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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  February 12, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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later on tonight, i will break it all down for you. i also have a body language expert. donald trump swearing of all swearing's. in the meantime, here is trish. trish: fresh off the debate stage. hillary clinton is in south carolina. i am trish regan. i love president obama. more than you, bernie. twenty-one times, if you can believe it in last night's debate. >> a large supporter of president obama's principal accomplishment. mainly the affordable care act. >> they set a great example. exemplifying the importance of
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this issue. president obama failed the presidential leadership test. >> really, really great. you cannot win without african american support. sanders is promising lace relations better under his regime. this could spell some big trouble for the clinton campaign. meanwhile, on the right donald trump is sick of jeb bush for driving his whole family in for some much needed help. >> bringing his brother in now. a very nice lady. it did not work out very good. now he is bringing out his brother. we will get to the gop in a minute. i want to start with the clintons and sanders.
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good to see you guys. what is the deal here? this sudden love that hillary has for president obama. they may like president obama very much. >> there is no question that president obama is still very popular across parts of the country. bringing out her support of many of the policies. the primary.e last two states ha real surprise by what how well sanders has done. sanders has one message. his one message is wall street. that is a message that plays much better with white voters. >> soliciting support from african-americans community. are they going to listen? >> yes. i think so.
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bernie sanders has all the energy. the young folks are with them. a little bit of a anomaly that he has not been able to support. i think that they like what bernie is saying. they feel like they are not getting what they deserve in this economy and this society. i think bernie just appeals to them. >> lack lives matter. a movement that has really caught on in the african american community. let's watch him here on the debate last night. >> i would hope that we can all agree that we are sick and tired of seeing videos on television of unarmed people or african americans shop i police officers. >> you coupled this with hillary's message.
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including a commercial that is being ran in south carolina. here we go. >> when too many encounters with law enforcement and tragically, we need an investment. the counter generations of neglect. hard truths of injustice and racism. >> here is the problem. does not have a very interesting upends. finding some statistics from the washington post. far more than black americans. 662 white americans have been murdered by police officers versus 258 lacks. the point that she is making is black lives matters. it is more about politics than
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it is about substance. nonetheless, you need african-americans in south carolina. who will carry this message better to them? bernie sanders or hillary clinton? >> that is a great question. you talk to people that are invested in the southern states. hillary clinton has the clear advantage with african-american voters. the question for all of those voters is this, ishii really connect into them? you know what also matters, blue lives matter. all lives matter. americans have a much more fair understanding of what happens on the street. trish: back to the whole issue of equality and boss -- wall street. she has some weaknesses out
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there. in two years time. how does she peddle that one back? i will go out to wall street. at the same time, took all of these. $4.1 million. >> showing where there is a policy. influencing her. that actually had been an attack on the president. president obama. nevertheless, that is sanders message. i think that actually gets to, a little bit of trouble as to why he had trouble connect to. his core message is economics. it has nothing. he will never egg knowledge the ability.
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he was acknowledging racial instability last night. more and more as we move south here. he needs to court these voters. another interesting piece in the "wall street journal." >> basically sending a problem from hillary clinton. getting a run for her money. what is she telling us? if she is the actual nominee. the real question for democrats is after two terms of ronald reagan as republicans. hillary clinton is looking more and more by someone who cannot
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grab that torch. yes, he has hurdles. this questions the fragility. you have a problem that she has. she was part of obama's team. you look at the economy. you look at where we are internationally. we do not have a whole lot for her to brag about. finding that love for him. she will have to distance herself from this guy. >> we almost had our own platform. she will be attempting to continue on. she has always had her own platform. she will be able to strongly stand on that. the question is whether she is fragile or not.
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sanders is relatively unknown. i think it is remarkable that she is still this popular. decades and decades of public attack. >> she is, i am surprised she is as popular two, trish. with the position she has taken and the way she has run for president. she is a candidate that is afraid to take all of the questions to the press. to really go out there and answer all the questions. trish: how she will answer everything. that is the problem. she wants authenticity. she will not do that. she will not take that head on. thank you so much. good to see you guys. coming up.
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going to peter barnes right now. what a big week it was for hillary clinton. news breaking. her aides were handling top-secret information. while she was secretary of state. you have the department issuing a subpoena from the clinton foundation. the charity's products. may not have required approval from the actual state department when she was running it. it is kind of hard to say no to your boss; right? she was facing two very serious issues. she was facing possible corruption. hey, trish. that is right. that is being productive by the
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inspector general. a former state department. also sending e-mails to clinton's personal observer. last night on cnn, clinton spokesman attacked the state department investigators. she ran for president. no basis to any of them. i think it is intended to create headwinds for her campaign. it will not work. >> donors gave money. favoring secretary of state. supporting the charity's programs. trish. trish: thank you very much. what many thought unthinkable. larger than expected ground.
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the former florida governor campaign. today's event and tomorrow. move to larger. this is before george w. bush heads to south carolina. not everybody is in favor of it. >> he tried that. that did not work out so good good i will say that for after his brother makes a statement. especially that last three months. especially getting us in that quicksand. >> donald trump is the only candidate. instead, taking his unconventional campaign to florida. okay. coming up after the break. continuing this coverage in the market. a little reversal. meanwhile, european culture is under attack.
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the number of refugees flooding germany rising. so does sexual assault. the risk to national security there. what we will start seeing here in the united states. that is next. bernie sanders. raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. we have learned that socialist only paid $12 an hour. my intel on this hypocrisy. coming up. right back here. ♪
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it may be ending. no longer to allow passport free travel. this would be a temporary measure, they say, for two years. the concern is, some of the countries like greece are not able to patrol and secure their borders. arriving in greece each day. once they are in, they are in. they can move anywhere within the european union. muslim men are attacking christians. attacking women at the refugee centers. they now have to segregate. here is a an -- analysis. ralph peters. i know we have talked about this.
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it keeps getting worse. they are trying to deal with these refugees that have come in. 2000 arriving on the shores of greece. they have these refugee centers set up. now they are going to separate the christians from the muslims. separating the men from the women. christian women. at what point does germany say okay. enough. they have to separate muslims from muslims. the fundamentalist muslims are fighting with a more secular. i think the best example is, the last two weeks is a guard. christians, in during beatings, threats, having bibles thrown up. unimagined the fuss if anyone
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torn up baker on. it is not so bad that it is in a stricter area. four christians. other religious minorities to protect them. we just did this to make the christians feel better about things. there is a real threat. it is really ugly. it is not getting better. to give an idea of how prolific we correct anze are among the elites, a rising star, the rising star, among them. she is their defense minister. she just said, she thinks the german military, the refugee crisis is to provide vocational training to migrants. they have a few recognizance aircraft. germany is a country that has
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just lost its way. >> is a guilty? such a terrible path. it feels as if it needs to right the wrong. doing something that is not smart at this time. >> i think really at this point, in a new century, germans often use that as an excuse. there is no danger of the superpower. right now, the general military is the smallest it has ever been, in its history. since the beginning of the cold war. half the planes do not fly. going ba germany, you talked about, you know, the end of the european dream. i was trying to be clever. an offer that i could use to apply this. the only thing i can come up
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with is this is the violent twilight of the gods of european political correct this. >> let me talk to you about the refugees for a moment. they are coming to a foreign land. they are escaping tragic circumstances back home. the human being, why he would suddenly turn violent against other refugees. against women. against christians. you are all in the same boat. why is there fighting against themselves. >> too much violence in much of america. again, as you know, i always differentiate between refugees. really persecuted from the middle east. the migrants were there. economic reasons to live large. handouts in the german or scandinavian.
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you have to make that differentiation. i think that it is amazing that so many young muslim males, they come there expecting the street to be paved with gold. everything will be given to them. i just cannot wait to have sex with them. mass media. the psychological disconnect between what they perceive and perspective the reality on the ground is just stunning. we often see that in our own country. trish: they are looking at the borders. they could not be going very much. showing the passport. more control. going right back to that. >> switzerland.
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you have to. you have to control your borders. it was a noble jury in. the last time there was a border, it was a roman empire. it only worked with half of what considered to work with europe. the european union is also still a good idea. i think now you have to see the return. it does work in that you on the financial economic side. >> the eu may go down in history. both from an economic standpoint you know. >> longer than it could otherwise. trishcolonel peters, good to see you. bernie sanders is all about the $15 minimum wage.
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we will give you a hint. not $15. not $15. my intel on the hypocrisy. behind bernie sanders in theatb minimum wage coming up. ♪ d away. d away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision,
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trish: finalizing your plans for the weekend. all you have to do is put me on alert. this weekend. here in the big apple. temperatures will only get up to about 20 degrees. the coldest day new yorkers have seen this season. exactly. that is what i am going to do. wall street is red hot right now. stocks up 266 points. oil and bank stocks both rebounding. a pretty wild week for stocks.
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and even wilder year. jeff flock, ashley webster and nathan. the ceo of simply money. good to see all of you guys. it has been incredibly volatile. dependent on the price of oil. >> it was interesting. watching the market. the dow go down 350. even the traders staring blankly at their screens. everyone saying, what happens. oh, they are prepared to coordinate. well, of course they are prepared to do that. it really means nothing. >> it is that. what oil is doing today, jeff flock. >> it is gaining.
2:29 pm
up 328 now. we closed yesterday at 2621. we are up three and a quarter dollars. it is crazy. i would just caution you on discounting the oil minister. just a month ago, this is the same guy that said they would never reach an agreement. this is a reversal. i think that means more than some of the others. this could be something. >> i just want to point out to our viewers that we are now on session highs. up and down on oil. actually figuring out what direction the overall stock market is going to go. >> the fed has been a big player. to me, there are three things that are all working in the markets. there is oil. uncertainty. the reform package.
2:30 pm
all three are negative for growth. negative for inflation. the dollar gets significantly weaker. tends to be pretty pessimistic most of the time. he is unusually pessimistic these days. >> it could be worth the market. i lived through the 87 crash. stocks dropped 21% in one day. it is just an appetizer of something larger moving forward. trish: this is an appetizer of something bigger. they did not get that hangover.
2:31 pm
eighty-seven. we had a bad day in the markets. the concern is tied to these commodities. the energy companies. building out their operations. the energy crisis. similar to 2008. what do you say? >> we will not have a credit crisis. i do not believe in doom and gloom. maybe about 14% right now. the federal reserve. >> 0.7% growth. 0.7%. who is to say that will not drop into negative territory?
2:32 pm
>> actually, when you go to the job openings and labor turnover that joe is indexing, 5.6 million people told them to take the job and shove it in december. trish: that is because these jobs are not paying anything, nathan. we are not paying people well. that is why they do not want to work. >> the devil you know and the devil you do not know. everything that goes along with that. i think it is a great active confidence. the amount of people that are willing to quit. people are feeling somewhat secure. going 20 miles an hour. now it is going 23, 24, 25 miles an hour. we are not going very fast.
2:33 pm
this market is being driven by algorithms. not biorhythms. everybody takes it and starts trading on it. nothing to do with the average 401(k). wait a second, paying less at the pump than i have ever have. somehow, somebody is doing a heck of a lot of trading on wall street. you think that we may actually sees a negative interest rate. >> that is right. >> you probably believe more on the recession arguments. >> that is right. in the last week or so, we have made things a lot worse. we have negative rates in japan. that is leading to real concerns. thanks cannot really make money in a negative hank environment. credit extension.
2:34 pm
i think the other thing is in the political environment we have in the united states, energy is on the antiestablishment side. trish: i have to run. i am coming up on a heartbreak. thank you to all of you. ♪ every day you read headlines about businesses being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information
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2:38 pm
conflict's. a cease-fire from world leaders. bob maginnis joins me right now. he joins me with some perspective on all of this. what do you make, first of all, of this so-called cease-fire agreement that we have all agreed to in syria. >> it will not stick. there are so many players on the battlefield. the lost territory for assad. it is putting them into positions. difficult.
2:39 pm
the violence. i believe that at the state department, you just indicated, violence is not ultimately going to in this. we need to understand that, historically, whether it is in vietnam, afghanistan or even our efforts in iraq, it was not until the locals got involved. when the locals got involved -- trish: talking about locals. >> you are right. that is why you are hearing about the saudis coming to play. of course all of that is going to do -- trish: the russians now. they are trying to protect assad. you want assad gone. all of this chaos to isis.
2:40 pm
look, syria may result. is that what it is going to get to, world were three. >> the reality, in a nonpolar war, a world that we live in now, a lot of major players. everybody goes to one side or the other. all of these players are intermixed. isis claims 38 different provinces. what they are doing, they are going in there radicalizing this population. we are hearing from libya. it could contaminate all of northern africa. >> any chance, anyway, anyhow that we can work with russia to
2:41 pm
eliminate isis? >> i think that we are at different odds on a couple of things. recognizing that. you have this secretary in battle. spoiling the entire region. some very key issues. trish: cannot disagree with us on a side. thank you so much. or to have your perspective today. bernie sanders is done mandate that we hike the national minimum wage to $15 an hour. the favorite democratic socialist is not sharing the wealth amongst his own campaign workers. by intel on sanders hypocrisy is next.
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♪ >> time for a chuck on these markets on a friday afternoon. you want to know why, or you'll. closing up today. more than 12%. dropping $29 a barrel. it was the first update in
2:44 pm
weeks. investors like it. americans are still shopping despite the sharp drop in the stock arquette. increasing a quarter of a percent. the intelligence report will be right back. calling for a national minimum wage of $15 an hour. ♪
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trish: well, well, well. it seems that bernie sanders does not practice what he preaches. we must pay people more. we must have a federal wage of $15 an hour. apparently, that minimum wage does not apply to him. he pays his interns a love in-$12 an hour. three dollars short on what he keeps insisting everyone else must pay. amazingly, on his website, they write endurance bar and intra- call part of our operation.
2:47 pm
bernie says we need a minimum wage at $15 an hour. if we need it, bernie, why don't you start. this is the problem with liberalism. one group of people say they know what is best for the rest of the society. amazingly, when it comes down to it, we do not actually believe those rules apply to them. before you start, before you try to despair our economy with your version of socialism, i would like you to give it a try yourself. that is today's intel. donald trump. residential candidate. adding to the list. coming up, why one trump supporter is turning the donald. ♪
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> one-man is turning his love for donald trump into artwork. a russian immigrant turned u.s. citizen. he has been so inspired by the donald that he is launching and our campaign. one of which is now hanging in trump's houston headquarters. training from morning to night. joining me now with more. alex, welcome. >> thank you. trish: why trump? >> because i think he is the candidate. he will be the best president for united states. that is my strong opinion. >> art is influenced by opinion.
2:52 pm
have you always painted pictures by people that you like and respect? >> yes. i always paint everybody that has touched my heart. >> he is your muse. what is it about donald trump that you like? we are showing a picture there of one of your paintings. what is it about this man that you think would make him such a good resident. >> she has a lot of qualities that none of the candidates out there have. she is very strong. she is very smart. one of all candidates who will definitely change america in a good way. that is how i see him. trish: is he someone that you
2:53 pm
admired? >> i adored him as a singer. like i said, today i am joining the guy that will change the history of this country. he will change it in the best way. >> tell me a little bit about yourself and your background. >> i emigrated in 2000. i came from crimea. >> how is that or how has it influenced your political thinking about our future? >> how is that? >> how has it influenced what you saw in terms of supporting trump? >> america was exactly what i expected to see. it is a beautiful country. a strong country. i saw a lot of changes in this country. i do not think that they are good changes.
2:54 pm
trump is a person that i see as a best leader. we wish you luck with your artwork. thank you very much. we thank you for joining us today. >> here we are. just about an hour left. a big difference for what we saw yesterday. climbing towards 300. heading towards the final 60 minutes of trading. we will be back with more on ths markets right after this. i will see you here. ♪ but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. >> a market in quite rally mode, up nearly 300 right now, lori is on the floor of the new york stock exchange with a look at more and what is moving down there. hey, lori. >> just about everything is moving, trish, i tell you the only down sector today is utilities. obviously an interest rate sensitive sector and rates
2:58 pm
have come down today -- or rates have come down i should say-so obviously the safe haven stocks not in play but everything else is financials, up significant the today. energy obviously that's been so beaten down so energy stocks related industries are up and consumer discretionary is up. retail sales this morning, i think this is the theme why we're seeing such widespread bullishness. better than expected. consumer confidence is still there despite all of this gloom and doom we're talking about. and it was a terrific day for crude oil. best day in seven years, 29.44 to close, that's a gain of $3.33, 12.3% was the move there, the unite united arab emirates considered a coordinated cut in production, that could be the bullish need we need for crude which as you know is falling like a rock. there you see crude today best level in some seven years.
2:59 pm
29, 12. so the dow was up almost 300 points, almost 2% and quickly the s&p support level 1860, we're right there. so if we could hold here, we'll hang on. >> we'll see. it may happen. lori, thank you so much. and i just want to remind everyone that the conversation continues all weekend long on social media. you know this nearly 100,000 of you have watched the intel from just yesterday that i talked about socialism and why it's not good for our economy? we heard from you, you're talking about it, you're corresponding with each other, you're sharing it, that's all terrific, terrific news. so, again, the conversation continues on facebook. you can follow me @realtrish regan or on facebook trish under score regan or trish intel. have a wonderful valentine's day weekend and it looks like we may indeed end the week out
3:00 pm
on a high note. liz claman, over to you. liz: oh, my goodness thank you so much. wall street pulling a wilt chamberlain, rebounding big time, the dow jones industrial average jumping right now up 287. we were just up about 296, so very close there. financials and energy stocks are driving the markets higher as oil makes its biggest gain in seven years. remember yesterday when oil settled at 26.21? today a major reversal as crude settles at $29.44 up more than 12%. that snaps a very long and painful six-day losing streak for oil investors. so we're looking at that. now, it may look good but the overall rally still will not be enough to head into the holiday weekend in the green. the markets are all on track to close the week green a nice move for the nasdaq up 64 points to the gau


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