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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  February 13, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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liberty mutual insurance. say hillary is pitch perfect. . charles: some are just looking to stay alive. first, trump going after ted cruz again over the birther issue. now even threatening to sue. trump also going after the super pac, club for growth action pac because of this political ad. >> there's nothing conservative about proposing the largest tax hike in history. there's nothing conservative about supporting socialized single payer health care. there's nothing conservative
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about abusing eminent domain for personal gain. there's nothing conservative about four bankruptcies. there's nothing conservative about giving money to the clintons. there's nothing conservative about donald trump. joining me is the president of club for growth david macintosh and gina loudon, occasional trump supporter is with me as well. david, i thought you backed away from attacks on donald trump, particularly, he came out and reminded everyone, you guys went hat in hand asking for money, he rejected you and this is a vendetta that you guys have against him? >> that's his line. it was trump trying to buy our silence, and we feel charles we have to tell the voters in south carolina the truth about him, that he's not a conservative, he's got a long record of supporting liberal causes, and he's just like the politicians they're frustrated with. he'll say anything in order to get the vote. charles: but by the same token, you were willing to accept money, if you would have
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written that checks, you would have taken a check. there is something disingenuous, people feel, a lot of people feel about the whole attack? >> okay, i figure if trump really is a conservative, he might be interested in giving money to the club for growth. he never sent the check. he made it clear he wasn't going to do that. i think the most important thing here is what's trump going to do if he gets to be president? he's going to have federal government pay for health care. instead of obamacare we'll get trumpcare. raise taxes rather than do tax cut, and use eminent domain to take people's property. who knows what he'll use in the power of the federal government to do to people who are american. charles: gina, you are very astute on the political side, you have championed conservatives for a long time and you like donald trump. you think donald trump is authentic and real, you don't see him going against his word. >> i like what donald trump has added to the conversation, charles. i like that donald trump single handedly turned the
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establishment on its head. i like that donald trump shielded, has served as a buffer for other conservatives who never would have had a chance because the establishment in washington, d.c. would have seen to it they were destroyed from the get go. i wouldn't call myself a trump supporter. i tried to remain analytical about this until one person rises up as our candidate. and i'm willing to support that person. charles: do you think the club for growth is offbase with their attack on donald trump with respect to all of the things they're assuming he'll do and go completely against everything he's saying on the campaign trail. >> i think negative campaigning is sad at this point when. trump decided he was going pull his negative ad against ted cruz. now this ad comes out. it's all about lake. modern voter is not concerned about labels, they don't want to be called conservatives, liberals, democrat. they don't want any of the rest of it. they are concerned about putting america in a position of bargaining from a position of power. that's what most people are
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thinking about. and when they hear about donald trump, they think, okay, this guy has been successful in his life. i want america to be successful on the worldwide platform, and that's why they're supporting him. i don't think slapping labels -- i'm conservative, you're conservative, i'm so conservative i can tell you you're not conservative, i don't find that effective today. charles: what do you make of that, david? people are rejecting that term or label conservative when they once embraced it? >> i think everybody is running after the label conservative. i think gina's got a point. trump's strength is in his personality rather than ideology. we want to educate the voters who care about the issues? do they want government health care or not? tax increases or not? he's not their guy. charles: donald trump is not promising tax increases, though. this is where the thing gets muddled. why are you saying he's going to do these things when he's saying he's going to do the exact opposite? >> just a few months ago, just a few months ago, in the middle
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of the campaign somebody asked him, are you back off your earlier $4 trillion increase? and he said no, if the circumstances come back, i would do that all over again. i don't think we know -- >> which increase is that? which increase is that you're talking about? >> after the 2008, 2009, he suggested to pay down the debt. we have a huge tax increase on wealth, amounted to $4 trillion and strongly endorsed it then -- charles: donald trump talked about taxes on upper noirjs including his own taxes. who do you represent? where do you get your money from? because you guys have drawn a serious line in the sand, and apparently, obviously, you feel threatened to a certain degree. who do you represent? >> by the way, if you look at charles at his tax increase, it wouldn't have affected people like him who make their money off of selling property. they get to retain the capital gains when they buy a new property. it's clever, he doesn't get
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hurt, everybody else does. we represent the ideas. charles: do corporations donate to you, rich people? who donates to your organization? >> we have about 20,000 donors, they range from people who write $25 checks all the way up. so it's people who really care about what is the economy? what do we do about the economy? who will be -- >> but your organization, your organization, david, in the past has supported many candidates who have supported eminent domain, including by the way, ted cruz who has supported eminent domain, from canadian standpoint with the keystone pipeline, and i think that all the gop candidates have made it clear that nobody out here is about raising taxes. when we start trying to pars that out somehow. >> nobody is for eminent domain, there's a big difference there. >> we're not being completely honest about it -- charles: let david explain it.
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>> trump is not saying he's going to raise taxes. >> on eminent domain, yes, that's a legitimate process to get property needed to build roads and other public property. what donald likes to do is take it from the home owner and give it to another developer, another private person, like himself in new jersey, and they get to make all the money off of property. charles: gina? gina, recently donald trump said he's running one way but he may change a little bit, and i think he was talking about political style as opposed to ideology or substance, is that a yellow flag for anyone? a red flag? can that be read into. >> talking about not using vulgarities anymore. charles: he talked that since new hampshire, he's going to tone it down, you run one way, but may see as the process goes on, maybe a little change in him. is that a tell that perhaps that carries on through an administration.
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>> i think that, you know, donald trump has never claimed to be a politician, he's just not that packaged politician, and so there's a lot of forgiveness for better or worse in whether or not it's fair to the other candidates, charles, this is the thing that donald trump can do because we all get that he's learning how to be a candidate. he knows what he knows, and i think his supporters trust him to understand business and how to make it work and i think his supporters believe that he can take the same template and lay it on the american economy and make america great again. that's the argument he has to make. i don't like the vulgarity. i don't like the personal attacks, name calling. i'm glad he's turned over this new leaf, and he's learning when he goes, and the voters are patient with that. the media will talk about it nonstop. charles: that's for sure, and let's bring in the rest of the panel, we've got eboni williams and charlie kirk. eboni, start with you. feels like the establishment,
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and i'm not saying club for growth is the establishment. they fought for years against the so-called establishment. feels like all anti-trump large entities that have an interest in him not being president are going for broke right now? >> they need to be, this is an adversarial process, i agree with dr. gina, nobody wants the labels and negative campaigning, this is american politics and you're going into south carolina, this is getting serious, the field is less than half of what it started out being. if you're not going to do it now, don't bother is what i'm saying. i'm not a donald trump supporter per se, but i'm not mad at donald trump for saying he's going to curtail some of this as the process goes on, it's marketing, okay? there are certain things that need to get out of the primary that may not play well in the general election, this is a man going for the oval office, he just doesn't want to be a nominee, doesn't want to be mitt romney, he wants to be president. that would be smart to understand there's a long game
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here. charles: charlie, you are too young to remember, but you are a student of politics. lot of famous promises including read my lips. donald trump may have the best intentions of the world, but maybe pushing through his ideas, it may take things he doesn't think right now. may take a tax increase or something like that? >> that's right, i have to give credit to club for growth for shining light on this. it's a conversation that needs to be had. i don't like or appreciate or respect the way any time we challenge donald trump's comments in the past where, he says things like i'm going to raise taxes, we're going to get it done, cut deals, it should be challenged. i think trump supporters that immediately cry foul and say there's bias against that, i don't think that's fair. in regards to what we want in a candidate, i consider myself a conservative. we need to ask who's going to honor the constitution? who's going to put the law ahead of their own personal authority and ego? that is the question for donald trump. charles: charlie, i'm seeing
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more and more people say forget it. people used to scream, wear t-shirts, i'm a conservative! now saying even the conservatives let us down. what do you make of the idea that maybe conservatism, the way we used to think of it, is also in danger right now? >> i think that's what the primary process is about. conservatism about a populist bottomup, america first-type philosophy or about economic freedom, philosophy first and ideology second? this is a conversation that needs to be had and battling out. cruz represents the constitution must come first, economic freedom, donald trump is more about a populist, almost americana way of looking at politics, and this is a philosophy that is colliding in front of our eyes in south carolina. it's going to be fascinating to see the results come in. >> charlie i appreciate what you're saying, i'm a lawyer and appreciate the constitution as well as any american. the theories of conservatism
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and the ideas and the implementation, what we're seeing and the gop is seeing in trump's popularity is many people are more concerned about the implementation, the ability to get it done more so than the ability to talk grandiose about the themes and things they're not seeing and put in practice. charles: would the club back him or back the democrat? >> i don't see us backing either of the democrats. look, i think we've got two great choices out there, ted cruz, marco rubio, who are constitutional conservatives. they're economic conservatives and can win. so i'm hoping the folks in south carolina vote for that substance over the style and the temper tantrums that donald trump is having. charles: donald trump is leading in the polls and a pure juggernaut. thanks a lot. we'll come back to you. bernie and hillary had a lot to say in last night's debate. what were they really saying? we've got a body language expert who's going to talk about that and trump swearing off swearing. we'll be right back.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
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. >> i won't use foul language, i'm just not going to do it. they're all saying do it. do it. no. i'm not, even if it's a bad word. if it's a little off, they kill me. i'll never do it again, actually. and i'll never even copy somebody what they ask me to say. [ laughter ] >> that was gop front-runner donald trump at a rally in baton rouge last night vowing not to curse anymore on the campaign trail, this after his rivals criticize him for public profanity, but also what's left unsaid is important in this campaign, too. last night's democratic debate, there's a lot of body language used as well.
6:17 pm
the biggest question is who came off as the most honest? joining me eboni williams and tanya ryman. you study body language and the communication of the body can portray what come out of the lips. >> for sure. charles: donald trump, did his body say we're with him or good luck? >> he's such a tough read, when he's with his people, he's so animated but trying to impress someone he uses smaller gestures, in the debate he uses smaller gestures. when he got to i'm never going to do it again, you saw a one sided shoulder shrug, that indicates he's indecisive or not 100% sure he can keep to the tactic. the one side shoulder shrug is maybe i will, maybe i won't. charles: really? what did you think, eboni? on the internet counters how long it will take, you know? >> i just never say never, i cringe, i try not to do that. it's almost you are betting
6:18 pm
against yourself in that moment. good luck. charles: as someone who accidentally slipped out the "f" word on tv, it is tough to do that kind of stuff. >> he said the "f" word and said no, i didn't say it. you heard the whisper through the microphone. charles: it's going to be fun to watch. it's another way of creating news. this stuff is important, this is really something that matters because it doesn't necessarily mean the person is being insincere even if body language portrays what they're saying. >> words convey a message, the nonverbals, how i move my body and the way i talk, if i end with a high note, that is like what embroils the entire message. if i'm talk to you anding i'm saying one thing with verbals like i had a great day, and my words are saying i had a great day, obviously, you can tell i didn't. that's what i'm looking for are the disconnects. >> what about the democratic
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debate last night? who came across as more honest, full. hillary clinton needs to look honest in every shape and form that matters. >> bernie sanders is much more authentic. hillary is much more polished. when she's talking she is robotic, stiff at certain times, she laughs and gets back and reins herself in. bernie doesn't care, he puts himself out there. there's a really big difference in the way the two approach. charles: bernie believes what he's saying? >> really authentic, 100% believes what he's saying, not that hillary doesn't. he's more on guard. charles: she's a little more calculated. >> of course, every time she hears something she disagrees with, there is the deep inhalation or lift up shoulders in the fear pose. >> i have a question. bernie was getting a lot of attention because when he disagrees he does the bernie wag. >> i call it the waggle. >> he's old school. if you notice, bill clinton came out with this point, the clinton point, he never goes like this.
6:20 pm
bernie does the waggle and comes across as nonpresidential. why? a president needs to hold himself in and wait until it's his turn, he doesn't seem to be able to do that. >> maybe that's just brooklyn. >> that's what trump does, that's why people love trump. charles: we all speak with our hands, no matter what nationality you are. quickly, that jacket, what the hell is that jacket about, eboni? that was not verbal communication, too. >> it proves, when we saw her after getting clobbered in new hampshire, the black-and-white priest outfit, very subdue, like we were in mourning. this is her saying we're awake and trying again. she's not the most fashionable person, charles. it's a low bar. >> this is star trek next generation outfit, i feel like whoopi goldberg is dressing her. >> it's better, she can't help herself y'all. charles: donald trump has to live up to the no cursing and
6:21 pm
bernie sanders is authentic, he believes his message. >> yes, he believes it. charles: thank you. another company jumping ship from america to mexico. this is heart breaking. we've got a video of the workers told by their bosses, your jobs are being shipped away. this is why americans are upset. upset. we'll discuss it they represent blood cells. and if you have afib-an irregular heartbeat that may put you at five times greater risk of stroke they can pool together in the heart, forming a clot that can break free
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. >> it became clear that the best way to stay competitive and protect the business for long term is to move production from our facility in indianapolis to monterrey, mexico. >> no! [ bleep ]. charles: that was a group with 1400 factory workers reacting to the announcement that their jobs are heading to mexico.
6:25 pm
the speaker justified the move citing competitive pricing and product quality. is it fair for the companies to contain a jump on america and still expect americans to buy goods. joining me jillian melchior, gi gina loudon. you start to think about it, there's got to be a commitment for american company to americana, huh? >> this is egregious, carrier received a $5.1 million stimulus-funded grant under the 48 c program to create green jobs in america, that was the purpose of this program. they took the money and then they're bailing and going to mexico when. i called the spokesperson to talk to her about it, she would not give me details how they were going to live through on commitment. we're going to try to follow up, i won't give you details. no specifics. this is certainly an obama administration green failure. we've heard this story again
6:26 pm
and again and again and keep getting away with it. charles: steve, should we be angry with the companies who are trying to cut costs or angry at a system, extremely high taxes, high fees, it costs a lot of money to do business in america? >> how about you're right, angry at an administration that cares little about the american worker and more about the profit making corporation. you know what they forgot in the narrative? the taxes. the regulations killing jobs. obamacare in itself has killed a lot of jobs. but i'm just not going to say it's the president's fault, it's the congress' fault. do-nothing congress, what we have to do as a country is come together and say the only way we're going to change this is change the congress as well as the administration. charles: you know, gina loudon, this is a topic that resonates big time with donald trump voters or people who poll for him, he's talked really tough, whether it's ford or nabisco. what could a president do
6:27 pm
without the help of congress? should there be a carrot or stick approach to this? >> i think you asked a great question, charles, that's why a lot of people are looking at these candidates and going which one do i think would be the toughest negotiator with a congress? and i think that remains to seen, i think donald trump has a track record to back himself up, especially on this issue, this issue does go a lot deeper than the corporate greed as your other guest pointed to as well. you've got litigators making a fortune on all of this, unions. we've got of course, government red tape and bureaucracy, the highest corporate tax rate in the entire world. all of those things need to change before anything else is going to change, and so i think that as people are looking at their presidential candidates, looked at ones who will make a strong stand on those issues and not just constantly go after corporate greed. >> we could point out donald
6:28 pm
trump paraphernalia was made in mexico, kind of a do as i say, not as i do. charles: i would say, steve, that would come to a halt. but today, carrier, the parent company is united technologies. the stock was up a buck and a half off of a three-year low. your stock is at a three-year low, you're grappling. we're going to expand our plants in mexico. apparently either the companies aren't take donald trump seriously or just saying they think washington is so dysfunctional, no matter who the president is, they'll never fix it so that american companies can maximize profit. >> no leadership in this country, and i said it before, when donald trump becomes president of the united states, they're going to be begging to come back to the united states of america. charles: leave it there. the south carolina gop primary is one week from tomorrow. and there's still plenty of candidates in the mix trying to push their way to the top. we've got a preview for you,
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. charles: so the battle for the white house moves down to south carolina, and according to real clear politics, the national poll, donald trump holds a commanding lead, he's got 37% of the vote. but can he hold onto the conservative christian vote in the south. joining me eboni williams, kif kirsten haglund. donald trump in the lead, one poll showed him ten points
6:33 pm
ahead of ted cruz with evangelicals. what do you make of that? >> almost like you can't believe the polls, so far ahead still. especially when you saw him ahead in iowa before he lost, saw him ahead in new hampshire and he won. what's going to work in south carolina? is the rallies and the social media push going to work? his ground game isn't that work. i'll be surprised, my husband is from south carolina, i spend a lot of time in the south, i don't see how evangelicals are going to rally hard for trump with the way he speaks about his rivals like ted cruz, for the way he uses profanity. i don't get how that's going to fly. charles: but gina, listen, he did fare well in iowa. and feels like from what i'm hearing, and you probably know more than i would with the locals there, feels like from what i'm hearing is people are so upset that they're willing to forgive or overlook certain things because they want someone in the white house who can get the job done. >> i got to disagree with
6:34 pm
kirsten here, i grew up in north carolina, south carolina, that's southern hospitality, girl. i don't think they're that bothered by it. trump doesn't seem like the model evangelical candidate, that looks more ted cruz area, but they want to win. these are people that are tired, factory workers, seeing their plants get shut down, they want money in the pocket. they want job growth want and to win. if they think trump's the guy, they're going to go that way. charles: chris, also, south carolina known for bare knuckle politicking to begin with? >> pleasure to be with you. my only analysis is to say my focus is solely on national security, and national security works best from the policy perspective when it's based on bipartisan terms. cold war, the united states having broad political consensus, the united states versus the soviet union, nato versus the warsaw pact, i'm looking for commander in chief that can unify the country and lead our allies, i don't think donald trump fits the bill.
6:35 pm
i don't think he's got the temp e-necessary to be commander in chief or lead our allies. i don't think he understands the issues we face and i don't think he's interested in them. >> i think he's interested in them, he's not expressing them the way you want. certainly he's run a large international corporation, and he understands all of the -- here's the thing, and i'll ask eboni's point, they want something done, the american public are saying hey, we are results oriented, not ideological oriented, you have to experience mr. trump of being so successful, overcoming several hurtles and this is perhaps the resume we need right now. >> exactly right, and rush limbaugh articulated it perfectly yesterday, said this is one of the first elections where the primary process is not going to be determined necessarily on a litmus test of how conservative are you on x, y, and z issue, it's about
6:36 pm
results, tone, strength, about how are you going to be addressing these problems with past experiences? and look ted cruz is going to have a challenge, and i think ted cruz's ground game is extraordinary in south carolina, a lot of the southern states but ted cruz is going to go to the evangelical vote and the traditional libertarian vote and do well, but guess what? the evangelical vote is not going to lock stock and barrel to ted cruz because he's the most evangelical candidate, and donald trump has proven that time and time again. the question is, is it ideology or about pragmatism, someone who can get something done in this position and this is the question of the 2016 election. i think we're looking at the final right now which is cruz against trump. charles: kirsten, cruz has gone really heavy on the social aspects. though it hasn't resonated or hasn't been in the top issues. he's going for the core of christians and evangelicals and it may work from here but a lot of people think it could hurt later on. he's going for it now.
6:37 pm
>> and coming out with the nasty attack ads, even against hillary clinton. that was all over the internet today. we'll see how it plays out, and i think they're looking to have the newt gingrich moment on the debate saturday night. who is going to show they have the substance and the style. if donald trump can have a good debate night, he might go home with it. charles: rubio's got a shot? >> he might. if he pulls out amazing debate. i know you all can laugh -- >> i'm laughing at charles being so shady. go ahead. >> he showed a lot of presidential leadership when he took ownership for his bad debate performances. he's got a shot. jeb bush, that's another story. charles: appreciate it, you don't want to miss fox business' primary coverage a week from tomorrow, next saturday, february 20th. tune in live, we'll be here. some of us will. 6:00 p.m. we'll be covering the south carolina gop primary results and also the nevada democratic caucus results all next saturday. bernie sanders has really
6:38 pm
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. >> medicare for all single payer proposal will save the average middle-class family $5,000 for year. >> if you're having medicare for all single payer, you need to level for people what they will have at the end of the process you are proposing. the numbers don't add up. the kind of criticism that we've heard from senator sanders about our president, i expect from republicans, i do
6:42 pm
not expect from someone running for the democratic nomination to succeed president obama. >> madam secretary, that is a low blow. one of us ran against barack obama. i was not that candidate. charles: that was bernie and hillary, they mixed it up last night. of course, sanders getting upset, defending his pacs, how is he going to pay for it. universal health care, and the question always comes back, what is the real cost of socialism? joining me brian brenberg, jessica tarlov and charlie kirk. professor, start with you, everyone has scored what they know of his plan, and it's so, it's so backward that gdp couldn't grow enough. there's no way he could ever possibly pull it off. >> no, hillary is absolutely right when it comes to the numbers not adding up. you're talking about $18 trillion in ten years,
6:43 pm
astronomical amount when it comes to the health care plan, social security plan, and plan to pay for it, taxes are big, but not close to big enough, 3, $4 trillion deficits easily on this one. charles: who is he taxing? he's promised to tax everybody? he said, i give him credit for being honest about that. i'm going to tax everybody, even if you vote for me you're getting taxed. >> you have to tax the middle class more. the single payer systems in europe, they are a vat tax, they hit everybody. you have to tax the middle class. charles: the audience should know, 99% of every value added tax has gone higher and higher and higher, it is crazy. >> once democrats get going, we don't stop. charles: you get the hand in the wallet, you go deeper and deeper and deeper. you like to come in and snatch the wallet when we fall asleep. >> the deal is that bernie sanders is unelectable. that's the deal.
6:44 pm
hillary clinton is spot-on. she said which i think is a great thing for people to hear, he wants to expand the size of government by 40%. she's not for small government. she made it clear she's for smaller government. we're not going to have a 40% increase and not going to move to a system that works arguably works in europe when the countries only have -- she's talking about that on people who are not in the middle class. made that clear. 250,000 and above. it's very different than what will happen under sanders' presidency. charles: charlie, you go around the country and promote capitalism to young folks, bernie in iowa won 83, 84% of the young vote and new hampshire the same number. young democrats and independents are flocking to him like crazy. >> astonishing, he has the youth support better than hillary clinton 10 or 15 times in some states. she's at 8% youth support in nevada and sanders is at 88%.
6:45 pm
astonishing when you look at it. the question of whose taxes are you going to raise? he's going to raise everybody's taxes but incur an incredible amount of debt, he's going to borrow a lot to make this happen. we have a $19 trillion debt and talking about how trillion dollar deficits are, quote, not that big of a deal. he's going to raise taxes and expand our incredible national debt liability. that's something that needs to be pointed out when talking about bernie sanders' program, not just about our domestic tax burden, it's about our long-term generational theft that's happening on young people and bernie has no grasp or doesn't care about the financial solvency of the country now or in the future. charles: romanticized about the notion it's never worked in mankind, it would under him. europe's migrant crisis getting out of control. the eu talking about restricting passport free intercontinental travel.
6:46 pm
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call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. . charles: markets and oil staging a huge comeback, the dow and s&p snapping five-day losing streaks. crude on a six-day losing streak. despite finishing up 313 points, the dow down for the week and, of course, for the year. lots of hope and the consumers may be starting to go out there and spend. also that opec may begin to wisen up just a little bit. see how monday starts, make sure have you names that you want to buy. i have a watch list that will be available at monday. five stocks. the european union is poised to restrict passport free travel in legislation, according to documents exclusively obtained by the associated press, this
6:50 pm
as george clooney met with german chancellor angela merkel to express support for germany's response to the crisis. joining me now, jillian, chris, chris clooney said america should be taking in more migrants. feels interesting that europe had major epiphany and there's a lot of folks in america who thinks we should have more open borders. >> let me start by saying legal immigration is a good thing, a necessary thing, part of american culture, it is a strength of ours. unlimited illegal immigration without assimilation is not a good thing, and europe is experiencing the inevitable in-state of mass migration. if you look at marginalized countries, they have moved to europe, taken advantage of the welfare system, the social system but not integrated the result of that is a whole host of young men not assimilated
6:51 pm
into european culture and values who are willing to fight on behalf of isis and al qaeda. one point there were more british muslims fighting on behalf of isis and al qaeda than fighting in the british u.k. armed forces. so what that tells you is isis and al qaeda and other sunni jihadist groups are recruiting more men than the u.k. armed forces. you can make the same observation about belgium where the young men conducted the attack in paris. the inevitable outcome of not dealing with the source issue, six failed states in the middle east and the mass migration they are produceing. >> what do you think, jillian? it's so funny, people are saying, illegal immigration, there's pushback now against legal immigration. >> that's tragic. we have to keep in mind this refugee population is extraordinarily diverse, the "wall street journal" running a piece about what is happening in the middle east to christians is genocide. i, for one want to see those
6:52 pm
people come here. charles: you want to see all of them come? >> it is frustrating, and the u.s. has done it very differently than europe has. charles: one of the rebel strewn places in syria, how can you effectively understand who they are? >> you don't do what europe's done which is basically no borders whatsoever. it shows what a threat this is to the european union, that we're talking about passport controls. the united states has rightly been much more cautious, but i think it's as extreme a position as it is to say we want all of them no controls. to say none of them rubbed me the wrong way. charles: what do you think, eboni? >> something feel good about what clooney is saying and my heart bleeds for the people who are christian and not part of the problem. until we figure out a way, and i think we have the tools and the intelligence but it's not effective. until we figure out how to
6:53 pm
effectively screen who is coming into our border, i don't know how we move forward. charles: if there's a rush to push this and it goes wrong, they'll never be allowed to do it. consider that as well. this number is crazy, five police officers shot in this country alone, anti-police rhetoric is getting worse and worse. worse. i tell you what, if you think at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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police? i don't think you will get enough credit for putting lives at danger. how do you deal with that? >> it's our privilege, the men and women who serve in law enforcement love this opportunity. fought hard to get these jobs. we want to have that support, not just from tour chain of command and law enforcement agencies but by our leaders. and it's disheartening when the elected leaders all the way up to the president himself created and furthered this position of distru which set the table the last couple years for the difficult tru and placing a
6:58 pm
target on the back of our law enforcement. it's never happened to this extent in the history of our country and create an unsafe environment for police. charles: i grew up in harlem and it was an unsafe place. >> a young man, a rookie cop is going to be convicted of manslaughter in this case, it make them more nervous and now you have tons of law enforcement officers saying they feel like they can't do their jobs because they are so frayed of the backlash. last night bernie sanders and hillary clinton playing into one side of the narrative.
6:59 pm
both side have to grow and trust. charles: the convict of reply show if someone does something wrong, everyone is a how being and there should be punishment. but you won't hear anyone say -- none of the people out there that have big megaphones will talk about this verdict yesterday. >> i think what we are seeing is idea having consequences. if you look at from now to the beginning of the year, 8 cops shot. somebody who interviewed the wife of a police officer honed up getting shot and hearing what that's like and how she felt about it. it's so sad. >> i know you are running for congress. how is that run going? >> we are ahead in all the polls. people are fed up.
7:00 pm
they don't look at me as a politician, i'm an oath keeper. i'm also an army veteran and served a tour in iraq. at a time when there is a lot of good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. the republican establishment tonight is in complete chaos over the prospect of donald trump as their presidential nominee. trump dominated new hampshire and polls suggest he will do exactly the same in south carolina. the first in the south primary taking place nine days from tonight. but so far neither john kasich, marco rubio or jeb bush have succeeded in winning the establishment's confidence as the best hope against trump. trump himself is making sure jeb bush's campaign continues to struggle. >> the last thing we need is another bush. that i can


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