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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 12, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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they don't look at me as a politician, i'm an oath keeper. i'm also an army veteran and served a tour in iraq. at a time when there is a lot of distrust in our government. we need leaders who are going to do the thing they promised and tackle the issues of the day. charles: thank you for your service. we appreciate it. lou dobbs next. lou: good evening. i'm lou dobbs. the next battleground for the republicans, south carolina. his status unchanged after the first new poll out of south carolina shows him with a 16-point lead or his next closest rival, senator ted cruz.
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the augusta chronicle. trump saving some of his harshest fire for the senator. >> trump bang rolled politicians to steep roll the little guy. a pattern of sleaze. >> they take these ads and they are vicious and they anything. thp. they say anything. i just hope you don't believe the crap because it's all crap. they talk about eminent domain. without eminent domain you wouldn't have a road or hospitals or anything. without eminent domain you wouldn't have the keystone pipeline. lou: trump tonight is holding a rally in tampa. we'll be take you there and bringing you developments in the interim. democratic rivals bernie sanders
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and hillary clinton fighting over who loves president obama more. >> senator sanders said president obama failed the presidential leadership test. in the past he called him weak, called him a disappointment. >> madame secretary, that is a low blow. president obama and i are friend. he came to vermont to campaign for me when he was a senator. i worked for his reelect, his first election and his reelection. lou: the senator from vermont reminded everyone that it was hillary clinton who ran against him, not senator sanders. we'll have michael goodwin and rebecca berg. george clooney lecturing america on politics. he says we are not doing enough to stop the syrian refugee crisis.
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never mind radical islamic terrorists with infiltrated the refugees and mentioned to attack the country. our top story tonight. the republican race for the white house. we are down to sick candidate. former governor of virginia jip gilmore ended his presidential campaign. four of the sick remaining candidates courting evangelical voters at a faith for number south carolina. john robert in greenville, south carolina with that report. evangelicals are a huge voting bloc here, 60% of the electorate. >> is anybody here worried about the front running candidate shouting out obscenities in front of children? i can't imagine my dad -- it --
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it's just like, not going to do it. or my brother who always wore a suit into the oval office. reporter: bush is running fourth in the most recent polls. he has drawn fire from trump. with george w. bush come to campaign next week. trump felt compelled to fire a precept tough strike. >> i was against the war in iraq. reporter: trump is taking fire from all side. is opponent and lobby groups tried to tear down his conservative credentials. ted cruz has renewed his attacks, also taking aim at some of the loose language trump engaged in on the stump.
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>> don't listen to what any of the candidates say. don't listen to me, and don't listen to donald trump. or in you do, you may have to send your kid out of the room. >> but sometimes when you fire the political musket it backfires. ted cruz was forced to take down an ad after it was revealed an actress who stars tonight has been in porn films. marco rubio vowing to put his contrasting debate performance in new hampshire in the rearview mirror. >> we feel good about pour mess manage the campaign. reporter: the cruz campaign is blaming the production company saying the actress involved was
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not properly vetted. one of the -- one other note from the campaign trail. former virginia governor jim gilmore decided for him it's the end of the line. lou: clinton and sanders meeting for the final democratic debate before the enough caucuses 9 days from now. fox news senior political correspondent mike emanuel with the report. >> hillary clinton returned to the campaign trail in south carolina to hold a town hall after the 6th democratic debate in the campaign cycle. during the debate with senator bernie sanders there was a brief
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but planned flare-up saying her proposals would be more realistic. >> once i'm in the white house we'll have enough political capital to be able to do that. anders reiterated the people are sick of establishment politics in an economy that benefits just a few. >> they want a political revolution where millions of americans stand up and not let the trumps of the world stand between us. >> i want to tackle the barriers that stand in the way of too many americans right now. african-americans who face discrimination in the job market, education, housing and the criminal justice system. reporter: clinton was confronted with the fact that 55% of women voters in new hampshire picked sanders. >> i have no problem with anyone making up her mind about who to support.
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sanders, a jewish democratic socialist argued ... >> a sanders victory would be of some historical accomplishment as well. >> i will do everything i can to make certain that the united states and our brave men and women in the military do not get bogged down in perpetual warfare in the middle east. reporter: clinton suggested sanders does not understand the middle east. >> this is one of the areas i disagree with senator sanders on who has called for syrian troops to end -- for iranian troops which i think would be a mistake. reporter: expect more from sanders on mysterious big money in politics. lou: mike emanuel. for these candidates it will be
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a very busy few weeks. the south carolina republican primary next saturday the 20th. the following tuesday republicans caucus in nevada. then the dems will have their primary on the 27th. march 1, 14 states hold their primaries and caucuses. a big, big day for delegates. pope francis arrived in mexico for his 6-day visit that will end with a controversial act if things go as plans. he will be going to the border he says to show solidarity with illegal immigrants trying to cross our southern borderer. that move drawing criticism from the republican frontrunner donald trump.
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>> the hope is a very political person. i don't think he understands the danger of the open border we have with mexico. i think mexico got him to do it because mexico wants to keep border just way it is because they are making a fortune and we are losing. lou: trump criticized the foam last year when the pontiff tried to lecture everyone on the evils of capitalism. the world health organization says possible zika vaccines are 18 months away from large-scale trials. the head of the nih says it could be ready tore trials as early as august and he led the effort to create the ebola virus. so far 50 cases of travel-related cases of zika have been reported in the united states.
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lou: donald trump attacking ted cruz ahead of tomorrow morning's debate. ted cruz tweeting this. lying cruz put out a statement. trump and rubio are with obama on gay marriage. cruz is the worst thrier or crazy. how can ted cruz can an evangelical christian when he lies so much. the pulitzer freeze-winning
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columnness. in all of this, trump is following an approach, a strategy that has worked brilliantly for him. >> cruz is canadian. remember that? that was one of the earlier lines. he dropped that one. lou: i think the class is paying attention. >> obviously he reads the polls like everyone else and sees cruz is probably the on person who can threaten him in south carolina so he's going right at him to push him back. >> as we look at these polls, cruz is the closest. >> closer but not close. >> again we are talking 16 points. but rubio and bush -- >> i think trump has such a lead
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among all the demographics including many of the evangelicals that he pretty much cut everybody else off from gaining too much. >> does it stun you donald trump is winning, has won in every demographic group, men, women, educated, uneducated? is that stunning to you? >> it stunned us all. look at the way the candidates have dealt with trump. only now are they starting to attack him in the way you would expect these candidates to attack a frontrunner. but everyone has discount his ability to keep on winning. even though was in second place a record number of voters then going out to win new hampshire.
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lou: this is just a front group for big money to enforce its will on the party. >> i was surprised to read the argument that what they tried in iowa and south carolina is that he's not a conservative. this is not exactly news to his supporters. there is almost no one out there. it's too much of and i illusion about who he is. >> that line attack seems that it's already been tried. they are claiming they drove down his numbers in iowa.
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i think those are the two main reasons. they are taking credit for that. >> rebecca, this is something to me that is fascinating. this is like trump is the clearest voice it seems to me, in the field. i'm not saying i prefer him over any other candidate. he's got the clearest voice. this message is straightforward and everybody else is playing like it's 1965 it seems to me. where do the republican he athletes go down to south carolina to stop trump and they don't know how and don't know who to put forward. this is really starting to look silly. >> i know. cully, lou, that's why you are seeing trump have such success and these other candidates are not able to catch up. they are flying different
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universes and trump is running away with it. we don't have a lot of polling do to go off off in south consider. but the polling we have suggests trump is in a commanding lead. i don't think people really realize this election is his for the taking. >> i think the problem for the establishment is there is no one candidate they can rally around and try to get the others out. they don't like cruz. they are luke warp on rubio. bush, maybe. so they don't have someone -- kasich can't go any further, so they have nobody to fight with trump. and you can't beat somebody with nobody. lou: i think the establishment made it clear they love rubio and jeb bush but voters don't. it's sort of preposterous to
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think that they can actually in 2016 shove down the establishment's choice of candidate on the american people. >> i can't see either one of them getting out voluntarily for the other. they don't like each other, too. lou: rebecca you get the last word. >> we talked a lot about ground game in term of donald trump candidacies. i think that won't matter as much as we think in south carolina. we saw hip come close in iowa. the other campaigns have their work cut out for them and this debate tomorrow will be a big moment. >> i couldn't agree with you more. the question of he visibility gel kals. this start to look like iowa with the tremendous 64% turnout of evangelicals is expected in south carolina. how powerful the influence do you think? >> absolutely powerful.
7:22 pm
that's why you see these campaigns reaching out to that group. some of the campaigns trying to say trump uses bad word. bringing up the cruz campaign using a soft porn actress in his ad. lou: there is a reality that seems to impinge on all of us at times. thank you, appreciate it. be hour to vote in our poll tonight. do you believe the outcome of this presidential elect will determine whether america is ever great again? cast your vote on twitter. follow me on twitter at lou dobbs news. follow me on instagram. breaking news now. the f.b.i. is now investigating that machete attack in columbus, ohio as a potential terrorist attack. a 30-year-old somali national
7:23 pm
stormed into the nazareth restaurant with a machete and attacked people as they ate. four people are injured in the attack. turning now to some amazing video. three russian day devils putting their -- russian daredevils' putting their lives on the line to take the perfect selfie. the team of three young men known for scaling building all over the world. this is a selfie. they risked it all to climb a skyscraper in china. if the men had any fear at all while standing 1,260 feet above the ground, they didn't show any sign of it. no one was hurt during the stunt
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and they got i think a good picture there. a global economy in turmoil. donald trump set to take the stage in tampa, florida. the big wave that descends on the northern california coast. we'll have the video next. i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people. being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer.
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. lou: a few words now what we're witnessing all around the world. our global political economy is in turmoil. we're witnesses nothing less than worldwide upheaval. in this country, the establishment, political and economic, being challenged louder, more profoundly than at any time since the 60s. a lame-duck president with 342 days remaining in office has about him now the air of an infallible emperor as his undemocratic authoritarian conduct becomes more menacing, it seems to our way of life ever day, our government and future as well. his decrees rival those of a despot.
7:29 pm
extending the power of the executive beyond any fancy of our founders, abusing his power, issuing fiats whether on the epa, border, illegal immigration or trade or nuclear agreements with iran. a treaty by any other name refusing to enforce laws and defiance of our constitution, and our national interests, while an acquiescent congress and senate look on and do little and nothing that matters. but it does matter what our president is doing. he's in california tonight. he's there taking 1.8 million acres of land and making it, well, national monuments. nationalizing, if you will, these lands. and his action brings a total land and water that this administration has taken unilaterally to approximately 265 million acres, far more than any previous president. he's preparing to do even more in the months he has remaining in office. one of the areas, the obama
7:30 pm
administration is likely to take, is nevada's gold butte area, where rancher cliven bundy and supporters, you may remember, fought against the overreach of federal authorities who were involved in a week's long standoff. environmental groups are pressing obama to take another 2.5 million acres in malheur county, oregon, which ranchers say would eliminate a third to half of grazing land now. this is part of the conflict that is centered on one ranching family, one family, the dwight hammond family, they believe they've been persecuted so the federal government can take their ranch and adjoining range. malheur national wildlife refuge is the site of the standoff between ranchers and the federal government end thatted this week. and that conflict is hardly over, the president is nationalizing land as no other president has and is intent on take more, and seems no stopping him. the citizens of oregon just
7:31 pm
watch quietly as the federal government, in another instance of the obama justice department's abuse of power crushed the rights of two of their fellow citizens, who tonight are in federal prison. dwight and steve hammond. it's enough to make any american sick and ashamed of this administration. our quotation of the evening, on the silence of the good people of oregon. for consideration of us all. this one from napoleon, who said -- we're coming right back. the european union is securing its borders for the first time in decades. in reaction to its worsening illegal immigrant and refugee crisis, and europe is about to change dramatically. colonel ralph peters here with us next.
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7:36 pm
syrian refugees in 9 camps within syria, near the turkish border. a tenth camp is built two miles inside syria. turkey, of course, has the world's largest refugee population, home to some 3 million and it is growing. joining us now, fox news strategic analyst, lieutenant colonel ralph peters. great to have you here. >> lou. lou: turkey is making threats now against the european union to release a million refugees illegal immigrants, whatever you call them into the european union. this is a monstrous crisis for the european union and angela merkel seems to be somewhere in the capital clicking away but not acting. >> well angela merkel has withdrawn her more radical statements about open immigration. but the real problem is immediately in turkey and in northern syria, and i'm not a
7:37 pm
big fan of the erdogan government in turkey, there's a lot that's despicable about them, but they've got a real case, when the european union isn't helping. turkey has about 3 million refugees on turkish soil. doing the best they can, they are establishing a de facto no gone zone in syria for the refugees to protect them. they need not just money, they need help, and nobody is standing up to putin. real victor is vladimir putin because inside to his triumphant military progress in the northern syria, he gets a benny, a benefit which is he gets to by driving out the refugees, societal cleansing, ethnic, religious, partly political, by driving them out towards europe, he divides nato and divides the european union, and putin's philosophy is if the european house is on fire,
7:38 pm
they won't pay attention to what the neighbors are doing. lou: just to put further spin into, this europe is preparing to restrict what has stood as an emblem of the european union, that is passport-free travel. among the member states. we're watching a number of states, including germany now itself, as you suggested, sweden, hungary, others. they're simply taking control of the borders because they have no choice, and that itself is going to change the dynamics of the european union, some would argue and are arguing that it threatens the european union which has 10% unemployment, which has mired some say right now in recession. problems are growing to cataclysmic proportions, don't you think? >> well certainly i do. i don't think the european union is going away, i think you saw a logical phenomenon, it pushed too far. it tried to do too much, and
7:39 pm
now it's contracting, it's reverting to sensible policies. you can't have truly open borders within the eu if you don't control the borders of greece. if you can't control the borders of turkey. you're going to see a somewhat less ambitious european union in the future. but in the meantime, the crisis goes beyond political, beyond the european union, and europe is frankly being invaded by people whose culture is so radically different that it's not compatible with western european liberal values. lou: these people are just figuring that out, don't you think? it's stunning, because donald trump for example said he was going to have a temporary ban against muslim immigration into the united states, and then he focused on what is happening in europe. i mean, it's extraordinary how little our public leaders are talking about the issues that matter so much to the
7:40 pm
europeans, to the united states and to the future of both. >> certainly, it's amazing that they're not. these are tough questions, and they don't want to address them. but there are a couple things we do know. lou: i'm going to have to ask to you wrap up as quick as you can. >> sure. the fundamental one is this, the traditional model of the immigration that works is the immigrant must conform to the value and thes language of the host nation. we turned that around in the interest of political correctness and said we'll conform to their values. in europe it's a tragedy, here it's a budding tragedy. lou: the multiculturalists and the neoliberals exacting an immense price from, well, from all of us. lieutenant colonel ralph peters, good to have you with us. >> thank you, lou. lou: the titans of mavericks, a one-day invitation only surfing event kicked off in california today. we want to show you the video.
7:41 pm
there they are. those waves at maverick, california. they get their names as mavericks from that. the contest touted as the greatest show on earth is considered one of the most dangerous. you see why. surfers from all around the world heading to halfmoon bay to participate in this incredible competition, in those incredible waves, and the powerful el nino weather pattern, we're told, has made the surfing great and the waves stupendous. the surfers are competing for, well, record waves, up to 40 feet high so they can make their run. move over nascar, a new race in town. drone racing, the competitive sport of the future. watch as two drones maneuver through an incredible obstacle course. that was fun, wasn't
7:42 pm
it? built in a warehouse, drone racing is so popular, it has its own league. and snowboarding, getting it all tonight. some athletes using a giant quadcopter to tow them away with ease. didn't look that easy or that fast. they'll work on it. up next, the overwhelming skepticism over the syrian truce with major general robert scales. and donald trump just took the stage in tampa, florida. we'll be going to listen to him for a bit. and shocking dashcam video capturing a dramatic accident on icy roads. we'll have that for you, much more, we'll be going to the trump event out of this quick break. stay with us. the microsoft cloud allows us to access information from anywhere. the microsoft cloud allows us to scale up. microsoft cloud changes our world dramatically. it wasn't too long ago it would take two weeks to sequence
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. lou: donald trump apparently with his big lead in south carolina tonight campaigning in florida. he's in tampa with a month to go before the florida primary. he's talking right now as you see there. we're going to go him at the university of south florida sun dome. let's listen in. >> i said to the accountants, you've got to do it on time, i always say on time, and under
7:47 pm
budget, right? like the state. on time, under budget. and we put it in, and they went back. look at number. look at the media back there. is this crazy? [ cheers ] >> is this crazy? lou: they don't seem to be cheering the media here. i don't know what's going on? >> and they went down there to the federal elections and they went down and it was like feeding, because they wanted to say, oh, maybe he's not good, maybe it's not good, maybe it's terrible, and they saw the best numbers, they saw the best places, very little debt, tremendous cash flow, great company, and i'm not bragging, i'm saying that's the kind of thinking our country needs. lou: in all due respect to donald trump, he is bragging, but i understand what he's saying and he's making his point. we're going to -- we're going to listen in as we goes through -- did you notice the booing when they said the national media? i don't understand that at all.
7:48 pm
joining us now, retired major general robert scales, former commandant of the u.s. navy war college, fox news military analyst. if anything is happening at the trump event, i want all of you to know we'll be going back there. bob, great to see you. >> good to see you, lou. lou: we're looking at tonight, the bombing continues with russia, the islamic state is not the focus of their efforts, and obviously the rebels are. this truce that has been secured between sergey lavrov and john kerry, between russia and the united states, will it work in your judgment? >> no! it's not going to work, lou, you know that. it's a great victory for putin. i mean in one year's campaign, with 40 airplanes, 800 russian troops. he's achieved every single strategic objective in the middle east that he set out for
7:49 pm
himself on the cheap. assad will be in power for a generation. russia has a permanent base inside assad's secure area. assad has surrounded aleppo and even though humanitarian aid will begin to come to aleppo, who's got their hand on the spigot, assad and aleppo? no. this is a huge victory for iran, russia and hezbollah. the syrian resistance is left out. kerry didn't even consult him before he penned this deal with russia. no, this is a huge strategic victory for vladimir putin, and as ralph said earlier, it makes us look weak and shameful in the middle east. lou: and saudi arabia, the united arab emirates sending special operations forces into syria. do you think they'll back off of that? >> no, no, no. i certainly know the saudi military very well. no, we groomed both of these militaries for internal defense. their special operating forces
7:50 pm
are mainly deployed inside their country to act as minister of interior troops. they've never done a successful external -- >> operation? >> effective operation in a foreign country, and the idea they would suddenly be infused into the mess in syria and have any useful effect is fanciful, lou. lou: there is so much about this that is fanciful, except for those people, of course, in syria, who are bearing the brunt of it all. major general, bob scales, always good to have you here. >> thank you, lou. lou: a scary accident caught on video, shocking dashcam video showing a driver exit her car, she was involved in an accident on a highway in connecticut, and then out of nowhere, another car comes spinning in out of control on those icy roads, slammed right into her, as you will see there. the impact caused the woman to
7:51 pm
hit her head against the wooden barrier, thankfully, she is expected to be okay, from the look of it, it could have been within a matter of feet, much, much worse. up next, more than 16,000 words uttered at last night's debate. for some reason the words e-mail, private server, fbi and benghazi, we didn't hear those words. we'll take that up with radio talk show host adrianna cohen and larry o'conner, next. great. great. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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lou: joining me now, "boston herald" columnist adriana cohen, host of "mornings on the mall." and larry o'connor. what a terrific job you did on the debate. abc news debate. i don't know why you didn't help some of those candidates out? >> i wanted to. dr. carson, they called your name. get out here, dr. carson. lou: you did a wonderful job, i wanted to say. adriana, let's talk about trump. he minneapolis florida. he's got a 16-point lead in the latest poll. there he is. this is live in tampa tonight.
7:56 pm
he's got a 16-point lead in the polls. is he really in your judgment that confident he can do this? >> absolutely. he had a blowout victory in new hampshire as we know. and he's positioned strongly to do well in both south carolina and nevada. lou: what do you make of his problem? he's having a little trouble where language. >> we are from new york. lou: those new york values are starting to show up here. he won every category in new hampshire. he's winning every category at least in the polling in south carolina. evangelicals are going for him. >> the funny thing about evangelicals. byron york broke down that 66%
7:57 pm
of people in south carolina identified themselves as evangelical. you have got to split them up into various kinds. there is military evangelicals and really i vote with my faith kind of he a van gel cals. those disaffected and angry, out of work evangelicals will go for trump. why do you think it other candidates are not adopting more of trump's approach? it' obviously working. the establishment is scared to death of everything he's talking about which is everything that happen -- everything that matters to the voters in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina. >> a lot of voters like trump's direct approach, they like the straight talk and the fact that he's not politically correct.
7:58 pm
i was at it night victory. his rhetoric is working. he talks about winning. what american doesn't want to win again. you have seen that photo of our sailors ... lou: are you a committed -- >> she is a trump kid, it's official. >> i'm impressed with how far he has come as a non-politician. >> he made noise in new hampshire and he deserves people's attention, but this is far from over. i think he's in florida as a tweak to rubio, too, don't you? lou: don't forget jeb. >> and jeb. i have forgotten jeb. lou: rear down to six candidates.
7:59 pm
let me turn quickly if i may to this idea that six people now are going to have to fight it out. you suggested that this is -- that it's not over. but i have got to say, i don't see a hurdle rear height now. >> it will be a big debate. tomorrow night there could be -- everyone is going to have the knives out. i think cruz will target. lou: if they bring any more fliefs than they have out. the establishment is fighting the candidates i of trump. we have our principals which is a name for an attack dog. we are going to have that primary and just see what happens? thanks for being here. 83% of you replied you think the republican he athletes are willing to sacrifice their
8:00 pm
candidacy in an effort to kill the trump candidates i. -- candidacy. >> thank you, new hampshire. john: a socialist won in new hampshire. how can this be? to knee socialism means less choice, less freedom, poverty, misery. the good news is some young people who lived under socialism wa oths wh it'like >> with bernie sanders if you select that guy it will be tough. john: but somehow socialism is not a threat to many americans. capitalism is the dirty word. >> you don't consider yourself a capitalist?


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