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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  February 15, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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photos in the house on staten island. we found some, too. charles: eminent domain. >> it was not the government. it was private industry. trish regan. >> thank you so much. five days before the state's all-important primary. the race for president is rocked. the supreme court justice. welcome to the intelligence report. hitting the campaign trail. a vicious republican debate where donald trump may have been the most contentious debate yet. >> i am tired of him going after my family. [applause]
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>> well, donald trump was building a reality tv show. my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe and i am glad that he did.. the political battle rages on. republicans say they will black any nominee that the president put forward. setting the stage for the battle royale. whether or not he supports slavery reparations. >> it seems like -- i would like to finish as well. >> hillary clinton ahead of the nevada caucuses.
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with the west and even threatening grave consequences. if we do not cooperate with them in syria. our country could be bullied by russians. that is all. the supreme court justice scalia. joining us now is our very own peter barnes. looking carefully at who may replace him. this is quite a man. not very easy to replace. >> no question about that, trish. the president will nominate a replacement for justice scalia in due time. this happened within 30 days before. speculation is already swirling. attorney general loretta lynch. the senate republican leader, as you mentioned, mitch mcconnell says that the next president should make the nomination so it looks like he is ready to block one from president obama.
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big cases are on the courts docket this turn. affirmative action and immigration. it may be affected by the death of justice scalia. there could be a four-four deadlock on some cases. if justices justice is on the right and left stick together. a tie vote maintains the ruling of a local or feared trish. trish: a whole lotta names out there that may be considered to take justice scalia steve. here is some intel for you. some on the short list. we have been combing through all of this. one of the potential nominees could be a judge. forty-eight years old. sitting on the u.s. court of appeals for the d.c. circuit. has been since 2013. the first indian american justice should he be nominated.
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considered a moderate. may give republicans less justification to block him. also one of the names being considered, and other potential nominees. also a judge of the united states court of appeals for the district of coluiaia it took almost seven months for her to be confirmed. may be more trouble there. next california has attorney general since 2010. harris is a longtime prosecutor. considered a rising star in the democratic hardy. she is currently running to replace senator of california. finally, as peter just mentioned, loretta lynch, the current attorney general, top federal prosecutor in new york. however, nominating her will have a whole mother set of complications. the justice department could see it as opportunities to advance
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her nomination. that may be highly political should he decide to nominate her. no matter who ends up beating the president's nominee, he or she will be in an epic nomination battle. running out the clock until a new president is in office. will they succeed at that plan? constitutional studies at the cato institute. is that the strategy that they will take? if so, in your view, is that a good one? >> very soon after we heard of justice scalia's passing, the chairman of the judiciary committee announced that they would not be entertaining any nominations until after the election. i think that is the correct strategy. two important to allow president obama to transform the court at this time. the nation is polarized. they reelected obama.
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they gave the big win in the senate. i think that is what will happen. trish: the justice on the court. also replacing a conservative justice. keep in mind, it is the president obligation to appoint someone new. is it important for the integrity of our democracy. the integrity. we actually move forward with this and not let it get on down. all kind of politics as it could. >> a nomination of this factor is inherently a political situation. given the role that the supreme court plays in our democracy and our nation. i think given the president's of election-year vacancies, the last time it was filled, before
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the election was 1942. the last time was 1888 in a posing senate. this is an amp or in situation. i think the republicans say, look, we have to wait until the next election. trish: in some ways, it surprises me. you are a dope. you are a libertarian. want to make sure that the constitution is being upheld. you want a conservative there. it is important on an ideological standpoint. look at section two, article two in the constitution. he shall not buy. judges of the supreme court. it is up to the president right now. moving forward with the nomination. all of this kind of bickering.
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>> first of all, president obama's responsibilities or her ability to nominate someone. the responsibility, the senate advising and consenting. this is not a legal one. even if the senate were to hold hearings and hold the votes, the justice would join would not be for this term. it would be for next term. trish: i spent a lot of time looking at these economies political structure or lack thereof. it feels kind of banana republic to be saying, okay, we will not have one of the justices on the
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supreme court because we wanted to be our president as opposed, and, again, i understand why they want that. it will be the impact on another future. i do not know if i like the idea of not having the full supreme court functioning. >> let's be clear. there is not that many cases that come out five-four in a way that that will be the deciding vote. we have a seven-month gap. the supreme court does function. they wait until there is a full complement. it does not completely mean that the supreme court will not work. trish: thank you so much. thank you for your perspective. what does this mean for both parties? we are asking progressive radio
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host and former george w. bush advisor. good to see you guys. this nomination process really being drug out. who is it actually going to galvanize? voters on both sides? >> i have to tell you, if i can say, trish, it your rant. i think i am going to vote for you. i think that you want a false opinion corporation. >> yes. i think what you just did well at go the sentiment of a lot of voters because, at the end of the day, this is the supreme court. sitting in the white house. this is what this person is elected to do. at the end of the day, it really upsets the individual voters. they truly feel that they are both counted. it could hurt themselves.
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>> saying exactly that. a republican president stood to make the nomination. >> absolutely. let me tell you why. democrats have put their money where their mouth is in the past. he made a nomination. we have done it before. we can do it again. ronald reagan was respected by both sides. let me share with you. something that chuck schumer said on one of the weekend shows. the importance of making this nomination. let's play the first clip here. george stephanopoulos. >> it will not last.
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we, democrats, did not do this. we nominated, we voted 97-zero. the last year of reagan's term. >> we had nominations. that is the point here. >> here he is back in 2007. if any of these justices die while george bush is still in office, he will have a bit of a fit. here he is. >> you cannot confirm any bush nominee to the supreme court except in an extraordinary circumstance. >> a situation where are a particular party happens to be in office. following a certain script as opposed to saying we will do what is right for the country here. >> we are seeing so much angst by the american people. it does not work.
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this is a prime example where the republicans, out and said, mr. president, do not send as anybody. we're not going to work on it. i think that that is wrong. the constitution is clear. the president has a right to appoint. why would he not appoint? not only for his legacy, but for the court itself. >> i am encouraged to hear you say that. a very honest thing to say. what i am frustrated is by the lack of honesty. getting it all boiled down to politics. >> yes. especially an election year. i think that this is where all three of us agree. the responsibility and obligation to do this in the
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best interest of the american people. we're talking about extremely huge landmark cases. abortion. going forward. campaign finance. so many issues that we cannot just leave on a lower court ruling. it should not just be symbolic. it should actually be put into action. trish: i will see you in a little bit. i have a lot of reactions. terms of contentiousness that we have seen. i will see you shortly. bernie sanders grilled eye black lives matter activists. commanding to know what he thinks. why he will not use the term black. >> i know you are scared to say that. >> let me finish.
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>> later, the political odd couple. best buddies. justice scalia and his very close friend. my intel on the justices that disagreed on almost everything politically. how they should be a role model for everyone else in washington, d.c. right now. ♪ donald trump: "people love me..." donald trump. look past the boasting and you'll see right through him. he supported partial-birth abortions. his phony trump university? accused of fraud. he tried to seize private property to line his own pockets. four bankruptcies... and small businesses screwed over. poll after poll shows him losing... to hillary clinton. if trump wins, conservatives lose. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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trish: breaking news right now. the press conference is expected to happen any moment now. this is unexpected. suddenly announced that he would be having this press conference. he is not honoring the agreement.
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a third-party run. that will be running momentarily. i am waiting to hear that right now. here she comes right now. let's stay with this right now. walking up to the podium. some expectation that he may surprise people. frustrated with the lack of what he calls fairplay by the republican party. he may be considering an independent run. donald trump walking to the podium. let's listen in. >> hi, everybody. >> why is there so much that love between you and the bush families?
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>> that is a very fair question. that in many cases are false. a lot of special interest money. he spent about $20 million. in theory, a long way before he catches anything. i think he would do better if he went positive. the only reason is we have to respond to the negative ads. that is the reason. no bad blood. i just said angst. bill clinton three weeks ago after the fray. i helped bernie sanders much more than he helped himself. believe me. that is when the race started
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getting competitive bid you just take a look. that is when hillary started going down. that risk became much more competitive. take a look. >> ted cruz said today that that was like michael moore. >> ted cruz's desperate. i think ted is a very unstable guy. i think he is a very unstable guy. i can say, only to a minor extent by comparison where the other politicians. have not been doing this long. i have then and it sends june june 16. i have never met a person that lies more than ted cruz. i have never seen anything like
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it. it was a fraud. it was very interesting. picking up the ben carson thing very much. he told them that ben carson have lost the race. ben carson that left the race, actually it had an impact on me. it would have probably been a victory for trump. the thing that you did not pick up on was the voter violation fraud that he committed. you take a look. i have never seen anybody that lied as much as ted cruz. he goes around saying he is a christian. i don't know. you will really have to study that. i do not think that he is an unstable person. i watch him. he is a good person. he is a good debater.
2:23 pm
i do not personally see him being a great debater. he is a very unstable person. that is just my opinion. >> resident george w. bush has gone silent for many of years. do you think he was a failed president? >> he had some problems. when somebody attacks may like jab, i was very nice to him. i did not say it. i did not want to say it. the world trade center came down during the reign of george bush. during the ronald reagan, as you remember the library debate, we were safe. we were not safe. it was the greatest attack in the history of the united states. we were attacked as individuals as opposed to the military.
2:24 pm
i am standing up there saying, do i want to embarrass him? because i am a nice person, i did not do it. the world trade center came down. the greatest attack in history on this country. you had that. you obviously have the war which was a big mistake. you had him saying all sorts of wonderful things. you know, now iran is taking over iraq. taking everything. i was against the war in iraq come up by the way. i was the only one on the stage. it will destabilize the middle east. they went in and i said take the oil. take the oil. iran will have the oil. isis, isis now has so much money
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yes, yes. >> you repeatedly said that you are a uniter. >> it is a political campaign. it is a political campaign. am i allowed to attack? no, i am not into that. we cannot have that as a president, can we. go ahead. >> getting down. >> he has printed lies. he has printed lies. i think he has, look, what he did with ben carson was terrible. it was a total lie.
2:26 pm
by the way, 10 minutes after the election was over, the caucus, he said i'm sorry. he did not accept that apology, in the way i look at it. i do not want to be in a position where it is saturday evening and i get a phone call. my staff did something. he did three or four things. he talks about me being against the second amendment. i am the strongest person running. i am a member of the nra. they have extraordinary shots. i think that the whole thing is incredible. he will walk up and say something. you saw it. donald trump will appoint. i named to justices. i was the only one that name to judges. it could be somebody else. those two judges are highly respected conservative judges.
2:27 pm
he just gets up and says, if donald trump gets in, he will appoint liberal judges. the only way you can fight it is all the press here. most people cannot fight it. he is a liar. he will absolutely live. i cannot believe the things he said. he understands the views on everything. absolute lies. he will apologize. i want the apology before. if he does not, i will bring a lawsuit. in my opinion, from very top lawyers, he does not even have the right to serve as president. he was born in canada. i will bring not lawsuit if he does not apologize. >> maybe if i can. don't worry, we have another one coming up.
2:28 pm
>> imagine my sister. my sister was appointed by ronald reagan. i believe in the clinton administration. she was originally appointed by ronald reagan. >> really personal. >> i think my sister has nothing to do with the. a federal judge at a high, high level. highly brilliant woman. known as a very brilliant judge. i do not even know what her views are. i remember one of your cohosts wanted to do a great story. she is very much like me in that respect.
2:29 pm
>> i think, frankly, she is a federal judge. highly respected at every level. i do not know, certainly, what he said about her is horrible. they make her sound just terrible. they have views on certain things. she is a very, very solid person. a great intellect. acknowledged as being so. >> taking it down. extremely personal. >> with cruz, more so. even jeb will not go and say donald trump is like against the second amendment or whatever. he does not do that. what cruz says is i've never said anything like that. donald trump is against the second amendment. i said, what. i did a radio show this morning
2:30 pm
with a very good host. he said that you were totally in favor of obama care. every single speech i have made, we have to repeal and replace obama care. he said, no, no. he really likes obama care. now, do not forget. i only have three days to fight it. it was over a period of six months. we will bring a lawsuit if he does not straighten his act out. some people misrepresent. in fact, i felt better. marco rubio called him a liar. i felt so much better. i said, good. a politician calls a politician. now i can actually call him a liar. >> why are you hosting this presser today? >> this is a different reason. this is forget mold. you guys have not asked that
2:31 pm
question yeah because it is ridiculous that they are moving people into this area and we are totally against it. they should not be closing gitmo. they should not be closing it in any way, shape or form. they should not be moving people into this area. i will stop it. if i do not stop it in terms of time, if i win, they are going back. >> i would keep it open. we have to be very vigilant. we will look at everybody's case. you do not want to have people that are innocent of something suffering. you have some very hard and people. leaving a lot of people. going back to the battlefields. they are going right back into the battlefields. we want to keep it open. that is the way i feel. i do not want people coming into
2:32 pm
this area. i have had people from south carolina calling me asking me to do this press conference. there will not be any people. i think the governor should take a very strong stand on it. >> could they get a fair trial? >> eve eventually, yes. eventually, they should. we capture other people that are terrorists. i would be very strong on it. a migration. you have people coming into the area of south carolina. if i were the governor, i would not let them come in. the governor does not have anything to do with it. i would make it so uncomfortable for the federal government.
2:33 pm
let's not take them in, period. we should not be taking people in from syria. we do not know who they are. all of these other countries. we should not be taking people in from the migration. >> we should tell people. taking nobody. they are smart. they are smart. they will pay. we will not pay. we will leave it. we should build safe sounds. i do not want to take people into this country. to people that got married that were radicalized. it was a disaster. killing 14 other people. you look at what is going throughout the world. we will not do it. we have enough problems as a country. you take a look at what is going
2:34 pm
on in brussels. take a look at what is going on in sweden. we will not have that. >> what do you think the president should have done in 2001? >> i am just saying this. you will see that there is tremendous information. the cia and various other agencies were not talking and not getting along. they all hated each other. we all ended up with the world trade center. the american, written in the year 2000, i mentioned in that boat, i mentioned osama bin laden. i saw him a couple of times. he is a bad dude. i was not a politician. i have just always found it very interesting. we have to do something about that guy.
2:35 pm
if you look back at the cia and various other agencies, i think john is not. they had tremendous problems getting along together. that is management. they knew some bad things were going to happen. >> wasn't negligence? wasn't negligence? >> here is what i say. are you ready? the world trade center came down. the world sender came down. >> he is accountable. >> a war with iraq. you know, saddam hussein was a bad guy. one thing about him, he killed terrorism. now iraq is harbored with terrorism. pseudomonas a understood.
2:36 pm
a president and other people, frankly, obama, no better. it was a disaster. look what has happened since then. a disaster. if the president went to the beach, we would have been better off. believe me. >> no. i think we could have had greater vigilance. >> arrived here about an hour from now. >> say hello to him for me. give him my warmest regards. actually, no. when was this set up? no. not really. >> i compared to bill clinton.
2:37 pm
bill clinton came out four weeks ago. his wife made a statement about me. i made a statement about her and him. i said once he was campaigning, it was a whole different ballgame. if the ex-president is campaigning for his brother, i suppose he is probably open for great scrutiny. when jeff used his name, as i said, i left it alone. when hekept using and i said i had to bring that up. talking about the great safety that we had. i said at some point we have to bring it up. the world trade center came down. i do not think any thing can hurt him. i think that he is hurting so badly. how much worse can he be her? >> delay, delay, delay.
2:38 pm
four years long. at the end of the president's term. when do you draw that cut off-line if there was a vacancy. mitch mcconnell has tremendous power. in terms of proceeding. at the time, it is not that long. it is not that much. obama should not do it. the republican should not allow that. i also said the republican should not have approved the budget they approve four weeks ago. you never know. they have been very disappointing. i always say that obama is the worst negotiator i have ever seen. everybody but the republicans. the mac some of these individuals. ninety-seven-zero.
2:39 pm
a federal court judge. ninety-seven-zero is a score as it were then. what does that say about the republican party? does that risk the senate? >> he will put in somebody that is a little bit more moderate. i still think they should reject it. i think the new president should have that option. >> proud of the family name. no bush name on the campaign logo. >> i am not the first. i said from the beginning. tells me nothing about him. i think the name bush would have been better than an explanation point. now the! did not work. now he is using bush. not proud of the family.
2:40 pm
i do not know what it tells you. what if you use the name bush? use the name bush. something that you said quietly. >> who are you, by the way? you can play queue. i will tell you why it's queue. i was not a politician. i do not like getting publicity. i think that the first time they had me down, was probably 2003. right after the war started. it does not make any difference. i was saying it before then, too. right at the beginning i said it. very strongly. i was quartered all over the place. very simple.
2:41 pm
right now you have to powers. iraq and iran. knocking out one of those power. i did not know that we would be so stupid to make a deal. a very wonderful agreement with us in terms of, you know, they went out and spent 150 billion. so far they have not spent any of it with us. they bought 118 aircraft with us with airbus which is european. they are buying missiles from russia. they are spending their money with everybody, but the united states. not good. >> attacking the arrivals. >> i went to the debate and i was attacked. i thought it was my best debate.
2:42 pm
i thought it was my best debate. it was the incoming. it was unbelievable. including by the moderator. donald trump said this and this. that is how that whole thing started. donald trump said in ancient times, so and so about your brother. i did not bring it up. that was brought up by john, as you know. i did not bring it up. i was being attacked by the moderator. that is why they got good ratings. they got very good ratings. >> i think i'm doing great in south carolina. i know south carolina very well. i think they have a very well sophisticated border. they get it. they get it. crews lies about virtually everything i have done. they get it. i really believe they get it.
2:43 pm
>> so confident. why not violate today. democrats will file anyway. just so you understand. i get along with everybody. remember. i got along with everybody. if crews ever got it, i do not think you will ever get the nomination. the democrats will file the lawsuit. in a sense, i am doing him a favor. i have a very good lawyer. a lawyer that truly believes. remember this, how do you give a man a nomination for the party? i told them, get a judgment. you have to do something. the democrats will file to the best of my knowledge.
2:44 pm
>> eventually, it will be used anyway. if he got the nomination, they will not zoom out because they think you will not get the nomination. frankly, if i were him, i would probably tell him, if i was advising the mother, i would probably tell him very nicely, keep your life going. if you are going to get sued, you are going to get sued anyway. might as well keep your lives going. >> he is a very up popular thinker in the state of south carolina. >> what does that mean? there is this major catastrophe after that. i heard that for years. i heard that for years. i lost a lot of friends that
2:45 pm
were killed in that building. the worst attack ever in this country, doing his presidency. the worst attack ever. after that, we did okay. the team scored 19 runs in the first inning. after that, we played well. i do not excel. >> you have often talked about running the table. >> we have a tremendous rally tonight. i am here for the entire week. >> are you nervous about where things are? >> give me a break. [inaudible] >> you have a situation here. people from syria are being settled in south carolina. i think it is disgraceful.
2:46 pm
i would not allow it to happen. a governor has choice. believe me. [inaudible] >> i do not know what you are talking about. go ahead. >> you are making a lot of them. >> i am responding. >> increasing pressure right now. that is what i do. my whole life has been pressure. i really do like pressure. i do not think that ted cruz deals well with pressure. i think he is a basket case. that only did he lose, he lost big leap. i do not think that he handles pressure well. i do not think rubio handles
2:47 pm
pressure well. i thought he just got out of the swimming pool. he was soaking wet. i just do not see him negotiating. i do not see that personality negotiating with putin like this personality. you want to make a good deal for the country. there is nothing wrong with not fighting everybody. we have a good relationship. i will make a great trade deal. these guys are not going to make that. they are politicians. i think everything is a pressure cooker. i like the pressure. you cannot lie. you cannot allow lies to take place. virtually everything. just a lie. somebody has to comment somebody has to say it. i find the whole south carolina
2:48 pm
thing so interesting. we have already had a couple of events today. i find it amazing. the one thing that is very interesting is they are very knowledgeable. i think that is a good thing for me. they understand politicians. they understand that they are all talk. i am the only politician that took any money. getting tremendous amounts of money from oil. johnson and johnson. campaign finance. we will totally control what happens. you think the drug industry will be heard? woody johnson, the head of the industry. the companies, basically, there is no bidding. we are the largest purchaser throughout the world. the largest in the world. drug companies is so bidding.
2:49 pm
the politicians all take money. campaign countries. you guys can figure that out. they take money from the drug companies. same with the military companies. me, i am not taking any money. i think it has an impact. i am not sure it is as big as it should be. i do not know if that point is being made. there is somebody going. not taking money from any of the special address. we will soon find out. >> we have been listening to a surprise news conference. he called it somewhat rather last-minute. wanted to answer any questions reporters may have had.
2:50 pm
it was actually related to quantum on a mowbray. how he would keep it open. would not be sending prisoners to south carolina. this particular town scheduled to get some of those prisoners. we heard some very interesting headlines. he called ted cruz desperate. said that ted cruz is a very unstable guy. he had never met anyone that wide as much as ted cruz. a lot of that rhetoric occupying what he is talking about there. he goes on to talk a little bit about bush. it has been reserved for ted cruz. i want to get analysis right now. progressive radio host and leslie marshall. brad blakeman. along with the manhattan institute. joining me on set right now.
2:51 pm
he did go after jab. once again. jeb bush cited the fact. being a bush in this campaign. he is cited how 9/11 happened under his brothers watch. is this going to have any momentum they are amongst the electorate in south carolina? >> no. i was looking at this. this is a press conference about nothing. how is it possible that he can cry wolf and have a press conference. why are we here? it is crazy. he got more earned media. then any commercial would have ever gotten. >> he created a bust with some
2:52 pm
comments he had said. i can quote this for you recently. i find the pledge. the pledge is not being honored. it is not being honored by the rnc. we did not hear that. he did have plenty of things to say against his candidates. heather, you and i were talking as this was unfolding. amazing what a master key is that commanding this attention. people want to watch it. people are intrigued by it. you never know what he is going to say. >> it is great news. i think they should really think twice. he is extremely thin skinned. he vacillates back and forth about going on attack.
2:53 pm
i think that it is fun to watch. it is mesmerizing. i really think that the nomination coming up, voters have a share fair. >> do voters think about that when they choose a candidate? you look at a place like new hampshire. he repeated and obscenity there to an audience just hours before. i thought that may have an effect. they are doomed. people still overwhelmingly voted for him. no matter what he does, the train has left the station. deity that is a fair characterization? >> i am not just saying this because i am a democrat. people tuning into the political process in america have aid us a laughing stock.
2:54 pm
i feel bad for republicans. republicans have an opportunity in south carolina and beyond. this is not residential material. you have my lawyers ready. i will sue you. i do not like what you are going to say, i am going to assault your mother. he needs to be able to play nice with others. he is kind of talking common sense. why are we closing this? why are we helping terrorists by getting out of iraq? citing president obama's policies. a lot of this make sense to people. a very interesting piece in the "wall street journal" over the weekend. it cited the challenges that
2:55 pm
white middle-class men are now facing. in 1968, 96% of them held a job. today, 79%. bat is pretty startling. marriage rates have a longside plummeted 86% of men, white, middle-class, versus today. 52%. you are seeing this decline. the ability to provide for their families. i wonder, in some ways, if this is exactly what donald trump is tapping into. this is a group, very much his fan -based, they have not got a real shot right now. the last 20 years has been very fat. >> it is getting exactly what it deserves. it has suppressed any discussion of the legal immigration.
2:56 pm
telling people that they are racist for being concerned about it. often the right ones. the wrong messenger. >> we will continue following donald trump in this press conference out of south carolina. we will be right back. ♪ you can fly across welcome town in minutes16, or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪
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>> just a holiday. i'm here. the whole intel team is here. all of fox business is here. and you want to know why? because we are in the news business. over new jersey at that other network, they no longer subscribe to ratings, by the way, because they don't like it when we beat them and they're closed today and running some old reruns. yeah, we don't do that here. there's a lot going on, a lot that matters to you, to your wallet, to your portfolio and to the future of our country. and as long as it matters to you. you know what? it matters to us. and we're open for business. well, you know, the conversation does not end here.
3:00 pm
you all responded in such a huge way to my commentary on facebook and it's terrific you're sharing it with your friends and getting them to like the page with over 1,000 new likes this weekend, more than 200,000 views on the piece i wrote on socialism. we're going to continue that conversation tomorrow. in the meantime cheryl is in for liz claman. over to you, cheryl. cheryl: i am here, you are here, and donald trump is here. he's still talking, a press conference in south carolina asking questions for about the better part of an hour now, of course bringing all this details to you. this is a wide ranging news conference. he is the leader of the polls and attacked heavily by his fellow candidates, especially ted cruz. ted cruz called donald trump a basket case at the debate. a liar. said if you file suit against the canadian, all of this happening, again, with regards to to the debate on friday night and donald trump right


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