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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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difference in appearance but, that is a big difference in my appearance, so. melissa: that's great. u.s. veteran and long lost love reconnecting after0 years. david: just in time for valentines. and we're in time for "risk & reward." >> anyone claiming that america's economy is in decline is peddling fiction. [cheering] deirdre: volume at this time reined in the last 90 minutes of trade. stocks slightly reversed course but still closings down well over 200 points for the dow. this is "risk & reward". this is deirdre bolton. heavy selling from asia, to europe, to the u.s. dow and s&p 500 still both closed lower by more than 1%. financials the weakest link. bank stocks declined. oil fell below $27 per barrel. a 13-year low.
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proof of investor fear gold soared. our experts have you covered. the best advice for you and your money. from the new york stock exchange to our money managers, ashley webster up first from the floor. so, ashley, what were traders telling you about this wild session? >> well you know what? almost become normal, hasn't it? there is nothing normal about this. we have traders staring at the screens. two things going on today, sell equities buy gold. other people saying you know we saw a little bit after comeback this afternoon on news that opec may be open to cutting production. they said how sad opec is one thing out there that can make our markets move higher. there is a sense of anxiousness that is not only for the global economy but for the economy here in the u.s. you mentioned the financials, deirdre, certainly concerns about european banks. that added to the rough feelings if you like of how secure is the system right now? how secure. the banks here. had janet yellen talking about negative interest rates not off
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the table. that is not good news for banks here, who are realizing that probably not going to get interest rate hike anyway in the short term. which means they will not get as much money back on their loans. as you can see the financial stocks, worst performing today. they have been worst performing since very beginning of the year, deirdre. deirdre: ashley, thank you very much. in this kind of volatility, we want to tell you which stocks gained, which ones lost. my colleague adam shapiro has all the details. adam, which were the standouts in both categories? >> these are standouts. i pick names, talk about trip advisor. they had earnings report they beat what wall street was expecting. that stock was up today something like 12%. well-done for trip advisor they go forward. can book hotels with trip advisor. they closed with $61.07 and change. there is cisco systems. cisco systems buying back shares. very confident even though they
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face headwinds they talked in their earnings report. buying back shares and increasing their dividend. cisco systems also in the green. one of the stocks that performed well. it was up almost 10%. closing day out at $24.68 a share. they missed on earnings report. seems investors willing to give them a past. they're optimistic about the future and like guidance they saw in earnings. it could have been worse but wasn't. they missed estimates. they were up something like 9.5, 10% as well. talk about many soft losers. this will not surprise anybody. prudential financial, they hit a new 52-week low today. 5.19 dollars. they were down something like almost 10% or. bank of america, another 52-week low. $10.99. for financials as ashley was saying, janet yellen discussion of negative interest rates, even though they're not there yet. not talking about doing it allegedly, still problem for financials. old-fashioned problem for
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boeing. sec announced a probe into accounting practices. airline maker hit 52-week low. $102.10 a share on the news. deirdre: adam shapiro thank you very much. winners and losers, we need clarity on session like today. volatility and uncertainty pushing gold higher. in fact it closed at the highest level in a year, above $1200 an ounce. that is important level. some say fed chair janet yellen is partially at fault for volatility. she testified in front of congress saying there is always some chance of a recession in any year. now at same time she signaled going slow on rate hikes. >> make sure you stick with weak dollar investment strategies. gold an some blue chip names. deirdre: charles payne called it. he is the host of fox business making money. with me now. charles, you got it. how did you know? >> i've been worried about the market for a while.
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started buying gold an tlt, a play on bold yields back in august. got real as grease sieve lately even on days market was up 200 points. if you look beneath the surface, five stocks at new 52-week highs and 4, 5, 600 at lows. volume has been bad. and reaction. worst thing a company can do is say we have record profits. ask disney or anybody else. internals have been really, really weak. lack of confidence which is most important thing. deirdre: lack of confidence. a lot of people are saying this is what is driving the fear. there are a lot of people who say i don't want to own anything right now. as proof we're seeing gold -- how high can gold get? no breakout was 1180. i think you can go to 1400 on gold now. remember it was rough couple years. supposed to go higher. when fed had money printing engine and qe going which was counterintuitive. deirdre: you mentioned fed, you think this what is people call the taper tantrum?
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janet yellen indicated she was going to go slowly. before she spoke this week i thought maybe this is a bit tantrummish but i'm not so sure. >> she pointed out when someone asked about the market, in december when they made the rate hike, market was relatively calm. she is right about that. 25 basis points is not big deal. here is what people are worried about, idea they're wedded to four rate hikes, possibly even as early as next month. the backdrop of all of this other economic stuff is mind-boggling. prime example of what is worrisome. earlier this week we had whale sale inventories out. i call it level three economic report. third month in a row it was down. federal reserve in atlanta, first quarter gdp, 2.3% to 2.5%. goldman sachs, first quarter gdp, 1.9%. street is looking at this news, one way and fed looking at it with royce colored glasses. if she will be this dogmatic, if
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the fed will be this dogmatic -- don't forget two fed officials, two new ones, two women came out said wall street, quit having his sy fits. man up. take the medicine. it is worrisome. janet yellen and those folks, take a stroll through main street some time. that's all. >> charles, thank you. his show being you already know this right after this one, 6:00 p.m. eastern. you want to stay with the channel for that. we are not the only ones talking about the markets volatility. presidential candidates are too. here is gop front-runner donald trump saying we're in a bubble on fox business earlier. >> we are right now in a big fat, ugly bubble. we are controlled largely by asia and by countries like china. in particular china because of its vast size. deirdre: power markets panel is here. markets bull jason rotman, he
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says he should keep your money in the stock market. markets bear gary smith disagrees. jason, first and foremost, are we in a bubble? your take? >> no, we're not. only thing in a bubble is donald trump's bravado or grandiose ego. otherwise the stock mark set is what i'm call coining the election correction. it is not depression. recession maybe. there is so much uncertainty with moving into a new political, you know, dynasty or realm with a new president. we're going from bernanke to yellen. this is almost expected, honestly. we're not in a 30% downturn. the stock market is still the place to be as it always will be for the long term. i think, only thing people should be is a little more defensive with utilities an alternatives. otherwise just sit tight. deirdre: sit tight. i heard what you said about utilities and alternatives, but, gary, we have market bulls
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saying maybe we're in a recession. what is your view on that. >> i think we're in recession for the simple fact, i go through every single indicate looking a chart as or fundamentals or looking at earnings, gdp, some of the things charles talked about, where are the positive things? i can't really find anything. charles talked about gold going up. that's surely a sign that people are worried. you have the s&p earnings forecasted to be what, minus 5, minus 6%? you have oil, i mean there is no demand for oil out there. just across the board, whether it's level three reports as charles said or level one reports like jobs report i don't see any good news out there. until you start seeing good news i can't be near hely as optimistic as jason is. >> we'll come up with some ideas what to do if you are close to retirement or if you're already in retirement. meantime, jason, gary, thank you both. glad to have you. >> thank you.
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deirdre: at its low point in the session the dow was down 400 points. in the last 90 minutes you had a shift in sentiment. stocks started to turn higher. net-net still a down day. less for stockholders. if you're close to retirement or you're in retirement you may be wondering what to do. our guests have answers. that is why they are here. "new york times" best-selling author david bock and our own
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gerri willis welcome. >> thank you. deirdre: you have been advocating for people on fixed income. what will be your reaction when you handle all of these -- >> talk about people. david and i were talking before we came on air how folks missed much of this bull market. now they're saying what do i do? well, guess what? if you missed the bull market. deirdre: it's a over. >> it is over now, my friend. a lot of people out there. we talked about this on the show. go to cash. take your money and sell everything you have and go to cash. i say no. don't do that. why? because you lock in these levels right now. this is your, this is your portfolio, what you're seeing in the market this is disaster day. don't try to catch a falling knife. deirdre: gerri says, take the beating for the moment. don't sell at lows. do you agree with her? >> called breathe, people. breathe. know what? you don't want to panic right now. she is absolutely right. the problem with cash, time it right once. get out to cash but cash kills
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you. people got out in the last downturn. don't know when to get back in. i recommend this, you stay with this market right now. you look for the opportunities. because there are some great deals right now. i mean we're seeing some enormous sales. but before you for for deals you go get advice. if you're nervous, call the financial advisor hopefully you have one. deirdre: get a good one. >> talk you off the railing right now. and if you got a 401(k) plan, go look at statements which i don't recommend you do, if you do, simply call the 401(k) provider, have them calm you down, go through your portfolio, asset allocation in accordance with the plan. >> where are you putting new money. that is what you need to think about right now. there are opportunities here. you go with what you like, what you investigated. look, a lot of things are on sale that investors loved for a long time. amazon, google. a lot of tech names. >> financial service companies. i mean --
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deirdre: really got punished today. >> banks were down today. >> creamed. financial companies are trading eight, nine, 10 times p-e ratios. this is what you go, it's a sale! scary to buy the markets. >> people super successful in the market, this is how they make money. come in really bad times. deirdre: don't panic. don't go to cash. know what you know. know what you like. get it on sale. >> on the cheap. deirdre: on the cheap. thank you both. president obama giving first reaction to the supreme court decision to block the epa's clean power plan. we'll tell you more about what he had to say. we're also learning that the state department investigators issued a subpoena to the clinton foundation. we'll bring you all the details. one federal judge tired of the delay. he is ordering the rest of hillary's emails being released and now. his specific reasons after this. >> can you reassure these
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none of this works. come on in. deirdre: state department investigate stores are issuing a subpoena to the clinton foundation. peter barnes is with me now. what is the latest? reporter: dealer doctor, this is -- deirdre, this is probe by the inspector general. looking into whether hillary clinton's use of a personal email account violated federal secrecy laws but this subpoena involves a separate investigation into whether public corruption laws have been broken. whether there was any
5:21 pm
influence-peddling or favors traded while hillary clinton was secretary of state. the subpoena is seeking documents about the foundation's projects at the time, but the full scope and status of the probe, not exactly clear. we also know that it does cover her long time aide huma abedin. a foundation representative confirming probe and subpoena and also telling the washington poet which first reported this development that the initial document request had been narrowed by the inspector general's office. the representative claiming that the foundation itself is not the focus the probe. also a no comment from the clinton campaign but, you can bet that this could come up as a topic at tonight's democratic debate in milwaukee. deirdre? deirdre: peter, thank you as always. peter barnes joining me there. my political power panel for their reaction. "daily beast" politics reporter, betsy woodruff, dem crassic strategist nomiki konst. what does the public know about
5:22 pm
the subpoena? what does that change if anything about the fbi investigation? >> this is very typical thing that happens in investigation. you need a subpoena to collect information. legally it is normal. politically it doesn't look good. definitely doesn't look good as we enter this debate, especially coming out of new hampshire especially with the message bernie sanders is running on, anti-corruption, anti-quid pro quo, anti-big money, big establishment message. hillary clinton is essentially quid pro quo. this is investigation about public corruption, whether or not the money given to the clinton foundation influenced the state department. this is against the message that she is trying to portray to progressive voters, which is i'm not influenced by the money my donors on wall street give me. i'm not influenced by anything. this is not looking good for hillary clinton. i hope he brings it up in the debate. deirdre: speaking not looking good for hillary clinton, betsy, i need your take on this. a judge is ordering the release of the rest of hillary clinton's emails saying the state department needs to finish
5:23 pm
releasing them by february 29th. does this put hillary clinton one step closer to formal charges? >> it is unclear. we don't know what the status of those charges is and what will be in these emails. that said what it does mean inarguably the most important month of the nominating process we'll put enormous focus on these communications. i think circling back to what we learned today about the subpoena, part of the reason this is so important, as nomiki was saying, it gets to existential question almost for clinton foundation. which is, did scratching the back of the clinton foundation get you special favors at state department. there are reports indicating totally plausible. the times had a shocking report few months back, showing defense contractors and foreign governments that gave money to the clinton foundation got approval of arms deals. that includes arms deals to countries with abysmal human rights records, algeria, saudi arabia, qatar. these countries were getting
5:24 pm
arms deals after getting money to the clinton foundation. a lot of questions. deirdre: a lot of questions. very concerning ties. i want to bring you the latest, ask you both for your reaction. remarks at dnc fund-raiser, president obama offering the first public reaction to the supreme court's decision to block the epa's clean power plants saying quote, in the last couple of days i heard people say the supreme court struck down the clean power plant rule. that is not true. don't despair people. this is a legal decision that says, hold on, until we review the legality. we are on very firm in terms of legal footing here. so, nomiki, i want to bring you right back, for people who don't know the context in reaction to lawsuit brought by 29 states, essentially against this clean power act or clean power executive order. what do you make of the president's comments? i mean if the supreme court said take a pause. that is a strong signal. right? >> part of the reason they take a pause, they have to collect
5:25 pm
information, science. part of the decision making is to see whether or not the science behind reducing the, reduces greenhouse gas emissions is affecting public health. that is the decision that they need to make right now. now the states that have sued are state has are influenced by the coal industry. they are states that have been suing and are influenced by industries that will be deeply affected by this. basically, this is in response to the paris, the paris meeting which 200 countries signed on to. so you have the battle between states and international law right now. and it is all coming down to the supreme court which is completely split on this decision. deirdre: betsy, get your take next time. i'm sorry, betsy, nomiki. thanks for being here. we have to show this new "funny or die" skit. hollywood actor johnny depp parodies the art of the deal. antonio sabato, jr. with me next. >> in the office, he was at his
5:26 pm
best but by night he was at his worst. if donald trump broke deals like he broke cards he would be out of witness. witness the art of money. >> i want you to sign it, every square inch of trunk in brass. >> the art of persuasion. >> i would hate to see your mother have an accident. >> the art of struggle. the art of love. >> somebody remove his honor from the bench because he is killing me. >> in his speech bernie sanders said he couldn't do it without support of millions of americans. trump was like, it is all me. you losers did nothing. [laughter]. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls, and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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. deirdre: the pentagon may miss a deadline for submitting congressional mandated plan to defeat isis. colonel ralph peters, his expert take shortly. ohio governor john kasich finished second in new hampshire, you know that. he and supporters claim part of the reason? the power of positivity. >> i said to everybody, if we can withstand the beatings we got in new hampshire and beat all the people trashing me all the time, it would say something about the political system. and i think that the light overshadowed the darkness of negative campaigning last night in new hampshire. really, really cool. maybe it represents the turning of a page about the way politics should operate. deirdre: he is holding a town meeting in -- town hall meeting in florence, south carolina, the next state to hold a primary.
5:31 pm
we'll bring you all relevant headlines from that event, but speaking tone, republican front-runner donald trump as combative as ever, here he is blasting former florida governor jeb bush. >> the last thing we need is another bush, that i can tell you. he's gotten so much money. they put them in the pacs which are crooked as hell, they're horrible, they're horrible, no, they're horrible. and the pacs aren't supposed to be running the campaigns but they're running the campaigns. and you see bush give his brother an ad, great job, brother, great job, great job. deirdre: with me is trump supporter, actor, model, antonio sabato jr. glad to have you back. >> thank you for having me. deirdre: the fact that donald trump is fiery is part of why you support him, right? >> well, whether you like him or not, he makes sense, and you got to appreciate the honesty that comes out from donald's mouth every single time, and i've been talking to a lot of
5:32 pm
people in los angeles, and they're backing him up and they like the honesty. now i don't know if they're going to vote for him at the end of the day, but they love the honesty. deirdre: we need to ask you, speaking of hollywood, a comedy website, funny or die released a 50 minute mockumentary of trump called the art of the deal. we'll show a clip for our viewers who haven't seen it. hang on, antonio. >> okay. all right week don't have it. we know you've seen it, which is most important for this conversation. what did you think of the clip as an actor, johnny depp for those who don't know played donald trump, what's your take on his part? >> i love it. i've done funny or die, awesome comedy and johnny is the right guy, he can do drama, comedy, i love it. makes fun of the whole thing. it's great. deirdre: so that's great. speaking of great and perhaps a
5:33 pm
bit theatrical, senator sanders raising nearly 7 million dollars since big win in. new hampshire, promising goods and services such as free college, quick clip here. >> we're going to raise the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour. we must strengthen and expand social security. i believe in a medicare for all single payer program. >> right. deirdre: antonio, is this socialist, this brand of democratic socialism realistic in your view, based on the people you're speaking with in l.a. for this country? >> absolutely not. socialism will never work in the greatest country in the world, which is the united states. people don't know about socialist countries, i lived in a socialist country. my mother is from the czech republic, we lived through the russians occupying prague in
5:34 pm
the czech republic and socialist countries don't work, they never have, they never will. deirdre: we are going to leave it there. short and sweet. i want to ask you about president obama quickly near the end of his term recently citing disappointment in his own inability to bring republicans and democrats together. he spoke earlier at the illinois capital. that's where he announced bid for president in 2007. he referenced one of the few regrets as he calls it of his presidency. >> but, it's been noted, often, by pundits, that the tone of our politics hasn't gone the better since i was inaugurated. it's gotten worse, one of my few regrets is inability to reduce the polarization and meanness in our politics. >> i've got a pen to take executive actions where congress won't and i've got a telephone. >> i've got a pen and i've got a phone. deirdre: antonio if we were
5:35 pm
just from the new hampshire results, were a president trump, would a president sanders make the divide better or worse? >> president trump would make it better, certainly. in any way shape or form. you've seen what obama's done in seven years and divided this country, and he stayed on the far left the whole time, never come close to meeting with the right, and he's never been able to do that, i think trump will do a better job. to tell you the truth, anybody will do a better job than bernie or hillary for that matter. deirdre: love chatting with you, thank you for the time. >> same here. deirdre: antonio sabato jr., from l.a. fox business is going to be live saturday february 20th at the republican south carolina primary. we are live for the nevada democratic caucus, both happening that day. neil cavuto bringing you those results, they come in at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. the pentagon may miss its deadline for its plan to defeat the islamic state.
5:36 pm
colonel ralph peters joining me to respond. also a global terror warning from director of national intelligence. >> director clapper? >> you testified last year that in your 45 years of public service, this was the worst global threat environment you had ever seen, is that correct? >> yes, sir. deirdre: an isis chemical weapon report you will want to hear what's in it. also iran testing missiles and publishing the images of our arrested soldiers. now they are mocking them in a parade on the streets. we have a lot to talk about with colonel ralph peters. stay with us. >> also want to thank the iranian authorities for their cooperation and quick response. these are always situations which, as everybody here knows, is an ability, if not properly guided to get out of control.
5:37 pm
and i'm appreciative for the quick and appropriate response of the iranian authorities. t young company around but if we want to keep the soda pop flowing we need fresh ideas! >>got it. we slow, we die. >>what about cashing out? no! i'm trying to build something here. >>how about using fedex ground for shipping? >>i don't need some kid telling me how to run a business! i've been doing this for 4 long months. >>fedex ground can help us save money and deliver fast to our customers. not bad, kid. you remind me of a younger me. >>aiden! the dog is eating your retainer again. let's take a short 5-minute recess. fedex ground is faster to more locations than ups ground.
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. >> also want to thank the iranian authorities for their cooperation and quick response. these are always situations which, as everybody here knows, have an ability, if not properly guided, to get out of control. and i'm appreciative for the quick and appropriate response of iranian authorities. deirdre: iran celebrated the 37th anniversary of the islamic revolution by reenacting the capture of ten u.s. sailors last month in a parade. the iranians show propaganda video that showed the detained americans, fox business is choosing not to show the video. retired lieutenant colonel ralph peters is with me now.
5:41 pm
what could we have done differently? start with that? >> what we could have done is boats better armed than the iranian craft is fire warning shots, if they don't back up, open up on them. you don't give up the ship. the outstanding question here is who gave the order to just surrender, not put up a fight, surrender to iranians who weren't really up to the fight? was it the naval lieutenant? his boss and the carrier? higher-up? we need to know that because it disgraced us, weakened us in the eyes of allies in the region, made buffoons of us, get mad at the chain of command and the obama administration who has turned our military. deirdre: it's confusing, at one point there was a statement that indicated that the u.s. sailors had crossed some sort of line in the sea. >> it doesn't matter. under the law of the sea, if
5:42 pm
they head straight into iranian territory because the boat was broken down. we don't know because there are conflicting stories, the iranians are obliged to aid and help them back out. you provide aid. instead you attack and we did nothing. what iran did was in legal terms an act of war. deirdre: i hear what you're saying. they reacted in a completely different way. which is why we have you for the perspective. i want to ask you about something else, colonel, the pentagon is not committing to meeting a congressionally mandated deadline, one that would present lawmakers with the obama administration's plan to defeat the islamic state, and this is days before that plan is supposed to be delivered to congress. what is going wrong in d.c., especially for such an important topic? >> well, if you have a week we can talk about what's going on in d.c. in the pentagon specifically, with this plan, how can they plan to defeat isis when president obama doesn't want to fight?
5:43 pm
when we have rules of engagement to help the enemy, doesn't want collateral damage, doesn't want civilian casualties, doesn't want ground troops, you can't get there from here, the pentagon can't begin to provide a reasonable, rational, realistic plan under the fixtures. i don't think you're going to see it, the pentagon doesn't want to send somebody up that congress is going to savage. we're trapped until obama leaves office. >> i want to talk about something else, national intelligence director james clapper confirmed isis made and used chemical weapons. his statement is here. >> isil has also used toxic chemicals including sulfur mustard, first time an extremist group produced and used a chemical warfare agent in attack since aum shinri kyo used it in jap nan 1995. deirdre: we know it's a horrible group with a horrible mission, what do we need to do to respond? >> you need to defeat isis.
5:44 pm
you need to wipe them out. we're not going to do it. the sulfur mustard gas goes back to world war i. creates blisters on the skin, ruin the luns, the doesn't kill you the way nerve gas does, but it's serious. easy to makers primitive. we need to keep things in perspective, deirdre. we know to u.n. and various agency estimates that almost 500,000 syrians have died, a few dozen perhaps a few hundred were killed by chemical agents. conventional weapons are doing justifying job of slaughtering innocent civilians, instead of fixating on one kind of weapon, look at problem. do we face a threat here? if they get nerve gas used in the tokyo subway attack, that is a terrifying weapon. it's not a true weapon of mass destruction but it frightens people, everything frightens people. and the bottom line is we are not doing what it takes to, a,
5:45 pm
protect the american people. b, wipe out isis and related groups. we're not willing to do what it takes. deirdre: we need to be as strong as we are. show that we are. colonel ralph peters. thank you so much. glad you are with us. thecongressional black caucus is endorsing hillary clinton. my next guest accuses both of pandering. and protesters are planning an anti-beyonce rally outside the nfl headquarters. it's all about her super bowl performance. >> them coming out, beyonce and the black panther-type uniforms, would that be acceptable if a band, a white band came out in hoods and white sheets in the same sort of fashion? we would be appalled and outraged. the black panthers are a subversive hate group in america. i think she could have done a better job. i've smoked a lot
5:46 pm
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. >> i believe truly as no one else better prepared to be president of the united states of america than hillary clinton. deirdre: the congressional black caucus is supporting hillary clinton with more than a week to go before the south carolina primary. this support comes one day after senator sanders dined with political activist reverend al sharpton. kevin jackson is with me now. so kevin, south carolina has a more diverse population than iowa or new hampshire, so how significant is an endorsement from the congressional black caucus? how much is this going to change for hillary clinton? >> i don't think it changes the dynamic much, deirdre, it was expected. i think bernie sanders threw a bit of a monkey wrench meeting
5:50 pm
with al sharpton, it makes this more poignant than it might have been otherwise, it certainly would have been par for the course. the congressional black caucus is going to go with the most visible candidate, the candidate that they believe has the best chance of winning. now, i think that what might actually impact this more than anything is bloomberg's entry, if he decides to come in, i think that would muddy things up for both of the candidates, but i think as far as hillary go, it was expected. >> okay, it was expected. how much sway do you think reverend al sharpton has on constituents, for example, in south carolina? >> i don't think he has any there and, in fact, i don't think he has any anywhere, and i actually believe with bernie sanders, this is going to backfire on him. and i think the move by the congressional black caucus was meant to mitigate that to a degree. the idea that bernie sanders would actually cancel going to south carolina and make that
5:51 pm
stop over for sharpton who has been marginalized for quite a bit. the twitter world was ablaze with i hope he's there to collect our tax money for us and things like this. also, it was also considered such a pandering effort, and the idea that if going to al sharpton is a rite of passage to get to the black vote. so i think it's going to backfire on him in south carolina where, people like sharpton and jackson probably aren't nearly, they don't have nearly as much sway as they might in the northeast. deirdre: i take your point on the geography. we want to move from politics to pop culture. protesters are planning an anti-beyonce rally outside nfl headquarters, so there's controversy over her super bowl performance. she referenced the 1960s group the black panthers and malcolm x. some are calling her act a form of hate speech. do you see it that way? >> i don't blame beyonce as
5:52 pm
much, and when you looked at throwback organizations of the black panthers and look at what was happening with democrats back in the 60s, there was a reason for blacks to be disgusted with politics and the man as they would put it. and so i think that from that standpoint going back and remembering the roots of that was not a bad thing. problem is they don't remember it in the proper context. it was democrats and the people like that who are really doing the oppressing. i think the real issue is the nfl not becoming sort of a sociopolitical group as opposed to just playing football, and allowing this kind of thing to happen, and we've seen this occur with things like adrian peterson, ray -- i forget his name, the guy who hit his wife on the elevator, and all the issues around michael sams and gays in the nfl and things like, this when people really looked at this as a sport, you
5:53 pm
enjoyed it and that's the end of it. it's become now a political statement and allowed the super bowl to make those types of statements, and i think america, quite frankly is sick of the whole thing, whether it's a wardrobe malfunction -- deirdre: you're not alone, kevin. there's a lot of people who say is it should be about the sport and entertainment, but apparently some sources say beyonce was encouraged to be political, but in the end, i take your point, and i'm glad for your time. kevin jackson, going to be rejoining me in just a minute. we're going to talk about this, two nypd officers injured in a shooting last week. another fatal police shooting has happened near baltimore, leaving two deputies dead. shooter reportedly targeting the officers. we're back with kevin jackson on that. we're also going to get his reaction to the justice department suing ferguson. after this. >> it's time to stop, just go
5:54 pm
ahead and sign a decree, you haven't settled the mike brown settlements. you got more money to spend. you paying more lawyers. it's time to stop all this ferguson is going under stuff, and get it done. just sign it.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
. >> i think the suspect took that action because he's wearing a police uniform, but we were called to panera bread for that subject. he certainly targeted them. deirdre: two maryland deputies fatally shot after reporting to an incident at a panera restaurant during lunch yesterday. suspected killer has been identified as 67-year-old david brian evans. he was also killed in the exchange. kevin jackson back with me now. kevin, it seems like the suspected kill her a warrant out for his arrest. this was part of the motivation. it does seem as if there is more and more violence, do you
5:58 pm
think that police are being targeted now? >> it's unquestionable that the climate that we're in with the department of justice and what's happened in ferguson and actually all around the country led to this epidemic of police killings, and the targeting, i wouldn't say in this particular case he was targeted, i think they responded to the particular call. the idea that you would shoot a cop so recklessly and seems like without any hesitation whatsoever is definitely a climate, and i'm going to make it political, something the department of justice and barack obama fomented. and it's unfortunate, a couple of cases like houston, texas where an officer was target, in new york, a police officer was targeted and couple were shot and killed. the nature of putting a target on police backs because everyone talking about black
5:59 pm
lives matter and hands up don't shoot. deirdre: and speaking of eric gardner, a staten island resident who was killed by nypd, he died in a chokehold, if you like, his daughter is now saying she is supporting senator sanders, and again, the context here is that south carolina is coming up, both senator sanders and hillary clinton are looking for the african-american vote. is this a blow to hillary clinton? >> i don't know if it's a blow to her, it's more of a thing where sanders is talking about recidivism, crime in the black community and looking at the sentences for blacks. it's certainly something he's going to try to get political hate from. deirdre: we thank you so much, kevin jackson joining me, tea party editor and he is the black fear, grateful
6:00 pm
for the time, grateful for the insight. thank you for joining us, it was a wild day. the dow and the s&p 500 still down more than 1% and almost turned around in the last 90 minutes. charles payne is here, he has more. >> the stock market crashes 254 points and that's the good news, at one point today, the dow was off more than 400 points. there's so many concerns from the oil crisis to the banking crisis to the recession crisis, the whole thing about leadership, and on that note, federal reserve chairman janet yellen was wrapped in a conundrum on capitol hill admitting judgment on the strong dollar and weak oil but leaving the door open for negative interest rates. and to the palmetto state, trump goes positive, jeb brings in his brother and kasich lands a huge wall street well. "making money" starts right now.


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