a.m. right here on fox business. well, speaking of the media, "huffington post," they crossed the line in tabloid journalism i did not think they could cross.
6:39 pm
their dismissal and their hatred of donald trump's victory in new hampshire is beyond the pale. we're going to discuss that when we come back.
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charles: "new york daily news" reaching a new low on the cover this morning depicting donald trump as clown. "huffington post" goes further, calling him a racist. a how far did they cross the lineb next. that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
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>> mort zuckerman man who owns "the daily news" which is totally failing paper, he is insecure guy. every week they do a cover story, very demeaning cover story. i guess it sells in some form but he is, everybody understands he is a very, very insecure person. sits on a newsstand and may be a couple of people buy it if it has my picture on it. it is sort i think it is a pretty bad thing to do. charles: that was donald trump with neil cavuto this morning reacting to the cover you're looking at from the "new york daily news," depicting him as a clown.
6:43 pm
the "huffington post" out with a quick attack from the frontrunner. their ahead line read, racist, sexist, demonic wins first primary. mark and joe back with me. mark, here's the thing, one thing to go after a candidate, idealogical, for idealogical reasons and even then i think there are parameters in discourse but this "new york daily news" headline really dissed the voters in new hampshire. they called them zombies and stupid and it is just amazing that the media could go on the offensive like that against the public. >> these news outlets, charles, are the ghosts of christmas past. they are an appendage of the hillary clinton campaign, and they are desperate and now they're attacking the voters. and frankly i hope they keep doing it because every time they do something like this all they do is anger and frustrate and rally the troops across the
6:44 pm
country who want to turn hillary clinton campaign back in time to the '90s where it belongs. these are just strictly democrat national committee appendages and clinton campaign appendages they will continue to do it. it is outrageous. it is pathetic and they're simply ghosts of their formerselves. they're underscoring their owner relevance in this campaign. charles: they may be doing that but you know, it's, joe, i it blows my mind, huff post initially didn't even cover donald trump as serious candidate. now they are. let's admit they get some pretty good mileage out of these things. >> "huffington post" and "new york daily news"? charles: to donald's point maybe they sell a few newspapers that day but at what cost? >> what cost. daily news's case, charles, they're losing $20 million a year annually. mort zuckerman man is trying to sell the paper. tried to sell it for pennies on the dollar. there were no takers because the content is so toxic.
6:45 pm
their reputation is so damaged and their financials are so horrible. the print edition we saw with donald trump on the clown and millions of voters insulted, not even in new hampshire, across the country, that print edition won't exist in a year if they can't find a sucker stupid enough to buy it. charles: "new york daily news" is part and parcel of so-called establishment we talk about all the time? part of the establishment sort of voice or billy club if you will? >> throwing a hail mary like somebody drowning and throwing up their hands over here, over here. it is backfiring on them. i haven't seen too many people supported the paper today because they went after voters around people that buy their papers. charles: say that, again, mark? >> they're sort of a parallel here too with gloria steinem and way she insulted her own constituency. "the daily news" is insulting voters to support hillary clinton's candidacy. quite clear, why the news media
6:46 pm
is almost defacto super-pac for the democrats. they proved that point time and time again. charles: all right, guys. have to leave it there. sorry about that. trump and sanders, they were of course big major winners last night or we could say huge. how does the market react to it? what was the message, the economic message from voters last night in new hampshire? we'll talk about it when we come back. hey dad. hey sweetie, how was your first week? long. it'll get better. i'm at the edward jones office, like sue suggested. thanks for doing this, dad. so i thought it might be time to talk about a financial strategy. (laughing) you mean pay him back? knowing your future is about more than just you. so let's start talking about your long-term goals... multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors. it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula
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charles: so the big news in the market today, janet yellen went to d.c. and did not move the needle on wall street as her doublespeak actually underscored her credibility problem. plus she is talking about negative bond yields and then of course last night new hampshire, they spoke loud and clear to voters demanding a better economy but here's the thing, they can't make up their mind if it will be capitalism or socialism. let's bring in the shah galani. yellen goes to d.c. and market goes down. >> it started to go up because the anticipation was she would be extremely dovish which in fact she was. the realization was where is federal reserve really going to go? if they're talking about negative rates, things must be pretty bad so the market sold off on account of that. charles: talk about that for a moment. germany has negative rates. japan went to the negative rates. for audience that doesn't understand, for regular person, when negative rates, when governments are selling bonds, negative rates what are they doing?
6:51 pm
>> in terms of the bond market there are different ways in terms of going about getting negative rates. in terms of bonds, they bid up the price of bonds so much, they're buying them, central banks are buying them, prices go up, yield falls so much, the actual return on the bond is negative. charles: essentially you're paying someone to hold your money for you? >> exactly. what it is. charles: i think in america they call that loan-sharking or something like that. so, so then let's talk about last night then because you think that there was a major economic story, narrative to the whole thing and the way the votes came out? >> i think the public is speaking in terms of supporting bernie that money in the small donations speaks to the fact that the public has, they believe he has something to say. it is populist message to be sure. socialist, for most part pretty much but, i don't know that the markets understand, either one of them. having really cohesive economic plan for the country. charles: if you were to take
6:52 pm
$5 million to divide it by 34 bucks that's a lot of people. >> yes. charles: it echoes or mirrors the millions of people that dropped out of the job market. unemployment rate is down for a reason. when we start to think about this, we think, wow, this many people have given up on the american dream, so they're just saying listen for them capitalism does not work. so they're not going to hit the bricks. they're not looking for a job. that works really well in his favor? how do we turn that around? how do we articulate the message, go out there, the opportunity is way up. the opportunities will be out there. >> donald trump has to put that message forward. i don't see them creating a clear cohesive message that the public can grasp. that is needed from republican party. charles: trump is doing that to greater point. he has resume'. he has been extraordinarily successful. they will jump on the trump train and bernie train right now. got to tell you, two completely different trains. >> probably both going off the
6:53 pm
tracks. charles: thanks, shah. 10 days away from south carolina. which candidate has the the the momentum? here's the question, what is the ideal commander-in-chief? tweet me and let me know. i spoke to oliver north earlier. i got details for you. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. :
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6:56 pm
. charles: we are awaiting donald trump's rally in south carolina. looking at it right there. that's clemson university, the first event since the new hampshire primary, the 2016 gop hopeful has a wide spectrum, and now that the things are starting to settle down here. shrinking the overall gop field, if you will. chris christie is out, carly fiorina is out, and from my understanding, there is 3,000 people at clemson right now. earlier today i spoke with oliver north and i asked him about the ideal president, the ideal commander in chief, and
6:57 pm
he gave me specific directives. he says the president has it rebuild our military. has to define our enemy, not just talking about isis because it's all radical islam. define victory. reassure allies, put putin and beijing on protection of expansionism and, of course, rebuild our military. back with me, morgan, and captain chuck nash. pretty good, huh? . >> i watched that interview this morning, i thought it was terrific. one other thing i would add to the list is we need to elect a leader, and a leader to me, my personal definition of leadership that i thought of over the years is a leader has the ability to inspire vision, and to do that, you have to be able to communicate and connect with people, but you have to have thought through what the message is that you're trying
6:58 pm
to communicate. so getting that vision out, i think, leads toward a lot of what ollie said which is the strategy piece. we have no strategy but troops engaged in combat, fighting to what end? there is no end defined. charles: you know, morgan, jeb bush says that he's got a lot of generals who have weighed in for him, who thinks he's going to do well in south carolina, from the military angle. do you think the things that oliver north talked about, he can check off the boxes? >> oliver north made great points. what concerns me and allies and the rest of the world is the next president needs to have defining foreign policy and really state who are our allies, who are our enemies and what are we going to do about it? we've seen chaos in the middle east, why? our traditional ally is real, saudi arabia and egypt. we have the worst relationships in the countries than we've had
6:59 pm
in 30 years because we went all in on a deal with the iranians to make peace, the world doesn't know exactly where does america stand. what does america need? and the next president has to define. when trump says he's going to be best friend with putin. is he going to do that? will america have a new relationship with russia. it's important to define these things. charles: that's why the sunnis and others have not bought in with respect to fighting isis over there. charlie, we have a president who's a pacifist. that's one of the issues, too. we can stick our head in the sand, the problems don't go away. >> he's not just a pacifist, he's an ideologue, and he has given more money to enemies than he has towards american interests. the saying used to go are you better off than you were eight years ago? every enemy of the united states is better off than eight years ago, they're richer,
7:00 pm
stronger and hate us more. iran, venezuela, in better position to do harm to us and interests around the world. charles: and all more emboldens than before. thank you very much, chuck nash, thanks for the lesson on leadership. appreciate it. thank you at home. now the man himself. lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. republican presidential candidates tonight taking their messages to south carolina, a day after donald trump steam rolled everyone in new hampshire, a hugely successful night for trump who picked up ten more delegates, took 35% of the vote and proved he cannot only draw big crowds but generate lots of votes and from all walks of life. not one of his opponents received half as many vote as he, trump followed by kasich, cruz, rubio and jeb bush. >> we are going to start winning again, and we're going to win so much.


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