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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 15, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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>> sh should -- this should be a decision for the people. >> maria: scalia was found dead on saturday died of natural causes at 79 year's old. george w. bush will make appearance for his brother jeb, the two will appear in rally in south carolina days before voters hit the polls in south carolina for the primaries this upcoming saturday. another batch of hillary clinton's emails, 80 deemed classified emails. u.s. markets are closed for president's holiday. china is open after a week of holiday for the new year, shanghai composite opened for the first time in a week finishing lower, take a look, down two-thirds of a percent. huge day for japanese stock. shaking off weak economic data. the latest reading showing that the japanese economy contracted
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1.4% in the fourth quarter. still looking at recession in japan. we will bring you all the latest developments out of the ecb president. stock markets closed in the u.s., of course, but futures are trading higher, take a look. 228 points the market closed all day in observance of president's day. a scare in sky from a flight traveling from london to new york, laser forcing pilot to turn with more than 200 passengers on board. authorities are still working to find the source of the laser. kobe bryant with final appearance in all-star game yesterday. he's retiring after 19 years in the league. two video tributes in his honor before the game began. death of supreme court justice scalia sent shock waves over dc
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in the weekend, major issue to name replacement. peter barnes is following the latest in washington. peter, good morning to you. >> peter: politics of all this pretty simple, president obama should template the next president who might be republican, of course, appoint a replacement. the president says no way, i have the duty and the power to name replacement before i leave office and you can bet his candidate will not be a towering conservative like scalia. hot topic on the campaign trail. >> i cannot wait to stand on that stage with hillary clinton or with bernie sanders and take the case to the people, what vision of the supreme court do you want. >> the president has a responsibility to nominate a new justice and the senate has a responsibility to vote. >> scalia's can put major cases on hold as any vote that is currently tied in a lower court is upheld.
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the existing ruling stands, some important cases that could stand for now include ones that end mandatory union dues, allow religious organizations exemptions from obamacare's mandate and challenge obama immigration policy. >> maria: all right, peter, peter barnes in dc. joining us john hart. thanks for joining the conversation. >> great to be on. >> maria: president said he will name a success or. any nomination will be dead on arrival on the senate. obviously the debate is heating up. how do you think this plays up? >> this has a potential to be a game changer in 2016, the reason is we not only have one branch on government on the ballot but since we have two branches of government that will be decided in november. it's going to have a profound affect on the republican race in particular and perhaps the democratic race as well.
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we saw clues on the debate about it saturday night where senator cruz, rubio and bush really went after donald trump for not being the true conservative. so it's going to add a sense of gravity and weight. >> maria: i understand all of that. do you think the president will get his nominee through, is really the question? >> no, no he's not going to get the nominee through because he has zero good will among senators because of his abuse of executive orders, so senator mcconnol feels he's on solid ground to allow any person that obama nominate to go through. >> dagen: a recess appointment is possible for basically a short-term justice. it would run two years, there's some debate because president obama, because courts have shot down the recess appointments on the national labor relations
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board, but there is some talk and i would point out that mr. obama, there's no chance he will use recess appointment. in theory, the republicans could ally with the white house and say, okay, we will template you do this and make a recess appointment for the two-year period just to make sure that business on the court moves forward. >> i think that's very likely to happen and the reason is because there's so -- there are so little trust and so much animosity between the obama administration and senate republicans and congressional republicans. >> maria: yeah. >> it would be very hard to come to that kind of agreement which would require allow of nuance and relationships. obama doesn't that relationships to do that. well, i think it's going to help
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rubio, cruz and bush equally. it could be a very bad development for donald trump. donald trump talks about he compares himself to ronald reagan, any conservative knows that when you think about the reagan legacy, he was marinating in ideas for years before he ran for president. 16 years before 1980, 1964 gave speech. 16 years ago today donald trump is building casinos and gearing up to launch the apprentice. there's a big gap between conservative credibility with trump and the rest of the field. >> maria: that's interesting. go ahead, kevin. >> kevin: john, my question is if the republicans are not going to approve any of the nominees, why didn't they wait to see who obama nominates as oppose to coming out right away and all of a sudden just saying they're going to shoot anybody down no matter what? i feel that's going to give more
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to the antiestablishment movement. washington as usual, so why wouldn't they wait? >> well, they didn't wait because the conclusion is a fore gone conclusion that president obama will obviously nominate somebody who is going to be far to the left of where republicans are and again, we have two branches of government on the ballot now in november, not just one. so it's a serious and grave situation and republicans felt compelled to go ou and say, no way, this is not going to happen as long as we're in charge of the senate. >> dagen: but doesn't -- ted cruz runs a risk that if the senate republicans do move ahead on a nominee, what if president obama comes up with someone who at least seems middle of the road. if they move ahead, that destroys ted cruz in this presidential election and maybe even rubio, that they couldn't stop it. >> well, you know, it wouldn't help them but i think, again,
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you have senators who are themselves running for reelection, so i can't imagine that senators and swing states or states where president obama won are going to wanting to to a path of exposing themselves to that kind of criticism when they can just wait a few months and have someone much closer to scalia than a place holder. again, that's a tricky proposition to even establish that. >> maria: really an interesting dynamic here. we will see you soon, john hart. japan bargain hunting was the name of the game, beating down banking sending the nikkei average to biggest gains since september recovering much to have 11% decline with 7% rally overnight. nikkei average largely lower for the year. this is after the latest data showed that japan's economy continues to shrink. weak consumer spending.
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fourth contraction in seven quarters for japan's economy. we continue talking about this. the japanese economy remains in recession despite -- >> kevin: yeah, this is showing what's happening across the global. if you look at export numbers, they did not do well at all. japan is the third-largest economy in the world right now and they're an export economy. you're seeing -- 7% up in one session. they've been getting beaten up. you're seeing the wild big moves . we've seen it time and time again in ifer trading session this year and it's going to continue to happen because the market is trading on macro news and not on company news. >> maria: they keep comparing japanese post, the biggest company in japan that went public-year. michael, do you agree in that comparison when that turns they
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think the japanese market will turn? >> michael: i don't think it's quite that easy, maria. a few things to look at japan is up 7% on the good news that gdp is down. if you dig into those numbers, it's really as if the policy makers are shooting themselves in the foot. the yen goes the other direction. the fact is it had been weak and was hurting consumption. japanese were not spending money on consumption here. what do you do now? are you going to cut rates further, what's the yen going to do? they were chasing their own tail here. it's up that we are up 7%. i will say for technicians out there, bounce of key long-term level. technical analysis working. but in terms of what the economy is doing, i really think that in japan policy makers are not being consistent.
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>> kevin: they have threw even at the economy, they are buying stocks, everything across the board and it's just not working. >> maria: an issue that we talked about in the past, dagen and that is people do not -- are losing confidence. the central banks around the world have any ammunition left. >> dagen: when you lose that confidence, you can't win it back. the benefit for the u.s. is great. the rest of the world looks lousy and then lower interest rates here in the united states. soak it up while you can. >> michael: that's been a dragging data set. it's really been bad. a little better. >> dagen: gas and autos were up. >> maria: that's not bad.
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>> michael: maybe there's something in that, now what? >> kevin: you know what the worst part is markets are going up in converse to what's happening with currencies, so if the currencies are going to go down more, the market will go up. currencies should not dictate market action. >> maria: but they have been because of the strength of the dollar. >> kevin: what's nominated in dollars, oil, copper, you name it. when those currencies are actually strengthening, you know, thals going to impact all of those and trickle into a merging market. you name it. >> maria: long way they wanted it to go. >> michael: the fact boj cut in negative and yen rallies, it shows how much dysfunction there is. and that's a problem. >> dagen: our markets are closed and people are working today and people are trading overseas, what's the competition doing?
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in reruns. >> maria: and then there's that. >> dagen: we work because we care and lots to talk about. it matters to our lives. >> maria: pharmaceutical ceo is in the cross hairs of the irs. battle of gop nomination head south we will take a look at the candidate in best position. back in a minute. ♪ ♪ you can't predict... the market. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market conditions...
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my lineage was the vecchios and zuccolis. through ancestry, through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian. he was 34% eastern european. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian
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was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. he looks a little bit like me, yes. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at >> maria: welcome back, republican presidential candidates facing off in their most heated debate. cheryl casone with the details. cheryl, what a debate that was. >> cheryl: it certainly was.
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saturday night's debate was a wild one, striking nerves and igniteing with hot issues like immigration and 9/11. >> while donald trump was building a reality tv show my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe and i'm proud of what he did. [cheers and applause] >> the world trade center came down during his brother's reign, remember that. >> cheryl: it got really heated on saturday night. >> maria: he got booed. >> dagen: he deserved to be boo booed. >> maria: i agree with you. >> cheryl: we are going talk about that coming up. [laughter] >> cheryl: it was good.
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we are going to have coverage of the nevada caucus and south carolina primary. saturday february 20th so tune in to fox business. hbo releasing season six of game of thrones. it does a good job of bringing back some hunting memories. >> the long night is coming. and the dead come with it. >> cheryl: dead of throne prem -- premiering april 24th. martin shkreli defending with 6 million unpaid taxes and interest to the government that dates back to 2014, a little bit of money on 2013.
6:19 am
anybody using my credit card back traced and prosecuted. >> maria: he lost $15 million to a con man as well when he was trying to buy the rights to kanye west's new album. it was the worst day of his life. he keeps doing all this stuff, no kidding that all of the asian yición are coming after him. i don't think it's right but at the same time he's making himself such a target with behavior during investigations. >> dagen: he's doing it on purpose, any attention, there's no such thing a bad attention. any attention is good attention. rron what his plan is down the road, though, like having some reality show, they don't template cameras behind bars for the most part. >> kevin: he's trying to serve a distraction for what he actually did which are serious and grave allegations, think about it. what he did, he actually took money from investors, he lost it
6:20 am
all and started a new company, borrowed money from the company, stole it, did the contracts, no one lost money but it was so grave and serious that they indicted the lawyer too. >> maria: these are the fraud charges. >> kevin: completely different from raiseing prices. >> maria: separate from the irs charge. >> michael: yeah, right and i have a kanye album to sell you. >> maria: right. we will take a short break. cheryl, thanks for that. iran shipping first barrels of oil to europe, how that could affect prices. iranian oil on the market. in case you missed it, house spauker -- speaker paul ryan a week from the south carolina primary. >> i think we owe the country a
6:21 am
real choice and we can't wait to the fall, we need to do this earlier so that we can talk about it all summer long, all fall long so we really truly give people a clear choice so that the people of this nation get to choose and this is what you could do with the republican president to get the country back on track and that's the agenda that we are fashioning. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> maria: welcome back, iran preparing first shipment of crude oil to europe. tankers could depart as soon as today, as a result of lifting of sanctions in the wake of iran nuclear deal. michael, retail price of gasoline has been falling in recent days, when iranian oil makes it to the united states, how do you think this plays out for the market?
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>> michael: this should be great for consumer, let's see how far that goes, what us it mean to retail stocks. it could end up being a good thing for consumers. as for oil itself, i'm worried about low-level. , you know, the general risk. i'm still worried about demands. i'm not getting a lot of confidence on the demand side. it needs to be better than fine. [laughter] >> michael: it needs to go up. >> kevin: it's not only a demand issue but supply issue. iran came back online and nobody is cutting across the board because they have to generate the revenues to pay off their debt. what the problem and you can see it happening in the capital markets that even banks are
6:26 am
start to go look to sell the revolving, they are at the top of the stack at discount. it's reported that it could be a third of the emp producers are going to be in distressing and could be left filed for bankruptcy. this is the scary part that could come through the system. we don't know what's going to happen. it's still the looming thing. it's an overhang, that's why banks are anxious to lend out in sectors. >> maria: down 15% year to date. that's the worry, right? >> kevin: we are still under $30 a barrel. thirty dollars. >> dagen: friday in terms of volatility if you're placing any bets in the energy sector or stock market oil is up 12% on friday. biggest jump since 2009 in seven years. >> maria: why was that dagen? >> a lot lot of it was credited
6:27 am
to short covering. >> michael: i have to hear from the saudis, number two -- >> maria: the headline from opec. >> michael: we are doing production cuts and they're not going to do. you think, russia, venezuela, iranis are going to follow through it, history says no. >> kevin: look at what happened, on friday it was up 12%. >> maria: the headline that said opec would consider cutting production. >> kevin: oil was up like 2%. that's the nice part. at least the political risk has been removed from the oil and that's a good thing for the u.s. and politics and consumers. >> michael: no more supply shuts. >> maria: there you go. coming up cia director, isis will attempt an attack on u.s.
6:28 am
soil, how the u.s. is preparing, stay with us on this important issue. back in a minute. donald trump: "people love me..." donald trump. look past the boasting and you'll see right through him. he supported partial-birth abortions. his phony trump university? accused of fraud. he tried to seize private property to line his own pockets. four bankruptcies... and small businesses screwed over. poll after poll shows him losing... to hillary clinton. if trump wins, conservatives lose. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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>> good morning everybody. welcome back i'm maria bartiromo, happy president's day monday february 15th president's day marketses are closed in the u.s. so was our comp face by the way. you want the news that matters to you you're on the place on fox business network. top stories 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. mourning the death of scalia but the battle over his seat on the high court is heating up on capitol hill and campaign trail. >> i just think at a time when the country is so divided it would just be great if the president didn't send somebody forward. the constitution is pretty clear. president makes the appointment, senate confirms, let's get on with that business. >> scalia found dead on saturday in texas, a local judge says scalia died of natural causes at 79 years old. we'll talk about scalia legacy
6:32 am
and next step to the court with senior judicial analyst judge napolitano municipal in the program. stay with us for that. on to 20 1-6d race president bush will make a run for jeb. appear at a rally in south carolina day its before voters hit polls in the state's primary. this upcoming saturday. on to global markets. closed for the president's holiday but affiliate moves this morning to tell you about overnight in asia. shanghai composite. in japan a lot of buying bouncing after weeks of decline surminging 7% overnight for the average. latest read in japan economy contracted 6.5% in the fourth quarter. european markets, european central bank president expected to speak later this morning.
6:33 am
we'll bring you latest highlight as his mepts often do move markets. the stock market is closed if many the u.s. future trading is open and future l are ally up 221 points according to futures this morning. global rally felt here dow futures up as well as nasdaq futures up 76 points right now. kanye west dropping his new album after appearance on saturday night live he tweeted this, this jaw dropping number. 53 million dollars. he says he's in debt by that much. kanye says he's in debt but we know we don't know for certain what this means, why he tweeted to his brothers, i'm in debt to the tune of $53 million that was the tweet turns to war on terrorism. cia director mr. brennan on 60 minutes last nigh to discuss briesing threat of isis. and the danger of an attack here at home. >> you're expecting an attack in the united states. >> i'm expecting them to try to put in place the material or
6:34 am
whatever had else they need to do, or to insight people to carry out these attacks clearly. so i believe that their amendments are inevitable. their successes not necessarily are. >> found about member of the kowm for e urge manying national security affairs. wonderful to see you. thanks very much for joining us. >> good morning, great to be on. >> what is your reaction to john brennan's comments last night? >> a little bit surprised he gave the this long interview in which he said that -- you know the threat that is maybe out there in isis is trying. isis isn't trying. isis has succeeded if you look at the fact that they declared the summer of 2014, we have killed or arrested over 90 people in america with links to isis. so the threat is real. the threat is here whether it's
6:35 am
malik and farook on social yeetd after the attack in san bernardino. this isn't a theoretical threat but it's a real threat. >> we know this from number of investigations going on within the united states of people who are either joining the fight, or related to the fight. tell us what the status of isis in america is right now sebastian. >> okay so if you break town figures we report this knowledge so we've had almost 100 people arrested on u.s. soil. if you break that down half-them are people who want to pooghts jihad in thes e middle east in syria or iraq. 20% of those facilitate and recruiting buying plane tect to turkey but scary thing this is what brennan should be talking about is 30% of the people we have interdicted decided best way is to kill americans on u.s.
6:36 am
soil. as you the director of the fbi s said there are ongoing investigations more than 900 leads right now. in all 50 states, that is not jihadi cases but specifically isis maria. >> wow dagen. >> sebastian is the government doing enough in terms of counterpropaganda if you will. fbi i don't know if you saw it. fbi came out with this goat video game. for basically aimed at children to try and not -- prevent them from being radicalized. if you look at it, it's quite frankly laughable, and it kind of goes to the fact of what -- our government is not doing. >> when it comes to the propaganda war, we are still in the kindergarten, pre-k and isis is in grad school. eating our lunch eve day whether with their magazine, isis english language magazine whether their presence on social media.
6:37 am
use of encrypted means of communication. everything we do is either laughable as you mentioned especially what's coming out of the department of state or it is absolutely tactical at the lowest level with the idea that we're going to stop individuals from becoming terror when that's not what we have to do. we have to degrade and delegitimize with this administration won't touch it because it says you can't talk about religion which is very, very strange. >> dr. goreca here in the west we're majority nonmuslim what place do we have trying to establish with any interpretation of islam. does this need to be solved within islamic world and anyone can the west can do about this? >> great question, we have to be part of this the same way we were during the cold war. we have to help those in the region fight this fight. there are some very brave muslim reformers on the internet. there are people look general cc
6:38 am
king the second of jordan. we have to help them in the same way that we help people in europe. remember cia owned publishing house it is in europe to push back on communist or ideology during cold war. today we are just not present. we're absent in the war and nots helping our allies, good guy sewn sunnies. >> in terms of the debate of who had a plan to do just that dr. gorka? >> i'm not really see it. i've been impressed on national security issues in general in the past with carly she's been very good. now we have senator cruz with senator rubio being very strong. i don't see the details with mr. trump. so this will be a national security election as far as i'm concerninged so i want to see more details on this issue of ideology.
6:39 am
>> you think that in isis attack is eminent? >> we published a report a week before san bernardino after paris, saying that type of attack we saw in paris is not a question of if in america, it's a question of when, and our assessment as not changed maria. >> good to have you on the program appreciate it. sebastian coming up next apple tv and dr. dre teaming up with the legendary rappers next episode. why the former nwa star could be chasing emmys instead of gram mist. global market and futures are moving and we're open for business we have a run down of global market this is morning, next on mornings with maria, stay with us.
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that's how i own it. i thione second it's then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪ >> get ready another dose of winter weather hitting mid-atlantic in northeast. cheryl with that story right now. >> recovered from the weekend here we go again, okay, so right on heels of record-breaking cold in the northeast. temperatures rise slightly today but snow and ice could make travel a mess from north carolina deep into the
6:44 am
southeast. some between two and four inches of snow mixing with sleet or freezing rain. well a massive pileup on a pennsylvania interstate over the weekend killed three people and injured many others. this picture is incredible. dozens of cars slammed into each other in lebanon county. at least 60 vehicles involved in sures of wrecks and more than 70 injured. a snow squall created white-out conditions at the time of this pileup. >> i didn't ask it shall -- when your enemy is after your best girl it is time to be a superhero. >> didn't have to bloodstream that out foul mouth super bowl poll with 135 million with the biggest domestic opening for an r rated movie. ryan renolds produced, of course, stars as mercenary who tries to cure cancer with a
6:45 am
superhuman ability. coming in second kung kung fu pa followed by how to be single. of course that was on valentine's day weekend. back to you. >> that's good. apple making had first original tv series. goal jo ling kent with that. >> and drai according to the "hollywood reporter" tick giant is producing original content starting with a tv series starring dr. dre. the show is called vital signs expected to debut on apple streaming service through apple music and offered on apple tv. now, six episode series is loosely based on dr. 's life story as to reporter. connected tv and streaming services is locked in a strategy. apple tv had 20% market share in the u.s. behind the cast at 35%.
6:46 am
roku 13% and all of the rest at 13%. analyst maria expected a growth of 17% in this connected tv streaming category this year to a lot of money at stake here. >> coming up next "sports illustrated" unveils not one but three swimsuit covers. tuck to one retailer debuting new line in the magazines. solve this as if they were not challenging enough. one -- has designed what could be the world ice largest rubik's cube that measures fife feet wide on each side with 220 pounds that is 20 times size of the norm game. back in a minute.
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>> welcome back the wait is finally over.
6:50 am
"sports illustrated" has had the swimsuit issue hitting stands this week. for first time ever it has three different front pages. rhonda rousey making her modeling debut one of three covers. stars this year and she is not wearing a bathing suit you'ring lo at body paint. isn't that massing. making history graham to grace cover absolutely gorgeous o. model haley is also snag the cover. take a look. the magazines also running a brabd new campaign by nation leading plus size women apparel brand lane bryant. it celebrates body positivity and curves, lane bryant molds and campaign ambassador tara lynn thank you so much for joining us. wow this is a great idea. congratulations to you. tell us first why this was important to you and why you're sort of celebrating the plus
6:51 am
size molds. >> we believe we should be celebrating women of all shape, sizes, it's definitely about body incluestivety. lane bryant needs to be her brand for empowerment it's a celebration. >> it is for you -- you have to be ambassador and out there cheers and celebrating i think because you don't see anybody else doing it. >> we feel we're leading charts and we have a great responsibility and accountability to do it. it's a 110-year-old brand. time to shake it up. this body is ready to make a change. >> what kind of reception have you gotten? >> overwhelmingly positive. i remember when i first read the manifesto, that we have for the body campaign, i wases overcome just absolutely in tears thinking this was what all women need to feel. we need to feel that we are made for, you know, deserving love and deserving to be seen and to be heard and represented in
6:52 am
media. >> has had instagram do you think helped, it turned a focus on women and their bodies. but also self-empowerment. and i just think that you see a lot more acceptance of women of all shapes and sizes because of instagrandmother and social media. do you think that's true? >> i think absolutely that's true. instead of media simply being what is given to us by some higher power we're doing it ourself os, and you know, able to, you know, a platform for us to express ourselves, and to sort of, you know, credit our own image and, you know, receive response directly from the public. : how is it working with designers, are they seeing this as a great segment because it is fun and awesome space to be right now, and there's a lot happening. it is so empowering. >> designer collaborator put a spot looght on the fact that it is time to change and help they will because they get asked all of the time to give women of this size clothed they design
6:53 am
and department know how to do it. and we find they're interested. >> help with resources to produce these collections. >> to bring their designs a time o at the price point to love. >> what reception have you gotten from the public? >> great reception. social media is where i read how people are resonating how this is resonate with them and the message is that it says tara lynn said we're giving them a platform to express themselves. overwhelmfully positive and they're beautiful and there's a reason to celebrate that. >> there's more in apparel for a plus size because a lot more out there for women. >> there's or more interest. but there's few that can do it well. and this is not a size up or grade up from a messy size she deserves something that fits -- >> it is not sizing up but it's designing clothes that are
6:54 am
flattering on all different shapes and sizes always. yes. that's what i think we're particularly suited well to do so. this is all we focus on. >> what's best medium to get this message across? it should be through traditional print and yeedz, is it through onis line? where's the best way to get the message? >> all forms of media clearly one of the things we try to do with the three campaigns we've had is to challenge traditional media. which is never really repghted this woman. and so what we're saying it is time to change all of that so we want to hit traditional media, and social channels in all fronts. it's really fun. >> tara did you have barriers in your journey as a molds because of size in tell us a little bit how your journey has evolved you're absolutely gorgeous. we know that. but because of size, did you have issues? >> i never had any issues, no, that i think industry of plus size modeling existed when i
6:55 am
already the got involved. and so it was sort of always something always available. but i definitely seen clothes over my eighth plus year career become better and better and also, you know, the client base for the companies i work for, you know to become more numerous >> quick on business right now. how would you characterize things every day we have a debate about the economy and retale sales what are you seeing? rng my is tough. we're blessed in the fact that we deliver the right fashion and it's a fashion business not a size business we can entice her to purchase. and she wants to look great. she should all the time. >> good to see you both congratulations. next hour fox senior judge knapp t knapp will be with us and scalia. and following a rally in japan. london seeing some pretty good gains surging off three-year lows. bring you all of the market
6:56 am
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>> welcome back i'm maria bartiromo, it is monday if 15th happy president's day mashtses are closed today so is our computation by the way. if you want the news that's right matters to your life and money right here on fox business network. top stories 7 a.m. and east coast antonin scalia political battle over o the seat on high court heats up on capitol hill right now on the campaign trawl to capitol hill as well. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities. this should be a decision for the people. >> scalia was found dead on saturday in texas.
7:00 am
a local judge says scalia died of natural causes at 79 years old on to the 2016 race form or president george bush makes a appearance for jeb bush. two will appear at a rally in south carolina before the polls on saturday. another batch of e-mails released over the weekend. more than 80 deemed classified. on to global market. u.s. markets closed to presidential holiday today. in asia, however, shanghai composite over for the week lower. chinese market has been closed for the new year. lunar new year in china. overnight in japan surged 7% higher overnight shaking off weak economic data. you have latest read on gdf showing jappedz economy contracted 1.4% in the fourth quarter. european market he is they followed asia higher. central bank president mario expected to speak later this morning. we'll bring you latest developments out of the ecb. stock market is closedded in the
7:01 am
u.s. and futures are trading higher, showing a rally for stock prices in the u.s. global rally felt here, of course, as you can see there. on to the news of the moment and our top story unexpected death of sprowrt justice antonin scalia sending shockwaves throughout washington and setting up a imagine battle to name his replacement. peter barnes with the latest washington. peter. republicans say president obama should let the next president who might be a republican, of course, appoint replacement a towering conservative jurorrist. president says no way, i have duty an power to name his replacement before i leave office and you can bet his candidate won't be like scalia. as hot topic on the campaign trail. >> won't move forward until there's a election. the court with function with eight justices in last year within last few months of the president's term we should not be appoint ofpoin --
7:02 am
>> in the senate confirms. president obama in my view should make >> scalia's death could put a number of major court cases on hold at any case that gets a four to four tie vote upholding existings ruling of a lower court. some important ones that could stand for now include cases that allow mandatory union dues, that allow religious organizations exemptions from obamacare and that ed president obama's executive orders on immigration. maria. >> feater thanks very much. joining me right now on the it have been is fox news senior analyst. thank you for weighing in hoar. good to talk with you -- erntle good morning maria. >> what's your take on this? we know what president obama wants to do an we know with candidates are saying, how does this play out? >> well look it's, obviously, a power game right now.
7:03 am
democrats would love more to opposite both in ideology and in age. the republicans love nothing more than to replace him with a similar thinking person a year from now. there are couple of unusual constitutional quirks in here. the president, of course, what is known as recess power and appoint someone to the supreme court when the senate is in recess that is not a permanent appointment but a appointment that exists until next senate tomorrow. so more or less, three and a half to four years. guess what, senate is in recess as we spook. but the president is not indicated in inclination to do that but sited to nominate somebody and to try to put that person through the senate. under the senate rules, as established by harry reid and the democrats, last time they
7:04 am
controlled the senate, the senate schedule is controlled by one person. the majority leader in this case, mitch mcconnell that is not even subject to a vote in the senate. senator mcconnell is said we will not consider any nominees during president obama's term in office. >> okay. he could decide that an make the schedule such that there are no hearings in this regard, and no time to actually look at it. >> they can do that. the response, of course, would be political uproar in the part of the democrat answer political pressure on republican senators. particularly those running for president. and would be up to them to statistic to their guns or to however they see the. you know, look president could surprise people and come up with some consensus nominee that would draw all of democrats and half of the republicans. i can't think of who that would be off the top of my head. but he might actually -- try to do that.
7:05 am
if he nominates somebody that is literally justice scalia's opposite number in 40s or 50s you either will see no battle at all mcconnell won't let it happen or make a fight over robert work seem look child's play. >> when you think about who justice scalia would have wanted. i know that you were good friends with justice scalia so my condolence is to you, judge. >> i appreciate you saying that thank you, we spent many, many, many hour it is together in formal occasions in informal occasions i interviewed him in front of large groups. we vacation together, many meals together. went to mass together. he was a fierce -- fierce traditionalist roman catholic who likes old fashion with a priest faces the alter, and we talked about all of these things many times. i'm sure he would want someone to replace him like -- like he is. he had no wish to leave office
7:06 am
while a democrat was president. but made sure interceded. >> i agree with you a proud italian american i know or or there are a number of italian groups that hon mothered him at the time i had a privilege of meeting him as well, and interviewing him. but he was actually your friend. so you know chris wallace on fox news sunday actually did an interview with him had couple of year ago and asked him had. i said this was unbelievable. who would you want to replace you, of course, they were not talking about death. but in the event that he were to step down, he said, obviously, his answer toes chris was, absolutely i don't someone in there who is going to undo everything i've done. i don't think i need to it will you that, do i? he was so blunt about it. but we know what justice gal would have wanted. >> i don't think i'm speaking heated of school when i tell you it was one of his greatest fears as that all of the work he did could be undone, by a succeed successor and these are thoughts going through people in the white house as we speak when they try and --
7:07 am
what he would have wanted. wonlder if gop will look, they're, you know, the group of know by not even, you know, looking at a nominee who the president may put forth. so there is a plans to walk on the part of the campaigns as well as gop, right? >> yeah, there is. mitch mcconnell doesn't let this cool to the floor then whoever the republican nominee for president is, is going to have to defend mcconnell's position and that maybe a defense that that candidate does not want it headache. so this really -- so many variations here as to how this can play out it's almost impossible to predict but those who loved hmm are sad and crushed by this as you're welcome imagine. >> of course, of course what a special man he was. let me ask you how this takes
7:08 am
place you've heard from hillary and bernie and said president has a responsibility and done that and heard from gop xaints. so this has become an election issue and campaign issue. how does this change election do you think, judge? >> well marco rube yon and ted cruz have been arguing i think quite effectively that this is -- four days ago. we're one vote away from keeping bare arms. one vote away from abortion on demand. but those are now legitimate, valid mainstream arguments to make as is the opposite of those eargts or argument who is thes right of bare arms to go away and abortion on demand to be lawful. obviously, we live in an age in which foreign forces want to harm us, and war on terrorism main issue. serious, serious economic issues and you can speak to that far better than had i. but we now have this new issue
7:09 am
that is not just one vote away, it is were literally one vote away, and here's the type of person that i would appoint. here's the human being that i would appoint very well you can see some nonpolitical candidate, some named potential nominee, being a major -- being vetted and being a major issue in this campaign of the republicans want to go that far. because republicans will have to demonstrate that they're not just obstructionists but trying to save the constitution from a president who has very little fidelity to it. >> real quick judge can you go through real quick some of the cases that are in front of the supreme court u right now, because that's going to be the argument on the left to baskly say look we need business to keep moving forward. there are important cases right now in front of the supreme court. >> there's a major affirmative action case before the -- before the supreme court.
7:10 am
immigration issue where the lower state has had executive order. there's a major abortion case where case has upheld a rather restrictive abortion law in texas. there's a major epa case before the court with supreme court four days ago did the unthinkable which is reach down into a lower court and order it to stay in opinion of the epa that was four to five. so, obviously, that would have been a tie had justice scalia not participated and that would have -- would not have had effect. if people are worried about -- about motions made to the court to change recent decisions because antonin scalia is not on the court that won't happen. court will not undermine its own credibility by change something that it did last week. but as for those cases that court has heard oral agent on,
7:11 am
and has not yet ruled on, there are only 8 humans that can weigh in on that. >> great insight judge thank you so much. judge andrew napolitano there. japan surging overis night. bargain hundred rei investors piled into beaten down stocks like bank and autos in japan. sending ek average up to biggest gain since suspect. recovering mostly all of the 11% therein last week with a 7% rally overnight. this is latest data that shows japan economy shrinking by 1.4%. this is fourth contraction in seven quarters for japan's economy. coming up donald trump walking back krit si. levels at former president george w. bushes at saturday's debate but would that open the door for another bush in the white house? that's next, back in a minute.
7:12 am
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>> welcome back pope francis condemning drug trade dealers of death during the visit to mexico. whichcheck of the headlines with cheryl casone. >> urging mexicans to avoid devil lust for money as you let a huge opener for 300,000 people in one of the country poorest and dangerous cities. pope saying, quote, let's get it into our hesdz with the devil. there's no dialogue. also this headline this morning former new york governor eliot spitzer is being investigated in an alleged assault on a young woman. 25-year-old russia woman accused spitzer pushing and arguing with
7:16 am
her in manhattan. she broke glass and cut her wrist after the fight. a spokesman for spitzer said there's no truth to the allegation. and republican presidential candidate clashing in a fierce debate over the weekend. front runner donald trump facings off against jeb bush over the 9-1-1 attacks. that got heated. listen. >> well donald trumps building a reality tv show, my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe and i'm proud of what he did. [applause] he's had the gal -- >> world trade center came down -- go after my mother. >> hold on. >> that's just a piece of this. meanwhile texas senator ted cruz in florida slammed each other e over immigration and also we should say bush went after trump. it was something else. discussions about women minorities. eminent domain things he said about john mccain in the past
7:17 am
and came out swinging at trump heavily on saturday night. >> my attack away was the boos for donald trump. i don't know if this was such a south carolina audience, but there was a lot of booing. when he said the world trade center came down on to your father's watch people it not like that. nobody blames george w. bush for trade towers coming down. >> he did and crossed a bridge and immediately burned it. there was a lot of discussion about how ticket were handed out by the gop that was a lot of people within the republican party establishment. so it was clearly not stacked with donald trump fans. but it's how yo handle it. booing did start immediately but he quickly got red in the face and furious and it shows you under pressure how he acts when audience is not to him and sing his praises. i mentioned move --
7:18 am
weapon of mass destruction he lied about what weapons of mass destruction that's the title of a editorial in "the wall street journal," and they say trump's willingness to indulge in crack pot conspiracy theory shows that the tremendous risk that republicans would be taking if they make him their standard bearer. >> what do they do if votes are there? i understand what republicans are saying, but look where he is at 41% or something. ivelgt in south carolina let's be clear here this is minority volt in south carolina matters more now to than it has. not so much in iowa or new hampshire. but does that hurt trump? >> look at how george w. bush handled 9/11. he did it well across the board. lieders from rudolf giuliani to everybody else he performed well when we needed him the most. everybody knows that. so -- >> smeesh the bush family but instead he goes over territory
7:19 am
that the liberals had walked over time and time again. if you look at this performance, i just think it was breathtaking. i was wait for like somebody to just -- it was so -- nasty. >> who lost the debate in your mind? >> this debate did not honor the intellect or integrity of justice antonin scalia but on o sit, and it shows how -- how whacky this is become. >> all welling and good but trump has numbers still in south carolina for five day and counting. so can rubio -- can cruz, anyone else get numbers higher? can they face a challenge? right now are i'm saying no. >> a bad debate can hurt you ask marco rubio. it's unclear whether this technology -- >> in iowa let's not forget that. : chris christie could have done very well actually kind of thinking about it with national security he did well in the last
7:20 am
debate with that and on point and he didn't politicize a lot of issues. he actually hit home with the facts. so he could have been a big driving force on the stage. >> make or break for carson. >> yeah, it's already broke. ed said if trump wins south carolina there's no stopping him, he's the nominee.rd on true said they were bludgeoned. >> let's think about this, though. >> watch these debates, republicans watch debates. >> how about independents who have maid their mind up. >> not ?k. independents don't vote in south carolina but republican primary. so that's why -- still to come five time nba champ and kobe bryant playing in last all star game of his career leaving big shoes to film. jared max with all of the sports
7:21 am
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7:24 am
>> welcome back kobe briect playing in his 15th year nba all star game last night and pending retirement at season end. he was game bigst and brightest star jarred max with the recap. >> defense wins super bowls not nba games. for kobe bright's final all star game. kobe bryant's 18th all star game selection and first in three years he received two video tribute and on all too many scoring list by lebron james last night because kobe only
7:25 am
scored ten points. lebron james moved past on the list but seven assist and six rebounds. he did sink one of the western conference 31-three font field goals last night and all about long range shots. the teams combined to try 139 three pointers. 139. oklahoma city star russell westbrook scored 31 points. named most valuable particular for the second year in a row. oh, watch what at halftime whene bryant interviewed by craig sager. [inaudible] >> got to dunk on me. lay it up -- try to dunk on me -- oh, no. lebron james photobombing stealing interview. nba all-star game outside the united states high test score ever. song for black mamba, starting it five does kobe bryant mac the list? talk about a seen the city bias. trying to think about the best
7:26 am
starting five i've ever seen, and i think it would probably have to be. because it has to be a team and i want a winning team in who work well together so i have magic johnson. larry bird. michael jordan and karim alabama do you abdul jabbar. >> 15 playing in game. he has a history consistently overtime so seth curry. injury earlier on in his career. give him time so see if they can displace on that list. >> elliot wins young etion ever 20 years of age. signed a bill from dolphin, tba. on sunday fox with jeff gordon for fox for the very first time. >> from the all or star game.
7:27 am
from the daytona 500. watch it on fox. who won the dunk contest and wasn't good? fnlings i was watching at a establishment in manhattan the other night. [laughter] let's leave it at that. >> a establishment. i've noticed -- >> the puppy bowl. >> love the puppy bowl. [laughter] defense won in the puppy bowl. my kitten was in halftime pickupy bowl show. >> i like you more. >> bern f bernie sanders promising americans from a free college education to higher salaries. sound good. what's the real cost in socialism. that's coming up.
7:28 am
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7:31 am
>> good morning welcome back. it is monday february 15th, president's day. markets are closed and so is tour competition. you are on the right place right here. top stories at 7:30 a.m. the down industry mourning the death of an tone scalia. >> whatever the senate decides in terms of their procedures is fine with me, i any the nominee should be rejected. i think this should be a legitimate issue for november. >> he was found dead saturday in texas. a local judge said he died of natural causes at 79 years old. in asia the chinese mar can ket is open for the first time
7:32 am
in a week. chinese mar can ket was closed for the holiday. the latest read out of japan says the economy attracted 4.4% in the first quarter. the bank president expected to speak later there morning. we will bring you the latest developments out of europe. the stock market is closed in the u.s. but futures are opening and indicating a strong showing this morning as the global rally is here as well despite the close of market. martin shkreli having another rough week. reporting that he owes more than $$4.6 millions to the government dating back to 2014. he said he lost $15 million-dollars to a conman trying to buy the rights of
7:33 am
kanye's new album calling it the worst day of his life. >> it is a different threat that keeps him up at night. >> that cyber environment can pose a very serious and significant attack if they want to take down our tin a structure, if they want to create havoc in transportation systems, if they want to do great damage to our financial networks. they are put in place but that cyber environment is the thing that keeps at night. >> . >> with us now member of the homeland house committee good to see you. >> thank you. >> so many threats to look at and you studied all of them, the cyber security, cyber threats as well as now chemical weapons used by isis. how do you see it? >> the trade environment is worse than it's been since 9/11.
7:34 am
that is a significant issue. one of the problems is, i don't think the american people realize the significance of it. you understand a bomb going off or someone being shot, it's hard to visualize a cyber attack but it could be devastating. it can bring down all the appliance and defense system and can stop the power grid. all of these are real threats and has to be faced up and has been put into by the government. i wish it was part of the political debate so american people realize why we should be taking certain steps it's not just the invasion of the privacy. right away people think it is on the internet or be spying on them this is a real threat coming from terror groups and countries from iran, russia, china in particular. as far as the chemical weapons,
7:35 am
it's certainly accurate, we have been very concerned about the use of chemical weapons. as the director said they have already used them in syria and know they are trying to obtain more and if they ever got here in the united states it would be devastating. >> you said the air strikes in syria now if their 18th or 19th month have been infectedive. can you characterize where we are in terms of the fight against isis? >> i would say it's a stand off and isis may be gaining. they can show all the top officials in isis taken out and controlled. they still control a large land mass and building recruits all over the world. there are thousands of volunteers around the world. these their trained terrorists that can come back. the reality is we are not winning that war and war has to be done. >> congressman, you said one of them that is a threat in cyber
7:36 am
security wise is north korea as well along with china. what's the best way to combat these cyber security threats. you mentioned it was more part of the debate going on with the candidates. what's the best way to combat these threats? >> one thing we have done recently is to get the private sector to be willing to cooperate with the government by assuring them that they won't be sued. they are concerned if they do cooperate or if they say something suspicious and say they will be hacked and someone feels their rights are being violated, and the company can be sued, it's bringing in the private sector to have them be more cooperative and assure them that they will not have to run the risk of going out of business because of lawsuits. the other is increased technology and work close with our allies and the power of
7:37 am
retaliation and let these countries know that if they do this to us, we can do that to their systems as well. >> do you think it can be solved without spending more on homeland security stp. >> no, more has to be spent on defense system it has deteriorated over the last several years as far as personnel, as far as naval carriers. the military has been almost hollowed out. as far as homeland security, i'm concerned a that this year's budget, the president dramatically cut, assistance given for homeland security. this is not some federal hand out. when you will have police or new york or los angeles doing it. they will carry out a responsibility of protecting us against a foreign enemy and not to be giving them the funding they need to do that is really responsible at a time when isis
7:38 am
is such a threat. in new york alone there's more than a thousand police officers working full-time on counter terrorism and intelligence. that's a federal responsibility the nypd is doing because federal government can't do it all and it's essential it's just like last june or july you have five isis operatives arrested in new york and believe that was a planned fourth of july attack. to cut back on that in anyway can be catastrophic. >> that's why conservatives are so concerned about this budget because the spending is locked in >> that goes to october 1st. the president just admitted that started to october 1st of the year and going in to 2017. some of these 40%-50% cuts in key areas of homeland security. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we will see you soon. up next, kanye west at it again
7:39 am
why he's calling in mark zuckerberg to help him out of his late test pwaoeupb. we this tell you next. . -p
7:40 am
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cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. welcome back, iran shipping crude oil in more than five years. so, history -- history maker. a tanker is set to sail as soon as today with 2 million bare
7:43 am
barriels on board. >> legal problems for martin shkreli are piling up. the irs filed a tax lean in unpaid taxes, penalties and taxes. shkreli claims he's been scammed out of $15 million while trying to guy rights of kanye west rights to his album. rhonda rousey, this is body paint. also making history, ashley graham she is the first model to grace the cover and finally model hailey grossom snagging
7:44 am
the cover. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders taking the country by storm promising to empower the middle class with a political revolution but the the cost of his proposed economic plan estimated in the trillions of oh dollars. sanders sheds some light on his ideas. listen to this. >> we are talking about raising the minimum wage of $15 a dollar over the next several years. we are talking about pay equity for woman. creating millions of descent skwrorbgs rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. we are talking about having the united states join the rest of the industrialized world guaranteeing health care to all making tuition to public colleges and universitys the free. >> joining us now is the
7:45 am
associate professor at the king's college. >> great to be here. >> a lot of stuff here. sounds good. free college, free health care, wagers higher pair for everybody. >> $18 trillion in spending over the next ten years and he doesn't have a plan to pay for it. he claims he wants to tax the rich. he has $10 billion wort *r worth of taxes this. he can't do it it has to be a tax in the middle class. i don't think his supporters understand how much they will be taxed to pay for this. i'm not sure if these young people understand what 92% tax rate is. what is the rich? she talking $250,000 in income. they will not be able to pay for this. the problem with millennials
7:46 am
think they if you tax the rich they will have to sit there and take it but when people are taxed this way, hay respond. they change their the behavior so you will not get what you are thinking up. you pile that on top of a budget situation in the u.s. and you have big problems. i don't think young people understand how much they are on the look for. >> we should say those people making $250,000 or more. it sounds like you are taxing warren but fete. -- buffe the tt. people should understand what 92% of their salary means. >> even city taxes. think about new york if you are making $250,000 and your federal government is taking -- >> you are working for the government. >> yes, it just just incense tpaoeus you from from working. i want to get on the government. give me free stuff. i love it.
7:47 am
the problem is this is going to hit the middle class the most. the rich are going to be fine. they are going to be gone. >> they will not hire any workers. >> it this also touch small business. when you are talking about the rich, what you think they will do with that the remaining 8%. you think they will use that 8% to pay worker? how can you tax the rich and create more jobs? how will this add 16 million jobs. can you explain that to me? he is talking about tacking investment to the hills. those two things don't go together. he is talking about is short-term redistributing what we have but totally tack sacrificing the long term. this is mortgageing the future. >> but if they believed in his vision they only need to look at europe.
7:48 am
europe has a 20% value added tax on all that hits everybody it hits the middle class t lower class and millionaires and billionaires choose not to live there for the most part so they their not your tax space in europe it's everybody is your taxpayer. that's what's going to turn -- >> it's the financial system. what are the impacts of that? if you tax it, i think you shut it down and jobs are going nowhere. so, look at sweden is the transaction tax. look at what happened in sweden. trading business just left. you go trade your instrument somewhere else. they didn't raise any revenue and hurt their economy. a total lose/lose situation there. >> bernie is getting all these voters saying they will get everything for free. if hillary says that's impossible, boos, she's a tool of the rich. republican side may face that side in the general election. how you fight that battle? >> she's trying to do that now,
7:49 am
if you look at her recent speeches she the saying, "we want job growth" we want a growing economy and you can't pay for everything you are talking about. it's a tough sell for her. she inheriteds one big positive and that's her husband's economic record in the 1990s. whether he deserves the credit or not. she can build on that. >> he deserves the credit, myish is the fact that she's not mimicking herer husband's economic plan. she's running more to the west. >> right. i think it's been a strategy right now. if you want to vote for the rich vote for bernie sanders. >> understand who you are talking about when you talk about the rich at $200,000 in income. that's some thing different with somebody for $40 billion-dollars. people need to understand that
7:50 am
when you climb the ladder and get to that number, this is a war of success. he doesn't want people to be successful in this country. he wants the government to run our lives. >> he wants everything the same. that's another thing that my millennials need to understand on what is socialism. everybody is the same. it doesn't matter that you are michael jordon and this tall, no, everybody is the same. everybody will get the same. maybe you want to talk about that. if you cut assets that insensitives people which is harder for the government and that will -- that is better for the government and will collect more taxes. >> you cannot point anything in the last eight years that have been pro-growth. that's the problem we have with sanders. that's the problem we have with clinton's plan as well. so much of the tax increases are baseded on investment and work.
7:51 am
that's what you don't want to be doing in a slow growth economy. if we want to get out you not do what sanders clinton are doing right now. >> thank you so much. we will be right back. stay with us. ♪ he tried to seize private property to line his own pockets. four bankruptcies... and small businesses screwed over. poll after poll shows him losing... to hillary clinton. if trump wins, conservatives lose. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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7:53 am
7:54 am
welcome back. kanye west once again making headlines with his tweets. >> oh, he dropped a long-delayed album, "life as pablo." he also tweeted that he is $53 million-dollars in debt saying i write this to you my brothers while $53 million-dollars of personal debt. we haven't confirmed whether this claim is true but he did
7:55 am
say last year his clothing line is if debt and followed up with an appeal for money from facebook ceo and founder zuckererburg. he said invest and said he is the greatest living artist of all-time. he also enlisted his twitter followers to campaign zuckerberg. she an honorable -- >> his tweeter feed makes me feel like i've been drinking. reading his tweeter feed. >> it is lack of sleep. the south carolina primary san over primary. i was wrong and i jumped ugly on you. so i wanted to correct that. >> thank you for that. >> let me help out here, kanye is a talented guy and a tall talented business guy.
7:56 am
you have done this before. he is rich because he figured out something he needed. if you are not getting paid enough you can figure it out. i believe if you kanye, do it. >> i love his idea, let me ask mark zuckerberg to invest in me. kanye only releasing his album on title and not everyone has. this has helped title become the number one app in the app store in apple but a lot of fans angry saying, i want to get it everywhere. >> why didn't he accept the $10 million from martin shkreli. there's your money. the man that kopbd -- conned him on bitcoin so kanye west got the last laugh. >> he can always fall back on his wife's earnings. >> why won't kim --
7:57 am
>> she is a sugar mama. he since about gold digger, he ends up being the gold digger. ♪ take some money from kanye. >> stay with us. . is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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welcome back. it is monday february 15th, president's day. markets are closed and so are our competition. you want news on our money, life, family, future you are in the right place. to the top story, the nation mourning the death of supreme court justice. the battlele over his fate on the high court heating up from capitol hill to the campaign trail. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities. >> were not moving forward until after this election. >> this should be a decision for the people.
8:01 am
>> he was found dead saturday in texas. a local judge said he died of natural causes at the age of 79. maria will talk with alberto gonzalez. former president george w.bush will make his first campaign appearance for his brother jeb. the two will appear at rally days before voters hit the polls in the the state's primary on saturday. here's what jeb just said about the move on fox and friends. >> i think he's going to be there to show his support for me and why going forward i would be the best commander in chief. >> turning to the global market, u.s. markets are closed but in asia the shanghai composite opened for the first time in a week. look at japan, the nikkei surging 7% overnight shaking off weak economic news.
8:02 am
showing that the japanese economy contracted 1.4% in the fourth quarter. european markets following japan markets higher. you see gains across the board there 3.5 in the in france. testify stock market closed in the u.s. but futures trading is open and we've got gains across the board. >> our top story now chief justice passed away at 79 years old over the weekend sending shock waves along capitol hill. >> the political battle has joined. republicans say president obama should let the next president who might be a republican appoint the replacement for him. the president said no way. i have the duty and the power to name his replacement before i leave this the office and you
8:03 am
can bet his candidate won't be a ko*pb conservative. it's a hot topic on the campaign trail. >> i cannot wait to stand on that stage with hillary clinton or with bernie sanders and take the case to the people. what vision of the supreme court do you want? >> the president has a responsibility to nominate a new justice and the senate has a responsibility to vote. >> his death could put a number of pending high court case on hold as any vote tide 4- -- tied 4 this-4 remains the rulings of a lower court. pit could end mandatory union due, exceptions from obama care and challenge his immigration policy. good to have you on the program. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. >> we know we are both on the
8:04 am
the sides of this. how do you think that plays at stp. >> that's hard to predict. under the constitution, the president has power to fill vacancies when they occur. there's no question in my mind if the situation was rereversed and if we had a republican that the president of the united states would make a nomination of a qualified individual. that is his job. after doing his job then we move to the senate to do his job which is to decide whether or not the president's nomination should be confirmed on the supreme court. based on that nominee's ideology, experience and integrity and obviously, the art of judging should not be political but the selection of a judge often comes very political and i think that's what we are witnessing right now. >> do you think the president would want to nominate someone over someone that would be largely simple poll -- symbolic
8:05 am
to put it in the senate's hands and knowing they will get in the way and stop the process or do you think the president will nominate a conservative? >> i doubt seriously he will nominate someone who is less conservative or as conservative as the justice. i think the president has a view of the supreme court that perhaps george w.bush but in terms of what he will do given the make up of the senate, given the calendar. one we consider when i worked in the white house was -- who who controlled the senate, who was the chairman of the judiciary committee, was it a swing seat which would ensure a tough confirmation. these are serious considerations and appropriate considerations for the president in deciding who he should nominate for the seat. >> any idea who you think would be viable choice? >> well, the names being
8:06 am
mentioned now given the fact that it was ten years ago since was working in government, were not names that were on our list of short listers. i suspect, however, the names being banned about, at least ones that i've seen in the media are people qualified by experience but have a different ideology by the rules accord. i'm not they are on my list but we have a can different president today than we had before. >> mr. attorney general you wrote a piece in "usa today" said you do not think that the president is going to wait to replace the justice. you think this will happen in fairly quick form? >> he is not required to wait. >> why would he, yeah. >> he has the power and responsibility to fill a vacancy on that court.
8:07 am
i fully expect president obama to exercise that authority and to make an appointment and it will be in the hands of the senate who they can control their own calendar and can decide whether north they want to take action on this nomination. so, they control their own calendar. at the end of the day they can say, no, we will not take that up in this session. then just threat clock run out because obviously, the election is in november and you will have a new commander in chief a month and a half later. >> that's correct. that new president even if it's a dominate may want a different nomination. that is the calculation that the senate will have to dece. ift habeco s polical and frustrates the american people. the republicans may lose control of the senate. that's a very important situation and that will also get the calculation for republicans
8:08 am
in the senate. >> what are the ramifications of mitch mcconle org organizing the schedule that they don't hear it. is it a pr issue for the senate republicans or is it bigger than that? fall -- a political foul -- fall out. the republicans will make it for them. when i was in the white house in a justice we had a democrats locking a president bush's nominees to the court t maybe not the supreme court but certainly the lower court. the confirmation process can become very political in terms of additional fallout, it will have a decision by the supreme court where you may have decisions which will leave the court decision continue to be binding. it would be oh binding on that
8:09 am
particular circuit but you would have that situation so there will be a fall out if the vacancy were not filled before the end of this term. >> do you think this will shape the election in anyway? for example, if people would like to see, and you know that justice said, he's act hi told chris wallace a couple years ago, if i'm not here i would want someone to replace me who will not come if and undo all the things i've put in place. do i have to even tell you that? for those to make sure that seat is replaced by someone of this ilk, do you think that will shape what the candidates are doing on the campaign trail? >> absolutely. other than putting young men and woman in to harm's way and going to war, the decision by the president of the united states who put on the supreme court is problem any most important one that person has to make.
8:10 am
it represents the president's most lasting the legacy. that person's decision on the bench following a lifetime will out last the president's term and the president's policies. this is a huge decision by the president of the united states. >> does this play to senator cruz's strengths. we know how conservative he is. does it play against donald trump is what i'm asking. so, what i would like to know is who are my advisors. who will be advising senate cruz and advising trump. they have a role toll play in that as well. the other thing that i would like to mention is, i don't know what is important to them. i don't know what this values are at the end of the day. you may think i want a conservative and willing to take on the titanic confirmation battle but there may be other things you need from that senate and you may not want to have a titan tick confirmation battle and may that it's important to con fir compromise on who you
8:11 am
send to the senate. >> you will want to pick your battles, thanks so much. >> former new york governor elliot spit stk*e r back in the headlines. >> then donald trump having some hard criticism. more on that pal out next. . this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex
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8:14 am
welcome back, two hospitals have been hit in northern syria with air strikes. >> we are getting new details on this. witnesses are saying 14 people
8:15 am
were killed in the missel atta on two hospitals and a school and the victims include many children. this happened near the turkish border. russia has been blamed for the take in support for syrian government forces. no response from the government yet. a state of merge toy fight mosquito bourn illnesses. on hawaii's big island were there are more than 250 u cases. they say there's no zika virus in the state. the same can carry fever can also carry zika. >> elliot spitzer is being investigated in an allegeed assault of a young woman. a russian woman accused him of
8:16 am
choking her in a hotel in manhattan. she broke a glass and cut her wrist after the fight. he said there's no truth to any of these allegations because local station here is reporting that police told them that she says that she was not a prostitute. she said that he's her boyfriend and doesn't want to press charges and there's a discussion that this is a suicide attack on her part. >> when she first called police, she broke that glass and used the glass to shiite her wrist. >> correct. >> that was after the fight where basically she called the police. she went to slit her wrist and he got mad and walked away. >> when the cops showed up at the hotel room he answered. he said everything is fine. >> right. they left called the 911 operator to call the woman and make sure she was okay but the police went back and when they
8:17 am
saw in plain sight there was blood and some clothing, there was broke -p glass that's when they went in the room. ty can't look at this man without thinking about those tpwhrabg sox from back -- i can't look at this man without thinking of those black socks. >> don't you think of everybody that you can think of that he's no longer an elected official. >> he was the governor of the state. >> i still look back to that time and he was the governor of our state. he was well-respected. >> he would be attorney general then working here covering with the cases they were working on. i have never been treated more poorly by a group of people in my life than the people who work for hem. he was -- for him. he was in the ag office. he was the all b all and mow he's a big nothing. >> didn't he own this real estate and he decides to flaunt
8:18 am
around in the plaza. >> he comes from the real estate and he used to reel some public inknew wednesday. that seems for a terrible valentine's day. i hope she's okay. >> i don't have any words about that. >> i edit there. >> thank you. you bet. >> new troubles for former ceo martin shkreli. another government agency is coming after him. that's next. voiceover: studies show that sitting at a desk all day can lead to serious problems,
8:19 am
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8:22 am
kwoepl back martin shkreli -- welcome back. martin shkreli. gawker reporting that the irs is going after the shkreli for unpaid taxes and interest. good morning to you jeri. >> that's right martin shkreli the former ceo chargeed with securities fraud in trouble again with the irs. he apparently didn't pay his taxes $$4.6 millions. the public document is filed more on. half of other creditors who might be in line for shkreli's money. t*eu rs wants to stake its claim at the front of that line. as you know the irs can garnish your wage, seize your property and put you in jail if you don't pay your taxes. but this is some kind of code
8:23 am
you think to this story. lots of going over the weekend. shkreli on twitter talking about having his credit stolen and threatening people who would take that credit card saying he would come after them and a very curious story saying he was scammed out of 15 million-dollars buying kanye's new album via bitcoin. there's more twists in this novel. for sure he's facing a big tax lien from t*eu rs, owes them a lot of money. we will have to wait and see what happens. >> an unbelievable story. what would happen if shkreli did
8:24 am
not raise the price of that drug by more than 5,000%. i wonder if he would be the target of all these lawsuit? es he owes the taxes, but i think he did gain lots of being a target of government agencies as a result of that. >> he was already being sued by the board of the company that he allegedly pulled money from as part of the criminal charges. >> he was also being investigated too. he was already under investigation because the company submitted that to the attorney general to look into this. >> you watch this man's behavior and i think that he raised the price of that drug as much as he did because he wanted the negative attention. all attention is good attention. that's the wait seems. i swear that he's just soaking up the media glare. anybody in their right mind worried about going to prison would shut up. >> it did work out when he was a hedge fund manager.
8:25 am
it did work out when he tried to run that company as a pharmaceuticals company. now it's not working out. he's a music guy it' all smoke and mirrorss, everything that comes out of this guy's mouth you can't believe it's unfortunate what it's doing to the over all health care space in the life scientist space. they are coming up with drugs that are curing hepatitis c. >> he was out of this to profit. >> he made the whole industry a lightning rod and make way before november. >> what is next get implants of some sort when his fame starts fading a little bit? >> le marry a kardashian and arrest zuckerberg for money. >> that's on the bucket list. >> donald trump on the the offensive again during the republican debate but did it score him any points with
8:26 am
voters? a contestant supporter amarosa joins us with her take. and "sports illustrated" unvailing different cover girls for its january swim suitish. rhonda rousey wearing her modeling debut wearing body paint. that is not a batheing suit. the first size 16 model graces the cover of the swim suit issue. that's ashley graham looking particularly hot. back in a minute. . ♪ every year, the amount of data your enterprise uses goes up.
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8:30 am
maria: welcome back. republican presidential front runner donald trump harboring criticism at jeb bush at the gop debate this weekend. >> i want to tell you they lied. they said there were weapons of mass destruction and there were none. they knew where there were none. there were no weapons of mass destruction. maria: so what is that sound like? joining us now is to mirror holder and apprentice contestant amoroso manifold. good to see you. thanks for joining us. let me kick this off with you. what are your thoughts on donald trump's comment there? >> hi, maria appeared if jeb is going to have his brother campaigning in the state and means telling he's the greatest president, he will be accountable for the decision he made during his presidency. donald trump plans at the same he did during that time.
8:31 am
one of the most significant decisions was to go to war. donald trump is very vocal about that. so this is nothing new. maria: you made the point earlier that basically this sounds like it is right out of the move on board website. dagen: opinion piece in "the wall street journal." it points to the reporter more than 600 pages concluded it was the cia's independent judgment on a work of medicine to iraq in those claims on weapons of mass destruction. the journal goes as far as to say to indulge in the most out left-wing conspiracy theory shows a tremendous risk for republicans to taken if they make in their standard. maria: what he think about that? >> i think it is interesting to see that donald trump is getting excuse to bet on trim for a lot of his belief that are either not substantiated or they are ready to here is a think it is
8:32 am
interesting with all due respect to omar rossello is a registered democrat and a hillary clinton supporter would support something like that. >> i worked at the clinton white house i can give you more perspective. i worked in the clinton white house spirit i worked on capitol hill and a business professor. >> let me finish. >> now, you went down my background so now you've got to deal with me. everyone has a consensus that this was a mistake. this is not something you're saying he doesn't stand by. there is a content as this was a mistake. it has not been substantiated. >> correct -- >> next time you want a break on my resume committee will understand i'm not new to this, bill. donald trump stansberry, very
8:33 am
firmly in place if you want to campaign with george w. bush then you have to be accountable and everyone agrees that iraq was a mistake. >> let me just finish. i wanted to say that one of the issues that i have a omarosato e busy is not laid out a plan for issues like black lives matter, issues we accomplished. >> how did we go from iraq to black lives matter? stay focused, to merit. >> i'm just stating my position like you did. maria: this is all fair game. go ahead. >> my issue is i like donald trump in i want to like him more. the issue is idle or that he has substantiated a lot of the claims that he is made and hasn't laid out in a position other than black lives matter, it inner city issues that the economy other than the five
8:34 am
points he puts on his website. >> it seems like it's also trying to come out and talk about september 11th and how there's a bunch of muslims applauding the twin towers came down and then he brought this out. it seems like he is politicizing this and using it as mere background for that. >> let's face it, nobody thinks it's george w. bush. >> my name is omarosa. let's talk about iraq in donald trump's position. >> tamara, tamara. >> boo, if you want to combine with big boobs, you deal with it. maria: why are you bringing that tamara's boobs? >> you're a democrat menu support hillary clinton. if you want to get personal, we can get personal. >> you are talking about my
8:35 am
boobs, this is how i was born. >> i'm sorry. i should have called you a boo. >> let's focus on donald trump. maria: can we talk about donald trump? tamara made a point. >> we are all over the place here. tree into donald trump does not have substance on important issues like likewise matter. >> i completely disagree with that. of course he does. but tamara wants to focus on five points. donald trump has made it very, very clear. social justice issues are something he will address. he will have to be the president of the entire country, not just likewise matter, immigration has been vocal on some economic issues which are resonating with voters. i take issue with that.
8:36 am
the voters who are clearly supporting him since he is substantially high in the polls would disagree with that. >> hillary clinton or donald trump for you? >> pardon me? there's no secret that i worked in the clinton white house. but in sitting here because i believe donald trump is the best choice to be calm the republican nominee for president and become president of the united states. maria: but he worked in the clinton white house. you are not going to vote for hillary? >> obviously i am going to support donald trump because in 1997-98 i worked in the clinton administration, which by happenstance for the time we were going through an impeachment because of bill clinton's behavior. of course i'm going to support donald trump. >> previously supported hillary clinton. i want to know when you change sides because i actually like donald trump. >> there is no question in before donald trump entered this race that i would have hillary. if he took the chance to do your research, you would know that.
8:37 am
am i supporting donald trump? and haven't been a loyal friend to him? of course. i never wavered from being a democrat for the last 20 years. maria: he's had a lot at the debate. are people upset he's going back to 9/11 are trying to blame george w. bush? >> why do we look at the polls of people are upset about that? 15% to 20%. maria: as a supporter, where the youth and omarosa? >> you are not going to please every person in this country. you are going to take off half the country. donald charlie crist it and that is why he has been unapologetically supportive of the people who are supporting him. maria: michael, what did you say? >> holy hubris. blaming w. for some in as a
8:38 am
lightning rod. good luck with that as a campaign. >> every time donald trump's ratings go up. so let's see. i've been counting them out or months and months and months and he keeps going up in a tiered maria: that is true. omarosa committed to see you. thank you would join in a conversation. omarosa manigault and tamara holder. don't forget mornings at the mornings at murray starts at 6:00 a.m. eastern on the thoughts that were good take a look at the best moments you may have missed from earlier in the program. dagen: we are here talking about markets. people are still working today. people are trading overseas. what is the competition doing in reruns? >> we have a new proverb for you. yeah right, and i have a sub six album to sell you.
8:39 am
a little surprised he gave an interview in which he said the threat is maybe out there and paste this is trying. i says has exceeded and the type of attack we saw in paris. it is not a question of if in america, it is a question of when. maria: nobody blames george w. bush for the trade towers coming down. >> he did and he crossed a bridge and burned it. >> is worse than it's been since 1911. he mentioned cybersecurity. that is a very significant
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
issue. maria: looking back on the newsletter to a drug bust in nostra. cheryl casone with the stars and details now. reporter: maria, you might call this the bus to bus. austrian police have seized nearly $1 billion worth of the drug ice from a shipment of silicon rod inserts and art supplies. australian customs first discovered the dragon type without simplistic show draws initiative from hong kong in december last year. four people have been charged that included 158 gallons of the drug. it was kobe bryant 18th and final all-star game last night for the west beat the east 196-2173. this is the highest scoring game in all-star history. bryant put out and was chaired by all as he was subbed out just before the end of the game. the jordan brand gave bryant a
8:44 am
full set of sneakers so far in the air jordan line. 30 pairs and all. they skip resented at the jordan brand all-star party on saturday. finally for barbie fans, check this out. she is getting her own hover board. it's attached to a drum, even better. it comes with a matching pink wireless remote control. parents everywhere build it at the toy show going on now in new york city. back to you. >> it is that time of the year. millions of americans has the taxes. is there a way to make it more enjoyable? video games stop releasing a new survey that says 70% of americans enjoy doing taxes and filing could be more like a video game. games stop ceo paul raines is joining us now to talk more about it. good to see you. thank you for joining us. >> maria come in good to be with
8:45 am
you. maria: explain how this could be a video game. >> a lot of studios are looking for new concepts. i imagine the survey data comes from our routinely survey of thousands of customers and of course we have 34 million of those members around the world. that is one of the ways they survey them. we do lots of other things with the data, but it interesting for sure. maria: what are you saying this tax season? on a more serious note, and when you look at what people are doing, what are your takeaways going into tax season? >> well come a couple things. the data would indicate that tax checks and refunds were a little late coming out. we have seen some industry data on that. i would say they are in false name now. in our business, the tax checks tend to drive hard while sales, also new videogames last week.
8:46 am
we watched lou bruno, a great and 755% from 80% turkish air. it also has a lot of digital gaming. our mobile side is also driving a significant amount of accusation teen e. we like the effect it has on our business. the tricky part is always timing and the gold. producing sales of our this past quarter and previous with the consumer are getting a big tax cut. are you seeing that trickled through to you guys? >> yeah, we are. if you followed us, we had a 4.4% called. our technology brand segment grew 60%. collectibles business grew 300%, did very well. a little softness of new game software and that probably surprised us and the entire industry. we see that trickled through and we are optimistic how that plays forward.
8:47 am
video gaming and mobile technology and the apple space, all it does have great futures ahead of them. virtual reality on the way. there's a lot of great angst about the future we see. we see that trickled through to consumers. dagen: virtual reality rather, what about that? >> and you could invest a lot more into that. >> well, we don't have to invest a lot. we are the destination or hardware in the united states. it is a acma we operate and 14, 15 countries. most of those dominate the market share. so we are right now preparing for the launch is just the nature products. so the acc by ben with sony. the markets dies is really hard to measure right now, but there are a lot of different measurements. in fact, i sigh a goldman sachs
8:48 am
report the other day that said the virtual reality segment would be worth about $80 billion by 2025. we are getting ready for it. we will launch the sony product that followed we are in discussions with the other two players. when you bring to bear our market dominance, power rewards program and the fact we have over a billion dollars in trade or would see every year, it is hard for us not to dominate to be honest with you. maria: gap, it is a huge revolution, the virtual reality revolution. good to see you. thanks so much. paul raines joining us. blake is making a comeback in the top for 3-d technology, put yourself in your favorite lego team. first, try solving this. one man has a defined at the world's largest rubik's cube measuring five feet wide, weighing nearly 220 pounds by a volume 20,000 times the size of a normal game. back in a minute. ♪
8:49 am
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maria: welcome back good for medicine to manufacturing, 3-d printing is reshaping industries and say minimize. imax has started a company that's gone viral by creating personal as lego heads using 3-d technology. joining us now is funky 3-d faces sounder, chris lightfoot. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for inviting me. maria: looking at funky faces. i have mine in my hand. this is really cool. thank you or the funky faces. >> that is all red. no problem.
8:53 am
quite simple technology really. we just use 3-d conversion software that was developed from the gaming industry. they make it so that you can actually print the physical product from it. we give special 3-d print which printed in full color. maria: did you work with lego on this? >> no, no. not in any way. yes, all we do is make a miniature version of your own head that happens to fit on lego. we would love it if lego were to be involved with us. but they are quite a big company. dagen: chris, i'm very impressed. i am holding a gun. why are we all hold a little guns, i'm just curious? >> well, i thought it might be funny if you could all have a little battle with each other on maher. maria: video games, this is what kid wants.
8:54 am
i am here with jo ling kent, dagen mcdowell, cheryl casone and we are all admiring our 3-d funky faces. dagen: mine looks a lot like myself. what about the 3-d applications in terms of what url are going to produce? >> this is only one mall thing that we do. we also make things like bones for the medical industry and architectural models and things like that. the fun elements of it with the lego head, and was also the other card industry to see if we can make a 3-d face. it looks actually a little bit freaked me. so yeah, some different elements. jo: how are you seeing demand change is 3-d printing becomes more affordable and has become popular with young kids? >> well, i think the opportunities are going to increase as we go forward. the reason i wanted lego heads
8:55 am
this is purely found across because of expensive technology. most people when they see 3-d printers and 3-d printing to elegy, it's a little bit out of reach in terms of price. i want to do something where we use the fantastic technology in the smallest possible size, purely to bring the cost down so everybody can afford to get one of these and i think as we move forward, we would probably be able to do something with the prize and make it more affordable to people. but there is a lot of interest out there. >> is really extraordinarily extraordinary when you look at toys. really coming into new revenue places for 3-d technology. chris, thank you so much. appreciate your time this morning. maria: chris played for joining us. we will be back. thank you very much.
8:56 am
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such as itching, rash, or difficulty breathing; if you have signs of pancreatitis such as severe stomach pain that will not go away and may move to your back, with or without vomiting; or if you have symptoms of thyroid cancer, which may include a lump or swelling in your neck, hoarseness, trouble swallowing, or shortness of breath. medicines like trulicity may cause stomach problems, which could be severe. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and any medicines you take. taking trulicity with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase your risk for low blood sugar. common side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite, and indigestion. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney failure. with trulicity, i click to activate what's within me. if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option, ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. and click to activate your within. maria: guys, when i get your
8:59 am
final thoughts here. a few minutes until the end. we didn't talk a lot of marks this morning. the u.s. markets are closed for the president holiday. >> we are heading into a busy week. earnings season starting to wrap up. we do have wal-mart coming on thursday morning. that usually signals the end. the point is corporate profits are following. a good sign that growth is slowing. we have a big cpi print on friday. coming up right now we will have comments for mario turabi. i'm expecting him to throw some more sugar pills into the crowd. i think we will see a big update. >> it is important to note the markets are closed or the futures are up significantly because of not news. we are talking about draghi, other macro names including japan. maria: up 7%. >> because of more monetary policy because everyone wants central banks tuesday.
9:00 am
ring on the sugar. it will be a year regardless. dagen: they can't wait until the south carolina primary because that was the reality show without many leagues. maria: thanks everybody for being here. dagen mcdowell, michael block, kevin kelley. that's it for today. >> how about this to some of the supreme court battle. the democrats, risk, republicans. how about that. good morning, everyone. they will nominate a successor to just tiscali. that would tilt the supreme court last. if the republicans accept the nominee, they risk that tilt. if they oppose, they risk the obstructionist label just as we go into presidential election time. democrats opportunity, republican risk or her way, the passing of justice scalia says that an intense and likely political battle.


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