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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  February 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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federal government by 40%, steve networks is here with his -- steve forbes here with his take. melissa: bundle up, we're live in the weather center for updates [closing bell ringing] stocks stages a big rally today. dow up over 300. as closing bell sounds on wall street, 308, a look at whethe at -- where we're ending, light sweet crude trading up. david: 27, now to 30 dow in the green, if you are in stocks you are making money today, a welcome change, where we have seen red, lori rothman on floor of the new york stock exchange, i know oil had a lot to do with it still down almost 5% for the week. reporter: interesting you mentioned, that i checked that stat, crude oil 4.69% on the
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week, today was a fantastic day with opec members throwing out the idea of cutting product of course that was bullish for crude oil, that sparked a rally. energy and financials were among the biggest gainers today that put dow jones industrial you of more than 300 points. a 313 gain today. for the week, despite that solid rally, does not look like we'll come close to gains on the week, dow down 4.6%, s&p off 4.5%, and nasdaq down 5.3% on the week. and to sum of volatility, all you have to do is look at the vix. -- volatile index, the fear gauge if you will, for week it was up 28%. for the year. it is up 40%. so that is the message right there.
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about all ofs anxiety and choppiness, it is the same old story, the concerns about global growth slowdown, oil -- it is just i think that people were a little bit too sick of the gloom and doom. david: they got it. the dow settled up at about 313. to the plus side, lori ra rothman thank you. melissa: steve forbes is joining me now, it is the 27th day in a row the dow has seen the big swings of more than 200. is that a coincidence, do you see anything in that? >> it reflects is hume uncertainty, janet yellen, head of federal reserve mucked things up this week, indicating they may do negative interest rates where you pay the bank to store your money. the market felt, boy the fed
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does not know what to do. when you have that uncertainty that means that economy is not going to do well, business is less likely to invest, and stocks take a hit, people feel maybe the head is reversing, wwe have this volatility. melissa: it has been insane, one thing that makes people nervous, about financials is the idea that oil has fallen so low. that there are -- there is going to be a lot of debt that goes bad, a lot of banks that made loans to different people. that is the nature of oil business, you borrow money to drill a well, now you can't sell that oil at a price where you can make back what you made. do you think there is elsewhere? >> the banks are not over exposed to energy, you don't have that thing that happened in the '80s, and '70s they bet heavily on energy, then when oil went down they had a real depression, but this
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time, unlike '80s, when oil took a huge hit down almost 70%. back then you have a vibrant economy, we were cutting taxes, deregulating the economy. today we go the opposite direction, raising taxes, new regulations, huge uncertainty from the fed, not to mention health care and kaboom. melissa: what do you make of the bounce back toda? is is start of something new. >> don't pay attention should just one day, it is called trend line, earnings, profits are under press eurk central bankrure, central banks do not know what they are doing. melissa: what to you think turns that. does it have to be i change in government? is it something on the international scale. i look down the road, i try to see what is pushing us out of the doldrums. >> not from overseas, no sign of it yet. if federal reserve indicated that they will allow credit
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market to operate again or let their floated -- bloated portfolio run off that would be positive, but so far no sign they will do anything constructive. melissa: steve forbes, we have more coming up thank you. >> thank you. melissa: you will be mere if weigh in on the campaign trail,. david: let's weigh in on that a week until next primary contest in south carolina. republican candidates are stepping up their ground game, fox news john roberts in greenville, south carolina with the latest on the campaign trail. reporter: david good afternoon, the man to beat here in south carolina, 15 points ahead in latest polls is timothy cardinal dolan, he continues -- is donald trump, he continues to be absent from the state. last night's big rally in baton rouge, louisiana, keeping up drum beat against jeb bush, and including
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president george w. bush who will be here to campaign for his brother monday, saying that the iraq war was a disaster, a quagmire, and trump continues to hammer ted cruz for not being honest. >> they take these ads, they are vicious, they say anything, anything. i just hope you don't believe the crap. it is all crap. okay? they are lies, they talk about eminent domain, without that you would not have roads or hospitals or anything. reporter: trump continues colorful language. in an attempt to clear so-called establishment lane with big finish next saturday, jeb bush trying to take down his competition. continuing his assault against marco rubio and even attacking john kasich. >> i was there they called me a cheap hawk, a cheap hawk
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meant, get what you need to the people that need it, and don't waste money. and you know, i just really wish that jeb could actually be positive about something. but maybe if he was i would be so shocked i would need a seat belt. reporter: basic coining out not -- kasich pointing out this not last on anyone that jeb has spend more money than anyone else on the campaign, and nowhere close to inning according to kasich. david: so much for money in politics being the determining factor. melissa: last night, hillary clinton and bernie sanders, in the debate. fox news' mike emmanuel is here with details of last night's event, and what it means for the nation's next primary. reporter: democrat candidates are back out to the campaign trail working the african-american vote, some sparks flew when hillary clinton said last night, that when she is elected she will
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have political capital to implement her proposal, bernie sanders shot back, she is not in the white house yet. this is first debate since clinton's blowout loss in new hampshire, ahead of upcoming contests in nevada and south carolina, no surprise they starred on foreign policy with clinton suggesting that sanders does not get it, and bernie sanders saying, he has better judgment. >> i believe as president, i will look very carefully at unintended consequences to make sure that united states and our brave men and women in the military do not get bogged down in perpetual warfare in the middle east. >> this is one area i it is agree with senator -- sis disagree with senator sanders on. reporter: and also president obama factor last night. clinton embraced the president on issues like race relations
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and criminal justice, and bernie sanders did not hesitate to draw differences. >> criticism we heard from senator sanders about our president, i expect from republicans, not from someone running for the democratic nomination to succeed president obama. >> that -- that is a low blow. do senators have the right to disagree with the president? have you ever disagreed with the president. i suspect you may have. reporter: some tension, it has been a tougher contest than clinton and her supporters expected. melissa: mike thank you so much. david: even hillary clinton is taking aback by bernie sanders' spending plans. >> the best analysis that i have seen based on senator sanders' plan it would probably increase the size of federal government by about 40%. david: steve forbes is back to talk about this.
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first of all, we have been trying this big government spending plan for the last 15 years, we have a chart of government spending over the past 15 years it has gone through the roof, president obama wants to increase above that 4 trillion mark. the fact is that with all of growth in government that we've had this crushing of the middle class, it has not helped the middle class. it has hurt the middle class. >> they don't recognize, is where the government gets resources, they don't create it, they get it from we the people, either borrowing or printing money that is another source of taxation, we have less capital to spend they put in way regulation this is another form of taxing that slows the economy as, especially small and new businesses. david: and regulations can squeeze out the little guy as well, dodd-frank, we have more greater concentration in the big banks now than before.
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>> ask any banks, how many people do they have to hire for compliance, they could have done doing loans, and loans origin nation, instead they are filling out forms for bureaucrats. david: now, bernie's plans are huge, $18 trillion over, worth of spending on all different things, he seems to think that american dream is really about government handouts, rather than freedom. >> well, and he does not realize where does the government get the wherewithal for those. they get it from again, we the people, and taxes, you tax, over tax, you get less of them. look at france, half a percent real growth since 1990s, high youthful unemployment 25%, spain over 40 percent, that is what happens with a stagnant economy. david: bernie is hit a core
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with young people, a lot of middle class who have been squeezed. i think that people trust him to say what the problem is more than hillary. >> his our crew -- our crew makes the disease worse, he would make bernie sanders would make a barack obama look like ronald reagan, these would throw the economy to a full-blown recession. david: is his power in this election, the fact he is moving debate to the left, he moved hillary clinton to left, how about the republicans? >> where do we go? we have a huge problem with this economy. not on mention foreign policy. which direct do we go? he has moved the democratic party, far more left than bill melugin ever -- bill clinton did in 1990s, results will have bad lingering result, and so the key can the republicans get that positive reagannesque
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message and heed with growth, and tax cut, and curbing wasteful spending and a stable dollar. david: we have to do it on forbes on fox. >> a great idea. david: every saturday morning fox news channel 11 a.m. melissa: top care groups setting sites on passenger planes more. with a new warning about potential attacks how the homeland security plans to respond. david: george clooney is germany, not only promoting his latest movie, but also speaking out against the united states and what he says needs to change. melissa: brotherly love, a familiar face hitting the campaign trail on monday with jeb bush, another target for donald trump. >> they tried the mother that did not work out so good. now his brother. every day you read headlines about businesses
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david: major world leaders are meeting in munich, germany today. they forced a partial ceasefire today but it did you not take affect until next week. john negroponte is here to weigh in on whether this would lead to lasts peace. russia will keep bombing, and isis is no part of this.partialy for access of humanitarian supplies to the villages in dire need of those.
4:18 pm
i think that is the main point, whether it can be broadens to cover the war in general that remains to be seen, they have working groups meeting in geneva, one on humanitarian access, one on the details of a plausible ceasefire, they are working we'll see how that works out. david: humanitarian, you bridge ubring up a great point, good to get humanitarian aid into the areas. but i wonder whether russia senses it might have -- table,l strengthened hand of bashar
4:19 pm
to pursue some kind ofhan 6 ceasefire, that could lead to some political talks. david: i want to move you to an actor named george clooney if i can, a real ambassador, come out with criticism of the united states, and how we're dealing with the syrian refugee problem. >> you know, united states could do more as we know could 10,000 refugees a year is not enough. >> 10,000 a year is not enough, but look at what is happening, angela merkel and her plan with over a million refugees in 2015 in germany, they are creating problems, >> there are several points to make. i think that george clooney is
4:20 pm
a great humanitarian, i admire his interest and his involvement. but you know the united states does not have to apologize to anyone in this world about how we have dealt with refugees overtime. we have welcomed literallye i tn perhaps make the most useful contribution to work with others towards dealing with the root causes, which really have to do with the instability in the middle east, otherwise these people will keep coming. david: they will, ambassador john negroponte great points thank you for much. >> david thank you very much. david: absolutely, melissa? melissa: isis chemical option
4:21 pm
terrorist group could possibly sell chemical weapons. >> the fight for republican nomination, when all else fails, attack the frontrunner. >> if your president is someone who says or does things you would punish your kids for doing, that is not a good sign.
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melissa: terrorism in the sky, top terror groups remain focused on targets planes in aviation according to a new warning from department of homeland security. here now is retire general thomas -- when do you think of that threat? when
4:25 pm
russian airplane crashed. and the other one last week in somalia. at least one person was killed. the bomber. so, we're going to see increase efforts there, it will require a great deal of impact for the smallest amount of effort on their part. melissa: there is an interview with cia director john brennan this weekend on 60 minutes. >> we have a number of instances where isil used chemical munitions on the battlefield. >> artillery shells. >> sure. >> isil has access to chemical a artillery cells.
4:26 pm
melissa: he says they could export these to the west as well, is this new information but it can be a problem it is difficult commanding unit that had in old days that had chemical weapons capability. and they are sensitive to weather, buildings, a wholeoes tear -- terrorize people just mentioning it, that is the val that you isis is getting out of it. melissa: it seem over time that every week there i is a new something that proves they
4:27 pm
are advancing and digging in developing growing get are larger this problem is getting and that is why i believe that the strategy of not destroying them immediately, trying to contain them was the wrong strategy. because now they are inspiring radical islamists in the world. you hear what they are doing in libya ande young people that are inspired by isis are flocking to syria. so, i believe that strategy has been wrong, and i have said that countless times. melissa: general thank you for joining us. >> thank you melissa. david: stuck in freezing weather, that is what we're feeling right here, water main break covering a neighborhood. melissa: wow. david: the latest on all of brutal temperatures head our way.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. david: well, if you're in stocks, congratulations. you're making money today after a big rally on wall street.
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the dow ending the day up over 300 points. both the dow and the s&p 500 seeing highest one-day gain but not enough to turn markets positive for the week. here's where the averages ended as you can see all the errors red. melissa. melissa: a blast from the pass. george w bush returns to the campaign trail, the former president will hit the road with little brother jeb in south carolina for the first time this season and of course donald trump had a little something to say about it. >> since he's left office, he has not been involved in any kind of public political event, and i'm proud that he is going to help his younger brother. >> he tried the mother, that didn't work out so good. now bringing i in his brother. i won't say anything. i'll say after his brother makes a statement. melissa: well, he had something to say but he didn't have to say things to say. here to weigh in republican strategist betsy.
4:33 pm
betsy, let me start with you. so, first of all, is w popular in south carolina? on the face is it a good idea? >> he's not only pop in south carolina but popular with nationally polling indicated about 80% of republican primary voters like his presidency. which makes him one of the most popular figures in the republican party overall. more popular than donald trump. so it's a little bit actually curious that the jeb campaign waited so long to bring him in, in my opinion,. melissa: kevin, do you agree with that? because there are a lot of people out there saying the opposite that, you know, there's still questions about the iraq war, i mean so many different things. or even if you go back to how much money w spent. his economic record is not great. >> no. but betsy's right on her. jeb has made a mistake. should have had george w bush on the campaign trail a long time ago. you can't change your last name and your dad and brother
4:34 pm
happen to be the last two republicans elected president. why not try to use that to your advantage? this is a smart strategy for jeb -- and donald trump wants to make fun for him but his mom helped him get a bump in new hampshire. i think his brother is going to help him here in south carolina. melissa: so, betsy, how do you see this shaking out because the alternative was marco rubio who got struck down the last time around i don't know if he can build up a resurgence. as ted cruz as a trump alternative, it's unclear that the rest of the country is going to embrace that. i mean they seem that they're both in that same category of sort of outsider rebel nonmainstream republican. do you think that jeb bush really has a chance here? >> it's plausible. and we'll find out shortly i guess. with that said, i think it's important to under estimate ted cruz's appeal. i talked to one operative with a rival campaign in south carolina who didn't want to give his name who expects ted cruz to win the south carolina primary because cruz's super
4:35 pm
pac has such an effective ground game there. if jeb bush can't take -- i don't know in the top three or four in south carolina, it's going to be really hard for him to make the case that he can beat hillary if he can't beat donald trump and ted cru. melissa: kevin, there are a lot of people out there, though, that says ted cruz more than anyone is the least electable in a general election. he's the most extreme, the most conservative that he would have the hardest time beating hillary. do you think that's true? >> well, there's no question that cruz has a like ability problem. and you combine cruz and trump. here's the truth. bush rising hurts rubio and if the establishment wants a chance at this, if they want somebody who they feel really embraces their values who's electable, they've got to rally around rubio and this bush rise only hurts him, and it really does. it helps cruz, and it definitely helps trump in south carolina. however, i disagree. i don't think cruz is going to win south carolina. i think trump is going to win south carolina. . melissa: all right. we'll see you later on in the show.
4:36 pm
thanks, guys. david. >> well, more trouble for hillary clinton reports stating investigators with the state department did issue a subpoena to the entire clinton foundation. peter barns in washington d.c. with the details. peter. >> well, david, this is being conducted by the state department inspector general and also covers a close aid of hillary clinton's. a former state department employee who also sent e-mails to clinton's personal receiver. a foundation spokesperson confirmed the subpoena and that supports previous fox news reporting that the investigation into clinton is on two tracks. one on possible violations of federal secrecy laws with her use of private e-mail, which is being investigated by the fbi and one on possible corruption, possible influence pedaling or trading favors for donations. last night on cnn clinton's spokesman brian fallon attacked the state department investigators. >> they have mounted several different fishing expedition stile investigations when she
4:37 pm
decided to run for president. there's no basis to any of them, and i think it's intended to create headwinds for her campaign. not going to work. >> the clintons have dismissed allegations that donors gave money to the foundation to curry favor with hillary clinton while she was secretary of state saying that the donors simply supported the charity's programs. david within back to you. david: peter, thank you very much. well, the democratic fireworks in milwaukee, the candidates pulling out a lot of stops, even arguing over their support for president obama. >> the kind of criticism that we've heard from senator sanders about our president, i expect from republicans. i do not expect from someone running for the democratic nomination to succeed proem. >> madam secretary, that is a low blow. do senators have the right to disagree with the president? have you ever disagreed with a president? i suspect you may have. david: that was a little interesting there. doug, former president bill clinton advisor and fox news contributor. so did either of the candidate
4:38 pm
hurt the other one? >> i don't think so. and this race obviously is getting tighter and tighter in terms of popular support and the popular vote. hillary has a healthy lead in terms of the delegates, both those elected and the super delegates, but i don't think anything was changed last night. david: it seems like particularly because we had the peter barns report of the subpoena there. not only are they evading the elephant in the room but so is the e-mail. were you surprised that there were no questions about the e-mails in the debate? >> i was because whichever side of the question you might be on in terms of culpablity, i think it's a serious issue. the question on the clinton foundation and also more seriously and more immediately, the e-mails. david: at first he said i'm never going to be talking about it. he said that in the first debate. >> right. david: then he kind of hinted
4:39 pm
at it a couple of weeks ago, and we didn't hear it last night. do you think he is going to resort to that? if he begins to really smell victory here, might he actually bring out the e-mail? >> i don't know. i mean her major issue as i see it from the polling is integrity and i don't understand why he wouldn't raise the question forget the legalities that's being adjudicated by the justice department and the fbi, why wouldn't he say this raises questions about your integrity, your judgment, your judiciousness. david: lost for an answer on that? >> i'm sorry? david: are you completely lost for an answer? >> well, i'm a political strategist. i believe when issues are out there, you use them. david: right? >> and you use them carefully. i'm not saying he should allege something. david: no, he had to have. the fact is that she came out after fox news issued a report that clinton foundation was going to be subpoenaed. she came out and said that story is bogus, well, now it turns out the story is absolutely true.
4:40 pm
we knew it was true because we reported. but there by focusing what has come out so far, she's in trouble. >> well, to me, the real issue the 22 e-mails that were so confidential that they couldn't even be redacted, the e-mails that were in the sap program highest level of confidentiality and when she took the secure e-mail and said, oh, resend it insecurely, each of these raises questions that i believe deserve thorough study. and i believe they're getting that we should know something in the near future. david: doug, great to see you. have a good weekend. have a great valentine's day. >> i'll do my best. melissa: one very expensive cup of coffee, the dollar signs in front of this cup of joe you won't believe it. that's next. david: also cold hands but warm hearts. this valentine's day there's more than one reason to keep the ones you loved very close warm.
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david: breaking political news. washington examiners report that former virginia governor jim gilmore has dropped out of the race for president. haven't heard directly from him but apparently he has retweeted that washington examiner article saying that he had dropped out. we wish him well. melissa. melissa: time to bundle up this valentine's day for at least part of the country. this weekend may have some of the harshest weather this winter with extremely low temperatures, rick has the latest. rick, so how many layers do we have to wear this weekend? >> how many do you have? . melissa: all of them. >> that's right. wear all of them is probably best bet. yeah, the eastern part of the country incredibly col. the western part of the country breaking temperatures for high temperatures across much of california and arizona and that goes on until about
4:45 pm
wednesday. meanwhile the eastern part of the country and when i say east, i actually don't mean florida. most of florida this system doesn't get down to florida. so you're going to be fine. but tomorrow get ready for incredibly cold temperatures and it's going to be really windy. windshield potentially up to minus 35 across parts of new england. same goes for parts of across the northern great lakes here. these are forecast temperatures for sunday morning saturday night into sunday morning and we're going to see a lot of the big cities breaking records at least for the date. so boston your record is minus three, you're going to get to minus five. you get the idea. it's really cold. all of this air mass up across canada, and it's going to fall all the way here across parts of the eastern seaboard. right now it feels like minus 30 in already feel like minus 24 in international falls. watch what happens tonight, by
4:46 pm
the time you get up tomorrow morning des moines minus 15, chicago minus 17, very cold, then going across the northeast, the cold starts tonight and tomorrow it's going to be really windy tomorrow. so get ready for very chilly one. but the coldest temperatures are going to be don't remember tomorrow night into sunday morning and take a look at what it's going to feel like here. minus 26 in boston. so all of your layers, that's your answer. . melissa: wow, rick, thank you so much i guess. david. david: time to head soncis makig history in cuba once again before traveling to the mexican border. details of his controversial trip coming up. and whole foods looking to woo millennials by adding tattoo parlors. the market's been pretty volatile lately. there is a lot at stake here, you know? we've been planning for this for a long time. and we'll keep evolving things.
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david: donald trump getting into it slamming pope francis on his up coming trip to mexico. >> the pope is a very political person. i think he doesn't understand the problems our country has. i don't think he understands the danger of the open border that we have with mexico. and i think mexico got him to do it because microscope wants to keep the barriered just the way it is because they're making a fortune and we're losing. david: now, the pope is making a pit stop in cuba today before he embarks on his six-day trip to mexico. fox news steven is joining us now with all the details. steve. >> melissa, the reason both sides say this 1,000-year old feud is stopping now because they want to do a better job of protecting the christians in the middle east that they say is being slaughtered. >> i saw the pope and the russian orthodox patriarch meeting.
4:51 pm
hopefully we'll bring attention to this situation of christians in the middle east. >> no pope has ever visited russian but the end of this feud could be the first step to such a historic mission. in the meantime the pope goes from cuba to mexico. one of the problems he'll be confronting there is the murder of priests by the drug cartels in mexico. at least 36 priests have been killed in mexico by drug cartels. at least 400 in mexico city alone threatened. really the goal from the cartels is simply put fear into people and prevent anyone from standing up to their power. that makes the unusual situation where you have some priests actually in protective gear or with bodyguards. melissa, back to you. david: thank you very much. whether it's on wall street or main street, here's who's making money today. your valentine for one. if you don't consider valentine's day to be a real holiday, think again what your wallet does, reporting that americans are projected to
4:52 pm
spend $19.7 billion this sunday. an average of 146 bucks a person. meanwhile whole foods is taking a whole new twist on thinking outside the bobs. the grocery chain announcing their plans to open 365 stores across the country aimed at millennials with convenience and lower prices some of which could include tattoo parallel oparlors inside the store and $15 a cup of coffee, a san francisco shop is charging $15 with beans made in panama and customers can't seem to get enough of it, by the way. their initial harvest is completely sold out. well, if you can't beat him, join him in his attacks. republican candidates stepping up their attacks on frontrunner donald trump and this time it's very personal. >> trump politician steam role
4:53 pm
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why pause the moment? ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. and for a $200 savings card, go to >>
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>> candidates double teaming on donald trump. this time about their character. >> i offered a lot of money out of this, a little thing called heart. >> trump bankrolled politicians and steam rolled the little guy. >> no heart in what state you are in act with dignity and you turn on the tv and you see a leading presidential candidate spewing profanity from the stage. reporter: will the double teaming work?
4:57 pm
>> south carolina look at primary kroat voters. they are socially conservative on some issues including the gay marriage issues. they are more socially conservative as a block than even iowa voters. so for rubio and others to intimate he's a bad human being, that matters to people. they pay attention. reporter: meantime there is a little bit of payback. ted cruz had an ad featuring a porn star. >> it's not that big of a news story. you hire a consultant that has auditions for an ad. by the shows the way this devolves.
4:58 pm
from the language trump is use together actresses trump is using it, not what you would normally see. >> that's rubio hitting trump on foreign policy, saying nobody running for president has more foreign policy experience than me. that kind of rings flat to me. he just doesn't seem to have the gravitas to make that claim. >> it's a tough argument for him to make. on the one end he has a lot of experience and work on foreign policy issues in the senate. on the other hand, his resume really has very little to do with actually making direct foreign policy decisions. being the florida speaker of the house is cool and helpful. reporter: his appeal is not his experience, it's his freshness. there are other people with the experience, whether it's life
4:59 pm
experience like donald trump or something else. but he's the fresh candidate. he should run on that, not the experience thing. don't you agree? >> experience, when you compare him with what ted cruz and donald trump has, ted cruz is a first-term senator. donald trump has zero foreign policy experience. >> the deal is donald's card. he can say i have dealt everywhere in the world. >> dealing is different than diplomacy. marco rubio has privy to information as part of the formulations committee that donald trump, doesn't matter how many millions or billions you have. the second thing is likability matters when you come to diplomacy. the ability to get things done. marco rubio's argument is number one i grasp it and number two i can more effectively execute it.
5:00 pm
he has executed a lot of deals around the world. great to see you both. have a ruffle valentine's day. we appreciate you all coming to see us. please come back monday. that does it for us. "risk and reward" starts right now. >> anyone claiming america's economy is in decline is peddling fiction. reporter: today there is green on your screens but investors lost $1.78 trillion so far this year. we have you and your money covered. the dow and the s & p break a five-day losing streak. but if you have been watching the market you know volatility is the problem.


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