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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 13, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EST

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let's not continue down this road to socialism. that's our show. see you next week. thanks for being with us, good night from new york.. kennedy: all right, strap on the saddle, ready to ride. in presidential politics, every day is the kentucky derby and you don't need to travel or wear a fancy hat to take in the horse race, though bourbon does help. i'm watching mass dilution take over the trump candidates, while it's clear the field has narrowed, quest fallen jockeys who couldn't pilot the presidential ponies drop out and others who remain in the lehner beating a dead horse. now ted cruz actually won a state! his iowa win was the shaft of golden august corn but giving
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into the fits of others who see losing by 20 points as the new winning. cruz is confident he is the only guy who can beat trump, he said it himself, watch. >> the only guy who can beat donald trump is me. kennedy: there you go, he's taking it to the bank. he'll use bernian rhetoric against him and hammer away, but like the greek god of black smiths cruz is lame, and even if he punctures trump's blister dipped armor, people shrug and say i don't like him. jeb bush is swirling cuckoo juice when he says voters hit the pause button when they handed donald trump a decisive victory in new hampshire, he was as giddy as lena dunham recounting rubio's less than stellar finish and the imaginary pause will allow jeb
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to emerge the victor in south carolina. >> south carolina's been good to the bushes in the past, and i'm hoping and praying it will be good ten days from now. thank you all very much. kennedy: jeb, you can pray all you want, put on a habit and star in a musical with whoopi goldberg, you're not going to be the next president. it has nothing to do with marco's glitch or kasich's weak ground game. donald trump is playing the part of populist sea biscuit, no dynasty, no governor and no last minute surge of common sense is going to keep him from wearing a pretty flower necklace in the winner's circle. chris stirewalt joins me to answer can bernie sanders knock hillary clinton off her perch? riding high in new hampshire but the clinton camp knows how to play rough and dirty. rutgers universities students try to shoot down a gay conservative, why a right wing homosexual is too much for the campus to bear? i will ask billy givens for his thoughts on the presidential election and what he's hiding inside that beer --
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beard, rather, perhaps it's ben carson's clothes, glad you're clothed now. i'm kennedy. . kennedy: donald dominated new hampshire. he's well ahead in south carolina, according to real clear politics. at 36% and cruz is close behind with a measly 19 points. so what can the other candidates do to derail him? is that possible? ask the party point. it's katherine mangu-ward, "reason" magazine managing editor and pete, fox news contributor and lisa depasquale co-host of the political punks podcast and founder of finding mr. righteous. welcome back. >> thank you. kennedy: you're so welcome. katherine, start with you, how do you beat donald trump, what arrows are left in the quiver? >> if i had the answer to that
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question, i would be making a lot of money. donald trump can only beat himself, our truest enemy is our own self. kennedy: people spilled so much ink talking about impending implosion, made so many enemies but got this massive lead in south carolina. but interestingly, you say the thing to take away from new hampshire is basically burn down, there was no coalition building. >> right, the idea somehow that we could have seen this moment where everybody figured out their places or came together or worked out how they were going stop trump, it didn't happen. so far the only hit that's made any dent is cruz saying, you know, maybe he's bad on health care. but historically, any time somebody says you know trump said something you people who think you want to vote for him don't believe, it's likely that will happen again. kennedy: and trump continues to shrug, is cruz the guy?
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is health care the weapon? >> i don't think it is. this has not been an election who's more conservative or who's more liberal. who's on the outside or inside? who's going to blow it up and perpetuate the status quo? donald trump may have to defeat himself, he's done so many things that defeated any other candidate and go up as a result. he got the magical outcome he could have possibly wanted in new hampshire with the decisive win, with a kasich who has no chance at second place and the other three strangling each other which is going to happen for the next ten days before south carolina. the establishment conservative lane, they know, you said it in the monologue, marco rubio is the only one who can consume that space and have a chance. he's now fighting for first. kennedy: he has a chance saturday night and see how he can do. where is trump more vulnerable? if it's not on health care, if people are not able to outinsult him, where is he vulnerable? >> not on conservative principles or size of
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government, it's going to be on we're not totally sure he's serious and i don't want to waste my vote. kennedy: yeah. >> but i feel like cruz doesn't have a good point when you're coming off of not beating kasich, how can you say i'm the only one that can beat trump. kennedy: he barely beat jeb bush who is a handful of votes, and that's what is so amazing about all these people, knowing, giving a concession speech, after new hampshire, wow i screwed that up is marco rubio. >> no one is talking about what cruz can do to be better? wow, they say i don't like him or his face. at least we're talking rubio can do better. kennedy: maybe he will be donald trump's vice presidential candidate. this week on "cavuto," he said this. >> do you look at certain types, governor? senator? >> i want to win, after i win i can think about.
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this there are really, really people that we know. i would think because of the fact while i'm political, i'm not a politician, i would want to choose a politician. kennedy: interesting. he wants to choose a politician, what is he saying here? >> i love it actually that we have this moment, you can be the front-runner for the president, the presidential nomination and say i'm not a politician, and everyone buys it. we are at the moment staring down the barrel of a trump-sanders face-off. maybe this really is the moment that the two parties self-destruct. maybe this is the moment people say anyone who thinks of themselves as a politician, that guy is out. kennedy: they're railing against the system. >> i wish when they came to that conclusion, they then said you know what we'd like is someone who's sort of fiscally conservative and socially liberal and not somebody who wants to burn everything to the ground. kennedy: someone who has ideology that matters to them. somebody who invested in principles?
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but it's interesting because i look at this and i think that he's admitting a weakness. i think what he's saying is maybe it's not the best thing in the world to be a nonpolitician, if being an outsider were so fantastic, he would make good on promise to george stephanopoulos and oprah would be on the campaign trail. >> trump has a weakness. >> i watched that live, felt like there was a cognitive dissidence. i need a politician, which is an admission he has to play politics, in a place where being skilled in that endeavor is important. ronald reagan, a conservative, got things done because he knew how to work within a political system. you can't wave the trump wand and make washington respond to you. people fear he will rule like obama did through executive order. he'll probably look elect real, come on, if it were to be him, rubio in florida, kasich in ohio, a state he would need.
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kennedy: yeah, and see if the states deliver. florida not enamored with marco rubio or jeb bush. it's interesting because i thought he was going to pick tom brady as well. you know, tom's going to have a bummer of an off-season, didn't even make the super bowl, and he could have had the square dimpled jaw of america's finest athlete or another billionaire, oprah winfrey. >> yeah, you know to me that interview just sort of is a good example why trump is resonating, if you ask another politician or a politician they're going to say well, look at this and that, when they all just really should say someone that's younger or older than me, someone from a state they need or whoever my consultants say, he's saying what all the consultants are saying to their candidate, i'm going to look for someone who brings something i don't have, and also reminding people. kennedy: going to screw the democrats? he's going to pick elizabeth warren. she's crazy enough to say yes. >> there's the ticket.
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kennedy: there's the ticket, trump-warren. handful of pills. later on the panel returns to talk about bloomberg's third-party candidate, it's about to get weirder. zz top weighs in on music, politics and new show, but first up bernie sanders marches out of new hampshire but is the clinton machine ready to destroy him? chris stirewalt joins me to give the ultimate scoop. i'll take two.
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. kennedy: hello, glorious, i hope you're having a great evening. bernie sanders is, he's happy about hillary clinton basically tying her in iowa, clinton is well ahead of bernie in south carolina and has strong establishment support. can the bern beat her? let's ask chris stirewalt, fox news digital politics editor, whom i bumped into at a jeb bush rally in new hampshire. hello, chris. >> felt like an episode of to catch a predator, i was walking in, thought it was going to be fine, you were there with a camera crew, very intimidating. kennedy: and you had mike's hard lemonade, would you like to explain that? >> a six-pack, exactly. kennedy: one thing we learned from new hampshire, chris stirewalt, people love to party with bernie sanders. >> they do. sure. white people especially love to party with bernie sanders. much it's like they adore things like ritz crackers.
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white people have certain interests and for liberal white people that includes bernie sanders. however, he is starting to break through with black voters and with hispanic voters, which, of course, are 40% of the democratic base. that's a big deal. you can't get to be -- the simplest way to put it is a lot of the reason we have written off bernie sanders to this point, without a black candidate in the race, because jesse jackson, for example, made bill clinton plausible by splitting the vote against the establishment, you shoot the gap. there is no way this is going to happen. he's reaching out and seems to be responsiveness to it. i think it's a long shot, but you never know. kennedy: and i've been reading, there is a path to the nomination for him, but that's going to take a couple of things, including a further hillary clinton implosion. fox's catherine herridge exclusively reports that at least a dozen different e-mail accounts handled top secret intelligence from hillary
8:15 am
clinton's private server including top aide cheryl hill and houma abedin and all while she is secretary of state, the judge ordered the state department to finish releasing hillary clinton's e-mails by february 29th. the next tranche has to come out this saturday. possible indictment aside, will hillary's e-mail woes hurt her in the polls, chris? >> so the basic argument that every establishment candidate has is electability. that's why jeb bush is so bad at running for president, electability argument is not good he. doesn't stack up well against hillary clinton. that's why he hasn't been able to find a purchase. on the other hand, hillary clinton said you can't nominate bernie sanders, he's a self-avowed socialist. he'll lose 45 states, no foreign policy, you can't do if she has the threat of serious, serious legal problems, it eviscerates her
8:16 am
idea of the electability candidate. if you say bernie sanders can't run because he's a socialist, he's going to say you're going to be in manicals. democrats don't care about the e-mail but electability. kennedy: that is so real, if she get in that kind of hot water where indictment is looming and seems probable and almost certain, why doesn't joe biden get back into the race at that point? >> because he's not on the ballot and hasn't filed. states are moving past the filing periods. this is it. it's too late to get in. what he would have to hope for and this is remote but slightly less remote than before possibility in which after hillary clinton has amassed the requisite number of delegates in order to become the nominee, that the swift hammer of justice falleth upon her at exactly that moment, and that's when joe biden would show up and say all of her delegates have been released because she's not running anymore, and you go to the convention and he woos them.
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too late for him to get in now. kennedy: seems like it, and i honestly think that the better bernie does, the more joe regrets this, and you know, i have to wonder, and maybe you know the answer to this, how much of the server trouble led to her phenomenal defeat in new hampshire? >> they're feeling it, they really like him. this is not because electability concern is real with democrats, but they really like bernie sanders. they really are socialists. they feel this. they want to live in a country where college is free and universal health care and all of that. that's what they want. what they're giving into their -- they lack impulse control and they're giving into bernie sanders. that's what they want. kennedy: they are debating tonight, hillary clinton, how soon before she puts on the black thing.
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>> the yelling, boy are they shouting, i will think this is the shoutingest shouting that has ever shouted, absolutely. kennedy: shoutingly shoutable. chris, thank you so much. >> here for you, yes, ma'am. kennedy: chris stirewalt. and he called me pooky on saturday. talk to you soon, my friend. thank you. >> you bet. kennedy: bernie sanders with uncle bear making more socialist promises. we will debunk them. and zz top front man billy gibbons, he's going to grow an additional 6" of beard on the show to sheer force of will. he's that good. he's awesome. stay here. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support.
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kennedy: hello, and welcome back, margaret thatcher said the problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other people's money. we have a socialist looking to spend ours, here's bernie sanders on some of his popular proposals. >> we're going to raise the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour! >> i believe in a medicare for all single payer program. >> why can't all people in this country have health care? why can't we make public colleges and universities tuition free? why not? young people are thinking about is how does it happen that with all of this technology and productivity and our economy, they are likely to have a lower standard of living than their parents. kennedy: i know it sounds like all fun and games. will it work? ask associate professor of business and economics at the kings college. brian-ommics i call it. what's going on in his mind that this utopia seems like a
8:23 am
great precinct? >> it does sound nice to have free education and free health care. kennedy: why stop there? >> these things sound good, appeal to younger generations, they love the idea of these things available, how do you pay for them. that's the reality of the world we're talking about. we're talking about 16 to $18 trillion in new spending to do these things where. is that money going to come from? kennedy: on taxing wall street. >> he is. it doesn't come close. kennedy: it's too vague, and rich people will take their money and leave, won't they? >> he's saying he wants to tax wall street. that's fine. tax plans hit the middle class, if not just as much as the wealthy in a really big way, and if you add up all of the taxes he wants to raise, it's probably going to be at best three to four trillion dollars short of what he needs to fund these things. kennedy: where do you get that money? >> more taxes or that's adding to a debt that's going to be skyrocketing in four to six years.
8:24 am
so the numbers don't add up, he's getting the criticism from left and right, and it's true, now that candidacy looks serious, we have to ask the serious questions. kennedy: ask about the minimum wage here, says the $15 federal minimum wage will help lift people out of poverty. it's good for everybody, but you say that that could cost 6 million jobs. >> look, the truth is we don't be what it would mean to go to $15. that is such a massive increase relative to what we've done with the minimum wage. the cbo did a study, if we move to $10.10 that would cost half a million jobs, that's a small move. even alan krueger who is the guy that everybody points to on the left when they talk about minimum wage raises making sense, he in the "new york times" says we can't do this. kennedy: doubling the minimum wage, obviously you worry about small businesses. you also worry about small businesses with bernie care because obamacare is expensive, if bernie gets his
8:25 am
medicare-inspired single-pair universal health care insurance, what does that cost? >> so conservative estimate here is 14 trillion dollars over ten years. kennedy: woo! >> by the way, obamacare over ten years was 990 billion. just by comparison. bernie care is more than obamacare over ten years. bernie sanders made two promises, cut health care costs by 40 or 50% and two give coverage to everybody, no deductibles, no copays, no co insurance, those two things don't go together. kennedy: it is impossible to implement and uphold and speaks to his kind heart and deep delusion. look at that pen, coming up, real hoverboards are going on sale in april. are these things actually real? and nuns in california are growing medical marijuana. growing medical marijuana. holy
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world's first sexual hovering not touching the ground cover board. watch this. i'm a little suspicious. it's a hefty price tag. makes it seem like it could be the genuine article but it could be a clumsy baby mattress with an empty soup can inside. >> it claims to be authentic. we thought this was real too. soup cans and baby mattresses. topic number two. i'm going to have a hard time getting through this because i am so excited. remember for as in the movie? the highest grossing animated feature in history?
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kennedy: michael lambert has confirmed he's eyeballing running for president as a third-party candidate. he saw that the primary victory is imminent that he could run as a moderate in a field of extremists. while the mayor run and should he? a party panel is back to lease i will start with you.
8:39 am
what are these guys collect jim west -- jim doing the same thing right now. first of all both of them are not popular in their party so i don't know where they are going to run if they are talking about being independents or not but nothing says i'm ready to lead to being coy for the last five years. about whether or not you are going to run. kennedy: maybe i will. what do i have under my hat? >> do they think the republican side was too old? he is older than trumpetto but feel this. kennedy: he is actually older than yoda. michael bloomberg is 95. he drinks a quart of jen every day and i think that's fantastic and a gallon of olive oil. let me ask you might bloomberg not just as a third-party but bloomberg a nanny state or fault lines davis and oligarchy.
8:40 am
who does he hurt? >> hurt? >> it probably hurts the democrats more just because he would appeal to those hillary clinton types. i'm assuming it's bernie. if he runs likely with a bernie/trump he takes from those disaffected democrats. what makes them relevant is one thing. billions of dollars. kennedy: bernie will content together with trump on that. it's called the trump clump. a great team. >> i don't think bloomberg is moderate nor i want him but he's the wrong guy at the right time. kennedy: so many solo matters -- similarities between bloomberg and trump. >> p. is less charismatic and more authoritarian. he is not crying out for this. kennedy: there you have it. a conservative columnist who likes controversy.
8:41 am
he was talking to college campuses about how liberals are destroying campuses and protesters apparently interrupted while smearing fake blood on their faces. i love a good academic melee. one student said records group should not be inviting anyone like him because what we stand for his inclusion and diversity. if the. if they speak or make someone feel and safer and comfortable than they should not come to campus. this is pretty amazing because he is and a conservative which makes him probably the most diverse person has ever been to directors. >> easy unicorn and i had them
8:42 am
on my podcast two weeks ago at that point rutgers saturday banned him. we were talking about how cool it is to be banned but you know the whole unsafe space thing i don't get and nothing says i'm an good enough to be in politics like i'm just going to yell and spread my face with pain. kennedy: obviously he is trying to get a reaction. you love provocateurs. >> on one hand i think there is a nonzero chance that he pay those kids to do that. not that i'm saying that happened but if you want to get, if you want to increase your sales this is a classic maneuver. on the other hand as long as students are saying to their college papers if someone make someone feel uncomfortable they should be banned from campus.
8:43 am
there has to be pushed back against that and it takes the form of this particular provocateurs then fine. kennedy: i'm entertained by him. he was verified on twitter, he has over 160,000 followers in twitter took away his lewd checkmark which five minutes later i immediately was followed by 50 fake and they all have the same. >> they all look like him. i followed them up to reward their entrepreneurial spirit. >> he gave a speech about speech codes and safe zones invaded by folks who want to push them out. it's ironic, maybe it was staged perfectly telling of the students. it was too good. >> they talk about diversity inclusion. if you want a college that's entirely diverse -- kennedy: once everyone is
8:44 am
special no one will be. comedian amy schumer is reportedly venturing out of comedy and is going to star and thank you for your service, it a dramatic film was follows groups of u.s. soldier stricken by ptsd after returning from iraq. now pete obviously you have spent your career in and out of the military. i know you are still in the military but you have been bringing attention to this issue. amy schumer who is a comedian starring in a movie based on a book that is good by all accounts by all accounts, does it worry you or is it good news? >> it could be good news if she rings attention to it and handled properly. here someone is incredibly funny that knows how to handle serious issues when she needs to. my advice would be treat the topic seriously. so maybe she would have the opportunity because she comes at it from an angle that no one would expect. i am hopeful.
8:45 am
kennedy: there's nothing more satisfying than one a comedic actor takes on a dramatic role and excels in a field where people would expect them to. do you think she's capable of that? >> she might be. the first example i could think of was steve carell. i don't know but also because she's been going through so much negative stuff as far as people accusing her of stealing jokes and to me it reflects the supermodels i want to start a business and they say a want to be taken seriously now. kennedy: i'm not pretty anymore. >> you are pretty and talented. kennedy: i was going to say present company included. very smooth and delicious. thank you so much for being here. with a dreamy panel. coming up later i will fumble through my mailbag for notes
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kennedy: that guitars for zz top and the owner of the world famous beard stars in the discovery channel -- rocking roadster. >> if there's one thing billy loves its loud rock 'n roll and even louder hot rats. high rents have been a part of
8:50 am
my world as long as i have been spanking the playing. >> use the howard hughes of the blues. he can turn from a world class rock star to a dollar store. >> that's what makes him so exciting. it debuts february 29 at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. so excited talk to you, billy. welcome. >> it's good to hear your voice as always. kennedy: thank you my friend. i've seen so many zz top shows throughout my youth and storied career and you are a musical legend. i have to wonder what came first to love of cars or guitars? >> as my mom pointed out my first three words for ford's chevrolet and cadillac so that might give you an indication of a little something. >> always american. do you always have american cars? do you ever buy foreign cars? >> on occasion but this latest
8:51 am
twist has found me and jimmy shine beating the bushes throughout the desert southwest and it's pretty much the tried and true american iron. kennedy: you are looking to find a diamond in the rough a car and turn it into an insane hotrod and of course jimmy is the world's foremost hotrod builder so if your passion and your depth of knowledge and his expertise you are going to make something extraordinary, correct? >> that is indeed the case. he has given me free reign to get out the pen and paper and whatever i can come up with starting withdrawing. his talents take over and that's when he starts banging on metal. kennedy: i love it. i love any kind of shows where you can do that. my husband owns a snowboard factory and it's essentially the
8:52 am
same equipment. a welding gun and a couple of -- a cup of hot coffee where fine. really i want to ask you about the music because you guys exploded on mtv at a time when people are not taking full advantage of their creative license in videos and zz top always do the best job with branding and imagery and narrative. were you surprised that more bands didn't exploit the video medium the way you guys did? >> well it was kind of a shot in the dark. i don't know if that many bands quite understood the medium. mtv started off, in fact our drummer mr. frank beard, the man with no beard called me up. he rang me up and he rang dusty hill are bass player and he said she was there is an interesting concert going on. after six hours i, back in said
8:53 am
how long since concert last night knowing that mtv had has launched 24 hours of rock 'n roll. it was a great time. kennedy: you guys figured that out early. billy is a tough time for beards. are you ever mistaken for muslim? >> well, not yet. we are kind of enjoying joining the current fashion. it seems that beard have taken on a front seat so the. we always considered ourselves rather in the into fashion. but that's the way goes. kennedy: i know you are a political person and i know you have played several political rallies including supporting george w. bush in 2000. who do you like this political season? >> gee whiz, that is the question of questions. i think it's time to get out the crystal ball and see what may exist. the field is so far-reaching and wide-ranging i think it's got
8:54 am
everybody scratching their heads trying to get a bead on him may be actually taking the lead. it's not day by day, its moment to moment and the changes are fast and furious. kennedy: "rockin' roadsters," billy gibbons monday february 29 at 10:00 p.m. on the discovery channel. billy thank you so much for coming on. i really appreciate it and buy it by are you a near musical genius. thanks again. >> kennedy it's good to be with you. have mercy. kennedy: coming up love letters and black male threats. reaching into my tawdry mailbag and sharing a few jabs. you are so weird about your office supplies. gavin, you have never even been to my office.
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kennedy: when your your career and his postmaster general doesn't pass out fedex is hiring an will call you back. relive the glory days. arnie t tweet it love your show. you are actually kind of funny. well arnie so overwhelmed with the company. valerie anderson writes i find myself identifying as a libertarian. next you will identify as a librarian. edwards says i've watch your show. i like your show. you are smart and funny but you talk to much. 50% less words, please. you know i is going to knock down 72% less but if you think 60% is good enough i will go at that. what can i wouldn't be complete without a look at the wonderful world of horrible options. the 2016 presidential race,
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jonathan tries same -- thanks trump is a blowhard, so many choices yet no one to vote for. that's why you can see 2020 with me in 2020. fabio asked why do i feel that you are secretly a jeb fan. i'm not a jeb fan. i am a hashtag jen fan. kevin goodwin writes evil twin theory confirmed. kennedy was signed her own show at the same time hashtag clown. it could be an evil theory or clown theory. probably wise there is no kennedy nation just one weird looking activists speaking individual and as a libertarian individualism is the only state i need. thank you love and thank you for watching the show tonight pretty go watch monday through thursday
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8:00 p.m. eastern and five pacific on the fox business network. follow me on twitter an instagram at kennedy nation. the trump candidates i. -- candidacy. >> thank you, new hampshire. john: a socialist won in new hampshire. how can this be? to knee socialism means less choice, less freedom, poverty, misery. the good news is some young people who lived under socialism warn others what it's like. >> with bernie sanders if you select that guy it will be tough. john: but somehow socialism is not a threat to many americans. capitalism is the dirty word. >> you don't consider yourself a capitalist?


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