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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  February 12, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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it's going to get really dirty. south carolina traditionally rewards that, and it's going to be, at the very least, entertaining to see if anybody can take out donald trump. maria: have a great weekend, everybody, i'll see you sunday with my exclusive with paul ryan. "varney & company" begins now. stuart: good morning, maria and everyone. i kept waiting for it, a question to hillary in the debate last night about e-mails. the question was never asked. the subject never came up. bernie sanders never mentioned it. the taxpayer-supported pbs moderators never asked about it. the word "indictment" was excluded. free stuff, beat up on the police, we had almost two hours of that but nothing on e-mails, don't you love it? to the markets, trying for are ea bound -- trying for a rebound. stocks will open higher, but there's no telling how they're going to close. oil is up, maybe that is helping. opec says it will cut production. let's see if they actually do it. but the markets are still
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reeling from janet yellen. she said negative rates are still on the table, so she's considering keeping some of the money we lend to the government. that did not go down well. so as we said, we're trying for a rebound, looking for stability. virginiany and company is about -- "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ ♪ stuart: what a headline, cia director john brennan telling "60 minutes" that isis can make chlorine and mustard gas, and he says they've used those chemical weapons already several times. brennan also warns isis may try to sell the weapons into western countries. the director of national intelligence, james clapper, says it is the first instance of an extremist group developing and using chemical weapons since that serin gas attack on the tokyo subway in 1995. got it. the northeast preparing for
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a deep freeze this weekend. wind chill readings, look at that, expected to be way below zero in some parts. you know, ashley -- [laughter] >> yes? stuart: i've got a suspicion that the people of florida, texas, california and arizona are laughing at us. >> yes. all those snowbirds, told you so. the lows early sunday morning here in new york city expected to hit right around 2 degrees, just 2 degrees governor 0. that would -- above 0. a very good chance it's going to go below that. it's short-lived, by tuesday we're going to have a high of 50 degrees here in new york city. so take that, arizona and florida. people in minnesota would say, what are you talking about? this is like september. stuart: that's right. it is winter. >> exactly. stuart: we still have winterrings. >> it's the dreaded polar vortex. we haven't mentioned it -- stuart: can't wait. [laughter] to politics. oh, yes, we love our politics. the democrat debate last night,
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no mention of hillary's e-mail scandal of the state department's investigation into the clinton foundation. byron york is with us with the washington examiner. >> good morning, stewart. stuart: i was shocked. it doesn't take a lot to shock me in politics -- [laughter] any explanation as to why bernie sanders did not bring up the e-mails? >> well, first of all, the moderators could have done it. and i agree with you, it was stunning, especially when you consider that this is the first debate they've had since the fbi confirmed publicly that they are investigating this whole clinton e-mail situation. so the moderators didn't bring it up. and will be, there was this point where they were kind of arguing over who supported obama more, and bernie standers said to secretary clinton, you know, one of us ran against president obama in 2008, and it wasn't me. he could have said one of us is under investigation by the fbi, and it's not me. stuart: he could have done that, but he didn't. he walked away from it.
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i think the e-mail scandal had a sideways entry into the debate in that hillary was lavish in her praise for president obama and stuck very loyally with him. maybe that's because it is president obama who calls the shot on whether or not hillary gets indicted. [laughter] >> well, the president is in charge of the justice department, in case anybody forgot. there's something else to remember too. look at the exit polls from the new hampshire primary where bernie sanders won a landslide victory. fully half of the democrats who went to the polls -- this is not just all democrats, but the ones who were so motivated they went to the polls -- half of them said hillary clinton was not honest, was not trustworthy. and by the way, bernie sanders won that group by 96%. so this, you know, even if nobody says something, democrats are getting the message, and there's a significant number of them going to the polls who believe that hillary clinton cannot be trusted. stuart: byron, stay there for a second. more in a moment. i want to bring in tammy bruce
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because byron mentioned it briefly there, there's another side to this. why didn't the taxpayer-supported pbs moderators ask the e-mail questionsome. >> because they're in the tank with the democrats. they're in the tank with president obama. they don't mind either one -- stuart: do they have to make it so obvious? >> well, in their world it's not obvious because no one in their social circles discuss it. no one wants to touch it. now, obviously, with hillary i also was wondering with that thing she was wearing, i was waiting for gallagher to come up with a watermelon and a big hammer with the slashing there. for her and for bernie sanders, he'll never bring it up because he doesn't have to. it's already out there in the public. it's talked about, it's the ghost in the room, if you will. he can bring up things that are related to it that remind people in their minds about the e-mail scandal, about issues of trust and about being part of the system. but i think also they don't bring it up because it will affect president obama. we now know that he had e-mails with her on her system regarding
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benghazi that they will not release. he's denied knowing about the system. that puts the lie to his initial comments about it as well. so i think that the entire liberal dynamic has an interest in not having this be discussed as a whole. >> that's probably true. i think you're right. bernie sanders, what an interesting candidate he is because anyone else would use this as one of the main hammers to hammer away saying what about your judgment, mrs. clinton? stuart: of course. >> how could you put these secret e-mails on your private server? stuart: i'm going to chuck this out. no need to discuss. bernie doesn't want to knock out hillary from the race yet. if he knocks her out quickly and now -- >> someone else comes in. stuart: in comes vice president biden, and maybe bernie's making the calculation he can't beat joe as well as he is beating hillary. >> and al gore. al gore is getting people to the gop -- stuart: no, no, no. >> climate activists to the gop town hallings throughout new hampshire.
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he's now been tweeting about some of this. watch out for that. stuart: i find this far more interesting, but i'm going to get to the markets. it is my duty. here's how we're going to hope today, stocks up. trying for a rebound, trying for stability. wild ride yesterday after janet yellen mentioned negative interest rates. we'll get into that later. how about oil? as you can see, it's up $1.74 right now, that's 6.5%. ash, why is it up so much this morning? >> well, we had this comment in the united arab emirates' energy minister yesterday who said, guess what? opec is ready to the coordinate some sort of production cut in an effort to bring prices back up. you know what, do you believe that? complete skepticism out there. no, because saudi arabia is hell bent on pumping at full tilt. stuart: yes, but if they're not going to actually cut production, investors seem to believe that they will cut production because the price of oil is up. >> because they so desperately want to believe it. stuart: i'm in conspiracy theories. >> you are. [laughter]
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stuart: how about this one? up popular billionaire bill ackman, runs a hedge fund. he wants michael bloomberg, multibillionaire, to run for president. the title of his opinion piece in the financial times is pretty clear. "america is burning, but michael bloomberg can put out the fire." so one billionaire promotes a multibillionaire for president at a time when billionaires in general are wildly unpopular. byron york, what have you got to say about this? [laughter] >> you know, tell me if you've seen something, but i have never in all of my political coverage detected a groundswell of support of, an outcry for a michael bloomberg presidential candidacy. [laughter] it just doesn't exist. isn't it odd, by the way, that bloomberg talks to the ft, and this man writes in the ft? what about "usa today" or something like that? there simply is no republican, democratic or independent
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groundswell for a bloomberg candidacy. stuart: he thinks there is a groundswell for someone who could position themselves in the middle. extreme left bernie sanders, hard right ted cruz/donald trump n. the middle bloomberg thinks he's got that ground. i believe that's what he thinks. >> but, stuart, the only reason we're talking about bloomberg as opposed to some other candidate who might fill that alleged gap, the only reason we're talking about bloomberg is he has so much moneyment he can spend a billion dollars if he wants to. but other than that, there's really no reason to think that a somewhat successful mayor of new york city would somehow appeal to millions of americans across the country who are unhappy with democratic and republican choices. stuart: you know, byron, you were verging on sarcasm there. [laughter] and as you to know, sarcasm is a low form of wit. >> meant every word of it, stuart. [laughter] stuart: thanks for getting up so early on a very cold day, byron york. >> thank you. stuart: thank you, sir.
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>> his anti-gun position alone, bloomberg would have so much difficulty. but he could put out the fire of that america's, you know, america's on fire, as the financial times noted, with all those big gulps -- [laughter] pour them onto the fire. stuart: it's a low form of wit. >> think about how the rest of the country viewed his actions in new york. he would have a difficult time. stuart: fair point. just for a brief, shining moment, we showed that video -- >> i saw that. stuart this is not the cruise ship nightmare. that's a 100-foot wave crashing into a stranded ship. this is in the middle of storm gertrude which slammed britain last month. 140 mile-an-hour winds, massive waves. we've got the video. now drop it, please, because i'm seasick already. i can't imagine being on that boat. ship, i should say. look at this, two passengers trying to enjoy a ride in a hot air balloon, p short-lived idea.
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look at that. the passengers, good news,they were unharmed. but that is probably the worst pr for the -- >> is that a regular house? stuart: looks like it. >> could you answer the front door? there's someone in a wicker basket. [laughter] >> there's two adults with champagne. stuart: who's who? i don't know. that's a nasty accident right there. finally, finally, look at this. some green for the markets. looks like we have something of a rebound. looking at a triple-digit gain at the opening bell. >> ten-year also up to 1.70, 1.69. and gold down 9, $10, so a little bit of risk off. stuart: that's jargon. you deserve the buzzer for that. >> all right, come on. stuart: then there's trump. i spoke to him yesterday about his comments on the pope. trump's not happy that the pope plans to stand with migrants at the mexican border. >> the pope is a very political person.
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stuart: people are watching right now to see how we're going to open up this morning in light of the huge losses we've suffered recently. the news is we'll be up about 120 points as we stand now, that's 15 minutes from now. how about oil? we're up $1.56. opec says it's ready to cooperate on cutting production. prices are up nearly 6% on that. let's see if they actually do it. donald trump on the show yesterday calling out the pope over his plan to stand with migrants at the u.s./mexico border. roll tape. >> the pope is a very political person. i think he doesn't understand the problems our country has. i don't think he understands the danger of the open border that we have with mexico. and i think mexico got him to do it because mexico wants to keep the border just the way it is because they're making a fortune, and we're losing.
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stuart: joining us now is robert jeffers, pastor of first baptist, dallas. donald trump says the pope is political, and you say? >> i say that donald trump is partly wrong and largely right in what he's saying. look, stuart, it's wrong to suggest that religious leaders shouldn't get involved in politics. i mean, the word politics means to influence. we are to influence our culture without religious leaders involved in politics, there would have been no abolition of slavery, civil rights movement or even american revolution. pastors were at the forefront of all of those movements. but i think trump is right in suggesting that not only the pope, but evangelical pastors who argue for a lenient immigration policy are really basing their views not on biblical truth, but on personal opinion. and that's where i think trump is right. stuart: how do you think voters will react to this? i mean, the catholic vote in the united states is a sizable vote. how do they feel? be any idea?
9:17 am
i'm reluctant to ask an obvious protestant about the catholic vote, but nonetheless, we'll take your opinion. [laughter] >> first of all, i have great admiration for the pope. i think he's a very godly man. but i think poll after poll suggests that all americans, including catholics, are concerned about american border security, they're concerned about criminals, drug dealers and now isis pouring through our borders -- stuart: one second, robert. >> yeah. stuart: one second, robert. we should not forget the humanitarian angle here, and i hate to call it an angle, but there is a humanitarian perspective here. are you forgetting that? >> well, there is, but here's where i think the pope and pastors are confused. there's a difference between the responsibility of the church and the responsibility of the government. as individual christians and as a church, we're to show compassion to those in yield. but stuart -- in need. but, stuart, the government has a different responsibility. romans 13 says the government is to protect its citizens, and i
9:18 am
think the problem is when we confuse the role of individual christians with the role of government which is to keep us secure. stuart: the line i remember is render unto caesar, but -- >> that's right. stuart: robert jeffers, thank you very much, indeed, for joining us. i've got to break in for breaking news. this is important. the european union says it is poised to restrict passport-free travel in the shin zen zone. that means, ashley, i think, that they're abandoning or maybe about to abandon the policy of free movement in europe. >> correct. because there's 26 countries in europe that ballooning to this. essentially -- belong to this. essentially, europe acts as one country so you can move freely -- stuart: once you're in. >> once you're in. the problem, of course, we've seen with terrorists and the refugee problem is that these people can move freely and without accountability. this is a very, very dramatic move by europe -- >> the entire union now, that's going to end. stuart: for a two-year period.
9:19 am
the union doesn't end, but the free travel within the union -- >> which was one of the biggest selling points in the first place. stuart: another element in the crack-up -- >> as serious, nato has launched patrols to return migrants to turkey. more than i believe we're dealing with when it comes to isis. so when it comes to the pressure, it's interesting. stuart: tammy and ashley, thank you very much. no mention of hillary clinton's growing e-mail scandal in the debate. instead, they made race a major theme of the evening. watch this. >> we are sick and tired of seeing videos on television of unarmed people, often african-americans, shot by police officers. i know you're my financial advisor, but are you gonna bring up that stock again? well you need to think about selling some of it. my dad gave me those shares, you know.
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call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ ♪ >> i'm behind anyone who's going to listen and speak up for us. and i think we need to believe in a leader like bernie sanders. stuart: you got it, you got the picture. that was a new bernie sanders ad, by the way, it featured eric garner's daughter. the gentleman who died after being restrained by new york city police two years ago. last night's democrat debate, race was a major theme. clinton and sanders, here's what they had to say about race. go.
9:24 am
>> i would hope that we could all agree that we are sick and tired of seeing videos on television of unarmed people, often african-americans, shot by police officers. >> we know of the tragic, terrible event that led to the death of don today hamilton right here in milwaukee, a young man, unarmed who should still be with us. >> and we can no longer continue to sweep it under the rug. it has to be dealt with. stuart: all right. race was a major theme. tammy bruce, why? >> well, obviously, it's politics. south carolina's coming up. you're looking at super tuesday which is effectively the sec of primaries, they say. but this is really pandering at its worst. these people, you'd think with what they were talking about, they were dropped in from mars. they've been in politics for decades can. they are part of the problem. all the african-american community needs to look at is the condition of their lives which has grown increasingly
9:25 am
worse over the last seven years. and here are people speaking, people who have created the problem now pandering, suggesting that they're going to be the solution. cheerily, they're not. but it's all -- clearly, they're not. it's all about politics, it's about trying to signal they understand their pain but, obviously, neither one of them do. stuart: there was no mention or not much mention of the fact that our economy is slowing down, and both candidates are tax and spend people which is not going to get us -- >> which is why they're not mentioning it. stuart: i guess you're right. >> they just don't want to go there. stuart: if you don't have a reasonable solution, don't bring it up. >> it's all about emotions, not about facts. stuart: that's a very good last word. [laughter] here it is, a mini rally for the markets despite what i'm calling a global sense of unease. the open of wall street is a much-watch event these days. watch it here. by the way, george clooney, political activist, he says america needs to take in more refugees.
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>> hillary clinton was not honest and not trust worthy and bernie sanders won that grew by 96%.
9:30 am
even if nobody says something democrats are getting the message and there is a significant number going to the polls who believe hillary clinton cannot be trusted. stuart: we were asking why the e-mail scandal popped up in last night's debate. there was his answer. 9:00 every morning, every weekday morning. it is 9:40 eastern time. we are off and running, 61 points in the early going, fifth the points, 53 points. ashley is here, jo lin kent is here, scott shellady is here and tres knippa joins us as well. this rebound i am calling a rebound is it for real? will it last? >> absolutely not. can we agree the financial crisis that happened in the united states because of what was basically major losses by u.s. banks did that affect gdp
9:31 am
and global growth? we can agree, what if i told you we were on the front doorstep of a crisis that is three times larger than that, four times larger? chinese banks have lent out money and not all of it is going to get paid back. this will adversely affect global growth and markets for the next 18 months to two years sell everything right now. go away from risk assets. stuart: we are trying to pull in viewers. crisis doesn't do -- good. scott shellady coming to the debate, same question. this is a rebound of 100 points. will it last? >> we are good friends and now that i am not going to sleep this weekend because of what he said, we are in a sell the rally mode. we have a global problem on our
9:32 am
hands but if you want to talk nationally, investors have woken up to the fact that the fed are not quite sure what they are doing, they lost the handle and being able to talk about negative rates, as investors spooked and we are in a silver rallies motive. stuart: i want to say the banking sector, and their stocks have performed worse than the energy sector depending how you lock at it. doyle lost 60% of its value and energy stocks, the banks are down even more. that is a very big deal. that is why people are saying 2007-2008, when banks go down like that. let's talk about oil up 7% as we speak. have i got it right that they were saying they would consider production cuts? ashley: to cooperate. what does that mean?
9:33 am
absolutely nothing but it was enough to give something to the market. it came back down 250 if you want to call that a rally. is providing some support today but the bottom line is the supply of crude has never been this high in the last 80 years. stuart: do you make much of this statement that they would consider production cuts? >> no because we will have a hard time going through 25 or 40. on a day to day basis we will have these headlines out overnight that might give a mark of 5% or 7% prompt but at the end of the day we have so much supply to get through you will indeed met with sellers as you rallied that market. it is lower longer, interest rates and oil. stuart: look what is going on, we have exxon up, chevron, conoco phillips, shell, all of them on the upside today because oil has popped 7%. look at gold.
9:34 am
what is this i hear? gold is down a bit, at $12, well above $1,200 an ounce. lines around the block. ashley: in london, old-fashioned gold brush, business that sells bouillon in the west end of london and there was a line yesterday that went out and around the corner and online gold dealer in the u.k. had individual sales of $7 million in one day. a lot of fear out there. stuart: just in britain? ashley: elsewhere but the u.k. has seen a gold rush but it feeds on itself. stuart: never heard of a british bulldog. i thought they all lived in america. ashley: apparently not. stuart: more big names. pandora need of popped yesterday on talk that somebody would buy them and they came out with their earnings reports and they
9:35 am
are down, stable at $9 a share. wind at resorts, profit and revenue down, matt hall dragging on them. they will see growth in las vegas. they are up 6%. gamemaker activevision blizzard gave a disappointing outlook, they are the biggest loser on the s&p 500. which jean? jo lin: they and candy crush, they're on the train, or on their mom and dad's car, they miss profit the first time in five years, that is an important story here, plus this increasing shift from mobile devices. that her couple games. stuart: why does it hurt them? if i'm doing it on this? >> there are some that are doing well on mobile. not necessarily for mobile that shifting to mobile, that costs a lot of money and if you see a
9:36 am
shift you may lose some people. we have seen this over the last couple quarters so you see that company sinking a little bit, a delay. stuart: when did you stop playing candy crush? >> never, i get addicted and i would never come to work. stuart: don't get addicted, come to work. groupon. you are going to tell me? >> daily deals groupon, it is up 20%. they have done some spending, changed the ceo, got rid of several markets, focusing on canada, on the u.s. this is where we are seeing growth and beating their number is and stock is up 20%, it was the best they --
9:37 am
stuart: we put that stock on death watch. we were legitimate to be put on deathwatch. >> 52 weeks the short time ago was -- i see where you are coming from. stuart: exactly. if we put something on death watch it guaranteed the thing goes up. that is what happens. people will be praying for a desk watch. keep an eye on the big names, your money, apple this morning is at $94 a share. how about netflix? that was a big mover, it was 86 now, well over 100 before christmas. remember when amazon was near $700 a share? now it struggles 513, up $10
9:38 am
today, twitter hit all-time lows this past week, now at 14, not far away. google $7, not affecting stocks, they have a new virtual reality head set. >> google developing a virtual reality head set. this will be different, all in one rather than what you are seeing from the other -- they have google cardboard, and you're smart phone in citing you can do virtual reality that we. this is an up market option potentially to compete with oculus which is owned by facebook. stuart: is a helmet? jo lin: no graphics of it yet but this is something that will look like that because it is all in one component. ashley: going to get seasick. jo lin: without leaving your a anchor chair. is perfect. you can go anywhere. stuart: as soon as you move your head the images rock around.
9:39 am
like being on a cruise ship. look at this. at&t getting ready to test 5 gee. getting ready for 4 g. they are going to test 5 gee. what does that mean? ashley: fifth generation. 10 to 100 times faster than the top connection, they will be testing this later this year in austin, texas. they say to get the networks up to speak on this kind of connection it won't be available until 2020. stuart: but 5 gee if it is much faster. ashley: you can download a television show in three seconds. ha jo lin: think of the time you could save. stuart: janet yellen as of yesterday had not ruled out negative interest rates. i still think that is a very big deal.
9:40 am
it is hanging over this market, hanging over the whole world. >> i agree and that is a problem because of the deflationary and recessionary thing that process into it. it is a last-ditch effort. we have exhausted all monetary possibilities except that one and that has the market nervous. in the elevator coming up, not the market misery i can't stand this i could handle that but i think that is a good way to come up. stuart: tres knippa come back in, you shocked everybody at the top of the show when you said this time it is three times worse than 2008. i take it this idea of negative interest rates you lend the government some money and they don't pay it back to you, that is a negative interest rate. that fit into your scenario of this being a very bad seller. >> it supports the idea i should own some goals.
9:41 am
gold is a hedge against expansion of monetary base. there is more in the united states. that expand monetary base. i tell you the chinese are going to have to devalue their currencies by printing more of it. what will that do? expand monetary base. you see where i am going with this? gold is a hedge for that and that is why gold was rallying this year because most notably in the world sees a weaker dollar down the pike. because all so what janet yellen said yesterday. stuart: you have explained in your case very well and you made a dramatic entry to "varney and company" with that opening statement and we thank you for that. all good. that we check the big board, we are 11 minutes into the trading session and we are up 135 points. speaker paul ryan, the budget not meeting demands of some
9:42 am
conservatives in the house. congressman louis go merck is dead against the budget and he will explain why. no mention of hillary clinton's e-mail scandal at last night's debate despite a growing investigation. there are at least we for federal investigations involving hillary. could she be indicted? that is the question and we are back with it.
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♪ they say you shouldn't spoil your kids. but your grandkids? how about front row seats to the best show in town? and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade®. stuart: 15 minutes into trading session, how about oil? we are up today and the one dollar and $0.87.
9:46 am
opec says it is ready to cooperate. stop shaking your head. belling. yesterday and big rock, today down a bit more. what you are looking at is yesterday's quote. >> whether they properly accounted for costs unexpected sales, what kind of accounting where they using, and obviously hurts investor -- in neutral, the state department is investigating a subpoena. and its projects may have
9:47 am
required state department approval. and attorney arthur dow is here too. their question ring her to flit. >> that is standard operating procedure in the federal government. in all kinds of criminal matters. before they bring you before the judge they bring you into the conference room. they just put all the you. you are in huge trouble, you're going to go to jail. if you want to stay out of jail, you will say something that brings us to another case. they will do that shortly here through the attorney and say this is what we have on her end this is her exposure, meaning a possible jail sentence she could face if she wants to help us now is the opportunity. just for open disclosure i know these people personally.
9:48 am
if you want me to ask if she would flip, i would say absolutely not, no secret that the clintons consider it their second daughter. stuart: she is at the center of this. and the state department and the clinton foundation all at the same time. middle of the nexus. >> it is more than a professional relationship. it is of familial relationship. they may not have anything but are pushing her on presumptions and innuendos, they should flip. i have been one of the people, who don't put a lot of stock into the e-mail issue with hillary clinton, put a lot of stock in donald trump's campaign and i was wrong about that. stuart: his confession?
9:49 am
>> the e-mail has legs. the federal judge just ruled on a freedom of information act requests, and need to be released in timely fashion, because of the campaign going on because voters have a right, it is there anything in the remaining 500 e-mails that would change the voter's decision? is very political. stuart: when you are a criminal defense lawyer. stuart: you are a criminal defense lawyer. >> that is how i make the primary. stuart: how would you defend hillary in this instance? i am not reasoning guilt. would it be stonewall? >> when you are going up against the federal government that is the first line of defense, the biggest difference if you differentiate hillary to general david petraeus which the fbi is saying. if you took a hard-line stand on
9:50 am
him, we have to do that on hillary, as a criminal defense attorney, what he did was intentional. intentionally gave his things over to the writer of his book. they used war judgment, it wasn't classified at the time. it now is classified, she should have known better. stuart: i would say she intentionally started her private server. >> that is why you are the star of the show and i am just a neighborhood lawyer. stuart: all right, thank you very much for joining us. isis using chemical weapons according to the cia director himself. disturbing development year, more on it later.
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
stuart: cia director john brennan confirms isis made and used chemical weapons including mustard gas, a weapon that has not been seen since world war i to my knowledge. former cia operations officer, this is a cia director saying they got it, they have used it. are they now trying to get that into europe? >> they are. isis is using refugees as cover to infiltrate europe, germany
9:55 am
having a million individuals of our. they have the knowledge, potentially the gas itself. stuart: they have used it. but how much mustard gas does it take to kill people for example worse at of the gigantic scare? >> very small amount. it doesn't take a dramatic example of using it, it takes one time, one small amount. the panic that results from that is what isis is looking for and what they will get. stuart: how do you stop it? >> stop taking over a million refugees, solidify the borders. take a million folks and don't vet from you don't know what you are going to get. take for example germany, 1 million people. if we said the vast majority of those folks are innocent and good that means one%, at 1%, 10,000 folks that are bad. we have to be mindful about stopping the spread of the
9:56 am
virus. stuart: the news is the european union is considering ending the passport 40 movement and travel in the shenzhen zone, 26 countries, once you are in one of them you can move around passport free. they want to stop that or proposing a to stop that. they're reacting to this kind of threat. >> you have to start with these pieces but you have to recognize our policies in syria are not working. our policies in syria have to change, we have to bring this -- stuart: is a done deal. they made the mustard gas, they used it according to the cia director and according to the chief intelligence national intelligence director, he says they are trying to get it into europe. is past the time to say the policy has failed. >> you have to try to stop the threat from spreading any
9:57 am
further and stop the threat that is already there. stuart: we appreciate you being with us because this is a serious subject. billionaire hedge fund manager bill ackman says america is burning and mike bloomberg become a multi-billion there is lonely guy who can put out the fire. we are on that story. no mention of hillary's e-mail scandal by bernie sanders at last night's debate. i have a theory why he left it out. hour two two minutes away.
9:58 am
9:59 am
stuart: it is 10:00 o'clock, almost here on the use ghost. the democratic debate last night. race and government giveaways very much in the spotlight. one billionaire. bill ackman says the american dream is fading. the next time you are going to
10:00 am
whole foods, getting a new tattoo with your grass fed organic meats. the second hour of funny and company is a few minutes away. ♪ >> wind german on us. stuart: i did. looking for be found. the price of oil up $1.46. trying to get some cooperation around production cost. when resorts. they see growth in las vegas. they see growth in las vegas. the leading stock in the s&p 500. of 10%. back to the price of oil.
10:01 am
>> the energy minister saying yesterday in an interview with sky news arabia, the opec countries ready to cut on production. they will not do it. we do not want to lose market share. at the same time, wiping out the smaller producers. a father's rally goes. this is important. it is poised to restrict passport free travel. >> one of the major selling points. twenty-six countries doing away with it. you can travel freely. and the old days, you had to change her money. the bad news is, those people
10:02 am
that want to do us harm, may be terrorists among the refugees. traveling very freely. efforts trying to create that. creating all of these borders. at least temporarily. it is a huge sign. it is crunch time in the eu. that is a basic principle. not a crack because of the migrant crisis. bill ackman is urging michael bloomberg to run for the presidency. a piece in the financial times is very clear. am i just america is burning, but michael bloomberg can put out the fire. a time when billionaires are rather unpopular.
10:03 am
>> only in my own mind. stuart: what do you make of this? billionaires are not popular. >> mike bloomberg is outstanding. he is the kind of person you want for president. to get to 270 electoral votes, i can tell you where i come from in tennessee. his gun policy will not. texas, florida. i do not see that. mike can. into this race. >> he has the money to do with. he is smart. he is not one that donald is bullying. >> you cannot discount the man. bernie sanders is on the left. donald trump, he is extreme in
10:04 am
the way he expresses his views. fairly soft spoken. huge dollars for advertising. he is in the middle. he could do a lot of damage. i have known him for 20 years. there is -- he can shake up this race where we could end up on the democrats and republicans. stuart: let's move on to the democrats. why was it not mentioned at all? bernie sanders and the markets.
10:05 am
>> i think it has gotten to a point whether benghazi or e-mail or foundation, something that is a given. it is not important to them anymore. however, why bernie sanders did not take it and go after her is one i do not understand. >> i have a theory. if bernie sanders knocks outllag the e-mail scandal against her, if she is knocked out, in comes joe biden. he cannot beat joe biden as easily as he has already beat in hillary clinton. >> you really think that bernie sanders is thinking that far
10:06 am
ahead? [laughter] stuart: okay. i am not paying my fair share. we are with you on this one. thanks a lot. back to the markets, please. we are still up 105. janet yellen mentioned negative interest rates yesterday. it is not off the table. when you blend the government money and they do not give it back to you. former fed. all right, kevin. you are an economist. why are negative interest rates so bad? >> am i supposed to do it in english or german? [laughter] let's talk about it. go back 50 years before people
10:07 am
had lots of money. they try to give you a negative interest rate. at the end of the year, you had $99 there. you would put the cash in a safety deposit box. in today's world, people find those things really convenient. i will just take the money and put it in cash and coordinate box. central banks all around the world have an opportunity to pay negative interest rates. they are starting to do it. stuart: why has it not work? they introduced it the other day. japan has been doing it. some european governments have been doing it. bonds are negative in the interest that they do not pay. it is not working. why is it not working? >> it is not having any stimulated effect at all.
10:08 am
suppose that the interest rate went negative. what that means is if you are a firm and you want to buy some money for a machine that will cost you almost nothing, well, do you really want to buy that machine if a socialist becomes president? he will take half my machine the minute he is elected. janet yellen, and you asked in an e-mail, i think that bernie sanders is moving records. stuart: really? really? bernie sanders is more important to this market and janet yellen? really? >> i really do. businesses are going to hightail it out of here. you can move the interest rate around. i think we are in the spot right now where markets are looking at u.s. election.
10:09 am
markets like certainteed. they are going down because the political uncertainty in the u.s. is starting to be very frightening to u.s. investors. maria: the first person on this program to associate election campaign and bernie sanders and the performance of the market. first time i have heard that. >> it is true. stuart: kevin hansen. a currency columnists. thank you very much for joining us. we appreciate it. i was not expecting to hear that. now this. john brennan says as we reported a few minutes ago, isis may be using, they have made them and are using chemical weapons. >> he really did not say where and when. they have the ability to make mustard gas.
10:10 am
isis spiders can make these and small quantities. they have used chemical weapons in iraq and theory up. this has been exploited into the west. we could be volatile to these attacks. it was a very real threat. they had this ability that is very frightening. >> former cia. you have panic. especially if you release it in various locations. >> difficult to combat as well. look at boeing. it is the biggest drag. the equivalent of taking 15 points off the dow industrials. >> counting practices.
10:11 am
how do they come up with the cost and expected sales of these things. getting a closer look. jpmorgan downgrading the stock this morning to a neutral. the slowing sales and production levels. putting it all together. >> so far this year. the stock is already down 18%. six weeks into the year. a company like boeing has lost 18%. >> who do you go to? boeing or airbus. >> i can understand amazon losing. that would pop right up there. going down 18%. still falling. that is a shock to me. kind of a meltdown over the refugee crisis at a press
10:12 am
conference. you will hear what he has to say in a moment. not happy about house speaker paul ryan's budget plan. we are talking about one of the opponents of that after this. ♪
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
>> holding on eight gain of just over 100 points. okay. then we have torch cluny. snaps at a reporter. >> working on these things. sort of an odd thing to have someone stand up and say what do you do. that is a very odd question for me. >> more migrants to come to america. asking the questions. >> what are you doing for the refugee crisis other than making movies. they went on to say what you
10:16 am
just said. what aren't you doing about the refugee crisis. he met with angela merkel this morning. very supportive. wide open doors. calm in. you were very brave. what would he do to help in the micro crisis? what do you think that we should be doing. >> we should point out that he was there meeting with chancellor merkel. with his wife. they went in together as a team to discuss this. >> angela merkel is under pressure for the open door policy. >> that is right. let me repeat that. the european union is poised to
10:17 am
stop the free move met within europe. once you are in, you can go anywhere that you would like. >> they were forced to close their on. >> now this one. not happy. paul ryan over the next budget. they say we need more spending restrictions. congressman from texas is with me. congressman, are you add it again? i will not let this budget passed. we need more spending cuts. >> the difference is he does not call me names in response like previously.
10:18 am
i have to say, listening to our story, i think it is marvelous. now, i want all those dangerous situations to come to america to force them on all americans. that is how i interpreted what he was saying. >> what you are talking about is one of the most important stories of the day. he has europe literally cracking up because of the migrant crisis. it is a big deal. we have no information. we have no idea who is going to be coming in. we forced this massively dangerous situation on all americans.
10:19 am
you have isis saying we are getting our most radical war years into the united states. >> we did report that the cie or himself had said that isis has made and used mustard gas. mr. clapper says they have made it, they have used it and they want to get it into your up. >> i heard a rumor that somebody said if you were a radical trying to get a nuclear weapons and to america, how would you try to do it and somebody said i would stick it into the marijuana coming across the border. it is a problem keeping ourselves safe. the border patrol told me when i was down there that, actually,
10:20 am
the drug cartels, the gangs in mexico were in logistics. you just get it to us. you let us be your logistics. get them to the border. shipping these folks all over the country. it is very dangerous. you cannot control the budget. when you bring masses of people in here that will increase the crime, increase the defense spending. obamacare expenditures. $750 million for people coming in illegally. this has got to stop. you keep using grass from the last couple three years or so. you need to go back to 2008. the obama and the democrats took
10:21 am
us around 2.4, 2.5 spending. $4 trillion. >> you are right back into the center. proceeding and donald trump and test crews are doing so well. i am terribly sorry. i have no more time left. congressman duncan hunter. how about this. he fired off in e cigarette. blew a cloud of vapor at a congressional hearing. what is that all about?
10:22 am
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even more for using it? if you have liberty mutual deductible fund™, you could pay no deductible at all. sign up to immediately lower your deductible by $100. and keep lowering it $100 annually, until it's gone. then continue to earn that $100 every year. there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> oil holding onto a 6% gain.
10:25 am
opec may be considering a production cut. we are up at the moment. we are also seeing a rally at the company stocks. one-2% as we speak. did you see this video? a congressman raping his eisai. rather provocative, i would say. >> the republican congressman from san diego. yes, i vapor. no burning. this was about a transportation committee on allowing people to vapor on a plane. this would be a federal offense. i do not want to be in a little pencil. somebody they think doing this
10:26 am
next event. >> a lot of complaints. it is a tough call. the next frontier in terms of regulation. they settled a big safety lawsuit did a class-action lawsuit that would pay back 25 million huber writers. they said it is up to $30 charge. supposed to be for these high level background checks. they were not conducted here at they did not do this fingerprinting standard for the taxi e mission's. they are re- dating bad safety seat of booking fee. it includes the drivers license.
10:27 am
stuart: it is not legit. paid them back. now it is called a booking fee. that is legit. keep the money. >> this is the latest. stuart: moving on. to arizona. glendale police investigating a double shooting at a high school. two people have been reported shot. obviously, we will be bringing in more details. the democrats debated last night. plenty of talk about race. not a mention of the elephant in the room. that would be hillary clinton and the growing e-mail scandal. more of that in a moment. ♪ the microsoft cloud allows us to
10:28 am
access information from anywhere. the microsoft cloud allows us to scale up. microsoft cloud changes our world dramatically. it wasn't too long ago it would take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome. now, we can do a hundred per day. with the microsoft cloud we don't have to build server rooms. we have instant scale. the microsoft cloud is helping us to re-build and re-interpret our business. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud.
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stuart: you know that the dow is up a little bit more. 160 points out. holding onto a triple digit gain. look at it. regular gas. all the way down to $1.69 as a national average. of 31. stuart: that was a sudden move. what happened? >> it was already of 6%. stuart: where did you get 31 from? stuart: you are killing me. $28 per barrel as we speak. in a debate last night, hillary clinton e-mail scandal was not mentioned. the pbs moderator did not ask a single question about it.
10:32 am
howard, i would have thought that taxpayer support and moderators at pbs should be a little balance and bring up subjects that the taxpayers want to know about. where am i going wrong? >> even harder to understand. maybe you can say it has been asked about in previous debates. breaking on your cycle to eject a new helmet of news. the washington post. subpoenaing information. while hill -- while hillary clinton. the debate went on the air. there was no mention of the breaking story. i think bernie sanders did not
10:33 am
raise that e-mail issue last night. he does not want to knock hillary clinton out of the race. if he knocked her out of the race very quickly, and comes joe biden. conspiracy theory, i guess. what do you make of it? >> a political malpractice. not using this issue against his rival. nobody cares about your e-mails. it is hard for me not to understand. a few months ago i would have said, look. he knows he is not going to win. he clobbered her in new hampshire. really makes it a competitive race. he did not accuse her of a low blow last night. being too critical of president obama. >> that is part of my theory.
10:34 am
staying loyal to the president. it is the president that decides whether or not she will be indicted. i think that it is the fbi and the justice department. it is interesting. the more she hugs president obama, the more she can not an agent of change. blow it up. going after the millionaires and billion errors. a much clearer message. just what hillary clinton's message is. talking in the debate last night. i do not think it moved the needle very much. stuart: thank you for joining us. you can still come back. all right. still on the debate. in my opinion, race was a very prominent theme in the debate. listen to this. >> i would hope that we can all
10:35 am
agree that we are 600 sick and tired of seeing unarmed people or african americans shot by police officers. >> we know tragic terrible events that led to the death of hamilton here in milwaukee. a young man, unarmed who should still be with us. >> we can no longer continue to sweep it under the rug. it has to be dealt with. stuart: we have angela with us right now. full disclosure, you are a republican. >> yes, i am. grace is always important to the democrats. one of the main reasons. exploiting folks with their lies. the minority vote has always been taken for granted.
10:36 am
they do not just want government giveaways. stuart: you will not win south carolina lsu have a substantial vote in your pocket. >> actually endorsing hillary does not help. however, it would be the general election. he has endorsed people about bernie sanders. also. endorsing sanders. the community is divided on the clintons. bill clinton. later when senator kennedy wanted to endorse barack obama,
10:37 am
clinton called and said what are you doing. what blacks want is they want respectfully. it is not about government giveaways. it is about taking our blow for granted. >> how about the turnout of the black vote. it has a huge turnout. bernie sanders or hillary clinton. i think it biden jumps in the race, it is a totally different thing. i think people will stay at home. some blacks do not feel that hillary has been there. the first black resident. hope she does not use that out
10:38 am
south carolina to gain votes. stuart: okay. just off the top of your head. bernie versus hillary in south carolina. what proportion goes to hillary and what proportion goes to bernie. >> she has a great ground game. i say 60-40. i do not think that it will be a tide this time. her husband spoke. >> 6040. that probably is not enough to push hillary off the top. she is working hard to get it back. we do not know. they are different. you cannot be monolithic in mississippi or carolina. stuart: you are a mississippi lady. >> yes, i am.
10:39 am
a lot of coaching. [laughter] good insight. i appreciate it. to the markets please. i want to talk big technology names. start with and comes on. still around $400 a share. what do you think? >> right now i probably would not buy anything. at the right point, amazon is one of my favorites. i think they have reimagined everything he had moviemaking that they are doing. alexander the great's father had a baby with steve jobs mother -- this guy is amazing. if you buy anything, it would be at amazon. let me get back to your earlier
10:40 am
comment. are you one of those guys that says it seems, it feels like oh eight or 07. are you in that camp? >> no. i do not think that it is that bad. the market is like a zoo. the fed has been a cage. right now, but cage has been opened. the animals are running loose. you have this tremendous volatility that is going on. this cage has been released. when you consider investors in the volatility, it is like riding on a high speed race boat on the ocean with a lot of waves. at some point, you will slow down. that is really what is happening. you have investors that are really pulling back. they see that the fed is not
10:41 am
going to protect things. it looks like this will slow down. it will be great for investors. because of the fact that the value will be there. amazon is a good one. microsoft is a good one. fabulous company. >> okay. we hear you. thank you very much. back to last night's debate. the democrats congressmen will respond. the next time you go shopping at whole foods, you may be able to get a tattoo along with your organic non-gm oh veggies. back in a moment. ♪ oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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10:43 am
>> i am nicole petallides with your fox business brief. the dow was down 544 points for the week. up 160 right now. the s&p 500 up eight team. the nasdaq also gaining. financials in particular are doing so well. we have goldman sachs and jpmorgan leading the way on the dow jones industrial average. citigroup also with up arrows. we also have beset taking a 10% stake in twitter. twitter is up 6%.
10:44 am
twitter up 7%. the cell also gaining. billionaire. start your day at 5:00 a.m. see you there. ♪
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10:46 am
oil is still below $30 a barrel. twenty-eight to be precise. gas is cheap. very cheap. randolph, missouri. gas there it is. it is a very big deal. >> i am going on a road trip. it is unofficial. stuart: a station in kansas. that was kind of a lost leader. $0.99 to the gallon. you heard it there. >> let's go. stuart: whole foods considering putting tattoo parlors and some of their stores. i want the whole story. >> starting a new chain. lower-priced items. they will add in other products. a tattoo parlor according to the ceo. even body care products. it is all alongside.
10:47 am
you are buying a lot these days. it is a mix of products. trader joe's taking care of part of their market share. they are looking at the broader market. stuart: what a strange way to go stuart: i would not go to whole foods for a tattoo. thank you very much. getting back to last night's debate. there was no mention of hillary clinton's e-mail scandal or the investigation into the clinton foundation. bernie sanders just did not bring up the subject. a democrat from connecticut joins us now. sir, i thought that that was a glaring omission. i think the public deserves to hear hillary clinton's answer to this e-mail scandal.
10:48 am
>> a bit part of his brand for us is that he is a man of high principle. he outlines these ideals. very specific terms. we should get away from these e-mails. it would be quite a flip-flop. featuring that in a subsequent debate. i also think, look -- stuart: hold on. this was a debate with pbs moderators. my taxpayer money goes to help pay those of moderators. i think that they have a responsibility to raise the e-mail. what do you make of that? >> i spend a lot of time listening to the people. what americans really care about. the top 10 list that includes things like economic growth. hillary clinton's e-mails do not
10:49 am
make the top 10 by a long shot. a very specific story regarding hillary clinton. >> it is very significant. in part because of the e-mail story. talking about a potential future president of the united states. other things that are really important to hillary's opponent. what the american people. putting their kids through college. i do not think that it was an admission on the part of the u.s. >> okay. congressman. i hear you.
10:50 am
i have a commercial break. i have to take it. stuart: donald trump on this program called out jeb bush. we have a jeb bush supporter coming up. ♪
10:51 am
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10:54 am
>> we are learning more about asa. -- we are learning were about a subpoena. >> issuing this to the clinton foundation last fall. they may have required approval. the foundation spokesperson confirms the subpoena. it also covers the top clinton aide. this supports fox news. clinton is on two tracks. the federal secrecy on private e-mail. investigated by the fbi. one of possible corruption. trading favors for donation. >> very interesting. stuart, take it away. >> you cannot look at the democrats race.
10:55 am
the debate last night, there was no mention on it at all. that is a surprise. bernie sanders could have solidified his lead. why support someone who can face charges. what was she thinking. truth is, he did not need to. hillary already has a huge honesty and trust deficit. i suspect that bernie does not want hillary out of the race yet. if hillary is forced out quickly, a joe biden run looks a lot more likely. a mike bloomberg run would very much be on the table. could he be joe as easily? it is going to be part of the calculation. keep her in. the debate with issues that
10:56 am
democrats care about. freebase, free back, tax the rich. a presidential race, that is more about character. character counts. how we perceive the candidates. do you trust them. if you want to land a knockout blow on character get. one last thing on the debate. why didn't the pbs moderators raised the issue? not raising a single question about it. not four taxpayer support. they have a responsibility to be balanced. yet again, the people you pay will not ask the questions you deserve to have asked. bernie sanders gave hillary a temporary reprieve. so did pbs. it is only temporary. sometime before the election, hillary will have to face the e-mail music. ♪
10:57 am
in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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♪ . stuart: when we opened trading this more, we were asking
11:00 am
we're going to have a rally, will it hold? well, 90 minutes into the session, it appears to be hold. dow is up 164. when we saw the show, the price of oil went up. will it stay up? yes, in fact, right now it's up 9.8%. that's a very significant ashley, is the story here that opec is talking about -- ashley: it is willing top cooperate, very vague comment but in this shaky market, it was enough to say, oh, oil could be going up. a big pop yesterday, the dow came back down about 150 points, gained 150 pints i should say. but the reality and the skepticism is very, you know -- are they going to do anything? no, because saudi arabia does not want to take its foot off. it's going to continue to pum. stuart: but still building a 10% gain. >> yeah. stuart: i can't remember. ashley: the fundamentals haven't changed. still a massive oversupply in the u.s.
11:01 am
supplies have never been this high in the last 80 years. going to get into the maintenance of the refinery soon. this is going to be a problem on where to put all of this stuff. running out of -- stuart: they're refining it like crazy. we reported the last hour 99 cents a gallon, i can't remember where that was. >> in missouri i think. stuart: missouri. >> yeah. stuart: a legitimate price 99 cents a gallon. we have arrived at that point. ashley: this refineries shutting down for the annual maintenance and that's going to make it worse because the stockpiles are going to grow and grow. >> yeah, analysts are concerned that swimming pools are full of oil and the price may not suggest and that's a concern for the consumer as well. stuart: well, oil is up 10% as we speak. ashley: uh-huh. neil: . stuart: putting the market higher. up 175. staying on the markets janet yellen warned there is a chance that negative interest rates could come to the united states. let me explain that one. that's where if you lend money to the government, they don't
11:02 am
give it all back to you. jack, i don't know where you're smiling because a negative interest rate is bad news, isn't it? >> yeah, it sounds like a bad thing. what janet yellen is saying she doesn't want to take this off the table and why why would she eliminate possibilities? i don't see it happening here for a couple of reasons. first of all, -- it would cause outrage amongst saviors who are already being punished. second they're trying in europe and japan it is not going well. they are not bouncing right back. this creates a problem, a big problem for bank profitability. and who cares if the banks earn less money. we want the banks to be stable in terms of their capital. we want them to create enough capital to stay safe. in a negative interest rate environment, there's no guarantee that they'll be able to do that. stuart: you know, jack, bank stocks are already losing more ground than energy companies. >> they're getting absolutely killed. stuart: and this reminds a lot
11:03 am
of people of '07 and '08 because that's what happened back then. by the way, i saw jamie bought 500,000, a big chunk of his own stock to restore confidence. executives were doing that in '07 and '08. >> i think there are bargains to be found in the group, we're going to recommend one of them, of course i won't tell you which one but we're going to come on you on the group right now but, look, you've got to be careful right now. just what's happening with the broad stock market, investors are losing confidence. all right. fine the stock price coming down a little bit, maybe they should. but what happens if that creates a negative wealth effect where people are losing money on their 401(k), they don't want to go out and spend. and maybe it reverses. stuart: you know your stuff. i'm constantly asked is this like '07, '08, all over again? is it? >> no. it's not because the banks have much more capital. there are much firmer footing. that doesn't mean your stock holdings can't go down. what would you pay for an investment right now not growing at all? there's no earnings right
11:04 am
there. should you pay 16 times earnings for it? seems a bit rich to me. i would rather be paying -- i don't know. 13, 14 times. stuart: so you're negative on the stock market. not in crash mode -- >> i'm not in crash mode. the only reason share prices are this high is because there's nothing boater buy. i still think they'll do okay over the long term but don't be is surprised if we have another leg down in the marke. stuart: save the best until last. jack, thank you very much for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you. stuart: now this the european union says it is poised to restrict passport free travel in the zone. ashley: that's a big deal. stuart: at the moment once you're into europe, into this zone. ashley: , yes. stuart: once you're in, you can travel all the way around it no passport control, border control, nothing. ashley: nothing. stuart: just walk across the border. ashley: 26 countries, 400 million people live within the zone. stuart: and they're going to stop it. ashley: and they are now seriously considering going
11:05 am
back to the old days of putting border controls at every step of the way with every country because they're trying to stand the flow of migrants. they have greece on notice, greece has three months to shore up its borders. they say they're being very neglectful and not doing anything to stem the flow of migrants coming across from turkey. stuart: that's not the europe we've known for years and years. ashley: not at all. everything they sold to eu one in the first place. stuart: big change. to politics, there was one major theme. a very significant theme in the democrat debate last night between bernie and hillary and that was race. congressman of utah joins us now. congresswoman, does race have to come into everything all the time every time? >> it does for them because they need as many people as they possibly can and let's remember. these are people, bernie sanders, hillary clinton, will give you exactly what they need so that you can stay
11:06 am
exactly where you are. no further. understand that these are people that they have gone out and that they have tried to give free stuff to so that they can stay in power instead of giving people the opportunities to go far beyond what they would want them to do. to go as far as they want to go. and that's what we're fighting for. i'm trying to fight for every single american, including the young black unemployed men that are out there. stuart: you're a party, you're a member of the black congressional caucus, which has just endorsed hillary clinton. >> well, i certainly have not . stuart: i realize that. you're a republican. utah. got it. but did you think that that endorsement translates into real votes in the south carolina primary? >> well, first of all, the c.d.c. member caucus, they're nonpartisan, they're not actually allowed to endorse. this is the cbc pac. so of course i haven't donated anything into the pac and it's the pac so i didn't get to take a vote.
11:07 am
but certainly if the c.d.c. had a opportunity to take a vote, it certainly wouldn't have been unanimous, that's for sure. stuart: do you think that the black support for democrats in the '12 and '08 elections was over 90% and the turnout was huge. would you get the same 90% support for whoever the candidate is in november? >> i certainly hope not. look, i am a black american proud american, a mother, and i am out there trying to tell everyone that these are people that need to keep you where you are so that they can stay in power. we're doing everything we can to make sure that, you know, we help that legacy that martin luther king had that said you can have your own voice, and we should have individual opportunities to do as much as we choose. we can be as inordinary or extraordinary as we choose to be. so i think that that message is starting to resonate.
11:08 am
when i listen to some people they say you know what? they actually just expect us to vote for them. but we want someone who's got a positive vision for us moving forward. stuart: you've got a bill in front of congress, and it sounds like a great idea to me. you put forward a bill, and you can't have attachments to it. you want to vote on every single issue. i think that's what you want, isn't it? >> yeah. and what you know? if it's too much, if members of congress are saying, hey, there are too many out there, then maybe we are voting for too many bills. look, the bills that i put on there, the bill that i dropped says congress can only enact bills that are limited to one subject at a time and that subject has to be clearly stated in the title. i am tired of these multibills that are, you know, 1,100 to 2,000 plus pages that the american public can't read. they're tired of it also.
11:09 am
this is a way to get the american public engaged in what we're doing so that they can have an opinion. stuart: i think it's awe great idea. >> of course. stuart: it is a great idea. you will get a lot of support for this. well done. >> well, i hope that everyone that's listening to this really calls their member of congress and says you need to get on this bill. stuart: yeah, it should be part of the election campaign. good stuff. thank you very much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you, stuart,. stuart: donald trump with jeb bush, yeah, they're still fighting. listen to what they said yesterday on the show about jeb. >> we started off with 17, i guess calori carly left and chris christie left yesterday and that's two less and getting to a manageable number, rubio was hit, bush is a stiff, the last thing we need is a another bush. stuart: well, he said it there again. called him a stiff. you heard that. assad with us, he's a jeb
11:10 am
supporter. getting tired of this? i mean because it has damaged your candidate. >> well, it has but, look, i think south carolina sets up to be a great state for jeb bush because he just acquired the endorsement of irish campbell, the former first lady of south carolina and lindsey graham and those 12 honorable winners that is supporting jeb because there is the pride of the military history there and families who live there, and they remember having great pride in a commander-in-chief named george w bush, and i think that's going to play well. so south carolina sets up well for jeb, and i think donald trump understands that and that's why he's hitting jeb again. stuart: now, jeb was 4th in new hampshire. he's got to do better than that in south carolina. what are you aiming for? you want to be second? >> well, i think that as long as he has momentum on his side, so second or third, i'm not going to play that game a little bit, but i do think what we want to do is come out with some momentum.
11:11 am
and i think you're going to see some -- people understand in south carolina -- first of all, stuart, you know south carolina is a much different environment than new hampshire. it's a little bit more brass knuckles. stuart: yeah. >> the field has now come down to six, and i think the messaging is beginning to get through that jeb bush is the only candidate that is ready to be commander-in-chief, which is very important like south carolina on the first day. stuart: in south carolina, i think that the use of barbara bush and his brother george w be that's probably a plus in south carolina, especially barbara bush. >> well, i mean, look, stuart, who wouldn't want to have barbara bush out there on the campaign trail for them. that's a tremendous, tremendous asset that jeb has. and george w is very popular amongst south carolina republicans, and i think that's going to be an advantage for them as well. stuart: you want to make a prediction? does he come in second? your guy? >> i'm going to keep my fingers crossed and say that he does very, very well, and
11:12 am
i'll leave it at that. stuart: how do you feel -- i mean, look, you've backed jeb bush, and you have backed him for a long time. been on this program for months backing jeb bush. >> right. stuart: how do you feel? how do you feel personally when you hear donald trump call him a stiff or the other stuff that he's thrown at your guy? how do you feel? >> well, stuart, i listen to your entire interview with donald trump yesterday, and he talked about -- he identified a number of problems. he talked about some of the things that you and i talked about about the u6 unemployment rate being more accurate than what the government puts out. some of the frustrations that he talks about. but you're never able to get anything specific. and when you have somebody like that talking in platitudes, it -- you know, you need to go and look. jeb bush talked about a 4% growth of the economy and how to make that happen. lowering taxes, lowering the regulatory burden on particularly small businesses, that's how we're going to get this economy moving again. not just by platitudes but
11:13 am
someone who has been there and done it. stuart: you didn't answer the question. i did ask you how you felt personally about this. >> i'm feeling good about south carolina. stuart: you're such a diplomat. all right. we appreciate you being here. thank you very much indeed, sir. >> thank you. stuart: how's this for presidential tickets? we have a guest who says if trump picks kasich to be his vp, it will send them both right to the white house. more on that in a moment
11:14 am
11:15 am
11:16 am
stuart: look at square, online mobile payment company, visa is taking a stake. who uses square? >> square is popular with taxi drivers, people who sell things on etsy, visa seeing an opportunity to get in on a company that has just gone public, jack dorsey, the ceo of twitter and square, they're going to be a giant behind
11:17 am
capital research and management. it went public at about $9 a share, i don't know if we can pull up that chart again. but you're seeing a pretty significant move to the upside here. stuart: that's a big deal. >> yeah. stuart: got it. there you go. now square is at 9. what was the ipo price? >> nine-dollar. stuart: they're back to it. >> this is a stock that has struggled and giving it a bum. stuart: it sure is. 12%. gave you my stake in the last hour. you can't mention the race without mention the indictment of hillary clinton. ashley is here. ashley, bernie sanders did not attack hillary clinton on the e-mail issue. the pbs moderators didn't ask a single question about it. can you explain what's going on here? >> it was a very missed opportunity i think on behalf of pbs. taxpayer funded network. to not ask questions about the e-mail scandal and the entitlement an indictment and then also the fact that the clinton foundation yesterday was subpoenaed. so all of this breaking news happening within the last week
11:18 am
pretty much and none of it was mentioned. the fact that bernie sanders did not bring it up, he's really trying to go after her on her unelectability in the sense that 90% of the voters in the new hampshire primary who thought trustworthiness and honesty were important, 93% of them went with sanders. that's very telling. so i think he's just going after her there and hoping that her record will speak for itself so that he doesn't have to be the one to draw attention to it. but the moderators should have last night, and i think it has given the opportunity, he would have gone at her had they done that. stuart: now, i've got a theory. bernie didn't attack hillary on the e-mail scandal because he doesn't want to knock hillary out of the race yet because if he did, used that weapon, she might be out and joe biden might be in. and bernie might have a harder time defeating joe biden than the hillary clinton who is already beaten soundly. what do you say? >> that's a fascinating point
11:19 am
and maybe true, and i'm not just tooting your own horn there. i think it's the fact he is really right now realizing how unelectable she is making a socialist like him, the frontrunner, the democratic party right now. i mean that's something that's unheard of and pushed her so far to the left that i fear -- he might fear hitting her a little harder on things such as her e-mail scandal because of the fact that if someone like joe biden who is very likable, everyone loves uncle joe. if he gets into the race, that might make his policies seem more radical than they are. and hillary last night really tried to hammer home the fact that his policies are very radical and actually tried to -- stuart: real fast. only got 20 seconds left. in your judgment, could america elect a socialist as president? >> i hope to god not. first i thought it was, you know, funny that clinton was getting a run for her money but he scares me a little more than clinton in the sense that those policies are really going to hurt america if he's
11:20 am
elected. stuart: is it possible that? >> i don't think it's impossible. i think he has momentum that we saw with young people we saw in 2008 and that's a force to be reckoned with. stuart: it is indeed. thank you very much for joining us. appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you. stuart: up next we're going to look at what trump or sanders presidency would do for stocks. after this
11:21 am
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stuart: what we've got at this moment is stocks up on the dow and oil is up. long time since i've seen a 10% gain for the price of oil. ashley: uh-huh. stuart: overall, though, oil is still cheap. and that means gas is getting even cheaper. will you look at this? that's randolph in missouri. we're going to use this all day long. believe me. ninety-nine cents a gallon reported to us by gas it is worth driving to it. it's coming. >> this is the second day in a row. yesterday we saw it in kansas now we see it here. road trip. let's go. stuart: we can't stir away from politics very long. so let's get on with with it. donald trump, bernie sanders, question number one. what would a sanders presidency mean for the stock market? question number two what would a trump presidency mean for the stock market?
11:25 am
gerri willis has some answers. first bernie. >> first bernie. and what i'm going to give you is a portfolio and it's based on the idea that all of bernie's ideas are enacted, which is probably not going to happen but that's where we're going with this. number one. we're going to short all of those employers that have minimum wage employees in mass, mcdonald's, walmart, target, health care insurers, they've got to go. short those two. you name it all of these and why? because he wants a single pair health care system. these companies go out of business or their sales get - stuart: and banks on that list that were scrolling up on the side. >> i'm about to get there. all the big banks. bernie introduced legislation that would essentially cut all these banks in half. stuart: yeah. >> so he would not even allow these banks access to the federal reserves backstop. so the banks go. stuart: now, wait a second. you're shorting -- you're saying -- >> shorting. there is no buy. there is no buy in the bernie portfolio. stuart: okay.
11:26 am
how about trump? >> so trump believes that china is a currency manipulator; right? so we are going to buy those companies that are hurt by that but don't sell into china in a big way. so we're going to go for coach, texas instruments, along the s&p 500, buy an index fund or etf and why? because trump is going to cut the corporate tax rate to 15% and then shorting new york city. why? because he's going to defund sanctuary city. new york would not have gotten $3 billion after sander and this is where you live, my friend. stuart: interesting. sell a lot of bernie stocks short, buy some trump stocks for the long term and short new york city because he's going to messes them up sanctuary city. that's it. >> that's it. stuart: all right, gerri, keep at it. >> thanks. stuart: what if donald picked john kasich to be his vice president? up next. a guest who says that would be a winning ticket.
11:27 am
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11:31 am
opec says they may consider a production cut that would help stem the decline in oil prices. down here. you know, dan, we kind of pooh-poohed the idea that opec was capable of a production cut but the market is taking it at face value. maybe the market believes they'll actually do it. what do you say? >> well, they've been a little bit more definitive this time but we've seen this before and it kind of crumbles. so we'll see what happens. it's going to take time for that to develop. and as you said, it's going to take opec to come to some agreement to get the supply overhang out of here and if it does, oil prices will be under pressure. stuart: when was the last time you saw the price of oil go up 11%? i think that's the biggest gain in 7 years or something. there's got to be more to it than that. >> well, it definitely has a little more legs. now, usually when you see something like this, when it goes this far, there are background stories that we're not hearing about that has to be the case right now. so, again, it's going to take
11:32 am
us a few days maybe a week or two to figure out whether or not there is something. so maybe there's some deals going around in the background and that would be my suspicion going on right now. stuart: just maybe when it touched 25, low 26, maybe that was the bottom? are you going to discount that completely? >> no. i'm not going to discount it because let's assume that they don't have any type of agreement. they're going to push right back towards that $25 level. that's where they want to go to and that's assuming there's not any type of agreement. stuart: thank you very much indeed. all right. politics. we always get there. our next guest says donald trump could become president if he were to choose ohio governor john kasich as his vice presidential running mate. peter mauricey is with us who is, in fact, an economics professor. what are you dabbling in politics like this for? >> because i've been dabbling in politics like this all my life. but anyway kasich is very
11:33 am
attractive. . stuart: okay. attractive as a vice president. is there some economics behind this that makes you say it would be a winning ticket? >> well, management expertise. donald trump is going to be confronted by hillary clinton who says i'm ready to step in there day one. i know how the government works. donald knows how to take real estate ventures bankrupt. the reality is he's a very good manager and the job is too big for one person, i see him as the person who runs the government and help trump turn his ideas into workable legislation and move them through the congress. stuart: if i'm not mistaken, donald trump has not bashed john kasich. he has bashed everyone else big time in personal terms. maybe i'm wrong. but i can't remember him beating up john kasich. am i right? >> i don't know of any incidence where he has. and there's a reason for that.
11:34 am
not only kasich is important to ohio, and we know how important those are with ohio, but if you don't like kasich, you have a problem with the human race. he's a likable guy that gets it done and takes tough decisions, and you accept the. stuart: hold on a second, peter. jo ling kent, what are you saying? >> political has reported -- stuart: politico? >> yeah. trump and kasich got together, there was a negative ad a kasich super pac, not his campaign. trump saw that and pointed it out and said he's going to be getting tougher on kasich in this race. so we may see a little bit -- stuart: we may see agro going as we used to say. there is a little bit between that, there is agro between john and donald. >> well, he came up in new hampshire so there's going to be some tension. but remember george hw bush referring to reagan's economic policies as voodoo economics, has it reached the hav that
11:35 am
these guys haven't met up at the national convention. stuart: it does make sense and it would be a combination that would appeal not both democrats and republicans but in a sense that kasich is kind of in the middle and trump is not. i mean that would be balance, wouldn't it? >> it would be balance and considered with the vice presidential debate if he's the nominee. both are confronted by things their bosses have said and done. you know, like wall street and e-mails and all of that. and are going to have to work it through. going to have to come up with answers to give the american public in that debate and out there on the stump. who better to do that than kasich? he's got layoff credibility. he's very artful with the language. meanwhile i bet you clinton picks somebody that's almost as irritable to the american populous as she is because that's her way. she would probably pick someone like madeleine albright. stuart: hardly likely, young man. >> i know.
11:36 am
stuart: i'll give you one last point. i'm going to make the point. if trump kasich were to give me a tax cut and you, i'll vote for them. how's that? >> well, i think that makes a lot of sense. if i've got a choice between trump and clinton, it's no-brainer for me. i can do that one blindfolded with earplugs. stuart: yes, you could. peter mauricey, come back soon. >> see you soon. stuart: hillary clinton slamming bernie sanders at the debate last night for many of his proposals that essentially call for handouts. listen to this. >> last week in cnn town hall, the senator told the questioner that -- the questioner would spend about $500 in taxes to get about $5,000 in health care. every progressive economist who has analyzed said that the numbers don't add up and that's a promise that cannot be kept. stuart: okay. that's interesting. here's hillary clinton criticizing bernie sanders
11:37 am
that one of the giveaways that sanders has on his campaign is a nonstarter because you can't afford it and it won't work. the numbers don't add up. star parker is here. now, star before we go any further, i've got to tell you the audience you used to be the recipient of a whole lot of government handouts. you reformed, you saw the light, and now you're kind of a free market person. so what do you think of hillary going against bernie and saying, hey, wait a minute. you can't pay for all of these giveaways. what do you make of that? >> well, i think she's scared so she's looking at trying to get to that general election without revealing she's a socialist as well. she says there's going to be additional taxes that's going to be $500. $500 when? a month? obamacare is a disaster but, yeah, hillary clinton supports it. she's having real trouble because she has not red what margaret thatcher said that sooner or later you run out of other people's money. she wants to expand the
11:38 am
government the same way bernie sanders she just doesn't want anyone to know it yet. stuart: when did you see the light because i know at one time you took a lot of these giveaways, you were not a welfare queen but. >> i was seven years in and out of that because my problems were somebody else's fault, and i did end up three and a half years consistently on welfare. a born-again christian experience got me out of it and then i went into business and discovered the free market and found that capitalism is the discovery of poverty. not socialism. stuart: what business are you in.? >> i run a policy institute here in washington d.c. urban cure. stuart: so profit is not a dirty word for you, is it? >> profit? profit is good. you know, steve forbes made a book on profit and how we utilize profit to create those jobs in america that sovereign desperately needs so we need to take another look and make a strong case for capitalism
11:39 am
during the midst of these democrats that are promising more handouts. you do run out of other people's money. republicans are not for the wealthy, they're just for the people that want to be wealth. stuart: but it is interesting that we've reached the point maybe after seven years of president obama, we have reached the point where the democrats stand for free stuff. more free stuff from one, a little bit less. but still free stuff from another. and don't worry about paying for it because we'll tax the rich. we've come an awfully long way since the heyday of capitalism just a few years ago. >> yeah. it's sad. when you look at the numbers in particular black america as they go into the south, black americans have bought this lie for the last 50 years that someone else will pay for their lives so as a result we not only have 25% dependent on government but 23% work for government. this is the black middle class. so it's a dilemma for those who love freedom and capitalism to start sharing ideas into these hard hit communities that what made this country great are traditions and free markets.
11:40 am
stuart: well said. you can come any time you'd like. we like to hear that stuff. we really do. >> thank you. stuart: what did you say? i love you, varney, is that what you called me? >> well, what am i supposed to call you? stuart like everyone else? i don't want to get that personal yet. stuart: okay. parker. [laughter] all right. thanks very much, star. appreciate it. good stuff. thank you. serious subject. turkey over run with migrants 2.5 million of them in turkey. the turks say we're at capacity. tens of thousands more, though, knocking at the door. we're on that subject with a former american ambassador to turkey coming back in a moment i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler
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>> i'm nicole noble with your fox business brief. a bounce back of dow has been down 540 points for the week as the s&p closed but getting some of that back today. up 237 points. the dow 15,898. the s&p 500 up 28 points and the nasdaq gaining 57. the dow winners include financials. those are leading the way. jp morgan and goldman sachs among the big winners. jp morgan at 7.5%. goldman up more than 3%. travelers general electric and chevron leading the way. as we talk about chevron this is because oil is up 11%, its biggest gain in seven years. it has taken up and up the first time in seven days. taking up a group of names along with it. s&p names.
11:43 am
some of the losers, looking at pandora, activation, and all quarterly numbers and wider losses than expected. pandora down 15%. start your day 5:00 a.m. lauren simonetti and i will see you fbn a.m.
11:44 am
stuart: you know, this rally is holding with two hours and 14 minutes into the trading session and we're still up well over 200 points. ashley, we went into the show
11:45 am
this morning saying we're trying for stability, trying for a rebound. have we got it. ashley: we have for now. you know, what can happen between now and the closing bell? but we've almost gained back everything we lost yesterday. interesting to note the ten-year rate is up to 1.73. stuart: up? ashley: up from, like, 1.59 at one point yesterday. gold down 11 bucks, it was up 50 something dollars yesterday. so lost a bit of that. a little bit of money coming out of gold, coming out of those treasuries and we are holding about 230 points. stuart: and oil the heart of this thing. ashley: yeah. >> 11. stuart: 11% three dollars higher. not seen that in years. good move. i've got an update for you on zika. the virus has been detected in one man's seaman, that suggests that the virus lingers for a long time after physical contact. to the migrant crisis.
11:46 am
our next guest american ambassador to turkey. that's the country hardest hit by migration. two and a half million migrants already in turkey. hundreds of thousands more knocking on the door. they want to get in. come on in, please, ambassador james jeffrey. sir, i'm interested in what the endgame is going to be here. because we've heard this morning that the europeans are thinking of ending this passport free movement within europe putting up the barriers again. we've got nato warships patrolling, stopping people coming in by sea and now turkey loaded up with migrants. what's the endgame? what happens in turkey? >> that's a great question because you have a series of rolling crisis that begin in the middle east, a function of the syrian civil war in the rice of isis. the situation in turkey, turkey's reducing to take more syrian refugees and the destabilizing situation throughout western europe. stuart: yeah. >> that gets us to today.
11:47 am
if this agreement in munich that the international syrian support group just negotiated mainly between the u.s. and russia holds, there's a chance that there will be a cease-fire in syria. that will reduce the pressure on people to leave syria. it will give us breathing roo. stuart: but it doesn't help the turks who already have 2.5 million in the country. a massive number in the door. i've got to ask. what is the endgame in turkey? are they going to throw out 2.5 million people? are they going to do that? >> the turks will not throw out these people because they see these people as necessary to stable stabilize a friendly syria on the border. that's why they've received them. so they will be working very hard to get a political settlement, which is a munich agreement supposedly will advance that will allow these people to go back. they don't want to necessarily stay in turkey. so that the political solution. but this is going to require a
11:48 am
far more american tough american diplomacy and possible willingness to use military force. stuart: very briefly, mr. ambassador. europe. i'm saying that we're seeing the first signs of a crack up in the unity in the european system. that's my opinion. and yours? >> i've spend as much time in europe as the middle east. i generally agree with you the problem is that this idea of absolute open reception of any refugee regardless of how many is not working with the european populations. if europe can find a way to stop that policy, it will save its unity. but that will be tough. stuart: i think, mr. ambassador, the impact on europe has been under estimated. that would have been my point of view. mr. ambassador, james jeffrey, thank you very much for joining us, sir. we do appreciate it thank you. >> thank you. stuart: after george clooney is meeting today with angela merkel to discuss the refugee crisis. kind of an odd couple.
11:49 am
ashley: a little bit. they had a private meeting earlier today for about 40 minutes including his wife who is a civil rights attorney to discuss the refugee crisis and also george clooney saying he wanted to praise angela merkel for her strong leadership especially in the early days when she opened up to borders to everyone. he said that's what we should be doing but also realizes she's under pressure because of the fallout from that. and also would like to see united states. stuart: he wants more -- some of those migrants to come to the united states. >> yes. stuart: and he's working off the humanitarian position. ashley: correct. stuart: ignoring the possibility of a cultural split and maybe the importation of terrorism. that's what he's coming at. what do you make of that,io? >> , jo. >> it seems he's doing this for a number of countries in the middle east and always stick to what he's always done in terms of humanitarian. the difference now is it's at a very high level, spending
11:50 am
time with angela merkel, expressing support which certainly helps as this debate continues on. stuart: well, expressing support for her because she's under enormous pressure. >> exactly. very, very controversial -- stuart: very. >> in germany and beyond. ashley: the reporters too. at the berlin film festival that's why he's in germany and they said what are you doing besides making movie about the crisis? and he says i'm doing lots of things. going to dangerous places so what are you doing? he gets a little testy. stuart: a little testy. all right. the clinton foundation is under investigation. couple that with hillary's e-mail scandal. her campaign looks like its got a problem. we'll deal to a in a moment
11:51 am
11:52 am
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: it's holding. two and a half hours into the trading session holding at a 200-point gain. keep an eye on that. let's see if it holds for the entire session because remember we're up against a three-day weekend. the market closed on monday. let's see what happens after this. 10% up on the price of oil today, that helps stocks. now we have two issues that were not mentioned in the democrat debate last night. number one hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. not a mention. number two, the state department probing that clinton foundation. chuck is with us. he's a democrat strategist.
11:55 am
i'm astonished, chuck. because the clinton campaign has a huge problem with this and yet it wasn't mentioned by bernie sanders or the pbs moderators. what do you make of this? >> well, i think bernie had kind of taken this on a under debate and that's why the moderators took it off the debate that said, look, there's a system, a legal system and let it work itself out. but one thing for sure. i may not be a legal expert, but i am a political expert, and i'm a political expert who talks a little funny like that you, varney. and what i can tell you is this. she doesn't want to be talking about this eight days before the primary and pbs helped her out last night. stuart: yeah, but pbs is clearly on the democrat side here. if that's not bias moderating, i don't know what is. >> i like the show on. stuart: so wait a second. it was just breaking news as that debate started that the state department was looking at the clinton foundation for conflict of interest and the moderators in the news business didn't bring it up? what gives? >> well, i think what gives is
11:56 am
i haven't heard it brought up hardly anywhere today. now that we've talked about the e-mail scandals, but i haven't heard this particular part brought up today, and i can promise you this. the hillary clinton campaign we're in the middle after i fight? stuart: sure. >> bias or no bias there's a process and it's going to work itself out. not defending hillary but it is interesting. stuart: but you do agree that this is a very big problem for the clinton campaign as you go forward. >> i don't know how big of a legal problem it is, but it is definitely a political problem if you're talking about e-mails and investigations leading into a primary. stuart: yeah. and the possibility of an indictment. i mean that word indictment wasn't used last night but, you know, that's a big deal. >> so when we do these things and i'm out running campaigns around the country, one thing i found interesting coming out of new hampshire is one out of three democratic primary voters said that trustworthiness was a very important issue to them. and with those particular voters, bernie sanders won 93% of them. this is exactly the problem
11:57 am
that clinton will have as she moves on. exactly the problem she don't want to have and the more we're talking about that, the more people want to pay attention to it. stuart: you know, chuck, you're an honest man. yes, you are. you approach these problems head on, and you state it clearly. you're all right. >> varney, tell the world, my friend, tell the world. stuart: okay. i just did. rocha, you're all right. >> thank you, varney, i appreciate you, friend. stuart: thank you. more varney in just a moment
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> obviously it's politics. south carolina coming up in super tuesday which is effectively the fcc of primary states may. this is really pandering at its worst. you would think if they were talking about there were dropped in for mars. they been in politics for decades. they are part of the problem. >> that was tammy bruce where she was saying lab at the debate last night dominated by the issue of race. that was their explanation.
12:00 pm
20 seconds before i hand it over to charles payne. when it's not due for a second. >> i'm ready. >> thank you for all the hard work you did when i was out. number two camille nevers if you're again because the numbers went up. >> i tell you since you become an american you taken an awful lot of vacations. stuart: i'm an american. good luck, charles. trends do have a great weekend. stocks are rebounding. welcome everyone. i am charles payne in fortran expanded on track right now for the second best daily gain in seven years. they are touching a 13 year low yesterday. over the next two hours will walk you through everything you need to know about the market, economy and race for the white house that has everything to do with the economy. nicole,


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