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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  February 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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considering a run as a third party candidate. more on what he said just moments ago. cheryl: been something else. first we do have news of supreme court justice antonin scalia's death rocking washington. it is reverberating throughout the nation. heated battle for his successor has begun already. we'll tell you what is at stake and implications that shape the supreme court for decades to come. >> i looked the in the words of the constitution but i asked what did those words mean to the society that adopted them? one can be sophisticated and believe in god. heck, a first mover is at least as easy to believe in as a big bang triggered by nothing. i'm cantankerous. i express myself vividly. those criticisms are criticisms of opinions, not of my colleague. i would not like to be replaced someone who immediately sets out
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doing everything i tried to do 25, 26 years, sure. i shouldn't have to tell you that. unless you think i'm a fool. [laughter] cheryl: remembering antonin scalia in his own words. the sudden death of the supreme court justice is being felt across our nation's capitol. and now politicians on both sides of the aisle are preparing for the battle to name scalia's successor. fox business's peter barnes is in d.c. with the latest what is boeing to be potentially long, drawn out fight. peter? reporter: that's rights cheryl. republicans say president obama should let the next president who they hope will be republican of course name replacement for scalia, a towering conservative jurist. the president says no way. i have the duty and power to name his replacement before i leave office. and you can bet his candidate will not be conservative like scalia. today both sides facing off in this debate. hillary clinton ticking off some
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of the issues at stake in this fight for both sides. >> women's health care, voting rights, workers rights. i mean you just go down the liz and i think there is going to be a an increased attention and pressure for the senate to act and i certainly believe that would be right thing to do. >> irrespective what president obama does, we're not moving forward on a nominee until after the election. the next president should nominate it. for the opening. i believe i will be the next president and i will look for someone who is as much like scalia as possible. reporter: meantime some big cases are on the court's docket this term that may be affected by the death of justice scalia. the issue here, is that there could be a 4-4 deadlock on some of these major cases if justice on the right and left stick together. in that case, cheryl, a tie vote maintains ruling of a lower court. cheryl?
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cheryl: peter bouncer in washington. thank you. david: scalia's successor could tilt the balance much nation's highest court producing decisions that will affect our lives and businesses for decades. fox news's rich edson is on capitol hill with very latest on the battles, rich? reporter: good afternoon, david. president obama says he is going to nominate a replacement to replace justice antonin scalia. the republicans, they control the senate process here in the senate floor. they control the committee process. they say it should be the next president. they say we're already into an election year and so republicans say they want to wait this out until the election year has concluded. and republicans of course, many of them say they hope a republican is in the white house to do so. take a listen. >> i'm on same side as the average republican senator. the reality of it is this. the supreme court had this equalibrium over the last several years, four conservative justice, four liberal justices and kennedy in the middle.
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reality we must, we must replace scalia with another rock solid conservative. reporter: though president obama is still in office he still has 11 months in office and democrats say there is plenty of time for the president to nominate someone for the senate to advise, consent, vote up or down whether that nominee should serve on the supreme court. the top democrat on the senate judiciary committee, patrick leahy writes, quote, it is only february. the president and the senate should get to work out delay to nominate, consider and confirm the next justice to serve on the supreme court. now republicans essentially are saying that when democrats back in controlled senate a few years ago they changed nominating process, the threshold for federal judges to serve. that didn't include supreme court justices but they sort of poisoned well back then. we have entered new territory here on capitol hill. the senate is out this week for president's day holiday. he will be back next week. david, cheryl, back to you. david: a lot of big battles coming up. rich, thank you.
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we'll have more on scalia's life and legacy and as well as the fight for his successor. we'll speak with robert george, one of the best in the world jurist prudence, a dear friend of justice scalia is coming up. cheryl? cheryl: several gop presidential candidates insisting that president obama should not be allowed to name a successor for justice scalia. donald trump back on the campaign trail today, slamming former president george w. bush for attacks on 9/11 and the war in iraq. >> we weren't safe. the world trade center came down which was the greatest attack in history on this country. so you had that. you obviously had the war which was big mistake. i think few people would say the war in iraq was a positive. cheryl: former president bush is back on the stump campaigning for his brother jeb in south carolina. fox news's carl cameron is in north charleston with the latest. >> george w. bush will return to
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the national scene, the political stage and the campaign trail for the first time since he left office tonight. as you can see behind me the crowd is already growing. this is evening event anticipated later. pretty tough stuff from donald trump today who actually went and put the pledge back on the table. this is the pledge that he took as did other republicans that they would not run as third party candidate if they didn't win the republican nomination. donald trump today said based upon ted cruz and jeb bush and the last debate which he got booed he is prepared to say that the rnc has defaulted on their pledge because he got booed. the argument is from trump they didn't disperse tickets fairly and audience was stacked with lobbyists and bush donors. here is little bit how trump renewed his threat. watch. >> the rnc, better get its act together, you know, i signed a pledge but the pledge isn't being honored by them. i signed a pledge but it is a double-edged pledge and as far as i'm concerned they're in
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default of their pledge. reporter: trump put out written statement, if ted cruz will not apologize for his lies he will sue ted cruz ads canadian inhe willable for the presidency and if rnc doesn't mitigate objection that the tickets were not distributed fairly that will constitute him a reason to drop out of the party and run as independent in the fall. cheryl: thank you, carl cameron. david: the battle over bush 43 continues as the former president stumps for his little brother firing back at donald trump's criticism on "fox & friends." take a listen. >> donald trump criticizing my brother, cast at this fating him, pushing him down will not change anything. the only person he praised in that debate was vladmir putin. he attacked my brother an praises putin. i don't know if that will work in an election, certainly not in south carolina. david: here to weigh in, erick
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erickson, editor of the resurgent and guy benson,, fox news contributors. guy, the suggestion, let's bury this once and for all, the suggestion gw lied his way into the iraq war, when pentagon, cia, israeli, even saudi arabians thought saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction of. can we put to rest that gw was lying in taking advice from people. >>, cindy she man, michael moore accusations one after another from donald trump against president bush. i said earlier on "outnumbered," looking back on it, iraq was a mistake. that was not in the strategic interest of the united states knowing what we know now. donald trump is saying i knew it all along. there is no evidence of that first of all. secondly bush intentionally lied us into that war. allowed 9/11 to happen. passed up opportunity to kill bin laden. i don't know know where he is
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getting that from. david: erick erickson was in favor of iraq war because hillary clinton also believed, virtually everybody believed at the time they had weapons of mass destruction. but he went further of course saying that 9/11, making a suggestion that somehow 9/11 was the fault of gw bush when in fact, all of the hijackers as far as i know were in the u.s.wg
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number of trump supporters in south carolina don't believe george w. bush is to blame. david: guy, one thing i think you and i will differ on, watching whole debate.
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cheryl: the threat from isis on u.s. soil. cia director john brennan says the terror group is ready to strike. >> i'm expecting them to try to put in place the operatives, materiel, whatever else they need to do or to incite people to carry out these attacks. clearly so, i believe that their attempts are inevitable. i don't think their success is necessary are. cheryl: hear to weigh in judy miller, fox news contributor and steven yates, former depcy assistant to vice president cheney to national security affairs on security side. are you in agreement with director brennan that we do face imminent attack by isis. >> i think that is very true. i think it is reassuring that he is recognizing that throat. i think less reassuring part, he seems confident about our ability to thwart attacks. he doesn't really make any clarity what we've done to reform and reallocate resources
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to stop something like san bernardino or boston or what have you. cheryl: judy, he actually has. the president is proposing at this point, president charles schumer, is after him, cut counterterrorism programs about $300 million. that is what the president is doing about it. >> that is by half, judy. disproportionate amount of money goes to new york which is premier terrorist target in the world. new york routinely spends $35 million a year on counterterrorism. but beyond that, beyond that, it needs the $180 million that it gets out of those funds and that has been slashed in half. so i don't see how you can kind of put together what john brennan said with a slash in funds, saying that we have a terrorism security initiative. we don't. we don't have a strategy and we don't have a priority on spending money where money needs
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to be spent. >> the steve, that is what so disconcerting on interview with "60 minutes" with the director, because he is talking about something all but certain fact but yet here we are not really knowing where the attack comes from or when. it could be terrorists on our shores? >> very true. i mean he is still engaged in lengthy verbal gymnastics about isil versus about what to call the enemy. it is even worse given mayor de blasio defunded and shut down one of the most important elements in the nypd to monitor and thwart attacks. even if we had money from the federal government, there are local problems. lack of seriousness on real counterterrorism. cheryl: judy, your words are frightening for all of us that live in new york which is under constant threat. judy, steven, thank you to both of you. we'll continue discussion another day. >> okay. david: meanwhile she has mail
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david: it's a holiday so of course there was another dump emails today. the state department dumping a brand new batch of hillary clinton emails this weekend. more than 500 were released. more than 80 contained classified information. chief intelligence correspondent herridge age live in d.c. does seem to be holiday weekend when these things are released a lot of that goes on, right? reporter: david, of 550 emails roughly 15% contain classified information. a handful at secret level including this email from march 25th, 2012 about syria peace talks. it was posted to the state department website with the text fully redacted, citing
4:23 pm
classified information including confidential sources working for u.s. government and intelligence entrusted to the u.s. by foreign governments. these categories are among the most closely-held bost secrets. former special operations vet san says this type of information should never be outside of government channels and his current and former colleagues are worried. >> their concern was there appears to be clearly double-standard. had this happened to someone serving in the government, their clearance would have been pulled and probably certainly would be under investigation depending on the level of disclosure. it is entirely possible they could even be in pretrial confinement for that matter. reporter: even before the last rounds of emails were released the state department told reporters they were reviewing and upgrading the documents. >> i don't have any preview to offer you. you know, or details about what this batch may hold. we've been very clear all along in this process. as we reviewed these emails, you know, we'll upgrade them as is seen necessary and we'll continue to do that but i don't have anything to preview, sorry.
4:24 pm
reporter: clinton campaign position has been very consistent they say it's an interagency fight over what is classified. that these are examples of classification run amok. that nothing that was sent or received by mrs. clinton was marked classified at the time but the intelligence agency that generates the information, david, owns it and has final say on classification, not the state department. and whether something is marked or not makes no difference under the law. this march 2012 secret email we discussed at top of the report, will be declassified 25 years to the day after it was sent, which means it was classified when it hit mrs. clinton's server, david. david: fascinating stuff. thank you, catherine herridge. >> you're welcome. cheryl: few other stories on our radar this afternoon, pope francis made way through his trip in mexico. holding a second mass before a million people this morning before heading to meet with the area's indigenous people. the pontiff criticizing treatment from the country
4:25 pm
elite, denouncing their century's old exploitation and exclusion. the world should learn from the indigenous culture and appreciation of nature. involving in the recent rocket launch kim jong union wants to continue with recent launches. north korea ignoring repeated international warnings. nearly 50 people getting stuck on two tram cars on a mountain. victims were trapped for two hours. they had to be repelled to the bottom of the cars through a hatch. thankfully no injuries are reported. mountain officials say a serves brackish issue caused tram to stop. not the kind of ski trip you want to have. david: not a lot of fun. fight to replace scalia is at top of the news. republicans calling on president obama to delay the next nominee to the supreme court. robert george, professor at princeton university, friend of justice scalia, former teacher
4:26 pm
of ted cruz as well. he is here to respond. cheryl: plus marco rubio doubling down on his cruz attack saying that his 2016 rival is lying. >> i like ted but in this campaign, in the last few weeks he has kind of develop addition tushing pattern of telling things that simply aren't true. we're the hottest young company around but if we want to keep the soda pop flowing we need fresh ideas! >>got it. we slow, we die. >>what about cashing out? no! i'm trying to build something here. >>how about using fedex ground for shipping? >>i don't need some kid telling me how to run a business! i've been doing this for 4 long months. >>fedex ground can help us save money and deliver fast to our customers. not bad, kid. you remind me of a younger me. >>aiden! the dog is eating your retainer again. let's take a short 5-minute recess. fedex ground is faster to more locations than ups ground.
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that's why i run on quickbooks. details. i use the payments app to accept credit cards... ...and everything autosyncs. those sales prove my sustainable designs are better for the environment and my bottom line. that's how i own it. cheryl: major questions today after the unexpected death of
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justice scalia leaves a major vacancy at the supreme court. now a host of pending cases ranging from abortion to immigration sit before the remaining eight justices. fox news's correspondent shannon bream live in washington. great coverage, by the way, shannon of the breaking news. i have to say that to you but this really thrown the court into chaos and a lot of that is political chaos. reporter: yeah, cheryl, first of all, thank you but this sudden death creates all kind of difficult questions including what the court does with a docket jam packed with high-profile cases. you mentioned abortion, affirmative action, religious freedom and president's use of executive power. justice scalia's body has been transported from texas where he passed away. it is resting in funeral home in fairfax, virginia, outside of d.c. we're awaiting word from the court about final arrangements and public ceremonies. almost took no time for political battle over scalia's
4:31 pm
replacement to get to boiling point. president obama said he would soon announce a nominee. not to expect it this beak but there is deep partisan divide in the senate where a number of gop senators are publicly saying they will block any obama nominee. not surprisingly that includes some of the 2016 contenders. >> i think we should wait until after november until we move forward confirming any justice to the supreme court. president can nominate whoever he wants. the senate is not going to act. that is pretty clear. we can be debating it but not moving forward on it, period. >> does that mean you will filibuster, anyone, anyone that president obama nominates? >> absolutely. this should be a decision for the people, george. we've got an election -- reporter: democratic frontrunner hillary clinton said in a statement, quote, the republicans in the senate and on the campaign trail who are calling for justice scalia's seat to remain vacant dishonor our constitution. the senate has a constitutional responsibility here it can not abdicate for partisan political reasons. often tough to get voters think
4:32 pm
about the supreme court in the importance of a context after presidential election. i sometimes pull my hair out about it. for now it is at least front and center on the campaign trail as there is looming fight on capitol hill as well. cheryl. cheryl: shannon, a lot to cover in the coming weeks. thank you very much, shannon. david: she did a great job covering this weekend. any judicial mind that comes close to the brilliance of justice scalia is that of our next guest, princeton constitutional law professor robert george, a friend and colleague of justice scalia and taught ted cruz and provided law advice to number of other candidates. professor george joins us. is there any way that president obama could go around the roadblocks congress might put in front of a nominee? >> i can't think of one. the appointment after justice requires confirmation by the senate. it is that simple. if the senate refuses to confirm a justice can not be seated. there is the possibility of a recess appointment but that is
4:33 pm
really not going to work in the long run for president obama. david: considering the recess appointment there is that time period in january, 2017 when congress is dismissed. there is about a two-week period before the inauguration of the next president. within that two-week time frame, the president could put forth a recess appointment, correct? >> yeah. just wouldn't last. david: for two year term? >> yeah. i mean, the eventually you would have to get around to actually getting a justice confirmed. david: all right. let's talk about the decisions that could be overturned in addition to new decisions. the hobby lobby, about which you wrote a lot and informed members of the supreme court about the way they should vote, that decision and other decisions that affect the way in which the new health care law might force business owners to do things that are against their conscience, could that be overturned? >> yes.
4:34 pm
that was a 5-4 decision. well, it was 7-2 in one respect. but heart of the decision was 5-4. that could be overturned if you get a justice who looks at things more the way justice ginsberg looks at things rather than the way justice scalia looked at things, the decision could be overturned. that would mean catholic and other religiously affiliated institutions could be required to provide services offer coverage for products that are contrary to their consciousness. david: i saw a justice scalia at a event where he would like to smoke cigars. is there a decision about cuban cigars? he said, as much as if i love cuban cigars, if it is not in the constitution nothing the supreme court could do about it. didn't that summarize his view, if it is not in the constitution the supreme court shouldn't
4:35 pm
really be making law from the bench no. >> that was his entire message and really his entire mission. that the constitution is the text. if it is not in the text or not discernible within the text, even implied in the text by reasonable fair interpretation, it should not be read into the text by the judges as a pretext for imposing upon the nation their own particular philosophical or moral or religious opinions. scalia was a great defender of the constitutional principles of republican government, what lincoln called, government of, by and for the people. and that means that here the people rule, not a judicial ol' garrky. not an elite. the rule of law, as just his scalia reminded to anyone would listen, not the rule of lawyers and rule of judges. here the people can rule. the judges can interfere only when they can find a warrant by fair interpretation in the text or logical implications of the
4:36 pm
text or structural or original understanding of constitution. david: good place to end. dr. robert george, thank you for coming in. come again. >> thank you. cheryl: david, just five days to south carolina and senator ted cruz still fighting off the attacks from the fiery debate he is quote, liar. >> well he has printed lies. he said i'm pro-choice and pro-life. he printed lies. not only printed, i think he -- look, what he did with ben carson was terrible. i have never seen anything like that. cheryl: that was about two hours ago. here to weigh in, kelly ridell from "washington times" and noelle nikpour, fund-raiser. noelle, he went off ten minutes in the 2:00 p.m. eastern hour, going off on donald trump. is he worried about ted cruz himself. >> he wouldn't attack anyone in my opinion unless he was a little worried about him.
4:37 pm
if you would ask donald trump probably he would say, i'm not worried at all. i would like to win south carolina but i don't like when ted cruz lies. to trump's, to validate trump, i would have to say that ted cruz with what happened with iowa, with the form that went out and some of the calls, i think that he is preying into that. i think that is kind of what he is going for. so, i think that he does have a little bit of a point, but i think that he is many haaring it. now with the lawsuit, he is threatening to bring a lawsuit against ted cruz for, you know -- i think this is really putting negativity on the cruz campaign as far as ethics goes. i think he will hammer it and hammer it hard. cheryl: or, kelly, this makes trump look bad because he is throwing out once again things hopefully he doesn't do, like
4:38 pm
suing ted cruz's campaign. but at the same time, you know, jeb bush really went after donald trump on saturday night. is this kind of where we are at this point of the cycle? south carolina is coming it, will get dirty and nasty before it gets any better? >> yes. we're at very pivotal point in this campaign. after the south carolina primary we're going to see who the establishment contenders are. jeb bush battling it out with rubio. we'll see if donald trump has a clear path to the nomination that would be if he won by double-digit south carolina like he did new hampshire f he does that, i don't know if there is anyone that can say he doesn't have a clear path to nomination. what rubio wants to say could be brokered convention. nonsense if he wins big. trump is going hard against cruz. what does ted cruz cast himself as? trusted conservative, trusted ted. what narrative will you go after
4:39 pm
him about? about him being a liar and not being true what he is putting out there to the public. i don't think as much nasty but politics 101. what is to be expected. cheryl: i'm sorry? >> no i said especially at this pivotal time when you see the field winnow even further. cheryl: there you go. that is south carolina. kelly, noelle, thank you very much, ladies, appreciate it. david: donald trump once again floating idea of a third party run. take a listen. >> the rnc better get its act together you know i signed a pledge but the pledge isn't being honored by them. i signed a pledge. the pledge isn't be honored by the rnc. david: what did he mean? tomorrow "the donald" will explain those comments to our very own maria bartiromo at 730 a.m. eastern. she will speak to rival jeb bush, kind of the yin and yang of politics. cheryl: fight from saturday night could continue with maria
4:40 pm
moderates. coming up gas prices are going down so why are airlines not dropping their prices? worldwide rap sensation and clothing designer kanye west says he is millions of dollars in debt. is that even possible? who the artist is begging for help.
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cheryl: plummeting fuel prices cost you less to drive so why does it cost you so much more to fly? airlines are coming under fire for sky-high air fares. adam shapiro has great explanation for this one, adam. reporter: boils down to the air fare sure car. the fuel charge are in place and quite expensive. travel agents association, head quart he had in monaco, not a
4:44 pm
bad place to be right? they put out a letter calling for airlines price-gouging. they said quote, airlines shamelessly continue to misuse the ticketing loophole, the fuel surcharge and thus manipulate the transparency of the ticket price. in other words they are not passing cheaper fuel prices, in some cases jet fuel is 50% cheaper than it was a year ago on to you and me the passengers. well the trade organization for the airlines, international air transport association, in issued their own statement and think said, quote, to expect fares to tumble just because fuel has come down is wholly unrealistic. now, the department of transportation says that in the united states the average ticket price actually did fall 6% last year. but those fuel surchargeses are still well in place and industry in 2015 enjoyed huge profits. this year airlines worldwide are anticipating $36 billion total profit industrywide, of which
4:45 pm
19.2 billion is expected to be in north america. the real world example of all of this? i bought a ticket, cheryl, as i know to go on vacation this summer and just one way, one portion of that ticket is roughly $900. and the fuel surcharge is 264 bucks. cheryl: you had a great trip though. >> haven't gone yet. cheryl: i thought last one you took? >> no. this one coming up. cheryl: found positive spin to your story. reporter: which is? cheryl: some are bringing back free snacks. reporter: united. they are bringing back free snacks but have you had any of them? cheryl: no. reporter: bingo. david: 900 bucks for peanuts. cheryl: i'm trying. david: "strange inheritance" is back with two all new episodes, one of them focusing on story of a house with an incredible story, something you can knot put a price on, take a listen. >> they offered her a million dollars and actually offered to buy a house for her in ballard and she refused that also.
4:46 pm
>> a million dollars for a little old granny and new house in her neighborhood? >> uh-huh. >> she says no? >> yes. >> what would you have done? >> i would have possibly taken the money and somebody fanning me with big feathers and feeding fee figs. david: host of the "strange inheritance," jamie colby. joins me right now. the key is where the house was located. >> it had been there for years. she bought it for her mother back in the '50s. know this giant mall was built around it. she refused the developer's million dollar offer to settle property. they were even going to buy her another house someplace else. she just wanted to die where she felt safe and at home. you can see how kind of ridiculous it is. some people compared this house to the house in the movie up where the balloons came and carried the house away? anyway she ended up getting her wish, she died in the house and but surprise and twist in this episode who she left the house
4:47 pm
to and find hater warming and unbelievable. this is one of two new epseeds on fox business. david: i love to see the pictures. it used to be isolated. whole thing being built -- she didn't have any sunlight at one point. >> she with stood all the banging and everything because it was so important to her to stay there. it wasn't she was against development. a lot of people asked me that. she just didn't want anything on her development. david: there is no place like home, right? >> edith mayfield all the way. she is being remembered in the community. so is the woman unbelievably, the managing editor of popular photography magazine in '60s and '70s. her kids when they inherited her home found a treasure trove of some 1500 vintage photographs. question is whether she own them because she had dumpster dove at popular photographying a seen. can at the sell them? amazing photos. marilyn monroe and names and
4:48 pm
photographers that you know. the second brand new episode. david: thank you very much. jamie colby. we'll be watching, appreciate it. cheryl. cheryl: will be great. this year's "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition is hitting stands and making history. details on not one but three separate gorgeous cover girls coming up. speaking of cover girls, barbie is moving from plastic to a high-tech home. details next. xerox personalized employee portals help companies make benefits simple and accessible... from anywhere. hula dancing? cliff jumping! human resources can work better. with xerox. which allergy? eees. bees? eese. trees? eese. xerox helps hospitals use electronic health records so doctors provide more personalized care. cheese? cheese! patient care can work better.
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4:52 pm
women representing three different body types. ashley graham, mma fighter round can rousey and haley clawson don the covers. all are gorgeous. "deadpool" with "r" rating raked in 135 million bucks. making "deadpool" the best opening weekend ever for r-rated film. mattel unveiling barbie hello dream house and drone which are set to hit the shelves this fall. smart home does not come cheap. it is priced almost $300. the drone, it will just cost you, david, $60. david: a drone. a barbie drone. who would have thunk. bizarre news in the hip-hop world, following release of his new roll at bum, tilling people on twitter that he is in $53 million personnal debt. made a plea to mark zuckerberg on twitter, quote, you would rather open up one school in africa like really helped the
4:53 pm
country. if you want to help, help me. joining us now is turkel brands ceo bruce turkel and "in touch weekly" editor, kim serafin. bruce, as pr, putting yourself ahead of poor kids in africa, seems like me to be a pr disaster? >> yeah. it is what it is. it is clear definition of a first world problem. obviously he wants to get the pr. the big question, if you want to get money from zuckerberg, wouldn't you go on facebook instead of twitter? david: i think so. what happened to kanye? forbes put his wealth at $40 million. his wife is worth about $80 million. he has his brand which he could sell off to somebody. how did he get to be in such debt? >> yeah, it is interesting. he did, that is very interesting that he should have been on facebook. he did a plea to the world instagram and facebook and mark
4:54 pm
zuckerberg to get this money. he did send out tweets, kind of clarifying this claim that he is $53 million in debt. he has enough personal wealth and to buy furs and houses for his family. he says, rich people know the first rule is to use other people's money. i have to check the twitter account again because he keeps sending out these tweets. he spent millions of dollars in the fashion brand. he is one of the biggest didnt dilling tall selling artists ever. he rented out madison squared garden for fashion show concert. and rented out a stadium for kim kardashian. david: mentioned fur coats and expensive cars. the idea he should get more fur coats at expense of children and poor kids in africa is just absurd. beyond that, bruce, he has a new album. called the life of pablo. could this be a pr stunt to promote the album? >> well, of course it could be a
4:55 pm
pr stunt. of course you have heard the old line, all pr is good as long as they spell your name right. except, that remember, that what he sells is an aspirational baller brand where he is the king, he is the top, he is the best and really smackses of a level of narcissism that hasn't worked before and i can't imagine why. in all the pr stunts that are available, all the ways you can skin that tag you would pick this one. what i would be afraid of if i was in the grammys that he would run up interrupting every acceptance speech and beg for money. david: kim are we seeing him tonight? >> speaking of interrupting an acceptance speech he is also in a feud with taylor swift. this is another reason to try to get more publicity. we thought we put that behind us. then in one of the lyrics of his new album he disses taylor swift
4:56 pm
saying he made her famous. called her the "b" word. this start ad whole feud who is on team taylor and team kanye. this is another reason he wants to get more publicity. the fact is since his album was released through title, people have been talking about kanye more than anyone, than donald trump. other than donald trump. david: him and kill i would like to put behind all of us. bruce and kim, thank you very much. good stuff. appreciate it. >> thank you. cheryl: ready, set, tomato. thousands are taking part in the war of the tomato. details coming up.
4:57 pm
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i'i like to think of myself as more of a control... enthusiast. mmm, a perfect 177-degrees. and that's why this road warrior rents from national. i can bypass the counter and go straight to my car. and i don't have to talk to any humans, unless i want to. and i don't. and national lets me choose any car in the aisle. control. it's so, what's the word?... sexy. go national. go like a pro. cheryl: the war of the tomato. more than 15,000 people taking part in chile's annual tomato fight. david: does look like a waste. that's what i thought anyway. for sixth year in a road they hurled tomatoes at each other to raise awareness for local crop
5:00 pm
farmers. donated nearly 100 tons of tomatoes. apparently at end of the season, cheryl but still goes against one's instinct. cheryl: so it was rotten tomatoes? david: so they stunk. they smelled bad. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> while cnbc is on tape, we're open for business. >> other business channels are closed. we have you and your wallet core i'm deirdre bolton. investors in the u.s. lost $178 trillion since the start of the year. so last week's volatility included. but if you look at the dow and look at s&p 500 futures they are moving higher today. jpmorgan calling a market bottom. asian markets open in a few hours. shanghai composite had the first day of trading since it was closed all last week for the lunar new year. we have money manager jonas max ferris with me now. what is your take on the u.


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