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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  February 14, 2016 9:30am-10:01am EST

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>> bkx, bank stocks are down 30% from their peek nine months ago. i think they hit a bottom. >> bank profit rs going to get crushed next two quarter, so stay away. >> that's it. have a great valentine's day. here's eric. >> support trump and your brain dead as republicans gear up for the south carolina primary. the miainstream media attacking the donald and anyone who votes for him. like the new york daily news picturing trump as a clown and calling his supporters mindless zombies. calling him a racist, sexist demagogue, but is it the media's job to attack voters like this? welcome to the crew this week. i think voters might get offended by this. >> i actually think this is good
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for trump. you know, lot of these supporters, they know some of the things trump does are polarizing and some people may find it offensive, but when they see how the media react to these thing, it makes them like him more because the way the media reacts is it's so over the top. he says something that's polarizing and they go with, they were calling him hitler at one point. that makes them like trump even more so i think it's a good thing for trump. >> what do you say, jonathan? should the media be attacking? you don't like a candidate, go for it. in your editorial page, but this is attacking going up to the people who follow him. >> well, it's an election, eric. it's an election we're talking about electing the most important man in the world. someone who has just unbelievable influence over our pocketbook, our lives. there was an uproar, how the they didn't vet obama.
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that's where a lot f these are being thrown. they're most impactful. gl that's not journal ism if you have the "huffington post" and new york daily news making fun of supporters. that's not their job. >> michelle, you fashion yourself as a citizen journalist and now, you're going to lecture others how to do their job? the media is the people. so if you don't like a certain element of the people, turn it off, refute it or discard it. >> but i think it's not fair for them to go to this rally and really make, they go to these rallies and don't go there to try to understand the story. they go there to make none of trump's supporters. i think that's wrong. i consider myself a journalist, that's not what i do. i don't go to make fun of people. >> social media, there's a line drawn between social media and journali journalism. >> john. >> let's move on. jessica, do you think the new
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york daily news made a mistake by attacking trump supporters and "huffington post," for that matter. they've been trashing trump straight through. at one point, they said they're not covering them on their political page or news page. they're going to put him on entertainment. have they backed off that yet? >> i think so. he comes up all too often to have that in the entertainment page, but what i would say in the daily news and "huffington post" here as quite different. i would wouldn't call trump supporters zombies. i think michelle is right. that just encouraging people to like him. they like that about him. but what the "huffington post" did, calling him racist and sexist and a demagogue, that's based on things trump has said and the way he behaves and what the "huffington post" did is ask voters to do some soul searching and i would encourage them to do that same thing. >> let me ask you, you're pretty much free to do anything that's not liable or slander. >> absolutely.
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>> but do it on your editorial page. look at the daily news. they put it on the front page. that is a bit of a distinction. is it not is this. >> yeah, and you know, there are a lot of things that names you can call democratic, some of the democratic nominees and democratic politicses. and we don't see these outlets doing this to them. it seems very hard hit towards trump and i don't think it's the job and role of -- >> but trump attacks -- >> very different way than the drak nominees. >> this is the newspaper. newspaper you would want unbiased reporting. >> on the front page -- >> eric, even trump says it's not widely distributed. i feel like i'm in an alternate reality. trump, whatever you want to say, he has been vulgar, relentlessly hateful and if he can't take a little criticism from a paper,
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he's kind of -- >> see how he reacted to this. take a listen. >> i can't imagine anybody buying it. he's literally been begging people the buy it. but he's just an insecure guy. he's a loser. >> he was talking about mark zuckerman trying to sell the newspaper. he was approached to buy the paper. i can't imagine anyone buying this. >> that's what we expect from the daily news and from trump. this is now the tone of the campaign. he has in a lot of ways contributed to that. the daily news is famous for covers like this. remember the when god isn't fixing this. the awful terrorist attack in san bernardino. i saw that surprising to meful it's a mindless zombies that upsets me the most. talk about the voters, beat them with with ideas. team them with ideas, not insults.
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there are young people who didn't know much about the then senator barack obama, we're sort of dripg iing the kool-aid. see kors like this. i meep, you can go to any candidate -- >> but barack obama didn't say to deport 11 million people or ban -- >> stop, stop. listen, let me go to john. the difference here is these covers, the "huffington post," hit piece and the cover of the new york daily news are going after not trump, but their voters. the people who follow them and that -- >> why, eric? they're absolutely fair game to go after the people who supported candidates. this is not a, don't appoint kings here. the candidates are supported by the public. i think it's perfectly appropriate. and if you're on social media, which i think is important right now, a lot of the trump supporters will call you every name in the book, so this is the marketplace of ideas an honest
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ly, you know, trump called mark zuckerman a loser. just glad he didn't use any stronger words to describe him. >> listen -- i'm the first to advocates, i get it, but is it is right thing for a newspaper that's struggling? insulting these guys. donald trump -- saying things like this. >> bill maher claiming they're rocking the boat because americans are sick of political correctness. is he right? we debate, you decide.
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fox news alert. i agree with bill maher on something. saying trump and sanders are winning over voters because americans have been choking on political correctness from politicians for years and they are just sick of it. now, jessica, you're a lefty looney. he's right, but right. >> yeah. i mean, i think this is more an issue on the right than it is on the left. there are certain lines that i think are ridiculous. we have to take down american flags and can't say merry christmas and things like this. in general, the left is not really interested in the kind of straight talk trump is putting up there. the real issue is the independents, those in the middle who may be left leaning and are sick of the pc culture. i take offense to the looney component of the lefty. yeah. macro aggression, not just a micro. >> very well. john thap, howard dean will
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defend hillary clinton, the pc culture. to the death. but at least bill maher says it like it is. you know, it is hurting their brand. >> although eric, i think there's a difference between being politically correct and a jerk. former is an excuse for the latter. i don't think it's politically correct as much just stop evadinging reality. so, when the president talks about terrorism, he can't get the words out islamic terrorism and keeps talking about the success of these green energy subsidies, he didn't admit they don't work. today, it wouldn't be a day that lives in inpha my. it would be like helping families and children. >> what do you chalk up the success of sanders on the left and trump on the right? they are similar in that respect that they're outsiders and they're not pc either one of them. >> i would attribute it to an authoritarian streak a lot of o
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american voters. >> so, define that. i think there's a certain amount of that. they want to be told how to think, how to feel and how to vote? >> yes. >> fair enough. michelle, you disagree. >> i disagree. i think the reason why people gravitate towards sanders not because of what he's saying is politically incorrect. most of his supporters are the people who want to be in a safe space. people like him because he's challenging the status quo. when it comes to trump, he's doing the same thing. that is his appeal, but it's also because people feel as though they are marginalized. here's trump saying the things they feel in a very non pc way and that is what a lot of them, why they support him. what his appeal is is. it's not authoritarian. >> there is maybe some a little of both. michelle points out the status
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quo. status quo has been pc on both sides of the aisle. >> i think that's fair. this is the antisystemic election, right? that's what's going on here on both sides and ted cruz, he's in on this a little bit, too, even though he's a senator, but he's running an antisystemic campaign and saying he's going to turn washington on his head and so proud of how he shut down the government. we're seeing people sick and tired on both sides. think of things thot getting done more than the pc culture. i know that the pc stuff can get annoyinging. >> bill maher has said that might cost democrats the elections. >> it will be because people are unhappy because of obama's presidency, not because of the pc culture. >> john. >> they're consistent as well, eric. sanders is very consistent. maybe it's not pc as much as it's just an appeal to emotion that finds these two candidates
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together. bernie, in terms of the help the working poor, but also, trump and the make america great again. i think is appealing to voter's emotion rather than reason. >> bill maher has been a liberal. one thing he's been consistent about, he's always said call islamic terror islamic terror because that's what it is and that is hurting the left. >> it is because it's an issue right now that americans care so much about. they're worried about isis. they're worried about possible terrorist attacksunited states they don't want to say islamic terrorism. they don't want to go after islamic extremists the way that republicans do, so i think that it's certainly an issue for them. >> we're going to have to leave it there. just a quick note to bill maher. see how we do it? i agree with you and i'm not afraid to show it and if you want to come on, we have a seat open for you. you're invited. and some great news.
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i just met with the publishers of my new book and they're really pumped up about this. it's provocative, political and just in time for the election. coming up, ted cruz using humor in ads to win votes ahead of the south carolina primary, but are wisecracks a wise investment? ♪ >> i got the trump action figure. what duds he do? he pretends to be republican.
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now back the more of cashing in. candidates spending big money on humorous ads to win over voters. one poking fun at hillary, the other at trump. ♪ it feels good to be a clinton a politics always plays the cards right got a crew for the fight on the air waves left dogs in the press ♪ >> i'm going to take your house and when i'm done, park my limo there. >> we wouldn't tolerate these values in our children. why would we want them in a president? >> those examples are from ted cruz, but other candidates are also investing in funny ads to win sloets. now, jonathan, does funny work in political ads? >> i don't think political ads work. there's no correlation between
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spending on advertising an winning that campaign, so what matters is consistent, truthful ideas. what candidates the voter wants to represent them and america. and these aren't that funny. >> michelle, now, a part of me viewer, i'm going to say the word in that ad, it does damn it's good to be a clinton. now, everyone in south carolina, there a lot of these evangelicals who will be offended by that word, are they not? >> i disagree. i think our sometimes very effective. i like the one that cruz made with the children and the imminent domain. it's clever and devastating for trump because it hits him on his character. which is a big issue going into south carolina. i think it's good. if it's funny, actually funny, a lot of them aren't, it's a good thing. >> also in this recent round going sbo south carolina, not beat iing up on the guy, but he had an ad he put out, one of the actresses turned out to be a porn star.
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he had to pull the ad back. >> you need to make sure you know the prochings of everyone in your ads. i thought it was interesting cruz decided to use kids again after he got upset about "the washington post" cartoon about his children. in his bedtime story ad earlier on. >> come on, jessica. these are actors. >> time out. there's no red light. go ahead. >> their parents signed off. >> their parents -- i'm just saying i was surprised he used kids again. sfwl. >> they're getting paid and their parents agreed to it. >> fine. >> i didn't think it was particularly funny. i thought the clinton one was funnier. and ted cruz himself is not funny, so i'm not sure how well -- >> jonathan, can you imagine as the last word, that there's going to be around 2 or $3 billion spent on these ads and
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you don't think they work. >> i guess that's you call that stimulus for the economy. and the research i've shown shows they don't work. what matters to voters is principle, ideas of morality. not their ability to crack a joke. that's what obama seeped to do for the majority of his candidacy. >> and he won. it does work. >> we're going to leave it there. i personally like the funny ads. just me. but i can't agree with you. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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i want to say thanks to sour crew for joining us. you can head over to fox to see jonathan's stock picks. time to wake up, america. as the election turns south, apparently, so do the politics. for decades, presidential want to bes spend their year leading up to the election split between iowa and new hampshire. there seems to be a panic for south carolina. one high level politico called it a viper's nest. did you know there's a well funded superpac set up to run negative ads against the gop front-runner and here's the kicker. the our principle superpac is run by a woman named katie packer. she isn't a democrat trying to take down the gop's front-runner. she was mitt romney's deputy campaign manager.
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a republican run superpac with the sole purpose of taking down another republican. this is a real problem for me. as you know, i've never liked what the establishment class represents. i often talk about how they're almost as bad as the liberals running d.c., just more whiny about stuff. that usually e liss its hate tweets, peter waner or the goldbergs, jonah and bernie. that's fine. i can take it, but they shouldn't be shooting inside the tank. look, establishment, if you care about america as i do, trump's not your problem. liberals and socialists are. why not use the superpac money to expose liberal politics and for the record, if america chooses bush, rubio or kasich, i promise you,ly support the gop over the liberal garruaranteed. but that's me. in the end, always a team player. by the way, i'll be filling in
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for bill o'reilly next week. i hope you join me all week in the no spin zone. have a great weekend, everybody. >> announcer: the following program is a paid advertisement for the food lovers fat loss system, brought to you by provida life sciences-- practical solutions for better living. >> i'm annette, i'm from studio city, california. i'm a mother of three, i weight 155-1/2 pounds. this is the heaviest i've ever been. i'm a size 10. ...and this is me now! i lost 25 pounds and went from that size 10 to this size 2 in just 12 weeks. how did i do it? i became a food lover. >> i'm a food lover and i lost 36 pounds. >> i'm a food lover and i've lost 50 pounds. >> i'm a food lover and i lost 60 pounds. >> i'm a food lover and i lost 82 pounds in eight months.


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