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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 14, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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to be told. i'm oliver north. good night. good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. the republican establishment tonight is in complete chaos over the prospect of donald trump as their presidential nominee. trump dominated new hampshire and polls suggest he will do exactly the same in south carolina. the first in the south primary taking place nine days from tonight. but so far neither john kasich, marco rubio or jeb bush have succeeded in winning the establishment's confidence as the best hope against trump. trump himself is making sure jeb bush's campaign continues to struggle. >> the last thing we need is another bush. that i can tell you.
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he's gotten so much money. they put them in these pacs which are crooked at hell. they're horrible. no, they're horrible. and the pacs aren't supposed to be rubbinning the campaigns bus they're running the campaigns aubd see his brother, oh, great job, brother, great job. >> we take up the fight for south carolina tonight national review's rich lowry and jenna and the blaze's amy holmes. also tonight, hillary clinton and bernie sanders set to debate one another two hours from now in milwaukee, no doubt features hillary clinton's e-mail scandal and ordering the state department to release the rest of her e-mails, february 29th, a month after the original date they were due. i take this up with congressman jim jordan. as i said off the top of the show, donald trump is tonight holding a campaign rally at clemson university in south
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carolina. we're told it's about 3,000 folks in the venue, in attendance. let's hear what he's saying. >> that i can tell you. this guy, he says anything that's on his mind, but, you know, he's gotten so much money, here's the statistic that just came out. in new hampshire, he spent $39 million, and what is he? fourth or fifth? right? think of it. $39 million -- look at all of these people standing. this place is unbelievable. the place is massive. look at all of these people. he spent -- i love you, too. look at this. i love you. these people. [ cheers ]
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>> donald trump is talking about fourth place and about almost $40 million spent. he's talking about former governor jeb bush. is he -- he is implying with what they is saying, certainly, money does not necessarily correlate to victory in new hampshire. governor bush, for example, spending a staggering $1,200 per vote. we're just going to do it this way. keeps it simple for me. $1,200 per vote for a fourth-place finish. marco rubio spent $508 per vote for his fifth place finish. john kasich claimed second place. he spent $250 per vote. now, you see that little -- that little number down there? $40 a vote? well, that was donald trump. ted cruz spent the leez, thouas though, won on the economy. $18 per vote.
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that isn't bad. joining us now, executive eder for "the weekly standard" fred barnes. co-host of "the five" contributor to the hill, juan williams. thank you both for being with us. this is a victory on the part of trump, one that i just -- i have never seen anything like it. he won all -- >> that's what i was going to say to you. stunning is if you look at the exit polls, it's across all categories. it's not only that he out-does everyone in termses of angry voters, people who want outsiders, lou, he wants people who are self-identified as conservatives. >> height. >> hard-line conservatives. ideologically speaking conservatives. also won among people ideologically designated conservative to moderate. i don't know what category he didn't win. >> yeah. fred, i can't recall seeing a -- a dominant performance like this in terms of all of walks of life, that a candidate is attracted. can you?
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>> well, there hasn't been one since ronald reagan and that's been a while. you know, trump's 20-point margin over the second place finisher in new hampshire, john kasich, was the biggest since ronald reagan won the new hampshire primary in 1980. it's really a astonishing. trump was criticized after iowa because people said the polls were actually better than he actually did, in -- in the vote. well, the opposite was true in new hampshire. he did better than the polls, which shows that somehow the pollsters in new hampshire didn't reach all the trump people. an extraordinary performance and i think the path ahead for him starting in south carolina looks pretty good for the next several weeks. >> let's turn to south carolina here. who's going to be his main competition, do you think? is it going to be cruz? he's running second in the polls down there. we reported, by the way, that trump doesn't favor increasing
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the military budget. even though he talks about a stronger, better military. how do you think that's all going to play? >> well, i think it's happening already. today we've seen ads from the cruz campaign aiming at trump, and trump aiming back at cruz. so clearly, there's an intersigned sort of warfare among the outsiders for that lane. now, do i think there are people in the establishment lane, lou? obviously, rubio hopes to regain some of his momentum, but he's going to have to -- he's going to have to show something, because i think he got hurt badly in new hampshire. >> it's a hard thing to judge. isn't it? it obviously stopped hits, what i call it momentum. momentum in new hampshire. disappointing finish. can he really reset? can kasich actually take advantage of what he did in a very different state, new hampshire, and make it work in a far more diverse in every way state like south carolina?
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>> i don't really think so. i mean, kasich did really wale in new hampshire. no we ash that. so many of the late deciders went for him, because he was very appealing in that debate last saturday night. no question about it. i think all of new hampshire must have watched that debate. at least it seemed that way to me. >> i agree. >> but, look, kasich doesn't have a national campaign. he doesn't have much on the ground in south carolina. he has less money, i think, than the other candidates. so he'll have enough to get his message out and he just looks like a one-hit wonder. we've gone through candidates like this before in new hampshire, and if they don't have the strength and the organization and the money and the support to follow up new hampshire, then -- their campaign fizzles. >> i got a kick out of are donald trump in his victory remarks last night saying that he and his campaign figured out this thing in about a week, fortunate for him, they did. thank you both for being here.
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appreciate it. fred barnes, juan williams. good to see you. a federal judge has finally had a belly full of the u.s. state department dragging its feet and stonewalling his orders. now he's ordered all the remaining clinton e-mails to be releas released. what will the obama state department do now? department do now? we take it when you go the extra mile to help business owners save on commercial auto insurance, you tend to draw a following. [ brakes screech ] flo: unh... [ tires squeal, brakes screech, horn honks ] ooh, ooh! [ back-up beeping, honking ] a truckload of discounts for your business -- now, that's progressive.
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joining us tonight congressman jim cordon. in addition to sitting on the house oversight committee, he serves on the judiciary committee and is chairman of the freedom caucus. congressm congressman, your thoughts on the judge's order from the state department to release the rest of those e-mails by the end of this month? >> i always point out, remember what happens on the front end. she got to decide on the front end that half of the e-mails that she had in this amazing e-mail arrangement she set out, her personal system, she got to decide on the front end about 30,000 were personal. got to get rid of those, her and her legal team and then 30,000 come to the state department and they further screen them before released to we the taxpayers. specifically i'm on the benghazi committee and specifically the ones that come to that committee dealing with libya. got to screen them once. now screening again. it's about time we get them all. i appreciate what the judge is doing. >> the judge, at this point, do
11:13 pm
you think, is this his final, final order on this issue or do you think the state department has the -- the hubris to define? >> well i don't think they have that. i mean, it's been drug out so long. people are so us from crafrustr. it's about time. i appreciate the judge and particularly those filing the petition, we appreciate their efforts as well. >> absolutely, referring to judicial watch and other organizations that have done an amazing job, an important and value about job for the public interests. >> right. >> as we look at this, the state department is still playing, it seems, or at least i guess i could, if i wanted to say it, quaintly, it could be inferred that they have a political interest in working on the side of hillary clinton rather than the american people here, or certainly in cooperating with congress or even a federal judge? >> one of the questions we've raised in our inquiries is, how
11:14 pm
is this search done? what are the date parameters? what are the search terms? i remember i was talking specifically that information, the e-mails they get, the ones that then come to us that deal with libya. search terms, who are the people making the decisions, the people at the front end, at the state? the kind of things we'd like to know. again, it's about time. get them to us and let's get on with the investigations that need to happen. >> and, of course, it raises questions about how the state department itself now is an institution, operating and what is the character of the bureaucracy and those bureaucrats who, the professional staff, if you will, who lead the near, the near east desk, who operate the ambassador service, the foreign service? what in the world is going on there? is that -- and congressman ch e chafies says he's going to
11:15 pm
investigate. if the committee ever had a role this is it and now we hear that the speaker doesn't want that to go forward? >> well, but, look, we did have a hearing today. this is changing agencies but the same issue. we had the internal revenue service in front of our committee today and we asked them, how is it possible that with three preservation orders in place, one from the president himself, two in place and two subpoenas in place that the internal revenue service could destroy 422 backup tapes containing 24,000 e-mails, relevant to the lowest learner irs targeting investigation? >> is oversight going to do something about it? is it going to get into it? will speaker ryan permit it? >> well, what we want to do, and chairman chafies and i and a number of others sponsored legislation that says john cko
11:16 pm
s staconstanin needs to go. >> why don't we get rid of those who don't have anything to do with the law or constitution? >> every time i'm back home from constituents what are we doing to hold people accountable? start with someone with the visibility of the commissioner of the internal revenue service, destroyed documents relative to a criminal investigation, start with him, and have an impeachment proceeding move against him. that will send a message, we are not going to tolerate this and move to other people who deserve to be held accountable and who deserve that kind of response as well, but start there. >> do you really think the american people -- congressman, i've got the greatest respect for you. do you really think the united states people should be asked to be patient further, that our congress isn't acting -- the oversight reform isn't moving in against the state department, against the irs, every one of
11:17 pm
these damned departments, that are not acting like they're any part of the federal government? >> no, i'm not saying that. i'm saying, look, we should do our job. you're exactly right. he should hold people accountable who did things wrong. held in account. i'm saying the most visible and the one that needs to happen right away, this impeachment of john consstanin. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. up next, a few t
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a few thoughts about a billionaire populist and a socialist democrat. donald trump with his impressive victory in new hampshire won more than twice as many votes as the runner-up governor kasich. trump had nearly three times the votes of senator cruz who finished third. trump's dominance in the granite state extended across all major voting blocks and all demographics. men, women, young and old, minorities, independents,
11:22 pm
conservatives, all income level, trump won. he split the vote with john kasich among voters who decided in the last few days on their vote. the win added ten delegates to trump's total's delegates which now stands at 17. he is the front-runner in the delegate count as well now. on the democratic side, bernie sanders dominant in his win over hillary clinton. the socialist senator topped clinton in nearly every voting block and nearly every demographic category except for two. voters over the age of 65, and those making over $200,000 went for clinton. slightly older, a little wealthier. so we have a billionaire populist and a democratic socialist tearing up conventional wisdom. they're stupefying is a gaseous analysts and moving the nation to take note that partisan politics this year is actually working, as our founding fathers intended. democratic and republican
11:23 pm
candidates are talking about real issues that matter to most americans. issues that had not been debated seriously by presidential candidates in almost three decades. the third rail of social security entitlement, for that matter, what candidate would ever before have insisted on debating socialism versus capitalism? confronting corporate power on the issues of outsourcing of jobs, offshoring manufacturing plants and factories? the loudest and most direct voices on all of these issues just happen to belong to the two candidates who won in new hampshire. both have excited their supporters and animated voters who were expecting far less of them, and therapy putting fear in the hearts of those in the establishment who assumed that imperceptible wage increases over 30 years for many americans, a stagnant, stubborn economy and a middle class living with frustration and fear and now dwindling, could all be
11:24 pm
ignored for another decade. that the new normal would be tolerated by americans in perpetuity. not so. not until we see whether the establishment will succeed in killing the candidacies of the two leading disrupters, sanders and trump. onward to south carolina. now, a quotation of the evening on disrupters and disruption from naomi wolff. she said, "the first amendment was designed to allow for disruption of business as usual. it is not a quiet and subdued amendment or right, and it is a wonderful thing to hear the quiet broken on the campaign trail. free speech is exactly what americans have always expected of our leaders, and it appears now we have a chance of realizing that expectation through the campaign of 2016." we're coming right back. up next-- the gloves off in south
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donald trump launching a new attack ad against ted cruz, ahead of the south carolina primary. >> what kind of man talks from both sides of his mouth on amnesty for illegals, on national television, and still denies it? who took more than $1 million in
11:29 pm
sweetheart loans from wall street banks and fails to disclose which is required by law. ted cruz. the worst kind of washington insider who just can't be trusted. >> well, joinings now, the blaze tv news anchor amy holmes, editor of the national review, fox news contributor rich lowry. good to have you with us. i happen to think that narrator had one of most interesting voices, i don't know about you. your reaction to that? surprise or delight in it? >> any delight in it? well, not a surprise, because ted cruz is vulnerable on the charge of flip-flopping on immigration. it's not the flip or the flop per se. we know certainly that donald trump has had his -- >> this is the first candidate i've heard of flip-flopping in this primary. >> that never happens. >> never happens. >> only ted cruz. >> where he's vulnerable, the subject matter. immigration, and marco rubio as well. >> it's interesting to hear, talking about the worst kind of washington insider, as if we
11:30 pm
can -- there's a gradation of washington insiders that are acceptable to that fascinating narrator's voice. >> there are worst kind of washington insiders. ted cruz has been there for four years, she a senator. by definition, a kind of washington insider but does want to blow the place up. so i'm not -- >> too routinely. >> yeah. so this is so against cruz's brand, i'm not sure it's effective, but there's a political school of thought. hit someone at his point of strength and that's what this ad tries to do. >> but have it come from rubio, you know, here's another first-term senator. a washington insider. sort of creates -- it's a bizarre construction for me. is that what you're suggesting? >> well, look, trump compared to cruz, trump is a washington outsider. the politicians that trump has bought off tend to be more local that can help with his crony construction projects. so he's not a political outsider ith but he's at least a washington
11:31 pm
outsider. >> to come to his wedding. remember that? he has to buy his friends? a. tough race? apparently he owned her at one point. >> yes. it seems, i don't know if you agree with me, rich, the ultimate consequence of marco rubio and ted cruz getting into this immigration fight it actually -- it benefits donald trump neutralizing attacks against each other, kicking up so much dirt it's hard to know which is more of the flip-flopper. >> strategic mistake. squabbling over second and third, fourth place, but if donald trump keeps winning it doesn't matter who's in second, third or fourth place. unless you take him down probably here in south carolina, it's going to be very hard to stop. >> you're thinking medieval editions of publications? >> we've done our part. it's time for everyone else to chip in. >> reviewed everything they could at this thing. >> it's quite a spep tictacle.
11:32 pm
republican elites meeting, quote/unquote, quotes around republican elites, to try to figure what to do with donald trump, no the one of them apparently with an idea. it's kind of staggering to think that these people are doing this, because it is precisely the kind of prod that you would not want. >> but -- >> the american people maimi im donald trump popular with constituency. >> the time you throw truth or mud on him he goes ---ants i'm n. >> i'm not sure about that. maybe skipping the debate, organizational exercise. >> that wasn't because ted cruz stole a lot of the -- >> okay, that, and ted cruz stole the caucuses, caveats here. >> that's right. >> it may be people actually attacking him and it didn't happen in new hampshire. cruz has effective ads against trump going at his populist appeal the way he tried to take this poor woman's house for a
11:33 pm
limo parking lot at one of his casinos, and that's, i think if you're really going to dent trump, that's what you have to try to do. >> sort of interesting. you're going to have the jeb, the spectacle of jeb bush, a monied scion of a vastly powerful political family in this country, going after donald trump for being what? successful? i mean is that what we're saying here? >> he's tried a lot of different tactics, attacking donald trump for not being sufficiently conservative or conservative at all. >> by the way, i don't know there's a great claim here to be had for donald trump being conservative. >> there isn't. doesn't make it for himself. apparently, for the conservatives, disappointed debate. >> zero case for him being conservative. >> right. >> but a lot of his voters apparently don't care. they love his populism, and kind of it's existed in this country for centuries, it will have some appeal. you need to dent him on the
11:34 pm
populism. a guy that hasn't cared about the little guy. a scam university. eminent domain, buying off politicians, going bankrupt and not caring about his obligations to banks and contractor, and the rest of it. that's the case you have to try to make. >> paint him as a music man and after all the music man was a phony. >> i liked "the music man." >> it's a great musical. >> and might be winning right now. >> thank you very much. amy holmes, rich lowry, thank you both for being here. senator marco rubio sharpen being his attacks against donald trump today in south carolina. rubio going after the republican front-runner's use of crude language at a recent campaign event. >> one of the other people running for president at a rally said a word that was bleeped out. they wanted to know, what was the word? what did he say? i said, i can't tell you. so i can't tell you. i never want to be a candidate that does anything like that.
11:35 pm
if your president is someone who says or does things you would punish your kids for saying or doing that is not a good sign. >> those remarks, comments, new reports saying the republican establishment is having doubts about backing rubio or any of the other candidates, but rubio's fifth-place finish in new hampshire raising more doubts than some. join ug tonight, author, columnist, fox news contributor, jedidiah, and ron meyer. good to have you with us. jedidiah, i was sort of taken by the senator's obvious difficulty in even thinking about the word trump uttered. are we witnessing just massive hypocrisy in this country jp listen to what was said in the rose bowl halftime that 7-year-olds were listening to and watching. think about what is happening in our popular culture and -- i'm not saying it's right. i'm just saying that it's not a departure from what is the norm? >> right. i mean, rubio is showing himself to be politically correct, and i
11:36 pm
think if you watched the last debate you'll also see what i've been saying for a very long time which is he's overly rehearsed. he's a very effective communicator but starting to sound like a guy who has someone writing for him. when he has to go off script he lands in trouble and now is picking on the guy who goes off script a lot and sometimes says crazy things and sometimes craft things and that's what people love. what people love about him, though. so marco, you shouldn't be picking on him for that. recognize that there is a trend in society, and that trend likes what sounds "real." sometimes it's a little vulgar and upsets people, but so what? >> you know, the more i think about it, ron, i think, you know, when we heard that jim webb was not going to run today, yet an announcement to say he wasn't going to do what no one expected him to do. very few people did, but jim webb, who is a wonderful public servant and a, a terrific senator. he served his country with distinction, a decorated vietnam
11:37 pm
veteran, but he is one of the most -- he's not afraid to bore an audience to tears, if i may say, and i've really decided, i don't think i have to put up with boring politicians. i don't know about you. but i'm a little -- i now -- i'm offended by boring people. how about you? >> you should be offended by boring people, but i think what senator rubio is saying is that we need authentic politicians and authenticity is a good thing. when senator rubio goes offscript it's great. the problem with jedidiah, overly scripted. terrible. speaking off the cuff, great. what needs to get back to. i don't think the ad hurts him. gets him back in the news. his attacks against dnd landonap landed him in the news. >> that's why he didap algorithm. going after the guy that won every category and demographic in new hampshire they know he's
11:38 pm
got the broadest base and deepest support and that's got the republican establishment scared to death! >> well, with the republicans establishment, if it was actually, actually had any thinking behind what they were doing they would tell jeb and kasich to drop out. they'd go to rubio and tied with donald trump in new hampshire. jeb and kasich have no path forward. how are they going to win -- >> i love the way you did that -- that subtraction to get to a, to an addition it the vote total. >> show me a kasich supporter or jeb supporter that will vote for either trump or cruz? i doubt it. that's what i'm saying. if they're strategic they'd tell the candidates kasich and jeb, how are they going to win in the southern primaries on march 1st? they have no future in this race. >> i think you have to play the -- you're extraordinary
11:39 pm
insight here, but i do think that we get surprises from time to time whether it be in iowa or in new hampshire. >> yep. >> let's turn to -- which of these is going to be the prevailing establishment candidate. will it be rubio, as ron is obviously pleading? >> it has to be rubio because i think jeb bush is a sinking ship. every time he opens his mouth it's a greater disaster. i think it probably will be rubio but i don't think rubio will be able to catch donald trump. i really don't. and i think you hit the nail on the head when you talked about boring politicians. everyone makes the assumption you have to be boring to be effective. somehow boring is presidential. i remind you of ronald reagan. ronald reagan was an actor. he was compelling, convincing, he was real. he laughed at himself and he made lots of inappropriate jokes and was a lovable guy because of it. you do not have to be boring to get elected. you have to be telling, this is a digital media era, television era, make your case and make it well. >> honestly, before the last debate i'm not sure anyone ever
11:40 pm
called marco rubio boring. >> i did. >> listen -- >> i did. >> you know how they're going to vote, you know what they say. i'm impressed, ron. >> here's the thing with rubio. highs the only person that actually has appeal with millennials. look at the polls. he actually ties with hillary clinton among millennials. >> the group that doesn't vote, you mean? >> the group that actually -- actually, lou you know the millennials will be the largest group. >> i know what they are. >> effective and people are eligible to vote. >> they don't vote. >> the largest group eligible to vote and are going to be more voters millennials this year than anytime before. they're an important demographic, but here's the thing, he's also doing better against hillary clinton than any other candidate running. >> oh, man, ron. ron's getting close. you're getting close. getting close, partner. >> trump is doing -- >> very, very close. >> all i'm trying to say. >> just kidding, ron. i'm kidding. let's -- >> and in the general election. >> i'll run. do everyone a favor.
11:41 pm
i'm here. here for america. >> thank you, both. ron, appreciate. jedidiah, good to see you. up next, ambassador john bolton will join me and an elephant causing panic in the streets of india. incredible video of the elephant's hours' long rampage. there he is rampaging. we'll be right back with the incredible video. stay with us. i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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secretary of state john kerry and his russian counter part today announcing the diplomats agreed on a cease-fire in syria. syria's main opposition group announcing they welcome the plan. kerry saying the objective is to implement the cease-fire in a week's time. however, the cessation of hostilities will not apply to the islamic state or the islamic extremist group easy nusra front. that announcement comes as the syrian army backed by russian air strikes have been decimating the northern city of aleppo. joining us tonight to assess what all of this means and the much more, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, american enterprise institute senior fellow john bolton, also fox news contributor. john good to have you here.
11:46 pm
what is your take on first this cease-fire? >> well, if i thought it would really allow the alleviation of humanitarian disaster we see in aleppo i'd be more encouraged by it, but the context is that russian foreign minister sergey lavrov proposed within the past couple of days the cease-fire that would take effect on march the 1st. john kerry responded by saying, let's have an immediate cease-fire. obviously a compromise. the problem is by putting it off for a week, the likely outcome in the near term is that the fighting will actually intensify. and by the time we get to the target date, i'm not at all sure they can carry through. and you're also quite right to say the cease-fire is actually fairly limited between the assad regime and the so-called moderate opposition. you know, we have to speculate what the russians may have had in mind. maybe simply to deploy the regime forces elsewhere, hold the rebels in check with the
11:47 pm
cease-fire and move against isis. >> let's turn to, if we may, then, iran. also playing a role, and that is, today mocking our sailors. actually -- what would you call it? a mock of the boats and our sailors obviously iranians dressed at american sailors with their hands over their heads. this is really unrelenting. isn't it? and what does it suggest to you? is this just iran playing or is the point here to just rob barack obama's nose in it? >> well, i think it's a combination. certainly i think that's an element of it. they have contempt for us. they're demonstrating it. they're demonstrating that they've bested us in the negotiations. it's good for internal propaganda purposes but it shows the mood of the regime. they're on track. they don't feel deterred in their effort to get a
11:48 pm
deliverable nuclear weapon. there's question with this's recent north korean launch, whether they were involved in that. it's more bad news, no doubt about it. >> quickly, 30 seconds, turn to the state department which is now under orders to deliver the rest of the clinton e-mails. we learn about the inspector general's subpoena at the clinton foundation. your reaction? >> you know, i don't have words to describe how blatant hillary clinton's violation of elementary state department rules really is. i just think if anybody else had tried to do it, number one it bo have been leaked to "the washington post" and "new york times" and two, we wouldn't be hearing about ongoing investigation. we'd be hearing about prosecution. it really is something for congress to get into. you just had jim jones on before. there's an awful lot of work to do in congress. >> yeah. and it's an appropriate role for that committee. as you know, speaker boehner -- speaker boehner? speaker paul ryan.
11:49 pm
and the chairman of the committee, jason chaffetz, loggerheads whether to go forward in those kinds of impasses the speaker usually wins. ambassador, great to have you here. thanks so much. >> thank you, lou. >> john bolton. scary footage capturing the moment that a wild elephant went on a rampage. this elephant was frightened. it strayed into an east indian town after wandering from a nearby forest. the elephant, as you see there, well, doing a lot of damage. it moved around for several hours, destroyed parked cars. rather over motor bikes. dozens of homes and we're told it took four tranquilizer darts to knock him out before authorities could use a truck and crane to lift him and then to transport him home. no one was hurt. the elephant later released back into the wild. up next, bernie sanders having the best week ever.
11:50 pm
eviscerating hillary clinton in new hampshire playing basketball. wait a minute. watch this. now, we're going to do a count. how many times have you actually seen president obama swish? guess what xwlts going ? it's going to be interesting and coming right back including the rest of us. next, you don't want to miss them, ever. i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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ted cruz continuing his attacks on trump, in a new campaign ad. cruz's ad features kids. there you see trump actually it's an action doll. the kids, there's one of them, allegedly pretending to be, we're told reliably, a republican. >> i gave money to pelosi, reid and anthony wiener. [ laughter ] >> hey, hillary, i'll give you money to be my friend. >> let go of my house, mr. trump. >> that's a lousy house. i'm going to take your house and imner em mea eminent domain and park my limo there. >> eminent domain! >> trump, 35%. cruz, 12%. now when things get this outrageous we always turn to the co-host of "red eye" andy levy and correspondent for the greg
11:55 pm
gutfeld show, joanne nosuchinsky. i thought that was despicable, horrible and deserty, dirty, dirty politics. what do you think? >> oh, definitely, but excellent performances by those child actors! >> yes. >> seriously. the names and words they had to say. and memorize? i'm sure they were probably fed lines but they did a great job. i thought it was very entertaining. >> and do you think that there should be a state or federal agency called by the trump campaign to talk about the abuse of children? >> well, i think i agree with you on this, lou, as you always know. how dare he attack the front-runner? >> exactly. >> i just think -- i learned from this whole, when national review put out her issue. a lot of people were mad. >> the medieval. >> and now ted cruz is doing i
11:56 pm
p. i think it's a shame. we should be looking at jail time. >> that doll likes like a hybrid between ted cruz and donald trump. if you were a child you would confuse that dod for either candidate. >> the last thing you want is confusion over dolls at this day in age. >> easiest, trump is the one who tried toic ta the old lady's property so he could build a, paing lot for limousines nor his casino. >> but who actually relented and is -- i understand -- >> relengthed? >> yes. he was told to back off. >> by the court. >> yes. >> and she finally had to take a half million, much less -- >> charles manson relented from killing people, since he -- >> oh! >> if he were running, we would be more interested in talking about it with you. pop culture savant. >> savant. >> let's turn to sanders and basketball, because this is -- this is historic stuff. if we could show the senator on the court. here he goes. that's one. that's another.
11:57 pm
you know, it would be nice if we could see -- there you go. take my word for those first two. look at this man. he's a machine! unbelievable. >> and you thought rubio was a robot. >> i beg your pardon? you took that wonderful athletic performance and sullied it with -- >> how dare you? how dare you take my first talking point? and use it -- >> no, no. i know a lot about sports, as we all know, and i think we call that a sweet spot. >> oh, yeah. >> that's like new hampshire for bernie. a speet spot. >> sweet spot. >> in the zone as we say in sports. were you impressed? >> bernie was on his elementary basketball team that won the brooklyn borough championship. so this is probably not unexpected. also captain of his track team and took third place in the new york indoor mile race u. know, i can vaguely -- i get vaguely competitive and feel i have to
11:58 pm
brag. i was a third grade hall monitor myself. >> really? i never would have guessed that, lou. >> yes. >> that was the end of it. oh, man. oscar swag? whoa. $200,000 for folks getting a little bag at the oscars? that seems a little generous? >> yeah, but you know, that's like the estimated value of these things. i mean, if you tried to sell it you probably couldn't really get that amount. >> not the precision you would normally associate with this broadcast? >> especially, yeah, with the oscars, too, they like to be precise. but all of this boycotting, boycott the bag. give all of that to charity. >> i wonder if that $200,000 worth of swag will influence some to break the boycott? >> lou, i lived in los angeles ten years and was a publicist for the 69th academy awards. i understand what -- i understand -- >> hall monitor. >> i understand what the two of you do not. every single thing in these bags is a necessity.
11:59 pm
>> like what? >> every single thing. the vampire breast lift. the walking -- >> breast lift? >> breast lift. the walking tour of japan. do you know how hardly oh dicaprio had to work on "the revenant"? he needs a talking tour of japan, lou. >> i'm sure that's the first thing he want to do. >> you know this is great for the actors and directors, for their assistants if they're the ones that get it. >> that's terrific. and let's turn to the pc police out once again. is it time for pc police to turn in there badges and weaponry? >> talking a the san diego thing? >> yes. i should have -- i forgot to mention, the founding fathers, not to be referred to as "fathers." >> i think our founding parents would have understood what was going on here but i actually thought -- i thought this was like a computer error. someone says, better an gender
12:00 am
biased language, instead of looking at ap example, the computer founded founding fathers. >> i ran out of time. thanks for being with us and join us tomorrow. join us tomorrow. good night from ne for time life's music collection. (soft music) ♪ (narrator) these are songs that can relax and soothe you. (ray conniff) ♪ somewhere my love ♪ there will be songs to sing (narrator) songs that make you feel good. (frankie valli) ♪ you're just too good to be true ♪ ♪ can't take my eyes off of you ♪ ♪ you'd be like heaven to touch ♪ (narrator) songs that take you to wonderful places. (the 5th dimension) ♪ up-up and away ♪ in my beautiful, my beautiful balloon ♪


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