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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FBC  February 12, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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of clinton's work-related emails over the next three weeks. that is the deadline. separately the clinton foundation was subpoenaed for records relating to charity projects while hillary clinton served as secretary of state. no mention of this during last night's debate at all. republicans gearing up for their own debate tomorrow night a week ahead of voting in south carolina. we have latest from the campaign trail coming up later in the program. let's look at the markets. a little bit of a rebound looking to end the week on an upbeat note. futures pointing to a gain of 100 points for the dow jones industrial average at this early hour. for the major averages we're still looking at declines of at least 2% on the week. rebound in oil price this is morning helping to drive the gains. crude oil back above $27 a barrel. reports that opec members may be open to cutting production. that headline hit the tape yesterday. that bebe began a bit of a rebound late yesterday. gdp from the region showing growth of .3 for the
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fourth quarter, in line with expectations. enough for a rough session overnight in asia however. the nikkei average in japan down again 5%. fears over the global economy, the nikkei declining 11% this week alone on those negative interest rates out of the bank of japan. there are now reports that the bank of japan is considering a emergency meeting to discuss further easing. to the war on isis we go. cia director john brennan said the terrorist group used chemical weapons on the battlefield. they believe isis has ability to make mustard and chlorine gases. martin shkreli offering kanye west $10 million so it isn't released to the public. he also bought wu-tang clan's latest album. putting hillary clinton back
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on the hot seat. peter barnes in washington with the story now. peter, good morning. reporter: good morning, maria. state department investigators issued a subpoena to the clinton foundation last fall seeking documents about the charity's projects that may have required approval from the federal government during hillary clinton's term as secretary of state. the full scope and status of the probe being conducted by the department's inspector general is not clear but a foundation spokesperson confirms the subpoena, which also covers one of her top aides huma abedin. that supports previous fox news reporting that the investigation into clinton is on two tracks now. one on possible violations of federal secrecy laws with her use of private email which is being investigated by the fbi, and one on possible public corruption, possible influence-peddling or trading favors for donations. now a government official also says that more than two dozen
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email accounts handled top secret classified information found on mrs. clinton's unsecured server and there is no evidence they were authorized to receive it. yesterday on cnn clinton's spokesperson, brian fallon, attacked the state department investigators. he called the probe politically motivated, fishing expedition and said, quote, there is sort of a plot inside the inspector general's office to get mrs. clinton. maria. maria: peter this is just unbelievable story. thanks very much. we'll continue following this. we're joined by fox news contributor and editor at the resurgent, erick erickson from south carolina. good to see you. what is your reaction to this? >> good morning. it is really amazing clinton officials want to attack inspector general at state department. she was secretary of state of united states now attacking department. i don't think anyone believes this is politically motivated in south carolina she was defending president obama.
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this is corruption probe, not politically motivated operation. maria: you're saying it is not politically motivated. is it surprising it doesn't come up in the debate last night? >> not really. that will be the to the detriment of her in the general election. bernie sanders says he thinks this off limits. i think hillary clinton will be nominee. when she gets into the general, she is not prepared to take questions. debates and primaries are good for candidates, builds them up. she will not have a line of attack when this comes up. >> eric, doesn't it give her ammunition for fall back this is vast right-wing conspiracy? we hear this over and over again. fishing expedition, nothing there, she's the victim. >> right. she is going to try to play that but this is the obama administration, a democratic president, democratic attorney general and a democratic secretary of state replacement for her and a democratically appointed inspector general. hard to say vast right-wing
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conspiracy when everyone looking into her has a d next to their name. maria: where does this go next do you think. >> listen, when you look at polling came out of new hampshire, number one issue democratic voters was someone they trusted. 90% of the people who said they wanted someone they trusted went for bernie sanders. when you look at general election polling, independents and moderates also say they want someone they truth. right now hillary clinton has lower trust and favorability numbers than ted cruz, marco rubio, jeb bush or john kasich. maria: wow. anthony, how do you see this. >> the fact that 95% of the people that want trust are not votes for hillary clinton and beaten by 74-year-old socialist who wasn't a democrat 14 months ago, you have to be worried for her, okay? this is rotisserie baseball you would not draft hillary clinton right now for your team. maria: the trust issue is real. you just interviewed south caroline governor nikki haley. what did she say about who she is endorsing? >> she i had said is not making up her mind yet.
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not sure it will have impact. she is still weighing it. before we go on camera, she is going back and forth whether she should endorse. people close to her. she wants to endorse probably happen after the debate saturday. maria: jack, any thoughts here? >> trust issue is just amazing. looking a the screen shot last night. 92% of the women of a certain age did not trust hillary clinton. 6% did. i mean, that is just, that is just horrible numbers. i can't think of a modern day parallel. maria: we knew this would be the main issue of the day. but we didn't expect bernie sanders would be beating her to it extent. >> wasn't just bernie sanders, erick who brought up problems with the clinton foundation and things going on. what about the moderators? a lot of people in the media treating her with kid gloves at this point. >> you know, it was really striking watching media reaction
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on social media last night. how they were saying this was very strong debate by hillary clinton. really few questions challenged clinton on her weak spots. maria: erick, what do you think will be the next major result from south caroline? let's go through next couple months and what this looks like as these details come out? >> john kasich largely abandoned the state. he says he will focus on michigan. that leaves bush, rubio, trump and cruz. there is apparently polling floating around shows it very close between trump, cruz and rubio. if rubio can't springboard out of south carolina to the nevada caucuses rubio may be blown out by bush juggernaut and chris christie's murder-suicide he committed in new hampshire to rubio's career. republicans will have to decide do they want the outsider that hates washington or outsider they can do business with. maria: has anything changed with
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the gop race, anthony. >> there is political bachelorette right now. they're all courting governor haley, maria. bush people met with her. lindsey graham is putting pressure on her. maria: want her as vp or want the endorsement? >> i think they would definitely make her vp. he already indicated that in a lot of speeches in new hampshire. he wants her. if he doesn't get her i think it's a problem for bush. >> trump, even after she indirectly ripped him in her state of the union response is like, nicky's my friend. he said that during the debate. nikki haley, you, the debate that you moderated. >> a lot of white roses going to nikki haley right now. >> i have known nikki haley for number of years. it would be really surprise me if she endorsed donald trump or jeb bush. >> why, why, why, erick. >> even yesterday when she spoke, she said on camera, as she said in her speech but doubled down on it yesterday. she wants to support someone who is willing to hold republicans accountable, not just democrats.
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she thinks we need to clean up the republican party, not just the democratic party. with that sort of rhetoric i'm not sure she would go for jeb bush given her prior statements on donald trump, making clear she was talking about anger in the party. i think that excludes him. i would say she is looking rubio or cruz endorsement. i'm not sure which of the two she would pick. my sense she would go in one of those directions. maria: good to have you on the show today. thank you very much. erick erickson. >> thank you very much. maria: let's check markets here. we're looking at a little bit of rebound or bounce i should say. global growth sending nikkei's average down. index is down 20% year-to-date, talking a month 1/2. boosted by rally in energy and banking stocks. cac in paris higher by 1%. in the u.s., futures indicating a higher opening for the broader averages following that steep selloff yesterday. at the low, anthony scaramucci,
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market was down 400 points. a headline crosses that opec would consider production cut. >> sort of suspicious. maria: brought buyers out. >> that was suspicious timing as soon as it got to the he low. that was the low when we were back in davos, by the way. doing a little bit of math last night, where we are right now, multiple, 2016 multiple, maria, is 15.2 times earnings. maria: not bad. >> roughly where the his tore cool market would trade. if you're going to normalized interest rate environment, uncertainty about growth you could see market trading here. for us at skybridge we don't see the market collapsing. if the market were to collapse we would salivate on that opportunity. we would be buying stocks. maria: you would put money in? >> no question. irseeing a lot of tactical asset allocation at 15 multiple offering forward for the market. maria: big new worry element in all of this is negative interest rates. you've got, jack, five central
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banks with negative interest rates. the latest yesterday. >> anthony said in normalized interest rate environment this looks like a good multiple. that's the problem. what is normalized interest rate environment right now? most of the developed world is in negative interest rates. this is going -- one of the worst things about this frankly is that it is unknown territory. and so there are some data points we could look at say, well, 1988, 1998 this happened so this is what might follow. we've never seen this before. the market hates uncertainty. >> we actually have, not in modern era so to speak, but 1932 we had 9% deflation in the american dollar. we reached our high, 28% on unemployment. our industrial investment production was down 25%. it was the worst year in our economic history in the 20th century. 1932. what happens, maria? when you get deflation like that, people can't hold on to debt. they have to pay the debt back
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with dollars or other currencies worth more than the dollar that they actually borrowed. that is why the markets are starting to collapse. >> the problem is we talk about the markets in such a negative way and everything going on and ignore positives it brings on recession because people get so negative. maria: feedses itself. >> front page of "wall street journal." >> that is what the fed is worried about. >> higher oil prices right now would be terrible. i don't want opec to cut production, because lower energy prices are giving at least consumer economy here a lift, a little bit of support. if you have higher oil prices just because they cut production, then you do have a recession. >> i think there are some strange things here when sweden, when. >> pan says, here's bond. guess what? you have to pay us if you want to hold this bond. that's what i'm talking about that is a new element in the global economy. maria: it's a new element. >> big picture, people have lost faith in central banks to basically boost global growth. >> they're still trying. it's not working.
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>> just for viewers point, just to understand it, when someone says you have negative interest rate it actually means the currency you're hold something going up in terms of its purchasing power. stop thinking about the dollar as fungible asset. think about it as an asset that has some appreciation to it. this is very strange thing for us to speak of, particularly people like us that grew up in inflationary environment. deflation, maria? that is the death knell, the death star if you will, first order death star that really big one that you saw in episode 7 or whatever it was, that will destroy the economy if we don't get it right from central banking point of view. maria: is there this feeling if they have to go negative they're done. they have nothing else going on in terms of the tool box. >> could quantitatively ease. could redo quantitative easing. >> they're out of ammo. one of the reasons markets are plummeting that was the last put. now it is being pulled away. maria: today we got a little bit
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of a breather. we're looking at rally. >> jamie dimon buying stocks. $23 million of his own money. maria: $26 million of jpm stock. john brennan, a new warning about new deadly attacks isis is using on the battlefield. that's next. i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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he was 34% eastern european. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. he looks a little bit like me, yes. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at maria: welcome back. standoff at a wildlife refuge in oregon finally over. cheryl casone with details and other stories. good morning, cheryl. >> good morning, maria and guys. they occupied a wildlife refuge in oregon past 41 days turned themselves in peacefully. there were concerns about violence. no one was injured. no shots were fired according to statement from the fbi. facebook is under pressure from government officials to more
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aggressively police material it views supporting terrorism. "wall street journal" is reporting that facebook is assembling a team helping find to remove posts about groups that support the islamic state. this coincides with comments by cia director john brennan that isis has used chemical weapons on the battlefield. listen to this. >> we have a number of instances where isis used chemical munitions on the bats he will field. >> artillery shells? >> sure. >> isis has access to chemical artillery shells. >> there are reports that isis has access to chemical precursors and munitions they can use. >> here's the deal. the agency believes isis has the ability to make small amounts of mustard or chlorine gas, guise, for weapons. this is not really new news. fox news reviewed photos last year from the battlefield of evidence of chemical weapons. we know that assad has been using chemical weapons against
6:19 am
the syrian opposition. the question is, what are we going to do about it? he goes on 60 minutes which debuts sunday, we have evidence. really? we've known that for several months. maria: it was a question, when, not if, dagen, when isis would get their hands on it, right? >> right. but it begs the question what are we doing as a nation, right? i was reading because i follow twitter so closely, john mccain tweeted yesterday there was report on syrian conflict finds 11 1/2% of the population in syria has been injured or killed. he said that the is stands by as the slaughter continues. and that's what is going on. as we debate it on, during these presidential debates, we stand by and are doing paltry little. >> but you also have presidential candidates calling for allowing assad to stay in power. anybody that is in the process, understands it from the military, pentagon or the state department, and take as non-partisan view recognizes
6:20 am
that you have to get assad out power if you reset the field. >> but doesn't that open up pandora's box even more? what happened in irrook is what led to, to isis, what we know now. maria: the problem if you want
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. . . .
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maria: welcome back. headlines and production cuts coming from opec boosting the price of oil late yesterday. phil flynn at cme group. phil, when the headline crossed it was a game-changer for the markets. sold into it by at the close, but helped broader markets come off the lows. >> it was game-changer, maria. looked like oil was getting ready to collapse. made new lows for the year. lowest level since 2003. all of sudden headline, boom,
6:25 am
all of sudden oil prices start to turn around. wasn't so much about a proposal to cut interest rates from a opec country t was who was doing proposing. united arab emirates has been against any type of production cut the entire time. they are the strongest allies to saudi arabia and in opec production war. so when they did the proposal you know behind the scenes they're getting very close to their point of pain. the other thing that they're talking about is at least a production freeze. that is putting back in the opec production cap that doesn't exist right now. back to you. maria: that is interesting. i wonder what you guys think about this? if you thought a production cut coming from opec, okay, that's going to help a little but you still have enormous amount of oil supply in the market, right? iran, america, churning out new production. what do you think? >> at a lower rate though. most of these frackers, not old wells in texas, most of the
6:26 am
frackers need around 50 or $60 oil to break even. >> it is lower in some instances. really all over the place. 30 bucks. >> but the point is at current levels a lot of wells in this country are not profitable. maria: right. >> so as it goes up a little bit that will bring them on. but if it hangs around these levels that production will fall off. cap-ex money not being spent right now. development not happening. eventually supply will come down a little bit. demand increases. >> unsubstantiated rumor. if it is true, boy the saudis are going in 180 degrees reversal what they are trying to do as short as six months ago. >> they're getting sick of selling. maria: what is the price gets them to reverse course? is it 25, 22? we're in the 20s now. >> does it keep companies here from going bankrupt, number one? do higher oil prices hurt consumers, that is the last thing you want to happen in a global economy. they are the only leg standing.
6:27 am
>> 1.38, birmingham, michigan on monday. filling rental car up. >> oklahoma like a buck 10. maria: amazing. we'll be right back. stay with us. ♪ .. we live in a pick and choose world.
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maria: good friday morning, everybody. tgif. maria bartiromo. with me this morning, fox is the networks dagen mcdowell and baron powell might editor jack otter. your tops risen 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. sparks flying. the two sparred from everything from wall street taxes to support a president obama. the state department ordered to release the rest of hillary clinton's work related e-mails. over the next three weeks commence every 29th at the deadline. the clinton foundation was subpoenaed for records related to charity projects on hillary clinton served as secretary of state yet none of this came up
6:31 am
during the debate last night. republicans meanwhile gearing up for their own debate tonight. donald trump holding a campaign rally in louisiana where he autographed the hand of the baby. turning to markets this morning. stocks looking to end the week on a happy now. futures indicating trading after another brutal week in a brutal day yesterday. the dow jones industrial average to open 112 points this morning partly due to a rebound in oil prices. crude document $27 a barrel. reports late yesterday with opec members open to cutting production. four and three quarters%. oakland raiders have nowhere to go. the team is signing a one-year extension on its stadium late coming after the raiders were not paid to move to los angeles. check out these pictures. and massive fire at a warehouse complex in missouri.
6:32 am
the fire first reported at 3:00 p.m. yesterday. the warehouse is believed to have been evacuated. the cause of the fire still unknown. the global economy front and center for the market certainly. this is something i brought up at the end of last year with treasury secretary jack lew back in december. he disagreed. are you worried the drop off in oil vote lead to job cuts and sort of come on the time we are already seeing the economic recovery gain traction? >> i actually think the progress in our economy is actually greater than what you described. you look at where we were seven years ago. the economy was in a freefall. we were losing millions of jobs. we had an unemployment rate of 10% from a deficit skyrocketing out of control. where we are now seeing steady growth. we have seen enormous job creation over this. time. we are seeing the unemployment
6:33 am
rate of around 5% and we are seeing the growth in spite of the fact there is a lot of headwinds from this lower global economy. maria: that was about a month and a week ago. good to see you. thank you are joining us. six weeks ago, jack lew painted a very positive picture of the economy. i tried to push back on the effects that come with cheap oil. he said i painted the wrong picture. have things changed that dramatically in six weeks? >> i would say we are more in the jack would count. you have some headwinds for the u.s. economy, flashes and spending for the energy here. you still have the consumer holding in there. that is one thing we're watching in order to see if it's tested or not. so far growth is hanging in there. maria: whitey think the markets see a meltdown? >> the concerns there about
6:34 am
earning. the market is concerned about the effect of the dollar on earnings. the picture on the economy is rosier than the picture for earnings. maria: can you isolate the two? weak earnings means creating jobs. >> so far we haven't enough. we have seen a robust case of job growth every single month. you're absolutely right, we are watching the extent to which the volatility of sentiment does in the end impact the job market. sure into the robust job creation you call it? >> we would call it that. absolutely. >> they are very good numbers. and the 250,000 range. the problem i'm having gabrielle is the quality of the numbers in the wages up slightly but not too much. disposable income is down about 9%. so why are you guys so positive on the consumer? >> we see a lot of good tail
6:35 am
wind for the consumer. real income is up a lot. very low inflation. just having a 2.5% wage growth is a big boost. confidence levels are very high in a consumer that is. though intended or the propensity to consume is still there. maria: i don't understand that confidence is so high, robust job growth. you're talking about two, 2.5%. i have to push back on all of the way you describe things. robust job growth, confidence. confidence is dropping and markets. you are looking a global meltdown. >> we are looking at a drop in confidence from investors and financial market, that you were being that an effect yet. >> data is supporting what you are saying about the job growth. the jobs are there, which is what the markets trading is down. the markets looking at the job
6:36 am
growth in the relative strength of the data saying they could raise rates in an environment like this. she is signaling otherwise because of deflationary pressures around the world. my question is the consumer has more money, saving my money, but i don't see the spending. >> we have within jpmorgan chase institute which looks at actual bank accounts and spending patterns and have found consumers are running 80% of the oil windfall. it is tricky to let their retail sales being distorted by gasoline prices and other factors. if you look at consumption expenditures, you are seen it there. dagen: something maria talked about that are not willing to spend cap, laying people off. there were half a dozen major u.s. corporations that announced 14,000 layoffs. the ceo want the shipping giant from earlier this week said it is seeing a massive deterioration in business that
6:37 am
is worse than after the financial crisis and businesses fundamentally changed in the outlook is changing negatively for all of its businesses. maybe it is a choice whether you look at a stronger consumer. people are looking at the world and are very concerned about the last to fall. >> not to sound like a walk and i hear all that, but the data is suggesting what you are saying. the market is not acting in line with the data. the question that the market is not being, what is wrong? tree into the market is acting in line with the data. the industrial site is in recession. gabriela, you are pointing to the jpmorgan chase institute data showing people are spending on tma. they are traveling, going out. why are they spending on stuff, dying retail? >> one side of the experience
6:38 am
they are buying stocks. we can see auto sales at the highest they've ever been last year. but they are spending the traditional retail part of the equation and that is part of the psychology about the financial crisis people are willing to spend like they used to in the past and that's a good thing. we don't want the excesses to build. >> is then literally decades buying too much stuff. train to do what you attribute the market? >> look, we are more optimistic with regards to the economy itself. the odds of a recession are lower than the market is project. we are cautious in terms of the earnings outlook and i think we are watching, for example, strength of the dollar, energy prices and other companies are able to get any revenue growth. if they were cautious in the short term because of the earnings picture, we are seeing that their market because we don't see a recession.
6:39 am
>> what variable would change your point of view? >> towards the economy? >> what would make it more negative. >> if you do see the impact on the consumer. any financial volatility or sentiment that impacting consumer confidence, business confidence, higher and spending decisions. today will be key to watch the retail sales and consumer sentiment survey in that it's something we are monitoring. so far nothing to change our mind. train to gabriella, good to see you. jpmorgan. a well read or pandora between earnings and reports of a possible sale. nicole petallides looking at that. reporter: shares spiking on reports that the company was discussing a possible sale. and then the shares fell sharply after the music streaming company reported weaker than expected earnings but quickly recovered and the after hours. pandora reported an increase in listeners in the fourth quarter
6:40 am
to 81.1 million up from 78. for the quarter. pandora still refuse to comment on a possible speculation, maria. but morgan stanley according to reports on thursday reported they are working with them for a possible sale in the other side of the coin you have wedbush that they don't think they are looking to sell especially since they purchased tickets in the shares are down 40%. maria: thank you so much. colorado residents are furious with the agency over in a report regarding agency's mishandling of a toxic spill last august. we will have the details. and are you a zombie lover? the walking dead returns this summer. a heart stopping a trailer that is sure to leave you on the edge of yours need. watch. >> way. you don't have to do this. >> shut up.
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maria: welcome back. breaking news coming massive fire in a warehouse in a suburb one hour west of manhattan. cheryl at the details.
6:45 am
cheryl: some fire in new jersey. we want to give you a live glimpse of the fire at this warehouse complex in new jersey. right now as you can see, things are improving but the black, thick snout is a problem for the air enemy fire department officials. the cause is still unknown. no injuries reported but we are monitoring pictures for you. this is from our fox affiliate here in new york city. there are some new developments in the clinton e-mail scandal. a federal judge orders the state department to finish releasing hillary clinton's private e-mail in four installments between this saturday in the end of the month. this comes after the department asked for a deadline extension last month. finally, a lot of angles directed at the environmental protection agency. the epa over its handling of the toxic spill at a gold mine in colorado. you may remember the house committee on natural resources released a report yesterday detailing how the epa misled accounts of the spill. this report is something else.
6:46 am
new mexico is going to be suing the epa. this report says basically there was inaccurate reporting by epa officials on the ground with regards to the destruction of the environment. officials from misleading when it came to how they were telling states what was going on. multiple lawsuits from small businesses affected by this, individuals, the state in the epa's response was we will recruit the report them to back to you. so much anger. dagen: rightfully so. anxious to start with destroying the environment and lied about it. i could barely get through that debate last night because i wind up bedtime and i'm screaming at the television set because the prescription from bernie sanders is for the government to take over even more parts of our life. if the government can't manage this, what are you going to do with single-payer health care system around the country and when i get so i said who will
6:47 am
come into my house over them? hhs to turn off the respirator? that the direction they want to go. cheryl: the line is what angers -- the line with the epa. the epa wants this to go away. they thought once the water was clear in colorado, new mexico that this would all go away in the news cycle would move on. this report brings a right back again that they were completely fabricating reports. maria: they are pointing fingers and making sure they pay more and face more regulation to do just what and make sure it doesn't happen what they were responsible for. dagen: no accountability. you don't see in the irs targeting scandal. maria: absolutely right. get ready to bundle up. temperatures are going to go in the single digits. certainly hitting d.c. in other parts of the northeast through
6:48 am
sunday. we'll have all the forecast numbers. and still to come, fashions latest trend in the big apple. it is fashion week. we will go in at new york's fashion week coming up next. ♪ the microsoft cloud allows us to access information from anywhere. the microsoft cloud allows us to scale up. microsoft cloud changes our world dramatically.
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maria: is the twice yearly ritual known as new york's fashion week, event every $900 million in revenue for the city. my next guest is widely credited with transforming new york's fashion week with one of the biggest event on the international circuit. she joined spin out her front row favorite. good to see you. thank you for joining us. how is fashion week different
6:52 am
this week in past years? >> it is bigger, bigger, bigger, scattered all over the city. there is no centralized venue any longer. used to be bryant park in the name of five years of lincoln center and now it is all over the city. last season i took my car around to shows and in one week we put 420 miles on my car. maria: that's funny. what about technology? >> social media has completely transformed by fashion week is about. everybody is watching the show on the screen this big. they are not even looking at the collection. designers feel really bad. they all have this thing in their hand and everybody thinks they have a terrible show. everybody wants to get their message out in their picture out that it's transforming things that caused this huge controversy now. it's too much information too early.
6:53 am
by the shows wrong? should they be for the media and the six months before collections are out or should we do in the closer ready to ship and tumors take advantage of that. dagen: tom ford is going to do that in the fall. he's going to show his fall collection and immediately being telling. >> rebecca minkoff is doing that pretty much the season. a lot of designers are now paying attention. i think it's the right thing to do. it is time to shake it all up. spend all that money and is getting publicity, may confer the customer who's going to go by the close. >> any new ties out there for jack and i.? >> two weeks ago. maria: yesterday, two weeks ago. dagen: kanye debuting the new season of his line. madison square garden. you've got a little bit of peace with them anyway. i went.
6:54 am
i was happy to be invited and how do you really see a collection. i was criticized by media that i hated this show. i said i've never seen his show. what you can see of the close looked pretty fabulous i have to say. what effect the goal. only kanye could pull that off. >> 23 years later and it's really incredible. >> thank you here and i am proud of that. maria: it's fantastic and duchenne. tell us about the hot designers and what his training, what you think will be the fashions of tomorrow. >> the fashions of tomorrow seem to be a flip between very casual activewear, which everybody is doing an evening and beautiful embellished beautifully even enclosed. but there's a lot of great shows. i'm working in the season in new york as an advisor and yesterday there was a show, matthew mario had the most beautiful evening
6:55 am
clothes and all these tortoises in the sand. dagen: they were mating. the male tortoise mounted the female tortoise during the show. it's all over the internet. >> i want to start hanging out with you more. dagen: i read everything. >> it is a show and very much looking forward to. very interesting and a beautiful clothing can i beautifully made. dagen: are prices going to come down because of your weakness? >> i don't know that the euro will affect prices here. apparently somebody yelled out to kanye at the end, what do you all want someone yelled make your close cheaper. he said he is working on not. maria: you have to believe if the dollar is where it is and continues stronger that it's costing them more money to get the fabrics they need and will they pass them on to the
6:56 am
consumer. >> ultimately everything is passed onto the consumer. but never one that lowers things in the prices go up, you feel the crunch. when the prices go down, they won't lower the prices. always a pleasure. maria: sought to join in a period sailor could name most controversy. whether her campaign should be worried about the latest development. keep it here. we will be right back.
6:57 am
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6:59 am
maria: friday morning, everybody. i am maria bartiromo. but me, fox news network's dagen
7:00 am
mcdowell, anthony scaramucci and jack otter. your top stories at 7:00 a.m. sparks fly in last night at the democratic debate. bernie sanders and hillary clinton spar in on everything from wall street to taxes to president obama. >> the criticism we've heard senator sanders about our president i expect from republicans i do not ask it from someone running for the democratic nomination to six v. >> the next president of the united states has got to be aggressive in bringing people into the political process. that is what i said here that is what i believe. maria: the debate hours after a judge ordered the state department to release the list of hillary clinton's work-related e-mails. over the next three weeks, february 29th. i believe the clinton foundation has been payment for records relating to charity projects also include served as secretary of state. none of this came out during the
7:01 am
debate last night. tomorrow night a week ahead of the ordinance up airliner. latest on the campaign trail. markets this morning have a firmer tone. stocks looking to end the week on an upbeat note. features went to 150 points at the opening of trading. a rebound in oil about $27 a barrel. on a report of a guest today, opec members may be open and considering a cut in production. games this morning in europe across the board for the major averages in london, paris, germany, sees the up 1.5%, dax up one and three quarters are sent to another rough session in asia. the nikkei average tumbled another 5%. 11% this week after the bank of japan chose negative rate. there are now reports bank of japan considers an emergent
7:02 am
meeting to discuss further easing. john brennan says they've used chemical weapons on the battlefield and the government believes isis has the ability to make chlorine gases. listen to this. $10 million for the upcoming album so that it ever gets released to the public. he bought the own a copy of wu tang band's latest album for $2 million. turning back to politics this morning, report showing state department officials are investigating the clinton department for corruption putting hillary clinton back in the hot seat. >> good morning, maria. investigators issued a subpoena last fall seeking documents that may have required approval from the federal government during hillary clinton's term as secretary of state. the full scope inside is being
7:03 am
good are not clear but a foundation spokesperson from rooms subpoena in that supports previous fox is reporting that the investigation into clinton is on two tracks, one on possible violations of federal secrecy laws would use a private e-mail being investigated by the fbi and one on possible public corruption, influence trading favors for d last night and cnn, clinton spokesperson brien fallon attack state department investigators. >> they have mounted several different fishing expeditions and she decided to run for president. there's no basis to any of them and is intended to create patterns for her campaign. it's not going to work. >> the government officials is more than a dozen e-mail accounts handled classified information and there's no evidence they were authorized to receive it. peter burns joining us right
7:04 am
now, judge jeanine pirro. good to see you. thanks for joining us. what is your reaction to all this? >> a subpoena when out in the fall, but the fact you were clinton is so confident saying that 100% confident nothing will come of this is really denying reality. what is happening now, you see the justice department and the map of subpoenas trying to make a connection between her role as secretary of state and the role of the foundation. i believe the clinton foundation is the biggest 501(c)(3) illegal operation that we've seen. lois lerner is worried about whether conservatives should have it by the ones you three. what you have here is a clinton foundation and possibly getting money from individuals who benefit from her role as secretary of state. it is the classic pay to play, the classic one hand washes the
7:05 am
other. as we get closer to the election of subpoenas come out more and more, it is clear the two levels, whether e-mails and top secret which most people honestly don't care about, but more importantly the role of money laundering possibly in the pay to play influence of the state department. >> if you are a political consultant or director communications strategist, what would you say to her and how she should do is run into all of this. >> when she says i am 100% comp that but nothing is going to come of it, she's got to say that. but when you've got the fbi sniffing everything and now this to me has always been the issue. at the center of this is the one offered in and paid by the clinton foundation, the state department, a clinton friend as well as the third person, just a clinton personally, what you've got is the private server where they are all communicating with
7:06 am
each other that no one else knew. there is an inevitable conflict of interest. how does someone who works for the state department get paid by three other entities? >> why do supporters not care about any of this? >> this is a woman who convinced the public that i'm being targeted because i am a woman. but at the same time, a woman who stands with federal prosecutors from the beginning of her career, she does the dance, she knows about, the denial she's got to profess to the public. i think she is any real danger zone. dagen: she can't even convince democrats. look at those exit polls out of new hampshire and how people view her. >> i agree with you. a lot of people buy that. at the same time, the people believe in her and make no mistake this woman has been up
7:07 am
and down and the people who believe in her are with her forever. i talked to people who say i don't care about her e-mails. when you talk about the bill clinton being the world's middleman for every operative from canada who wants to buy uranium from this pakistan and sell it to russia, it too complicated. they're good people doing good things. now they are not. they are lining prof gave. as they get closer to the center, we will see a real problem. >> will be a bomb administration it? >> a former federal prosecutor, not just fbi, he's a direct her. if he goes and says that one access, he can present it. loretta has two. the obama administration has a decision to make it number one, do they want to be in a situation where their secretary of state goes down or do they then look good going forward in the legacy is about justice and
7:08 am
holding everyone accountable. maria: she said she occurs about politics. the >> what does that tell you, maria? they make to anthony's point, if there's anything she can do, the classic pr crisis ahead of it, open up everything, don't let it trickle out. is that even possible? >> absolutely not. if she releases her, proof is in the pudding. the reason she had a private server with so we would see everything. the whole idea of prosecutors are state department officials going to federal court in saying we have nothing to give you on a freedom of information is outrageous. i was a sitting dna. the last thing i would do is to ban people from seeing information that they are entitled to. she knows the dance. she's done it before. she violated the rules, and rules, no and those that rolls. she thinks she's above the law. maria: is that amazing she
7:09 am
didn't come up in the debate? >> incredible. federal prosecutors sniffing at your heels eared >> let's ask why. is he in cahoots with her? >> obama? >> bernie sanders. the >> bernays locked into we don't care about your e-mails. he thought there were piles, we will be good to each other. dagen: it is not ernie who looks bad. the moderator should have asked. if it's news that day, u.s. >> we don't do that, do we? maria: rachel amato -- thank you for your insight, judge said that. we will see you saturday night at 9:00 p.m. on the fox news channel live. thank you your checking global markets tiffany k. average again once the story plunge into the
7:10 am
lowest point in a year. the index down 20% year to date on japan. take a look at that on the nikkei average. europe's agent to come back this debate energy and banking stocks. other major averages are at between 1% into the amphibious expecting a higher opening for broader averages after yesterdays steep selloff. expected to open up 150 points. his been a crazy week, anthony scaramucci. is there any catalysts you can see that will break the logjam at negative sentiment? this doesn't tell us anything about what's going on. >> i wish i could be more opted to it. we arranged out here until they get better economic data for kind of surprised to the upside as if the united states. neither of which are economic right now. we've been in a very defensive posture over the last 16 weeks. we will have a mighty cheer this year.
7:11 am
that is not to say the economy will. we are debating the strength of the economy. i don't see us being in a recession. i just bs in a period of time where we've guard, life and to work multiple straightest interest rates get back to a normal tone. that is roughly a fifth team multiple and that is where we are right now. maria: every data point lookout because gina gallant keeps saying it's all about the data. we've got the retail sales number route because increasingly the consumer everyone is waiting for to move on growth. dagen: barely growing overall. you look of horror and gasoline up four tenths of a percent. they need to go up, not out which is what happened in the prior month. what does somehow for stories on "the wall street journal" talking about doom loop of the negative interest rates and how that hurt banks and creates economic turmoil that requires central bankers to do more and
7:12 am
becomes a vicious cycle. dagen: at least they didn't use they didn't used to loop in the paper. they did on mine. >> the sentiment is so bad it is giving me cause for optimism. we had someone asking how low can the ten-year bond coat and for how many years has everyone been named u.s. bond is returned for risk. there's no upside. everyone says the 18 basis points to u.s. treasuries looking looking good. stick around. another teeny bit of silver lining in the jerry grant practically probable. they published a piece saying you know what, oil price they're finally going to trickle down to the can humor. he sees 2.5% growth above consensus for the country. they have a fantastic record of prognosticating. normally whatever prognosticators leashed ignore because we have a terrible record. he's good at it so those are my two little bit. we published it online.
7:13 am
the grant them notice that they appeared this week we've got a bunch of opportunities where things might be a little bit oversold. the mac will talk about that in the program. the raiders finding a new lease of what it means for the team's possible relocation max. colorado residents furious with the epa: the agent's mishandling of a toxic spill last august. we will have those details max. ♪ i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven.
7:14 am
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7:16 am
maria: welcome back concerns over ice is for and about the report of use of chemical weapons. cheryl: this is a 60 minutes interview that will air sunday night. cia director john brent is there's evidence i is used chemical weapons on the battlefield could let us in.
7:17 am
>> there are reports that prices have active hunter access to munitions they can use. cheryl: the agency believes someone can use small amounts of chlorine gas for weapons. british health authorities announcing they issue criminal charges against the producers of "star wars" over an aunt that accident in which harrison ford broke his leg. or mr. a hydraulic door on the side of his time below spaceship yet he had to be airlifted to a hot look. reduction shut down for two weeks and the producer is in hot water for that. a lot of anger directed at the epa over handling of a toxic spill at a gold mine in colorado. the house committee on natural resources releasing a report detailing how the epa makes the accounts of this bill that they will sue the epa and states and
7:18 am
businesses. from the report, inaccurate or porting from the field and the damage done. this is by the epa to protect the environment, misleading reports from the field over what was given to government officials. people worried about their health. maria: they are talking about the coordinator new-line the coordinator new-line at the gold canines. >> when you work in government, there is no accountability what however. the father for the employees, how many people have lost their jobs. >> people were worried the drinking water. copper and lead arsenic and mercury. all of that was filtering through the river. dagen: when you want the government having a bigger role, think about that. cheryl: i would like some arsenic and mercury. thank you very much.
7:19 am
dagen: coming up on the oakland raiders will play one more year in the sunshine state. details max. first the video from canadian co. and molson releasing the video for hockey wednesday built on top of a 32 story skyscraper in toronto. using a crane from a neighboring construction site to lift onto the roof, part of there anything for hockey campaign. we will be right back. ♪
7:20 am
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maria: oakland raiders staying put. >> for now. that is the operative term.
7:23 am
one of the most loyal fan bases will keep it close to home are now. for weeks after they found that their bid to move to los angeles for a second time was turned down, the oakland raiders and not they have a one-year lease of the san diego chargers refused the opportunity locate to l.a. and the raiders get the chance that one year. they have a right to use a an open in 2017 as well in 2018 if they choose. the stadium will still need approval from city officials. will they ever get a new stadium in oakland? they are the only nfl team that shares its home at the major league is faulty. mark davis yesterday blamed the oakland ace for a time the raiders hands behind their backs are 2014 signed a 10 year lease to mayor libby schaffel not used their dollars to fund a new stadium. that would cost around $1. "usa today" ranked the nfl's most loyal fan bases. look at the top 10. the oakland raiders are bad at
7:24 am
32 teams. people seize my team on the list. is it time perhaps to kick in more money. one of the most storied franchises have been playing with dave battling such economic struggles. >> i've got to say if you are worried about tax payers, hearing a new stadium will not be billed as good news. every study ever shows it is not paid for. >> more people will comment by hot dogs in the money doesn't go back to taxpayers. i'm psyched to see the judge to point above. it's been painful but were hanging in there. dagen: the redskins are higher than their low. i typed a one-time oakland raiders fan about this at length yesterday. a longtime raiders stand, something gritty and tough about oakland. if the team that somewhere, a
7:25 am
city that deserves. >> some teams don't necessarily have the fan base. they are going to write there in 2017. the psl's tales are off the charts. over 26,000 people have heard about personal licenses for the news media and in atlanta and is a high school football tedium in texas. $61 million for high school foot of stadium in texas that will hold 12,000 people appeared dagen: kansan silicon valley billionaire, and abilities as the stadium? >> high school football stadium. would like to go back and >> you look like you were ready. dagen: i should, too. by not be as angry as an adult
7:26 am
here we don't even know what to say that back. trade to thank you. when it comes to bernie sanders, republican and hillary clinton have something in common. we will get to that next.
7:27 am
7:28 am
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good friday morning. welcome back. with me this morning daegan mcdowell. first your top stories at 7:30 a.m. sparks were flying at the debate. from wall street to taxes to support of president obama. a judge ordered the state department to release clinton's e-mails over the next few weeks. none of this came up during the
7:30 am
debate last night. republicans during the debate tonight. trump autographed the hand of a baby. stocks look to end the week with an upward note. a rebound in oil prices are helping to support stocks this the morning. crude up $27 a barrel on a report that opec members may be up to cutting production. diamond seeing a buying opportunity with the stock down 20% so far this year. banks have been battered. check out this, water main breaks, this is pennsylvania where the ruptured water main spraying water over the street and it quickly turned to ice covering street signs and homes.
7:31 am
last night at the presidential candidate in milwaukee as the two candidates went head-to-head. >> reporter: good morning. , bernie sanders and hillary clinton plan to back the rich and wall street. the two democrats differ on how much they can deliver on this promises. clinton warned that they need to warn with the american people on what's possible. sanders wants to replace it with a single u.s. system run by the u.s. government. >> the senator told a questioner that -- the questioner would spend $500 in taxes to get $5,000 in health care. every economyist who has analysts said the numbers don't add up. >> i don't know who hillary
7:32 am
clinton is talking to but i will repeat it. the family in the middle of the economy would pay $500 more in taxes and get a reduction in their health care cost of $5,000. >> both promise free college tuition but sander's plan will require billions in new spending that she doubts. she talked about the super pack. she was asked a direct question about george donating millions. she did not the answer it. this is now popular on web-sites because he kept wagging his finger and it now has its own hash tag. >> thank you. author of the book, "give me liberty or give me obama care."
7:33 am
i love your cartoons. you capture of what people are talking about in your illustrations so thank you very much. what would be the cartoon of this story that we are talking about in terms of the e-mails and the clinton foundation being subpoenaed. >> i did the clinton foundation and drew the building resting on big bag of money from foreign contributors. remember there's 30,000 e-mails that hillary clinton did not reveal. we have no idea what those contents are. it will be interesting if they can recover those. >> it was interesting it didn't come up last night in the debate. do you think her supporters are feeling the heat? >> i think that's why clinton is not doing well.
7:34 am
you have 60% of the population that doesn't trust her at all. 30% of the dem yacht kra*ts -- democrats thinks she lies. >> even eric said she's still going to win the nomination. do you buy that? >> i think she will probably go on to win the nomination, the only thing to that that i see is an indictment and the question is whether or not this the justice department is willing to go down that road. >> how do you come up with an idea to come up with a cartoon with these issues of the day. you have to be funny but educate people. >> i have the best writers in the world working for me, they are called politicians. you don't make editorial cartoons, they are not -- they
7:35 am
are there to make a point. you five seconds to capture their attention and deliver a message. the message is the most important element with the cartoon. >> that was important on the six coin tosses in iowa. >> i'm looking at the features on those coins. what drives you? is it a raw shot test? what's the driving in the creation? >> it's the dynamics of this features but you outleize to shape the character of the person that you drawing. when you think of richard nixon, as he got deeper in watergate his features got darker, his
7:36 am
eyes good gloomier. same with president obama and his presidency. nor the economy does horribly the more his administration is embroiled in these controversys and the more lies, his ears get bigger. i i drew her as one side of the coin and her noise is almost coming off the edge of the coin because the amount of lies she's told. >> the pinocchio sort of thing? >> absolutely. >> things that people are familiar with. those images, people can relate to. on the bottom line is we want to use this as a journalistic exercise and make sure it's a cattle. for thought. >> what are you trying to do with this book? i want to highlight what this administration has done and the chaos and destruction that they
7:37 am
have levyed across on the american people for the last seven and a half years. it has dropped 12% and now it's worse. the world is in chaos. people need to look at the past to figure out what they will do in the future. i want them to see the impact that these progressive policies have had on americans. >> the president truly did make major changes to america beginning with the health care legislation. >> absolutely. these will have profound effects. this election that's coming up now, 9 out of 13 appellate courts are very aggressive. these elections have huge
7:38 am
impacts and huge consequences. the next president will decide on one or two supreme court justice and when you u think of the world that's go theing on now, this tpaoubg hrar arms what is -- nuclear arms that's happening because of iran. i know we are laughing at the superficial nature of these elections that are coming up but there are difficult choices that need to be made. >> the president would like to be the supreme court judge. the speculation is that hillary clinton will name obama to the supreme court. >> william howard taft will be the only president who did that. >> michael, final word? >> this is the president who has no obligation to follow the constitution in many ways. i think it's been one of the most unlawful administrations as far as going beyond the limitations of constitutional authority. is that what you want as a
7:39 am
supreme court justice stp. >> you are one of the main reasons why i would never go in to politics. i don't want to be drawn by you. >> i am memorizeing your faces. >> thank you. michael ramirez. >> we will have the latest after this break. take a look at where we are on the dow jones industrial avenue kwrapblg. -- average. >> . .
7:40 am
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>> welcome back. some los angeles residents breathing a sigh of relief as a gas plug is finally locked. >> a utility company said it's a temporary controlled. it was near l.a.for 16 weeks. once the swell perm tpapbtly sealed they -- once the well is permanently sealed they will be able to return to their home. >> martin shkreli is back in the news offering rap arttist $
7:44 am
10 million for his album so it doesn't get released publicly. >> this might be the happiest in the country today. this dog likes so much at the end -- you can see the dog passes out right there because he's so happy. 1.5 million views. >> i wish charlie dog would do that instead he gets so angry when you touch his face when you try to clip him. >> she loves getting brushed. >> but charlie gets that elvis
7:45 am
lip, he gets so mad. >> i want to be reincarnateed as one of your dogs. >> we love our puppies. >> first hair cut. how was that? >> she liked it. now she's into it. >> we are looking at&t a rebound in prices this week. will there be more down side ahead. joining us on the phone who has called these markets over the years. calf, good to talk with you. >> good morning. >> you where are we in this massive mark down? >> i believe there's a very nice bounce there. many of the reversal things that we look at.
7:46 am
we are suggesting that such an event can happen and i think it's for today. more importantly, the people held above a level that we are looking at. that level is a full that s&p. >> so you like this bounce. you would buy into it. these are all concerning signs for you. >> you're right. the bad news is that yesterday the only theory that the i look to follow -- that has a lot to do with transportation average. that made it in closing low yesterday. that confirmed the bear market. i believe i was on your show last august talking about the theory had given a fair market signal. yesterday he confirmed that. with my experience when we
7:47 am
usually get and that market is very depressed anyway so we get a rally. it will sit in the near term. the best way to play this is high dividend. we have a hot of blue stock chips that are down. i think in times like this -- >> so you're expecting a short-term rally here but longer term you think this mar sket still in bear market territory. >> yes. >> ralph, one of the things that people have watching are high yields for a while have been telegraphing a rough market. where does this go from here? have stocks come down enough where high yields are telling us? you said you don't buy yield until it comes back down through and we haven't done up to that level yet.
7:48 am
>> caller: i kind of agree with that, this fits in with my thinking that later on with question enter this bounce to get another sell-off. you to watch those carefully. you will see what they are talking about come back. >> ralph of, it's anthony. we were looking at charts yesterday. the dow is high at 14,200 some of my guys were saying it's possible we could get a shock down to that level. do you believe that or do you think that's unfounded? >> caller: it's a matter of degrees of how bearish you want. this is a family show. >> oh god, when you say we are in the short-term but longer term bear market territory. what does that mean to you?
7:49 am
how much longer can we go? >> . it's complimented bay breakdown in the s&p 500 i say you have another 10%-15% this year. >> sounds like you will be selling in the rallies. >> caller: most likely, yes. >> good info. thank you. coming up, more than 200,000 people flocking to new york city for fashion week. stick around to see the new collection we've got on display. back in a minute. ♪ v
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
the model elite in new york fashion week this week. our next show gazing showcasing her high end fashion. joining me is josie. good to see you. >> glad it's over but the show is great. you brought in one of your new designs. >> it's gone -- gorgeous.
7:54 am
>> you have transformed yourself from evening wear. >> we face it. for the people to really showcase the evening wear, it it's been really great fun. >> how is your customer? is she being more careful with her money? >> i think what woman are doing, yes she is but but their values and she can spend money. she wants something that is special but stylist. anything b.
7:55 am
>> what does this retail for? >> this is $5,500. this is timeless. it's a collector's item. >> you mentioned 39 years. you set up this family business in america. here you are doing well, so well after all of these years and constantly reinventing yourself. as a small business owner and ceo, tell us about your skwror journey. >> i have been so fortunate so make woman glamorous. i think what we do, it makes woman feel good it's a tough business but we have to keep going and changing.
7:56 am
it's very different. i started in the '70s and you have to keep giving something new. nobody wants just anything anymore. >> daegan brings up the point of value -- >> the customer is king and you have to listen and we are very different today but the whole time there's something that resinates that is authentic and i think that's what we give. i think there's an emotional attachment and i think starting from lingerie is a very great thing for me. i think about all woman when we are designing. >> what did you see mostly and what are you putting out for the next season? >> i think woman are looking for something that is authentic.
7:57 am
nobody wants anything basic. you can boy them at any price. you know you are getting something that is special. >> thank you. we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose,
7:58 am
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8:00 am
good friday morning. with me fox business network daegan mcdowell. fox news contributor megan mccain. sparks were flying at the debate. from wall street to taxes to support of president obama. a judge ordered the state department to release clinton's e-mails over the next few weeks. none of this came up during the debate last night. the next president of the united states has to be aggressive in
8:01 am
bringing people in the political process. >> the debate coming hours after the judge ordered state department to release clinton's e-mails over the last few weeks none of the came up during the debate last night. republicans during the debate tonight. stocks look to end the week with an upward note. a rebound in oil prices are helping to support stocks this the morning. crude up $27 a barrel on a report that opec members may be up to cutting production. we are seeing gains in europe this morning. it was another rough session in japan.
8:02 am
the nikkei average up over 5%. declining 11% this reports alone. now the doj considering an emergency meeting. investigating the clinton foundation for possible corruption. hillary clinton is put back if the hot seat. >> state department investigators issued a subpoena last fall seeking documents about the charity's projects that may have required approvement during hillary clinton's term as secretary of state. than includes fox news reporting that investigation in clinton is on tpro two tracks. one on the federal secrecy laws of her private e-mails which is
8:03 am
being investigated by the fbi and also trading favors for donations. last night, clinton's spokesperson attacked state department investigators. >> they have mounted several investigations since she decided to run for president. there's no basis for any of them it's intended to create head winds for her campaign and it this not work. >> i wonder if the republicans will bring this up in their debate tomorrow night. >> presidential candidate in 2000, gary bower. thank you for joining us. >> great to be with you particularly on a morning when stock futures are up i can conclude that most investors weren't watching the democrat debate last night. it's hard to find an american that the democrats like. >> you are a new indicator for us.
8:04 am
what is your reaction to this new clinton foundation subpoena news? >> the suggestion of corruption is so heavy. i don't understand how they had the debate last night and none of these issues were raised. it's like the bermuda triangle of debate. at the end of the day her faith and their faith depends on saoeupl -- some announcement from the state department. whether it's ben ghazi or the e-mails or favors for being purchased. i think this is the worst candidate when american people are worried about corruption and think there's a double standard
8:05 am
that. they do anything anywhere close to this they this get the book thrown at them but when it's done by one of the washington elites they seem to get away with it. >> there's been much coverage of this in the front page of the "wall street journal." it's what she told all these wall street the firms. when she gave speeches to them totaling $$4.1 millions in fees. she was very kind to them and praised the work they have done for diversity. one said the warp for which mrs. clinton was on gushy so she loves wall street. >> if i were the bankers i might be more careful about who i write checks to. if you think that hillary clinton or the new obama will be
8:06 am
warm and fuzzy, you have to be smoking something that is ill heel in new york city. unbelievably, he has made the democratic party more left wing, more socialistic than it was before. i think a little pleasure in seeing hillary clinton dealing with the way conservatives have had to deal with a candidate of bernie sanders promising free health care, free housing, maybe throw in a free pony and she needs to suggest that there's nothing free. i fess that's some sort of progress. >> she said a lot of these things don't add up. >> that man has won two contests so far. if you follow what his
8:07 am
supporters say on twitter -rgs it should say the living bejesus in every american in what he will do with this country. he loves europe so much. there's a broad of 20% that every pod pays on everything what they buy. that's what he wants, he just doesn't say it. >> they don't like the banking industry. they don't like the american entry, they can't stand drug industry, health care entry. i don't think a great country can have a great economy just making windmills and don't know if you can. for jobs if you hate job creators. i think this is a great opportunity for republicans if my side can nominate somebody that can put the reagan coalition back together. >> why are the republicans having a difficult time getting your message to resonate with
8:08 am
people especially the millennials? >> i think we have to acknowledge that they have their views sort of molded by the left. the left controls the culture. left wing orthodox prevails. right needs to not only start running elections, we need to the start palting more effectively -- battling where the minds are molded. when you list on the a bernie sanders fan explain where they think he will get the money to pay for all these things you are left feeling despairing about the future of america. >> you wonder if they understand what socialism will look like. i had lunch with someone who grew up under the mare regime.
8:09 am
she said everybody had to have the same hair cut and be till same an every pod got the paid the same. it didn't matter if you were michael jordon and so tall, everybody is going to play basketball and you will not get paid anymore pause you were so good at it. is there an understanding what socialism looks like. >> i don't think the average young american understands what socialism is. it sounds real good. we don't do a good job of teaching economics in our years of schooling which is sad. this is a huge -- this is a countryty build on people achieving whatever their capabilities allows home achieve. i would think the last generation who bought if to
8:10 am
obama and ended up living in their parent's basement for several years, i would have thought that a new generation of young americans would not fall for this kind of bait and switch again but we still have a lot of work to do. so, do you think the ted cruz can win in the general election? >> i do. i think he can put together the reagan coalition, both values, vote -rs put also the blue collar workers. there's the spare out there in working class america. i think he can speak to that and do it in a way that he can put the coalition together so he can get the white house back. >> thank you for joining us. coming up, the production company behind "star wars: the force awakened. they are with bing charged with an stkept stk-rb accident that
8:11 am
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8:14 am
concerns over isis growing after reports that the group may have chemical weapons. >> well cia director said isis has used chemical weapons on the battlele field. >> there are reports that isis has access to chemical pre-cursers that they can use. >> so in that interview with cbs "60 minutes" will air. they have the about it to make small amounts of mustard or chlorine gas for weapons. >> a zika virus vaccine won't be ready for at least 18 months. more than a can dozen companies
8:15 am
have been identified as possible participants. >> president obama will be on the "ellen" show today. it was taped yesterday and ellen posting this s*e lfie on instagram. >> british health issuing criminal charges over an onset accident which harrison ford broke his leg. they were charged with breaking work force safety laws. he was air lifted to a hospital and production had to be stopped for go two weeks while he recovered. now the pro ducesers -- producers will need to recover. sparks flew at the democratic debate. we this break it down. as the republicans gear up for their own debate. donald trump autographed the
8:16 am
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8:19 am
sparks flying in the milwaukee. hillary clinton and bernie sanders went head-to-head. adam is here with the details. >> good morning. hillary clinton said taxing the rich and slapping new fees this fail to cover the whole cost of the programs proposed by bernie sanders. offering free college tuition. clinton proposes free tuition in public universities too and her
8:20 am
plan will cost $350 billion-dollars over ten years. clinton failed to say how she would pay for there tuition plan. >> after the american people bail wall street out, yes they should pay a wall street speculation tax so we can make public colleges and universities tuition free. they bailed them out now it's i'm to help the middle class. >> p*s' plans rests -- bernie sanders' make sure that governors like scott walker contribute $23 billion-dollars on the first day to make college free. i'm a little skeptical. >> sanders attacked clinton for listening to former secretary of state henry kissinger. >> chinton said she -- clinton
8:21 am
says she listens to many people. >> julie good to see you. what was your reaction? >> you have an aspirational guy. will give you great bumper sticker slogans but not tell you how to get there. you have the class saying you can't get this done and do all this and tell you why you are wrong. >> she is saying that's why she would be better. p*s has these proposals he knows they this not get done. but they sound fantastic and that's frustrating for hillary clinton. she's calling him out on the fact that none of this will get done. people are not responding pause they are so galvanized on what he's saying. >> i agree. i think bernie sanders is using his message in a way that's more effective than she is. the only dem -- demographic she
8:22 am
made, she has a huge problem with young woman an millennials. i have no idea to possibly gain them back. >> in terms of the millennials, i want you to discuss this. you talk about the problem with all the the candidates reaching out, is that they want? they want somebody to lie to them. make some stuff up. make it groovy and everything will be free. >> trump did the same thing. i this not tell you how to get there but we will get there. take my word for it. >> not telling us how to get there. it's the same thing with people are so angry and frustrated they don't care how you get there they want someone to tell them that you will get there it's not realistic. so, that doesn't give young
8:23 am
people any credit whatsoever. >> i think a lot of young people are still living with their parents. we are in the bill cosby era. i think woman are taking a second look at hillary's role in it and it's hurting her. when you are rolling out madeleine albright saying you will vote for her. it's wildly out of touch the with what millennials want, especially young woman and i think she looks so old and uncool i think it hurt her in new hampshire. >> bernie looks cool? >> if i was young democratic woman and i had someone said i will rot in hell if i vote for her because i'm a woman i would opt out of voting altogether. >> i am not a democrat anymore but i think the that hillary
8:24 am
clinton back. >> i agree. such a horrible thing to say. i this not support her. it was horrible thing to say. you think we will burn in hell, we are going to see. >> i got angry by it. >> why are there not more young republican woman. i understand college age where you're working but what about 28 when you are really striving to move up in the corporate world and move up with your job and taxes do matter and how your money as you pay does matter. >> when you have people in the last election like todd going on tv saying woman can shut down their bodies. it's a popular culture in so many different ways i don't think young people understand what it means to be a republican and a socialist. i think so many people have to deal with social media which is
8:25 am
crazy on different levels. the republican party at a certain point. this is not the least popular message that i can say now. whatever that point is, it may not be this election cycle. when he have to reach out to minority voters, young woman in general in a more effective way that we've been doing. we will don't whose erections. >> i think that's too. i think a lot of young men by the republicans in the republican party. it's not just about the taxes. it's about social issues. the republicans made that your platform. you be thought looking for abortion and still be offended. >> you think about marriage equality in general that is
8:26 am
something close to my heart. under 40 in statistics for american party is through roof. young people grew up watching gay characters on television and having friends out in a young age in an entirely cultural sheft. i will have -- shift. that one issue is a lot of issues to young people. >> what will happen? we had a socially liberal, physically conservative person act actually run for president. call mike bloomburg. >> no, on the second amendment done. this is the least population conversation that can be happening. you what's wrong with republicans right now. people like you -- people like me, i'm 3 1. we will have to start talking to young people.
8:27 am
>> most people are hanging out in the middle somewhere. >> why don't people see that? my side is so lost. democrats are because of minorities we are about to back minority majority country. they are doing everything they can do to fight that. let's talk about the fact that we can work together. >> we will have that number for you and and the campaign in the debate last night. we this talk about it. . ♪ every day you read headlines about businesses
8:28 am
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8:31 am
than expected. the clinton campaign hoping to erase memories of the new hampshire nightmare, they battled it out over health care, president obama and wall street last night. >> let's not insult the intelligence of the american people. people aren't dumb. why in god's name does wall street make huge campaign contributions? i guess just for the fun of it. they want to throw money around. >> i've made it very clear that no bank is too big to fail, no executive to powerful to jail. maria: joining us now, consumer advocate and author of "return to sender," ralph nader on the phone with us. ralph, thanks very much for weighing in on this. what was your reaction to the debate last night? >> well, i think they didn't get some very good questions that could have been asked. there was nothing on 30 million people making less today in inflation-adjusted wages than they made in 1968. so the minimum wage issue didn't
8:32 am
come across. she was very late, hillary, in supporting a higher minimum wage. she didn't come out for it until april of 2014 when she supported senator or harkin's $10.10 bill after being implored by women's and children's groups to do something about it. and there wasn't anything about her secret meetings by her contract with trade associations around the country for $5,000 a minute, which is what her fee came down to. morgan stanley, the realtors, the automotive dealers, the chain drugstores. she's got to release whatever tapes and transcripts there are of these meetings. why is she keeping it secret? well, maybe because she was reassuring these groups that what she's going to say on the campaign trail is quite different than what she would do if she ever got in office. maria: so you don't think she's going to do anything like rein in wall street and keep drug prices in check, all the things
8:33 am
she's basically been selling. >> well, why should we believe it? she's supported a lot of concessions to these industries by bill clinton -- maria: yeah. >> -- and she wasn't very forthcoming in the senate on these issues. but she keeps saying i want to make very clear. it's the usual difference between political rhetoric and political deed, and i think a lot of people see bernie sanders is more authentic in saying what he means and meaning what he says. maria: right. do you think, ralph, it's dagen mcdowell, do you think the country would really be better off? i'm just going to -- with bernie sanders' policies? i'm going to point out he wants medicare for all, but we have medicare right now, people love it because they get so much medical care, and there's a roughly 38, $40 trillion unfunded liability in medicare, and it's going to go broke in a little more than a decade. that's the thing if hillary wants to hit back on the cost of it, why doesn't she do that? >> well, nothing's more efficient than single payer.
8:34 am
that's been shown in canada and japan and western europe. canada covers everybody for about $4500 per capita. we're spend being over $9,000 per capita, and there are tens of millions of people without coverage or under coverage. so he can make a much stronger case. and also single payer; that is, the government is the full insurer and there's private delivery of health care, allows people to have a free choice of doctor and hospital. not those ever-tightening networks that infuriate people. >> yeah, but for it to make financial sense though, you ultimately have to have the government tell the american people -- which it yet does not do with medicare because that's why it's going broke -- tell them what they can and cannot have in terms of medical services. ultimately, the government's going to have to tell them how long they can live. >> no. that's true in every system. aetna does it, united health care does it. i mean, insurance companies are so overburdened with administrative costs because
8:35 am
they spend a lot of time denying care, driving people crazy. and then les the co-pays -- then there's the co-pays and the deductions. >> right. >> see? so the key thing here if we're talking about disclosure, which i think the media's interested in, and the media really has to have a higher estimate of its own significance here. it cannot be dragged down the level of grunts and slurs and attacks in the republican camp. it's got to have a higher estimate of its own significance to give people a right to know. in that respect donald trump brags about his business acumen and success, but he has not released his voluminous tax returns. he told chuck todd he's working on it, but i think he's delaying and delaying. and i think that is a very, very important thing for the press to demand. release your tax returnings. you don't have to legally, but if your going to -- if you're going to brag about your business experience as an asset to go to the white house, you better tell people in thousands of pages over the years what you've been doing.
8:36 am
maria: well, it's interesting, a lot of these issues didn't even come up last night. you talk about jobs and the economy, no real conversation on that last night at the debate, and no conversation about this e-mail and clinton foundation. >> that's right -- maria: except with the press. >> the book "clinton cash" which documented and was written up in "the new york times" about a year ago, "clinton cash" talks about this quadrangle, the clinton foundation, huge speech fees for bill clinton, money magnates and dictatorships abroad, facilities by the state department. that is a big issue. but you know, i'll bet you everybody on this stage right where you are right now could have predicted almost every question that was asked. the two questioners didn't really ask the questions that the candidates were not prepared to answer. and so it was very redundant debate, however civil it was. maria: yeah. what is the michael bloomberg element in all of this?
8:37 am
>> well, this is very important. i've spoken to him in the past about it. he keeps saying he's not going to run unless he sees space enough where he can win. and i don't know whether there's going to be space enough, and time is running, you know, you can't delay too long. maria: yeah. >> to set up a ground game in every state. he can yet on the ballot in almost every state because he has the money to do so. but i don't know -- my guess is that he's not going to run. maria: real quick, can he win, meghan? >> it's ricky, i don't know. -- tricky, i don't know. he's a lot more liberal than people realize. he's very anti-gun. even for me isn't the candidate i can get behind for a third party. m more ralph nader, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you, maria. maria: don't forget be, we start every day at six a.m.. >> the clinton officials want to attack the state department, she
8:38 am
was the secretary of state and now attacking the department, i don't think anybody believes this is politically motivated when last night in south carolina she was the one on stage defending president obama. >> the prescription for bernie sanders is for the government to take over even more parts of our life. and if the government can't manage this, what are you going to do with a single-payer health care system around the country? >> now it's split all over the city. i mean, last season i took my car around to shows. in one week we put on 420 miles on my car in new york. >> that's funny. >> any new ties for jack and i? >> two weeks ago at the men's shows. maria: so yesterday! two weeks ago. >> see that? [laughter] >> i think that as we get closer to the election and the subpoenas start coming out more and more, it's going to be clear that the two levels whether it's the e-mails and top secret which most people honestly don't care about, but more importantly is the role of money laundering, possibly, and the pay to play
8:39 am
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maria: well, you may remember the moments from the vmas back in 2009 when kanye west interrupted taylor swift's acceptance speech? well, the she questioning is underway, it -- sequence, it began last night. cheryl casone with the details. >> of course we all remember that moment, maria, you're right. kanye west debuting some songs
8:43 am
from his new album, the life of pablo, at his new york fashion show. he sent taylor swift fans into a tizzy on social media in this song, "famous." west reportedly takes credit for swift's success when he hums something like i feel like taylor swift and i may still have [bleep], i can't say it on television. anyway, people are very angry this morning about it. i want to show you these photos right now. it looks like a scene from the movie froze been, but it's real. a major water main break in scranton, pennsylvania, covering everything in ice. officials saying about 30 customers are affected by that break. and just for your friday, maria, i want you to check this out. this is the rock group ok go flying in zero gravity for their latest video. listen to this. ♪ ♪ >> they're based in chicago, okay? they needed a total of 21 bare
8:44 am
rah bolick flights to put this video together. nasa uses these flights to train the astronauts. this can be so intense, basically, the first parabolic plane was known as the vomit comet, do you remember that? anyway, that's what they were in, and the video is all over. but it took them 21 flights to pull that off. it's amazing. i thought that was pretty cool. >> those are bernie sanders voters on that plane. [laughter] >> go socialism. >> the treadmill video. >> everyone should google that. it's pretty awesome. maria: meanwhile, sparks flew last night at the democratic debate covering topics from campaign finance reform to health care and president obama's legacy, but one notable omission was the recent subpoena issued for clinton foundation records relating to charity projects while hillary clinton was serving as secretary of state.
8:45 am
dan gaynor, thanks very much for weighing in on this. why do you think that wasn't mentioned? >> because it was -- well, the gop debates have been more hike the super bowl, this was more like flag football. the questions were designed not to take big hits against the candidates, just to have teed it up so they could do whatever they wanted with it. there weren't the questions, or the questions that were a little tough had no follow through, and that was the flaw of the debate. maria: yeah, but this is a bigger issue. i'm looking at a story right now on twitter from daily mail, and that story basically is telling us that there was an ea rangement -- arrangement between phillip raines, hillary clinton spokesperson, and reporters about, look, we'll give you the speech that she's going to say to the council on to foreign relations in advance, but you have to use certain words. e-mails show press literally taking orders from hillary
8:46 am
clinton. in terms of the relationship between the clinton campaign and the press is really the bigger issue here because they didn't bring up a major news story that was in the headlines that day. >> well, they didn't -- they don't want to embarrass the democratic candidates. they brought up gwen ifill at one point brought up the issue of race, and she said i want to talk about white people. she didn't then, of course, follow up and say that 60% of the gop voters in iowa and 25% of the gop voters in new hampshire had voted for minority candidates and 0% of the democrats in both those states, and 0% of the people standing on the stage were minority candidates. they don't, they don't say the stats, they don't bring up the news, you know, that embarrasses those candidates. they only do it in the gop debate. maria: what's your take, meghan mccain? the e-mails were obtained by gawker as part of the freedom of information act. they basically show an exchange
8:47 am
in 2009 between the politics editor of the atlantic and phillip raines, a close assistant anded a visor to clinton -- and adviser to clinton, and basically he wanted an advance copy of the speech, and raines said, okay, i'll give you the speech, but here are the three things you have to do. describe the speech asmus lahr. number two, note that in the first half you've got richard holbrooke, george mitchell and dennis process right there -- dennis ross, and then make sure you don't tell anybody you were blackmailed. he called the speech muscular, mentioned the three people in the front row -- >> i just think the major point is what is her relationship with the media that she can manipulate them so much that none of these questions were asked in the debate last night? i don't know what it's going to take for the american people to wise up and see these people are unbelievably corrupt. >> do you think they -- but they
8:48 am
increasingly feel sorry for her. >> i do not feel sorry for her. >> the media who were favorable to her, you see some of the headlines about how calm and cool she was in the debate last night, the easy questions, because people -- even democratic voters -- see the lack of trustworthiness in her, and you see it in the results that bernie sanders has garnered. so i think it's feeding on itself -- >> why did the candidate arise to challenge her? >> because they're like the mafia. it's my year, i've been waiting in line. >> a john grisham novel. she does seem insurmountable, which is obviously wrong now, but i think people were scared to get in. maria: partly because they think they can't beat her, but also because they don't want the backlash from the clinton machine. >> robert wolf basically said joe biden looked at the landscape and said there was no way he could raise the money. maria: dan, final word.
8:49 am
>> the problem is, yes, the media have hidden this story for so long that anything could break on it. no news will break through because they've already discounted it. and so no matter what is found in the e-mails, no matter what is revealed about the clinton connection to the press, the media don't want to address it. maria: dan, thank you very much. futures are extending gains this morning. we did have better than expected retail sales. they were up two-tenths of a percent, you guys. okay. >> it's not transcription, but when you -- terrific, but when you take out the gasoline and autos, our research guys say it's pretty decent. maria: okay, good. that's good. because you've been waiting for the consumer to break out. >> i'm waiting. get off your butts and go shopping. what do you want? you want spring to get here? [laughter] maria: we'll get the biggest premarket movers next, and as we take a brach, this service dog is having the time of his life when he gets to meet his favorite character at disney world, mutoh!
8:50 am
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8:54 am
it's the winner. it's up about 18%. better sales in north america, also restructuring. on the downside, activision. call of duty did well, but it missed the numbers, and it's down about 6%. so those are some to have movers we're going to be watching this morning. maria: as we take a break, check out this new video from the canadian beer company, molson, as part of their anything for hockey campaign. they released the video of a hockey rink they built on top of a 32-story in toronto using a crane from a neighboring construction site to lift the equipment onto the roof. all part of their anything for hockey campaign. check it out. ♪ ♪
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8:58 am
want to say that monday the chinese markets reopen after being closed for the chinese new year and draghi is speaking in europe even though the markets are closed for presidents day here. >> when markets are getting this hard, people have to start getting their shopping list together. you've got junk bonds, 900 basis point spread over treasuries, there are some opportunities there. you've got the biotech index selling at a peg ratio of 0.5, you've got banks at single digit multiples, bank of america and the citi, i just looked those up yesterday, .5 times tangible book. these things could all go lower, but, you know, when everybody else is selling is when the smart investors are trying to find bargains. maria: all these mentioned in this weekend's barron's magazine? >> they are. >> there's a tug-of-war between the slow growing economy and the fed taking the steroids out of the market. if the market trades way lower,
8:59 am
it could touch off a recession. we don't see that, but that's what the concern is. maria: would you be poised to put new money to work right here? >> in the structured credit space where the spreads have really gapped 100%, we are doing that. maria: i thought it was interesting that it's sell into any rally. another 10-15% on the downside this year. >> possible. >> and sentiment is going to be critical in terms of if people -- we could actually cause a recession if consumers get negative just watching what's going on in the stock market. i'd be long drugs because i'm planning to go on lexapro if i have to watch many more of these -- [laughter] it just smooths everything out. [laughter] it's an antidepressant. it just makes everything feel okay. >> we don't want that for you. >> i about lost my mind last night. finish. maria: i'm with you. meghan. >> my final thoughts going into south carolina, seven more days,
9:00 am
it's going to get really dirty. south carolina traditionally rewards that, and it's going to be, at the very least, entertaining to see if anybody can take out donald trump. maria: have a great weekend, everybody, i'll see you sunday with my exclusive with paul ryan. "varney & company" begins now. stuart: good morning, maria and everyone. i kept waiting for it, a question to hillary in the debate last night about e-mails. the question was never asked. the subject never came up. bernie sanders never mentioned it. the taxpayer-supported pbs moderators never asked about it. the word "indictment" was excluded. free stuff, beat up on the police, we had almost two hours of that but nothing on e-mails, don't you love it? to the markets, trying for are ea bound -- trying for a rebound. stocks will open higher, but there's no telling how they're going to close. oil is up, maybe that is helping. opec says it will cut production. let's see if they actually do it. but the markets ar


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