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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  February 12, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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20 seconds before i hand it over to charles payne. when it's not due for a second. >> i'm ready. >> thank you for all the hard work you did when i was out. number two camille nevers if you're again because the numbers went up. >> i tell you since you become an american you taken an awful lot of vacations. stuart: i'm an american. good luck, charles. trends do have a great weekend. stocks are rebounding. welcome everyone. i am charles payne in fortran expanded on track right now for the second best daily gain in seven years. they are touching a 13 year low yesterday. over the next two hours will walk you through everything you need to know about the market, economy and race for the white house that has everything to do with the economy. nicole, nicole petallides at the
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new york stock exchange. >> things are looking pretty great today. you see the up arrow up arrow's come a financial play the way of 225 points right now. not too far at the height of the day. that's the good news ba you mention energy. the dataset to 24, s&p and 25. oil surging more than 10%. the biggest surge in seven years. the first update in seven days. this is why we is why we've seen from up here is particularly in the s&p exxon and chevron. then they go to the financials. those have been beaten down. there's some bargain hunting going on today and we are seeing many of those. jpmorgan, citigroup, morgan stanley. we are still down here and not to be the lookout for malic of their 401(k) and ira. s&p roughly the same. nasdaq down about her 10%. the big picture here when you look at the dow 30, 25.
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still some worries on wall street. it's nice to get a little breath and repeat to show it's not all down all the time. a lot of folks when you talk to them, the expert data sit tight. losses get a little harder to do so. if you don't sell in the down days. if you need this you need to sell coming you fell in an update. charles: last year was buying the debt, this year is telling the rallies. even aware of 230 points. nicole, thank you very much. one week until south carolina and the big question is if the establishments i stand russian marat kasich, bush, rubio, no sign that any of them are willing to drop out. a brokered convention. looks like a possibility. >> i think this is going to be a long fight for the republican nomination. new hampshire provided us with little clarity heading into south carolina.
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and you have several different rivalries going on in the palmetto day right now. you have bush and rubio hoping to make a comeback there. each path forward relies on taking another out in a sense. you also have donald trump leading the pack, ted cruz buy-in and south carolina, hoping to motivate and mobilize conservatives they are. it really is just a scramble and it's hard to see the end of the road at this point. charles: i want to go back to the notion of a brokered convention. a couple weeks ago kasich had a bad debate performance. if there is this one monolithic establishment government is evil assertive contingent billionaires who want to protect your at the expense of all of america, they would call everyone in the room and say we need you, christy and everyone else to drop out so perhaps rubio can win new hampshire and
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take momentum away from trump and cruised. that hasn't happened. all of these guys feel like they can win it in the iron is the longer they stay in some of the more likely none of that will win it. >> )-right-paren it only provides fuel for trump with all these other candidates splitting up the boat. as we saw in new hampshire, debates can help change this race. we are going to have another debate on saturday night in south carolina. i'm so interested to see whether that changes any dynamics here. the reason why a lot of these people want to end the racist because they have this why not me mentality. it is the fact the race has changed in many times over the course of the campaign. none of these candidates at this point see a reason to drop out maybe until after south carolina. even then they are looking further down the road at winner take all state spirit remember we are still in a proportional vote primary at this point.
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john kasich for example if i seem to continue on through the midwest hoping to go through at least its home state of ohio on march 15 competing in michigan as well as march 8th. this is going to be a long fight. charles: these are the scenarios i've heard. conspiracy theory if you will. kasich is hanging around so he can pick up a few things, michigan, ohio and at the brokered convention throw in his love on donald trump. that is your ticket right there. not necessarily a far-fetched scenario. on the other end of the spec that is the establishment to matter what we will find a way to get one of their guys into the nominee, get them the nomination even if donald trump is clearing away, winning most of the states and delegates. how likely are the scenarios? >> sure, it's always a reporter's dream to have a brokered convention.
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there's a lot of talk about a contested convention because there are many brokers left in the republican party at this point. it's so interesting this week at the marco rubio campaign was leaving open the possibility of this race going to a brokered or contested convention. that just goes to show that people like rubio and not theirs are willing to give up the fight just give up if i just see every card they sent in south carolina. charles: before i let you go, tell me about another one of my theories here. at this debate, donald trump will try and pull a page from newt gingrich who is able to usurp the evangelical vote from santorum when he took on immediate early and strong and powerful. could you see something like that happening? >> i could. anything can happen at these debates in 2012 is a really good example of that. also what is interesting is donald trump is going hard after jeb bush and george w. bush who will be campaigning in the state
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for his brother on monday. he is hoping to wrap up his own supporters that way. that is an interesting site to watch and i'm sure we will see some of that in the debate. charles: thank you very much. we covered a lot of ground. the real soon. the scope of big government was a major focus of the democratic race leading to south carolina. adam shapiro at the facts behind the attacks. reporter: that is right. dirty sinners and hillary clinton plan to tax the rich and wall street to pay for programs like college tuition and health care. the two democrats differ on just how much they can deliver on their promises. clinton warned that they need to level the american people about what is possible. vendors want to eliminate private health care and replace it with this there are run by the government. that would require raising taxes on most americans, rich and poor in some cases by $500 a year.
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>> what i believe is the united states in fact should join the rest of the industrialized world in guarantee health care to all people. art medicare for all single-payer proposal will save the average middle-class emily $5000 a year. >> the nonpartisan committee for responsible budget estimates of tax increases and xander's plan would only cover 75% of what sanders says it was actually caused creating a $3 trillion hole in the federal budget over 10 years. meanwhile, clinton dodged a question about billionaire george soros donated millions of dollars to her campaign, claiming small contributors are also donating funds. >> let's talk about our campaign. i'm very proud of the fact that we have more than 750,000 donors and the vast majority of them are given mall contributions. >> but they are not the vast
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majority of the money coming in. open shows that clinton had raised $163 million by the end of january and most of it was 78% came from large individual contributors, just $19 million or 16% came from small individual contributors. bernie sanders campaign had raised $75 million most of it for 72% from small individual contributors and 26% or $19 million from large contributors. charles beard charles: adam shapiro, thank you very much. they make a lot of a lot of promises and where all kind of worried about paying it back later. i found it interesting that apparently hillary clinton has drawn a line in the cns to hire far that she could be pulled when it comes to spending our money. >> that is one of the good things about bernie sanders candidacy. here's the cartoon version of a
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kind of liberal democrat in the sand even though he's not actually a democrat that he wants free everything. hillary clinton is the life of a realist to say we can't pay for all of that. unfortunately, both hillary along with bernie and barack obama and republican congress, there always are spending more and none of them including the republican congress under paul ryan and mitch mcconnell is anyway paid for all the goodies they want to give us. charles: all of these politicians promised a lot of things. how they fulfill them they will worry about later. no one is promising with bernie sanders is promising them a bit resonating with the younger people who do not have to look at this in terms of policy. right now we have to look at in terms of politics. fortunately within the grassroots of the democratic party, it is much more automotive, much more of a tendency to be attracted as what
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feels good and thinking through what these programs would cost the american economy. and they give you one example that is not talked about very often. bernie in addition to talking about free college in medicare for all, he's also talking about expanding family and medical leave. what he does not say or is not discussed often enough that he's going to pay for that by raising fica payroll taxes. who was i had the most? who will not hit the top 1%. it's going to have rank-and-file americans and lower-income americans have to pay payroll taxes. when these guys give rhetoric about soaking the rich, in reality when these plans come to fruition, they had all of this. charles: i kind of admire bernie sanders for being honest about that point. barack obama was never honest about the implications of his
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tax policies on the middle class on down. it is bernie sanders is wiping all of you guys out for the greater good. >> let's be clear. bernie sanders has not been clear on how much this will cost. either doesn't know or is that wanted to across with the truth. this is a guaranteed bankrupt country sooner rather than later. let me speak up from the lineal though. within the democratic party. choice is between bernie sanders and hillary clinton, i can see going for bernie sanders because he is always talking and large strokes about a country that is worth a. hillary clinton is only resigning her resume when she talked. on the republican side you see something similar for donald trump is divisive character but at least the country that large and not these small kind of programs targeted at specific demographics. the problem with all of these guys and this is where millennial day.
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right now we are only looking at people who identify with republicans or democrats. 26% and 29% of the population, everybody is leaving the major partie are followed esn just trying to sell the same old stuff to the same old constituencies. we are smarter than not and young people are smarter than that, too. charles: the guy who i speaks up for the millennial spirit real quick. >> there is an economic populism and economic nationalism with both trump and bernie sanders that is attracting independent millennial picnic was making reference to. that is true. we have to look at the price tag at the end of the day. charles: appreciated. have a good weekend. breaking news. the house is now passing entire sanctions on north korea. the senate approved the same bill earlier this week. the sanctions now make their way to present up on his desk and
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will keep you updated on at all. stocks are getting big time, but not enough for the whole week of losses. we are going to break it all down for you and tell you what to expect from here right after this.
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charles: stats in a rally out there. very brutally good recessions are want to them and not less at least. david maccabean says we are not out of the woods yet. then they go to you first. what are you concerned about with respect to the economy and the market? >> going back to 1964, every. where credit growth is in decline, who ended up going towards recession. there's some threshold specifically of credit is not growing above a 2% net of inflation number, you will find yourself in recession.
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if they consist in trend and you don't have it in government spending come you don't have corporate spending in areas where you'd normally see credit growth. it is just insufficient. the odds are we are going to be in recession in 2016. they've even stretching and 2017. charles: a lot of people say historical things, as brilliant as they are is the kind of have to throw them out of the window. we are in such a unique situation with respect to the way of thinking works, the way the federal reserve works and fiscal policy making it tough. who would want credit, particularly business is in an environment where you put the money to work. >> i like to do with main street investors. but i want to think about right now whether we go into recession or not is what you do in the market crashes? it is down since the beginning of the year. i want investors to remember when the market crashes it is a
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wealth transfer from the people that panic to the people smart enough to buy when mao and the market goes out. charles: where we had the crash curve? if you buy ibm today on hundred $10, could you buy it three months are now at 90 bucks that make a distinctive difference for the investor talking about. >> the individual investor will never know when the fact bottom is. i don't know, you don't know on the other guys doesn't know. you have to buy it as it goes down. in 2008-to does not come the small stocks up 300%. , investors panicked when it was so it never got back in. you can focus on the next 20 minutes. you've got a focus on the next 20 years. my message is don't get panic from people who want to push an armageddon scenario and value product or get you to trade and take money out of your account. charles: david is here to sell
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people gold or land and move stocks. i think we know some of those people were talking about. you are trying to warn that you think something ugly is happening with the economy and that's what the market is doing, being a harbinger of things to come. >> that's right. 18 months ago you begin to see a deterioration in the market. you begin to see a change in terms of credit markets and high-yield convergence between high-yield investor the credit markets. we have six, eight, nine to 12 month warning that what happened january 1st is going to be happening. the idea we can hide behind the market hypothesis that the modern portfolio theory is preposterous. we can see these things come in and what is unfolding now at the end of a 30 year credit boom. it is normal to see a contraction in asset classes and asset prices. the fed has promised to raise rates four times in 2016. do you think tightening monetary
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policy right now is going to help asset prices? charles: janet yellen had a chance this week to clear it out. and didn't. we've got it didn't. we've got less than a minute to go. the people who are watching the show have not that much money like we say they can't buy all the tips. how do they know when to pick their spot? not pick a bottom, but take their spot. >> what they need to do, all that information is hurting the price today. the only thing that will change price moving forward is unpredictable and nunez. therefore, the best thing is to decide in advance how much they came as an equity, headset with fixed income and every time it gets, salad and primer equities that when markets come racing back, only 111 days of trading, sell your equities and buy more fixed income.
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everyone knows you eat less and move more. you own equities long-term and nobody wants to do it. charles: i will split the difference. i don't believe in the efficient market hypothesis. that is why stocks move up and down. we've got ago. that was great. we'll come back and talk about it may be of less than 100 days and see who was right. one of his big-money guys is actually shelling out this time for kasich. he's going to give kasich some cash. our man charlie gasparino has the answers. we'll be right back after this.
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charles: retailers rally in after news that americans spent more money than they thought we would. cheap gasoline, low unemployment and wages starting to move out. i gave it up as it was in a big, but better than expect it. billionaire christie bakker
12:26 pm
moving ships behind john kasich thing tempting on your world yesterday. >> congratulations. that's what they get because they concern was after your strong showing in new hampshire that you needed money. more money to spread the wealth and take a message to the south. do you feel comfortable you are underway for that? >> i don't know the numbers, neil, i always say this, the u.n. i have been friends for a long time really. we are just going to let it all kind of happened. it is either going to happen or it not. i'm not going to get uptight and sit in the counting room counting all my money. yeah, we are clearly doing better. we are raising a lot of money online. charles: charlie gasparino on whether the endorsement will cover all of that. it was coveted, but how much of a difference will it make? >> i like ken. he's a great financier and
12:27 pm
there's a reason why his name is on a lot of buildings. he gives away a lot of money and raises a lot of money. think about his political record. he supported rudy giuliani in 2012. he supported chris christie this year. he was part of something called republicans for cuomo. it was a push, much to write it here in to elect a liberal is governor of new york which they successfully did. they basically lured the conservative republican candidate that ran against cuomo and a lot of republicans for that. you put those things together and ask yourself in a party that the grass-roots matters, conservative matters why would john kasich covetous? you may save money. i point out one other thing. ken langone raise money for others in the past. langone has the ability to not really give money for
12:28 pm
candidates. he raises money. i wonder how many of the sources are tapped out after giving a christie and how many might say you twisted my arm to get to him and that his phone appeared why are we going to give kasich. >> right after new hampshire traded in the old name for a bigger plane, not saving at a big head all of a sudden, but he has no cash. all of a sudden he's acting more like someone in the mix. that means having the cash to go along with it. >> he did have a plan. charles: he turned in his plan for a bigger plane. people were saying okay comment school. you won. he outperformed. >> i think if john kasich is a very good governor and decent guy wants to appeal to grass-roots republicans which he needs to do to win the attackers and donald trump, ken langone
12:29 pm
who supported a liberal democrat for governor of new york over a conservative candidate, i am telling you you've got a real problem. charles: the overarching message from the gop side menus of democrats it doesn't matter anymore. as long as you come to our side, we accept you. >> he has sent. >> is more about the friendship. why would he support andrew cuomo, one of the most liberal democrats in the country. he's not quite, though the fazio, but they are bragging about supporting a liberal democrat is governor of new york. i don't know how you get around that an appeal to voters in south airline or texas or anyplace else. >> i think he wants to be a spoiler. he'll have enough delegates to go through the broker convention and say we will be the one-two
12:30 pm
punch. that's a whole other thing. if he wants to be president, bragging about democratic is your big endorsement is not the way to do it. charles: he will not brag about it too much. on the other hand it back, burn baby burn. forget about it when it comes to tax. the pressure and sanders coming at the very worst time for walls to me. -- wall street. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us.
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microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer.
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♪ >> markets are having a pretty good day and parts to the market. there are still questions hovering over the entire industry. not just on this side of the atlantic, but over on the other side. bernie sanders still pushing this. >> after the american people failed wall street out, yes, a wall street that we can make public colleges and universities tuition free. we bailed them out and now it is their time to help the middle
12:35 pm
class. trish: melissa francis says that this talk is going nowhere. >> you look at something like this. i wonder if it is stupidity or willful ignorance. there cannot possibly be enough taxes to pay for what he is talking about. to say that you will tax speculators, do they realize that they are teachers, firefighters, cops. that's whose pension funds are in the market. you are just taking the money from those folks and giving it to students. free education, and a lot of times, that is what it's worth. if you go to school, it is free, it is not a competitive enterprise anymore. there are so many things that are stupid about that. charles: you do not treat it with the same kind of respect or nurture it or whatever. there is a big difference
12:36 pm
between investors. buy and hold great american companies because they believe in them. you have these exotic spreads on. those are two different things. the market has a way of spun -- punishing as well. it is a crazy thing. this morning, melissa, another wall street firms shelling out the ligands of dollars because of the crash. here is my problem with it. i wonder, i am pro- investing and all of that. over $100 billion. why don't these guys fight back? is there some sort of build here? they cannot fight back? they are paying these fines in lieu of anyone getting in trouble. >> that is a really interesting question. nobody is better at money than these guys.
12:37 pm
if ipay this now, what in manner finishing off in the future? charles: every week we get them one of these things. another 4 billion. another 10 billion. what you make to make of jamie dimon buying back its own stock? one of the reasons i think the stock has rebounded. >> he is saying things are cheap right now. i have been very firm. hedge fund people for the past six months at least. there is a problem in this. different guys going out and drilling. those loans will for sure go bad. a lot of really smart guys taking the other side of that that and worried about it. i think what jamie is doing is saying i am not worried. i know that my bank can sustain this. i do worry that there are other
12:38 pm
banks out there that cannot, though. charles: that european banks especially. >> without question. charles: melissa francis, thank you. >> 4:00 p.m. this network, and watch us. charles: stocks are rebounding. jeff flock says oil companies, we were just talking about them. probably ready for more cuts. you were talking to melissa through the 29th dollar. 2907. we got as high. the cap ex reductions have been made by these companies. if you take a look, oil producers are estimated to be using $350 million a day right now. they have cut, in the last year alone, 280,000 jobs locally.
12:39 pm
72,000 jobs. you mentioned that jamie dimon buyback. oil traders have interpreted that to mean, you know what, if he is not worried about oil stocks wearing the banks, maybe we shouldn't either. charles: one more time. the hundred $15 million a day. was that the number? >> believed to be lost by producers today now globally. yes. it is a huge number. charles: you can see why people were wondering. that will definitely have a domino effect down the line. the big freezes on. get ready to cuddle up with your valentine. look at that. i do not know what it means. it looks like it is cold. ♪ thanks.
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♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
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the 16 ic valentines weekend ahead. probably it. really cold. tonight into tomorrow morning. the northern plains and western great lakes. take a look at this. flirting with all kinds of records. boston may be getting two minus five. providence right around minus seven. this is the cold air map. you see the darker colors, that is bitterly cold air. it will open up and cascade in here. that is some good news. let's see how this plays out
12:44 pm
here. then you warm up a little bit. warm up a little bit. saturday morning, very chilly. going to saturday night, sunday morning. minus philadelphia. minus 27 in albany. it is really, really cold. it does warm up pretty quickly monday into tuesday. we will also watch a big wintry mix develop peer across parts of the central plains. down across the southeast by monday morning. a potential ice storm looming. causing a lot of travel problems. one weekend charles, probably staying inside.
12:45 pm
a water main break with frigid temperatures. how one pennsylvania town is covered in ice. connell: they woke up yesterday with these freezing temperatures. a water main break that turned into this. look at these remarkable photos. just frozen over. homes in many ways frozen over. what happened was a water main broke in the water just sprayed up in the air. 20 feet high. it covered these homes. it is a tough task to say the least. it was so bad that just justin that area with the water main break, about more than a dozen people having to be evacuated. they take them to what they call a warming center. the forecast is on as it usually
12:46 pm
is. maybe 25-30 below in some spots. scranton having to unfreeze itself for quite a wild. it could end up being obviously dangerous for people outside and costly for the municipalities. charles: i do not think that the rock salt is going to work. thanks a lot. what is the best strategy? all over the place. i told you last week what to do. i will tell you why it was right about when we come back. ♪
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charles: markets showing investors for a loop. remember what i said last week.
12:50 pm
make sure you stick with the weak dollar investment strategies. a list that you have been making. goal being the best performer of the week. now to jonathan on investors. while turn in the market. jonathan, how is it going? >> it is going well, charles. gold has been a terrible investment for the better part of three years. commodities in general. a lot of indications that that trend is turning. hats off to you. charles: thanks a lot. a 10 or 11 year rally. it came down when everyone thought that it should have come up. the world is a shaky place. we had a fight earlier. just keep buying into this and the bear market. you will make a lot of money.
12:51 pm
a big recession around the corner. there is nothing but disaster. >> what you invest in. most people go wrong. they just buy gold. they put it all into gold. i think that it is different this time, however. you talk about the weak dollar. there is a strong, strong dollar. the fact that gold now, you can buy it and lend it. lending has started to pick up. more than anything, i have to tell you, it is a flight to quality. it is that a fist teen year low. they are quite fearful. 16% this year. charles: central banks are buying.
12:52 pm
a little bit to politics. bernie sanders and had an -- hillary clinton. drew a line in the stands. what is the danger? even on the republican side as well. moving away from what has made this country great and prosperous. giving away the store or multi- trillion dollar entitlement programs such as bernie sanders and hillary clinton. the economy country back on track. towards freedom. towards capitalism. that is why bernie, hillary and even some on the right will only push us in the wrong direction. >> so many people have given up.
12:53 pm
a lot of people have given up on the entire system. that is a reflection of millions of people. they have given up on capitalism. this has to be self-fulfilling for any economic scheme to work. >> no one even knows what capitalism is. people think of capitalism and what they immediately think of as crony capitalism. fortunately, they reaction from a lot of american voters on the right and left is not down with cronyism, but it is down with capitalism. cronyism is the issue here. that is what this, what made this country great. charles: earlier today, i was looking at a video. we are told, the jobs are moving to mexico.
12:54 pm
carrier parent companies. who do you blame for that. is it the fact that they have no choice given the backdrop of high taxes. >> i actually celebrate jobs being shipped to mexico. that is actually a good thing. you can create that are, higher-paying jobs here. can you imagine. the loss of all those agricultural jobs. you can't judge an economy by the number of jobs that are destroyed. it is more expensive. more cumbersome to create the new jobs. >> the next century.
12:55 pm
i am just not sure we are graduating enough americans. >> we have put a hell of a lot of money in the public schools. >> these engineering jobs, i am telling you. >> i have nothing against poetry. [laughter] a lot of what comes to education now is not helping students in the real world. we are out there talking about white privilege. these are the kids from the most elite colleges in this country. you want to help the economy. you want to start looking at diverse city. who is advising obama. who is advising these candidates. >> great stuff. a tax against donald trump. we will be right back. ♪
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>> welcome back to cavuto coast to coast. i am charles payne and four neil cavuto. take a listen. >> it was all she had less. in donald trump's way. she was a nobody. trump came to atlantic city government. >> this after crews came out with an ad using kids. here to respond is trumped national spokeswoman. katrina, an interesting point. bush went after trump on him and it don't main. a really good moment for bush. countering that all the applause came from the donors. crews not letting the issue go. >> this is one of those things that i find interesting.
1:00 pm
considering how it is constitutional. eminent domain. that is two different things. this is not something that comes down from the executive level. this is a state and local government. >> i guess what he is saying is it is one thing when donald trump talks about the bill. building roads and highways and those sorts of things. another to use eminent domain for a personal thing. ganging up on someone. you know, pressure them to the degree that this woman said she was pressured. >> you are right. there is a system in place for this very thing. if a builder wants to build, they go to that government. if the seller does not want to sell, that is a process that takes place.
1:01 pm
unlike what we have seen with the pipeline, you have entire farms taken by a foreign company. you use eminent domain. you have people arrested on their own property here in the state of texas. >> hopefully we will find out. one of the big news items is the ranchers in oregon. even though very few people agree, they have cornered a lot of sympathy. they control so much land. why do they have to keep taking land from people? this is something that could resonate. >> i do not think that it will resonate against donald trump did this has nothing to do with creating jobs and businesses in this country. the argument that they make is
1:02 pm
the whole private youth versus public youth. we're talking about mister trump in an industry that creates $1.7 million. more importantly, a total of $240 billion on the economy. this is not something that is going to canada. it is going right here in the united states. charles: the bottom line. distinct differences. even though donald trump offered a whole lot of money. it should be a person's prerogative to say i do not want to leave my house. >> i am definitely with you on that process. they should not have had to have gone through that process. you and i talked last night about trump. the new trump, if you will. no one seems to be giving him access to twitter.
1:03 pm
[laughter] crews, the worst liar. all three. how could that crews be and evangelical christian when he lies so much and is so dishonest? do not forget about jeb. being thrown out by management. do you think that he will be this tough on others? that was really embarrassing. everybody loves him. he keeps it real. heading into these more religious voting environments. trying to tone it down. trying to be more civil. >> this is a trump rolling down the negative ad in south carolina. positive message on the airways. he will continue to defend himself. something they have not been able to do for a very long time. they are in fact live.
1:04 pm
not supporting obamacare. not supporting abortion. not supporting. we always hear about horrible things get in south carolina when it comes to politics. this time we may give voters to reject this kind of campaigning. this is one of the reasons why we can never find good people to run for office. >> come back again. i am sure that we will have stuff to talk about. bernie standers starting his health care plan last night. >> there is one major country on earth. guarantee healthcare to all people. one major company in the united states that ends up spending almost three times per capita what they do in the uk. 50% more than they do in france. guaranteed health care of all people. a much more cost-effective way.
1:05 pm
>> conservative commentator. we should not compare ourselves to europe. we should be more like greece. it is resonating. >> bernie is resonating with young people. millennial's who have no concept of what hard work is. let's be more like europe. pointing out greece. some calling the u.s. constitution. hillary clinton a looted to last night feared bernie, universal healthcare is not really bert with freedom and liberty. could you imagine? this is how far he has been driven. >> i would say the same thing. i think we may be
1:06 pm
underestimating this. i think he got 84% in iowa. he won every age group from 17 to 59. every ideology. he won every economic bracket outside of 200,000 above. resignation with a lot of democrats. >> he is. the country is broken. you have been out of work. not fully employed. you have talked about the lowest labor participation rate. 62% or something in 30 years. it all sounds nice. i can tell you one thing, when he stands on the stage next to a republican that could be donald trump and we get to how you are going to pay for all of this and somebody asked voters, hey, guys, you comfortable with these taxation rates? are you comfortable with that?
1:07 pm
government rational link out what you are going to eat. free medicare sounds good. charles: you have been tweeting a lot the last couple days. listen, you go off on a lot of things. what upsets you so much about the meeting? >> what upsets me so much is that black voters can be ball politically so easily by clowns, by white politicians, white democrats. leading with black clowns like al sharpton. has not been a reverend since the day he was born. we do not talk to white voters like that. i read about it in my new book. we have to vote on that. we have to throw our brains out the window. why is it that, why isn't
1:08 pm
bernie, for that matter, meeting with white leaders to tell white leaders how to blow? they are supposed to think for themselves. >> i do not disagree with that. bernie sanders. i will pay for all of this free job. i do not care, i do not pay taxes anyway. >> we will talk to you again soon. donald trump and bernie sanders. what if the economy was stronger? would they be doing this well? if we had a really strong economy. with the tables be turned a little bit? >> i think that there would be less anger in this country.
1:09 pm
on the left for bernie. people do not sell to recover. it is more important. i can point you to 50 odd people that can tell you how crappy their lives feel. you have the labor force participation rate. people had that rocks and mood rings the last time it was this bad. they do not get answers and they have not gotten straight answers from the party. the donors and the rich donors that all map party. they do not like people, anyone who is called establishment right or left. >> the establishment in both parties, the old establishment or establishment in the republican party, george bush, mitt romney, moderate to center for a long time. they agreed on certain basic things. they were very kind to the
1:10 pm
business community. they were pretty much open borders. they caved on a lot of trade issues in china. it is those core issues. it is the base of low parties right now. i think added onto that is a fact that the economy is not as good as the numbers show. republicans they are a lot. they have an issue with this. it gives bernie sanders some credibility. we bailed out the banks. the minute you open that door, i covered that they'll out. minute by minute. it may have been in the grand scheme of things. i'm necessary evil. the average guy sees bailing out banks and says, okay, where is my bailout. tons of credibility.
1:11 pm
>> the face of the republican party. >> he cannot even get loans. that is another thing. you choke my tax money and build these guys out. >> you are right. losing the election for john mccain. going back and helping shepherd it. it also gave birth to the teeth party. >> what about occupy wall street? >> john mccain lost because of the economy. >> it was that moment that tarnished him. he was all in on bailing out the banks. >> he was losing ground.
1:12 pm
>> there are a lot of people that have gotten bailed out. rescued mortgages that were near foreclosure. people who were underwater. >> i know. >> a million people who have had houses. >> i was that when they started. who was a true believer in this stuff? it was not the bank bailout, by the way. that is where she went. that is where the modern tea party started. they were essentially, the government. >> i want to make one other point. there is no way with the declining economy and sarah palin as their running mate that he would have ever, ever, ever
1:13 pm
been president. spew forth those are the facts. i am talking about people that got mortgage bailouts. that is a problem with old bernie sanders and donald trump. they both created enemies and villains in this scenario. bernie sanders. it is an illegal immigrant for donald trump. >> who is the enemy at the teeth party? >> big government. dagen: they are applying to the american people. charles: i went to 12 tea party things. what a month. that was rix point. >> it was not animated at the bailout.
1:14 pm
the bailouts of the bank were a lot bigger. charles: how ironic. there is really an equal sort of idea. there is really an equal sort of idea. , a different kind of capitalism. socialism. >> how ironic is that. >> you cannot talk detail with either of these candidates. you cannot talk detail with a lot of this. they like being lied to. they have been spoiled either parents. told how awesome they are. charlie: you have the establishment running this country left and right for a long time. those days are over. charles: the glory days are over. we want to know if they can come back. thanks a lot.
1:15 pm
not one of the movies. find out what you said right after this. ♪
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it lets you switch seamlessly from your desk phone to your mobile with no interruptions. i've never felt so alive. make your business phone mobile with voice mobility. comcast business. built for business. charles: oil is absolutely surging. let's not forget that we were at a 13 year low. maybe saudia arabia. hurting economically and like everyone else. a lot of people calling for a snapback rally. george clooney is hitting the united states. take a listen. >> it is not enough. >> the former deputy.
1:19 pm
what do you make of this? george clooney. i am sure that he will not offer any rooms to any of these refugees. on high to talk about what america should be doing. >> fairly serious guy. he supports efforts to help refugees. he has made public statements about the genocide of the early century. he is not a flake. >> we get that. several times, whether it is a george clooney, they have a pedestal. i think it ultimately hurts.
1:20 pm
hundreds of thousands of potential jobs in upstate new york. in this particular case, george clooney saying less is open up the doors and let everyone in. >> i do not think that clooney is well informed on this. arrested three algerians nationals. trying to, coming to germany. had connections with isis. up to no good. the following day, the official that was responsible for domestic intelligence says that refugees were coming in and using refugee status as a cover and that they had connections with isis. the germans have pretty good security systems in place there. i do not think that clooney is aware of that. finding out exactly who we are
1:21 pm
admitting. everyone can read the same story. even if it was passion, sir, when it'd be better to start talking about fixing it up? maybe one date even returned there. >> that is by far the better solution. moving them halfway around the world. a sunni approach to this. where, for example, saudi arabia plays a real part instead of an imaginary one. they have felt searing refugees, but they have not really. that is the kind of solution
1:22 pm
that will make a difference here. the u.s. government should simply open up its borders and allow these people to come in without knowing who they are. neil: thank you very much. really appreciate it. trying to break a five-day losing streak. we are hanging in there. we are doing okay. but it is still early. ♪ i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine,
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the back david asman is yelling over yellen. all right, david, for those that did not see it, let's talk to the viewers. >> the idea that janet yellen would float the idea, the idea that you would pay a bank to hold your savings is insane.
1:26 pm
favors are already getting killed. just about everyone in the country has a savings account. for them, not only are they making out very bad thing right now, they are getting very little interest. you have to pay a bank. i do not think that they will allow it to happen. it is very a responsible. >> would this hurt small savers? she said no. that is nuts. it is still higher than interest rates. inflation is higher. you are already losing. monetary policy from the fed. it enters the dude to you. you are obligated to get paid a certain amount.
1:27 pm
you are not supposed to lose your earnings. i worked hard to save a certain amount of money. i do not want that savings to be chipped away at. you have been more rewarded in the past. i think you should still be rewarded. i think that it is built on savings. if they pull their money out of the banks because they are getting charge for that money, what happens to savings and loans? they lose their capital. the huge banks in the huge corporations. small savers are going to get screwed. >> sparking a virtuous cycle. because you do not get anything, you start to spend it. if my money will be less tomorrow than it is today, i will spend it today.
1:28 pm
>> that is what qt was all about. negative interest rates. they have not worked. you do not try something that has not worked. you try something that does work. it is, the idea of a negative interest rate is so contrary. not only to our system of capitalism, but to the system of the basic notion. charles: the federal reserve, which is 100 years old now, has messed things up so badly. it feels like we are dammed if we do, dammed if they don't. the way things work from main street to wall street. it will be hard for anyone. >> doing what they try to do by raising rates a month ago. the rates have come down. they have not gone up.
1:29 pm
trying to indicate that it is time for rates to go up a little. the world market has said, no, we will not do it. that is the way we feel about the world economy. they controlled the economy. what they do affects the economy directly. the economy is turning things around in its head directly. the market is stronger than the federal reserve. charles: on occasion, bernanke has been more. it is not our fault. we did everything we could. of course, they come from the same liberal progressive ideology. you cannot really blame them. policies are one that we do not get. allowing the government to borrow money at zero interest rates.
1:30 pm
of course they will borrow like crazy. because of the fact that they can borrow money with no consequence. all the millions of savers are paying for that. u.s. policies. no consequence. great for big government. great for a lot of the big corporations that love cheap money. it is wellesley for main street. wall street should not be advantage by main street. the fed was created for wall street. you do not buy the notion. >> the official orders.
1:31 pm
i think the market, the world marketplace itself. the terms of the effect on interest rates. it was rambling. all over the place. almost incoherent. the fed was surprised how strong it got. it is almost amazing. getting feedback from within the fed. essentially taking a swipe that janet yellen by saying he was premature to talk about negative interest rates. she did not say that. he is saying, there is a battle within the fed itself. she likes the idea that that could be something in the toolbox. not that they would use it. if it does, he is in trouble.
1:32 pm
charles: great stuff. let's take a look at the big board. hanging out at plus 200. a feeling that we will have a huge move in the last hour of trading. big things. we will be right back. ♪ at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph,
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charles: glean on the screen. this is scary trend. -- green on the screen. adam lashinsky is silicon valley in trouble? recent ipos from last year crumble. valuations getting marked down. linkedin which was absolute disaster. darling of wall street and silicon valley. is the game up? is it all over, this more recent silicon valley tech bubble? >> well, depends on what you mean, charles by the game, or it. short answer is no, absolutely not. all the ones you mentioned, even worst of them, twitter, for example are extremely well-funded.
1:37 pm
have balance sheets with lots of cash. if things get significantly worse, all sorts of cutting they could do if they needed to. we should talk about what is going wrong. you alluded to it. previously giant private market valuations, so-called unicorns, billion dollar valuations of private companies with no businesses, no profits, tons of competition. they're just getting creamed. that is about as it should be. charles: what happened? these guys, marc andreessens of the world and all captains of industry out there, if you will, they know the game and still they have marked them up, round after round after round. what's gone wrong? why is there epiphany now? why have they even allowed to get to this point? >> well, it is interesting in a sense, i wouldn't thought to make this connection but plays off the conversation you had with david asman, interest rates
1:38 pm
have been so low for so long, charles, investors, even prudent, intelligence investors have been doing anything they can to get return, to get a positive return on their investments. so when you're earning nothing, absolutely nothing on your cash, you say, well, maybe i can make some money on this ridiculously overvalued private company because it was worth less than half seven months ago. couldn't be worse than making no money on my cash. it was not great argument but is the argument. charles: fool theory i can sell it to someone at even higher price. >> that has worked, right? that has worked for many of these people. you better be very good at timing if you do that. charles: last night's democratic debate, if you saw it or not. positions of hillary clinton and bernie sanders. bernie sanders has wind in the sales here. hillary clinton seems to draw a line in the sand how far left she will go.
1:39 pm
beneficialing to the democrats in general? >> my position all along, we discussed this on "cavuto on business" has been that, i think it's fairly clear, if you looked at her for a long time that hillary clinton is very mainstream, pro-capitalism democrat, just like her husband. her husband couldn't have been a more, take the free-trade agreement, nafta. he is a mainstream democrat capitalist. so is she. we know that, right? she is going to play the game she needs to play to win the nomination. and then she will revert to form. same way we saw mitt romney going way right and revert to form in the general election. charles: adam lashinsky, thanks a lot, buddy. see you real soon. >> great, charles. charles: he played ground game in new hampshire but is governor kasich going to play catch-up in south carolina? we discuss it next.
1:40 pm
1:41 pm
>> time now for fox business brief. of retail stocks doing a little better today than even broader market in percentage terms. better than expected sales numbers for month of january. macy's gap, also to upside. groupon good example. beat on earnings. so the company is up by a lot percentage wise. this is funny because, for the year, at least these and other retailers have been down a lot. as we look, keep in mind today's winners are stocks that have a
1:42 pm
tough time for the year. sears is great one to look at. down 25%, something like that for the year. up 4 1/2 today. amazon, pretty much the same thing in terms of the decline year-to-date. abercrombie and, abercrombie down 9%. target maybe five or 6%. up a lot today. kind of bounce back theme, broader market. up 213. stocks are bouncing back. more in a moment.
1:43 pm
we're the hottest young company around but if we want to keep the soda pop flowing we need fresh ideas! >>got it. we slow, we die. >>what about cashing out? no! i'm trying to build something here. >>how about using fedex ground for shipping? >>i don't need some kid telling me how to run a business! i've been doing this for 4 long months. >>fedex ground can help us save money and deliver fast to our customers. not bad, kid. you remind me of a younger me. >>aiden! the dog is eating your retainer again. let's take a short 5-minute recess. fedex ground is faster to more locations than ups ground.
1:44 pm
charles: >> okay. there was a sense, put all the marbles. put all your marbles in new hampshire, turned out okay. now you emerge next morning look around. i don't really have ground g >> of course we have people in south carolina. i didn't have all my marbles in new hampshire. we have people on the ground down here. i have people in nevada. got people working in mississippi. charles: so that was governor kasich really have good enough ground game in south carolina to daily call ir's news editor. chris, we were hearing that kasich wasn't going to put any kind of real effort into south carolina. in fact maybe skipping entire south to focus on michigan. do you feel he is emboldened after new hampshire? that he dishave a ground game willing to play catch-up. >> he felt emboldened in the days leading up to new hampshire.
1:45 pm
we caught hupp with him in blizzard with the news foundation. his boss was there through the snow to south carolina. his press secretary claimed he had good ground game. nobody outside the campaign heard of this. i think it is doubtful that he had. in new hampshire he held over 100 town hall meetings. he was presence everywhere. meeting with people and shaking hands. he will have a late to catch up with to get anywhere near what he got in new hampshire and south carolina, in nevada, anything before march 15th. charles: i think he one you have the few guys to go to dixville notch. he canvased the entire state. having said that though, how dangerous is as campaign -- we know rudy giuliani skipped first two tore three and lost miserably and couldn't catch up in florida. it seems like dangerous gambit if indeed he doesn't have a real ground game in south carolina? >> i think it is dangerous place to be for any center-right campaigns about marco rubio,
1:46 pm
john kasich or jeb bush. they hoped to push other ones out at this point. new hampshire upended that game. looks less likely either of them or any of them will compete with cruz and trump. my guess when reporters and writers in 2032, 15 years looking back at primary results for new hampshire they are saying who was john kasich and click on his wikipedia page. charles: real click before we bo, does the establishment have to shed candidates from south carolina if establishment candidate is going to have a chance? >> yeah, they really should have shed candidates after new hampshire. as rubio acknowledged in his speech i was there for, he screwed up in the debate. he wasn't able to fix it. only really remaining chance for such small amount of time left in south carolina for most lickly jeb or marco rubio have breakout, slam down performance while ted cruz and donald trump attack each other on the side to put themselves up 10 points. whoever comes back, look i won
1:47 pm
two of the last three states i'm your guy. charles: looks farfetched. but these debates can change everything. chris, appreciate it. >> thank you. charles: more voters feeling the bern. ben stein says that could actually burn you. he is next. ♪
1:48 pm
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1:51 pm
many fronts. one people don't seem to realize socialism equals tyranny. maybe not immediately but somewhere down the road. socialism takes away freedom from individuals. socialism generally involves slow growth not always but usually does. socialism mean as cut back in the freedom of people to makes their own decisions about their own lives. i'm very worried about that more than about the size of government. if government is one or 2% bigger it will mean a bigger deficit. we're heading for default anyway. but i'm very concerned people don't understand what socialism is. i don't think many sanders knows what socialism is. don't think he knows his ass from first base as my father used to say. charles: he talks a good game. he lays it out pretty forcefully and feels conviction. when you hear most people say it the guy is authentic. >> i'm sure if you heard lenin speak or stalin speak you would have heard a lot of conviction too. fact person speaks with conviction doesn't make him right.
1:52 pm
this is person that my dear friend lindsey graham said about him, he went on honeymoon to moscow and never came back. this is person who really doesn't understand how the world works very well. he scares me to death. on the other hand i like the fact that people like old jewish men. i like that a lot. this campaign is very greatly improved my feeling about the attitude of this country tolds old jewish men. charles: what about the idea you just hit upon that. go to moscow, come back, enthusiastic the way this should being romanticizing everywhere in the world to the point of tyranny, how does that happen? how does that happen with a old guy who should know better and young people who have great educations? >> i have a good answer to that, charles, my dear friend. the fact that person is old doesn't make him smart. in fact my experience is old people generally are stupider than middle-aged people. and the fact that people are in schools make them the stupidest.
1:53 pm
there is no one less educated than a contrary american college student. it is terrifying thing. my, people who are never went to school at all, know more than the miseducation they're given in schools. in schools, they're taught to hate america, be ashamed of america, to hate capitalism. they don't know anything. they're taught everything wrong. charles: you know, see a little bit into the republican side. promises are being made on that side too. >> yes. charles: promises are being made on that side. >> republican side scares me to death. they scare me too. i love kasich. i think kasich would be a great president. solid, responsible guy. mr. trump, terrifies me. i have a long history with mr. trump. he won't remember him but i remember him. i wrote article about him from "barron's" about 1988 or 89, maybe 90 about some bonds he had sold to investors suing him for fraud. the book, the article, the art of the dubious deal.
1:54 pm
i don't think i ever was proved wrong that he did some very serious misconduct. i may be wrong about this. but i think his behavior towards his bondholders has been very questionable throughout. and i wouldn't trust him as far as i could throw him. charles: but his, people who are really enthusiastic about him, listen, certain things will happen throughout the course of doing business. some won't work out. occasionally some bondholders come up short before a man who created over 100 businesses, to have a handful of them come up short, considering all the jobs and prestige he brought to this country maybe you're being a little hard on him? >> i don't think he brought that many jobs or press teen to this country. i consider him kind of manipulator. just my opinion. i don't think he is very impressive businessman at all. anyway, he is not running for head of a casino business. he is running for head of the united states government. that is entirely different thing from a business. it has to do with providing a
1:55 pm
lot of goods and services to people, definitely not making a profit. it has to with compassion and understanding very complex bits of machinery. i don't think he understands the machinery of human relations at all. i think he is a bully and a thug. this is just my opinion. and i do not like the idea of this guy, this strutting thug being president of the united states. he scares me to death. charles: well, you know, those are very, very harsh words. >> put me down, can put me down as maybe. charles: put you down as maybe. here's the thing. people saying all the things you just talked about, folks that do know how to do it, what's happened? why has the country gotten to the point it has gotten to with professional politicians who only go to d.c., stay there forever and never move, look out for themselves? come up short, lie to the public over and over again. they want someone had met deadlines who has gotten things done? >> you know what? i will say something heretical
1:56 pm
now, charles, i hope we're good enough friends you won't leap through the tv monitor and kill me. i don't think government is doing that bad a job. government is doing pretty darn good job considering how big it is and difficult problems. i don't see what washington done that is stable. i don't understand the rage against washington. i don't understand the rage in this country at all. i things are pretty damn good in america. i don't have any anger towards the government at all. charles: all right. ben, a lot of people, obviously i will not jump through the screen but some people are throwing tomatoes at it. >> i'm sure they are. charles: see you soon. >> god bless you. charles: dow, we're up 230 points. again a real, real rough week. oil's up. stocks are up an probably well have a really crazy last hour of we'll be right back. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark]
1:57 pm
trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪ ....
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1:59 pm
charles: take a look at the dow. oil and the dow both hit perfect
2:00 pm
double bottoms. later on tonight, i will break it all down for you. i also have a body language expert. donald trump swearing of all swearing's. in the meantime, here is trish. trish: fresh off the debate stage. hillary clinton is in south carolina. i am trish regan. i love president obama. more than you, bernie. twenty-one times, if you can believe it in last night's debate. >> a large supporter of president obama's principal accomplishment. mainly the affordable care act. >> they set a great example. exemplifying the importance of


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