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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  February 15, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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huge way to my commentary on facebook and it's terrific you're sharing it with your friends and getting them to like the page with over 1,000 new likes this weekend, more than 200,000 views on the piece i wrote on socialism. we're going to continue that conversation tomorrow. in the meantime cheryl is in for liz claman. over to you, cheryl. cheryl: i am here, you are here, and donald trump is here. he's still talking, a press conference in south carolina asking questions for about the better part of an hour now, of course bringing all this details to you. this is a wide ranging news conference. he is the leader of the polls and attacked heavily by his fellow candidates, especially ted cruz. ted cruz called donald trump a basket case at the debate. a liar. said if you file suit against the canadian, all of this happening, again, with regards to to the debate on friday night and donald trump right now still talking but a lot of
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things he's talking about are ted cruz. i want to roll you a piece of tape. listen to this. >> but if cruz ever got the nomination, the democrats are going to file a lawsuit. so in a sense, i'm doing him a favor because i'm filing it early. if i file it, i'm filing it early. cheryl: we have team coverage on all aspects of this presidential race joined now by peter barns in the nation's capital and ed henry who is standing by in reno, nevada. and i actually want to go first to you if we can because i understand hillary clinton just wrapped up an event. anything noteworthy that she had to say? >> yeah. i mean she was really hitting bernie sanders hard. she's here outside of las vegas. she spent most of the weekend in las vegas, the southern part of the state obviously trying to drum up support ahead of the caucuses. and so now more to the northern part of the state and what she was saying is he's a single issue candidate and all he wants to talk about is beating occupy wall street, the middle class, income inequality and she is going to
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be a commander-in-chief. obviously referring to his time as secretary of state. but as you saw over the weekend another batch of e-mails coming out, 84 more e-mails with some level of classified information in there. that adds to the question for hillary clinton whether she's honest and trustworthy and then you have the fact of what's happening on the ground here in nevada. this is yet another state where hillary clinton had a big double-digit lead late last year. you talk to nonpartisan political handicappers like john ralston here on the ground and they say that it's a neck-and-neck race here, they had a valley with 1,800 people, it was a small gym, so it was packed. there were more people outside trying to get in. why do i mention that? that's the kind of crowds in new hampshire when he had a double digital victory and the kind of victory he had in iowa when she just barrel eked out a victory. so the key is saturday night caucuses here in nevada.
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you've got the republicans obviously as you've been talking about in south carolina. the democrats first have the caucus in nevada and then go on to south carolina. so the point is hillary clinton is banking on sort of a firewall in the south with african-american support. but if she suffers a loss here in nevada after what happened in iowa and new hampshire, the momentum is going to be swinging hard in the direction of bernie sanders is going to put more pressure. cheryl: i want to ask you about nevada because what did the crowd look like from your advantage point? is the hispanic voter still out there supporting hillary clinton because she's got to have that group on her side like she has to have the african-american vote in south carolina on her side to stay in this race against bernie sanders. >> yeah. well, it's interesting is that the last couple of days the clinton camp has been downplaying the influence of the latino vote and it is critical here and you don't have to trust me or trust what you just said, trust hillary clinton. a few months ago she was here in nevada going on and on about how critical the latino
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vote would be talking, doing a roundtable with dreamers. and remember it was here in this state where hillary clinton said she would go further than president obama on his controversial executive actions on immigration reform. why did she do that here. because of the latino vote. now in the last couple of days the clinton camp is saying, well, the latino vote isn't that big. it's mostly the white vote here and a very similar electorate they've claimed to what we saw in iowa. saying that's simply not true and what they think the clinton camp is doing is trying to downplay expectations because all of a sudden they're not doing as well with the latino vote so they're trying to claim it doesn't matter as much. cheryl: ed henry live in nevada for us. ed henry, thank you very much. live on the ground there with hillary clinton. that event just wrapping up. also we should let you know in just a few moments donald trump wrapping up about an hour long news conference that he held in south carolina of course the primary is coming up. you've got nevada caucus and then the south carolina primary on the 20th.
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i want to bring in peter barns because one of the things that mr. trump, peter, was really talking about i know you were listening in as well as i, he was really going after ted cruz. he spent about six good minutes going after cruz. does that mean he's nervous about the attacks -- and we should also say jeb bush lobbied against him on saturday night. >> yeah. this is a continuation of these very aggressive comments and attacks that we saw donald trump launch at the debate on saturday night. really kind of taking it up to a next level, at least in my view. and so he wanted to get out there and trump trying to trump not just ted cruz who is expected to do better in south carolina because of a stronger evangelical vote down there than in new hampshire. but also really going after not just jeb bush but also his brother former president george w bush who is now in south carolina to campaign for jeb bush. trump attacking former president bush for his
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leadership before or after 9/11. take a listen. >> we weren't safe. that was the greatest attack in the history of united states. worse than pearl harbor because it was individuals, attacked as individuals as opposed to the military. greatest single attack. so standing up there i'm thinking do i want to embarrass him? because b because i'm a nice person i didn't do it. but then when he used it another time, i had to say i'm sorry. but we weren't safe. >> and trump also going after the republican party itself today, cheryl. both in this press conference at an event earlier today in south carolina. he said that rnc is in default of the pledge, which is the pledge that donald trump made in the first fox news debate. saying that he would support the eventual republican nominee if it were not him. but with the caveat that the republican party had to be fair to him. now he's suggesting that the
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party is not being fair to him, which of course could lead to speculation that if it doesn't continue to be fair in his view, might he run as an independent? cheryl: as a third party candidate? >> who knows. along with michael bloomberg. boy, this is just unbelievable stuff. cheryl: it is unbelievable, and it is fascinating to watch within especially today of all days and our competition is going on. peter barns, live coverage for you out of washington. we want to let you know later on in the show we want to have more on hillary in nevada and also more on trump's news conference with political panel. get their take on the shots that he was taking at ted cruz today. you also want to be sure to watch maria bartiromo's interview tomorrow with 2016 republican presidential candidate donald trump. mornings with maria begins right here 6:00 a.m. eastern time every day. well, the markets may be closed today but that is exactly why you need to tune into fox business to set up what is potentially
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going to be a very busy day on wall street tomorrow. take a look at these numbers that we're seeing for the futures market. futures are trading and right now it's looking like we don't have the numbers right now. bring them to you in a little bit. right now it's looking that we could have upwards of a 200-point gain on the dow potentially tomorrow morning. a lot can happen of course between now and 9:30 a.m. eastern time tomorrow. but remember it could be a really good market day for you. also we're following this story for you. super mario to the rescue. markets closed higher today at central bank mario said he would be willing to consider future stimulus. oil futures pointing to higher tomorrow. remaining unchanged as rumors are floating around in the markets oil another big story and then of course you have to talk about gasoline on the president's day holiday. average $1.69 across this nation. that is incredible. that's the average in the u.s. gold losing a bit of its glitter today, the precious
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metal down 2% today, up 100 bucks so far for the year but this could be, again, a good for things equities tomorrow when the markets open. well, let me show you another live picture here. flags are flying at half staff over the nation's capital as the body of supreme court justice scalia arrives in his hometown. he died of natural causes over the weekend. served for nearly 30 years following his nomination. so the highest court for president ronald reagan. and the vacancy finally giving hot topic issues like abortion, immigration, voters rights, renewing political life as a debate over his replacement begins and all happened very quickly and all of this could have a major impact on the presidential race as the 2016 contenders focus on up coming contest in nevada. and south carolina. well, there is also a war being waged on who the next justice appointed to the supreme court will be as there are now four
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democratic justices and four republican justices. an even split in the court. almost unheard of. constitutional countability president elizabeth will tell us how this is all going. elizabeth, thank you for being here. i want to start out with there are some huge topics on the docket right now for the supreme court. these are things that could now be thrown up in arms. we've got redistricting, immigration, aaffirmative action, labor issues, all of this are issued before the court. how do you see these cases first and foremost playing out in the near term? >> yeah. you know, this was already a blockbuster term even before this vacancy arose. as you noted there are huge issues of support to the nation, abortion, affirmative action, unions, immigration, so now we have these issues coming to a court that isn't working at its full compliment of nine justices. there are only eight justices
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so that means cases that are closely divided could end up being 4-4 as opposed to what we see these 5-4 ideological cases, it's not your usual supreme court case that sets the precedent for the nation instead it just affirms the lower court ruling and that means there could be conflictive laws out there across the nation like abortion is a great example. if the court splits 4-4 on this big abortion case coming out of texas, we could have different rules in texas versus wisconsin, for example. so this is a big issue right now. cheryl: and, elizabeth, you mention texas senator ted cruz saying he would filibuster any nominee on saturday the day of scalia's death mitch mcconnell saying it's in the best interest to block the nominee if the president decides to put one forward and that's my next question. but what do you think this does to the overall health of the court if this becomes a long, drawn-out political fight which frankly it looks
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like it will be no matter what any of us here say. >> well, i think it's important for us to remember for people like me who work in the supreme court all the time our calendars go from october to june, that's the length of each term. so if you think about waiting until the next president is nothing rated for the supreme court justice's vacancy to be filled, that could put us all the way in april in 2017. that is an extraordinary unprecedented amount of time to not have the supreme court full nine justices. cheryl: but what do you think about a possible recess appointment? do you think the president would attempt something like that knowing in particular with regards to immigration and abortion he's got very serious topics that do affect the nation that he is championing these to proceed. does he do it? >> the president has indicated he's going to proceed in the normal route, you know, he said this week that he would wait until the senate came back from its recess.
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so he seems to be focused on fulfilling the constitution's article two duty to nominate someone to the supreme court and then the question is what does the senate do? does the senate follow its constitutional duty to advise and consent or follow the ted cruz route and say we're just going to throw up our hands and say "no." cheryl: there are several names that have been thrown out in particular connell harris, the attorney general of california, diane wood and u.s. court of appeals in dc. of all of these names and there are more, again, all of these names that are being thrown out right now and i'm giving you the highlighted names that we had a lot on fox business. do any of those to you signal that the president would appoint, particularly connell harris who has been a big supporter during his presidency. >> you know, to be honest, i think there are a large number of well credentialed people
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who could be put up by president. and that's what's important to have a hearing on these particular folks because that's when they can really test their credentials or not -- but there's never been a nominee put forward that go has not been given a hearing even when justices put. they've always been given a hearing so for the senate to not give a hearing and to vote on whoever was put up, that would also be unprecedented. cheryl: but of all of those names, do any of those sing to you right now? any of those sing to you, elizabeth? before i let you go? come on. >> yeah. you know, i think predictions are a dangerous business but -- especially some of the judges who are on the bench right now who have been unanimously confirmed by the senate for their current seats. it would be very hard for them to be -- first down were put up by the president for judge was unanimously confirmed for the senate. for the senate to come back and say, oh, no, we thought he
3:15 pm
was unanimously qualified just a few years ago but now we don't, it does kind of seem like politics and not fulfilling the constitutional duty. cheryl: the politics of the court is where we're at today. elizabeth, thank you very much for your commentary. appreciate it. >> my pleasure. cheryl: well, coming up next farmer bro martin shkreli owns the wit wu tang clan album, but also own kanye's album. one of the america's most disguised men. and syrian gaining traction and are the u.s. and russia on the path to a new cold war? captain chuck gnash is going to be joining me next right here on countdown donald trump: "people love me..." donald trump. look past the boasting and you'll see right through him.
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for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. . cheryl: breaking news. russian air strikes v hit two hospitals and a school in northern syria leaving dozens dead and wounded. well, russia and their air strike campaigns against syrian forces as the president has asked -- president obama has asked will actions such as these lead russia and the west to a new cold war? well, joining me now captain chuck gnash, fox news military analyst and retired u.s. navy captain. so thank you for being here.
3:20 pm
>> my pleasure, cheryl. cheryl: you're here on a day where we did have a horrific strike, the turks had not responded, but it looks like it was russian airplanes that led this attack. does this mean that vladimir putin is not looking for peace and potentially looking for a new cold war with the united states going against everything that we negotiated with him thus far? >> yeah. i don't think the russians want a cold war and certainly the united states does not want a cold war but what putin is doing is he is going to support assad come hell or high water. and we can talk all we want but as soon as he meets his tactical strategic objectives, he's not going to quit. he has the upper hand, and he knows he has the upper hand, notice it's not a cease-fire but cessation of hostilities, what happens is they still, the russians, and the syrian government and allies get to fight for another week. once they recapture, it's over
3:21 pm
as far as the rebels are concerned because now they can cut off the supply lines from down from turkey. so we're about to hand him strategic victory. cheryl: so, captain gnash, if it was captured, you'll say that assad will stay in power and the russian will have won. >> yes. that's what i'm saying. and they will press north up the roads. they've already taken some vigils in the north part of the province, which is really key and the main road that leads up to turkey. they've already taken a couple of vigils. they need to cleanup a little bit more but they're pressing along, we've withdrawn, the russians increasing their air strikes, the turks shelling the kurds. and once we get any kind of agreement in place, we'll use that as the vehicle to say we're now supporting the peace process not hostilities and of course the europeans will fall quickly in line because they're trying to stop the massive refugee flow. cheryl: so you're saying -- there's 28 nato members, we
3:22 pm
are a member of of course turkey is a member. >> uh-huh. cheryl: the border. what you're saying is that the plan is in place. this is what the europeans want? you really think this is what the president of this country wants for assad to basically stay in power? that makes it easy for all of us to say, well, we tried. >> yeah. pretty much that's what's going to happen. yes. absolutely i couldn't put it better myself. cheryl: wow that's terrible. let's talk about the u.s. perspective in all of this. there's been a lot of talk and a lot of back and forth certainly between vladimir putin and president obama. but it always seems to me that putin doesn't care what the president says, it seems to me that president obama doesn't worry about vladimir putin because of the economy of russia. russia is an impoverished nation, they may have a base but they don't have money. is it a stronger fight here in this? >> no. it's mostly talk because the russians are willing to act on a weaker hand whereas the united states has a stronger hand but
3:23 pm
refuses to act. when the soviet fell in 1991, they could no longer support or defend their client states and their former republics. so a lot of them sensation opportunity jumped onto the nato bandwagon, russia imploded, devalued the ruble, now putin is building it back and looking around and all what used to be his buffer states, which gave him strategic depth r gone and half of them are nato members now. 12 of them are nato members. cheryl: i only have about ten seconds. >> sure. cheryl: but i have to get one quick question in. >> okay. cheryl: about cia director john. he was on 60 minutes. he basically said that the islamic state has chemical weapons. do you agree. >> yes. cheryl: with that and will they try to use those weapons on the u.s. eventually? >> i absolutely agree that they have them. i absolutely agree that they also have them in libya where they were stockpiled and whether they will use them against the united states, more likely they will use them
3:24 pm
on u.s. interests overseas in europe smuggling them into the united states, they can do that ship them in in shipping containers and it would be far more complex to do that. i see something happening closer to the fire over in europe. cheryl: captain chuck gnash, a scary scenario but a very real one at this point. thank you, sir. >> my pleasure. cheryl: well, we're going to swish gears when we come back. what do kanye west, mark zuckerberg, kim kardashian, and $53 million have in common? the unbelievable story of kanye's debt. and the disgraced ceo accused of scamming millions from his investors may have been scammed himself 215 million. gerri willis has the latest and the saga of martin shkreli. countdown coming right back
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cheryl: latest self praising album may have just dropped
3:29 pm
but kanye west may be in serious trouble. during a twitter rant over the weekend west says he's $53 million in personal debt. we can't confirm that kanye is 53 million in debt but following the revelation, he tweeted a demand to facebook founder mark zuckerberg to invest 1 billion in his ideas saying he is the greatest living artist and greatest artist of all time. west then tweeted to alphabet ceo larry paige for his help as well. but kanye isn't causing problem for himself. martin shkreli appears to have lost 15 million in bit coins trying to buy the rights to his album. he would then buy the album to sell to his fans but it looks like shkreli got scammed by someone and now the pharmaceutical ceo may have more worries on his plate while the irs filed a tax lien for more than 4 million in tax penalties and interest.
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. cheryl: well, just in the last hour, donald trump threatened legal action against gop opponent senator ted cruz and enterprise conference called a desperate and very unstable. well, we want to show you live pictures right now of senator ted cruz. he is addressing voters in south carolina ahead of this weekend's primary vote. but trump may not be his biggest concern right now. cruz promised to filibuster any person president obama put for there to replace justice scalia. democratic strategist and a republican strategist. evan, this is your back door, this is your backyard. what do you make of the cruz trump fight that really kicked off to be fair on saturday night when it really got bloody. >> well, what donald trump said today was basically the pot calling the kettle black. cruz is trying to go for the knock out punch so he can run the table. and ted cruz and all the other candidates are trying to stay
3:37 pm
in the game. cheryl: trump seems to have a lot of support in south carolina. >> he does but the question is what happens with what he said in the debate over push being responsible for 9/11? now the news has come out that one of trump's top aids has said that 9/11 might be an inside job and trump is going to appoint the best people. cheryl: they went really dirty and in particular to evan's point bringing up 9/11 donald trump blaming george w bush for the fact that we were attracted by terrorists in 2001 and most found that distasteful but does that help the democrats? does hillary or bernie sanders cease on that? >> well, if you go dirty, you go dirty on the south carolina primary that's the hall mark and it has been for a long time. the democrats are there a week later. so i think that the more that you see donald trump going after jeb bush, going after ted cruz. if he wins this saturday, donald trump runs the table.
3:38 pm
there's nobody and nothing that can stop him, and i think he was very smart today having this press conference because we're all paying attention to donald trump. not the fact that the former president george w bush is campaigning for his brother the first time he left office and the fact he's resurrected i'm going to file a lawsuit against ted cruz because i don't think he's an american citizen. that takes up everything. and that's a very smart, savvy move that donald trump has used throughout this campaign. and that's what makes him so dangerous. there is no playbook for donald trump. and as a democrat, i would be happy to run against any other republican because they're all conventional politicians. donald trump is not that. cheryl: interesting you say that, we have an that should be music to your ears. but i want to show you this, evan, the cbs news gop south carolina poll. this is february 10th to the 12th. i mean the numbers support what we're talking about here. trump is at 42%, cruz, the one that really went after him saturday night at 20%, rubio 15, jeb bush down at 6%. but bush and cruz really
3:39 pm
teamed up against trump. and the -- if you were a vote in south carolina, you were in particular listening. does that change these numbers? without the gigantic margin. >> it might. i think, again, as i said before the 9/11 claim by mr. trump is what's really going to hurt him if anything hurts him at all. basically becoming the antifragile candidate at this point. cheryl: interesting. marianne, i want to show you another side of this cbs news poll and show you the democratic side and you've got hillary clinton 59% in south carolina, bernie sanders 40%, i've seen other polls that rate her very highly more than 70% when it comes to the african-american voter in south carolina. marianne, isn't that who she really needs to push her through in south carolina? >> it does. i mean i have some real reservations about polling this cycle and particularly online polling and this one in particular. let's say sanders and trump have leads in south carolina. let's see what happens in nevada. look what happened in
3:40 pm
new hampshire. bernie sanders beat hillary clinton by 11 points. hillary clinton not only needs african-american voters in south carolina, she needs latino voters in nevada and i think what sanders is doing because he's so popular amongst younger voters, millennial voters, he's trying to do that across all demographics. he's going to make that appeal to younger latinos, younger african-americans. you see a real generational divide here and depending on how she is in nevada and i think sanders might surprise people with performance there, we'll see what happens in south carolina but she has to hold onto south carolina and african-american voters. that is her ultimate firewall. and that's what you have to look for a week from saturday . cheryl: she is in nevada right now, has just live event and of course on her way to south carolina and that's where she's going to be. marianne marsh, evan, thank you for retain to both of you. be sure to keep it here for all of your 2016 election coverage, fox business will be live this saturday for the south carolina primary and the nevada caucus.
3:41 pm
that coverage starts at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. well, coming up next the low price of oil should make your plane tickets cheaper. but that's not happening at the airport. adam shapiro is going to explain why the major carriers are keeping ticket prices sky high. and the opposite is true. we have jeff flock who looks a little bit warmer than he did earlier tell us how low prices at the station may go even lower. jeff. >> look at that sign behind me, cheryl. $1.35 is that more than the national average or less than the national average? when we come back we'll tell you . he supported partial-birth abortions. his phony trump university? accused of fraud. he tried to seize private property to line his own pockets. four bankruptcies... and small businesses screwed over. poll after poll shows him losing...
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to hillary clinton. if trump wins, conservatives lose. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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cheryl: gas prices across the country remain low in some areas seeing prices below a
3:46 pm
buck 50 per gallon. there are at least two stations charging just 99 cents a gallon. one in missouri and the other is in kansas. analysts are expecting to see more stations with similar prices in the near future. bring it on. jeff flock in indiana checking gas prices along the interstate. jeff, what are you finding? >> i just assumed to be in missouri right now as opposed to this is the cheapest gas in gary, indiana. as you can see $1.35 and we're below 1.70, we rounded up but it's 1.69, it has been the last couple of days as oil ran up. that's about a quarter cheaper than it was a month ago and 50 cents cheaper it was a year ago. so people have been getting a price dividend and a lot talked about as to whether people are spending that or not. well, there's evidence now, cheryl, that people are
3:47 pm
starting to spend it. they wanted the outset. take a look at retail sales breaking the numbers out from last week on friday. a lot of items up. sporting goods up 9% year over year. online sales up 8.7% year over year, auto up, restaurant up, so some indication may be that these low prices are finally starting to boost the economy. at least that's the way it looked in january. we'll watch it of course again in february. but nice to have a few extra bucks in your pocket. cheryl: i can't believe the prices you're finding there. jeff, thank you very much. good news. well, thanks to fuel prices some of the nations biggest airlines are reporting record profits. the airline industry predicting $36 billion in profits for this year alone. this as commodity costs about a third of what it did just two years ago. adam shapiro and those joins us now. here's the deal if oil is so low, why are ticket prices still the same?
3:48 pm
>> fuel surcharges. you know, in north korea that $36 billion figure is worldwide for 2016. north america expected to be about 20 billion. so the trade organization for travel agents came out and said that the airlines are still charging you and me and millions of other passengers way too much for fuel and issued this quote about the fuel charges. quote airlines continue shamelessly to misuse this ticketing loophole and thus manipulate the transparency of the ticket price. so the trade organization for the airlines issued their own response saying quote to expect fairs to tumble just because fuel has come down is wholly unrealistic. just to give you an idea of how cheap it is, it's half the cost today as it was a year ago. and to give you a real world example of these fuel surcharges on a ticket can cost you, i bought a ticket recently round trip the fuel surcharge is $528.
3:49 pm
it's an international ticket, half of that $264 for one portion of the trip. so those surcharges are still hefty, big, and profitable. cheryl: well, the airlines are going out and buying brand-new aircrafts left and right. that's what kills me. i rather see a lower fair than buy the fancy new planes. they're pretty. >> in the airlines defense, they buy their fuel, the fuel that they're using today, they bought maybe a year ago under contracts which would have sold that fuel at a higher price. but as those expire, they're going to enter contracts at cheaper prices. the question is will this fuel surcharges drop? and what the trade organization for the travel agents saying absolutely not. they're not going to drop and they aren't. cheryl: find who is better at hedging their fuel prices, you may find a better deal. adam, thank you very much. well, coming up next strange inheritance is back tonight with two brand-new episodes.
3:50 pm
jamie colby has a story of a family who had 1,500 priceless photographs. she's going to give us a preview of the show. and the market related up 300 points on friday but what will happen after the long president's day weekend? thoughts coming up next for the close of countdown
3:51 pm
. . . .
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cheryl: "strange inheritance" is back tonight with two all new episodes. jamie colby brings us a story of a staten island family is heir to the editor of popular photography magazine, with a treasure trove of photographs which are very rare and valuable. here is sample of that story. >> i was clearing out our hall closet. there in the corner was another envelope of photographs inside. inside there were other celebrities.
3:54 pm
a lot of well-known, recognizable people. i feel like there is somehow my mother is pointing us towards these things, don't forget this, don't forget that. cheryl: host of "strange inheritance" jamie colby joins us with what we can expect with tonight's new episode. the photography must be amazing, jamie? >> i couldn't believe photographs i was looking at, cheryl. the real amazing thing we'll know whether or not their mother, knew she was collecting a priceless collection of photographs. unbelievable in the '60s, '70s, '80s, she was managing editor of popular photograph any. literally on her way out, she would go in the garbage, pull out a few photos, bring them home. they found 1500, many priceless photos. we had a chance to look at their attic and christie's picked up the collection. they tell the stories of all those decades.
3:55 pm
they're still finding stuff which is amazing. cheryl: jamie, as far as tonight's episode you have a couple episodes, don't you? >> two all new episodes, cheryl. we're excited about other one. there is one called up, amidst of development in the neighborhood. this one is no exception. this woman in elder years wanted to die in her home the big mall developed around her. she stayed put. turned down a million dollars for her house. you will never believe who inherited it. tonight on fox business. cheryl: "strange inheritance," 9:00 p.m. eastern time. watch jamie colby tonight and every night here on fox business. markets and wall street are closed. but we're open. our competition isn't. u.s. futures pointing to a big up day tomorrow. here is how you might want to set up your investments for tomorrow. bring in stuff due dash, ihg wealth management.
3:56 pm
futures are pointing up possibly 200 points. the overall question does this mean the market found the bottom we're so desperately looking for? >> that's a great question. i hope so. i don't know anyone can say for sure we found the bottom. looks like tomorrow will be nice. we need another 10 or 15 of those to get back over the year. nice to see overseas markets rebound pretty well. that points to good sign. hopefully energy prices can rise like they have three or four days and we can see end to nonsense on that part of the market adding so much uncertainty to the overall economy. cheryl: steve, i brought that up, there is just a report that comes out today, unconfirmed so far, but sources are telling reuters that the saudis and russians may be meeting tomorrow to discuss the oil glut. >> good. cheryl: to discuss the global owl glut in the market. that meeting whether it happens
3:57 pm
or not could have big effect on oil and also equities as well. >> there are a few reports in the last week, rumors of this meeting, rumors of that, but everyone denies it. at end of the day oil prices got to $26 a barrel. that is zero chance that is sustainable level. people talking about the tens and 20s. no way companies that can not last at that price but countries will go out of business at that price. look at venezuela. they will be broke here real soon. oil is big reason why. that will dry up some of the supply, oversupply. that will balance out a little better with demand, get prices back to normal stages. we'll start to see stability in prices again ideally. cheryl: last time you were on the show you picked chipolte. >> yeah. cheryl: e.coli scare -- >> done pretty good. cheryl: it has done a lot of damage to earnings and forecasts, name of company and reputation, are you sticking with chipolte now. >>?
3:58 pm
>> when i was on the show it is up 15% since i was on the schopiking chipolte. i was same guy telling everybody to sell it 30% higher than it is right now. i will tell you story real quick. i'm in chicago, downtown chicago. there are a thousand food places within a block. for months you could walk into chipolte nobody was in the place. other day, 20 degrees, freezing out, there was line out the door. no reason why there should be line out the door if everyone is afraid they will die from e.coli. cheryl: okay. >> i really believe we're seeing -- i know they're not dying. rebound from that. cheryl: looking at futures. thinking about my moves. what i will buy myself. >> yeah. cheryl: a lot of earnings from media companies came out within the last week and there is some worry of course about espn and with disney's numbers and overall what do you think of the media space right now? >> okay. so the stock market obviously has been rough. you need to look at some
3:59 pm
defensive positions. this year's political circus that has been going on is priored for media, including your company to really talked a advantage of it. you got trump every time he says something crazy your guys stock goes up in price. sanders, spring kel in clinton circus with them and now what is going on in the supreme court, i tell you what looking at media stocks that is one sector that should give us some stability and not deal with what energy prices are doing on daily basis. cheryl: there you go. steve, thank you very much. that is it, everybody for "countdown to the closing bell." i'm in for cheryl casone. liz claman will be back tomorrow. but david asman joins me. david: some people are sleeping today. we're not. we're here for you to bring you all news about markets and politics. we're playing dirty in the dirty south. the new jabs are flying furiously on campaign trail in south carolina where donald trump may be once again
4:00 pm
considering a run as a third party candidate. more on what he said just moments ago. cheryl: been something else. first we do have news of supreme court justice antonin scalia's death rocking washington. it is reverberating throughout the nation. heated battle for his successor has begun already. we'll tell you what is at stake and implications that shape the supreme court for decades to come. >> i looked the in the words of the constitution but i asked what did those words mean to the society that adopted them? one can be sophisticated and believe in god. heck, a first mover is at least as easy to believe in as a big bang triggered by nothing. i'm cantankerous. i express myself vividly. those criticisms are criticisms of opinions, not of my colleague. i would not like to be replaced someone who immediately sets out


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