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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 11, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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thanks for watching "strange inheritance." and remember, you can't take it with you. thank you so much for watching tonight. and of course lou dobbs is next on fox business. >> good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. the republican establishment tonight is in complete chaos over the prospect of donald trump as their presidential nominee. trump dominated new hampshire and polls suggest he will do exactly the same in south carolina. the first in the south primary taking place nine days from tonight. but so far neither john kasich marco rubio or jeb bush have succeeded in winning the establishment's confidence as the best hope against trump. trump himself is making sure jeb bush's campaign continues to struggle. >> the last thing we need is another bush. that i can tell you.
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he's gotten so much money. they put him in these packs that are crooked as, hell. they're horrible. and the pacs aren't supposed to be running the campaigns but they're running the campaigns and then us bush give his brother an ad. great job brother. great job. great job. lou: we take the fight for south carolina tonight fox news and the blazes amy holmes also tonight hillary clinton and bernie sanders set to debate one another two hours from now in milwaukee it will feature questions about hillary's ever worsening e-mail scandal a judge today ordered the state department to release the rest of her e-mails by february 29th, a month after the original date they were due. take it up with service committee member and chairman congressman jim jordan in another brutal sell off today on wall street. investors spooked after crude oil fell below $27 a barrel.
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the dow end down more than 250 points. it had been down more than 400. we'll have more on what is driving all of this market volatility tonight. our top story the republican race for the white house attacks are becoming increasingly personal as the field of candidates narrows. fox news senior national correspondent john roberts is in florence, south carolina with the report for us. >> in florence today, birthday wishes for jeb bush at the venus restaurant. but despite deep admiration for the bush family here, some folks are looking to donald trump as the candidate to shape things up. >> we see a guy that is talking about china and talking about the country. and we're tired of it. we need -- we need you to start talking about. >> it was a great exchange and an interesting insight, and i learned from it, and i think i got him. >> bush will be joined by his brother, the former president
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next week. something a much more aggressive marco rubio has top of mind. he managed to both praise and pummel the bush family in one sentence today. >> i'm an incredible admirer of him and his family. i thank god that george w but she was president of the united states instead of al gore on september 11, 2001. but jeb, governor bush has no foreign policy experience. >> ted cruz had no daytime events today but his campaign was hard at work at the ad front smacking rubio in immigration in this parody of a self-help group vaccinate has been room for one more? >> and debuting the new trump action figure. >> what does he do? >> he pretends to be a republican. >> but cruz himself was a target today of iowa's lobby. still there an ad the cruz campaign says is highly inaccurate. >> mass legalization of illegal immigrants. >> also absent from south carolina today campaigning in louisiana. last night he drew several thousand people in one of the
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most conservative corners of the state. trump made it through the entire rally without swearing and said we'll likely hear a lot less of that in the future. >> we're too politically correct now, with that being said as i get closer and closer to the goal, it's going to get different. once you get to a certain level, it changes, i will be changing very rapidly. i'm very capable of changing to anything i want to change to. >> the statement raised questions of whether the trump we see on the stump is the real deal and how he and his positions might change should he win the nom you nation or the oval office. >> with his bear knuckle politics picking up evidence of tricks i talked to a couple of votes that they were targeted by push polling mostly aimed at marco rubio and donald trump while they said the polling was aggressive, it doesn't seem to amount to the level of 2000 when push polling did reach a low watermark. lou. lou: john roberts, i suspect
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that is only beginning dirty tricks in south carolina. turning to the democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders have to face off in milwaukee tonight. the topic of clinton's private e-mail server will obviously as i said be on the agenda. and we're going to turn now to fox news chief congressional correspondent mike manila with our report from milwaukee. >> on the debate stage in milwaukee the pressure is likely to be tense as hillary clinton tries to slow senator bernie sanders momentum while hoping to turn the page from a blow out loss in new hampshire. a key constituenciesy for democrats will be the african-american vote and today the political arm of the black caucus endured. >> she's a person full of ideas and commitment and results. >> clinton's campaign also released this video with civil rights icon congressman john louis praising her.
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>> more than anyone else, she is prepared to be president of the united states. >> since winning new hampshire sanders campaign says it has raised more than $7.1 million and today sanders countered with an endorsement of his own from performer and activist henry. >> i think he represents a moral imperative. i think he represents certain kind of truth. >> in an interview airing on msnbc sanders took a swipe at president obama saying he's the one that can close the presidential leadership gap that has existed under mr. obama for seven years. >> i think he has made the effort of what i think we need, when i talk about a political revolution is bringing millions and millions of people into the political process in a way that does not exist right now. >> clinton's campaign quickly responded on twitter and took a jab at senator rubio's debate performance. let's dispel what this fiction that potus doesn't know what
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he's doing, he know exactly what he's doing. meanwhile sanders out with a new ad demanding that the country work for all rather than a select few. >> we will transform america and that is what this campaign is about in bringing people together. >> as clinton tries to slow sanders momentum, some outside issues linger. fox news has confirmed investigators with the state department issued a subpoena to the clinton foundation last fall. the inspector general is seeking documents about the foundation's projects requiring federal government approval during clinton's time as secretary of state. >> another drag on clinton is a federal judge organized at that time state department release 550 more of her e-mails ahead of the next contest in nevada and south carolina. as for tonight, the expectation is we'll see a more aggressive clinton trying to slow down sanders. lou? . lou: thank you very much, mike emanuel reporting. the oregon rancher standoff has officially ended. the four remaining holdups turned themselves over to authorities peacefully earlier
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today. demonstrators taking over the refuge a month ago, the protesters were armed with guns and walkie-talkies, the group demonstrating in support of dwight and steven hammond, two local ranchers who were sentenced to five years in prison after having already served sentences set down by a federal judge and hence the charges of federal abuse and injustice in oregon. news of the standoff today comes just a day after the arrest of bundy, the father of the jail protest leader. he's been charged with conspiracy and assault on a federal officer. the complaint stems from bundy's role in a 2014 arms standoff near his nevada ranch. now to the latest on the spread of the zika virus. federal health officials tonight are warning of a potential outbreak in florida. two new zika cases have been reported bringing the total number to 18.
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zika is a relatively mild affliction in adults but suspected of causing serious birth defects in babies. today the center for disease control reporting two women, american, contracted zika while traveling out of the country. they miscarried and returned home. this marks the first time that zika-related miscarriages have been reported in the country. on wall street today stocks closing sharply lower with considerable volatility. the indexes are finishes well off their lows, the dow plunged 235 points the s&p down 3, the nasdaq down 17. volume on the big board 5.4 billion shares. and crude oil tumbling another 4%. crude settling just below $27 a barrel. gold prices bottom of the their biggest gain in two and a half years. wall street analysts all day hitting the fed and janet yellen for adding to investor
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anxiety. >> she added confusion and she added uncertainty to the marketplace. and that's why we're seeing this, you know, violent reaction. >> i don't even think she knows who won the super bowl last week that's how bad they are as far as what the economy is doing. >> i think a lot of it is including janet yellen and other officials at the fed confuse the markets. i think yellen is actually doing the markets more harm right now than good. lou: well, we're going to come right back. we have much more on the markets geopolitics and, yes, the economy. stay with us. we'll be right back . lou: trump's big win in new hampshire has republican elites on a full blown panic. trump rolled through new hampshire winning every voter segment and block. doesn't that make him the perfect candidate? we'll take it up with jedediah and ron meyer here next. heavy wins can really mess up what should be a pleasant hot air balloon ride.
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lou: senator marco rubio sharpening his attacks beginning donald trump today in south carolina. rubio going after the republican front-runner's use
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of crude language at a recent campaign event. >> one of the other people running for president in a rally said a word that was bleeped out. they wanted to know what was the word. i said i can't tell you. so i never -- i can't tell you. i never want to be a candidate that does anything like that. [clapping] if your president is someone who says or done things you would punish your kids for saying or doing, that is not a good sign. lou: new reports say the republican establishment is having doubts about backing rubio or any of the other candidates but rubio's fifth place finish in new hampshire raising more doubts than some. joining us tonight is author columnist fox news contributor jedediah, editor of red alert politics ron meyer, good to have you both with us. jedediah, i was sort of taken by the senator's obvious difficult and even thinking about the word that trump uttered. >> yeah. lou: are we witnessing mass
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hypocrisy in this country? look at the what the 7-year-olds were listening to. i'm not saying it's right but i'm saying it's antideparture of what was the norm. >> right. rubio is showing himself to be politically correct and i think if you watch the last debate, you'll also see what i've been saying for a long time is that he's overly rehearsed. he's a very effective communicator but starting to sound like a guy who has someone writing for him and when he has to go off script, he lands in trouble now he's picking on the guy who goes off script a lot and guess what? sometimes he says crazy things and that's what people love about him, though. so marco, you shouldn't be picking on him for that. you should be recognizing that there is a trend in society right now and that trends likes what sounds real. and sometimes it's a little vulgar and it upsets people but so what. lou: you know, the more i think about it, i think when
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we heard that jim web was not going to run today yet in an announcement to say that he wasn't going to do what no one expected him to do, very few people did. but jim web who is a wonderful public servant and a terrific senator who served his country with distinction a decorated vietnam veteran. but he is one of the most -- he's not afraid to bore an audience to tears if i may say. and i've really decided i don't think i have to put up with boring politicians. i don't know about you. but i am a little -- i now i'm offended by boring people. how about you? >> well, you should be offended by boring people. but i think what senator rubio is saying is that we need authentic politicians and authenticity is a good thing. when senator rubio goes off script, it's great. the problem i agree with jedediah is when he's overall scripted. but when he's speaking off the cuff, that's great and that's what he needs to get back to. i don't think this attack
11:18 pm
hurts him at all. frankly it gets him back in the news. his attacks on donald trump have landed him in the news. lou: well, that point did it. i'll tell you the algorithm there. they're going after the guy who won every category and demographic in new hampshire they know he's got the broadest based and deepest support and that's got the republican establishment scared to death. >> well, what the republican -- the republican establishment was actually, you know, they had any thinking behind what they were doing, they would tell jeb and kasich to drop out. if jeb and kasich dropped out, the supporters would likely go to rubio and he would be tied with trump in new hampshire, jeb and kasich have no -- lou: you sound like you might be supporting marco rubio. i love the way you did that subtraction to get to an addition in the vote. >> show me a kasich supporter or jeb spotter that's going to vote for trump or cruz.
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i doubt it. that's what they're saying if they're strategy they'll tell these candidates how is john kasich or jeb going to win in south carolina which is a winner take allstate? how are they going to win in these southern primaries on march 1st? they have no future in this race. lou: i think you have to play the game here, ron, i respect your extraordinary insight here but i do think we get surprises from time to time where there would be a or it be in new hampshire. >> yeah. lou: let's turn to which of these is going to be the prevailing establishment candidate. will it be rubio as ron is obviously pleading? >> yeah. it has to be rubio because i think jeb bush is a sinking ship and every time he opens his mouth, it's a greater disaster. i think it probably will be rubio but i don't think rubio is going to be able to catch donald trump. i really don't. and i think you hit the nail on the head when you talked about boring politicians. everyone makes the assumption that you have to be boring to be effective and somehow boring is presidential, and i remind you of ronald reagan. ronald reagan was an actor. he was compelling, he was convincing, he was real, he
11:20 pm
laughed at himself, and made lots of inappropriate jokes and a lovable guy because of that. you do not have to be boring to be elected. you have to be compelling. this is a digitallal media era, this is a television era, make your case and make it well. >> i mean honestly before the last debate i don't think anyone called marco rubio boring. >> i did. lou: how do you get to know all these people? you know how they're going to vote, what they're going to say. i'm impressed, ron. >> here's the thing with rubio. he's the only person that appeals with millennials. if you look at the polls he ties with hillary clinton -- lou: you mean the group that doesn't vote? >> actually -- well, actually, lou, you know millennials will be the largest group -- they'll be the largest -- lou: they don't vote. they don't vote. >> the largest group of people that are eligible. there already more millennials than other. it they're an important
11:21 pm
demographic but also doing better against hillary clinton than any other -- lou: ron, you're getting close, you're getting close. you're getting very, very close. ron, good to see you. >> all i'm trying to say get me a candidate that can win with young people. >> i'll run. i'll do everyone a favor. >> i would support that. >> i'm here for america. lou: thank you, both. ron, appreciate it. jedediah, good to see you. thank you. and be sure to vote in our poll tonight the republican elites and party establishment willing to sacrifice the house and senate as well as the presidency and their effort to kill the trump candidacy. cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs news and follow me on twitter at lou dobbs news, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram links to everything found at we didn't mention even ted cruz. ted cruz number three in new hampshire, and he is massively organized in south carolina.
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a massive natural gas leak in los angeles is now under control. the leak of the porter ranch storage site gushed for nearly four long months. 6,000 residents driven from their homes over that entire period. porter ranch is the second largest gas storage facility of the its kind in the country. the leak will be permanently sealed in the coming weeks and two women in pennsylvania boarded a hot air balloon but, unfortunately, their trip didn't get off to a flying start. the hot air balloon took off in lancaster, pennsylvania, but strong winds ensured the ride was somewhat short-lived as you see there. what do you figure? 15 feet maybe tops? smashing into the house as the balloon flattens along the roof? this is not the trip they had planned, the passengers were able to extra case themselves from the basket as they say. the basket not the extricate
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part. they steps down and were fine. a little disappointed in the trip. up next the thoughts on the failing effort to take down donald trump and you're looking at now a man convicted of drug charges. in custody tonight. but before that, he may have had the easiest escape from law enforcement ever. that's next. stay with us. we'll be right back you've finally earned enough reward miles on your airline credit card. now you just book a seat, right? not quite.
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11:28 pm
the group hasn't disclosed who is funding its efforts and won't be required to do so until april. can you wait? trump in an interview didn't mince words about the role of the gop elites and the romney folks. >> a lot of people have been aiming at me. you know they're all aiming at me i guess, that's fine. so far it's only driving my numbers up. should have devoted more time to mitt romney and helped him win instead of taking other people down. four years ago they should have won that election, easily, and they failed. so these ex-romney people should have focused on getting romney elected instead of doing super pacs. lou: packer admits the group's efforts against trump are, quote, somewhat dependent on other campaigns running good strong efforts, end quote. in other words, the only reason for this pac is to attack trump. its sole purpose. trump has a 16-point lead in
11:29 pm
the palmetto state, ahead of the february 20th republican primary, and according to the real clear politics average, that 16% has been there for some time. we can't wait for the newest poll to see what the effect has been of the attack ads and of course the trump victory in new hampshire. the remaining establishment candidates not only focusing fire on trump but one another, and jeopardizing what seems to be for the republican party an historic opportunity to retake the white house. trump's appeal is demonstrably broad, winning an all demographic group and categories in new hampshire, something that no republican has done in a primary since ronald reagan. reagan himself wasn't loved by the gop elites either. but they didn't act like a lynch mob trying to deny voters a choice in who will be the party's standard bearer. that's just the very attitude of our political elites that has animated the outsiders this year.
11:30 pm
the disruptors in both parties, that is, bernie sanders and donald trump. it's going to be interesting to see how this all shakes out. now, the quotation of the evening, this one from david horowitz who said -- we're coming right back. a federal judge has finally had a bellyful of the u.s. state department dragging its feet and stonewalling his orders. now, he's ordered all the remaining clinton e-mails to be released. what will the obama state department do now? we take it up with congressman jim jordan here next. and at fenway park, the phrase sliding into first base has a band new meaning. wait until you see this, and you won't have to wait long. we'll have the video for y
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. lou: joining us tonight congressman jim jordan, in addition to sitting on the house oversight committee, he serves on the judiciary committee, and he is chairman of the freedom caucus. congressman, your thoughts on the federal judge's order to the state department to release the rest of those e-mails by the end of this month? >> i always point out, remember what happened on the front end. she got to decide on the front end that half of the e-mails that she had in this amazing
11:35 pm
e-mail arrangement that about 30,000 were personal. she got to get rid of those, her and her legal team and 30,000 come to the state department and further screen them before they release them to the taxpayers, and specifically i'm on the benghazi committee and specifically the ones that come to that committee dealing with libya. it's about time we get them all. i appreciate what the judge is doing. lou: and the judge at this point, do you think he has -- is this his final, final order on this issue, or do you think the state department has the hubris to define? >> i don't think they have that. it's been drug out so long, people are so frustrated with, this they're going to turn them over, and it's about time, and i appreciate this judge and frankly the people who have been filing the foyer request that prompted this off. we appreciate their efforts as well. lou: absolutely, referring to judicial watch, other organizations that have done an
11:36 pm
amazing job. important and valuable job for the public interest. as we look at this, the state department is still playing, it seems, or at least i could, if i wanted to say it quaintly, it could be inferred that they have a political interest in working on the side of hillary clinton rather than the american people here, or certainly in cooperating with congress or even a federal judge? >> one of the questions we raised in our inquiries is how is this search done? what are the date parameters? i remember talking specifically that information ethe e-mails that they get, that deal with libya, the parameters, search terms, who are the people making the decisions? who are the people at the front end making the decisions? those are the things we'd like to know. it's about time, get them to us and get on with the investigations that need to happen. lou: of course it raises questions how the state department itself now as an
11:37 pm
institution is operating in what is the character of the bureaucracy and those bureaucrats, the professional staff who lead the near east desk who operate the ambassador service, the foreign service, what in the world is going on there? is that -- and congressman chaffetz, the chairman of the committee said he's going to investigate government record keeping. it seems to me, my gosh, if government oversight, the committee had a role, this is it. now we hear the speaker doesn't want it to go forward. >> we had a hearing today, change in agencies but the same issue. we had the internal revenue service in front of our committee today and asked them how is it possible that with three preservation orders in place, one from the justice department themselves, three preservation orders in place, and two subpoenas in place, that the internal revenue service could destroy 422
11:38 pm
backup tapes containing 24,000 e-mails relevant to the lois lerner irs targeting investigation. lou: is oversight going to do something about it? is it going to get into it? will speaker ryan permit it? >> well, what we want to do, and chairman chaffetz and i and a number of others have sponsored legislation that says john koskinen needs to go. this hasn't happened in a long time but one of the best ways -- lou: how about state department? why don't we get rid of all the idiots in every one of the departments running these as if they're a fifedom that relates to the constitution. >> what are we doing about people who are accountable? start with the visibility of the internal revenue service who presided over the agency when they destroyed documents relative to a critical investigation where the underlying offense was infringement on the constitution and first amendment. start with him, and have an
11:39 pm
impeachment proceeding move against him. that will send a message we are not going to tolerate this, and move from there to people who deserve to be held accountable and deserve that kind of response. lou: do you think the american people, congressman, i've got the greatest respect for you. do you really think the american people should be asked to be patient further, that our congress isn't acting, the oversight government reform isn't moving in against the state department, against the irs, every one of these damned departments that are not acting like they're any part of the federal government? >> i'm not saying that. i'm saying look, we should do our job. you're exactly right. hold people accountable who are wrong, they should be held to account. the most visible one that needs to happen right away is impeachment of john koskinen. that's what i'm saying. lou: appreciate it, congressman. >> thank you. lou: you, too. congressman jim jordan. washington state courthouse
11:40 pm
reviewing security procedures tonight. gerald hyde convicted of drug charges escorted out of the courtroom by armed guards. yeah. minutes later managed to escape the guards' watchful eyes or not so watchful, using the shirt off his back to cover handcuffs, he was able to walk out front door. prison break, however, i guess it's a courtroom break, really, did not last long, he was recaptured less than two hours later and is now looking for a prison break. some of the best skiers and snowboarders turned america's oldest baseball stadium into a winter arena. fenway park. fenway park? you got to be kidding. take a look at that 140 foot ski jump built are in week's big air competition in boston in fenway park. the slope soars higher than the stadium's highest seats, drops at 38 degrees, where the skiers
11:41 pm
are launched 52 feet into the air. pretty good for a baseball stadium, huh? organizers say the idea behind the event is to grow the winter sport by bringing it into urban areas. and fenway is urban and beautiful, even in the winter. up next, ambassador john bolton will join me. and an elephant causing panic in the streets of india. incredible video of the elephant's hours' long rampage. there he is rampaging. we'll be right back with the incredible video. stay with us. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating
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. lou: breaking news now, secretary of state john kerry and his russian counterpart today announcing the diplomats have agreed on a cease-fire in syria. syria's main opposition group announcing they welcome the plan. kerry saying the objective is to implement the cease-fire in a week's time. however, the cessation of hostilities will not apply to the islamic state or the islamic extremist group al-nusra front, backed by russian airstrikes decimating ef
11:46 pm
aleppo. joining us to assess what all of this means and much more, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, american enterprise institute senior fellow, john bolton. also fox news contributor. john, good to have you here. about what is your take on first the cease-fire? >> if i thought it would really allow the alleviation of the humanitarian disaster we see in aleppo, i'd be more encouraged by it, but the context is that russian foreign minister sergey lavrov proposed within the last couple of days a cease-fire that could take effect on march 1st. john kerry responded by saying let's have an immediate cease-fire, this is obviously a compromise. the problem is by putting it off for a week, the likely outcome in the near-term is the fighting will actually intensify, and by the time we get to the target date, i'm not at all sure they can carry through, and you're also quite
11:47 pm
right to say the cease-fire is actually fairly limited between the assad regime and the so-called moderate opposition. you know, we have to speculate what the russians may have had in mind, maybe simply to deploy the regime forces elsewhere, hold the rebels in check with the cease-fire and move against isis. lou: let's turn, if we may then, iran, also playing a role, and that is, today, mocking our sailors, actually, what would you call it? a mock float of the boats and our sailors, obviously iranians dressed as american sailors with their hands over their heads. this is really unrelenting, isn't it? what does it suggest to you? is this just iran playing, or is the point here to rub barack obama's nose in it? >> well, i think it's a combination certainly, i think that's an element of it.
11:48 pm
they have contempt for us, demonstrating it. demonstrating that they've bested us in the negotiations, good for internal propaganda purposes, but shows the mood of the regime, they're on track, they don't feel deterred in effort to get a deliverable nuclear weapon. there's a question with this recent north korean missile launch whether they were involved in that. more bad news, no doubt about it. lou: let me turn quickly, we've got about 30 seconds, to the state department, which is now under orders to deliver the rest of the clinton e-mails. we learn about the inspector general's subpoena at clinton foundation, your reaction? >> i don't have words to describe how blatant hillary clinton's violation of elementary state department rules really is. i just think if anybody else tried to do it, number one, it would have been leaked to the "washington post" and the "new york times," and number two, we wouldn't be hearing about ongoing investigations. we'd be hearing about
11:49 pm
prosecution. it really is something for congress to get into. you just had jim jones on before. there's an awful lot of work to do in congress. lou: and it's an appropriate role for that committee. as you know, speaker bain ear oo speaker boehner? speaker paul ryan and the chairman of the committee, jason chaffetz, they're at loggerheads whether to go forward, and in those kinds of impasses, the speaker usually wins. ambassador, great to have you here. >> thank you. lou: john bolton. scary footage capturing the moment that a wild elephant went on a rampage, the elephant frightened into an east indian town after it wandered from a nearby forest. the elephant doing a lot of damage. it moved around for several hours, destroyed parked cars, ran over motor bikes, dozens of homes, and we're told it took four tranquilizer darts to
11:50 pm
knock him out before authorities could use a truck and crane to lift and transport him home. no one was hurt, the elephant later released back into the wild. up next, the gloves off in south carolina. donald trump, ted cruz airing scathing attack ads against each other. the blaze's amy holmes, "national review" rich lowry join us here next. join us here next. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. lots of vitamins a&c, and, only 50 calories a serving... good morning, indeed. v8. veggies for all.
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11:54 pm
. lou: donald trump launching a new attack ad against ted cruz ahead of the south carolina primary. >> what kind of man talks from both sides of his mouth on amnesty for illegals on national television and still denies it? who took more than a million dollars in sweetheart loans from wall street banks and failed to disclose them as required by law. who runs a campaign accused of dirty tricks that tried to sabotage ben carson with false rumors? ted cruz, the worst kind of washington insider who just can't be trusted. lou: joining us, the blaze tv news anchor amy holmes and "national review" editor rich lowry. i think the narrator had one of the most interesting voices. your reaction to that, any delight in it? >> any delight in it?
11:55 pm
not a surprise, ted cruz is vulnerable on the charge of flip-flopping on immigration, it's not the flip or the flop, per se. >> this is the first candidate i've heard of flip-flopping in this primary. [laughter] >> it never happens. only ted cruz. >> but where he's vulnerable is on the subject matter, that's immigration, and marco rubio as well. lou: now, it's interesting to hear -- talking about the worst kind of washington insider as if we can -- there's a gradation of washington insiders that are acceptable to that fascinating narrator's voice. >> there are worst kinds of washington insiders, ted cruz there for four years, he's a senator, by definition a kind of insider but doesn't want to blow the place up. >> that's too routinely. >> yes, and so this is so against cruz's brand, i'm not sure it's effective, but there's a political school of thought. hit someone at his point of strength, that's what the ad tries to do. lou: but have it come from rubio.
11:56 pm
here's another first term senator, a washington insider. it creates a bizarre construction for me, is that what you're suggesting? >> look, trump compared to cruz, trump is a washington outsider, the politicians that trump has bought off tend to be more local that can help him with crony construction projects. so he's not a political outsider either. lou: wait a second. >> to come to his wedding, remember that? he has to buy his friends, apparently. lou: a tough race, apparently he owned her at one point. >> it seems, i don't know rich if you agree with me, that the ultimate consequence of marco rubio and ted cruz in particular getting into this immigration fight is actually kind of benefits donald trump but in a certain way neutralizes attacks on one another because they're kicking up so much dirt, hard to know which one is more of the flip-flopper. >> what i think the strategic mistake here is have all the guys squabbling over second, third and fourth place, if
11:57 pm
donald trump keeps winning it doesn't matter who's in second or third or fourth place. unless you take him down in south carolina, it's going to be a very hard stop. lou: you're thinking things like medieval editions of publications? >> we've done our part, lou, time for everyone else to chip? >> we review everything they could at this thing. lou: i think it's quite a spectacle. the republican elites meeting in south carolina, quote, unquote, quotes around republican elites, to try to figure out what to do with donald trump. not one apparently with an idea, and it sort of -- it's staggering to think that these people are doing this because it is precisely the kind of prod that you just would not want. >> but it's those machinations that are making donald trump popular. lou: time after time, the more you throw truth or mud at him, he goes higher. >> i'm not sure about that. in iowa, we're not clear what
11:58 pm
the problem was, why trump underperformed, maybe skipping the debate, maybe an organizational exercise. lou: that wasn't because cruz stole all the caucuses? >> ted cruz stole the caucuses, the caveats here. people attacked him, it didn't happen in new hampshire. cruz has effective ads against trump, going at populist appeal the way he tried to take this poor woman's house for a limo parking lot at one of his casinos, and that's i think if you are going to dent trump, that's what you have to do. lou: it's sort of interesting. you're going to have the spectacle of jeb bush, a moneyed scion of a vastly powerful political family in this country, going after donald trump for being, what, successful? is that what we're saying here? >> he's tried a lot of different tactics. attacking donald trump for not being sufficiently conservative or conservative at all. i'm reminded of bill clinton. lou: i don't know that there's
11:59 pm
a great claim to be had for donald trump being conservative. >> he doesn't make it for himself now, apparently the latest tweets. he thinks the conservatives have disappointed the bait. lou: what do you think? >> zero case for him being conservative, but a lot of his voters apparently don't care. they love his populism, this jacksonian pop uppism has been on the country for decades. you need to not care about the populism. eminent domain, going bankrupt and not caring about obligations to banks and contractors and the revert of it. that's the case you have to make out of it. >> you have to paint him as the music man and the music man was a phony. >> i like the music man. >> it was great. >> if he was in the race, he might be winning. lou: amy holmes, rich lowry,
12:00 am
thank you, both for being here. besmirching. anyway, we thank you. 93% of you say the establishment attacks against donald trump will backfire. whoa! that's it for us thanks for being with us, good night from new york.. kennedy: all right, strap on the saddle, ready to ride. in presidential politics, every day is the kentucky derby and you don't need to travel or wear a fancy hat to take in the horse race, though bourbon does help. i'm watching mass dilution take over the trump candidates, while it's clear the field has narrowed, quest fallen jockeys who couldn't pilot the presidential ponies drop out and others who remain in the lehner beating a dead horse. now ted cruz actually won a state! his iowa win was the shaft of go


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